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SABERHAGEN, FRED  (See also collaboration with Roger Zelazny.  Note that the Lost Swords series continues the story of the Swords series.)


Ardneh's Sword  (Tor, 2006.)


Broken Lands #4.


                A man troubled by strange dreams joins an expedition to uncover the vault of an ancient hero.


Ardneh's World  (See Changeling Earth.)


Ariadne's Web  (Tor, 2000.)


Book of Gods #2.


                A retelling of the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.


Arms of Hercules, The  (Tor, 2000.)


Book of Gods #3.




Black Mountains, The  (Ace, 1971.  Baen, 1988, revised.)


Broken Lands #2.


                A deposed lord finds himself caught between one group of enemies who are aided by ancient technology and another set who wield the power of magic.


Broken Lands, The  (Ace, 1968, Tandem, 1973.  Baen, 1987, revised.)


Broken Lands #1.


                Opening volume in a series that begins as science fiction but gradually becomes fantasy.  In the far future, civilization has collapsed and most people live in fear of a handful of powerful leaders.  One young man seeks to rediscover the ancient technology that will alter the balance of power.


Changeling Earth  (DAW, 1973.  Baen, 1988, revised as Ardneh's World.)


Broken Lands #3.


                The final showdown between technology and magic as a legendary figure arises to overthrow the evil Empire of the East.


Coinspinner's Story  (Tor, 1989, Orbit, ?)


Lost Swords #5.


                A series of characters have adventures while they own a magical sword that brings good luck to whoever holds it, but which changes hands frequently for purposes apparently of its own.


Complete Book of Swords, The  (Tor, 1983, Futura, 1986.)


                Omnibus of the Swords trilogy.


Dancing Bears  (Tor, 1996.)


                An adventure in pre-revolutionary Russia just after the turn of the century, involving a family whose male members possess the ability to change into the form of bears.


Empire of the East  (Ace, 1979, Macdonald, 1984, Orbit, ?, Baen, 1990, Tor, 2003.)


                Omnibus of the Broken Lands trilogy.


Face of Apollo, The  (Tor, 1998.)


Book of Gods #1.


                A young man agrees to delivery a magical mask as a favor.  The mask belongs to one of the Greek gods, however, and the god wants it back.


Farslayer's Story  (Tor, 1989, Orbit, 1992.)


Lost Swords #4.


                Various individuals contend for possession of a magical sword that can kill from a distance, including a mermaid, a wizard, a mysterious woman, various nobles, and others.


First Book of Swords, The  (Tor, 1983, Macdonald, 1986, Orbit, 1986.)


Swords #1.


                A devastating war changed the world so utterly that science is forgotten and magic once again rules the planet.  Now the gods are indulging themselves in a new game, with humans as the playing pieces.


First Swords, The  (Tor, 1999.)


                Omnibus of the first three books in the Swords series.


God of the Golden Fleece  (Tor, 2001.)


Book of the Gods #4.


                A retelling of the story of Jason and the Argonauts and the search for the golden fleece.  One of the crewmembers is a god, and another an amnesiac with a personal agenda.


Gods of Fire and Thunder  (Tor, 2002.)


                A warrior crosses a mystic barrier and finds himself in Asgard.


Lost Swords: Endgame, The  (Guild America, 1994.)


                Omnibus of the last two Lost Swords novels.


Lost Swords: The First Triad, The  (Doubleday, 1988.)


                Omnibus of the first three Lost Swords novels.


Lost Swords: The Second Triad, The  (Guild America, 1991.)


                Omnibus of the second three Lost Swords novels.


Merlin's Bones  (Tor, 1995.)


                A scientist in the near future is confronted by Morgan Le Fay and Mordred, who want to control her new invention which can actually alter reality.  She eventually travels back through time to Camelot in an elaborate chase and escape adventure.


Mindsword's Story  (Tor, 1990, Orbit, ?)


Lost Swords #6.


                A nobleman discovers that by drawing a magical sword, he has unleashed a magical power upon those he loves, one that could effectively destroy their personalities.


Second Book of Swords, The  (Tor, 1983, Orbit, 1986.)


Swords #2.


                The gods made twelve magical swords so that humans would wage entertaining wars to gain control of them.  Unfortunately, they had not foreseen that the swords are so powerful that they can kill even a deity, so they decide to reclaim them.


Sightblinder's Story  (Tor, 1987, Orbit, ?.)


Lost Swords #2.


                A simple country lad uses a magic sword to rescue a prisoner from the very gates of hell.


Stonecutter's Story  (Tor, 1988, Orbit, 1989.)


Lost Swords #3.


                A warrior and a mind reader team up to solve a mystery when a magical sword is stolen.  A series of murders occurs before they find the culprit and regain the sword.


Third Book of Swords, The  (Tor, 1984, Orbit, 1986.)


Swords #3.


                As the magical swords begin to claim victims from among the gods as well as among mortals, those who survive discover that much of what they believed to be real is actually an elaborate illusion.


Wayfinder's Story  (Tor, 1992, Orbit, ?)


Lost Swords #7.


                The sword of wisdom is found, and a simple farmer sets out with it to find the woman of his dreams.


Woundhealer's Story  (Tor, 1986, Orbit, ?.)


Lost Swords #1.


                The gods have all died because they inadvertently created swords that could kill them.  Now the magical swords have been lost, but a nobleman searches desperately for one that has the power to heal his ailing son.  He is opposed by an alliance aided by an evil sorcerer.




Perilous Power, A  (Tor, 2004, Starscape, 2004.)


Sorcery #2.


                Actually a prequel to the first in the series.  A young boy who discovers he has the forbidden ability to use magic seeks a safe place to live.


School for Sorcery, A  (Tor, 2002, Starscape, 2003.)


Sorcery #1.


                A school for teenaged witches and wizards becomes a battlefield when one of the students turns to the dark arts.


When the Beast Ravens  (Tor, 2005.)


Sorcery #3.


                A student returns from a temporary exile in another reality, and a series of accidents near him suggests he did not come alone.


SAGARA, MICHELLE  (See also Michelle West.)


Cast in Courtlight  (Luna, 2006.)


Kaylin #2.


                A visit to a magical court leads to a murder investigation.


Cast in Deception (Mira, 2018.0


Cast in Flame (Luna, 2014.)






Cast in Fury  (Luna, 2008.)


Kaylin #4.


A woman with magical powers investigates a murder.


Cast in Peril (Luna, 2012.)






Cast in Ruin (Luna, 2011.)


Kaylin #7.




Cast in Secret  (Luna, 2007.)


Kaylin #3.


A young woman gets involved in another magical mystery.


Cast in Shadow  (Luna, 2005.)


Kaylin #1.


                A woman in a magical city investigates the mysterious deaths of several children.


Cast in Sorrow (Luna, 2013.)






Chains of Darkness, Chains of Light  (Del Rey, 1994.  Benbella, 2007, as by Michelle Sagara West.)


Sundered #4.


                The final confrontation between the champion of light and the lord of darkness, one time lovers and now sworn enemies.


Children of the Blood  (Del Rey, 1992.  BenBella, 2006, as Michelle Sagara West.)


Sundered #2.


                Evil appears to have triumphed, and now the victorious lord of darkness is preparing to waken his bride from her long sleep.


Grave (DAW, 2017.)


Into the Dark Lands  (Del Rey, 1991.  BenBella, 2005, as by Michelle Sagara West.)


Sundered #1.


                A seeress has a vision of the future in which she identifies a young, untried woman as the only hope in the battle of good versus evil.


Lady of Mercy  (Del Rey, 1993.  BenBella, 2006, as Michelle Sagara West.)


Sundered #3.


                The champion of the forces of right finally wakens from a centuries long sleep to take up the sword against the lord of evil.


Silence  (DAW, 2012.)


Queen of the Dead #1.




Touch (DAW, 2014.)


Queen of the Dead #2.






Flyte  (HarperCollins, 2007.)


Septimus Heap #2.


An apprentice wizard battles to keep the right person on the throne.


Magyk  (HarperCollins, 2005.)


Septimus Heap #1.


                The life of the infant son of a wizard is endangered.


Physik  (HarperCollins, 2007.)


Septimus Heap #3.


The ghost of a malevolent woman is inadvertently released.




Blood Call (Orbit, 2015.)




Roadside Magic (Orbit, 2016.)


Gallow #2.




Trailer Park Fae (Orbit, 2015.)


Gallow #1.




ST ALCORN, LLOYD  (Pseudonym of David N. Meyer II.)


Halberd, Dream Warrior  (Signet, 1987.)


Dream Quest #1.


                A Viking who receives visions by entering the dream world sees his brother's death and sets out on a mission of vengeance.  He is opposed by enemies both human and inhuman.


On the Shoulders of Giants  (Signet, 1988.)


Dream Quest #2.


                A Viking warrior who has access to the world of dreams is among the explorers who first set foot in North America.


Serpent Mound, The  (Signet, 1989.)


Dream Quest #3.


                A Viking warrior is plagued by an army of ghostly warriors pressed into service by an evil witch who hates him.


ST CROW, LILI  (Also writes Horror.)


Nameless (Razorbill, 2014.)




Wayfarer  (Razorbill, 2014.)






Little Prince, The  (Reynal  & Hitchcock, 1943, Harcourt, Brace, & World, 1943, translated from the French by Katherine Woods.  Heinemann, 1945, Puffin, 1963.)


                Children's story about amagical prince.




Prophetess, The  (Spook, 1983.)


                Not seen.


Sword for Alosando, A  (Spook, 1982.)


                Not seen.


Witch Might  (Spook, 1987.)


                Not seen.




Lure of the Wolf, The  (Pocket, 2007)


Shadowman #2.


Two people from different worlds find one another while combating an ancient evil.


ST JAMES, BLAKELY  (Pseudonym of Charles Platt.)


Christina Enchanted  (Playboy, 1980.)


                Not seen.


ST JOHN, TINA  (Pseudonym of Tina Haack.)


Heart of the Dove  (Ivy, 2005.)


Dragon Chalice #3.


                A long held enmity nearly results in a magical apocalypse.


Heart of the Flame  (Ivy, 2005.)


Dragon Chalice #2.




Heart of the Hunter  (Ivy, 2004.)


Dragon Chalice #1.


                Marginal historical romance involving some genuine magic.




Happy Cat, The  (Wildside, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are fantasy.




Twilight of the Fifth Sun  (?)


An ancient prophecy and a ghostly pirate.




Zanesville  (Villard, 2005.)


                An amnesiac finds himself accompanied by two hologram cartoon characters come to life.




Eighth Day, The (HarperCollins, 2014.)


Eighth Day #1.




Inquisitor's Mark, The (HarperCollins, 2015.)


Eighth Day #2.


Magical figures invade our world.




Discordia  (Hyperion, 2009.)


Teens find themselves in the real magical world that is the basis for a computer game.




Eleventh Jaguarundi & Other Mysterious Persons, The  (Wordcraft of Oregon, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Golden Naginata, The  (Ace, 1982.)


Tomoe Gozen #2.


                Further adventures of a female warrior in a magical ancient land.  In addition to physical dangers, she must struggle with conflicts between her love of freedom and her sense of honor.


Hag's Tapestry  (Haunted Library, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


John Collier and Fredric Brown Went Quarreling Through My Head  (Ganley, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ou Lu Khen and the Beautiful Madwoman  (Ace, 1985.)


                A simple man falls in love with a madwoman, but the gods refuse to allow them to be together.  In order to earn that right, he travels to the ruins of an ancient civilization in search of arcane knowledge.


Silver Thread of Madness, A  (Ace, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Swordswoman, The  (Tor, 1982.)


                A young woman learning the Japanese art of sword fighting is shocked when her sword becomes magical and she is beset by a horde of supernatural creatures.


Thousand Shrine Warrior  (Ace, 1984.)


Tomoe Gozen #3.


                A female warrior must defend a peaceful village from the machinations and evil magic of an outside force.


Tomoe Gozen  (Ace, 1981.)


Tomoe Gozen #1.


                In an alternate ancient Japan, a female warrior battles monsters and men after she breaks faith with her order in pursuit of a higher duty.


SALSITZ, R.A.V.  (See also Rhondi Villott, Emily Drake, Jenna Rhodes, and Rhondi Vilott Salsitz.)


Daughter of Destiny  (Signet, 1988.)


Alorie #2.


                Although a unicorn horn allowed her to defeat an evil sorcerer earlier, Alorie has to dust it off and set out for a fresh battle when the evil one stirs from his sleep and tries once more to defeat her.


Night of Dragons  (Roc, 1990.)


Sharlin #3.


                Sharlin must go on yet another quest when powerful forces demand the sacrifice of her son in exchange for continued peace in the world.


Unicorn Dancer, The  (Signet, 1986.)


Alorie #1.


                A feisty noblewoman sets forth on a quest to find allies in her battle to prevent the conquest of her city by evil magic.


Where Dragons Lie  (Signet, 1985.)


Sharlin #1.


                A princess and a motley band of heroes are off on a quest to waken the magical dragon who can save the world from an onslaught of evil.


Where Dragons Rule  (Signet, 1986.)


Sharlin #2.


                A princess has made a friend of a powerful dragon, but now she must seek the aid of a witch and travel back through time in order to prevent the forces of evil from overwhelming the world.


SALSITZ, RHONDI VILOTT  (See also R.A.V. Salsitz and Rhondi Vilott.)


Twilight Gate, The  (Walker, 1993.)


                Three children open a magical gate between worlds, placing themselves in jeopardy but also finding an unexpected friend.




Hound of Florence, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1930, translated from the Austrian by Huntley Paterson.)


                A man is magically transformed into a dog.




Ancient, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Saga of the First King #1.


A typical fantasy quest in the world of the Demonwars series.


Ascendance  (Del Rey, 2001.)


Demon Wars #4.


                The King of Corona creates turmoil when he chooses a woman to be his queen.  She in turn is dismayed by the prospect of marriage, and still mourns her lost and presumably dead child.  But the boy survived, and has been turned into a powerful sorcerer and agent of evil powers allied against the throne.


Bastion of Darkness  (Del Rey, 2000.)


Black Warlock #3.


                The evil sorcerer is back with his most powerful army yet, a legion of the undead who cannot be killed.  Even worse, the only woman who might turn the tide of battle has been taken captive by the enemy, and must be rescued if there is to be any hope of survival.


Bear, The  (Tor, 2010.)


Saga of the First King #4.


More power struggles and plotting in a magical land.


Canticle  (TSR, ?, Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


Forgotten Realms Cleric #1.


                A monk is compelled to enter the catacombs under the monastery where he lives to defeat an evil magical force that threatens his entire order.


Chaos Curse, The  (TSR, 1994.)


Forgotten Realms Cleric #5.


                A cleric finally defeats an ancient curse and saves the library he loves.


Charon's Claw  (Wizards of the Coast, 2012.)




Child of a Mad God (Tor, 2018.)


A young woman's magical powers attract the interest of a demon.


Cleric Quintet, The  (TSR, 1999.)


                Omnibus of Canticle, In Sylvan Shadows, Night Masks, The Fallen Fortress, and The Chaos Curse.


Companions, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2013.)




Crimson Shadow, The  (Warner, 2006.)


                Omnibus of the trilogy.


Crystal Shard, The  (TSR, 1988, Penguin, 1988.)


Forgotten Realms Icewind Dale novel #1.


                The shard is a magical artifact that might even be sentient.  The battles between barbarian hordes and an alliance of towns may be decided by its influence, and the efforts of an unlikely hero.


Dame, The  (Tor, 2009.)


Saga of the First King #3.


A highwayman tries to extricate himself from local politics by taking a journey.


Demon Apostle, The  (Del Rey, 1999, Millennium, 1999.)


Demon #3.


                Once again the evil demon dactyl has been repulsed, but once again he survived.  Although his goblin armies are in full retreat, further perils still menace the land of Corona.


Demon Awakens, The  (Del Rey, 1996, Millennium, 1997.)


Demon #1.


                A powerful demon wakens in the land of Corona and unleashes an army of goblins on its citizenry.  In the aftermath, two orphans find new lives for themselves.


Demon Spirit, The  (Del Rey, 1998, Millennium, 1999.)


Demon #2.


                Although it appears that the evil demon who attacked the land of Corona has been destroyed, his armies are still attacking.  Two young orphans realize eventually that the demon has not been destroyed and still poses a deadly threat.


Dragon King, The  (Warner, 1996, Aspect, 1997.)


Crimson Shadow #3.


                As Luthien's armies prepare for the final battle, he discovers that the ruler of Eliador is not a human after all, but a powerful demonic creature who might be invulnerable.


Dragon's Dagger, The  (Ace, 1994.)


Spearwielders #2.


                A man from our world returns to a magical realm, but this time he discovers a number of different powers threatening the peace, and worst of all, the magical weapons he used before are missing.


Dragonslayer's Return  (Ace, 1995.)


Spearwielders #3.


                The unlikely hero from our reality returns to the land of magic for a third adventure, this time battling an oppressive king and evil witch.


Echoes of the Fourth Magic  (Roc, 1990, Del Rey, 1998.)


Black Warlock #1.


                A submarine is magically transported to the future, after war and other disasters have destroyed civilization and magic has returned.  They must pit their talents against an evil sorcerer seeking domination of the world.


Exile  (TSR, 1990, Penguin, 1990.)


Forgotten Realms Dark Elf #2.


                An exile and his slightly magical cat friend seek a new home in a world of mazes.


Fallen Fortress, The  (TSR, 1993.)


Forgotten Realms Cleric #4.


                A monk turned military leader sets out on a small campaign to hone his talents, and discovers that war and magic are both subjects more complex than he imagined.


Gauntlgrym  (Wizards of the Coast, 2011.)


A Neverwinter novel.




Halfling’s Gem, The  (TSR, 1990, Penguin, 1990.)


Forgotten Realms Icewind Dale novel #3.


                A band of friends has a series of adventures during their quest to rescue a friend who has been kidnapped by their mutual enemies.


Highwayman, The  (CDS, 2004, Tor, 2007.)


Saga of the First King #1.


                A monk and his wife must go into hiding after they return to their homeland with a new form of wisdom.


Homecoming (Wizards of the Coast, 2015.)




Homeland  (TSR, 1990, Penguin, 1990.)


Forgotten Realms Dark Elf #1.


                A young man grows up among the nobility of his land, but they are unrelievedly evil and petty, and he finds himself at odds with his own heritage.


Icewind Dale Trilogy, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


                Omnibus of The Crystal Shard, Streams of Silver, and The Halfling’s Gem.


Immortalis  (Del Rey, 2003.)


Demon Wars #6.


                A woman has to find a way to break the magical spell that grips her son.


In Sylvan Shadows  (TSR, 1992, Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


Forgotten Realms Cleric #2.


                A monk must develop military skills in order to protect an innocent village that is threatened by an army buttressed by evil magic.


Legacy, The  (TSR, 1992.)


Forgotten Realms Legacy of the Drow novel #1.


                With all their enemies defeated, a group of friends gathers together in preparation for celebrating a time of peace.  Unfortunately, their campaign against their old enemies has caused the rise of a whole batch of new ones.


Legacy of the Drow  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.)


                Omnibus of The Legacy, Starless Night, Siege of Darkness, and Passage to Dawn.


Lone Drow, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                Episodic adventure of an elf.


Luthien’s Gamble  (Warner, 1996, Aspect, 1996, Harper, 1998.)


Crimson Shadow #2.


                Luthien is an unlikely hero who has become the leader of a popular rebellion against the demonic armies who serve Eliador's despotic ruler.


Maestro (Wizards of the Coast, 2016.)


Mortalis  (Del Rey, 2001.)




Neverwinter  (Wizards of the Coast, 2012.)




Night Masks  (TSR, 1992, Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


Forgotten Realms Cleric #3.


                The protagonist takes refuge in a major city, but is harassed by members of the local assassins' guild, who are determined to eliminate him and his long time companion.


Orc King, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2007.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


A company of adventurers runs into trouble.


Passage to Dawn  (TSR, 1996.)


Forgotten Realms Legacy of the Drow novel #4.


                One of the Drow sets out on a series of voyages and has a variety of adventures, eventually coming to think of the journey as his home.


Pirate King, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2008.)


Forgotten Realms Transitions #2.


War with the wizards continues.


Promise of the Witch-King  (Wizards of the Coast, 2005.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.  Sellswords #2.


                Two warriors reunite to battle a malevolent ghost and a vengeful knight.


Rise of the King (Wizards of the Coast, 2014.)


A Dungeons & Dragons novel.




Road of the Patriarch  (Wizards of the Coast, 2006.)


Sellswords #3.


                An assassin, a mercenary, and two dragons drive toward confrontation.


Sea of Swords  (Wizards of the Coast, 2001.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                A band of adventurers battles highwaymen, pirates, and other dangers.


Servant of the Shard  (Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


A Forgotten Realms novel. Sellswords #1.


                An elf gains control of a magical artifact that gives him great power.  Unfortunately, it also begins to control him and turn him into an evil creature.  He seeks help in freeing himself from the curse, but his prospects are not promising.


Siege of Darkness  (TSR, 1994.)


Forgotten Realms Legacy of the Drow novel #3.


                Magical warfare in a fantasy kingdom.


Silent Blade, The  (TSR, 1998.)


                A barbarian warrior has various adventures.


Sojourn  (TSR, 1991, Penguin, 1991.)


Forgotten Realms Dark Elf #3.


                A denizen of the underworld has a series of adventures when he flees to the surface to escape his enemies.


Spearwielder's Tale  (Ace, 2004.)


                Omnibus of The Woods Out Back, The Dragon's Dagger, and Dragonslayer's Return.


Spine of the World, The  ( ?) with Philip Athans?


A Forgotten Realms novel.




Starless Night  (TSR, 1993.)


Forgotten Realms Legacy of the Drow novel #2.


                Further adventures of the denizens of an underground world.


Streams of Silver  (TSR, 1989, Penguin, 1989.)


Forgotten Realms Icewind Dale novel #2.


                An alliance of friends who survived many battles begins to break up when personal tensions and outside prejudice place new strains upon their relationship.


Sword of Bedwyr, The   (Warner, 1995, Aspect, 1996, Harper, 1998.)


Crimson Shadow #1.


                Luthien is content to live under the quietly despotic ruler of Eliador until a friend is murdered and his effort to find justice causes him to become a fugitive.  He quests for a magical artifact and becomes the embodiment of a legendary warrior destined to free the land from it s oppressors.


Thousand Orcs, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                A lone elf warrior stands against an entire army as he attempts to seek revenge for their attack on his friends.


Transcendence  (Del Rey, 2002.)


Demon Wars #5.


                A young woman learns the battle skills and diplomacy needed to unite her people against a supernatural enemy.


Two Swords, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2004.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                Drizzt the elf solves another worldwide crisis.


Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf (Wizards of the Coast, 2015.)


A Dungeons and Dragons novel.




Witch's Daughter, The  (Roc, 1991, Del Rey, 1999.)


Black Warlock #2.


                The forces of good and evil are arrayed against each other, possessing two different forms of magic.  But as they prepare for the ultimate battle, yet another form of magic appears on the scene.


Woods Out Back, The  (Ace, 1993.)


Spearwielders #1.


                A man unhappy with his life in our world discovers that the woods behind his house are the gateway to a magical realm where he can be a hero, carry a magic weapon, and defeat the powers of darkness.




Chains of the Heretic  (Night Shade, 2016.)






Stranger in Olondria, A  (Small Beer, 2013.)


A young boy gets caught up in a war of magic.


Winged Histories, The (Small Beeer, 2016.)






Black Smith's Telling  (Headline, 1990.)


Tintagel #3.


                A man is forced to pretend to be a maidservant of Morgan LeFay.


Chains of Sleep, The  (Dobson, 1981.)


                Not seen.


Daughter of Tintagel  (Headline, 1992.)


                Omnibus of the five Tintagel novels.


Finglas and the Stones of Choosing  (Lion, 1986.)


Pangur Ban #3.


                A princess undergoes several trials to prove her worth.


Finglas of the Horses  (Lion, 1986.)


Pangur Ban #2


                An adventure on the island of the horses.


Herself  (Headline, 1992.)


Tintagel #5.


                Morgan LeFay tells her own story.


Pangur Ban, the White Cat  (Lion, 1983)


Pangur Ban #1.


                A kitten must deal with sea serpents, mermaids, and other legendary creatures.


Serpent of Senargad, The  (Lion, 1989.)


Pangur Ban #5.




Shape Shifter: The Naming of Pangur Ban  (Lion, 1988.)


Pangur Ban #4.


                A kitten is employed as the means by which to outsmart an evil witch.  Prequel to the rest of the series.


Star Dancer  (Headline, 1993.)


                An historical fantasy set in Sumer.


Taliesin's Telling  (Headline, 1991.)


Tintagel #4.


                A poet gives his version of the life of Morgan LeFay.


White Horse Is Running, The  (Lion, 1990.)


Pangur Ban #6.


                A princess must stop a war.


White Nun's Telling  (Headline, 1989.)


Tintagel  #2.


                Morgan LeFay as seen by a nun in a convent where the sorceress stayed.


Wise Woman's Telling  (Headline, 1989.)


Tintagel #1.


                Morgan LeFay's story told from the point of view of her childhood nurse.




Devil That Failed, The  (Knopf, 1952, Gollancz, 1953.)


                A man grows to giant size.




More Rootabaga Stories  (Harcourt, 1990.  ?, 1923, as Rootabaga Pigeons.)


                Collection of unrelated stories for younger readers.


Rootabaga Pigeons  (See More Rootabaga Stories.)


Rootabaga Stories  (?, 1922, Harcourt, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories for younger readers.




Song of the Sparrow  (Scholastic, 2007.)


A young girl gets involved with Morgana and Lancelot.


SANDERS, ROB  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Everchosen (Black Library, 2015.)


A Warhammer novel.






Ballad of Billy Badass and the Rose of Turkestan, The  (Wildside, 2002.)


                A native American has visits from the ghost of a dead relative while pursuing romance and battling an inhuman entity that has been inadvertently released into our world.


SANDERSON, BRANDON  (See also collaborations with Robert Jordan.)


Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Alcatraz #1.


A teenager outwits a cult of librarians using superhuman powers to seize control of the world.


Alcatraz vs the Knights of Crystallia  (Scholastic, 2009.)


Alcatraz #3.


A young adventurer battles magical librarians.


Alcatraz vs the Scrivener's Bones (Scholastic, 2009.)


Alcatraz #2.


A magical visit to the Library of Alexandra.


Alcatraz vs the Shattered Lens  (Scholastic, 2010.)


Alcatraz #4.


An army or evil librarians use robots to challenge the world.


Alloy of Law, The  (Tor, 2011.)


Mistborn #4.


A fantasy world has an industrial revolution.


Bands of Mourning, The (Tor, 2016.)


Mistborn #5.




Calamity (Delacorte, 2016.)


Reckoners #3.




Elantris  (Tor, 2005.)


                A city inhabited by people who have been magically transformed is struck by a wave of change, leaving the benevolent occupants bereft of their powers.


Emperor's Soul, The  (Tachyon, 2012.)


A thief must fashion a soul for a stricken emperor.


Final Empire, The (2007)


Firefight (Delacorte, 2015.)


Reckoners #2.




Gathering Storm, The  (Tor, 2009.)


Wheel of Time #1.


First part of his conclusion to the Robert Jordan series.


Legion  (Subterranean, 2012.)


A man has the ability to generate multiple personalities.


Hero of Ages, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Mistborn #3.


The death of a repressive ruler is followed by a series of magically inspired natural disasters.


Mistborn  (Tor, 2006.)


Mistborn #1.


                A prisoner develops magical powers and escapes, intent upon freeing his people from their brutal oppressors.


Oathbringer (Tor, 2017.)


Rithmatist, The  (Tor, 2013.)




Steelheart (Delacorte, 2014.)


Reckoners #1.




Towers of Midnight  (Tor, 2010.)


Wheel of Time #2.




Warbreaker  (Tor, 2009.)




Way of Kings, The  (Tor, 2010.)


Stormlight #1.




Well of Ascension, The  (Tor, 2007.)


Mistborn #2.


Following the death of a brutal ruler, the new leaders of a magical realm face a supernatural menace.




Crystal Mountain, The  (Little, Brown, 1999.)


                Children's fantasy about efforts to recover a tapestry stolen by fairies.




Turquoise Sun, The  (Zebra, 1997.)


                Time travel romance in which an archaeologist travels back to the 13th Century Anasazi civilization and finds love.




Unforgettable  (Jove, 1999.)


                Two people find love through the intervention of a pair of unhappy ghosts who seek their assistance in reaching the true afterlife.




Hellhounds (Fairwood, 2022/)


Chapbook  about a magical search for a missing man.




Fantastic Memories  (Doubleday, 1944, Guildford, undated.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


SANDS, LYNSAY  (See collaboration with Hannah Howell.)




Sky Knife  (Forge, 1997.)


                A Mayan sacrificial ceremony goes awry and the gods are angered.


SANSEVERE, J.R.  (See collaboration with Erica Farber.)




Peter and the Blue Witch Baby  (Doubleday, 2000.)


                Young readers story of an encounter with a witch.




Fireman Flower and Other Stories  (Hogarth, 1944, Vanguard, 1945.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are fantasy.




Baptism of Fire (Gollancz, 2014.)


The wizards' guild collapses.


Blood of Elves  (Gollancz, 2008, Orbit, 2009.)


A young girl's birth could affect the outcome of a battle among the various races.


Last Wish, The  (Gollancz, 2007, translated from the Polish by Danusia Stok.)


A professional demon hunter almost meets his match.




Gordath Wood  (Ace, 2008.)


Gordath #1.


An earthquake opens a gateway between worlds.


Red Gold Bridge  (Ace, 2009.)


Gordath #2.


Lovers are separated by the border between worlds.




Black Madonna  (Roc, 1996.)


#20 in the multi-author Shadowrun series.


A computer hacking elf has seized control of all the compute systems in the world and plans to bring civilization crashing to a halt.


Nosferatu  (Roc, 1994.)


#14 in the multi-author Shadowrun series.


A demonic force chases a group of friends from America to Europe in a version of Earth where magic has returned and supernatural entities are common.


Streets of Blood  (Roc, 1992.)


#8 in the multi-author Shadowrun series.


A series of murders in London bring together an unlikely group of magicians and businessmen in a desperate effort to preserve their own lives by finding the person, or creature, responsible.




Eye of Flame and Other Fantasies  (Five Star, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mountain Cage, The  (Cheap Street, 1983.)


                Short story published as a pamphlet.




Fur Person, The  (Norton, 1957, McLeod, 1957, Signet, 1970.)


                The story of a cat who is psychically linked to a human.




Come Midnight  (Zebra, 2002.)


                A Deal with the Devil romance novel.




Imaro  (DAW, 1981.)


Imaro #1.


                Episodic novel originally published as a series of shorts.  Imaro is a Black African warrior living in an alternate Africa who overcomes various enemies, mundane and magical, as he grows to be a man.


Quest for Cush, The  (DAW, 1984.)


Imaro #2.


                A jungle hero goes on a dangerous trip to a fabled city when he learns that ancient demonic forces are seeking to claim rule over the world.


Trail of Bohu, The  (DAW, 1985.)


Imaro #3.


                One warrior stands between a legion of powerful demons and the land and people he defends. A tale of magic in a jungle setting.




Morgan Swift and the Lake of Diamonds  (Random House, 1986.)


                A woman with psychic powers goes on an expedition to the Amazon looking for orchids and finds herself faced with human as well as jungle dangers.




Daemon in the Machine, The  (Harper Prism, 1998.)


Ever #2.


                His training at demon handling helps a young man survive in a violent magical alternate world.


Delta City  (Roc, 1996.  ?, 1996, as In Human Country.)


Salt #2.


                One of the gods has fashioned a new empire for himself, and his ruthless rule keeps everyone in line except for one young woman, who is determined to bring his tyranny to an end.


Humility Garden  (Roc, 1995.)


Salt #1.


                In a magical land, humans have decided that the gods are not necessarily supreme creatures.  The young protagonist learns the way of magic and politics as she searches for her destiny.  To find it, she must defeat an actual god.


In Human Country  (See Delta City.)


Trickster in the Ashes, A  (HarperPrism, 1998.)


Ever #3.


                Final revelations in an alternate world where demons move through solid matter unless controlled by those trained to the job.


War in the Waste, The  (HarperPrism, 1997.)


Ever #1.


                A young man raised in a circus finds himself having a series of dangerous adventures in a magical land torn by dynastic struggles and supernatural menaces.


SAVILE, STEVEN (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Black Chalice, The  (Abaddon, 2011.)


A knight is sent on a quest after finding a cursed book.


Curse of the Necrarch  (Black Library, 2008.)


A Warhammer novel.


A vampire ravages a fantasy world.


Dominion  (Black Library, 2006.)


A Warhammer novel.


                An army of vampires threaten the world.


Houdini's Last Illusion (Telos, 2004.)


                Houdini, who has magic powers and returned from the dead, is pursued by ghastly figures and dire warnings.


Inheritance  (Black Library, 2006.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Conflict among the vampire kingdoms.


Retribution  (Black Library, 2007.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Humans and vampires engage in a bloody war of extermination.


Slaine the Exile  (Black Library, 2006.)


                Collection of adventures about a barbarian warrior.


Vampire Wars  (Black Library, 2008.)


A Warhammer book.


Omnibus of Inheritance, Dominion, and Retribution.




Sceptre Mortal  (Oriflamme, 1985.)


                As signs indicate the universe is about to end, travelers flock to the Midlands to search for a magical artifact that could reverse entropy.




Enchantment  (Leisure, 1997.)


A woman from a magical world crosses over into our universe.  A romance novel.


Mirror and the Magic, The  (?)


A woman finds the bridge into a magical world that exists beside our own.


Shore Unknown, The  (Leisure, 1997.)


                A woman from medieval England is magically transported to the present where she falls in love with a man from our era.




Take Back the Skies (Bloomsbury, 2014.)




SCANLON, MITCHEL   (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Call to Arms  (Black Library, 2010.)


A Warhammer novel.


A disintegrating military unit faced with an army of orcs turns to a retired officer to lead them.




Bronwyn's Bane  (Bantam, 1983.)


Bronwyn #1.


                Bronwyn was born a princess but would rather be a prince.  Unfortunately, she is cursed so that she is invariably untruthful.  Sent away during a war, she decides to take a hand, and gets involved with sorcery, legendary creatures, and high adventure.


Carol for Another Christmas  (Ace, 1996.)


                A contemporary working woman is visited by the ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge.


Christening Quest, The  (Bantam, 1985.)


Bronwyn #2.


                A young woman sets off on a quest to a land dominated by wizards to rescue her sister's infant child before the latter is sacrificed.


Drastic Dragon of Draco, Texas, The  (Bantam, 1986.)


                A young woman has the power to tame a fire breathing dragon who shows up in the Old West, eating cattle and terrorizing the local citizenry.


Godmother, The  (Ace, 1994.)


Godmother #1.


                A woman wishes for a fairy godmother to come help heal the problems in a city, and one shows up prepared to do just that.


Godmother's Apprentice, The  (Ace, 1995.)


Godmother #2.


                A genuine fairy godmother takes a young girl as a trainee, and the two have a series of comic adventures in their home in Ireland.


Godmother's Web, The  (Ace, 1998.)


Godmother #3.


                A woman encounters a Native American godmother who shows her the troubles of the world that she has never seen, and gives her the power to help.


Goldcamp Vampire, The  (Bantam, 1987.)


                A woman travels to the Yukon at the height of the gold rush and gets involved with a more or less friendly vampire who is taking advantage of the very long nights.


Harem of Aman Akbar, The  (Bantam, 1984.)


                A djinn kidnaps three wives for his master, one of whom is perfectly happy except for having to share her rich and powerful husband.  Then one of the man's retainers magically turns him into an ass, and she decides not to take this latest setback lying down.


Healer's War, The  (Doubleday, 1988, Bantam, 1989.)


                A nurse assigned to duty in Vietnam during the war is given a magical amulet by a Vietnamese holy man.  This enables her to see the truth about the people around her, and to change the lives of those she touches.


Last Refuge  (Bantam, 1992.)


                Unusual fantasy set after a nuclear war.  In Tibet, a strange plague is troubling those who survived the catastrophe.  A woman who is the reincarnation of an ancient hero travels through a monster filled land to help the people combat the disease.


Phantom Banjo (Bantam, 1991.)


Songkiller #1.


                A group of devils decides that the only thing that has prevented the human race from destroying itself is the power of folk music.  They begin manipulating human society to wipe it out, but are not prepared for the power of a magical banjo.


Picking the Ballad's Bones  (Bantam, 1991.)


Songkiller #2.


                A group of folksingers enlists the aid of the spirit of Sir Walter Scott and the Queen of the Fairies to prevent an organization of devils from wiping folk music off the planet.


Scarborough Fair  (Five Star, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Song of Sorcery  (Bantam, 1982.)


Maggie Brown #1.


                A good witch decides to search for her missing half sister and sets out for a good humored quest accompanied by a minstrel  and a talking cat.


Songs from the Seashell Archives #1  (?, 1987.)


                Omnibus of Song of Sorcery and The Unicorn Creed.


Songs from the Seashell Archives #2  (?, 1988.)


                Omnibus of Bronwyn's Bane and The Christening Quest.


Strum Again?  (Bantam, 1992.)


Songkiller #3.


                As the final battle shapes up between the folksingers and the devils who want to wipe out their form of music, the queen of the fairies appears to be changing sides.


Unicorn Creed, The  (Bantam, 1983.)


Maggie Brown #2.


                A virgin witch and a minstrel gain the friendship of a unicorn who agrees to help them on their quest to foil an evil magician.  Unfortunately, the two humans are falling in love with one another, and the inevitable outcome is going to have a predictable effect on the unicorn.




Whose Song Is Sung  (Tor, 1996.)


                A dwarf has various adventures in a magical past, sometimes accompanied by Beowulf.




Dragons of North Chittendon, The  (Little Simon, 1986.)


                A young dragon tries to lead his people and forge a new relationship with human beings.




Whitefire Crossing, The  (Night Shade, 2011.)


A smuggler tries to get someone across the border between a land that uses magic and one that bans it.




Between (Ace, 2013.)


Between #1.


Adventures of a weredragon.


Wakeworld (Ace, 2014.0


Between #2.


Romantic adventures of a weredragon.


SCHAUB, MARY  (See collaboration with Andre Norton and P.M. Griffin.)




Raw Brunettes, The  (Wordcraft of Oregon, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Blackstaff  (Wizards of the Coast, 2006.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                A wizard and his apprentice blend their personalities.


Blackstaff Tower  (Wizards of the Coast, 2008.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


All is not what it seems in a city of magic.




Drag Queen of Elfland, The  (Circlet, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Little Dog Little  (Abelard Schuman, 1959, Young Readers Press, 1966.)


                The story of a very tiny dog able to stand in the palm of a child's hand.  Marginal.




First Name, The  (Ace, 1985.)


Twilight of the Gods #1.


                A dying warrior pronounces a curse that will reach fruition with the birth of a warrior capable of contending with the evil gods.


Groa's Other Eye  (Ace, 1986.)


Twilight of the Gods #2.


                A warrior sets out on a quest to gain the knowledge and weapons he will need in his eventual confrontation with evil.


Three Trumps Sounding  (Ace, 1988.)


Twilight of the Gods #3.


                The warrior destined to defeat the evil gods is ready for the battle and now returns to his homeland for the last battle.




Bloodbound (Paizo, 2015.)


A Pathfinder novel.


A half vampire spy in a fantasy world.




Antiphon  (Tor, 2010.)


Named Lands #3.


Strife continues in a fantasy world.


Blue Yonders, Grateful Pies & Other Fanciful Feasts (Fairwood, 2015.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Canticle  (Tor, 2009.)


Named Lands #2.


Invisible assassins bring an end to peace.


Lamentation  (Tor, 2009.)


Named Lands #1.


When an ancient weapon destroys a city, an entire world is thrown into chaos.


Last Flight of the Goddess  (Fairwood, 2006.)


                A light spoof of contemporary fantasy.


Requiem  (Tor, 2013.)


Named Lands #4.


Various characters have scattered adventures.




Awaken, My Love  (Avon, 1995.)


A computer analyst wakes up one day to find she has regressed to the previous century, where she discovers love in place of the dull career she'd been pursuing.




Windwagon Smith  (Harcourt Brace, 1947.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


SCHROEDER, KARL  (See collaboration with David Nickle.)




Eagle and the Sword, The  (Popular Library, 1979.)


                Attila, barbarian hero, takes up his sword against the monsters created by evil magic to protect his people from extermination.




Darker Shade of Magic, A (Tor, 2015.)


Magic #1.




Gathering of Shadows, A (Tor, 2016.)


Magic #2.




Invisible Life of Addie Larue, The (Tor, 2020)


A woman trades immortality for a curse of no one ever remembering her.


Vicious (Tor, 2013.)






Death Mark  (Wizards of the Coast, 2011.)


A Dungeons & Dragons novel.






Clockwork Heart, A  (Del Rey, 2013.)


Chronicles #2.




Conspiracy of Alchemists, A  (Del Rey, 2012.)


Chronicles #1.




Sky Pirates (Del Rey, 2014.)


Chronicles #3.


Historical fantasy.




Mask of the Sorcerer, The   (New English Library, 1996, Wildside, 2003.)


An adventure in a land where the gods are just awakening.


Meaning of Life and Other Awesome Revelations, The  (Drumm, 1988.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Necromancers and Netherworlds  (Wildside, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Nightscapes  (Wildside, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Refugees from an Imaginary Country  (Ganley, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sekenre: The Book of the Sorcerer (Wildside, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Shattered Goddess, The   (Donning, 1982, New English Library, 1996, Wildside, 2000.)


                An unusual twist on the changeling story, wherein we eventually discover that the witch didn't do what we thought she had done.


Tom O'Bedlam's Night Out and Other Strange Excursions  (Ganley, 1985.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


We Are All Legends    (Starblaze, 1981, Wildside,, 2000.)


                A knight falls under the influence of a witch and has many magical adventures before regaining his freedom.


White Isle, The  (Owlswick, 1989.)


                A warrior goes to the underworld to find the spirit of his wife and restore her to life.




Centaur in the Garden, The  (Available Press, 1984, translated from the Portugese by Margaret A. Neves.)


                A centaur is raised to be Jewish.


SCOTT, ALLAN  (See collaborations with Michael Scott Rohan.)


Dragon in the Stone, The  (Orbit, 1991.)


                A retelling of some of the Norse myths.




Last Lemurian, The  (?, 1898, McAllister, 2015.)


Lost world novel with reincarnation.




Seers, The (Angry Robot, 2014.)






Crystal Skull, The (Delacorte, 2008.)


An ancient artifact is part of a magical construct to save the world.


Dreaming the Bull 


Boudica #2.




Dreaming the Eagle


Boudica #3.




Dreaming the Hound  (Delta, 2007.)


Boudica #1.


                Magic and mayhem in Roman Britain.


Dreaming the Serpent Spear  (Delta, 2007.)


Boudica #4.


Marginal.  Ancient Britons rise against Rome.


SCOTT, MARTIN  (Pseudonym of Martin Millar.)


Death and Thraxas  (Baen, 2004.)


                Omnibus of Thraxas at the Races and Thraxas and the Elvish Isles.


Thraxas  (Orbit, 1999.)


Thraxas #1.


                An ex-sorcerer turned private investigator runs into trouble with his latest case.


Thraxas  (Baen, 2003.)


                Omnibus of Thraxas and Thraxas and the Warrior Monks.


Thraxas and the Dance of Death  (Orbit, 2002, Baen, 2005.)


Thraxas #6.


                Humorous detective story set in a city where corruption is a way of life.


Thraxas and the Elvish Isles (Orbit, 2000.)


Thraxas #4.


                The detective sorcerer is off to the land of the elves to try to solve a crime, but his presence only makes matters worse.


Thraxas and the Sorcerers  (Orbit, 2001, Baen, 2005.)


Thraxas #5.


                A private detective is hired to solve a crime perpetrated at a convention of sorcerers.


Thraxas and the Warrior Monks  (Orbit, 1999.)


Thraxas #2.


                A sorcerous private detective trying to solve a murder encounters one fantastic occurrence after another.


Thraxas at the Races  (Orbit, 2000.)


Thraxas #3.


                Thraxas has a run of bad luck, culminating in his being the prime suspect in a murder.


Thraxas at War  (Orbit, 2003, Baen, 2006.)


Thraxas #7.


                The orcs have reorganized under a new leader and threaten to conquer a human city.


Thraxas Under Siege  (Orbit, 2005, Baen, 2006.)


Thraxas #8.


                Thraxas must solve his latest mystery while living in a city besieged by hostile forces.




Armor of Light, The  (Baen, 1988, NESFA, 1997.)


                In an alternate history, the King of Scotland calls for help from the Queen of England when a coven of witches begins to attack the royal family.


Point of Dreams (Tor, 2001.)


Point #2.


                In an alternate Renaissance world where magic works, an investigator must solve a murder the victim of which ended up in the middle of a stage during a play.


Point of Hopes  (Tor, 1995.)


Point #1.


                As the day for an elaborate fair approaches, people in this magical land discover that an unusual number of children have disappeared.  Portents also indicate that the throne may be about to change hands.


SCOTT, MICHAEL  (See collaborations with Morgan Llywelyn and those which follow.)


Alchemyst, The  (Delacorte, 2007.)


                A man discovers the elixir of immortality.


Bright Enchantment, A  (Sphere, 1985.)


Land of Erin #1.




Children of Llyr, The  (Magnet, 1986.)


                For younger readers.


Culai Heritage, The  (Meisha Merlin, 2000.)


                Omnibus of  Magician's Law, Demon's Law, and Death's Law.


Death's Law  (Sphere, 1989.)


Bard #3.




Demon's Law  (Sphere, 1988.)


Bard #2.




Golden Drum, A (Sphere, 1985.)


Land of Erin #2.




Last of the Fiannna, The  (Metheun, 1987.)




Magician;s Law  (Sphere, 1987.)


Bard #1.




Quest of the Sons, The  (Methuen, 1988.)




Silver Wish, A  (Sphere, 1985.)


Land of Erin #3.




Song of the Children of Llyr, The  (De Vogel, 1983.)






Thirteen Hallows, The  (Tor, 2011.)


Hallows #1.


Someone is gathering historical artifacts connected to the occult.




Blood Kin  (Ace, 2012.)


Kin #2.




Fire Kin (Ace, 2014.)


Kin #4.




Iron Kin  (Ace, 2013.)


Kin #3.




Shadow Kin  (Ace, 2011.)


Kin #1.




Shattered Court, The (Roc, 2015.)


Four Arts #1.




Wolf Within, The (Igla, 2014.)






Hickory Staff, The  (Gollancz, 2005.)


Eldarn #1.


                Two men from our world find a key to a magical realm dominated by an evil ruler and his supernatural minions.


Larian Senators, The  (Gollancz, 2008.)


Eldarn #3.


A discorporate malevolent force troubles a magical land.


Lessek’s Key  (Golancz, 2006.)


Eldarn #2.


                The quest to secure a magical artifact.




Miracle Girl  (Riverhead, 2004.)


                A man investigating miraculous visions discovers they are real.




Dead Man's Steel (Ace, 2017.)


Grim Company, The  (Roc, 2013.)


Grim #1.




Sword of the North (Roc, 2015.)


Grim #2.




SEAFORTH  (Pseudonym of George Foster, whom see.)


Cats in the Coffee  (Jenkins, 1938.)


                Not seen.  Reincarnation.




First Born  (Forge, 2000.)


                A man is born with the ability to heal, but there are powerful and ruthless interests who would rather see him dead, or exposed as an alien invader, rather than acknowledge him as a religious figure.


SEBANC, MARK  (See also collaboration with James Anderson.)


Flight to Hollow Mountain  (Eerdmans, 1996.)


                The magical land of Middle Earth has enjoyed generations of peace, but the magic that holds things together is beginning to fray and troubled times are coming.




Babylon Steel  (Solaris, 2011.)


A brothel owner in a fantasy city searches for a missing girl.


Dangerous Gifts (Solaris, 2013.)




Shanghai Sparrow (Solaris, 2014.)






Book of Dead Days, The  (Delacorte, 2004.)


Boy and Willow #1.


                A man who made a dangerous deal with a demon seeks escape in an underground city.


Dark Flight Down, The  (Delacorte, 2005.)


Boy and Willow #2.


                Two fugitives in a magical land escape from necromancers and other dangers.


Dark Horse, The  (Wendy Lamb, 2002.)


                An ancient village is transformed by the arrival of a magician.


Foreshadowing, The (Wendy Lamb, 2006.)


                A young girl discovers she can see premonitions of people’s deaths during World War I.




According to Crow  (Five Star, 2005.)


                In the aftermath of a bitter war, a young man goes on a voyage of discovery to learn his family's background.


House of Discarded Dreams, The  (Prime, 2010.)


Mythical creatures become real.


Secret History of Moscow, The  (Prime, 2007.)


A secret magical world exists within Moscow.




Keepers, The  (Carlisle Press, 1999.)


                A secret group of immortals obtain their long life by extracting substance from a tree that dates back to the time of Noah.




Nightmare Logic  (Five Star, 2004.)


Jonathan Hayes #2.


                When the hero's wife is murdered, he resorts to magic to clear his name and track down the killer.


Wizardspawn  (Five Star, 2003.)


Jonathan Hayes #1.


                A writer discovers one day that no one remembers his wife and child except himself, and his investigations uncover a plot involving two rival magical forces, both interested in his son.




Sentinelspire  (Wizards of the Coast, 2008.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.






First Casualty, The  (Boulevard, 1997.)


A Hercules novel.


Hercules gets caught up in the conflict between two towns, and discovers that someone impersonating him has already been there to fan the flames.




Snakewood (Orbit, 2016.)


Someone is tracking down retired mercenaries in a fantasy world.




Genie of Sutton Place, The  (Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 1973, Dell Yearling, 1974, based on the television script by George Selden Thompson and Kenneth Heuer.)


                A young boy's life becomes complicated when a genie transforms his dog into a man and performs other magical feats.




Amber & Dusk  (Scholastic, 2018.)


A young woman learns to use her magic.




To Catch a Mermaid  (Little, Brown, 2007.)


For young readers, a story about mermaids.




Lizard of Oz, The  (B&R Samizdat, 1974.)


                Kids save the world from evil magic.




Quest for Life  (Quality Publishers, 2005.)


Apastron Reports #1.


                Travel to other planets but with a strong religious component.




Far Walker's Quest  (Bloomsbury, 2010.)


Young adult.


Humming of Numbers, The  (Henry Holt, 2008.)


Young readers book about two children in the 10th Century who have unusual powers.


Timekeeper's Moon, The  (Bloomsbury, 2010.)


Young adult.




When the Saints Are Gone  (Long, 1908.)


                The Second Coming occurs during the time of the Antichrist.




Beowulf the Warrior  (Oxford University, 1954, Schlastic, 1968.)


                A retelling of the story of Beowulf.


Enchanted Island, The  (Henry Walck, 1964, Scholastic, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories extracted and retold from Shakespeare's plays.


Gorgon's Head, The  (Henry Walck, 1961, Scholastic, 1966.)


                A retelling of the story of Perseus, for younger readers.




Being of Two Minds  (Atheneum, 1991.)


                A young girl from our world occasionally transfers minds with the heir to the throne of a magical kingdom in another reality.


Reluctant God, The  (Atheneum, 1988, Juniper, 1990.)


                The daughter of an archaeologist encounters the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince.


Storm at the End of Time  (Walker, 1995.)


                Teenagers go to the Orkneys to seek fragments of a wizard's staff.


Tomorrow's Magic  (Atheneum, 1987, Juniper, 1988.)


Arthur #2.


                Three children decide to help King Arthur and Merlin restore order to the world when they are brought back to life following a nuclear war.


Tomorrow’s Magic  (Random House, 2006.)


                Omnibus of Tomorrow’s Magic and Winter of Magic’s Return.


Vision Quest  (Atheneum, 1989, Juniper, 1990.)


                A young girl unhappy with the frequent moves required of her family finds peace when she encounters a young Indian shaman who teaches her to use real magic.


Winter of Magic's Return  (Atheneum, 1985, Juniper, 1987.)


Arthur #1.


                Following a nuclear war, three children at a remote school form a secret society.  They eventually learn that magic has returned to the land, and that the spirit of King Arthur has returned.


Wizard of Wind and Rock  (?, 1990.)






Master of the Microbe, The  (Unwin, 1926.)


                A criminal threatens the world with a new plague.




Island Woman  (Arch Grove, 1997.)


                A woman from our time is magically transported to the American wilderness early in the 18th Century.




Green Darkness (Houghton Mifflin, 1972, Hodder, 1972, Crest, 1973.)


                Two 20th Century lovers discover that they are reincarnations of a couple from the past, and that their ancient fate may repeat itself in the new eara.




Demon Drums  (Del Rey, 1992.)


Island Warrior #1.


                A famous warrior decides to retire from battle and seek peace on a remote island.  Unfortunately, the forces of a magically endowed enemy are not content to leave her at rest.


Sorcerous Sea  (Del Rey, 1993.)


Island Warrior #2.


                War among the islands has disappeared and a period of peace and prosperity should have followed.  An evil presence stirs in the oceans, however, and a number of children have gone missing.


Storm Caller  (Del Rey, 1993.)


Island Warrior #3.


                Two refugees find themselves on an island beset by dangerous evil magic.  One of them must master a personal form of magic to save both their lives.


SEVERN, DAVID  (Pseudonym of David Unwin.)


Drumbeats!  (?, 1953.)


                Magical time travel, for younger readers.


Wishing Bone, The  (?, 1977.)


                An animated toy grants wishes, whether they are wanted or not.


SEVERSON, ELLEN DODGE  (See also Edith Porath.)


Hederick the Theocrat  (TSR, 1994.)


A Dragonlance novel.


                A new religious order is determined to destroy the old gods, magic, and anyone who believes in either.




Dividing of Time, The  (Chatto & Windus, 1951, Doubleday, 1951.)


                Philosophical novel about the disruption of time and its effect on people's lives.




Count Manfred  (Hutchinson, 1976.)


                For younger readers.


Medea  (?, 1982.)


                For younger readers.




President's Astrologer, The  (Llewellyn, 1998.)


                A President relies on a genuine accurate astrologer who discovers a plot to assassinate him.

SHANNON, COLLEEN  (Pseudonym of Colleen Jeske.)


Catspell  (Lovespell, 2006.)


                Egyptian mythology and a psychic detective wrapped around a romance.




Giant Garden of Oz, The  (Emerald City Press, 1993.)


An Oz novel.


                Giant vegetables menace the farm of Dorothy's family so she goes off to the Emerald City to find help.


Salt Sorcerer of Oz and Other Stories, The  (Hungry Tiger, 2003.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.




Addams Family, The  (Pyramid, 1965.)


                Episodic story of a group of friendly monsters pretending to be a normal family.  Based on the television show.


It's Magic, You Dope! (Armchair, 2013, bound with The Spectre of Suicide Swamp by E.K. Jarvis. Magazine appearance 1962.)


A man discovers that magical worlds exist parallel to our own.




Bernard into Battle  (Little, Brown, 1978.)


Miss Bianca #9.




Bernard the Brave  (Little, Brown, 1976.)


Miss Bianca #8.




Miss Bianca  (Little, Brown, 1962, Berkley, 1964.)


Rescuers #2.


                The legion of mice sets out to rescue a child this time.


Miss Bianca and the Bridesmaid  (Little, Brown, 1972.)


Miss Bianca #7.




Miss Bianca in the Antarctic  (Little, Brown, 1971.)


Miss Bianca #6.




Miss Bianca in the Orient  (Little, Brown, 1970, Dell Yearling, 1978.)


Miss Bianca #5.


                The indomitable mouse and her pals are off to rescue a harem girl this time.


Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines  (Little, Brown, 1966, Berkley, 1967.)


Rescuers #4.


                Once again the mice are out to effect a rescue.


Rescuers, The  (Little, Brown, 1959, Berkley, 1964, Dell Yearling, 1977.)


Rescuers #1.


                Children's fantasy about a band of mice who set out to rescue one of their number from the dungeon where he is imprisoned by a cat.


Rescuers Down Under, The  (Little, Brown, 1991.)


Miss Bianca #10.




Stone of Chastity, The  (Little Brown, 1940, Collins, 1940,  Avon, 1948, Pan, 1953.)


                A magical stone can identify which women are virgins and which are not, and the village women object to being tested.


Turret, The  (Little Brown, 1963, Berkley, 1965.)


Rescuers #3.


                This time the victim targeted by the rescuers is an unpleasant fellow no one would like.




Hogar, Lord of the Asyr  (Signet, 1987.)


                The heir to the throne must find the magic sword, flee his mother from ensorcelment, and vanquish the evil usurper who has stolen his throne.  So what else is new?




Whispers in Bedlam  (?)




Annie’s Hero  (Avon, 1997.)


                A man disappears after a mysterious accident and is believed dead, but he has actually been transported to a magical other world.


Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered  (Berkley, 2005.)


                Three sisters who are also witches decide to find the perfect husband for their niece.


Destiny  (Jove, 2001.)


Witch #3.


                Reincarnation, witchcraft, and immortality all combine in this story of a secret group of witches living among us, and the love affair between one of them and a man which has survived the passage of centuries.


Eternity  (Jove, 1998.)


Witch #1.


                A reincarnated witch seeks the spirit of the man who tried to save her life three centuries earlier, knowing that he too has been reborn into a new body.


Fairytale  (Avon, 1996.)


Fairy #1.


The protagonist was shown a magical world as a child.  Now mature, he encounters the girl of his dreams and realizes it wasn't a childish illusion, just in time to have an evil magical force compel the same conclusion.


Forever Enchanted  (Avon, 1997.)


Fairy #2.


                A woman exiled to our world from the realm of fairy discovers that the man who usurped her place has followed, transformed so that he is now in love with her.


Husband in Time, A  (Harlequin, 1997.)


                A child has created an imaginary father for himself who becomes real and attracts the attention of the boy’s widowed mother.


Immortal Desire  (Berkley, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Infinity  (Jove, 1999.)


Witch #2.


                Witchcraft abounds as a man is wakened by his lover from a five century long sleep only to discover that the awakening stirred an old evil as well.


SHEA, MICHAEL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


And Death Shall Have No Dominion (Hippocampus, 2016.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


A'Rak  (Baen, 2000.)


Nifft #3.


                A city state made a bargain with a spider god for prosperity and peace.  When the terms of the agreement expire and the spider god decides to demand payment, they turn to a thief to help them avoid the consequences.


Incompleat Nifft, The  (Baen, 2000.)


                Omnibus of The Mines of Behemoth and Nifft the Lean.


In Yana, the Touch of Undying  (DAW, 1985, Grafton, 1987.)


                A humble student finds information which might lead to immortality.  He sets out to win the secret, in a world of wizards, monsters, and rogues.


Mines of Behemoth, The  (Baen, 1997.)


Nifft #2.


                Two thieves agree to work in a series of mines where a giant insect exudes a fluid that is priceless, planning to steal some.  Unfortunately, their well laid plans go awry.


Nifft the Lean  (DAW, 1982, Granada, 1985.)


Nifft #1.


                Episodic adventures of a professional thief in a world of sorcery, villainy, and adventure.


Polyphemus  (Arkham House, 1987, Grafton, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Quest for Simbilis, A  (DAW, 1974, Grafton, 1985.)


                Sequel to Eyes of the Overworld by Jack Vance.  On a dying far future Earth where magic works, two men go on a quest to solve their personal problems.




All Spell Breaks Loose  (Ace, 2012.)


Raine #6.




Armed & Magical (Ace, 2008.)


Raine #2.


In order to rid herself of magical powers, a woman engages in a quest.


Bewitched & Betrayed  (Ace, 2010.)


Raine #4.


A woman is pitted against an evil sorcerer.


Brimstone Deception, The (Ace, 2016.)


SPI #3.


Urban fantasy.


Con & Conjure  (Ace, 2011.)


Raine #5.


A woman with a magical artifact scams a group of goblins.


Dragon Conspiracy, The (Ace, 2015.)


SPI #2.




Ghoul Vendetta, The (Ace, 2017.)


Grendel Affair, The  (Ace, 2014.)


SPI #1.


Grendel reappears in the modern world.


Magic Lost, Trouble Found  (Ace, 2007.)


Raine #1.


A woman with magical powers is pursued by an army of goblins.


Trouble with Demons, The  (Ace, 2009.)


Raine #3.


A woman battles an island full of demons.


SHECKLEY, ROBERT  (See also collaborations with Roger Zelazny.)


Godshome  (Tor, 1999.)


                A man inadvertently gets in contact with the special heaven set aside for retired deities, and gets flimflammed by one of them into bringing them back to life.


Minotaur Maze  (Axolotl, 1990.)


                A spoof of the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.


Xolotl  (Pulphouse, 1991.)


                Short story pamphlet about a god sent to a new version of hell.




Ghost and the Whistling Whirlagig, The  (Scholastic, 1974.  Harper & Row, 1974, as The Whistling Whirlagig.)


                Two young boys confront a ghost.


SHEFFIELD, CHARLES  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Erasmus Magister  (Ace, 1982.)


                Collection of linked stories about the grandfather of Charles Darwin, who was a magician, and the adventures he had.




Selkie, The  (MacMillan, 1982, Signet, 1983.)


                A woman travels to Scotland to be with her husband while he is assigned there.  She meets and falls in love with a mysterious man who turns out to be a selkie, a fairylike being.




Hero King, The  (Roc, 1992.)


Varayan Memoir #3.


                A nuclear war on Earth has caused instability in the realm of the elves as well, and now it appears that the universe itself may be coming to an end.


Hero of Varay, The  (Roc, 1991.)


Varayan Memoir #2.


                Terrorists set off nuclear weapons in our world, and the energy discharge causes instabilities in the land that acts as a bridge between us and the world of magic.  A young hero hones his skills as a warrior and leader in order to prevent the disaster from spreading.


Son of the Hero  (Roc, 1990.)


Varayan Memoir #1.


                A young man investigates the disappearance of his parents and discovers that there is a series of worlds connecting ours to that of the fairies.  His explorations lead him into serious trouble with a host of non-human beings.




Beast of the Heartland  (Four Walls, Eight Windows, 1999.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Beautiful Blood (Subterranean, 2014.)




Eternity and Other Stories  (Thunder's Mouth, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Handbook of American Prayer, A  (Four Walls Eight Windows, 2003, Thunder's Mouth, 2005.)


                A man's prayers are consistently answered, and the being who answered them is about to put in an appearance.


Kalimantan  (St Martins, 1990.)


                An expatriate experiments with drugs and gets into contact with disembodied spirits.


Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter, The  (Ziesing, 1988.)


                Not seen.


Softspoken  (Night Shade, 2007.)


Mild supernatural events at a decaying Southern mansion.


Two Trains Running  (Golden Gryphon, 2004.)


                Two unrelated stories.


Valentine  (Four Walls, Eight Windows, 2002.)


                Marginal story in which human imagination affects the laws of chance.


Viator  (Night Shade, 2005.)




SHEPHERD, JOEL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Haven (Pyr, 2011.)


Trial of Blood and Steel #4.

A combination of war and civil war threatens a fantasy world.


Petrodor  (Pyr, 2010.)


Trial of Blood and Steel #2.


A lone woman seeks to avert a war between two magical nations.


Sasha  (Pyr, 2009.)


Trial of Blood & Steel #1.


A young woman has to prove herself in a magical land.


Tracato (Pyr, 2010.)


Trial of Blood & Steel #3.


A war between two realms divides family and friends.


SHEPHERD, MARK  (See also collaborations with Mercedes Lackey.)


Elvendude  (Baen, 1994.)


Urban Elves #1.


                The first of the author's solo books set in the urban fantasy world created by Mercedes Lackey.  An elven prince is sent to our world with false memories in order to protect him from the magical forces that have conquered his homeland.


Laserwarz  (Baen, 1999.)


Urban Elves #3.


                A young man's proficiency playing laser tag attracts the attention of a goddess, who recruits him to help with a more serious battle.


Spiritride  (Baen, 1997.)


Urban Elves #2.


                A dead man is caught in a battle between magical forces.  His destiny is to help save an unlikely group of heroes from being destroyed by their own weakness and the actions of their enemies.




Why Have the Birds Stopped Singing?  (Morrow, 1974, Dell, 1976.)


                A teenager is magically transported back into the body of one of her ancestors, who is held prisoner by her family to conceal the fact that she suffers from epilepsy.


SHERIDAN, BARBARA  (Pseudonym of Barbara Bzdziak.)


Silver Rain  (Jove, 2000.)


                A man has been in a magical coma for two centuries and now he’s about to wake up.  He will then have 30 days to find his true love, or he will die.


Timeless Wish  (Jove, 1999.)


                A woman falls in love with the photograph of a man who lived a century earlier and, lo and behold, she is magically transported back to his age in order to find romance.




Gulf Run  (Del Rey, 2004.)


Demontech #3.


                More battles between marines and the forces of evil.


Onslaught  (Del Rey, 2002.)


Demontech #1.


                Two marines must escape a city when it is invaded by an army of demons.


Rally Point  (Del Rey, 2003.)


Demontech #2.


                Two particularly effective soldiers are targeted by the forces of evil.


SHERMAN, DELIA  (See also collaboration with Ellen Kushner.)


Changeling  (Viking, 2006.)


Neef #1.


Children's fantasy.


Magic Mirror of the Mermaid Queen, The  (Viking, 2009.)


Neef #2.


Children's fantasy.


Porcelain Dove, The  (Dutton, 1993, Plume, 1993.)


                A magical curse complicates matters during the French Revolution.


Through a Brazen Mirror  ( Ace, 1989, Circlet, 2000.)


                A woman disguises herself as a man in order to challenge the rules of her society and saves it from its enemies.


SHERMAN, JOSEPHA  (See also collaborations with Mercedes Lackey and Laura Ann Gilman.)


Chaos Gate, The  (Baen, 1994.)


A Bard's Tale Novel.


                A one time necromancer has settled down to become a mere bard, but his apprentice faces a terrible danger when a magical gate is created which threatens the world.


Child of Faerie, Child of Earth  (Walker, 1992.)


                A young fairy falls in love with a mortal girl who doesn't even know she exists, and ignores the disapproval of his family to pursue her.


Dark Gods, The  (Fawcett Columbine, 1989.)


Secret of the Unicorn Queen #5.


                A young girl from our world finds herself the only one immune to the dark magic of a ruthless ruler in another reality.


Final Test, The  (Fawcett Columbine, ?)  NOT BY SHERMAN!


Secret of the Unicorn Queen #3.


                For younger readers.


Forging the Runes  (Baen, 1996.)


Prince of Sidhe #2.


An outcast elf has the chance to return to his own world by forsaking the human king he serves, but to do so would violate his more recent oath.


Gleaming Bright  (Walker, 1994.)


                A young aristocrat sets out on a quest to recover a magical box from an evil wizard so that its powers can be used in defense of his people.


Golden Girl and the Crystal of Doom  (Ballantine, 1986.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Horse of Flame, The  (Avon, 1990.)


                An immortal sorcerer who has become the embodiment of evil has been trapped in human form.  His old enemies have all perished, however, and unless a new hero can be found, he will be free to wreak his will upon everyone.


Into the Dream  (Fawcett Columbine, ?) NOT BY SHERMAN!


Secret of the Unicorn Queen #4.


                For younger readers.


King's Son, Magic's Son  (Baen, 1994.)


                A young man who wishes only to be left in peace is forced to take part in a battle between his king and the lord of Faerie, to both of whom he has sworn loyalty.


Moonspell  (Fawcett Columbine, ?) NOT BY SHERMAN!


Secret of the Unicorn Queen #6.


                For younger readers.


Once Upon a Galaxy  (August House, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated retellings of stories which inspired modern films.


Rachel the Clever and Other Jewish Folktales  (August House, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Secret of the Unicorn Queen, The  (Del Rey, 2004.)


                Omnibus of Swept Away and Sun Blind, the latter by Gwen Hansen.


Shattered Oath, The  (Baen, 1995.)


Prince of Sidhe #1.


The younger brother of the ruler of Faerie is unjustly accused of treason and banished to the world of humans.  There he seeks to clear his name while avoiding danger in the midst of clashes between Christians and Vikings.


Shining Falcon, The  (Avon, 1989.)


                The benevolent ruler of a magical kingdom has been injured and lost, and an evil sorceress plots to seize the throne for herself.


Song of the Dark Druid  (TSR, 1987.)


Endless Quest  #36.


                A multi-path gamebook.


Son of Darkness  (Roc, 1998.)


                A museum curator discovers that she is being hunted by a demonic force.  Her salvation lies with a mysterious man who is secretly a denizen of another world where magic works.


Strange and Ancient Name, A  (Baen, 1993.)


                A fairy prince who is half human must undertake a quest to find his grandfather's name.  To do so, he must cross over to the mortal world and survive without revealing his true nature.


Swept Away  (Fawcett Columbine, ?)


Secret of the Unicorn Queen  #1.


                A young girl enters a magical alternate world.


Windleaf  (Walker, 1993.)


                A bored young prince rescues a fairy princess from sorcery and gets himself into a great deal of trouble.




Arcane  (Jove, 1978.)


                A primitive people seeks magical guidance when their leaders differ about the relationship between the tribe and its environment.  Draws heavily on the Tarot.


Raum (Avon, 1977.)


Raum #1.


                An immortal warrior battles his way through various enemies in his quest to track down Merlin, the only person with the power to end his existence and give him peace.


Skraelings  (Ace, 1987.)


Raum #2.


                An immortal warrior travels across the ocean to the new world in search of the woman he loves, who was kidnapped by raiders.


Space Prodigal, The  (Dell, 1981.)


                A space pilot returns to Earth in the very far future, where magic has returned to the world.  He gets into trouble almost immediately, and then finds himself in a position to save human civilization throughout the galaxy.




Cassie's Fortune  (Jove, 2000.)


                A woman from a family cursed never to find true love decides to find the magical artifact that will free her in this romance novel.


SHERWOOD, ELIZABETH  (Pseudonym of Marie Sproull.)


Now and Forever  (Pinnacle, 1995.)


                Time travel romance in which a photographer finds herself linked to the past.




Cats Have No Lord  (Ace, 1985.)


                A group of elves seek to discover the answer to a magical question, and find that their quest is opposed by a mysterious and powerful force.


Dogland  (Tor, 1997, Starscape, 2002.)


Nix Family #1.


                A story involving magic and racism as a family tries to build a tourist attraction revolving around dogs.


Elsewhere  (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1991, Magic Carpet, 2004.)


Borderlands #1.


                A runaway makes a new life for himself in the borderlands between our world and one where magic works.


Gospel of the Knife, The  (Tor, 2007.)


Nix Family #2.


                A family whose members have magical powers are confronted by a mysterious benefactor.


NeverNever  (Tor, 1993, Harcourt, 2004, Magic Carpet, 2004.)


Borderlands #2.


                In a land that serves as the bridge between the mortal world and the land of Faerie, a young boy seeks to free himself from the curse of werewolfism.  His fate is tied to that of a fairy prince who has gone into hiding in the middle lands and who is sought by both friends and enemies.


Tangled Lands, The  (Ace, 1989.)


                Two computer experts attempt to solve a mystery in a virtual reality game and discover that it is connected to their own dreams.


Thor’s Hammer  (Random House, 2000.)


#4 in the multi-author Voyage of the Basset series.


                The crew of the Basset is sent to find Thor’s hammer, which has been stolen.  For younger readers.


Witch Blood  (Ace, 1986.)


                A fledgling magician begins to master his power just in time, because he's being pursued by ruthless killers.




Flute Song Magic  (Avon Flare, 1990.)


                A pampered noble in a magical realm begins to doubt the class distinctions of his society when he becomes entranced by the music played by a member of the lower classes.




Eighth Court, The  (Angry Robot, 2013.)




Road to Bedlam, The  (Angry Robot, 2010.)


Fey #2.


Urban fantasy.


Sixty One Nails (Angry Robot, 2010.)


Fey #2.




Strangeness and Charm  (Angry Robot, 2012.)


Fey #3.






Last Wizard, The  (?, 1995.)






Glimpses  (Morrow, 1993, Avon, 1995.)


The protagonist has a very unique power.  He can call into existence musical pieces by great singers and composers which they never lived to complete.




Dark Moon Defender  (Tor, 2006.)


Twelve Houses #3.


                A young girl with magical powers is manipulated by various forces either to aid or endanger other mystics.


Fortune and Fate  (Ace, 2008.)


Twelve Houses #5.


A woman who devoted herself to helping the poor finds herself caught up in a major political rivalry.


Heart of Gold  (Ace, 1999.)




Jeweled Fire (Ace, 2015.)


Elemental Blessings




Mystic and Rider  (Ace, 2005.)


Twelve Houses #1.


                A king's order that magic users be tolerated annoys his subjects, who believe him to be under the spell of the queen.


Quatrain  (Ace, 2010.)


Collection of loosely related stories.


Reader and Raelynx  (Ace, 2007.)


Twelve Houses #4.


A magician uncovers a magical mystery.


Royal Airs (Ace, 2013.)




Safe-Keeper's Secret, The  (?, Firebird, 2005.)




Shape-Changer's Wife, The  (Ace, 1995.)


                A magician in training travels to a magic land hoping to learn more from the most powerful magician known, but he learns more from the man's wife.


Shape of Desire, The  (Ace, 2012.)




Shuddering City, The (Fairwood, 2022.)


The inhabitants of a fantasy world city have various secrets.


Still Life with Shape-Shifter  (Ace, 2012.)




Summers at Castle Auburn  (Ace, 2001.)


                The illegitimate daughter of a nobleman learns witchcraft and spends her summers at a remote castle where she becomes involved in court politics.


Thirteenth House, The  (Ace, 2006.)


Twelve Houses #2.


                A shapeshifter impersonates her sister and has a series of adventures.


Troubled Waters (Ace, 2010.)


Twelve Houses #6.


A woman coerced into marriage with a king discovers she has magical powers.


Turning Season, The (Ace, 2014.)


A veterinarian is a shapeshifter.




Journey to Yesterday  (?, 1979, Signet, 1983.)


                A spoiled young housewife finds herself sent back a century through time, and finds true love in the arms of a dashing hero.




Outrageous Antics of Tadwag, The  (21st Century Books, 1989.)


                Episodic adventures of a satyr.




Black Hole of Carcosa, The  (St Martins, 1988.)


                A private detective looks into the powers of a newcomer on a distant world where magic works.  Set in the universe created by J. Michael Reaves in Darkworld Detective.


City Come A-Walkin'  (Dell, 1980, Four Walls, Eight Windows, 2001.)


                A future San Francisco is on the verge of disaster until the city manifests itself in human form and takes a hand in its own future.


Demons  (CD, 2000.)


                Short novel about a future in which demons have taken over the Earth.


Demons  (Del Rey, 2002.)


                The short novel of the same name plus a new sequel.


Sorcerer of Atlantis, A (Hippocampus, 2021.)


Two unrelated novellas, one set in Atlantis, the other in the afterlife.




Jayna Incarnate  (Domban, 2002.)


                A time travel romance.


SHOWALTER, GENA  (Also writes Horror.)


Burning Dawn (HQN, 2014.)


Romance involving an angel.


Firstlife (Harlequin, 2016.)


The afterlife is real.


Last Kiss Goodnight, The  (Pocket, 2012.)


Romance involving a shapechanger.


Pleasure Slave, The  (HQN, 2005.)


                Romance novel involving a man imprisoned in a jewelry box.




Genesis  (Tor, 2009.)


Biblical prophecies begin to come true.


SHUSTERMAN, NEAL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Dread Locks (Speak, 2006.)


High school witchcraft.


Scorpion Shards  (Tor, 1995.)


Star Shards #1.


                A group of teenagers, each with a particular deformity, go on a cross country journey during which they confront the actual demonic forces that are responsible for their troubles.


Shattered Sky  (Tor, 2002.)


Star Shards #3.


                The secret of survival involves an exploding star.  This series blends SF with the supernatural and could be included in either category.


Thief of Souls  (Tor, 1999.)


Star Shards #2.


                Five youngsters with magical powers find themselves pitted against an ancient evil force.




Calgaich the Swordsman  (Playboy, 1980.)


                A man is condemned to become a gladiator in this Roman historical with magical overtones.




One Past Midnight (Bloomsbury, 2014.)


A teenager shifts back and forth between two lives.


SHUTTLE, PENELOPE  (See collaborations with Peter Redgrove.)


SHWARTZ, SUSAN  (See also collaborations with Andre Norton.)


Byzantium's Crown  (Questar, 1987, Pan, 1987.)


Heirs to Byzantium #1.


                The heir to the throne has been cast out by dark magic, and now he sets out on a quest across the ancient world to find the secrets and allies that will allow him to retrieve his destiny.


Cross and Crescent  (Tor, 1997.)


Constantinople #2.


                Crusaders and Turks clash in a battle for control of the city, but they may both be pawns in the hands of a plotting witch.


Grail of Hearts, The  (Tor, 1992.)


                A retelling of the tale of Sir Parsifal, told from a feminist viewpoint.


Queensblade  (Questar, 1988, Pan, 1988.)


Heirs to Byzantium #3.


                A member of the royal family possesses powerful magic, but she is unhappy about her projected destiny as a servant of the throne.


Shards of Empire  (Tor, 1996.)


Constantinople #1.


                A disgruntled nobleman tries to find new allies against the forces of sorcerous evil as Constantinople falls to barbarian invaders.


Silk Roads and Shadows  (Tor, 1988, Pan, 1990.)


Heirs of Byzantium #4.


                When the emperor of Byzantium is in his death bed, his sister sets out on a quest to preserve the power of her people.


Woman of Flowers, The  (Questar, 1987, Pan, 1987.)


Heirs to Byzantium #2.


                The sister of the rightful heir to Byzantium believes her brother is dead and flees the usurper who sits on the throne.  In a far land, she will learn that magic is real, and potent.




Dragon Charmer, The  (Royal Fireworks, ?)


                A teenager solves a mystery involving dragons and magic, although the story is set in the future.




Michael and the Magic Man  (Berkley, 1980.)


                Odd novel about people with magical powers who are the only ones aware of the fact that the Earth has been invaded, and the only ones with the power to do anything about it.


SIDOR, S.A.  (Also writes Horror.)


Beast of Nightfall Lodge, The (Angry Robot,2020.)




Hunt for a murderous creature in New Mexico.


Fury from the Tomb (Angry Robot, 2018.)




Mexican bandits steal some not entirely dead mummies.




Cleopatra's Needle  (Forge, 1999.)


                An ancient relic with extraordinary powers becomes the pivotal item in a power struggle that could change human history forever.


SIEGEL, BARBARA  (See collaboration which follows.)




Tanis, the Shadow Years  (TSR, 1990.)


A Dragonlance Preludes novel.


                An elf goes on a journey to help a dying wizard and experiences things which will change his life.




Dragon Charmer, The  (Del Rey, 2001.)


Fern Capel #2.


                A contemporary witch sees her wedding plans go astray when hostile magical forces kidnap her brother, and throw wizardry, werewolves, and demonic possession into her path.


Prospero's Children  (Del Rey, 1999.)


Fern Capel #1.




Witch Queen, The  (Del Rey, 2002.)


Fern Capel #3.


                An evil witch from another reality wants to rule modern day England and avenge herself on Fern Capel.




Alpha Centauri  (Cornerstone, 1980, Berkley, 1982.)


                While visiting England a young woman is transported into a world where the creatures of mythology are real.


SIEGEL, SCOTT  (See collaboration with Barbara Siegel.)




Honey Bea  (Hyperion, 2005.)


                A young slave girl has psychic powers.




Pond Scum  (Hyperion, 2006.)


                Strange creatures in a pond causes trouble for a new family.




Lords of Destruction  (Tor, 1989, Grafton, 1990.)


Death Dealer #2.


                A warrior must enslave himself to a magic helmet in order to fight demons and protect a young woman from a rival who seeks her death.


Plague of Knives  (Tor, 1990.)


Death Dealer #4.


                An evil sorceress and an army of assassins imperil the peace in the prehistoric Mediterranean, until a warrior dons a magical helmet in order to defeat them.


Prisoner of the Horned Helmet  (Tor, 1988, Grafton, 1988.)


Death Dealer #1.


                A barbarian warrior makes a deal with the gods in order to protect a peaceful people from invading hordes.


Rise of the Death Dealer  (Tor, 2005.)


                Omnibus of Prisoner of the Horned Helmet and Lords of Destruction.


Tooth and Claw  (Tor, 1989, Grafton, 1991.)


Death Dealer #3.


                The protagonist leads a group on a quest in search of a fabled queen.  Unfortunately, at least one among the party is a traitor dedicating to sabotaging the mission.




Desert of Stolen Dreams, The  (Underwood Miller, 1981.)


                A short story chapbook set in the Majipoor universe.


King of Dreams, The  (Avon Eos, 2001.)


Majipoor #7.


                Just as it appears that peace has come to Majipoor, an old enemy unleashes a terrible plague of insanity and deformity.


Lion Time in Timbuctoo  (Axolotl, 1990.)


                A mildly humorous historical fantasy involving deception and intrigue in an Arab court.


Lord Prestimion  (Harper, 1998, Avon Eos, 2000.)


Majipoor #6.


                The new ruler of Majipoor won after a terrible civil war, then used a team of sorcerers to make everyone forget what had happened.


Lord Valentine's Castle  (Doubleday, 1980, Gollancz, 1980, Bantam, 1981, Pan, ?.)


Majipoor #1.


                A juggler joins a group of travelers to search for his own past on a magical planet filled with disparate civilizations.


Majipoor Chornicles  (Arbor House, 1981, Priam, 1982, Gollancz, 1982, Bantam, 1983, Harper, 1996, Pan, ?.)


Majipoor #2


                A collection of related stories set on a magical planet.


Mountains of Majipoor, The  (Easton, 1995, Macmillan, 1995, Bantam, 1995, Pan, ?.)


Majipoor #4.


                A bored aristocrat agrees to accompany an expeditions searching for a team of investigators who were trying to find evidence of an ancient race of dragons.


Sailing to Byzantium  (Underwood Miller, 1985.)


                Short novel about a journey to ancient Byzantium in a world where the creatures of legend are real.


Sorcerers of Majipoor  (Harper, 1996, MacMillan, 1997, Pan, 1997.)


Majipoor #5.


                In the beginning of a subset that precedes the earlier volumes in the series, a political struggle for succession to a powerful position threatens the stability of the planet.


Thebes of the Hundred Gates  (Axolotl, 1991, Phoenix Pick, 2012.)


                An historical fantasy set in ancient Egypt.


To the Land of the Living  (Gollancz, 1989, Easton, 1990, Popular Library Questar, 1990.)


                Various historical and fictional characters have adventures in the afterlife.


Valentine Pontifex  (Arbor House, 1983, Gollancz, 1984, Bantam, 1984, Harper, 1996, Pan, ?.)


Majipoor #3.


                An aristocrat must make complicated political decisions to protect his people from the machinations of a race of shapeshifters.




Sound of Angels, The  (Wildside, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Goose's Tale, The  (Dutton, 1947.)


                Humorous fantasy.




Mermaid That Came Between Them, The  (Coffee House, 2001.)


                A man who once fell in love with a mermaid discovers many years later that his son has fallen for the very same creature.




Enchanted Pilgrimage  (Putnam, 1975, Berkley, 1975, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1976.)


                A man flees from an autocratic government into a magical realm where the creatures of legend are real.


Fellowship of the Talisman, The  (Del Rey, 1978, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1980.)


                Magic was real and the Dark Ages never ended.  In a contemporary England still locked in the Dark Ages, a group of adventurers – human and otherwise – set out on a quest.


Where the Evil Dwells  (Del Rey, 1982, Severn House, 1984.)


                Four humans set out for their own separate reasons into a part of their world that is dominated by evil forces.  The latter are aware of their presence, and indifferent to their fate.




Forever Angels  (Leisure, 1995.)


A guardian angel sneezes and senses his charge back through time to the old west where she finally discovers a man she can love.


Southern Charms  (Jove, 1999.)


                In a rough frontier town, an unhappy and destitute woman is assisted on her quest for love and success by the arrival of her fairy godmother.


Spellbound   (Jove, 1998.)


                Romance about a man who returns to New Orleans to confront the truth about his past, and learns it with the help of a beautiful young witch.




In the Net of Dreams  (Popular Library/Questar, 1990.)


Dreamland #1.


                Virtual reality provides a rationalization of this fantasy adventure about a quest to rescue a bunch of players who become trapped inside a game.


When Dreams Collide  (Popular Library, Questar, 1992.)


Dreamland #2.


                The artificial personalities from an elaborate computer game escape into the real world, and plot to start a nuclear war.




Bones of Faerie  (Random House, 2009.)


Magic returns to Earth after an apocalypse.




Spaceman and King Arthur, The  (New English Library, 1979, based on the screenplay by Don Tait.)


                An astronaut travels back in time and lands in the world of King Arthur.




Hold Fast to Love  (Avon, 1982.)


                A woman is magically transported to Regency London, where she finds the love that eluded her in the contemporary world.


Love Once Again  (Avon, 1983.)


                Two lovers meet after they travel through time, but then they are sent back to their own centuries, determined to meet again.


Love Once in Passing  (Avon, 1981.)


                A man from 1812 is transported to the future where he falls in love with a contemporary woman.




Isle of Illusion  (TSR, 1983.)


A Heart Quest book.


Multi-path gamebook pitting a female warrior against a magician.


Talisman of Valdegarde  (TSR, 1983.)


A Heart Quest book.


Multi-path gamebook in which you use Druidic powers to avert a supernatural evil force.




Blade of the Young Samurai  (TSR, 1984.)


An Endless Quest book.


Multi-path adventure pitting a samurai against various monsters.


Castle in the Clouds  (TSR, 1984.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Clash of the Sorcerers (TSR, 1986.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Fireseed, The (TSR, 1985.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Jaguar!  (TSR, 1985.)


Multi-path gamebook about shapechangers in Africa.


Mystery of the Ancients  (TSR, 1985.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Prisoners of Pax Tharkas  (TSR, 1985.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Sceptre of Power  (TSR, 1986.)


                Multi-path gamebook about a magical quest.


Sorcerer’s Crown, The  (TSR, 1986.)


                Multi-path gamebook about a battle against evil magic.


SIMPSON, CARLA  (See also Pamela Simpson.)


Always, My Love  (Pinnacle, 1990.)


                A romance novel involved reincarnation.


SIMPSON, PAMELA  (Pseudonym of Carla Simpson and Pamela Wallace.)


Partners in Time  (Bantam, 1990.)


                Not seen. 




Echoes of a Distant Storm  (New Age Dimensions, 2004.)


                A group of characters must avoid treachery and unite to combat a magical evil.




Falling Upwards  (Tor, 2007.)


                A woman gets involved with contemporary magic to lift a curse.


SINCLAIR, ALISON  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Darkborn  (Roc, 2009.)


Darkborn #1.


The inhabitants of a magical city are split between those to whom daylight is fatal and those to whom night is deadly.


Lightborn  (Roc, 2010.)


Darkborn #2.


Magic and science split a society.


Shadowborn (Roc, 2011.)


Darkborn #3.


Various characters get caught up in a magical conspiracy.




Gog  (Macmillan, 1967, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1967, Avon, 1969.)


Gog #1.


                A long surrealistic fantasy that satirizes many aspects of modern life.  In the waning days of World War II, a giant is washed ashore in England. 


King Ludd  (Hodder, 1988.)


Gog #3.


                The life of Gog resolves itself in a blend of legends and mysticism.


Magog  (Harper & Row, 1972, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1972.)


Gog #2.


                An ambitious entrepreneur clashes with his idealistic brother.  Ambiguous, sometime surreal novel whose central characters are archetypal humans.




Gnomobile, The  (Bobbs Merrill, 1936, Tempo, 1966.)


                A human family attempts to help two lonely gnomes to find others of their kind.


It Happened to Didymus  (See What Didymus Did.)


What Didymus Did  (Wingate, 1934.  Sagamore, 1958, as It Happened to Didymus.)


                The story of a miracle.




Penitent, The  (?, 1983.)


                Hitler encounters the devil.


Séance and Other Stories, The  (Farrar Strauss Giroux, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Threshold  (Bantam, 1975.)


                A beauty queen, an Indian shaman, and a cyborg are able to communicate with a mystical realm.




California Demon  (Hyperion, 1992.)


                A teenaged girl accidentally releases an imp who performs all sorts of nasty tricks until she learns enough magic to recapture him.


Charmed  (Atheneum, 1990.)


                Too fond of fairy tales, a young girl is swept into them one day and meets a variety of magical and menacing characters before returning to her own world.


Horsemaster  (Atheneum, 1985, Collier, 1988.)


                A young girl has dreams of a flying horse, then encounters an old tapestry which depicts the same animal.  It provides the gateway for her to meet the real thing.


Storm Rising  (Scholastic, 1989.)


                A teenager gets glimpses of her future self.


SINGH, NALINI  (Also writes Horror.)


Allegiance of Honor (Berkley, 2016.)




Angels' Blood  (Berkley, 2009.)


Guild Hunter #1.




Angels' Flight  (Berkley, 2012.)


Guild Hunter #4.




Archangel's Blade (Berkley, 2011.)


Guild Hunter #2.




Archangel's Consort (Berkley, 2011.)


Guild Hunter #3.




Archangel's Enigma (Jove, 2015.)


Guild Hunter




Blaze of Memory (Berkley, 2009.)


Shapechanger #6.


A woman with paranormal powers has amnesia.


Bonds of Justice (Berkley, 2010.)


Shapechanger #8.


A psychic working with the police gets obsessed with her own powers.


Branded by Fire  (Berkley, 2009.)


Shapechanger #5.


Two disparate shapechangers find love while solving a mystery.


Caressed by Ice  (Berkley, 2007.)


Shapechanger #3.


Romance in a magical world.


Hostage to Pleasure  (Berkley, 2009.)


Shapechanger #7.


Romance involving shapechangers.


Kiss of Snow  (Berkley, 2011.)


Shapechanger #9.




Mine to Possess  (Berkley, 2008.)


Shapechanger #4.


Magical romance novel involving psychic powers.


Shield of Winter (Berkley, 2014.)


Shapechanger #13.




Slave to Sensation  (Berkley, 2006.)


Shapechanger #1.


                Romance in a world of shapechangers and psychics.


Visions of Heat  (Berkley, 2007.)


Shapechanger #2.


                A shapechanger and a psychic find true love.




Heartstone and Saber  (Rising Tide, 1994.)


                In a savage world where magic is upsetting the order of things, a young woman finds herself clashing with a warrior maiden, although eventually they join forces.




Shamrocked  (Llewellyn, 2004.)


                A young girl playing at treasure hunting encounters a man who is actually a kind of leprechaun.


Witch Ball  (Llewellyn, 2005.)


                A teenager has trouble fitting in because she is psychic.




Crow Maiden, The  (Cosmos, 2001.)


                A contemporary woman discovers that the world of the faeries intersects ours and gets involved in efforts to save a magical copse of trees.




Berbora  (Manor, 1978.)


Berbora #1.


                A warrior travels back through time to an earlier version of his land and becomes the savior of the people after defeating its enemies.


Bicycling Through Space and Time  (Ace, 1991.)


Bicycle #1.


                A young man discovers that his bicycle has the magical power to take him to other places and times, including ones where magic works.


Caves of Reglathium, The  (Manor, 1978.)


Dannus #3.


                A hero in a magical land descends into an underground world and helps an enslaved people achieve their freedom.


Conquerors of Reglathium, The  (Manor, 1978.)


Dannus #2.


                A group of heroes escape from imprisonment and battle their way across a hostile land.


Dark Straits of Reglathium, The  (Manor, 1978.)


Dannus #4.


                A hero sets out to destroy a nest of sea monsters which have made a particular passage so dangerous that no ship will risk it.


Demons of Zammar, The  (Zebra, 1981.)


Ro-Lan #4.


                A band of adventurers are driven ashore on an island filled with hostile creatures.


Flight from Berbora  (Manor, 1978.)


Berbora #2.


                A hero discovers that he is the source of the plague that has ravaged his people, so he turns to a legendary magician for help.  Note that there was supposed to be a third volume, but Manor went out of business and as far as I know it was never published. 


Golden Hawk of Zandraya, The  (Zebra, 1981.)


                A desperate king makes a deal to save his kingdom, but the man he dealt with is an evil sorcerer who now claims a payment of even greater evil.


Journey to Meshara  (Zebra, 1980.)


Ro-Lan #3.


                In order to defeat evil magic, the protagonist sets off on a perilous journey to track down a hermit who is rumored to possess sufficient powers to offset those of their enemy.


Master of Boranga  (Zebra, 1980.)


Ro-Lan #1.


                A two fisted hero from our world finds himself transported into an alternate universe where monsters, magic, and primitive rules hold sway.


Prisoner of Reglathium, The  (Manor, 1978.)


Dannus #1.


                A man on the verge of death takes a mystical tunnel to a land where magic works and the ultimate weapon is the broadsword.


Shrouded Walls of Boranga, The  (Zebra, 1980.)


Ro-Lan #2.


                A man from our world decides to return to a magical alternate universe in order to claim the woman whom he loves.


Slaves of Reglathium, The  (Manor, 1978.)


Dannus #5.


                On an unknown continent, our hero must once again help a people throw off the yoke of their oppressive masters.


Twentieth Son of Ornon, The  (Zebra, 1980.)


                The twenty sons of a ruler go through a series of violent and deadly tests to find out which of them will become next in line for the throne.


Twenty Second Gear, The  (Ace, 1993.)


Bicycle #3.


                Still more adventures of the man with the bicycle that travels to the stars.


Ultimate Bike Path, The  (Ace, 1992.)


Bicycle #2.


                More bizarre adventures as a magic bicycle takes its rider to various places and times.


SIZEMORE, SUSAN  (See also collaborations with Marguerite Krause.)


Autumn Lord, The  (Harper, 1996.)


                Wizardry as a peripheral plot device in this medieval romance.


My Own True Love  (Harper, 1994.)


                A magic ring brings a woman back through time to Regency England where she discovers her true love.


SKALDSPILLIR, SIGFRIOUR  (Pseudonym of Mildred Downey Broxon, whom also see)


Witch's Welcome  (Zebra, 1979.)


Sequel to Eric Brighteyes by H. Rider Haggard.




Endymion Spring  (Delacorte, 2006.)


                A mysterious book has magical powers.




Emerald Burrito of Oz, The  (Babbage Press, 2000.)


An Oz novel.


                Very strange novel in which a portal opens through which it is possible to emigrate to Oz.  The protagonist arrives just in time to play a crucial part in a war for control of the government.




Witchdame  (Berkley, 1985.)


                The question of succession causes troubles when the apparent heir to the throne is a woman known to have the power of witchcraft.




Bride of the Mist  (Avon, 1996.)


Draycott Abbey #3.


Ghosts and supernatural dangers assist and menace a young couple in an ancient castle in this romance novel.


Bridge of Dreams  (Avon, ?)


Draycott Abbey #2.




Christmas Knight  (Avon, 1998.)


Draycott Abbey #1


                A medieval knight is transported to the present where he falls in love with a modern woman, assisted by a local ghost.


Hour of the Rose  (Avon, 1994.)


Draycott Abbey #1.


Romance novel involving the search for a missing artifact and a woman with second sight.


Perfect Gift, The  (Avon, 1999.)


Draycott Abbey #2.


                A psychic attempts to help a young woman whom he learns is the reincarnation of a woman he loved during a former lifetime.


2000 Kisses  (Island, 1999.)


                Romance novel involving reincarnation.




Crown's Game, The (Balzer & Bray, 2016.)






American Quest  (Story Planet, 2008.)


Two lovers get caught in a battle between magical forces.




Dust  (Wendy Lamb, 2002.)


                A teenager solves the mystery of the magical disappearance of several children.




Forged of Shadows  (Signet Eclipse, 2010.)


Marked Souls #2.


Romance involving good and bad demons.


Seduced by Shadows  (Signet Eclipse, 2009.)


Marked Souls #1.






Immortal  (Delta, 2008.)


An immortal boy in the ancient world.




Mark of Nerath, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2010.)


A Dungeons and Dragons novel.


A magician incarcerated for ages plots his escape.




Boltzmon!  (Dutton, 1999.)


                A magical creature transforms the lives of some youngsters.


Boxes, The  (Puffin, 2000.)


Boxes #1.


                A young girl opens a box which contains magical, crablike creatures.


Dangerous Wishes  (Dutton, 1996.)


Spirit House #2.


A young boy tries to find the lost talisman that has resulted in years of bad luck in his family.  In the process he meets a Thai boy with a magical computer.


Marco’s Millions  (Dutton, 2001.)


                Youngsters find a tunnel in their basement that leads to a world of inhuman creatures and magic.


Rewind  (Dutton, 1999.)


                A teenager dies in an accident and is given a change to replay his life and correct his mistakes.


Spirit House, The  (Dutton, 1991.)


Spirit House #1.


An exchange student brings some Thai spirits with him.




Broomsticks and Beasticles  (Hodder, Hodder, 1981.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Carbonel  (Parrish, 1955, Bobbs Merrill, 1957, Puffin, 1961.)


Carbonel #1.


                Children's story about a youngster who finds a magic broomstick.


Carbonel and Calidor  (Kestrel, 1977.)


Carbonel #3.




Kingdom of Carbonel, The  (Parrish, 1958.)


Carbonel #2.






Candles on the Pond  (Pulphouse, 1992.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.




Devil Rides With Me and Other Fantastic Stories, The  (Methuen, 1980.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Dragon Lord's Daughters, The  (Brava, 2004.)


                Peripheral Arthurian historical with a dose of magic.


Lara  (HQN, 2005.)


                Romance novel involving fairies.


Moment in Time, A  (Ballantine, 1994.)


Reincarnation in 11th Century Wales.  A romance novel.




Apparition Trail, The  (Tesseract, 2004.)


                A psychic mountie in an alternate 19th Century tries to outwit an Indian shaman determined to destroy the white invaders.


Ascendancy of the Last  (Wizards of the Coast, 2008.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.




Blood Sport  (Roc, 1998.)


#29 in the multi-author Shadowrun series.


                When a mysterious woman is murdered, her friends trace her past life back to a lost civilization where human sacrifice and bloody public entertainment may herald the end of the world.


Forever Drug, The  (Roc, 1999.)


#37 in the multi-author Shadowrun series.


                A shapeshifter battles a new breed of criminal, one which peddles the services of a supernatural being who can induce a transcendent but deadly and addictive euphoria in its victims.


Gilded Rune, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2012.)




Heirs of Prophecy  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Sembia novel.


                A half human, half elf bastard works as a servant to a wealthy family, but her family connections are about to embroil her in magical intrigue.


Lucifer Deck, The  (Roc, 1997.)


#23 in the multi-author Shadowrun series.


A large corporation may have discovered the means by which it can dominate all aspects of the world of Shadowrun.  The only obstacle is a determined young ork.


Psychotrope  (Roc, 1998.)


#33 in the multi-author Shadowrun series.


                Hackers are being trapped or mentally damaged in virtual reality worlds, and a handful of survivors set about discovering what is happening.


Sacrifice of the Widow  (Wizards of the Coast, 2007.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


A woman sent to slay a monster is turned into her minion instead.


Storm of the Dead  (Wizards of the Coast, 2007.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.




Tails You Lose  (Roc, 2001.)


A Shadowrun novel.


                A security operative is accused when someone creates her doppelganger and uses it to kidnap a prominent executive.  To clear her name, she must avoid the authorities and battle powerful Chinese magic.


Vanity’s Brood  (Wizards of the Coast, 2006.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                The final battle against a race of serpent people.


Venom's Taste  (Wizards of the Coast, 2004.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                A human city falls under the domination of a race of serpents.


Viper's Kiss  (Wizards of the Coast, 2005.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                A traveling wizard gets caught up in the effort of an adventuress to gain a wealthy husband.




Embracing the Starlight  (Dark Regions, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Piper in the Night  (Wildside, 2001.)


                A military medical technician stationed on a Pacific Island finds his dreams invaded by supernatural creatures who use him as a pawn in their battles.


Schemes of Dragons, The  (Ace, 1989.)


Dragon #2.


                Two warriors decide to risk their lives to destroy an ancient dragon which has been sending its minions to destroy the works of humankind.


Sorcery Within, The  (Ace, 1985.)


Dragon #1.


                A city whose king has lived for centuries is in peril when his life finally nears its end and an evil dragon reaches maturity.


Wizard's Nemesis, The 






Dark Crystal, The  (Futura, 1982, Holt Owl, 1982, based on the screenplay by Jim Henson and David Odell.)


                An astronomical event is a sign that things might change in a distant world ruled by an evil species, but only if a hero rises to take advantage of the situation.


Labyrinth  (Virgin, 1986, Holt, 1986.)


                A young girl travels to a land of fairies in order to rescue her young brother, who has been kidnapped by the fairy king.




Grey Maiden  (Centaur, 1974.)


                Episodic novel about a magical sword that survives through the ages.




Abominations of Yondo, The  (Arkham House, 1960.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Black Diamonds, The  (Hippocampus, 2002.)


                Written when the author was fourteen but never published, this has minimal ambiguous fantasy content involving a possibly magical lake.


Book of Hyperborea, The  (Necronomicon, 1996.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


City of the Singing Flame, The  (Pocket, 1981.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dark Eidolon and Other Fantasies, The (Penguin, 2014.)


Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Door to Saturn, The (Night Shade, 2016.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Double Shadow and Other Fantasies  (Smith, 1933, Wildside, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dweller in the Gulf, The  (Necronomicon, 1987.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Emperor of Dreams, The  (Gollancz, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


End of the Story, The  (Night Shade, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Genius Loci and Other Tales  (Arkham House, 1948.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Hyperborea  (Ballantine, 1971.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Immortals of Mercury, The  (Stellar, 1932.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Last Incantation, The  (Pocket, 1982.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Lost Worlds  (Arkham House, 1944.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Maker of Gargoyles and Other Stories, The  (Wildside, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Monster of the Prophecy, The  (Pocket, 1983.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mortuary, The  (Squires, 1971.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Mother of Toads  (Necronomicon, 1987.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Other Dimensions  (Arkham House, 1970, Panther, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Out of Space and Time  (Arkham House, 1942.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Poseidonis  (Ballantine, 1973.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Prince Alcouz and the Magician  (Squires, 1971.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Rendezvous in Averoigne, A  (Arkham House, 1988.)


                Collection of sometimes related stories.


Sadastor  (Squires, 1972.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Strange Shadows  (Greenwood, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories and essays.


Tales of Science and Sorcery  (Arkham House, 1964, Panther, undated.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales of Zothique  (Necronomicon, 1995.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Untold Tales  (Cryptic, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Vaults of Yoh-Vombis, The  (Necronomicon, 1988.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Vintage from Atlantis, A (Night Shade, 2016.)


Collection of sometimes related stories.


White Sybil, The (Wildside, 2005.)


Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are fantasy.


Xiccarph  (Ballantine, 1972.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Zothique  (Ballantine, 1970.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Zothique The Final Cycle (Hippocampus, 2022.)


Collection of loosely related stories.


SMITH, DAVID C.  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Ghost Army, The  (Zebra, 1983.)


Oron #5.


                Oron agrees to help avenge the people of a village who were slaughtered by a brutal mercenary leader.


Master of Evil, The  (Pinnacle, 1983.


Fall of the First World #1.


                A priest turns to sorcery and acquires powerful magic just as it appears that the entire world is sliding toward an unavoidable cataclysm.


Mosutha's Magic  (Zebra, 1982.)


Oron #3.


                A sorcerer is told in a vision that Oron will be his downfall, so he sets out to destroy the warrior before the latter even knows him.


Oron  (Zebra, 1978.)


Oron #1.


                A young warrior decides that fighting for its own sake is not enough, and he seeks employment as a mercenary instead.


Passing of the Gods, The  (Pinnacle, 1983.)


Fall of the First World #3.


                The ultimate battle between good and evil takes place at the end of the world, and a new world is born with a few who survived the disaster.


Sorcerer's Shadow, The  (Zebra, 1978.)


Oron #2.


                Set in the same world as the rest of the series but with different characters.  A warrior and a sorceress form an uneasy alliance.


Sorrowing Vengeance  (Pinnacle, 1983.)


Fall of the First World #2.


                A sorcerous priest has become the pre-eminent force of evil in the world, and now he's searching for an immortal being with whom he can watch the end of everything.


Valley of Ogrum, The  (Zebra, 1982.)


Oron #4.


                A barbarian chieftain becomes jealous of Oron's reputation as a warrior and decides to engineer his destruction and dishonor.




Against the Prince of Hell  (Ace, 1983.)


Red Sonja #5.


                An evil wizard rules an entire city and uses its resources to reinforce the bonds between himself and the creatures from hell.  But then a daring young woman comes to visit and all is lost.


Demon Night  (Ace, 1982.)


Red Sonja #2.


                After being accused of a crime she didn't commit, a female warrior travels to a mysterious city where women have been sacrificed in an unholy ritual.


Endithor's Daughter  (Ace, 1982.)


Red Sonja #4.


                Sonja visits a thriving metropolis, but she has enemies there as well, including an old and very clever vampire.


For the Witch of the Mists  (Zebra, 1978, Ace, 1981.)


A Bran Mac Morn novel.


                The character created by Robert E. Howard has a series of magical adventures in Britain under the rule of the Roman Empire.


Ring of Ikribu, The  (Ace, 1981.)


Red Sonja #1.


                A female warrior hires her sword to a city that appears doomed to be conquered by the minions of an evil sorcerer.


Star of Doom  (Ace, 1983.)


Red Sonja #6.


                Red Sonja must battle another villain, this one armed with a powerful magical artifact that gives him control of nature itself.


When Hell Laughs  (Ace, 1982.)


Red Sonja #3.


                Sonja finds herself on a ship filled with escaped prisoners who have become the allies of a demonic force hoping to escape into the world of humankind.




All Eve's Hallow  (Phobos, 2005.)


                All of the creatures of legend are real and hidden among us, and a group of people in New York City secretly protect us from them.


Final Fantasy  (Pocket, 2001, from the screenplay by Al Reinert, Hirinobu Sakaguchi, and Jeff Vintar.)






Alice at Heart  (Bellebooks, 2002.)


                A young girl realizes that she is a mermaid and longs to return to the sea.




One Hundred and One Dalmatians  (Heinemann, 1956, Viking, 1956, Avon Camelot, 1967.)


Dalmatians #1.


                Classic children's story about the evil woman kidnapping puppies.  Only fantasy because of its talking animal motif.


Starlight Barking, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1967, Heinemann, 1967, Dell Yearling, 1972.)


Dalmatians #2.


                The dogs wake up one day to discover that all of the humans are missing.




Witch Queen of Lochlann  (Signet, 1969, Hale, 1981.)


                Two women contend for the throne, each with different advantages and disadvantages, both protected by a single hero.  Unfortunately, evil twins emerge from the underworld.




Damask Rose  (St Martins, 1998.)


                Marginal historical romance novel which includes a genuine psychic.


SMITH, JULIA  (See collaboration with Mark Smith.)




Call of Madness (Del Rey, 1990.)


Caithe #1.


                Magic is rarely tolerated in Caithe because it usually strikes suddenly, causing its recipient to become crazed and dangerous.  But the King has powers which he uses discretely, at least until his own sanity begins to crumble.


Mission of Magic  (Del Rey, 1991.)


Caithe #2.


                A princess tries to convince her people not to persecute those who develop magical powers, but fear and hatred force her into exile.


Sage of Sare  (Del Rey, 1992.)


Caithe #3.


                The despised wizards of Caithe, most of whom never asked for their powers, are beset by a fearful populace when they are offered succor by the ruler of a distant land.  It sounds great, but there's always a catch.


Wizard King, The  (Del Rey, 1994.)


Caithe #4.


                Two estranged siblings put aside their differences to defeat a sorcerous enemy.




Wind Shifter  (Thistledown, 1995.)


                An apprentice wizard discovers that she is the one who will tilt the balance of power between good and evil.




Heart of Valor  (Macmillan, 1990.)


Morgana Shee #2.


                The gateway between worlds was closed, but an earthquake warns our teenaged heroes that the closing may be unstable.


Night of the Solstice, The  (Macmillan, 1987.)


Morgana Shee #1.


                The sorceress who guards the gate between our world and another filled with magical menaces has been betrayed and captured.  Four teenagers from our world must rescue her.


SMITH, MARK & SMITH, JULIA  (See also Jonathan Wylie.)


Shadow-Maze  (Corgi, 1992, Questar, 1994.)


                Various people seek to find the power to defeat a band of marauding, vampiric creatures in a magical realm.




Fade to Black  (Roc, 1994.)


#13 in the multi-author Shadowrun series.


                A band of adventurers team up to free a friend from a repressive form of corporate slavery in a world where magic and technology mix.  Their efforts get them involved in an even deeper mystery and almost cost them their lives.


Steel Rain  (Roc, 1997.)


#24 in the multi-author Shadowrun series.


Corporate wars are taking a vicious turn and a number of executives have been murdered.  A group of samurai elves are employed to find out who's responsible and bring the killings to an end.


Striper Assassin  (Roc, 1993.)


#11 in the multi-author Shadowrun series.


A professional assassin comes to a future Philadelphia where magic prevails, and finds that their are other killers in the area with even greater powers than her own.


Who Hunts the Hunter  (Roc, 1995.)


#16 in the multi-author Shadowrun series.


A weretiger mixes it up with elves in this story of a killer on the prowl in a version of New York City where the forces of magic openly walk the streets.




Banner of the Damned  (DAW, 2012.)




Borrowers, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1998, based on the screenplay by Gavin Scott and John Kamps from the novel by Mary Norton.)


                Novelization of the film version of the classic children's fantasy about diminutive people who live hidden among us.


Coronets and Steel  (DAW, 2010.)


A young man finds destiny, ghosts, and magic in mythical European kingdom.


Court Duel  (Harcourt Brace, 1998.)


Duel #2.


                The young aristocrats have successfully defeated an evil king and his plans of conquest, but now they have to deal with court intrigue among their own supporters.


Crown Duel  (Harcourt Brace, 1997.)


Duel #1.


                Two teenagers attempt to honor their dying father's heritage and defend their land from a usurper.


Fox, The  (DAW, 2007.)


Inda #2.


A young man is forced into exile after being accused of a crime he didn't commit.


Inda  (DAW, 2006.)


Inda #1.


                A young member of a royal family gets involved in court intrigues as well as the usual trials of a boy turning into a man.


Journey to Otherwhere  (Random House, 2000.)


#1 in the multi-author Voyage of the Basset series.


                Two unlikely companions set out on a magical journey.


King's Shield  (DAW, 2008.)


Inda #3.


A young exile returns to lead his people.


Revenant  (DAW, 2012.)


Revenant #1




Revenant Eve (DAW, 2013.)


Revenant #2.




Treason's Shore  (DAW, 2009.)


Inda #4.


A hero organizes resistance against the enemies of his king.


Trouble with Kings, The


Wren's Quest  (Harcourt Brace, 1993.)


Wren #2.


                Wren is searching for her lost relatives, but she is being pursued at the same time by an evil sorcerer, and is eventually turned into a fish.


Wren's War  (Harcourt Brace, 1995.)


Wren #3.


                A group of young people have to reconcile their personal differences in order to defeat an evil king aided by a sorcerer.


Wren to the Rescue  (Harcourt Brace, ?)


Wren #1.


                A teenager is magically transformed into the form of a dog and has a series of adventures.




Boy Who Was Thrown Away, The  (Macmillan, 1987, DAW, 1989.)


Snow Eyes #2.


                A boy with various powers including shapechanging is separated from his family, but later receives training in his powers and returns to seek them out.


Snow Eyes  (Macmillan, 1985, DAW, 1988.)


Snow Eyes #1.


                A young orphan girl feels a bond to a mysterious deity of the lake.  Then a strange woman appears claiming to be her kin, hoping to lure her away, for she has a power that can change the nature of the world.




Betwixt  (Little, Brown, 2007.)


Young adult novel about three teens with magical powers.


SMITH, THORNE  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Bishop's Jaegers, The  (Doubleday, 1932, Barker, 1934, Sun Dial, 1939, Pocket, 1945.)


                Marginal fantasy set in a nudist camp.


Glorious Pool, The  (Doubleday, Doran, 1934, Barker, 1935, Sun Dial, 1938, Armed Services, 1944, Pocket, 1946, Methuen, 1950, May Fair, 1962.)


                A swimming pool has the power to turn younger anyone who bathes in it, with hilarious consequences following a pool party.


Jovial Ghosts, The  (See Topper.)


Night Life of the Gods, The  (Doubleday Doran, 1931, Barker, 1934, Sun Dial, 1939, Methuen, 1939, Armed Forces, 1947, Pocket, 1947, Penguin, 1957, Pyramid, 1961, Del Rey, 1980.)


                A man discovers how to bring statues to life and finds himself hosting a party attended by most of the gods and goddesses of Olympus.


Stray Lamb, The  (Cosmopolitan, 1929, Heinemann, 1930, Doubleday, 1932, Grosset, 1935, Barker, 1935, Methuen, 1939, Triangle, 1940, Sun Dial, 1942, Avon, 1945, Armed Forces, 1945, Pocket, 1948, Tandem, 1966, Ballantine, ?.)


                A man is transformed into a series of animals and has various ribald adventures.


Thorne Smith Three-Bagger, The  (Doubleday Doran, 1943, Sun Dial, 1945.)


                Omnibus of The Glorious Pool, Skin and Bones, and Topper.


Thorne Smith Three Decker, The  (Doubleday Doran, 1936, Sun Dial, 1939.)


                Omnibus of The Stray Lamb, Turnabout, and Rain in the Doorway.


Thorne Smith Triplets, The  (Doubleday Doran, 1938, Sun Dial, 1942.)


                Omnibus of The Bishop's Jaegers, Topper Takes a Trip, and The Night Life of the Gods.


Topper  (McBride, 1926, Holden, 1926, Doubleday Doran, 1930, Pocket, 1939,  Ballantine, ?  Barker, 1933, as The Jovial Ghosts.)


Topper #1.


The first adventure of Topper, a quiet man who becomes involved with the ghosts of two younger people, one of whom has a taste for sex and the high life.  The sequel is Topper Takes a Trip.


Topper Takes a Trip  (Doubleday, Doran, 1932, Barker, 1935, Methuen, 1936, Sun Dial, 1937, Pocket, 1943, Penguin, 1957, Pyramid, 1962, Ballantine, ?)


Topper #2.


Topper retires and moves away from his old neighborhood, only to discover that the ghostly Kerby family has returned, and brought a load of ghostly friends along with them. 


Turnabout  (Doubleday Doran, 1931, Barker, 1933, Methuen, 1936, Sun Dial, 1940, Pocket, 1947, Paperback Library, 1963, Ballantine, ?)


                An Egyptian god causes a man and wife to change bodies with humorous and ribald consequences.




Passionate Witch, The  (Doubleday, 1941, Sun Dial, 1942, Barker, 1942, Methuen, 1942, Pocket, 1947, May Fair, 1961, Tandem, 1966)






Warlock  (?)




SMITH-READY, JERI  (Also writes Horror.)


Eyes of Crow  (Luna, 2006.)


Crow #1.


                A young woman must commune with the powers of death to aid her people.


Reawakened, The  (Luna, 2008.)


Crow #2.


A woman raises magic aid in her quest to save her people.




Presto!  (?, 1982.)


                Features a genuine magician.


Ursa Major  (?, 1980.)


                Surreal adventures of an escaped bear as it travels around America.




Barrow, The  (Pyr, 2014.)


Barrow #1.


Treasure hunt for a wizard's legacy.





Finger of Destiny and Other Stories, The  (Quality, 1938.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


SNIEGOSKI, THOMAS E.  (Also writes Horror.)


Dancing on the Head of a Pin  (Roc, 2009.)


Remy Chandler #2.


An investigator searches for stolen weapons with magical powers.


Deafening Silence in Heaven, A (Roc, 2015.)


Remy Chandler




Hundred Words for Hate, A (Roc, 2011.)


Remy Chandler #4.


A fallen angel contemplates the consequences of rediscovering Eden.


Kiss Before the Apocalypse, A  (Roc, 2008.)


Remy Chandler #1.


A man can understand any language, including that spoken by animals.


Where Angels Fear to Tread (Roc, 2010.)


Remy Chandler #3.


An angelic investigator confronts prescient visions of an abduction.


SNODGRASS, MELINDA  (See also Phillipa Bornikova and collaboration with Victor Milan.  Also writes Science Fiction.)


Edge of Dawn, The (Tor, 2015.)


Richard Oort #3.




Edge of Reason, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Richard Oort #1.


A police officer gets caught between two magical forces.


Edge of Ruin, The (Tor, 2010.)


Richard Oort #2.


The protagonist leads a battle against fantastic creatures trying to enter our world.


Queen's Gambit Declined  (Questar,  1989.)


                The rightful heir to the throne of Holland is sent on a mission by a goddess, but he is opposed by a high church official who practices the black arts.




Magical Mimics of Oz, The  (Books of Wonder, ?)


An Oz novel.




Shaggy Man of Oz, The  (Books of Wonder, 1949. )


An Oz novel.






Journey to Amanah  (Broadman, 1991.)


                In a mythical kingdom, a family goes into exile to avoid religious persecution.




Shotgun Sorceress  (Del Rey, 2010.)


Jessie Shimmer #2.


A woman who visited Hell interacts with magical entities in the real world.


Spellbent  (Del Rey, 2009.)


Jessie Shimmer #1.


Two people use magic to fight a demonic evil that invades modern America.


Switchblade Goddess (Del Rey, 2012.)


Jessie Shimmer #3.






Fire Study (Luna, 2008.)


Yelena #3.


A woman with unusual magic talents finds herself the object of intolerance.


Magic Study  (Luna, 2006.)


Yelena #2.


                An ex-food taster becomes involved with magic when she tries to help restore a prince to his throne.


Night Study (Mira, 2016.)


Yelena #5.




Poison Study  (Luna, 2005.)


Yelena #1.


                A food taster gets caught up in politics and intrigue in a fantasy world.


Scent of Magic (Luna, 2012.)


Healer #2.




Sea Glass (Luna, 2009.)


Glass #2.




Shadow Study (Mira, 2015.)


Yelena #4.




Spy Glass (Luna, 2010.)


Glass #3.




Storm Glass  (Luna, 2009.)


Glass #1.


A sorceress uses a new kind of magic in response to a plot to murder magical practitioners.


Taste of Darkness (Luna, 2013.)


Healer #3.




Touch of Power (Mira, 2012.)


Healer #1.




SNYDER, MIDORI  (See also collaboration with Jane Yolen.)


Beldan's Fire  (Tor, 1993.)


Queen's Quarter #3.


                A new generation of magically talented individuals has managed to escape the blanket death sentence of the oppressive conquerors of Oran, and now it's time for them to come together and drive out the intruders.


Flight of Michael McBride, The  (Tor, 1994.)


                An Irish immigrant who offended the fairy court seeks a new life in America, but discovers that this land has a magic of its own.


Hatchlings  (Bullseye, 1995.)


A Dinotopia novel.


                A young girl protects a rare dinosaur egg in order to prove that she is a responsible hatchery worker.


Innamorati, The  (Tor, 1998.)


                Various characters in Renaissance Italy have their lives changes by the influence of magic.


New Moon  (Tor, 1989, Unwin, 1989.) 


Queen's Quarter #1.


                After its conquest by outsiders, the people of Oran watched as all of their magically talented citizens were slaughtered.  But it is rumored that four young girls with the power have escaped to the wilderness, biding their time until their return.


Sadar's Keep  (Unwin, 1990, Tor, 1991.)


Queen's Quarter #2.


                The exiled magicians of Oran are beginning to orchestrate their return and the overthrow of the invading army which cast them out.


Soulstring  (Ace, 1987.)


                The daughter of an evil ruler discovers that she has magical talents which, if she can master them, could free the country.




And All Between  (Atheneum, 1976, Tor, 1985.)


Green Sky #2.


                An underground dweller flees to the surface and is taken in by one of the aristocrats of the people who live in the top of a gigantic forest.


Below the Root  (Atheneum, 1975, Tor, 1985.)


Green Sky #1.


                A race that lives in the trees of a gigantic forest magically determines that the future of their world is about to change in some mysterious fashion.


Black and Blue Magic  (Atheneum, 1966, Scholastic, 1967.)


                A young boy steals some magic oil and discovers that he can fly.


Changeling, The  (Atheneum, 1970, Scholastic, 1974.)


                A teenaged girl believes that she is a magical changeling and not really the child of her parents.


Magic Nation Thing, The  (Delacorte, 2005.)


                A young girl descended from a line of witches helps her mother solve a mystery.


Season of Ponies  (Atheneum, 1964, McClelland, 1964, Aladdin, ?)


                A magical amulet allows a young girl to see people from another reality.


Until the Celebration  (Atheneum, 1977, Tor, 1985.)


Green Sky #3.


                The two peoples of a magical world have been reunited and now live together, but there is some vague danger clouding the prospects of the next generation.




Amazing Power of Ashur Fine, The  (Macmillan, 1986, Troll, 1987.)


                A teenager has the power of changing his identity simply by wishing it so.




Crane, The   (Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


#3 in the multi-author Legend of the Five Rings series.


                A young aristocrat seeks a boon from the imperial court and tries to play palace politics.  Unfortunately, his skills to not include that talent and he is mortified by the results of his efforts.


Dragon, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2001.)


#6 in the multi-author Legend of the Five Rings series.


                A reclusive clan emerges from its mountain hideout when a dragon appears.


Hidden Shrine, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2011.)


A Nentir Warriors novel.




Sea of Sorrows (Pocket, 2013.)


A Guild Wars novel.


One city state is destroyed by a flood and another rises from the depths.


Wind of Honor  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Legend of the Five Rings novel.


                Intrigue sweeps the world when the throne of a kingdom goes unclaimed.


Wind of Truth  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.)


A Legend of the Five Rings novel.


                With the death of the emperor, the entire empire is thrown into chaos.




Keeper of the Earth  (Tor, 2006.)


Daughter of Destiny #4.


                A young girl battles evil magic in her quest to secure power for the side of good.


Keeper of the Flames  (Tor, 2006.)


Daughter of Destiny #3.




Keeper of the Waters  (Tor, 2006.)


Daughter of Destiny #2.


                A teenager travels the world in search of magical artifacts.


Keeper of the Winds  (Tor, 2006.)


Daughter of Destiny #1.


                A young girl discovers she has a magical destiny.




We Are Not Good People (Gallery, 2014.)


Two minor magicians try to help a woman escape human sacrifice.




Holy Mother  (Gold Eagle, 2006.)


A Destroyer novel.


                The goddess Kali returns in an attempt to dominate the world.




Uncertain Companions  (Naiad, 1992.)


                A lesbian romance becomes more complicated when the twosome find themselves in an alternate world where magic is real.




Allies & Assassins (Little Brown, 2015.)


Allies #1.




Black Heart  (Little, Brown, 2009.)


Vampirates #4.


Pirates battle vampires.


Blood Captain  (Little, Brown, 2008.)


Vampirates #3.


Pirates and vampires interact.


Conspiracy of Princes, A (Little Brown, 2015.)


Allies #2.




Demons of the Ocean  (Little, Brown, 2006.)


Vampirates #1.


                A young boy fights vampire pirates.


Tide of Terror  (Little, Brown, 2008.)


Vampirates #2.




SOMTOW, S.P.  (Pseudonym of Somtow Sucharitkul, who writes SF under both names.)


Armorica  (See Forest of the Night.)


Dragon's Fin Soup  (EMR, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Forest of the Night  (Avon, 1992. Orbit,  1994, as Armorica. )


Theo Etchison #2..


                A man from our world is drawn back into an alternate dimension where evil people with supernatural powers seek to control both realities.


Riverrun  (Avon, 1991, Orbit, 1994.)


Theo Etchison #1.


                A young dreamer finds himself in a battle for his own life and that of everyone he knows when he is attacked by a vampire sorcerer and his weird sister.


Riverrun Trilogy, The  (Borealis, 1996.)


                Omnibus of the Riverrun books.


Shattered Horse, The  (Tor, 1986, Headline, 1988.)


                Following the fall of Troy, a prince of that city goes on a journey across the ancient world, encountering witches and other mythical beings.


Tagging the Moon  (Night Shade, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Yestern  (?, 1996.)


Riverrun #3.






Bug Boy  (Dell Yearling, ?)


Bug #1.


                A boy is magically transformed into an insect.


Bug Girl  (Dell Yearling, 2000.)


Bug #2.


                A young girl is magically transformed into an insect.




Beginning, The  (Flash Blasters, 1993.)


Dark Chronicles #1.


                In a magical world, the powers of good and evil begin marshalling their forces for a confrontation.


Red Blood  (Flash Blasters, 1994.)


Dark Chronicles #2.


                More battles between good and evil using black and white magic.


Triumph  (Flash Blasters, 1995.)


Dark Chronicles #3.


                The powers of good magic finally overcome their evil rivals.


Unknown, The  (Ariel Starr, 1999.)


Light Years #3.


                Will the universe end?  Can our hero save it?




Rapture  (Bantam, 1996, Villard, 1996, Sceptre, 1997)


At random, people grow wings and discover that they are angels, a new race springing up within humanity.  But their initial popularity soon fades in this mildly humorous satire on fads.




Afterlife, The  (Harcourt, 2003.)


                A teenager is killed and his ghost has to figure out who murdered him.


SOULBAN, LUCIEN  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Renegade Wizards  (Wizards of the Coast, 2009.)


A Dragonlance novel.


A man travels through time and witnesses a magical crisis.




Fifth String, The  (?, 1902.)


                Death embodies itself in a string on a violin.




Comforters, The  (?, 1957.)


                A writer discovers she is a character in the book she is writing.


Memento Mori  (?, 1959.)


                A mysterious voice announces imminent death through the telephone.




Ghosts Who Went to School  (Atheneum, 1966, Scholastic, 1973.)


Temple Street #1.


                Life at a small school gets complicated when ghosts start attending classes.


Museum House Ghosts, The  (Athenum, 1969.)


Temple Street #2.


                Not seen.




Moonfall  (Tesseract, 1991.)


                An unusual fantasy about a pair of twins sharing the same body who act to protect the Earth from a mystical event called Moonfall.




Worlds Without End  (Roc, 1995.)


#18 in the multi-author Shadowrun series.


A woman wakens from a centuries long sleep into a world of magic and elves.  But her return to consciousness brings with it an ancient danger that menaces everyone around her.




Cloud Over Water, A  (Unwin, 1988, HarperCollins, 1998.)


Dark #2.


                Her mentor and protector is dead, so a barbarian warrior must battle an old and relentless enemy on her own.


Road and the Hills, The  (Allen & Unwin, 1986, HarperCollins, 1997.)


Dark #1.


                A barbarian warlord meets his match when a young woman of extraordinary ability joins his army.


Streets of the City, The  (Unwin, 1988.)


Dark #3.


                Efforts are made to unite various rebels against a despotic witch.




Christmas Carol  (Leisure, 1994.)


A ghost gives a woman glimpses of three previous Christmas Days.


Destiny's Lovers  (Leisure, 1990.)


                Not seen.


Heart's Magic   (Leisure, ?)


Not seen.  Magical powers in the year 1122.


Love Beyond Time, A  (Leisure, 1994.)


Time travel romance.


Love Just in Time  (Leisure, 1995.)


Time travel romance in which a woman distraught because of her husband's infidelity finds herself in another century.



Timestruck  (Love Spell, 2000.)


                A computer expert enters the wrong date and finds herself in the past.  There's a software glitch Microsoft hasn't warned us about.


Time to Love Again, A  (Leisure, 1993, Lovespell, 1997.)


                A contemporary woman finds love when she is magically transported back to the time of Charlemagne.




Archer in the Arras, The  (Grant & Murray, 1932.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


SPENCE, WALTER  (See collaboration with Holly Lisle.)




Elfhome  (Baen, 2012.)


Elfhome #1.




Eight Million Gods  (Baen, 2013.)


Urban fantasy involving Japanese deities.


Endless Blue  (Baen, 2007.)




Tinker  (Baen, 2003.)


Tinker #1.


                A young woman has various adventures on the interface between our reality and another peopled by elves.


Wolf Who Rules  (Baen, 2006.)


Tinker #2.


                Pittsburgh has been transported into a fantasy world.


Wood Sprites (Baen, 2014.)


Elfhome #4.






Zod Wallop  (St Martins, 1995, Borealis, 1995.)


                An author of children's books has problems adjusting to other people, and these get more complicated when some of the creatures he has invented suddenly appear to be real.




Living with Ghosts  (DAW, 2009.)


A pact between human and magical forces begins to bresak down.




Witch of Agnesi, The  (Medallion, 2006.)


                A coven of witches may be behind the disappearances of several students.


SPOOR, RYK E.  (Also writes Science Fiction. See collaborations with Kathleen Moffre-Spoor.)


Digital Knight  (Baen, 2003.)


                A computer expert discovers that supernatural creatures are real and gets caught up in a battle between occult forces.


Legend  (Ring of Fire, 2019.)


A woman is caught between magical forces.


Mask of Ares, The  (Ring of Fire, 2020.)


Godswar #1.


The Greek gods go to war.


Paradigms Lost (Baen, 2014.)


Expanded version of Digital Knight.


Phoenix Ascendant (Baen, 2016.)


Phoenix #3.




Phoenix in Shadow (Baen, 2015.)


Phoenix #2.




Phoenix Rising (Baen, 2013.)


Phoenix #1.


A quest story in a fantasy world.


Polychrome (Iris Mirabilis, 2019.)


New adventures in the land of Oz.


Spear of Athena, The (Land of Fire, 2021.)


Godswar #2.


More adventures among the Greek Gods.


SPORLENDER, NICHOLAS  (Pseudonym of Jeff VanderVeer.)


Exchange, The  (Hoegbotton, 2001.)


                Short story published as a pamphlet.




Nome King's Shadow in Oz, The  (Emerald City Press, ?)


An Oz novel.




Patchwork Bride of Oz, The  (Emerald City Press, ?)


An Oz novel.






Apocalypse  (Underwood Miller, 1989, Baen, 1989.)


                A small town whose economy is falling apart runs into even more trouble when the Four Horsemen threaten to bring a wave of disaster.


Black Beast, The  (Pocket, 1982, Drew, 1985.)


Isle #4.


                A quest into a strange land in search of an army with which to overthrow a brutal ruler and free a people.


Book of Suns, The  (Pocket, 1977.  Completely rewritten as The Silver Sun, which see.)


                Two friends investigate the land of the elves as part of the fulfillment of a prophecy which will lead to the overthrow of a repressive ruler.


Book of Vale, The  (Doubleday, 1984.)


                Omnibus of The Black Beast and The Golden Swan.


Chains of Gold  (Arbor House, 1986, Macdonald, 1987, Baen, 1988.)


                A young woman marries a man who is fated to be sacrificed.  They flee when another agrees to take his place, but they are pursued by angry relatives and irate supernatural forces.


Chance & Other Gestures of the Hand of Fate  (Baen, 1987.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Damnbanna  (Axolotl, 1992.)


                Novelet about a woman's encounter with a strange creature.


Fair Peril  (Avon, 1996.)


                A teenager kisses a talking frog and turns him into a prince, but it's our world he finds himself in, and educating him to contemporary life turns out to be quite a task.


Friendship Song, The  (Atheneum, 1992.)


                Two teenaged girls find magic as one of them tries to adjust to the fact that her father is remarrying.


Godbond  (Tor, 1988, Orbit, 1990.)


Sea King #3.


                Humans must battle an incarnated goddess in order to avoid the destruction of the world by the Devourers.


Golden Swan, The  (Pocket, 1983, Drew, 1985.)


Isle #5.


                Two young men must confront their own personal losses in order to find the strength to save their people from an evil menace.


Hex Witch of Seldom, The  (Baen, 1989.)


                A disparate group of archetypal figures must work together to defeat an evil force.


I Am Mordred  (Philomel, 1998, Firebird, 2002.)


                Mordred knows that prophecy says he will kill his father, King Arthur, but he is more interested in earning the man's love.


Larque on the Wing  (Avon, 1994.)


                A contemporary woman conjures up a version of her younger self, who leads her on a series of journeys of self discovery that endanger her current happiness.


Madbond  (Tor, 1987, Orbit, 1988.)


Sea King #1.


                Several individuals battle shapechangers and other dangers as they seek to discover the identity of a force that threatens to destroy their entire world.


Metal Angel  (Roc, 1994.)


                An angel decides that he wants to return to the Earth and does so, but when he transforms himself, he doesn't lose his wings.  Determined to fit in, he becomes a rock singer with the wings as part of his act.


Mindbond  (Tor, 1987, Orbit, 1989.)


Sea King #2.


                The band of warriors determined to save their world from supernatural forces journey to a kingdom under the sea to free a soul.


Plumage  (Morrow, 2000.)


                A woman down on her luck and barely getting by has her life transformed when a magical bird shows up one day.


Red Wizard  (Atheneum, 1990.)


                A teenager from our world finds himself in an alternate reality where a kindly wizard tries to teach him how to deal with the sadder side of life.


Sable Moon, The  (Pocket, 1981, Drew, 1985.)


Isle #3.


                An evil fog covers Isle, a warning of evil forces on the moon, and an aristocrat must seize the moment to become a hero and defend his people.


Silver Sun, The  (Pocket, 1980, Drew, 1984.  Rewritten version of The Book of Suns.)


Isle #2.


                Two adventurers must travel to distant lands in order to do their part to fulfill an ancient prophecy.


White Hart, The  (Pocket, 1979, Drew, 1984.)


Isle #1.


                A dragon menaces the world and a prophecy is made.


Wings of Flame  (Tor, 1985, Arrow, 1986.)


                Representatives of two rival nations with different religious views must set aside their differences and work together if they are to defeat a demonic force that threatens both their peoples.




Untold Tales of Ozman Droom,The (Anomalous, 2014.)


Episodic adventures of a magician.




Blade and Bone (Pyr, 2017.)


Black Earth #3.


The walking dead are recruited in a magical war.


Blood and Iron (Pyr, 2014.)


Black Earth #1.


A shipwreck disrupts a mercenary's plans.


Shadow's Lure  (Pyr, 2011.)


Shadow #2.


An assassin investigates the murder of his parents.


Shadow's Master (Pyr, 2012.)


Shadow #3.


A reformed assassin confronts a supernatural force.


Shadow Son  (Pyr, 2010.)


Shadow #1.


An assassin uncovers a plot to overthrow the throne in a fantasy world.


Storm and Steel (Pyr, 2015.)


Black Earth #2.


War in a magical realm.




Curse of the Coral Bride, The (Borgo, 2004.)


Magic is real as the sun begins to die.


Fables and Fantasies  (Necronomicon, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Last Days of the Edge of the World, The  (Hutchinson, 1978, Ace, 1985.)


                A king wants to forge an alliance with a band of wizards so he arranges a marriage for his daughter.  She is reluctant to wed, so she sets three conditions for the union, which sends her betrothed on a series of adventures.


Year Zero (Sarob, 2002, Five Star, 2003.)


                Short novel about a woman who encounters an offbeat angel, the devil, aliens, and other oddities.




At the Queen's Command  (Night Shade, 2010.)


Crown Colonies #1.


A magical alternate version of the American Revolution.


Cartomancy  (Bantam, 2006.)


Age of Discovery #2.


                Ancient heroes must be wakened from a magical sleep to defend the land.


Conan the Barbarian (Boulevard, 2011, from the screenplay by?)


A new version of the young Conan's adventures.


Crusader Road, The  (Paizo, 2014.)


A Pathfinder novel.


An exiled family seeks a new homeland.


Dark Glory War, The  (Bantam, 2000.)


DragonCrown War #1.


                A military fantasy in which, as you might expect, our heroes protect their homeland from an onslaught of barbarian warriors and evil sorcery.


Enemy Reborn, An  (Harper, Harper, 1998.)


Realms of Chaos #2.


                A member of the force that patrols the border of chaos must find it in himself to become a heroic figure when a new leader emerges to lead the enemy against his land.


Evil Triumphant  (GDW, 1992.)


A secret magical war is fought over our world.


Eyes of Silver  (Bantam, 1999.)


                Magic, warfare, derring do, and a beautiful princess in a world where a recent empire has collapses and subject states and rivals all contend for power in the chaos that follows.


Fortress Draconis  (Bantam, 2001.)


DragonCrown War #2.


                An evil queen tries to have a young man assassinated because she senses magically that he is a threat to her.  He escapes and finds refuge in a mystical fortress.


Grand Crusade, The  (Bantam, 2004.)


DragonCrown War #4.


                The man who was supposed to save the world from an evil ruler is apparently dead and his surviving friends try to take up the cause.


Hero Born, A  (Harper, 1997.)


Realms of Chaos #1.


                A young man hopes to become one of the elite force that guards the borders of his world from the infringement of chaos.  There he may one day find his father, who disappeared in that vicinity.


New World, The  (Bantam, 2007.)


Age of Discovery #3.


                A war among the gods is reflected by a war on Earth.


Of Limited Loyalty (2011)


Once a Hero  (Bantam, 1994.)


                When a successful rebellion fails to bring about the free land they wanted, a people seek to restore a dead hero to life in hopes that he will lead them again.


Perchance to Dream and Other Stories  (Five Star, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Secret Atlas, A  (Bantam, 2005.)


Age of Discovery #1.


                Two mapmaking brothers explore a remote part of a fantasy world.


Talion Revenant  (Bantam, 1997.)


The protagonist is given the job of guarding the life of a foreign king.  Unfortunately, this is the same king who led the army who conquered his nation and killed his family.


Vol'Jin (Gallery, 2013.)


A Warcraft novel.


Typical sword and sorcery.


When Dragons Rage  (Bantam, 2002.)


DragonCrown War #3.


                An evil queen continues her quest for world domination, opposed by a princess and her band of friends, who are determined to prevent her from reassembling a mystical crown that brings invincibility.


Wolf and Raven  (Roc, 1998.)


Shadowrun #32.


                A band of vigilantes protect the innocent from monsters and villains.




King of Sartar  (Chaosium, 1992.)


                Collection of game related material including some short fiction.




Blackbeard's Ghost  (Houghton Mifflin, 1965, Scholastic Starline, 1968.)


                Children conjure up the ghost of Blackbeard the pirate.




Elf Queen's Quest  (Reagent Press, 2002.)


Ruin Mist #2.




Keeper Martin's Tale  (Reagent Press, 2002)


Ruin Mist #1.




Kingdom Alliance  (Reagent Press, 2003.)


Ruin Mist #3.






Angel Condemned  (Berkley, 2011.)


Bree #5.


Murder mystery involving ghosts.


Angel's Advocate  (Berkley, 2009.)


Bree #2.


A lawyer defends two unappealing clients, one of them dead.


Angel's Verdict  (Berkley, 2011.)


Bree #4.


Uneasy spirits plague a film production.


Avenging Angels  (Berkley, 2010.)


Bree #3.


A lawyer helps a ghost prove he wasn't an embezzler.


By Fire, By Moonlight  (Apple, 1999.)


Unicorns #4.


                With their initial efforts to return home thwarted, a young girl and a unicorn must find an alternate route.


Defending Angels  (Berkley, 2008.)


Bree #1.


A mystery must be cleared up at a haunted graveyard.


Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West, The  (Baen, 1988, New English Library, 1988.)


Horse #1.


                An epic fantasy whose characters are all horses.


My Aunt, the Monster  (Berkley, 1997.)


Natalie #1.


Natalie's younger brother has magical powers, which cause problems when he accidentally turns their aunt into a mythological creature.  For younger readers.


Next Door Witch  (Berkley, 1997.)


Natalie #3.


Natalie and her magical brother encounter a nasty witch when they visit a farm.  For younger readers.


Night of the Shifter’s Moon  (Apple, 2000.)


Unicorns #7.


                Armed with magical weapons, a young girl confronts the evil force that has been dominating her world.


Piper at the Gate  (Baen, 1989.  New English Library, 1989, as Piper at the Gates of Dawn.)


Horse #2.


                After the death of his mother and the disappearance of his father, a young horse must go on a magical quest.


Piper at the Gates of Dawn  (See Piper at the Gate.)


Road to Balinor, The  (Apple, 1999.)


Unicorns #1.


                A young girl suffering from amnesia in our world discovers she is from an alternate magical world and that she is destined to restore peace to that world.


Search for the Star  (Apple, 1999.)


Unicorns #5.


                An evil creature steals a magical jewel and threatens to kill all the unicorns.


Secrets of the Scepter, The  (Apple, 2000.)


Unicorns #6.


                The protagonist must learn how to control the magical power of the scepter before an evil creature mounts its next attack.


Shadows Over Balinor  (Apple, 2000.)


Unicorns #8.


                The heroine finally learns of the origins of the evil unicorns and restores the power of the good ones.


Sunchaser’s Quest  (Apple, 1999.)


Unicorns #2.


                Further turmoil in a land of unicorns.


Valley of Fear  (Apple, 1999.)


Unicorns #3.


                A young girl and her unicorn friend search for a missing jewel.


White Magic  (Berkley, 1997.)


Natalie #2.


An ambitious equestrian makes use of magic to improve her chances, and risks paying a terrible price.  For younger readers.




Chosen Prince, The (HarperCollins, 2015.)


Fantasy quest.




Golden Evenings of Summer, The  (McCall, 1971, Lancer, 1973.)


                Filmed as Charley and the Angel.  Miraculous events transform a depression era town.




House on the Hill, The  (HarperCollins, 1997.)


                An ancient house filled with time loops, doors to other worlds, and other magical devices is the key to adventure.


India's Story  (HarperCollins, 1993.)


                Someone has stolen India's telepathic and psychic powers, so she goes on a retreat to the psychic plane to have them restored in time to defeat an implacable enemy.


Time in Mind  (HarperCollins, 1992.)


                Two generations of magical beings have different attitudes about their existence, and this inevitably leads to conflict.


STASHEFF, CHRISTOPHER  (Note that the various Warlock series are included under SF as they are all explained rationally.  In form, they read much like fantasy however.)


Feline Wizard, The  (Del Rey, 2000.)


Wizard in Rhyme #7.


                An intelligent cat who is also a wizard returns to assume her rightful place, but her enemies have plotted against her and only the versifying wizard is willing to help.


Haunted Wizard, The  (Del Rey, 2000.)


Wizard in Rhyme #8.


                Two kingdoms are on the verge of war because of a murder, so the versifying wizard decides to step in and investigate.


Here Be Monsters  (Ace, 2001.)




Her Majesty’s Wizard   (Del Rey, 1986, Legend, 1995.)


Wizard in Rhyme #1.


                An unlikely hero finds himself in a world where magic works by reciting poetry.  Through trial and error, mostly error, he gets imprisoned by an evil wizard, escapes, rescues a princess, and becomes the focal point for a rebellion.


Mind Out of Time  (Five Star, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


My Son, the Wizard  (Del Rey, 1997.)


Wizard in Rhyme #5.


                A man from our world who became a wizard in another realm returns, rescues his parents from poverty, and brings them back to the magical kingdom just in time to thwart an invasion.


Oathbound Wizard, The   (Del Rey, 1993, Legend, 1996.)


Wizard in Rhyme #2.


                The only way for our hero to marry the woman he loves is to become a king, so he sets out to find a nearby evil tyrant to usurp.


Sage, The  (Del Rey, 1996.)


Star Stone #2.


                A new tyrant rises to rule humankind, so an old hero is brought out to help.  Unfortunately, he no longer has the strength, but he chooses an unlikely replacement from among the humans and shapes him into a formidable weapon.


Saint Vidicon to the Rescue  (Ace, 2005.)


                A computer expert discovers a saint is living inside the computers of a small company.


Secular Wizard, The  (Del Rey, 1995.)


Wizard in Rhyme #4.


                A wizard secretly travels to a distant land to investigate the situation there, has a series of adventures before helping to overthrow a tyrant.


Shaman, The  (Del Rey, 1995.)


Star Stone #1.


                An inhuman race is supreme in a magical world, but one of their number is helping the humans to develop their own talents so that they may one day overthrow their tyrannical master.


Sir Harold and the Monkey King  (Wildside, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Witch Doctor, The   (Del Rey, 1994, Legend, 1996.)


Wizard in Rhyme #3.


                A second person from our world stumbles into the universe where verse creates magic, and finds himself pitted against a sorceress queen who wants to destroy him.




Mitzi Malloy and the Anything-But-Heavenly Summer  (Z-Fave, 1995.)


                A troubled teenager gets a job working for a mysterious woman who turns out to be an angel.




Falcon Rises, The  (TSR, 1991.)


                A scholarly type is transported into an alternate dimension where magic works.  There he is mistaken for a powerful wizard, and forced to assume that role.




Emperor's Blades, The  (Tor, 2014.)


Unhewn Throne #1.




Last Mortal Bond, The (Tor, 2016.)


Unhewn Throne #3.




Providence of Fire, The (Tor, 2015.)


Unhewn Throne #2.




Skullsworn (Tor, 2017.)


Unhewn Throne #4.


Adventures of a female assassin in an alternate world of magic.




Tales of the Punjab  (?, 1894, Greenwich House, 1983.)


                A collection of folk tales from India.




Tower of Babel  (White Wolf, 1995.)


                A writer creates a character and world so powerful that it becomes real, and creator and character find themselves in conflict with one another.




Angel City  (Signet, 2013.)


Angelus #2.


An ancient mystery involving demons and angels.


Watchers, The  (Signet, 2013.)


Angelus #1.


Elaborate murder mystery with angels.




Rumor of Gems, A  (Tor, 2005.)


                Magical gems begin appearing in an imaginary modern town.




Brothers Majere, The  (TSR, 1989.)


A Dragonlance Preludes novel.


                All of the cats disappear from a magical city, and then a giant cat returns in their place.


Twisted Dragon  (Ace, 1993.)


Elfwood #2.


                Second in a short lived multi-author series.  A dark fog has covered the land of elves and a group of heroes must venture out into it in order to defeat the monsters that lurk there.




Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights, The  (Farrar, Strauss, & Giroux, 1976, Del Rey, 1977, Viking, 2007.)


                A retelling of the story of King Arthur and Camelot.




Flex (Angry Robot, 2015.)


A magical drug.


STEMPLE, ADAM  (See also collaboration with Jane Yolen.)


Singer of Souls  (Tor, 2005.)


Douglas #1.


                An American living in Scotland takes illegal drugs and gains the ability to see fairies.


Steward of Song  (Tor, 2008.)


Douglas #2.


A human usurps the throne of Faery.




Dream Palace, The  (Baen, 1986.)


                Someone must solve the puzzle of the dreamspell in order to release a people from perpetual slumber.




Crock of Gold  (Small Maynard, 1912, Macmillan, 1912, Armed Forces, 1945, Pan, 1953,  Collier, 1967.)


                A story of leprechauns.


Demi-Gods, The  (Macmillan, 1914.)


                Three guardian angels take up the cause of an Irish vagabond.


Etched in Moonlight  (Macmillan, 1928.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Irish Fairy Tales  (Macmillan, 1920, Collier, 1962.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.  (HarperCollins, 2017.)


Time traveling witches try to restore magic to the world.




Great Caesar's Ghost  (Jove, 2000.)


                The ghost of a traveling con man tries to manipulate his son and a young woman into falling in love with one another.


Willing Spirit, A  (Jove, 1999.)


                A recently widowed woman wants to find a new man to help run the farm and warm her bed, but the ghost of her husband refuses to abandon her.


STERLING, PETER  (See also David Stern.)


Francis, the Army Mule  (Advertiser Publishing, 1945.)


                Not seen.




Tomb Raider  (Pocket, 2001, from the screenplay by Patrick Massett, John Zinman, and Simon West.)


                A high powered, high tech adventurer races against a secret cabal to gain control of a mystical object that could make them rulers of the world.


STERN, DAVID  (See also Peter Sterling.)


Francis  (Farrar, Strauss, and Young, 1956, Dell, ?)


Francis #1.


                This is a novel consisting of various stories, all adventures of Francis the Talking Mule.


Francis Goes to Washington  (Farrar, Strauss, 1948.)


Francis #2.


                More adventures of the talking mule.


STEVENS, FRANCIS  (Pseudonym of Gertrude Bennett.)


Citadel of Fear, The  (Paperback Library, 1970, Carroll & Graf, 1984, Armchair, 2015.  Magazine version 1918.)


                An explorer discovers a lost world in Mexico, including a temple that contains magical objects.


Claimed  (Avalon, 1966, Carroll & Graf, 1985, Sense of Wonder, 2001.  Magazine version 1920.)


                A ship brings back a mysterious box from an uncharted island.  Everyone who comes into contact with it falls under a strange curse.


Heads of Cerberus, The  (Polaris, 1952, Carroll & Graf, 1984.  Magazine version 1919.)


                Odd sort of SF hybrid in which the characters are magically transported into an alternate universe and then to the future.


Nightmare and Other Tales of Dark Fantasy (Bison, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Wish List, The  (Tor, 2010.)


Romance in which a woman discovers she is related to fairy godmothers.




Bearskin Rug, The (Ballantine, 2008.)


Jewel #3.


Sexy comedy about a woman and a sex demon.


Brass Bed, The  (Ballantine, 2008.)


Jewel #1.


A man is turned into a sex demon.


Trash Sex Magic  (Small Beer, ?)


A development project is delayed by magic.


Velvet Chair, The  (Ballantine, 2008.)


Jewel #2.


A woman lives with a sexy demon.




Island and the Ring, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1991, Avon, 1992.)


                A princess and a musician flee when their country is invaded, traveling to a far land where she will learn how to overthrow the usurper.




New Arabian Nights, The  (?, 1882, Current Literature, 1912, Cassell, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Switchback  (Pinnacle, 1988.)


                A woman travels back through time to solve a mystery.


STEVERMER, CAROLINE  (See collaboration which follows.)


College of Magics, A  (Tor, 1994, Starscape, 2002.)


Glasscastle #1.


                Adventure in a Europe where the Orient Express can take you to any of several imaginary kingdoms.


Scholar of Magics, A  (Tor, 2004, Starscape, 2006.)


Glasscastle #2.


                An adventurer pays a visit to a school of magic in early 20th Century England and gets involved in a series of frantic chases and rescues.


Serpent's Egg, The  (Ace, 1988.)


                A group of conspirators plan to overthrow a kingdom's rightful rulers.


When the King Comes Home  (Tor, 2000.)


                A kingdom is floundering because of its weak ruler when a sorceror restores to life a famous king from centuries before.  The newly wakened man’s fate becomes interwoven with that of a young and ambitious artist.




Grand Tour, The  (Harcourt, 2004.)


Regency #2.


                Two couples thwart a magical plot to take over Europe.


Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After, The  (Harcourt, 2006.)


Regency #3.


                The introduction of railroads into England interferes with underground magic.


Sorcery and Cecilia  (Ace, 1988.  Harcourt, 2003, Magic Carpet, 2004, expanded.)


Regency #1.


                Adventure in an alternate regency period world where magic works. 




Ghost of Summer  (Jove, 1999.)


                A woman returns to her home town on the brink of her wedding when her father insists that she must talk to her dead mother.  Upon arriving, she discovers evidence that the woman's spirit has lingered after her death in order to convince her to change her plans.


STEWART, ALEX  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Fistful of Elven Gold, A  (Baen, 2018.)




Darby's Angel  (Zebra, 1996.)


                Romance novel in which an actual angel makes an appearance.




Crystal Cave, The  (Morrow, 1970, Hodder, 1970, Crest, 1971.  Coronet, 1991, as Merlin of the Crystal Cave.)


Merlin #1.


                A novel about the time of King Arthur, concentrating heavily on Merlin.


Hollow Hills, The  (Morrow, 1973, Hodder, 1973, Crest, 1974.)


Merlin #2.


                Now that Arthur is king, Merlin must help him remain in power to guide the people of Britain.


Last Enchantment, The  (Morrow, 1979, Hodder, 1979, Crest, 1980.)


Merlin #3.


                The declining days of Arthur's realm, when Merlin is no longer able to protect him.


Little Broomstick, The  (Brockhampton, 1971, Morrow, 1972, Dell Yearling, 1973.)


                A little girl discovers the powers of witchcraft.


Merlin of the Crystal Cave  (See The Crystal Cave.)


Merlin Trilogy, The  (Morrow, 1980.)


                Omnibus of the three novels.


Prince and the Pilgrim, The 


Merlin #5.




Rose Cottage  (Morrow, 1997, Crest, 1978.)


                A woman investigates family secrets while the neighborhood is all abuzz with ghostly sightings and other strange phenomena.


Touch Not the Cat  (Morrow, 1976, Hodder, 1976, Crest, 1976.)


                A woman has telepathic links to two men, one of whom is good and the other evil.


Walk in Wolf Wood, A  (Morrow, 1980, Hodder, 1980, Crest, 1981.)


                Two children with a magic amulet enter a haunted wood in order to save a man from a spell that turned him into a werewolf.


Wicked Day, The  (Hodder, 1983.)


Merlin #4.






Beyond the Deepwoods  (Doubleday, 1997, Fickling, 2004.)


Edge #1.


                Young adult fantasy series that starts with its protagonist wandering into the woods and meeting a host of magical creatures.


Curse of the Gloamglozer, The  (Doubleday, 2001, Fickling, 2004.)


Edge #4.


                The son of a sky pirate explores a magical land.


Freeglader  (Doubleday, 2004, David Fickling, 2006.)


Edge #7.


                After their homeland is destroyed, a large population of various kinds of creature migrates to a new land.


Hugo Pepper  (?, 2006, David Fickling, 2007.)


A Far Flung Adventure.


                A boy with a flying sled confounds a nasty businessman.


Last of the Sky Pirates, The  (Doubleday, 2002, Fickling, 2005.)


Edge #5.


                An episodic quest adventure with a large cast of oddball characters.


Midnight over Sanctaphrax  (Doubleday , Fickling, 2004.)


Edge #3.


                An unprecedented violent storm threatens the people of a magical city.


Stormchaser  (Doubleday, 1998, Fickling, 2004.)


Edge #2.


                The young protagonist sails off to visit a city floating in the sky.


Vox  (Doubleday, 2003, Fickling, 2005.)


Edge #6.


                A librarian foils the plot of an evil nobleman.


Winter Knights  (Fickling, 2006.)


Edge #8.


                A troublesome young man encounters strange flying creatures.




Cloud's End  (Ace, 1996.)


                Two women who share the same soul meet and set off on a magical quest.


Galveston  (Ace, 1999.)


                In the year 2004, magic began to work in the city of Galveston, transforming the city and changing the lives of everyone in it.


Mockingbird  (Ace, 1998, Small Beer, ?.)


                A young girl resents the mysterious beings who occasionally take possession of their mother, and following her death she feels free of their influence.  But they're looking for a new vessel for their presence.


Night Watch, The  (Ace, 1997.)


In the next century, magic overwhelms the world, and humanity's technology becomes a nightmare.


Nobody's Son  (Maxwell Macmillan, 1993, Ace, 1995, Magic Carpet, 2000.)


                A young man wins the right to choose his own prize.  When he chooses the king's daughter, the prize is withdrawn and he is thrown into disgrace.


Perfect Circle  (Small Beer, ?)


A gentle ghost story.




Raven Quest  (Carolrhoda, 2005.)


                A raven goes on a quest.




Shiver  (Scholastic, 2009.)


A wolf boy struggles to stay human.


STINE, H. WILLIAM  (See collaborations with Megan Stine)




Indiana Jones and the Dragon of Vengeance  (Ballantine, 1985.)


A Find Your Fate book.


Multi-path gamebook about a treasure hunt in China.


Indiana Jones and the Giants of the Silver Tower  (Ballantine, 1984.)


A Find Your Fate book.


Multi-path gamebook about the discovery of a race of giants in Tibet.




Golden Sword of Dragonwalk  (Scholastic, 1983.)


A Twistaplot book.


Multi-path gamebook about a hunt for a dragon.


Horrors of the Haunted Museum  (Scholastic, 1983.)


A Twistaplot book.


Multi-path gamebook about monsters in a museum.


Indiana Jones and the Curse of Horror Island  (Ballantine, 1984.)


A Find Your Fate book.


Multi-path gamebook about the search for an ancient idol.


STIRLING, S.M.  (See also collaboration with Shirley Meier and one that follows.)


Blood of the Serpent (Titan, 2023.)


A Conan Novel.


Conan battles a vengeful noble and a wicked priest.


Council of Shadows, The  (Roc, 2011.)


Shadowspawn #2.


War shapes up between supernatural forces. governing humanity.


Shadows of Falling Night  (Roc, 2013.)


Shadowspawn #3.




Snowbrother  (Signet, 1985.  Baen, 1992, revised and expanded.)


Shadow #1.


                A female warrior leads her army to conquer another people, but they protect themselves by arms and by magic.  Note that the second in the series was in collaboration with Shirley Meier, whom see.


Taint in the Blood, A  (Roc, 2010.)


Shadowspawn #1.


The shadowspawn are the ancient race from which most legends of magic are drawn, and they are not extinct.




Rose Sea, The  (Baen, 1994.)


                A soldier and a rancher combine forces for a series of adventures in a world where magic and technology both exist, and where the animal life has been assembled from different worlds.




Gambling Ghost, The  (Angus & Robertson, 1953.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ironbark Bill (Angus & Robertson, 1955.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Dream a Little Dream  (St Martins, 1997.)


                A millionaire moves a European castle to America, unaware that he is also transporting a number of pesky ghosts.




Fairy Tales of Frank R. Stockton, The  (Signet, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Floating Prince and Other Fairy Tales, The  (?, 1881.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Magic Egg and Other Stories, The  (Scribners, 1908.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are fantasy.




False House, The  (Aspect, 2000.)


House #2.


                The power of the magical house has been stolen and a false house rises in its place.  The protectors of the magic must get it back to save the universe.


High House, The  (Aspect, 1998, Earthlight, 1998.)


House #1.


                A young man inherits a mysterious house that holds the gateways among various realities and a number of residents who may or may not be completely human.


STOHL, MARGARET  (See collaboration with Kami Garcia.)




Song of the Kingdom  (Doubleday, 1979, Popular Library, 1981.)


                A particular song has been outlawed in a magical kingdom, so naturally it is the outlaws who keep its memory alive.  But years later, one of them discovers the true power of the music, and transforms the world.




Four Wishes, The  (DAW, 1983.)


                This was supposed to be a series but no subsequent volumes ever appeared.  A young female warrior witch has a series of adventures in a primitive land.




Ratastrophe Catastrophe, The  (Hyperion, 2004.)


Illmoor #1.


                A boy gets the power to magically charm animals with his flute.


Shadewell Shenanigans, The  (Hypeerion, 2006.)


Illmoor #3.


                A duke develops a plan to rid the kingdom of a pair of ruffians.


Yowler Foul-up, The  (Hyperion, 2005.)


Illmoor #2.


                A plot against the throne has magical backers.




Dark Waters  (Ace, 2001.)


Chronicles of Unbinding #2.


                Spies and assassins pursue a man who has the secret of a magic that can destroy the world.


Hazard’s Price  (Ace, 2001.)


Chronicles of Unbinding #1.


                A retired assassin has to track down the guilty parties when someone begins murdering the ministers of his country using his trademarked methods.




Centre Holds, The  (?, 1973.)


Messiah #2.




Rector, The  (?, 1970.)


Messiah #1.


                The second coming shakes up society.


Saviour, The  (?, 1978.)


Messiah #3.






Dragon's Sister and Timothy Travels, The  (Faber, 1967, Dell Yearling, 1974.)


                Two unrelated long fantasy stories for younger readers.


Timothy and Two Witches  (Faber, 1966, Dell Yearling, 1974.)


                Two children outsmart an evil witch.




Under the Lizard Trees  (Pirate Writings, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Magic Drawing Pencil, The  (See Marianne Dreams.)


Marianne Dreams  (?, 1958.  ?, 1960, as The Magic Drawing Pencil.)


                Young adult fantasy about a dreamworld.




Royal Four, The  (New English Library, 1997, Avon, 1998.)


One Land #2.


                The efforts by royal children to re-establish their birthright run into trouble when an evil witch opposes them.


Sacred Seven, The   (Hodder, 1996, Avon, 1996.)


One Land #1.


                A formerly peaceful land is thrown into chaos and animosity springs up among the various races, all fomented by evil forces who wish to seize the throne for themselves.




Almost an Angel  (Pinnacle, 1997.)


                A man falls in love with a ghost.


Mulligan Stew  (Jove, 2002.)


                Romance novel with some peripheral ghosts.


Shades of Rose  (Pinnacle, 1995.)


                A man falls in love with a ghost.


Some Like It Hotter  (Pinnacle, 1997.)


                A northerner from the present is whisked back through time to the aftermath of the Civil War where he encounters and eventually wins a southern belle.


Willing Spirit, A  (Pinnacle, 1996.)


                A woman and her ex-husband’s divorce lawyer are transported back through time to Gold Rush days where their old conflicts gradually fade away.


STOVER, MATTHEW WOODRING (See collaboration which follows.)


Blade of Tyshalle  (Del Rey, 2001.)


Tyshalle #2.


                An actor from our world is an assassin in a parallel universe where magic works.  He discovers that the magical realm is being menaced by corporate ambitions and eventually protects it from exploitation.


Caine Black Knife  (Del Rey, 2008.)


Caine #1.


An unlikely hero has adventures in a future in which the wall between our world and one where magic works has been breached.


Heroes Die  (Del Rey, 1998.)


Tyshalle #1.


                A man of our world is actually a famous killer and warrior in another reality.  But even he is put to the test when someone important to him is kidnapped by his enemies.


Iron Dawn  (Del Rey, 1997.)


Barra #1.


                Shortly after the end of the Trojan War, a warrior woman and her companions battle an evil sorcerer and his army of zombies.


Jericho Moon  (Del Rey, 1998.)


Barra #2.


                Two warriors and their wizardly friend travel across the ancient world in a quest to rescue a prince and gain the reward for his safe return.




God of War  (Del Rey, 2010.)


A mortal decides to destroy the God Ares.  Based on a computer game.




Girl Green As Elderflower, The  (Taplinger, 1984.)


                A man's psychological decay gets caught up with his study of ancient legends and he makes a mental link to another reality.




Equinox  (Pan, 1996.)


Ascension #2.


                Various forces contend for control of a mountain that is the seat of a mystical force, and one intends to destroy the mountain to keep others from getting control of its power.


Zenith  (Pan, 1993.)


Ascension #1.


                Two young men travel to a sacred mountain in search of a revelation.  They discover that a sinister force is attempting to subvert those powers, even if it means destroying the mountain.




Jumanji  (Scholastic, 1995, based on the screenplay by Jonathan Hensleigh, Greg Taylor, Jim Strain,  based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg.)


                A magical game causes magical menaces for those who make a false move. 




Grave Robber's Apprentice, The  (Harper, 2012.)






Benita's Platter Pollution  (Curtis, 1971.)


Bugaloos #3.


                A rock group with wings is evicted from the magical forest in which they live.


Bugaloos and the Vile Vibes, The  (Curtis, 1971.)


Bugaloos #1.


                Tie-in to the silly children's story about witches, a rock band, and the dangers they face.


Rock City Rebels  (Curtis, 1971.)


Bugaloos #2.


                Youngsters try to spread a revolution into the area dominated by a witch.




Arm of the Stone, The  (Avon, 1998.)


                A young man who belongs to a family that once guarded a magical stone is now forced on a quest to recover it from the evil warlord who used it to conquer his world.


Awakened City, The  (Eos, 2006.)


                Religious tensions disrupt an empire and lead to war.


Burning Land, The  (Eos, 2004.)


                A quest to enlist the aid of renegade sorcerers to defend the world.


Garden of the Stone, The  (1999.)


                A magical stone has disappeared and it's up to the protagonist to figure out where it went and retrieve it.


Worldstone  (Four Winds, 1985, Signet, 1987.)


                A young girl sees two strange men step out of an alternate reality and must master the power of magic to save her world.




Way We Bared Our Souls, The (Razorbill, 2015.)


A shaman helps teenagers confront their problems.


STRETE, CRAIG  (See also Sovereign Falconer.)


Big Thunder Magic  (?, 1990.)


                Young readers' fantasy.


Death in the Spirit House  (Doubleday, 1988.)


                An angry spirit stirs in a mountain in the Southwest and interferes in the lives of several people.


STRICKLAND, BRAD  (See also collaborations with John Bellairs.)


Dragon's Plunder  (Atheneum, 1992.)


                A young boy with the power to command the wind teams up with a band of pirates to search for a horde of treasure belonging to a dragon.  The leader of the pirates is a dead man who cannot rest until he accomplishes this task.


Moon Dreams  (Signet, 1988, Headline, 1988.)


Jeremy Moon #1.


                An advertising executive travels to a magical realm in his dreams, where he has wizardly powers.


Nul's Quest  (Signet, 1989, Headline, 1990.)


Jeremy Moon #2.


                A variety of characters team up to invade a mystical valley where a nonhuman race has decided to declare war on all forms of life.


Sign of the Sinister Sorcerer, The  (Dial, 2008.)


A young boy is troubled by a magical figure.


Survive!  (Random House, 2001.)


A Dinotopia novel.


                A citizen of the land of intelligent dinosaurs loses his memory after an earthquake.


Wizard's Mole  (Roc, 1991.)


Jeremy Moon #3.


                Now firmly established as a sorcerer in a magical world, an advertising man from Earth discovers that an old enemy has returned with demonic allies.




Wish Club  (Three Rivers, 2007.)


                Teenagers playing at being witches discover that some of their spells work.




Man Who Couldn't Sleep, The  (Bobbs Merrill, 1919.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Midnight Gate, The  (Feiwel and Friends, 2011.)

Belladonna Johnson #2.


A teen searches for the ghosts of her parents.


Spellbinder (Feiwel and Friends, ?)


Belladonna Johnson #1.


A young girl discovers she has magical powers.




Bladesinger  (Wizards of the Coast, 2006.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                A group of dishonored warriors gets a chance at redemption.


Tomb of Horrors, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Greyhawk novel.


                A band of warriors plots to loot treasures from a tomb and find themselves battling supernatural as well as mundane forces.




Ghostland  (Berkley, 2009.)


Ghostland #1.


Magic returns to a post-apocalyptic world.


Healer's Choice  (Berkley, 2010.)


Ghostland #3.


Supernatural beings complicate matters following an apocalypse.


Inked Magic  (Berkley, 2012.)




Spider Touched (Berkley, 2009.)


Ghostland #2.


An angel escapes imprisonment in a post apocalyptic world.


STROSS, CHARLES  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Apocalypse Codex, The  (Ace, 2012.)




Bloodline Feud, The (Tor, 2014.)


Omnibus of The Family Trade and The Hidden Family.


Clan Corporate  (Tor, 2006.)


Merchant Princes #3.


                A woman conducting business in alternate worlds gets into serious trouble.


Empire Games (Tor, 2016.)


 Merchant Princes #7.


A war between the universes seems imminent.


Family Trade, The  (Tor, 2004.)


Merchant Princes #1.


                A woman finds herself in a magical parallel universe where political and family intrigues color every activity.


Hidden Family, The  (Tor, 2005.)


Merchant Princes #2.


                Having traveled between realities, a businesswoman attempts to use techniques from our world to manage things in a magical realm.


Merchants' War, The  (Tor, 2007.)


Merchant Princes #4.


A woman hides out from her family of inter-reality traders and criminals.


Nightmare Stacks, The (Ace, 2016.)




Revolution Business, The  (Tor, 2009.)


Merchant Princes #5.


Crisis upon crisis as the interdimensional merchants struggle to stay solvent.


Revolution Trade, The (Tor, 2015.)


Omnibus of The Revolution Business and Trade of Queens.


Trade of Queens (Tor, 2010.)


Merchant Princes #6.


Inter-reality traders assassinate the President of the US.


Traders' War, The (Tor, 2014.)


Omnibus of The Clan Corporate and The Merchants' War.


STROUD, CARSTEN  (Also writes Horror.)


Shimmer, The (Mira, 2018.)


A time traveling serial killer.




Amulet of Samarkand, The  (Hyperion, 2003.)


Bartimaeus #1.


                A young wizard unwisely summons a djinn.


Buried Fire (Hyperion, 2004.)


                A dragon wakens in modern England.


Golem's Eye, The  (Hyperion, 2004.)


Bartimaeus #2.


                An apprentice magician battles a rogue golem.


Heroes of the Valley  (Hyperion, 2009.)


Coming of age story in a magical Viking world.


Leap, The  (Hyperion, 2004.)


                A teenager can enter the dreamworld.


Ptolemy's Gate  (Hyperion, 2006.)


Bartimaeus #3.


                The djinn that has helped protect England needs to return to his own world.


Ring of Solomon, The  (Hyperion, 2011.)


Bartimaeus #4.


A djinn in Jerusalem.




Alchemystic  (Ace, 2012.)


Spellmason #1.




Deader Still  (Ace, 2009.)


Simon Canderous #2.


A special agent battles vampires.


Dead Matter  (Ace, 2010.)


Simon Canderous #3.


The ghosts of New York are troubled by a mysterious presence.


Dead to Me  (Ace, 2008.)


Simon Canderous #1.


A man capable of psychometry joins a special division of a police force to solve paranormal crimes.


Dead Waters  (Ace, 2011.)


Simon Canderous #4.


Paranormal investigators puzzle out a mysterious murder.


Incarnate (Ace, 2014.)


Spellmason #3.




Stonecast (Ace, 2013.)


Spellmason #2.






Dark and Stormy Night, A  (Harlequin, 1997.)


                Romance involving a shapechanger and a ghostly family.


Falling Angel  (Harlequin, 1996.)


                Not seen.


Lazarus Rising  (Harlequin, 1996.)


                Not seen.


Lord of Danger  (Kensington, 1997.)


                Romance involving a wizard during the Medieval age.




Wizards of Bellmore Castle, The   (Royal Fireworks, ?)


                A wizard who relies mostly on trickery takes on a young apprentice who has genuine powers.




Godbody  (Donald Fine, 1986.)


                The representative of God appears on Earth in the guise of a naked man who teaches people to enjoy their sexuality.  Several people find their lives changed forever when they encounter him.




Midwinter  (Pyr, 2009.)


Faerie #1.


A prisoner in a fantasy world is given a chance to redeem himself by pursuing a quest.


Office of Shadow, The  (Pyr, 2010.)


Faerie #2.


There's an uneasy peace between warring factions in Faerie.




Eyes  (Warrior Productions, 1993.)


                A shaman takes several people on a mystical journey.


SUCHARITKUL, SOMTOW  (See also S.P. Somtow.)


Fallen Country, The  (Bantam, 1986.)


                A young boy who secretly lives in our own world and in an ice covered landscape where magic is real finally takes a hand in his own destiny when some of his friends discover the truth.


Jasmine Nights (St Martins, 1994.)


                Marginal story of contemporary America and a boy who has a magical link with other times and places.


Wizard's Apprentice, The  (Atheneum, 1993.)


                A wizard offers an apprenticeship to a young boy from contemporary America.


SUGGS, WELCH  (See collaboration with Shirley Rousseau Murphy.)




Stones of Abraxas  (Medallion, 2006.)


                Two teenagers find themselves in a magical realm battling a wizard.




Age of Myth (Del Rey, 2016.)


First Empire #1.




Age of Swords (Del Rey, 2017.)


First Empire #2.


Age of War (Del Rey, 2018.)


First Empire #3.


Crown Conspiracy, The  (Ridan, 2010.)




Death of Dulgath, The (2015.)


Heir of Novron (Orbit, 2012.)


Riyria #3.




Rise of Empire  (Orbit, 2011.)


Riyria #2.




Theft of Swords (Orbit, 2011.)


Riyria #1.






Seventh Princess, The  (Scholastic, 1983.)


                A teenager finds herself honored as a princess in a fantasy world.




Dragon Isles, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Dragonlance novel.


                Rival expeditions and a ravening sea monster all converge on an island where can be found the ruins of a lost civilization.


Lion, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


#7 in the multi-author Legend of Five Rings series.


                In a fantastic medieval Japan, a demon has assumed the throne and humanity can only prevail if the various samurai clans forget their internal quarrels and unite.


Phoenix, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2001.)


#4 in the multi-author Legend of Five Rings series.


                A warrior clan tries to evoke a powerful magic to crush their enemies.


Scorpion, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


#1 in the multi-author Legend of Five Rings series.






Day and Night Stories  (Scribner, 1890.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Day and Night Stories: Second Series  (Scribner, 1893.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Devil's Engine  (Del Rey, 1997.)


Old West #2.


                Buffalo Bill discovers that the real purpose of the transcontinental railway is to drain all the magic out of the land so that Eastern entrepreneurs can pillage the country.


Devil's Tower  (Del Rey, 1996.)


Old West #1.


                Sorcery and high adventure in an alternate version of America's Old West, complete with supernatural gunslingers, inhuman villains, and lovely maidens.


Prodigal Sorcerer, The  (Harper, 1995.)


Magic the Gathering #6.


An isolated valley is troubled by racial strife among humans and two other species.  One human leader arises who attempts to mend fences with the aid of a sorcerer, but there are vested interests who prefer to maintain the status quo.




Mona Lisa Awakening (Berkley, 2008.)


Monere #1.


Paranormal romance.


Mona Lisa Blossoming  (Berkley, 2008.)


Monere #2.


Romance about shapechangers.


Mona Lisa Craving  (Berkley, 2008.)


Monere #3.


A shapechanger battles a curse.


Mona Lisa Darkening  (Berkley, 2009.)


Monere #4.


A shapechanger finds herself in Hell.




Kid Dynobite  (Scholastic, 1978.)


                Very short piece for younger readers about a boy whose braces give him super powers.




Black Ships Before Troy  (?, Dell Laurel, 2005.)


                A retelling of the Iliad.


Sword at Sunset  (Hodder, 1963, Tor, 1987.)


                A retelling of the story of King Arthur and Camelot.


Wandering of Odysseus, The  (?, Dell Laurel, 2005.)


                A retelling of the Odyssey.




Seer of Kintail, The  (Constable, 1974, Arrow, 1976.)


                In ancient Ireland, a man's life is troubled by the disturbing visions he sees, which invariably come true.




Asia  (Hyperion, 2008.)


Legends of Brethren Court #2.


Pirates battle a shadow army.


Caribbean, The  (Hyperion, ?)


Legends of Brethren Court #1.




Darkstalker (Scholastic, 2016.)




Lost Heir, The  (Scholastic, 2013.)


Dragonet Prophecy #2.




Wings of Fire (Scholastic, 2012.)


Dragonet Prophecy #1.


Young dragons try to stop a war.




Death's Heretic  (Paizo, 2011.)


A Pathfinder novel.


A warrior must solve the mystery of a murder and theft of a magical object.


Redemption Engine, The  (Paizo, 2014.)


A Pathfinder novel.


A supernatural agent is sent to find some missing souls who should be in Hell.




Beyond the Tempest Gate  (Vabella, 2013.)


A young warrior battles a demon.




Enchantress, The  (Bantam, 1985.)


                Two Europeans using a technology that appears magical meet the real thing in their journey across 18th Century China.




Modern World, The  (Gollancz, 2007.)


Fourlands #3.


                A quest for knowledge set against the backdrop of a magical war against a race of giant insects.


No Present Like Time  (Gollancz, 2005, Eos, 2006.)


Fourlands #2.


                An adviser to the throne begins to crack under the pressure.


Year of Our War, The  (Gollancz, 2004, Eos, 2005.)


Fourlands #1.


                An immortal has adventures following the return of the gods and an invasion of the world by giant insects.




Butterfly Effect, The  (Black Flame, 2003, based on the screenplay by Eric Bress & J. Mackye Gruber.)


                A man regresses mentally into the past and changes it, but each change he makes only worsens the situation he was trying to fix.




Three Bags Full  (Gollancz, 2006, Flying Dolphin, 2007.)


Actually a mystery in which a herd of sheep solve the murder of their shepherd.


SWANN, S. ANDREW  (Pseudonym of S.A. Swiniarski, who writes horror fiction under that name.)


Broken Crescent  (DAW, 2004.)


                A computer hacking college student finds himself on the run in a magic other world whose inhabitants seem to bear him ill will.


Dragons & Dwarves  (DAW, 2009.)


Omnibus of The Dragons of Cuyahoga and The Dwarves of Whiskey Island.


Dragon Princess (DAW, 2014.)


Dragon #1.




Dragons of Cuyahoga, The  (DAW, 2001.)


Portal #1.


                A magical forcefield allows dragons and other creatures of legend to live in a narrowly circumscribed part of the contemporary world.


Dragon Thief  (DAW, 2015.)


Dragon #2.




Dragon Wizard (DAW, 2016.)


Dragon #3.




Dwarves of Whiskey Island, The  (DAW, 2005.)


Portal #2.


                In a contemporary Chicago home to mystical creatures, a reporter uncovers a conspiracy involving the city council.


God's Dice  (DAW, 1997.)


                A man who has experienced very realistic visions of a magical other world decides to investigate and experiment, and eventually finds himself in that alternate universe, right in the middle of a war of magic.




Cry Silver Bells  (DAW, 1977.)


Eunostos #3.


                Humans and magical creatures try to live together on the island of Crete.


Day of the Minotaur  (Ace, 1966, Mayflower, 1975.  Magazine title was The Blue Monkeys.)


Eunostos #1.


                The last of the minotaurs seeks only to live out his life in peace, but unfortunately pesky adventurers venture into his magical woods.


Dolphin and the Deep, The  (Ace, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Forest of Forever, The  (Ace, 1971, Mayflower, 1975.)


Eunostos #2.


                In an enchanted forest, a minotaur and other mythical creatures make a life for themselves separate from human concerns.


Gods Abide, The  (DAW, 1976.)


                In a time where Christianity is replacing the old pagan religions, a young adventurer seeks the river Styx.


Green Phoenix  (DAW,  1972.)


Prehumans #2.


                The last remnants of the intelligent races that once shared the Earth with humans are about to meet disaster at the time of the siege of Troy.


How Are the Mighty Fallen  (DAW, 1974.)


                An ancient queen who is not human gives birth to the Cyclops with consequences for the people of her realm.


Lady of the Bees  (Ace, 1976.)


                A magical retelling of the story of the founding of Rome.


Minikins of Yam, The  (DAW, 1976.)


                In ancient Egypt, a prince goes on a mystical journey and meets ghosts and other mythical creatures.


Not-World, The  (DAW, 1975.)


Prehumans #3.


                Although their kind is otherwise extinct, a few nonhumans from prehistoric times have survived and live secretly in a remote English forest.


Queens Walk in the Dust  (Heritage, 1977.)


                Not seen.


Tournament of Thorns, The  (Ace, 1976.)


                Magic surrounds a tournament during the Middle Ages.


Weirwoods, The  (Ace, 1967.)


Prehumans #1.


                An adventure story set in prehistoric times when humans weren't the only intelligent species that lived on the Earth.


Where Is the Bird of Fire?  (Ace, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Will-O-the-Wisp   (Corgi, 1976.)


                Something magical is happening on the moors.


Wolfwinter  (Ballantine, 1972.)


                When her husband offers their child as a sacrifice, she leaves him and enters a mystical realm of enchanted animals and mythical creatures.




Dragons of Babel, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Faery #2.


A young boy becomes spokesperson for a dragon.


Iron Dragon's Daughter, The  (Millennium, 1993, Avon, 1994, Gollancz, 2004.)


Faery #1.


                A woman who works in the factories of the elves, helping them to build war machines, has a vision which shows her how to regain her freedom and strike back against her oppressors.


Iron Dragon's Mother, The (Tor, 2019.)


Faery #2.


A woman is framed for murder in an industrialized version of the world of fairies.




Rain Music (Fairwood, 2021.)


A frustrated composer finds magic in a forest.




Gulliver’s Travels   (Pocket, 1939, Grosset & Dunlap, 1947, Washington Square, 1957, Norton, 1961, DK, 2000.)


                Classic story of a traveler who visits a number of magical lands.


Tales from Gulliver's Travels  (Pyramid, 1969.)


                Excerpts from the novel.




Lords of the Stoney Mountains, The  (Fontana, 1991.)


Lyonesse #2.




Nine Gods of Safaddne, The  (Fontana, 1993.)


Lyonesse #4.




Princes of Sandastre (Fontana, 1990.)


Lyonesse #1.




Winds of the Wastelands, The  (Fontana, 1992.)


Lyonesse #3.







Nine Gods of Safaddne, The  (Fontana, 1993.)


Lyonesse #4.


                A group of travelers reach an enchanted land on their search for one even more fabled.


Princes of Sandastre  (Fontana, ?)


Lyonesse #1.




Winds of the Wastelands, The  (Fontana, ?)


Lyonesse #3.






Black Halo  (Pyr, 2011.)


Aeons Gate #2.


The men who stole a cursed object undergo a series of trials.


City Stained Red, The (Orbit, 2015.)


Bring Down Heaven #1.


A soldier tries to retire.


God's Last Breath (Orbit, 2017.)


Bring Down Heaven #3.


An escaped demon threatens the world.


Mortal Tally, The (Orbit, 2016.)


Bring Down Heaven #2.




Shy Knives (Tor, 2016.)


A Pathfinder novel.


A renegade thief finds adventure in a strange city.


Skybound Sea, The  (Pyr, 2012.)


Aeons Gate #3.


A demonic monster threatens to return to the world of men.


Tome of the Undergates  (Pyr, 2010.)


Aeons Gate #1.






Swan's Wing  (Bodley Head, 1981, Ace, 1985.)


                A repressive queen becomes obsessed with a young man, one of whose arms is a swan's wing.