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SABERHAGEN, FRED  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Coldness in the Blood, A  (Tor, 2002.)


A Dracula novel.


                A vampire becomes caught up in the search for mystical items of power in the modern world.


Dominion  (Tor, 1982.)


A battle of sorcery that started with Merlin plays itself out in Twentieth Century Chicago as the ancient magician allows himself to surrender to human impulses, and thereby exposes his greatest weakness.


Dracula Tape, The  (Warner, 1975, Baen, 1999, Tor, 1989.)


A Dracula novel.


Dracula tells Bram Stoker's story from his own point of view in this transcription of a tape recording left by the famous vampire.  It was all a misunderstanding, you see, and he really didn't have any evil intentions at all.  The problem is that everything was interpreted in the blackest of terms, and no one ever considered that he might be just an innocent bystander.


Frankenstein Papers, The  (Baen, 1986.)


This is the account of the events which took place when Dr. Victor Frankenstein created new life out of an assemblage of corpses, told from the monster's point of view.  He was an innocent victim of the evil and egomaniacal scientist, and Mary Shelley's version contained a number of errors which slandered the creature.


Holmes Dracula File, The  (Ace, 1978, Tor, 1989.)


A Dracula novel.


                 Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of killings which lead him to the inescapable conclusion that Dracula is still active and searching for victims in London itself. But before the game is over, the erstwhile villain has joined forces with Holmes and Watson.


Matter of Taste, A  (Tor, 1990.)


A Dracula novel.


                The vampiric count, now grown comparatively benevolent, falls ill and must be protected from his enemies by the family he has befriended through several generations.


Old Friend of the Family, An  (Ace, 1979, Tor, 1987.)


A Dracula novel.


Morgan Le Fay, immortal sorceress, is living in Twentieth Century Chicago, and a number of people may be doomed by her magic if they cannot find a champion. But there is another creature of legend in Chicago, Count Dracula, and contrary to Bram Stoker's portrayal, Dracula is appalled at the evil she represents.


Question of Time, A  (Tor, 1992.)


A  Dracula novel.


                A kinder, gentler vampire is enlisted in a battle against a time traveling nosferatu when a detective looks into the disappearances of several people in a remote canyon area. 


Seance for a Vampire  (Tor, 1994.)


A Dracula novel.


Dracula and Sherlock Holmes are both involved when a vampire raises a young girl from the dead in order to trick her parents into revealing a centuries old secret.  A blend of mystery and mild horror.


Sharpness on the Neck, A  (Tor, 1996.)


A Dracula novel.


Dracula kidnaps a young couple who are members of a family he has sworn to protect after their ancestor did him a service.  The villain is Dracula's brother, Radu, willing to do anything to shame his sibling.


Specimens  (Popular Library, 1976, Ace, 1981, Tor, 1990.)


Dan Post and his family move into a new home, and immediately begin suffering from distressful dreams and hallucinations.  Eventually they learn that aliens from another world who have long been active on the Earth lie concealed beneath their home, where they use human beings as samples in their ongoing research.  A rationalized haunted house story.


Thorn  (Ace, 1980, Tor, 1990.)


A man possessing the power of ancient magic lives in the modern world, possessing the power to bring the dead back to life. As it happens, even sorcerers have enemies, and his are more than usually persistent.


Vlad Tapes  (Baen, 2000.)


                Omnibus of An Old Friend of the Family and Thorn.




Dracula  (Signet, 1992, Pan, 1992, from the screenplay by James V. Hart.)


                Fairly loyal to the original novel with some filling in of Dracula's background and an unnecessary alteration of the ending. 




Soulsucker, The  (Pinnacle, 1975.)


An alien being prowls the world, projecting the illusion of sexiness when she wishes to mate, relaxing into horrid inhumanity when there is no need to maintain the facade of normality, and destroying those who get in her way.




Ghosts in the Family  (Dutton, 1996.)


A portrait of one of her ancestors inspires a young girl to track down the history of her family, spurred on by a supernatural force.




Virginia Ghost Murders, The  (Pussycat, 1998.)


                A descendant of Edgar Allen Poe solves a series of murders influenced by the spirit of the perpetrator of a similar killing spree generations in the past.




Blood of the Impaler  (Bantam, 1989.)


When a young man discovers that he is descended from Jonathan Harker, one of Dracula's victims, he wonders if his strange aversion to sunlight is the legacy of vampire blood.  To resolve the issue, he revives Lucy Westenra, only to learn that he has been duped into assisting in the return of Dracula himself.


Candlemas Eve  (Bantam, 1988.)


                Witchcraft and zombies abound as a down on his luck musician becomes involved with two mysterious women who seek vengeance for a wrong committed in their past.


Demon, The  (Bantam, 1991.)


                Grogo the Goblin is a retarded sideshow freak whose distorted body hides an underlying personality, an incarnation of a Hindu demon which erupts into consciousness when its host is threatened.  A misdirected lynch mob threatens to bring the monster to full awareness.


Mark of the Werewolf  (Bantam, 1990.)


                An aging werewolf who wants to be put out of his misery discovers that a band of rightwingers wants to use his supernatural power to create an invincible army.  An unusual and interesting juxtaposition of evils.


Stolen Souls  (Bantam, 1987.)


                The discovery of a number of ancient Egyptian coffins and their transportation to a small town causes trouble when a mysterious cult attempts to animate the mummies and use them to seize power.




Bog Spell, The  (Royal Fireworks, ?)


                An Irish immigrant and his wife are pursued to the new world by a supernatural curse.




The "Casca" series:  Casca has been cursed since the time of Christ to roam the world forever, always seeking employment as a soldier, never allowed to die until Christ returns.  For the most part, the stories are adventures, although other traces of the occult appear from time to time.  They are listed below in order of appearance.


Casca: The Eternal Mercenary  (Charter, 1979.)


Casca #1.


                Casca is the Roman soldier who denies Christ and is therefore made immortal and fated to walk the world as a soldier in one age after another.


Casca: God of Death  (Charter, 1979.)


Casca #2.


                Casca visits the Vikings and ends up among the Aztecs.


Casca: The War Lord  (Charter, 1980.)


Casca #3.


                Casca visits imperial China.


Casca: Panzer Soldier  (Charter, 1980.)


Casca #4.


                Casca fights for the Germans during the second world war until he becomes disillusioned with the leadership.


Casca: The Barbarian   (Charter, 1981.)


Casca #5.


                Casca deserts the Roman army and heads into what is now Germany.


Casca: The Persian  (Charter, 1982.)


Casca #6.


                Casca becomes a respected member of the court of Persia until an enemy engineers his downfall.


Casca: The Damned  (Charter, 1982.)


Casca #7.


                Casca confronts Attila the Hun.


Casca: Soldier of Fortune  ( Charter, 1983.)


Casca #8.


                Casca battles the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.


Casca: The Sentinel  (Charter, 1983.)


Casca #9.


                Casca gets involved in a war in ancient North Africa.


Casca: The Conquistador  (Charter, 1984.)


Casca #10.


                Casca accompanies Cortez to the New World.


Casca: The Legionnaire  (Charter, 1984.)


Casca #11.


                Casca battles with the French against the Vietnamese.


Casca: The African Mercenary  (Charter, 1984.)


Casca #12.


                Casca leads a group of mercenaries in the overthrow of an African dictator.


Casca: The Assassin  (Charter, 1985.)


Casca #13.


                Casca is forcibly recruited into an ancient order of assassins.


Casca: The Phoenix (Charter,, 1985.)


Casca #14.


                The Viet Cong try to kill the immortal soldier.


Casca: The Pirate  (Charter, 1985.)


Casca #15.


                Casca sails with Bluebeard the pirate.


Casca: Desert Mercenary  (Charter, 1986.)


Casca #16.


                Casca leads a band of mercenaries in a dangerous mission in Algeria.


Casca: The Warrior  (Charter, 1986.)


Casca #17.


                Casca is shipwrecked in the South Pacific among savage tribes.


Casca: The Cursed  (Jove, 1987.)


Casca #18.


                Casca serves as a British soldier in colonial China.


Casca: The Samurai  (Jove, 1988.)


Casca #19.


                Casca teams up with a Samurai warrior in feudal Japan.


Casca: Soldier of Gideon  (Jove, 1988.)


Casca #20.


                Casca among terrorists in the contemporary Mideast.


Casca: The Trench Soldier,  (Jove, 1989.)


Casca #21.




Casca: The Mongol  (Jove, 1990.)


Casca #22.






Second Son, The  (Avon, 1979.)


A construction worker falls to his death, but is miraculously brought back to life and finds he has been given with the power to perform miracles of his own.  Is this the second coming of God?  The Church, the public, and the government struggle to make sense out of his strange abilities, which hide a darker purpose.




Memoirs of an Invisible Man  (Atheneum, 1987.)


                An accident renders the protagonist invisible.


SAINTCROW, LILITH  (See also Lili St. Crow. Also writes Science Fiction.)


Dead Man Rising  (Warner, 2006.)


Dante Valentine #2.


                A bounty hunter who specializes in the supernatural investigates the murders of several psychics.


Devil's Right Hand, The  ()


Dante Valentine #3.




Hunter's Prayer  (Orbit, 2008.)


Jill Kismet #2.


A supernatural creature begins killing prostitutes.


Night Shift  (Orbit, 2008.)


Jill Kismet #1.


A woman specializes in battles against supernatural evil.


Redemption Alley  (Orbit, 2008.)


Jill Kismet #3.




Saint City Sinners  (2007)


Dante Valentine #4.




To Hell and Back  (Orbit, 2008.)


Dante Valentine #5.


A necromancer gets revenge on the devil.


Working for the Devil  (Warner, 2006.)


Dante Valentine #1.


                A necromancer is hired by the devil to destroy a rogue demon.




Evening Tales for the Winter  (Gaylord, 1835, Harding, 1848, Marsh, 1856.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


ST CROW, LILI  (See also Lilith Saintcrow. Also writes Fantasy.)


Betrayals  (Razorbill, 2009.)


Dru Anderson #2.


A girl with a werewolf as a friend becomes the target of a killer.


Strange Angels  (Razorbill, 2009.)


Dru Anderson #1.


Young adult supernatural adventure about a teenager who hunts supernatural creatures.




Bride of the Wolf  (Pocket, 2009.)


Shadowmen #4.




Darkest Dreams  (Berkley, 2006.)


                The protagonist is threatened by a Satanic cult with magical powers.


Kiss of Darkness  (Pocket, 2009.)


Shadowmen #3.


Werewolf romance.


Lure of the Wolf, The  (Pocket, ?)


Shadowmen #2.


Werewolf romance.


Midnight Secrets  (Berkley, 2006.)


                A woman investigating the apparent death of her cousin gets involved with a family curse.


Touch a Dark Wolf  (Pocket, 2006.)


Shadowmen #1.


A shapeshifter struggles against a poison that may turn him evil.




In the Shadows of the Moonglade  (ShadowCrest, 1998.)


                Ghosts, reincarnation, and other supernatural events complicate a young love affair.




Other Side of Midnight, The  (NAL, 2015.)


Murder of an authentic medium.


ST JOHN, DAVID      (Pseudonym of E. Howard Hunt, whom see.)


Coven, The  (Weybright & Talley, 1972, Crest, 1973. Later reprinted under the name E. Howard Hunt.) 


Washington murder and intrigue, with the resolution coming after a tough investigator uses the occult powers of a medium to identify the guilty party.


Diabolus  (Weybright and Talley, 1971, Crest, 1972.)


Satanism #2.


Peter Ward investigates a cult of influential people who have enlisted the powers of witchcraft and voodoo in order to improve their position, and whose ultimate aim is to secretly control the government.


Sorcerers, The  (Weybright and Talley, 1969, Crest, 1971.)


Satanism #1.


 An everyday story of blackmail, stolen secrets, and international intrigue becomes very strange when occult forces are thrown into the mix.




Ghost Next Door, The  (Harper & Row, 1971, Archway, 1972.)


                A girl visiting her aunt catches glimpses of another teenager, one whom no one will else will admit seeing. Unbeknownst to her, the heroine once had a sister who accidentally drowned in the area.  A series of quietly fascinating events lead her and her new friends to investigate what they believe to be a ghost.




Curse of the Zwilling, The  (Speed of C, 2003.)


                A professor and his students have to protect some magical artifacts from an ancient supernatural force that wants them.


SAKI  (Pseudonym of H.H. Munro.)


Humor, Horror, and the Supernatural  (Scholastic, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Incredible Tales  (Dell, 1966.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Saki Sampler, A  (Superior, 1945.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.




Not Too Narrow, Not Too Deep  (Simon & Schuster, 1936, Cassell, 1936, Guild, 1941, Corgi, 1965, Popular Library, undated,  Leisure, ?)


 An allegorical story of a group of men who end up adrift in a boat, with one of their number a supernatural being, perhaps death himself.




New Blood  (Futura, 1981, Signet, 1982.)


When two couples move into a small town, they run into a very strange reception.   The entire community is in the thrall of a man who has arranged for his servants to remain young forever, if they will cooperate with him in sacrificing newcomers.




Harmless Ghosts  (Haunted Library, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


John Collier & Fredric Brown Went Quarreling Through My Head  (Ganley, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mysterious Doom and Other Ghostly Tales of the Pacific Northwest, The  (Sasquatch, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, based on supposedly real events.




Beware, This House Is Haunted  (Hippo, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Darkness Under the Stairs and Other Ghost Stories, The  (Lutterworth, 1988.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Nasty Piece of Work and Other Ghost Stories, The  (Hardy, 1983.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Disconnection  (Medallion, 2006.)


                A serial killer’s victim communicates from the dead.




Age of Decayed Futurity (Hippocampus, 2020.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Witch-Cult Abbey (Hippocampus, 2021.)


A man cataloguing old books stumbles upon an ancient horror.




Vampire Women, The  (Popular Library, 1973.)


A man and his wife journey to Dracula's castle on a lark, not suspecting that they will find that the Count is real and at home and as hungry as ever.   Some nice touches but basically a rehash of old movie devices.




Naiad, The  (Jekins, 1892.)


                A ghost story.




Baneful Sorceries, or the Countess Bewitched  (Houghton Mifflin, 1969, Lancer, undated.)


A meticulously researched historical novel of witchcraft and satanism as practiced during the reign of Louis XIV, based on actual documents of the period.  Although the author indicates in her afterword that the supernatural element might well have been an illusion, the historical characters believed in it fervently and the novel itself leaves the matter undecided.


Nature of Witches, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1964, Lancer, 1969.)


Witchcraft brings unusual strains to a marriage in this deceptively lightly written novel.  Well developed background and some interesting characters in a routinely contrived plot.


SANDERS, LAWRENCE  (See Mark Upton.)




All That Lives  (Aspect, 2002.)


                A mischievous spirit makes life difficult for a family.




Night Whispers  (Jove, 1999.)


                Supernatural romance about geologists who uncover an ancient evil but find true love while enlisting the aid of a friendly ghost in battling the menace.




About a Vampire (Avon, 2015.)


Vampire romance.


Accidental Vampire, The  (?)


Vampire romance.


Bite Me If You Can  (Ace, 2007.)


Vampire romance.


Bite to Remember, A  (Avon, 2007)


A vampire romance.


Immortal Hunter, The  (Avon, 2009.)


Argeneau #9.


Vampire romance.


Immortal Who Loved Me, The (Avon, 2015.)




Vampire romance.


Lady Is a Vamp, The  (Avon, 2012.)


An Argenau novel.


Vampire romance.


Love Bites  ( Love Spell, 2004.)


Argeneau #2.


                A coroner becomes a vampire when attacked by what appears to be a corpse.


Quick Bite, A  (Avon, 2005.)


Argeneau #4.


                Love between vampire and mortal leads to complications.          


Renegade Hunter, The  (Avon, 2009.)


Argeneau #10.


Vampire romance.


Runaway Vampire (Avon, 2016.)


Argenau #


Vampire romance.


Single White Vampire  (Love Spell, 2003.)


Argeneau #1.


                Mild vampire romance.


Tall, Dark, and Hungry  (Love Spell, 2004.)


Argeneau #3.


                Love triangle involving vampires.


Twice Bitten (Avon, 2018.)


Under a Vampire Moon  (Avon, 2012.)


An Argenau novel.


Vampire romance.


Vampire Interrupted  (Avon, 2008.)


An Argeneau novel.


Vampire romance.


Vampires Are Forever  (Avon, 2008.)


An Argeneau novel.


Vampire romance.




Roadkill  (Write Way, 1996.)


An underground cavern filled with vicious beasts that are let loose on the world is the device for this gory but rarely suspenseful thriller.




Found You  (Leisure, 2008.)


Hollower #2.


A shapechanging creature pursues fresh victims.


Hollower, The  (Leisure, 2007.)


Hollower #1.


A creature with the ability to change shape stalks various victims.




Man Who Could Cheat Death, The  (Avon, 1959, Ace UK, 1959,  from the script by ?.)


Novelization of the movie, taken from the play "The Man in Half Moon Street" by Barre Lyndon, who is given credit as collaborator on the novel.  The central figure is able to stave off death by periodic operations to replace his faltering organs, but eventually he runs into a doctor who refuses to become involved further and the game is up.




Something Terrible, Something Lovely  (Hogarth, 1948.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Blood Offerings  (Leisure, 1985.)


 A woman who possesses the ability to communicate with an ancient but powerful god seeks revenge against an enemy, and knows that the only way to gain the god's favor is to perform a sacrifice in its name.  Although initially resistant, she gives in to her hatred.


Dare To Be Scared  (Cricket, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Double-Dare to Be Scared  (Cricket, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dreaming, The  (Berkley, 1989.)


A creature who might be a vampire, or possibly a succubus, or possibly something entirely different hovers outside our world, waiting for opportunities to strike through the barrier and claim living victims.  One teenager may hold the key to destroying her influence forever.


Emergence  (Avon, 1981.)


A professor conducting investigations in the desert of New Mexico acquires the knowledge that she holds within herself the secret of an uncanny supernatural power.  All she needs to do is wait until the proper time to perform the final act that will empower her ‑‑ a human sacrifice.


Even More Short and Shivery  (Dell Yearling, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories for younger readers.


More Short and Shivery  (Dell Yearling,  ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories for younger readers.


Terrifying Taste of Short and Shivery, The  (Delacorte, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories for younger readers.


Triple-Dare to Be Scared  (Cricket, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Red Room and Other Tales, The  (Room 13, 2016.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Red Devil  (Berkley, 1989.)


An enigmatic figure within the Soviet Union holds a power which may destroy both that nation and the West.  The two power blocs ultimately set aside their differences in order to jointly confront a greater evil, one which can only be defeated through the power of an ancient ritual.




Last Wish, The  (Gollancz, 2007, translated from the Polish.)


                A kind of superhero battles various supernatural entities.




Last Rites  (Charter, 1985.)


An insidious plague of vampirism creeps into San Francisco, striking down victims mysteriously, as a long undead creature seeks to find a mate of sufficient intelligence and worth to accompany him on his journey through the ages.


SARBAN  (Pseudonym of John William Wall.)


Doll Maker, The  (Peter Davies, 1953, Ballantine, 1960, Consul, 1962.)


A superior atmospheric piece about a young woman who finds herself almost willingly in thrall to a more powerful personality, and the strange dolls which seem impossibly lifelike.


Doll Maker and Other Tales of the Uncanny, The  (Tartarus, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ringstones  (Ballantine, 1961.)


                The heroine is perplexed by the enigmatic nature of two people she meets, but doesn't comprehend the true horror of the situation until she realizes that they are not human beings at all.  If you thought fairy folk couldn't be scary, think again.  .


Ringstones and Other Curious Tales  (Davies, 1951, Coward McCann, 1951, Tartarus, 2000.)


                The novel with three unrelated short stories.


Sacrifice and Other Stories, The  (Tartarus, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sound of His Horn, The  (Davies, 1952, Ballantine, 1960.)


A nightmarish glimpse into a bizarre hunt with human prey in an alternate reality that might have existed if the Nazis had won their war and come to dominate the Earth, with all of the "inferior" races scheduled to be eradicated.  Technically science fiction, but written as a horror story.


Sound of His Horn and the King of the Lake, The  (Tartarus, 1999.)


                Omnibus of the two stories.




Ancient Exhumations  (Mythos Books, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Taint of Lovecraft, The  (Mythos, 2002.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.




Baby, The  (Cemetery Dance, 2006.)


Orangefield #3.


The evil child isn't human.


Boy with Penny Eyes, The  (Tor, 1987.)


An orphaned boy seems to have undergone a traumatic shock, displays no emotion, no indication that anything impinges on his internal reality.  But there seems to be something for which he is looking, or perhaps something looking for him, another entity with the ability to make the boy complete.


Campbell Wood  (Doubleday, 1986, Berkley, 1987.)


A strange group of people dwell in a haunted forest, people with Faerie blood who use the trees themselves as weapons.  The only hope for those who stray into their clutches is equally the use of equally strong opposing magic, and there are few who wield such power.


Halloweenland  (Leisure, 2007.)


Orangefield #2.


More supernatural events surround Halloween festivities.


Hallow's Eve  (See Orangefield.)


Horrorween  (Leisure, 2006.  Expansion of Orangefield.)


Orangefield #1.


                Strange rites in a small town point to a supernatural influence.


House Haunted  (Bantam, 1991.)


                A powerful female entity from another universe controls several people, using them to create a gateway through which she can enter our world.  But at least two of her puppets have ideas of their own, fortunately for the rest of us.


Little Yellow Book of Fevered Stories, A  (Borderlands, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Moonbane  (Bantam, 1989.)


                A blend of SF and horror.  Unusual meteorite activity heralds the arrival of werewolfish denizens of the moon intent upon conquering the Earth.  A homage to "B" movie horror films, with a surfeit of violence as the surviving humans attempt to resist their conversion to the growing ranks of shapechangers.


October  (Bantam, 1990.)


                An evil creature which dwells within human bodies, using them as masks, inhabits a small town.  An elderly, senile woman struggles to remember a dark secret from the past that may provide the means of destroying the interloper.


Orangefield  (CD, 2002.  Leisure, 2004, as Hallow's Eve.  Expanded as Horrorween.)


                An evil spirit manipulates the residents of a small town on Halloween.


Skeletons  (Bantam, 1992.)


                A bizarre phenomenon causes all the skeletons on Earth to rise from their graves and resume their former identities and careers.  Lenin and his followers instigate a bloodbath in the former Soviet Union and so on.  An interesting but not entirely successful variation of the "Night of the Living Dead" theme.


Totentanz  (Tor, 1985.)


A magical carnival springs up overnight on an abandoned piece of property, but most of the nearby residents seem disinclined to make much of the situation.  One thirteen year old boy sees the carnival for what it really is, a monstrous illusion masking death and despair.


Toybox  (CD Publications, 2000, Leisure, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Worms, The  (Doubleday, 1985, Berkley, 1988.)


                The monstrous worms of the title escape from their age-old prison to attack living human beings, infesting their bodies and causing a transformation.  Plenty of gruesome deaths, a fast moving plot, and an exciting climax.




Something Bad  (Medallion, 2008.)


Strange deaths occur when an odd man comes to town.




Fog Magic  (Viking, 1943, Scholastic, 1970.)


                Young adult.  A teenager stumbles into a town which didn't exist moments earlier, and finds herself compelled to solve a mystery out of time, and then escape before she is trapped away from her own world.




All Fall Down  (See The God Project.)


Ashes to Ashes: The Dragon's Flame  (Crest, 1997.)


Blackstone #3.


A dragon shaped cigarette lighter awakens violent reactions in people.


Asylum  (Crest, 1997.)


Blackstone #6.


The last of a series of magical objects arrives to disrupt the conversion of a local asylum.


Black Creek Crossing  (?, 2004.)


                Two teenagers find a book of spells and get revenge on their enemies.


Black Lightning  (Crest, 1995.)


                A serial killer returns from the grave to continue his campaign of slaughter, and an investigative reporter is the only one who believes the truth.


Blackstone Chronicles, The  (Gold Medal, 1998.)


                Omnibus of the entire Blackstone series.


Brain Child  (Bantam, 1985.)


A vengeful spirit from the past takes advantage of an opportunity to seize possession of a boy momentarily dead, then revived by a team of doctors.  Now he is ready to strike out, venting the fury which has dwelt unappeased for a full century. The personality of the boy who died looks on helplessly as his own body commits a series of horrible crimes.  This basic plot recurs constantly in Saul's novels.


Comes the Blind Fury  (Dell, 1980.)


The ghost of a young girl who died as the result of a senseless accident a century earlier returns, and poses as the friend of another girl who has recently moved to the area.  The  angry spirit is waiting for the chance to consummate her desire for revenge.


Creature  (Bantam, 1989.)


                A young boy unleashes terrifying powers when he moves to a new town and decides to remake it into the home he wishes for, using paranormal powers.  Saul's usual theme of childish cruelty and terror predominate.


Cry for the Strangers  (Dell, 1979.)


More suspense and less of the supernatural in this story of a town which has long had a distaste for strangers, who frequently end up mysteriously murdered.  Is the entire town in league against outsiders, or is a single supernatural force that looks upon the town as its own property?  Filmed for television.


Darkness  (Bantam, 1991.)


                An unusually close mouthed community in Florida is the setting where a family returns to its homestead only to discover that a cult exists there, one which seeks power by draining the lifeforce from the newly born.


Day of Reckoning: The Stereoscope, The  (Crest, 1997.)


Blackstone #5.


An antique stereoscope provides visions of long forgotten terrors in a small town.


Devil’s Labyrinth, The  (Ballantine, 2007.)


                A private school deals with satanic intervention.


Eye for an Eye: The Doll  (Crest, 1997.)


Blackstone #1.


A doll exerts influence over a young child and arranges the death of her mother.


God Project, The  (Bantam, 1982.  Corgi, 1983, as All Fall Down.)


                A woman investigating the death of her child uncovers a sinister plot involving medical experimentation.


Guardian  (Bantam, 1993.)


Yet another variation of the troubled child with supernatural powers who wreaks vengeance on the adult world.


Hell Fire  (Bantam, 1986.)


An old mill has been closed for many years, following a tragic fire that killed a number of people, including children. The family that owns it considers reopening the building, and an angry force is set loose, determined that the mill shall forever remain closed, and that the family responsible for those deaths shall pay for their misdeeds.


Homing, The  (Bantam, 1994.)


A serial killer fascinated with insects meets his doom when supernaturally inspired bees begin to invade the bodies of local teens and turn them into monsters.  Extremely silly, illogical, and annoyingly clumsy story.


House of Reckoning  (Ballantine, 2009.)


An artist is affected by the evil influences resident in the house where she works.


In the Dark of the Night  (Del Rey, 2006.)


                Teenagers discover a secret room filled with odd artifacts and fall under the influence of a lingering evil presence.


In the Shadow of Evil: The Handkerchief  (Crest, 1997.)


Blackstone #4.


A mysterious, initialled handkerchief is the key to long forgotten secrets and current dangers.


Midnight Voices  (Ballantine, 2002.)


                A family moves into an exclusive apartment building filled with elderly people, some of whom want to steal the youth from the new children to prolong their own lives.


Nathaniel  (Bantam, 1984.)


                A lonely boy finds a new friend in the person of a vengeful ghost who wants to make use of the living boy to seek vengeance for his own death. 




Presence, The  (Crest, 1997.)


                A scientist finds unusual skeletons in the Hawaiian islands, and under the ocean a strange substance begins to appear.


Punish the Sinners  (Dell, 1978.)


                 A medieval secret from the Thirteenth  Century impinges on the modern world, driving a number of the students at a small girls' school to suicide.  In the background, a secret society convenes.  One of Saul's better efforts.


Right Hand of Evil, The  (Ballantine, 1999.)


                A man and his son are possessed by the spirits of evil dead children.


Second Child  (Bantam, 1990.)


                A young girl's imaginary friend turns out to be a lingering and protective ghost when her half sister comes to live with them.  The newcomer secretly murdered her own family and hopes to displace her sister.


Shadows  (Bantam, 1992.)


The Academy is a semi-secret research base for children with unusual mental powers.  But some of the experiments performed there are of a darker variety.  Disembodied brains and psi powers in this fast paced potboiler.


Sleepwalk  (Bantam, 1990.)


                A remote town reels from the mysterious suicide of one of its teenagers, while economic conditions deteriorate and a large corporation begins to flex its muscles.  In fact, the company is using the town's teenagers as the test group for a powerful mind control drug.


Suffer the Children, Dell, 1977.)


A child who died a century earlier returns in ghostly form to influence children of the present, compelling them to commit bloody murder.  If you read a lot of Saul's novels, you'll have a feeling of deja vu after a while.


Twist of Fate: The Locket  (Crest, 1997.)


Blackstone  #2.


Predictable vignette about a cursed locket that causes its owner to perform horrible acts.


Unloved, The  (Bantam, 1988.)


 A decaying family's internal tensions break forth in a series of murders.  Supernatural overtones abound in what is otherwise a novel of madness and hatred.


Unwanted, The  (Bantam, 1987.)


When her mother dies in a sudden accident, Cassie moves to Cape Cod to live with the father she has hardly known.  But there is something else waiting for her as well, a dark power that seizes control of her will, turning her into an unwilling instrument of destruction.


When the Wind Blows  ( Dell, 1981.)


Yet another of John Saul's novels of dead children seeking revenge in the present.  This time the malevolent spirit seems even more perverse than usual, and her targets are children as well as adults.


SAVAGE, ADRIAN  (Pseudonym of Joe Serrano.)


Blake House  (Pocket, 1990.)


An apartment building is the scene of a series of violent suicides.  Despite the skepticism of the authorities, a psychologist grows increasingly certain that unseen supernatural forces are affecting the residents, driving them to these desperate deeds.


Symphony  (Pocket, 1992.)


                The police must enlist a Satanist on their side to combat an evil man who uses a host of followers to abduct victims for his horrible sacrificial rites.  Entertaining detective story interlaced with the occult.




Likeness to Voices, A  (Dodd, Mead Torquil, 1963, Dell, 1965.)


A middle class gentleman of stodgy demeanor finds his wife's inevitable successes a bit mysterious, until he learns that she is a practicing witch, and that he has been under her spell for years.  Soft horror.




Hollow Earth, The  (Bloodletting, 2007.)


An ancient artifact opens a mystical gate to the interior of the Earth.


Icarus Descending  (Enigmatic, 2000.)


                Two unrelated stories published as a chapbook.


London Macabre  (Dark Regions, 2012.)


Demons and angels battle in London.


Secret Life of Colors  (Darktales, 2000.)


                An evil spirit inhabits the body of a dead hit man and embarks on a reign of terror.


Silver (Variance, 2010.)


A supernatural plague.




Distance Travelled, The  (Prime, 2001.)


                Two long supernatural stories.


No Further Messages  (Delirium, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Count Dracula  (Corgi, 1977.)


A variant version of the Dracula story, novelized it appears from the screenplay for the BBC version starring Louis Jourdan.


SAXON, PETER  (Pseudonym used by various authors.)


Black Honey  (Mayflower, 1968.)


An African witch cult moves to England, where it employs human sacrifice among other horrible acts to ensure its power and further its ends.


Curse of Rathlaw, The  (Mayflower, 1968, Lancer, 1968.)  (Thomas Martin.)


A Guardians novel.


                 The Rathlaw family is under an ancient curse, and one of the two surviving brothers is willing to sacrifice the other in order to receive supernatural powers. The Guardians are a society dedicated to combating evil occultists, and they may be the only chance that Sir Alistair has to survive.


Darkest Night, The  (Mayflower, 1966, Paperback Library, 1967.) (Wilfred McNeilly and W. Howard Baker.)


                Followers of the cult of Kali are on the verge of achieving a renewal of their ancient power on the Earth.  The next step is the appropriate sacrifice, and Desmond Wood is facing the battle of his life when his wife is chosen for that role.


Dark Ways to Death  (Baker, 1968, Berkley, 1969.) (Wilfred McNeilly and W. Howard Baker.)


A Guardians novel.


An organization dedicated to combating evil magic runs across a secret society of devil worshippers who operate out of a secret headquarters located beneath a modern city.


Disorientated Man, The.  (See Scream and Scream Again.)


Haunting of Alan Mais, The  (? 1968, Berkley, 1969.) (Wilfred McNeilly and W. Howard Baker.)


A Guardians novel.


One member of the Guardians, a society opposed to black magic, is supernaturally corrupted during their investigation of a supposedly haunted house, turning against her former companions with the full fury of her awakened paranormal powers.


Killing Bone, The  (? 1968, Berkley, 1969.)


A Guardians novel.


A representative of a society of good magicians travels to Australia to deal with a witch doctor who has mastered more of the black arts than any other individual in modern history.


Satan's Child  (Mayflower, 1967, Lancer, 1968.)(Wilfred McNeilly.)


                A woman is unjustly executed, burned alive as a witch.  Her son escapes to the Orient, where he studies the magical arts until he has achieved a level of enlightenment that allows him to supernaturally return to his home village and exact revenge on the people who murdered his mother.


Scream and Scream Again  (Paperback Library, 1967.  Mayflower, 1966 as The Disorientated Man.)  (Stephen Frances and W. Howard Baker.) 


A mixture of satanism and super science as a series of mutilation murders leads people to suspect that something more than human may be responsible.  A secret scientific research project is also involved, creating amoral robot creatures with which they plan to seize power.  Made into a movie.


Through the Dark Curtain  (Lancer, 1968.)


A Guardians novel.


 The Guardians combat a supernatural menace which is active both in the present and in ancient history, using their own occult abilities to combat it in both time frames.


Torturer, The  (Mayflower, 1966, Paperback Library, 1967.) (Wilfred McNeilly and W. Howard Baker.)


 A film crew comes to an abandoned castle, unaware of the fact that it is home to an undead creature which rises when the occasion warrants to prey on those who unwisely stumbled into its domain.  A slightly different take on the vampire story.


Vampire's Moon  (Belmont, 1970.)


                The minions of an undead vampire seeking fresh blood lure two American tourists in Rumania to a crumbling castle that serves as their lair. Of course, the Americans don't believe that such things as vampires could possibly exist, until it is too late to do them any good.


Vampires of Finistere, The  (Baker, 1970, Berkley, 1970.)


A Guardians novel.


An obscure French village has been overrun by vampires who dwell in the sea, under the leadership of a powerful supernatural being.  The Guardians, a society dedicated to the opposition of sorcerous evil, faces one of the greatest challenges in its history.




Mind Bender  (Avon, 1989.)


                 When her mother dies, Cassandra is devastated by the loss, but her mourning is cut short because of a strange transition. Her mother's spirit has imbued her with unusual abilities, and she uses these to make absolutely certain that her father is not unfaithful to her mother, even after death.




Fear the Darkness  (Black Flame, 2006.)


                Vampires invade a post apocalyptic future.




Apparitions  (Hale, 1984, Critic’s Choice, 1986.)


                A small group of people retreat to an ancient Druid island to lead a life of meditation.  When one of them appears to have died, the charismatic leader orders her body burned, even though some of his followers later believe that the girl was simply in a trance.  Then something else appears on the island, something which can reach into their very minds.


Black Ashes  (St. Martins, 1985.)


                A house in India is the focal point for an upsurge of primitive magic, as an ancient god seeks a fresh foothold in the world and affairs of humanity.  A banker transferred to Ranpur and his family are menaced by magic as well as a secret society led by a living demon.




Attic, The  (Zebra, 1991.)


                A teenager is puzzled when her parents take in an elderly woman as a boarder, then frightened as she begins to demonstrate powers previously beyond her ability.  The change is physical as well.  A blend of witchcraft and werewolf themes.


Deathsong  (Zebra, 1989.)


An angry spirit (aren't they all?) returns to seek revenge on the descendants of those who wronged him, using an innocent woman (don't they all?) as the focus of poltergeist activity and violent death.


Dollkeeper, The  (Zebra, 1987.)


A series of disappearances involving children is linked to the supposedly kindly librarian who possesses a collection of dolls, many of which bear a remarkable resemblance to those who are missing.


Hocus‑Pocus  (Zebra, 1988.)


                Ginny has the power of psychokinesis, that is, she can move objects from a distance with the power of her mind.  The more use she makes of this power, the more it grows in strength, until people whose actions disturb her can be made to do what she wants, sometimes with horrible consequences after her unconscious minds flexes its metaphorical muscles.


Worst Enemies  (Dell, 1983.)


A police detective becomes embroiled with psychic powers and Oriental mysticism while investigating a murder.  His own children may be the focus for a tangle of prescient knowledge and poltergeist activity.




Goldcamp Vampire, The  (Bantam, 1987.)


                What better place for a vampire to show up than where the nights are six months long?  A bored young lady travels to Gold Rush country and falls into the company of a Russian gentleman who is revealed to be a vampire.


Lady in the Loch, The  (Ace, 1998.)


                A killer kidnaps young women in order to use portions of their body in a black magic ritual designed to bring back the dead.  He is tracked down by Sir Walter Scott, Sheriff of Edinburgh.


SCARM, ARTHUR N.  (Author's name listed as "Scram" on title page.)


Werewolf vs Vampire Woman, The  (Guild‑Hartford, 1972, from the screenplay.)


                 A werewolf mates with a beautiful woman, and the result is a vampire.  Confusion about both creatures abounds in this nonsensical German‑Spanish film, here reproduced in unbelievably bad prose.




Vampire Thrall  (Alyson, 2003.)


Vampire #2.


                Gay vampire novel set in modern Rome.


Vampire Transgression  (St Martins, 2006.)


Vampire #3.


                A vampire decides to break the rules of his kind and stay with his lover.


Vampire Vow  (Alyson, 2001.)


Vampire #1.


                A gay historical vampire novel.




Frankenstein: The Legacy  (Pocket, 2001.)


                The story of Frankenstein's monster, updated to the 20th Century.  A scientist discovers Frankenstein's notes and creates a new monster, with the same results.


House of Dracula  (Pocket, 2001.)


                The story of Dracula transplanted into the 20th Century.  He's prowling around Atlanta until a Van Helsing shows up to end his current campaign of terror.




Zombie Autopsies, The  (Grand Central, 2011.)


Scientist try to find a cure. They die.




Demon Circle, The  (Leisure, 2000.)


                A man who lost his family to satanists suspects that the same group is behind a new series of killings several years later.  He decides to track them down, and discovers in the process that they have authentic supernatural abilities.


Silent Scream  (Leisure, 1998.)


                A dissolute man acquires a magical artifact that gives him the power to avenge himself on everyone whom he believes has conspired to keep him from having a satisfying life.




Deadpan  (Leisure, 1981.)


                A murder mystery with supernatural overtones ‑ the ghost of a dead woman who appears repeatedly ‑ but everything is ultimately explained in mundane terms.




Quietus  (Hanover House, 2002.)


                The survivors of an air crash are plagued by ghosts.


Sacred Prey  (Truman Press, 1994, St Martins, 1996, Hannover House, 2002.)


A murderer is transported back through time and into the body of his victim in order to feel all her pain and terror.  Voodoo is the setup, but the main action is straight suspense. 




Bride of Satan  (Leisure, 1986.)


An evil force corrupts the minds and bodies of several innocent people, turning them into vicious killers whose hands are transformed into animalistic claws.  Two onlookers seek to discover the nature and location of the demon responsible, so that it can be sent back to hell forever.


Dragon  (Leisure, 1989.)


An archaeological expedition in the American southwest descends into a previously unexplored cavern, only to discover that they have actually entered the living body of a gigantic lifeform.  Smaller monsters which live within emerge into the daylight world to hunt down human prey.


Fatal Beauty  (St Martin's, 1990.)


A new beauty treatment reshapes the body according to the dreams of the patient.  Nice if your dreams are rosy and beautiful, not so nice if your subconscious is a roiling mass of horrible fears and hatreds.


Late at Night  (Leisure, 1986.)


A group of weekend partygoers discover a book which seems to be a fictionalized account of their own lives, and their deaths through supernatural means during the visit to that very island. Subsequently, the prophecies begin to come true.  They are all doomed unless they can discover the identity of the sinister mastermind who is playing with their lives.


Pact  (St Martin's, 1988.)


A soldier makes a deal with a demon by which he is to survive the war in Vietnam.  It's not the kind of survival he expects however, and he disappears from the world for many years. His widow begins to suspect that he is still alive, not realizing that he has in fact become the agent of a supernatural force.


Saurian  (Leisure, 1988.)


 One man in a coastal community is not what he seems, but actually the descendant of an alien species stranded on this world in prehistory.  He is capable of transforming his body into that of a gigantic monster, and uses this form to kill and devour human beings, which he considers an inferior lifeform.  The physical problems of such a transformation are never explained.


Shivers  (Leisure, 1985.)


An alien creature from another world is essentially a gigantic biological computer, lying hidden beneath a major city, using its abilities to invade the thoughts of human beings, turning them into slaves, killing them in various horrible ways as it seeks to create a bridgehead for an eventual full scale invasion.


Spawn of Hell  (Leisure, 1984.)


                Two people journey to the town where one of them lost her brother.  His mutilated body has been found, but there is no clue to the identity of the murderer.  They have not been there long before more deaths occur, at the hands of a race of inhuman creatures living concealed in a series of caverns.


SCHORER, MARK  (See collaboration with August Derleth.)




Crypt Orchids  (Subterranean, 1998, Babbage Press, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


DJSturbia (Subterranean, 2016.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Eye  (Subterranean, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Havoc Swims Jaded  (Subterranean, 2006.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Lost Angels  (Onyx, 1990, Babbage, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Rock Breaks Scissors Cut  (Subterranean, 2003.)


                A group of people sharing dreams find that their unconscious is affecting the outside world.


Seeing Red  (Tor, 1990, EMR, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Zombie Jam  (Subterranean, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Coffin Club, The  (Tegen, 2009.)


Vampire Kiss#5.


Teen vampire romance.


Cryptic Cravings  (Tegen, 2011.)


Vampire Kiss #8.


Teen vampire romance.


Dance With a Vampire  (Tegen, 2009.)


Vampire Kiss #4.


Teen vampire romance.


Immortal Hearts  (Tegen, 2012.)


Vampire Kiss #9.


Teen vampire romance.


Kissing Coffins  (Tegen, 2005.)


Vampire Kiss #2.


Teen vampire romance.


Love Bites  (Tegen, 2010.)


Vampire Kiss #7.


Teen vampire romance.


Royal Blood  (Tegen, 2010.)


Vampire Kiss #6.


Teen vampire romance.


Vampire Kisses  (Tegen, 2003.)


Vampire Kiss #1.


Teen vampire romance.


SCHREIBER, JOE  (Also writes SF.)


Chasing the Dead  (Ballantine, 2006.)


A serial killer is reincarnated.


No Doors, No Windows  (Del Rey, 2009.)


A ghost story.


Unholy Cause, The  (Titan, 2010.)


A Supernatural novel.






Fear Itself  (Forge, 2001.)


                The widower husband of a woman who saw visions of her own death deciphers her notes and sets out to prevent another victim from dying.


SCHWAB, VICTORIA  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Archived, The  (Hyperion, 2013.)


Archive #1.


A young girl explores the archive of the dead.


Our Dark Duet (Harper, 2017.)


Monsters #2.


A woman fights a secret war against monsters.


This Savage Song (Harper, ?)


Monsters #1.


A young woman discovers that monsters are real.


Unbound, The (Hyperion, 2015.)


Archive #2.






Blood Rights  (Roadkill, 1997, bound with Flame Thrower by Lucy Taylor.)


                Short story in chapbook form.




Damnable  (Jove, 2009.)


Jake Hatcher #1.


A soldier fights the supernatural in New York City.


Diabolical  (Jove, 2011.)


Jake Hatcher #2.


Someone is trying to open a gateway to Hell.


SCHWEITZER, DARRELL  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Awaiting Strange Gods (Fedogan & Bremer, 2015.)


Collection of Lovecraftian stories.


Nightscapes  (Wildside, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Transients  (Ganley, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


SCOT, MICHAEL  (Pseudonym of Michael Scott Rohan and Allan Scott.)  ????


Burial Rites  (Berkley, 1987.  New English Library, 1986 as The Ice King.)


An archaeological expedition digs up an unexpected find, a long dormant superhuman being from the time of the Norse sagas, one with a thirst for human lives and a drive for power over.


Ice King, The.  (See Burial Rites.)




Marked, The (Hyperion, 2012.)


Delcroix Academy #1.




Talents, The  (Hyperion, 2012.)


Delcroix Academy #2.




SCOTT, MICHAEL  (See collaboration that follows and also with Adrienne Barbeau.)




Mirror Image (Tor, 2016.)


An antique mirror is a living gateway to an alternate reality.




Phantasmagoria (Hippocampus, 2021.)


Collection of unrelated stories and other material.




Werewolf's Kiss, The  (Diamond, 1992, Ibooks, 2003.)


Werewolf #1.


                As vampires have been redeemed in recent novels, so too does the werewolf undergo a reconditioning.  A love story, but more maturely handled than most such


Werewolf's Sin, The  (Diamond, 1994, Ibooks, 2003.)


Werewolf #3.


A romance novel somewhat resembling "Beauty and the Beast".  This time a much older werewolf appears in Louisiana, threatening to disturb the peaceful atmosphere in which Sylvie and her shapechanging lover have found happiness.


Werewolf's Touch, The  (Diamond, 1993, Ibooks, 2003.)


Werewolf #2.


                A young man struggling with the fact that his family has a hereditary tendency to change into the shape of wolves finds the true love of his life and is forced to come to terms with his true nature.


SCOTT, A.G.  (See also Nick Sharman.)


Childmare  (Signet, 1981.  Hamlyn, 1980, as by Nick Sharman.)


Children all over England begin to indulge in outrageous acts of violence, escalating and spreading as more and more join the roving bands prowling the streets in search of adult victims. Ultimately, the authorities are faced with the necessity of exterminating an entire generation, possessed by a single insane desire for murder. 




Anthrax Mutation, The  (Pyramid, 1976. Sphere, 1971 as Project Dracula.)


A top secret experiment into a new strain of anthrax is unleashed on the world when a research station accidentally blows up, releasing a horde of experimental bats who quickly carry the disease to the closest human population center.


Project Dracula.  (See The Anthrax Mutation.)




Randalls Round (?, 1929, Ash-Tree, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Skeptic  (St Martins, 1999.)


                As the result of a dangerous experiment, a man is able to sense the presence of ghostly spirits.  He uses his new talent to thwart a foreign spy.




Dingo   (Chilton, 1966, Heinemann, 1966, Lancer, 1969.)


The protagonist is a man who remembers his former life as a dog.  A satirical and occasionally quite funny novel of reincarnation.




I, Vampire  (Ace, 1984.)


                A seven hundred year old vampire is still around in the future when starships visit the Earth, and she becomes fascinated with an alien species which can change their own shape and appearance.  Broad satire, and some interesting juxtapositions.




Banshee  (Mandarin, 1990.)


                Not seen.


Gemini Game  (?, 1993.)




Hallows, The  (Creed, 1995.)


The keepers of ancient magical artifacts from British history are being murdered by a would be magician who seeks to reunite them all and precipitate an occult event that will give him power over the entire human race.


Image  (Warner, UK, 1991, Sphere, 1991.)


                Not seen.


Imp  (?, 1993.)




Reflection  (Warner UK, 1992.)


                A series of brutal murders are connected to a mystical mirror.




Blood Sport  (Bantam, 1984.)


                Two teenagers join a gymnastic troupe only to discover that their companions have very peculiar habits, like sleeping all day, and disappearing mysteriously at times during the evening. Then they realize the reason they have been admitted to the troupe is that their vampiric fellows require a fresh source of blood.




Not for the Squeamish  (Background, 1948.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Vaivasukko's Bride, The  (Horror Club/Scots Digest, 1957.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


SCOTT, SANDRA  check these out


From Dust to Lust  (




Supernatural Short Stories of Sir Walter Scott, The  (Calder, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Werewolf vs the Vampire Woman, The  (Guild Hartford, 1972.)


                The title tells it all.




Sheila Crerar, Psychic Investigator  (Ash-Tree, 2006.0


Collection of related stories.




Duty to the Devil and Other Ghost Stories  (Kimber, 1981.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Last Things  (Viking, 2002.)


                A variety of frightening and paranormal events occur in a small town.


Ordinary Horror  (Viking, 2001.)


                A strange plant spreads its influence throughout a neighborhood.




Yellow Moon  (Warner, 1994.)


An unusual moon heralds the onset of a plague of mysterious incidents in a small town, disappearances, the discovery of a network of tunnels, and strangers who seem to have appeared out of thin air.




Jaws: The Revenge  (Berkley, 1987, Futura, 1987, based on the screenplay by Michael de Guzman.)


                Ravaging shark film included because there is some kind of supernatural connection between the shark and one particular family.




Last Day  (Forge, 2002.)


                A man shot in the head begins to experience ambiguous visions.




Lovely Bones, The  (Little, Brown, 2002.)


                The spirit of a dead child looks after her family.




Witch Hill  (Delacorte, 2001)


                A young boy who survived a tragic fire is mentally linked to a girl from the 17th Century.




Inferno Collection, The  (Five Star, 2007.)


Romantic suspense with a genuine psychic.


SEFTON, CATHERINE  (Pseudonym of Martin Waddell.)


Blue Misty Monsters, The  (Faber, 1985.)


                Not seen.


Emer's Ghost  (Hamish Hamilton, 1981.)


                A ghost story.


Ghost Girl, The  (Hamish Hamilton, 1985.)


                A ghost story.




Accursed, The  (Allen, 1967, Coward McCann, 1967.)


                Two unrelated long stories.


SELBY, CURT  (Pseudonym of Doris Piserchia whom also see.)


Blood County  (DAW Books, 1981.)


A newspaper reporter stumbles into a mountain community which is dominated by a master vampire, who has come to an agreement with the local community through which he is careful about his feeding and provides protection in return for their assistance and loyalty.




Drawing the Dead  (Dell, 1983. )


A teenager is compelled to draw pictures of people she has met, each in the process of dying.  At first it seems a morbid but harmless pursuit, but then there are indications that she may somehow be portraying the near future.  Or even causing it.




Dorian  (Grove, 2002.)


A retelling of Oscar Wilde's The Portrait of Dorian Gray in a modern setting.




Boogens, The  (Bantam, 1981, based on the screenplay by ?)


                Small monsters pester a family.




Children of the Damned  (Four Square, 1964, from the screenplay by John Briley.)


 Novelization of the film, sequel to Village of the Damned, taken from John Wyndham's novel, The Midwich Cuckoos.  A group of children with paranormal powers exists following the invasion of a small town and the impregnation of its women by visitors from outer space.  Now a plot is being hatched to destroy the last survivors of these strange children.




Omen, The  (Signet, 1976.)


The original novel of the son of Satan, born on Earth in the Twentieth Century, from which the first of a series of horror films was subsequently made.  Slowly the people closest to him realize that young Damien is the most evil creature they have ever encountered, but not soon enough for them to move effectively.


Prophecy  (Ballantine, 1979.)


Made into a film.  Pollution of the water causes the wildlife in a rural area to begin to mutate, the most dangerous of which is a deformed bear of unprecedented size, power, and fury.  A group of people struggle to survive when they find themselves being hunted by the creature.




King Kong  (Ace, 1977.)


                 This is a screenplay rather than a novel, the one used to film the remake of the classic tale of the giant ape, not the original.




Something's Alive on the Titanic  (St Martins, 1990.)


                An expedition to the sunken luxury liner runs into big trouble when they discover that the hulk is haunted by those who died in it.




From the Twilight Zone  (Doubleday, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


More Stories from the Twilight Zone  (Bantam, 1961.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


New Stories from the Twilight Zone  (Bantam, 1962, Corgi, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Night Gallery  (Bantam, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Night Gallery 2  (Bantam, 1972.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Stories from the Twilight Zone  (Bantam, 1960, Corgi, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Twilight Zone: The Complete Stories, The  (TV Books, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




When the Night Wind Howls  (Atheneum, 1987.)


                Two teenagers are searching for the ghosts supposed to haunt a theater.  Instead they find themselves on their way to a meeting with the devil himself.




House of Fear, The  (Unwin, 1927.)


                A werewolf story.




Dream of the Dead  (Fearon‑Pitman, 1977.)


                 A young woman's mind is possessed by the spirit of another who has been dead for over two centuries. 




Haunting of Suzanna Blackwell, The  (Holt, Rinehart, & Winston, 1984, Signet, 1985.)


A lusty young woman finds herself torn between two different lovers, the man she should love, and the one who seems to possess an almost supernatural command of her affection.  As it happens, the command is indeed supernatural, and he is not an ordinary human being at all.  An erotic and untraditional ghost story.




Green Darkness  (Houghton Mifflin, 1972, Crest, 1974.)


 A supernatural romance rather than a horror novel.  A pair of lovers discover that their romance is one which has existed in a previous life, and they are put into contact with their earlier selves through a combination of mysticism and magic.


SEVERN, DAVID  (Pseudonym of David Unwin.)


Girl in the Grove, The  (Unwin, 1974.)


                Young adult ghost story.




Dracula in Istanbul (Neonharbor, 2017. Turkish edition 1928.)


A plagiarism of the Bram Stoker novel, set in Turkey.




Infernal Idol  (John Gifford, 1967, Avon, 1969.)


The protagonist finds his mind more and more preoccupied with the strange African statue which stands in one corner of his shop.  The evil influence grows until finally he is catapulted into a world of witchcraft and ritual sacrifice.




Reluctant Devil, The  (Heinemann, 1990.)


                More humor than horror, for younger readers.


Vampire of Verdonia, The  (Deutsch, 1986.)


                A vampire story for young adults.




Eve of Midsummer, The  (Corgi, 1977.)


                A modern day sorcerer becomes obsessed with increasing his mastery of the occult, and to do so, he is willing to take a few innocent lives.  Quite a few, as a matter of fact.


House of the Magus, The  (New English Library, 1979.)




Strickland Demon, The  (Corgi, 1977.)


In order to banish an evil spirit from their ancestral home, the Stricklands resort to hiring a practicing witch who assures them she can handle the situation.  She lies.


Tanith  (Corgi, 1977.)


                A beautiful woman acquires the power to command a race of inhuman creatures who lurk concealed within the forests of England.  But is she really in control, or just a figurehead they have set up for their own reasons.


SHAN, DARREN  (Writes Fantasy as Dan O'Shaughnessy.)


Allies of the Night  (Little Brown, 2004.)


Darren Shan #8.


                A young vampire figures out how to attend school.


Bec  (Little, Brown, 2006.)


Demonata #4.


                Demons ravage the countryside.


Cirque Du Freak  (Little, Brown, 2001.)


Darren Shan #1.


                In order to save a friend's life, a boy makes a deal with a vampire, becomes one himself, and sets off to be his assistant in a traveling freak show.


Dark Calling  (Little, Brown, 2009.)


Demonata #9.


The battle against evil forces continues.


Death's Shadow  (Little Brown, 2008.)


Demonata #7.


After an apocalypse, a psychic battles an army of demons.


Demon Apocalypse  (Little Brown, 2008.)


Demonata #6.


Demons threaten to end the world.


Demon Thief  (Little, Brown, 2006.)


Demonata #2.


                 A door opens into the demon world.


Hunters of the Disk  (Little, Brown, 2004.)


Darren Shan #7.


                A vampire seeks the lord of all vampires.


Killers of the Dawn  (?, 2003, Little Brown, 2005.)


Darren Shan #9.


                Darren and his vampire allies are in big trouble this time, as all of their enemies gather.


Living Nightmare, A  (Little, Brown, 2009.)


Darren Shan #12.




Lord Loss  (Little, Brown, 2005.)


Demonata #1.


                A rebellious teenager runs into real demons.


Lord of the Shadows  (Little, Brown, 2006.)


Darren Shan #11.


                The vampire protagonist attempts to go home, but his enemies have other plans.

Procession of the Dead  (Little, Brown, 2010.)


City #1.


Horror in a mysterious near future city.


Slawter  (Little, Brown, 2006.)


Demonata #3.


                The special effects in a horror movie turn real when demons invade the movie set.


Tunnels of Blood  (Little, Brown, 2002.)


Darren Shan #3.


                A good vampire and his assistant battle an evil bloodsucker.


Vampire Mountain  (Little Brown, 2002.)


Darren Shan #4.


                Darren and his master travel to the heart of vampire land.


Vampire Prince, The  (Little, Brown, 2003.)


Darren Shan #5.


                Declared a traitor, Darren is hunted by his former vampire friends.


Vampire's Assistant, The  (Collins, 2000, Little, Brown, 2001.)


Darren Shan #2.


                A young, newly transformed vampire struggles to resist the urge to feed on living blood.


Wolf Island  (Little, Brown, 2009.)


Demonata #8.


An army of werewolves menaces the world.


Zom-B (Little Brown, 2012.)


Zombie #1.


Zom-B Angels (Little Brown, 2013.)




Zom-B Baby (Little Brown, 2013.)


Zombies #3.


Zom-B Bride (Little Brown, 2015.)




Zom-B City (Little Brown, 2013.)




Zom-B Gladiator (Little Brown, 2014.)


Zombies #6.


Zom-B Underground (Little Brown, 2013.)


Zombie #2.


SHANNON, COLLEEN  (Pseudonym of Colleen Jeske.)


Trelayne Inheritance, The  (Love Spell, 2002.)


                A vampire romance.


Wolf of Haskell Hall, The  (Lovespell, 2001.)


                A woman struggles with the family curse which has decreed that all of the female members will be torn apart by wolves. 




Punishment, The  (St. Martin's, 1980, Crest, 1982.)


Winchfield Island was the scene of a number of violent acts in the past.  Its owners were practicing witches, and the children who fell into their hands met a horrible fate, the discovery of which eventually brought about the violent downfall of the Winchfields.  Now the Quiller family is using the house on the island for their family reunion, and one of their number has evil plans of his own.  Fortunately, two of the children are psychically sensitive.


Seekers, The  (Gold Medal, 1975.)


                A group of people travels to a small, isolated island, despite the rumors of unsavory events which took place there in the past.  They have been there only a short time when the vague air of menace turns into overt danger, as the local wildlife is driven to attack them.


22 Hallowfield  (Gold Medal, 1974.)


The mysterious building at 22 Hallowfield is more than just a haunted house, it is the abode of Satan and his followers.  Woe betides anyone who stops by for a visit.  Actually a lot more restrained than it sounds.


Whispering Runes, The  (Lenox Hill, 1972, Beagle, 1973. )


A family devastated by insanity through numerous generations is said to be under an ancient curse, although the murders which take place in the present are explained in mundane terms.  The intricate curse, however, works out in such detail that it is at least ambiguous whether or not it was behind the events that take place.




Daemon  (Delirium, 2008.)


A body jumping demon commits a series of horrible murders.


Dead and Gone (Delirium, 2008.)


The ghosts of the dead haunt an isolated cabin.


Host of Shadows, A  (Dark Regions, 2010.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Night of the Beast  (Medium Rare, 2002.)


                A convalescent man discovers that someone has raised an evil spirit.


Pain  (Dark Regions, 2010.)


Zombies run amuck.




See No Evil  (Avon, 1996.)


Predictable thriller about a woman investigating an ancient legend who discovers that it has a factual basis, and that a cult of believers still exists, searching for human sacrifices.




Simon's Soul  (Putnam, 1977, Bantam, 1979.)


 A group of scientists experiment with the barrier between life and death, sending one of their number across and then drawing him back to the world of the living.  Except that what comes back isn't identical to what departed, but is rather a demonic force which may be too powerful for any earthly power to control.


SHARMAN, NICK  (Pseudonym of  Scott Gronmark. See also A.G. Scott.)


Cats, The  (New English Library, 1977, Signet, 1979.)


 A highly contagious infection spreads from cat to cat, turning them into a vicious pack that swarms through the city, attacking anything alive that they encounter, including human beings.  An ecology gone wild meets the plague story.


Judgment Day  (Signet, 1982.)


A small girl who retreats from loneliness into a prolonged coma emerges at last possessed of a supernatural power which allows her to act upon the hatreds which she has long nurtured in secret.  Now her acquaintances are beginning to die.


Next!  (Signet, 1986.  New English Library, 1986, as You're Next!)


 A television director appears to be comatose and immobile, confined to a hospital bed.  Susie alone knows that his spirit roams free of his body, committing unspeakable acts of horror upon innocent victims as he indulges his sadistic and horrifying fantasies.


Scourge, The  (Signet, 1980.)


                 One man with an extraordinary mental power and no compunctions about using it begins to take possession of the minds of others, forcing them to commit murders, suicide, or acts of humiliation and degradation.  No effective action can be taken against him because no one knows he is responsible.


Surrogate, The  (Signet, 1980.)


 Frank is powerless in the face of the angry ghost of his dead father, who has returned from the grave, seeking to take possession of his grandson.  With a full array of supernatural abilities, the restless spirit is determined to possess a new body, no matter who dies in the process.


Switch, The  (Signet, 1984, New English Library, 1984.)


Adam is responsible for a car crash in which two people die, but he is able to evade blame and decides to forget the incident and carry on with his life.  But there is someone unwilling to forget, someone who will reach out from the land of the dead and into Adam's life.


You're Next! (See Next!)




Half-Haunted Saloon, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1045, Armed Forces, 1945.)


                Lightly humorous ghost story about a haunted tavern.




Speak of the Devil (Signet, 2008.)


A woman and her teenaged son, both psychics, use their powers to avert evil.




Strange Practices (Orbit, 2017.)


A descendant of Van Helsing battles murderous monks to save the good supernatural of London.


SHAYNE, MAGGIE  (Pseudonym of Margaret Benson.)


Angel's Pain  (Mira, 2008.)


Vampire #3.


Vampire romance.


Bloodline  (Mira, 2009.)


Vampire romance.


Born in Twilight  (Silhouette, 1997.)


                Romance novel in which a man falls in love with a vampire, and the consequences when she gives birth.


Demon's Kiss  (Mira, 2007.)


Vampire #1.


A vampire slayer acquires an odd group of helpers.


Edge of Twilight  (Mira, 2004.)


                Vampires team up to hunt down a man who is attempting to exterminate them.


Eternal Love  (Berkley, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Lover's Bite (Mira, 2008.)


Vampire #2.


Vampire romance.


Mark of the Witch (Harlequin, 2012.)


A good witch fights a demon.


Prince of Twilight  (Mira, 2006.)


                Dracula searches for the reincarnation of his wife.


Twilight Hunter  (MIRA, 2002.)


                A woman discovers the diary of a vampire.


Twilight Phantasies  (Silhouette Shadows, 1993.)


A centuries old vampire finds true love at last, but is thwarted by his undead nature.  Not a lot of suspense in this one.


Wings in the Night  (Harlequin, 2001.)


                A vampire romance.




I Died Here  (Fearon‑Pitman, 1979.)


The protagonist discovers a small Greek town that has appeared in his dreams, and realizes that he lived here in a former life.  His death was the result of murder, a murder which he now plans to investigate and avenge.


SHEA, HUNTER (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Jersey Devil, The (Pinnacle, 2016.)


A bunch of mutated animals attack humans.


Montauk Monster, The (Pinnacle, 2014.)


Genetically engineered animals go on a rampage.




Autopsy, The (Hippocampus, 2022.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Autopsy and Other Stories, The  (Centipede, 2008.)


Collection of unrelated stories. 


Color Out of Time, The  (DAW Books, 1984, Grafton, 1986.)


This is a sequel to the novella, "The Color Out of Space" by H.P. Lovecraft.  Something alien to this world lives concealed in a lake, reaching out with intangible fingers to affect the development of life all around it.


Fat-Face (Axolotl, 1987.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


I, Said the Fly  ( Silver Salamander Press, 1993.)


                Strange phenomena beset the world, fragmented communications, mysterious disappearances, sightings of dead people apparently used as props for some elaborate charade.  It's a strange and creepy alien invasion.


Polyphemus  (Arkham House, 1987, Grafton, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


SHEARING, JOSEPH  (Pseudonym of Gabrielle Margaret Long.  Also wrote as Marjorie Bowen, whom see.)


Fetch, The.  (See The Spectral Bride.)


Spectral Bride, The  (Smith & Durrell, 1942, Berkley, 1965.  Hutchinson, 1942, as The Fetch.)


A British aristocrat who is fascinated with the history of an ancestor of somewhat sullied reputation becomes involved with two people who hope to take advantage of his preoccupation for their own personal gain.  But something of the spirit of the long dead man is still present in the ancestral home, still able to interfere in the best laid plans of the living.




Better to Hold You, The  (Del Rey, 2009.)


Abra Barrow #1.


A veterinarian is infected with a werewolf virus.


Moon Burn  (Del Rey, 2009.)


Abra Barrow #2.


A woman discovers she is turning into a werewolf.




Harmony House (Harper, 2016.)


Haunted house.




Judas Cross, The  (Blue Moon, 1994.)


                Check copy.


SHEFFIELD, PAUL ALAN  (See also Don D'Ammassa.)


Night Rules (Managansett, 2015.)


A bizarre vampire is unearthed in New England.




Dark Mistress (Managansett, 2015.)


Dracula's Foe #1.


Bram Stoker's account of Dracula concealed who the real villain was.


Dark Mistress (Managansett, 2015.)


Dracula's Foe #2.


The original vampire lives a secret life in Victorian London.




Beast, The  (Gold Medal, 1980.)


                 An anthropologist is apprised of evidence proving the existence of Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, so she arranges an expedition to see if she can discover a living specimen.  Naturally, the beast has other ideas about what follows.




Frankenstein, or a Modern Prometheus  (Lackington Hughes, 1818, Whittaker, 1823, Colburn & Bentley, 1831, Longmans, 1834, Caldwell, 1900, Grosset & Dunlap, 1931, Photoplay, 1931, Little & Ives, 1932, Illustrated Editions, 1932, Smith & Haas, 1934, Lion, 1953, Halcyon, 1953, Heritage, 1953, Lion, 1953,  Pyramid, 1957, WDL, 1958, Dutton, 1959, Dent, 1960, Everyman, 1961, Collier, 1961, Avon, 1962, Signet, 1963, Airmont, 1963, Corgi, 1964, Everyman’s Library, 1965, Dell, 1965, Collier, 1967, Scholastic, 1967, Bantam, 1967, Lancer, 1968, Oxford, 1969, Magnum, ?, Arrow, 1973, Heron, 1973, Bobbs-Merrill, 1974, Sphere, 1976, Dell, 1979, Watermill, 1980, Raintree, 1981, University of Chicago, 1982, Silver Burdett, 1982, Dodd Mead, 1983, University of California, 1984, Pennyroyal, 1984, Hogarth, 1985, Penguin, 1985, New Orchard, 1986, Portland House, 1988, Blackie, 1988, Aerie, 1988, Bedrick, 1989, Tor, 1989, Courage Books, 1990, Bantam, 1991, Wordsworth, 1991, Bedford, 1992, St Martins, 1992, Barnes & Noble, 1993, Pickering, 1993, Modern Library, 1993, Baronet, 1993, Plume, 1993, Dover, 1994, Gramercy, 1994, Quality Paperback Book Club, 1994, Masterworks, 1994, Puffin, 1994, Segregansett, 1996 – abridged, Xlibris, 1998, Sandstone, 1999, St Martins, 2000, Donahue & Henneberry, ?, Clarkson Potter, ?, Washington Square, ?, Random House, ?, Corgi, ?.)


Victor Frankenstein dabbles with forbidden knowledge when he constructs a new creature out of the parts of dead bodies and imbues it with life.  The creature is unhappy with its lot and takes revenge on its creators family.  Does anyone really need a plot summary?


Mortal Immortal, The  (Tachyon, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Transformation  (Hesperus, 2005.)


                Collection of three unrelated stories.




Dagger Key and Other Stories  (PS, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Floater  (PS, 2003.)


                A police officer develops strange physical symptoms after being involved in the wrongful death shooting of a suspect, and finds himself right in the middle of an occult voodoo war.


Golden, The  (Bantam, 1993, Mark Ziesing, 1993, Millennium, 1993.)


                A fascinating and bizarre novel about vampires gathered in an enormous castle in Europe.  There's a murder and one of their number is called upon to investigate, finds himself drawn into a complex web of magic, intrigue, and supernatural danger.  Topnotch job.


Louisiana Breakdown  (Golden Gryphon, 2003.)


                A stranded motorist falls in love with a woman who serves as a symbol of the town's deal with a mysterious supernatural creature.


Softspoken  (Night Shade, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Trujillo  (PS, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Vacancy & Ariel  (Subterranean, 2009.)


Two unrelated novellas.




Her Dark Curiosity (Balzer & Bray, 2014.)


A variation of Jekyll and Hyde.




Pit and the Pendulum, The  (Lancer, 1961, from the screenplay by Richard Matheson.)


                Based very loosely on the Edgar Allen Poe story of the same name.  More a tale of madness than the supernatural as an obsession with revenge and death tear a family apart when the husband discovers that his wife has been unfaithful.




Riddle   (Arbor House, 1977, Crest, undated.)


                A rich American discovers that he is being dogged through life by an exact duplicate of himself, a doppelganger, created in his image and possessing an altered version of his personality and abilities.  Then his friends begin to die, and he is forced to confront this varying version of himself.




Bamboo Demons, The  (Pinnacle, 1979.)


Chill  #3.


A psychic investigator and his assistant travel to the Philippines to investigate a supposedly mythical blend of human and animal which reportedly has attacked and savagely killed a young girl.  Before he deals with the demons, he must also find a way to sidestep a ticklish political situation.


Chill  (Pinnacle, 1978.  I have seen a reference to this as having been reissued under the title The Sepulchre but I have never seen a copy and cannot confirm its existence.)


Chill #2.


Chill is the nickname of a psychic investigator who travels around the country in ensuing volumes, dealing with various occult and supernatural threats. This time he is visiting in Louisiana when he discovers the strange link between a comatose woman and the unholy plant life that surrounds the plantation.


House of Scorpions  (Pinnacle, 1980.)


Chill #6.


  The hero of this series must battle ancient American Indian magic when a tribal curse is brought down on the head of his Indian assistant, threatening her life. 


Phoenix Man, The  (Pinnacle, 1980.)


Chill #5.


A blend of science fiction and supernatural as a man's body is cloned over and over again, and his personality flits from body to body.  Or does it?  Chill must solve the mystery and deal with a spirit that yearns to return to a more natural form of life.


Reincarnation of Jenny James, The  (Carlyle, 1979.)


                An actress is troubled by visions of a previous life.


Satan's Seed  (Pinnacle, 1978.)


Chill #1.


 Chill is a psychic investigator who lacks any unusual powers himself, but who employs an American Indian assistant who can occasionally call upon paranormal abilities.  They discover that a series of rapidly escalating violent acts are the result of a supernatural force which has taken possession of a human body.


Shadows  (Pinnacle, 1980.)


Chill #7.


                A terminally ill man rents a house in Mexico while undergoing a questionable treatment for his cancer, but the house may pose an even greater threat. Something moves in the shadows, something which animates toys and uses them to seek redress for past grievances.


Vampire  (See Vegas Vampire.)


Vegas Vampire  (Pinnacle, 1980.  New English Library, 1981, as Vampire.)


Chill #4.


 A series of peculiar murders in Las Vegas alerts a psychic investigator to the fact that a genuine vampire may be active in the city.  He tracks the monster to its lair, learning that the vampire has allied itself with an

apparently normal human, an evil woman whose personality allows her to dominate even the undead.


SHERMAN, JOSEPHA  (See collaboration with Laura Ann Gilman.)




Curse, The  (Pageant, 1989.)


 The citizens of a small town begin to die in horrible ways, each claimed by an ancient Indian curse which is finally being realized.  This reader wonders why Indian shamans weren't more effective while alive if they're this powerful once dead.




Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, The  (Bantam, 2004.)


                Romance novel involving real ghosts.




Blood Sisters  (Zebra, 1988.)


                The initiation of a new, unpopular member into the ranks of an elite group of girls results in her unexpected death.  Thirty years later, the surviving members meet once again to prepare for a class reunion, only to discover that the dead girl has returned as well, and that she is not pleased with them.




Best Short Stories of M.P. Shiel, The  (Gollancz, 1948.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Pale Ape and Other Pulses, The  (Laurie, 1911.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Shapes in the Fire  (Bodley Head, 1896, Tartarus, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Xelucha  (Arkham House, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


SHIELDS, RALSTON (Pseudonym of John Baxter.)


Food for the Fungus Lady (Dancing Tuatara, 2014.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Dark Lagoon, The  (Ripping, 1997.)


                Not seen.




And the Angel With Television Eyes  (Night Shade, 2001.)


                An actor is overwhelmed by visions of creatures of the imagination.


Black Butterflies  (Ziesing, 1998, Leisure, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.


Bleak History  (Pocket, 2009.)


A man with the power to communicate with the supernatural finds himself the target of a government conspiracy.


Cellars  (Avon, 1982, Infrapress, 2005.)


                The power of Hell itself is loose in a major city as supernatural influences take possession of hundreds of children. Some quite interesting variations and above average characterizations, along with considerable gore.


City Come A-Walkin'  (Dell, 1980, Four Walls, Eight Windows, 2000.)


An unclassifiable novel set in the near future when the city of San Francisco has become a hotbed of contending forces, all seeming bent on chaos, until the spirit of the city itself becomes personified and physically able to act in its own interests.


Constantine  (Pocket Star, 2005, based on the screenplay by Kevin Brodbin and Frank Cappello.)


Constantine #1.


                Angels and demons are secretly acting within human life, battling one another with humans as their weapons.


Darkness Divided  (Stealth, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Demons  (CD, 2000.)


                The world of the near future has been overrun by demons, who use technology and magic to overcome all resistance.


Demons  (Del Rey, 2002.)


                Reprint of the short novel of the same title, with a full length sequel.


Dracula In Love  (Zebra, 1979.)


                A very strange version of the story of Dracula, this time emphasizing his charismatic nature and the ritual significance of much of his killing and other activities.  The vampire becomes almost a head of state rather than an elusive monster.  I suppose the point is that there is often little to tell one from the other.


Icy Touch, The  (Titan, 2014.)


A Grimm novel.




In Darkness Waiting  (Onyx, 1988, Infrapress, 2005.)


A new psychological cult is exposed as the product of an evil creature which has survived through the ages, and which is using the clinic and its new "therapy" as a means to liberate unsuspected creatures which lurk in the human mind, capable of suppressing all empathy for others.  Eventually the creatures burst forth physically to spread their infection to others.


Living Shadows  (Prime, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Really, Really, Really, Really, Weird Stories  (Nightshade, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Subterranean  (Pocket, 2006.)


Constantine #2.


                Constantine investigates when an entire town disappears.


View from Hell, The   (Subterranean, 2001.)


                Discorporate creatures manipulate the lives of humans.


War Lord  (Pocket, 2006.)


Constantine #2.


                An occult expert confronts an effort to waken an ancient supernatural evil.


Wetbones  (?, 1993, Leisure, 1999.)


                A group of people with the ability to mentally stimulate the pain and pleasure centers of the human brain enslave numerous victims and force them to engage in revolting acts of disfigurement, sex, and murder.  Eventually rumors of their activities reach the outside world, and their remote headquarters is the scene of a terrible confrontation.




Center, The  (St Martins, 1997.)


                A medical center that is completely automated has a remarkable recovery rate and appears to be a wonder of modern medicine.  But then the artificial intelligences begin to have thoughts of their own, and the welfare of their patients becomes just one part of a complex mosaic.


Seeding, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1982.)


                Not seen.


Unborn, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1981, Bantam, 1982.)


                 Using sophisticated computerized equipment and a new theory, a scientist involves a pregnant woman in an experiment meant to communicate with her unborn child.  Something begins to go wrong, a change takes place in the infant's mind, and the experiment goes horribly out of control.


SHOCK, JULIAN  (Pseudonym of J.N. Williamson, whom see.)


Extraterrestrial  (Zebra, 1982.)


 A group of alien beings have journeyed to Earth on an enigmatic mission, and while their intentions may be relatively benign, they are not above using their unworldly powers to make sure no one interferes with their activities.


SHOWALTER, GENA (Also writes Fantasy.)


Darkest Kiss  (HQN, 2008.)


Darkest #1.


Romance involving a magical warrior and a goddess.


Darkest Night  (HQN, 2008.)


Darkest #1.


A woman seeking help for her troubling dreams runs into the supernatural and romance.


Darkest Pleasure  (HQN, 2008.)


Darkest #1.


A cursed man becomes a fugitive.


Darkest Torment, The (HQN, 2016.)


Darkest #4.




Heart of the Dragon (HQN, 2005.)


Deep in the jungle, a woman stumbles upon a land populated by mythological creatures.


Jewel of Atlantis  (HQN, 2006.)


Atlantis #1.


Romance involving politics in Atlantis.


Mad Zombie Party, A (Harlequin, 2015.)




Nymph King, The  (HQN, 2007.)


Atlantis #2.


A woman is carried off to an undersea kingdom.


Playing with Fire  (HQN, 2006.)


A woman receives powers to control the four basic elements of existence.


Pleasure Slave, The  (HQN, 2005.)


Romance novel about a slave kept in a magical box.


Vampire's Bride, The  (HQN, 2009.)


Atlantis #3.


Vampire romance set in Atlantis.


Wicked Nights  (Harlequin, 2012.)


Romance involving demonic possession.




Satan's Chance  (Ace, 1982.)


Halley's Comet returns to Earth in 1985 in this obviously dated novel, but the comet carries with it a horrible passenger. Thousands of people report that they saw a devilish face briefly appear in the comet's glare, and as it nears, a horde of demons descends upon the world, driving people to madness, corruption, and death.




Car, The  (Dell, 1977, from the screenplay by Dennis Shryack, Michael Butler, and Lane Slate.)


A mysterious black automobile travels the silent roads of the American Southwest, running down pedestrians, attacking people off the road, causing accidents. The police initially believe it to be some kind of madman, but as they pursue their quarry, they realize it is actually a manifestation of the power of hell.




Dark World, The  (Harlequin, 2014.)


A teenager deals with demons.




18 Seconds  (Simon & Schuster, 2006.)


                A woman can read the last 18 seconds of a corpse’s life.




Blood Farm  (Pageant, 1988.)


                Two travelers rescue a man from a snow drift, only to find themselves trapped at a sinister farm house where their host and his female companion behave very strangely.  That evening, one guest is attacked by the female, whom we discover is a vampire, and he is driven off.  With two of the imprisoned woman's friends, he returns, planning to destroy the undead, only to find that the master vampire has been playing with him.


Blood Feud  (Pinnacle, 1993.)


Two vampires whose enmity has lasted through the years finally leads to their ultimate confrontation, from which one of the undead must pass into true death.


Darkness  (Pinnacle, 2001.)


                In the late 19th Century, a London physician gets caught up in a series of murders which appear to have been committed by a vampire.  Unbeknownst to him, the woman he loves is also a vampire, although a benevolent one.




House Next Door, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1978, Ballantine, 1979, Stephen King Horror Library, 2004.)


A couple are appalled at the disasters that begin to afflict their neighbors, and are even more frightened by the knowledge that the source of all this evil is the house adjacent to their own.  The building is somehow alive, possessed, capable of poisoning people's lives.


Off Season  (Grand Central, 2008.)


Mainstream novel with mild supernatural content.


Sweetwater Creek  (HarperCollins, 2005.)


Mainstream novel with mild ghostly content.


SIDOR, S.A. (Also writes Fantasy.)


Last Ritual, The (Aconyte, 2020.)


A visitor at an artists' colony discovers that his companions are trying to invoke the Old One.






Beyond Terror  (Archway, 1991.)


Ghostworld #1.


For young adults.  Two teenagers stumble into an alternate world filled with monsters, incredible dangers, and so forth.


Cold Dread  (Archway, 1992.)


Ghostworld #4.


                Further adventures of a boy trapped in a world of the dead.


Dark Fire  (Archway, 1992.)


Ghostworld #3.


                Once again, a boy kidnapped into another world inhabited by ghosts must solve a dark secret.


Fatal Fear  (Archway, 1993.)


Ghostworld #5.


                The fifth in a young adult series about a boy and his companion in a world of spirits both good and evil.


Final Frenzy  (Archway, 1993.)


Ghostworld #6.


                Andy seeks the secret of death itself.


Midnight Chill  (Archway, 1992.)


Ghostworld #2.


                A teenager abducted by ghosts struggles to find a way to return to the living.




Echo & Narcissus  (Aardwolf, 2002.)


                A pair of musicians get caught up in voodoo and witchcraft and have to save the world from supernatural forces.




Beat the Devil  (Bantam, 1984.)


                A teenaged boy who is fascinated by arcades finds himself obsessed with a single game, one which may have been fashioned by Satan as a trap for the unwary.


Companion, The  (Bantam, 1983.)


                 A boy's imaginary companion has become more than that over the years, actually intercedes in his life to protect him. When he moves to a new environment, the companion's nature reveals a different facet, an evil and dangerous one.




Cowslip  (Terminus, 2003.)


                A young woman contracts a disease that makes it possible for her to see demonic creatures invisible to the rest of humanity.




All the Lonely People  (Delirium, 2003.)


                A mysterious box causes memory lapses, hallucinations, and a sense of impending doom.


Child of Darkness  (Leisure, 1986.)


When a bigoted and cruel man decides that his son was actually fathered by the devil himself, he treats the boy with malevolent ferocity until the latter retreats into a protective shell.  Something subsequently stirs as he suffers silently, a growing power which cries out to be used against the man who has tormented him.  A self fulfilling prophecy in some ways.


Come Thirteen  (Leisure, 1988.)


An unholy pact with Beelzebub compels a woman to watch over a young boy as he grows toward maturity, carefully ensuring that at the proper moment he can be used for the devil's purposes.


Disappeared, The  (Headline 1995. Dark Regions, )


                A boy disappears and returns years later, unchanged.


Little White Book of Lies, A  (Borderlands, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Night in Fog, The  (Subterranean, 1998.)


                A teenage girl who causes trouble for a young boy is actually a ghost.


Presence, The  (Headline, ?)


                Not seen.


Shadows of Kingston Mills, The  (Dark Regions, 2009.)


Collection of loosely related stories.


Through Shattered Glass  (Gauntlet, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Demon's Hunger  (Forever, 2008.)


Compact of Sorcerers #2.


A sorcerer must rescue a woman influenced by demons.


Demon's Kiss  (Forever, 2007.)


Compact of Sorcerers #1


A man with magical powers is attacked by a demon.




Satan's Spawn  (Avon, 1989.)


                This book is apparently based on characters and situations from the movie, Fear No Evil.  A young boy with supernatural powers develops them secretly, and after maturing, plots to summon the power of evil.




Abominable, The  (Little, Brown, 2013.)


Something is stalking mountain climbers.


Banished Dreams  (Roadkill, 1996.)


                Parts of the novel Summer of Night which were cut from the book version, published as a chapbook.


Black Hills  (Reagan Arthur, 2010.)


A young Indian acquires the soul of General Custer.


Carrion Comfort  (Dark Harvest, 1989, Warner, 1990.)


                A superb blend of SF and horror featuring a small, secretive group of humans who can take possession of the bodies of others.  To occupy their time, they engage in constant internecine warfare, spending their victims' lives with impunity.  A massive, extremely impressive, and generally suspenseful novel.


Children of the Night  (Putnam's, 1992, Lord John Press, 1992, Warner, 1993, Headline, ?)


Dracula is alive but not well, living in post-Communist Romania.  An American doctor adopts an orphaned child with a strange immune system, and is almost immediately beset by mysterious, unkillable men intent on stealing her child.


Drood  (Little Brown, 2009.)


Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins meet a strange man with unusual powers.


Fires of Eden  (Putnam, 1994, HarperPrism, 1995.)


Ancient Hawaiian gods and demons battle each other once again when a fancy resort is opened in a remote part of the island chain.  The use of genuine Hawaiian legend provides some interesting new sources of suspense.  Alternates contemporary events with Mark Twain's similar adventures a century earlier.


Going After the Rubber Chicken  (Roadkill, 1991.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Lovedeath  (Warner, 1993, Headline, ?.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Song of Kali  (Bluejay, 1985, Tor, 1986, Gollancz, 2005.)


While visiting Calcutta on what he thinks will be a boring trip, an American becomes involved with a sacred manuscript that may be instrumental in returning the goddess Kali to the world. Her murderous followers, intent upon establishing a new reign of darkness, will stop at nothing to make certain that their new age dawns.


Prayers from Broken Stones  (?, Dark Harvest, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Summer of Night  (Putnam, 1991, Warner, 1992.)


Elm Haven #1.


                A group of children combat an ancient evil emanating from the mysterious school building in their town.  Monsters burrow beneath the streets, the dead walk, and mysterious figures begin to kill the townspeople.  A very large, often chilling, book.


Terror, The  (Little, Brown, 2007.)


                A 19th Century expedition to the Arctic is stalked by a supernatural creature.


This Year's Class Picture (Subterranean, 2016.)




Winter Haunting, A  (Morrow, 2002.)


Elm Haven #2.


                A writer have mental and marital problems returns to the town of his childhood to write a novel and encounters the ghosts of several people from his past.




Adam Experiment, The  (Arbor House, 1978, Berkley, 1979.)


                The first pregnant woman in space delivers her child, just in time to become a potential victim of an alien being who wishes to learn about the human race, even if that means dissecting a few people. 




Sharing, The  (Gold Medal, 1983.)


 Two women find themselves emotionally involved with the ghost of a soldier who died during the Civil War.  The effect of all this on their mental state makes life very uncertain for everyone else.




Dead Easy  (Baen, 2007.)


Dead #4.


 The series moves more into fantasy as our undead hero faces a variety of new challenges.


Dead on My Feet  (Baen, 2003.)


Dead #2.


                Humorous horror about a man plagued by the living dead.


Habeas Corpses  (Baen, 2005.)


Dead #3.


                As if zombies and vampires weren't bad enough already, now the hero must find the undead remainder of the Third Reich.


One Foot in the Grave  (Baen, 1996.)


Dead #1.


Another variation of the vampire clan story.  A man slowly changing into a vampire following the death of his family is recruited by a clan of vampires.  But then his "dead" wife and child show up to warn him not all is as it seems.




Darksong  (Zebra, 1990.)


 A radio which plays songs from a forgotten era is the focus of a series of violent deaths.  Apparently the spirit of an insane murderer has taken up lodging in the device, from which he is able to influence the thoughts of the radio's new owners.


Descendants  (Pageant, 1989.)


When Courtney and her parents move into her grandmother's house, they don't anticipate the existence of a mysterious cult which sees in the young girl the source of greater powers.  Apparently she is the reincarnation of an evil woman who possesses the power to speak with demons.


Ghost Boy  (Zebra, 1994.)


The young victim of a serial killer returns from the dead when the murderer comes out of retirement to inaugurate a new round of slaughter.  An occasionally unconventional story of ghostly revenge.


Orphans  (Zebra, 1992.)


                Following her mother's death, a woman learns she has a sister.  In fact, it turns out there are three sisters, and all three share a dangerous mental power, a power which one hopes to use for unholy purposes.


Sweet Revenge  (Zebra, 1991.)


                A murdered woman's ghost returns, taking possession of the living as she seeks vengeance for her own death.   As usual, she's pretty indiscriminate about whom she kills along the way, and as usual, it takes a while before anyone catches on to what's happening.


Wild Card  (Zebra, 1991.)


                Mick Magee discovers a set of Tarot cards and learns to use them, discovering that they give her the power to discover the secrets of her friends' lives.  Further experimentation shows that she can use the cards to exert control over future events as well, an ability she decides to practice.




Irving Solution, The  (Arbor House, 1977, Avon, 1978.)


A psychopathic murderer stalks the streets of New York City seeking fresh victims.  An experiment with overcrowding results in a rat that ruthlessly kills its rivals in order to ensure its own survival.  Can a parallel be drawn between the two and, if so, can the results of the experiment point to the human killer?


Reborn  (Arbor House, 1979, Berkley, 1980.)


                Yet another teenaged girl becomes involved with a weird cult.  This one allows the youth and vitality of the young to be transferred to the old, promising immortality for those ruthless enough to kill to keep themselves alive.


SIMONS, LES  (Pseudonym of Kathryn Ptacek, whom also see.)


Gila!  (Signet, 1981.)


                A giant gila monster is on the prowl, the result of atomic mutation lingering from nuclear testing in the Southwest.  A small cast of characters struggles to survive its savage attentions.  An homage to a familiar "B" movie plot, handled nicely.




Veil of Death, The  (Bles, 1966.)


                Murder mystery with peripheral supernatural content.




Awaiting the Fire  (Berkley, 2007.)


Wolfram #3.


A werewolf romance.


Awaiting the Moon  (Berkley, 2006.)


Wolfram #1.


                A governess encounters romance and werewolves.


Awaiting the Night  (Berkley, 2006.)


Wolfram #2.


                A werewolf romance.




Blackbone  (Dell, 1985.)


                A World War II prison camp is the scene of increasingly terrifying and fatal incidents.  The reign of terror seems inexplicable at first, but eventually the protagonists accept that they are dealing with an ancient Djinn returned to life.


Ghostboat  (Dell, 1976.)


                There have been a number of ghost stories involving World War II submarines, but this is probably the best of them.  An American sub lost thirty years before suddenly surfaces, although its hatches are sealed and access is initially impossible.  Then a fresh crew tries to sail the ship, only to realize that it has returned to claim the sole survivor of its last fatal voyage.




Dark Horse, The  (Tor, 2005.)


                Romance about the search for the fountain of youth.


Dark Lord, The  (Tor, 2005.)


                A woman investigates the supernatural death of her mentor.


Whisper of Midnight  (Harper, 1991.)


                A woman is helped on the path to love by the ghost of a sea captain.




Hellbent & Heartfirst  (Tor, 2008.)


Two people hunt down a child killing lamia.


Midnight Work, The  (Tor, 2005.)


                Mildly comic novel about a vampire who must defend herself from a deadly fairy.


SIMS, MAYNARD  (Pseudonym of P.N. Sims and L.H. Maynard, whom see.)


Plague of Echoes, A (Samhain, 2014.)


A Department 18 novel.


A secret government organization battles a dybbuk.


Stillwater (Samhain, 2015.)


A ghost story.


Stronghold (Samhain, 2013.)




SIMS, P.N.  (See collaboration with L.H. Maynard.)




Intercessor and Other Stories, The  (Hutchinson, 1931, Macmillan, 1932.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales Told by Simpson  (?, 1930.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Uncanny Stories  (Hutchinson, 1923, Macmillan, 1923, Wordsworth, 2006.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Villa Desiree and Other Uncanny Stories, The  (Ash-Tree, 2008.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Boy Who Could Draw Tomorrow, The  (Dell, 1984.)


A young boy whose family always seems to enjoy good luck spends an inordinate amount of time writing in his private notebook.  As the title should indicate, he can change the future by drawing pictures of the way he wants things to turn out.




Satan in Goray  (Noonday, 1955.  Polish edition in 1935.)


                A false messiah leads to a wave of apparently supernatural evil in medieval Poland.




Ghost Host  (Harper & Row, 1987, Point, 1988.)


                For young adults.  A high school superstar discovers that his house is haunted and makes a deal to let the ghosts remain unmolested in return for assistance winning a big game.


SINGH, NALINI (Also writes Fantasy.)


Angels' Blood  (Berkley, 2009.)


Elena Devereux #1.


An angel hires a vampire hunter.


Archangel's Blade  (Berkley, 2011.)


Elena Devereux #4.


Vampire romance.


Archangel's Consort  (Berkley, 2011.)


Elena Devereux #3.


Vampire romance.


Archangel's Kiss (Berkley, 2010.)


Elina Devereux #2.


A vampire hunter finds herself transformed into an angel.


Archangel's Storm  (Berkley,  2012.)


Elina Devereux #5.


Vampire romance.


Kiss of Snow (Berkley, 2011.)


Werewolf romance.




Babysitter Beware  (Avon Camelot, 1996.)


My Sister the Ghost #4.


Not actually horror despite the ghost.  A mild mysterious adventure when a babysitter discovers her charge has disappeared.


Don't Die, Dragonfly  (Llewellyn, 2004.)


Seer #1.


                A teenager tries to hide her psychic powers.


Escape from Ghostland  (Avon Camelot, 1995.)


My Sister the Ghost #2.


Miranda must convince her ghostly friend to return to ghostland periodically before she uses up all of her essence.


Last Dance  (Llewellyn, ?)


Seer #2.




Sword Play  (Llewellyn, 2006.)


                A high school girl has visits from a sympathetic ghost.


Teacher Trouble  (Avon Camelot, ?)


My Sister the Ghost #3.


An adult has learned the secret of the ghost world, and unless Miranda can find a way to make her keep the secret, the ghosts may become inaccessible.


Twin Again  (Avon Camelot, 1995.)


My Sister the Ghost #1.


A ghostly twin arrives to help a troubled teen prevent her mother from consummating a disastrous marriage.




In the Mirror  (Enigmatic, 1999.)


                A short story chapbook.




Donovan's Brain  (Knopf, 1943, Chapman & Hall, 1944, Triangle, 1944, Bantam, 1950, Corgi, 1960, Popular Library, ?, Pulpless, 1999.)


Doctor Cory #1.


One of the classic horror tales, made into at least three movies.  The brain of a rich but evil man is artificially kept alive after the rest of his body is destroyed, and it develops the power to reach out with immaterial fingers and take control of the minds and bodies of others.  Filmed several times.


Donovan’s Brain/Hauser’s Memory  (Leisure, 1992.)


                Omnibus of the two named novels.


Gabriel's Body  (Leisure, 1992.)


Donovan #3.


Doctor Cory #3


Patrick Cory has been horribly mutilated in an accident.  His only chance to resume a normal life is to duplicate his old experiment in reverse, salvaging his own brain and linking it to a new body.  But where does one find an untenanted body?


Hauser’s Memory  (Putnam, 1968, Berkley, 1969, Jenkins, 1969.)


Doctor Cory #2.


                A scientist takes RNA from the brain of a dying scientist and implants it in another man, hoping to be able to gain information from the former.  But the results are possession of the new host.




Halloween Candy  (1st Books, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Vampire Nation  (Xlibris, 2000.)


                Vampires take over Romania following the fall of Communism.




Demon Shadows  (Bantam, 1990.)


                In the middle of the 19th Century, a group of settlers were stranded in a terrible blizzard, forced into cannibalism to survive.  In the present, restless spirits prowl the woods, aimlessly seeking release or revenge.


Well, The  (Bantam, 1991.)


                An ancient evil stirs anew at the bottom of an unused well causing the people above to turn on one another in a series of vicious incidents.  Features mass possession, a demonic presence, and the usual last minute salvation. 



Wood, The  (Henderson, 1996.)


                A series of strange visions causes a young boy to consult a psychic about the secret knowledge he has of a terrible event in the past.




Blood2Blood (Ace, 2014.)


Laws of the Blood




Companions  (Ace, 2001.)


Laws of the Blood #3.


                A human detective and a vampire become uneasy allies when one of the latter's kind is murdered.


Crave the Night  (Pocket, ?)


A vampire romance.


Deceptions  (Ace, 2002.)


Laws of the Blood #4.


                The vampire queen of Washington has to deal with her own failings and a government project which might reveal the secret existence of vampires.


Heroes  (Ace, 2003.)


Laws of the Blood #5.


                A group of rebellious vampires in Las Vegas plan to disrupt the system that keeps their existence hidden.


Hunt, The  (Ace, 1999.)


Laws of the Blood #1.


                An elite group of vampires is given the job of enforcing the restricted activities of their kind so that normal humans will not learn of their existence.  In the opener of this series, one of the enforcers is suspicious that a planned hunt will get out of control.


I Burn for You  (Pocket Star, 2003.)


Vampire #1.


                A vampire romance.


I Hunger for You  (Pocket Star, 2005.)


Vampire #3.


                A vampire romance.


I Thirst for You  (Pocket Star, 2004.)


Vampire #2.


                A vampire romance.


Masters of Darkness  (Pocket Star, 2006.)


Vampire #4.


                Good vampires vs bad ones.


Partners  (Ace, 2000.)


Laws of the Blood 2.


                A vampire hunter and a vampire team up to track down a renegade vampire involved in the disappearance of a teenager.  They encounter a sinister cult which may be more dangerous than either of them.


Primal Desires  (Pocket, 2007.)


Vampire #6.


A vampire romance.


Primal Heat  (Pocket, ?)


Vampire #5.


A vampire romance.


Stirring of Dust, A  (Boulevard, 1997.)


A Forever Knight novel.


A vampire police officer suspects that another vampire is responsible for a series of brutal murders and vows to track him down.




Harrowing, The  (Crest, 1982. Rawson, Wade, 1980, as Mind's Eye.)


Emerging from a coma induced during an accident, a scientist is able to detect the extraordinary mental power of a disturbed woman who lives in Scotland.  He initiates a research project to investigate her uncanny mental powers, but someone else with less benevolent motives has decided she would make an excellent and effective weapon.


Mind's Eye  (See The Harrowing.)


SKIPP, JOHN  (See collaborations which follow.)


Long Last Call, The  (Cemetery Dance, 2006, Leisure, 2007.)


                A supernatural being stimulates murderous impulses.




Jake's Wake  (Leisure, 2008.)


A preacher returns from the dead, accompanied by demons.




Animals  (Bantam, 1993.)


On the rebound from a broken marriage, Syd becomes involved with a beautiful and mysterious woman who is actually a werewolf.  Worse, she has a jealous boyfriend who's also a werecreature.


Bridge, The  (Bantam, 1991, Leisure, 2010.)


                An illegal toxic waste disposal site gives birth to a new form of life, one which grows at will, changing its shape and form, posing a threat to the entire world.  The mutated creature is mobile and begins attacking all other lifeforms, including humans, as it expands its physical mass.


Cleanup, The  (Bantam, 1987, Stealth, 2001.)


 A nondescript young man suddenly finds himself in possession of a power which enables him to strike back at those who terrorize the city streets, muggers, killers, rapists, and the like.  But the more he uses his power to destroy them, the more his own personality seems to change, as though he were somehow destroying his own inner qualities as well.


Dead Lines  (Bantam, 1989.)


                 Several short stories are incorporated into this "novel" about a woman who discovers a series of manuscripts in the new apartment she has taken.  The spirit of the dead author returns to seize control of a fresh body.


Fright Night  (Tor, 1985, from the screenplay by Tom Holland.)


This was the best of a flurry of vampire movies, and the novelization is of quite high quality.  A young boy suspects that his neighbor is a vampire, but naturally no one believes him..  So he enlists the assistance of a television personality who hosts the weekend horror show.


Light at the End, The  (Bantam, 1986, Stealth, 2000.)


An inhuman creature personifying the supernatural force of evil lurks in the subway system of New York City, choosing victims carefully and destroying them in various horrible ways.   Much better than this bare bones plot summary would imply, a plot filled with interesting twists and turns.


Scream, The  (Bantam, 1988, Stealth, 2001.)


An evil supernatural power out of Asia invades modern America, causing a wave of horrifying murders and mutilations.  Filled with over the top violence and explicit horror, without being a simple slug it out gore fest.




Cut Throat  (Signet, 1992.)


                Sequel to both Headhunter and Ghoul, which have no fantastic element but distinct horror overtones, this very strange adventure story involves Chinese killers, historical characters, missing artifacts, the quest for immortality, and genuine abominable snowmen. 




Black Aura  (Jonathan Cape, 1974, Panther, 1975, Walker, 1979.)


A pastiche of Sherlock Holmes and Edgar Allen Poe as Sladek's detective hero attempts to unravel a mystery involving mysterious seances, Egyptian magic, psychic powers, and a bit of murderous villainy.




Ravished  (Bantam, 1983.)


                When Elizabeth rents a secluded home in New England, she plans to spend a few months relaxing and indulging her own interests.  Instead she finds her dreams plagued by erotic images that eventually evolve into the apprehension of an intelligence watching her, a bodiless ghost whose amorous advances grow increasingly insistent.




Among the Dolls  (??, Starscape, 2006.)


                A girl imbues her doll  house with life, but it's not sweet and kind.


Blackbriar  (Dutton, 1972, Vagabond, undated.)


Although ostensibly written for younger readers, the atmosphere of tension and growing terror is quite maturely handled as two teenagers investigate their strange reaction to a mysterious house, eventually discovering artifacts which harken back to a magical history.


Boy Who Couldn't Die, The  (Amulet, 2004.)


                A teenager buys magical immortality, and discovers that he is in thrall to an evil force.


Boy Who Reversed Himself, The  (Dutton, 1986, Bantam, 1990.)


                For young adults.  The world on the opposite side of the mirror lures a teenage boy to cross the barrier separating the worlds.


Fingers  (Atheneum, 1983, Bantam, 1985, Starscape, 2006.)


A teenager convinces his musician brother that he is inspired by the ghost of a famous musician, but eventually discovers that his hoax has now become reality.  For younger readers.


Into the Dream  (Dutton, 1979, Scholastic, undated.)


                Two teenagers discover they are sharing the same nightmare.




20 Million Miles to Earth  (Amazing Novels, 1957, from the screenplay by Christopher Knopf, Charlott Knight, and Bob Williams.)


A spaceship returns from Venus with an egg aboard, which hatches into a humanoid but reptilian creature which grows at an unbelievable rate, killing everything it encounters.  Features a battle with an elephant and a climax in the ruins of the Colosseum in Rome.




Ulterior  (Midnight Pictures, 2002.)


                A teenager discovers that the faculty at his school are actually aliens plotting the conquest of Earth.




Nice Place to Live, A  (Crown, 1981, Bantam, 1982.)


Trolls #1.


The new residents in a small community never suspect that one of their neighbors might actively hate them all.  Nor would they ever have expected that one of their number is able to become an inhuman beast who stalks them


Vengeance, The  (Crown, 1983.)


Trolls #2.


The inhuman, troll creatures of the first novel return, searching for the man who destroyed the rest of their kind.  Their unnatural powers turn the entire community against the protagonist and his family.




Edge of Running Water, The.  (See The Unquiet Corpse.)


Rim of Morning, The  (Dodd Mead, 1964.)


                Omnibus of To Walk the Night and The Unquiet Corpse.


To Walk the Night  (Farrar & Rinehart, 1937, Barker, 1938, Methuen, 1939, Penguin, 1944, Dodd, Mead, 1954, Dell, undated, Panther, 1958, Franklin Watts, 1968, Bantam, ?)


 A beautiful woman possesses a number of unusual powers, including the ability to channel psychic energy with fatal results.  The power becomes a danger to others when she decides to do whatever is necessary to guarantee her own continued existence.


Unquiet Corpse, The  (Dell, undated.  Farrar & Rinehart, 1939, Methuen, 1940, Armed Forces, 1945, Dodd, Mead, 1955, Panther, 1965, Bantam, ? all as The Edge of Running Water.)


A bereaved genius constructs a device that allows him to return the dead to the world of the living, after a fashion. This elderly mixture of science fiction and horror is still more frightening by implication than most of the more explicit novels of modern horror fiction.




Voice of the Visitor  (Avon, 1986.)


 A pregnant woman begins to hear a strange voice, urging her to accept its existence as real.  At first, it seems just a persistent illusion, but then it reaches out to manipulate other people, and the protagonist realizes she is in terrifying danger.




Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil  (Erica House, 1999.)


                A man discovers that he is a reincarnated warrior and that his ancient enemy is also living again.  There's also a demon.




Guardian, The  (Hot Biscuit, 1999.)


                A contemporary vampire mystery thriller intertwined with an historical adventure concerning the same undead creature.




When Shadows Fall  (Leisure, 1997.)


                A man investigating his aunt’s death stumbles across a satanic cult that is not only practicing human sacrifice, but has found the key to opening a doorway through which incredible evil will taint the Earth.  And the cultists have noticed his interest in their activities.




Deathbringer  (Leisure, 2006.)


                A small town is menaced by the walking dead.


Depraved  (Leisure, 2009.)


A town sacrifices visitors to avert a curse.


Freakshow, The  (Leisure, 2007.)


 A traveling carnival's fake monsters are real and the townspeople are its victims rather than its customers.


House of Blood  (Leisure, 2004.)


Blood #1.


                A group of travelers unwisely stop at a mysterious looking house and fall prey to a group of shape shifters.


Last of the Ravagers (Deathshead, 2022.)


Monsters attack a desert town.


Queen of Blood  (Leisure, 2008.)


Blood #2.


A house that is the gateway to another world is rebuilt and claims fresh victims.


Soultaker   (Leisure, 2009.)


A succubus steals the soul of her male lovers.




Ghouljaw (Hippocampus, 2014.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Skeleton Melodies, The (Hippocampus, 2020.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Eyes of Night, The  (Avon, 1991.)


                A predictable story of a satanic cult which has tapped into genuine powers and the innocents who are inadvertently drawn into their net.


Fair Rules of Evil, The  (Avon, 1989.)


While attempting to contact the spirit of her dead parents, a woman's soul is trapped outside her body.  Her brother struggles to find away to release her from the demonic forces that have captured her.




Trinity Grove  (Avon, 1990.)


Investigators begin to suspect that a series of ritual murders committed in the vicinity of Cambridge University are linked to a supernatural cult.  And wouldn't you know it, they're right.




Laying the Music to Rest  (Popular Library, 1989.)


While diving through the ruins of a drowned town, two people discover themselves involved in the plight of a ghostly woman whose lover disappeared into a mirror.  The mirror turns out to be a device sent back through time from the far future, and one of the protagonists is transported to the Titanic, somehow caught in a timewarp administered by non‑human beings.  An unusually combination of science fiction and supernatural elements.




Dark and Splendid Passion, A  (? 1941, Ace, undated.)


The protagonist innocently attempts to communicate with the ghost of a good woman whom she believes haunts the mansion where she is living, only to discover that she is actually being led on by an evil spirit.


Satan's Circus  (Ash-Tree, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Satan's Circus and Other Stories  (Gollancz, 1932, Bobbs Merrill, 1934, Grosset, 1935.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Transference  (Playboy, 1982.)


                An American woman is endangered by Hindu magic when she witnesses a horrifying ceremony.  Villains natural and supernatural pursue to keep her from revealing her knowledge.




Coming of the Rats, The  (Pike, 1964.)


Following a nuclear exchange, the scattered survivors of the human race find themselves facing a new enemy, hordes of rats made bold by the new turn of events.


Satan's Daughter  (Epic, 1961.)






Feather and Bone  (Big Engine, 2001.)


                A government investigator travels to a remote part of the British Isles and becomes involved with a young girl who can speak to animals and a mysterious supernatural force.




Abomination  (Arrow, 1986.)


                Not seen.


Accursed  (New English Library, 1983.)


                Not seen.


Alligators  (Arrow, 1987.)


                Not seen.


Bats Out of Hell  (New English Library, 1978, Signet, 1979.)


                The plague of bloodsucking bats was fearsome enough in its own right, but they were also carrying a malignant disease which is inevitably fatal to anyone infected.  The number of creatures carrying the virus seemed to be growing, not diminishing despite efforts by the authorities to contain it.


Blood Circuit  (New English Library, 1983.)


                Not seen.


Blood Merchants, The  (New English Library, 1982.)


Sabbat #2.


                Not seen.


Bloodshow  (Arrow, 1987.)


                Not seen.


Busker, The  (Black Hill, 1998.)


                Not seen.


Camp, The  (Sphere, 1989.)


                Not seen.


Cannibal Cult  (New English Library, 1982.)


Sabbat #2.


                Not seen.


Cannibals  (Arrow, 1986.)


                Not seen.


Carnivore  (Arrow, 1990.)


                An ancient curse turns wildlife into killers when an estate long protected from hunters is finally opened to them.


Crabs' Moon  (New English Library, 1984, Dell, 1988.)


Crabs #5.


Carnivorous crabs, defeated by the use of advanced technology in earlier volumes, assault the coast of England once again, and this time they’re more determined than ever.


Crabs on the Rampage  (New English Library, 1981, Dell, 1988.)


Crabs #4.


An artificial plague seems to have rid the world of a mutated form of crab that attacks land animals in packs, killing and devouring them.  But now the creatures have returned, and their appetites have grown more voracious than ever.


Crabs: The Human Sacrifice  (New English Library, 1988, Dell, 1989.)


Crabs #6.


                A cult of humans form to assist the carnivorous crab hordes as they make another foray into the world.


Dark One, The  (Zebra, 1995.)


A repulsive youngster is left in the charge of another family while his parents vacation, and he keeps prattling about the Master.  Then a series of bizarre accidents makes them suspect there might be something to what he says.


Dead End  (Zebra, 1996.)


The house beyond the dead end sign is rumored to be home to the dead, a legend the protagonist doesn't believe until he sees his dead girlfriend there. 


Deathbell  (Hamlyn, 1980, Pocket, 1981.)


Deathbell #1.


                A satanic bell, long guarded by an order of deaf monks, is now hanging in a small village, and each time it is tolled, some horrific act occurs nearby.


Demons  (Arrow, 1987.)


Deathbell #2.


                Not seen.


Doomflight  (Hamlyn, 1981.)


 A group of investors are engaged in the development of a deserted site to turn it into a major airport.  The only problem is that they have chosen ground sacred to the ancient Druid religion, and powerful forces are stirring to prevent the sacrilege.


Druid Connection, The  (New English Library, 1983.)


Sabbat #4.


                Not seen.


Entombed  (Arrow, 1982, Dell, 1987.)


The restless spirits of a number of children killed during satanist rituals performed in a now abandoned mind rise to seek revenge on whoever has the temerity to venture near their domain, innocent and guilty alike.


Festering, The  (Arrow, 1989.)


                Not seen.


Fiend  (Sphere, 1988.)


                Not seen.


Ghoul, The  (New English Library, 1976, from the screenplay by ?.)


                Not seen.


Graveyard Vultures, The  (New English Library, 1982.)


Sabbat #1.


                Not seen.


Island, The  (Arrow, 1988.)


                Not seen.


Killer Crabs  (New English Library, 1978, Signet, 1979.)


Crabs #2.


                A species of mutated crabs begins to make sporadic attacks on animals and even human beings in the remoter parts of England, gradually becoming more adventurous as they must seek further inland for prey.


Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The  (New English Library, 1976, based on the screenplay by ?)


                A retelling of Washington Irving's classic short story at greater length.


Locusts  (Hamlyn, 1979.)


                 During a particular hot summer, a horde of locusts descends upon England, growing ever more numerous, devouring not only every available bit of plant life, but threatening animals as well, up to and including human beings.


Lurkers, The  (Hamlyn, 1982.)


                Not seen.


Mania  (Sphere, 1989.)


                Not seen.


Manitou Doll  (Hamlyn, 1981.)


A fairground is the setting for a series of horrible murders, mutilations, and other violence when an ancient Indian curse begins to claim one life after another.  There sure are a lot of these ancient Indian curses.


Master, The  (Arrow, 1988.)


                Not seen.


Neophyte, The  (New English Library, 1986.)


A bitter English woman taps into a font of supernatural power left over from the time of the witchcraft trials and uses it to exact revenge on those who have offended her.


Night of the Crabs  (New English Library, 1976.)


Crabs #1.


Carnivorous crabs come ashore in Wales, devouring anyone unwise enough to venture too close to them.  The usual carnage.


Origin of the Crabs, The  (New English Library, 1979, Dell, 1988.)


Crabs #3.


The rivalry between two brothers for control of the family fortune becomes even more involved when a horde of mutant crabs with a taste for fresh meat decide to take this opportunity to come ashore in search of food.


Phobia  (Grafton, 1990.)


                Not seen.


Plague, The  (New English Library, 1987.)


Thirst #2.


                Not seen.


Pluto Pact, The (Hamlyn, 1982.)


                Not seen.


Resurrected, The  (Grafton, 1991.)


                Not seen.


Return of the Werewolf  (New English Library, 1977.)


Werewolf #2.


                Not seen.


Satan's Snowdrop  (Hamlyn, 1980, Pocket, 1983.)


A family moves into a home in Europe which was formerly occupied by a particularly nasty Nazi who was eventually killed by some of his victims.  The atmosphere in the house is decidedly unpleasant, as the ghosts of those who died there reach out to trouble the lives of those who have chosen to live within its walls.


Slime Beast, The  (New English Library, 1976.)


A group of people run into a humanoid but very definitely inhuman creature who has a grudge against the human race.   A number of characters fall victim to the repulsive monster before it finally meets its inevitable doom.


Snakes  (New English Library, 1986.)


                Not seen.


Son of the Werewolf, The  (New English Library, 1978.)


Werewolf #3.


                Not seen.


Sucking Pit, The  (New English Library, 1975.)


Mysterious goings on in rural England.  The supernatural phenomena revolve around a pit of quicksand that is the focus of a number of local legends, some of which turn out to have a real and deadly basis.


Thirst  (New English Library, 1980.)


Thirst #1.


                Not seen.


Throwback  (New English Library, 1985.)


                Not seen.


Undead, The  (New English Library, 1983.)


                Not seen.


Unseen, The  (Sphere, 1990.)


                Not seen.


Walking Dead, The  (New English Library, 1984.)


                Not seen.


Warhead  (New English Library, 1986.)


 An unusual mixture of modern technology and voodoo as ancient magic interacts with the security procedures of a secret nuclear base.


Water Rites  (Zebra, 1997.)


A malevolent force based beneath the waters of a remote lake, gradually extending its power to claim victims from the local residents before unleashing its power wholesale.


Werewolf by Moonlight  (New English Library, 1974.)


Werewolf #1.


                A creature stalks the English moors, initially killing sheep and other stray animals, but eventually striking at people as well.  Standard werewolf story.


Witch Spell  (Zebra, 1993.)


The daughter of two witches, one good and one bad, discovers that she has the power to kill or injure others simply by wishing them ill fortune.  Behind the scenes, her parents struggle to determine the shape of their daughter's future.


Wolfcurse  (New English Library, 1981.)


                Typical werewolf story involving a man who regrets what he has done once he has been restored to normal, but cannot find the courage to end his life.


Wood, The  (New English Library, 1985, Dell, 1987.)


                Several young women are abducted into a shunned section of the forest, where they become sacrifices in the hands of a group of satanists who seek to live through the ages at the expense of others.




Confederacy of Horrors, A  (Hippocampus, 2015.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Flock, The (2006)


Living End, The (2011)


New Ecology of Death, The (2013)




Almost Human  (Dell, 1990.)


Beast #3.


                Third and weakest in the "Beast" series.  A secret government project has developed a species that looks and acts human but is actually an organic killing machine.  The implausibility of the setup hampers the story fatally.


Beastmaker  (Dell, 1988.)


Beast #1.


A brutally gory horror novel about a government experiment in artificially induced mutation which succeeds beyond anyone's expectations, producing a creature that kills quickly, effectively, and without remorse.  Then one of the creatures escapes, and the trail of bodies is a long and bloody one.


Beast Stalker, The  (Dell, 1988.)


Beast #2.

An artificially created creature is loose in the world, a bioengineered killer with an insatiable rage.  It's vital that it be recaptured, but at the same time, the government doesn't want the monster's existence to become public knowledge.


Lurker, The  (Dell, 1989.)


                A suspenseful but essentially non‑supernatural story about a reporter who begins to feel that she is being watched, just about the time a tide of lurker sightings sweeps the area. 




Ghost in the Swing, The  (Steck‑Vaughan, 1973, Tempo, 1974.)


A swing set becomes the catalyst for a series of ghostly apparitions in this gentle novel of the supernatural designed for teenage readers.


Twisted Room, The  (Dell, 1983.)


 Shortly after moving into her new home, Lisa befriends a strange girl who never seems to leave her room, always talking through the open window.  Things take a very strange turn when she realizes her newfound friend is a ghost, and that she wants a favor.  Nicely done.




Old Lover's Ghost  (Crest, 1994.)


                Regency romance involving murder, a love affair, and some mysterious ghosts.




Be Mine Tonight  (Avon, 2006.)


Brotherhood of Blood #1.


Vampire romance.


Let the Night Begin (Avon, 2008.)


Brotherhood of Blood #4.


Vampire romance.


Night of the Huntress  (Avon, 2007.)


Brotherhood of Blood #2.


Vampire romance.


Taken by the Night  (Avon, 2007.)


Brotherhood of Blood #3.


Vampire romance.




Mindspell  (Morrow, 1983, Hodder, 1984, Ballantine, 1984.)


                An ambiguous but well handled novel in which a modern woman has her view of the world and its rational basis challenged when she fears that a witch has been reincarnated.  The author goes to great lengths at the end to explain everything in mundane terms, and then uses the epilogue to imply that it really was a case of magical reincarnation after all.




Amulet, The  (Harper, ?)


Claudia #2.


                Not seen.


Awakening, The  (Harper, 1991.)


Vampire Diaries #1




Black Dawn  (Archway, 1997.)


Night World #8.


                A vampire enslaves a young human girl, then falls in love with her and frees her.  But she suspects that he’s responsible for the death of her brother.


Captive, The  (Harper, 1992.)


The Secret Circle #2.


                A teenager is tempted by the powers of magic available through membership in a coven, but is uneasy about the evil aspects of what she is doing.


Chosen, The  (Archway, 1997.)


Night World #5.


                A young vampire hunter attempting to wreak vengeance on the creatures who killed her family risks her own life when she befriends another girl.  The act of kindness may have revealed her identity to her arch enemies.


Dark Angel  (Archway, 1996.)


Night World #4.


                During a near death experience, a girl is saved by an angel, who remains her invisible companion afterward, granting her every wish.  When he starts making odd demands in return, she realizes that his angelic appearance masks something quite different.


Dark Reunion  (Harper, 1992.)


Vampire Diary #4.  


The rivalry between the good and evil vampire brothers finally comes to a head when the young girl who loves them both rises from her grave, having been tainted with their curse.


Daughters of Darkness  (Archway, 1996.)


Night World #2.


                Three mysterious sisters attract the attention of their new neighbors, but the fascination becomes dangerous when a teenaged boy discovers that they are fleeing a supernatural menace.


Fury, The  (Harper, 1991.)


Vampire Diaries #3.




Heart of Valor  (Collier, 1990.)


                Not seen.


Hunter, The  (Archway, ?)


The Forbidden Game #1.


Not seen.


Huntress, The  (Archway, 1997.)


Night World #7.


                Not seen.


Initiation, The  (Harper, 1992.)


The Secret Circle #1.


                A teenager is drawn to Salem by a coven of witches for a test that will either kill her or make her their new leader.


Mistress of Mirrors, The  (Harper, ?)


Claudia #3.


                Not seen.


Night of the Solstice, The  (MacMillan, 1987, Harper, 1993.)


Claudia #4.


                Claudia is off to rescue a sorceress from another world.


Possessed, The  (Archway, 1995.)


Dark Visions #2.


                Five psychically linked teenagers battle not only against a man hoping to use their powers for his own purposes, but also to discover which among their own number may have been corrupted by their superhuman abilities.


Power, The  (Harper, 1992.)


The Secret Circle #3.




Secret Vampire  (Archway, 1996.)


Night World #1


When a teenaged girl discovers that she is fatally ill, all hope seems to be lost until her boyfriend shows up in her hospital room, in a strangely different manner.  He’s a vampire, and he offers to cure her by changing her into one of his kind.


Soulmate  (Archway, 1997.)


Night World #6.


                The protagonist is a teenager who has strange dreams and half memories of an earlier life where she encountered vampires.  And then she discovers that the threat isn’t just in her past.


Strange Power, The  (Archway, 1994.)


Dark Visions #1.


                A teenager with psychic abilities joins others of her kind in a scientific experiment, until she discovers that there is a sinister purpose for their gathering.


Spellbinder  (Archway, 1996.)


Night World #3.


                A good witch and a bad witch battle for the soul of a teenage boy.


Struggle, The  (Harper, 1991.)


Vampire Diary #2.


A young girl is torn between her attraction to two brothers, both vampires, one unmitigatingly evil, the other struggling to overcome his baser nature.


Vixen’s Warning  (Harper, ?)


Claudia #1.


                Not seen.




Moon Lamp, The  (Knopf, 1976, Avon, 1977.)


A strange combination of mystery, contemporary novel, and ghost story, with a social climbing woman determined to strip bare every detail of the history of her home, and exposing herself and her companions to a supernatural danger in the process.




Nightwing (Norton, 1977, Jove, 1978, Ballantine, 1991.)


 A much more coherent story than the movie subsequently made from it.  A new plague is released upon the world, carried by a swarm of vampire bats.  At the same time, an elderly Indian medicine man predicts the end of the white race's domination of the world, and it appears possible that he might be right.




Words of Their Roaring, The  (Abaddon, 2007.)


London is overrun by zombies.


SMITH, MICHAEL MARSHALL (Also writes Science Fiction as Michael Rutger.)


More Tomorrow & Other Stories  (Earthling, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.


Servants, The  (Earthling, 2007.)


The story of a haunted house.


What You Make It  (HarperCollins, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Prey, The  (Gold Medal, 1977.)


An historical horror novel, with satanic rituals that result in the unleashing of horrifying forces, rather than simply bestowing desired powers and abilities on the conjurers. 


Silent Witness  (Gold Medal, 1991.)


                A renegade scientist performs forbidden experiments deep in the heart of the jungles of South America.  But his own growing insanity jeopardizes his plans, and the insanity creeps into the products of his research.


Toymaker, The  (Gold Medal, 1984.)


A toy manufacturer sets out to destroy his enemies by using apparently innocent toys which have lethal properties.  Aided by satanic powers, he seems more than capable of dealing with three people who know what he's doing and try to stop him.


Vampire Notes  (Gold Medal, 1990.)


                Not seen.




Echoes (Baobab, 2018.)




Tentacles  (Scholastic, 2009.)


Teens encounter a giant squid.




Ruins, The  (Knopf, 2006.)


                A group of tourists are trapped on a hilltop by an intelligent and malevolent vine.




Yours Truly, From Hell  (St Martin's, 1989.)


                On the centennial anniversary of the first Jack the Ripper killing, the crime is duplicated, and police suspect that someone is imitating the historic murderer.  An American psychic believes the truth to be even more ominous, that a rift in time has opened through which the original Ripper has returned.


SMITH, THORNE  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Topper  (McBride, 1926, Pocket, 1939,  Ballantine, ?)


Topper #1.


The first adventure of Topper, a quiet man who becomes involved with the ghosts of two younger people, one of whom has a taste for sex and the high life.  The sequel is Topper Takes a Trip.


Topper Takes a Trip  (Doubleday, Doran, 1932, Pocket, 1943, Ballantine, ?)


Topper #2.


Topper retires and moves away from his old neighborhood, only to discover that the ghostly Kerby family has returned, and brought a load of ghostly friends along with them. 




Passionate Witch, The  (Doubleday, Doran, 1941, Sun Dial, 1942, Pocket, 1946.)


                A millionaire marries a witch, and thinks he has escaped her clutches when she dies.  Unfortunately for him, she is reincarnated in the body of a horse.  A broad, mildly sexy farce that was rather scandalous when it first appeared but is tame by contemporary standards.


SMITH-READY, JERI  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Bad to the Bone  (Pocket, 2009.)


Radio Vampires #2.


A vampire run radio station has a fund raiser.


Wicked Game  (Pocket, 2008.)


Radio Vampires #1.


Vampires are bonded to a radio station that is in danger of closing.




Music  (Dell, 1984.)


Satanism and rock and roll are linked in this tale of a powerful figure in the music industry who is actually the mastermind of a plot which will result in the coming of Armageddon and the anti‑Christ.  A lone reporter discovers that demonic possession and other forces of evil are not fairy tales.




Tolltaker, The  (Five Star, 2004.)


                A young boy has to learn to grow up in order to confront the playground bully and a supernatural creature.


SNELL, D.L.  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Flesh Feast  (Permuted, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines  (Permuted Press, 2007.)


Vampires vs zombies.




Pavlov's Dogs  (Permuted, 2012.)


Mutant dogs on the rampage.




Carvings  (Leisure, 1987.)


Ugly carvings made from wood stolen from a graveyard have been imbued with an evil presence, and when the conditions are right, the creatures are set free to attack their victims with wooden teeth and claws.


SNIEGOSKI, THOMAS E.  (See also collaborations with Christopher Golden. Also writes Fantasy.)


Dark Exodus (Ace, 2017.)


John Fogg #2.


A horde of demons has invaded the world.


Demonists, The (Roc, 2016.)


John Fogg #1.




Fallen, The  (Simon Pulse, 2003.)


Fallen #1.


                A young boy discovers that he is one of a group of angels destined to unite Heaven with those who have fallen from grace.


Leviathan  (Simon Pulse, 2003.)


Fallen #2.


                A teenaged angel battles evil powers seeking to prevent reconciliation among the warring powers of Heaven.


Soul Trade  (Pocket, 2001.)


An Angel novel.


                The vampire with a soul risks his own when he discovers a sinister gang is stealing souls and selling them on the open market.




Andy  (Downhome Publishing, 1990.)


                A Canadian paperback original about an imaginary friend who is believed in so intensely that he takes on a physical form.




Dark Music and Other Spectral Tales  (Herald, 1947.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Spectral Snow  (Hungry Tiger Press, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Dark Dreaming (Playboy, 1981.)


On the rebound from the breakup of her marriage, a woman dreams of having a love affair with a former associate, and the dreams become increasingly powerful and explicit.  Then she receives a call from the man while awake, asking her to come to him.  The dreams are much more than that, but who is shaping them?


Mind War  (Playboy, 1980.)


                A blend of science fiction, horror, and a more conventional spy story.  The United States is being attacked by an unknown power using highly effective mental powers to cause disasters, bridge collapses, inexplicable deaths, and so on, all predicted in advance.  Has witchcraft been brought to bear, or have previously unsuspected powers of the human mind finally been harnessed?


Tomb Seven  (Charter, 1985.)


Although this appears to be a horror novel about an ancient Aztec curse, that's primarily window dressing.  The real plot is about scientists who discover a cavern full of remnants of an ancient race, one which possessed scientific secrets and wealth for which perfectly mundane killers are willing to risk their lives.




Ghosts of Rathburn Park, The  (Delacorte, 2002, Dell Yearling, 2004.)


                A new boy in town unravels a mystery after encountering a ghostly dog.


Headless Cupid, The  (Atheneum Aladdin, 1971, Dell Yearling, 1999.  ?, 1977, as A Witch in the Family.)


                Young adult.  A newly arrived relative possesses the trappings of magic, which becomes more relevant when a series of strange occurrences begin, each involving the statue of the title.


Velvet Room, The (Atheneum, 1965, Scholastic, 1975.)


                A youngster become fascinated with a secret room in an old mansion, despite the presence of a mysterious ghost.


Witches of Worm, The  (Aladdin, 1972, Dell Yearling, 1999.)


                Young adult.  A mysterious cat which may or may not be a witch's familiar affects the lives of two children.


Witch in the Family, A  (See The Headless Cupid.)




Scream Play  (Diamond, 1991.)


                An old movie theater is the scene of bedlam as entertainment turns to terror.  One by one, members of the audience are systematically killed by a mysterious supernatural creature which is prowling the building. 


SOHL, JERRY  (See also Nathan Butler.)


Death Sleep  (Gold Medal, 1983.)


An evil minded man discovers that he can leave his own body and affect the lives of others, invading their dreams, even killing them.  Only two people know what is going on, and he is aware of their knowledge, and waiting for the opportunity to add them to his list of victims.


Night Slaves  (Gold Medal, 1965.)


A couple stop overnight in a small community where the wife rises mysteriously in the night and joins everyone else in town, moving off into the darkness on some enigmatic errand.  The husband seems to be the only person immune to the compulsive call.  Made into a fairly well handled TV movie.




Harrowing, The  (St Martins, 2006.)


                Five college students discover that they are being visited by a ghost.


Price, The  (St Martins, 2008.)


Deal with the devil story.


Unseen, The  (St Martins, 2009.)


Paranormal researchers deal with a poltergeist.




Returning, The  (Popular Library, 1982.)


Dr. Young is puzzled by the appearance of a handsome young man in his life, and the effect on his formerly loyal wife.  There is something distinctly strange about the interloper, who possesses knowledge and self assurance, as though privy to secret intelligence.




Inquisitor's House, The  (Viking, 1968, Avon, 1969.)


Five disparate people are compelled by powers beyond their comprehension to attend a seance in Mexico, at which the metaphysical aspect of their guilt and personal fears are designed to generate an occult event.




Little Vampire, The  (Andersen, 1982. Dial, 1984, as My Friend the Vampire.)


Vampire #1.




Little Vampire Goes on Holiday, The  (Andersen, 1985.  Hippo, 1986, as The Little Vampire on the Farm.  Dial, 1989, as The Vampire on the Farm.)


Vampire #4.




Little Vampire in Danger, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1991.)


Vampire #7.




Little Vampire in Love, The  (Andersen, 1986.  Dial, 1991, as The Vampire in Love.)


Vampire #5.




Little Vampire in the Vale of Doom, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1991.)


Little Vampire #6.




Little Vampire Moves In, The  (Andersen, 1982.  Dial, 1985, as The Vampire Moves In.)


Vampire #2.




Little Vampire on the Farm, The  (See The Little Vampire Goes on Holiday.)


Little Vampire Takes a Trip, The  (Andersen, 1984.  Dial, 1985, as The Vampire Takes a Trip.)


Vampire #3.




My Friend the Vampire  (See The Little Vampire.)


Vampire in Love, The  (See The Little Vampire in Love.)


Vampire Moves In, The  (See The Little Vampire Moves In.)


Vampire on the Farm, The  (See The Little Vampire Goes on Holiday.)


Vampire Takes a Trip, The  (See The Little Vampire Takes a Trip.)


SOMTOW, S.P.  Pseudonym of Somtow Sucharitkul, who has also written science fiction under that name.)


Darker Angels  (Gollancz, 1997,Vista, 1998, Tor, 1998.)


                An evocative novel of a voodoo practitioner who raises the dead from Civil War battlefields.  Cameo appearances by several historical figures as well.


Forgetting Places  (Tor, 1987, Wildside, 2000.)


                A young man begins receiving emails from his dead brother, and has to decide whether they were programmed years in advance or whether he really is communicating from the land of the dead. 


Lap Dance with the Lobster Lady  (Shadowlands, 1998.)


                Short story published as a chapbook.


Moon Dance  (Tor, 1990, Gollancz, 1991.)




Pavilion of Frozen Women, The  (Gollancz, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tagging the Moon  (Nightshade, 2000.)


                Collection of fairy tales retold as horror.


Temple of Night  (Harper, 1999.)


A Crow novel.


                A journalist travels to Thailand at the turn of the century and finds that some victims can return from the dead to seek vengeance on those who wronged them in life.


Valentine  (Tor, 1992, Gollancz, 1992.)


Vampire #2.


                This sequel follows the further career of a young vampire who finds the humans around him more of a menace than a source of life.


Vampire Junction  (Donning, 1984, Berkley, 1985, Macdonald, 1986.)


Vampire #1.


                A blend of rock and roll music and vampirism in this fascinating, innovative tale of a young boy consumed by a lust for blood.


Vampire’s Beautiful Daughter, The  (Atheneum, 1997.)


                For younger readers.  A teenager helps the daughter of a vampire decide whether to remain human or become one of the Undead.


Vanitas  (Tor, 1995, Vista, 1996.)


Vampire #2.


Further adventures of a young rock singer who is also a vampire.




Blight  (Ace, 1981.)


It's the moths' turn to become mutated and challenge the human race for supremacy.  A swarm of winged creatures with a taste for blood descend upon a newly constructed managed community, whose architect inadvertently created the creatures by polluting the ground with chemicals.




Strange Stories  (Secker & Warburg, 1956.  Abelard Schuman, 1957, as Tiger in the Kitchen and Other Strange Stories.


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tiger in the Kitchen and Other Strange Stories  (See Strange Stories.)




Eyes of Torie Webster, The  (Pinnacle, 1990.)


                An investigative reporter discovers a story from the 17th Century of a miraculous woman burned as a witch, whose child disappeared mysteriously.  Evidence seems to indicate that she is a descendant of the child, and that her own sixth sense about events to come may be an echo of her ancestor's power.


SOULBAN,  LUCIEN (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Blood In, Blood Out  (White Wolf, 2005.)


Vampire Requiem #2.


                Vampire clans battle one another.




Haunted Homestead and Other Novelettes, The  (Peterson, 1876.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Touched by Darkness  (Berkley, 2007.)


Sentinel #1.


                A woman fleeing supernatural forces falls in love with a man with more than human powers.


Touched by Fire  (Berkley, 2007.)


Sentinel #2.


A woman falls in love with a man whose duty is to protect humans from the supernatural.


Touched by Light  (Berkley, 2009.)


Sentinel #3.


Romance mixed with fighting demons.




Bargain, The  (Bantam, 1983.)


An unsuccessful rock group meets a man who promises to make them all stars, in return for the usual agreement about their immortal souls.


Doll, The  (Bantam, 1983.)


                A boy wins an odd looking doll for his girlfriend, but that incident is the catalyst for a series of minor disasters.  There is something very peculiar about the doll, which displays many of the attributes of a living being.




Ghost Stories of Muriel Spark, The  (New Directions, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




All I Want Is a Vampire for Christmas  (Avon, 2008.)


Vampire romance.


Be Still My Vampire Heart  (Avon, 2007.)


A good vampire gets involved with a clandestine government vampire slaying organization.


Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire (Avon, 2015.)


Vampire romance.


Forbidden Nights with a Vampire  (Avon, 2009.)


Vampire romance.


How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire  (Avon, 2005.)


                A humorous vampire romance.


Secret Life of a Vampire  (Avon, 2009.)


Vampire romance.


Undead Next Door, The  (Avon, 2008.)


Vampire romance.


Vamps and the City  (Avon, 2006.)


A vampire romance.


Wanted: Undead of Alive  (Avon, 2012.)


Vampire romance.


Wild About You  (Avon, 2012.)


Vampire romance.


SPECTOR, CRAIG  (See also collaborations with John Skipp.)


Underground  (Tor, 2005.)


                A group of  childhood friends get together as adults to defeat a family consumed by evil.




Gothic Wine  (Aardwolf, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Wringland  (MacMillan, 2001.)


                Not seen.




Black Wolves of Boston, The (Baen, 2017.)




Irrational Fears  (Borealis, 1998.)


                An alcoholic treatment center gets involved with a cult that includes genuine demons who may have come from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu universe.


Ocean and All Its Devices, The  (Subterranean, 2006.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Resume with Monsters  (Permanent Press, 1994, Borealis, 1995.)


An offbeat Lovecraft pastiche of sorts, an episodic tale of a man's unpleasant interactions in the business world, which he sees as being dominated by minions of Cthulhu.  Is it illusion, or is he right?


Unorthodox Dr. Draper and Other Stories, The  (Subterranean, 2017.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Animal Rebellion, The  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #4.


                Not seen.


Awful Apple Orchard, The  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #7.


                Not seen.


Babyface and the Killer Mob  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #20.


                A young boy finds himself in a grown up body, involved with organized crime.


Beast Beneath the Boardwalk, The  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #16.


                Not seen.


Beware the Bog Girl  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #32.




Camp Fear  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #27.




Creep Clothes  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #30.




Curse in the Jungle, The  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #14.


                While accompanying an archaeological expedition, a teenager activates an ancient curse.


Curse of the New Kid, The  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #10.


                Not seen.


Enchanted Attic, The  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #1.


                Not seen.


Forgotten Farmhouse, The  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #33.




Ghastly Shade of Green, A  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #2.


                Not seen.


Ghostly Playmate, A  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #25.




Ghosts of Camp Massacre  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #17.


                Summer camp is troubled by ghosts of those killed there in the past.


Ghosts of Devil's Marsh  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #24.


                Youngsters visit a haunted island.


Ghost Writer  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #3.


                Not seen.


Guess Who's Coming for Dinner  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #11.


                Not seen.


Haunting House, The  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #6.


                A teenager in an apparently haunted house.


Locked Room, The  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #5.


                Not seen.


Lost in Dreamland  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #22.


                The monsters in a theme park are sometimes real.


Madness at the Mall  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #36.




Mystic's Spell, The  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #9.


                Not seen.


Night of the Goat Boy  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #23.


                Kids at a camp discover the half human figure in a ghost story is real.


One Foot in the Grave  (Paradise, 1997.)


Shivers #26.


                Young adult story about two boys who inadvertently awaken a demon that thrives on war and death.


Pool Ghoul  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #15.


                An unearthly creature stalks visitors to a swimming pool.


Secret of Fern Island, The  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #12.


                An evil curse affects anyone who comes to a remote island.


Shriek Home Chicago  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #31.




Spider Kingdom, The  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #13.


                The young protagonist is trapped in a world of giant spiders.


Terror on Tomahawk Island  (Paradise, 1997.)


Shivers #35.


                Kids visit a haunted island.


Terrible Terror Book, The  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #29.




Terror on Troll Mountain  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #8.


                Not seen.


Thing in Room 601, The  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #19.


                Monstrous goings on in a hotel when two teens are left unsupervised.


Waking Nightmare, A  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #21.


                A youngster gets blamed for the depredations of a mysterious nocturnal visitor.


Watch 'Em Kill  (Paradise, ?)


Shivers #28.




Weirdo Waldo's Wax Museum  (Paradise, 1997.)


Shivers #34.


                The wax figures in a museum are not inanimate.


Your Momma's a Werewolf  (Paradise, 1996.)


Shivers #18.


                Not seen.




Tales from the Shadows  (Watermill, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Crystal Ball, The  (Beagle, 1975.)


Coby has the ability to see the future.  Whether it is an inherent mental power, or somehow linked to her possession of a crystal ball is not clear, even to her.  But through the shadowy glimpses of what is to come, she picks out a clear threat to her own life.


Humming Top, The  (S.G. Phillips, 1968, Beagle, 1971.)


                Dorcas hides the secret talent she possesses, the ability to foresee what is going to happen to others, until she decides that it is necessary to use that power to protect another's life.




Berserker  (Jove, 1981.)


An ancient monster returns from whatever limbo it has been occupying, determined to meet in final battle the last in a line of sorcerous shamans who have protected the world from its kind.




Amber Gods and Other Stories, The  (Rutgers, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are horror.


Moonstone Mass, The  (Ash-Tree, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Blood Riders  (Harper, 2012.)


Van Helsing, Allan Pinkerton, and others team up to defeat demons in the Old West.




Death Hulk  (Abaddon, ?)


A Tomes of the Dead novel.






Wondrous Strange  (Circle Myth, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Damnbanna  (Axolotl, 1992.)


                A short novel about a disfigured teenager who rescues a girl from a vicious dog, then reveals that he is in rebellion against his father, the Devil himself.  A very strange and haunting story featuring a ghost and the hint of possession.


SPRUILL, STEVEN  (See also Steven Harriman.)


Daughter of Darkness  (Doubleday, 1997, St Martins, 1999.)


Vampire #2.


                A woman who has dedicated her life to medicine must act against her father, a vampire, when he escapes from the tomb in which he was imprisoned.


Hellstone  (Playboy, 1981.)


                An ancient stone carved with cryptic runes is part of the key to the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster.  But this isn't the gentle, reclusive creature of legend at all, but rather a vengeful entity jealous of its territory.


Rulers of Darkness  (St Martins, 1996.)


Vampire #1.


                A serial killer who drinks the blood of his victims is tracked down by a team who discover not only that he has a rare blood disease, but some more than human abilities as well.




What Rough Beast  (Ipublish, 2001.)


                Harry Houdini and Sherlock Holmes must track down a supernatural creature they inadvertently set free while investigating an occultist they believed to be a fraud.




Burning, The  (St Martins, 2006.)


Vampire romance.


Companion, The  (St Martins, 2005.)


                A vampire romance.


Hunger, The  (St Martins, 2005.)


                An historical vampire romance.


One With the Night  (St Martins, 2007.)


Vampire romance.


Sacrament  (Leisure, ?)


                A vampire romance.




Bruja Brouhaha  (Berkley, 2012.)


Mind for Murder #2.




Who Do, Voodoo?  (Berkley, 2011.)


Mind for Murder #1.


Murder mystery involving voodoo.




Angel of Pain  (Simon & Schuster, 1991, Carroll & Graf, 1993, Pan, ? ) 


Werewolves of London #2.




Carnival of Destruction, The  (Pocket, 1993, Carroll & Graf, 1994.)


Werewolves of London #3.


The human agents of contending supernatural forces work out their final destinies while the mysterious werewolf clan hovers in the background.  Highly imaginative and unlike anything else in the genre.


Empire of Fear, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1988, Pan, 1988, Carroll & Graf, 1991.)


                Although this is set in an alternate universe where vampires have governed most of the world since the dawn of history, their makeup is eventually explained in rational terms and this is science fiction rather than supernatural horror.  A rebel is forced to leave England and conduct his researches into vampirism in a remote part of Africa.


Innsmouth Heritage, The  (Necronomicon, 1992.)


                Short story published in pamphlet form.


Kill the Goat  (Prime, 2005.)


                A haunted mine.


Sheena and Other Gothic Tales  (Immanion, 2006.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Slumming in Voodooland  (Pulphouse Paperbacks, 1991.)


                A short story published in pamphlet format about a stolen biological discovery that enables a huckster to reanimate corpses.


Werewolves of London, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1990, Carroll & Graf, 1992, Pan, ?)


Werewolves #1.


                The demigods who created the world are awakening and a secret society of immortal werewolves battles for control of the possessed human beings who may be instrumental in issuing in a new order of existence.


Young Blood  (Simon & Schuster, 1992.)


                A woman falls in love with what appears to be a vampire.




Evil Ascending  (Game Designers Workshop, 1991.)


Dark Conspiracy #2.


                Not seen.


Gathering Evil, A  (Game Designers Workshop, 1991.)


Dark Conspiracy #1.


                In the near future, Earth is the object of a secretive interdimensional invasion by creatures so horrible that those of human legend seem gentle in comparison.




Death, the Knight, and the Lady  (Lane, 1897.)


                A ghost story.


Ghost Girl, The  (?, 1918.)


                Not seen.


STACY, TERRY  (Pseudonym of Terrea Lee.)


Adult Version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The  (Calga, 1970.)


                Pornographic adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson novel.




Stigma: Afterworld  (Cyber Psychos, 1997.)


                Marginal, ambiguous novella about psychological tension that may be related to a supernatural being.


STAFFORD, PETER  (Pseudonym of Paul Tabori.)


Wild White Witch, The  (New English Library, 1973, Zebra, 1974.)


An occult adventure involving a sexy witch, secret ceremonies, occult powers, communication with another order of existence, and a hero who succeeds despite his ignorance.




Blackbeard's Ghost  (Houghton Mifflin, 1965, Scholastic, 1968.)


A mostly humorous ghost story revolving around the confusion that ensues when someone summons up the spirit of the notorious pirate leader.  For younger readers.




Carnival of the Dead (Point, 2000.)






Chocolate Jesus and Other Weird Perversions  (Delirium, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


I'll Be Damned  (Delirium, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


STALL, SAM  (See collaboration with Kevin David Anderson.)




Beast, The  (Pocket, 1982.  Mayflower, 1982, as The Book of the Beast.)


Book of the Beast #3.


Having defeated ordinary human enemies, the werecreature from the first two volumes now must deal with another of his own kind, a more malevolent version of himself.  Only one of them can be superior, and it may take the death of the other to settle which will be master.


Book of the Beast, The  (See The Beast.)


Captive, The  (Pocket, 1981.)


Book of the Beast #2.


Now an adult, the werecreature who can pose as a human being takes a series of new identities as it seeks a place in the world.  But there is growing suspicion about his existence, and normal human beings are not likely to understand his dual nature.


Orphan, The  (Pocket, 1980.)


Book of the Beast #1.


An extremely innovative variation of the werewolf theme, as much a contemporary fantasy as horror.  The protagonist is a wolflike creature, still young, who is capable of changing its form into that of a young human boy, a sort of werehuman.  In that guise, he is adopted into a family, where his dual personality results in a split identity, boy and beast.  Highly original, with two excellent sequels.




Islands  (Tarragon, 2003.)


                A woman investigating the death of her brother runs into genuine voodoo magic and discovers that she has a power of her own.




More Tales for the Midnight Hour  (Apple, 1987.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Still More Tales for the Midnight Hour  (Apple, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales for the Midnight Hour  (Scholastic, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Happy Birthday to You...  (Avon Flare, 1995.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Rats in the Attic and Other Stories to Make Your Skin Crawl  (Avon Flare, ?)


Collection of unrelated stories.


STANWOOD, BROOKS  (Pseudonym of Howard and Susan Kaminsky)


Glow, The  (McGraw Hill, 1979, Crest, 1980.)


An odd novel about an apartment building community which conceals a secret plan to remake its residents in a new and improved image.  The plans are a little too ambitious for the planners.


Seventh Child, The  (Linden, 1982, Dell, 1983.)


 An unusually appealing combination of circumstances lures the Richardson family to a small New England town.  It all seems too good to be true, and naturally it is.  Their daughter becomes involved with a set of dolls which are animated by an evil spirit who has plans for the entire family.




13 Haunting Ghost Tales  (Dark Woods, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Possession  (Gold Medal, 1983.)


When her cruel, domineering husband dies, Ginny is more relieved that grieving.  The peace that follows is shortlived, however, as his presence seems to be returning in insubstantial ways, coloring her thoughts, her dreams, and slowly congealing in her mind into a tangible force of evil directed at herself, and their daughter.




Brood, The  (Virgo, 1979, from the screenplay by David Cronenberg.)


One of the stranger horror movies of recent times, this concerns a woman who is creating tiny, humanoid creatures out of the substance of her own mind and body, sending them out to murder those whom she hates.


STARLIN, JIM  (See collaboration with Daina Graziunas.)




Craving, The  (Ace, 2012.)


Pack #2.




Pack, The  (Ace, 2011.)


Pack #1.






Quick and the Dead, The  (Arkham House, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


STATTEN, VARGO  (Pseudonym of John Russell Fearn.)


Creature from the Black Lagoon, The  (Dragon, 1954, from the screenplay by Harry Essex, Arthur A. Ross, and Maurice Zimm.)


                Novelization of the movie about the humanoid creature pursued by scientists in its jungle hideaway.  The creature is ostensibly killed, although it returned for two film sequels.


STAUB, WENDY CORSI  (See also Wendy Morgan.)


Voodoo Moon  (Pocket, 2000.)


A Charmed novel.


                The sisters are on a vacation in New Orleans when, predictably enough, they have visions of voodoo ceremonies and have to rescue a friend scheduled to be sacrificed.


Witch Hunt  (Z-Fave, 1995.)


A teenager discovers that two people in her neighborhood are time travelers from the past, and eventually reverts herself in order to clear up charges of witchcraft unfairly leveled against an ancestor.




Daniel's Veil  (Medallion, 2005.)


                A policeman in an accident wakes up in another reality.




Blood Junky  (Crazy Duck, 2010.)


A vampire novel.




Down on the Farm  (St. Martin's, 1987.)


A malevolent and unearthly creature dwells in the ground beneath a family farm, reaching up with secretive tendrils with which it influences the lives and minds of the people who live above.


Paddywhack  (St Martin's, 1989.)


When a family moves in with the husband's maiden aunt, they arouse the enmity of her dog, which is possessed by the soul of a brutal man.  Even when the dog dies, something of the essence of his malevolence continues to exist.




Vampires  (Roc, 1991, DAW ?)


                An offbeat vampire novel set in an alternate present where the existence of vampires is taken for granted.  The story follows a team of professional vampire killers who clean up towns in return for healthy fees.  Sometimes these communities renege on the payment, and must be dealt with in creative ways.




Eyes of the Skull  (Henderson, 1996.)


                A bump on the head causes a young teen to have nightmarish visions that continue even after she has recovered.




Unquiet Spirit, The  (Doubleday, 1955, Collins, 1955, Avon, 1969.)


The story of the spirit of a witch who has survived into the present, told with effective though quiet horror.  Maintains a high level of suspense without resorting to the excesses of much of the genre.



Slightly Psychic  (Harlequin, 2007.)


A psychic solves a mystery.




Chindi, The  (Dell, 1980.)


 When a family disturbs the mound in their new yard, they think nothing of it, unaware of the fact that it is sacred Indian territory and that they have wakened from its slumber an ancient demon determined to reclaim the land from the white usurpers. 


Hypnotist, The  (Dell, 1979, Charter, 1989.)


A writer commissioned to do the biography of a famous hypnotist suspects that his subject's obsession with reincarnation and satanism is more than just an aberration, that it is evidence of an authentic supernatural force which is about to announce itself to the world in horrifying fashion.




Unholy Goddess  (Zebra, 1981.)


 An ancient Aztec goddess returns to Earth, furious that her temples have been allowed to fall into disuse, that the treasures dedicated to her have been appropriated for other purposes.  So she decides to do something about it.




Owlsfane Horror, The  (Dell, 1981.)


A house in Vermont is the dwelling place of a troubled soul from another time who reaches out into the minds of others, willfully changing their lives, but still unable to end his own internal torment.




Raven Stole the Moon  (Pocket, 1998.)


                A woman travels to Alaska to adjust to the death of her son, who drowned there.  She becomes obsessed with Tlingit legends of a land beyond life and eventually encounters the spirit of the lost child.




Becoming, The  (Ace, 2006.)


Anna Strong #1.


                A woman attacked by a vampire begins to hunt the undead.


Blood Bond  (Ace, 2013.)




Blood Drive  (Imajinn, 2006, Ace, 2007.)


Anna Strong #2.


A bounty hunter turned vampire rescues her niece from a group of nasty men.


Chosen  (Ace, 2010.)


Anna Strong #6.


A woman adapts to having become a vampire.


Crossroads (Ace, 2011.)


Anna Strong #7.


Vampires try to keep their existence secret despite a growing series of gruesome murders.


Haunted  (Ace, 2012.)


Anna Strong #8.




Legacy  (Ace, 2008.)


Anna Strong #4.


A good vampire and a nasty female werewolf battle over an estate.


Retribution  (Ace, 2009.)


Anna Strong #5.


A benevolent vampire is worried when others of her kind start ending up dead, for real.


Watcher, The  (Ace, 2007.)


Anna Strong #3.


A woman who acts as a kind of magical cop must deal with a vampire, a demon, and a missing boyfriend.




Calling, The  (Avon Flare, 1995.)


Dark Dance #3.


A dance performance about vampires is mirrored by a series of strange attacks in the vicinity of the theater.


Dance, The  (Avon Flare, 1995.)


Dark Chronicles #1.


Melanie is recruited into a strange dance troupe, unaware that it only performs once every five hundred years, and that its performance conjures up the devil.


Dark Room, The  (Avon, 1993.)


Photographer #2.


                Using a magical camera, a disturbed man saps the energy from teenaged models, until one of them figures out what's going on and takes violent action to destroy the device.


Dreamstalker, The  (Avon Flare, 1992.)


                Karen's dreams of violent deaths are apparently prescient, and she fears that an evil person is using them to cause the deaths.  A young adult novel.  The identity of the real murderer is painfully obvious.


Gallery, The  (Avon Flare, 1995.)


Dark Dance #2.


An artist is inspired by a dark presence who may also be responsible for a series of violent attacks.


Mummy, The  (Scholastic, 1995.)


                A teenager becomes fascinated with a mummy that seems to speak to her.  Some time later she encounters it outside the museum and realizes that she has fallen under the spell of an ancient evil.


Photographer, The  (Avon, 1989.)


Photographer #1.


                A villainous photographer uses his magical camera to steal the lifeforce of teenaged girls.  Eventually he is foiled, but with an opening left for further evil doings.




Angel of Satan  (Pinnacle, 1974.)


                A fishing community is troubled by the presence of an enigmatic man who believes himself to be the devil.  Somewhere off the coast, a ship full of sailors is in serious trouble, trouble which may be related to this new arrival.




Fiend  (Crown, 2013.)


Zombies as a metaphor for drug addiction.




Knuckle Balled (Bloodbound, 2017.)


Vampire #2.


Vampires, zombies, and drugs.


Knuckle Supper (Bloodbound, 2013.)


Vampire #1.


A vampire drug dealer is partially reformed by a prostitute.




Enter If You Dare  (Disney, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Mummy, The  (Nash, 1912, Hutchison, 1923, Valancourt, 2016.)


Possession of a mummy inevitably brings disaster to its owners.




Black Dawn  (Harper, 2001.)


                An evil god arises from suspended animation, seizing control of thousands of people and turning them into pyromaniacs.


Book of Shadows  (Pocket, 2000.)


A Blair Witch book.


                A movie tie-in consisting of pieces of narrative, fragments of documents, photographs, and other material associated with the second Blair Witch film, as though they were elements left out of the story.


Secret Confession of Rustin Parr, The  (Pocket, 2000.)


A Blair Witch novel.


                A priest believes that a condemned killer's claim to innocence is true, and that the sole survivor of a group of children he supposedly attacked was actually influenced by the Blair Witch.


Shadows in the Asylum  (Emmis, 2006.)


                A group of archaeological students dig up more than artifacts.  The entire book is presented as a series of excerpts from documents involving the institutionalization of one of their number.




Death and Life of Superman, The  (Spectra, 1994.)


A life of superman.




Hex  (Pocket, 1989.)


A woman retreats to a rural town to do some writing, only to discover that the entire community lives in terror of a Haitian woman and her brutal son.  It is rumored that she has magical powers and certainly her iron will has given her a powerful position within the community.  The magical overtones are almost an afterthought in what is actually a reasonably straightforward suspense story.




Night Beasts  (Pinnacle, 1993.)


A genetic experiment goes awry releasing a horde of deadly, batlike creatures upon the world.  Humankind struggles to contain the threat that is breeding uncontrollably in the hills of northern California.




Abandoned, The (2011)


Graveyard #4.


Awakening, The (Mira, 2017.)




A woman solves mysteries at the request of ghosts.


Kingdom, The (2012)


Graveyard #2.


Prophet, The (2012)


Graveyard #3.


Restorer, The  (2012)


Visitor, The (Mira, 2016.)


The influence of a cult hovers over a graveyard.




Claimed  (Carroll & Graf, 1985.  Magazine serial in 1920.)


A mysterious box brought back to San Francisco by a Nineteenth Century sailor carries with it a curse of insanity, for it is the key to a supernatural entity about whose existence the rest of the world is unaware.  A fantastic adventure with large dollops of the occult.


Nightmare and Other Tales of Dark Fantasy, The  (Bison, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Avenging Spirit, The  (Dell, 1983.)


The unpleasant death of a young boy under mysterious circumstances is followed by a girl's obsessive dread of a particular mountainous region.  She is unable to explain her reaction to herself or others.  Indian magic functions both as her ally and as her enemy.


STEVENSON, FLORENCE  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Altar of Evil  (Award, 1973.)


Kitty Telefair #3.


Kitty becomes involved with a couple who return from Greece only to go into very close seclusion, having been infected with a powerful ancient curse, one which turns people into stone.


Curse of the Concullens, The  (World , 1970, Signet, 1972.)


A glorious spoof of traditional horror fiction and the gothic, with a new governess having to deal with banshees, werewolves, vampires, and everything else you can imagine.  This one is definitely worth searching through the stacks of old paperbacks to locate.


Feast of Eggshells, A  (Signet, 1970.) 


                 When a gangster's girlfriend is reincarnated in the body of an infant, the results alternate between the absurd and the terrifying.  A wild and woolly ride as her bewildered parents try to make sense out of their daughter's increasingly odd behavior.


Horror from the Tombs, The  (Award, 1977.)


Kitty Telefair #7.


Two lovers from ancient Egypt are reincarnated in the modern world, to which they are pursued by a demonic force from their original timeframe. Their only hope to survive lies in recalling the magical words which can be used to ward off the creature.


House at Luxor, The  (Signet, 1976.)


A woman is obsessed with a series of dreams involving her own death, dreams which seem somehow linked to another personality.  She travels to Egypt where she owns some property, and learns that reincarnation is real.


Household  (Leisure, 1989.)


 When a nobleman abrogates his agreement with a witch, he and all of his descendants are cursed to fall prey to vampirism, lycanthropy, and other supernatural evils, culminating in a climactic confrontation in 1920's Hollywood.


Kilmeny in the Dark Wood  (Signet, 1973.) 


Kilmeny has almost forgotten the mystery that surrounded her birth, the rumors that she was a changeling child, until romance enters her life and she learns that a witch's prophecy spells out her future.


Mistress of Devil's Manor  (Award, 1973.)


Kitty Telefair #4.


A disembodied spirit returns from the dead to take possession of the body of a close friend of an occult investigator.  She is doubly hampered by the reluctance of her associates to accept the existence of genuine supernatural forces.


Moonlight Variations  (Jove, 1981.)


A romance with complications because the strange man Lorrie meets is actually the reincarnation of a cursed personality who was a lover of one of her own ancestors.


Ophelia  (General Publishing, 1968, Signet, 1969.)


                When a rich woman leaves her fortune to a cat, interested parties arrange that the animal be destroyed.  But at the moment of its death, a young woman turns up who suffers from amnesia and who, unsurprisingly, turns out to be an incarnation of the cat, seeking justice.


Silent Watcher, The  (Award, 1975. )


Kitty Telefair #6.


                The occult investigator becomes involved with a trained tiger act when one of the beasts turns on its master in response to psychic compulsions from a mysterious woman.


Sisterhood, The  (Leisure, 1989.)


A coven of witches summons a demonic creature and sets it loose in the world.  An innocent young woman may prove to be the only person alive with the power to banish it back into the darkness.


Sorceror of the Castle, The  (Award, 1974.)


Kitty Telefair #5.


A fiendish family tries to enlist the protagonist in their obscene brand of vampirism when she reluctantly pays a visit to their crumbling old castle.


Where Satan Dwells  (Award, 1971.)


Kitty Telefair #2.


A psychic investigator goes to the assistance of a woman whose home has been invaded by ghostly presences, and finds herself involved with a terrifying plot hatched by the minions of Hell.


Witching Hour, The  (Award, 1971.)


Kitty Telefair #1.


                Kitty battles an evil woman who has pursued a long and successful career as an opera singer, renewing her youth from time to time by sacrificing the lifeforce of others.


Witch's Crossing  (Signet, 1975. )


Creepy goings on as an old family curse, brought on by an angry witch, works out its final consequences in the Twentieth Century.  More emphasis on covert suspense that overt horror.




Bianca  (Signet, 1973.)


                The protagonist is possessed by an unquiet spirit living unsuspected within the physical structure of her home.  Hopelessly subject to the influence of the lost soul, her only chance to survive is if her husband realizes what's happened, and has the courage to do what needs to be done.




Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde  (Washington Square, 1995.)


Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde & Other Stories  (Pocket, 1941, Scholastic, 1963, Dent, 1964, Lancer,, 1968, both with different contents.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,   (Tauchnitz, 1886, ?, 1888, Armed Forces, ?, Zephyr, 1950, Pedigree, 1959, Digit, 1962, Popular Library, 1963, Airmont, 1964, Corgi, 1964, Scholastic, 1963, Viking, 2000, Random House, 2000, DK, 2000.) 


                A man develops a formula that splits him periodically into pure good or pure evil.


Suicide Club and Other Dark Adventures, The  (Tartarus, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Mephisto Waltz, The  (Coward‑McCann, 1969, Signet, 1970.)  Bantam????


An aging pianist takes a younger player under his wing, but the latter's wife finds the relationship unwholesome.  Then, when the older man dies, she begins to realize the true horror of the situation, as the personality of her husband begins to change, supplanted by that of his former mentor.




Devil's Cradle, The  (Zebra, 1992.)


                Another variation of the devil's offspring story, with a woman bitterly defending her unborn children despite dangers and threats on all sides.  It's always difficult to decide just which side the reader should take with this story line.




Devil in the Details, A  (Roc, 2011.)


Jesse James Dawson #1.




Shot in the Dark, A  (Roc, 2011.)


Jesse James Dawson #2.


A demon hunter's family is in danger.


STEWART, KERRY  (Pseudonym of Linda Stewart.)


Ruby  (Berkley, 1978, from the screenplay by George Edwards, Steve Krantz, and Barry Schneider.)


                An aging gun moll who betrayed her boyfriend fears his angry spirit has returned to strike at her through the mind of her emotionally troubled daughter.





Touch Not the Cat  (Morrow, 1976, Hodder, 1976, Crest, undated.)


A young girl with extrasensory powers has been communicating for years with a man she has not met, whose identity she does not even know.  Her situation suddenly grows more complex when her father dies, leaving behind a warning that she is in deadly danger.  More detective story than supernatural, but the ESP is key to the plot.




Grace  (Atlantic Monthly, 1989.)


                A young girl is able to heal by the power of thought, becomes spontaneously pregnant, and upsets the established church.


Prodigy  (MacMillan, 1988, Harper, 1991.)


                A scientist's efforts to help his young daughter achieve her maximum potential backfire when his biogenetic experiment on her brain gives her terrible powers before she has the self control to use them properly.




Apparition, The  (Little, Brown, 1973.)


                Not seen.


Nightmare Candidate, The  (Delacorte, 1980, Dell, 1981.)


The girlfriend of a prominent politician begins to have visions of rape and death, and grows convinced that she is looking into one possible future.  There's a chance she can change the shape of the future, but only if she can convince someone else that her fears are valid.


Possession of Joel Delaney, The  (Little, Brown, 1970, Bantam, 1971.)


                One of the best stories of demonic possession, set against the background of metropolitan New York City.  Joel Delaney's body now moves with a new and deadly purpose, with little regard for the fate of those he once called his friends.


Sixth Sense  (Delacorte, 1979, Dell, 1980.)


A superior version of a familiar plot.  Shortly after suffering a concussion, a woman begins to have psychic flashes of the activities of a psychotic killer.  There follows a race against time as she attempts to learn his identity before he learns hers.




Knock Knock…You’re Dead  (Harper, 1995.)


                Two children agree to perform terrible deeds at the bidding of a ghost because they believe that’s the only way to exorcise the uneasy spirits from a haunted house.


STINE, R.L.  (Many of these titles may have been ghostwritten by unknown authors.)


Abominable Snowman of Pasadena, The  (Apple, 1995.)


Goosebumps #36.


                A yeti chases kids back to their home town.


Are You Terrified Yet?  (Apple, 1998.)


Goosebumps 2000 #9.


                Not seen.


Attack of the Aqua Apes  (Minstrel, 1996.)


Ghosts of Fear Street #3.


The creatures in Scott's fishbowl grow out of control and escape into the world.


Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls  (Apple, 1998.)


Goosebumps 2000 #11.


                A gaggle of ghouls emerge from an old graveyard and attack the living..


Attack of the Jack-O’-Lanterns  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps #48.


                A prank involving pumpkinheads at Halloween takes a nasty turn when the pumpkinheads turn out to have their own agenda.


Attack of the Mutants  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #25.


                A comic book fan gets lost and stumbles on the headquarters of what he thought was an imaginary superhero.


Bad Dreams  (Archway, 1994.)


A Fear Street novel.


                A young girl is troubled by a recurring dream of a hideous murder that seems to be the result of an occult power she didn’t know she had.


Bad Girl, The  (Gold Key, 1998.)


A Fear Street book.


                A high school science experiment comes up with a formula that brings dead things back to life, but they come back evil.  When it is applied to a dead teenager, the consequences are predictable.


Bad Hare Day  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps #41.


                A magician’s trunk of tricks has some nasty surprises as well.


Barking Ghost, The  (Apple, 1995.)


Goosebumps #32.


Ghostly dogs menace the new kid in town.


Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid  (Apple, 1999.)


Goosebumps 2000 #20.


                A dragon shows up in an average neighborhood, and the local kids have to outwit it.


Beast, The  (Minstrel, 1994.)


For younger readers.  A horror ride at a local amusement park turns out to have real monsters.


Beast from the East, The  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps #43.


                Strange forest creatures menace children.


Be Careful What You Wish For  (Apple, 1993.)


Goosebumps #12.


                A young girl’s wishes come true, with scary results.


Beware, the Snowman  (Minstrel, 1997.)


Goosebumps #51.


                An animated snowman brings terror into the life of a young child.


Birthday Party of No Return!, The (Apple, 2012.)


A Goosebumps book.


Magic artifacts effect two kids.


Blob That Ate Everyone, The  (Apple, 1997.)


Goosebumps #55.


                A kid’s plan to become a famous horror writer has an unpleasant side effect.  He owns a magical typewriter, and everything that he writes becomes real.


Boyfriend, The  (Point, 1990.)


                Young adult.  A girl is haunted by the undead vision of her ex-boyfriend, whom she believes she has killed.  This is a bit of a cheat, as it all turns out to be a hoax.


Brain Juice  (Scholastic, 1999.)


Goosebumps 2000 #12.


                Youngsters are kidnapped by nefarious aliens.


Bride of the Living Dummy  (Apple, 1998.)


Goosebumps Series 2000 #2.


                Not seen.


Burning, The  (Archway, 1993.)


                A Fear Street novel.  A string of fires is linked to an evil force that has survived through several generations seeking revenge.


Calling All Creeps!  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps #50.


                A practical joke backfires when its originator begins to get messages from genuine monsters.


Camp Nowhere  (Avon, 2001.)


Nightmare Room #9.


                A young boy is concerned that rumors of a curse affecting his summer camp might be true.


Chicken Chicken  (Apple, 1997.)


Goosebumps #53.


                A young witch casts a spell that turns another teen into a chicken.


Claws!  (Scholastic, 2011.)


A Goosebumps Horrorland novel.


A new cat turns out to be more than just a cute pet.


Creature Teacher  (Apple, 1998.)


Goosebumps Series 2000 #3.


                The new teacher in school is actually a monster able to change her shape.


Creep from the Deep  (Scholastic, ?)




Cry of the Cat  (Apple, 1998.)


Goosebumps Series 2000 #1.


                What appears to be an ordinary house cat is actually an evil creature that kills more than just mice.


Cuckoo Clock of Doom, The  (Apple, 1995.)


Goosebumps #28.


A spoiled kid runs into trouble when he fools around with a cursed cuckoo clock.


Curse of Camp Cold Lake, The  (Apple, 1997.)


Goosebumps #56.


                An unhappy camper decides to fake her own drowning for sympathy, but there's the ghost of a real girl in the lake.


Curse of the Mummy's Tomb, The  (Apple, 1993.)


Goosebumps #5


Lost in a pyramid while on vacation, a young boy discovers that he's not alone.


Dark Secret, The  (Archway, 1996.)


Cataluna Chronicles #2.


Two stepsisters discover that their hot new car is demonically possessed.


Deadly Experiments of Dr. Eeek, The  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps Gamebook #4.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Deadly Fire, The  (Archway, 1996.)


Cataluna Chronicles #1.


A cursed car kills people who ride in it.


Deep Trouble  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #19.


                While vacationing in the Caribbean, a pair of kids encounter a weird creature that is half man, half fish.


Deep Trouble II  (Apple, 1997.)


Goosebumps #58.


                Not seen.


Don't Forget Me  (Avon, 2000.)


Nightmare Room #2.


                A haunted house story.


Don’t Go to Sleep  (Apple, 1997.)


Goosebumps #54.


                When Matt disobeys his mother and sleeps in their guest room, he discovers that his nightmares become real thereafter.


Don't Scream  (Apple, 2011.)


A Goosebumps novel.




Dr. Maniac vs Robby Schwartz  (Scholastic, 2008.)


A Goosebumps novel.




Eat Cheese and Barf  (Red Fox, 1996.)


                Not seen.


Egg Monsters from Mars  (Minstrel, 1996.)


Goosebumps #42.


                An Easter egg hunt turns up an oversized egg that is about to hatch a creature from another planet.


Escape from Horrorland  (Scholastic, 2009.)


Horrorland #11.


Kids escape a band of monsters.


Escape from the Carnival of Horrors  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps Gamebook #1.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Evil Moon, The  (Archway, 1996.)


Cataluna Chronicles #3.


The evil car continues its killing ways with a fresh crop of victims.


Face, The  (Archway, 1996.)


Not seen.


First Horror, The  (Archway, 1994.)


A Fear Street novel.


                Two youngsters struggle to survive when they move into a haunted house.


Five Masks of Dr. Screem, The  (Scholastic, 2011.)


A Goosebumps Hall of Horrors novel.




Freaks and Shrieks  (Delacorte, 2005.)


                A boy makes a deal with two ghost who haunt his bedroom.


Fright Camp   (Apple, 1998.)


Goosebumps 2000 #8.


                This summer camp has real thrills, because the local animals are hunting the kids rather than the other way around.


Ghost Beach  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #22.


There's a sea cave near a beach that's very tempting to explore, but it's inhabited by an elderly ghost.


Ghost Camp  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps #45.


                Spooky goings on at a summer camp.


Ghost Next Door, The  (Apple, 1993.)


Goosebumps #10.


                The new kid next door is apparently a ghost.


Ghouls Gone Wild  (Delacorte, ?)




Girl Who Cried Monster, The  (Apple, 1993.)


Goosebumps #8.


Lucy discovers that the librarian is actually a monster, but no one will believe her.


Go Eat Worms!  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #21.


                A boy fascinated with worms gets too much of a good thing when they become fascinated with him as well.


Goodnight Kiss  (Archway, 1992.)


A Fear Street novel.


                Vacationing teens find their plans upset when a mysterious stranger appears.  One by one, they fall prey to the vampire, until the last of their number strikes back.  For young adults.


Haunted  (Archway, 1990.)


A Fear Street novel.


                Young adult.  A benevolent ghost appears to help a young girl who has troubles with an unwelcome suitor.


Haunted Car, The  (Apple, 1999.)


Goosebumps 2000 #21.


                Not seen.


Haunted Mask, The  (Apple,, 1993.)


Goosebumps #11


                A Halloween mask curses everyone who wears it.


Haunted School, The  (Apple, 1997.)


Goosebumps #59.


                Not seen.


Have You Met My Ghoulfriend?  (Delacorte, 2004.)




Headless Ghost, The  (Apple, 1995.)


Goosebumps #37.


                Typical juvenile haunted house story.


Headless Halloween  (Apple, 1998.)


Goosebumps 2000 #10.


                This time Halloween is going to be really scary, because there are a bunch of bodiless heads wandering about.


Heads, You Lose!  (Scholastic, 2010.)


Horrorland #15.


A magic coin transplants kids into a dangerous world.


Help! We Have Strange Powers  (Scholastic, 2009.)


Horrorland #10.


Kids discover they can read thoughts.


Hide and Shriek  (Minstrel, 1996.)


Ghosts of Fear Street #1.


The new kid in town discovers that stories about a local ghost are true.


Horror at Camp Jellyjam  (Apple, 1995.)


Goosebumps #33.


There's a monster in the ground under a summer camp.


Horror at Chiller House, The (Scholastic, 2011.)


A Goosebumps Horrorland novel.


A magical amusement park presents new dangers for the children who visit.


Horrors of the Black Ring  (Apple, 1999.)


Goosebumps 2000 #18.


                An evil creature is freed from imprisonment in a ring.


House of Whispers  (Archway, 1996.)


A Fear Street novel.


Young Amy comes to visit the Fear family and immediately detects an evil presence spying on her.  For younger readers.


How I Got My Shrunken Head  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps #39.


                A souvenir shrunken head causes trouble when its magical influence disturbs a young boy’s life.


How I Learned to Fly  (Apple, 1997.)


Goosebumps #52.


                While hiding from a bully, a young boy finds a book that teaches him how to magically fly.


Howler, The  (Avon, 2001.)


Nightmare Room #7.


                A device that allows its owner to eavesdrop on ghosts gets a young boy into serious trouble.


How to Kill a Monster (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps #46.


                Strange noises from a locked room in a house in the swamp spell scary adventures for a young boy.


I Am Your Evil Twin  (Apple, 1998.)


Goosebumps Series 2000 #6.


                Not seen.


I Live in Your Basement  (Apple, 1997.)


Goosebumps #61.


                There’s a monster living in this boy’s basement, from whom he gets telephone calls after being hit in the head with a baseball.


Invasion of the Body Squeezers Part One  (Apple, 1998.)


Goosebumps Series 2000 #4.


                Not seen.


Invasion of the Body Squeezers Part Two  (Apple, 1998.)


Goosebumps Series 2000 #5.


                Invaders from outer space are thwarted by youngsters.


It Came from Beneath the Sink  ( Apple, 1995.)


Goosebumps #30.


Two youngsters move into an enormous mansion, but discover that there's a monster living under the sink.


Jekyll and Heidi  (Apple, 1999.)


Goosebumps 2000 #14.


                Not seen.


Legend of the Lost Legend  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps #47.


                A visit to a mysterious European country leads to adventure with a secret Viking society and a mysterious book of legends.


Let's Get Invisible  (Apple, 1993.)


Goosebumps #6.


A magic mirror lets a boy become invisible, but after a few adventures he discovers he may be stuck that way forever.


Let's Get This Party Haunted  (Delacorte, ?)




Liar Liar  (Avon, 2000.)


Nightmare Room #4.


                Not seen.


Little Camp of Horrors  (Delacorte, 2004.)


                Young adult ghost story.


Locker 13  (Avon, 2000.)


Nightmare Room #2.


                A youngster battles a haunted school locker.


Monster Blood  (Apple, 1992.)


Goosebumps #3.


A strange substance seems to grow bigger all by itself.


Monster Blood II  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #18.


The blood of the title turns normal creatures into monsters.


Monster Blood III  (Apple, 1995.)


Goosebumps #29


                The bloblike monster blood returns for yet another assault on young kids.


Monster Blood IV  (Apple, 1997.)


Goosebumps #62.


                Not seen.


Monster Blood for Breakfast  (Scholastic, 2008.)


A monster lurks in the cereal.


Mummy Walks, The  (Apple, 1999.)


Goosebumps 2000 #16.


                Not seen.


My Best Friend Is Invisible  (Apple, 1997.)


Goosebumps #57.


                Not seen.


My Friends Call Me Monster  (Scholastic, 2009.)


A Goosebumps novel.


A teacher has a monster in her attic.


My Hairiest Adventure  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #26.


                A bottle of magical lotion grows hair in the strangest places, hair that grows back as fast as you cut it off.


My Name Is Evil  (Avon, 2000.)


Nightmare Room #3.


                After having her palm read, a teenager fears she is cursed.


New Evil, The  (Archway, 1994.)


A Fear Street novel.


                A disembodied evil begins causing mysterious accidents that plague a group of cheerleaders.


New Fear, A  (Archway, 1996.)


A Fear Street novel.


Young adult thriller about a family curse.


New Girl, The  (Archway, 1989. )


A Fear Street novel.


                Young adult.  The hauntingly attractive young girl for whom the protagonist has developed a crush is actually an undead creature.


Night in Terror Tower, A  (Apple, 1995.)


Goosebumps #27.


A tour of the Tower of London gets out of hand when a ghostly figure from the past lures two kids through time.  Filmed for television.


Night in Werewolf Woods  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps Gamebook #5.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Nightmare Hour  (HarperCollins, 1999, Avon, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Night of the Giant Everything  (Scholastic, 2011.)


A Goosebumps Hall of Horrors novel.


A boy shrinks to nine inches tall.


Night of the Living Dummy  (Apple, 1993.)


Goosebumps #7.


A ventriloquist's dummy with a mind of its own makes life miserable for a couple of kids.


Night of the Living Dummy II  (Apple, 1995.)


Goosebumps #31.


                An evil, animated ventriloquist’s dummy strikes again.


Night of the Living Dummy III  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps #40.


                The animated ventriloquist’s dummy is back, and he has a lot of friends this time as well.


One Day at Horrorland  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #16.


This amusement park has few customers, and those that do show up are lucky to esfape with their lives.


One Night in Doom House  (Delacorte, 2004.)


                A haunted house story for younger readers.


Ooze, The  (Minstrel, 1996.)


Ghosts of Fear Street #8.


A stinkbomb begins to grow, the chemical blob absorbing everybody it touches.  For younger readers.


Perfect Date, The  (Archway, 1996.)


A Fear Street novel.


Brady's new girlfriend is a bit too possessive.  She's willing to kill to keep his attention, as he finds out one day from the ghost of one of her victims.


Phantom of the Auditorium  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #24.


                A school play about the Phantom becomes strangely real.


Piano Lessons Can Be Murder  (Apple, 1993.)


Goosebumps #13.


                A creepy piano teacher has a sinister secret.  He’s building a perfect student.


Return of the Mummy  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #23.


                Sequel to Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb.  Another mummy comes to life.


Return to Ghost Camp  (Apple, 1999.)


Goosebumps 2000 #19.


                Not seen.


Return to Horrorland  (Apple, 1999.)


Goosebumps 2000 #13.


                Kids stumble into a bizarre world full of monsters.


Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes  (Apple, 1995.)


Goosebumps #34.


A pair of supposedly ceramic lawn gnomes are actually nasty creatures that play practical jokes after the fall of darkness.


Revenge of the Living Dummy  (Scholastic, ?)




Revenge of the Shadow People  (Minstrel, 1996.)


A Ghosts of Fear Street novel.


Not seen.


Revenge R Us  (Apple, 1998.)


Goosebumps 2000 #7.


                Not seen.


Say Cheese and Die  (Apple, 1992.)


Goosebumps #4.


Anyone photographed by a mysterious camera experiences a terrible disaster shortly thereafter.


Say Cheese and Die – Again  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #44.


                The deadly camera reappears.


Say Cheese and Die Screaming (Scholastic, 2009.)


A Goosebumps novel.


A camera takes pictures of the future.


Scarecrow Walks at Midnight, The  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #20.


                At night, the scarecrows in a small town get down from their posts and go walking about.


Scream of the Haunted Mask, The  (Scholastic, 2008.)


A mask has a mind of its own.


Scream School  (Apple, 1999.)


Goosebumps 2000 #155.


                Not seen.


Second Evil, The  (Archway, 1992.)


A Fear Street novel.


                After seeing a vision of her dead sister rising from the grave, a cheerleader is suspicious that a series of murders is the result of an undead spirit longing for revenge.


Secret Bedroom, The  (Archway, 1991.)


A Fear Street novel.  A teenager discovers a secret room in her house that is occupied by ghosts.


Shadow Girl  (Avon, 2001.)


Nightmare Room #8.


                A teenager discovers that she has superhuman powers.  Unfortunately, she also has a superhuman enemy.


Shocker on Shock Street, A  (Apple, 1995.)


Goosebumps #35.


A visit to a movie studio turns scary when it turns out some of the movie monsters aren't faked.


Sitter, The  (Ballantine, 2003.)


                A house sitter discovers that she is accompanied by ghosts.

Slappy New Year!  (Scholastic, 2010.)


A Goosebumps Horrorland novel.


A dummy has supernatural powers.


Stay Out of the Basement  (Apple, 1992.)


Goosebumps #2.


                An experiment with genetically altered plants affects the man performing the experiment.


Stay Out of the Bathroom  (Red Fox, 1996.)


                Not seen.


Streets of Panic Park  (Scholastic, 2009.)


Horrorland #12.


The young heroes meet a new monster.


Superstitious  (Warner, 1995.)


A love affair turns deadly when a college student discovers that her professor's fascination with superstition is more than just an idle interest and may have something to do with a series of brutal murders. 


Switched   (Archway, 1995.)


A Fear Street novel.


                A teenager is possessed by another personality that is intent upon committing a series of murders.


They Call Me Creature  (Avon, 2001.)


Nightmare Room #6.


                A teenager who is fond of animals discovers a monster has been altering the behavior of the denizens of a nearby forest.


Third Evil, The  (Archway, 1992.)


A Fear Street novel.


                An evil spirit refuses to be driven back to the world of the dead and once again begins to prey on a team of cheerleaders.


Tick Tock You’re Dead  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps Gamebook #2.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Trapped in Bat Wing Hall  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps Gamebook #3.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Triple Header Book 1  (Scholastic, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Vampire Breath  (Apple, 1996.)


Goosebumps #49.


                Two kids exploring a basement find an artifact that creates a vampire.


Weird Halloween  (Scholastic, 2011.)


A Goosebumps Horrorland novel.




Welcome to Camp Nightmare  (Apple, 1993.)


Goosebumps #9.


                The counselors are strange at this summer camp, and when the kids start disappearing, those that remain behind start to get very nervous.


Welcome to Camp Slither  (Scholastic, 2009.)


Horrorland #9.


Campers discover that an amusement park has real monsters.


Welcome to Dead House  (Apple, 1992.)


Goosebumps #1.


Two kids have adventures in a haunted house.


Werewolf in the Living Room, The  (Apple, 1999.)


Goosebumps 2000 #17.


                Not seen.


Werewolf of Fever Swamp, The  (Apple, 1993.)


Goosebumps #14.


                A boy defends his dog after a series of animal attacks, suspecting instead that there’s a werewolf on the loose.


Werewolf Skin  (Apple, 1997.)


Goosebumps #60.


                An inquisitive young boy investigates strange goings on and discovers a werewolf.


Who Let the Ghosts Out?  (Delacorte, 2004.)


                Young readers ghost story.


Who's Been Sleeping in My Grave?  (Minstrel, 1996.)


Ghosts of Fear Street #2.


Zack is the only one who realizes their new teacher sleeps in a grave in the local cemetery every night, so it's up to him to destroy her.


Who's Your Mummy?  (Scholastic, 2009.)


A Goosebumps novel.


Real monsters appear in an amusement park.


Why I'm Afraid of Bees  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #17.


A young boy's attempt to swap bodies with another kid goes awry and he ends up as a bee.


Wizard of Ooze, The  (Scholastic, 2010.)


A Goosebumps Horrorland novel.


The discovery of a rare comic leads to frightening consequences.


You Can’t Scare Me!  (Apple, 1994.)


Goosebumps #15.


                A prank involving a legendary swamp monster backfires when it turns out the creature is real.




Stories of the Occult  (Badger, 1917.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Blood Is the New Black  (Three Rivers, 2007.)


Vampires invade the fashion world.




Beyond Midnight  (St Martins, 1996.)


                Mildly ghostly goings on in a straightforward romance novel.




Bram Stoker Bedside Companion, The  (Gollancz, 1973.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dracula  (Constable, 1897, Doubleday McClure, 1899, Armed Forces, ?, Rider, 1947, Pocket, 1947, Rider, 1954, Arrow, 1957, Airmont, 1965, Signet, 1965, Pyramid, 1965, Dell, 1965, Ballantine, 1966, Aerie, 1988, Tor, ?, Random House, 2000, DK, 2000, Wildside, 2002.    There is also a Falcon edition enormously condensed by Dale Carlson.)


 The most famous vampire story of all time.  Dracula purchases land in the vicinity of London in order to leave Transylvania and find a new place in the world. Ranged against him are a group of friends united in their desire to save a woman who has fallen under his influence.


Dracula’s Guest  (Routledge, 1914, Hillman Curl, 1937, Jarrolds, 1966, Arrow, 1966, Wildside, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dracula: or The Un-Dead  (Pumpkin, 1997.)


                First publication of Stoker’s five act play version of his own novel.


Five Complete Novels  (Barnes & Noble, 2006.)


                Omnibus of Dracula, The Jewel of the Seven Stars, Lair of the White Worm, Lady of the Shroud, and Mystery of the Sea.


Garden of Evil  (See The Lair of the White Worm. )


                A gigantic worm which has existed since time immemorial is stirring in its lair beneath the ground, and has projected a fragment of its personality which walks the earth in the guise of a beautiful woman.  Mediocre story, turned into a substantially altered and significantly better movie.


Jewel of the Seven Stars, The  (Heinemann, 1903, Harper, 1904, Rider, 1912, Arrow, 1962, Tower, 1968, Zebra, 1979, Desert Island, ?, Wildside, 2002.)


A man lies in a trance while various supernatural phenomena abound, including the spirit of an Egyptian woman.  There are two variant endings, and the one in which the hero survives may not be by Stoker.


Lady of the Shroud, The  (Heinemann, 1909, Rider, 1925, Arrow, 1962, Tower, 1968, Paperback Library, ?, Desert Island, ?, Wildside, 2002.)


The hero becomes involved with a mysterious woman who dresses in white, sleeps in a coffin, and is only seen at night. Although there is an obvious atmosphere of vampirism, it turns out to be a misunderstanding, although there is a genuine psychic in the plot as well.


Lair of the White Worm.  (Rider, 1911, Foulsham, 1950, Arrow, 1960, Pulp Fictions, 1998, Wildside, 2002.  Paperback Library, 1966, as Garden of Evil.)


A gigantic worm which has existed since time immemorial is stirring in its lair beneath the ground, and has projected a fragment of its personality which walks the earth in the guise of a beautiful woman.  Mediocre story, turned into a substantially altered and significantly better movie


Midnight Tales  (Peter Owen, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Under the Sunset  (Sampson Low, 1882, Newcastle, 1978.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Dracula the Un-Dead  (HarperCollins, 2009.)


Sequel to Dracula.


STOKES, C.A.  (See Nicholas Pine.)




Blue Is for Nightmares  (Llewellyn, 2003.)


Stacey #1.


                A teenager has prescient nightmares about a murder.


Deadly Little Games  (Hyperion, 2011.)


Deadly #3.


Teens with psychic powers.


Deadly Little Lies  (Hyperion, 2009.)


Deadly #1.


A team is able to gather information by touching objects.


Deadly Little Secret  (Hyperion, 2010.)


Deadly #2.




Project 17  (Hyperion, 2009.)


Youngsters explore a haunted building.


Red Is for Remembering  (Llewellyn, 2005.)


Stacey #4.


                Teens dream of ghosts and of a murder that has not yet occurred.


Return to the Dark House (Hyperion, 2015.)


Dark House #2.


Haunted house.


Silver Is for Secrets  (Llewellyn, 20056.)


Stacey #36.


                Prescient dreams of murder disturb a teenager’s vacation.


Welcome to the Dark House (Hyperion, 2014.)


Dark House #1.


A group of kids face their fears in a creepy house.


White Is for Magic  (Llewellyn, 2004.)


Stacey #2.


                A teenager who dreams about the future foresees her own murder.




Ashes and Angel Wings  (White Wolf, 2003.)


A World of Darkness novel.


                An incarnated demon finds himself straying toward the good side of the universe when he falls in love with a mortal woman.


Hunger Like Fire, A  (White Wolf, 2004.)


A World of Darkness novel.


                A newly converted vampire is disturbed by her condition.


Seven Deadlies, The  (White Wolf, 2003.)


A World of Darkness novel.


                A demon takes the form of the son of a lucrative televangelist.


Wreckage of Paradise, The  (White Wolf, 2003.)


A World of Darkness novel.


                Demons manipulate the human race.




Black Tide  (Telos, 2007.)


A mutated pollutant in the ocean generates a cloud that creates zombies.


Dead Heat  (Mojo Press, 1996.)


                In the midst of a collapsing civilization, zombies appear across America.




Visions of Esmaree, The  (St. Martin's, 1976, Popular Library,1978.)


Esmaree doesn't understand why she seems to be the only person who can see what people are really thinking, and sometimes even foresee what will happen to them in the future.  As tensions in her small town mount, her habit of dropping the wrong word at the right time aggravates the situation.




Allison's Baby  (Dell, 1988.)


A woman who was subjected to a brutal attack returns to her home town following her marriage.  Pregnant, she has mixed feelings about the child, but as its birth date approaches, she begins to suspect that her doctor's interest in extrasensory perception has taken a bizarre and frightening turn.




Bay of Souls   (Houghton Mifflin, 2003.)


                A skeptic discovers that voodoo actually works.




Cthulhu and Other Monsters (Telos, 2017.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Abominable Snow Monster, The  (Bantam Skylark, ?)


Graveyard School #9.


                Not seen.


April Ghouls' Day  ( Bantam Skylark, ?)


Graveyard School #11.


                Not seen.


Camp Dracula  (Bantam Skylark, 1995.)


Graveyard School #6.


                Kids run into trouble at a summer camp that's being run by vampires.


Dead Sox, The  (Bantam Skylark, ?)


Graveyard School #18.


                Not seen.


Don't Eat the Mystery Meat  (Bantam Skylark, 1994.)


Graveyard School #1.


                Something strange is going on in the school cafeteria.  The new worker is hiding something, and the food seems to have a mind of its own.


Don't Tell Mummy  (Bantam Skylark, 1997.)


Graveyard School #16.


                On a trip to a museum, kids discover one of the mummies isn't completely dead.


Escape from Vampire Park  (Bantam Skylark, 1998.)


Graveyard School #25.


                Weird goings on at an amusement park, written for younger readers.


Fright Before Christmas, The  (Bantam Skylark, ?)


Graveyard School #15.


                Not seen.


Gator Ate Her, The  (Bantam Skylark, 1997.)


Graveyard School #19.


                During a vacation, a boy encounters an unusual alligator.


Headless Bicycle Rider, The  (Bantam Skylark, 1994.)


Graveyard School #3.


                The new kid in town runs into the ghost of someone who was beheaded.


Here Comes Santa Claus  (Bantam Skylark, 1998.)


Graveyard School #27.


                An evil Santa Claus and his impish assistants bring unwanted presents.


Jack and the Beanstalker  (Bantam Skylark, ?)


Graveyard School #17


                Not seen.


Let's Scare the Teacher to Death  (Bantam Skylark, ?)


Graveyard School #8.


                Not seen.


Little Pet Werewolf  (Bantam Skylark, 1995.)


Graveyard School #4.


                On share your pet day at school, one youngster brings in a werewolf.


Little School of Horrors  (Bantam Skylark, 1998.)


Graveyard School #26.


                Teachers, staff, and even some of the students at a youngster’s new school are decidedly creepy critters.


Revenge of the Dinosaurs  (Bantam Skylark, 1995.)


Graveyard School #5.


                A young boy's toy dinosaurs come to life and grow to enormous sizes.


Scream Team  (Bantam Skylark, ?)


Graveyard School #12.


                Not seen.


Skeleton on the Skateboard, The  (Bantam Skylark, 1994.)


Graveyard School #2.


                A particular impressive skateboarder turns out to have returned from the dead.


Slime Lake  (Bantam Skylark, 1995.)


Graveyard School #7.


                A lake monster turns out not to be so bad after all when she helps foil the plot of a human villain.


Spider Beside Her, The  (Bantam Skylark, 1998.)


Graveyard School #28.


                A giant spider lures children into its web.


Tales Too Scary to Tell at Camp  (Bantam Skylark, 1996.)


Graveyard School #13.


                Collection of loosely related stories.


There's a Ghost in the Boys' Bathroom  (Bantam Skylark, ?)


Graveyard School #10.


                Not seen.


Tragic School Bus, The  (Bantam Skylark, ?)


Graveyard School #14.


                Not seen.




Devil Take a Whittler  (Rinehart, 1948.)


                Folk tale with an appearance by the devil.




Memoirs of a Ghost, The  (Grey Walls, 1947.)


                A ghost story.




Dead Girls Don't (ChiZine, 2015.)


A teenage girl can talk to the dead.




Ghostwalk  (Doubleday, 2007.)


                Marginal story about murder and ghosts.




Sam Lawson's Oldtown Fireside Stories  (Houghton Mifflin, 1871.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Demon Night  (Putnam, 1989, Berkley, 1990.)


Returning to the town where his parents were killed, Eric is trapped in a series of bizarre events whose common element is a dangerous system of caves which were once occupied by American Indians, and which may now be home to angry spirits.


Othersyde  (Dutton, 1990.)


                Two young boys open a two way line of communication with a mysterious creature from another reality, one who offers them the power of life and death.  Although one resists, the other succumbs to the temptation and uses supernatural powers to settle old grudges.


Tales from the New Twilight Zone  (Bantam, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.