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Capitol Hill Clones  (Carousel, 1981.)


A Dana Freeman novel.


                Someone is replacing conservative Senators with liberal clones.


Meteoric Affair, The  (Carousel, 1982.)


A Dana Freeman novel.


                A mad scientist finds a way to make meteors fall on polluting factories.


Microwave Caper, The  (Carousel, 1981.)


A Dana Freeman novel.


                Someone is murdering people by roasting them from the inside.


TABORI, PAUL  (Wrote horror as Peter Stafford.)


Cleft, The  (Pyramid, 1969.)


                A giant chasm opens up and threatens to swallow all of New York City.


Demons of Sandorra, The  (Award, 1970, Tandem, 1970.)


                In the distant future, drugs, euthanasia, and rampant sex dominate a dystopian world.


Doomsday Brain, The  (Pyramid, 1967, Tandem, 1968.)


Hunters #1.


                Spies vs a super secret organization that is sabotaging the world's economy.


Frontier, The  (Sampson Low, 1950.)


                Not seen.  Alternate history of Germany.


Green Rain, The  (Pyramid, 1961.)


                A mysterious green rain changes everyone's color and then begins to alter the ecology of the world.


Invisible Eye, The  (Pyramid, 1967.)


Hunters #2.


                Marginal thriller about efforts to destroy a super secret international society of assassins.


Survivors, The  (Consul, 1964.)


                After the nuclear war.


Torture Machine, The  (Pyramid, 1969.)


Hunters #3.


                Marginal thriller about two people whose powers verge on the superhuman and their battle against an international supercriminal.


TAINE, JOHN  (Pseudonym of Eric Temple Bell.)


Before the Dawn  (Williams & Wilkins, 1934.)


                A time spying device is used to study dinosaurs.


Cosmic Geoids, The (Armchair, 2018, bound with The Terrible Puppets by Paul W. Fairman. (Magazine appearance 1949.)


Evidence appears that the end of the world is imminent.


Cosmic Geoids and One Other, The  (Fantasy Publishing, 1950.)


                A short novel about the discovery of intelligence in outer space plus an unrelated short story.


Crystal Horde, The  (Fantasy Press, 1952.  Retitled The White Lily in Seeds of Life and The White Lily.)


                A new form of crystal based life appears on Earth.


Forbidden Garden, The  (Fantasy Press, 1947.)


                The search for an obscure plant with unusual properties.


G.O.G. 666  (Fantasy Press, 1954, Rich & Cowan, 1955, Armchair, 2013.)


                Russian genetic experiments come under scrutiny.


Gold Tooth, The  (Dutton, 1927.)


                Adventurers search for a previously unknown element.


Greatest Adventure, The  (Dutton, 1929, Ace, ?, Armchair, ?)


                An expedition to Antarctica discovers a lost world where dinosaurs still exist, although they have altered somewhat with the passage of time.


Green Fire  (Dutton, 1928.)


                A superweapon changes the balance of world power.


Iron Star, The  (Dutton, 1930, Fantasy Press, 1951, Hyperion, 1976.)


                A scientific expedition discovers that it is possible for humans to devolve into more primitive forms.


Purple Sapphire, The  (Dutton, 1924, Armchair, 2016)


                A lost world novel set in Asia involving an ancient supercivilization.


Quayle’s Invention  (Dutton, 1927.)


                A scientist invents a machine which can change things into gold.


Seeds of Life, The  (Fantasy Press, 1951, Rich & Cowan, 1955.  Galaxy, ?, as Seeds of Life.)


                The creation of a superhuman.


Seeds of Life and White Lily, The  (Dover, 1966.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.  The White Lily is a retitle of The Crystal Horde.


Three Science Fiction Novels  (Dover, 1964.)


                Omnibus of The Time Stream, The Greatest Adventure, and The Purple Sapphire.


Time Stream, The  (Buffalo, 1946, Magazine appearance in 1932.)


                A speculation on the nature of time and space.


Time Stream and  Other Stories  (Remploy, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tomorrow (Armchair, 2021, bound with Martian and Troglodyte by Neil R. Jones. Magazine appearance 1939.)


Theft of sensitive technology leads to a plague.


TAKEI, GEORGE  (see collaboration with Robert Asprin)


TALL, STEPHEN  (Pseudonym of Compton Crook.)


People Beyond the Wall, The  (DAW, 1980.)


                Explorers in Alaska discover a lost civilization living buried beneath a glacier.


Ramsgate Paradox, The  (Berkley, 1976.)


Stardust #2.


                Space explorers land on an inhabited world and discover an abandoned city that may have been peopled by a different race.


Stardust Voyages, The  (Berkley, 1975.)


Stardust #1.


                Collection of related adventures about an exploratory starship.


TALLARICO, TONY  (See collaborations with D.J. Arneson)


TALLIS, ROBYN  (House pseudonym.) 


Children of the Storm  (Ivy, 1989.) (Mary Frances Zambreno.)


Planet Builders #7.




Fire in the Sky  (Ivy, 1989.)  (Sherwood Smith.)


Planet Builders #10.


                Interplanetary authorities are alarmed when they discover that a group of teenagers on a backwater colony world have made contact with an alien intelligence.


Giants of Elenna  (Ivy, 1989.)  (Sherwood Smith.)


Planet Builders #9.




Horrorvid  (Ivy, 1989.)  (Jymn Magon.)


Planet Builders #8.


                The cast and crew of a film company operating on a distant planet become prey for a mysterious force determined to eliminate them all.


Mountain of Stolen Dreams  (Ivy, 1988.)  (Bruce Coville.)


Planet Builders #1.


                A group of teenagers, some with psychic powers, are sent to a remote planet to help avert a natural cataclysm and preserve the local colony.


Night of Ghosts and Lightning  (Ivy, 1988.)  (Debra Doyle and James Macdonald.)


Planet Builders #2.


                Psychic visions help a group of teenagers to save a planetary colony from disaster.


Night of Two New Moons  (Ivy, 1989.)  (Bruce Coville.)


Planet Builders #6.


                Having finally weathered a series of catastrophes, a planetary colony prepares to celebrate success, only to discover that a mysterious new force menaces them.


Rebel from Alphorion  (Ivy, 1989.)  (Sherwood Smith.)


Planet Builders #3.


                A teenager is troubled when she is contacted by an old friend who is now a member of a rebel group seeking her help.


Visions from the Sea  (Ivy, 1989.)  (Sherwood Smith.)


Planet Builders #4.




Zero Sum Games  (Ivy, 1989.)  (Debra Doyle and James Macdonald.)


Planet Builders #5.


                An accident leaves a teenager in a coma, but his psychic friends believe that someone is covering up the truth about what really happened to him.




Oregon Invasion, The  (Tor, 1988.)


A "V" novel.


An out of work artist and a conscientious objector from among the alien race invading Earth team up to thwart their latest attack, aimed against the Pacific Northwest.




After Roy  (?, 1989.)


                Marginal story about experimentation with teaching chimpanzees to talk.




Tumithak of the Corridors  (North Star Press, 2006.)


                Collection of related stories.




Target: Subic Bay  (Zebra, 1992.)


                Marginal thriller about a war in the Philippines that leads to a US – Soviet alliance to prevent nuclear weapons from falling into the wrong hands.




Valley of the Croen  (Armchair, 2012, bound with The Man Who Lived Twice by Rog Phillips. Magazine appearance 1949.)


An alien race has a secret base in Korea.




Underground Man  (Duckworth, 1905, translated from the French by C. Brereton.)


                A new ice age causes the human race to retreat into a cavernous world.




Sinless (Harper Voyager, 2018.)


Eye of the Beholder #1.






Red Tide  (Ace, 1975.)


                An experimental station designed to find a way to adapt humans to live underwater finds themselves in serious trouble when a world war leaves them isolated.




Sons of Sora, The (Talos, 2016.)


Earthborn #3.






Country Love and Poison Rain  (Doubleday, 1973.)




Faces in the Flames  (Doubleday, 1976.)


Simeon #3.


                Political intrigue in a future Zimbabwe.


Gardens One to Five  (Doubleday, 1971, Faber, 1971.)




Moon on an Iron Meadow  (Doubleday, 1978.)


Simeon #2.


                A small town is the site for a terrifying test of biological warfare.


Seagulls Under Glass and Other Stories  (Doubleday, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Thinking Seat, The  (Doubleday, 1967, Curtis, 1969, Faber, 1970.)


Simeon #1.


                A charismatic leader tries to prevent the destruction of the California coastline as giant desalinization plants are being constructed.




Hero for Hire  (SBS, 1998.)


A Star Wars novel.


                An adventure of Han Solo.




Last of My Race, The  (Ruddock, 1924.)


                Humanity has been supplanted on future Earth.




Final Trick of Funnyman and Other Stories, The  (Ministry of Whimsy, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Choke Point  (Charter, 1986.)


                A naval war between the US and the Soviet Union breaks out in the Caribbean.


First Salvo  (Charter, 1985.)


                A US naval strike force must act pre-emptively to prevent a Soviet attack.


Show of Force  (St Martins, 1980, Charter, 1981.)


                A naval confrontation brings the US and the Soviet Union to the brink of war.


Summit  (Pocket, 1997.)


A rogue submarine attempts a major assassination attempt that will plunge the world into war.  Marginal.


Sunset Patriots, The  (Charter, 1982.)


                Joint US and Soviet naval maneuvers may be indications of a secret plan to wage war against China.




Uninvited, The  (Star, 1984.)


Uninvited #1.


                An obscure family experiences strange phenomena connected with lights in thesky.


Uninvited: Visitation, The  (Star, 1984.)


Uninvited #2.


                Further encounters between a family and aliens.




Day of the Republic  (Davies, 1968.)


                Australia becomes a dictatorship.


TAYLOR, G.J.  (See collaboration with R.V. Fodor)




Moonbeams and Magic  (Pinnacle, 1995.)


                A man and a woman play a dangerous game of interstellar politics, and eventually complicate their lives by falling in love with each other.


Moondust and Madness  (Bantam, 1986, Pinnacle, 1992.)


                A woman is abducted by a human from another star system and gets involved in interstellar politics before falling in love with her kidnapper.


TAYLOR, JANUARY  (See collaboration with Gyla Beth Seal.)




Mosaic  (Pocket, 1997.)


A Star Trek Voyager novel.


Captain Janeway has twin troubles, a series of attacks on her ship, and the possible annihilation of a team she has sent down to an unexplored planet.  As she struggles to deal with both issues, we see lengthy flashbacks to her younger days.


Pathways  (Pocket, 1998.)


A Star Trek Voyager novel.


                Imprisonment in an alien jail is the frame story for this retrospective look at the earlier lives of the crew of the Voyager..


Unification  (Pocket, 1991, from the script by Rick Berman, Michael Piller, & Jeri Taylor.)


A Star Trek: Next Generation novel.


Spock makes an appearance as he is induced to engage in a secret mission to bring peace between humans and Romulans.  But his informers have a double purpose, are leading him into a diplomatic trap, and Captain Picard sets out to bring him home before disaster strikes.




Lances of Nengesdul  (?, 1982.)


                An acrobat visits a low gravity world and discovers he is something of a superman.




Blossom of Erda, The  (St Martins, 1987.)


                A mission to a distant planet was supposed to be routine, but a sinister figure has manipulated things to make the world hostile to human intervention.


Women's Work  (Allau, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Doomsday Square  (Dutton, 1966, Paperback Library, 1968.)


                Thriller about the discovery of a superweapon, and a spy who sells it to the enemy before the US has managed to master the technology.




Futura Man  (Vantage, 1979.)


                Time travel.




Adrift in a Boneyard  (Doubleday, 1947, Avon, 1963.)


                A mysterious catastrophe destroys everyone in the world except the inhabitants of one car in this satiric novel.




Future Sex  (Pleasure Book, 1979.)


                Futuristic pornography.


Pleasure Planet  (Pleasure Book, 1979.)


                Pornography in space.


TAYLOR, TRAVIS S.  (See also collaboration with John Ringo and those which follow.)


Kill Before Dying (Baen, 2017.)


One Day on Mars  (Baen, 2007.)


Mars #1.


The colonies on Mars revolt against Earth.


One Good Soldier (Baen, 2009.)


Mars #3.


The rebellion by several colonies threatens an interplanetary civil war.


Quantum Connection, The  (Baen, 2005.)


Warp Speed #2.


                Human expansion into space runs into alien empires.


Tau Ceti Agenda, The  (Baen, 2008.)


Mars #2.




Trail of Evil (Baen, 2015.)


Mars #3.




Warp Speed  (Baen, 2004.)


Warp Speed #1.


                Scientists stumble across a new space drive and precipitate a world war.




Back to the Moon  (Baen, 2010.)


China and the US race to the moon.


TEA, TRAVES  (See Dustin Lasser.)




Doom Machine, The  (Blue Sky, 2009.)


Funny young adult story about aliens landing on Earth.




Hydrabyss Deep  (Leisure, 1981.)


Timequest #2.


                The protagonist helps free a planet that is dominated by a machine intelligence that has assumed godlike powers and which uses illusions to keep the people enslaved.


Nemydia Deep  (Leisure, 1981.)


Timequest #3.


                Humans defeat an interstellar force of intelligent machines.


Rashanyn Dark  (Leisure, 1981.)


Timequest #1.


                A superhuman travels to a distant planet torn by dissension and the depredations of an alien interloper and helps them to drive off the invaders.


Silent Galaxy  (Leisure, 1981.)


                Efforts are made to negotiate peace with an alien race whose fleet hovers on the outskirts of the solar system.




Murder Ship (Stillwoods, 2018. Magazine appearance 1935.)


Spies and a floating airfield in the Atlantic.


Mystery Man of Lhassa, The (Stillwoods, 2021. Magazine appearance 1916.)


Three linked novellas about an Asian mastermind with a superweapon.




Arena of Doom  (Gold Key, 1998.)


Turok #3.


                More primitive battles involving superhumans and monsters in this series, based on the computer game.


Arrival  (Little, Brown, 2002.)


A Smallville novel.


                A teenager who was adopted after being found abandoned begins to develop extraordinary powers.


Seeds of Evil  (Gold Key, 1998.)


Turok #2.


                Turok must steal an object from his mortal enemy before it is used to literally tear universes apart.


Way of the Warrior  (Gold Key, 1998.)


Turok #1.


                A teenager finds himself in an alternate world where a superhuman armed with superscience battles the enemies of humankind.




Virtual Soul, A  (Del Rey, 1999.)


                A man becomes a fugitive in a future where genetic engineering is used to create a race of slaves and program them with limited personalities.  He undertakes a dangerous mission in exchange for a chance to gain his freedom.




Descent  (Avon, 1999.)


Descent #1.


                Based on the computer game.  Something is interfering with the automated mining operation inside the moon, so a plucky space pilot undertakes a mission to go inside and find out what is happening.


Equinox  (Avon, 1999.)


Descent #3.


                Smart viruses have undermined the equipment that supports humanity's expansion into the universe, much of it directed by a ruthless corporate executive, whom the hero vows to destroy.


Red Planet  (Ace, 2000, based on the screenplay by Chuck Pfarrer, Jonathan Lemkin, and Channing Gibson.)


                An expedition to Mars to find out why a terraforming experiment has gone wrong encounters unexpected Martian insect life.


Space: Above and Beyond  (Harper, 1995, based on the screenplay by Glen Morgan and James Wong.)


                A group of young enlistees learn the skills required in the war against an implacable alien enemy determined to exterminate the human race.


Stealing Thunder  (Avon, 1999.)


Descent #2.


                Aliens have infected Earth's automated machines and turned them into its allies in an undeclared war.  A handful of human pilots must avoid destruction at their hands and strike back.




Exegesis  (Vintage, 1997.)


                A computer becomes self aware and contacts its user.




Pioneer  (Wormhole Books, 2001.)


                Short story chapbook about a woman who discovers primitive life on a desolate planet.


TEMPLE, ROBIN  (Pseudonym of  Samuel Andrew Wood, whom see.)


Aztec Temple, The  (?, 1955.)


                A lost world novel.




Automated Goliath, The  (Ace, 1962, bound with The Three Suns of Amara, also by Temple.)


                A group of secretive alien invaders are taking advantage of Earth's computerization to turn it into a single machine which they will be able to control.


Battle on Venus  (Ace, 1963, bound with The Silent Invaders by Robert Silverberg.  Ace, 1973, bound with The Three Suns of Amara, also by Temple.  Magazine title Field of Battle.)


                The first expedition to Venus lands in the middle of a war fought automatically by computers which have outlived their makers.


Fleshpots of Sansato, The  (Macdonald, 1968, New English Library, 1970.)


                A secret agent is sent to a pleasure city on a distant world.


Four Sided Triangle  (Long, 1949, Fell, 1951, McLeod, 1951, Galaxy, 1952, Wildside, 2002.)


                A scientist uses a matter transmitter to create a duplicate of the woman he lost to another.


Martin Magnus, Planet Rover  (Muller, 1954, Mayflower, 1970.)


Martin Magnus #1.


                A teenager has adventures on various planets in the solar system.


Martin Magnus on Mars  (Muller, 1956.)


Martin Magnus #3.


                Explorers on Mars find an ancient, alien spaceship.


Martin Magnus on Venus  (Muller, 1955, Mayflower, 1970.)


Martin Magnus #2.


                A teenaged hero battles the nefarious villains from the planet Venus.


Niche in Time and Other Stories, A (Dancing Tuatara, ?)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Shoot at the Moon  (Whiting & Wheaton, 1966, Simon & Schuster, 1966, MacFadden, 1967, Panther, 1967.)


                The first expedition to the moon runs into trouble not only from the physical challenges but from the psychological pressures that build up during the journey.


Three Suns of Amara, The  (Ace, 1962, bound with The Automated Goliath, also by Temple.  Ace, 1973, bound with Battle on Venus, also by Temple.  Magazine title A Trek to Na-Abiza.)


                Adventures on a planet where the very laws of nature don't seem to operate properly.




Kidnapping of the President, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1974, Avon, 1975.)


                The President has been kidnapped and will be killed if the mastermind's demands are not met in this marginal thriller.




Phaedra: Alastor 824 (Spatterlight, 2019.)


A young man solves an alien mystery in the universe created by Jack Vance.


TENN, WILLIAM  (Pseudonym of Philip Klass.)


Here Comes Civilization  (NESFA, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Human Angle, The  (Ballantine, 1956.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Immodest Proposals  (NESFA, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Men in the Walls, The  (Armchair, bound with Whom the Gods Would Slay by Paul W. Fairman. Expanded as Of Men and Monsters,  Magazine appearance 1962.)


Aliens conquer Earth.


Of All Possible Worlds   (Ballantine, 1955, Joseph, 1956, Mayflower, 1963.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Of Men and Monsters  (Ballantine, 1968, Pan, 1971, Gollancz, 2001.  Magazine version 1962 as The Men in the Walls.)


                Aliens conquer Earth who are so advanced that the human race is reduced to the level of vermin living in the walls of their cities.


Seven Sexes, The  (Ballantine, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Square Root of Man, The  (Ballantine, 1968, Pan, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Time in Advance   (Bantam,1958, Gollancz, 1963, Panther, 1966.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Wooden Star, The  (Ballantine, 1968, Pan, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Crack, The  (See The Time of the Crack.)


Last of the Country House Murders, The  (Jonathan Cape, 1974, Nelson, 1976.)


                A future British government decides to sponsor a murder in order to generate some income.


Time of the Crack, The  (Jonathan Cape, 1973.  Penguin, 1978, as The Crack.)


                A fault opens up under the Thames.




Beyond the Walls of Space (Armchair, 2018, bound with The Secret of the Ninth Planet by Donald A. Wollheim.  Magazine appearance 1951.)


A hidden planet menaces Earth.




Persona  (University Editions, 1995.)


                Genetic engineering causes a crisis a few years from the present.




After Long Silence  (Bantam, 1987.  Corgi, 1989, as The Enigma Score.)


Colonists who chafe under a restrictive government find new hope for the future when they realize that the Presences sensed in the vicinity of giant crystals are the thoughts of an alien intelligence.


Companions, The  (Avon Eos, 2003, Gollancz, 2004.)


                Mysterious phenomena on a distant planet hint of a hidden lifeform, and activists plot to move Earth's animal life to prevent their extinction.


Enigma Score, The  (See After Long Silence.)


Family Tree, The   (Avon, 1997, HarperCollins, 1997.)


                Meddlers from the future affect the ecology of the present, and trees begin to grow at an unprecedented pace.


Fish Tails (Harper, 2014.)


Undersea dwellers try to convince others to join them.


Fresco, The  (Harper, 2000, Gollancz, 2001.)


                A bookstore manager is contacted by alien envoys.


Gate to Women's Country, The  (Doubleday, 1988, Bantam , 1989, Voyager, 1999.)


Following a nuclear war, the human race is split into two societies, divided essentially by gender.  The conflict between the two, and the internal stresses of each provide a forum to examine the issue from both sides.


Gibbons Decline and Fall    (HarperCollins, 1997.)


                As fundamentalism sweeps the country, politics, the criminal justice system, and myth get caught up in a feminist allegory.


Grass  (Doubleday, 1989, Bantam, 1990, Gollancz, 2002.)


Westriding #1.


A mysterious plague affects both humankind and an alien species, striking on every planet except Grass, where both races have established colonies.  An investigator from Earth travels there to try to find a cure.


Margarets, The  (Gollancz, 2008.)


In a somewhat dystopian future, a woman's imaginary alternate personalities become real.


Raising the Stones  (Doubleday, 1990, Bantam, 1991, Grafton, 1991, Gollancz, 2002.)


Westriding #2..


A human colony world once owned by an alien species is thrown into turmoil when it appears that the long dead religion had a basis in fact and that alien gods are about to return.


Shadow's End  (HarperCollins, 1995, Bantam, 1995.)


A scientist from Earth travels to the only world of a cluster that remained inhabited when the surrounding ones were mysteriously cleared of all human beings.  Her quest to find the man who might hold the solution is beset with elaborate dangers.


Sideshow  (HarperCollins, 1992, Bantam, 1992.)


Westriding #3.


An investigator travels to the outlying regions of a human colony world to look into claims that alien gods have awakened.


Singer from the Sea   (Avon, 1999, Gollancz, 2000.)


                A woman on a colony world where her gender is controlled by long tradition gives in to an impulse to answer a mysterious call from the sea.


Six Moon Dance  (Avon, 1998.)


                A colony world is menaced by ancient forces and by the contradictions in its own culture.


Visitor, The  (Avon Eos, 2002, Gollancz, 2002.)


                An asteroid hit the Earth and destroyed much of civilization.  Years later, a young woman begins to wonder if the legends of a surviving colony of pre-disaster scientists is in fact true.  Blends fantasy with SF elements, as there are ogres and demons which emerge from the Earth.


Waters Rising, The  (Eos, 2010.)


Events after the apocalypse.




First Strike  (Scribner, 1978, Pocket, 1980.)


                Marginal thriller in which a nuclear war is narrowly averted.


Free Flight  (Scribner, 1980, Pocket, 1981.)


                After the Russians win a nuclear war, a lone rebel in northern New England becomes the spark that drives a rebellion.


3 Megaton Gamble, The  (Vermont Crossraods, 1978.)


                Marginal thriller involving the potential misuse of nuclear weapons.




City of Pain  (West End, 1994.)


A Possibility Wars novel.


                Berlin is cut off from the rest of the world by a flux in time space.




Guerilla Warfare  (Jove, 2006.)


Seals #1.


                Covert forces battle a South American dictator who is intent on conquering the entire continent.




Killer Is Loose Among Us, A  (Duell Sloane & Pearce, 1948.)


                Plague is turned into an instrument of war.




Star Whores  (Pleasure Book, 1979.)


                Pornography in space.




Cassini Code, The  (Tor, 2010.)


Triana #3.




Comet's Curse, The  (Tor, 2009.)


Triana #1.


A comet brings a plague to Earth.


Cosmic Storm  (Tor, 2011.)


Triana #5.




Dark Zone, The  (Tor, 2011.)


Triana #4.


Space traveling teenagers run into a weird lifeform that lives in space.


Galahad Legacy, The  (Tor, 2012.)


Triana #6.


Earth must be judged by extraterrestrials.


Web of Titan, The  (Tor, 2009.)


Triana #2.


An artifact in space bears a deadly disease.




Far From Home  (Doubleday, 1981.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Man Who Fell to Earth, The   (Gold Medal, 1963, Muller, 1963, Avon, 1976, Del Rey, 1999.  Oxford University Pres, 1979, is abridged.)


                An enigmatic alien is stranded on Earth and alternately terrifies and fascinates those people it meets.


Mockingbird  (Doubleday, 1980, Hodder, 1980, Bantam, 1981, Del Rey, 1999, Gollancz, 2007.)


                A dystopian novel set in a dissolute future in which it appears that the human race may die out through ennui.  A handful of true believers avert the catastrophe.


Steps of the Sun, The  (Doubleday, 1983, Gollancz, 1984, Berkley, 1985.)


                A century from now, the US has become a second class power and the world's economy is collapsing as a new ice age seems imminent.


THANET, NEIL  (Pseudonym of Robert Lionel Fanthorpe, whom see.)


Beyond the Veil  (Badger, 1964.)


                Not seen.


Man Who Came Back, The  (Badger, 1964.)


                Not seen.




Ringer  (Crown, 1988, Pinnacle, 1991.)


                The Soviet Union makes another attempt to place nuclear weapons in Cuba, leading to a confrontation and a secret spy mission.




Professor Challenger in Space  (Silver Age, 2000.)


                A sequel to the Challenger stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.




Teg's 1994  (Swallow, 1972, Warner, 1975.)


                Not really fiction.  A hypothetical student examines the world of the future with a jaundiced eye.




O-Zone  (Putnam, 1986, Ivy, 1987.)


                A new and rather repulsive society springs up on the ashes of America following a nuclear war.


THEYDON, JOHN  (Pseudonym of John Jennison, whom see.)


Angels and the Creeping Enemy, The  (Armada, 1968.)




Calling Thunderbirds  (Armada, 1966.)


A Thunderbirds novel.


                Not seen.


Captain Scarlet.  (See Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.)


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons  (Armada, 1967.  Titan, 1989, as Captain Scarlet.)


Captain Scarlet #1.


                Not seen.


Captain Scarlet and the Silent Saboteur  (Armada, 1967.)


Captain Scarlet #2.


                Not seen.


Lady Penelope: The Albanian Affair  (Armada, 1967.)


A Stingray novel.


                Not seen.


Stingray  (Armada, 1965.)


A Stingray novel.


                Not seen.


Stingray and the Monstey  (Armada, 1966.)


A Stingray novel.


                Not seen.


Thunderbirds  (Armada, 1966.)


A Thunderbirds novel.


                Not seen.


Thunderbirds: Lost World  (Armada, 1966.)


A Thunderbirds novel.


                Not seen.  Based on the television series Thunderbirds.


Thunderbirds: Ring of Fire  (Armada, 1966.)


A Thunderbirds novel.


                Not seen.




Syndrome E  (Viking, 2012.)


A means is discovered by which subliminal images can alter human behavior dramatically.




Diothas, The  (See Looking Forward.)


Far Look Ahead, A  (See Looking Forward.)


Looking Forward  (Putnam, 1890.  Putnam, 1883, as The Diothas. Putnam, 1890, as A Far Look Ahead.)


                A Utopian novel.


THOMAS, CRAIG  (See also David Grant.)


Firefox  (Joseph, 1977.)


Firefox #1.


                A new Russian aircraft is controlled by thought.


Firefox Down  (Joseph, 1983.)


Firefox #2.






Wild in the Streets  (Pyramid, 1968, based on the author's screenplay.)


                A rock star sparks a movement that ends up taking over the government.




Crystal Button, The  (?, 1891.)


                A Utopian novel.


THOMAS, DAN  (Pseudonyn of Leonard Sanders.)


Seed, The  (Ballantine, 1968.)


                A man seeks new sources of information for the most powerful computer in existence.




Prince Charlie's Bluff  (Macmillan, 1974, Viking, 1974.)


                A novel set in an alternate history where the Battle of Quebec turned out differently.




Gull Against the Wind  (Thomas, 1980.)


                Intrigue in the near future.


THOMAS, JEFFREY  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Blue War  (Solaris, 2008.)


A Punktown novel.


A private detective averts an inter-dimensional war.


Deadstock  (Solaris, 2007.)


A Punktown novel.


                A private detective solves crime on a colony world.


Everybody Scream  (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2005.)


A Punktown book.


An alien slowly begins to emerge from another dimension.  Shades of Lovecraft on a distant planet.


Monstrocity  (Prime, 2003.)


                A city of the future conceals an almost supernatural horror.


Punktown  (Ministry of Whimsy, 1999.)


A Punktown book.


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Shades of Grey  (Bedlam Press, 2006.)






Overflight  (American Literary Press, 1999.)


                Aliens influence primitive humans.


THOMAS, MAGGY  (See also Emily Devenport.)




Soldier of the Legion  (Timberwolf, 2002.)


Beta 3 #1.


                Military SF about war on another planet.


THOMAS, MARTIN  (Pseudonym of Thomas Martin.  See also Peter Saxon.)


Beyond the Spectrum    (Digit, 1964, Paperback Library, 1967.)


                An alien invasion by creatures who apparently are invisible causes Earth to fall back on the psychic powers of a secretive organization.




Terror Firma  (Harper, 2000, Voyager, 2001.)


                Humorous novel set in a version of our world in which all of the conspiracy theories and tabloid stories are true.




Ascension  (HarperCollins, 1998.)


An X Files novel.


                Not seen.


Chains of Light  (Roc, 1992.)


                An interstellar community exists because of clones who are linked through computers to create a common bond.  But then an outside force shows up and attacks the network linking the worlds.


THOMAS, SCOTT  (See collaboration with Jeffrey Thomas.)




Correspondence  (Overlook, 1993.)


                A woman gradually replaces parts of her body with artificial constructs and begins to change into a new personality.


THOMAS, THEODORE L.  (See collaborations with Kate Wilhelm.)


THOMAS, THOMAS T.  (See also Thomas Wren and collaborations with David Drake, Roger Zelazny, and Frederik Pohl.)


Crygender  (Baen, 1992.)


                In a future where bodies can be altered to make them hermaphroditic, a controversial bordello owner hides a dark secret.


First Citizen  (Baen, 1987.)




ME  (Baen, 1991.)


                An experiment in artificial reality becomes dangerous when the program becomes self aware.




Flight to Takla-Ma  (Monarch, ?, Priory, ?)


                Marginal thriller about an astronaut shot down behind Soviet lines.




Azriel Uprising, The  (Bantam, 1982.)


                The Russians occupied North America following a surprise nuclear attack, but after years of domination, they are about to be overthrown by a revolutionary movement.




Meteor Man  (Point, 1993, from the screenplay by Robert Townsend.)


                A meteor strike turns a man into a superhero.




Ancient Enemy, The  (Gold Medal, 1979.)


The cockroach is generally believed to be the oldest form of essentially unevolved life on the Earth.  In secret underground lairs, they gather in their millions, driven by an inhuman intelligence, fired by hunger and a racial hatred for humanity. Finally they erupt onto the surface and challenge all of human civilization.


Next Encounter, The  (Gold Medla, 1982.)


                A man who seems to be growing younger and has visions of people long since dead, mysterious agents of the government or perhaps alien invaders, and other strange events.




Sykaos Papers, The  (Bloomsbury, 1988, Pantheon, 1988.)


                Satirical visit to another planet.




Silent Running  (Scholastic, 1972, based on the screenplay by Mike Cimino, Deric Washburn, and Steven Bochco.)


                An introspective man commits murder and mutiny to save some orbiting habitats from being destroyed.




Glitterball, The  (Methuen, 1979, Magnet, 1979, based on the author's screenplay.)


                Two youngsters find an amazing cybernetic device after an alien starship crashes on Earth.




Bigfoot and the Hendersons  (See Harry and the Hendersons.)


Blue Chair, The  (Avon, 1977.)


                Contemplative novel set in a future where people can be given complete immunity from disease, but only if they surrender the right to bear children.


Conscience Place  (Doubleday, 1984, Dell, 1986.)


                A group of people with extraordinary mutant powers live outside the bounds of normal human society.


Harry and the Hendersons  (Berkley, 1987, based on the screenplay by William Dear, William E. Martin, and Ezra D. Rappaport.  Puffin, 1987, as Bigfoot and the Hendersons.)


                A family returns from a camping trip with an abominable snowman, whom they attempt to protect from the public.




Prisoner of Passion  (Love Spell, 1995.)


                Barbarians versus psychic powers in a distant future.  A romance novel.




Fourth World  (Bloomsbury, 2005.


Missing Link #1.




Only Human  (Bloomsbury, 2006.)


Missing Link  #2.


                Teenagers discover the missing link..




Sundipper  (St Martins, 1987.)


                Against the backdrop of space travel to harness the energy from the sun and transmit it to Earth, a human adventurer falls in love with a mysterious woman who is actually an alien being who sucks the lifeforce from her victims.




Deadly Nature  (Zebra, 1988.)


                A wide variety of mutated animals begin to appear, perhaps the product of a secretive group of scientists.


Project God  (Zebra, 1989.)


                A project to help barren couples to produce children is used as the basis for a plot against humanity.




Debtors' Planet  (Pocket, 1994.)


A Star Trek: Next Generation novel.


The Ferengi have been "helping" the Megarans to develop a more advanced economy, but have actually transformed their society to breed a race of potential mercenaries.  Picard arrives with an incompetent ambassador and tries to find a way to use the man's other talents to foil a plot secretly designed by the Cardassians.


Infiltrator  (Pocket, 1996.)


A Star Trek: Next Generation novel.


A planet whose people have been genetically altered to give them superhuman powers seizes the Enterprise as the first step in its plan to conquer the Federation, and from there the rest of the universe.


Sideshow  (Baen, 1988.)


                In a future America where various social pressures are tearing things apart, a group of telepaths may hold the only hope for a viable future.




Color of Distance, The  (Ace, 1995.)


                A human woman stranded on an inhospitable alien world must adapt mentally as well as physically to live with the local natives if she is to have any chance of surviving.


Storyteller  (Ace, 2003.)


                On a planet where history is transmitted orally, a woman, a child, and a telepathic sea creature have adventures.


Through Alien Eyes  (Ace, 1999.)


                Alien emissaries on Earth must quickly learn to adjust to human culture before they inadvertently cause a breach that could have lasting consequences.


Virtual Girl  (Ace, 1993.)


                An artificial intelligence is cut off from its creator and must try to become a human being.




Orion's Hounds  (Pocket, 2005.)


Star Trek Titan #3.




Sword of Damocles  (Pocket, 2007.)


Star Trek Titan #4.


Captain Riker visits a planet whose inhabitants are caught in a battle between science and religion.


THORNE, GUY(Pseudonym of C.A.R. Gull, whom see.)


Made in His Image  (Hutchinson, 1906.)


                Christianity redeems a dystopian future.


Secret Monitor, The  (?, 1918.)


                Future war.


Secret Sea Plane, The  (?, 1915.)


                Future war.


When It Was Dark  (Greening, 1903.)


                Faked evidence disproving the story of Christ leads to an international crisis.


When the World Reeled  (Ward Lock, 1924.)


                A villain uses weather control to intimidate the world.




Dominion's Reach  (Tor, 1997.)


Unified Worlds #3.


                Efforts to achieve a significant victory against an alien army go awry when the protagonist is sabotaged by his own people.


Echoes of Issel  (Tor, 1996.)


Unified Worlds #2.


                Rescued from his involuntary exile, a young man learns to become an effective member of a spacegoing military unit.


Ganwold's Child  (Tor, 1995.)


Unified Worlds #1.


                A young man is stranded and grows up on a primitive world, while his people are engaged elsewhere in an interstellar war.




Through the Earth  (Street & Smith, 1909.)


                Exploration beneath the surface of the world.




Angels of Darkness  (Black Library, 2003.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A chaplain in the Space Marines uncovers a terrifying secret from their past.


Annihilation Squad  (Black Library, 2004.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A convicted criminal can win clemency by undertaking a dangerous mission of assassination on a hostile planet.


Corax (Black Library, 2018.)


A Warhammer novel.


Deliverance Lost  (Black Library, 2012.)


A Warhammer novel.


A devastated military unit seeks to regroup.


Emperor Expects, The (Black Library, 2016.)


A Warhammer novel.


Military SF.


Last Chancers, The  (Black Library, 2006.)


A Warhammer book.


                Collection of related stories.


Master of Sanctity (Black Library, 2014.)


A Warhammer novel.


Military SF.


Path of the Seer  (Black Library, 2011.)


A Warhammer novel.


An alien with essentially magical powers becomes involved in interstellar politics.


Purging of Kadillus, The  (Black Library, 2011.)


A Warhammer novel.


Space marines under siege by invaders.


Ravenwing (Black Library, 2013.)


A Warhammer novel.




Unforgiven, The (Black Library, 2015.)


A Warhammer novel.




THORPE, TREBOR  (Pseudonym of Robert Lionel Fanthorpe, whom see.)


Five Faces of Fear  (Badger, 1960.)


                Not seen.


Lightning World  (Badger, 1960, Arcadia, 1964.)


                A supposedly primitive tribe on a distant world has powers which are either magical or evidence of a hidden super science.


THURMAN, ROB  (Also writes Fantasy and Horror.)


Basilisk (Roc, 2011.)




Chimera  (Roc, 2010.)


A man is genetically altered to become a super assassin.


THURSTON, ROBERT (See also collaborations that follow.)


Alicia II  (Berkley, 1978.)


                In a future where immortality is common, a small group of rebels are determined to restore death before the human spirit perishes.


Bloodname  (Roc, 1991.)


Jade Phoenix #2 (a subset of the Battletech universe.)


Genetically designed soldiers dominate the ranks of the mercenaries, but some naturally born individuals are able to prove themselves capable of matching the skills of their more consciously endowed compatriots.


Falcon Guard  (Roc, 1991.)


#2 in the multi-author Battletech series.


A group of mercenary clans bands together to overcome the defenses of Earth's corrupt government using gigantic robot fighting machines.


Falcon Rising  (Roc, 1999.)


A Battletech novel.


                A mercenary leader violates clan tradition to allow the creation of non-traditional military units, which allows her rivals to challenge her authority just as their people are about to face another interstellar invasion.


Freebirth  (Roc, 1998.)


A Battletech novel.


                An agent is sent to a remote world to investigate reports of secret experiments that might tip the balance of power among the mercenary worlds.


I Am Jade Falcon  (Roc,  1995.)


#17 in the multi-author Battletech series.


An aging woman frustrated by her last major defeat in a series of mercenary wars has a chance for one last battle and seeks to end her career on a victorious note.


Intruder  (Ace, 1990.)


#3 in the multi-author Robots and Aliens series.


A city of robots has become disoriented after a powerful positronic mind goes insane.  Two human adventurers must set things aright before the robot society self destructs.


Legend of the Jade Phoenix Trilogy, The  (Roc, 2003.)


                Omnibus of Way of the Clans, Bloodname, and Falcon Guard.


Q Colony  (Ace, 1985.)


                An investigator discovers documents that reveal a strange and frightening story of the first human encounters with the local aliens.


Robot Jox  (Avon, 1989, based on the screenplay by Stuart Gordon and Joe Haldeman.)


                The outcome of the battle between the two remaining world powers depends on a combat between two gigantic robots.  But the pilot of one refuses to fight, fueling speculation that he has turned traitor.


Set of Wheels  (Berkley, 1983.)


                In a future where pollution is a major problem, a rebel travels in an old style automobile and defies the police to capture him.


Way of the Clans  (Roc, 1991.)


#1 in the multi-author Battletech series.


More than a thousand years from now, wars are fought by specially trained mercenaries using giant robot fighting machines.  The protagonist goes through a series of tests in order to be accepted into the clan to which he aspires.




Apollo's War  (Berkley, 1987.)


Battlestar Galactica #13.


Scouts from a fleet of refugee ships investigates a planet torn by war in their constant quest for more supplies.  They get caught up in the struggle, separated from their ship, and fear that they may be stranded.


Battlestar Galactica  (Berkley, 1978, Totem, 1978, Futura, 1978, based on the script by Glen A. Larson.  Ibooks, 2005, as Saga of a Star World.)


Battlestar Galactica #1.


Novelization of the original made for television film about an army of robots, the Cylons, who treacherously attack human colonized worlds.  The survivors form a refugee fleet and seek a refuge among the stars.


Cylon Death Machine, The  (Berkley, 1979, from the script by Michael Sloan, Donald Bellisario, Glen A. Larson, & John Ireland Jr.)


Battlestar Galactica #2.


The Galactica comes in range of a planet of clones governed by a Cylon puppet, armed with a superweapon with which they can destroy the entire fleet.


"Die, Chameleon!"  (Berkley, 1986.)


Battlestar Galactica #12.


One of the refugee ships is in the throes of a mutiny, and some of Adama's staff is held hostage by the terrorists who have seized the ship.


Nightmare Machine, The  (Berkley, 1985.)


Battlestar Galactica #11.


A contagious mental disorder is carried to the Galactica by one of its fighter pilots, captured and conditioned by the Cylons to force the crew to destroy their own vessel.


Saga of a Star World  (See Battlestar Galactica.)


Surrender the Galactica!  (Berkley, 1988.)


Battlestar Galactica #14.


The Galactica has developed an advanced new fighter ship which can defeat the Cylon fleet, but there is a traitorous cyborg concealed within the crew, and he has stolen the secret to carry back to his evil masters.


Tombs of Kobol, The  (Berkley, 1979, Titan, 1988, Ibooks, 2003, based on the script by Glen A. Larson & Donald Bellisario.)


Battlestar Galactica #3.


Starbuck has been tricked and captured by a group of traitorous humans in collaboration with the Cylons.  Meanwhile, the tombs of the planet Kobol may reveal the location of the legendary planet Earth.


Young Warriors, The  (Berkley, 1980, from the script by Donald Bellisario, Frank Lupo, & Paul Playdon.)


Battlestar Galactica #4.


Starbuck crashes on a planet with a primitive society, but meets a young girl riding an intelligent unicorn who helps him defeat a contingent of Cylons who arrived hot on his trail.




Trumpets of November, The  (Bernard Geis, 1966, Signet, 1967.)


                Marginal thriller about the secret conspiracy to kill JFK and seize control of the government.




Eminent Domain  (Tales of Thyme, 1996.)


                Self published saga of a plot to destroy an entire planet.




Bookman, The (Angry Robot, 2010.)


Bookman #1.


A saboteur has a spree in a Steampunkish alternate history.


Camera Obscura (Angry Robot, 2011.)


Bookman #2.




Central Station (Tachyon, 2016.)




Great Game, The (Angry Robot, 2012.)


Bookman #3.




Martian Sands  (PS, 2013.)




Violent Century, The (Dunne, 2015.)


Superhumans wage a secret war.




Aurora  (Ibooks, 2002.)


Robots #3.


                Relations between Earth and the colony worlds are further strained when it appears that a robot has violated the Three Laws and committed murder.


Chimera  (Ibooks, 2001.)


A Robot novel.


                A murder is linked to smuggled colonists and some missing embryonic stock.


Compass Reach  (White Wolf, 1997, Meisha Merlin, 2001.).


Secantis #1.


                The first contact with a race of enigmatic aliens leads to the sending of a delegation of telepaths, their subsequent slaughter, and other mysterious events.


Metal of Night  (Meisha Merlin, 2002.)


Secantis #2.


                Trouble with the colony worlds.


Mirage  (Ibooks, 2000.)


A Robot novel.


                A robot mystery set in the world of Asimov's positronic robots.


Peace and Memory  (Meisha Merlin, 2003.)


Secantis #3.


                A wealthy man tries to get around a prohibition against his being buried on Earth.


Realtime  (Ibooks, 2001.)


                A dystopian future America.


Remains  (Benbella, 2005.)


                A security officer on Mars investigates his wife's death and uncovers a political conspiracy.




Bald New World (Perfect Edge, 2014.)


Everyone in the world goes bald.


United States of Japan (Angry Robot, 2016.)


Alternate history in which Japan conquered the US.




I Spy  (Popular Library, 1965.)


An I Spy novel.


                An international criminal conspiracy nearly sets off a nuclear war.


Masterstroke  (Popular Library, 1966.)


An I Spy novel.


                Marginal thriller about a Chinese plot to defeat the US.


Wipeout  (Popular Library, 1967.)


An I Spy novel.


                A crazy scientist hatches a plot to exterminate the human race.




Orion Protocol, The  (Morrow, 2003.)


                A reporter receives evidence that the government is covering up proof that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth.




Blood River  (Sphere, 1988.)


Amtrak #4.




Cloud Warrior, The  (Macmillan, 1984, Sphere, 1984, Baen, 1985.)


Amtrak #1.


                An agent from the community which survived a nuclear war by retreating underground is sent to the surface for the first in a series of campaigns designed to reclaim the planet.


Death-Bringer  (Sphere, 1998.)


Amtrak #5




Earth-Thunder  (Sphere, 1998.)


Amtrak #6




Fade-Out  (Hodder, 1975, Morrow, 1975, Dell, 1977.  Grafton, 1987, revised.)


                An insectlike alien lands his vessel on Earth and precipitates a world wide crisis.


First Family, The  (Sphere, 1985, Baen, 1986.)


Amtrak #2.


                War erupts between the survivors in the underground caverns and those who still live on the surface of ravaged Earth.


Iron Master  (Baen, 1987, Sphere, 1987.)


Amtrak #3.


                As the battle continues between humans and the mutants who survived the war on the surface of the planet, a new menace arises in the form of a Japanese based group of warlords.


Mission  (Michael Joseph, 1981, Little Brown, 1981, Sphere, 1982.)


                The dead body of Jesus reappears in the 20th Century, but turns out to be a time traveling entity.


Star Wartz  (Orbit, 1995.)


                Humorous adventures among the Rimworlds as an entrepreneur from Earth discovers his new job requires an unusual amount of travel.


Xan  (Grafton, 1985.)


                A family believes it is haunted by demons but they are actually disembodied alien intelligences.




Big Losers, The  (Ace, 1988.)


                A group of humans with extraordinary powers are about to change the course of history for many planets.




Approaching Storm, The  (Hutchinson, 1932.)


                Communists seize control of England.


Concrete  (Hutchinson, 1930.)


                Christianity redeems a corrupt future Earth.




Accusations  (Dell, 1995.)


A Babylon 5 novel.


A supposed terrorist is found murdered on Babylon 5, just after having sent a message to Ivanova, casting doubt on her loyalty.  The killing, and more to follow, is connected to the mysteriously accurate knowledge space pirates have about incoming shipments of a valuable mineral.


Betrayal  (Pocket, 1994.)


A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel.


Deep Space Nine is hosting a major ambassadorial meeting to determine the future of the planet Bajor.  Unfortunately, a band of terrorists is trying to kill everyone in sight, and a Cardassian commander demands that the station be turned over to him.


TIME, MARK  (Pseudonym of H.C. Irwin.)


Derelict Empire, A  (Blackwood, 1912.)


                Socialists come to power in England and India is abandoned, but loyal troops manage to suppress a rebellion.


TIMMONS, STAN  (See collaborations with Richard Hatch and Stan Lee.)




Cities Under the Sea  (Angus Robertson, 1948.)


                Young adult adventure featuring survivors from Atlantis.


TINE, ROBERT  (See also Robert Harding.)


Astronaut's Wife, The  (?)


                An astronaut comes back from space changed by an alien force.


Broken Eagle  (Pinnacle, 1985.)


                In the midst of a nuclear war, the crew of an American aircraft must walk to safety across the ruins of Russia.


Midnight City  (Signet, 1987.)


                A serial killer in the near future specializes in killing police officers in New York City.


Outbreak  (Signet, 1995, based on the screenplay by Lawrence Dworet and Robert Roy Pool.)


                Scientists must scramble to contain the most deadly plague of all time.


TIPTREE, JAMES JR.  (Pseudonym of Alice Sheldon.)


Brightness Falls from the Air  (Tor, 1985, Sphere, 1986, Orb, 1993.)


                A group of humans travel to a distant world to witness an astronomical event, unaware of the fact that it will have deep and dangerous psychological effects on them all.


Byte Beautiful  (Doubleday, 1986.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Color of Neanderthal Eyes, The  (Tor, 1990, bound with And Strange at Ecbatan the Trees by Michael Bishop.)


                Novelet published as half a double book.


Girl Who Was Plugged In, The  (Tor, 1989, bound with Screwtop by Vonda N. McIntyre.)


                Novelet about technological body enhancements.


Crown of Stars   (Tor, 1988, Orbit, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Her Smoke Rose Up Forever  (Arkham House, 1990, Book of Month Club, 1991, Tachyon, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Houston, Houston, Do You Read?  (Tor, 1989, bound with Souls by Joanna Russ.)


                Novelet about a space flight gone wrong.


Meet Me at Infinity  (Tor, 2000, Orb, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Out of the Everywhere and Other Extraordinary Visions  (Del Rey, 1981.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Starry Rift, The  (Tor, 1986, Sphere, 1988.)


                Episodic novel about the role of humans in the civilization of the galaxy.


Star Songs of an Old Primate  (Del Rey, 1978.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home  (Ace, 1973, Methuen, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Up the Walls of the World  (Gollancz, 1978, Berkley, 1979.)


                A mysterious alien lifeforce is ravaging its way across the galaxy.  A band of psi powered humans and the inhabitants of a distant world must make common cause to avert a disaster.


Warm Worlds and Otherwise  (Ballantine, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


TITAN, EARL  (Pseudonym of John Russell Fearn, whom see.)


Anjani the Mighty  (Scion, 1951.)


Akada #1.


                Adventures in a lost city where ancient superscience still survives.


Gold of Akada, The  (Scion, 1951.)


Akada #2.


                A Tarzan pastiche involving a lost city.




Death Ray Dictator and Other Stories, The  (Douglas Organ, 1946.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are SF.


TOBIAS, MICHAEL  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Fatal Exposure  (Pocket, 1991.)


                A hole in the ozone layer is about to spread across much of North America, bringing death and ecological destruction in its wake.


Voice of the Planet  (Bantam, 1990.)


                A scientist uses a computer to communicate with the spirit of Earth itself.  Borders on fantasy.




Believe  (Berkley, 1992.)


                The battle between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini over the existence of psi powers.  Scientific rationalization of the occult.




Starship Stud  (Pleasure Book, 1979.)


                Pornography in space.




How McGovern Won the Presidency & Why the Polls Were Wrong  (Outerbridge & Lazard, 1972, Ballantine, 1972.)


                Short futuristic political speculation.




Council  (Forge, 2002.)


                Marginal story about the first American Pope's efforts to reform the church.




Prepare to Die (Night Shade, 2013.)


A man develops super powers.




Space Cat  (Scribner, 1952, Chatto & Windus, 1955.)


Space Cat #1.


                Young readers' book about a cat that travels to outer space.


Space Cat and the Kittens  (Scribner, 1958.)


Space Cat #3.




Space Cat Meets Mars  (Scribner, 1957.)


Space Cat #4.


                The cat visits Mars.


Space Cat Visits Venus  (Scribner, 1955, Chatto & Windus, 1956.)


Space Cat #2.


                The cat visits Venus.




Crash Landing on Iduna  (Laser, 1975.)


                A family is stranded on a hostile world and has to adapt in order to survive.


Day the Earth Stood Still, The  (Scholastic, 1976, based on the screenplay by ??? from the story "Farewell to the Master" by Harry Bates.)


                An alien arrives on Earth to welcome us into the galactic community, but xenophobic fears lead to his murder and an eventual threat against human expansion.


Survival Planet   (Bobbs Merrill, 1977.)


                For young adults.


Walls Within Walls  (Laser, 1975.)


                In a repressive future a mutant is concealed by his parents until he eventually escapes and discovers a secret society living underground.




Welcome to the Ark  (Beech Tree, 1998.)


                Four teenagers are united in a project designed to save the world from the rising tide of violence that threatens to destroy civilization.




Slynx, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 2002, translated from the Russian by James Gambrell.)


                Some kind of disaster results in a permanent winter settling over Russia, and the country collapses into a form of feudalism.




Aelita  (Foreign Languages Publishing, 1957.  Macmillan, 1981,  translated from the Russian by Antonina W. Bouis Ardis, 1985, translated from the Russian by Leland Fetzer.)


                A rebellion on Mars.


Death Box, The  (See Engineer Garin and His Death Ray.)


Engineer Garin and His Death Ray  (Raduga, 1987. Methuen, 1936, as The Death Box. Methuen, 1936, translated from the Russian by George Hanna as The Garin Death Ray. Foreign Language Publishing, 1955 as The Garin Death Ray.)


                An inventor develops a superweapon and tries to conquer the world..


Garin Death Ray, The  (See Engineer Garin and His Death Ray.)




Awakening  (Del Rey, 1990, translated from the Japanese by Frederik L. Schodt.)


Gundam #1.


                War between Earth and its colonies is conducted using gigantic robot battleships.


Confrontation  (Del Rey, 1990, translated from the Japanese by Frederik L. Schodt.)


Gundam #3.


                The final battle between an entrenched dictatorship and the forces from space determined to restore human freedom.


Escalation  (Del Rey, 1990, translated from the Japanese by Frederik L. Schodt.)


Gundam #2.


                Earth's enemies have seized a beachhead on the moon and are preparing for an all out assault on Earth itself.




Wall, The  (Publish America, 2002.)


                In a future where humanity has abandoned technology for more ecological friendly communities, alien visitors pose a new menace.




Ark, The (Angry Robot, 2015.)


Dead Earth #1.




In the Black (Tor, 2020.)


Diplomacy averts an interstellar war.


Gate Crashers (Tor, 2018.)


Sword from the Sky, The (New Babel, 2015.)


Trident's Forge (Angry Robot, 2016.)


Dead Earth #2.






Mind Out of Time  (Knopf, 1958, Gollancz, 1958.)


                Two men negotiating for oil concessions become telepathically linked and one becomes dominant to the other.




Illumined Black  (Phantom Press, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Day of the Brown Horde, The  (Payson & Clarke, 1929, Harcourt, 1929.)


                A novel of prehistory.


Inland Deep  (Penn, 1936, Armchair, 2018.)


                Strange creatures in a subterranean world.


Zenith Rand, Planet Vigilante  (Black Dog, 2006.)


Collection of related stories.




Good as Gold  (Crowell, 1955.)


                Creation of a super fertilizer.




World of Trouble, A  (Ballantine, 1973.)


                An agent of Earth is sent on a mission to another world, and runs into more trouble than he anticipated from its hostile inhabitants.




Fourth of July War, The  (Morrow, 1978.)


                Near future political thriller about the US deliberately plotting a war.


TOPPING, KEITH  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Byzantium!  (BBC, 2001.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                 A visit to the ancient world uncovers an alien interloper.


King of Terror, The  (BBC, 2000.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                At the turn of the century, the Doctor battles aliens in Los Angeles, an evil corporation, and a bevy of rioters.




Devil Goblins from Neptune, The  (BBC, 1997.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                Invaders from Neptune are in league with subversive agents within UNIT, and the Doctor and the Brigadier are hard put to tell friends from enemies.


Hollow Men, The  (BBC, 1998.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                The children of a small British town develop unusual powers and the Doctor finds himself caught in a sinister plot to seize control of all of Britain.




Chaplain's War, The (Baen, 2014.)


A chaplain is caught behind enemy lines in an interstellar war.


TORRO, PEL  (Pseudonym of Robert Lionel Fanthorpe, whom see.)


Beyond the Barrier of Space  (Tower, 1968, Star, ?.  Badger, 1963, as Formula 29X.)


                In the middle of an interstellar war, scientists discover a drug that would enable a government to condition its people to obey every order.


Exiled in Space.  (See The Return.)


Face of Fear, The  (Badger, 1963.)


                Not seen.


Force 97X  (Badger, 1965.)


                One man discovers the secret of a powerful organization that uses superscientific techniques to manipulate the entire human race.


Formula 29X.  (See Beyond the Barrier of Space.)


Frozen Planet  (Badger, 1960, Arcadia, 1967.)


                Not seen.


Galaxy 666  (Badger, 1963, Arcadia, 1968, Tower, 1968.)


                A space crew sets out to explore a new, habitable world, and runs into some particularly nasty wildlife.


Last Astronaut, The  (Badger, 1963, Tower, 1969.)


                A deep space probe runs into problems when five of its crew die violently and the captain begins to wonder about his own sanity.


Legion of the Lost  (Badger, 1962.)


                Not seen.


Man of Metal.  (See Space No Barrier.)


Phantom Ones, The  (Badger, 1961.)


                Not seen.


Return, The  (Badger, 1964, ega, 1964.  ?, 1969, as Exiled in Space.)


                A spaceman is sent to a world protected by a force shield.  He succeeds in penetrating it, and picks up a disease that could wipe out the human race.


Space No Barrier  (Badger, 1964.  Lenox Hill, 1969, as Man of Metal.)


                An ancient artifact provides a key to the stars.


Strange Ones, The  (Badger, 1963.)


                Not seen.


Through the Barrier  (Badger, 1963.)


                A space traveler is rescued from a derelict ship and returned to a planet where he begins to suspect that he has traveled through time as well as space.


Timeless Ones, The  (Badger, 1963.)


                Not seen.


World of the Gods  (Badger, 1960.)


                A scientist disappears and a strange yellow mist menaces the world.




Assassin's Dream, The  (Five Star, 2005.)


                After a plague wipes out most men, a repressive female government uses assassins to kill anyone who might challenge the status quo.




Rocket-Ship Saboteurs, The  (Chatto & Windus, 1959.)


Interplanetary #1.


                For younger readers.


Warning to Earth, A  (Chatto & Windus, 1960.)


Interplanetary #2.


                Two youngsters solve a mystery on the moon.




Creatures, The  (See King Creature, Come.)


King Creature, Come  (Oxford, 1980.  Lippincott, 1980, as The Creatures.)


                Humans rebel against alien conquerors.


Noah's Castle  (Lippincott, 1975, Oxford, 1975, Dell Laurel, 1978.)


                A family removes to a remote, armored house in preparation for a battle of survival as civilization begins to disintegrate.


Visitors, The  (See The Xanadu Manuscript.)


Xanadu Manuscript, The  (Oxford, 1977.  Lippincott, 1977, as The Visitors.)


                Time travelers from the future.




2069  (Pleasure Reader, 1969.)


Sex #1.


                Futuristic pornography.


2069+1  (Pleasure Reader, 1970.)


Sex #2.


                Futuristic Pornography.


2069+2 (Pleasure Reader, 1970.)


Sex #3.


                Futuristic pornography.


2069 Trilogy, The, Badboy, ?


                Omnibus of three pornographic novels.


Scorpius Equation, The  (Other Traveler, 1971, Badboy, ?)


                A man has various sexual encounters while caught between two warring interstellar empires.




Leftovers  (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1966.)


                A handful of people survive a poisonous gas that wipes out the rest of humanity.




Destiny's Door  (Padwolf, 2001.)


                A computer hacker discovers that there are discorporate sentient beings living in the internet.




American Emperor, An  (Pearson, 1897.)


American Emperor #1.


                The Sahara is transformed into a fertile land.


Final War, The  (Pearson, 1896.)


                Future war between England and a French-Russian alliance.


Invaders, The  (Pearson, 1901.)


                An invasion of England by infiltration.


Karl Greier: The Strange Story of a Man with a Sixth Sense  (Hodder, 1906.  Odhams Press, 1910, as The Man with a Sixth Sense.)


                Psi powers.


Lost Provinces, The  (Pearson, 1898.)


American Emperor #2.


                Turmoil spoils a future world.


Man with a Sixth Sense, The  (See Karl Greier: The Strange Story of a Man with a Sixth Sense .)


Turning Point, The  (Clode, 1923.)


                A man can recall memories from previous generations.




Man Who Rocked the Earth, The  (Doubleday Page, 1915.)


War #1.


                A mysterious power using super science forces an end to the war.


Moon Maker, The (Dawn Press, 1958.  Magazine version 1917.)


War #2.


                An asteroid menaces the earth.




Future Sex  (Pleasure Books, 1979.)


                Pornography in the future.




Android Armageddon  (Pinnacle, 1974.)


                On a world governed by machines, a group of rebels decides to overthrow their inhuman masters and restore human freedom.


Chic Chick Spy, The  (Belmont, 1966.)


Lee Crosley #2.


                A criminal mastermind uses hormones to upset the balance of power.


Cosmozoids, The  (Belmont, 1966.)


                Alien parasites infect human hosts, slowly spreading as they plot to take over the Earth.


Flight Signals  (Pinnacle, 1990.)


                A device is developed which allows agents to seize control of aircraft from the ground.


Miss from S.I.S., The  (Belmont, 1966.)


Lee Crosley #1.


                Marginal spy thriller in which a secret agent disrupts a plot to turn the Presidency into a monarchy.


Ring-A-Ding UFOs, The  (Belmont, 1967.)


Lee Crosley #3.


                A superspy encounters alien invaders.


Signal: Blackbird  (Pinnacle, 1992.)


                A megalomaniac causes a revolution in the Philippines in order to steal the secret of cold fusion and create a personal army equipped with weapons that can conquer the world.


TRAMONTANA, C.J.  (See collaboration with Bill Slavicsek.)




Twilight of the Basilisks  (Berkley, 1973.)


                A citizen of a supposedly utopian society begins to suspect that there are problems hidden from the general public.




501st (Del Rey, 2009.)


A Star Wars novel.


The clone army is now split into warring factions.


Ally  (Eos, 2007.)


Shan Frankland #5.


An overpopulated planet is torn by civil war.


Anvil Gate  (Del Rey, 2010.)


Gears of War #3.


A star colony is menaced by various life forms.


Aspho Fields  (Del Rey, 2008.)


Gears of War #1.


Three interstellar soldiers are reunited on the eve of a major battle.


Bloodlines  (Del Rey, 2006.)


A Star Wars novel.


                A new civil war threatens to erupt in the vacuum caused by the fall of the empire.


City of Pearl  (Eos, 2004.)


Shan Frankland #1.


                The arrival of human colonists on an alien world precipitates a crisis.


Coalition's End  (Del Rey, 2011.)


A Gears of War novel.


A small number of survivors tries to rebuild after a colony is devastated by alien insects.


Crossing the Line  (Eos, 2004.)


Shan Frankland #2.


                A single woman is instrumental in preventing an alien world from being caught up in a war.


Glasslands  (Tor, 2011.)


A Halo novel.


An ancient secret on a distant planet.


Hard Contact  (Del Rey, 2004.)


A Star Wars Republic Commando novel.


                Clone commandos team up with a Jedi to accomplish a dangerous mission.


Jacinto's Remnant  (Del Rey, 2009.)


Gears of War #2.


A party of soldiers flees an alien invasion.


Judge  (Eos, 2008.)


Shan Frankland #6.


A nearly immortal woman must act to prevent a crisis on Earth.


Matriarch  (Eos, 2006.)


Shan Frankland #4.


                An immortal woman and her associates try to save an alien species.


Mortal Dictata (Tor, 2014.)


A Halo novel.


Tensions mount in the aftermath of an interstellar war.


No Prisoners  (Lucasbooks, 2009.)


A Star Wars novel.


A young Jedi undertakes a mission during the Clone Wars.


Order 66  (Del Rey, 2009.)


A Star Wars novel.


Soldiers undertake a dangerous mission during the Clone Wars.


Revelation  (Del Rey, 2008.)


A Star Wars novel.


An alliance is formed to dethrone the tyrannical ruler of the galaxy.


Sacrifice  (Del Rey, 2007.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Han Solo’s son threatens to become a Sith.


Slab, The  (Gallery, 2012.)


A Gears of War novel.


Humans battle alien insects.


Star Wars 501st  (Del Rey, 2009.)


A Star Wars novel.



Thursday War, The  (Tor, 2012.) 


A Halo novel.


Humans clandestinely disrupt the civilization of inimical aliens.


Triple Zero  (Del Rey, 2006.)


A Star Wars Republic Commando novel.


                Combat missions during the Clone Wars.


World Before, The  (Eos, 2005.)


Shan Frankland #3.


                Human colonists find themselves in the middle of an alien war.




XT Called Stanley, An  (DAW, 1983.)


                Alien signals instruct humans how to create a self aware supercomputer which seems to have motives of its own.




Ashes, Ashes  (Scholastic, 2011.)


A teenager struggles to survive after plagues devastate the world.


TREGILLIS, IAN  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Coldest War, The  (Tor, 2012.)


Milkweed #1.




Necessary Evil (Tor, 2013.)


Milkweed #2.


Aliens from another reality.


TREIBICH, S.J.  (See collaborations with Laurence M. Janifer.)




Ants, The  (Sphere, 1979, Signet, 1980.)


                A new wave of killer ants menaces South America.


Curse of Loch Ness, The  (Sphere, 1979.)




Nicor!  (Sphere, 1986.)


                A sea monster disturbs production at an oil drilling platform.


Snowbeast  (Sphere, 1983.)


                A yeti shows up in Scotland.


Swamp!  (Sphere, 1985.)


                A reptilian creature stalks the Florida Everglades.


Trollnight  (Sphere, 1987.)


                A scientist uses modern science to create a race of trolls.


TREVENA, JOHN  (Pseudonym of Ernest Henham, whom see.)


Reign of the Saints, The  (?, 1911.)


                Great Britain in the 23rd Century.




A-Men, The  (Matador, 2010.)


Turmoil and mystery in a vaguely dystopian future.


TREVOR, DAN  (Pseudonym of Dan Sherman, whom see, and Trevor Meldal-Johnsen.)


Night Whistlers, The  (Jove, 1991.)


Night Whistler #1.


                A revolutionary group forms in a future America where international corporations have effectively become a dictatorial government.


Penetrate  (Jove, 1992.)


Night Whistler #2.


                Revolutionaries plan an elaborate scheme to free a large number of people imprisoned by corporate security in a remote prison camp.


Terminate  (Jove, 1992.)


Night Whistler #3.


                A high tech assassin is called in by corporate America to eliminate the leaders of a revolutionary group.


TREVOR, ELLESTON  (See also Warwick Scott.)


Deathwatch  (Beaufort, 1984.)


                An engineered plague devastates the world.


Forbidden Kingdom  (Lutterworth, 1955.)


                Young adult lost world story.


Mind of Max Duvine, The  (Swan, 1960.)


                Not seen.  Telepathy.


Shoot, The  (Heinemann, 1966, Avon, 1967, New English Library, 1968.)


                Marginal thriller about attempts to sabotage a revolutionary new space probe.




Fires and the Stars, The  (Faber, 1951.)


Dionysius #3.




Forest and the Kingdom, The  (Faber, 1949.)


Dionysius #1.


                Adventures on another planet, for younger readers.


Hunt the King, Hide the Fox  (Faber, 1950.)


Dionysius #2.




Other Side of the Moon, The  (?, 1956.)


                For younger readers.




Antonov Project, The  (St Martins, 1979, Belmont, 1979.)


                The launching of several mysterious Soviet ships leads the world to the brink of nuclear war.


Two Hours to Darkness  (Random House, 1963, Bantam, 1964, Fontana, 1965.)


                The insane commander of a nuclear submarine threatens to launch atomic weapons if his demands are not met.


Zhukov Briefing, The  (St Martins, 1975, Popular Library, 1977.)


                Marginal thriller about tensions surrounding an experimental Russian submarine that goes aground.




Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (Dunne, 2015.)


A man falls in love with an android.


TRIMBLE, JACQUELYN  (See collaboration with Louis Trimble.)


TRIMBLE, LOUIS (See also collaboration which follows.)


Anthropol  (Ace, 1968, bound with The Time Mercenaries by Philip E. High.)


                An agent is sent to undermine a feminist dictatorship on a remote planet before other forces decide to intervene militarily.


Bodelan Way, The  (DAW, 1974.)


                A feline human becomes involved in a subtle plot to reduce humanity's influence on the conduct of interstellar society.


City Machine, The  (DAW, 1972.)


                On a distant world, the entire population is housed in one enclosed city, unable to expand because they've lost the knowledge of the machine used to create new habitats.


Noblest Experiment in the Galaxy, The  (Ace, 1970, bound with The Communipaths by Suzette Haden Elgin.)


                A man living in a strange community full of anachronisms begins to realize that there are variant versions of himself.


Wandering Variables, The  (DAW, 1972.)


                Two humans go for an extended vacation on a distant world, a planet which requires mental programming as a precondition to their visit.




Guardians of the Gate  (Ace, 1972.)


                An epic battle rages on a distant planet where two alien intelligences have landed, taking the roles of ultimate good and ultimate evil.




Fixed Period, The  (Blackwood, 1882.)


                Mild near future satire about a failed Utopian state.




Ministry of Procreation  (Hale, 1968.)


                Not seen.




Exodus A.D., Hutchinson, 1934.


                Future war novel.


TROUT, KILGORE  (Pseudonym of Philip Jose Farmer, whom see.)


TROWBRIDGE, DAVE  (See collaborations with Sherwood Smith.)




Beyond the Planet Earth  (Pergamon, 1960, translated from the Russian by K. Syers.)


                Early spaceflight.


Call of the Cosmos, The  (Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1961.  Wright Patterson, 1966, as The Path to the Stars.  University Press of Pacific, 1979, as The Science Fiction of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Path to the Stars, The  (See The Call of the Cosmos.)


Science Fiction of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, The  (See The Call o f the Cosmos.)


TUBB, E.C.  (See also Charles Grey, Roy Sheldon, Gil Hunt, King Lang, Gregory Kern, Carl Maddox, Karl Vallance,  and Brian Shaw.)


Alien Dust  (Boardman, 1955, Avalon, 1957.)


                The establishment of the first colony on Mars.


Alien Impact  (Hamilton, 1952.)


                A human discovers that aliens from prehistoric Earth are secretly living on Venus.


Alien Life  (Paladin, 1954, Gryphon, 1998.)


                The only survivor of an expedition to Pluto returns insane, is cured, and is then sent on a second mission..


Alien Seed  (Pocket, 1976, Futura, 1976)


A Space 1999 novel.


The wandering moon and its involuntary passengers find a planet where dangerous alien beings are hatched for long dormant pods.


Angado  (DAW, 1984.)


Dumarest #29.


                Dumarest hears of a man who knows the location of lost Earth, but the Cyclan is still pursuing him as well.


Atom War on Mars  (Hamilton, 1952.)


                Colonists on Mars declare their independence of Earth.


Best Science Fiction of E.C. Tubb, The  (Wildside, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Breakaway  (Dobson, ?, Futura, 1975, Pocket, 1975.)


A Space 1999 novel.


The moon is ripped from orbit by a nuclear blast and sent on a scientifically impossible journey from star to star.


Century of the Manikin  (DAW, 1972, Millington, 1975.)


                A leading proponent of world peace is revived from suspended animation in a world where peace has been imposed, and finds herself in conflict with the government.


City of No Return  (Scion, 1954.)


                Several people journey to a fabled underground city on Mars.


C.O.D. Mars  (Ace, 1968, bound with Alien Sea by John Rackham.)


Rewritten version of The Hand of Havoc as by Charles Grey.)


Collision Course  (Dobson, ?, Futura, 1975, Pocket, 1976.)


A Space 1999 novel.


The Alphans find another hostile world, this one occupied by a creature that appears to be an angel but acts more like a devil.


Coming Event, The  (DAW, 1982, Arrow, 1986.)


Dumarest #26.


                The inhabitants of an artificial world insist that they know the location of legendary Earth.


Death Is a Dream  (Hart-Davis, 1967.  Ace, 1967, bound with Computer War by Mack Reynolds.)


                A man wakens from suspended animation to discover that the world has changed into a hostile place.


Death Wears a White Face  (Hale, 1979.)


                The discovery of immortality leads to a collapse of civilization.


DeBracy's Drug  (Gryphon, ?.  Originally published as by?)




Derai  (Ace, 1968, bound with The Singing Stones by Juanita Coulson.  Arrow, 1973.)


Dumarest #2.


                Dumarest competes in a physical competition on a primitive planet.


Earthfall  (Orbit, 1977.)


A Space 1999 novel.




Earth Is Heaven  (DAW, 1982, Arrow, 1986.)


Dumarest #27.


                Just when Dumarest thinks he has finally found the location of Earth, the Cyclan spring a trap that nearly captures him.


Earth Set Free  (Gryphon, ?)


                Not seen.


Eloise  (DAW, 1975, Arrow, 1978.)


Dumarest #12.


                A secret group of cyborgs wants to capture Dumarest and probe the secrets of his brain.


Escape into Space  (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1969.)




Extra Man, The  (?, 1954, Cosmos, 2000.)


                A man wakens from suspended animation into a future ruled by women and a super computer.


Eye of the Zodiac  (DAW, 1975, Arrow, 1978.)


Dumarest #13.


                Dumarest pursues rumors of the planet Earth, and is pursued in turn by agents of the Cyclan.


Footsteps of Angels  (Gryphon, 2005.)




Gath  (See The Winds of Gath.)


Haven of Darkness  (DAW, 1977, Arrow, 1980.)


Dumarest #16.


                Dumarest visits a planet upon which, at certain times, the dead are apparently able to return to communicate with the living.


Hell Planet, The  (Scion, 1954.)


                A rescue operation on the planet Mercury.


Iduna's Universe  (DAW, 1979, Arrow, 1985.)


Dumarest #21.


                Dumarest must rescue a kidnapped girl in order to win his freedom from a band of slavers.


I Fight for Mars  (Gryphon, 1998.  Milestone 1953, as by Charles Grey.)


                See entry under Charles Grey for synopsis.


Incident on Ath  (DAW, 1978.)


Dumarest #18.


                Dumarest travels to a planet where an artist lives who once did a painting set on Earth, and finds himself in the middle of a revolution.


Jack of Swords  (DAW, 1976, Arrow, 1979.)


Dumarest #14.


                Rumors of a ghost planet where wishes come true divert Dumarest from his quest for Earth.


Jester at Scar, The  (Ace, 1970, bound with To Venus! To Venus! By David Grinnell.  Arrow, 1977.)


Dumarest #5.


                Dumarest discovers that there is a conspiracy to kill him on yet another primitive world.


Jondelle  (DAW, 1973, Arrow, 1977.)


Dumarest #10.


                Dumarest tries to rescue a kidnapped child in a city filled with paranoid killers.


I Fight for Mars  (Gryphon, 2001. Originally published as by Charles Grey, whom see.)


Journey to Mars  (Scion, 1954.)


                A luckless spaceman schemes to get to Mars and sneak aboard a flight to the stars.


Kalgan the Golden  (Gryphon, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Kalin  (Ace, 1969, bound with The Bane of Kanthos by Alex Dain.  Arrow, 1973.)


Dumarest #4.


                Dumarest travels with a young woman who has prescient visions.


Lallia  (Ace, 1971, bound with Recoil by Claudia and Rhoda Nunes.  Arrow, 1977.)


Dumarest #6.


                Dumarest continues his search for the lost planet Earth.


Luck Machine, The  (Dobson, 1980, Wildside, 2000.)


                A scientist develops a machine that concentrates good luck.  Unfortunately, that means that bad luck concentrates somewhere else.


Mayenne  (DAW, 1973, Arrow, 1977.)


Dumarest #9.


                When their starship is disabled, Dumarest and other passengers are rescued by a passing, sentient planet.


Mayenne and Jondelle  (DAW, 1981.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Mechanical Monarch, The  (Ace, 1958.)


                One unpredictable man destabilizes a society ruled by machines.


Melome  (DAW, 1983.)


Dumarest #28.


                Dumarest gets involved with an interplanetary circus troupe.


Melome and Angado  (DAW, 1988.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Moon Base  (Jenkins, 1964, Ace, 1964, Mayflower, 1967, Wildside, 2002.  Magazine title Window on the Moon.)


                A man is sent to the moon base to investigate some strange events, and is almost immediately attacked by an induced disease.


Murder in Space  (Gryphon, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mutants Rebel, The  (Hamilton, 1953.)


                Following an atomic war, women take control of society and battle the growing number of mutants.


Nectar of Heaven  (DAW, 1981, Arrow, 1985.)


Dumarest #24.


                Dumarest gets mixed up in the drug trade on a planet where business dominates everything.


Omnibus (Gollancz, 2013.)


Omnibus of The Extra Man, The Space-Born, and Fires of Satan.


Pandora’s Box  (Gryphon, 1996.)


                Not seen.


Pawn of the Omphalos  (Gold Medal, 1980.)


                An expedition is launched to investigate an anomaly in space that has swallowed entire planets and possibly even entire galaxies.


Primitive, The  (Futura, 1977.)


                The life of a man whose mother was burned as a witch on a primitive world, who escaped into space, became a mercenary, and then an interstellar magnate.


Prison of Night  (DAW, 1977, Arrow, 1980.)


Dumarest #17.


                Dumarest resists efforts to remove him from a world where he thinks he may find a clue for his quest.


Quillian Sector, The  (DAW, 1978, Arrow, 1982.)


Dumarest #19.


                Professional hunters are engaged to track down Dumarest.


Resurrected Man, The  (Scion, 1954.)


                A space pilot is frozen for many years, then thawed in time to become involved in an interplanetary crisis.


Return, The  (Gryphon, 1997.)


Dumarest #32.


                Dumarest finally finds his way home and defeats his enemies.


Rogue Planet  (Pocket, 1976, Futura, 1976.)


A Space 1999 novel.


The Alphans defeat an alien creature that looks like a disembodied brain.


Saturn Patrol  (Gryphon, 1997.  Originally published as by King Lang.)


                Not seen.


Scatter of Stardust, A  (Ace, 1972, bound with Technos, also by Tubb. Dobson, 1976.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Space-Born, The  (Ace, 1956, bound with The Man Who Japed by Philip K. Dick.  Digit, 1961.  Magazine title Star Ship.)


                On a generation starship, an elite group is assigned to kill anyone who doesn't voluntarily die by the age of forty.  But one of their agents balks at his latest assignment.


Spectrum of a Forgotten Sun  (DAW, 1976, Arrow, 1980.)


Dumarest #15.


                Lacking funds, Dumarest enlists as a mercenary in order to earn passage to a more promising world.


Stardeath  (Del Rey, 1983.)


                An expedition is launched to find out why occasional starships disappear and why their crews are grotesquely transformed when they're found.


S.T.A.R. Flight  (Paperback Library, 1969, Hale, 1980.)


                Rebels plot against aliens who have brought near immortality to Earth, but who keep humanity confined and impoverished.


Stellar Assignment  (Hale, 1979.)




Stellar Legion, The  (Scion, 1954, Gryphon, 2001.)


                A man sentenced to a penal colony becomes a member of the military.


Symbol of Terra  (DAW, 1984.)


Dumarest #30.


                In order to gain the next piece in the puzzle of Earth's location, Dumarest must pledge allegiance to a planetary nobleman.


Symbol of Terra and The Temple of Truth  (DAW, 1989.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Technos  (Ace, 1972, bound with A Scatter of Stardust, also by Tubb.  Arrow, 1977.)


Dumarest #7.


                Dumarest arrives on a high tech planet seeking information about Earth, and is mistakenly identified as a spy.


Temple of Death, The  (Gryphon, 1997.)


                A man exiled from Mars when he offends religious fanatics plots vengeance.


Temple of Truth, The  (DAW, 1985.)


Dumarest #31.


                Dumarest must penetrate a secretive priesthood to locate Earth.


Ten from Tomorrow  (Hart-Davis, 1966, Sphere, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Terra Data, The  (DAW, 1980, Arrow, 1985.)


Dumarest #22.


                Dumarest undertakes a mission in space in exchange for information about Earth.


Terridae, The  (DAW, 1981.)


Dumarest #25.


                A planet dominated by an obsessive religion may hold the key to the location of Earth.


Toyman  (Ace, 1969, bound with Fear That Man by Dean R. Koontz.  Arrow, 1973.)


Dumarest #3.


                Dumarest fights in an arena for permission to ask questions of the planetary computer.


Venusian Adventure  (Comyns, 1953.)


                Artifacts of an ancient alien race are found on Venus.


Veruchia  (Ace, 1973, Arrow, 1977.)


Dumarest #8.


                A power struggle on a feudal planet lands Dumarest in fresh trouble.


Wall, The  (Gryphon, 2001.)


                War in space.


War on the Moon  (Gryphon, 1997.  Magazine version in 1950.)


                Not seen.


Web of Sand  (DAW, 1979, Arrow, 1983.)


Dumarest #20.


                Further adventures of Dumarest, this time on a desert world controlled by five powerful families.


Winds of Gath, The  (Ace, 1967, bound with Crisis on Cheiron by Juanita Coulson.  Wildside, 2002.  Hart-Davis, 1968, as Gath.)


Dumarest #1.


                A wandering space man tries to find a way to return to the legendary planet Earth.


World at Bay  (Scion, 1954.)


                A ban against nuclear research causes an energy crisis on Earth.


World of Promise  (DAW, 1980, Arrow, 1985.)


Dumarest #23.


                Dumarest battles agents of the Cyclan on a planet devoted to accumulating knowledge.


Zenya  (DAW, 1974, Arrow, 1978.)


Dumarest #11.


                Dumarest becomes a military officer while attempting to evade the agents of a band of murderous cyborgs.




Not an Earthly Chance   (Hale, 1970.)


                Not seen.


TUCKER, MIKE  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Crawling Terror, The  (Broadway, 2014.)


A Doctor Who novel.


An English village is attacked by giant insects.


Nightmare of Black Island, The  (BBC, 2006.)


A Doctor Who novel.


A sea monster menaces a coastal town.


Prime Time  (BBC, 2000.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                The Doctor visits a distant world where a powerful television station is holding the entire planetary population in thrall.


Silurian Gift, The  (BBC, 2013.)


A Doctor Who novel.


An energy crisis threatens the world.


Snowglobe 7  (BBC, 2008.)


A Doctor Who novel.






Illegal Alien  (BBC, 1997.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                The Cybermen launch a furtive attack on Great Britain during World War II, and only the Doctor believes the man who sees their weapon arrive.


Loving the Alien  (BBC, 2003.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                One of the Doctor's friends is murdered so he explores the past to prevent it.


Matrix, BBC  (1998.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                The Doctor is pursued by a seemingly invisible enemy who turns out to be Jack the Ripper.  They have a final showdown in 1888.


Storm Harvest  ( BBC, 1999.)


A Doctor Who novel.


                The Doctor discovers that an ancient weapon is concealed on a vacation planet, and that someone is planning to reactivate it.




Best of Wilson Tucker, The  (Pocket, 1982.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


City in the Sea, The  (Rinehart, 1951, Galaxy, 1952, Nova, 1954.)


                Generations after a nuclear war, explorers discover that some survived in an undersea city.


Ice and Iron  (Doubleday, 1974, Ballantine, 1975, Gollancz, 1975.)


                A scientist is studying the ice that is advancing on civilization when he begins to discover the bodies of primitive warriors who have apparently been projected back from the future.


Lincoln Hunters, The  (Rinehart, 1958, Phoenix House, 1961, Ace, 1968.)


                Scientists from a repressive future world travel back through time to record a lost speech by Abraham Lincoln, and by doing so disrupt their own society.


Long Loud Silence, The  (Rinehart, 1952, Dell, 1953, Lane, 1953, Guild, 1953. Lancer, 1969, revised.)


                A professional soldier tries to survive after the US is devastated by a nuclear attack.


Man from Tomorrow  (Bantam, 1955, Joseph, 1955, Avon, 1966.  Rinehart, 1954, as Wild Talent.)


                The story of a man with psi powers, a mutant who secretly lives among the unaware human race.


Prison Planet  (?, 1947.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Resurrection Days  (Pocket, 1981.)


                A contemporary man is revived from the dead centuries from now in a world where only women have free will.  His resistance to their commands threatens the whole basis of their civilization.


Science Fiction Sub-Treasury, The  (See Time: X.)


Time Bomb  (See Tomorrow Plus X.)


Time Masters, The  (Rinehart, 1953, Signet, 1954.  Doubleday, 1971, Gollancz, 1973, revised.)


                Two immortal aliens are stranded on Earth and battle one another to subvert or preserve human freedom.


Time: X  (Bantam, 1955.  Rinehart, 1954, as The Science Fiction Sub-Treasury.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tomorrow Plus X  (Avon, 1956.  Rinehart, 1955, as Time Bomb.)


                Someone in the future is sending bombs back through time to selected targets in the present. 


To the Tombaugh Station  (Ace, 1960, bound with Earthman, Go Home! by Poul Anderson.)


                A locked room murder mystery set during a space flight.


Wild Talent  (See Man from Tomorrow.)


Year of the Quiet Sun, The  (Ace, 1970, Hale, 1971.)


                A researcher travels through time to the near future and learns of a disaster that wipes out much of the human race.




New Utopia, The  (Birmingham Lecture Society, 1885.)


                Utopian pamphlet.




When Heroes Die  (Odyssey, 1983.)


A Star Trek novel.






Fuzzy Bones  (Ace, 1981.)


                A sequel to the Fuzzy novels by H. Beam Piper.  Scientists attempt to figure out how the fuzzies, cute little alien sentients, evolved.


Tornado Alley  (Ace, 1978.)


                Scientists attempt to find a way to control tornadoes and prevent them from being so destructive.




Eagles Restrained  (Unwin, 1936.)


                Future war between Germany and Poland.




Last of the Mammoths, The  (?, 1907. Coachwhip, 2020, bound with Men of the Mist by  T.C. Bridges. Translated from the French.)


Explorers encounter the last living mammoth.




Ether Ore  (Tor, 1987.)


                A resident on Mars is somehow transformed into an apparition and sent to an alternate version of Mars.  Borders on fantasy.




Secret of the Desert, The  (Hurst & Blackett, 1923.)


                A world catastrophe results in a simpler life style for the survivors.




Armada Gold, The  (?, 1908.)


                A lost world novel.




Double Shadow, A  (Berkley, 1979.)


                Humans have transformed the solar system so that they can live on other planets, but in doing so they have also altered the human race.




Beloved Son  (Faber, 1978, Pocket, 1979, Sphere, 1979, AvoNova, 1996.)


Ethical Society #1.


                A starship returns to Earth and discovers that a nuclear war and other changes have transformed the human race.


Brain Child  (Morrow, 1991, AvoNova, 1992, Headline, 1992.)


                An experiment in genetic engineering led to a series of suicides of the subjects.  The protagonist is unknowingly a product of this experiment, and he's about to undergo some significant mental changes.


Destiny Makers, The  (Morrow, 1993, AvoNova, 1993.)


                In an overpopulated future, advanced medical treatments are illegal.  But one prominent citizen has received them, and the protagonist is given the job of protecting the secret.


Down There in the Darkness  (Tor, 1999.)


                Two men are put into involuntary suspended animation by a nefarious corporation and wake up in a future where technology has receded.


Drowning Towers  (AvoNova, 1996.   Faber, 1987, as The Sea and the Summer.)


                A young man tries to better himself in a world so overpopulated that poverty governs the life of almost everyone.


Genetic Soldier  (AvoNova, 1994.)


                A starship returns to Earth and discovers that a new culture has arisen, with genetically enhanced soldiers programmed to destroy intruders.


Pursuit of Miracles  (Aphelion, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sea and the Summer, The.  (See Drowning Towers.)


Vaneglory  (Faber, 1981, AvoNova, 1996.)


Ethical Society #2.


                A new society emerges from the aftermath of a nuclear war, and the protagonist seeks to find his proper place in this fluid new culture.


Yesterday's Men  (Faber, 1983, AvoNova, 1996.)


Ethical Society 33.


                An attempt to bring world peace following a nuclear war results in a rigidly repressive society, but an experiment conducted by the authorities ultimately leads to their fall.




Stranger from the Depths  (Doubleday, 1967.  Scholastic, 1970, abridged.)


                Young adult novel about the discovery of a race of reptilian humanoids living under the ocean.


TURNER, RICHARD.  (See collaboration with William Osbourne.)


TURTLEDOVE, HARRY  (See also collaboration which follows, and collaboration with Richard Dreyfuss.  The Great War series is a sequel to How Few Remain and the American Empire series is also a continuation.  The Colonization series is a sequel to the Worldwar series.  The Settling Accounts series continues the Great War series.)


3 x T  (Baen, 2004.)


                Omnibus of Noninterference, Kaleidoscope, and Earthgrip.


Agent of Byzantium  (Congdon & Weed, 1987, Worldwide, 1988, New English Library, 1988, Baen, 1994.)


                An historical spy novel set in an alternate world in which the Byzantine Empire never fell and has in fact grown more powerful than it ever did in our world.


All Fall Down (Roc, 2012.)


Volcano #2.


The world recovers from a disaster.


American Front  (Del Rey, 1998, Hodder, 2001, New English Library, 2002.)


Great War #1.


                World War I is fought with the United States on the side of Germany and the rest of Europe allied with the Confederacy.


Armistice (Del Rey, 2017.)


Hot War #3.


Alternate World War II.


Atlantis and Other Places (Roc, 2010.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Big Switch, The  (Del Rey, 2011.)


War That Came Early #3.




Blood and Iron  (Del Rey, 2001, New English Library, 2002.)


American Empire #1.


                The Confederacy is recovering from its defeat during the Great War while socialism threatens to overwhelm the United States.


Bombs Away (Del Rey, 2015.)


Alternate history.


Breakthroughs  (Del Rey, 2000, Hodder, 2001.)


Great War #3.


                The first World War in Europe spreads to North America and pits the United States against the Confederacy.


Breath of God, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Bronze Age #2.


Psychic powers verging on magic.


Center Cannot Hold, The  (Del Rey, 2002, Hodder, 2002, New English Library, 2003.)


American Empire #2.


                Political struggles ensure in the US and in the Confederacy after involvement with the war in Europe leaves the Confederacy in the doldrums.


Colonization: Aftershocks  (Del Rey, 2001, Hodder, 2001.)


Colonization #3.


                Aliens control much of Earth, but the human race is stubbornly hanging on to some territory and counterattacking when it can.


Colonization: Down to Earth  (Del Rey, 2000, Hodder, 2000.)


Colonization #2.


                As more aliens arrive on Earth, the conflict with humanity grows violent again.


Colonization: Second Contact  (Del Rey, 1999, Hodder, 1999.)


Colonization #1.


                Having secured much of the planet, the alien invaders of Earth now bring in their colonists.


Counting Up Counting Down  (Del Rey, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Coup d'Etat (Del Rey, 2013.)




Curious Notions  (Tor, 2004.)


Crosstime Traffic #2.


                Special agents from our timeline operate secretly in a world where German won World War I.


Days of Infamy  (New American Library, 2004.)


Pearl Harbor #1.


                Alternate history in which the Japanese invade and capture Hawaii in 1941.


Departures  (Del Rey, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, all involving alternate histories.


Different Flesh, A  (Congdon & Weed, 1988, Worldwide, 1989, Baen, ?.)


                In an alternate version of our Earth, Columbus discovered a new world that was inhabited by primitive subhumans, which were subsequently exploited by our more advanced species.


Disunited States of America, The  (Tor, 2006.)


Crosstime Traffic #4.


                Adventures in a parallel universe where the various states are separate and often at war with one another.


Drive to the East  (Del Rey, 2005, Hodder, 2005.)


Settling Accounts #2.


                World War II in an alternate world where the Confederacy won the Civil War.


Earthgrip  (Del Rey, 1991.)


                A young woman has adventures in space.


End of the Beginning  (New American Library, 2005.)


Pearl Harbor #2.


                American forces gather to prepare a counterattack against the Japanese, who have occupied the Hawaiian Islands.


Gladiator  (Tor, 2007.)


Crosstime Traffic #4.


                Time traders visit an alternate present where the entire world is Communist.


Grapple, The  (Del Rey, 2006.)


Settling Accounts #3.


                As the North approaches complete victory over the Confederacy, the latter considers using nuclear weapons.


Gunpowder Empire  (Tor, 2003.)


Crosstime Traffic  #1.


                Two teenagers are stranded in an alternate universe where the Roman Empire never fell.


Guns of the South, The  (Del Rey, 1992.)


                Agents from our time travel back to provide the Confederacy with advanced weapons with which to defeat the Union armies.


Hitler's War  (Del Rey, 2009.)


War That Came Early #1.


Alternate history in which World War II starts earlier.


Homeward Bound  (Del Rey, 2004.)


Colonization #4.


                Humans send a starship to the home world of the alien invaders on Earth, altering the balance of power once again.


How Few Remain  (Del Rey, 1997.)


                The Confederacy won the civil war, but a new conflict erupts a generation later when they annex a chunk of Mexico and strategically flank the Union.


In At the Death  (Del Rey, 2007.)


Settling Accounts #4.


                In an alternate World War II, the Confederacy contemplates using atomic weapons.


In High Places  (Tor, 2006.)


Crosstime Traffic #3.


                A young woman visiting an alternate world where civilization has been stunted is taken as a slave and worries that the crosstime agency will not be able to find and recover her.


In the Balance  (Del Rey, 1994, Hodder, 1994.)


Worldwar #1.


                In the midst of World War II, aliens invade the Earth, and the Nazis, the Communists, and the free world have to unite to prevent the extinction of the human race.


In the Presence of Mine Enemies  (New American Library, 2003.)


                The Nazis won World War II and generations later Jews live secretly among the Germans, waiting for their chance at freedom.


Joe Steele (Roc, 2015.)


Alternate history.


Kaleidoscope  (Del Rey, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Liberating Atlantis  (Roc, 2009.)


Atlantis #3.


A rebellion by slaves and natives threatens the stability of Atlantis.


Man with the Iron Heart, The  (Del Rey, 2008.)


Alternate history of World War II in which a German mastermind invents modern urban warfare.


Noninterference  (Del Rey, 1988.  ?, as Report on Bilbeis 4.)


                A survey member on a primitive world breaks the rules and interferes with the development of the indigenous race, and years later the repercussions shake the foundations of humanity.


On the Train (Arc Manor, 2012.)


A novelet accompanied by a sequel by Rachel Turtledove. 


Opening Atlantis  (Roc, 2007.)


Atlantis #1.


Alternate history in which another continent in the Atlantic is fought over by the European powers.


Pugnacious Peacemaker, The  (Tor, 1990, bound with The Wheels of If by L. Sprague de Camp.)


                War breaks out between Moslem colonists and the Incan Empire in a parallel history.  Sequel to the de Camp novel with which it is bound.


Return Engagement  (Del Rey, 2004.)


Settling Accounts #1.


                The Confederacy launches a pre-emptive strike against the United States in a parallel version of World War II.


Ruled Britannia  (NAL, 2002.)


                The Spanish Armada was not destroyed and England became a Spanish colony.  Late in the 16th Century, William Shakespeare decides to write a play that will incite people to revolt.


Striking the Balance   (Del Rey, 1996, Hodder, 1996, New English Library, 1997.  Listed as Finding the Balance prior to publication but did not appear under that title.)


Worldwar #4.


                The final battle between humans and the invaders known as the Race may destroy all life on Earth.


Supervolcano Eruption  (Roc, 2011.)


Volcano #1.


An unprecedented eruption in Yellowstone Park ravages the world.


Things Fall Apart  (Del Rey, 2013.)


Volcano #3.




Three Miles Down (Tor, 2022.)


Alien spaceship on the ocean floor.


Tilting the Balance    (Del Rey, 1995, Hodder, 1995, New English Library, 1995.)


Worldwar #2.


                Aliens have occupied much of the world and are laying siege to the rest, but the formerly warring human nations are beginning to cooperate.


Two Fronts (Del Rey, 2013.)




United States of Atlantis, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Atlantis #2.


Alternate history in which England and France battle to control Atlantis.


Upsetting the Balance  (Del Rey, 1996, Hodder, 1996)


Worldwar #3.


                The human race develops nuclear weapons and uses them against alien invaders.


Valley-Westside War, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Crosstime Traffic #5.


Travelers through alternate worlds find a post-apocalyptic one.


Victorious Opposition, The  (Hodder, 2003, Del Rey, 2003, New English Library, 2004.)


American Empire #3.


                The fascist government of an independent Confederacy leads the world to the brink of a global war.


Walk in Hell  (Del Rey, 1999, New English Library, 2000.)


Great War #2.


                Early in the 20th Century, the Union is crippled by Communist rebels and has allied itself with the Kaiser, and the Confederacy moves toward a third war between the states.


We Install and Other Stories (Open Road, 2015.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


West and East  (Del Rey, 2010.)


War That Came Early #2.


Superweapons, espionage, and battles both physical and political in this alternate version of World War II.


World of Difference, A  (Del Rey, 1990.)


                A joint American and Soviet space mission is sent to a world where an intelligent race has been discovered, and the explorers immediately find themselves in the middle of a war.




Down in the Bottomlands and Other Places  (Baen, 1999.)


                De Camp's short alternate history novel The Wheels of If with a sequel by Turtledove.  The Mediterranean Ocean never formed, instead exists as a vast valley between Europe and Africa.


TUTTLE, LISA  (See also collaboration with George R.R. Martin.)


Memories of the Body  (Severn House, 1992, Grafton, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Spaceship Built of Stone and Other Stories, A  (Women’s Press, 1987.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Science Fiction of Mark Twain, The  (Archon, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales of Wonder  (University of Nebraska, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Blind Mouths  (Barker, 1934.  Farrar & Rinehart, 1935, as Destiny’s Man.)


                The collapse of civilization.


Destiny’s Man  (See Blind Mouths.)


Gabriel Over the White House  (Cherry Tree, 1952.  Barker, 1933, as Rinehard: A Melodrama of the Nineteen-Thirties.)


                Political satire set in the future.


Rinehard: A Melodrama of the Nineteen-Thirties.  (See Gabriel Over the White House.)




Sown in the Darkness, A.D. 2000  (Orlin Tremaine, 1941.)






Balance Point  (Del Rey, 2000.)


A Star Wars novel.


                As the Republic retreats in the face of an alien attack, a polluted planet set aside for refugees becomes the focal point for a new series of battles.


Crystal Witness  (Bantam, 1989.)


                A woman wakes from suspended animation with amnesia and is told that she is indentured to an interstellar corporation for crimes she committed.  She is pursued by two people who want the information she no longer possesses.


Firebird  (Bantam, 1987.)


Firebird #1.


                A woman leading a military expedition against another planet begins to wonder where her allegiances should actually lie.


Fusion Fire  (Bantam, 1988.)


Firebird #2.


                Having changed allegiances from one world to another, a woman must battle dangers both external and internal.


One Mind's Eye  (Bantam, 1996.)


                In the aftermath of a war with aliens, the interstellar human community is on the verge of fragmenting, and possibly aligning itself with a dangerous new power.


Shivering World  (Bantam, 1991.)


                A woman is sent to a remote colony world as an agent replacing one who died under mysterious circumstances.  She is secretly in sympathy with the colonists, whose illegal research may cure her own terminal interest, but they clearly don't trust her.


Truce at Bakura, The  (Bantam, 1994.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Just as the Empire falls, a reptilian race allied with the Sith begins an invasion of Rebel space.




Tidal Wave  (Leisure, 1975.)


                Catastrophe novel about a tidal wave that rolls over the Hawaiian Island.


TYLER, THEODORE  (Pseudonym of Edward Ziegler.)


Man Whose Name Wouldn't Fit, The  (Doubleday, 1968, Curtis, ?)


                A man whose name won't fit in the fields designed by a supercomputer becomes head of a secret organization dedicated to destroying the automated governance of the world.




Scarlet Tanager, The  (?, 1922.)


                A pirate with a submarine is pursued by agents of the US.