Titles from Shakespeare

The plays of William Shakespeare have provided the inspiration for a great many titles by more recent authors. When I decided to re-read his complete works, I realized it might be interesting to see just how many I could identify. I'm sure I didn't find them all. A couple of these are obviously modifications of the line from Shakespeare. Nonfiction is not included, e.g. More Light Than Heat.  Once I had finished, I checked a number of online sources, which include many that I missed, although some are I think stretching a point. "The Gods Themselves" is not really a quote from Shakespeare. The best of these sites is at barbarapaul.com, although I found a few she doesn't include.

Macbeth Seeds of Time - Kay Kenyon

The Seeds of Time - John Wyndham

Take the Reason Prisoner - John J. McGuire

Sleep No More - edited August Derleth

Night's Yawning Peel - edited August Derleth

Night's Black Agents - Fritz Leiber

Can Such Things Be? - Ambrose Bierce

Double, Double - John Brunner

Fire, Burn - John Dickson Carr

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury

Crack of Doom - John Brunner

Tomorrow and Tomorrow - Hunt Collins

Walking Shadow - Brian M. Stableford

Dagger of the Mind - Bob Shaw

Instruments of Darkness - T. Ernesto Bethancourt

When Shall We Three Meet Again - Robin Buckallew

Instruments of Darkness - Robert Wilson

The Shoal of Time - J.M. Redmann

The Moon Is Down - John Steinbeck

To Fear a Painted Devil - Ruth Rendell

Look to the Lady - Margery Allingham

Borrower of the Night - Elizabeth Peters

Dagger of the Mind - Kenneth Fearing

By the Pricking of My Thumbs - Agatha Christie

Midnight Hag - Joan Fleming

Lay On MacDuff - Charlotte Armstrong

In Spite of Thunder - John Dickson Carr

All Our Yesterdays - Robert Parker

The Way to Dusty Death - Alastair MacLean

Brief Candles - Manning Coles

The Sound and the Fury - William Faulkner

Untimely Ripped - Mark McShane

King Lear Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth - Simon R. Green

Defy the Foul Fiend - John Collier

Every Inch a King - Harry Turtledove

That Way Madness Lies - Don D'Ammassa

Every Inch a King - Harry Turtledove

The Lake of Darkness - Ruth Rendell

Taming of the Shrew   Kiss Me Kate - Cole Porter
The Tempest The Dark Backward - Marie Buchanan

Full Fathom Five - Max Gladstone

Something Rich and Strange - Avram Davidson

O Caliban - Phyllis Gotlieb

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made - Robert Bloch

The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Off - Thomas Disch

Rounded With Sleep - Rob Chilson

Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

Something Rich and Strange - Patricia McKillip

Full Fathom Five - Bart Davis

This Rough Magic - Mary Stewart

Measure for Measure   A Thirsty Evil - P.M. Hubbard

A Thirsty Evil - Gore Vidal

Twelfth Night Blind Waves - Steven Gould

The Whirligig of Time - Lloyd Biggle

The Food of Love - Anthony Capella

A Dying Fall - Hildegarde Dolson

Cakes and Ale - W. Somerset Maugham

Sad Cypress - Agatha Christie

Greatness Thrust Upon Us - Pat Rice

Midsummer Madness - Stella Whitelaw

The Whirligig of Time - Jasmine Giacomo

Defy the Devil - Sara Woods

An Improbable Fiction - Sara Woods

All's Well That Ends Well Born Under Mars - John Brunner

When Midnight Comes - Carol Beach York

Sonnets & Poems The Surly Sullen Bell - Russell Kirk

Give Warning to the World - John Brunner

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang - Kate Wilhelm

The Fools of Time - William Barrett


The Darling Buds of May - H.E. Bates

Summer's Lease - John Mortimer

Remembrance of Things Past - Marcel Proust

Time's Fool - Patricia Veryan

Nothing Like the Sun - Anthony Burgess

Absent in the Spring - Agatha Christie

No More Dying Then - Ruth Rendell

Cymbeline   Come to Dust - Emma Lathen
Julius Caesar Mortal Instruments - T. Ernesto Bethancourt

The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare

There Is a Tide - Jack Finney

There Is a Tide - Brian W. Aldiss

The Evil That Men Do - John Brunner

Such Men Are Dangerous - Lawrence Block

The Ides of March - Thornton Wilder

Cry Havoc - Barry Sadler

The Dogs of War - Frederick Forsyth

The Evil That Men Do - Hugh Pentecost

Envious Casca - Georgette Heyer

The Unkindest Cut - Joe Ramsey

There Is a Tide - Agatha Christie

This Little Measure - Sara Woods

Titus Andronicus A Mile Beyond the Moon - C.M. Kornbluth

The Shadow of His Wings - Bruce Fergusson

Merry Wives of Windsor    
Pericles, Prince of Tyre   Fire from Heaven - Mary Renault
Midsummer Night's Dream The Pale Companion - Kenneth Von Gunden

The Course of True Love - Cassandra Clare

Jaws of Dasrkness - Harry Turtledove

A Midsummer's Night Tempest - Poul Anderson

Ill Met by Moonlight - Sarah A. Hoyt

Ill Met by Moonlight - Mercedes Lackey & Roberta Gellis

A Local Habitation - Seanan McGuire

Ill Met by Moonlight - James Graham

The Iron Tongue of Midnight - Beverle Meyers

Behold, Here's Poison - Georgette Heyer

Bottom's Dream - John Updike

Winter's Tale Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire  
King John The Wicked Day - Mary Stewart

Bell, Book, and Candle - John Van Druten

A Hazard of New Fortunes - William Dean Howells
Hamlet And Less Than Kind - Mercedes Lackey & Roberta Gellis

All That Lives Must Die - Eric Nylund

Too, Too Solid Flesh - Nick O'Donohoe

To Walk the Night - William Sloane

More Things in Heaven - John Brunner

Time Out of Joint - Philip K. Dick

A King of Infinite Space - Allen Steele

A Silence in the Heavens - Martin Delrio

Slings and Arrows - Phaedra Weldon

Outrageous Fortune - Tim Scott

Outrageous Fortune - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro & Arnold Shimerman

A Sea of Troubles - J. Steven York & Christina York

A Sea of Troubles - M.S. Murdock

Sleep No More - August Derleth

Perchance to Dream - Charles Beaumont

Perchance to Dream - Howard Weinstein

What Dreams May Come - Richard Matheson

What Dreams May Come - Manly Wade Wellman

Mortal Coils - Eric Nylund

Undiscovered Country - J.M. Dillard

All My Sins Remembered - Joe Haldeman

When Churchyards Yawn - August Derleth

Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace

Wandering Stars - Jack Dann

Something Rotten - Jasper Fforde

Infinite Jests - Robert Silverberg

No Planets Strike - Gene Wolfe

A Little Less Than Kind - Charlotte Armstrong

Glimpses of the Moon - Glimpses of the Moon

Murder Most Foul - John Creasey

False to Any Man - Leslie Ford

Method in Madness - Doris Miles Disney

How Like an Angel - Margaret Millar

When the Blood Burns - E.W. Salvi

To the Manner Born - John Chaloner

Honored in the Breach - Julia Magruder

Murder Most Foul - Joanne Myers and many others

More Things in Heaven and Earth - Jeff High

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead - Tom Stoppard

The Indifferent Children - Louis Auchinsloss

Conscience of the King - Alfred Duggan

And Be a Villain - Rex Stout

To Be or Not to Be - Ryan North

Outrageous Fortune - Patricia Wentworth

Perchance to Dream - Robert B. Parker

What Dreams May Come - Gertrude Atherton

Undiscovered Country - Lin Enger

Lady Doth Protest - Bruce Graeme

Methinks the Lady - Guy Endore

Poison in Jest - John Dickson Carr

Speak Daggers to Her - Rosemary Edghill

Flush as May - P.M. Hubbard

No Wind of Blame - Georgette Heyer

Alas, Poor Yorick - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

The Rest Is Silence - James Benn

Put On By Cunning - Ruth Rendell

The Law's Delay - Sara Woods


Two Gentlemen of Verona    
Timon of Athens   Pale Fire - Vladimir Nabokov
Romeo and Juliet An Artificial Night - Seanan McGuire

Time Out of Mind - Pierre Boulle

Time Out of Mind - Richard Cowper

The Jester at Scar - E.C. Tubb

Inconstant Moon - Larry Niven

Fortune's Fool - Mercedes Lackey

Time Out of Mind - John Maxim

What's In a Name? - Terry Odell

A Rose by Any Other Name - Maureen McCarthy

Fortune's Fool - Rafael Sabatini

A Dram of Poison - Charlotte Armstrong

Henry the Fifth One Salt Sea - Seanan McGuire

The Devil His Due - Douglas Hill

The Devil His Due - Diana Hamilton

Conscience of the King - Alfred Duggan

The Comedy of Errors    
Richard the Third Shadows in the Sun - Chad Oliver The Winter of Our Discontent - John Steinbeck

Where Eagles Dare - Jack Higgins

Most Grievous Murder - Sara Woods

Coriolanus The Exile Kiss - George Alec Effinger  
Othello Who Steals My Purse - John Brunner

Entire and Perfect Chrysolite - R.A. Lafferty

Stone in Heaven - Poul Anderson

Better Angels - Howard V. Hendrix

Farewell the Tranquil Mind - R.F. Delderfield

Passing Strange - Catherine Aird

The Green Eyed Monster - Patrick Quentin

Put Out the Light - Sara Woods

Error of the Moon - Sara Woods

Murder's Out of Tune - Sara Woods

Merchant of Venice The Quality of Mercy - D.G. Compton  
As You Like It All the World's a Stage - James Blish

Unwillingly to School - Pauline Ashwell

Under the Greenwood Tree - Thomas Hardy
Richard the Second This Earth of Majesty - Arthur C. Clarke

Bid Time Return - Richard Matheson

Kingdom Lost - Patricia Wentworth

An Obscure Grave - Sara Woods

Much Ado About Nothing Lie Ten Nights Awake - Herbert Van Thal Valiant Dust - P.C. Wren
Love's Labour Lost A Twelve Month and a Day - Poul Anderson Beat Not the Bones - Charlotte Jay
Troilus and Cressida    
Antony and Cleopatra Past the Size of Dreaming - Nina Kiriki Hoffman Gaudy Night - Dorothy Sayers

Her Infinite Variety - Louis Auchinsloss

Henry the Eighth    
Henry the Fourth Part Two   Chimes at Midnight - Terence White
Henry the Fourth Part One Time Must Have a Stop - Aldous Huxley Tarry and Be Hanged - Sara Woods

Past Praying For - Sara Woods

Dearest Enemy - Sara Woods

Henry the Fifth    
Henry the Sixth Part One    
Henry the Sixth Part 2   Enter Certain Murderers - Sara Woods
Henry the Sixth Part 3    
Two Noble Kinsmen