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Last Update 2/9/20

Sherlock Holmes and the Sussex Sea-Devils by James Lovegrove, Titan, 2019

The final book in a trilogy in which Holmes and Watson battle Moriarty, who has displaced Nyarlothotep, and his minions, who include snake men, faux sea-creatures, German submariners, and other foes. Mycroft gets murdered in this one and Cthulhu puts in a physical appearance for the climax. The author did not take this story entirely seriously, but it's full of wild adventures, twists on the Holmesian story - Wiggins is not human, and it includes a visit to R'Lyeh itself. More fun than horror but certainly out of the ordinary. 2/9/20

The Cavern of Death by Anonymous, Valancourt, originally published in 1794

This is, as you might guess, a gothic novel, reportedly immensely popular at the time it appeared. It is rather tame by our time and would probably be considered fantasy rather than horror if published today. A knight returning after a long absence has to rescue the woman he loves from a forced marriage. His quest takes him briefly into the cavern of the title where he meets a grizzled spirit and has some minor supernatural adventures before carrying the day. Interesting but dated. 1/17/20