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Alliance, The  (Lionhearted, 1999.


                Romance set on a distant world.


True Blood  (Tor, 2006.)


True #1.


                Two people investigating the destruction of a spaceship uncover a plot and fall in love.


True Deception  (Tor, 2007.)


True #2.


A man and a woman battle space pirates.




Zero A.D. (Armchair, 2018, bound with Newshound 2103 A.D. by Milton Lesser. Magazine appearance 1948.)


A scientist discovers that the world is just an experiment.


WADE, THOMAS W.  (See Victor La Salle, Victor Wadey,  and Karl Ziegfried.)


Unknown World, The  (See The World of Theda.)


Voice from Baru, The (Digit, 1962.)


A mission is sent to find out what the outer planets are plotting.


World of Theda, The  (Digit, 1962.  Ewington, 1973, as The Unknown World.)


                A small number of humans discover that aliens have landed on Earth and have been abducting humans.


WADEY, VICTOR  (Pseudonym of Thomas W. Wade, whom see.)


Planet Named Terra, A  (Digit, 1962.)


                Space explorers discover a mirror world of Earth.


United Planets, The  (Digit, 1962, Arcadia, 1967.)


                A space voyage runs into trouble when it stumbles into an alien civilization.




Overmind  (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1967.)


                Aliens from another dimension.




My Side by King Kong  (Philips Park Press, 1976, Collier, 1976,  Star, 1977.)


                The story of King Kong, as told from the point of view of the ape.


Tunnel  (Forge, 2000.)


                Marginal thriller about terrorists who put a missile in the Lincoln Tunnel and demand ransom.


Viper Three  (MacMillan, 1971, Pocket, 1972.)


                A group of escaped prisoners gain control of a nuclear missile and demand the President as their hostage.




Hyperswarm  (Ibooks, 2004.)


                Based on the Defender arcade game.  War threatens to break out among various human colony worlds.


WAGNER, KARL EDWARD  (See collaboration with David Drake.)




Oath of Dogs, An (Angry Robot, 2017.)


A woman believes that her employers are exploiting a planet home to sentient dogs.




Furious Flycycle, The  (Delacorte, 1968, Dell Yearling, 1973.)


Melvin #1.


                A child inventor creates a flying bicycle in order to rescue his aunt and uncle.


SOS Bobomobile!  (Delacorte, 1973, Dell Yearling, 1978.)


Melvin #2.


                The boy genius creates a submersible device and searches for the Loch Ness monster.




Murder on the Thirty-First Floor  (See The Thirty-First Floor.)


Steel Spring, The  (Joseph, 1970, translated from the Swedish by Joan Tate.)


                A plague sweeps across Sweden.


Thirty- First Floor, The  (Knopf, 1967, Bantam, 1971, translated from the Swedish by Joan Tate.  Michael Joseph, 1967, as Murder on the 31st Floor.)


                A police officer in a repressive future welfare state investigates a bombing and ends up becoming a criminal himself.




Divided, The  (Del Rey, 1999.)


                On a war torn planet, a woman rises to the highest ranks in the military, but gains the enmity of jealous rivals as well as her actual enemies.


Merro Tree, The  (Del Rey, 1997.)


                A performer is outraged when his artform is proscribed throughout the galaxy.  He disobeys the new law, is tried, and eventually escapes.


WAJENBERG, EARL  (See collaborationswith Clayton Emery.)




Audience for Einstein, An  (Mundania, 2005.)


                A novel speculating about the effect of human cloning on society.




Beyond the 13th Sun  (Carousel, 1981.)


                A princess uses her ability to control the minds of others in her plot to seize control of a galactic empire.


WALDROP, HOWARD  (See also collaboration with Jake Saunders.)


All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past  (See Strange Monsters of the Recent Past: Neat Stories.)


Better World's in Birth, A  (Golden Gryphon, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Custer's Last Jump and Other Collaborations   (Golden Gryphon, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Going Home Again   (St Martins, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Horse of a Different Color (Small Beer, 2013.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Howard Who?  (Doubleday, 1986, Small Beer, ?.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Night of the Cooters  (Ursus, 1990, Legend, 1991, Ace, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.  Legend edition includes A Dozen Tough Jobs, a short novel.


Strange Monsters of the Recent Past  (Ziesing, 1991, Ace, 1991  Ursus, 1987, with slightly different contents as All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past: Neat Stories.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Strange Things in  Closeup  (Legend, 1989.)


                Omnibus of Howard Who? and All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past.


Them Bones  (Ace, 1984, Legend, 1989.)


                A man travels back through time in an effort to stop World War III and finds himself in an alternate history where Christianity and the Roman Empire never existed.


You Could Go Home Again  (Cheap Street, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




America Fallen!  (Putnam, 1915.)


                The European war spreads to North America.




Lord's Pink Ocean, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1972, DAW, 1973.)


                Following a nuclear war, a small group of humans survive in a pocket of normality surrounded by mysterious clouds and creatures. 


Winter of Madness  (Houghton Mifflin, 1974, Pocket, 1975.)


                Marginal spy story spoof involving some superscientific devices.




Inherit the Earth  (Atheneum, 1981.)


                A young girl with psi powers is improperly diagnosed as mentally deficient.  When a scientist studying her tries to harm her, she escapes and makes a life for herself on her own.




America Fallen!  (Dodd, Mead, 1915.)


                Future war novel.




Date with Destiny, A  (Cosmos, 1949.)


Marley #2.




Mission Accomplished  (Cosmos, 1947.)


Marley #1.


                Spy story set in South America involving a disintegration ray.




Who Killed Utopia  (Carlyle, 1980.)


                In a future Utopian society where violence is unknown, a murder is committed and no one knows how to deal with it.




Aftershock  (St Martins, 1987.)


                An earthquake sets free a mutated animal that resulted from military experiments, and the creature has a taste for human flesh.


Brain Watch  (Leisure, 1985.)


                Medical thriller about a man who experiments with mind control.


Search for the Nile  (Bantam, 1986.)


Time Machine #12.


                A multi-path gamebook.




Whiteout  (Tor, 1996.)


                In an overpopulated future where virtual reality is a fact of life, the nations of the world battle over the future of Antarctica.




22nd Century Blues  (Hodder, 1996, Coronet, 1996.)


                Wide ranging satire set in the future.


WALKHAM, WALTER  (Pseudonym of James Ivory.)


When Earth Trembled  (Hale, 1980.)


                Not seen.




Infinite Jest  (Little, Brown, 1996.)


                Massive near future satire involving an addictive movie and changes to the way corporations interact.




Forty Years On  (Collins, 1958.)


                Life in England after a nuclear war.




Black Grippe, The (Amazon, ?, originally published in 1920.)


Chapbook about the world going blind temporarily.


Day of Uniting, The  (?, 1926.)


                World disaster novel.


Door with Seven Locks, The  (?, 1926.)


                Marginal thriller about mind control.


Green Rust  (Ward Lock, 1919, Small Maynard, 1920.)


                A megalomaniac introduces a disease that will effect the world's food supply as part of his plan to dominate the Earth.


1925  (Newnes, 1915.)


                A failed peace treaty leads to a new world war. Chapbook.


Planetoid 127  (Reader’s Library, 1929, Greenhill, 1986.)


                A scientist communicates with Earth's twin world and discovers that the inhabitants of that world know our future.


Story of a Fatal Peace, The  (See 1925.)





Address: Centauri  (Gnome, 1955, Galaxy, 1958.  Shorter magazine version published in 1952 as Accidental Flight.)


                A group of misfit humans are chosen to be the first voyagers to the stars.


Floyd L. Wallace Resurrected (Resurrected, 2011.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Worlds in Balance  (Atlas, 1955.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


WALLACE, IAN  (Pseudonym of John Wallace Pritchard.)


Croyd  (Berkley, 1967.)


Croyd #1.


                A secret agent of the future has his personality transplanted into that of a female who lacks the unusual mental abilities that make him effective.


Deathstar Voyage  (Berkley, 1969, Dobson, 1972.)


Claudine St Cyr #1.


                The protagonist is assigned as a bodyguard to protect a planetary ruler on a starship voyage.  The ship itself is untrustworthy, and there are assassins among the passengers and crew.


Dr. Orpheus  (Berkley, 1968.)


Croyd #2.


                A body switching super spy of the future confronts alien invaders and a new drug that threatens to enslave a large portion of the human population.


Heller's Leap  (DAW, 1979.)


Croyd #5/Claudine St Cyr #3.


                A police detective and a private investigator solve the mystery of a space traveler who was murdered under impossible circumstances after visiting a particularly mysterious star system.


Lucifer Comet, The  (DAW, 1980.)


                In the heart of a comet, humans discover two frozen beings, one apparently human, the other apparently Satan himself, or the creature upon which the legends are based.


Megalomania  (DAW, 1989.)


Croyd #6.


                A frustrated politician plots a cosmic event which will wipe out the entire galaxy.


Pan Sagittarius  (Putnam, 1973, Berkley, 1974.)


                An agent is sent to manipulate the mind of a single individual to see if by so doing he can alter the course of history.


Purloined Prince, The  (McCall, 1971.)


Claudine St Cyr #2


                A detective must find a missing heir and recover stolen gems on a far world.


Rape of the Sun, The  (DAW, 1982.)


                The human race is in imminent peril when a powerful alien being tries to steal the sun itself.


Sign of the Mute Medusa, The  (Popular Library, 1977.)


Claudine St Cyr #4.


                A police detective finds herself on a planet where pollution is killing everyone except the aristocracy who have protected themselves in a domed city.


Voyage to Dari, A  (DAW, 1974.)


Croyd #3.


                Aliens intent on dominating the galaxy sent agents to capture Croyd because his unique mental powers are a danger to their plans.


World Asunder, The  (DAW, 1976, Dobson, 1978.)


                An epic struggle through space and time for control of the destiny of the human race.


Z-Sting  (DAW, 1978.)


Croyd #4.


                A super spy comes out of retirement when a device that isolates belligerent powers begins to fail.




Man, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1964, Cassell, 1965, Crest, 1965.)


                Marginal near future political thriller about the first Black US President.


Pigeon Project, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1979.)


                A scientist discovers a method of doubling the human lifespan and battles ensue over control of the process.


R Document, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1976, Bantam, 1977, Forge, 2006.)


                Near future political thriller.


WALLACE, JAMES  (See also Geoffrey John Barrett, Edward Leighton, and Dennis Summers.)


Guardian of Krandor, The  (?, 1976.)




Man from Tomorrow, A  (?, 1976.)




Plague of the Golden Rat  (?, 1976.)






Invasive Species (Berkley, 2013.)


A new breed of wasp takes over the world.


Slavemakers (Ace, 2015.)


Earth is invaded.




Next War: A Prediction, The  (Martyn, 1892.)


                Racial tensions result in a major new war.




Fear Itself  (BBC, 2005.)


A Doctor Who book.


                The Doctor prevents humans from getting involved in their first interstellar war.




Pod  (Ace, 2012.)


YA alien invasion story.




Predator X (Severed, 2014.)


An underground world full of dinosaurs.




Shadow of Authority  (Jonathan Cape, 1956.)


                Satire in which all publishing is controlled by a single authority.




No One Goes There Now  (Doubleday, 1971.)


                An alien race announces its opposition to human violence.


World I Left Behind Me, The  (St Martins, 1979.)


                Human discovery of a working faster than light stardrive attracts the attention of aliens, both friendly and unfriendly.




Mother World, The (Armchair, 2016, bound with Beyond the Vanishing Point by Ray Cummings. Magazine appearance 1933.)


The first starship takes a tour of the universe.




Only Lovers Left Alive  (Dutton, 1964, Blond, 1964, Bantam, 1965, Pan, 1966.)


                All the adults in the world commit mass suicide, and the teenagers and children descend into barbarism when they take over.


WALLIS, GEORGE C.   (See also Royston Heath and collaboration with Bruce Wallis)


Call of Peter Gaskell, The  (World’s Work, 1947.)


                A lost world novel.


WALLIS, G. MCDONALD   (Pseudonym of Hope Campbell.)


Legend of Lost Earth  (Ace, 1963, bound with Alpha Centauri or Die! By Leigh Brackett.  Revised, Four Winds, 1977, as by Hope Campbell.)


                A space traveler spends his life searching for the possibly mythical planet Earth.


Light of Lilith, The  (Ace, 1961, bound with The Sun Saboteurs by Damon Knight.)


                On a mysterious planet, it is possible under the right conditions to see into the future.




Mills of Space, The   (Purnell, 1989.)


Angulum #2.




Starbloom  (Purnell, 1989.)


Angulum #1.






What Has Four Wheels and Flies  (Norton, 1959, Davies, 1959.)


                Satire about a future in which dogs are taught how to drive.




Vandals of the Void  (Hamilton, 1931, Hyperion, 1976.)


                Militants from the planet Mercury threaten the security of the solar system.


Vanguard to Neptune  (Fantasy Press, 1952, Cherry Tree, 1952.)


                An astronaut is stranded on Neptune.




Curve of the Snowflake, The  (Norton, 1956.  Duckworth, 1956, as Further Outlook.)


                A mild adventure story and a grand tour of a future world.


Further Outlook  (See The Curve of the Snowflake.)


WALTERS, HUGH  (Pseudonym of Walter Hughes.)


Blast-off at 0300  (See Blast Off at Woomera.)


Blast Off at Woomera  (Faber, 1957  Criterion, 1958, as Blast-off at 0300.)


Chris Godfrey #1.


                The story of an early launch into space.


Blue Aura, The  (Faber, 1979.)


Chris Godfrey #19.




Boy Astronaut  (Abelard, 1977.)


Boy Astronaut #1.




Caves of Drach, The  (Faber, 1977.)


Chris Godfrey #17.




Dark Triangle, The  (Faber, 1981.)


Chris Godfrey #20.




Destination Mars   (Faber, 1963, Criterion, 1964.)


Chris Godfrey #6.




Domes of Pico, The  (Faber, 1958.  Criterion, 1959, as Menace from the Moon.)


Chris Godfrey #2.


                A mysterious base on the moon is interfering with energy sources on Earth.


Expedition Venus   (Faber, 1962, Criterion, 1963.)


Chris Godfrey #5.


                The first expedition to Venus runs into trouble.


First Contact?  (Faber, 1971, Nelson, 1973.)


Chris Godfrey #13.


                An expedition to the planet Uranus encounters signs of what appears to be intelligent life.


First Family on the Moon  (Abelard, 1979.)


Boy Astronaut #2.




First on the Moon  (Criterion, 1960, Tempo, 1962.  Faber, 1960, as Operation Columbus.)


Chris Godfrey #3.


                A young American and a young Russian must work together if either of them is to return successfully from the moon.


Glass Men, The  (Faber, ?)


Chris Godfrey #21.




Journey to Jupiter  (Faber, 1965.  Criterion, 1966, revised.)


Chris Godfrey #8.


                Scientists attempt to abort an expedition to Jupiter, but a malfunction means that the ailing crew has no choice but to complete the mission.


Last Disaster, The  (Faber, 1978.)


Chris Godfrey #18.




Menace from the Moon  (See The Domes of Pico.)


Mission to Mercury  (Faber, 1965, Criterion, 1965.)


Chris Godfrey #9.


                The first expedition to Mercury includes a telepath among the crew.


Mohole Menace, The  (See The Mohole Mystery.)


Mohole Mystery, The (Faber, 1968.  Criterion, 1969, as The Mohole Menace.)


Chris Godfrey #11.




Moon Base One  (Faber, 1961.  Criterion, 1962, as Outpost on the Moon.)


Chris Godfrey #4.




Murder on Mars  (Faber, 1975.)


Chris Godfrey #16.




Nearly Neptune  (Faber, 1969.  Washburn, 1970, as Neptune One Is Missing.)


Chris Godfrey #12.




Neptune One Is Missing  (See Nearly Neptune.)


Operation Columbus  (See First on the Moon.)


Outpost on the Moon  (See Moon Base One.)


Passage to Pluto  (Faber, 1973, Nelson, 1973.)


Chris Godfrey #14.


                An expedition beyond the orbit of Pluto runs into trouble and a young astronaut undertakes a rescue mission.


P-K  (Severn House, 1986.)


Chris Godfrey #24.




School on the Moon  (Abelard, 1981.)


Boy Astronaut #3.




Spaceship to Saturn  (Faber, 1967, Criterion, 1967.)


Chris Godfrey #10.


                Astronauts are placed in suspended animation during the long trip to Saturn.


Terror by Satellite  (Faber, 1964, Criterion, 1964.)


Chris Godfrey #7.


                A madman seizes control of a satellite and threatens to use its lasers against the Earth.


Tony Hale, Space Detective  (Faber, 1973.)


Chris Godfrey #15.




WALTERS, MAC  (See collaboration with N.K. Jemisin.)


WALTERS, NICK  (See also collaboration with Paul Leonard.)


Dominion  (BBC, 1999.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                While searching for his missing companions, the Doctor discovers an alien race living secretly beneath the forests of Sweden.


Fall of Yquatine, The  (BBC, 2000.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                The Doctor must make use of an unreliable traveling salesman to help him influence the government of the planet Yquatine, which is facing total annihilation unless it moves to prevent a war.


Reckless Engineering  (BBC, 2003.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                The Doctor must intervene when rival versions of Earth's history assume separate realities.


Superior Beings  (BBC, 2001.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                While visiting what is supposed to be a pleasure planet, the Doctor finds himself involved with a recently revived race of hunters who eat human flesh.




Odyssey  (Boulevard, 1996.)


A Quantum Leap novel.


Sam is jumped into the mind of a gifted young boy enrolled in a special program.  But the project is about to be terminated, and if it ends, the boy's life will be altered for the worse.




Dark of the Moon (Armchair, 2010.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Design for Doomsday (Armchair, 2018, bound with Explorers into Infinity by Ray Cummings. Magazine appearance 1947.)


Humans overthrow a Martian dictator.


Martian Nightmare (Armchair, 2018, bound with Next Door to the Sun by Stanton A. Coblentz. Magazine appearance 1951.)


Three men travel to Mars to confront some self exiled power seekers.


Sons of the Ocean Deeps  (Winston, 1952.)


                Adventure in a future where the sea has been colonized by humans.


WALTON, DAVID  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Genius Plague, The (Pyr, 2017.)


Survivors of a plague become much more intelligent.


Superposition (Pyr, 2015.)


Quantum #1.


Murder mystery involving quantum physics.


Supersymmetry (Pyr, 2015.)


Quantum #2.


A quantum entity tries to take over the world.


Terminal Mind  (Meadowhawk, 2008.)


Intrigue in a fractured US.




Farthing  (Tor, 2006.)


Peace With Honor #1.


                A murder mystery set in an England where Churchill was removed from power and peace was negotiated with Hitler.


Half a Crown  (Tor, 2008.)


Peace With Honor #3.


In an alternate world, a plot arises against the victorious Axis powers.


Ha'penny (Tor, 2007.)


Peace With Honor #2.


Police battle terrorists in an alternate England that became an ally of Hitler.


My Real Children (Tor, 2014.)


An elderly woman remembers two distinct histories.




No Transfer  (Vanguard, 1967, Signet, 1968.)


                Futuristic satire with a university serving to represent society as a whole.




Colossus  (Fedogan & Bremer, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Eye and the Finger, The  (Arkham House, 1944.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Strange Harvest  (Arkham House, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Time Burial  (Fedogan & Bremer, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


WARD, B.  (See Bengo Mistral.)


WARD, DAYTON  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Armageddon's Arrow (Pocket, 2015.)


A Star Trek Next Generation novel.



Available Space (Gallery, 2019.)


A Star Trek Next Generation novel.


While under a political cloud, Picard has to deal with a derelict spaceship.


Drastic Measures (Galley, 2018.)


A Star Trek Discovery novel.


Famine threatens a colony world.


Elusive Salvation (Pocket, 2016.)


A Star Trek novel.




Headlong Flight (Pocket, 2017.)


A Star Trek Next Generation novel.


A planet is moving from one dimension to another.


Hearts and Minds (Pocket, 2017.)


A Star Trek Next Generation novel.


Long suppressed secret about alien contact are finally revealed.


In the Name of Honor  (Pocket, 2002.)


A Star Trek novel.


                Kirk is involved in peace negotiations with the Klingon Empire when he discovers that there is a secret prisoner camp filled with Federation citizens.


Last World War, The  (Pocket, 2003.)


                Aliens invade Earth from another dimension and a worldwide war ensues.


Paths of Disharmony (Pocket, 2011.)


A Star Trek Typhon Pact novel.




Peaceable Kingdoms (Pocket, 2014.)


A Star Trek novel.


Riker and Picard investigate a conspiracy against the Federation.


That Which Divides  (Pocket, 2012.)


A Star Trek novel.


An odd planetary anomaly turns out to be a construct.




Foundations  (Pocket, 2004.)


A Star Trek S.C.E. novel.


                An episodic adventure of a roving repair team.


Summon the Thunder (Pocket, 2006.)


A Star Trek Vanguard novel.


                A remote outpost faces an alien menace.


Wet Work  (Pocket Star, 2008.)


A 4400 novel.




What Judgments Come  (Pocket, 2011.)


A Star Trek Vanguard novel.


An ancient race threatens galactic war.


WARD, HENRY  (Pseudonym of Henri Viard.)


Green Suns, The  (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1961, Panther, 1963.)


                Alien influences are secretly at work within human society.




Republic Without a President and Other Stories, A  (Tait, 1891.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


White Crown and Other Stories, The  (?, 1894.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


WARD, JAMES  (See collaboration with Mary L. Kirchoff.)




Sun Shall Rise, The  (Nicholson & Watson, 1935.)


                England becomes a dictatorship.




Skinner Luce (Talos, 2016.)


A secret invasion of Earth.




Flight of the Mariner  (New English Library, 1997.)


                Racial memory leads a group of humans to the true home world of the human race, not the Earth.




Death on a Warm Wind  (Rapp & Whiting, 1968, Doubleday, 1968, Belmont, ?)


                Thriller about an earthquake accompanied by a strange wind that causes enormous loss of life.


WARNER, MICHAEL  (See collaboration with R.D. Warner.)




Galactic Rift  (Manor, 1979.)


                A human raises a force to free the slaves held by an alien who can control human minds from a distance.




Aerodrome, The  (Atlantic Montly, 1941, Ballantine, 1969.)


                Satirical look at a future England where brainwashing and secret intrigues are used by the government.




Escapology (Titan, 2016.)






Alien Heaven  (Hale, 1976.)


                Not seen.




Growing Young  (Xlibris, 2001.)


                A man acquires the secret of immortality and negotiates with various governments about its use.


Last Underclass, The  (Xlibris, 2002.)


                A novel about transplanting minds into younger bodies.


Man Over Mind  (Xlibris, 2000.)


                A battle against people who have linked their minds with computers in order to rule the galaxy.


WARREN, GEORGE  (See also Nick Carter.)


Dominant Species  (Ace, 1980.)


                A primitive water world erupts into violence when offworlders introduce modern technology.




In His Command (Forever Yours, 2013.)


Don't Tell #1.


Futuristic romance.


On Her Watch (Forever Yours, 2014.)


Don't Tell #2.


Futuristic romance.


Under His Guard (Forever Yours, 2015.)


Don't Tell #3.


Futuristic romance.




Space Sex  (Heart, undated.)


                Pornography in space.


WASHBURN, MARK  (See also James Frey.)


Armageddon Game, The  (Dell, ?)


                Not seen.


Night Wind  (Dell, 1982.)


                A proscribed US biological weapon was lost during the Vietnam war, and now it has surfaced again in Philadelphia.


Omega Threat, The  (Dell, 1980.)


                Conspirators plan to use a US space shuttle flight as part of a scheme for global domination.




Day After Oblivion, The (Pinnacle, 2018.)


A nuclear war destroys civilization.





Palafox  (Cope & Fenwick, 1927.)


                A machine that reads thoughts.


WATER, SILAS  (See also Noel Loomis.)


Man With Absolute Motion, The  (Rich and Cowan, 1955, Arrow, 1965. Armchair, 2010, as by Noel Loomis.)


                The energy level of the universe is declining rapidly, so the protagonist is sent on a mission to find the source of power and reinvigorate it.




Rebel Planet  (Puffin, 1985.)


                Multi-path gamebook.




Armageddon: A Tale of Love and Invention   (Rand McNally, 1898.)


                Future War.


Son of the Ages, A  (Doubleday Page, 1914.)


                A novel of prehistory.


Story of Ab, The  (Way & Williams, 1897.  Black, 1904, as A Tale of the Time of the Cave Men.)


                A novel of prehistory.


Tale of the Time of Cave Men, A  (See The Story of Ab.)




Archetype  (Dutton, 2014.)


In the future women become scarce.




Centerforce  (Dell, 1974.)


                A rebel runs from the repressive future US government in a world where mutants are common and life is cheap.


Love That Spy!  (Lancer, 1968.)


                Marginal spy spoof about efforts to find a scientist who has developed a superweapon.


Probability Pad, The  (Pyramid, 1970.)


                This is a sequel to The Butterfly Kid by Michael Kurland and Chester Anderson.  A bunch of hippies confront a variety of SF themes in this spoof.




Virus  (Carroll & Graf, 1995.)


                A new computer virus becomes capable of infecting and killing human beings as well as destroying programming.




Killing of Idi Amin, The  (Everest, 1976, Avon, 1977.)


                Marginal thriller about efforts to assassinate an African ruler.


WATKINS, WILLIAM JOHN  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Centrifugal Rickshaw Dancer, The  (Questar, 1985.)


Lagrange #1.


                Rebels plan to use a pleasure machine as part of their campaign to unseat the dictator who rules Earth.


Clickwhistle  (Doubleday, 1973.)


                Humans learn to communicate with dolphins.


Cosmic Thunder  (Avon, 1996.)


                Earth has sunk into famine and decay when the aliens arrive, strange beings who can pass through solid matter and who dispense wisdom and aid.  But their arrival also gives rise to a new cult.


God Machine, The  (Doubleday, 1973, Angus & Robertson, 1973.)


                People shrink themselves to escape a totalitarian government.


Going to See the End of the Sky  (Questar, 1986.)


Lagrange #2.


                A dangerous sporting event involving a race through space is also the key to a revolutionary movement against a repressive government.


Last Deathship off Antares, The  (Questar, 1989.)


                Half a million human prisoners are taken during a war against Antares, and they are all imprisoned in a horrible orbiting jail where cannibalism and fights to the death are everyday occurrences.  But one man has a plan to seize control of the prison and get revenge if not freedom.


What Rough Beast  (Playboy, 1980.)


                A superhuman creature arrives on Earth just as the self aware computer system that runs much of the world decides it is time to dispense with the human race.




Ecodeath  (Doubleday, 1972.)


                A novel of environmental disaster.


Litany of Sh'reev, The  (Doubleday, 1976.)


                Following the collapse of a galactic empire, a psychic healer tries to solve a puzzling mystery.




Next “Ninety Three”, The  (Field & Tuer, 1886.)


                Pamphlet portraying a repressive Socialist England.


WATSON, IAN  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Alien Embassy  (Gollancz, 1977, Ace, 1978, Panther, 1979.)


                A very few humans are able to mentally travel between the stars and gather information from other cultures.  But one of these individuals discovers a deadly threat as well.


Book of Being, The  (Gollancz, 1985, DAW, 1986, Grafton, 1986.)


Yaleen #3.


                A woman is caught up in a battle between two super intelligences, one of which is planning to destroy the universe.


Book of Ian Watson, The  (Ziesing, 1985.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of the River, The  (Gollancz, 1984, Panther, 1985, DAW, 1986, Granada, 1988.)


Yaleen #1.


                On a primitive world where men are driven mad by something in the river's water and only women are immune, a young woman wonders about the world on the far side of the river.


Book of the Stars, The  (Gollancz, 1984, DAW, 1986, Panther, 1986, Granada, 1988.)


Yaleen #2.


                A young woman has become the agent of a sentient force that lives within the water of a large river. In its service, she is compelled to investigate a mystery.


Books of the Black Current, The  (Doubleday, 1986.)


                Omnibus of the Yaleen series.


Butterflies of Memory, The  (PS, 2006.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Chaos Child, The  (GW Books, 1995, Black Library, 2003.)


A Warhammer novel.


                An adventurer steals information about paranormal events from a great library.


Chekhov's Journey  (Gollancz, 1983, Panther, 1984, Carroll & Graf, 1989.)


                A film crew is attempting to recreate an historic trek across Siberia, using hypnosis to convince an actor that he is Chekhov.  But the actor begins to claim that he is actually an astronaut from the future, and that his vehicle is on a collision course with the past.


Coming of Vertumnus and Other Stories, The  (Gollancz, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Converts  (Panther, 1984, St Martins, 1985.)


                A wealthy man has made a discovery which could literally make him superhuman, but first he wants to find a suitable mate.


Deathhunter  (Gollancz, 1981, Corgi, 1982, St Martins, 1987.)


                In a future where professional guides help you to experience your death, an unexpected murder takes place.  The protagonist is to guide the killer to his own fate, and discovers that the man has a plot to trap death and make everyone immortal.


Draco  (GW Books, 1990.)


A Warhammer novel.




Embedding, The  (Gollancz, 1973, Scribner, 1975, Quartet, 1975, Bantam, 1977, Panther, 1981, Carroll & Graf, ?.)


                Alien visitors are connected to ancient human myths and contemporary metaphysical events.


Evil Water and Other Stories    (Gollancz, 1987, Grafton, 1988.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Flies of Memory, The  (Gollancz, 1990, Carroll & Graf, 1991.)


                A human team is sent to communicate with a shipload of alien visitors who say they have come to Earth in order to "remember" it.


Gardens of Delight, The  (Gollancz, 1980, Corgi, 1982, Pocket, 1982.)


                A starship is forced to land its passengers on a planet that has been designed as a faithful reproduction of the Bosch painting of the title.


God's World  (Gollancz, 1979, Panther, 1982, Carroll & Graf, 1990.)


                A delegation of humans sets off to a distant star after angels appear claiming to represent God.  They discover a planet that appears to be in communication with Heaven, but is it really the Heaven we've been promised?


Great Escape, The  (Golden Gryphon, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Hard Questions  (Gollancz, 1996.)


A woman falls prey to a cult that believe she holds the secret of a new generation of supercomputer so radically different that its use could result in a virtual civil war in modern America.


Harlequin (GW Books, 1994.)


A Warhammer novel.




Inquisition War, The  (Black Library, 2004.)


                Omnibus of Draco, Harlequin, and Chaos Child.


Jonah Kit, The  (Gollancz, 1975, Scribner, 1976, Panther, 1977,  Bantam, 1978.)


                Two humans find their minds have been imprinted within that of a whale.


Martian Inca, The  (Scribner, 1977, Gollancz, 1977, Panther, 1978, Ace, 1978.)


                A returning space probe to Mars contains a biological agent that contaminates the Bolivian peasants who first encounter the wreckage.  A new disease begins to spread throughout the world, and one man realizes that he has access to the memories of his ancestors.


Miracle Visitors, The  (Gollancz, 1978, Ace, 1978, Panther, 1980, Carroll & Graf, 1990.)


                Humankind discovers that UFO sightings, while not necessarily visitors from outer space, are in fact encounters with a different form of life.


Mockymen  (Golden Gryphon, 2003.)


                An odd blend of reincarnation and alien invasion stories, with disembodied aliens inhabiting vacant human bodies in preparation for the conquest of Earth.


Nanoware Time  (Tor, 1991, bound with The Persistence of Vision by John Varley.


                Novella published as half of a doublebook.


Oracle  (Gollancz, 1997, Vista, 1998.)


                A Roman Centurion adjusts to the modern world when he is mysteriously brought forward through time to an age when scientists are about to create a device that will allow them to look back through time.


Salvage Rites and Other Stories  (Gollancz, 1988, Grafton, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Slow Birds and Other Stories   (Gollancz, 1985, Grafton, 1987.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Stalin's Teardrops and Other Stories   (GW, 1991.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sunstroke and Other Stories (Gollancz, 1982.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Very Slow Time Machine, The  (Gollancz, 1979, Ace, 1979, Panther, 1981.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Whores of Babylon   (Grafton, 1988.)


                Adventures in a virtual world reproduction of Babylon.




Under Heaven's Bridge  (Gollancz, 1981, Ace, 1982, Corgi, 1982.)


                Humans attempt to understand an alien race which is facing extinction from a solar catastrophe.  The aliens seem to be blends of flesh and machines, and there is some question whether or not they are in fact living beings.




Agent Orange Affair, The  (Apollo, 1971.)


                Marginal thriller about the development of a terrifying new biological warfare weapon.




Case of the Semi-Human Beans, The  (Coward, McCann, & Geoghegan, 1979.)


                Two young boys discovers a new kind of bean that acts as though it is intelligently directed, and eventually discover alien visitors.


Case of the Vanishing Spaceship, The  (Coward, McCann, & Geoghegan, 1982.)


                For younger readers.


WATSON, JUDE  (Pseudonym of Judy Blundell.  Also writes Horror.)


Captive Temple, The  (Scholastic, 2000.)


A Star Wars novel.


                An infiltrator inside the Jedi headquarters has made one attempt to kill Yoda already, so Ben Kenobi and friends must track down the intruder.


Captive to Evil  (SBS, 1998.)


A Star Wars book.


                Princess Leia is trapped.






Dangerous Rescue, The  (Scholastic, 2001.)


A Star Wars novel.


                A team of Jedi set out to rescue prisoners from an evil manipulator.


Dark Rival, The  (Scholastic, 1999.)


A Star Wars novel.


                An apprenticed Jedi, believed to have died, returns intent upon revenge against those whom he believes betrayed and abandoned him.


Dark Warning  (Scholastic, 2005.)


A Star Wars novel.




Day of Reckoning, The  (Scholastic, 2000.)


A Star Wars novel.


                A Jedi trainee gone bad tricks his former master into visiting a remote planet where he frames him for a heinous crime.


Death on Naboo  (Scholastic, 2006.)


A Star Wars novel.




Defenders of the Dead, The  (Scholastic, 1999.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Obi-Wan Kenobi disobeys his master to help a rebellion.


Desperate Mission, The  (Scholastic, 2005.)


A Star Wars novel.


Obi-Wan mourns the loss of Anakin to the dark side.


Fight for Truth, The  (Scholastic, 2000.)


A Star Wars novel.


                While searching for a potential new Jedi warrior, three of the Jedi are imprisoned by a tyrannical planetary government.


Hidden Past, The  (Scholastic, 1999.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Two Jedi knights find themselves trapped on a planet whose rulers use selective imposed amnesia to control the population.


Last of the Jedi  (Scholastic, 2007.)


A Star Wars novel.


A Jedi trainee is caught between Darth Vader and the Emperor.


Legacy of the Jedi/Secrets of the Jedi  (Scholastic, 2006.)


A Star Wars novel.




Master of Deception  (SBS, 2008.)


A Star Wars book.


Jedi Fergus Olin gets caught between Darth Vader and the Emperor again.


Only Witness, The  (SBS, 1998.)


A Star Wars book.


                A planetary crime lord faces a crisis.


Queen Amidala   (Scholastic, 1999.)


A Star Wars novel.


                A collection of journal entries by Queen Amidala.


Return of the Dark Side  (Scholastic, 2006.)


A Star Wars novel.


A Jedi agrees to help the emperor in order to save his friends.


Secret Weapon  (Scholastic, 2007.)


A Star Wars novel.


A Jedi plots to steal technology from Darth Vader.


Tangled Web, A  (Scholastic, 2006.)


A Star Wars novel.


A Jedi is coerced into helping the emperor catch a saboteur.


Ties That Bind, The  (Scholastic, 2001.)


A Star Wars Novel.


The adventures of a young Obi-Wan.


Underworld  (Scholastic, 2005.)


A Star Wars novel.


A Jedi looks for other survivors of the empire.




No Man's Land  (Gollancz, 1975, Puffin, 1976.)


                A giant robot designed to raze buildings is scheduled to demolish a town, but a young boy pits his wits against the government and the robot to save the place he loves.


WATT-EVANS, LAWRENCE  (See also Nathan Archer.)


Among the Powers (See Denner's Wreck.)


Celestial Debris  (Fox Acre, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Chromosomal Code, The  (Avon, 1984.)


                Earth has been taken over by a coalition of interstellar species, and one of the few surviving humans is determined to make them pay for their conquest.


Crosstime Traffic  (Del Rey, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Denner's Wreck  (Avon, 1988. FoxAcre, 2015, as Among the Powers.)


                Descendants of involuntary colonists marooned on a distant world face fresh challenges when the planet is rediscovered by humans, but humans who want to exploit their discovery.


Nightside City  (Del Rey, 1989.)


                A city was built on a planet that was believed to have stopped rotating its face to the sun.  Now the light is slowly returning and parts of the city have already been abandoned.  But if destruction is unavoidable, why is someone quietly buying up the doomed properties?


Shining Steel  (Avon, 1986.)


                A group of religious fundamentalists colonized a planet, then promptly fragmented into a variety of differing sects.  When Earth reopens contact and introduces the "sins" they fled, a holy warrior takes up the battle anew.


Tom Derringer and the Aluminum Airship (Misenchanted, 2014.)


A young boy gets involved with a villain who has a revolutionary flying vessel.




Behemoth B-Max  (Tor, 2004.)


Starfish #3.


                With much of civilization destroyed, the survivors huddled in undersea cities face a fresh problem.


Behemoth Seppuku (Tor, 2005.)


Starfish #4.


                The second half of the final installment in the series.


Blindsight  (Tor, 2006.)


Singularity #1.


                A group of very strange and varied characters is chosen for a space mission to contact a mysterious alien.


Echopraxia (Tor, 2014.)


Singularity #2.


Civilization is changed by an enigmatic alien.


Maelstrom  (Tor, 2001.)


Starfish #2.


                In the aftermath of a tidal wave, a mysterious woman comes ashore whom some believe to be a supernatural entity.


Starfish  (Tor, 1999.)


Starfish #1.


                Humans have been physically altered so that they can live under the sea, but there are psychological changes that the scientists hadn't planned on.


Ten Monkeys, Ten Minutes  (Tesseract, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Love Among the Ruins  (Chapman & Hall, 1953, Little Brown, 1954.)


                Marginal satire on the welfare state.


Vile Bodies  (Chapman & Hall, 1930.)


                Europe after another war.




Earthborn  (Delacorte, 2002.)


Nesta Gwynn #2.


                An alien child living secretly on Earth plots to avoid returning to her home world.


Space Race  (Delacorte, 2000, Dell Yearling, 2001.)


Nesta Gwynn #1.


                A youngster is informed by his family that they are not from Earth and that it’s time to go home.


Who Goes Home?  (Dell Yearling, 2005.)


Nesta Gwynn #3.


                A stranded alien on Earth seeks help for his son.




Kretzmer Syndrome, The  (Jenkins, 1968.)


                Near future Britain is slipping toward totalitarianism.




Ads Infinitum  (Curtis, 1971.)


Dream House #2.


                The protagonist visits a virtual reality world where everything is based on commercials.


Dunes of Pradai  (Curtis, 1971.)


                In a far future where warfare is virtually unknown, a group of humans develop nuclear weapons and endanger the balance of the universe.


World of the Sleeper  (Ace, 1967, bound with The Last Castle by Jack Vance.)


Dream House #1.


                A man bored with the safe existence of the future elects to pursue a series of adventures in a virtual realtiy world.




Goliath  (Quicksilver, 1981, Bantam, 1981.)


                Marginal thriller about a plot by Soviet agents to assassinate the Pope.




Brothers in Arms  (Avon Eos, ?)


Terran Alliance #1.




Patriots in Arms  (Eos, 2003.)


Terran Alliance #3.


                A rebel threatens to undermine the successes the rebels have made against the Terran dictators.


Rebels in Arms  (Avon Eos, 2002.)


Terran Alliance #2.


                A soldier who deserted the repressive Terran dictatorship to help the rebels discovers that they're not much better and, even worse, his genetically altered body is developing problems.




Mercedes Nights  (St Martins, 1987.)


                Someone illegally clones copies of a famous celebrity, but the clones aren't reconciled to a life of slavery, and soon make things difficult for their owners as well as their original.


My Father Immortal  (St Martins, 1989, Avon, 1981.)


                A group of people went into suspended animation when nuclear wars destroyed much of the Earth, but they have awakened prematurely in a landscape filled with horrifying mutants.


Second Infinity, A  (Avon, 1996.)


Something is destabilizing a future Utopia, so one of its citizens takes a mental journey back through time to better understand the nature of humankind.




Memory Boy  (HarperCollins, 2000.)


                A volcanic upheaval leaves most of the US in ruins and the protagonist has a perilous journey to a remote cabin.




Snowboys, The  (Doubleday, 1973, Bantam, 1976.)


                Explorers discover a powerful, still active artifact buried in the ice of the Arctic.




Mummy!, The (?, 1827, Poisoned Pen, 2022.)


A scientifically reanimated mummy criticizes 22nd Century England.




King Solomon's Mines  (Dell, 1950, based on the screenplay by Helen Deutsch.)


                A retelling of the book of the same title by H. Rider Haggard.




Six Days  (Chicken House, 2011.)


Teens survive in a post collapse London.


Where the Rock Splits the Sky (Chicken House, 2014.)


Aliens have destroyed the moon and conquered Earth.




Adventures of Terra Tarkington, The  (Bantam, 1985.)


                Collection of related stories about an interstellar nurse.


Earthchild  (Atheneum, 1982, Bantam, 1983.)


Earthsong #1.


                Immortality has been achieved, but as the first generation of immortals begins to rule the world, they discover that it is as much a curse as a blessing.


Earth Song  (Atheneum, 1983, Bantam, 1984.)


Earthsong #2.


                Those who accept immortality are doomed to live uncreative lives.  This follows the career of a composer who chooses to remain mortal so that he can create music.


Halflife, The  (Tor, 1989.)


                A government experiment in personality adjustment goes wrong.  Marginal.


Pestis 18  (Tor, 1987.)


                Terrorists threaten to release the Black Death in New York City.


Ram Song  (Atheneum, 1984, Bantam, 1985.)


Earthsong #3.


                An entire planet cuts itself off from the rest of humanity in order to be insulated from immortality, but they are contacted in turn by beings from another universe.




After the Inferno  (Hale, 1977.)


                Not seen.


Cheyney's Robot  (Hale, 1978.)


                Not seen.


Dimension Lords  (Hale, 1979.)


                Not seen.


Eye of Hollerl-Ra, The  (Hale, 1977.)


                Not seen.


Fate of Phral, The  (Hale, 1980.)


                Not seen.


Froth Eater, The  (Hale, 1980.)


                Not seen.


Poisoned Planet  (Hale, 1978.)


                Not seen.


Time Druids, The  (Hale, 1978.)


                Not seen.


WEBER, DAVID  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Apocalypse Troll, The  (Baen, 1999.)


                The planet Earth gets caught in the crossfire of an interstellar war.  The hero finds himself rescuing an alien soldier, who turns out to be a beautiful woman.


Armageddon Inheritance, The  (Baen, 1993.)


Colin McIntyre #2.


                An otherwise average astronaut finds himself in command of an intelligent alien starship in the face of an alien invasion.


Ashes of Victory  (Baen, 2000.)


Honor Harrington #9.


                After escaping a prison planet and returning to her home planet, Honor is once again embroiled in battles both military and political.


At All Costs  (Baen, 2005.)


Honor Harrington #11.


                The now aging Honor Harrington is still involved in the military.


At the Sign of Triumph (Tor, 2016.)


Safehold #8.


An island nation resists an expansive theocracy.


Beautiful Friendship, A  (Baen, 2011.)


Star Kingdom #1.




Beginnings (Baen, 2014.)


Collection of loosely related stories set in the universe of the Honor Harrington series.


Bolo!  (Baen, 2005.)


                Collection of related stories.


By Heresies Distressed  (Tor, 2009.)


Safehold #3.


A military alliance on a colony world is undermined by secrets.


By Schism Rent Asunder  (Tor, 2008.)


Safehold #2.


An island nation rebels against a theocracy.


Echoes of Honor  (Baen, 1998.)


Honor Harrington #8.


                Although reportedly executed, Honor is still alive on a hostile prison planet, and she is organizing a small group of her fellow prisoners for an escape.


Empire from the Ashes  (Baen, 2003.)


                Omnibus of the Colin McIntyre trilogy.


Excalibur Alternative, The  (Baen, 2002.)


                A group of English longbowmen are kidnapped by aliens to act as mercenaries and end up taking over the alien empire.


Field of Dishonor  (Baen, 1994.)


Honor Harrington #4.


                Although Honor was victorious in her battle against an attacking fleet, she is less skilled at fighting political intrigues and protecting her reputation at home.


Flag in Exile  (Baen, 1995.)


Honor Harrington #5.


                Wrongfully dishonored at home, Honor tries to make a new life for herself on another world.  When a new war threatens to erupt, she agrees to serve in the space navy, but her enemies aren't all in space.  Some of them want to use the war as an excuse to get her killed.


Heirs of Empire  (Baen, 1996.)


Colin McIntyre #3.


                A human has become head of the reborn galactic empire after defeating a horde of aliens, but now his kids are kicking around the universe, and getting into trouble.


Hell's Foundations Quiver (Tor, 2015.)




Honor Among Enemies  (Baen, 1996.)


Honor Harrington #6.


                The protagonist assumes the command of an impromptu fleet designed to track down space pirates, but there are also individuals plotting to destroy her in the process.


Honor of the Queen, The  (Baen, 1993.)


Honor Harrington #2.


                A female captain is sent to a neutral planet to urge it into an alliance, but women on this world have no rights and her authority is an affront to their culture.


How Firm a Foundation  (Tor, 2011.)


Safehold #5.


Military SF.


In Enemy Hands  (Baen, 1997.)


Honor Harrington #7.


                A highly successful military officer is captured by enemy forces and sent to a prison planet where she is to be executed.


In Fury Born  (Baen, 2006. Revised version of Path of the Fury.)


Like a Mighty Army  (Tor, 2014.)


Safehold #7.


Military SF.


Midst Trial and Tribulation (Tor, 2012.)


Safehold #6.




Mighty Fortress, A  (Tor, 2010.)


Safehold #3.


Military SF.


Mission of Honor (Baen, 2010.)


Honor Harrington #13.


Interstellar war threatens to wipe out an entire star nation.


Mutineers' Moon  (Baen, 1991.)


Colin McIntyre #1.


                While on a routine flight over the moon, an American is chosen by a gigantic automated battleship buried under the surface to be its new captain and protect the Earth from alien invaders.


Off Armageddon Reef  (Tor, 2006.)


Safehold #1.


                An android helps a subjugated human race to regain its freedom.


Old Soldiers  (Baen, 2005.)


A Bolo novel.


                Military adventure involving semi-intelligent tanks.


On Basilisk Station  (Baen, 1993.)


Honor Harrington #1.


                A female military officer gets on the bad side of her superior and is assigned to a backwater system with an inferior ship.  Eventually it turns out she is the only one in position to thwart an attempt at a military takeover.


Out of the Dark  (Tor, 2010.)


Shongairi #1.


Earth is conquered by aliens.


Path of the Fury  (Baen, 1992.  Revised in 2006 as In Fury Born.)


                When her homeworld is raided by pirates, a young woman turns pirate herself, planning to avoid the authorities and use her new identity to get close to the people who murdered her family.


Rising Thunder, A  (Baen, 2012.)


Honor Harrington




Shadow of Freedom  (Baen, 2013.)


Honor Harrington.




Shadow of Saganami, The  (Baen, 2004.)


Saganami #1.


                This new series is set in the same universe as the Honor Harrington books.  In the opener, a warship assigned to a backwater world finds itself immersed in very serious problems.


Short Victorious War, The  (Baen, 1994.)


Honor Harrington #3.


                To quiet unrest on their own world, the leaders of Haven decide to launch a brief, successful interstellar war.  Unfortunately for their plans, they hadn't counted on a feisty female officer to oppose them.


Storm from the Shadows  (Baen, 2009.)


Honor Harrington #12.


After a prisoner exchange, a female officer is reassigned to a remote part of space.


Through Fiery Trials (Tor, 2018.)


War of Honor  (Baen, 2002.)


Honor Harrington #10.


                Despite everyone's efforts to avoid another interplanetary war, it happens and Honor has to come out of retirement.


Worlds of Weber  (Baen, 2009.)


Collection of sometimes related stories.




Hell Hath No Fury  (Baen, 2007.)


Arcana #2.


War between a world of magic and a world of psionics in this novel which mixes two genres.


Hell’s Gate  (Baen, 2006.)


Arcana #1.


                A war is fought across the barrier between parallel worlds.




Cauldron of Ghosts (Baen, 2014.0


Set in same universe as Honor Harrington series.


Military SF.


Crown of Slaves  (Baen, 2003.)


Set in same universe as the Honor Harrington series.


                A military officer and his daughter provide security to a traveling official by providing a double for the daughter as well as more conventional efforts.  Unfortunately, interstellar politics is even more convoluted than they anticipated.


Torch of Freedom  (Baen, 2009.)


Set in the Honor Harrington universe.


A complex interstellar plot to incriminate an innocent planetary government.




Valkyrie Protocol, The (Baen, 2020.)


Temporal police avert a disaster in time.




Fire Season (Baen, 2012.)


Star Kingdom #2.




Treecat Wars (Baen, 2013.)


Star Kingdoms #3.






Road to Hell, The (Baen, 2016.)






Empire of Man (Baen, 2014.)


Shipwrecked on a hostile planet.


March to the Sea  (Baen, ?)




March to the Stars  (Baen, 2003.)


Prince Roger  #2.


                Humans and aliens engage in primitive forms of war on the planet Marduk.


March Upcountry  (Baen, 2002.


Prince Roger #1.




We Few  (Baen, 2005.)


Prince Roger #4.






Crusade  (Baen, 1992.)


Interstellar War #2.


                Just when it appears that the interstellar war is about over, a mysterious ship appears and renews the hostilities, leading to a fresh round of fighting.


In Death Ground  (Baen, 1997.)


Interstellar War #3.


                Humans and their former enemies must make common cause against a third star traveling race that outnumbers and outguns them both.


Insurrection  (Baen, 1990.)


Interstellar War #1.


                Following an interstellar war, Earth decides to retain its control over the outer colonies, even calling upon its former enemies to suppress a growing rebellion.


Shiva Option, The  (Baen, 2002.)


                An interstellar war reaches a critical phase.


Stars at War, The  (Baen, 2004.)


                Omnibus of Crusade and In Death Ground.


Stars at War II, The  (Baen, 2005.)


                Omnibus of The Shiva Option and Insurrection.




Call to Arms, A (Baen, 2015.)


Manticore #2.




Call to Duty, A  (Baen, 2014.)


Manticore #1.


Military SF.




Primary Target  (Berkley, 1999.)


                Agents of a collapsing Russian Federation make an alliance with terrorists from the Mideast in a plot to assassinate the President of the US and precipitate a world crisis.




Friulan Plot, The  (Hale, 1980.)






Curse of the Lion, The  (United Press, 1922.)


                Collection of related stories about intelligent apes.


Gold and Glory  (?, 1932.)


                A lost world novel.


Ivory Talisman, The  (Frederick Warne, 1930.)


                A lost world novel.


Land of Forgotten Women, The  (Skeffington, 1950.


                A lost world novel.


Lord of the Leopards  (Hutchinson, 1935.)


                Intelligent apes.


Lost City of Light  (Frederick Warne, 1934.)


                A lost world novel.


Mubendi Girl  (Hutchinson, 1935.)


                A lost world novel.


Second Wind  (Hutchinson, 1934.)


                A lost world novel.


Trail of the Skull, The  (Juvenile Productions, 1937.)


                 A lost world novel.




Abyss  (Pocket, 2001.)


A Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel.


                Dr. Bashir battles a genetically enhanced superman.




Moving Snow, The  (Murray, 1974.)


                A change in climate leaves the British Isles under a permanent coat of snow.




Great Glass Sea, The (Grove, 2014.)


A near future Russia mixes technology with myths.


WEIN, LEN  (See collaborations with Joseph Silva & Marv Wolfman, and with David Houston.)


WEINBAUM, STANLEY G.  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Best of Stanley G. Weinbaum, The  (Fantasy Press, 1949, Ballantine, 1974, Sphere, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Black Flame, The  (Fantasy Press, 1948, Harlequin, 1953, Avon, 1969.  This edition incorporates the story but not the collection Dawn of Flame.)


                Generations after a nuclear war devastates the Earth, the survivors discover the secret of immortality.


Dark Other, The  (FPCI, 1950. Armchair, 2015, bound with Witch of the Demon Seas by Poul Anderson.)


`               A scientist's experiments with human consciousness alter his personality.


Dawn of Flame & Other Stories  (Ruppert, 1936.)   


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Martian Odyssey, A  (Hyperion, 1974.)


                Omnibus of A Martian Odyssey and The Red Peri & Others.


Martian Odyssey, A  (Fantasy Press, 1949, Lancer, 1966, Sphere, 1977.)


                Collection of occasionally related stories.


New Adam, The  (Avon, 1969, Sphere, 1974.  Magazine version 1939.)


                A man born with a superhuman intelligence struggles to find a place in a society of his inferiors.


Red Peri & Others, The  (Fantasy Press, 1952.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Revolution of 1950, The (Armchair, 2017, bound with Baron Munchausen's Scientific Adventures by Hugo Gernsback. Magazine appearance 1938.)


A future American dictator.




Empire Strikes Back, The  (Random House, 1985, based on the screenplay by George Lucas.)


                Young readers’ adaptation of the movie.


Menace in Space  (Wanderer, 1986.)


A Chuck Norris novel.




Star Trek III: The Search for Spock  (Simon & Schuster, 1984, based on the screenplay by ?)


                Young readers’ adaptation of the film.


Star Wars  (Random House, 1985, based on the screenplay by George Lucas.)


                Young readers’ adaptation of the film.


Tron  (Little Simon, 1982, based on the screenplay by ?)


                Young readers’ adaptation of the film.


Wicket and the Dandelion Warriors  (Random House, 1985.)


A Star Wars novel.


                An adventure among the Ewoks.


WEINBERG, ROBERT  (See collaboration with Lois Gresh.)




Distant Signals and Other Stories  (Porcepic, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Getting Near the End  (?)




Station Gehenna  (Congdon & Weed, 1987, Worldwide, 1988.)


                A psychologist is sent to a space station and becomes embroiled in a murder mystery.




National Lampoon's Doon  (Pocket, 1984.)


                A spoof of Dune by Frank Herbert.




Better Man, The  (Pocket, 1994.)


A Star Trek novel.


The Enterprise is transporting a personal enemy of McCoy on a diplomatic mission to a world that has demanded removal of a Federation research station.  McCoy discovers that he has a daughter on that world, but can't reveal her offworld ancestry because it might result in her execution.


Covenant of the Crown, The  (Pocket, 1981.)


A Star Trek novel.


Spock, McCoy, and a royal princess are stranded on a barren planet where they must find a ceremonial crown before a band of Klingon hunters and their allies find the fugitives. 


Deep Domain  (Pocket, 1987.)


A Star Trek novel.


Spock and Chekhov disappear while visiting a water world, and Kirk finds that the local government is not interested in cooperating in their recovery.  Someone has discovered a long forgotten political secret, and the planet is heading toward a civil war.


Exiles   (Pocket, 1990.)


A Star Trek: Next Generation novel.


Two worlds which have historically been bitter enemies are both in danger of destruction, so the Enterprise shows up to try to organize a cooperative effort to save their populations.  But some elements from both sides are unable to forget past hatreds, and will destroy the Enterprise if necessary to prevent a rapprochement.


Path to Conquest  (Tor, 1987.)


A "V" novel.


To subjugate the human race, the invading aliens are altering our weather to bring about a premature winter, and destroying the world's oil reserves. 


Perchance to Dream  (Pocket, 1991.)


A Star Trek: Next Generation novel.


Picard and the captain of a hostile vessel are both teleported to the surface of a supposedly barren world where they are forced to work in consort to stay alive, and eventually escape the attention of the powerful being who has seized them.


Power Hungry  (Pocket, 1989.)


A Star Trek: Next Generation novel.


The Enterprise is sent to bring supplies to a planet suffering from famine, but upon arriving he discovers that its corrupt, dictatorial government is unlikely to distribute the cargo fairly.


Prisoners and Pawns  (Pinnacle, 1985.)


A "V" novel.


Both the invading aliens and the human resistance are having internal problems this time, mostly from ambitious subordinates seeking greater power.




Artemis (Crown, 2017.)


A small time criminal gets caught up in a power struggle in a Lunar colony.


Martian, The  (Crown, 2014.)


Astronauts struggle to survive on Mars.


WEIS, MARGARET  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Ghost Legion  (Bantam, 1993.)


Star of Guardians #4.


                The ruler of a galactic empire risks throwing his people into chaos when he falls in love with a woman other than the one who is supposed to become his mate.


King's Sacrifice  (Bantam, 1991.)


Star of Guardians #3.


                Politics and intrigue as the restored galactic government tries to deal with internal problems and the threat of alien invasion.


King's Test  (Bantam, 1991.)


Star of Guardians #2.


                As an alien armada threatens the restored galactic monarchy, humans search for a weapon so powerful it can tear apart the universe.


Lost King, The  Bantam, 1990.)


Star of Guardians #1.


                A malevolent democracy has replaced the benevolent monarchy that ruled the galaxy.  The heir to the throne is in hiding and a ruthless general is searching for him.




Hung Out   (Gollancz, 1997, Roc, 1998, Vista, 1998.)


Star of Guardians #7.


                A heroic crimefighter and his allies battle an evil crime syndicate in a galactic society.


Knights of the Black Earth   (Roc, 1995, Gollancz, 1995, Vista, 1996)


Star of Guardians #5.


                A man seeking revenge for the treachery that turned him into a cyborg must team up with his old enemy against a common threat.


Robot Blues    (Roc, 1996, Gollancz, 1996.)


Star of Guardians #6.


                A band of mercenaries steal an alien artifact, then lose it, and voracious aliens are searching for it to use as a weapon against human civilization.


WEISS, BOBBI JG  (See collaboration with David Cody Weiss.)




Animal Rage  (Little, Brown, 2003.)


A Smallville novel.


                Young Clark Kent battles an animal rights activist who is also a shapechanger.


Breakaway  (Pocket, 1997.)


A Star Trek: Next Generation: Starfleet Academy novel.


                Young Deanna Troi uses her telepathic powers as part of a test of her competence at the academy, a simulation in which she’s kidnapped by space pirates.


Close Encounters  (Minstrel, 1997.)


Alex Mack #18.




Deceptions  (Pocket, 1998.)


Star Trek: Next Generation Starfleet Academy #14.


                Data and others are investigating a dead planet when someone arrives with plans to steal ancient knowledge and murder all the witnesses.


Lifeline  (Pocket, 1997.)


A Star Trek: Voyager: Starfleet Academy novel.


                Young Janeway struggles with personal rivalries among the cadets, and nearly loses her chance at a career.




Bop Squared  (Black Plankton, ?)




Diplodiners  (Black Plankton, 1997.)


                The human race discovers its destiny is to produce television programs for the rest of the galaxy.


Mood Shifts  (Black Plankton, 1996.)


                Satire in which you can purchase a new personality.


Snugglarea  (Black Plankton, 1996.)


                Spoof of the future when nothing is quite as it seems.


WEISS, DAVID CODY  (See collaboration with Bobbi JG Weiss.)




Galaxy Quest  (Puffin, 1999, from the screenplay by Robert Gordon and David Howard.)


                Comical spoof of SF with actors recruited for a war among the stars.




Journeys into Limbo  (Infinity, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Pleasure Dome of Sigma 93, The  (Hale, 1978.)


                Not seen.




Cloning of Joanna May, The  (Collins, 1989, Viking, 1989.)


                A man has his wife cloned.


Rules of Life, The  (Hutchinson, 1987.)


                Short story about communicating with computers, published as a pamphlet.




Time Sweep  (Hutchinson, 1976.)






Night in Babylon  (Macmillan, 1953.)


                Christianity vs a despotism in a future Europe united under a dictatorship.




Hijack  (Beagle, 1971.)


                A professional criminal infiltrates Cape Canaveral and discovers an earth shattering secret.




Land of the Golden Clouds  (Allen & Unwin, 1999.)


                Thousands of years after a nuclear war, various strange tribes in Australia interact.




Continuum  (Welling, 1983.)


                A Star Trek short story.


Displaced, The  (Welling, 1982.)


A Star Trek novel.




Transition  (Welling, 1982.)


A Star Trek novel.




WELLINGTON, DAVID  (Also writes Horror.)


Chimera (Harper, 2014.)


Jim Chapel #2.


Hunt for genetically enhanced assassins.


Hydra Protocol, The (Harper, 2014.)


Jim Chapel #1.


A supercomputer threatens to start a nuclear war.


WELLMAN, MANLY WADE  (See also Brett Sterling and collaboration which follows.)


Beasts from Beyond  (World, 1950.  Magazine title Strangers on the Heights.)


                Legendary creatures exist in a parallel universe.


Beyonders, The  (Warner, 1977.)


                Creepy story about an alien observer who gets involved with some hill people and causes trouble.


Dark Destroyers, The  (Avalon, 1959. Ace, 1960, abridged from the 1938 magazine version as Nuisance Value, bound with Bow Down to Nul by Brian W. Aldiss.)


                Disgusting aliens have conquered the world but humans have managed to survive and now one of their number is about to strike a terrible blow against the invaders.


Devil’s Planet, The  (World, 1951.)


                Adventures on Mars.


Giants from Eternity  (Avalon, 1959.  Magazine version 1939.)


                A plague from space endangers the world.


Invading Asteroid, The  (Stellar, 1932.)


                Short story published in pamphlet form.


Island in the Sky  (Avalon, 1961.)


                Rebellion against a future dictatorship.


Sojarr of Titan  (Prize, 1942.)


                A space traveler crashes on one of Saturn's moons and runs into monstrous aliens.


Solar Invasion, The  (Popular Library, ?.  Magazine version 1936.)


A Captain Future novel.


                An evil mastermind steals the moon.


Strangers on the Heights  (Night Shade, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Twice in Time  (Avalon, 1957, Galaxy, 1958, Baen, 1988.  Magazine version, 1940.)


                A man from our time travels back to the past and leaves a record in a vault to be opened in the present.


Warrior of Two Worlds (Armchair, 2017, bound with Enchantress of Lemuria by Stanton Coblentz. Magazine appearance 1944.)


A man with amnesia is caught up in an interstellar war.


West Point 3000 A.D. (Armchair, 2016, bound with Holy City of Mars by Ralph Milne Farley & Al P. Nelson. Magazine appearance 1940.)


A cadet uncovers an interstellar conspiracy.




Sherlock Holmes' War of the Worlds  (Warner, 1975.)


                A sequel to The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells.  Professor Challenger and Sherlock Holmes team up to capture a Martian and avert a second invasion.


WELLMAN, WADE  (See collaboration with Manly Wade Wellman.)




Fiery Flower, The  (Doubleday, 1959, Permabooks, 1961, Mayflower, 1963.)


                Marginal story about a sort of superman.




Blood Binds the Pack (Angry Robot, 2018.)


Hob Ravani #2.


The discovery of interstellar flight changes the future.


Hunger Makes the Wolf (Angry Robot, 2017.)


Hob Ravani #1.


Corporations dominate the solar system.




Day the Earth Caught Fire, The  (New English Library, 1961, Ballantine, 1961, from the screenplay by Wolf Mankowitz and Val Guest.)


                Simultaneous nuclear explosions change the Earth's orbit and threaten to warm the climate beyond the point where human life is possible.




Doorways to Space (Fantasy Publishing, 1951.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Planets of Adventure  (Fantasy Publishing, 1949.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Beyond the Gates  (Roc, 1999.)


                On a planet colonized by religious fanatics, the discovery of an anomalous lifeform causes a local researcher to acquire enemies determined to kill her to silence her.


Children of the Earth  (Del Rey, 1992.)


Mother Earth #2.


                The man who destroyed a starship to prevent word of Earth's recolonization from spreading throughout the stars is transported through time and becomes confused about his relationship to the rest of the human race.


Earth Is All That Lasts, The  (Del Rey, 1991.)


Mother Earth #1.


                As the human race attempts to re-populate abandoned Earth, the conflict between technology and the ecology are once more a matter of debate.


Earth Saver, The  (Del Rey, 1993, Phoenix Pick, 2014.)


Mother Earth #3.


                A star traveler discovers that Earth has been recolonized and wants to let others know, but the inhabitants of Earth prefer to be left alone.


Mother Grimm  (Roc, 1997.)


                The Earth's ecology is presumed poisoned and civilization resides in a domed city.  But is it really impossible to live outside or not?


WELLS, DAN  (Also writes Horror.)


Active Memory (Balzer & Bray, 2018.)


Mirador #3.


Bluescreen (Balzer & Bray, 2016.)


Mirador #1.


Mystery in a dystopian future.


Ones and Zeroes (Balzer & Bray, 2017.)


Mirador #2.




Autocracy of Mr. Parham, The  (Heinemann, 1930, Doubleday, 1930.)


                Marginal near future political satire.


Best Science Fiction Stories of H.G. Wells  (Dover, 1966.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Best Stories of H.G. Wells  (Ballantine, 1960.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Camford Visitation, The  (Methuen, 1937.)


                A discorporate alien visits the Earth.


Collector’s Book of Science Fiction by H.G. Wells, The  (Castle, 1978.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Complete Science Fiction of H.G. Wells, The  (Avenel, 1978.)




Complete Short Stories  (Benn, 1927, St Martins, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Complete Short Stories of H.G. Wells, The  (See The Short Stories of H.G. Wells.)


Complete Stories of H.G. Wells, The  (Dent, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Cone, The  (Fontana, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Country of the Blind, The  (Golden Cockerel, 1939.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Country of the Blind, The  (Haldeman Julius, 1921.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Country of the Blind and Other Stories, The  (Nelson, 1911.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Cure for Love, A  (See A Story of the Days to Come.)


Definitive Time Machine, The  (See The Time Machine.)


Door in the Wall and Other Stories, The  (Kennerly, 1911, Richards, 1915.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dream, The  (Collins, 1924, Jonathan Cape, 1924, Macmillan, 1924.)


                The present as seen from thousand of years in the future.


Early Writings in Science and Science Fiction  (University of California, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Empire of the Ants and 8 Science Fiction Stories  (Grosset & Dunlap, 1977, Tempo, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Empire of the Ants and Other Stories, The  (Haldeman Julius, 1925, Scholastic, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Famous Short Stories of H.G. Wells, The  (See The Short Stories of H.G. Wells.)


Favorite Short Stories of H.G. Wells, The  (Doubleday Doran, 1937.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


First Men in the Moon, The   (Bowen Merrill, 1901, Newnes, 1901, Dell, 1947, Collins, 1954, Corgi, 1956, Fontana, 1960, Pocket, ?, Ballantine, 1963, Airmont, 1965, Berkley, 1967, Magnum, 1968, Everyman, 1993,  Millennium, 2001.)


                A scientist uses antimatter to make the first flight to the moon and discovers it is inhabited by a race of giant insects.


First Men in the Moon and Other Stories, The  (Unwin, 1925.)


                Collection of the novel and unrelated stories.


Five Great Novels  (Gollancz, 2004.)


                Omnibus of The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, The First Men in the Moon, The Invisible Man, and The Island of Doctor Moreau.


Food of the Gods, The  (Collins, 1955, Ballantine, 1963, Popular Library, 1964, Airmont, 1965, Berkley1967.  MacMillan, 1904, Scribner, 1904, as The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth.)


                A substance is discovered which causes everything to grow to extraordinary sizes, and when giant children are created, they become alienated from the rest of the race.


Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth, The  (See The Food of the Gods.)


H.G. Wells Reader, The  (Taylor, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories and essays.


H.G. Wells Science Fiction Treasury, The  (Chatham River, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


H.G. Wells Short Stories  (Folio Society, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


H.G. Wells: The Science Fiction Volume 1  (Dent, 1995.)


                Omnibus of The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The First Men in the Moon, and The War of the Worlds.


Holy Terror, The  (Joseph, 1939, Simon & Schuster, 1939.)


                The founding of a Utopian state.


Inexperienced Ghost and Nine Other Stories, The  (Bantam, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


In the Days of the Comet  (Macmillan, 1906, Century, 1906, Benn, 1927, Airmont, 1966, Berkley, 1967, Bison, 2001, Armchair, ?)


                A comet’s near passage leaves gases in the atmosphere which contribute to the moral decline of the world.


Invisible Man, The  (Pearson, 1897, Arnold, 1897, Harper, 1898, Grosset, 1933, Collins, 1933, Penguin, 1938, Armed Forces, 1944, Dell, ?, Pocket, 1956, Fontana, 1959, Chariot, 1960, Scholastic, 1963, Berkley, 1964, Airmont, 1964, Popular Library, 1964, Award, ?, Aerie, ?, Fontana, ?, Gollancz, 2001, Phoenix, 2004. Armchair, 2015, bound with The Island of Dr. Moreau. )


                A man discovers the secret of invisibility, but it makes him insane and intent upon mastering the world.


Island of Dr. Moreau, The   (Stone Kimball, 1896, Heinemann, 1896, Penguin, 1946, Ace, 1958, Ballantine, 1963, Berkley, 1964, Airmont, 1966, Lancer, 1968, Magnum, 1968, Everyman, 1993, Easton, 1995, Phoenix, 2004. Armchair, 2015, bound with The Invisible Man.)


                On a remote island, a mad scientist is attempting to combine human and animal genes and produce intelligent animals.  His experimental subjects eventually revolt and kill him.


Island of Dr. Moreau/The Invisible Man, The  (Heron, 1969.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Island of Dr Moreau/The Sleeper Awakes, The  (Unwin, 1924.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Last War, The  (See The World Set Free.)


Man Who Could Work Miracles, The  (Cresset, 1936, Macmillan, 1936.)


                Short story published alone.


Man Who Could Work Miracles, The  (Haldeman Julius, 1931.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Man With the Nose and Other Uncollected Short Stories, The  (Athlone, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Men Like Gods  (Cassell, 1923, Macmillan, 1923, Leisure, 1970.)


                An ordinary man is transported into a strange future world.


Men Like Gods/The Dream  (Unwin, 1927.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Modern Utopia, A  (Chapman & Hall, 1905, Scribner, 1905.)


                A Utopian novel.


Obliterated Man and Other Stories, The  (Haldeman Julius, 1925.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Plattner Story and Others, The  (Methuen, 1897.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Scientific Romances of H.G. Wells, The  (See Seven Famous Novels.)


Sea Lady, The  (Appleton, 1902, Methuen, 1902, Hyperion, 1976.)


                Arguably fantasy, this is a rationalized story of a mermaid.


Selected Short Stories  (Penguin, 1958.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Seven Famous Novels  (Knopf, 1934, Dover, 1949.  Gollancz, 1933, as The Scientific Romances of H.G. Wells.)


                Omnibus of The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The War of the Worlds, The First Men in the Moon, The Invisible Man, In the Days of the Comet, and The Food of the Gods.  The Gollancz edition added Men Like Gods.


Seven Stories  (Oxford University, 1953.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Shape of Things to Come, The  (Hutchinson, 1933, Macmillan, 1933, Corgi, 1967.)


                More a treatise than a novel, outlining a Utopian future.


Short Stories of H.G. Wells, The  (Benn, 1927, Doubleday, 1929.  ?, 1938, as The Famous Short Stories of H.G. Wells.  ?, 1965, as The Complete Short Stories of H.G. Wells.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sleeper Awakes, The  (See When the Sleeper Awakes.)


Sleeper Awakes/Men Like Gods, The  (Odhams, 1930.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Sleeper Awakes: Tales of the Unexpected, The  (Heron, 1969.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Slip Under the Microscope, A  (Haldeman Julius, 1931.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Star Begotten  (Chatto & Windus, 1937, Viking, 1937, Leisure, 1970, Sphere, ?, Wesleyan, 2006)


                Martians use a mysterious ray to cause mutations among the human race.  Arguably a sequel to The War of the Worlds.


Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents, The  (Methuen, 1895, Macmillan, 1930.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents, The  (Haldeman Julius, 1925.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Story of the Days to Come, A  (Corgi, ?  Scott, 1899, as A Cure for Love.)


                Satirical look at the future.


Tales of Life and Adventure  (Collins, 1954.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales of Life and Adventure/Tales of Wonder  (Heron, 1969.)


                Omnibus of the two collections.


Tales of Space and Time  (Harper, 1899, Doubleday McClure, 1899.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales of the Unexpected  (Collins, 1954.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales of Wonder  (Collins, 1923.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Things to Come  (?, 1935.  McFarland, annotated, 2007.)


The screen story for the film, with many stills and commentary by Leon Stover.


Thirty Strange Stories  (Arnold, 1897, Carroll & Graf, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Three More Novels of the Future  (Doubleday, 1981.)


                Omnibus of The Island of Dr. Moreau, A Story of the Days to Come, and The First Men in the Moon.


Three Novels of the Future  (Doubleday, 1979.)


                Omnibus of The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, and The War of the Worlds.


Three Prophetic Novels  (Dover, 1960.)


                Omnibus of The Time Machine, A Story of the Days to Come, and When the Sleeper Wakes.


Time Machine, The  (Heinemann, 1895, Holt, 1895, Berkley, 1957, Bentley, 1963, Airmont, 1964, Magnum, 1970, Penguin, 1995, Worthington, 1995, Dover, 1995, Everyman, ?, House of Stratus, 2002, Phoenix, 2004.  Indiana University, 1987, as The Definitive Time Machine.  Raintree, 1981, adapted by Betty Ren Wright.  Baronet, 1992, rewritten and with new adventures by Shirley Bogart. Armchair, 2011, bound with The War of the Worlds.)


                A man travels to the far future and discovers humanity has split into two separate species.


Time Machine and The First Men in the Moon, The  (Heron, 1969.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Time Machine and Other Stories, The  (Penguin, 1946, Scholastic, 1963.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Time Machine and The Invisible Man, The  (Childrens Press, 1969.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Time Machine, The Invisible Man, and The War of the Worlds, The  (Franklin, 1982, Longmeadow, 1983.)


                Omnibus of the three novels.


Time Machine and The Man Who Could Work Miracles, The  (Pan 1953.)


                Collection of the two stories.


Time Machine and The War of the Worlds, The  (Millennium, 1999.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Time Machine and The Wonderful Visit, The  (Unwin, 1924.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Truth About Pyecraft and Other Short Stories, The  (Polybooks, 1943.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Truth About Pyecraft and Other Stories, The  (Vallancey, 1944.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Twelve Stories and a Dream  (Macmillan, 1903, Scribner, 1905.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Twenty Eight Science Fiction Stories  (Dover, 1952.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Valley of Spiders, The  (London, 1930.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Valley of Spiders, The  (Fontana, 1964.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Valley of Spiders and Other Stories, The  (Haldeman Julius, 1931.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


War in the Air, The  (Bell, 1908, Macmillan, 1908, Boni & Liveright, 1917, Unwin, 1926, Penguin, 1941, Bison, 2002.)


                Future war between Germany and the US escalates to engulf the world.


War in the Air, In the Days of the Comet, and The Food of the Gods, The  (Dover, 1963.)


                Omnibus of the three novels.


War of the Worlds, The  (Heinemann, 1898, Harper, 1898, Grosset, 1938, Dell, 1938, Armed Services, 1945, Penguin, 1946, Pocket, 1953, Looking Glass, 1960, Popular Library, 1962, Whitman, 1964, Berkley, 1964, Magnum, 1967, Scholastic, 1968, Golden Press, 1978, Ace, 1988, Pan, 1975, Andor, 1976, Aerie, 1988, Tor, 1988, Phoenix, 2004, BenBella, 2005. Armchair, bound with The Time Machine.)


                Martians invade and conquer much of the Earth before succumbing to Earthly disease organisms, against which they have no resistance.


War of the Worlds and The Invisible Man, The  (Washington Square, 1962, Peerage, 1987.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


War of the Worlds and The Time Machine, The  (Globe, 1956, Dolphin, 1961.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, The Time Machine, The  (Octopus, 1985.)


                Omnibus of the three novels.


War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, and Selected Short Stories, The  (Platt & Munk, 1963.)


                Omnibus of the two novels and unrelated stories.


When the Sleeper Wakes  (Harper, 1899, Ace, 1959, Phoenix, 2004. Nelson, 1910, Collins, 1925, Bison, 2001, as The Sleeper Wakes.)


                A man falls into a peculiar sleep and wakens after two centuries, where he explores a Utopian society.


World Set Free, The  (Macmillan, 1914, Dutton, 1914, Unwin, 1926, Collins, 1956, Corgi, ?, Leisure, 1971.  Bison, 2002, as The Last War: The World Set Free.)


                A devastating war makes the human race rethink the purpose of science.


WELLS, MARTHA  (Also writes Fantasy.)


All Systems Red (Tor, 2017.)


Murderbot #1.


A sort of robot/android combination battles murderers on an uninhabited world.


Artificial Condition (Tor, 2018.)


Murderbot #2.


A rogue construct helps three researchers recover their work.


Entanglement  (Fandemonium, ?)


A Stargate novel.


The discovery of an alien artifact threatens disaster.


Exit Strategy (Tor, 2018.)


Murderbot #4.


Murderbot extricates a human from a corporate headquarters.


Fugitive Telemetry (Tor, 2021.)


Murderbot #6.


Murderbot solves a murder mystery aboard a space station.


Network Effect (Tor, 2020.)


Murderbot #5.


A cyborg battles a group of lost colonists who have been infected by an alien technology.


Razor's Edge (Lucasbooks, 2013.)


A Star Wars novel.




Reliquary  (Fandemonium, 2006.)


A Stargate novel.




Rogue Protocol (Tor, 2019.)


Murderbot #3.


A sort of cyborg has to protect a party of explorers.




Candle in the Sun  (Berkley, 1971.)


                Earth is flooded and the only human survivors are in domed undersea cities.  Then the aliens come, having prepared the planet for their own way of life.


Parasaurians, The  (Berkley, 1969.)


                Giant robot dinosaurs are created to make a very exclusive amusement park, but death becomes more likely when a killer decides to use the park to further his ends.


Right Handed Wilderness  (Ballantine, 1973.)


Marcel Shroud #1.


                Scientists develop the ultimate adaptive lifeform, but when it's out of control, it's the most dangerous thing on Earth.


Spacejacks, The  (Berkley, 1975.)


Marcel Shroud #2.


                A space salvage company gets involved with a mysterious alien ship that is spying on the solar system.


WENDIG, CHUCK  (Also writes Horror.)


Invasive (Harper, 2016.)


Artificially mutated ants go on a rampage.


Zer0es (Harper, 2015.)




Under the Empyrean Sky (Skyscape, 2013.)


Heartland #1.


Dystopia for younger readers.




Batman: The Doomsday Prophecy  (Archway, 1986.)


A Which Way book.


A multi-path gamebook pitting Batman against the Joker and the Riddler.


WENTWORTH, K.D.  (See also collaboration with Eric Flint.)


Black on Black  (Baen, 1999.)


Heyoka Blackeagle #1.


                A large humanoid alien has been raised as a human and eventually becomes the leader of a small band of mercenaries.


House of Moons  (Del Rey, 1995.)


Tal #2.


                A woman who trains people with mental talents runs into trouble with a man armed with mind control technology.


Imperium Game, The  (Del Rey, 1994.)


                Computers run a replica of ancient Rome where people can role play to their heart's content.  But someone has altered the programming and has already committed at least one real murder.


Moonspeaker  (Del Rey, 1994, Hawk, 2001.)


Tal #1.


                A woman gets caught in a power struggle and her extraordinary mental powers aren't enough to extricate her.


Stars over Stars  (Baen, 2001.)


Heyoka Blackeagle #2.


                An alien raised as a human stays behind enemy lines on an occupied planet rather than abandon his human friends.




Fear by Night (Dean Street, ?, 1934.)


Routine suspense story with a sea serpent in the closing chapters.




Resurrection of Liberty  (Novalibre, 2005.)


                A teenager and an ancient starship battle an alien empire.




Star of the Unborn  (Viking, 1946, Bantam, 1976.)


                A grand tour of a very distant future where most of the problems of today have been solved.


WERNER, C.L.  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Angels of Death (Black Library, 2014.)


A Warhammer novel.


Military SF.




One Helluva Blow  (Gold Star, 1964.)


                A nuclear weapon has been buried somewhere in California and extortionists want a big payoff or they'll set it off.


WERPER, BARTON  (Pseudonym of Peter Scott and Peg O’Neill.  Scott wrote all except the third in the series.  See Scott O’Neill.)


Tarzan and the Abominable Snowmen  (Gold Star, 1965.)


New Tarzan #4.


                Tarzan is captured and forced to fight abominable snowmen in an arena.


Tarzan and the Cave City  (Gold Star, 1964.)


New Tarzan #2.


                Tarzan stops treasure hunters and gets caught in a war between two lost cities.


Tarzan and the Silver Globe  (Gold Star, 1964.)


New Tarzan #1.


                First in an unauthorized series of Tarzan adventures.  Tarzan travels to Opar where he defeats alien invaders from outer space.


Tarzan and the Snake People  (Gold Star, 1964.)


New Tarzan #3.


                Tarzan fights to restore peace between two lost cities, one of which is inhabited by non-human beings.


Tarzan and the Winged Invaders  (Gold Star, 1965.)


New Tarzan #5.


                Mutants from the far future travel to contemporary Africa to suck the life from the local inhabitants.


WESSEX, MARTYN  (Pseudonym of D.F. Little.)


Chain Reaction, The  (Hale, 1976.)


                Not seen.


Slowing Down Process, The  (Hale, 1974.)


                Not seen.




Stratosphere Express  (Wright & Brown, 1936.)






Another Kind  (Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1951, Houghton Mifflin, 1932.)


                A new English civil war.


WEST, CARL  (See collaboration with Katherine MacLean.)




My Afterdream  (Unwin, 1900.)


                A rebuttal to Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy.




Chilekings, The  (Ballantine, 1967.  Originally published as a novella in 1954 as Little Men.)


                Mutant children are much superior to their parents.




Pivot Point (Harper, 2014.)


Pivot #2.


A teen has precognition.


Split Second (Harper, 2014.)


Pivot #1.


A teen can see the future.


WEST, LINDSAY  (Pseudonym of Nancy Weber.)


Empire of the Ants  (Ace, 1977, based on the screenplay by Jack Turley, inspired by the short story by H.G. Wells.)


                Giant ants take over a town, using mental powers to enslave the humans, and prepare to conquer the world.




Clowns of God, The  (Morrow, 1981.)


                An insane Pope believes the world is ending.


Navigator, The  (Morrow, 1976.)


                A Utopia on a hidden island.


Shoes of the Fisherman, The  (Morrow, 1963, Dell, 1964.)


                Marginal thriller about a future Pope who intercedes to prevent a nuclear war.




20/20 Vision  (Del Rey, 1990.)


                A detective believes she has solved a crime committed decades previously, so she uses time travel to bring a clue back to a detective who might be able to bring the criminal to justice, inadvertently changing the course of history.




Universe, and Other Fictions, The  (Overlook, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Bird of Time, The  (Gnome, 1959, Ace, 1960.)


Mars #1.


                Human colonists clash with the original inhabitants of Mars when they begin to exploit the dying world.


Everlasting Exiles, The  (Avalon, 1967.)


Mars #4.


                An interplanetary war.


Lords of Atlantis  (Avalon, 1960, Airmont, 1963.)


Mars #2 (actually a prequel).


                The nation of Atlantis was founded by Martians, many of who returned when that world began to die.  Their imposition of rule over the inhabitants of Earth leads to a catastrophic battle.


Memory Bank, The  (Avalon, 1961, Airmont, 1962.  Magazine version 1951 as The Dark Tower.)


                After the destruction of Earth, humanity creates a gigantic memory bank on another world to store human personalities, but some suspect that this effort to achieve immortality will weaken the race.


Outposts in Space   (Avalon, 1962.)


Mars #3.


                The moon colonists declare independence.


River of Time  (Avalon, 1963.)


                A group of time travelers attempt to prevent the assassination of Julius Caesar.


Time Lockers, The   (Avalon, 1964.)


                A parallel universe exists where time works differently, and where you can store time to be enjoyed later.




Futuretrack 5  (Kestrel, 1983, Greenwillow, 1984, Puffin, 1985.)


                A teenager tries to balance security with the need for freedom in a repressive future society.


Gulf  (Methuen, 1992, Scholastic, 1992.)


                A boy is telepathically linked to an Iraqi soldier.




Phantom City, The  (Harper, 1886.


                A lost world novel.


Queer Race, A  (Cassell, 1887.)


                A subset of the English mutate.




Blood and Bone  (Dell, 1989.)


Eagleheart #3.


                A pilot accepts a mission to rescue a girl held prisoner by a lawless band of mutants.


Broadsides and Brass  (Dell, 1989.)


Eagleheart #2.


                To get back into the good graces of the Army, a man infiltrates one of the criminal gangs that rose to power in post apocalypse America.


Silver Wings and Leather Jackets  (Dell, 1989.)


Eagleheart #1.


                A teenager decides to avenge his father's death by flying a fighter jet in a post nuclear war America.




Evolution's Darling  (Four Walls, Eight Windows, 1999.)


                Despite her father's wishes, a young woman teaches the computer in their spaceship to be self aware, which means it must be given its freedom.


Fine Prey  (Roc, 1998.)


                Aliens dominate the Earth, and although they seem willing to teach their technology to humans, some wonder if the loss of independence is worth it, and whether or not the aliens are telling the whole truth.


Killing of Worlds, The  (Tor, 2003.)


Succession #2.


                A brilliant spaceship captain launches a desperate effort to prevent a band of machine augmented humans from destroying an interstellar empire.


Polymorph  (Roc, 1997.)


                A shapeshifter can switch from sex to sex but finds herself battling another of her kind with less compunctions about using his powers for evil purposes.


Pretties  (Simon Pulse, 2005.)


Uglies #2.


                A teenager who accepted an operation to make her beautiful is reluctant to give it up in a world where prettiness is everything.


Risen Empire, The  (Tor, 2003.)


Succession #1.


                The human interstellar empire is ruled by a man who has achieved a king of virtual immortality, but he is opposed by a group who wish to spread artificial intelligences throughout the galaxy.


So Yesterday  (Razorbill, 2004.)


                Advertising executives discover that there are secret forces working within humanity.


Uglies  (Simon Pulse, 2005.)


Uglies #1.


                In a future when beauty is arranged by surgical treatment, a teenager learns to rebel against conformity.




Power Projector, The  (Oxford, 1933.)






Dreadnought of the Air, The  (Partridge, 1914.)




Flying Submarine, The  (Nisbet, 1912.)




Secret Battleplane, The  (Partridge, 1916.)






Downfall  (Bantam, 1972.  Little, Brown, 1971, as Lighter Than a Feather.)


                An alternate history in which the US did not develop the atomic bomb and had to invade the Japanese Islands with ground troops.


Lighter Than a Feather  (See Downfall.)


WESTLAKE, DONALD E.  (See also Timothy Culver and Curtis Clark.)


Curious Facts Preceding My Execution and Other Fictions, The  (Random House, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tomorrow's Crimes  (Mysterious Press, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Utopian, The  (Carcanet, 1989.)


                A contemporary person is linked to another version of himself hundreds of years in the future.




Comet Z  (See His First Million Women.)


His First Million Women  (Rinehart, 1934, Avon, 1952.  Methuen, 1934, as Comet Z.)


                The story of the last fertile man in the world.




Return to Mars   (Brown Watson, 1954.)


                A typical heroic type discovers the secret of why the Martians abandoned their planet.




Children of the Light  (St Martins, 1985.)


                One of the last fertile men in post-atomic war America has to decide whether or not to cooperate with a new religious movement that wants to avoid the errors of the past.




Return to Mars  (Brown Watson, 1954.)


                Humans investigate to find out why most Martians have abandoned their planet.




Sinister Forces  (Brown Watson, 1953.)


                A wandering planet appears to have been abandoned by its former occupants.




Hunters, The  (Doubleday, 1978, Playboy, 1979.)


Hunters #1.


                A pair of persuasive missionaries convince a number of people to travel to an abandoned town, where they will be the prey of alien invaders,


Treasure Hunters, The  (Playboy, 1983.)


Hunters #2.


                A group of people are lured into an elaborate treasure hunt, which is actually the front for a plot by aliens to seize human prey.




Blueprint for Yesterday  (Walker, 1971.)


                In a mildly repressive future society, a young woman discovers that her grandfather was a rebel and decides to follow in his footsteps.




Sweepers of the Sea  (?, 1900.)


                Attempts are made to unite South America under Incan rule.


WEVERKA, ROBERT  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Moonrock  (Bantam, 1973, based on the screenplay by Leslie Stevens.)


Probe #2.


                A private investigator gets involved with a trip to the moon.


Search  (Bantam, 1973, based on the screenplay by Leslie Stevens.)


Probe #1.


                First in a television series about a man who uses high tech equipment as a private investigator.




Hangar 18  (Bantam, 1980, based on the screenplay by Steven Thornley, Tom Chapman, and James L. Conway.)


                Private citizens stumble across the discovery that the government is secretly in contact with aliens.




Man on the Hill, The, Unwin, 1923.


                A revolution in England.




Divine Intervention  (Ace, 2001.)


                A remote colony world with a religious government decides not to allow a new shipload of colonists to land.


WHATES, IAN  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Noise Revealed, The  (Solaris, 2011.)


Noise #2.


Is the human race being misled about its first contact with aliens?


Noise Within, The  (Solaris, 2010.)


Noise #1.


A man discovers dangerous secrets and must track down a space pirate.




Black August  (Hutchinson, 1934, Dutton, 1934, Arrow, 1960.)


                Marginal adventure involving a communist plot to seize control of England.


Fabulous Valley, The  (Hutchinson, 1934, Arrow, 1958.)


                A lost world novel.


Into the Unknown  (Hutchinson, 1960.)


                Omnibus of Sixty Days to Live, Star of Ill Omen, and Curtain of Fear.


Island Where Time Stands Still, The  (Hutchinson, 1954.)




Lost Continent, The  (Arrow, 1965.  Hutchinson, 1938, Arrow, 1960 as Uncharted Seas.)


                A group of sailors get caught in a gigantic mass of seaweed which has been trapping ships for hundreds of years.


Man Who Missed the War, The  (Hutchinson, 1945, Arrow, 1966.)


                A lost world novel.


Sixty Days to Live   (Hutchinson, 1939, Arrow, 1960.)


                Only a handful of people survive when a comet collides with the Earth.


Star of Ill Omen  (Hutchinson, 1952, Arrow, 1955.)


                A British secret agent must form an alliance with a Russian spy to thwart aliens who plan to destroy the world.


They Found Atlantis  (Hutchinson, 1936, Lippincott, 1936, Arrow, 1953, Ballantine, 1973.)


                A group of treasure seekers find remnants of the lost Atlantis.


Uncharted Seas  (See The Lost Continent.)


Worlds Far from Here  (Hutchinson, 1952..)


                Omnibus of The Man Who Missed the War, They Found Atlantis, and The Lost Continent.




Jaydium  (DAW, 1993.)


                An ambitious woman working on a mining world takes a questionable assignment and is inadvertently sent back through time to an earlier age when an alien race ruled the world.


Northlight  (DAW, 1995.)


                On a primitive colony world, a woman seeks to find her missing friend, and becomes caught up in sinister political turmoil.




Krone Experiment, The  (Pressworks, 1986, Onyx, 1988.)


                Someone has destroyed a Soviet aircraft carrier and Russian and US space weapons have been deployed.  Who is really behind the attack?




Last Mayday, The  (Doubleday, 1968, Pyramid, 1969.)


                An American agent tries to smuggle the ex-premier of the Soviet Union out of the country in the midst of tensions that could result in nuclear war.




Friendly Persuaders, The  (Hutchinson, 1968.)


                A delegation of apparently benevolent aliens arrives on Earth.




Chance to Remember, A  (Wildside, 2004.)


                A pair of wandering space explorers run into various kinds of trouble.


Starship for Hire  (Wildside, 2001.)






Matters of Form  (DAW, 1987.)


                Humans are being helped to develop their technology by a race of immortal shapechanging aliens who are marooned on Earth, but another, less friendly alien species is about to discover humanity.




Lost Threshold  (Phillipps, 1968.)


                An underground lost world.  For younger readers.




Wonderblood (St Martins, 2018.)




Crusaders, The  (Target, 1965.)


A Doctor Who book.


The Doctor travels back through time to the Crusades and meets Richard the Lionhearted.


Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks  (Avon, 1964.)


A Doctor Who book.


The Tardis arrives on the planet Skaros where a desperate people are destroyed when one of their number creates a race of half organic, half machine cyborgs with a relentless hatred for all other forms of life.




Bad Day for the Whole Galaxy, A (Orbit, 2018.)


Salvagers #2.


A space salvage company discovers that a nefarious organization wants them dead.


Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe, A  (Orbit, 2018.)


Salvagers #1.


A crew searches for a derelict warship.


Cold Forge (Titan, 2018.)


An Alien novel.


Dangerous aliens aboard a space station.




Attack on America  (Houghton Mifflin, 1939.)


                Future war novel in which Europe unites and invades the US.


Seven Tickets to Singapore  (?, 1939.)


                Spy thriller involving a death ray.




Jettison  (White, 2000.)


                A man searches through space for the woman he loves.




White Battalions, The  (?, 1900.)


                A change in climate affects the outcome of a future European war.


WHITE, J.  (See collaboration with W.G. Moffat.)




Alien Emergencies  (Tor, 2002, Orb, 2002.)


                Omnibus of Ambulance Ship, Sector General, and Star Healer.


Aliens Among Us, The  (Ballantine, 1969, Corgi, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


All Judgment Fled  (Rapp & Whiting, 1968, Walker, 1969, Ballantine, 1970, Old Earth Books, 1996.)


                The first contact with intelligent aliens is complicated by the stupid political maneuverings among government officials.


Ambulance Ship  (Del Rey, 1979.  Corgi, 1980, revised.)


Hospital Station #4.


                A human doctor is perplexed when he and his associates are transferred from their jobs aboard the hospital station to the relatively minor posting of ambulance ship technicians.


Beginning Operations  (Tor, 2001.


                Omnibus of Hospital Station, Star Surgeon, and Major Operation.


Code Blue – Emergency  (Del Rey, 1987, Orbit, 1989.)


Hospital Station #7.


                A newly assigned doctor aboard the hospital station is still suffering from mild xenophobia, and many of her efforts to help cause minor disasters.


Dark Inferno  (See Lifeboat.)


Deadly Litter   (Ballantine, 1964, Corgi, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Double Contact  (Tor, 1999.)


Hospital Station #12.


                Doctors respond to a distress call and discover two previously unknown alien species, which have nearly destroyed each other in a war.


Dream Millennium, The   (Ballantine, 1974, Corgi, ?)


                A starship searches the galaxy looking for a new home for the human race, because Earth is being overwhelmed by pollution.


Escape Orbit  (Ace, 1965.  Four Square, 1965, as Open Prison.)


                A group of humans are taken prisoner by aliens during an interstellar war.  Rather than being placed in a conventional prison, they are marooned on a world of monsters with a warship orbiting to prevent them from being rescued.


Federation World  (Del Rey, 1988, Orbit, 1990.)


                Earth has been invited as a possible new tenant of part of a Dyson Sphere so large that many intelligent races have already relocated en masse.  The protagonist is one of those trained for the initial contact.


Final Diagnosis  (Tor, 1997.)


Hospital Station #10.


                Doctors in a spacegoing hospital must cope with the first virus that seems to travel from species to species, in defiance of what they previously believed to be an inviolate biological rule.


First Protector, The  (Tor, 2000.)


An Earth: Final Conflict novel.


                An alien visits primitive Ireland as part of his effort to evaluate the human race.


Futures Past  (Del Rey, 1982, Orbit, 1988. The two editions have slightly different contents.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Galactic Gourmet, The  (Tor, 1996.)


Hospital Station #9.


                A famous chef travels to Sector General with the avowed intention of finding a way to make hospital food palatable.


General Practice  (Tor, 2003, Orb, 2003.)


                Omnibus of Code Blue: Emergency and The Genocidal Healer.


Genocidal Healer, The  (Del Rey, 1992.)


Hospital Station #8.


                A doctor who inadvertently wiped out an entire planet's population is now involved with a delicate first contact.


Hospital Station    (Ballantine, 1962, Corgi, 1967.)


Hospital Station #1.


                Episodic adventures set in a vast orbiting station that is a hospital that is designed to treat members of any of the numerous sentient races of the galaxy.


Interpreter, The  (Birmingham SF Group, 1985, bound with A Novacon Garland by David Langford.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Lifeboat  (Ballantine, 1972.  Joseph, 1972, as Dark Inferno.)


                A newly assigned doctor on an interstellar passenger ship is put to the test when an unexpected disaster incapacitates the ship.


Major Operation  (Ballantine, 1971, Orbit, 1987.)


Hospital Station #3.


                Collection of related stories set aboard a hospital in space.


Mind Changer  (Tor, 1998.)


Hospital Station #11.


                Turmoil erupts as a new chief administrator takes over Sector General.


Monsters and Medics  (Del Rey, 1977, Corgi, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Open Prison  (See Escape Orbit.)


Second Ending  (Ace, 1962, bound with The Jewels of Aptor by Samuel R. Delany.)


                A man wakens from suspended animation to discover that Earth is deserted of all human life and populated exclusively by robots.


Secret Visitors, The  (Ace, 1957, bound with Master of Life and Death by Robert Silverberg.  Digit, 1961. Magazine title was Tourist Planet.)


                A doctor is treating what is thought to be a spy but which turns out to be one of several aliens secretly studying the Earth.


Sector General  (Del Rey, 1983, Orbit, 1987.)


Hospital Station #5.


                Collection of related stories set aboard a hospital in space.


Silent Stars Go By, The  (Del Rey, 1991.)


                In an alternate history, a kingdom of Ireland discovered and opened trade with the new world, and generations later it launched the first voyage to the stars.


Star Healer  (Del Rey, 1984, Orbit, 1987.)


Hospital Station #6.


                One of the doctors who has worked aboard a hospital station for years is given the opportunity to become the head of operations.


Star Surgeon   (Ballantine, 1963, Corgi, 1967.  Magazine title was Field Hospital.)


Hospital Station #2.


                Further episodic adventures in a hospital in space catering to alien clients.


Tomorrow Is Too Far  (Ballantine, 1971, Joseph, 1971.)


                A secret research project is proceeding with a very unusual method of investigating time and space.


Underkill  (Corgi, 1979.)


                Humans are nearly exterminated by aliens.


Watch Below, The  (Whiting & Wheaton, 1966, Ballantine, 1966, Corgi, 1967, Old Earth Books, 1996.)


                A group of people trapped under the ocean interact with aliens who have survived the destruction of their water world.


White Papers, The  (NESFA, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Comet  (Hamilton, 1975, Harper & Row, 1976.)


                A comet changes Earth's climate and causes the end of technological civilization.




Death by Dreaming  (Apple Wood, 1981, Ace, 1982.)


                A man is trapped in a dream from which he cannot waken.  A woman uses psi powers to enter his dream and lead him back to reality.




Land of the Possible, The  (Warner, 1979.)


                Typical pedantic Utopian speculation.




Dark Light  (Berkley, 2006.)


                Marginal thriller set after an unprecedentedly powerful hurricane hits Florida.




Typhoon  (Jove, 2004.)


                Marginal thriller about a Russian submarine plotting a worldwide environmental change.


WHITE, STEVE  (See also collaborations with David Weber and those which follow.)


Blood of the Heroes  (Baen, 2006.)


                An expedition back to the Bronze Age runs into trouble.


Debt of Ages  (Baen, 1995.)


Aliens #3.


                Somewhat confusing nonsense about contact between the space force of the future and King Arthur's Britain.


Disinherited, The  (Baen, 1993.)


Aliens #1.


                Peaceful aliens arrive on Earth, warning of nastier creatures who will soon arrive.  Unfortunately, the American military space force has been largely deactivated.


Eagle Against the Stars  (Baen, 2000.)


                Aliens arrive on Earth and impose their rule in the name of free trade, although they are actually bleeding the planet of its resources.  But humans have a way of subverting their conquerors.


Emperor of Dawn  (Baen, 1999.)


Empire #2.


                Centuries after the human empire was saved from rebellion, a weak emperor throws things into chaos again and a new set of heroes must rise to save the day.


Forge of the Titans  (Baen, 2003.)


                A military officer learns that he's a latent telepath when he's enlisted in a secret government organization.


Ghosts of Time (Baen, 2014.)


Time #4.


Time war during the American revolution.


Legacy  (Baen, 1995.)


Aliens #2.


                Earth's battle with nasty aliens gets more complicated when time travel is thrown into the mix.


Pirates of the Timestream (Baen, 2013.)


Time #3.




Prince of Sunset  (Baen, 1998.)


Empire  #1.


                The human interstellar empire has grown soft and a new movement is growing to overthrow the old order with a new, more rigid government.  Three recent military graduates are about to play a crucial role in thwarting these revolutionary ambitions.


Prometheus Project, The  (Baen, 2005.)


                A traitor threatens to expose the fact that humanity has been hoaxing an alien race.


Saint Anthony's Fire  (Baen, 2008.)


Alternate history in which Spain has alien technology.


Soldiers Out of Time (Baen, 2015.)


Time #5.




Sunset of the Gods  (Baen, 2013.)


Time #1.


A time traveler discovers that the Greek gods were aliens.


Wolf Among the Stars  (Baen, 2011.)






Extremis  (Baen, 2011.)


Starfire #2.




Imperative (Baen, 2016.)


Starfire #3.




Oblivion (Baen, 2018.)




Exodus  (Baen, 2007.)


Starfire #1.


                This An alien race which believes in reincarnation launches an all out war against humans and their allies.




Sign at Six, The  (Bobbs-Merrill, 1912.  Magazine version as The City of Dread.)


                Thriller involving the invention of a new means of communication.


WHITE, TED  (See also Norman Edwards,  collaboration with Dave Van Arnam as Ron Archer, and collaborations which follow.)


Android Avenger  (Ace, 1965, bound with The Altar on Asconel by John Brunner.)


Tanner #1.


                A man discovers that he has superhuman powers and that his body occasionally commits an assassination independent of his control.


By Furies Possessed  (Signet, 1970, Pocket, 1980.)


                A human discovers that he has helped bring to Earth a being possessed by an alien parasite, one who forms a new religion whose hidden purpose is the destruction of the human race.


Great Gold Steal, The  (Bantam, 1968.)


A Captain America adventure.


The patriotic superhero foils the plan by three super villains to steal the entire gold reserve of the US government. 


Jewels of Elsewhen, The  (Belmont, 1967.)


                On a routine trip home from work, a man is propelled into another dimension where there are very few real people.


No Time Like Tomorrow  (Crown, 1969.)


                For young adults.


Secret of the Marauder Satellite  (?, 1968, Berkley, 1978.)


                A young man whose job is to recover derelict space debris uncovers evidence that an alien force is orbiting the Earth.


Spawn of the Death Machine, The  (Paperback Library, 1968.)


Tanner #2.


                An android discovers that human civilization was destroyed by the computer that was designed to make society function properly, and that he is now being used as a tool to complete the extermination of humanity.


Trouble on Project Ceres  (Westminster, 1971.)


                Someone is sabotaging an experimental project which is designed to find new food sources for the vastly overpopulated earth.




Forbidden World  (Popular Library, 1978.)


                Space explorers find a strange world which seems impossibly to have been designed to offer them exactly what they've been personally searching for.




Sideslip  (Pyramid, 1968.)


                A man from our world finds himself in an alternate reality where aliens invaded the Earth during the second world war and helped the Nazis win.




Master, The  (Jonathan Cape, 1957, Putnam, 1957, Peacock, 1964, Blackie, 1967, Avon Camelot, 1967.)


                Two children and a dog are captured by a supergenius plotting to rule the world.




Breathing Space Only  (Void, 1980, Ace, 1986.)


                The ecology of Earth has decayed toward ruin, and only in Australia are there remnants of a higher civilization.  Then the descendants of human colonists return from the stars to help their homeworld.


Hyades Contact, The  (Ace, 1987.)


                A group of people are kidnapped by an apparently hostile alien race and marooned on a dangerous but earthlike planet to survive as best they can.


Lake of the Sun   (Ace, 1989.)


                The first expedition lands on Mars, told from the point of view of the Martians who view it as an invasion.


Sapphire Road  (Cory & Collins, 1982, Ace, 1986.)


                Rival commercial interests race to be the first to reach another star system.


Specialist, The  (Ace, 1990.)


                A reporter travels to Mars to investigate rumors of a visitor from another star system, and someone promptly begins trying to kill him.


Thor's Hammer  (Cory & Collins, 1983, Ace, 1985.)


                A renegade hides in the asteroid belt, threatening to use his equipment and skills to destroy the Earth. A crack agent is sent in to get him and discovers more than he bargained for.


WHITEHEAD, ROBERT  (See collaboration with William Odell.)




Scurrying, The  (Futura, 1983.)


  The rat population in London explodes and the creatures emerge to seek human prey.


WHITELAW, SONNY  (See also collaborations which follow.)


City of the Gods  (Fandemonium, ?)


A Stargate novel.


Scientists get marooned on a dying world.




Blood Ties  (Fandemonium, ?)


A Stargate Novel.


Alien DNA may have infected some humans.


Exogenesis  (Fandemonium, ?)


A Stargate novel.


A group of humans visits an alien world.




Roswell  (Fandemonium, ?)


A Stargate novel.


Two people get caught in the wrong timeline.




Kidnapped in Space  (Tiger, 1969.)






Warning from Mars, A  (Interplanetary Publications, 1948.)






Alone Through the Dark Sea  (Brazilier, 1964.)


                Three novelets only one of which is SF.




Scanners  (Tower, 1980, Mayflower, 1981, based on the screenplay by David Cronenberg.)


                Mutant humans begin to emerge who can use psi powers to explode the brains of their enemies.




Army of Terror  (Bantam, 1997.)


Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear #6.


                A hideous monster is lurking on a remote planet, ready to surprise a new set of visitors.


Brain Spiders, The  (Bantam, 1997.)


Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear #7.


                Several young adventures have adventures involving disembodied brains in robot bodies.


City of the Dead  (Bantam, 1997.)


Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear #2.


                A group of youngsters are visiting a remote planet in search of a new starship when they pay a visit to a mysterious cemetery filled with fearful creatures.  For younger readers.


Clones   (Bantam, 1998.)


Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear #11.


                A young girl spots Darth Vader on her world and realizes he has come to track her down.


Doomsday Ship, The  (Bantam, 1998.)


Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear #10.


                Two youngsters are trapped aboard a starship after the alarms go off causing everyone else to flee.


Eaten Alive  (Bantam, 1997.)


Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear #1.


                An intrepid young woman tries to solve the mystery of people who vanish into thin air on a remote planet.  For younger readers.


Empire Strikes Back, The  (Chronicle, 1997, from the screenplay by Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan.)


                Adaptation for younger readers.


Ghost of the Jedi  (Bantam, 1997.)


Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear #5.


                Refugees hide aboard an abandoned space station, and are confronted by what appears to be a genuine ghost.


Hunger, The  (Bantam, 1998.)


Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear #12.


                Explorers find the crew of a long lost survey ship who somehow managed to survive on a relentlessly hostil world.  But have they been changed by their experiences?


Lost World: Jurassic Park, The  (Chronicle, 1997, from the screenplay by David Koepp.)


                Adaptation of the film for younger readers.


Nightmare Machine, The   (Bantam, 1997.)


Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear #4.


                An amusement park attraction is designed to scare you by implanting images in your brain, but the young hero of this series discovers that it has a more sinister purpose.


Planet Plague  (Bantam, 1997.)


Star Wars:  Galaxy of Fear #3.


                While exploring ancient ruins on a backwater world, a young girl discovers evidence that the Empire has created a new plague as their last ditch weapon against the rebellion.  For younger readers.


Return of the Jedi, The  (Chronicle, 1997, from the screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas.)


                Adaptation for younger readers.


Spore  (Bantam, 1998.)


Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear #9.


                A visit to a mining colony nearly turns into disaster when a dangerous lifeform turns up.


Star Wars  (Chronicle, 1997, from the screenplay by George Lucas.)


                Adaptation for younger readers.


Swarm, The  (Bantam, 1998.)


Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear #8.


                Deadly insects react to the killing of one of their kind by attacking every offworlder who is unwary.




Winter's Daughter  (Avon, 1984.)


                Following a nuclear war that destroys most of the industrialized world, a young woman proves instrumental in helping to create a new civilization.




Ruins of Dantooine, The  (Del Rey, 2004.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Two adventurers must seize some critical documentation before it falls into the hands of the evil Darth Vader.




Doomsday Affair, The (Ace, 1965.)


A Man from U.N.C.L.E. novel.


Thrush launches a plot to seize control of the world.




Deep Freeze  (Manor, 1977.)


                A terminally ill man wakens from suspended animation into a strange future world.




Attar of the Ice Valley  (Farrar Strauss & Giroux, 1968.)


                A novel of prehistory.


Beware of the Mouse  (Putnam, 1958, Borgo, 1978.)


Prequel to the Grand Fenwick series.


                Marginal story about the founding of the independent duchy of Grand Fenwick.


Encounter Near Venus  (Farrar Strauss & Giroux, 1967, Macdonald, 1968.)


Space #1.


                Teens travel to a planet located near Venus.


Journey to Untor  (Farrar Strauss & Giroux, 1970.)


Space #2.


                For younger readers.


Mouse on the Moon, The  (Morrow, 1962, Bantam, 1963, Muller, 1964.)


Grand Fenwick #2.


                Grand Fenwick gets involved in a space race and beats the US and the Soviet Union to the moon.


Mouse on Wall Street, The  (Morrow, 1969, Bantam, 1971.)


Grand Fenwick #3.


                The tiny kingdom inadvertently sets off a worldwide financial crisis.


Mouse That Roared, The  (Bantam, 1959, Corgi, 1959, Chatto & Windus, 1964, Four Walls, Eight Windows, 2002.  Little, Brown, 1955, Hale, 1955, as The Wrath of Grapes.  Magazine title was The Day New York Was Invaded.)


Grand Fenwick #1.


                In order to supplement its economy, a tiny nation declares war on the US.  A superweapon forces the US to capitulate.


Mouse That Saved the West, The  (Morrow, 1981.)


Mouse #5.


                Grand Fenwick solves the oil crisis.


One in Four  (Morrow, 1986.)


                The world is menaced by entities from the future.


Take Me to Your President  (Putnam, 1957.)


                Marginal story about a future peace conference.


Wrath of Grapes, The  (See The Mouse That Roared.)




To Mars via the Moon  (Seeley, 1911.)


                A Martian utopia.




Elevator to the Moon  (Follett, 1955.)


                For younger readers.  A boy accidentally ends up on the moon.




Zeitgeist  (Gollancz, 1996.)


On the eve of the millenium, a condemned criminal escapes for a grand tour of human foibles in this satiric look at the near future.




Ganglion & Other Stories  (Tachyon, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Atoms  (Mills & Boon, 1923.)


                Power is cheap in this near future adventure.




Rambunctious (Wordfire, 2020.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Battering Rams of Space (Armchair, 2012, bound with Doomsday Wing by George H. Smith. Magazine appearance 1941.)


War in space.


Craig's Book (Armchair, 2012, bound with Edge of the Knife by H. Beam Piper. Magazine appearance 1943.)


Nonsense about turning people into index cards.


Dwellers of the Deep (Armchair, 2013, bound with Night of the Long Knives by Fritz Leiber. Magazine appearance 1942.)


Conflict with an undersea civilization.


Ice Queen, The (Armchair, 2013, bound with Sargasso of Lost Starships by Poul Anderson. Magazine appearance 1943.)


A hidden subterranean kingdom is discovered.


Iron Men of Venus  (Armchair, 2010, bound with The Man with Absolute Motion by Noel Loomis. Magazine version 1952.)


Colonies on Venus use giant robots to attack Earth.


Lavender Vine of Death, The (Armchair, 2011, bound with Worlds Without End by Clifford D. Simak. Magazine appearance 1948.)


A mysterious alien force menaces a planet.


Robot Peril, The (Armchair, 2012, bound with The Green Girl by Jack Williamson. Magazine appearance 1940.)


Rebellion against a society that treats humans like robots.


Secret of the Serpent (Armchair, 2011, bound with Crusade Across the Void by Dwight Swain. Magazine appearance 1948)


Adventures on a planet where physical bodies can change.


Slave Raiders from Mercury (Armchair, 2012, bound with Worlds of If by Rog Phillips. Magazine appearance 1940.)


Earth's women are kidnapped by aliens from the other planets.


Whispering Gorilla, The (Armchair, 2014, bound with Return of the Whispering Gorilla by David V. Reed. Magazine appearance 1940.)


A man whose brain has been transplanted into a gorilla's body battles the mob.




Centre of the Wheel, The  (Hale, 1981.)


                Not seen.




Fight Game  (Chicken House, ?)


Freedom Smith #1.




Firefight  (Chicken House, 2009.(


Freedom Smith #2.


A teen solves a mystery involving unusual computer viruses.


WILDE, D. GUNTHER  (Pseudonym of Bernhardt J. Hurwood, whom see.)


Claws  (Leisure, 1978.)


                Ordinary cats become killer beasts when they learn to hunt in packs in this variation of the ecology gone wild story.




Dealers in Light and Darkness  (Edgewood, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Luck of Brin's Five, The  (Atheneum, 1977, Angus & Robertson, 1977, Pocket, 1979.)


Torin #1.


                A visitor from outer space causes a crisis on a primitive world where telepathy is a weapon of war.


Nearest Fire, The  (Atheneum, 1980, Pocket, 1982.)


Torin #2.


                Adventure, chases, and escapes as efforts are made to reunite the human astronauts scattered on the planet Torin.


Second Nature  (Pocket, 1982, Unwin, 1986, Orion, 1986.)


                The descendants of a crew of humans shipwrecked on a primitive planet seek to keep their heritage alive.


Signs of Life  (Tor, 1996.)


Torin #4.


                A second starship crew is stranded on a primitive world, and finds the survivors of the first waiting to make life easier for them.


Tapestry Warriors, The  (Atheneum, 1983.)


Torin #3.




WILDER, MYLES  (See collaboration with William Raynor.)


WILDING, PHILIP  (See also John Robert Haynes.)


Shadow Over the Earth  (Locke, 1956, Philosophical Library, 1956.)


                A rogue planet enters the solar system and cuts off all sunlight.


Spaceflight Venus  (Locke, 1954.  Philosophical Library, 1955.)


                Not seen.  An expedition to Venus.


WILHELM, KATE  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Abyss  (Mercury, 1967, Doubleday, 1971, Bantam, 1973.)


                Two unrelated novelets.


Andover and the Android  (See The Mile Long Spaceship.)


And the Angels Sing  (St Martins, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Children of the Wind  (St Martins, 1989, Hale, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


City of Cain  (Little, Brown, 1974, Pocket, 1978.)


                A man with the ability to read minds learns of the government's secret plan to become a military dictatorship, and is on the run when they discover that the knows about them.


Clewiston Test, The  (Farrar, Straus, 1976, Hutchinson, 1977, Pocket, 1977.)


                Marginal story about a medical breakthrough that is tested illegally.


Crazy Time  (St Martins, 1988.)


                A woman is followed by what appears to be a ghost but is actually a living man whose body was affected by an experimental device such that he is no longer material to the rest of the world.


Dark Door, The  (St Martins, 1988, Gollancz, 1990.)


                An alien probe is on Earth and has malfunctioned, turning it into a machine of senseless destruction.


Downstairs Room, The  (Doubleday, 1968, Dell, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Fault Lines  (Harper, 1977, Hutchinson, 1978.)


                Marginal story about a future earthquake.


Flush of Shadows, A  (St Martins, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Girl Who Fell into the Sky, The  (Pulphouse, 1991.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Huysman's Pets  (Bluejay, 1986, Gollancz, 1986, Ace, 1988.)


                A secret scientific experiment developed a group of children with more than human powers.


Infinity Box, The  (Tor, 1989, bound with He Who Shapes by Roger Zelazny.)


                A man discovers he has the power to enter the minds of others.


Infinity Box, The  (Harper & Row, 1975, Pocket, 1977, Arrow, 1979.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Juniper Time  (Harper & Row, 1979, Hutchinson, 1980, Pocket, 1980.)


                The children of a scientist who helped build a space station have differing priorities, particularly since the Earth has been ravaged by drought and famine.  But the two projects are connected, as they will eventually learn.


Killer Thing, The  (Doubleday, 1967, Dell, 1969.  Jenkins, 1967, Panther, 1967, as The Killing Thing.)


                Humans battle a robot designed specifically to exterminate the human race in revenge for an ancient war.


Killing Thing, The   (See The Killer Thing.)


Let the Fire Fall  (Doubleday, 1969, Lancer, 1969, Herbert Jenkins, 1969, Panther, 1972.)


                Aliens arrive to an unfriendly welcome on Earth, and all die except one extraordinary child, who will be the agent of their revenge.


Listen, Listen  (Houghton Mifflin, 1981, Berkley, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mile-Long Spaceship, The  (Berkley, 1963.  Dobson, 1966, as Andover and the Android.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Naming the Flowers  (Axolotl, 1992.)


                Short novel about a man who discovers a girl with an amazing power.


Nevermore Affair, The  (Doubleday, 1966, Curtis, ?)


                A secret government project is attempting to develop a process that will make people nearly immortal.


Sense of Shadow, A  (Houghton Mifflin, 1981, Pocket, 1982.)


                A rich but twisted man leaves a dying gift for his estranged children, an experiment designed to study their brainwaves and perhaps make them into something other than human.


Somerset Dreams and Other Fictions  (Harper & Row, 1978, Perennial, 1979, Hutchinson, 1979.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


State of Grace  (Pulphouse, 1991.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Welcome, Chaos  (Houghton Mifflin, 1983, Berkley, 1985, Gollancz, 1986.)


                The battle for control of a process that brings virtual immortality could potentially change the world forever.


Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang   (Harper & Row, 1976, Pocket, 1977, Arrow, 1977, Easton, ?, Orb, 1998, Gollancz, 2006.)


                A wealthy family creates a refuge from a nuclear war, but as time passes, their fertility wanes and they are eventually forced to rely on cloning to perpetuate the species.




Clone, The  (Berkley, 1965, Hale, 1968.)


                A new lifeform is set loose on Earth that dissolves living beings to add to its own body mass.


Year of the Cloud, The  (Doubleday, 1970, Playboy, 1971.)


                A change in the Earth's climate causes a drought that brings down civilization.




Starship Intercourse  (Companion Book, 1971.)


                Pornography in space.




C.L.U.T. Z.  (Dial, 1992, Bantam Skylark, 1993.)


Clutz #1.


                Children's novel about an inept household robot who causes comical confusion.


C.L.U.T.Z. and the Fizzion Formula  (Dial, 1985.)


Clutz #2.




WILKIE, G.  (See collaboration with Julius Sizemore.)




City of Frozen Fire, The  (Jonathan Cape, 1950, Macmillan, 1951.)


                A lost world novel.


Valley Beyond Time  (Jonathan Cape, 1955, St Martins, 1955.)


                The search for a parallel world.




Witchfinders, The  (Target, 2021, based on the 2018 screenplay.)


A Doctor Who novel.


In the 17th Century, the Doctor interferes in a witch trial and discovers an alien menace.




After the Bomb: Flight to Utopia  (Interface, 1984.)


                Post nuclear war story.


WILLARD, TOM  (See also Bill Dolan.)


Red Dancer  (?, 1991.)


Strike Fighters #5.




Strike Fighters  (?, 1990.)


Strike Fighters #1.




Strike Fighters #2  (?, 1990.)


Strike Fighters #2.




Sudden Fury  (?, 1991.)


Strike Fighters #4.




War Chariot  (?, 1991.)


Strike Fighters #3.






Paramind  (McClelland & Stewart, 1973.)


                Computers help make the world of the future more repressive.




Andy Nebula, Interstellar Rock Star  (Roussan, ?)


                Young adult novel about a rock musician’s trip to the stars.


Cityborn, The (DAW, 2017.)


A colony world has evolved into a rigid caste system.


Lost in Translation  (Five Star, 2005, DAW, 2006.)


                A human and an alien empathy both falsify their findings to prevent an interstellar war.


Marseguro  (DAW, 2008.)


Marseguro #1.


A colony world that is in hiding from a theocracy on Earth consists primarily of genetically altered ocean dwellers.


Terra Insegura (DAW, 2009.)


Marseguro #2.


A lost colony struggles to maintain its freedom.




Aubade for Gamelon  (Baen, 1984.)


                Two brothers have differing views about the future of humanity.  One wants to help preserve it, and the other wants it to adapt and create its successors.


WILLIAMS, BILLY DEE  (See collaboration with Rob MacGregor.)




Brightness Calling (Stark House, 2015.)


Entean #2.


Interstellar intrigue.


Champion of Entean (Stark House, 2015.)


Entean #1.


Interstellar intrigue.




Shadows of Ecstasy  (Gollancz, 1933.)


                Future war between England and a new African superstate.




Nearly People  (PS, 2001.)


                People struggle to survive in an urban center that has been quarantined from the rest of the world.




When the English Fall (Algonquin, 2018.)


Solar apocalypse.




Burning Skies  (Bantam, 2009.)


Autumn Rain #2.


A 22nd Century terrorist group sabotages the internet and assassinates the President.


Machinery of Light (Spectra, 2010.)


Autumn Rain #3.


A war breaks out encompassing the entire solar system.


Mirrored Heavens  (Bantam, 2008.)


Autumn Rain #1.


The sabotage of a space project leads to a threat of world war.




Chain Across the Dawn, A  (Tor, 2019.)


Justified #2.


An interstellar contest to find super powered children.


Stars Now Unclaimed, The  (Tor, 2018.)


Justified #1.


The search for psi talents following an interstellar disaster.




Call of Utopia, The  (Hale, 1971.)




Drop In, The  (Elmfield, 1977.)


                Alien invasion.


Flash  (Hale, 1972.)




Homo Telekins  (Hale, 1981.)




Largesse from Triangulum  (Hale, 1979.)




Monkman Come Down  (Hale, 1969.)




Project Renaissance  (Hale, 1973.)




Time for Mercy  (Hale, 1979.)




Time Injection, The  (Hale, 1968.)




To End All Telescopes  (Hale, 1969.)






It Happened Tomorrow  (See The Richardson Story.)


Richardson Story, The  (Heinemann, 1951.  Abelard, 1952, as It Happened Tomorrow.)






Molesworth's Guide to the Atommic Age  (Vanguard, 1957.)


                Spoof of the future.  Not much plot, and that's not a typo in the title.




Microcolony, The  (Bantam, 1979.  New English Library, 1981, as Micronaut World.)


Micronauts #2.


                A colony of miniaturized humans splits when one group sets itself up as dictators.  The dissenters flee into a world of giant insects and other dangers.


Micronauts, The  (Bantam, 1977.)


Micronauts #1.


                When Earth's resources begin to run out, an experiment is launched to shrink people so that they can live on a smaller scale and make better use of what is left.


Micronaut World  (See The Micronauts.)


Revolt of the Micronauts  (Bantam, 1981.)


Micronauts #3.


                The full sized humans are not extinct after all, and there are fresh dangers for a strife torn colony in the miniaturized world.




Nightmare Fair, The  (Target, 1989, from the 1985 script by the author.)


A Doctor Who book.


The Doctor and his friends arrive at a beach resort where a very peculiar fair is underway, and where villains from another universe are plotting against the Earth.




Calling Station Earth  (Scholastic, 1975.)


                Two children receive a distress call from space on their radio.


Zero People, The  (Scholastic, 1974.)


                Children in a claustrophobic future investigate legends of a hidden race.




Dangerous Waters  (Murray, 1952, Gryphon, 1952.)


                England is attacked by an undersea nation.


Newbury in Orm  (Gryphon, 1952.)


                A young man has adventures on another planet.


WILLIAMS, J.X.  (House pseudonym.)


ESP Orgy  (Adult Book, 1968.)




Sex Pill, The  (Pleasure Reader, 1968.)  (Reported Andrew J. Offutt.)






Son of the Golden Eagle  (Dorrance, 1992.)


                A space traveler from the far future is accidentally marooned on Earth during the last ice age.




Objective Venus  (Badger, 1958.)




WILLIAMS, JAY  (See also collaborations which follow.)


People of the Ax, The  (Walck, 1974, Dell Laurel, 1975.)


                Humans survive on a primitive world where they battle another sentient species.


Uniad  (Scribner, 1968.)


                Marginal story about a super secret organization that plans to change the world.




Danny Dunn and the Antigravity Paint (Whittlesey, 1956, McGraw Hill, 1956, Scholastic, 1962.)


Danny Dunn #1.


                Danny invents a paint that cuts off gravity and lets him travel to other planets.


Danny Dunn and the Automated House  (Whittlesey, 1965.)


Danny Dunn #9.




Danny Dunn and the Fossil Cave  (Whittlesey, 1961.)


Danny Dunn #6.




Danny Dunn and the Heat Ray  (Whittlesey, 1962.)


Danny Dunn #7.




Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine  (Whittlesey , 1958, McGraw Hill, 1958, Scholastic, 1969.)


Danny Dunn #3.


                A boy genius builds a computer to do his homework for him.


Danny Dunn and the Smallifying Machine  (McGraw Hill, 1969, Archway, 1971.)


Danny Dunn #11.


                A young boy accidentally shrinks himself for a series of adventures.


Danny Dunn and the Swamp Monster  (McGraw Hill, 1971, Archway, 1979.)


Danny Dunn #12.


                A teenager solves the mystery of a legendary swamp monster, actually a left over dinosaur.


Danny Dunn and the Universal Glue  (McGraw Hill, 1977.)


Danny Dunn #15.




Danny Dunn and the Voice from Space  (McGraw Hill, 1967.)


Danny Dunn #10.




Danny Dunn and the Weather Machine  (Whittlesey, 1959.)


Danny Dunn #4.




Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy  (McGraw Hill, 1974, Archway, 1975.)


Danny Dunn #13.


                When a scientist discovers a way to make himself invisible, the government tries to steal the device, and a group of children return it to its rightful owner.


Danny Dunn on a Desert Island   (Whittlesey, 1957.)


Danny Dunn #2.


                Not seen.


Danny Dunn on the Ocean Floor  (Whittlesey, 1960.)


Danny Dunn #5.




Danny Dunn, Scientific Detective  (McGraw Hill, 1975, Archway, 1977.)


Danny Dunn #14.


                A young boy and his robot dog solve the mystery of a businessman's disappearance.


Danny Dunn: Time Traveler (Whittlesey, 1963.)


Danny Dunn #8.






Captain Blackman  (Doubleday, 1972.)


                A black soldier travels through time to participate in all the wars in US history.


Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light  (Little, Brown, 1969, Pocket, 1970, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1970.)


                Marginal novel about the outbreak of a full scale race war in America.


WILLIAMS, J.X.  (House pseudonym.)


ESP Orgy  (Adult Books, 1968.)


                Pornography with psi powers.




Great Raid, The  (Black & White, 1909.)


                Future war between England and Germany.




Banner of Souls  (Bantam, 2004.)


                Two beings battle to affect the destiny of a genetically altered child.


Empire of Bones  (Bantam, 2002.)


                The humanoid alien race which seeded Earth returns to decide whether the citizens of Earth are worthy of being reunited into a stellar civilization that involves rigid castes.


Ghost Sister  (Bantam, 2001.)


                Intrigue on a planet whose population indulge in mystical dream states and whose culture is designed to remain in harmony with the local animal life.


Nine Layers of Sky  (Bantam, 2003.)


                In the backwaters of the former Soviet Union, a scientist discovers an apparently immortal man and the key to another reality.


Poison Master, The  (Bantam, 2002.)


                A young woman finds herself manipulated into joining a plot to overthrow the alien race that dominates humans on her world.


WILLIAMS, LYNDA  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Avim's Oath  (Edge, 2010.)


Okal Rel #6.


Two brothers are driven apart when they fall in love with the same woman.


Courtesan Prince, The  (Edge, 2005.)


Okai Rel #1.


                In a far future, humanity has split into two interstellar empires with radically different cultures.


Far Arena  (Edge, 2009.)


Okai Rel #4.


The clash of two interstellar cultures spells trouble.


Gathering Storm, The  (Edge, 2012.)


Okai Rel #8.




Holy War  (Edge, 2013.)




Pretenders  (Edge, 2008.)


Okai Rel #3.


Further problems between the two branches of an interstellar human culture.


Righteous Anger (Edge, 2007.)


Okai Rel #2.


A halfbreed is caught in the growing conflict between two societies.




Throne Price  (Edge, 2003.)


                Mediators between two alien cultures are concerned that they will be unable to prevent an interstellar war.


WILLIAMS, MARK  (See collaboration with J.F. Gonzalez.)




Ancient Fire  (Tricycle, 2001.)


                Whimsical time travel adventure in which a young boy meets alien dinosaurs and other characters.




FTL: Further Than Life  (Avon, 1987.)


Alcyon Hermes #2.


                The discovery of a faster than light drive leads to a joint expedition by humans and Martians to the stars.


Martian Spring  (Avon, 1986.)


Alcyon Hermes #1.


                For some reason, spring is coming to the planet Mars and an expedition from Earth is sent to find out just what is going on.




Blood Double  (Writers Club, 2000.)


                A man vacationing on another planet is falsely accused of murder.




Atom Curtain  (Ace, 1956, bound with Alien from Arcturus by Gordon R. Dickson. Armchair, 2015, bound with The Warlock of Sharrador by Gardner Fox.)


                An impenetrable force field has cut America off from the rest of the world for more than two centuries.  Then one day a patrolling flier penetrates and discovers what happened.




Ambush of Shadows, An  (Del Rey, 1983, Bison, 2005.)


Pelbar #5.


                The forces of free people are expanding steadily into the territory of the slave traders, and the latter finally decide that it's time to deal their enemies a fatal blow.


Breaking of Northwall, The  (Del Rey, 1980, Orbit, 1985, Bison, 2005.)


Pelbar #1.


                In a post apocalyptic world that has fallen into feudalism, a man must invade a city of slave traders to rescue the woman he loves.


Dome in the Forest, The  (Del Rey, 1981, Orbit, 1986, Bison, 2005.)


Pelbar #3.


                As the various tribes of survivors begin to intermix a thousand years after a nuclear war, the old conservative forces in one of the cities begin to resent the changes and plot to reverse things.


Ends of the Circle, The   (Del Rey, 1981, Orbit, 1986, Bison, 2005.)


Pelbar #2.


                After causing great controversy in his home city, an explorer decides to go away for a while and explore the fabled cities beyond the knowledge of his own people.


Fall of the Shell, The  (Del Rey, 1982, Bison, 2005.)


Pelbar #4.


                The antics of two youngsters in a female dominated city state eventually lead to unrest that will shake the standards of that society.


Gifts of the Corboduc Vandal, The  (Del Rey, 1989.)


                The inhabitants of a peaceful planet have to find a way to defend themselves when they are menaced by a belligerent spacegoing culture.


Song of the Axe, The  (Del Rey, 1984, Bison, 2006.)


Pelbar #6.


                Although the old ways are slowing fading away, a young boy sets out on a test of maturity in a post atomic war North America.


Sword of Forbearance, The  (Del Rey, 1985, Bison, 2006.)


Pelbar #7.


                The last unfree city state in post nuclear America is determined not to give in, so the other powers raise an army to bring them to their knees.




Volunteers, The  (Eyre Methuen, 1980.)


                Near future political struggles.


WILLIAMS, RICHARD (Also writes Fantasy.)


Imperial Glory  (Black Library, 2011.)


A Warhammer novel.


Military SF.


Relentless  (Black Library, 2008.)


A Warhammer novel.


Two officers battle for control of a space command.




Beachhead Planet  (Dell, 1970, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1970.)


                An alien race has secretly invaded the Earth and is in the process of extending its control through its human slaves when someone discovers the truth and upsets their plans.


Bees of Death, The  (Armchair, 2011, bound with A Plague of Pythons by Frederik Pohl.)


An alien invasion.


Bell from Infinity, The  (Lancer, 1968.)


                Explorers in the asteroid belt find a crystal which turns out to be a weapon designed to destroy entire planets.


Beyond the Rings of Saturn (Armchair, 2010, bound with A Man Obsessed by Alan E. Nourse. Magazine appearance 1951.)


Spy story set among the moons of Saturn.


Blue Atom, The  (Ace, 1958, bound with The Void Beyond and Other Stories, also by Williams.)


                A man struggles to destroy an artifact which could be used to subjugate the human race.


Chaos Fighters, The  (Ace, 1955.)


                A government agent tries to figure out who is manipulating reality on Earth, including shrinking people until they disappear from sight.


Conquest of the Space Sea  (Ace, 1955, bound with The Galactic Breed by Leigh Brackett.)


                The human race expands to control the entire solar system, unaware of the fact that an alien power beyond the orbit of Pluto plans to prevent us from going any further.


Darkness Before Tomorrow, The  (Ace, 1962, bound with The Ladder in they Sky by Keith Woodcott.)


                The protagonist discovers that aliens and telepaths are secretly on Earth.


Day They H-Bombed Los Angeles, The  (Ace, 1961.)


                A group of people attempt to survive after a nuclear attack on the city of Los Angeles, launched by the US itself.


Doomsday Eve  (Ace, 1957, bound with Three to Conquer by Eric Frank Russell. Armchair, 2017, bound with The Soul Snatchers by Lee Francis.)


                In the midst of a growing nuclear conflict, a spy discovers the existence of a race of superhumans living secretly among us.


Flight from Yesterday  (Ace, 1963, bound with Envoy to New Worlds by Keith Laumer.)


                A man from our time has encounters with people who appear to have originated in Atlantis.


Girl Who Read Minds, The (Armchair, 2018, bound with Seven from the Stars by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Magazine appearance 1949.)


A mind reading act uncovers real and deadly secrets.


Huntress of Akkan, The (Armchair, 2015, bound with Last Call for Doomsday by Edmond Hamilton. Magazine appearance 1946.)


Two soldiers in Burma are transported to a world where humans are hunted.


Isle of Doom (Armchair, 2018, bound with Colossus by S.J. Byrne. Magazine appearance 1948.)


A man discovers deadly gas creatures in a swamp.


Jongor (CreateSpacer, 2009.)


Omnibus of the Jongor series.


Jongor Fights Back  (Popular Library, 1970. Magazine version 1951.)


Jongor #3.


                The hero wishes to return to civilization, but he is menaced by more beast men and other dangers before he can do so.


Jongor of Lost Land  (Popular Library, 1970.  Magazine version 1942.)


Jongor #1.


                A Tarzan imitation set within a lost world in Australia with surviving dinosaurs.


King of the Fourth Planet  (Ace, 1962, bound with Cosmic Checkmate by Charles V. DeVet and Katherine MacLean.)


                A man retreats to a contemplative life on Mars and discovers a secret that could destroy the Martian race.


Lost Warship, The  (?)


Short story about a warship displaced in time, published as a chapbook.


Lunar Eye, The  (Ace, 1964, bound with The Towers of Toron by Samuel R. Delany.)


                Efforts by both the US and the Soviet Union to land on the moon are thwarted by the existence of an alien race who plan to keep humanity from leaving the Earth.


Martian Adventure (Armchair, 2020, bound with The Lake of Life by Edmond Hamilton. Magazine appearance 1944.)


Hidden treasure, a gigantic open prison, and a gang of thugs on Mars.


Now Comes Tomorrow  (Curtis, 1971, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1971.)


                In a future when many people use suspended animation to wait for cures, a new disease sweeps the world and the possibility of atomic war becomes more probable.


Planet of Doomed Men (Armchair, 2018, bound with The Transposed Man by Dwight V. Swain, Originally published in 1942.)


Kidnapped into the future.


Planet of the Gods (Aegypan, ?)


Chapbook of the 1942 novelette about first contact on an alien world.


Return of Jongor, The  (Popular Library, 1970. Magazine version 1946.)


Jongor #2.


                A jungle hero sets off to a lost city to help defend them against an army of beast men.


Second Atlantis, The  (Ace, 1965.)


                A terrific earthquake sinks California beneath the Pacific Ocean.


Sinister Paradise and Other Tales from the Pulps (Wildside, 2010.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Star Wasps, The  (Ace, 1963, bound with The Warlord of Kor by Terry Carr.  Priority, alone, ?)


                The protagonist seeks to destroy the power base of a man who has people changed into cyborgs.


Three Against the Roum (Armchair, 2015, bound with Wolfbane by Frederik Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth. Magazine appearance 1951.)


Humans get involved in a war between two Venusian races.


Time Tolls for Toro (Armchair, 2014.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


To the End of Time and Other Stories  (Ace, 1960, bound with World of the Masterminds, also by Williams.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Vigilante 21st Century  (Lancer, 1967.)


                In a future where criminals have scientific devices more advanced than the authorities, a group of private citizens decides to take the law into their own hands.


Void Beyond and Other Stories, The  (Ace, 1958, bound with The Blue Atom, also by Williams.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Voyage into the Lightning (Armchair, 2021, bound with The Colors of Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Magazine appearance 1942.)


Venusians secretly invade Earth.


Walk Up the Sky  (Avalon, 1962.)


                A man travels to Venus after being robbed and has strange visions.


When Two Worlds Meet  (Curtis, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


When Two Worlds Meet (Armchair, 2012, bound with The Man Who Had No Brains by Jeff Sutton. Magazine appearance 1950.)


A superweapon alters the outcome of an iinterplanetary war.


World of the Masterminds  (Ace, 1960, bound with To The End of Time and Other Stories, also by Williams.)


                A space explorer travels to the planet Pluto in his quest to find a mysterious alien race, whose existence may prove the lever with which he can protect humanity from the plans of a would be dictator.


Zanthar at Moon's Madness  (Lancer, 1968.)


Zanthar #2.


                While exploring the moon, a scientist discovers a city of mutants who want to destroy the human race.


Zanthar at the Edge of Never  (Lancer, 1968.)


Zanthar #3.


                Alien beings are wreaking havoc on Earth, and a mysterious figure rescues a scientist from his exile in time so that he can turn the tide of battle.


Zanthar at Trip's End  (Lancer, 1969.)


Zanthar #4.


                The protagonist battles an old enemy, who has found a way to steal the discorporate personalities of people and imprison them in another reality.


Zanthar of the Many Worlds  (Lancer, 1967.)


Zanthar #1.


                A scientist invents a device that transports him to another planet where he finds himself in the middle of a war between two primitive cultures.


WILLIAMS, SEAN  (See also collaborations which follow. Also writes Fantasy.)


Earth Ascendant  (Ace, 2008.)


Astropolis #2.


A far future Earth regime is menaced by internal and external enemies.


Fatal Alliance (Del Rey, 2010.)


A Star Wars novel.

Thousands of years before events in the movies, various people try to steal an object about to be auctioned.


Force Unleashed, The  (Del Rey, 2010.)


A Star Wars novel.


Darth Vader's apprentice becomes a ruthless killer.


Grand Conjunction, The  (Ace, 2009)


Astropolis #3.


An interstellar society faces revolution.


Metal Fatigue  (Swift, 1999.)


                Following a war that destroyed most of the existing world, an isolated city in North America is troubled when it is approached about rejoining the Re-United States.


Resurrected Man, The  (?, 1999, Pyr, 2005.)


                Police of the future investigate teleportation crimes.


Saturn Returns  (Ace, 2007.)


Astropolis #1.


                A man is brought back to life in a reconstructed body and sets out on an interstellar journey to discover the truth about his past.




Dark Imbalance, A  (Ace, 2001.)


Evergence #3.


                A secret agent tries to protect humanity from an army of cloned warriors.


Dying Light, The  (Aphelion, 1997, Ace, 2000.)


Evergence #2.


                An intelligence operative investigates the origin of a genetically altered man in the aftermath of a space battle.


Echoes of Earth  (Ace, 2002.)


Dead Earth #1.


                Exploration of the stars is being conducted by electronic copies of people.  When one such expedition encounters aliens with a very advanced technology, they accept a gift that may prove to have a terrible price.


Geodesica Ascent  (Ace, 2005.)


Geodesica #1.


                Interstellar travel is controlled by repressive AIs until an alien technology is discovered.


Geodesica Descent  (Ace, 2006.)


Geodesica #2.


                The battle for survival continues as desperate men seek to determine whether a planetary disaster was caused by artificial intelligences.


Heirs of Earth  (Ace, 2004.)


Dead Earth #3.


                The handful of human survivors of an alien assault finally find a way to strike back.


Orphans of Earth  (Ace, 2003.)


Dead Earth #2.


                Earth has been destroyed, and two survivors are on their way to the colony worlds to spread the warning that an alien attacker is on the way.


Prodigal Sun, The  (Ace, 1999.  An earlier version appeared as The Unknown Soldier.)


Evergence #1.


                A genetically enhanced warrior helps a government agent conceal herself and an artificial intelligence on a prison planet.


Refugee  (Del Rey, 2003.)


A Star Wars novel.


                As an alien enemy puts pressure on the Republic, old enmities begin to emerge and the threat of chaos hovers over everything.


Remnant  (Del Rey, 2003.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Luke Skywalker and friends travel to a sentient planet in an effort to avoid a war.


Reunion  (Del Rey, 2003.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Luke and friends attempt to convince a living planet to help them end a disastrous war.


Unknown Soldier, The  (Aphelion, 1995.)


                This is an earlier version of The Prodigal Sun.


WILLIAMS, SPEEDY  (Pseudonym of L.H. Smith.)


Journey Through Space  (Exposition, 1958.)


                A round trip to the moons of Mars.




Month for Mankind, A  (Hale, 1970, Lenox Hill, 1971.)


                Aliens visit the Earth.




Journey into the Flame (Atria, 2014.)


Rising World #1.


A solar flare changes the world.




Moonball, The  (Hamish Hamilton, 1958, Meredith, 1967, Scholastic, 1968.)


                Two children encounter an alien life form and make friends with it.




Accidental War, The (Harper, 2018.)




Military SF.


Ambassador of Progress  (Tor, 1984, Orbit, 1987.)


                The inhabitants of a primitive world believe themselves alone in the universe.  They are about to find out otherwise.


Angel Station  (Tor, 1989, Orbit, 1990.)


                Space roving outlaws seek to make a living in a high tech universe.


Aristoi     (Tor, 1992, Grafton, 1993, Legend, 1995.)


                The nobles of a future society create virtual worlds of their own where they rule with absolute power.


Conventions of War  (Eos, 2005.)


Dread Empire #3.


                Humans spearhead the battle to avoid the rise of a new galactic empire ruled by an alien race.


Crown Jewels, The  (Tor, 1987.)


Drake Majistral #1.


                The humans were the first race to overthrow an alien invader, but not until a system of aristocracy had been imposed.  Now one of the poorer aristocrats has turned to a life of crime to support himself.


Days of Atonement  (Tor, 1992, Grafton, 1992.)


                A secret research establishment in the southwest appears to have developed something very much like time travel.  Except not exactly.


Deep State  (Orbit, 2011.)


Virtual reality and espionage overlap.


Destiny's Way  (Del Rey, 2002.)


A Star Wars novel.


                With the Republic reeling from an alien assault, the defenders must choose between using the Force to oppose the attackers or relying on a new weapon with questionable moral implications.


Dinosaurs  (Pulphouse, 1991.)


                Short story published as a pamphlet.


Elegy for Angels and Dogs  (Tor, 1990, bound with The Graveyard Heart by Roger Zelazny.  Grafton, 1992.)


                A sequel to the Zelazny story with which it is paired, set in a future when people go into suspended animation and are only revived for parties.


Facets  (Tor, 1990, Grafton, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Fourth Wall, The  (Orbit, 2012.)


Near future mystery novel.


Frankensteins and Foreign Devils  (NESFA, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Hard Wired  (Tor, 1986, Macdonald, 1987.)


                War breaks out between those on the surface of the Earth and the high tech, highly armed orbital habitats surrounding the planet.


House of Shards  (Tor, 1988.)


Drake Majistral #2.


                Two high class burglars are both interested in stealing what may be the most valuable jewels in the galaxy.


Implied Spaces  (Night Shade, 2008.)


An insane immortal subverts artificial intelligences in an effort to unite the universe.


Knight Moves  (Tor, 1985, Orbit, 1987.)


                Travel to the stars is still relatively slow, but an entrepreneur from Earth hears rumors that the inhabitants of a distant world have mastered the art of teleportation.


Praxis, The  (Earthlight, 2002.)


Dread Empire's Fall #1.


                An immortal alien race commits mass suicide after subjugating the galaxy, and humans are among those caught in the struggle for power that ensues.


Rift, The  (Harper, 1999.)


                An earthquake in the center of North America causes enormous damage and potentially even greater as a nuclear reactor is poised to collapse into the flood waters.


Rock of Ages   (Tor, 1995.)


Drake Majistral #3.


                A man who is legally authorized to be a burglar because of his high entertainment value finds himself the victim when someone steals his father's cryogenic coffin.


Solip: System  (Axolotl, 1989.)


                A short novel giving another view of the events at the end of Hardwired.


Sundering, The  (Earthlight, 2003.)


Dread Empire's Fall #2.


                Political intrigues interfere with the conduct of an interstellar war.


This Is Not a Game  (Orbit, 2009.)


Marginal thriller involving online gaming.


Voice of the Whirlwind  (Tor, 1987, Orbit, 1989.)


                The clone of a murdered man struggles with the loss of many years of memories and sets out to solve the mystery of his original's death.


Ylesia   (2002)


A Star Wars novel




Hell  (Prima, 1995.)


                Based on the computer game.  America is a religious dictatorship and virtual reality demons and the police are just some of the dangers.


WILLIAMSON, JACK  (See also collaborations with Fred Pohl, James Gunn, and others that follow.)


After World's End (Armchair, 2014, bound with The Floating Robot by David Wright O'Brien. Magazine appearance 1939.)


An astronaut travels into the distant future.


After World's End/The Legion of Time  (Digit, 1961, Magabooks, 1963.  Bluejay, 1985, as The Legion of Time.)


                Two unrelated novels, the first one quite short.


Alien Intelligence, The  (PDA Enterprises, 1980. Armchair, 2017, bound with Into the Fourth Dimension by Ray Cummings. Magazine appearance 1929.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Beachhead  (Tor, 1992, Easton, 1993.)


                The first manned expedition to Mars runs into trouble, and the protagonist finds himself stranded and with a limited amount of supplies to sustain himself.


Best of Jack Williamson, The  (Del Rey, 1978.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Black Sun, The  (Tor, 1997.)


                The first humans to land on an ice covered world struggle to survive, and discover that they have wakened a dormant alien intelligence.


Blue Spot & Entropy Reversed, The  (Gryphon, 2001.)


                Omnibus of the two short novels.


Bright New Universe  (Ace, 1967, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1969.)


                A man determined to prove the existence of intelligent life in the universe goes on an expedition to the far side of the moon.


Brother to Demons, Brother to Gods  (Bobbs Merrill, 1979, Berkley, 1981, Sphere, 1981.)


                A race of aliens in the distant future decides to re-create the extinct human race, and gets more than they bargained for.


Cometeers, The  (Fantasy Press, 1950, Pyramid, 1967, Sphere, 1977, Pocket, 1978.  First edition includes One Against the Legion. Magazine version 1936.)


Legion #2.


                An alien race with an enormous warship threatens to dominate the entire galaxy, but gets foiled by the three heroes.


Demon Moon  (Tor, 1994.)


                Despite the trappings of fantasy, this other world adventure is eventually rationalized.


Dome Around America  (Ace, 1955, bound with The Paradox Men by Charles L. Harness. Faber, 1964.  Magazine version 1941 as Gateway to Paradise.)


                Earth's ecology will not support human life, and the survivors exist in a gigantic dome.  But then someone spots movement outside, and what was believed to be true is suddenly in doubt.


Dragon’s Island  (Simon & Schuster, 1951, Musson, 1951, Popular Library, 1952, Museum Press, 1954, Tower, 1965.  Tower, 1968, as The Not-Men.)


                A secret corps of scientists uses genetic engineering to create whatever they want.


Dragon's Island and Other Stories  (Five Star, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dreadful Sleep  (Weinberg, 1977.  Magazine version 1938.)


                An alien intelligence under Antarctica is wakened.


Early Williamson, The  (Doubleday, 1975, Sphere, 1978.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Firechild  (Bluejay, 1986, Tor, 1987, Methuen, 1988.)


                Genetic experimentation in the future brings down the wrath of religious fundamentalists, and the envy of men who want to use this new technique to build their own power.


Fortress of Utopia, The  (Gryphon, 1998.  Magazine version, 1939.)


                A group of people on the moon plot to control all of humankind.


Green Girl, The  (Avon, 1950.  Armchair, 2012, bound with The Robot Peril by Don Wilcox. Magazine version 1930.)


                Superscience threatens the entire Earth and one man may prove its salvatation when he sees a woman he had fantasized about in his dreams.


Hocus Pocus Universe (Armchair, 2012, bound with Queen of the Panther World by Berkeley Livingston. Magazine appearance 1953.)


Natural laws vary in the presence of an unusual individual.


Humanoids, The   (Simon & Schuster, 1949, Musson, 1949, Grosset & Dunlap, 1950, Museum Press, 1953, Galaxy, 1954, Lancer, 1963, Avon Equinox, 1976, Sphere, 1977, Gregg, 1980, Doubleday, 1980, Easton, 1987, Orb, 1996.)


Humanoids #1.


                The human race creates a kind of robot designed to prevent us from hurting each other.  But thousands of years from now, they prevent humans from taking even ordinary risks.


Humanoid Touch, The  (Phantasia, 1980, Holt, 1980, Bantam, 1981, Sphere, 1982.)


Humanoids #2.


                One branch of humanity escaped the patronizing rule of the humanoids, then forgot about their existence.  Now the superior robots have come to their world, and they are totally unprepared for the change.


Into the Eighth Decade  (Pulphouse, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Lady in Danger  (Utopian, 1946.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Lady of Light, The (Armchair, 2016, bound with The Swordsman of Pira by Charles Recour. Magazine appearance 1932.)


A lost civilization in the asteroid belt.


Legion of Space, The  (Fantasy Press, 1947, Galaxy, 1950, Pyramid, 1967, Garland, 1975, Sphere, 1977, Pocket, 1977, Collier, 1990. Magazine version 1935.)


Legion #1.


                Three space adventurers set off to the stars to track down an enigmatic and powerful woman.


Legion of Time, The  (Fantasy Press, 1952,  Digit, 1961, Sphere, 1977.  Magabook, 1963, Pyramid, 1967, Bluejay, 1985, includes  After World's End. Magazine version 1938.)


                A battle to control the flow of time sweeps up an innocent man from our time.


Lifeburst  (Del Rey, 1984, Sphere, 1987.)


Seeker #1.


                An alien race created cyborgs who eventually exterminated their masters and began to reproduce on their own.  And now the first of their kind has entered the solar system.


Manseed  (Del Rey, 1982, Sphere, 1986.)


                A team of scientists hope to spread humankind through the galaxy using cyborgs and tiny seedships.  Unfortunately, they can't possibly anticipate what will happen when cyborgs and aliens meet.


Mazeway  (Del Rey, 1990, Easton, 1990, Mandarin, 1990.)


Seeker #2.


                The human race was devastated by its battle with a cyborg starship, and the only way to gain help from a nearby alien species is if someone competes well in a competition held on one of their worlds.


Metal Man, The  (Haffner, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mistress of Machine-Age Madness  (Armchair, 2018, bound with The Impossibles by Randall Garrett and Laurence Janifer. Magazine appearance 1940.)


A mad scientist and his inhuman servants hold a woman captive,


Moon Era, The (Armchair, 2014, bound with Revenge of the Robots by Howard Browne. Magazine appearance 1932.)


An experimental spaceship travels through time as well.


Moon Children, The  (Putnam, 1972, Berkley, 1973, Elmfield, 1975.)


                Astronauts return from a trip to the moon and their children develop unusual psychic powers.


Not-Men, The  (See Dragon’s Island.)


One Against the Legion  (Pyramid, 1967, Sphere, 1977.  Included in 1950 Fantasy Press edition of The Cometeers..)


Legion #3.


                A madman with a grudge against humanity sets out to dominate the universe.


Pandora Effect, The  (Ace, 1969.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


People Machines  (Ace, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Power of Blackness, The  (Berkley, 1976, Ultramarine, 1976, Sphere, 1978.)


                Episodic adventurers of a man who travels among the stars, fighting in arenas and outsmarting villains.


Prince of Space, The (Armchair, 2013, bound with Power by Harl Vincent. Magazine appearance 1931.)


A space pirate thwarts a Martian attack on Earth.


Prince of Space and The Girl from Mars, The  (Gryphon, 1998.)


                Collection of two long stories originally published in the 1930s.


Queen of the Legion, The  (Pocket, 1983, Sphere, 1984, Haffner, 1998.)


Legion #4.


                An expedition sets out into unknown space to solve a mystery that endangers all life.


Ruler of Fate and Xandulu, The  (Gryphon, 1999.)


                Collection of the two short novels originally published in magazines in the 1930s.


Seetee   (See Seetee Ship/Seetee Shock.)


Seetee Ship  (Gnome, 1951, as by Will Stewart.  Lancer, 1968, Mayflower, 1969, Bart, 1989.)


Seetee #2.


                Mastery of the technology of antimatter is the key to political and military dominance in an increasingly settled solar system.


Seetee Ship/Seetee Shock  (Lancer, 1972.  Jove, 1979, as Seetee.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Seetee Shock  (Simon & Schuster, 1950, World’s Work, 1954, as by Will Stewart. Lancer, 1968, Mayflower, 1969, Bart, 1989.  Magazine version 1950.)


Seetee #1.


                A man dedicated to developing antimatter as a power source is frustrated by the efforts of others to turn it into a superweapon.


Silicon Dagger, The  (Tor, 1999.)


                The invention of an impenetrable force shield allows a small town to become independent of the US.


Spider Island  (Haffner, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Stone from the Green Star, The  (Gryphon, 2001, Armchair, 2014.)


                A man kidnapped into the future gets involved with the search for immortality.


Stonehenge Gate, The  (Tor, 2005.)


                Four friends discover an alien artifact that lets them travel to the stars.


Terraforming Earth  (Tor, 2001.)


                A meteor destroys all life on Earth and survivors on the moon are forced to clone themselves in order to remain alive long enough to make the planet habitable again.


Three from the Legion  (Doubleday, 1980, Pocket, 1980.)


                Omnibus of The Legion of Space, The Cometeers, and One Against the Legion.


Trapped in Space  (Doubleday, 1968, Scholastic, 1970, Semaphore, 1968.)


                Young adult adventure about a rescue mission following an alien attack.


Trial of Terra, The  (Ace, 1962.)


                Several short stories patched up very awkwardly into a novel about aliens testing the worthiness of the human race.


Wizard’s Isle  (Haffner, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Wolves of Darkness (Armchair, 2017, bound with World of the Living Dead by Ed Earl Repp. Magazine appearance 1932.)


Rationalized werewolf story.


Wolves of Darkness  (Haffner, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Birth of a New Republic, The  (PDA Enterprises, 1981, Armchair, 2021.  Magazine version 1931.)


                Short novel about the moon gaining its independence.


Girl from Mars, The  (Stellar, 1929.)


                Dying Martians propagate themselves on Earth.


WILLIAMSON, MICHAEL Z.  (See also collaboration with John Ringo.)


Better to Beg Forgiveness  (Baen, 2007.)


Routine military SF.


Contact with Chaos  (Baen, 2009.)


Freehold #3.


Quasi-Libertarian space opera about first contact and the nasty old United Nations.


Do Unto Others  (Baen, 2010.)


Kidnapping and intrigue on a mining planet.


Freehold  (Baen, 2004.)


Freehold #1.


                The only planet not under control of powerful human empires becomes a battleground.


Long Time Until Now, A  (Baen, 2015.)


A military unit in prehistoric Earth.


Rogue  (Baen, 2011.)




Tour of Duty (Baen, 2013.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Weapon, The  (Baen, 2005.)


Freehold #2.


                A terrorist is sent to Earth to destroy its military capability.


When Diplomacy Fails (Baen, 2012.)


Galactic politics.




Building of Venus Four, The  (Manor, 1977.)


                Spoof of space fiction.


WILLIS, CONNIE  (See also collaborations which follow.)


All Clear (2010)



Bellwether, The  (Bantam, 1996.)


                A woman discovers that there are certain human beings who are by nature designed to set trends for others.


Best of Connie Willis, The (Del Rey, 2013.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Blackout (Ballantine Spectra, 2010.)


Oxford #2.


Time travelers endanger the stability of the continuum.


Daisy, in the Sun  (Pulphouse, 1991.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Distress Call  (Roadkill, 1991.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Doomsday Book  (Bantam, 1992, New English Library, 1992.)


                A time traveler is studying the 14th Century when a new plague in her home time creates a crisis that spans the centuries.


Fire Watch  (Bluejay, 1985, Bantam, 1986.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Futures Imperfect  (Guild America, undated.)


                Omnibus of Bellwether, Remake, and Uncharted Territory.


Impossible Things  (Bantam, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Lincoln's Dreams  (Bantam, 1987, Grafton, 1988.)


The story of a woman troubled by dreams linked to Abraham Lincoln.


Passage  (Bantam, 2001.)


                Experiments with near death experiences have some unexpected consequences.


Remake  (Ziesing, 1994, Bantam, 1995.)


                In a future version of Hollywood, it is possible to edit and re-edit movies to eliminate bad things like smoking, or change the ending, or substitute actors.  Despite the move to virtual acting, one young woman is determined to do it live.


To Say Nothing of the Dog  (Bantam, 1997.)


Oxford #1.


Comic novel of a time traveler attempting to recover an artifact destroyed during World War II and his misadventures in the process.


Uncharted Territory  (Bantam, 1994, New English Library, 1994.)


                Two explorers on an uncharted world.




Light Raid  (Ace, 1989.)


                Against a backdrop of laser attacks from space, a young woman sets about proving her mother innocent of the crime for which she has been imprisoned.


Promised Land  (Ace, 1997.)


                A woman inherits property on a colony world.  She intends to sell it but discovers that she must live on the planet for a full year before she can do so, during the course of which she falls in love with the world.


Water Witch  (Ace, 1982.)


                On a primitive world where control of the water is essential to life, a woman uses trickery and science to establish herself as the heir to the possessions of a family that at one time had title to all the major sources of water on the planet.


WILLIS, LISLE  (See Eric Von Loden.)


WILLIS, MAUD  (See Eileen Lottman.)




Wonderful Edison Time Machine, The  (Hypostyle Hall, 2000.)


                Four youngsters travel back through time to try to prevent the stock market crash of 1929.




Old Men at the Zoo, The  (Viking, 1961, Secker & Warburg, 1961, Penguin, 1964.)


                Near future political drama.




Altogether Elsewhere  (?, 1985.)


                A gender war in the near future.


Hatching Stones  (?, 1991.)


                Men use clones in an attempt to reduce their dependence on women.




Direct Descendant  (St Martins, 1995.)


                A disreputable scientist recovers some DNA from an ancient man and uses it to produce a living being.  Unfortunately, the experiment doesn't go quite the way it was planned.


Donor  (St Martins, 1999.)


                Marginal thriller about an illegal organ transplanting group that is less than ethical about how they acquire their raw materials.


Embryo  (St Martins, 1999.)


                Marginal thriller about an illegal experiment in genetic manipulation.


Extinct  (St Martins, 1997.)


                A prehistoric shark begins to prey on human victims, prowling the beaches, until it is eventually destroyed.


Fertile Ground  (St Martins, 1996.)


                An expedition to the Amazon returns infected by a new plague that turns its victims into homicidal maniacs.


Game Plan  (St Martins, 2000.)


               Creation of super soldiers.




Delta, The  (Grafton, 1987, Ace, 1990, Hampton Roads, 2002.)


Spider World #4.


                Human rebels finally overthrow the alien invaders after battling their way through an alien ecology.


Desert, The  (Grafton, 1987, Ace, 1988.)


Spider World #1.


                Earth has been taken over by spiderlike alien invaders, and now the only free humans are primitive tribes living in the desert.


Fortress, The  (Grafton, 1987, Ace, 1989.)


Spider World #3.


                A human hero leads his followers on a quest to find an armory of high technology which might enable them to defeat the alien invaders.


Lifeforce  (See The Space Vampires.)


Magician, The  (HarperCollins, 1992, Hampton Roads, 2002.)


Spider World #5.


                The leader of a joint human/intelligent spider society tries to solve a series of killings.


Mind Parasites, The  (Barker, 1967, Arkham House, 1967, Bantam, 1968.)


                The human race is endangered by a species of alien that can infiltrate and manipulate human minds.


Philospher's Stone, The  (Arthur Barker, 1969, Crown, 1971, Warner, 1974, Jeremy Tarcher, 1989.)


                Scientists discover a way to mentally investigate prehistory, and discover more than they expected.


Shadowland  (Hampton Roads, 2002.)


Spider World #6.


                A young man goes on the ultimate quest and discovers his own powers.


Space Vampires, The  (Hart-Davis, 1976, Random House, 1976, Pocket, 1977.  Warner, 1985, Granada, 1985, as Lifeforce.)


                An apparently derelict spaceship drifts into the solar system.  Astronauts enter it, and unleash a plague of vampirish creatures who arrive on Earth and begin harvesting human life energy.


Tower, The  (Hampton Roads, 2002.)


                Omnibus of the first three Spider World novels.


Tower, The  (Grafton, 1987, Ace, 1989.) Hampton Roads, 2002.)


Spider World #2.


                The human survivors of an alien invasion are starting to develop psychic powers, and an ancient structure seems impervious to the aliens.




Amped  (Doubleday, 2012.)


Superhumans must be subjected to new laws.


A Boy and His Bot  (2011)




Clockwork Dynasty, The (Doubleday, 2017.)


Robots are created in the 18th Century.


Robopocalypse   (Vintage, 2012.)


The robots rebel.




Chrysalis  (Pocket, 1997.)


A Star Trek Voyager novel.


The crew is gathering food supplies on a lush planet when they begin to succumb to the soporific effects of the plants.  And when the rest of the crew decides to investigate, they find they are offending the local sentients.


Mote in Andrea's Eye, The  (Five Star, 2006.)


                A woman studying hurricanes inadvertently creates a super storm.


Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs, The  (Bad Moon, 2008.)


A con-man uncovers a plot to transplant organs between humans and animals.


WILSON, F. PAUL  (See also collaborations with Matthew J. Costello and Kevin Anderson.)


Ad Statum Perspicuum  (Pulphouse, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dydeetown World   (Baen, 1989, Easton, 1989.)


                Episodic novel about a private detective making a living on Earth after all the talented people have emigrated to the stars.


Enemy of the State, The  (Doubleday, 1980, Berkley, 1984, Stealth, 2000.)


A Lanague novel.


                A brilliant man becomes the focus of a revolution by a number of colony worlds against the repressive government of imperial Earth.


Healer  (Doubleday, 1976, Dell, 1977, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1977, Berkley, 1984.)


                A man with a mysterious power that enables him to cure people has his work cut out for him when a new plague menaces the galaxy.


La Causa  (Cemetery Dance, 2000.)


Sims #1.


                In an alternate universe, genetic engineering has turned apes into servants, virtually slaves to humans.  Some of them hire a lawyer and try to obtain some rights.


LaNague Chronicles, The  (Baen, 1992.)


                Omnibus of Healer, Wheels Within Wheels, and An Enemy of the State.


Panacea (Tor, 2016.)


The existence of a universal cure leads to a worldwide conspiracy and conflict.


Portero Method, The  (Cemetery Dance, 2001.)


Sims #2.


                Efforts by the protagonist to protect the rights of the Sims alienates most of his friends.


Meerm  (CD, 2002.)


Sims #3.


                A clandestine organization which harvests organs from intelligent simians is pursued by various parties.


Select, The  (Morrow, 1994.)


                Marginal medical thriller about unorthodox experiments.


Sibs  (Dark Harvest, 1991.)




Sims  (Forge, 2003.)


                Technically an omnibus of the Sims series but actually a unified novel published previously in parts.


Tery, The  (Dell, 1979, bound with The Twilight River by Gordon Eklund.)


                Shorter version of the novel of the same title.


Tery, The  (Baen, 1990, Overlook, ?.)


                Aliens battle religious fanatics, aided by a woman who is handicapped by her lack of telepathy.


Wheels Within Wheels  (Doubleday, 1978, Dell, 1979, Sidwick & Jackson, 1980.)


A Lanague novel.


                A woman travels to an alien world to find out why the peaceloving people of that planet killed a human being.




Supergran  (Andersen, 1978, Puffin, 1980.)


                A mysterious beam turns an elderly woman into a superhero.




Everybody's Favorite Duck  (Mysterious, 1988.)


                Spoof of Sherlock Holmes with some superscience thrown in.




Murder Goes Underground  (Fiction House, 1949.)


                Marginal thriller involving a deathray.




War of the Computers  (Granada, 1981.)






Monarch of Millions, The  (Neely, 1900.)


                A revolt against a future repressive government.




Alif the Unseen  (Grove, 2012.)


A computer hacker turns to mythology for inspiration.




Herbert’s Space Trip  (Knopf, 1965.)


                For younger readers.




When the Women Reign, 1930  (Stockwell, 1908.)


                Women achieve political power.




Guardians of Alexander  (Big Engine, 2002.)


Goldbane #1.


                A stranded alien intelligence intervenes in the career of Alexander the Great.




Side of the Angels, The  (Collins, 1968.)


                Geneticists make a major breakthrough with repercussions that spread around the world.




And Then the Town Took Off  (Ace, 1960, bound with The Sioux Spaceman by Andre Norton.  Magazine title Super City. Armchair, 2013, bound with Wide Open Planet by L. Sprague de Camp.)


                A small town in Ohio uproots itself and goes off into orbit, apparently at the behest of a local inventor


Aunt Fritzi  (Drumm, 1987.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Girls from Planet 5, The  (Ballantine, 1955, Lancer, 1967, Hale, 1968.)


                In a future America where women are the dominant sex, emissaries from outer space prove to be sexy women themselves.


Kid from Ozone Park & Other Stories, The  (Drumm,1987.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Man Without a Planet and Other Stories, The (Dancing Tuatara, ?)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Story Writer and Other Stories, The (Dancing Tuatara, ?)


Collection of unrelated stories.


30 Day Wonder  (Ballantine, 1960, Icon, 1963, Armchair, ?)


                An alien race arrives on Earth that is so law abiding that it drives local humans crazy.


Those Idiots from Earth  (Ballantine, 1957.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Time Out for Tomorrow  (Ballantine, 1962, Mayflower, 1967.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Tentacles of Dawn  (Major, 1978.)


                A man finds himself in a far future world where humans are no longer dominant.


WILSON, ROBERT ANTON  (See collaborations with Robert Shea.)


Earth Will  Shake, The  (Tarcher, 1982, Bluejay, 1984, Lynx, 1985, Roc, 1991.)


Historical Illuminatus #1.


                An adventure in the 18th Century involving a plot to rule the world.


Homing Pigeons, The  (Pocket, 1981, Sphere, 1982.)


Schrodinger's Cat #3.


                More fun in a universe of mutable realities.


Masks of the Illuminati  (Pocket, 1981, Sphere, 1981, Dell, 1990.)


                The protagonist stumbles upon an ageless international conspiracy to rule the world.


Reality Is What You Can Get Away With  (Dell, 1992.)


                Screenplay for an unproduced movie set in the future.


Right Where You Are Sitting Now  (And/Or, 1982.)


                Collection of stories linked to the Illuminatus books.


Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy  (Dell, 1988.)


                Omnibus of the trilogy.


Sex Magicians, The  (Sheffield House, 1973.)


                Humorous, above average pornography that plays with realities and cults.


Trick Top Hat, The  (Pocket, 1981, Sphere, 1981.)


Schrodinger's Cat #2.


                Kitchen sink face including the Cthulhu Mythos, altered realities, and other delights.


Universe Next Door, The  (Pocket, 1979, Sphere, 1980.)


Schrodinger's Cat #1.


                Farcical novel about a basic alteration in the laws of science.


Widow's Son, The  (Bluejay, 1985, Lynx, 1989.)


Historical Illuminatus #2.


                More battles between outnumbered and overwhelmed individuals and the secret society that plots to rule all of humanity.




Affinities (Tor, 2015.)


A new method of grouping people by personality type leads to a change in the balance of global power..


Axis  (Tor, 2007.)


Spin #2.


                A woman sets out to find her missing father in an Earth that has been linked to a secondary world in the distant future


Bios   (Tor, 1999, Millennium, 2000.)


                A woman is genetically engineered to be able to live and study the ecosystem of a planet that is otherwise completely inimical to humans.


Blind Lake  (Tor, 2003.)


                A scientific project spying on an alien world is suddenly cut off from the outside world.  As tensions mount, a child's imaginary friend turns out to be real.


Bridge of Years, A  (Doubleday, 1991, Bantam, 1992.)


                A man from the present discovers a natural time tunnel back to 1962 and hopes to make a new life in the past, but once there he discovers a professional killer from a more distant future has already moved in.


Burning Paradise  (Tor, 2013.)


An alternate history in which aliens secretly shape human culture.


Chronoliths, The  (Tor, 2001.)


                Vast structures from the future begin appearing in the present, destroying everything they replace.


Darwinia   (Tor, 1998, Millennium, 1999.)


                Adventure in an alternate history in which Europe disappeared during 1912 and was replaced overnight by an uninhabited wilderness.


Divide, The  (Doubleday, 1990, Orbit, 1990, Bantam, 1991.)


                A man specially bred for intelligence develops a split personality.


Gypsies  (Doubleday, 1989, Bantam, 1989.)


                A woman whose life has been haunted by dreams of another reality and a menacing figure discovers that the dreams have a basis in reality and that her son is in jeopardy.


Harvest, The  (Bantam, 1993, New English Library, 1983.)


                Aliens offer immortality and most of the human race accepts and goes off into space.  A fraction of the population remains behind on the now underpopulated Earth.


Hidden Place, A  (Bantam, 1986, Orbit, 1990, Orb, 2002.)


                A visitor from another world transforms the lives of two people.


Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd Century America  (Tor, 2009.)


Political intrigue and adventure in a post-collapse US with a young man rising to prominence, briefly.


Memory Wire  (Bantam, 1988, Orbit, 1990.)


                A man who has been fitted with a permanent implanted camera becomes romantically entangled with a young artist who is obsessed with an alien crystal form.


Mysterium  (Bantam, 1994.)


                An entire town finds itself moved overnight into a repressive alternate America.  Have they been taken to the future, or to another dimension?


Perseids and Other Stories, The  (Tor, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Spin  (Tor, 2005.)


Spin #1.


                The Earth is suddenly encased in an artificial globe and the next generation attempts to find a way to understand it and escape.


Vortex  (Tor, 2011.)


Spin #3.


The protagonist must solve the mystery of an alien race to save humanity.




Blank Card, A  (Hale, 1977.)


                Not seen.


Frisk Donation, The  (Hale, 1979.)


                Not seen.


Gods Alone, The  (Hale, 1975.)


                Not seen.


Ring of Rings  (Hale, 1976.)


                Not seen.




Inside Babel  (Chatto & Windus, 1985.)


Spaceache #2.


                Futuristic satire.


Spaceache  (Chatto & Windus, 1985, Ballantine, 1987.)


Spaceache #1.


                Spoof in which a teenager decides to go into suspended animation and instead finds herself in a parallel universe.




Lost Traveller, The  (Macmillan, 1976, St Martins, 1976, Pan, 1977, Ace, 1978.)


                Following World War III, what's left of the US is divided into two nations, one relatively free, the other a dictatorship.  The battle between the two depends heavily on gangs of bikers who live in the wastelands between them.




Escape from Doom (Armchair, 2017, bound with Beyond Bedlam by Wyman Guin. Magazine appearance 1945.)


A new technology allows the transfer of personalities between bodies.


WILTSHIRE, DAVID  (See also John Bedford.)


Child of Vodyanoi  (Hale, 1978.  Hamlyn, 1981, as The Nightmare Man.)


                Not seen.


Genesis II  (Hale, 1981.)


                Not seen.


Homosaur, The  (Hale, 1978.)


                Not seen.


Nightmare Man, The.  (See Child of Vodyanoi.)




Pringle Progression, The  (American Literary Press, 1998.)


                A scientist concerned with overpopulation makes a breakthrough in genetic engineering.




Pacific Nightmare  (Birch Lane, 1992, Ivy, 1994.)


                A general war breaks out in Asia.




Anakin/Vader  (Scholastic, 2007.)


A Star Wars novel.


A biography of Darth Vader for younger readers.


Assault on Yavin Four (Scholastic, 1997.)


                Multi-path gamebook set in the Star Wars universe.


Rise and Fall of Darth Vader, The  (SBS, 2009.)


A Star Wars novel.


The career of Darth Vader.


Rogue Squadron to the Rescue  (SBS, 1999.)


A Star Wars book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Showdown in Mos Eisley  (SBS, 1998.)


A Star Wars book.


                Multi-path gamebook.




Graffiti Gambit, The  (Warner, 1974.)


                Satire in which two inventors discover a way to interpose themselves into television and radio broadcasts.




Grasp the Stars  (DAW, 2004.)


                A variety of crises all strike a human operated interstellar space station at the same time.


WINGRAVE, ANTHONY  (Pseudonym of S. Fowler Wright, whom see.)


Vengeance of Gwa, The  (Butterworth, 1935, Books of To-Day, 1945.)


Cranleigh #2.






Beneath the Tree of Heaven  (New English Library, 1993, Hodder, 1994, Dell, 1996.)


Chung Kuo #6.


                The powerful organization that dominates life throughout the solar system begins to show some cracks following the birth of an extraordinary child and the plotting of one of their number to gain ascendancy.


Broken Wheel, The  (New English Library, 1990, Hodder, 1991, Delacorte, 1991.)


Chung Kuo #2.


                Four disparate men change the course of history in a future dominated by Asia.


Days of Bitter Strength  (Hodder, 1997, Dell, 1997,  New English Library, ?)


Chung Kuo #7.


                A dictator builds an army of androids with which to dominate the world.


Marriage of the Light and Dark, The  (Hodder, 1996, New English Library, 1997)


Chung Kuo #8.


                The leader of a group of free people has left the solar system, but now he must return to deal with the dictatorship that controls the bulk of the human race/


Middle Kingdom, The  (Hodder, 1989, New English Library, 1989, Delacorte, 1990.)


Chung Kuo #1.


                A vastly overpopulated future world is dominated by Asia.


Stone Within, The  (New English Library, 1991, Hodder, 1993, Dell, 1993.)


Chung Kuo #4.


                A future society of high technology and barbarism faces a crisis.


White Moon, Red Dragon  (New English Library, 1991, Delacorte, 1992, Hodder, 1994.)


Chung Kuo #5.


                War has swept through the solar system as rebels attempt to throw off the domination of the Chinese autocracy.


White Mountain, The  (Hodder, 1991, Delacorte,1992, New English Library, 1992.)


Chung Kuo #3.


                Efforts to overthrow a solar dictatorship are endangered when one of the conspirators proves to be planning to replace it with his own domination.




Countdown to Extinction  (Disney, 1998.)


                Kids take advantage of time travel to search for an iguanodon.




I, Martha Adams  (Arlington, 1982, St Martins, 1984, Baen, 1986.)


                Russia conquers the US and begins pogroms, but the protagonist becomes the leader of an effective resistance movement.


Judgment Day  (Arlington, 1984, St Martins, 1986.)






Mysterious Disappearances, The  (?, 1926.  Morrow, 1927, as The Vanishing Men.




Station X  (Lippincott, 1919, Jenkins, 1919, ?, 1975.)


                A military outpost runs into trouble in the form of visitors from Mars.


Vanishing Men, The  (See The Mysterious Disappearances.)


WINSTONE, SIMON  (See collaboration with Rebecca Levene.)


WINTERBOTHAM, RUSS  (See also Franklin Hadley and J. Harvey Bond.)


Lord of Nardos, The  (Avalon, 1966.)




Men from Arcturus, The  (Avalon, 1963.)


                Two alien envoys arrive on Earth, one moral, the other searching for a personal empire.


Puppet Planet, The  (Avalon, 1964.)


                Humans discover an alien planet where the lifeforms can alter their shapes at will in response to stimuli.


Red Planet, The  (Monarch, 1962, Priory, undated. Armchair, bound with The Shining City by Rena Vale.)


                The first expedition to Mars is commanded by a psychopath, but things get even more interesting when they arrive and find that the red planet is inhabited, and hostile.


Space Egg, The  (Avalon, 1958, Monarch, 1962.)


                An astronaut runs into an object in space which invades his body, controls his mind, and prepares for the subjugation of the human race.




Star Girl  (Harcourt Brace, 1957, Avon Camelot, 1976.)


                Implausible children's story of an alien girl temporarily stranded on Earth.




Countdown City (Quirk, 2013.)


Last #2.




Last Policeman, The (Quirk, 2013.)


Last #1.






Chosen/The Placebo Effect  (Black Flame, 2005.)


                Two episodes of the new version of the Twilight Zone.




Infinite Future, The  (Penguin Press, 2018.)


Satirical look at a writer who may be more than he seems.




Day the Queen Flew to Scotland for the Grouse Shooting, The  (Cavalier, 1968.)


                England erupts into Civil War.


WISE, ROBERT A.  (Pseudonym of Fred Gebhart.)


12 to the Moon  (Badger, 1961.)




WISHER, W.H.  (See collaboration with Randall Frakes.)




Antrian Messenger, The  (Dutton, 1986.)


Antrian #1.


                A teenager discovers he has unusual mental powers.


Mind Trap, The  (Lodestar, 1990.)


Antrian #3.




Seer, The  (Lodestar, 1988.)


Antrian #2.






Eden  (Dark Regions, 2001.)


                Short story published as a pamphlet.  Drug induced speculations about reality.




Planet of the Dead  (Baen, 1988.)


Guild of Thieves #2.


                An entire region of space seems to be succumbing to a nefarious drug trade, with planet after planet dropping out of communication with the rest of civilization.


Roil of Stars, A  (Baen, 1991.)


                A soldier fighting in an interstellar war finds himself in possession of a superweapon, believed by one side to be an enemy and the other to be a traitor.


Starluck  (Doubleday, 1982, Dell Laurel, 1986.)


                The evil emperor of an interstellar civilization orders the death of a boy who registers off the scale on a luck scale, but unsurprisingly, the boy evades his agents.


Warrior Planet  (Baen, 1987.)


Guild of Thieves #1.


                An organization of thieves and a group that trains people with psychic powers find their futures interlinked when an alien race seeks to dominate the galaxy.




Les Guerilleres  (Viking, 1969, Avon Bard, 1973, translated from the French by David LeVay.)


                A novel of the coming war between the genders.


WIXON, DAVID W.  (See collaboration with Gordon R. Dickson.)




Past Is Another Country, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1988.)


                Set more than a century following the conquest of the US by Russia.




Youth Monopoly, The  (Ace, 1968, bound with The Pictures of Pavanne by Lan Wright.)


                A young man is offered immortality by a mysterious organization, and wonders what the price will be.




Swoop! Or How Clarence Saved England, The  (Alston Rivers, 1909.)


                Spoof of future war novels with England defeating just about the entire world.




Authentic Touch, The  (Curtis, 1971.)


                Life has become so simple and predictable in the future that everyone is bored, so one planet is set aside to recreate old civilizations where things are less ordinary.


Future War  (Cory & Collins, 1982.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Looking for Blucher  (Void, 1980.)


                Insanity and satiric humor aboard a spaceship.


Ryn  (Cory & Collins, 1982.)


                A black man is reincarnated as a white.  Arguably fantasy, although rationalized.




Below the Threshold  (Tor, 1988.)


A "V" book.


A psychologist is puzzled when his patients stop hating and fearing the aliens invading the Earth and begin to have second thoughts about resisting.  Somehow the Visitors are influencing the minds of human beings.


Crivit Experiment, The  (Pinnacle, 1985.)


A "V" book.


Frustrated by the failure of their attack, the aliens besieging Earth create a new lifeform that hides in burrows, then springs forth to kill anyone who comes near.  They plan to release them in large numbers throughout parts of North America, and will do so unless someone can find a way to foil their plot.


Crown of the Serpent  (Questar, 1989.)


Rikard Braeth #2.


                An interstellar treasure hunter is impressed into service finding out who is responsible for the mysterious depopulation of several worlds.


Jewels of the Dragon  (Questar, 1986.)


Rikard Braeth #1.


                A space traveler finds himself on a brutal world of outlaws and killers, and must acquire the skills to protect himself from both human and alien enemies.


Lair of the Cyclops  (Questar, 1992.)


Rikard Braeth #3.


                A wandering treasure hunter must solve the mystery of an alien race that vanished millions of years in the past, after reshaping the galaxy for some unknown purpose.


Planet Masters, The  (St Martins, 1979.)


                A space opera involving a murder, missing secrets, and revenge.


Pursuit of Diana, The  (Pinnacle, 1984.)


A "V" book.


Although the invaders' plans have been thwarted, their leader escapes human captivity.  A human ship pursues her, hoping to overtake her before she can call for reinforcements and renew the attack on Earth.




Fire in the Sky  (Major, 1978, Hale, 1981.)


                An alien visitor offers to help Earth solve its ecological problems, but only in exchange for help in launching its own space mission.




King of Infinite Space  (Erica, 1999.)


                A murder mystery in a future society.


WOLF, GARY K.  (See collaboration which follows.)


Generation Removed, A  (Doubleday, 1977.)


                Young people take over the world.


Killerbowl  (Doubleday, 1975, Sphere, 1976.)


                Early in the 21st Century, the Superbowl is given an additional boost by deliberately redesigning football to be lethal.


Resurrectionist, The  (Doubleday, 1979.)


                A man is lost while being transported by matter transmission.




Space Vulture  (Tor, 2008.)


Space opera about a planet hopping lawman.


WOLFE, AARON  (Pseudonym of Dean R. Koontz, whom see.)


Invasion  (Laser, 1975.  Expanded as by Dean R. Koontz as Winter Moon.)


                Alien invaders animate the bodies of dead animals and use them to lay siege to a cabin occupied by the hero.




Limbo  (See Limbo '90.)


Limbo ’90  (Random House, 1952, Secker & Warburg, 1953, Penguin, 1961.   Ace, undated, Carroll & Graf, 1987 as Limbo.)


                Following a limited nuclear war, the world is changed into a repressive society where lobotomies are used to control aggressive impulses.




Arimaspian Legend, The  (Cheap Street, 1987.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Best of Gene Wolfe, The  (Tor, 2009.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Bibliomen  (Cheap Street, 1984.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Book of the New Sun, The  (Science Fiction Book Club, 1998.)


                Omnibus of the four Severian novels.


Borrowed Man, A (Tor, 2015.)


A clone becomes involved in a mysterious series of incidents.


Boy Who Hooked the Sun, The  (Cheap Street, 1985.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Calde of the Long Sun  (Tor, 1994, New English Library, 1995.)


Book of the Long Sun #3.


                A crisis is brewing aboard the gigantic starship as ancient powers stir to life and various groups seek to elevate their own positions.


Castle of Days  (Tor, 1992, Orb, 1995.)


                Omnibus of Gene Wolfe's Book of Days and The Castle of the Otter with a large selection of essays added.


Citadel of the Autarch, The  (Pocket, 1983, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1983.)


Severian #4.


                Severian travels across a far future Earth and discovers the truth about the man who rules all of humanity.


Claw of the Conciliator, The  (Pocket, 1982, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1982, Legend, 1991.)


Severian #2.


                Severian the torturer has been banished because he showed mercy to one of his charges, and now he's found an ancient artifact with unusual properties.


Death of Doctor Island, The  (Tor, 1990, bound with Fugue State by John M. Ford.)


                Novelet published as half a double book.


Empires of Foliage and Flower  (Cheap Street, 1987.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Endangered Species  (Easton, 1989, Tor, 1989, Orbit, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Epiphany of the Long Sun  (Orb, 2000.)


                Omnibus of Calde of the Long Sun and Exodus from the Long Sun.


Exodus of the Long Sun   (Tor, 1996, Hodder, 1996/)


Book of the Long Sun #4.


                A civil war breaks out aboard a generation starship, and it is simultaneously discovered that they have reached the planet they were sent to colonize.


Fifth Head of Cerberus, The   (Scribner, 1972, Gollancz, 1973, Ace, 1976, Orb, 1994, Millennium, 1999.)


                Very intricate story of various characters living on a planet where the human colonists may have been replaced by alien shapechangers.


Gene Wolfe's Book of Days  (Doubleday, 1981, Arrow, 1985.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Hero as Werewolf, The  (Pulphouse, 1991.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


In Green’s Jungles  (Tor, 2000.)


Second Book of the Long Sun #2.


                A journey of discovery across a strange planet continues, this time deep in a jungle.


Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories, The  (Pocket, 1980, Orb, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Lake of the Long Sun  (Tor, 1994, New English Library, 1994.)


Book of the Long Sun #2.


                Patera Silk penetrates into the bowels of his generation starship to find a way to help his community survive.


Litany of the Long Sun  (Guild America, 1994, Orb, 2000.)


                Omnibus of Nightside of the Long Sun and Lake of the Long Sun.


Memorare  (Wyrm, 2008.)


Novella about a strange discovery in space.


Nightside the Long Sun  (Tor, 1993, New English Library, 1993.)


Book of the Long Sun #1.


                A generation starship is troubled by internal strife and uncertainty about the nature of their mission.


Old Woman Whose Rolling Pin Is in the Sun, The  (Cheap Street, 1991.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


On Blue’s Waters  (Tor, 1999.)


Second Book of the Long Sun #1.


                The protagonist sets out to find out who's in control of the new colony now that a generations long starship has landed its passengers.  His first trip is across a dangerous ocean.


Operation Ares  (Berkley, 1970, Dobson, 1977.)


                Earth's civilization is sinking into decay when Martian colonists return to Earth and seem likely to save the day.


Plan[e]t Engineering  (NESFA, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Return to the Whorl  (Tor, 2001.)


Second Book of the Long Sun #3.


                The protagonist finally discovers that there is a power void in the colony and is coerced into assuming authority himself.


Seven American Nights  (Tor, 1989, bound with Sailing to Byzantium by Robert Silverberg.)


                Novelette set in a future America that has become a third world nation.


Severian of the Guild  (Gollancz, 2007.)


Omnibus of the Severian series.


Shadow and Claw  (Millennium, 2000.)


                Omnibus of Shadow of the Torturer and The Claw of the Conciliator.


Shadow of the Torturer, The  (Pocket, 1981, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1981, Arrow, 1986.)


Severian #1.


                In a future where technology is indistinguishable from magic, a professional torturer begins to have doubts about his profession.


Slow Children at Play  (Cheap Street, 1989.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Starwater Strains  (Tor, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Storeys from the Old Hotel  (Kerosina, 1988, Tor, 1992, Orb, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Strange Travelers  (Tor, 2000, Orb, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sword and Citadel  (Orb, 1994, Millennium, 2001.)


                Omnibus of The Sword of the Lictor and The Citadel of the Autarch.


Sword of the Lictor, The  (Timescape, 1981, Pocket, 1982, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1982.)


Severian #3.


                The banished torturer wanders through a variety of strange cultures in his quest to find a new home.


Urth of the New Sun, The  (Tor, 1987, Gollancz, 1987, Orb, 1997.)


Severian #5.


                Episodic sequel to the original series set in a far future Earth.


Wolfe Archipelago, The  (Ziesing, 1983.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Young Wolfe  (United Mythologies, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Journey of the Oceanauts  (Norton, 1968, Pyramid, 1970.)


                A group of genetically altered people are sent to explore the ocean floor.


WOLFE, THADD L.  (Pseudonym of Stephen Cosgrove and Larry Knighton.)


Great Aunt Sam  (Bit’n, 1998.)


                A brain parasite is transmitted through the kisses of an affectionate older woman.




Caves of Mars  (Linnett, 1988.)


Falcon Gold #1.


                Five young astronauts confront an alien threat to the solar system.


WOLFMAN, MARV  (See also collaboration with Joseph Silva & Len Wein, and one that follows.)


Doomsday  (Pocket, 1979.)


A Fantastic Four novel.


                Doctor Doom captures the Fantastic Four as part of his latest plot to dominate the world.


Superman Returns  (Warner, 2006, based on the screenplay by Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris, and Bryan Singer.

A Superman novel.


                Superman returns to Earth after a prolonged visit to Krypton.




Mayhem in Manhattan  (Pocket, 1978.)


A Spiderman novel.


                Episodic adventures  of Spiderman, a young man with superhuman powers.


WOLLHEIM, DONALD A.  (See also David Grinell.)


Men from Ariel, The  (NESFA, 1982.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mike Mars and the Mystery Satellite  (Doubleday, 1963, Paperback Library,1966.)


Mike Mars #7.


                An orbiting satellite threatens to wipe out all of America's space defenses.


Mike Mars Around the Moon  (Doubleday, 1964, Paperback Library, 1966.)


Mike Mars #8.


                American and Russian astronauts conduct a race to the moon.


Mike Mars Astronaut  (Doubleday, 1961, Paperback Library, 1966.)


Mike Mars #1.


                A trainee astronaut discovers that someone is plotting to prevent him from ever going into space.


Mike Mars at Cape Canaveral  (See Mike Mars at Cape Kennedy.)


Mike Mars at Cape Kennedy  (Paperback Library, 1966.  Doubleday, 1961, as Mike Mars at Cape Canaveral.)


Mike Mars #3.


                Spies and saboteurs menace the space program and the life of a young astronaut.


Mike Mars Flies by Dyna-Soar  (Doubleday, 1962, Paperback Library, 1966.)


Mike Mars #5.


                A young astronaut must conduct a daring rescue in Earth's orbit.


Mike Mars Flies the X-15  (Doubleday, 1961, Paperback Library, 1966.)


Mike Mars #2.


                An astronaut uncovers efforts to sabotage an experimental spaceship.


Mike Mars in Orbit  (Doubleday, 1961, Paperback Library, 1966.)


Mike Mars #4.


                On his first trip into orbit, a young astronaut finds himself stranded in space.


Mike Mars South Pole Spaceman  (Doubleday, 1962, Paperback Library, 1966.)


Mike Mars #6.


                An astronaut is stranded in the Antarctic and pursued by Soviet troops.


One Against the Moon  (World, 1956, Armchair, ?)


                A young astronaut is stranded on the moon.


Secret of Saturn's Rings, The  (Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1954, Paperback Library, 1966.)


                An expedition to Saturn's rings is put in danger when a space war breaks out.


Secret of the Martian Moons, The  (Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1955, Tempo, 1963.)


                An astronaut stranded on Mars discovers that someone has sabotaged his ship.  Is it a stowaway or are their Martians?


Secret of the Ninth Planet, The  (Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1959, Paperback Library, 1965, Warner, 1973. Armchair, 2018, bound with Beyond the Walls of Space by S.M. Tenneshaw.)


                Some alien force is stealing the energy from the sun, so a mission is launched to search the solar system and find out who is responsible.


Two Dozen Dragon Eggs  (Powell, 1969, Dobson, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Up There and Other Strange Directions  (NESFA, 1988.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


WOLVERTON, DAVE  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Beyond the Gate  (Tor, 1995.)


Golden Queen #2.


                More battles between the human race and an insectlike alien species.


Dark Rising, The  (Scholastic, 1999.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Young Obi-Wan Kenobi must overcome his own impatience and a deadly enemy in order to win a place as an apprentice Jedi knight.


Golden Queen, The  (Tor, 1994.)


Golden Queen #1.


                The clone of a murdered ruler tries to rally humans throughout the galaxy in their war against an insectlike alien invader.


Ithorian Invasion  (SBS, 1998.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Lords of the Seventh Swarm  (Tor, 1997.)


Golden Queen #3.


                A human manages to become dominant among an alien species, which makes it impossible for them to continue their war against humanity.


Monsters of Dweem, The  (SBS, 1998.)


A Star Wars book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


On My Way to Paradise  (Bantam, 1989.)


                His gesture of goodwill to a woman lands a man in trouble when he finds himself part of an effort to rescue humans from domination by artificial intelligences.


Path of a Hero  (Bantam, 1993.)


Anee #2.


                An artificial world peopled with extinct species goes through a period of wars and repression.


Prisoner of the Nikto Pirates  (SBS, 1998.)


A Star Wars book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Search for Grubba the Hut, The  (SBS, 1998.)


A Star Wars book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Serpent Catch  (Bantam, 1991.)


Anee #1.


                The human race transforms a moon into a storehouse for extinct species including primitive humans.


Togorian Trap  (SBS, 1998.)


A Star Wars book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Voyage to the Underworld  (SBS, 1998).


A Star Wars Missions novel.


                A multi-path gamebook.




Very Strange Trip, A  (Bridge, 1999.)


                While transporting a time machine, a professional driver inadvertently activates it and travels through time.




Ambient  (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1987, Grove, 1987, Tor, 1987, Unwin Hyman, 1988.)


New York #1.


                A future New York City filled with cults, terrorists, and corporate battles.


Elvissey  (Tor, 1993, HarperCollins, 1993, Grove, 1997.)


                Time travelers attempt to kidnap Elvis Presley and take him to the future.


Going Going Gone  (HarperCollins, 2000.)


                A skeptical man encounters spectral women who claim to be visitors from other realities.


Heathern  (Tor, 1990, Unwin Hyman, 1990.)


New York #3.


                A corporate giant decides to co-opt a woman who is apparently causing miraculous cures.


Random Acts of Senseless Violence  (Harper, 1993, Atlantic Monthly, 1994, Grove, 1995.)


                A young woman attempts to adapt to an increasingly violent future New York.


Terraplane  (Tor, 1988, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1988, Unwin Hyman, 1989.)


New York #2.


                The New York City of the future has become an ultraviolent nightmare world.




Orgasms in Space  (?)




WOOD, CHRISTOPHER  (See also James R. Montague.)


Moonraker  (Jonathan Cape, 1979, Jove, 1979, based on the author's screenplay.)


Novelization of the film loosely based on the novel of the same name by Ian Fleming.  A megalomaniac builds an orbiting space station with which to threaten Earth.


Spy Who Loved Me, The  (Warner, 1977, based on the screenplay by the author and Richard Maibaum.)


Novelization of the film loosely based on the novel of the same name by Ian Fleming.  Bond deals with a Russian spy and a maniac with a secret underwater base.




Cut Him Out in Little Stars  (Tattersall, 1994.)


                An aging actor's delusions about genuine aliens turn out to be real.




We Alien Seed  (Hale, 1978.)


                Not seen.




No Hero  (Night Shade, 2011.)


A police detective battles monsters from another dimension.




Faraday's Orphans  (Ace, 1997.)


                Following a nuclear war, America survives in domed cities.  The protagonist is a pilot who is stranded outside after an accident, and who makes a startling discovery.


Looking for the Mahdi   (Ace, 1996, Gollancz, 1996, Indigo, 1996.)


                An android bodyguard finds herself caught up in an international conspiracy.


Master of None  (Aspect, 2004.)


                An offworlder is stranded on a planet with a matriarchal society.


WOOD, R.W.  (See collaboration with Arthur Train.)


WOOD, SAMUEL ANDREW  (See also Robin Temple.)


Winged Heels  (Jenkins, 1927.)


                A lost world novel.




Barque of Heaven, The  (Fandemonium, ?)


A Stargate novel.


A visit to another planet initiates an age old ritual.




Enemy in Our Midst, The  (Long, 1906.)


                Marginal novel of German infiltration of England.




Storehouses of the Snow  (Leisure, 1980.)


                The dissolution of the polar ice sheet in Antarctica begins to change the planet's climate and endanger civilization.




Mr. Faraday’s Formula  (Devin Adair, 1965.)


                Marginal spy thriller about a machine that controls gravity.


WOODCOTT, KEITH  (Pseudonym of John Brunner, whom also see)


I Speak for Earth  (Ace, 1961, bound with Wandl the Invader by Ray Cummings.)


In order to provide the best possible ambassador to an alien federation, six distinct human personalities are imprinted on a single brain.


Ladder in the Sky, The  (Ace, 1962, bound with The Darkness Before Tomorrow by Robert Moore Williams.)


A thief in a decade interstellar civilization finds a device that summons an inhuman creature from another dimension and gains superhuman powers as the result of superscience.


Martian Sphinx, The  (Ace, 1965.)


Earth's population can only be sustained by using a power source that causes a deterioration of the Earth's orbit.  To balance the situation, an expedition travels to Mars to establish a transmitter there, but instead they find a visitor from another star system and an ancient alien artifact.


Psionic Menace, The  (Ace, 1963, bound with Captives of the Flame by Samuel R. Delany.  Magazine title Crack of Doom)


A telepathic race warns that they have had visions of the literal end of the universe, so an enemy race agrees to delay an interplanetary war while a human scientists travels to their world to investigate.




Bush Baby  (Berkley, 1969.)


                Near future spy story in which a robot spy malfunctions in Yugoslavia and must be fixed by an infiltrator.




Ark of Doom  (Dell, 1978.)


Man from Atlantis #4.


                The protagonist defeats another mad scientist intent upon subjugating the world.


Death Scouts  (Dell, 1977.)


Man from Atlantis #2.


                Our water breathing hero confronts mysterious people with dangerous superhuman powers.


Killer Spores  (Dell, 1978.)


Man from Atlantis #3.


                Alien spores are brought back to Earth on a satellite which seize control of human bodies into which they are introduced.


Man from Atlantis  (Dell, 1977.)


Man from Atlantis #1.


                A man physically altered so that he can live underwater battles a scientific genius who has established an undersea fortress.




Britain in the Ice Grip  (Boys Ace, 1937.)






Fearful Symmetry  (Pocket, 2008.)


A Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel.


An adventure in the mirror universe.


Soul Key, The  (Pocket, 2009.)


A Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel.


Trouble arises in an alternate universe.




Adam Project, The  (Gold Medal, 1984.)


                An experiment to transfer learning by DNA implants goes awry and gives an undisciplined child psychic powers.


President's Doctor, The  (Playboy, 1975.)


                Marginal thriller about a President's physician who discovers his charge is clinically paranoid.


Sendai, The  (Popular Library, 1981.)


                A medical experiment develops a new form of human life with extraordinary powers.

WOOLF, ARTHUR  (See Adam Dale.)




Star Wind  (Houghton Mifflin, 1986.)


                Young adult novel about a mysterious new student with unusual mental powers.




Pan Satyrus  (Avon, 1963.)


                An orbiting chimpanzee develops intelligence and changes the nature of the space mission in this comedy.




Monster of the Lagoon, The  (Starmont, 1991.)






Lomokome Papers, The  (?, 1956, Pocket, 1968.)


                The first expedition to the moon discovers intelligent life.


WRAIGHT, CHRIS  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Battle of the Fang  (Black Library, 2011.)


A Warhammer novel.


Military SF.


Scars (Black Library, 2014.)


A Warhammer novel.


Military SF.


Stormcaller (Black Library, 2014.)


A Warhammer novel.


Military SF.


War of the Fang (Black Library, 2016.)


A Warhammer novel.


Military SF.




King Charles & Mr. Perkins  (Blackwood, 1931.)


                Time travel.




Jemma7729 (Edge, 2008.)


A woman rebels against a male dominated future society.


WRAY, REGINALD  (Pseudonym of William Home-Gall, whom see.)


Beyond the Northern Lights  (?, 1903.)


                A lost world in the Arctic.




Phantom Menace, The  (Scholastic, 1999, based on the screenplay by George Lucas.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Novelization of the film, aimed at younger readers.  Young Annakin Skywalker helps two Jedi Knights to lift the siege of a planet in the opening stage of Palpatine's bid to become emperor.


WREN, M.K.  (Pseudonym of Martha Renfroe.)


Gift Upon the Shore, A   (Ballantine, 1990, Roc UK, 1992.)


                Following a nuclear war, one group attempts to accumulate all the surviving books for posterity, while a group of fanatics sets out to ensure that they are all destroyed.


House of the Wolf  (Berkley, 1981.)


Phoenix Legacy #3.


                New hope for humanity as the old order crumbles and the government that ruled the planets gives way to a new way of life.


Shadow of the Swan  (Berkley, 1981.)


Phoenix Legacy #2.


                The human empire is falling into disarray, while some among its citizens seek to form structures which will survive and allow a rebuilding.


Sword of the Lamb  (Berkley, 1981.)


Phoenix Legacy #1.


                In a future world where mercantile families dominate the world, internal tensions among one family begin to undermine the entire fabric of society.


WREN, THOMAS  (Pseudonym of Thomas T. Thomas, whom see.)


Doomsday Effect, The  (Baen, 1986.)


                Scientists discover that a tiny black hole has hit the Earth and that the entire planet will be destroyed in less than a decade.




Islandia   (Rinehart, 1942, Signet, 1966, Overlook, 2001.)


                Very long, detailed Utopian novel set in an island nation and seen through the eyes of a new ambassador.




Devil’s Highway, The  (Appleton, 1932.)


                A thought control device.




Matter of Oaths, A  (Methuen, 1988, Questar, 1990.)


                A space captain takes a new crewmember aboard despite his dubious reputation, and nearly precipitates a war between two interstellar empires.


WRIGHT, JOHN C.  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Architect of Aeons, The (Tor, 2015.)


Montrose #4.




Count to a  Trillion (Tor, 2011.)


Montrose #1.


A young man seeks an adventure in space.


Count to Infinity (Tor, 2017.)


Montrose #4.


The ultimate battle for freedom in the universe.


Golden Age, The  (Tor, 2002.)


Golden Age #1.


                In a future in which the solar system has been radically transformed, a man discovers that his memories may have been altered by an outside force.


Golden Transcendance, The  (Tor, 2003.)


Golden Age #3.


                Rebelling against the rules of his species, a man seizes the first true interstellar ship and prepares to leave the Earth.


Hermetic Millennia, The  (Tor, 2012.)


Montrose #2.


A man goes into suspended animation in anticipation of an alien threat.


Judge of Ages, The  (Tor, 2014.)


Montrose #3.