Note that some series are non-sequential, e.g. the Conan novels, and are listed alphabetically.


Last updated 10/11/18




1.             Castle of Deception (Mercedes Lackey & Josepha Sherman)

2.             Fortress of Frost and Fire (Mercedes Lackey & Ru Emerson)

3.             Prison of Souls (Mercedes Lackey & Mark Shepherd)

4.             The Chaos Gate (Josepha Sherman)

5.             Thunder of the Captains (Holly Lisle & Aaron Allston)

6.             Wrath of the Princes (Holly Lisle & Aaron Allston),

7.             Escape from Roksamur (Mark Shepherd)

8.             Curse of the Black Heron (Holly Lisle)




1.             Beauty and the Beast (Barbara Hambly)

2.             Masques (Ru Emerson)

3.             Song of Orpheus (Barbara Hambly)


Fire at Sea (Nancy Holder)

Vendetta (Nancy Holder)

Some Gave All (Nancy Holder)


CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE  (Not all titles were fantasy)


27.           The Horror of High Ridge (Julius Goodman)

31.           Vampire Express (Tony Koltz)

33.           The Dragon's Den (Richard Brightfield)

35.           Journey to Stonehenge (Fred Graver)

56.           The Enchanted Kingdom (Ellen Kushner)




The Web of Arachnos  (Robert Weinberg)

The Freedom Phalanx (Robin Laws)

The Rikti War (Paul S. Kemp)




1.             Spelljammer: Beyond the Moons (David Cook)

2.             Into the Void (Nigel Findley)

3.             The Maelstrom’s Eye (Roger E. Moore)

4.             The Radiant Dragon (Elaine Cunningham)

5.             The Broken Sphere (Nigel Findley)

6.             The Ultimate Helm (Russ T. Howard)




1.             White Warlord (Joe Dever)

2.             Black Baron (Joe Dever)

3.             Emerald Enchanter (Joe Dever)

4.             Scarlet Sorcerer (Joe Dever)




Conan (Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, & Lin Carter)

Conan and the Amazon (John Maddox Roberts)

Conan and the Death Lord of Thanza (Roland Green)

Conan and the Emerald Lotus (John Hocking)

Conan and the Gods of the Mountain (Roland Green)

Conan and the Grim Grey God (Sean Moore)

Conan and the Manhunters (John Maddox Roberts)

Conan and the Mists of Doom (Roland Green)

Conan and the Prophecy (Roger E. Moore)

Conan and the Shaman's Curse (Sean Moore)

Conan and the Sorcerer (Andrew Offutt)

Conan and the Spider God (L. Sprague de Camp)

Conan and the Treasure of Python (John Maddox Roberts)

Conan at the Demon's Gate (Roland Green)

Conan of Aquilonia (L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter)

Conan of Cimmeria (Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, & Lin Carter)

Conan of the Isles (L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter)

Conan of the Red Brotherhood (Leonard Carpenter)

Conan, Scourge of the Bloody Coast (Leonard Carpenter)

Conan the Adventurer (Robert E. Howard & L. Sprague de Camp)

Conan the Avenger (Robert E. Howard, Bjorn Nyberg, & L. Sprague de Camp)

Conan the Barbarian (L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter)

Conan the Bold (John Maddox Roberts)

Conan the Buccaneer (L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter)

Conan the Champion (John Maddox Roberts)

Conan the Conqueror (Robert E. Howard)

Conan the Defender (Robert Jordan)

Conan the Defiant (Steve Perry)

Conan the Destroyer (Robert Jordan)

Conan the Fearless (Steve Perry)

Conan the Formidable (Steve Perry)

Conan the Freebooter (Robert E. Howard & L. Sprague de Camp)

Conan the Freelance (Steve Perry)

Conan the Gladiator (Leonard Carpenter)

Conan the Great (Leonard Carpenter)

Conan the Guardian (Roland Green)

Conan the Hero (Leonard Carpenter)

Conan the Hunter (Sean A. Moore)

Conan the Indomitable (Steve Perry)

Conan the Invincible (Robert Jordan)

Conan the Liberator (L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter)

Conan the Magnificent (Robert Jordan)

Conan the Marauder (John Maddox Roberts)

Conan the Mercenary (Andrew Offutt)

Conan the Outcast (Leonard Carpenter)

Conan the Outlaw (Roger E. Moore)

Conan the Raider (Leonard Carpenter)

Conan the Rebel (Poul Anderson)

Conan the Relentless (Roland Green)

Conan the Renegade (Leonard Carpenter)

Conan the Rogue (John Maddox Roberts)

Conan the Savage (Leonard Carpenter)

Conan the Swordsman (L. Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter, & Bjorn Nyberg)

Conan the Triumphant (Robert Jordan)

Conan the Unconquered (Robert Jordan)

Conan the Undaunted (James M. Ward)

Conan the Usurper (Robert E. Howard & L. Sprague de Camp)

Conan the Valiant (Roland Green)

Conan the Valorous (John Maddox Roberts)

Conan the Victorious (Robert Jordan)

Conan the Wanderer (Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, & Lin Carter)

Conan the Warlord (Leonard Carpenter)

Conan the Warrior (Robert E. Howard)

The Flame Knife (Robert E. Howard & L. Sprague de Camp)

The Hour of the Dragon (see Conan the Conqueror)

The People of the Black Circle (Robert E. Howard)

Red Nails (Robert E. Howard)

The Road of Kings (Karl Edward Wagner)

The Sword of Skelos (Andrew Offutt)

The Treasure of Tranicos (Robert E. Howard)

Conan of Venarium (Harry Turtledove)

Conan the Barbarian (Michael Stackpole)




1.             Riddle of the Griffon (Susan Lawson)

2.             Search for the Pegasus (Roger E. Moore)

3.             Renegades of Luntar




Fate's Trick (Matthew J. Costello)

Deryni Challenge (Stephen Bilias)

Encyclopedia of Xanth (Jody Lynn Nye)

A Warlock's Blade (Mark Perry & Megahn Perry)


DARK SUN  (check Dragonlance vs Forgotten)


1.             The Brazen Gambit (Lynn Abbey)

2.             The Darkness Before the Dawn (Ryan Hughes)

3.             The Broken Blade (Simon Hawke)

4.             Cinnabar Shadows (Lynn Abbey)

5.             The Rise and Fall of a Dragon King (Lynn Abbey)


City Under the Sand (Jeff Mariotte)

Under the Crimson Sun (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

Death Mark (Robert Schwalb)




1.             Legacy of Blood (Richard A. Knaak)

2.             The Black Road  (Mel Odom)

3.             The Kingdom of Shadow (Richard A. Knaak)

4.             Moon of the Spider ( Richard A. Knaak)

5.             Birthright  (Richard A. Knaak)

Scales of the Serpent (Richard A. Knaak)

The Veiled Prophet (Richard A. Knaak)

The Order (Nate Kenyon)


DIAMOND TRIANGLE SAGA  SUN  (check Dragonlance vs Forgotten)


1.             The Abduction (J. Robert King)

2.             The Paladins (James Ward and David Wise)

3.             The Mercenaries (Ed Greenwood)

4.             Errand of Mercy (Roger E. Moore)

5.             An Opportunity for Profit (David Gross)

6.             Conspiracy (J. Robert King)

7.             Uneasy Alliances (David Cook and Peter Archer)

8.             Easy Betrayals (Richard Baker)

9.             The Diamond (J. Robert King & Ed Greenwood)




Dinotopia (James Gurney)

? (Alan Dean Foster)

Lost City (Scott Ciencin)

Thunder Falls (Scott Ciencin)

Windchaser (Scott Ciencin)

Firestorm (Gene DeWeese)

Hatchling (Midori Snyder)

River Quest (John Vornholt)

Sabertooth Mountain (John Vornholt)

10. Skydance (Scott Ciencin)

12. Return to Lost City (Scott Ciencin)

11. Chomper (Donald F. Glut)

13.  Survive!  (Brad Strickland)

14.  The Explorers (Scott Ciencin)

15.  Dolphin Watch (John Vornholt)

16.  Oasis  (Cathy Hapka)


DRAGONLANCE  (Covers all the following series with indented subtitles)


                ADVENTURES IN KRYNN


Tales of Uncle Trapspringer (Dixie McKeone)




Conundrum (Jeff Crook)

The Lioness (Nancy Varian Berberick)

Dark Thane (Jeff Crook)

Prisoner of Haven (Nancy Varian Berberick)

Wizards' Conclave (Douglas Niles)




The Sellsword (Cam Banks)

The Survivors (Dan Willis)

Renegade Wizards (Lucien Soulban)

The Forest King (Paul B. Thompson)




Children of the Plains (Paul Thompson & Tonya Cook)

Brother of the Dragon ( Paul Thompson & Tonya Cook)

Sisters of the Sword (Paul Thompson & Tonya Cook)


                BRIDGE OF TIME


Spirit of the Wind (Chris Pierson)

Legacy of Steel (Mary Herbert)

The Silver Stair (Jean Rabe)

The Rose and the Skull (Jeff Crook)

Dezra’s Quest (Chris Pierson)




Saving Solace (Douglas Clark)

The Alien Sea (Lucien Soulban)

The Great White Wyrm (Peter Archer)

Protecting Palanthas (Douglas Clark)




The Doom Brigade (Margaret Weis & Don Perrin)

The Last Thane (Douglas Niles)

Tears of the Night Sky (Linda Baker & Nancy Varian Berberick)

The Puppet King (Douglas Niles)

Reavers of the Blood Sea (Richard A. Knaak)

The Siege of Mt Nevermind (Fergus Ryan)

Draconian Measures (Don Perrin & Margaret Weis)




Dragons of the Autumn Twilight (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Dragons of Winter Night (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Dragons of Spring Dawning  (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Dragons of a Vanished Moon (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)




Murder in Tarsis (John Maddox Roberts)

Dalamar the Dark (Nancy Varian Berberick)

The Citadel (Richard A. Knaak)




The Clandestine Circle (Mary Herbert)

The Thieves’ Guild (Jeff Crook)

Dragon's Bluff (Mary Herbert)

The Dragon Isles  (Stephen D. Sullivan)

The Middle of Nowhere (Paul B. Thompson)


                DARK DISCIPLE


Amber and Ashes (Margaret Weis)


                DEFENDERS OF MAGIC


Night of the Eye (Mary Kirchoff)

The Medusa Plague (Mary Kirchoff)

The Seventh Sentinel (Mary Kirchoff)




Downfall (Jean Rabe)

Betrayal (Jean Rabe)

Redemption (Jean Rabe)


                DRAGONS OF A NEW AGE


The Dawning of a New Age (Jean Rabe)

The Day of the Tempest (Jean Rabe)

The Eyes of the Maelstrom (Jean Rabe)




Dragons of Summer Flame (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)



The Secret of Pax Tharkas (Douglas Niles)

The Heir of Kayolin (Douglas Niles)

The Fate of Thorbardin (Douglas Niles)




Sanctuary (Paul Thompson & Tonya Cook)




A Warrior's Journey (Paul B. Thompson & Tonya Cook)

The Wizard's Fate (Paul B. Thompson & Tonya Cook)

A Hero's Justice (Paul B. Thompson & Tonya Cook)





The Legend of Huma (Richard A. Knaak)

Stormblade (Nancy Varian Berberick)

Weasel’s Luck ( Michael Williams)

Kaz the Minotaur (Richard A. Knaak)

The Gates of Thorbardin (Dan Parkinson)

Galen Beknighted (Michael Williams)




The Messenger (Douglas Niles)

The Golden Orb (Douglas Niles)

Winterheim (Douglas Niles)




Chosen of the Gods (Chris Pierson)

Divine Hammer  (Chris Pierson)

Sacred Fire (Chris Pierson)





Time of the Twins (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

War of the Twins (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Test of the Twins (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)




City of the Lost  (Mary H. Herbert)

Flight of the Fallen (Mary H. Herbert)

Return of the Exile (Nancy Varian Berberick)


                LOST GODS


Finder’s Bane (Jeff Grubb & Kate Novak)

Fistandibulus Reborn (Douglas Niles)

Tymora’s Luck (Jeff Grubb & Kate Novak)


                LOST HISTORIES


The Kagonesti (Douglas Niles)

The Irda (Linda P. Baker)

The Dargonesti (Paul Thompson & Tonya Carter)

Land of the Minotaurs (Richard A. Knaak)

The Gully Dwarves (Dan Parkinson)

The Dragons (Douglas Niles)


                LOST LEGENDS


Vanas Solamnus (J. Robert King)

Fistandibulus Reborn (Douglas Niles)


                MINOTAUR WARS


Night of Blood (Richard A. Knaak)

Tides of Blood (Richard A. Knaak)

Empire of Blood (Richard A. Knaak)






The Black Talon (Richard A. Knaak)

The Fire Rose (Richard A. Knaak)

The Gargoyle King (Richard A. Knaak)




Darkness and Light (Paul Thompson & Tonya Carter)

Kendermore (Mary Kirchoff)

The Brothers Majere (Kevin Stein)

Riverwind the Plainsman (Paul Thompson & Tonya Carter)

Flint the King (Mary Kirchoff & Douglas Niles)

Tanis, the Shadow Years (? Siegel)


                THE MEETING SEXTET


Kindred Spirits (Mark Anthony & Edith Porath)

Wanderlust (Mary Kirchoff & Steve Winter)

Dark Heart (Tina Daniell)

The Oath and the Measure (Michael Williams)

Steel and Stone (Edith Porath)

The Companions (Tina Daniell)




The Soulforge (Margaret Weis)

Brothers in Arms (Margaret Weis & Don Perrin)


                RISE OF SOLAMNIA


Lord of the Rose (Douglas Niles)

The Crown and the Sword  (Douglas Niles)

The Measure and the Truth (Douglas Niles)


                SECOND GENERATION


The Second Generation (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)



The Rebellion (Jean Rabe)

Death March (Jean Rabe)

Goblin Nation (Jean Rabe)




Blades of the Tiger (Chris Pierson)

Trail of the Black Wyrm (Chris Pierson)

Shadow of the Flame (Chris Pierson)


                TALES  (anthologies)


The Magic of Krynn (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Love and War (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

The Reign of Istar (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

The Cataclysm (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

The War of the Lance (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

The Search for Magic (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

The Best of Tales Volume 1 (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

The Best of Tales Volume 2 (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

The Players of Gilean (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Dragons in the Archives (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)


                TERROR OF LORD SOTH


Knight of the Black Rose (James Lowder)

Spectre of the Black Rose (James Lowder & Veronica Whitney-Robinson)




Before the Mask (Michael & Teri Williams.)

The Black Wing (Mary Kirchoff)

Emperor of Ansalon (Douglas Niles)


                THE WAR OF SOULS


Dragons of a Fallen Sun (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Dragons of a Lost Star (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Dragons of a Vanished Moon (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)




Knights of the Crown (Roland Green)

Marquesta Kar-Thon (Tina Daniell & Jean Rabe)

Theros Ironfeld (Don Perrin)

Knights of the Rose (Roland Green)

Knights of the Sword (Roland Green)

Lord Soth (Edo van Belkom)

The Wayward Knights (Roland Green)




The Dragons of Krynn (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

The Dragons at War (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Dragons of Chaos (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Relics and Omens (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Heroes and Fools (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

Rebels and Tyrants (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

The Best of Tales (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

The Best of Tales II (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

The Search for Magic (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

The Players of Gilean (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)


                YOUNG READERS


1.             A Rumor of Dragons (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

2.             Night of the Dragons (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

3.             The Nightmare Lands (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

4.             To the Gates of Palanthas (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)




Shadowsong (Jenny Jones)

Icetower (Chris Evans)

Dreamcatcher (Stephen Bowkett)

Spiritfeather (Colin Greenland)




1.             The Black Tower ()

2.             The Dark Abyss (Bruce Coville)

3.             The Valley of Thunder (Charles De Lint)

4.             The Lake of Fire  Coville?

5.             The Hidden City (Charles de Lint)

6.             The Final Battle (Richard Lupoff)




The Savage Caves (T.H. Lain)

The Living Dead (T.H. Lain)

Oath of Neruill (T.H. Lain)

City of Fire (T.H. Lain)

The Bloody Eye (T.H. Lain)

Treachery's Wake  (T.H. Lain)

The Bloody Eye (T.H. Lain)

Plague of Ice (T.H. Lain)

The Sundered Arms (T.H. Lain)

Return of the Damned (T.H. Lain)

The Death Ray (T.H. Lain)

The Seal of Karga Kul (Alexander Irvine)

Elminster Must Die (Ed Greenwood)

Bury Elminster Deep (Ed Greenwood)

City Under the Sand (Jeff Mariotte)

Taint of the Black Brigade (Paul Crilley)

The Last Garrison (Matthew Beard)

The Mark of Nerath (Bill Slavicsek)

Untold Tales

The Lost Portal (A.M. Jenkins)

The Hidden Shrine (Ree Soesbee)

The Last Mythal (Richard Baker)

Empyrean Odyssey (Thomas M. Reid)

Plague of Spells (Bruce R. Cordell)

City of Torment (Bruce R. Cordell)

Key of Stars (Bruce R. Cordell)

Death Mark (Robert Schwalb)

Venom in Her Veins (Tim Pratt)

The Eye of the Chained God (Don Bassingthwaite)

The Gates of Madness (John Wyatt)

The Sentinel (Troy Denning)

The Herald (Ed Greenwood)

Rise of the King ( R.A. Salvatore)

Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf (R.A. Salvatore)




The Binding Stone (Don Bassingthwaite)

The Grieving Tree (Don Bassingthwaite)

The Killing Song (Don Bassingthwaite)

Marked for Death (Matt Forbeck)

The Crimson Talisman (Adrian Cole)

The Orb of Xoriat (Edward Bolme)

In the Claws of the Tiger (James Wyatt)

Blood and Honor (Graeme Davis)

City of Towers (Keith Baker)

The Shattered Land (Keith Baker)

Thieves of Blood (Tim Waggoner)

Marked for Death (Matt Forbeck)

The Road to Death (Matt Forbeck)

The Queen of Death (Matt Forbeck)

The Gates of Night (Keith Baker)

Forge of the Mindslayers (Tim Waggoner)

The Left Hand of Death (Parker Dewolf)

When Night Falls (Parker Dewolf)

Death Comes Easy (Parker Dewolf)

Queen of Stone (Keith Baker)

Bound by Iron (Eric Bolme)

Night of the Long Shadows (Paul Crilley)

Legacy of Wolves (Marsheila Rockwell)

The Darkwood Mask (Jeff LaSala)

Doom of Kings (Don Bassingthwaite)

The Dragon Forge (James Wyatt)

Tales of the Last War (edited Mark Sehestedt)

Lady Ruin (Tim Waggoner)

Revel in the Ruin






1.             Elfwood (Rose Estes)

2.             Twisted Dragon (Kevin Stein)




1.             Dungeon of Dread (Rose Estes)

2.             Mountain of Mirrors (Rose Estes)

3.             Pillars of Pentegarn (Rose Estes)

4.             Return to Brookmere (Rose Estes)

5.             Revolt of the Dwarves (Rose Estes)

6.             Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons (Rose Estes)

7.             Hero of Washington Square

8.             Villains of Volturnus

9.             Robbers and Robots

10.           Circus of Fear (Rose Estes)

11.           Spell of the Winter Wizard (Linda Lowery)

12.           Light on Quests Mountain (Mary L. Kirchoff & James Ward)

13.           Dragon of Doom (Rose Estes)

14.           Raid on Nightmare Castle (Catherine McGuire)

15.           Under Dragon's Wing (John Kendall)

16.           The Dragon's Ransom (Laura French)

17.           Captive Planet

18.           King's Quest (Tom McGowen)

19.           Conan the Undaunted (James M. Ward)

20.           Conan and the Prophecy (Roger E. Moore)

21.           Duel of the Masters (Chris Martindale)

22.           The Endless Catacombs (Margaret Baldwin Weis)

23.           Blade of the Young Samurai (Morris Simon)

24.           The 24 Hour War (Nick Pollotta)

25.           Conan the Outlaw (Roger E. Moore)

Dungeon of Fear (Michael Andrews)

Castle of the Undead (Nick Baron)

Secret of the Djinn (Jean Rabe)

Siege of the Tower (Kem Antilles)

A Wild Ride (Louis Anderson)

Forest of Darkness (Michael Andrews)

American Knights (Nick Pollotta)

Night of the Tiger (Jean Rabe)

Galactic Challenge (Allen Varney)

Betrayed (Wes Nicholson)

Bigby’s Curse (Carl Sargent)

36.           Song of the Dark Druid (Josepha Sherman)


New series

Dungeon of Fear (Michael Andrews)

Castle of the Undead (Nick Baron)

Secret of the Djinn (Jean Rabe)

Siege of the Tower (Kem Antilles)

A Wild Ride (Louis Anderson)

Forest of Darkness (Michael Andrews)

Night of the Tiger (Jean Rabe)




The Ocean of Tears (Stewart Wieck)

Rogue's Hour (Scott Ciencin)

Truth and Steel (Thomas M. Reid)

The Blood Red Harp (Elaine Cunningham)




Day as Dark as Night (Carl Bowen)

Relic of the Dawn (David Niall Wilson)

In Northern Twilight (Jess Hartley)

Pillar of the Sun (Carl Bowen)

A Shadow Over Heaven's Eye (Tim Waggoner)




1.             The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (Steve Jackson & Ian Livinstone)

2.             The Citadel of Chaos (Steve Jackson)

3.             The Forest of Doom (Ian Livingstone)

4.             Starship Traveller (Steve Jackson - this one's SF)

5.             City of Thieves (Ian Livingstone)

6.             Deathtrap Dungeon (Ian Livingstone)

7.             Island of the Lizard King (Ian Livingstone)




1.             Rogues to Riches (J. Robert King)

2.             The Unicorn Hunt (Elaine Cunningham)

3.             Pawns Prevail (Douglas Niles)

4.             Son of Dawn (Dixie Lee McKeone)

5.             Suitors Duel (Douglas Niles)

6.             Summerhill Hounds (J. Robert King)


FORGOTTEN REALMS  (Covers all the following series with indented subtitles)




The Shadow Stone (Richard Baker)

Murder in Cormyr (Chet Williamson)

Baldur’s Gate (Philip Athans)

The Glass Prison (Monte Cook)

Shadows of Amn (Philip Athans)

Throne of Bhaal (Drew Karpyshyn)




Realms of Infamy (James Lowder)

Realms of Valor (James Lowder)

Realms of Magic (Brian Thomsen)

Realms of the Underdark (Brian Thomsen)

Realms of the Arcane (Paul Thompson & J. Robert King)

Realms of Mystery (Philip Athans)

Realms of the Deep (Philip Athans)

The Best of the Realms (Anon)




Shadowdale by Richard Awlinson (Scott Ciencin)

Tantras by Richard Awlinson (Scott Ciencin & James Lowder)

Waterdeep by Richard Awlinson (Troy Denning)


                AVATAR 2


Prince of Lies (James Lowder)

Crucible (Troy Denning)




Swordmage (Richard Baker)




Neversfall  (Ed Gentry)

Obsidian Ridge (Jess Lebow)

The Shield of Weeping Ghosts (James P. Davis)

Sentinel Spire (Mark Sehestedt)




The City of Ravens (Richard Baker)

Temple Hill (Drew Karpyshyn)

The Jewel of Turmish (Mel Odom)


                THE CLERIC


Canticle(R.A. Salvatore)

In Sylvan Shadows (R.A. Salvatore)

Night Masks (R.A. Salvatore)

The Fallen Fortress (R.A. Salvatore)

The Chaos Curse (R.A. Salvatore)


                CORMYR SAGA


Cormyr (Ed Greenwood & Jeff Grubb)

Beyond the High Road (Troy Denning)

Death of the Dragon (Ed Greenwood & Troy Denning)


                COUNSELORS AND KINGS


The Magehound (Elaine Cunningham)

The Floodgate (Elaine Cunningham)

The Wizardwar (Elaine Cunningham)


                THE DARK ELF


Homeland (R.A. Salvatore)

Exile (R.A. Salvatore)

Sojourn (R.A. Salvatore)




Depths of Madness (Erik Scott De Bie)

The Howling Delve  (Jaleigh Johnson)

Stardeep (Bruce R. Cordell)

Crypt of the Moaning Diamond (Rosemary Jones)





Elminster: The Making of a Mage (Ed Greenwood)

Elminster in Myth Drannor (Ed Greenwood)

The Temptation of Elminster (Ed Greenwood)

Elminster in Hell (Ed Greenwood)




The Gossamer Plain (Thomas M. Reid)

The Fractured Sky (Thomas M. Reid)

The Crystal Mountain (Thomas M. Reid)


                EREVIS CALE


Twilight Falling (Paul S. Kemp)

Dawn of Night (Paul S. Kemp)

Midnight's Mask (Paul S. Kemp)




Master of Chains (Jess Lebow)

Son of Thunder (Murray J.D. Leeder)

Ghostwalker (Eric Scott de Bie)

Bladesinger (Keith Francis Strohm)




The Parched Sea (Troy Denning)

Elfshadow (Elaine Cunningham)

Red Magic (Jean Rabe)

The Night Parade (Scott Ciencin)

The Ring of Winter (James Lowder)

Crypt of the Shadowking (Mark Anthony)

Soldiers of Ice (David Cook)

Elfsong (Elaine Cunningham)

Crown of Fire (Ed Greenwood)

Masquerades (Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb)

Curse of the Shadowmage (Mark Anthony)

The Veiled Dragon (Troy Denning)

Stormlight (Ed Greenwood)

Finder’s Bane (Jeff Grubb & Kate Novak)

Thornhold (Elaine Cunningham)



Unclean (Richard Lee Byers)

Undead (Richard Lee Byers)

Unholy (Richard Lee Byers)

Realms of the Dead


                HOUSE OF SERPENTS


Venom's Taste (Lisa Smedman)

Viper's Kiss (Lisa Smedman)

Vanity's Brood (Lisa Smedman)


                HUNTER'S BLADES


The Thousand Orcs (R.A. Salvatore)

The Lone Drow (R.A. Salvatore)

The Two Swords (R.A. Salvatore)


                ICEWIND DALE


The Crystal Shard (R.A. Salvatore)

Streams of Silver (R.A. Salvatore)

The Halfling’s Gem (R.A. Salvatore)




Swords of Eveningstar  (Ed Greenwood)

Swords of Dragonfire (Ed Greenwood)

The Sword Never Sleeps (Ed Greenwood)




Sacrifice of the Widow (Lisa Smedman)

Storm of the Dead (Lisa Smedman)

Ascendancy of the Last (Lisa Smedman)


                LAST MYTHAL


Forsaken House (Richard Baker)

Farthest Reach (Richard Baker)


                LEGACY OF THE DROW


The Legacy (R.A. Salvatore)

Starless Night (R.A. Salvatore)

Siege of Darkness (R.A. Salvatore)

Passage to Dawn (R.A. Salvatore)


                LOST EMPIRES


The Lost Library of Cormanthyr (Mel Odom)

Faces of Deception (Troy Denning)

Star of Gursrah (Clayton Emery)

The Nether Scroll (Lynn Abbey)




Spellfire (Ed Greenwood)

Silverfall (Ed Greenwood)

Hand of Fire (Ed Greenwood)

Evermeet (Elaine Cunningham)

The Silent Blade (R.A. Salvatore)

The Spine of the World (R.A. Salvatore)

Torment (? Vallese)

Servant of the Shard (R.A. Salvatore)

Pool of Radiance: The Ruins of Myth Drannor (Carrie A. Bebris)

Sea of Swords (R.A. Salvatore)

Neverwinter Nights (edited by Philip Athans)

Pool of Radiance (Carrie Bebris)

Gauntlgrym (R.A. Salvatore)

Brimstone Angels (Erin Evans)




Sword Play (Clayton Emery)

Dangerous Games (Clayton Emery)

Mortal Consequences (Clayton Emery)


                THE NOBLES


King Pinch (David Cook)

War in Tethyr (Victor Milan)

Escape from Undermountain (Mark Anthony)

The Mage in the Iron Mask (Brian Thomsen)

The Council of Blades (Paul Kidd)

The Simbul’s Gift (Lynn Abbey)


                THE PRIESTS


Lady of Poison (Bruce R. Cordell)

Mistress of the Night (Don Bassingthwaite and Dave Gross)

Queen of the Depths (Veronica Whitney-Robinson)

Maiden of Pain (Kameron F. Franklin)




The Summoning (Troy Denning)

The Siege (Troy Denning)

Realms of Shadow (edited by Lizz Baldwin)

The Sorcerer (Troy Denning)




The Alabaster Staff (Edward Bolme)

The Black Bouquet (Richard Lee Byers)

The Crimson Gold (Veronica Whitney-Robinson)

The Yellow Silk (Don Bassingthwaite)


                SCIONS OF ARRABAR


The Sapphire Crescent (Thomas M. Reid)

The Ruby Guardian (Thomas M. Reid)

The Emerald Scepter (Thomas M. Reid)




Servants of the Shard (R.A. Salvatore)

Promise of the Witch-King (R.A. Salvatore)




The Halls of Stormweather (anthology)

Shadow’s Witness (Paul Kemp)

The Shattered Mask (Richard Lee Byers)

Black Wolf (David Gross)

The Splintered Stone (Lisa Smedman)   MAY HAVE BEEN RETITLED

Sands of the Soul  (Voronica Whitney-Robinson)

Heirs of Prophecy (Lisa Smedman)

Lord of Stormweather (Dave Gross)


                SHADOW OF THE ATAVAR


Shadows of Doom (Ed Greenwood)

Cloak of Shadows (Ed Greenwood)

All Shadows Fled (Ed Greenwood)


                SONGS AND SWORDS


Elfshadow (Elaine Cunningham)

Elfsong (Elaine Cunningham)

Silver Shadows (Elaine Cunningham)

Thornhold (Elaine Cunningham)

The Dream Spheres (Elaine Cunningham)




Daughter of the Drow (Elaine Cunningham)

Tangled Webs (Elaine Cunningham)

Windwalker (Elaine Cunningham)


                THREAT FROM THE SEA


Rising Tide (Mel Odom)

Under Fallen Stars (Mel Odom)

The Sea Devil’s Eye (Mel Odom)



The Orc King (R.A. Salvatore)

The Pirate King (R.A. Salvatore)


Shadowbred (Paul S. Kemp)

Shadowstorm (Paul S. Kemp)

Shadow Realm (Paul S. Kemp)

Realms of War (edited)


                WAR OF THE SPIDER QUEEN


Dissolution (Richard Lee Byers)

Insurrection (Thomas M. Reid)

Condemnation (Richard Baker)

Extinction (Lisa Smedman)

Annihilation (Philip Athans)

Resurrection (Paul S. Kemp)




Whisper of Waves (Philip Athans)

Lies of Light (Philip Athans)

Screams of Stone (Philip Athans)




Blackstaff Tower (Steven E. Schend)

Mistshore (Jaleigh Johnson)

Downshadow (Eric Scott de Bie)

City of the Dead (Rosemary Jones)

The God Catcher (Erin M. Evans)

Circle of Skulls  (James P. Davis)





The Fanged Crown (Jenna Helland)

The Restless Shore (James P. Davis)

The Edge of Chaos (Jak Koke)

Wrath of the Blue Lady (Mel Odom)




Bloodwalk (James P. Davis)

Blackstaff (Steven Schend)

Dark Vision (Bruce R. Cordell)

Frostfell (Mark Sehestedt)




The Rage (Richard Lee Byers)

The Rite (Richard Lee Byers)

The Ruin (Richard Lee Byers)




Dawnbringer (Samantha Henderson)

Sword of the Gods (Bruce R. Cordell)

The Spectral Blaze (Richard Lee Byers)

The Temple of Yellow Skulls (Don Bassingthwaite)

Oath of Vigilance (James Wyatt)

Shadowbane (Erik Scott de Bie)









1.             Horselords (David Cook)

2.             Dragonwall (Troy Denning)

3.             Crusade (James Lowder)




1.             The Verdant Passage (Troy Denning)

2.             The Crimson Legion (Troy Denning)




3.             The Titans of Twilight (Troy Denning)




1.             Gremlins (?)

2.             Gremlins 2 (David Bischoff)




1.             Lord of Cragsclaw (Bill Fawcett & Neil Randall)

2.             Keeper of the City (Peter Morwood & Diane Duane)

3.             Wizard of Tizare (Matthew J. Costello)

4.             Defenders of Ar (Jack Lovejoy)





Nightwatch (Robin Bailey)

Against the Giants (Ru Emerson)

White Plume Mountain (Paul Kidd)

Descent into the Depths of the Earth (Paul Kidd)

The Temple of Elemental Evil (Thomas M. Reid)

Keep on the Borderlands (Ru Emerson)

Queen of the Demonweb Pits (Paul Kidd)

The Tomb of Horrors (Keith Francis Strohm)




Edge of Destiny (J. Robert King)

Ghosts of Ascalon (Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grubb)

Sea of Sorrows (Ree Soesbee)





1.             Ring of the Ruby Dragon (Jeannie Black)

2.             Talisman of Valegarde (Madeleine Simon)

3.             Secret Sorceress (Linda Lowery)

4.             Isle of Illusion (Madeleine Simon)




1.             The Love Bug (Mel Cebulash)

2.             Herbie Rides Again (Mel Cebulash)

3.             Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo (Vic Crume)

4.             Herbie Goes Bananas (Joe Claro)

5.             Herbie the Matchmaker (Joe Claro)




The First Casualty (David L. Seidman)

Hercules (John Whitman)


Hercules and the Geek of Greece (Hunter Kennedy)




1.             The Element of Fire (Jason Henderson)

2.             Scimitar (Ashley McConnell)

3.             Scotland the Brave (Jennifer Roberson)

4.             Measure of a Man (Nancy Holder)

5.             The Path (Rebecca Neason)

6.             Zealot (Donna Lettow)

7.             Shadow of Obsession (Rebecca Neason)


King's Quest


1.             The Floating Castle (Craig Mills)

2.             Kingdom of Sorrow (Kenyon Morr)

3.             See No Weevil (Kenyon Morr)




Blood of Wolves (Loren L. Coleman)




The Calling (Jennifer Ashley)

The Darkening (Robin Popp)

The Gathering (Jennifer Ashley)

The Awakening (Joy Nash)




Movie books?

Raiders of the Lost Ark (Campbell Black)

Raiders of the Lost Ark (Jeff Campbell)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Rob MacGregor)


Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants (Rob MacGregor)

Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi (Rob MacGregor)

Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils (Rob MacGregor)

Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates (Rob MacGregor)

Indiana Jones and the White Witch (Martin Caidin)

Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge (Rob MacGregor)

Indiana Jones and the Unicorn’s Legacy (Rob MacGregor)

Indiana Jones and the Interior World (Rob MacGregor)

Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone (Max McCoy)

Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth (Max McCoy)

Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx (Max McCoy)

Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead (Steve Perry)



Indiana Jones and the Curse of Horror Island (R.L. Stine)

Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Sheba (Rose Estes)

Indiana Jones and the Giants of The Silver Tower (R.L. Stine0

Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Fates (Richard Wenk)

Indiana Jones and the Cult of the Mummy's Tomb

Indiana Jones and the Legion of Death (Richard Wenk)

Indiana Jones and the Cup of the Vampire (Andrew Heller)

Indiana Jones and the Dragon of Vengeance (Megan & H. William Stine)




1.             The Scorpion (Stephen Sullivan)

2.             The Unicorn (Allison Lassieur)

3.             The Crane (Ree Soesbee)

4,             The Phoenix (Stephen Sullivan)

5.             The Crab (Stan Brown)

6.             The Dragon (Ree Soesbee)

7.             The Lion (Stephen Sullivan)

7.             The Steel Throne (Edward Bolme)

8.             Wind of Honor (Ree Soesbee)

9..            Wind of War (Jeff Lebow)

10.           Wind of Justice (Rich Wulf)

11.           Wind of Truth (Ree Soesbee)




1.             Flight from the Dark

2.             Fire on the Water.

3.             The Caverns of Kalte

4.             The Chasm of Doom

5.             Shadow on the Sand

6.             The Kigndom of Terror

7.             Castle Death (Joe Dever & Gary Chalk)

8.             The Jungle of Horrors (Joe Dever & Gary Chalk)




Dark Debts (Doranna Durgin)

Rebel Thunder (Bill McCay)




1.             Arena  (William Forstchen)

2.             Whispering Woods (Clayton Emery)

3.             Shattered Chains (Clayton Emery)

4.             Final Sacrifice (Clayton Emery)

5.             The Cursed Land (Teri McLaren)

6.             The Prodigal Sorcerer (Mark Summer)

7.             Ashes of the Sun (Hanovi Braddock)

8.             Song of Time (Teri McLaren)

9.             And Peace Shall Sleep (Sonia Orin Lyris)

10.           Dark Legacy (Robert E. Vardeman)


11?          Final Sacrifices (Clayton Emery)


Tapestries (edited by Kathy Ice)


The Brothers War (Jeff Grubb)

Planeswalker (Lynn Abbey)

Time Streams (J. Robert King)

Bloodlines (Loren Coleman)

Mercadian Masques (Francis Lebaron)

Nemesis (Paul B. Thompson)

Prophecy (Vance Moore)

The Gathering Dark (Jeff Grubb)

The Thran (J. Robert King)

Rath and Storm (edited by Peter Archer)

The Colors of Magic (edited by Jess Lebow)

Invasion (J. Robert King)

The Shatted Alliance (Jeff Grubb)

The Eternal Ice (Jeff Grubb)

The Myths of Magic (edited by Jess Lebow)

Planeshift (J. Robert King)

Johan (Clayton Emery)

Odyssey (Vance Moore)

Jedit (Clayton Emery)

Apocalypse (J. Robert King)

The Dragons of Magic (edited by J. Robert King)

The Secrets of Magic (edited by Jess Lebow)

Torment (Scott McGough)

The Assassin's Blade (Scott McGough)

Judgment (Will McDermott)

Hazezon (Clayton Emery)

Onslaught (J. Robert King)

Legions ( J. Robert King)

Emperor's Fist (Scott McGough)

Distant Planes (edited by Kathy Ice)

The Moons of Mirrodin (Will McDermott)

Champion's Trial (Scott McGough)

Scourge (J. Robert King)

The Monsters of Magic (edited by J. Robert King)

The Darksteel Eye (Jess Lebow)

The Fifth Dawn (Cory J. Herndon)

Heretic Betrayers (Scott McGough)

Ravnica (Jess Lebow)  Possibly wrong author

Champions of Kamigawa (Scott McGough)

Saviors of Kamigawa  (Scott McGough)

Betrayers of Kamigawa (Scott McGough)

Dissension (Cory Herndon)

Time Spiral (Scott McGough)

Future Sight (Scott McGough & John Delaney)

Alara Unbroken (Doug Beyer)




1.             The Dreamwright (Geary Gravel)

2.             The Shadowsmith (Geary Gravel)


The Sea of Mist (Mel Odom)




Mortal Kombat(?)

Shango's Thunder (C. Dean Andersson)


MUNSTERS  (Based on the television series)


The Munsters (Morton Cooper)




Dark Knight of Karameikos (Timothy Brown)





The Minotaur (Tom Mason & Dan Danko)

Hammer of the Gods (John Whitman)

Red Wolf's Daughter (Tom Mason & Dan Danko)

Minokichi (John Whitman)


OZ (Other than those by L. Frank Baum)


Magic Chest of Oz (Donald Abbott)

Masquerade of Oz (Bill Campbell & Irwin Terry)

Runaway in Oz (John R. Neill)

How the Wizard Came to Oz (Donald Abbott)

The Magic Chest of Oz (Donald Abbott)

The Speckled Rose of Oz (Donald Abbott)

Father Goose in Oz (Donald Abbott)

The Giant Garden of Oz (Eric Shanower)

The Patchwork Bride of Oz (Gilbert M. Sprague)

Queen Ann in Oz (Karyl Carlson and Eric Gjovaag)

The Magic Dishpan of Oz (Jeff Freedman)

The Glass Cat of Oz (David Hulan)

Christmas in Oz (Robin Hess)

Captain Salt in Oz (Ruth Plumly Thompson)

Handy Mandy in Oz (Ruth Plumly Thompson)

The Scalawagons of Oz (John R. Neill)

The Wonder City of Oz (John R. Neill)

Lucky Bucky in Oz (John R. Neill)

The Magical Mimics in Oz (Jack Snow)

The Shaggy Man of Oz (Jack Snow)

Merry Go Round in Oz (Eloise Jarvis McGraw and Lauren McGraw)

How the Wizard Saved Oz (Donald Abbott)

The Nome King's Shadow in Oz (Donald Abbott)

A Barnstormer in Oz (Philip Jose Farmer)

Ozma and the Wayward Wand (Polly Berends)

Paradox in Oz (Edward Einhorn)

The Emerald Burrito of Oz (John Skipp and Marc Levinthal)

The Rundlestone of Oz (Eloise McGraw)

Return to Oz (Joan D. Vinge)

The Salt Sorcerer or Oz and Other Stories (Eric Shanower)




Winter Witch (Elaine Cunningham)

Prince of Wolves (Dave Gross)

Plague of Shadows (Howard Alan Jones)

The Worldwind Gambit (Robin Laws)

Master of Devils (Dave Gross)

Death's Heretic (James L. Sutter)

Song of the Serpent (Hugh Matthews)

City of the Fallen Sky (Tim Pratt)

Blood of the City (Robin D. Laws)

Queen of Thorns (Dave Gross)

Liar's Blade (Tim Pratt)

Pirate's Honor (Chris A. Jackson)

The Wizard's Mask (Ed Greenwood)

King of Chaos (Dave Gross)

Stalking the Beast (Howard Andrew Jones)

The Dagger of Trust (Chris Willrich)

The Crusader Road (Michael A. Stackpole)

The Redemption Engine (James L. Sutter)

Skinwalkers (Wendy N. Wagner)

Reign of Stars (Tim Pratt)

Nightblade (Liane Merciel)

Pirate's Promise (Chris A. Jackson)

Firesoul (Gary Kloster)

Forge of Ashes (Josh Vogt)

Lord of Runes (Dave Gross)

Liar's Island (Tim Pratt)

Beyond the Pool of Stars (Howard Andrew Jones)

Bloodbound (F. Wesley Schneider)

Pirate's Prophecy (Chris A. Jackson)

Hellknight (Liane Merciel)

Liar's Bargain (Tim Pratt)

Shy Knives (Sam Sykes)

Reaper's Eye (Richard A. Knaak)

Through the Gate in the Sea (Howard Andrew Jones)

Gears of Faith (Gabrielle Harbowy)




1.             Vampire of the Mists (Christie Golden)

2.             Knight of the Black Rose (James Lowder)

3.             Dance of the Dead (Christie Golden)

4.             Heart of Midnight (J. Robert King)

5.             Tapestry of Dark Souls (Elaine Bergstrom)

6.             Carnival of Fear (J. Robert King)

7.             I Strahd (P.N. Elrod)

8.             The Enemy Within (Christie Golden)

9.             Mordenheim (Chet Williamson)

10.           Tales of Ravenloft (edited by Brian Thomsen)

11.           Baroness of Blood (Elaine Bergstrom)

12.           Death of a Darklord (Laurell Hamilton)

13.           Tower of Doom (Mark Anthony)

14.           Scholar of Decay (Tanya Huff)

15.           King of the Dead (Gene DeWeese)

16.           To Sleep With Evil (Andria Cardarelle)

17.           Lord of the Necropolis (Gene DeWeese)

18.                 Shadowborn (William Connors & Carrie A. Bebris)

19.                 Spectre of the Black Rose (James Lowder & Veronica Whitney-Robinson)

20.                 The War Against Azalin (P.N. Elrod)


Mithras Court (David A. Page)

Heaven's Bones (Samantha Henderson)




The Lioness (Ina Kramer)

The Charlatan (Ulrich Kiesow)

The Sacrifice (Ina Kramer)




1.             Outcasts (Clayton Emery)

2.             Skryling’s Blade (Rose Estes)

3.             The Dreamstone (J.F. Rivkin)

4.             Horrible Humes (Stephen Billias)

6.             The Stone of Time (Rose Estes)




Cat Showdown (Cathy East Dubowski)

Becoming a Witch (Shelagh Canning)

Dream Date (Margo Lundell)


1.             Sabrina, the Teenage Witch  (David Cody Weiss & Bobby Joe Weiss)

2.             Showdown at the Mall (Diana Gallagher)

3.             Good Switch Bad Switch  (David Cody Weiss & Bobby Joe Weiss)

4.             Halloween Havoc (Diana Gallagher)

5.             Santa’s Little Helper (Cathy East Dubowski)

6.             Been There, Done That (Joseph Locke)

7.             All You Need Is a Love Spell (Randi Reisfeld)

8.             Salem on Trial  (David Cody Weiss & Bobby Joe Weiss)

9.             Dog’s Life (Cathy East Dubowski)

10.           Lotsa Luck (Diana Gallagher)

11.           The Prison of Cabin 13 (John Vornholt)

12.           All That Glitters

13.           Go Fetch (David Cody Weiss & Bobby Joe Weiss)

14.           Spying Eyes (Nancy Holder)

15.           Harvest Moon (Mel Odom)

16.           Now You See Her, Now You Don't (Diana G. Gallagher)

17.           Eight Spells a Week

18.           I'll Zap Manhattan

19.           Shamrock Shenanigans

20.           Age of Aquariums

21.           Prom Time

22.           Witchopoly

23.           Bridal Bedlam

24.           Scarabian Nights (Nancy Holder)

25.           While the Cat's Away (Margot Batrae)

26.           Fortune Cookie Fox (Cathy East Dubowski)

27            Haunts in the House

28            Up, Up and Away

29            Millennium Madness

30            Switcheroo

31            Mummy Dearest

32            Reality Check

33            Knock on Wood (John Vornholt)

34            It's a Miserable Life (Cathy East Dubowski)

35.           Pirate Pandemonium (Mel Odom)

36.           Wake Up Call (Diana G. Gallagher)

37.           Witch Way Did She Go (Paul Ruditis)




1.             Cat TV (Mark Dubowski)

2.             Teacher's Pet (Patricia Barnes-Svarney)

3.             Salem Goes to Rome (Cathy East Dubowsky & Mark Dubowsky)




1.             Dreamcatcher (Stephen Bowkett)

2.             Shadowsong (Jenny Jones)




1.             Never Deal with a Dragon (Robert Charrette)

2.             Choose Your Enemies Carefully (Robert Charrette)

3.             Find Your Own Truth (Robert Charrette)

4.             2XS (Nigel Findley)

5.             Changeling (Chris Kubasik)

6.             Never Trust an Elf (Robert Charrette)

7.             Into the Shadows (edited by Jordan K. Weisman)

8.             Streets of Blood (Carl Sargent) & Gascoigne?

9.             Shadowplay (Nigel Findley)

10.           Night's Pawn (Tom Dowd)

11.           Striper Assassin (Nyx Smith)

12.           Lone Wolf (Nigel Findley)

13.           Fade to Black (Nyx Smith)

14.           Nosferatu (Carl Sargent & Marc Gasoigne)

15.           Burning Bright (Tom Dowd)

16.           Who Hunts the Hunter (Nyx Smith)

17.           House of the Sun (Nigel Findley)

18.           Worlds Without End (Caroline Spector)

19.           Just Compensation (Robert Charrette)

20.           Black Madonna (Carl Sargent & Marc Gascoigne)

21.           Preying for Keeps (Mel Odom)

22.           Dead Air (Jak Koke)

23.           The Lucifer Deck (Lisa Smedman)

24.           Steel Rain (Nyx Smith)

25.           Shadowboxer (Nick Pollotta)

26.           Clockwork Asylum (Jack Koke)

27.           Headhunters (Mel Odom)

28.           Night’s Pawn (Tom Dowd)

29            Blood Sport (Lisa Smedman)

30.           Beyond the Pale (Jack Koke)

31            Technobabel (Stephen Kenson)

32            Wolf and Raven (Michael Stackpole)

33.           Psychotrope (Lisa Smedman)

34.           Run Hard, Die Fast (Mel Odom)

35.           The Terminus Experiment (Jonathan Brand & Jak Koke)

36.           Crossroads (Stephen Kenson)

37.           The Forever Drug (Lisa Smedman)

                Tails You Lose (Lisa Smedman)

The Burning Time (Stephen Kenson)

Born to Run (Stephen Kenson)

Poison Agendas (Stephen Kenson)

Fallen Angels (Stephen Kenson)

Drops of Corruption (Jason M. Hardy)

A Fistful of Data (Stephen Dedman)


Strange Souls (Jak Koke)

Burning Bright (Tom Dowd)

Scars (Caroline Spector)

Bust Out (Bob Weller)




The Shaggy D.A.  (Vic Crume)




1.             Ruby Flames (Richard A. Knaak)

2.             Dark Light (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)




1.             Beyond Sanctuary (Janet Morris)

2.             Beyond the Veil (Janet Morris)

3.             Beyond Wizardwall (Janet Morris)

4.             Shadowspawn (Andrew J. Offutt)

5.             Dagger (David Drake)

6.             Tempus (Janet Morris)

7.             Storm Seed (Janet Morris)

8.             City at the Edge of Time (Janet Morris & Chris Morris)

9.             Tempus Unbound (Janet Morris & Chris Morris)


The Shadow of Sorcery (Andrew J. Offutt)

Sanctuary (Lynn Abbey)

Turning Points (edited by Lynn Abbey)

Enemies of Fortune (edited by Lynn Abbey)




1.             The Sentinel (Dixie Lee McKeone)

2.             Darkfall (Shane Lacy Hensley)

3.             Indomitable Thunder (Mark Acres)




1.             The Amulet of Power (Mike Resnick)

2.             The Lost Cult (E.E. Knight)

3.             The Man of Bronze (James Alan Gardner)




1.             Black Trillium (Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, & Andre Norton)

2.             Blood Trillium (Julian May)

3.             Golden Trillium (Andre Norton)

4.             Lady of the Trillium (Marion Zimmer Bradley)


TWISTAPLOT  (Not all titles were fantasy)


4.             Golden Sword of Dragonwalk (R.L. Stine)

9.             Horrors of the Haunted Museum (R.L. Stine)

13.           Midnight at Monster Mansion (Steven Otfinoski)




1.             Machinations  (Austen Andrews)

2.             Masquerade (Austen Andrews)

3.             Maelstrom (Austen Andrews)




1.       Islands in the Sky (Tanith Lee)

2.       The Raven Queen (Terri Windling)

3.       Journey to Otherwhere (Sherwood Smith)

4.       Thor’s Hammer (Will Shetterly)




1.             Day of the Dragon (Richard A. Knaak)

2.             Lord of the Clans (Christie Golden)

3.             The Last Guardian (Jeff Grubb)

4.             The Well of Eternity (Richard A. Knaak)

5.             Cycle of Hatred (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

Rise of the Horde (Christie Golden)

Tides of Darkness (Aaron Rosenberg)

The Demon Soul (Richard A. Knaak)

The Last Guardian (Jeff Grubb)

Rise of the Lich King (Christie Golden)

Stormrage (Richard A. Knaak)

Beyond the Dark Portal (Aaron Rosenberg & Christie Golden)

Chronicles of War (edited anonymously)

Wolfheart (Richard A. Knaak)

Voujin (Michael A. Stackpole)

Illidan (William King)

Before the Storm (Christie Golden)



  (see ian watson)

Plague Demon (Brian Craig)

Storm Warriors (Brian Craig)

Zaragoz (Brian Craig)

Wine of Dreams (Brian Craig)

Ragnar's Claw (William King)

Konrad (David Ferring)

Shadowbreed (David Ferring)

Ghostmakers (Dan Abnett)

Hammers of Ulric (Dan Abnett, Nik Vincent, and James Wallis)

Xenos (Dan Abnett)

Necropolis (Dan Abnett)

Gilead's Blood (Dan Abnett & Nik Vincent)

Warblade (David Ferring)

The Guns of Tanith (Dan Abnett)

Star of Erengard (Neil McIntosh)

The Dead and the Damned (Jonathan Green)

Zavant (Gordon Rennie)

Soul Drinker (Ben Counter)

Blood Money (C.L. Werner)

Mark of Damnation (James Wallis)

Riders of the Dead (Dan Abnett)

Wolf Riders (edited by David Pringle)

Lords of Valour (edited by Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn)

Red Thirst (edited by David Pringle)

Ignorant Armies (edited by David Pringle)

Into the Maelstrom (edited by Marc Gascoigne and Andy Jones)

Giantslayer (William King)

Blood & Steel  (C.L. Werner)

Honour of the Grave (Robin D. Laws)

The Blades of Chaos  (Gav Thorpe)

The Ambassador (Graham McNeill)

Taint of Evil  (Neil McIntosh)

Magestorm (Jonathan Green)

Witch Hunter (C.L. Werner)

Ursun's Teeth (Graham McNeill)

The Burning Shore (Robert Earl)

Blood of the Dragon (C.L. Werner)

Sacred Flesh (Robin D. Laws)

The Heart of Chaos (Gav Thorpe)

Wild Kingdoms (Robert Earl)

Valnir's Bane (Nathan Long)

Daemon's Curse (Dan Abnett and Mike Lee)

Death's Messenger (Sandy Mitchell)

Witch Finder (C.L. Werner)

Crimson Tears (Ben Counter)

Keepers of the Flame (Neil McIntosh)

Grudge Bearer (Gav Thorpe)

The Broken Lance (Nathan Long)

Guardians of the Forest (Graham McNeill)

Death's City (Sandy Mitchell)

Liar's Peak (Robin D. Laws)

The Life of Sigmar (Matt Ralphs)

Bloodstorm (Dan Abnett and Mike Lee)

Fell Cargo (Dan Abnett)

Vermintide (Bruno Lee)

Inheritance (Steven Savile)

Cold Hand of Betrayal (edited Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn)

Day of the Daemon (Aaron Rosenberg)

Tainted Blood (Nathan Long)

The Corrupted (Robert Earl)

Orcslayer (Nathan Long)

Death’s Legacy (Sandy Mitchell)

Witch Killer (C.L. Werner)

Reaper of Souls (Dan Abnett & Mike Lee)

Dominion (Steven Savile)

Mark of Chaos (Anthony Reynolds)

Night of the Daemon (Aaron Rosenberg)

Warpsword (Dan Abnett & Mike Lee)

Tales of the Old World (edited Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn)

Palace of the Plague Lord (C.L. Werner)

Lord of Ruin (Dan Abnett & Mike Lee)

Manslayer (Nathan Long)

Hour of the Daemon (Aaron Rosenberg)

The Enemy Within (Richard Lee Byers)

Invasion! (edited Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn)

Defenders of Ulthuan (Graham McNeill)

Empire in Chaos (Anthony Reynolds)

Masters of Magic (Chris Wraight)

Oathbreaker (Nick Kyme)

Ancient Blood (Robert Earl)

Heldenhammer (Graham McNeill)

Vampire Wars (Steven Savile)

Knight Errant (Anthony Reynolds)

Runefang (C.L. Werner)

Curse of the Necrarch (Steven Savile)

Nagash the Sorcerer (Mike Lee)

Oathbreaker (Nick Kyme)

Blood for the Blood God (C.L. Werner)

The Adventures of Florin & Lorenzo (Robert Earl)

Dark Storm Gathering (Chris Wraight)

Honourkeeper (Nick Kyme)

Knight of the Realm (Anthony Reynolds)

Elfslayer (Nathan Long)

A Massacre at Marienburg (David Bishop)

Malekith (Gav Thorpe)

Tales of the Old World (edited Marc Gascoigne & Christian Dunn)

Reiksguard (Richard Williams)

Grey Seer (C.L. Werner)

Empire (Graham McNeill)

Tales of Heresy (edited Nick Kyme & Lindsey Priestley)

Shamanslayer (Nathan Long)

Iron Company (Chris Wraight)

Forged by Chaos (C.L. Werner)

Nagash the Unbroken (Mike Lee)

Dark Creed (Anthony Reynolds)

Death and Dishonour (edited by Alex Davis, Nick Kyme, & Lindsey Priestly

Call to Arms (Mitchel Scanlon)

Shadow King (Gav Thorpe)

The Bounty Hunter (C.L. Werner)

Empire (Graham McNeill)

Bloodborn (Nathan Long)

Sword of Justice (Chris Wraight)

Grimblades (Nick Kyme)

Temple of the Serpent (C.L. Werner)

Zombieslayer (Nathan Long)

Warrior Priest (Darius Hinks)

Wulfrik (C.L. Werner)

Sword of Vengeance (Chris Wraight)

God King (Graham McNeill)

Broken Honour (Robert Earl)

Knights of Bretonnia (Anthony Reynolds)

Caledor (Gav Thorpe)

Bloodforged (Nathan Long)

Dwarfs (edited Nick Kyme and Gav Thorpe)

Sigvald (Darius Hinks)

Nagash Immortal (Mike Lee)

Sons of Ellyrion (Graham McNeill)

Path of the Seer (Gav Thorpe)

Thanquol's Doom (C.L. Werner)

The Red Duke (C.L. Werner)

Blood of Aenarion (William King)

Age of Legend (edited Christian Dunn)

Luthor Huss (Chris Wraight)

Knight of the Blazing Sun (Josh Reynolds)

Path of the Renegade (Andy Chambers)

Gotrek and Felix (edited Christian Dunn)

Dead Winter (C.L. Werner)

Sword of Caledor (William King)

Tome of Fire (Nick Kyme)

Road of Skulls (Josh Reynolds)

Path of the Incubus (Andy Chambers)

Van Horstmann (Ben Counter)

Blighted Empire (.C.L. Werner)

Master of Dragons (Chris Wraight)

Master of Death (Josh Reynolds)

Master of Sanctity (Gav Thorpe)

Wolf of Sigmar (C.L. Werner)

Path of the Archon (Andy Chambers)

The Serpent Queen (Josh Reynolds)

The Fist of Demetrius (William King)

Kingslayer (David Guymer)

The Doom of Dragonback (Gav Thorpe)

Ahriman: Exile (John French)

Deathblade (C.L. Werner)

Path of the Dark Eldar (Andy Chambers)

Everchosen (Rob Sanders)

Curse of the Phoenix Crown (C.L. Werner)

Slayer (David Guymer)

City of the Damned (David Guymer)

Headtaker (David Guymer)

The Rise of the Horned Rat (Guy Haley)

The Curse of Khaine (Gav Thorpe)

Curse of the Phoenix Crown (C.L. Werner)

Asurmen: Hand of Asuryan (Gav Thorpe)

Warbeast (Gav Thorpe)

The Fury of Gork (Josh Reynolds)

Bladestorm (Matt Westbrook)

The Palatine Phoenix (Josh Reynolds)

Snarsnik (Guy Haley)



WHICH WAY BOOKS  (Not all titles were fantasy)


1.             The Castle of No Return (R.G. Austin)

2.             Vampires, Spies, and Alien Beings (R.G. Austin)

3.             The Spell of the Black Raven (R.G. Austin)

5.             Lost in a Strange Land (R.G. Austin)

7.             Curse of the Sunken Treasure (R.G. Austin)

12.           Trapped in the Black Box (R.G. Austin)

14.           Poltergeists, Ghosts and Psychic Encounters (R.G. Austin)

18.           Islands of Terror (R.G. Austin)




1.             Welcome to the Wildsidhe  (Patrick Thomas)

2.             Double Cross (Patrick Thomas)

3.             Dark Proposal (Judith Tracy)

4.             Legacy (Judith Tracy)

5.             The Undercover Dragon (Tony Digerolamo)

6.             Car Trouble (Myke Cole)




It's All Relative


In Your Face


Top of the Class

All Mixed Up




1.             Gray Star the Wizard

2.             The Forbidden City (Ian Page & Joe Dever)

3.             Beyond the Nightmare Gate (Ian Page & Joe Dever)

4.             War of the Wizards (Ian Page & Joe Dever)




The Thief of Hermes (Ru Emerson)

Prophecy of Darkness (Stella Howard)

The Empty Throne (Ru Emerson)

The Huntress and the Sphinx (Ru Emerson)

Xena (John Whitman)

Xena and the Magic Arrow of Myx (Hunter Kennedy)

Go Quest, Young Man (Ru Emerson)

Questward Ho! (Ru Emerson)

How the Quest Was Won (Ru Emerson)

The Further Adventures of Xena (edited by Martin H. Greenberg)