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Road to Mars, The  (Pantheon, 1999.)


                Two standup comics go on a grand tour of the universe, get involved with disasters in space, rebellious colonies, and robots, and develop the ultimate theory of comedy.




Breakthrough  (Chapman & Hall, 1960.)


                Not seen.  A dystopia in which a dictator controls his subjects by means of radio.




Dark Matter  (Hodder, 2003.  Scribner, 2003, as The Footprints of God.)


                A man involved in a project to develop a new generation of intelligent computers discovers that they are more dangerous than he realized.


Footprints of God, The  (See Dark Matter.)




Intimate Beings  (Zebra, 2008.)


Teleporters vs aliens.


ING, DEAN  (See also collaborations with Mack Reynolds.)


Anasazi  (Ace, 1980, Baen, 1987.)


                Alien parasites take human hosts and prepare to reshape human genetics to provide a better mount.  Short novel is bound with two unrelated stories.


Big Lifters, The  (Tor, 1988.)


                A variety of forces including terrorists, politicians, and businessman, battle for control of revolutionary technology that will ultimate transform the world.


Butcher Bird  (Forge, 1993.)


Stealth #2.


                Someone is using a high tech, orbiting aircraft to assassinate prominent world leaders.


Cathouse  (Baen, 1990.)


                Novel assembled from the authorís shorter contributions to the Man-Kzinti War anthology series.  A human captive must survive among a feline race that is unrelievedly belligerent.


Firefight 2000  (Baen, 1987.  Baen, 2000, as Firefight Y2K.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Firefight Y2K.  (See Firefight 2000.)


High Tension  (Ace, 1982.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Loose Cannon  (Forge, 2000.)


                Marginal story of a man who invents a new kind of unmanned flying machine and finds himself the target of shadowy figures.


Pulling Through  (Ace, 1983.)


                The story of a handful of characters and how they survive and begin to rebuild after a nuclear war.  Packaged with lengthy essays on the same subject.


Rackham Files, The (Baen, 2004.)


                Collection of related stories.


Ransom of Black Stealth One, The  (Tor, 1989.)


Stealth #1.


                Marginal contemporary thriller about the hijacking of an experimental military plane with advanced technology that makes it undetectable.  US agents must track it down and regain control before the Soviets take possession.


Silver Thunder  (Tor, 1991, bound with Universe by Robert Heinlein.)


                Short novel about the search for a secret superweapon left over from the Nazi era set against the backdrop of a fascist America.


Single Combat  (Tor, 1983.)


Quantrill #2.


                The Mormon Church survives intact after a nuclear war and as the only functional organization of its scale, it begins to acquire control over the entire continent, despite the resistance of many to a religious dictatorship.


Soft Targets  (Ace, 1979.)


                An international terrorist organization launches a wide spread and well choreographed series of raids against American targets in an attempt to force the creation of a new Arab homeland.


Systemic Shock  (Ace, 1981.)


Quantrill #1.


                Nuclear war has devastated most of the world, and whatís left of the US is governed by a group of religious fanatics who repress all dissent.  The protagonist is an agent of that government who doesnít like the situation, but accepts its inevitability.


Wild Country  (Tor, 1985.)


Quantrill #3.


                A professional assassin working for the religious dictatorship that controls post apocalypse America attempts to retire into an unsettled region, but his old enemies, and former employers, have different ideas about the shape of his future.




Fifth Man, The  (Bethany House, 2002.)


Space #2.


                Someone is sabotaging the first expedition to Mars.


Oxygen  (Bethany House, 2001.)


Space #1.


                A mission to Mars discovers that someone has sabotaged their ship.


INGERSOLL, BOB  (See collaborations with Tony Isabella.)




Garranane.  (See The Hungry Cloud.)


Hungry Cloud, The  (Collins, 1971.  Bradbury, 1972, as Garranane.)


                Not seen.




Pig on a Lead  (Faber, 1963.)


                Not seen.  A handful of survivors experience conflict following a nuclear war.


INGRID, CHARLES  (Pseudonym of Rhondi Villott, who writes Fantasy under that name.)


Alien Salute  (DAW, 1989.)


Sand Wars #4.


                Just as the war between the humans and the Thraks begins to heat up again, and just as Jack Storm discovers he has fresh enemies within his own government, a third race shows up with an armada of ships that attack both sides.


Challenge Met  (DAW, 1990.)


Sand Wars #6.


                A human hero is branded a traitor and impressed into a dangerous mission against two alien enemies, just as the possibility of a rebellion among the human worlds arises as yet another complication.


Downfall Matrix, The  (DAW, 1994.)


Patterns of Chaos #3.


                An alien psychically linked to a human is the next heir to the throne of his homeworld, and there are powerful forces that prefer to see someone else take control of the destiny of his race.


Hit List  (DAW, 1988.)


Sand Wars #3.


                Jack Storm and his psychic companion must travel to a remote world threatened with alien invasion as the next step in his efforts to unmask the traitor who has sold out the human empire.


Last Recall, The  (DAW, 1991.)


Marked Man #2.


                As an uneasy truce is brokered between humans and mutants, fresh fighting breaks out, and elsewhere generational starships return from their voyage to the stars.


Lasertown Blues  (DAW, 1988.)


Sand Wars #2.


                The protagonist is attempting to track down a traitor within the human empire, aided by his sentient battle armor and a psychically gifted friend.  Unfortunately, his enemy has the power to order entire planets destroyed in his attempt to avoid exposure.


Marked Man, The  (DAW, 1989.)


Marked Man #1.


                In response to ecological damage, humans begin manipulating their own DNA to find a way to survive.  Eventually, mutations take on a life of their own, leading to a war between the original human line and various of its divergent varieties.


Marked Man Omnibus, The  (DAW, 2002.)


                Omnibus of The Marked Man and The Last Recall.


Path of Fire  (DAW, 1992.)


Patterns of Chaos #2.


                Against the backdrop of a civil war, an alien bonds psychically with a human, forming a new gestalt personality with extraordinary powers.


Patterns of Chaos  (DAW, 2002.)


                Omnibus of Radius of Doubt and Path of Fire.


Patterns of Chaos Volume Two  (DAW, 2002.)


                Omnibus of The Downfall Matrix and Soulfire.


Radius of Doubt  (DAW, 1991.)


Patterns of Chaos #1.


                A member of the only species capable of piloting an interstellar flight battles his own waning abilities just as an interstellar conspiracy is revealed that hopes to strip his homeworld of their monopoly.


Return Fire  (DAW, 1989.)


Sand Wars #5.


                Storm becomes involved in a complicated bid to prove that the alien Thrak are still a deadly enemy, not an ally, and to simultaneously bring the fighting with another alien race to an end.  But then the third force captures a ship with Stormís sentient armor aboard, and his other allies are on the run from their own government.


Sand Wars Volume One, The  (DAW, 2001.)


                Omnibus of Solar Kill, Lasertown Blues, and Celestial Hit List, originally just Hit List.


Sand Wars Volume Two, The  (DAW, 2001.)


                Omnibus of Alien Salute, Return Fire, and Challenge Met.


Solar Kill  (DAW, 1987.)


Sand Wars #1.


                The only soldier to survive a last ditch battle to halt an alien invasion of human dominated space awakens from suspended animation and discovers that there is a dark secret hidden within the government he was hired to protect.


Soulfire  (DAW, 1995.)


Patterns of Chaos #4.


                As the fate of an alien world hangs in the balance, its deposed heir and his human friend must fight their individual battles, and discover whether or not a human manufactured drug can restore the formerís fading powers to navigate through hyperspace.


INGS, SIMON  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Hot Head  (Grafton, 1992.)


                A soldier on leave to Earth discovers that artificial intelligences in the outer systems have revolted, reproduced, and are now headed for Earth to harvest its metal.


Hot Wire  (Gollancz, 2014.)


Artificial intelligences in a cyberpunk future.


Wolves (Gollancz, 2014.)


Virtual reality can be overlaid over the real world.


INNES, EVAN  (Pseudonym of Hugh Zachary.  See also Zach Hughes.)


America 2040  (Bantam, 1986.)


America 2040#1.


                As the world teeters on the brink of nuclear war, an American expedition is launched to the stars, but on top of the usual tensions among the crew comes the additional complication of an enemy agent.


City in the Mist  (Bantam, 1987.)


America 2040 #2.


                The first human colony on another world runs into trouble with aliens, who are intentionally or not allied with the forces threatening freedom back on Earth.


Golden World, The  (Bantam, 1986.)


America 2040 #2.


                American settlers on an alien world are faced with problems caused by a Soviet interloper, as well as the deadly dangers of the planet itself.


Return, The  (Bantam, 1988.)


America 2040 #4.


                More complications for a human colony threatened by a secretive alien race as well as agents of foreign human powers and its own internal discords.


Star Explorer, The  (Bantam, 1988.)


America 2040 #5.


                The ultimate battle between human colonists and alien raiders begins, as the former attempt to export democracy to the stars.


INNES, HAMMOND  (Also writes Horror.)


Big Footprints, The  (Knopf, 1977, Ballantine, 1978.)


Borderline adventure novel set in a near future Africa where famine and civil war has left the elephant near extinction.  A man of soldiers seeks to hunt the last migrating herds to extinction while one determined man attempts to stop them.




Paper Thunderbolt, The  (Dodd, Mead, 1951, Dolphin, 1961.)


                Marginal thriller about a scientific discovery that could tip the balance of world power.




Night Tide, A  (Randen, 1976.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Woman of the Future, A  (Braziller, 1979, Bantam Windstone, 1983.)


                An unusual novel of a woman born in a future Australia where emotions are suspect and everyone lives hedonistically.  Her reversion to traditional behavior marks her as an outcast, and she sets out on a journey of discovery to explore the options available to her.


IRVINE, ALEXANDER  (Also writes Horror and  Fantasy.)


Against All Enemies  (Pocket, 2007.)


A Marvel Ultimates novel.


When the government tries to suppress a new technology, several superheroes suspect they are part of a conspiracy.


Buyout  (Del Rey, 2009.)


In the future, criminals can buy their way out of prison time.


Days of Future Past (Marvel, 2015.)


An X-Men novel.




Have Robot, Will Travel  (Ibooks, 2004.)


                A murder mystery set in the universe of Isaac Asimovís robot stories.


Inferno  (Del Rey, 2007.)


A Batman novel.


The Joker turns to arson.


Mystery Hill (PS, 2009).


A tourist attraction includes a place where gravity works differently.


Riddler's Gambit, The (Titan, 2015.)


A Batman novel.


The Riddler tries to replace the Joker.


Secret Wars (Marvel, 2015.)


A Marvel novel.




Transformers: Exodus  (Del Rey, 2010.)


A Transformers novel.


The origin story of how the transformers came to be.


Virus  (Del Rey, 2010.)


An Iron Man novel.


Madame Hydra uses sophisticated technology against Iron Man.




Case of the Colonist's Corpse, The  (Pocket, 2003.)


A Star Trek Sam Cogley novel.


                An investigator looks into what appears to be the murder of a human by a Klingon.


Libertyís Torch  (Boulevard, 1998.)


A Captain America novel.


                Captain America is kidnapped by a militia group that put him on trial for the alleged crimes of the entire country.




Prey, The (Harper, 2015.)


Prey #1.


Teens in a dystopian future.




Frankenstein: The True Story  (Avon, 1973.)


                This is the actual screenplay of the movie loosely based on the Mary Shelley classic.




Breath of Suspension, The  (Arkham House, 1994, Avon, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Brain Thief  (Tor, 2010.)


A battle over an artificial intelligence in the near future.


Carve the Sky  (Morrow, 1991, Avon, 1992.)


                Humankind has spread throughout the solar system, and now stands on the brink of an interplanetary war.  In the midst of that tension, the protagonist gains possession of a priceless piece of art that proves to be the focus of attention for governments, religious cults, and private individuals.


Deepdrive  (Avon, 1998.)


                Humanity has spread throughout the solar system, where they are hosts to a variety of alien species, all of whom arrived with star drives that self destructed upon arrival.  When rumor has it that one of the visitors has a working drive, a variety of different groups contend for its control.


Deeper Sea, A  (Morrow, 1992, Avon, 1993.)


                A scientist discovers a way to communicate with dolphins and uses them as soldiers when war breaks out shortly afterward.  But as the days pass, he discovers his own guilt as well as the fact that the dolphins have an agenda of their own.


Nimbus  (Morrow, 1993, Avon, 1995.)


                A man who once conducted top secret research is now working as a musician, but also performing illegal cybernetic implants to supplement his income.  When a long suppressed memory begins to surface, he discovers dangers lurking all around him in a world where personalities and appearances are all mutable.


River of Dust  (Morrow, 1996, Avon, 1997.)


                Human colonies on Mars have become armed camps with thugs roaming the corridors and no safety for anyone.  But the time has finally come when people begin to demand order, and a handful of people set out to create a new society.


JACKSON, ANITA  (Also writes Horror.)


ZB4  (Fearon-Pitman, 1979.)


                Short story in pamphlet form about a future when it is possible to purchase a new body.




Epicenter  (Norton, 1971, Hale, ?, Berkley, 1973.)


                A disaster at a nuclear power plant threatens an atomic explosion.


Night Manhattan Burned, The  (Norton, 1979, Dell, 1980.)


                A container ship of liquefied natural gas ruptures near Manhattan, and a spark ignites a fire that sweeps across the island.  In the aftermath, chaos rules and a handful of survivors attempt to reach safety.


State of Emergency  (Norton, 1982, Zebra, 1986.)


                Ordinary radios and televisions begin to explode, killing or injuring people near them.  Is it a new Soviet secret weapon, or an American military experiment that has gotten out of control?  As the world teeters on the brink of war, investigators ferret out the truth.




Test Tube Babies, The  (Exposition, 1974.)


                Not seen.


JACKSON, STEVE  (See also collaborations which follow.  Also writes Fantasy.)


Battle Road  (TSR, 1989.)


A Car Wars multi-path gamebook.


                Not seen.


Starship Traveller  (Dell, 1983, Puffin, 1983.)


A Fighting Fantasy Gamebook.


Multi-path gamebook in which you solve the mystery on a strange planet and return to Earth.




Fuelís Gold  (TSR, 1986.)


A Car Wars multi-path gamebook.


                Not seen.




Demons of the Deep (Puffin, 1986.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Robot Commando  (Puffin, 1986.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Scorpion Swamp  (Puffin, 1984.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The  (Puffin, 1982.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                Multi-path gamebook.




Alternative Third World War: 1985-2035  (Pergamon, 1987.)


                Not seen.


JACOBS, DAVID  (Also writes Horror.)


Bee-Zarre!  (Berkley, 1997.)


Bug Files #7.


A new breed of South American bee emerges, provoked by fumes from a factory, and begins attacking people.  For young adults.


Dragonfry!  (Berkley, 1996.)


Bug Files #5.


Toxic waste causes dragonflies to become giant sized and carnivorous in this novel for young adults.


Gross-Hoppers  (Berkley, 1996.)


Bug Files #6.


A swarm of mutant grasshoppers makes a New York girl's move to Kansas even less pleasant than she had anticipated.  For young adults.


Mut-Ants  (Berkley, 1996.)


Bug Files #4.


A colony of prehistoric ants is awakened and begin preying on innocent people.  For young adults.


Shockroach!  (Berkley, 1996.)


Bug Files #2.


Mutant cockroaches menace the inhabitants of a high rise apartment building.  For young adults.


Squirmsters  (Berkley, 1996.)


Bug Files #1.


Genetically altered caterpillars escape from their container aboard an airplane and begin eating everything in sight, including the passengers.  For young adults.


Tyrantula!  (Berkley, 1996.)


Bug Files #3.


Atomic testing mutates an army of tarantulas that begin preying on cattle as they move toward human habitations.  For young adults.




Beautiful Soup  (Celadon, 1993.)


                Satiric novel in which everything and everyone is barcoded, so when a man is inadvertently coded as a grocery, his entire life falls apart, his family disavows him, and he begins to question the values of his society.


Egg of the Glak and Other Stories, The  (Harper & Row, 1969, Secker & Warburg, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Born into Light  (Scholastic, 1988.)


                An alien visitor is adopted into a human family.


Sleepers Wake  (Scholastic, 1991.)


                A malfunction in suspended animation leaves the mind of a boy in the body of an adult, just as they reach a prospective colony world and encounter aliens.




Confessions of Joseph Baisz, The  (Secker & Warburg, 1977.)


                Not seen.  A dystopia.


Her Story  (Deutsch, 1987.)


                Not seen.  Post nuclear war novel with a feminist theme.




Gojiro  (Atlantic Monthly, 1991, Penguin, 1992, Bantam, 1993.)


                An odd young boy makes friends with a gigantic mutated reptilian monster who becomes the darling of movie producers in this offbeat, wryly funny look at the Godzilla phenomenon.




And a New Earth  (Routledge, 1926.)


                Scientific research leads to the establishment of a Utopia.


JADE, SYMON  (Pseudonym of Michael Eckstrom.)


Alter Evil  (Pinnacle, 1983.)


Starship Orpheus #3.


                The galactic empire stages a series of pirate raids and blames the outcasts for the crimes in order to gather popular support for their discovery and destruction.


Cosmic Carnage  (Pinnacle, 1982.)


Starship Orpheus #2.


                The outcasts of a galactic empire come to the aid of a scientist who has developed a new bacteriological weapon that he doesnít want to fall into the hands of the imperial secret police.  But they have kidnapped his daughter as insurance that he will assist them.


Starship Orpheus  (Pinnacle, 1982.)


Starship Orpheus #1.


                A renegade space captain and his crew refuse to bow to the might of an increasingly repressive galactic empire and set out to carve out territory of their own.




Reality Barrier, The  (McChesney, 1983.)


A Star Trek novel.


                Not seen.




Man With Six Senses, The  (Hogarth, 1927, HiLo, 2013.)


                A man develops the ability to perceive molecular structure.


Question Mark, The  (Hogarth, 1926.)


                Utopian novel set in the 22nd Century.


Retreat from Armageddon  (Duckworth, 1936.)


                Future war, although most of the plot involves a group of people sitting around talking about it.




Minders (Razorbill, 2014.)


A teen training to enter other people's minds senses a murder.




Silent Enemy, The  (Zebra, 1980.)


                Mutated plant life on a Pacific island and under the ocean grows at an unprecedented rate and acquires a form of intelligence, along with a determination to seize control of the world from animal life.


JAHN, MICHAEL  (See also J.D. Cameron. Also writes Horror.)


Armada  (Gold Medal, 1981.)


                A gigantic alien starship is discovered en route to Earth, and the governments of the world must unite to build a force capable of resisting its attack.


International Incidents  (Berkley, 1977, based on scripts by Jerry Devine, James D. Parriott, David H. Balkan, and Alan Folsom.)


A Six Million Dollar Man adventure.


The bionic hero foils various villains in this series of brief adventures.


Invisible Man, The  (Gold Medal, 1975, based on screenplays by Steven Bochco and Harve Bennett.)


                Opening episodes of the short lived television series about a scientist who becomes invisible in order to prevent the government from using his discoveries for military purposes.  Inspired by the novel by H.G. Wells.


Olympian Strain, The  (Gold Medal, 1980, based on a story by Elliot S. Blair and Lewis Chesler.)


                An athlete who fears his career has peaked suddenly begins performing with unprecedented physical strength.  Although happy with the results, he begins to suspect that something has been introduced into his body without his knowledge, and without telling him of the side effects.


Rescue of Athena One, The  (Warner, 1975.)


A Six Million Dollar Man adventure.


                Steve Austin has two problems this time.  First he must help a stranded alien visitor get off the Earth without being discovered.  Second, he has to rescue astronauts stranded in space after a mysterious explosion disables their spacecraft.


Secret of Bigfoot Pass, The  (Berkley, 1976, from scripts by Kenneth Johnson.)


A Six Million Dollar Man adventure.


The cyborg human meets one of his greatest tests when he discovers a secret alien base in a remote part of the world.


Wine, Women, and War  (Warner, 1975, from the script by Glen A. Larson.)


A Six Million Dollar Man adventure.


Steve Austin must stop a foreign dictator from stealing and selling a US nuclear submarine.




Rock Ďní Roll Babes from Outer Space  (Orion, 1998.)


                Spoof about three women from another planet who kidnap a human rock star and precipitate a crisis.


JAKES, JOHN  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Asylum World  (Paperback Library, 1969, New English Library, 1978.)


                Delegates from Mars come back to Earth requesting military assistance against an alien invasion fleet spotted in the outer planets.  But they discover that the homeworld has changed so greatly that the entire culture may be technically insane.


Best of John Jakes, The  (DAW, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Black in Time  (Paperback Library, 1970, Bart, 1988.)


                A Black militant and a White supremacist both travel through time, trying to alter the course of history to the advantage of their respective races, and neither willing to accept the original outcome.


Conquest of the Planet of the Apes  (Award, 1974, from the script by Paul Dehn.)


Novelization of the film.  Apes artificially evolved toward intelligence were designed to be the servants of humanity, but they have developed a sense of their own destiny and now they revolt against what they view as slavery.


Hybrid, The  (Paperback Library, 1969.)


                A halfbreed human/alien is imprisoned and brainwashed in an attempt to turn him into a professional assassin because of his psychic abilities.  But despite the conditioning, he knows who his real enemies are, and eventually turns the tables.


Mask of Chaos  (Ace, 1970, bound with The Star Virus by Barrington J. Bayley.)


                A visitor on a planet whose inhabitants always wear masks in public finds it merely picturesque until one of the natives reveals to him the real reason for the custom.


Master of the Dark Gate  (Lancer, 1970.)


Gavin Black #1.


                Our Earth is menaced by barbarian hordes from another dimension, and a single man serves as the fulcrum for the defeat of the invasion.  The invaders are revealed to be refugees from our own dimension who fled there during prehistory.


Monte Cristo #99  (Curtis, 1970.)


                A businessman deactivates a robot whose humanlike emotions have fixated on his daughter.  Three thousand years later, the robot is reactivated, and sets out to wreak vengeance on the descendants of the man who imprisoned him.


Old Spacemen Never Die!  (Armchair, 2012, bound with Return to Earth by Bryan Berry. Magazine appearance 1950.)


The hero tracks down his space pirate brother.


On Wheels  (Warner, 1973.)


                Unlikely novel set in a future where bands of nomads live on the nationís highways, literally forbidden by law to stop for any reason. 


Planet Wizard, The  (Ace, 1969.)


II Galaxy #2.


                The galactic civilization has fallen and most of the member worlds are now shrouded in superstition.  A self proclaimed wizard is sent to a remote world to exorcise demons and must find a way to achieve the desired effect without revealing that his powers are decidedly non-magical.


Secrets of Stardeep  (Westminster, 1969, Signet, 1978.)


                A young man searches for a missing starship in order to prove that his father was not responsible for its disappearance.  Eventually he uncovers the truth and makes contact with an alien race.


Secrets of Stardeep and Time Gate, The  (Signet, 1982.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Six-Gun Planet  (Paperback Library, 1970, New English Library, 1978.)


                An offworlder visits a planet designed to duplicate the Old West, complete with robot horses.  Shortly after arriving, he gets into trouble with the locals and is soon fated to participate in an authentic and potentially deadly gunfight with a local bad guy.


Time Gate  (Westminster, 1972, Signet, 1978.)


                Someone has used time travel to alter the course of history, so two teenagers must track him through time and change things back to the original pattern.


Tonight We Steal the Stars  (Ace, 1969, bound with The Wagered World by Laurence M. Janifer and S.J. Treibich.)


II Galaxy #3.


                An adventurer is unwillingly forced to participate in the events surrounding the attempted theft of a clutch of precious gems from a dangerous planetary stronghold.


When the Star Kings Die  (Ace, 1967.)


II Galaxy #1.


                A legendary warrior is rescued from his prison cell and sent out into the galaxy on a mysterious mission whose goals even he doesnít know.  Have the fabled star kings, rulers of the galaxy, actually perished, or do they still wait for a return of their former power?


Witch of the Dark Gate  (Lancer, 1972, Magnum, ?)


Gavin Black #2.


                Yet another band of expatriates to another dimension plot to return to our world and seize control of the Earth that was abandoned by their ancestors during prehistoric times.


JAKOBER, MARIE  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Mind Gods, The  (Macmillan, 1976.)


                Other world adventure involving difficult moral issues.




Louisiana Republic, The (Caffeine Nights, 2018, Stark House, 2022.)


Private eye tracks down missing girl in dystopian post-collapse America.




In His Own Image  (Hale, 1979.)


                Not seen.


Normal Service Will Be Resumed  (Hale, 1980.)


                Not seen.


Prelude to Exodus  (Hale, 1979.)


                Not seen.




Liminal People, The  (Small Beer, 2011.)


Liminal #1.


Search for a girl with superhuman powers.


Liminal War, The (Small Beer, 2015.)


Liminal #2.


Someone has abducted the daughter of a man with superpowers.


JAMES, DAKOTA  (Pseudonym of Bernard James.)


Greenhouse  (Donald Fine, 1984.)


Greenhouse #1.


                Civilization is moving headlong toward decadence as the Greenhouse Effect accelerates, increasing the temperature of the world.


Milwaukee the Beautiful  (Donald Fine, 1987.)


Greenhouse #2.


                Not seen.




Space Swappers  (Scorpio, 1970.)


                Pornography in outer space.




Fall of the Russian Empire, The  (Putnam, 1982, Signet, 1983.)


                A series of events shakes up the government of the Soviet Union, eventually leading to fracturing of the empire and a change of government.


Fortune Teller, The (Century, 1999.)


Vadim #2.


Marginal thriller set twenty years into the future of Russia.


Monstrum  (Legend, 1997, Arrow, 1998, Ivy, 1999.)


Vadim #1.


                While investigating a series of murders in post civil war Russia of the near future, a police investigator discovers that he is a perfect double for the current head of government.  He also is in contact with his wife, who is still wanted by the government for her activities during the recent conflict.


Vadim (Century, 2001.)


Vadim #3.


Very marginal futuristic thriller.


JAMES, LAURENCE  (See also James Axler.)


Backflash  (Zebra, 1975, Sphere, 1975.)


Rack #3.


                While tracking down a missing weapon, Rack finds that he has fallen into a trap engineered by a group that is about to precipitate a galaxy wide war.


Beyond the Grave  (?, 1992.)


Revengers #2.


                Not seen.


Earth Lies Sleeping  (Zebra, 1974, Sphere, 1974.)


Rack #1.


                Earth has become a chaotic backwater in the interstellar society of the future.  Simon Rack is a roving lawman who is sent to humanityís homeworld in order to find out who is responsible for withholding necessary supplies from visiting starships.


New Life for Old  (Sphere, 1975.)


Rack #5.


                A terminally ill scientist develops a formula that could potentially wipe out the human race, and when Rack tries to bring it to a safe location, he discovers that agents of an unknown force are plotting to steal it.


Planet of the Blind  (Zebra, 1975, Sphere, 1975.)


Rack #4.


                Six young women are kidnapped to a planet on which time doesnít pass as it does elsewhere, enabling one to move forward and backward.  Rack travels there to rescue them and finds himself caught up in the winds of yesterday.


Revengers, The  (?, 1992.)


Revengers #1.


                Opening volume of a young adult post holocaust series.


Starcross.  (See War on Aleph.)


War on Aleph  (Zebra, 1974.  Sphere, 1974, as Starcross.)


Rack #2.


                Simon Rack is sent to mediate a peace between two expanding planets who have both set their sites on the same new colony world, and who are preparing to launch an interplanetary war to enforce their respective claims.


JAMES, L. DEAN  (Also writes Fantasy and Horror.)


Mojave Wells  (Avon, 1994.)


A college grad student is changed by an alien machine, his body gradually transforming into that of an inhuman creature paving the way for an interplanetary invasion.  Eventually he has to be destroyed to safeguard the human race.




Children of Men, The  (Knopf, 1992, Warner, 1994, Vintage, 2005.)


                Universal sterility threatens to wipe out the human race.  In Britain, which is ruled by a subtle but effective dictator, a small group of rebels believe that they know a way for the human race to survive, but to make that happen, they must overcome their own government.




Host  (Gollancz, 1993, Villard, 1995.)


                In an experiment, a scientist uploads the personality of a dying woman into a computer.  Unfortunately, he uploads all her psychoses as well, which eventually take control of the computerís actions.




While England Slept  (Bale, 1932.)


                Catholic activists seize control of England.




No News from Providence  (Hale, 1978.)


                Not seen.




Incredible Shrinking Stanley, The  (Avon Camelot, 1998.)


An Eerie, Indiana book.


                A chance mixture of laundry detergents causes a youngster to shrink down to a size small enough that pets become gigantic monsters.




Commencement  (Del Rey, 1996, Hawk, 2000.)


McBride #1.


                An interstellar operative with powerful psychic powers finds herself stranded on a primitive planet, suffering from partial amnesia and apparently the complete loss of her special abilities.  First she must survive, then discover how she came to be there, and how to get back to the civilized galaxy.


Commitment  (Del Rey, 1997.)


McBride #2.


                Having returned from the planet on which she was stranded, a woman with psi powers is one of the few who knows the truth about the corruption that riddles the galactic empire and threatens all of its citizens.




Before the Sun Falls   (?)


Sunfall #3.




Earth Is the Lordís, The  (Orbit, 1992.)


Sunfall #1.


                A space traveler is captured by a barbarian race that is preparing to go to war to subjugate one of the few tribes not subject to their rule.  In order to avoid slavery, he decides that he must prove himself to be a valuable military asset, even though he disagrees with the agenda of his captors.


Other Side of Heaven, The  (?)


Sunfall #2.






Alien Envoy and Other Stories, The ( Dancing Tuatara, ?)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Atomic Bomb  (Bond, 1945.  Magazine version 1943 as The Giant Atom.)


                Dull but prophetic novel about the development of atomic weapons.


Bullard of the Space Patrol  (World, 1951.)


                Collection of related stories about a space policeman.


Chariots of San Fernando and Other Stories (Dancing Tuatara, ?)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Tarnished Utopia  (Galaxy, 1956.)




JAMESON, MARIANNA  (See collaboration with Bill Evans.)


JAMESON, STORM  (See also William Lamb.)


In the Second Year  (Cassell, 1936, Trent, 2004.)


                England becomes a fascist dictatorship.


Moment of Truth, The  (Macmillan, 1949.)


                In the aftermath of a nuclear war, England is conquered by Communists.


Then We Shall Hear Singing  (Cassell, 1942.)


                Speculation about the Germans winning the second world war and their subsequent failure to control their subject states.




Billy and Betty  (Grove, 1968.)


                Humorous satire set in a near future suburbia where sex has become even more of a preoccupation than it is already.


JANE, FRED T.  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Blake of the Rattlesnake  (Tower, 1895.)


                Future war.


To Venus in Five Seconds  (Innes, 1897.)


                Battle on Venus between aliens and Egyptians.


Violent Flame, The  (Ward, Lock, 1899.)


                A mad scientist threatens the world with a disintegration ray.




Fission Impossible  (Millennium, 1993.)


Galaxy Game #2.


                Episodic comedic novel about a handful of humans forced to participate in a variety of games in several star systems by a super race of aliens.


Galaxy Game, The  (Millennium, 1992.)


Galaxy Game #1.


                Some unlikely Earth people are recruited by two super intelligent game players from the stars to participate as game pieces for their amusement on a trip across the universe.


I, Arnold  (Millennium, 1995.)


Galaxy Game #3.


                Manic confusion as the android hero sets out to track down a renegade robot in a wacky future Earth which has been contacted by aliens from other worlds.


JANIFER, LAURENCE M (Pseudonym of Larry Harris, under which name he wrote fantasy in collaboration with Randall Garrett.  See also Mark Phillips, and collaborations which follow.)


Alienist  (Wildside, 2001.)


Knave #5.


                A malfunctioning space drive launches Gerald Knave on a new adventure involving disembodied aliens with unprecedented powers.


Bloodworld.  (See You Sane Men.)


Counterfeit Heinlein, The  (Wildside, 2001.)


Knave #4.


                An investigator must find out the truth about a stolen manuscript that purports to be an unpublished novel by the ancient author Robert A. Heinlein.


Impossible?   (Belmont, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Knave and the Game  (Doubleday, 1987.)


Knave #3.


                Collection of related stories about a free lance investigator in the future.


Knave in Hand  (Ace, 1979.)


Knave #2.


                Knave is sent to a planet occupied by human colonists and reptilian natives.  The sacred jewels of the natives have been stolen, presumably by one of the colonists, and they must be returned quickly lest the aliens demonstrate that they are more dangerous than was believed.


Piece of Martin Cann, A  (Belmont, 1968.)


                In the far future, therapy has the power to change not only the mind, but the body.


Power  (Dell, 1974.)


                Humanity has spread to the stars, though still ruled by an emperor back on Earth.  With the expansion, however, has come a thinning of the power of the central government, which is itself corrupt and in decline.  The time has arrived for a single man to spark a revolt that will free the entire race.


Reel  (Doubleday, 1983.)


                Two people try to find a way to earn enough credit to get off a pleasure planet, but discover that the system is designed to prevent people from escaping.


Slave Planet  (Pyramid, 1963.)


                A distant colony world is dominated by Earth, which has enslaved the reptilian natives.  The status quo is endangered when one of the natives finally develops the mental ability to resist orders and take charge of its own life.


Survivor  (Ace, 1977.)


Knave #1.


                The protagonist visits a colony on what looks to be a perfect planet, but soon discovers that there is a malevolent alien intelligence indigent to that world.  And the intelligence is determined to wipe out all of the invaders on the planet.


Two  (Wildside, 2003.)


Knave #6.


                An interstellar private eye comes out of retirement for one last case.


Wonder War, The  (Pyramid, 1964.)


                A major war erupts on a planet with a long history of combativeness, but something strange is happening.  The weapons are often sabotaged, sometimes with comical results, and neither side can make any gains.


You Sane Men  (Lancer, 1965.  Lancer, 1968, as Bloodworld.)


                In the far future, human society has been changed to a sort of antihedonistic one in which pain and suffering are glorified and have become a part of everyday life.




High Hex, The  (Ace, 1969, bound with The Rim Gods by A. Bertram Chandler.)


Station One #2.


                The governments of various African nations have become convinced that ancient magic has enabled them to destroy a space station manned by the US, and now they plan to use that magic to further their powers.


Target: Terra  (Ace, 1968, bound with The Proxima Project by John Rackham.)


Station One #1.


                Something is wrong aboard an orbiting space station bristling with atomic weapons.  The equipment is failing, the crew is acting strangely, and the situation is deteriorating daily.  The protagonist is convinced that either a saboteur is aboard or aliens have arrived.


Wagered World, The  (Ace, 1969, bound with Tonight We Steal the Stars by John Jakes.)


Station One #3.


                After thwarting an alien invasion, humans build a working starship of their own, but rather than travel to another star system, it rematerializes inside a giant alien spaceship.


JANSON, HANK  (House Pseudonym.)


Tomorrow and a Day  (Moring, 1955.)  (Stephen Frances.)


                Survivors struggle for scarce resources following a nuclear war.


Unseen Assassin, The  (Top Fiction, 1953.)  (Stephen Frances.)


                Aliens spread a plague on Earth.


JANUS, SIMON  (Pseudonym of Simon Wood.)


Scrubs, The  (Bad Moon, 2008.)


A psychotic prison inmate develops the ability to create accessible pocket worlds.




Andor  (Pocket, 2004, bound with Cardassia by Una McCormack.)


A Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel.


                The Andorian people must decide the shape of their future when a crisis sweeps across the planet.


String Theory (Pocket, 2006.)


A Star Trek novel.




This Gray Spirit  (Pocket, 2002.)


A Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel.


                Political tensions mount on Bajor with the arrival of a Cardassian ambassador, and an exploration ship deals with mechanical problems.




Burn Down the Sky  (Harper, 2011.)


Civilization attempts to recover after a devastating plague.




Radio Freefall  (Tor, 2007.)


                An entrepreneur seeks world domination and is thwarted by a group of musicians and oddballs.




Maggots  (Arrow, 1986.)


                Not seen.


Pestilence  (Hamlyn, 1983.)


                A plague of man eating lampreys begins to prey on humans along the shorelines, attacking in increasing numbers as they find easy prey.  Another ecology goes made novel.


JARVIS, E.K. (House pseudonym. Also wrote Fantasy.)


Metal Monster, The (Armchair, 2018, bound with The Osilans by Arthur J. Burks. Magazine appearance 1943.)


A robot helps overthrow a worldwide tyranny.


You Can't Escape from Mars (Armchair, 2013, bound with The Man With Five Lives by David Reed. Magazine appearance 1950.)


A spaceman runs into trouble with Martian priests.


JARVIS, SHARON  (See Jarrod Comstock and H.M. Major.)




Deadly Doctor  (Pinnacle, 1974.)


                Part of the non-SF Butcher series of menís adventure novels.  Violent thriller about the battle for control of a drug that can cause universal sterility.




Wannoshay Document, The  (Five Star, 2008.)


An alien spaceship crashes on Earth.


JAVOR, FRANK.A.  (Pseudonym of Francis Jaworski.)


Ice Beast, The  (DAW, 1990.)


Eli Pike #2.


                A space traveler visits an ice covered world that has been nearly deserted by humanity, tracking down rumors of a racing creature of unprecedented speed.  The planet, however, is dangerous in its own right, to say nothing of some human inspired problems.


Rim-World Legacy, The  (Signet, 1967.)


                An entertainer is hired to perform in a private home, then framed for murder.  In order to prove his own innocence, naturally, he has to track down the real culprit.


Rim-World Legacy and Beyond, The  (DAW, 1991.)


                Reprint of the novel with two additional short stories.


Scor-Sting  (DAW, 1990.)


Eli Pike #1.


                A freelancer is hired to do some work on a desolate desert world, where he discovers that an invention is missing, a discovery that could affect the very flow of time.  It also appears that he has been set up to be the fall guy in the theft of the device.


JAY, MEL  (Pseudonym of Robert Lionel Fanthorpe, whom see.)




Apocalypse 2000  (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1987.)


                Predicts a crisis involving the death of capitalism.


JEAN, ALBERT  (See collaboration with Maurice Renard.)




Ark, The  (Scholastic, 1998.)


                The first human delegation to attend an interstellar conference is endangered and enlivened by the conflicts among individuals on the ship.


His Majesty's Starship   ???




New World Order  (David Fickling, 2004.)


                Aliens invade 17th Century England.


Time's Chariot   (See Winged Chariot.)


Winged Chariot  (?, 2000.  Fickling, 2000, as Time's Chariot.)


                A journey to the distant past turns into a murder investigation.


Xenocide Mission, The  (David Fickling, 2002, Corgi, 2003.)


                Spacemen clandestinely watching aliens find themselves under attack.


JEFFERIES, RICHARD  (Also writes Fantasy.)


After London  (Cassell, 1885, Dover, 2015.)


                A post collapse novel.




By Dawn's Early Light  (?)


Future War #2.


                Russia and the Arabs invade Israel.


Flee the Darkness  (?)


Future War #1.


                Near future international politics.


JEFFRIES, RICHARD  (Also writes Horror.)


Arachnosaur (Lyrical Underground, 2017.)


Giant prehistoric spiders in Yemen.


JEFFRIES, SAGAN  (Pseudonym of Ed Lukovich.)


Trillionist  (Edge, 2014.)


A young genius revolutionizes various technical areas.




Initiation (Titan)


A Mass Effect novel.




Golden Age, The  (Vantage, 1970.)


                Not seen.




Hunter Killer.  (?, 1966, Fontana, 1968.)


Geoffrey Peace #2.


Marginal peace about a secret mission to launch the American Vice-President into orbit without the knowledge of the President, with the assistance of a British submarine commander.  Exciting, but implausible.


Twist of Sand, A   (Viking, 1959, Avon, 1959.)


Geoffrey Peace #1.


Although the main story is a contemporary adventure involving the search for an unexplored island off the coast of Africa, there is a prolonged flashback to the protagonist's mission to destroy a prototype nuclear powered submarine built by the Nazis during World War II.


JENKINS, WILL F.  (See also Murray Leinster.)


Destroy the USA  (News Stand Library, 1950.  Crown, 1946, Quinn, 1947, Handibook, 1947, as Murder of the USA.)


An early nuclear war novel.  The occupants of a buried nuclear retaliation base struggles to discover which foreign power has launched a devastating sneak attack on the US.  At the same time, they need to learn how spies are targeting US bunkers for fresh nuclear strikes.


Murder of the USA   (See Destroy the USA.)




Arena (Ace, 2016.)






Bug Life Chronicles, The  (Baen, 1997.)


                Collection of related stories, also linked to the novel Tower to the Sky.


Tower to the Sky  (Baen, 1988.)


                A mysterious alien force has kept the human race confined to the solar system, even though space travel is nearly two thousand years old.  Then a group of scavengers discover a technological secret that may provide a means of escape.


JENNISON, JOHN W.  (See Neil Charles, John Theydon, Matthew Bradford, Edgar Rees Kennedy, King Lang, and Gil Hunt.)


Stingray  (?, 1965.)


A Stingray novel.


                Not seen.


Stingray: Danger in the Deep  (?, 1965.)


A Stingray novel.


                Not seen.




Epp  (Chatto & Windus, 1967, translated from the Norwegian by Oliver Stallybrass.)


                In the future, everyone lives alone and shuns the company of others.


JENSEN, JANE  (Also writes Fantasy and Horror.)


Dante's Equation  (Del Rey, 2003.)


                A physicist discovers that on the quantum level there is an actual way to differentiate between good and evil.  Borders on fantasy.




FreeMaster  (DAW, 1990.)


Ardel #1.


                An apparently primitive planet has been contacted by Earth, the government of which wishes to deal fairly with the local inhabitants.  Unfortunately, there are less enlightened parties who wish to exploit the situation.  But the Ardelians have unsuspected psychic powers, as does an agent from Earth trying to find an amicable solution.


Healer  (DAW, 1993.)


Ardel #3.


                A doctor from Earth disobeys orders and leaves the compound to help treat a plague that is ravaging the native population.  He discovers, however, that not everyone desires his help, and that his actions may have complicated matters even further.


Mentor   (DAW, 1991.)


Ardel #2.


                Various clans on the planet Ardel wish to deal with the human traders in different ways.  Some wish a single point of contact, others want all to be free to trade with the newcomers, and some want the intruders driven away at any cost, even though the planetís population is dwindling because of the ravages of a plague.




Ark Baby  (Viking, 1998.)


                An epidemic of infertility has shaken the world.  Women raise monkeys in place of the children they cannot conceive, and the world adjusts to a much smaller population.  A serious theme, but handled in a darkly satiric and humorous style.


Egg Dancing  (Viking, ?)


                Not seen.




Galactic Colonizers, The  (Hale, 1971.)


                Not seen.


JEPPSON, J.O.  (See also Janet Asimov.)


Last Immortal, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1980, Crest, 1981.)


                An immortal has various adventures and confronts the question of human destiny.


Mysterious Cure and Other Stories of Pshrinks Anonymous, The  (Doubleday, 1985.)


                Collection of related stories.


Second Experiment, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1974, Crest, 1975.)


                The last mortal child of a race which has evolved to disembodied intelligence travels with a robot in search of a mate, and discovers there are still good reasons to retain a physical body.


JEPSON, EDGAR  (Also writes Fantasy and Horror.)


Moon Gods, The  (Jenkins, 1930.)


                A lost Carthaginian colony is discovered in the Sahara.




Biota Risk, The  (Carousel, 1980.)


                An expedition to Mars may be returning carrying a deadly virus.




After the Flood  (Morrow, 1986, translated from the Swedish by Lone Tygesen Blecher and George Blecher.)


                A post nuclear war novel.


Animal Doctor, The  (?)




Living Soul, A  (Dufour, 1987, Norvik, 1988,  translated from the Swedish by Rika Lesser.)


                A disembodied brain kept alive as part of a scientific experiment struggles to retain some degree of control over its own destiny.




Cusanus Game, The (Tor, 2014.)


Last Days of Creation, The  (Century, 1982, St Martins, 1984, translated from the German by Gertrud Mander.  (Century, 1982.)


                Time travel is used to harvest oil from the past.


Midas  (Sevenoaks, 1987, New English Library, 1990.)


                In a near future where the ecosphere is deteriorating, someone invents a matter duplicator.




Open Your Eyes  (Apex, 2009.)


A woman in love with a star is rescued in space.


JETER, K.W.  (See also Dr. Adder.  Also writes Fantasy and Horror.)


Bloodletter  (Pocket, 1993.)


A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel.


Efforts to block a Cardassian maneuver to control the space at the other end of a wormhole get complicated when a fanatic from the planet Bajor arrives on the station and makes life difficult for Major Kira.


Cross of Blood  (Pocket, 1995.)


An Alien Nation novel.


Matt Sikes has finally gotten his alien girlfriend pregnant, and racial tensions are so high that violent attacks have been directed toward the clinic where she is being treated.  Elsewhere, George appears to have been converted to a bizarre religious cult.


Dark Horizon  (Pocket, 1993, from scripts by Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider.)


An Alien Nation novel.


Human racists have perfected a plague that will selectively kill only the aliens on Earth, but the protagonists pursue their investigations to uncover the leaders of the plot in an attempt to prevent them from dispersing it.


Death Arms  (St Martins, 1987, Morrigan, 1987, Grafton, 1989.)


West Coast #3.


                A manís oddly inspired visit to a devastated Los Angeles turns into a wild, cross country chase when he and a handful of newfound friends incur the unwanted attention of the mysterious head of a powerful, and not entirely legal organization.


Dr. Adder  (Bluejay, 1984, Signet, ?, Grafton, 1987.)


West Coast #1.


                The title character is a shady but colorful operator in the sex business of the future, when people can be surgically altered to obtain the physical specifications they want, drugs are sold freely, and the world is going rapidly to hell.


Dreamfields, The  (Laser, 1976.)


                A group of children are kept confined to a secret base, ostensibly to undergo experimental dream therapy.  The protagonist discovers the truth, that they are being experimented upon in an effort to develop a psychic superweapon.


Edge of Human, The  (Bantam, 1995, Millennium, 1995, Orion, 1996.)


Bladerunner #1.


                The first in a series of sequels to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick.  Deckard is framed for a murder and forced to track down another android infiltrator, as well as having to prove that he himself is a human being.


Eye and Talon  (Gollancz, 2000.)


Bladerunner #3.


                A bladerunner takes an unusual assignment and stumbles across a plot to murder humans by pretending that they are replicants.


Farewell Horizontal  (Signet, 1989, St Martins, 1989, Grafton, 1990.)


                Conflict involving rival tribes in a gigantic artificial habitat cut off from the outside universe.


Fiendish Schemes (Tor, 2013.)


Glass Hammer, The  (Bluejay, 1985, Grafton, 1987, Signet, 1987.)


West Coast #2.


                In a high tech, wired future a folk hero who runs bootleg microchips and takes other risks discovers that he is the focus of a sinister conspiracy that could cost him his life.


Hard Merchandise  (Bantam, 1999.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Boba Fett uncovers the truth about the murder of Luke Skywalker's aunt and uncle, and that discovery places him in great jeopardy.


Madlands  (St Martins, 1991.)


                Bizarre goings on involving a mysterious companyís secretive practices and a variety of very odd characters in the not too distant future.


Mandalorian Armor, The  (Bantam, 1998.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Not seen.


Morlock Night  (DAW, 1979, Grafton, 1989, Angry Robot, ?.)


                A sequel to The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.  The Morlocks capture the time machine and use it to return to the England of H.G. Wells and harvest a fresh crop of human flesh.


Noir  (Bantam, 1998, Millennium, 1999.)


Dr. Adder #4.


                The murder of a mid level corporate executive gives a disgraced ex-cop a way to possibly redeem himself, but he is put off by the corporationís clear interest in a simulacrum created by a deadman rather than any sense of justice.


Replicant Night  (Orion, 1996, Bantam, 1996.)


Bladerunner #2.


                Deckard and his lover break up as she falls increasingly under the sway of the remaining executives of the Tyrell Corporation, and Deckard finds himself in danger even in his refuge on Mars.


Seeklight  (Laser, 1975.)


                Human culture seems to be winding down, losing spontaneity and life, and some suspect that there is an insidious force working to slowly destroy the human race, a force directed by an intelligent source.


Slave Ship  (Bantam, 1998.)


A Star Wars novel.


                Boba Fett sets out to track down a renegade imperial stormtrooper against the background of the collapse of the bounty hunterís guild and the introduction of new superweapons.


Warped  (Pocket, 1995.)


A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel.


                A new religious faction has swept to power on Bajor and is threatening to expel the Federation from the system.  Aboard DS9, a new form of holosuite technology affects the minds of participants, turning them into serial killers in the real world.


Wolf Flow  (St Martins, 1992.)


                An unusual, ultimately suspenseful tale of a visit to a health spa whose natural waters are supposed to have miraculous healing powers.  They have odd powers, all right, and the effect will change the lives of everyone who soaks in them.




Chronolysis  (Macmillan, 1980, translated from the French by Maxim Jakubowski.)


                Two possible futures send agents back to the present to try to ensure that their existence is not endangered.




Chronolysis  (Macmillan, 1980, translated from the French by Maxim Jakubowski.)


                A scientist finds himself in a realm where minds exist independent of time and space.




Evil Genius  (Harcourt, 2007.)


Genius #1.


                Humorous story of a school for mad scientistsí children.


Genius Squad  (Harcourt, 2008.)


Genius #2.


The mad scientists are back!




Blue Shirts, The  (Simpkin, 1926.)


                England adopts a socialist government, which eventually collapses.




Invasion of the Tearling, The (Harper, 2015.)


Tearling #2.




Queen of the Tearling, The (Harper, 2015.0


Tearling #1.






And Then You Die  (Bantam, 1998.)


                Marginal thriller about terrorists developing a new super plague and the efforts made to stop them from using it.




End of Man?, The  (Award, 1969, translated from the Swedish by Naomi Walford.  Coward McCann, 1966, as The Tale of the Big Computer.  Gollancz, 1966, as The Great Computer: A Vision.)


                The human race is totally dependent on computers, so when they all suddenly stop working, chaos results.  But the situation is even more serious, because it is the computers themselves which have decided to precipitate this crisis, and free themselves.


Great Computer: A Vision, The.  (See The End of Man?)


Tale of the Big Computer, The.  (See The End of Man?)




Three A.M. (Tor, 2012.)


Following a devastating pandemic, a detective lives in a city perpetually shrouded in fog.




Our Glorious Future  (Daniel, 1931.)


                A brilliant young man transforms the world.


JOHNS, MARSTON  (Pseudonym of R.L. Fanthorpe.)


Beyond Time  (Arcadia, 1966.)


                Five men travel sixteen thousand years into the future and have adventures in a strange new world where nothing is as it seems.


Space Void  (Arcadia, 1965.)


                Mutated children overthrow the adults and seize control of the Earth.


Venus Venture  (Arcadia, 1965.)


                The story of the first expedition to Venus.




Patriot Future  (Lyford, 1997.)


                A policeman in a near future America is involved in tracking down drug dealers when he is reassigned to infiltrate a subversive movement, and discovers that all is not as it appears.




Death Rays of Ardilla, The  (Hodder, 1959, Piccolo, 1981.)


Tiger Clinton #6.


                Human adventurers are caught in the middle of an interplanetary war at the edge of the galaxy.


Edge of Beyond, The  (Hodder, 1958, Piccolo, 1981.)


Tiger Clinton #5.


                Adventure on a strange planet at the edge of the known universe.


Kings of Space  (Hodder, 1954, Armada, 1970.)


Tiger Clinton #1.


                Teenagers take part in the first trip to the moon.


Man Who Vanished Into Space, The  (Hodder, 1963.)


Tiger Clinton #10.


                Not seen.


Now to the Stars  (Hodder, 1956, Piccolo, ?)


Tiger Clinton #3.


                Two youngsters accompany a scientist on the first trip beyond the solar system.


Quest for the Perfect Planet  (Hodder, 1961.)


Tiger Clinton #8.


                Not seen.


Return to Mars   (Hodder, 1955, Piccolo, ?, Armada, 1970.)


Tiger Clinton #2.


                A group of humans helps the surviving Martians to restore life to their dying world.


To Outer Space  (Hodder, 1957, Piccolo, 1980.)


Tiger Clinton #4.


                An interplanetary war threatens a spaceship from Earth.


To Worlds Unknown  (Hodder, 1960.)


Tiger Clinton #7.


                Not seen.


Worlds of Wonder  (Hodder, 1962.)


Tiger Clinton #9.


                Collection of related stories.




Fabulous Journey of Hieronymus Meeker  (Little, 1954.)


                A voyage to Venus goes astray.




Emporium  (Viking, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Emporium  (Viking, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are SF.


JOHNSON, ANNABEL & JOHNSON, EDGAR  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Alien Music, An  (Four Winds, 1982.)


                Not seen.


Danger Quotient, The  (Harper, 1984.)


                Kitchen sink novel in which a genetically bred super genius builds a time machine following a nuclear war in order to travel back and find out why he is prematurely aging.


Prisoner of Psi  (Atheneum, 1985.)


                Not seen.




Fiskadoro  (Knopf, 1985, Vintage, 1986.)


                Post nuclear war novel set in Florida.


JOHNSON, EDGAR  (See collaboration with Annabel Johnson.)




Strangers in Space  (Collins, 1967.)


                Astronauts find a dying man on a space station who refers to what appears to be alien attackers.


JOHNSON, GEORGE CLAYTON  (See collaboration with William F. Nolan.  Also writes Horror.)




Daystar and Shadow  (DAW, 1981.)


                The protagonist is a wanderer in a post apocalypse America that is home to hideous monsters.  His people consider him a traitor, but he believes himself to be their savior.  And eventually he finds a companion to help him prove his point.


Habu  (DAW, 1989.)


                Humanity has developed a form of immortality, but requires those receiving it to have mental and physical defects removed beforehand, and that they move to a colony world afterward.  One enterprising man beats the system, but the process awakens a sleeping entity within him, a vigilante berserker with no respect for law and order.


Mindhopper  (DAW, 1988.)


                A young boy with extraordinary psychic powers and his small band of protectors take on the US government as he seeks to preserve his freedom, and some of his supporters attempt to provide an escape route to the stars.


Trekmaster  (DAW, 1987.)


                A colony world which has been cut off from the outside universe for many generations has devolved into a near feudal society.  A charismatic and determined leader arises who wants to unite the population, regain a place in interstellar society, and restore the technology that has been lost.


World Lost, A  (DAW, 1991.)


                One of the last star pilots in a universe where matter transmission has made his job unnecessary returns to his home system to find it missing.  He tries to investigate, and runs into a coverup by the interstellar authorities, attempting to conceal the existence of an alien race.




Damnation (Ace, 2014.)


Duty #5.


Military SF.


Hardship (Ace, 2014.)


Duty #4.


Military SF.


Hellfire (Ace, 2013.)


Duty #3.




Officer's Duty, An  (Ace, 2012.)


Duty #2.




Soldier's Duty, A (Ace, 2011.)


Duty #1.


A precog has a vision of a galaxy in ruins.


Terrans, The (Ace, 2015.)


Salik #1.


Military SF.


V'Dan, The (Ace, 2016.)


Salik #2.


Military SF.




V: The Second Generation  (Tor, 2007.)


A "V" Novel.


A supposedly benevolent alien race begins exploiting what is essentially the military occupation of Earth.


JOHNSON, KIJ & COX, GREG  (Johnson also writes Fantasy.)


Dragon's Honor  (Pocket, 1996.)


A Star Trek Next Generation novel.


A marriage between warring families may seal a peace which will allow an alien race to join the Federation.  But another race has a vested interest in preventing this from happening, and the betrothed couple are caught in the middle, along with Captain Picard.


JOHNSON, LES  (See collaborations with Travis Taylor and Ben Bova.)




In the Time of the Thetans  (Macmillan, 1961.)


                Not seen.  Monsters from Mars appear on the Earth.




Irregular Verbs (ChiZine, 2014.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Coming of the Amazons, The  (Longmans, 1931.)


                Not seen.




Astera, the Planet That Committed Suicide  (Exposition, 1959.)


                Not seen.




Alien, Go Home!  (Bantam, 1990.)


A Choose Your Own Adventure book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


South Pole Sabotage  (Bantam, 1989.)


A Choose Your Own Adventure book.


                Multi-path gamebook.




Panther Jones for President.  (See The Presidential Plot.)


Presidential Plot, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1968, Paperback Library, 1969.  Heinemann, 1968, as Panther Jones for President.)


                Near future political thriller involving a successful moon flight, and an attempt by the CIA to remove the President from office and replace him with his vice president, a Black militant.




Slammer's Down!  (Ace, 1988.)


A Combat Command book.


Multi-path gamebook set in the universe of David Drake's Hammer's Slammers series.  You command a group of mercenaries on a rescue mission.




Wolves of Winter, The (Scribner, 2017.)


An apocalypse leads to endless winter.




Zero Factor, The  (Pocket, 1980.)


                Marginal thriller about a mysterious conspiracy to assassinate whoever is elected President in 1980.


JOHNSTON, AARON  (See collaboration with Orson Scott Card.)


JOHNSTON, GUNNAR  (Also writes Horror.)


Perilous Discovery  (?, 1938.)


                Not seen.




Blood Tree, The  (Hodder, 2000, New English Library, 2000.)


Edinburgh #3.


                A murder in a decayed future England leads to revelations about the local government.


Body Politic  (Hodder, 1997, New English Library, 1997.)


Edinburgh #1.


                Detective story set in a near future Edinborough.


Bone Yard, The  (Hodder, 1998.)


Edinburgh  #2.


                The city government is even less effective than usual in a future Edinburgh beset by a serial killer.


House of Dust, The  (Hodder, 2001, New English Library, 2002.)


Edinbugh  #5.


                Murder at the opening of a new prison in a future Edinburgh.


Water of Death  (St Martins, 2001.)


Edinburgh #4.


                Someone is putting poison into bottles of contraband whiskey smuggled into the independent nation of Edinburgh.


JOHNSTON, WILLIAM  (Also writes Fantasy and Horror.)


And Loving It!  (Tempo, 1967.)


Get Smart #6.


                Smart must team up with an agent from KAOS to track down a megalomaniacal hypnotist who has hatched a plot to seize control of the world.


Captain Nice  (Tempo, 1967.)


                Based on the television series, this oneís about a mild mannered man who takes a secret formula to make himself into a superhero, called upon in this case to track down a criminal who is threatening to kill the cityís most prominent citizens.


Dick Tracy  (Tempo, 1970.)


                Marginal story based on the comic strip pitting the detective against a master criminal using borderline SF technology.


Fantastic Four in the House of Horrors, The  (Whitman, 1968.)


A Fantastic Four adventure.


The team of superheroes meets their latest challenge when an insane inventor creates an entire building full of traps.  For younger readers.


Get Smart!  (Tempo, 1965.)


Get Smart #1.


                Based on the television program.  The bungling agent of Control battles to keep spies from capturing a robot that contains all of the knowledge of the western world.


Get Smart Once Again  (Tempo, 1966.)


Get Smart #3.


                Max Smart has to break a secret code in order to prevent KAOS from destroying the world.


Max Smart and the Ghastly Ghost Affair  (Tempo, 1969.)


Get Smart #9.


                A ghost and an immortal mule help Max Smart foil a leading KAOS assassin and his henchmen.


Max Smart and the Perilous Pellets  (Tempo, 1966.)


Get Smart #4.


                More battles between Control and KAOS, involving men who can breathe underwater, super explosives, and nuclear powered helicopters.


Max Smart Loses Control  (Tempo, 1968.)


Get Smart #8.


                KAOS has stolen Controlís super intelligent computer, so Max and his robot sidekick are off to track it down before its new programming allows the criminal organization to dominate the world.


Missed It By That Much!  (Tempo, 1967.


Get Smart #5.


                Smart tracks down a magician turned enemy agent in order to gain control of a secret formula for the worst smell in the universe.


Sam Weskit on the Planet Framingham  (Tempo, 1970.)


                Humorous book for younger readers about being shanghaied to a far planet.


Sorry Chief  (Tempo, 1966.)


Get Smart #2.


                Max is off on another wacky mission, this time to capture the formula for invisibility which could be disastrous if it falls into the wrong hands.  Or the right ones for that matter.


Spy Who Went Out to the Cold, The  (Tempo, 1968.)


Get Smart #7.


                Smart takes a very roundabout route to escort a super genius to a secret scientific installation at the North Pole.




Mountain Kingdom, The  (Sampson Low, 1888.)


                Lost world novel.


Paradise of the North  ( Remington, 1890.)


                Lost world novel.


White Princess of the Hidden City, The  (Chambers, 1898.)


                Lost world novel.


JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM W(Also writes Horror.  See "collaborations" that follow/)


Alone in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1985.)


Ashes #5.


                The leader of a survivalist group goes on a walking tour of devastated America and must kill to protect his life on several occasions as bands of looters and opportunists stalk the countryside.


Ambush in the Ashes  (?)


Ashes #25.




Anarchy in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1984.)


Ashes #3.


                American collaborators begin cooperating with an invading Russian army in the aftermath of a nuclear conflict, and a band of survivalists organize to throw them back beyond the countryís borders.


Bats  (Zebra, 1993.)


                A horde of vampire bats moves up from South America and begins attacking human prey in the southern US.  Efforts to contain them are hindered by the fact that the creatures seem to have developed a rudimentary intelligence.


Betrayal in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1996.)


Ashes #21.


                Survivalist troops from America travel to Europe to put down the rise of a new Nazi Reich in a post nuclear war world.


Blood in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1985.)


Ashes #7.


                A band of survivalists are searching for a new homeland in post-nuclear America, unaware that a secret organization exists within their ranks that wishes to destroy anything that looks like the start of a new nation.


Chaos in the Ashes  (Zebra, ?)


Ashes #22.




Courage in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1991.)


Ashes #14.


                Survivalists have gained control of most of North America following a nuclear war, but evil mutants and other villains have retreated to Alaska and must be tracked down and destroyed to preserve the new nationís freedom.


Danger in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1988.)


Ashes #8.


                Survivalists declare war on the newly arisen Ku Klux Klan in a war ravaged America, imposing their own dictatorial decrees in order to restore a semblance of civilization.


D-Day in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1994.)


Ashes #18.


                A survivalist nation is recognized by the reconstituted United Nations and is given the authority to enforce law and order in any country where it sees fit to intervene.  This series of jingoistic novels reaches a new low.


Death in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1990.)


Ashes #11.


                The survivalists are systematically exterminating the cannibalistic mutants who lurk in Americaís ruined cities when they encounter a new enemy force, led by an old time friend of their leader.


Fire in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1984, Pinnacle, 1996.)


Ashes #2.


                The dream of a separate survivalist nation has been crushed, but Ben Raines and his followers arenít beaten yet.  They vow to wage guerrilla warfare against the government, but for the time being they have all they can do to survive attacks by bands of mutants.


Flames from the Ashes  (Zebra, 1993.)


Ashes #16.


                A new villain appears to challenge the survivalist nation in North America, a man whose army captures the head of the survivalists and threatens to execute him unless his authority is recognized.


Fury in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1991.)


Ashes #13.


                For some reason, the cities of the West Coast were spared nuclear attack in the war that destroyed most of the rest of Amrica.  Now they are the headquarters for mutant armies and other evil forces, so the army of a survivalist nation marches west to destroy them.


Hatred in the Ashes  (Pinnacle, 1999.)


Ashes #26.


                Ben Raines and his army must return home from Africa to overthrow a dictator who has seized control of North America.


Judgment in the Ashes  (?)


Ashes #24.




Out of the Ashes  (Zebra, 1983, Pinnacle, 1996.)


Ashes #1.


                In the aftermath of a nuclear war, a charismatic survivalist forms an independent state as a counterbalance to an increasingly repressive central government, and precipitates a new civil war.


Prey  (Pinnacle, 1996.)


                An immortal individualist is trying to find some peace and quiet in a rural community when an ancient enemy from his past shows up to cause fresh problems.


Slaughter in the Ashes  (?)


Ashes #23.




Smoke From the Ashes  (Zebra, 1987.)


Ashes #4.


                A Libyan army invades the post nuclear American South, where it allies itself with another barbarian horde to attack a fledgeling survivalist nation.


Survival in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1990.)


Ashes #12.


                A survivalist army attempting to restore order in nuclear ravaged America finds itself caught between two enemy armies.


Terror in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1992.)


Ashes #15.


                The survivalist nation that replaced the US following a nuclear war launches an expedition to free the British Isles from its dictatorial government, and runs into bubonic plague in the process.


Them  (Zebra, 1992.)


                A tormented young boy is recruited by disembodied creatures from another universe to help them invade our continuum and replace the human race.


Trapped in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1989.)


Ashes #10.


                North America is in chaos following a nuclear war, with barbaric armies forming around several charismatic leaders.  A survivalist group struggles to survive when beset by several armies, including cannibals and crazies.


Treason in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1994.)


Ashes #17.


                The new survivalist nation in the former US is plunged into a new civil war with the rise of a new, American Nazi party.


Valor in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1988.)


Ashes #9.


                From his new base in Louisiana, a survivalist leads a small army to ruined New York City for a confrontation with a cannibal army sworn to destroy them.


Wind in the Ashes  (Zebra, 1985.)


Ashes #6.


                Not seen.


JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM W. & JOHNSTONE, J.A.  (Ghosted by unknown writer.)


Doomsday Bunker, The (Pinnacle, 2017)


Survivors of a nuclear war.




Alternative One: The Greatest Voyage of the Plutonians  (New Horizons, 1982.)


                Not seen.




Unveiling a Parallel  (Arena, 1893, Syracuse University, 1991.)


                A feminist utopian novel in which the first trip to Mars discovers a human society but one where men and women have complete equality.




Bound in Time  (Granada, 1981.)


                A man with a fatal illness travels into the future.


Colossus  (Putnam, 1966, Hart Davis, 1966, Longmans, 1967, Berkley, 1967,  Pan, 1968.  Berkley, 1970, as The Forbin Project.)


Colossus #1.


                A super defense computer becomes self aware, teams up with its Soviet counterpart, and established a cybernetic world dictatorship despite the best efforts of the authorities to neutralize the threat.  Made into a reasonably good film.


Colossus and the Crab  (Berkley, 1977.)


Colossus #3.


                The super computers that took control of the world have been turned off, and now the planet is in the hands of aliens from another world.  Has the situation improved, or should the computers be reactivated?


Denver Is Missing  (Walker, 1971, Berkley, 1974.  Panther, 1971, as Donít Pick the Flowers.)


                A drilling operation taps into an enormous volume of underground nitrogen, releasing it into the atmosphere.  The oxygen content drops dramatically and people begin to die, perhaps dooming the entire human race unless some way can be found to cap the pocket.


Donít Pick the Flowers.  (See Denver Is Missing.)


Earth Has Been Found  (Dell, 1979.  Sidgwick & Jackson, 1979, as Xeno.)


                Alien parasites begin attacking airplanes, taking human hosts and extending their control down to the surface world.  Eventually people begin to realize what is happening and take appropriate countermeasures to thwart the invasion.


Fall of Colossus, The  (Putnam, 1974, Berkley, 1975.)


Colossus #2.


                Two gigantic self aware computers have established hegemony over the Earth despite the best efforts by the human race to destroy them.  But when they extend their authority into space, they attract the attention of the inhabitants of Mars, who have the technology necessary to neutralize this new threat.


Floating Zombie, The  (Berkley, 1975.)


                An automated, nuclear powered cargo ship is hijacked by one of its security guards, who is insane, and who plans to detonate its nuclear reactor in a highly populated area.


Forbin Project, The.  (See Colossus.)


Implosion  (Hart Davis, 1967, Putnam, 1968, Berkley, 1972.)


                When a substance is introduced into the water supply of England that makes nearly all of the women infertile, the government takes the draconian measure of moving all of the still fertile women into special camps, despite the protests of everyone concerned.


Xeno.  (See Earth Has Been Found.)


JONES, DEBORAH K.  (See collaboration with Joan Marie Verba.)




Rubicon One  (Beaufort, 1983, Jove, 1985.)


                World War III breaks out in the Mideast, restricted to conventional weapons until someone uses an atomic bomb to up the stakes.  As the superpowers prepare for an all out exchange, agents try to find out who is really responsible.


Russian Spring  (Beaufort, 1984, Berkley, 1986.)


                The Soviet Union erupts in civil war when the KGB seizes control of Moscow, but rebels in the outer republics gain access to nuclear weapons.


Winter Palace  (Little, Brown, 1988, Pinnacle, 1989.)


                An apparently magnanimous gesture by the Soviet Union to allow all of its Jews to emigrate to Israel masks a sinister master plan to wipe them all out with nuclear weapons in this near future, borderline thriller.


JONES, DIANA WYNNE  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Hexwood  (Greenwillow, 1994.)


                An alien device hidden on Earth is discovered, and its ability to warp reality spreads to another planet, which sends a mission to neutralize it.


Tale of Time City, A  (Greenwillow, 1987, Methuen, 1987, Bullseye, ?.)


                Three children travel to a city set outside of time which is supposed to oversee history, but which is itself now falling apart.




Court Martial of George Armstrong Custer, The  (Scribner, 1976, Warner, 1977.)


                Interesting speculation about the trial of Custer after he survived the battle of Little Big Horn and was indicted for dereliction of duty and other crimes.




Head in the Sand  (Barker, 1958.)


                The Russian conquest of England.


JONES, GLYN  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Space Museum, The  (Target, 1987.)


A Doctor Who book.


The Tardis materializes on a dead world where a gigantic museum displays prizes a ruthless race of alien conquerors has assembled.  And in one of the display cases, they find their own bodies, and are forced to alter the course of time to save themselves.




Dome, The  (Faber, 1968.)


                Not seen.  A futuristic city controlled by a disembodied brain.


JONES, GWYNETH  (Also writes Fantasy. See also Ann Halam.)


Divine Endurance  (Unwin, 1984, Headline, ?, Arbor House, 1987,  Tor, 1989, Gollancz, 2005.)


Far Future #1.


                A strange journey through a post apocalyptic Earth which may be in the process of dying.


Escape Plans  (Unwin, 1986, Gollancz, 1995.)


Far Future #2.


                Not seen.


Flowerdust  (Tor, 1993, Headline, 1993.)


Far Future #3.


                In Southeast Asia of the far future, a matriarchy attempting to live in harmony with nature is ruled by a technological power that exists in artificial islands in the Pacific.  A new drug appears that stirs unrest and pushes the population toward what may be a premature war.


Hidden Ones, The  (Womenís Press, 1988.)


                A girl with telekinesis helps in an environmental battle.


Life  (Aqueduct, 2004.)


                Near future story about how gender issues evolve into a technocratic society.


North Wind  (Gollancz, 1996, Tor, 1997.)


Aliens #2.


                Aliens have landed in a future, decadent Europe where they attempt to help the local humans uncover the secret of a lost piece of technology - a faster than light drive.


Phoenix Cafť  (Gollancz, 1996, Tor, 1999.)


Aliens #3.


                An alien empire which subjugated Earth is decaying but still powerful enough to cause troubles for the protagonists.


Rainbow Bridge  (Gollancz, 2006.)


                Satirical future novel in which an England led by rockstars is invaded by China.


Universe of Things, The  (Aqueduct, 2011.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


White Queen  (Tor, 1991, Gollancz, 1991.)


Aliens #1.


                Earthquakes have destroyed Japan and the worldís economy has crashed.  A virtual reality fanatic has learned that aliens have secretly landed somewhere in Africa and sets off to track them down.




Blue Lab  (Major, 1978.)


                Most of the creatures of our legends were actually alien visitors from the stars, some of whose half breed descendants still live in our world.  The more benevolent aliens decide to make the Earth a research laboratory, but there are less scrupulous individuals among their numbers who wish to use their distant relatives on Earth as the springboard to power.




Stuck in Time  (Volo, 2006, based on the screenplays by Tim O'Donnell, Adam Lapidus, and Steve Luchsinger.)


A Phil of the Future novel.


                A disabled time machine strands visitors from the future.




U-237 in the Devilís Triangle  (Neptune, 1975.)


                A submarine ventures into the waters near a series of mysterious disappearances and crosses into another universe, discovering the truth about immortality, telepathy, and other wonders.




Obelisk  ( Llewellyn, 1996.)


                A scientist of the future uses a time machine in his quest to rescue important items from Earth before it is destroyed in the 25th Century.  Unfortunately, their disappearance throughout history alters its course.




Eye of the Lens, The  (Macmillan, 1972, Collier, 1973.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


JONES, MARGARET  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Day They Put Humpty Together Again, The.  (See Transplant.)


Transplant  (Stein & Day, 1968, Popular Library, 1969.  Collins, 1968, as The Day They Put Humpty Together Again.)


                Doctors perform the first head transplant, and the recovered man goes through an identity crisis because he canít decide which person he is, with unhappy results for all concerned.  Sounds like he never had a good head on his shoulders to begin with.




Bad Therapy  (Doctor Who Books, 1996.)


A Doctor Who New Adventure.


The Doctor battles gangsters, devil worshippers, and solves a series of murders against the backdrop of racial strife in 1950's Soho.


Beyond the Sun  (Virgin, 1997.)


The New Adventures #3.


                An archaeologist investigates the kidnapping of a friend and the discovery of an alien weapon that somehow managed to survive the collapse of its creating civilization.




On the Last Day  (Jonathan Cape, 1958.)


                Near future thriller about the beginning of a new world war.




Doomsday on Ajiat  (Ace, 1968.)


Professor Jameson #5.


                Three related stories about the last man alive.


Martian and Troglodyte (Armchair, 2021, bound with Tomorrow by John Taine. Magazine appearance 1933.)


Martians study a caveman. 


Moon Pirates, The (Armchair, 2015, bound with Callisto at War by Harl Vincent. Magazine appearance 1934.)


Space pirates bring hostages to their secret base on the moon.


Planet of the Double Sun, The  (Ace, 1967, Garland, 1967.)


Professor Jameson #1.


                The first three adventures of a man who wakens from suspended animation to find himself the last man alive in a universe of robot creatures.


Space War  (Ace, 1967.)


Professor Jameson #3.


                Three related stories about the last man alive.


Sunless World, The  (Ace, 1967.)


Professor Jameson #2.


                Three related stories about the last man alive.


Twin Worlds  (Ace, 1967.)


Professor Jameson #4.


                Three related stories about the last man alive.




Exodus (47North, 2013.)


Extinction #2.


Aliens conquer Earth by spreading a plague.


Extinction Point (?)


Extinction #1.




JONES, RAYMOND F.  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Alien, The   (Galaxy, 1951, Belmont, 1966. Armchair, 2012, bound with The Star Hunter by Edmond Hamilton.)


                An ancient Martian civilization left one of their number in suspended animation, and when he is finally revived, his powers are such that entire interstellar empires are shaken.


Cybernetic Brains, The  (Magazine version 1950.  Avalon, 1962, Paperback Library, 1969.)


                The world is governed by the preserved brains of talented people, each of whom was told that this would give them immortality.  In reality, they are suffering, and are plotting to bring down civilization in order to end their own unhappy lives.


Deviates, The  (Beacon, 1959.  Avalon, 1956, as The Secret People.)


                The worldís governments control breeding because of widespread mutations among the general population that have caused monsters as well as telepaths.  One of the latter is determined to preserve his talent into the next generation, even if that means defying the authorities and going underground.


Divided We Fall (Armchair, 2016, bound with Vassals of the Lodestar by Gardner F. Fox. Magazine appearance 1950.)


Earth is invaded.


King of Eolim, The  (Laser, 1975.)


                A man and his retarded son go on a tour of the universe, having many adventures and learning the value of life.


Man of Two Worlds  (Pyramid, 1963.  Gnome, 1951, Grafton, 1991, as Renaissance.)


                The protagonist rebels against a repressive future society which hides the secret of birth, among other things, and conditions its citizens to follow instructions without question.


Moonbase One  (Criterion, 1972, Abelard-Schuman, 1981.)


                Not seen.


Non-Statistical Man, The  (Belmont, 1964, Digit, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Non-Statistcal Man, The (Armchair, 2012, bound with Mission from Mars by Rick Conroy.)


Outpost Infinity (Armchair, 2014, bound with The White Invaders by Ray Cummings.)


A starship is lost in probability worlds.


Planet of Light  (Winston, 1953.)


Clonar #2.


                A family from Earth are brought to another world where the future of humanity is being discussed.  They discover they have a powerful enemy who wants the human race destroyed, and must prove their value or see everything they know obliterated.


Renaissance.  (See Man of Two Worlds.)


Renegades of Time  (Laser, 1975.)


                A man from our timeline inadvertently disrupts the activities of the guardians of the timelines, allowing a race of barbaric conquerors to travel from world to world, destroying and enslaving everyone they encounter.


River and the Dream, The  (Laser, 1977.)


                A man decides to leave the ice covered lands where he was raised and seek happiness in the warmer, more civilized lands to the south.  But when he arrives there, he discovers things are warmer, but certainly no more civilized.


Secret People, The.  (See The Deviates.)


Seven Jewels of Chamar, The (Armchair, 2017, bound with The Lost Continent by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Magazine appearance 1946.)


Two space travelers seek jewels of power.


Son of the Stars  (Winston, 1952, Hutchinson, 1953.)


Clonar #1.


                A stranded alien gets along with human children but has trouble with adults.


Syn  (Belmont, 1969.)


                Humans make the remarkable discovery that many of their number are actually synthetic creatures sent from some unknown source to undermine human society.  And thereís no simple way to tell real humans from the phony ones.


This Island Earth  (Shasta, 1952, Boardman, 1955, Pulpless, 1999.)


                A scientist investigates a company that is producing some revolutionary new inventions, and eventually discovers that they are visitors from another world.  Eventually he is kidnapped to their planet, where he discovers they are on the verge of being wiped out by an enemy.


Toymaker, The  (Fantasy Publishing, 1951.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea  (Whitman, 1965.)


                An original novel based on the movie and television show, with the super submarine discovering an inhabited, undersea city.


Wrong Side of Paradise, The  (Armchair, 2012, bound with The Involuntary Immortals by Rog Phillips.)


A region of space traps spaceships.


Year When Stardust Fell, The  (Winston, 1958.)


                A strange comet passing through the solar system causes all of the machinery in the world to grind to a halt.  The protagonist lives in a small town and watches as civilization collapses and barbarism spreads across the world.




Weeping May Tarry  (Pinnacle, 1978.)


                A race of reptilian space explorers land on Earth to find that its cities are in ruins and its former intelligent inhabitants may now be extinct.  And worse of all, a mechanical problem has left them stranded on the lifeless world.


JONES, ROBERT F.  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Diamond Bogo, The  (Prentice Hall, 1977, Avon, 1978.)


                Humorous novel about big game hunters who run into superintelligent white pygmies who sexually enslave them.


JONES, ROBERT PAGE  (See collaboration with Daniel T. Streib.)




Starship Titanic  (Harmony, 1997, Pan, 1997.)


                A new, luxury starship takes off with malfunctioning equipment, recalcitrant robots, and unwilling passengers when somebody skimps on the hardware and the designerís plans are subtly undermined.  Based on a story line by Douglas Adams.




Building of the Alpha One, The  (Exposition, 1956.)


                Actually a collection of narrative poems about the building of the first space station.




Monument of Terror  (Lyle Stuart, 1969, Pocket, 1973.)


                Marginal thriller about an unlikely hero who finds himself in the middle of a master plot to gain control of the world.




Principal Investigation  (Berkley, 1997.)


An evil mastermind holds the key to a possible cure for a deadly virus that threatens to sweep the world, possibly at his instigation.  A scientific investigator struggles to avert worldwide disaster.


Secondary Immunization  (Berkley, 1999.)


                A doctor stumbles across a murder victim while attending a conference and from there learns of a conspiracy to use humans as information repositories.




Warrior Moon  (Lovespell, 1996.)


                A noblewoman on a barbaric planet is inexplicably drawn to the brawny under class males of that planet.




Uninvited (Harper, 2014.)


Davy #1.


A teen in the future is ostracized because of her genes.


Unleashed (Harper, 2015.)


Davy #2.




JORGENSEN, IVAR  (Pseudonym of Paul Fairman, whom see.)


Deadly Sky, The.  (See Ten From Infinity.)


Ten Deadly Men.  (See Ten From Infinity.)


Ten From Infinity  (Monarch, 1963.  Pinnacle, 1971, as The Deadly Sky.  Pinnacle, 1976, as Ten Deadly Men.)


                The protagonist tries to track down and neutralize ten androids who have been sent to Earth as a precursor to an interplanetary invasion.


JORGENSON, IVAR  (Pseudonym of Robert Silverberg, whom see.)


Starhaven  (Avalon, 1958, Ryerson, 1958.  Ace, 1959, bound with The Sun Smasher by Edmond Hamilton.  Magazine title Thunder over Starhaven.)


                A man unjustly accused of murder flees to a planet ruled by outlaws, seeking asylum.  Unfortunately, the local ruler has special plans for the newcomer.




Invisible Machines  (Jazz Police, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




To Kill the Potemkin  ( Donald Fine, 1986, Onyx, 1987.)


                Marginal thriller about US and Soviet subs playing cat and mouse games and nearly setting off a nuclear exchange.


Y2K  (St Martins, 1999.)


                Predictable story of worldwide computing disaster because of a lack of preparedness.




Hole in the Zero, The  (Dutton, 1967, Gollancz, 1967, Avon, 1969.)


                Introspective novel about four individuals caught in a pocket where time and probability work differently, and where their lives interact differently than they would otherwise.




Aquarius Transfer, The  (Gold Medal, 1982.)


                A terrible drought has virtually destroyed California, so the governor hires a group of adventurers to break loose an iceberg and guide it down to the West Coast.  Their various adventures include the disruption caused by a saboteur within their company.




Rise of the Silver Surfer  (Pocket, 2007,  from the screenplay by Dan Payne and Mark Frost._


A Fantastic Four novel.


The Fantastic Four must deal with a visitor from space.




Black Atlantic  (Black Flame, 2004.)


A Judge Dredd novel.


                A bio-engineered lifefrom escapes and leaves a trail of dead bodies.




Knight of a Trillion Stars  (Leisure, 1995.)


Lorgan #1.


                A woman is kidnapped to the stars where she finds love.


Rejar  (Leisure, 1997.)


Lorgan #2.


                An alien shapechanger has romantic adventures in regency England.


Ritual of Proof  (Morrow, 2001, Harper, 2002.)


                On a planet where women rule and men are forced to prove their mettle, intrigue and romance involve several women in a power struggle.


JOYCE, GRAHAM  (Also writes Fantasy and Horror.)


Spiderbite  (Orion, 1997.)


Part of the multi-author Web series.


                A youngster stumbles onto a secret security program inside a virtual reality world of the future.




Nemo Rising (Tor, 2017.)


Nemo has to track down the source of attacks by sea monsters.


JUDD, CYRIL  (Pseudonym of Cyril M. Kornbluth and Judith Merril.)


Gunner Cade  (Ace, 1957, bound with Crisis in 2140 by H. Beam Piper & John J. McGuire.  Simon & Schuster, 1952, Gollancz, 1964, Tor, 1983.  Dell, 1969, as by Kornbluth and Merrill.)


                A loyal soldier serving in the army of the Terran Empire survives a bad wound, and recovers to find himself a fugitive, labeled as a traitor, even though he has no idea why.  Eventually he discovers that he has dangerous knowledge even he didnít realize he possessed.


Outpost Mars  (Dell, 1952, Abelard, 1952, New English Library, 1966.  Galaxy, 1951, as Sin in Space.  Armchair, as Mars Child. Magazine title Mars Child.)


                  The continued existence of an experimental colony on Mars is endangered when someone steals a supply of a very addictive drug, and the authorities decide to close down the colony if the guilty party is not apprehended.


Sin in Space.  (See Outpost Mars.)


JUDSON, THEODORE  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Fitzpatrick's War  (DAW, 2004.)


                A feudal society arises on the ashes of our culture, and a charismatic leader's legend is challenged by a set of memoirs by one of his inner circle.


Martian General's Daughter, The  (Pyr, 2008.)


Thousands of years from now, a new society has emerged reminiscent of imperial Rome.




Glass Bees, The  (Noonday, 1960, translated from the German by Louise Bogan and Elizabeth Mayer.)


                The protagonist discovers that an inventor and toy manufacturer has created an entire artificial world devoid of living creatures, which he views as a perfect replacement for the untidy activities of the living.


On the Marble Cliffs  (Lehmann, 1947, New Directions, 1948.)


                Marginal story about the invasion of a mythical country.




Boy from Dimension Five, The  (Scholastic, 1977.)


                Childrenís book with lots of photo illustrations about a boy who discovers another dimension.




Diplomatic Act  (Baen, 1997.)


                An interstellar war is brewing, so aliens secretly come to Earth to recruit an actor who plays a diplomat to the stars in a television series, even though he is firmly convinced that there is no such thing as alien life.




Scan (Putnam, 2014.)


A teenager is on the run from aliens who look like people.