MULTI-AUTHOR SERIES  (See Dracula under theme listing for Dracula stories by various authors)


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Angel City of (Nancy Holder)

Not Forgotten (Nancy Holder)

Redemption (Mel Odom)

Close to the Ground (Jeff Mariotte)

Shakedown (Don DeBrandt)

Hollywood Noir (Jeff Mariotte)

Avatar (John Passarella)

Soul Trade (Thomas E. Sniegoski)

The Summoned (Cameron Dokey)

Image (Mel Odom)

The Longest Night (edited anonymously)

Vengeance (Scott Ciencin & Dan Jolley)

Endangered Species (Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte)

Bruja (Mel Odom)

Haunted (Jeff Mariotte)

Stranger to the Sun (Jeff Mariotte)

Impressions  (Doranna Durgin)

Sanctuary (Jeff Mariotte)

Fearless (Doranna Durgin)

Solitary Man (Jeff Mariotte)

Cursed (Mel Odom)

Nemesis (Scott & Denise Ciencin)

Dark Mirror (Craig Shaw Gardner)


Book of the Dead

Love and Death




Gilbert, Stephen - Ratman’s Notebooks

Ben - Gilbert Ralston




The Confessions of Rustin Parr (D.A. Stern)

Book of Shadows (D.A. Stern)


The Witch's Daughter (Cade Merrill)

The Dark Room (Cade Merill)

The Drowning Ghost (Cade Merrill)

Blood Nightmare (Cade Merrill)

The Death Card (Cade Merrill)




Farshtey, Greg - Hell’s Feast




Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Richie Tankersley Cusick)

The Harvest (Richie Tankersley Cusick)

Halloween Rain (Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder)

Coyote Moon (John Vornholt)

Night of the Living Rerun (Arthur Byron Cover)

Blooded (Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder)

The Angel Chronicles (Nancy Holder)

The Angel Chronicles 2 (Richie Tankersley Cusick)

Return to Chaos ( Craig Shaw Gardner)

The Xander Years (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

Out of the Madhouse (Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder)

Ghost Roads (Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder)

Sons of Entropy (Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder)

Visitors (Laura Ann Gilman & Josepha Sherman)

Unnatural Selection (Mel Odom)

Obsidian Fate (Diana S. Gallagher)

Power of Persuasion (Elizabeth Massie)

The Willow Files (Yvonne Navarro)

Resurrecting Ravana (Ray Garton)

Deep Water (Laura Anne Gilman & Josepha Sherman)

Prime Evil (Diana Gallagher)

The Immortal (Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder)

Here Be Monsters (Cameron Dokey)

The Evil That Men Do (Nancy Holder)

How I Survived My Summer Vacation (edited)

Pretty Maids All in a Row (Christopher Golden)

Paleo (Yvonne Navarro)

The Book of Fours (Nancy Holder)

Ghoul Trouble (John Passarella)

Doomsday Deck (Diana G. Gallagher)

Revenant (Mel Odom)

Unseen: The Burning (Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte)

Unseen: Door to Alternity (Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte)

Unseen: Long Way Home (Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte)

The Willow Files 2 (Yvonne Navarro)

Long Way Home (Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte)

The Faith Trials (James Laurence)

Prophecies (Christopher Golden)

Dark Times (Christopher Golden)

King of the Dead (Christopher Golden)

Original Sins (Christopher Golden)

The Journals of Rupert Giles (Nancy Holder)

The Book of Fours (Nancy Holder)

Tempted Champions (Yvonne Navarro)

Sweet Sixteen (Scott Ciencin)

The Wisdom of War (Christopher Golden)

Crossings (Mel Odom)

Little Things (Rebecca Moesta)

These Our Actors (Ashley McConnell & Dori Koogler)

The Cordelia Chronicles (Nancy Krulik)

Blood and Fog (Nancy Holder)

Chosen (Nancy Holder - uncredited)

Seven Crows (John Vornholt)

Chaos Bleeds (James A. Moore)

Angel Chronicles 3???

Tales of Slayer 1,2,3

Child of the Hunt (Nancy Holder & Christopher Golden)

Sins of the Father (Christopher Golden)

Oz: Into the Wild (Christopher Golden)

Monster Island (Christopher Golden & Thomas Sniegoski)

Mortal Fear (Scott and Denise Ciencin)

The Xander Years Volume 2 (Jeff Mariotte)

Apocalypse Memories ( Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz)

The Darkening (Yvonne Navarro)

Shattered Twilight (Yvonne Navarro)

Broken Sunrise (Yvonne Navarro)

The Suicide King (Robert Joseph Levy)

Spark and Burn (Diana G. Gallagher)

Queen of the Slayers (Nancy Holder)

Night Terrors (Alice Henderson)

Afterimage (Pierce Askegren)

Carnival of Souls (Nancy Holder)

Bad Bargain (Diana G. Gallagher)

Blackout (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

Go Ask Malice (Robert Jospeh Levy)

Portal Through Time (Alice Henderson)

One Thing or Your Mother (Kirsten Beyer)




The Power of Three (Eliza Willard)

Kiss of Darkness (Brandon Alexander)

The Crimson Spell (F. Goldsborough)

Whispers from the Past (Rosalind Noonan)

Voodoo Moon ( Wendy Corsi Staub)

Haunted by Desire (Cameron Dokey)

The Gypsy Enchantment (Carla Jablonski)

The Legacy of Merlin (Eloise Flood)

Soul of the Bride (Elizabeth Lenhard)

Beware What You Wish (Diana G. Gallagher)

Charmed Again (Elizabeth Lenhard)

Spirit of the Wolf  (Diana G. Gallagher)

Garden of Evil (Emma Harrison)

Date with Death (Elizabeth Lenhard)

Dark Vengeance (Diana G. Gallagher)

Shadow of the Sphinx (Carla Jablonski)

Something Wiccan This Way Comes (Emma Harrison)

Mist and Stone (Diana G. Gallagher)

Mirror Image

Between Worlds

Truth and Consequences

Luck Be a Lady

A Tale of Two Pipers (Emma Harrison)




Crimson City (Liz Maverick)

Through a Crimson Veil (Patti O'Shea)

A Taste of Crimson (Marjorie M. Liu)

A Darker Crimson (Carolyn Jewel)

Seduced by Crimson (Jade Lee)

Crimson Rogue (Liz Maverick)





Bloch, Robert - Mysteries of the Worm

Bloch, Robert - Strange Eons

Chappell, Fred – Dagon

Farren, Mick - Darklost

Foster, Alan Dean - The Horror on the Beach

Gresh, Lois

Kuttner, Henry - The Book of IOD

Lovecraft, H.P. - At the Mountains of Madness

Lovecraft, H.P. - The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Lovecraft, H.P. - (Individual stories from most of the collections)

Lovecraft, H.P. & Derleth, August - The Lurker at the Threshhold

Lovecraft, H.P. & Derleth, August - The Survivor & Others

Lumley, Brian - The “Titus Crow” series

McNaughton, Brian - Satan’s Mistress

McNaughton, Brian - Satan’s Seductress

Spencer, William Browning - Resume With Monsters

Tierney, Richard - The House of the Toad

Withers, Julia - The Shuttered Room




Bischoff, David - Quoth the Crow

Brite, Poppy - The Lazarus Heart

Williamson, Chet - Clash by Night

The Wicked Prayer (Norman Partridge)

Temple of Night (S.P. Somtow)

Hellbound (A.A. Attanasio)




Angelique's Descent (Lara Parker)

Dreams of the Dark (Stephen Mark Rainey & Elizabeth Massie)

The Salem Branch (Lara Parker)




Garrett, Susan - Intimations of Mortality

Hathaway-Nayne, Anne - These Our Revels

Sizemore, Susan - A Stirring of Dust




Aldiss, Brian - Frankenstein Unbound

Andersson, C. Dean - I Am Frankenstein

Bishop, Michael - Brittle Innings (not horror but involves the “monster”)

Campton, David - Frankenstein

Cooper, Roscoe - The Diary of Victor Frankenstein

Dead and Alive - Dean R. Koontz

Drake, Douglas - Creature

Dreadstone, Carl - The Bride of Frankenstein

Fairman, Paul - The Frankenstein Wheel

Glut, Donald - The Bones of Frankenstein

Glut, Donald - Frankenstein Lives Again

Glut, Donald - Frankenstein vs Dracula

Glut, Donald - The Terror of Frankenstein

Hand, Elizabeth – The Bride of Frankenstein

Isherwood, Christopher - Frankenstein: The True Story

Jacobs, David – The Devil's Brood

Jacobs, David – The Devil's Night

Knight, Amarantha - The Darker Passions: Frankenstein

McIntyre, Vonda - The Bride

Myers, Robert J. - The Cross of Frankenstein

Myers, Robert J. - The Slave of Frankenstein

O'Keefe, Susan Heyboer - Frankenstein's Monster

Pearlman, Gilbert - Young Frankenstein

Petrucha, Stefan – The Shadow of Frankenstein

Pierce, Richard - The Creation

Pierce, Richard - The Curse

Pierce, Richard - The Revenge

Roszak, Theodore - The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein

Saberhagen, Fred - The Frankenstein Papers

Schildt, Chris – Frankenstein: The Legacy

Shelley, Mary - Frankenstein

Tremayne, Peter - Hound of Frankenstein

Venables, Hubert – The Frankenstein Diaries




End of the Line (Rebecca Levene)

Dead Reckoning (Natasha Rhodes)

Destination Zero ( David McIntee)

Dead Man's Hand (Steven Roman)

Looks Could Kill ( Nancy Collins)

Wipeout (Alex S. Johnson)




Help Wanted (David Bergantino)

Virtual Terror (David Bergantino)

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (David Bergantino)

The Nightmares on Elm Street (Jeffrey Cooper)

Richards, Bruce - Fatal Games

Dreamspawn (Christa Faust)

Suffer the Children (David Bishop)

Protege (Tim Waggoner)

The Dream Dealers (Jeffrey Thomas)




Jason X (Pat Cadigan)

The Experiment

Planet of the Beast (Nancy Kilpatrick)

Death Moon (Alex S. Johnson)

Hate – Kill – Repeat (Jason Arnopp)

Church of the Divine Psychopath (Scott Phillips)

Hell Lake (Paul A. Woods)

The Jason Strain (Christa Faust)

To the Third Power (Nancy Kilpatrick)

Carnival of Maniacs (Stephen Hand)




Revenge (Doranna Durgin)

Plague Room (Steven Piziks)

Ghost Trap (Doranna Durgin)




The Icy Touch (John Shirley)

The Chopping Block (John Passarella)

The Killing Time (Tim Waggoner)






Hellboy (Yvonne Navarro)

The Lost Army (Christopher Golden)

The Bones of Giants (Christopher Golden)

On Earth As It Is in Hell (Brian Hodge)

Unnatural Selection (Tim Lebbon)

The Golden Army (Robert Greenberger)


Arbucci, John - Blood of Innocents

Ehly, Ehren - Star Prey

Hautala, Rick - Beyond the Shroud

Moore, Alan - From Hell

Smith, Terrence Lore - Yours Truly from Hell

Thomas, Martin - The Hand of Cain





Exodus (Mel Odom)

Goetia (Mel Odom)




Bloch, Robert & Norton, Andre - The Jekyll Legacy

Estleman, Loren - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes

Knight, Amarantha - The Darker Passions: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Lee, Samantha - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Martin, Valerie - Mary Reilly




The Frenchman (Elizabeth Hand)

Gehenna (Lewis Gannett)




The Hidden Saint (Rick Hautala)

Maelstrom (Matthew Costello)

The Shadows Between (L.A. Liverakos)




Nevermore (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

Witch's Canyon (Jeff Mariotte)

Bone Key (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

John Winchester's Journal (Alex Irvine)

The Unholy Cause (Joe Schreiber)

Heart of the Dragon (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

War of the Sons (Rebecca Dessertine)

One Year Gone (Rebecca Dessertine)

Coyote's Kiss (Christa Faust)

Night Terror (John Passarella)

Rite of Passage (John Passarella)

Mythmaker (Tim Waggoner)

The Usual Sacrifices (Yvonne Navarro)




30 Days of Night (Tim Lebbon)

Immortal Remains ( Steve Niles & Jeff Mariotte)

Light of Day (Jeff Mariotte)




The Words of Their Roaring (Matthew Smith)

Death Hulk (Matthew Sprange)

The Devil's Plague (Mark Beynon)




Shades of Night, Falling (John J. Miller)

A Gathering of Shadows (Russell Davis)




The Rise of the Governor

The Road to Woodbury

The Fall of the Governor Part One

The Fall of the Governor Part Two




WORLD OF DARKNESS  (No particular order)  missing vampire series


Achilli, Justin - Giovanni

Bassingthwaite, Don - Pomegranates Full and Fine

Bassingthwaite, Don & Kilpatrick, Nancy - As One Dead

Bates, Andrew – Heralds of the Storm

Baugh, Bruce – Shadows

Boulle, Philippe – The Madness of Priests

Boulle, Philippe – A Morbid Initiation

Boulle, Philippe – The Wounded King

Bowen, Carl – Predator & Prey: Vampire

Bowen, Carl – Silent Striders

Bowen, Carl & Dedopulos, Tim – Silver Fangs & Glass Walkers

Byers, Richard Lee - Netherworld

Byers, Richard Lee - On a Darkling Plain

Bassingthwaite, Don - Breathe Deeply

Bridges, William - The Silver Crown

Byers, Richard Lee - Caravan of Shadows

Byers, Richard Lee - The Ebon Mask

Chupp, Sam - Sins of the Fathers

Ciencin, Scott - Lightning Under Glass

Dansky, Richard – Lasombra

Dedopulos, Tim – Slave Ring

Fleming, Gherbod – Black Furies

Fleming, Gherbod – Children of Gaia

Fleming, Gherbod – Dark Prophecy

Fleming, Gherbod – The Devil's Advocate

Fleming, Gherbod – Executioner

Fleming, Gherbod – Judge

Fleming, Gherbod - Jury

Fleming, Gherbod - Assamite

Fleming, Gherbod- Brujah

Fleming, Gherbod – Gangrel

Fleming, Gherbod – Nosferatu

Fleming, Gherbod – Shadow Lords

Fleming, Gherbod – Silver Fangs

Fleming, Gherbod - Uktena

Fleming, Gherbod – Ventrue

Fleming, Gherbod – Wendigo

Fleming, Gherbod – The Winnowing

Friesner, Esther - Playing with Fire

Goingback, Owl - Shaman Moon

Griffin, Eric - Tremere

Griffin, Eric – Tzimisce

Griffin, Eric – Widow's Weeds

Hautala, Rick - Beyond the Shroud

Herber, Keith - Dark Prince

Herber, Keith - Prince of the City

Herber, Keith & Landis, Marie - Blood on the Sun

Kalis, Myranda – Brujah

Kalis, Myranda - Tzimisce

Marmell, Ari –Gehenna: The Final Night

McFarland, Matthew - Ventrue

Moore, James A. - Hell-Storm

Moore, James A. & Murphy, Kevin - House of Secrets

Murray, Doug - Blood Relations

Pedopulos, Tim – The Overseer

Pedopulos, Tim – The Puppet Masters

Petrucha, Stefan – Assamite

Riley, Ellen Porter - Malkavian

Roark, Sarah – Ravnos

Roark, Sarah - Tremere

Ryan, Kathleen – Setite

Soulban, Lucien – Blood In Blood Out

Stolze, Greg – A Hunger Like Fire

Stolze, Greg – The Seven Deadlies

Trautvetter, Janet - Toreador

Van Belkom, Edo - Wyrm Wolf

Von Allmen, Stewart - Conspicuous Consumption

Waggoner, Tim - Gangrel

Weinberg, Robert & Hagen, Mark Rein - The Embrace

Wieck, Stewart - Malkavian

Wieck, Stewart - Toreador

Wilson, David Niall - Except You Go Through Shadow

Wilson, David Niall - Lasombra


City of Darkness (edited by Erin Kelly and Stewart Wieck)

The Splendour Falls (edited by Erin Kelly)

Dark Tyrants (edited by Justin Achilli and Robert Hatch)

Book of the Kindred (edited by Mark Rein-Hagen)

Haunting the Dead (edited by Philippe Boulle)

Eye of Gehenna (edited anonymously)

Bloody September (edited anonymously)

End Game (edited anonymously)




Horror Hospital (Mark Morris)

Washington Deceased (Lisa Morton)