Len Smith kindly provided a listing of the subseries within the Warhammer space marines universe, for which I thank him.


Warhammer 40,000 Novels (Science Fiction)
Angels of Darkness (Gav Thorpe)
Assault on Black Reach: The Novel (Nick Kyme)
Bringers of Death (Marc Gascoigne & Andy Jones)
Brothers of the Snake (Dan Abnett)
Conquest of Armageddon (Jonathan Green)
Crucible of War (Marc Gascoigne & Andy Jones)
Daemon World (Ben Counter)
Dark Imperium (Marc Gascoigne & Andy Jones)
Dawn of War 2 (Chris Roberson)
Death World (Steve Lyons)
Desert Raiders (Lucien Soulban)
Double Eagle (Dan Abnett)
Eldar Prophecy (C.S. Goto)
Emperor's Mercy (Henry Zou)
Faith and Fire (James Swallow)
Farseer (William King)
Fifteen Hours (Mitchel Scanlon)
Fire Warrior (Simon Spurrier)
Gunheads (Steve Parker)
Hellforged (Ben Counter)
Heroes of the Space Marines (Nick Kyme & Lindsey Priestley)
Into the Maelstrom (Marc Gascoigne & Andy Jones)
Iron Hands (Jonathan Green)
Let the Galaxy Burn (Marc Gascoigne & Christian Dunn)
Lord of the Night (Simon Spurrier)
Planetkill (Nick Kyme & Lindsey Priestley)
Rebel Winte (Steve Parker)
Storm of Iron (Graham McNeill)
Tales from the Dark Millennium (Marc Gascoigne & Andy Jones)
What Price Victory (Marc Gascoigne & Andy Jones)
Words of Blood (Marc Gascoigne & Andy Jones)
Battlefleet Gothic (Gordon Rennie)
1. Execution Hour
2. Shadow Point
Blood Angel Series (James Swallow)
1. Deus Encarmine
2. Deus Sanguinius
3. Red Fury
Ciaphas Cain Series (Sandy Mitchell)
1. For the Emperor
2. Caves of Ice
3. The Traitors Hand
4. Death or Glory
5. Duty Calls
6. Cain's Last Stand
Dawn of War Series (C.S. Goto)
1. Dawn of War
2. Dawn of War: Ascension
3. Dawn of War: Tempest
Deathwatch Series (C.S. Goto)
1. Warrior Brood
2. Warrior Coven
Eisenhorn (Dan Abnett)
1. Xenos
2. Malleus
3. Hereticus
Grey Knights Series (Ben Counter)
1. Grey Knights
2. Dark Adeptus
3. Hammer of Daemons
Gaunts Ghosts Series (Dan Abnett)
The Founding:
1. First and Only
2. Ghostmaker
3. Necropolis
The Saint:
1. Honour Guard
2. The Guns of Tanith
3. Straight Silver
4. Sabbat Martyr
The Lost:
1. Traitor General
2. His Last Command
3. The Armour of Contempt
4. Only in Death
Horus Heresy Series
1. Horus Rising (Dan Abnett)
2. False Gods (Graham McNeill)
3. Galaxy in Flames (Ben Counter)
4. The Flight of the Eisenstein (James Swallow)
5. Fulgrim (Graham McNeill)
6. Descent of Angels (Mitchel Scanlon)
7. Legion (Dan Abnett)
8. Battle for the Abyss (Ben Counter)
9. Mechanicum (Graham McNeill)
10. Tales of Heresy (Nick Kyme & Lindsey Priestley)
11. Fallen Angels (Mike Lee)
The Inquistion War (Ian Watson)
1. Draco
2. Harlequin
3. Chaos Child
Last Chancer Series (Gav Thorpe)
1. 13th Legion
2. Kill Team
3. Annihilation Squad
Ravenor (Dan Abnett)
1. Ravenor
2. Revenor Returned
3. Revenor Rogue
Soul Drinkers Series (Ben Counter)
1. Soul Drinker
2. The Bleding Chalice
3. Crimson Tears
4. Chapter War
Space Wolf Series
1. Space Wolf (William King)
2. Ragnar's Claw (William King)
3. Grey Hunter (William King)
4. Wolfblade (Lee Lightner)
5. Sons of Fenris (Lee Lightner)
6. Wolf's Honour (Lee Lightner)
Ultramarines Series (Graham McNeill)
1. Nightbringer
2. Warriors of Ultramar
3. Dead Sky, Black Sun
4. The Killing Ground
5. Courage and Honour
Word Bearers Series (Anthony Reynolds)
1. Dark Apostle
2. Dark Disciple