Last Update 1/14/21


Love and Monsters (2020)

When humans launch rockets to destroy an asteroid on a collision course, the chemical residue causes insects and invertebrates to mutate and take over the world. Our hero has to travel overland from one underground bunker to another, encounters giant frogs, centipedes, and other critters along the way. It's kind of silly at times and the science is hooey, but the special effects are quite good and the cast manages to turn a silly story into a very entertaining story. There are a lot of "wait a minute" moments, but they really don't matter. 1/14/21

A Dark Path (2020) 

Long, tedious, uninteresting, cheaply made, unconvincing acting, awful dialogue, very unspecial effects, and the monster in the movie is not remotely the one on the DVD cover. Two women get lost somewhere in East Europe and sort of encounter a monster, except that was apparently lost itself because it had trouble finding them. Iíve seen better amateur films. Iíve seen much better cheaply made films. I only saw this to the end Ė there actually isnít an end because it just stops with a resolution Ė because I was playing a computer game while watching and didnít want to interrupt the game. 1/1/21