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Last Update 10/14/19

The Bat Woman by Cromwell Gibbons, Bruin Asylum, 2017 (originally published in 1938) 

This is a very peculiar book which was apparently originally an outline for a Universal horror movie, although the story is so slow moving and confused that I cannot imagine it on the screen. A deformed man turns out to be a twisted genius and he turns a supposedly dead woman into a kind of rationalized vampire. Her husband and others attempt to rescue her. Turgid, confusing, and dense. 10/14/19

Dark Cities: Dark Tales by Michael McCarty, 2019, $14

This is a collection of seven stories, only two of which have been previously published. They include collaborations with Joe McKinney, Mark McLaughlin, and C.L. Sherwood. They are all horror stories, although there is a strong recurring flavor of rather dark humor spread throughout the collection. Here we have zombies, vampires, giant spiders, trolls, demons, aliens, and more. "Terror of Bristol Plains," a kind of prequel to Plan 9 from Outer Space, was my favorite. These are meant to be fun rather than atmospheric, with fast moving plots, outrageous story elements, and punchy endings. They poke fun at the genre while also honoring its traditions. 10/12/19

Nemesis by Scott and Denise Ciencin, Simon, 2004 

An Angel novel. A living shadow from another reality begins killing people. Fred picks up an old friendship only to have her friend murdered. Angel encounters a secret band of wizards who try to maintain the walls between worlds, but there is a traitor among them and even the loyal ones seems to have conflicting loyalties and a rather strange sense of justice. Fred gets kidnapped and the evil law firm, Wolfram and Hart, appears to be behind it. But fear not, Angel will figure it all out by the end. 10/1/19