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Landshark  (Carousel, 1982.)


                Marginal thriller in which the hero pits himself against a secret organization plotting to provoke a nuclear war.


ZAGAT, ARTHUR LEO  (See also collaborations with Nat Schachner.)


Seven Out of Time  (Fantasy Press, 1949.)


                Inhabitants of the future kidnap people from the present to study emotions.


ZAHN, TIMOTHY  (See collaborations with David Weber.)


Allegiance  (Del Rey, 2006.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Luke Skywalker tries to decide how deeply to commit himself to the Rebel Alliance, while dodging the attention of Darth Vader.


Angelmass  (Tor, 2001.)


                A group of colony worlds harvest particles of what they believe to be the essence of good from a black hole.  A repressive human government that dominates most planets plans a military expedition to conquer them and "free" them of an alien invasion.


Backlash Mission, The  (DAW, 1986, Legend, 1988.)


Blackcollar #2.


                Human rebels seek a drug that can be used to transform them into super warriors.


Blackcollar  (Baen, 2006.)


                Omnibus of The Blackcollar and The Backlash Mission.)


Blackcollar, The   (DAW, 1983, Arrow, 1986, Hamlyn,?)


Blackcollar #1.


                The protagonist attempts to reunite a group of physically augmented soldiers in an effort to overthrow the aliens who have conquered the human race.


Cascade Point  (Bluejay, 1986, Baen, 1987.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Cascade Point  (Tor, 1988, bound with Hardfought by Greg Bear.)


                Novelette published as half a double book.


Chaos Rising


Choices of One  (Del Rey, 2011.)


A Star Wars novel.




Cobra  (Baen, 1985.)


Cobra #1.


                When a superior alien spacefleet defeats human forces, the counterattack takes the form of specially trained and physically augmented guerilla forces designed to loose alien control of the worlds it has conquered.


Cobra Bargain  (Baen, 1988, Legend, 1989.)


Cobra #3.


                The attempt by a woman to be the first female member of an elite military force coincides with unrest about the domination of a planetary government by former soldiers.


Cobra Alliance  (Baen, 2010.)


Cobra War #1.




Cobra Gamble  (Baen, 2012.)


Cobra War #3.




Cobra Guardian (Baen, 2011.)


Cobra War #2.




Cobra Outlaw (Baen, 2015.)






Cobra Slave  (Baen, 2013.)


Cobra War #4.




Cobra Strike  (Baen, 1986.)


Cobra #2.


                Humankind is now allied with its former enemy against a new and more bellicose alien force, and human soldiers must overcome their old animosities.


Cobra Traitor (Baen, 2018.)


Cobra Trilogy, The  (Baen, 2004.)


                Omnibus of the trilogy.


Cobras Two  (Baen, 1992.)


                Omnibus of Cobra and Cobra Strike.


Coming of Age, A  (Bluejay, 1984, Baen, 1986.)


                Colonists on a newly opened world are horrified when they discover that all children conceived there eventually develop telekinesis.


Conquerors' Heritage  (Bantam, 1995.)


Copperheads #2.


                A member of the alien race which attacked humanity is caught up in a factional fight for control of his species, and must expose the fact that they were the aggressors.


Conquerors' Legacy  (Bantam, 1996.)


Copperheads #3.


                Humans and aliens are both aware that the war between the two races resulted from a misunderstanding, but each finds it impossible to convince the authorities and stop the slide toward cataclysm.


Conquerors' Pride  (Bantam, 1994.)


Copperheads #1.


                An unexpected alien attack results in the capture of a human.  His father organizes an elite group of warriors to penetrate alien space an effect a rescue.


Dark Force Rising  (Bantam, 1992.)


Star Wars: Dark Force #2.


As a general seizes control of what remains of the Empire, traitors try to undermine the Republic and an adherent of the dark side of the Force seeks to corrupt Luke Skywalker.


Deadman Switch  (Baen, 1988.)


                The only way to enter a mineral rich star system is to have the ship commanded by someone who will die in the process of entering or leaving.


Distant Friends and Others  (Baen, 1992.)


                Collection of sometimes related stories.


Domino Pattern, The  (Tor, 2009.)


Spiders #4.


A crisis threatens as a mind controlling alien intelligence seeks to dominate the galaxy.


Dragon and Herdsman  (Tor, 2006.)


Dragonback  #4.


                Two teenagers and an alien attempt to prevent an act of genocide.


Dragon and Judge  (Tor, 2007.)


Dragonback #5.


                Our heroís girlfriend is kidnapped and he and his alien companion must rescue her.


Dragon and Liberator  (Tor, 2008.)


Dragonback #6.


A teenager and an alien must avert an interstellar war.


Dragon and Slave  (Tor, 2005, Starscape, 2006.)


Dragonback #3.


                The young hero submits to slavery in order to access the records of an interstellar slave trader.


Dragon and Soldier  (Tor, 2004, Starscape, 2005.)


Dragonback #2.


                A young human and his alien symbiote get mixed up with mercenaries in their quest to clear his name.


Dragon and Thief  (Tor, 2003, Starscape, 2004.)


Dragonback #1.


                A human fugitive and a dragonlike alien become partners in a quest to clear his name and defeat a group trying to exterminate the dragon's entire species.


Evolution (Del Rey, 2016.)


A Star Craft novel.


An interstellar peace arrangement is endangered by one planet.


From the Ashes (Titan, 2009.)


A Terminator novel.


Two young boys struggle to survive after the robots destroy civilization.


Greater Good


Green and the Gray, The  (Tor, 2004.)


                Implausible story of aliens living secretly in Manhattan, where they pursue their old animosity using weapons and mental powers that are essentially magic.


Heir to the Empire  (Bantam, 1991.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Following the fall of the Empire, the Republic attempts to reorganize, but finds itself menaced by some of the Emperor's old allies.


Icarus Hunt, The   (Bantam, 1999.)


Icarus #1.


                A spacecrew are hired to bring a shipment to Earth, and find themselves pursued by various human and alien forces that want to prevent them from succeeding.


Icarus Plot, The (Baen, 2022.)


Icarus #2.


Various people hunt for the secret project to develop alien teleportation technology.


Judas Solution, The  (Baen, 2006.)


A Blackcollar novel.


Augmented humans vs enemy aliens.


Judgment at Proteus  (Tor, 2012.)


Spiders #5.


Final confrontation with the secret group out to dominate the galaxy. 


Knight (Tor, 2019.)


Sibyl's War #2.


Human abductees attempt to seize control of a giant alien starship.


Last Command, The  (Bantam, 1993.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Admiral Thrawn has used cloned soldiers to defeat the forces of the Republic and it looks like he's going to establish a new empire.


Lesser Evil  (Del Rey, 2021.)


Manta's Gift  (Tor, 2002.)


                Efforts to communicate with the intelligent creatures living in Jupiter's atmosphere lead to disaster when the authorities mistakenly believe that they hold the secret to starflight.


Night Train to Rigel  (Tor, 2005.)


Spiders #1. 


                In a future in which the stars are linked, literally, by railroad trains through tunnels, a former government agent is hired to investigate an interstellar conspiracy that involves a coral that controls people's minds.


Odd Girl Out  (Tor, 2008.)


Spiders #3.


The mass mind Mohdri is still plotting to take over the galaxy, but this time it's more interested in a very unusual little girl.


Pawn (Tor, 2017.)


Sibyl's War #1.


Intrigue aboard a spaceship when humans are abducted from Earth.


Scoundrels  (Del Rey, 2013.)


A Star Wars novel.




Soulminder (Open Road, 2014.)


Scientists develop a means to capture the human soul.


Specter of the Past  (Bantam, 1997.)


Star Wars: Hand of Thrawn #1.


The dying Empire hasnít played all of its cards yet.  They use a double of the feared General Thrawn, a handful of surviving clones, a band of space pirates, and subversives within the New Republic to split their enemy into opposing camps.


Spinneret  (Bluejay, 1985, Baen, 1985, Arrow, 1987.)


                Humans discover an alien artifact, a giant web connecting star systems, and quarrel among themselves about how best to make use of the device.


Star Songs and Other Stories  (Five Star, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Survivor's Quest  (Del Rey, 2004.)


A Star Wars Novel.


                Luke Skywalker and others travel to a remote region of space to reclaim some artifacts.


Third Lynx, The  (Tor, 2007.)


Spiders #2.


A human agent and others attempt to counter the moves by an alien group mind to seize control of a number of artifacts.


Time Bomb and Zahndry Others  (Baen, 1988.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Triplet  (Baen, 1987, Legend, 1988.)


                A star system is discovered where the locals have a technology so advanced it seems like magic, and where strange creatures exist who function as demons.


Vision of the Future  (Bantam, 1998.)


Star Wars: Hand of Thrawn #2.


                Contrived evidence that is moving many of the members of the New Republic toward war with the Bothans is tearing apart the new government.  The motivating force is a disciple of the old Emperor, who plans to gain power in the confusion.


Warhorse  (Baen, 1990.)


                The human expansion into the galaxy runs into an alien race which uses biology in place of technology, and sends living starships against human fleets in its obsession to order all life in the universe.


ZAKOUR, JOHN  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Baxter Moon Galactic Scout  (Brown Barn, 2008.)


Satire about invading alien televisions for younger readers.


Blue-Haired Bombshell, The  (DAW, 2007.)


Zachary Johnson #5.


A private detective goes to the moon to solve a string of political assassinations.


Flaxen Femme Fatale, The  (DAW, 2008.)


Zachary Johnson #6.


A futuristic private eye has problems with a mysterious woman.


Frost-Haired Vixen, The  (DAW, 2006.)


Zachary Johnson #4.


                Someone is murdering mutated elves working for a holiday business.


Sapphire Sirens, The  (DAW, 2009.)


Zachary Johnson #7.


A detective has to solve a murder in a Utopian amazonian city.




Ballistic Babes  (DAW, 2009.)


Omnibus of The Radioactive Redhead and The Frost-Haired Vixen.


Dangerous Dames  (DAW, 2008.)


Omnibus of The Plutonium Blonde and The Doomsday Brunette.


Doomsday Brunette, The  (DAW, 2004.)


Zachary Johnson #2.


                More hi-jinx when a private detective is hired to solve the murder of one of four artificially created women.


Plutonium Blonde, The  (DAW, 2001.  Previously appeared electronically in 1997.)


Zachary Johnson #1.


                Effective spoof of tough detective SF stories.  A private eye is hired to track down a powerful android designed as a double for a prominent businesswoman, and runs into a wide variety of characters before completing the task.


Radioactive Redhead, The (DAW, 2005.)


Zachary Johnson #3.


                Humorous futuristic detective story in which our hero must protect a pop star from terrorists.






We  (Dutton, 1924, translated from the Russian by Gregory Zilboorg.  ?, 1972, Avon Bard, 1983, Avon, 1987, Avon Eos, 1999, translated from the Russian by Mirra Ginsburg. Penguin, 1993, translated by Clarence Brown.  Penguin, 2005, Modern Library, 2006, translated by Natasha Randall.) 


                Dystopian novel about a regulated future in which the singular pronoun "I" has been banned and all citizens are numbered.




Mercury Striking (Zebra, 2016.)


Post-apocalyptic romance.




Year Seven, The  (Naiad, 1993.)


                A disaster kills everyone in the world except a few women, who find a way to keep society going.




Green Man from Space, The  (Dutton, 1955, Cadmus, 1965.)


                Young adult adventure involving the first meeting with an alien.


ZEBROWSKI, GEORGE  (See also collaborations with Pamela Sargent and with Charles Pellegrino.)


Adrift in Space  (EDC, 1979.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Ashes and Stars  (Ace, 1977, New English Library, 1978.)


Omega Point #1.


                Following an interstellar war in which humankind was victorious, a few of the survivors plot a terrible revenge against their conquerors.


Behind the Stars  (Note that this appears only as part of The Sunspacers Trilogy.)


Sunspacer #3.




Brute Orbits    (HarperPrism, 1998.)


                Earth disposes of its criminals by sending a prison to the stars, and isn't too concerned with whether or not the ecosystem is viable.


Firebird, The  (EDC, 1979.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


In the Distance, and Ahead in Time  (Five Star, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Macro-Life  (Harper & Row, 1979, Orbit, 1980, Avon, 1981, Easton, 1990, Pyr, 2006.)


                The human race has abandoned ruined Earth.  Countless ages in the future, cloning and immortality have changed the race beyond description as the universe begins to die.


Mirror of Minds  (See The Omega Point Trilogy.)


Omega Point #3.


                An alien with a radically new type of starship defies the entire human empire.


Monadic Universe, The  (Ace, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Omega Point, The  (Ace, 1972, New English Library, 1974.)


Omega Point #2.


                The remnants of a defeated alien civilization stir up fresh trouble for the human race.


Omega Point Trilogy, The  (Ace, 1983, Armchair, 2015.)


                Omnibus of Ashes and Stars and The Omega Point, both revised, and Mirror of Minds, not previously published. 


Silent Shout, A  (EDC, 1979.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Stars Will Speak, The  (Harper, 1985, Starwanderer, 1987.)


Sunspacer #2.


                A message from an alien race warns of a disaster facing the solar system.


Star Web, The  (Laser, 1975.)


                Completely rewritten as Stranger Suns, which see.


Stranger Suns  (Bantam, 1991, Easton, 1991.  Rewritten version of The Star Web.)


                An expedition to Antarctica finds an abandoned alien starship and inadvertently sets it in motion.  They are sent hurtling to the stars and a series of adventures.


Sunspacer  (Harper, 1984.)


Sunspacer #1.


                A teenager makes a new life for himself in the mines of Mercury.


Sunspacers Trilogy, The  (White Wolf, 1996.)


                Omnibus of Sunspacer, The Stars Will Speak, and Behind the Stars.


Swift Thoughts  (Golden Gryphon, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


ZEDDIES, ANN TONSOR  (See also Toni Anzetti.)


Blood and Roses  (Phobos, 2005.)


Jayne Taylor #1.


                During the 1920s, a woman must help  foil a plot by the Japanese to harness an alien technology.


Deathgift  (Del Rey, 1988.)


Singer #1.


                A professional warrior  in a future world takes revenge on anyone who hurts those he loves, and when humans land on his world, his vengeance begins to manifest itself.


Sky Road  (Del Rey, 1992.)


Singer #2.


                An alien warrior puts aside his personal anger and tries to forge a relationship with the human invaders that will allow the two peoples to live in peace.


Steel Helix  (Del Rey, 2003.)


                A geneticist is impressed into service by a space traveling race of enhanced clones who want to dominate old style humanity.


Typhon's Children  (Del Rey, ?)




ZELAZNY, ROGER  (See also collaborations with Philip K. Dick and those that follow.)


Bridge of Ashes  (Signet, 1976, Gregg, 1979.)


                A man with extraordinary telepathic powers may be humanity's only hope against an alien threat, if he can remain sane long enough to do anything.


Creatures of Light and Darkness  (Doubleday, 1969, Avon, 1970, Faber, 1970.)


                Arguably fantasy.  In the far future, human society has been reshaped in the form of ancient Egypt, and technology has given some individual powers that are virtually godlike.


Damnation Alley  (Putnam, 1969, Berkley, 1970, Faber, 1971, Tor, 1984, Sphere, 1976, Gregg, 1979, Orbit, ?, Ibooks, 2002, Gollancz, 2003.)


                A small time criminal and all around tough guy is coerced into taking medicine across a dangerous stretch of post-nuclear war America.


Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth, The   (Doubleday, 1971, Faber, 1973, Avon, 1974, Corgi, 1975, Ibooks, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth, The   (Pulphouse, 1991.)


                Short story in pamphlet form, originally published in 1965.


Doorways in the Sand  (Harper & Row, 1976, Avon, 1977, Allen, 1977, Star, 1978.)


                Aliens gave humans a precious artifact, which has gone missing.  A hapless college student is suspected of being responsible, and the only way for him to clear his name is to find out who really took it.


Dream Master, The  (Ace, 1966, Hart Davis, 1968, Panther, 1968, Gregg, 1976,  Baen, 1990, Millennium, 1999, Gollancz, 2001, Ibooks, 2002.  Magazine title He Who Shapes.  Tor, 1989, with The Infinity Box by Kate Wilhelm as He Who Shapes. )


                The story of a man who helps solve people's psychological problems by entering into their dreams and shaping them to cure the patient.


Eye of Cat  (Underwood-Miller, 1982, Timescape, 1982, Pocket, 1983, Sphere, 1984, Orbit, ?)


                In a future where immortality has made life dull, a man frees an intelligent, shapechanging alien in exchange for the prisoner's promise to hunt him.


For a Breath I Tarry  (Underwood Miller, 1980.)


                Short story published alone.


Four for Tomorrow  (Ace, 1967, Garland, 1975, Baen, 1991.  Hart Davis, 1969, as A Rose for Ecclesiastes.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Frost and Fire  (Morrow, 1989, Avon, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Gone to Earth  (Pulphouse, 1991.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Graveyard Heart, The  (Tor, 1990, bound with Elegy for Angels and Dogs by Walter Jon Williams.)


                Long story about people who use suspended animation to effectively travel forward in time, with a sequel by Williams.


He Who Shapes  (Tor, 1989, bound with The Infinity Box by Kate Wilhelm.)


                See The Dream Master.


Home Is the Hangman  (Tor, 1990, bound with We, In Some Strange Power's Emply, Move on a Rigorous Line by Samuel R. Delany.)


                Novelette about a robot that returns to Earth with a grudge.


Illustrated Zelazny, The  (Baronet, 1978, Ace, 1979.)


                Collection of unrelated stories with many illustrations.


Isle of the Dead  (Ace, 1969, Rapp & Whiting, 1970, Gregg, 1976, Baen, 1990.)


Sandow #1.


                Another of Zelazny's novels in which technology is indistinguishable from magic.  This time we follow the career of the only human ever to master the skill to create entire worlds.


Isle of the Dead/Eye of the Cat  (Ibooks, 2002.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Last Defender of Camelot, The  (Underwood Miller, 1980, Pocket, 1980, Sphere, 1986, Ibooks, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Last Exit to Babylon  (NESFA, 2009.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Lord of Light  (Doubleday, 1967, Faber, 1968, Avon, 1969, Panther, 1971, Gregg, 1979, Millennium, 1999, Gollancz, 2006.)


                A distant world is ruled as though by Hindu gods, though they are actually immortals who use technology to give them the semblance of magic.


My Name Is Legion  (Ballantine, 1976, Faber, 1979,  Sphere, 1980, Orbit, ?.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Nine Black Doves  (NESFA, 2009.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Power & Light  (NESFA, 2009.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Roadmarks  (Del Rey, 1980, Macdonald, 1981, Orbit, 1981.)


                Humans explore time and alternate histories by means of an artificial structure created by a race of intelligent dragons.


Rose for Ecclesiastes, A  (See Four for Tomorrow.)


This Immortal  (Ace, 1966, Hart-Davis, 1967, Panther, 1968, Garland, 1975, Gollancz, 2000.  Magazine title And Call Me Conrad.)


                An enigmatic man is rumored to be immortal, and may be the pivotal figures as humanity negotiates with a much more powerful alien race.


This Mortal Mountain  (NESFA, 2009.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Threshold  (NESFA, 2009.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Today We Choose Faces  (Signet, 1973, Millington, 1974, Futura, 1977, Gregg, 1978.)


                Organized crime gets involved in a gang war on an interstellar scale in a future where telepathy is common.


Today We Choose Faces/Bridge of Ashes  (Signet, 1981.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


To Die in Italbar  (Doubleday, 1973, DAW, 1974, Faber, 1975, Corgi, ?)


Sandow #2.


                An enigmatic figure with the power to heal or kill with a single touch travels to a remote planet.


Unicorn Variations, The  (?, 1983, Avon, 1987.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Donnerjack  (Avon, 1997.)


                An intricate and very realistic virtual reality world is in danger of being consumed by a greater network, and the man who hoped to use it as a refuge must instead become its protector.




Coils  (Doubleday, 1982, Wallaby, 1982, Tor, 1982, Penguin, 1984.)


                A supercorporation attempts to control the use of a revolutionary artificial intelligence.




Flare  (Baen, 1992.)


                Although the human race has colonized much of the solar system, it is still vulnerable when an unexpected flare lashes out from the sun.




Judenstaat (Tor, 2016.)


Alternate history about a Jewish state in Europe.




Cassiopeia Affair, The  (Doubleday, 1968, Gollancz, 1968, Curtis, ?)


                A scientist makes contact with an alien race and receives a message that could avert war on Earth.


ZETFORD, TULLY  (Pseudonym of Kenneth Bulmer, whom see)


Boosted Man, The, Pinnacle, 1975.  (New English Library, 1974)


Hook #2.


A group of evil telepaths has enslaved an entire planetary population, but one determined warrior upsets their plans and liberates the planet.


Star City, Pinnacle, 1975.  (New English Library, 1974)


Hook #3.


Pursued by the cabal of supermen whose plans he thwarted in the previous volume, Ryder Hook conceals himself in an orbiting city whose appealing society conceals an even greater evil.


Virility Gene, The, Pinnacle, 1976.  (New English Library, 1975)


Hook #4.


Hook is off to a remote world in search of his fortune, but he's pursued by his old enemies, the Boosted Men, who have not abandoned their vendetta.


Whirlpool of Stars, Pinnacle, 1975.  (New English Library, 1974)


Hook #1.


A bioengineered superwarrior living in an interstellar civilization discovers that a secret group of people augmented similarly are planning to seize control of the galaxy.


ZETTEL, SARAH  (See also C.L. Anderson.)


Fool's War  (Warner, 1997.)


                A space pilot is unaware of the fact that an artificial intelligence is living within her ship's computer, a development that could reshape the galaxy.


Kingdom of Cages  (Warner, 2001.)


                Inhabitants of the only human colony world which seems to be successful are given an ultimatum.  Solve the problem for the other colonies or be conquered.


Playing God  (Warner, 1998.)


                Humans are attempting to help an alien race by evacuating its inhabitants to orbiting habitats while reclaiming the local ecology.  But the aliens aren't willing to give up their old hatreds, and the solution may have to be imposed by force.


Quiet Invasion, The  (Warner, 2000.)


                A research colony on Venus discovers what appears to be evidence of visitors from the stars just as it nears the end of its funding.


Reclamation  (Warner, 1996.)


                A renegade computer expert with telekinesis hops from planet to planet, pursued by aliens and humans alike.




Paris 2005  (Evans, 1990, Ballantine, 1991.)


                In a future where Russia and Germany have become allies, American agents seek to maintain control of a revolutionary computer breakthrough that could affect the world's economy.




Echoes of Us (HarperCollins, 2014.)


Hybrid #3.




Once We Were (HarperCollins, 2013.)


Hybrid #2.




What's Left of Me (HarperCollins, 2013.)


Hybrid #1.






Shadow of Peril  (Doubleday, 1963, Curtis, undated.)


                Marginal thriller about a Russian submarine commander who attacks US installations.


ZIEGFRIED, KARL  (Pseudonym of Robert Lionel Fanthorpe except where indicated, whom see. Sometimes spelled Zeigfried.)


Android  (Badger, 1962.)


                An android with an abiding hatred of Earth decides to destroy it, and special agents try to track him down before he can do so.



Atomic Nemesis  (Badger, 1962.)


                Not seen.


Barrier 346  (Badger, 1965, Arcadia, 1968.)


                A space station finds itself isolated from the rest of the solar system, and then members of the crew begin vanishing, kidnapped by creatures from another dimension.


Beyond the Galaxy  (Spencer, 1953.)


                An inadvertent voyage into interstellar space puts the protagonists in the middle of an interplanetary war.


Chaos in Arcturus   (Spencer, 1953.)


                A misrouted spaceship gets involved with the problems of the inhabitants of an uncharted planet.


Chariot into Time  (Spencer, 1953.)  (T.W. Wade.)


                A journey into an unpleasant future Earth.


Dark Centauri  (Spencer, 1954.)  (John Glasby.)


                An expedition to another star uncovers secrets of a highly evolved society that has retrogressed.


Escape to Infinity  (Badger, 1963.)


                Not seen.


Girl from Tomorrow, The  (Badger, 1966.)


                Not seen.


Gods of Darkness, The  (Badger, 1962.)


                Not seen.


No Way Back  (Badger, 1964, Arcadia, 1968.)


                Two interplanetary criminals discover the truth when a man is murder for his discovery..


Projection Infinity  (Badger, 1964, Vega, 1965.)


                When a saboteur makes a bungled attempt to destroy a supercomputer, the machine develops self awareness and begins to become paranoid about its own safety.


Radar Alert  (Badger, 1963, Vega, 1963, Arcadia, 1968.)


                A technician inadvertently makes contact with an alien intelligence.  His superiors donít believe him, and he himself is uncertain whether or not he should trust what the other race is telling him.


Uranium Seekers, The  (Spencer, 1953.)  (John Glasby.)


                A repressive solar government on the verge of collapse tries to use a time machine to preserve their rule.


Walk Through To-Morrow  (Badger, 1962, Vega, 1963.)


                A space time rift opens up and trades a human from Earth with a humanoid from another part of the galaxy.  The two then attempt to solve their personal problems in a new environment.


World of the Future.  (See World of Tomorrow.)


World of Tomorrow  (Badger, 1963.  Arcadia, 1964, as World of the Future.)


                Earth is the unintended battlefield around which two alien space fleets are dueling to the death.  But their bombs and plague germs are landing on our world, and humanity doesnít have the technology with which to stop them.


World That Never Was, The  (Badger, 1963.)


                Not seen.


Zero Minus X  (Badger, 1962, Arcadia, 1965.)


                Kidnapped into space.




Mechanical Failure (Saga, 2016.)


Failure #1.






Skyscraper Doom, The  (Lenox Hill, 1972.)


                Creatures beneath the Earth dissolve skyscrapers to threaten the surface world.




Not Quite Paradise  (BMI, 1995.)


                A handsome alien is stranded on Earth and falls in love with a local woman.


ZIMMER, PAUL  (See collaboration with Marion Zimmer Bradley)




Called  (Aquarian Concepts, 1998.)


Other Worlds #1.


                The protagonist discovers that he was not born on this Earth.


Choosing Universes  ( Aquarian Concepts, 1999.)


Other Worlds #2.


                Not seen.


Peace Mission  (Aquarian Concepts, 1999.)


Other Worlds #3.


                Not seen.




Meeting the Bear  (Macmillan, 1971, Pocket, 1973.)


                America is torn apart when a race war spreads rapidly through its cities.




Broken God, The   (Bantam, 1994, Orbit, ?, Harper, 1997)


Ringess #1.


                Humans must come to terms with the fact that they are not alone in the universe.


Neverness   (Harper, 1998, Donald Fine, 1988, Bantam, 1989, Grafton, 1989, Orbit, ?)


Ringess #3.


                An explorer studying an alien race learns that they may possess the secret of human immortality.


War in Heaven    (Bantam, 1998, Harper, 1998.)


Ringess #4.




Wild, The  (Bantam, 1997, Orbit, 1997.)


Ringess #2.


                The protagonist undertakes a dangerous journey to a place in the galaxy where his father disappeared and may have died.




Night of the Bat  (Hyperion, 2001.)


                An expedition to South America runs into trouble when they are attacked by a giant prehistoric bat.  For younger readers.


Rats  (Hyperion, 1999.)


                A plague of rats besets the world.




God Antenna, The  (Zinovii Art Studio, 2012.)


First contact and a drug that makes it impossible to believe in God.




Fourth Circle, The  (Ministry of Whimsey, 2004.)


                Kitchen sink novel about disembodied intelligences, time travel, and Sherlock Holmes.


Impossible Encounters  (Polaris, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are SF.


Time-Gifts  (Polaris, 1998.)


                Episodic story of a time traveler who visits four disparate individuals.




Busy About the Tree of Life and Other Stories  (See The Heat Death of the Universe and Other Stories.)


Heat Death of the Universe and Other Stories, The  (McPherson, 1988.  Womenís Press, 1988, Busy About the Tree of Life and Other Stories.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Blood Gorgons  (Black Library, 2011.)


A Warhammer novel.


Space marines fight mutants.


Emperor's Mercy  (Black Library, 2009.)


A Warhammer novel.


Two sides battle for a trove of alien artifacts.


Flesh and Iron  (Black Library, 2010.)


A Warhammer novel.


An apparent minor rebellion on a colony world turns out to be far more significant.




Golden Promise, The  (Pageant, 1956.)


                Utopian novel.




First Landing  (Ace, 2001.)


                The first expedition to Mars runs into technical problems that require some of their number to remain behind.  Those returning to Earth are told that they will be quarantined or shot down.


Holy Land, The  (Polaris, 2003.)


                Humans are suppressed by aliens because of our murderous tendencies.




Third Verdict, The  (Zuk, 1982.)


A Star Trek novel.