Last Update10/9/20


Yes, God, Yes (2019) 

A short but interesting movie about a young Catholic high school student trying to reconcile what she is told by adults with what she feels as an adolescent. The protagonist is a sympathetic character, but a lot of those around her are less than admirable people. There us a strong anticlerical theme as well, though it is not anti-Christian. The star is Natalia Dyer, best known as Nancy Wheeler in Stranger Things.  10/9/20

Modern Family Season 11 (2019)  

Iíve been a loyal fan of this show, but the first two episodes of the final season struck me as distinctly off. The characters felt wrong and the story lines were not funny. The bad jokes seem frequently cruel. I was also disappointed that they never explored the character of Lily more because I thought she was potentially very interesting indeed, a young woman raised by two gay fathers. The Halloween episode is the first that is actually good. The thing is with series like this, the characters get to seem like friends, so even when the story isnít all that funny, itís still nice to see them again. I still think they made a mistake keeping Lily in the background so much, and in the final season they actually made her rather mean spirited. The finale was okay but nothing special. 10/8/20