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Entries are included only in those cases where a series was published as by different authors.  When multiple authors used the same pseudonym, e.g. Victor Appleton II, the titles are listed under that name.


The 4400


The Vesuvius Prophecy (Greg Cox)

Wet Work (Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore)

Welcome to Promise City (Greg Cox)

Promises Broken (David Mack)




The Medusa War (Pat Mills and Alan Mitchell)




After Earth (Peter David)

A Perfect Beast (Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger, & Peter David)





The Culled (Simon Spurrier)

Kill or Cure (Rebecca Levene)

School's Out (Scott Andrews)

The Children's Crusdade (Scott Andrews)




1.             Operation Sherlock (Bruce Coville)

2.             The Cutlass Clue (J.A. Lawrence)

3.             Robot Trouble (Bruce Coville)

4.             Forever Begins Tomorrow (Bruce Coville)





Poison in Paradise (Diana Gallagher) 96

Cleanup Catastrophe (Cathy East Dubowski)


1.             Alex You’re Glowing (Diana Gallagher)

2.             Bet You Can’t!  (Diana Gallagher)

3.             Bad News Baby Sitting (Ken Lipman)

4.             Witch Hunt! Witch Hunt (Diana Gallagher)

5.             Mistaken Identity (Diana Gallagher)

7.             Take a Hike! (Cathy East Dubowski)

8.             Go for the Gold (Diana Gallagher)

10.           Zappy Holidays (Diana Gallagher)

11.           Junkyard Jitters (Patricia Barnes-Svarney)

12.           Frozen Stiff (Diana Gallagher)

13.           I Spy! (John Peel)

14.           High Flyer (Patricia Barnes-Svarney)

15.           Milady Alex (Diana Gallagher)

16.           Father Daughter Disaster! (Clayton Emery)

17.           Bonjour Alex (Cathy East Dubowski)

18.           Close Encounters (David Cody Weiss & Bobbi Jo Weiss)

19.           Hocus Pocus (Joseph Locke)

20.           Halloween Invaders (John Vornholt)

21.           Truth Trap! (Cathy East Dubowski)

22.           New Year’s Revolution (Diana Gallagher)

23.           Lost in Vegas! (John Peel)

24.           Computer Crunch! (Patricia Barnes-Svarney)

25.           In Hot Pursuit (Mel Odom)

26.           Canine Cape! (Diana Gallagher)

27.           Civil War in Paradise (Bonnie D. Stone)

28.           Pool Party Panic (V.E. Mitchell)

29.           Sink or Swim (Patricia Barnes-Svarney)

30.           Gold Rush Fever (Diana Gallagher)

31.           New York Nightmare (Erica Pass)

32.           Haunted House Hijinks (John Vornholt)





Alien Nation (Alan Dean Foster)


1.             The Day of Descent (Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens)

2.             Dark Horizon (K.W. Jeter)

3.             Body and Soul (Peter David)

4.             The Change (Barry B. Longyear)

5.             Slag Like Me (Barry B. Longyear)

6.             Passing Fancy (David Spencer)

7.             Extreme Prejudice (L.A. Graf)

8.             Cross of Blood (K.W. Jeter)





1.             Alien (Alan Dean Foster)

2.             Aliens (Alan Dean Foster)

3.             Alien3 (Alan Dean Foster)

4.             Alien Resurrection (A.C. Crispin)


1.             Earth Hive (Steve Perry)

2.             Nightmare Asylum (Steve Perry)

3.             The Female War (Steve & Stephani Perry)

4.             Genocide (David Bischoff)

5.             Prey (Steve & Stephani Perry)

6.             Hunter’s Planet (David Bischoff)

7.             Concrete Jungle (Nathan Archer)

8.             Alien Harvest (Robert Sheckley)

9.             Rogue (Sandy Schofield)

10.           Labyrinth (S.D. Perry)

11.           Music of the Spears (Yvonne Navarro)

12.           Cold War (Nathan Archer)

13.           Berserker (S.D. Perry)

14.           Big Game (Sandy Schofield)

15.           War (S.D. Perry)



Predator (Paul Monette)

Original Sin (Michael Jan Friedman)

DNA War (Diane Carey)

Cauldron (Diane Carey)

Forever Midnight (John Shirley)

Flesh and Blood (Michael Jan Friedman & Robert Greenberber)

Steel Egg (John Shirley)

Turnabout (Steve Perry)

Criminal Enterprise (S.D. Perry)

No Exit (B.K. Evenson)

South China Sea (Jeff VanderMeer)

Out of the Shadows (Tim Lebbon)

Sea of Sorrows (James A. Moore)

Incursion (Tim Lebbon)

Invasion (Tim Lebbon)

Armageddon (Tim Lebbon)

Bug Hunt (edited Jonathan Maberry)

Alien Covenant (Alan Dean Foster)

Origin (Alan Dean Foster)

Hunters and Hunted (James A. Moore)

The Predator (Christopher Golden & Mark Morris)

Cold Forge (Alex White)



1.             Clypsis (Jeffrey A. Carver)

2.             Pitfall (Thomas Wylde)

3.             The Web (Thomas Wylde)







2.             Dragon Sun (Michael Ely)




1.             Destruction of Illusions (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

2.             The Broken Places (Ethlie Ann Vare and Daniel Morris)

3.             Waystation (Steven E. McDonald)

4              Through the Looking Glass (Josepha Sherman)

5.             The Attitude of Silence (Jeff Mariotte)

6.             Paradise Drift (Sherwood Smith)




Vengeance (Oscar Balderrama & Lauren Certo)



1.             Spider Desert (Ernst Vlcek)

2.             Flight from Tarkihl (Clark Darlton)

3.             Pale Country Pursuit (Hans Kneifel)



1.             Voices (John Vornholt)

2.             Accusations (Lois Tilton)

3.             Blood Oath (John Vornholt)

4.             Clark’s Law (Jim Mortimore)

5.             The Touch of Your Shadow, the Whisper of Your Name (Neal Barrett Jr)

6.             Betrayals (S.M. Stirling)

7.             The Shadow Within (Jeanne Cavelos)

8.             Personal Agendas (Al Sarrantonio)

9.             To Dream in the City of Sorrows (Kathryn Drennan)


In the Beginning (Peter David)

Thirdspace (Peter David)

A Call to Arms (Robert Sheckley)

Dark Genesis (J. Gregory Keyes)

Deadly Relations (J. Gregory Keyes)

Final Reckoning (J. Gregory  Keyes)

The Long Night of Centauri Prime (Peter David)

Armies of Light and Dark (Peter David)

Out of the Darkness (Peter David)

Casting Shadows  (Jeanne Cavelos)

Summoning Light (Jeanne Cavelos)

Invoking Darkness (Jeanne Cavelos)



1.             Batman (Craig Shaw Gardner)

2.             Batman Returns (Craig Shaw Gardner)

3.             Batman Forever (Peter David)

4.             Batman and Robin (Michael Jan Friedman)




1.             Shadows of the Past (Geary Gravel)

2.             Duel to the Death (Geary Gravel)

3.             Mask of the Phantasm (Geary Gravel)

4.             The Dragon and the Bat (Geary Gravel)


Batman and Robin (Alan Grant)

To Dare the Darkness (Doug Moench)

Facing the Enemy (Alan Grant)

Batman in the Black Egg of Atlantis (Near Barrett Jr)

The Doomsday Prophecy (Richard Wenk - gamebook)

The Cheetah Caper (George S. Elrick)

Kingdom Come (Elliot S. Maggin)

Terror on the High Skies (Joe Lansdale)

Captured by the Engines (Joe Lansdale)

Knightfall (Dennis O’Neil)

No Man's Land (Greg Rucka)

The Stone King (Alan Grant)

The Mystery of the Batwoman (Louise Simonson)

Rise of Sin Tzu (Devlin Grayson & Flint Dille)

Inheritance (Devin Grayson)

Dead White (John Shirley)

Inferno (Alex Irvine)

Fear Itself (Michael Reaves)

Gotham Knight (Louise Simonson)

The Dark Knight (Dennis O'Neil)

Riddler's Gambit (Alexander Irvine)



1.             Battlestar Galactica (Glen A. Larson & Robert Thurston)

2.             The Cylon Death Machine (Glen A. Larson & Robert Thurston)

3.             The Tombs of Kobol (Glen A. Larson & Robert Thurston)

4.             The Young Warriors (Glen A. Larson & Robert Thurston)

5.             Galactica Discovers Earth (Glen A. Larson & Michael Resnick)

6.             The Living Legend (Glen A. Larson & Nicholas Yermakov)

7.             War of the Gods (Glen A. Larson & Nicholas Yermakov)

8.             Greetings from Earth (Glen A. Larson & Ron Goulart)

9.             Experiment in Terra (Glen A. Larson & Ron Goulart)

10.           The Long Patrol (Glen A. Larson & Ron Goulart)

11.           The Nightmare Machine (Glen A. Larson & Robert Thurston)

12.           Die, Chameleon (Glen A.Larson & Robert Thurston)

13.           Apollo’s War (Glen A. Larson & Robert Thurston)

14.           Surrender the Galactica! (Glen A. Larson & Robert Thurston)

15.           Armageddon (Christopher Golden & Richard Hatch)

16.           Warhawk (Christopher Golden & Richard Hatch)

17.           Resurrection (Richard Hatch and Stan Timmons)

18            Rebellion (Richard Hatch and Alan Rodgers)

19.           Destiny (Richard Hatch and Brad Linaweaver)


Battlestar Galactica (Jeffrey A. Carver)

The Cylons' Secret (Craig Shaw Gardner)

Sagittarius Is Bleeding (Peter David)

Unity (Steven Harper)


BATTLETECH (no particular order)

1.             Way of the Clans (Robert Thurston)

2.             Bloodname (Robert Thurston)

3.             Falcon Guard (Robert Thurston)

4.             Wolf Pack (Robert Charrette)

5.             Natural Selection (Michael Stackpole)

6.             Decision at Thunder Rift (William Keith)

7.             Mercenary’s Star (William Keith)

8.             The Price of Glory (William Keith)   

9.             Ideal War (Christopher Kubasik)

10.           Main Event (Jim Long)

11.           Blood of Heroes (Andrew Keith)

12.           Assumption of Risk (Michael Stackpole)

13.           Far Country (Peter L. Rice)

14.           D.R.T. (James D. Long)

15.           Close Quarters (Victor Milan)

16.           Bred for War (Michael A. Stackpole)

17.           I Am Jade Falcon (Robert Thurston)

18.           Highlander Gambit (Blaine Lee Pardoe)

19.           Tactics of Duty (William Keith)

20.           Lethal Heritage (Michael Stackpole)

21.           Blood Legacy (Michael Stackpole)

22.           Lost Destiny (Michael Stackpole)

23.           Star Lord (Donald G. Phillips)

24.           Malicious Intent (Michael A. Stackpole)

?.             Hearts of Chaos (Victor Milan)

25.           Wolves on the Border (Robert Charrette)

26.           Operation Excalibur (William H. Keith Jr)

27.           Heir to the Dragon (Robert N. Charrette)

28.           Black Dragon (Victor Milan)

30.           Impetus of War (Blaine Lee Pardoe)

31.           Double-Blind (Loren L. Coleman)

32.           Binding Force (Loren L. Coleman)

33.           Exodus Road (Blaine Lee Pardoe)

34            Grave Covenant (Michael A. Stackpole)

35.           The Hunters (Thomas S. Gressman)

36.           Freebirth (Robert Thurston)

37.           Warrior: En Garde (Michael Stackpole)

38.           Warrior: Riposte (Michael Stackpole)

Sword and Fire (Thomas Gressman)


40.           Shadows of War (Thomas Gressman)

41.           Prince of Havoc (Michael A. Stackpole)

42.           Falcon Rising (Robert Thurston)

43.           Threads of Ambition (Loren L. Coleman)

44.           The Killing Fields (Loren L. Coleman)

45.           Roar of Honor (Blaine Lee Pardoe)

46.           Patriots and Tyrants (Loren L Coleman)

47.           Call of Duty (Blaine Lee Pardoe)

48.           Storms of Fate (Loren L. Coleman)

49            Operation Audacity (Blaine Lee Pardoe)

50            Endgame (Loren L. Coleman)

51.           A Call to Arms (Loren L. Coleman)


The Sword and the Dragon (Ardath Mayhar)

Warrior: Coupe (Michael Stackpole)


Battletech: Mech Warrior


Ghost of Winter (Stephen Kenson)

Roar of Honor (Blaine Lee Pardoe)

By Blood Betrayed (Blaine Lee Pardoe & Mel Odom)

Initiation to War (Robert N. Charrette)

The Dying Time  (Thomas S. Gressman)

Test of Vengeance  (Bryan Nystul)

Ghost War (Michael A. Stackpole)

The Ruins of Power ( Robert E. Vardeman)

A Silence in the Heavens (Martin Delrio)

By Temptations and By War (Loren L. Coleman)

Fortress of Lies (J. Steven York)

Blood of the Isle (Loren L. Coleman)

Hunters of the Deep  (Randall N. Bills)

Sword of Sedition (Loren L. Coleman)

Daughter of the Dragon (Ilsa J. Bick)

Blood Avatar (Ilsa J. Bick)

Trial by Chaos (Steven J. York)

Principles of Desolation (Jason M. Hardy & Randall N. Bills)

Dragon Rising (Ilsa J. Bick)

Masters of War (Michael A. Stackpole)

A Rending of Falcons (Victor Milan)

Pandora's Gambit (Randall N. Bills)

The Last Charge (Jason M. Hardy)

To Ride the Chimera (Kevin Killiany)




1.             Find the Kirillian (Seth McEvoy)

2.             The Galactic Pirate (Seth McEvoy)

3.             Robot World (Seth McEvoy)

4.             Space Olympics (Ron Martinez)

5.             Monsters of Doorna (Seth McEvoy)

6.             The Star Crystal (Ron Martinez)

7.             Rebel Spy (Len Neufeld)

8.             Mission to Microworld (Seth McEvoy)

9.             Ultraheroes (Len Neufeld & Michael Banks)

10.           Planet Hunters (Seth McEvoy)

11.           The Red Rocket (Seth McEvoy)




Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Richard Lupoff as Addison Steele)

That Man on Beta (Richard Lupoff as Addison Steele)

Rogers' Rangers (John Silbersack)

Mordred (John Eric Holmes)

Warrior’s Blood (Richard S. McEnroe)

Warrior’s World (Richard S. McEnroe)


1.             Rebellion 2456 (M.S. Murdock)

2.             Hammer of Mars (M.S. Murdock)

3.             Armageddon off Vesta (M.S. Murdock)


4.             First Power Play (John Miller)

5.             Prime Squared  (M.S. Murdock)

6.             Matrix Cubed (Britton Bloom)


4.             Genesis Web (C.M. Brennan)

5.             Nomads of the Sky (William Keith)

6.             Warlords of Jupiter (William Keith)


A Life for the Future (Martin Caidin)




1.             The Butterfly Kid - Chester Anderson



CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE  (Not all titles were SF)

4.             Space and Beyond (R.A. Montgomery)

7.             The Third Planet from Altair (Edward Packard)

12.           Inside UFO 54-40 (Edward Packard)

16.           Survival at Sea (Edward Packard)

18.           Underground Kingdom (Edward Packard)

21.           Hyperspace (Edward Packard)

22.           Space Patrol (Julius Goodman)

25.           Prisoner of the Ant People (R.A. Montgomery)

26.           The Phantom Submarine (Richard Brightfield)

29.           Trouble on Planet Earth (R.A. Montgomery)

37.           War with the Evil Power Master (R.A. Montgomery)

89.           South Pole Sabotage (Seddon Johnson)

101          Alien Go Home! (Seddon Johnson)




1.        The Web of Arachnos (Robert Weinberg)

2.        The Freedom Phalanx (Robin D. Laws)




1.             Cut by Emerald (Dana Kramer)

2.             Shines the Name (Mark Acres)

3.             The Omega Rebellion (Troy Denning)

4.             Slammers Down (Todd Johnson)

5.             The Legion at War (Andrew Keith)

6.             The Black Road War (Neil Randall)

7.             Lord of Lances (Mark Acres)

8.             Dorsai’s Command (Gordon Dickson, Troy Denning, & Cory Glaberson)




Pirate's Gold (Stephen Kenson)

Rogue Flyer (Loren L. Coleman)

Devil's Flight (Thomas Gressman)




Revolt on Majipoor (Matthew J. Costello)

Dragonfire (Jody Lynn Nye)




Ghost Dancers (Brian Craig)

Demon Download (Jack Yeovil)

Krokodil Tears (Jack Yeovil)

Comeback Tour (Jack Yeovil)

American Meat (Stuart Moore)

Jade Dragon (James Swallow)

Reality Bites (Stuart Moore)




In Hollow Houses (Gary Braunbeck)

If Whispers Call (Don Bassingthwaite)

In Fluid Silence (G.W. Tirpa)

Of Aged Angels (Monte Cook)

By Dust Consumed (Don Bassingthwaite)




1.             The Secret of Lona (Stephen Leigh)

2.             The Cosmic Bomber (William F. Wu)

3.             Garukan Blood (Thomas Wylde)

4.             The Dragons of Komako (John Gregory Betancourt)

5.             Nightmare World (David Stern)

6.             Journey to Rilla (Thomas Wylde)


DOCTOR WHO (Numbering these presents a problem.  The publisher of the novelizations numbered them, but not in the order they appeared on television.  And there were a few unproduced scripts and odds and ends.  So I have included two dates, the first is that of the original showing, if there was one, the second the date the book was published.  See also Doctor Who: The New Adventures and Doctor Who:  The Companions)


The Abominable Snowman (1974/1974 - Terrance Dicks)

The Ambassadors of Death (1970/1987 - Terrance Dicks)

The Android Invasion (1977/1978 - Terrance Dicks)

The Androids of Tara (1980/1980 - Terrance Dicks)

Arc of Infinity (1982/1983 - Terrance Dicks)

The Ark (1966/1986 - Paul Erickson)

The Ark in Space (1977/1977 - Ian Marter)

The Armageddon Factor (1980/1980 - Terrance Dicks)

Attack of the Cybermen (1985/1989 - Eric Saward)

The Auton Invasion (1974/1974 - Terrance Dicks)

The Awakening (1984/1985 - Eric Pringle)

The Aztecs (1964/1984 - John Lucarotti)

Battlefield (1989/1991 - Marc Platt)

Black Orchid (1982/1986 - Terence Dudley)

The Brain of Morbius (1977/1977 - Terrance Dicks)

The Carnival of Monsters (1977/1977 - Terrance Dicks)

Castrovalva (1982/1983 - Christopher H. Bidmead)

The Cave Monsters (1974/1974 - Malcolm Hulke)

The Caves of Androzani (1984/1984 - Terrance Dicks)

The Chase (1965/1989 - John Peel)

The Claws of Axos (1977/1977 - Terrance Dicks)

The Creature from the Pit (1979/1981 - David Fisher)

The Crusaders (1963/1965 - David Whitaker)

The Curse of Fenric (1989/1990 - Ian Briggs)

The Curse of Peladon (1974/1974 - Brian Hayles)

The Cybermen (1974/1976 - Gerry Davis)

The Daemons (1974/1974 - Barry Letts)

The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964/1977 - Terrance Dicks)

The Day of the Daleks (1974/1978 - Terrance Dicks)

The Deadly Assassin (1977/1977 - Terrance Dicks)

Death to the Daleks (1978/1980 - Terrance Dicks)

Delta and the Bannermen (1987/1989 - Malcolm Kohll)

The Destiny of the Daleks (1979/1979 - Terrance Dicks)

The Dinosaur Invasion (1976/1976 - Malcolm Hulke)

Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks (1963/1964 - David Whitaker)

The Dominators (1968/1984 - Ian Marter)

The Doomsday Weapon (1974/1974 - Malcolm Hulke)

Earthshock (1982/1983 - Ian Marter)

The Edge of Destruction (1964/1988 - Nigel Robinson)

The Enemy of the World (1968/1981 - Ian Marter)

The Evil of the Daleks (11966/1993 - John Peel)

The Faceless Ones (1967/1986 - Terrance Dicks)

The Face of Evil (1978/1978 - Terrance Dicks)

The Five Doctors (1983/1983 - Terrance Dicks)

Four to Doomsday (1982/1983 - Terrance Dicks)

Frontios (1984/1984 - Christopher H. Bidmead)

Full Circle (1980/1982 - Andrew Smith)

Fury from the Deep (1968/1986 - Victor Pemberton)

Galaxy Four (1965/1985 - William Emms)

The Genesis of the Daleks (1975/1976 - Terrance Dicks)

Ghost Light (1989/1990 - Marc Platt)

The Giant Robot (1974/1975 - Terrance Dicks)

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (1988/1989 - Stephen Wyatt)

The Green Death (1975/1975 - Malcolm Hulke)

The Hand of Fear (1979/1979 - Terrance Dicks)

The Highlanders (1967/1984 - Gerry Davis)

The Horns of Nimon (1979/1980 - Terrance Dicks)

The Horror of Fang Rock (1977/1978 - Terrance Dicks)

The Ice Warriors (1976/1976 - Brian Hayles)

The Image of the Fendahl (1979/1979 - Terrance Dicks)

Inferno (1970/1984 - Terrance Dicks)

The Invasion (1968/1985 - Ian Marter)

The Invasion of Time (1979/1980 - Terrance Dicks)

The Invisible Enemy (1977/1979 - Terrance Dicks)

The Keeper of Traken (1982/1982 - Terrance Dicks)

The Keys of Marinus (1964/1980 - Philip Hinchcliffe)

Kinda (1982/1983 - Terrance Dicks)

The King’s Demons (1983/1986 - Terence Dudley)

The Krotons (1968/1985 - Terrance Dicks)

The Leisure Hive (1980/1982 - David Fisher)

The Loch Ness Monster (1975/1976 - Terrance Dicks)

Logopolis (1981/1982 - Christopher H. Bidmead)

The Macra Terror (1967/1987 - Ian Stuart Black)

Marco Polo (1964/1984 - John Lucarotti)

The Mark of the Rani (1985/1986 - Pip and Jane Baker)

The Masque of Mandragora (1977/1977 - Philip Hinchcliffe)

The Massacre (1966/1987 - John Lucarotti)

Mawdryn Undead (1983/1983 - Peter Grimwade)

Meglos (1980/1983 - Terrance Dicks)

The Mind of Evil (1971/1985 - Terrance Dicks)

The Mind Robber (1968/1986 - Peter Ling)

Mindwarp (1986/1989 - Philip Martin)

Mission to Magnus (1985/1990 - Philip Martin)

Mission to the Unknown (1965/1989 - John Peel)

The Monster of Peladon (1974/1980 - Terrance Dicks)

The Mutants (1977/1977 - Terrance Dicks)

The Mutation of Time (1965/1989 - John Peel)

The Mysterious Planet (1986/1987 - Terrance Dicks)

The Nightmare Fair (1985/1989 - Graham Williams)

The Nightmare of Eden (1979/1980 - Terrance Dicks)

The Paradise of Death (1993/1994 - Barry Letts)

Paradise Towers (1987/1989 - Stephen Wyatt)

The Pescatons (1976/1991 - Victor Pemberton)

The Planet of Evil (1977/1977 - Terrance Dicks)

Planet of Fire (1984/1984 - Peter Grimwade)

Planet of Giants (1964/1990 - Terrance Dicks)

The Planet of the Daleks (1973/1976 - Terrance Dicks)

The Planet of the Spiders (1974/1975 - Terrance Dicks)

The Power of Kroll (1980/1980 - Terrance Dicks)

The Power of the Daleks (1966/1993 - John Peel)

The Pyramids of Mars (1976/1976 - Terrance Dicks)

The Reign of Terror (1964/1987 - Ian Marter)

Remembrance of the Daleks (1989/1990 - Ben Aaronovitch)

The Rescue (1965/1987 - Ian Marter)

The Revenge of the Cybermen (1976/1976 - Terrance Dicks)

The Ribos Operation (1979/1979 - Ian Marter)

The Robots of Death (1977/1979 - Terrance Dicks)

The Savages (1966/1986 - Ian Stuart Black)

The Sea Devils (1974/1974 - Malcolm Hulke)

The Seeds of Death (1969/1986 - Terrance Dicks)

The Seeds of Doom (1977/1977 - Philip Hinchcliffe)

The Sensorites (1964/1987 - Nigel Robinson)

Slipback (1985/1986 - Eric Saward)

The Smugglers (1966/1988 - Terrance Dicks)

Snakedance (1983/1984 - Terrance Dicks)

The Sontaran Experiment (1978/1978 - Ian Marter)

The Space Museum (1965/1987 - Glyn Jones)

The Space Pirates (1969/1990 - Terrance Dicks)

The Space War (1976/1976 - Malcolm Hulke)

The State of Decay (1981/1981 - Terrance Dicks)

The Stones of Blood (1980/1980 - Terrance Dicks)

The Sunmakers (1977/1982 - Terrance Dicks)

Survival (1989/1990 - Rona Munro)

The Talons of Weng-Chiang (1977/1977 - Terrance Dicks)

The Tenth Planet (1966/1976 - Gerry Davis)

Terminus (1983/1983 - John Lydecker)

The Terror of the Autons (1975/1975 - Terrance Dicks)

Terror of the Vervoids (1986/1987 - Pip and Jane Baker)

The Three Doctors (1975/1975 - Terrance Dicks)

Time and the Rani (1987/1987 - Pip and Jane Baker)

Time Flight (1982/1983 - Peter Grimwade)

Timelash (1985/1985 - Glen McCoy)

The Time Meddler (1965/1987 - Nigel Robinson)

Time Monster (1972/1985 - Terrance Dicks)

The Time Warrior (1978/1980 - Terrance Dicks)

The Tomb of the Cybermen (1967/1978 - Gerry Davis)

The Twin Dilemma (1984/1985 - Eric Saward)

The Ultimate Evil (1985/1989 - Wally K. Daly)

The Ultimate Foe (1986/1988 - Pip and Jane Baker)

The Underwater Menace (1967/1988 - Nigel Robinson)

The Underworld (1980/1980 -  Terrance Dicks)

An Unearthly Child (?/1981 - Terrance Dicks)

Vengeance on Varos (1985/1988 - Philip Martin)

The Visitation (1981/1982 - Eric Saward)

The War Games (1969/1979 - Malcolm Hulke)

The War Machines (1966/1989 - Ian Stuart Black)

Warriors’ Gate (1982/1982 - John Lydecker)

Warriors of the Deep (1984/1984 - Terrance Dicks)

The Web of Fear (?/1976 - Terrance Dicks)

The Wheel in Space (1968/1988 - Terrance Dicks)

The Zarbi (1965/1965 - Bill Strutton)

Shada (Gareth Roberts)

City of Death (James Goss)

The Fires of Pompeii (James Moran)

The Eaters of Light (Rona Munro)



6.             Race Against Time (Pip and Jane Baker)



1.             Goth Opera (Paul Cornell)

2.             Evolution (John Peel)

3.             Venusian Lullaby (Paul Leonard)

4.             State of Change (Christopher Bulis)

5.             The Crystal Bucephalus (Craig Hinton)

6.             The Romance of Crime (Gareth Roberts)

7.             The Ghosts of N Space (Barry Letts)

8.             Time of Your Life (Steve Lyons)

9.             Dancing the Code (Paul Leonard)

10.           The Menagerie (Martin Day)

11.           System Shock (Justin Richards)

12.           Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Christopher Bulis)

13.           Invasion of the Cat People (Gary Russell)

14.           Managra (Stephen Marley)

15.           Millenial Rites (Craig Hinton)

16.           The Romance of Crime (Gareth Roberts)

17.           The Ghosts of N-Space (Barry Letts)

18.           Time of Your Life (Steve Lyons)

19.           Dancing the Code (Paul Leonard)

20.           Invasion of the Cat People (Gary Russell)

21.           The Empire of Glass (Andy Lane)

22.           Lords of the Storm (David A. McIntee)

23.           Downtime (Marc Platt)

24.           The Man in the Velvet Mask (David O’Mahony)

25.           The English Way of Death (Gareth Roberts)

26.           The Eye of the Giant (Christopher Bulis)

27.           The Sands of Time (Justin Richards)

28.           Killing Ground (Steve Lyons)

29.           The Scales of Injustice (Gary Russell)

30.           The Shadow of Weng-Chiang (David A. McIntee)

31.           Twilight of the Gods (Christopher Bulis)

32.           Speed of Flight (Paul Leonard)

33.           The Plotters (Gareth Roberts)

34.           Cold Fusion (Lance Parkin)

35.           Burning Heart (Dave Stone)

36.           A Device of Death (Christopher Bulis)

37.           The Dark Path (David A. McIntee)

38.           The Well-Mannered War (Gareth Roberts)




1.             Timewyrm: Genesys (John Peel)

2.             Timewyrm: Exodus (Terrance Dicks)

3.             Timewyrm: Apocalypse (Nigel Robinson)

4.             Timewyrm: Revelation (Paul Cornell)

5.             Cat’s Cradle: Time’s Crucible (Marc Platt)

6.             Cat’s Cradle: Warhead (Andrew Cartmel)

7.             Cat’s Cradle: Witch Mark (Andrew Hunt)

8.             Nightshade (Mark Gatiss)

9.             Love and War (Paul Cornell)

10.           Transit  (Ben Aaronovitch)

11.           The Highest Science (Gareth Roberts)

12.           The Pit (Neil PenswickP

13.           Deceit (Peter Darvill-Evans)

14.           Lucifer Rising (Jim Mortimore & Andrew Lane)

15.           White Darkness (David A. McIntee)

16.           Shadowmind (Christopher Bulis)

17.           Birthright (Nigel Robinson)

18.           Iceberg (David Banks)

19.           Blood Heat (Jim Mortimore)

20.           The Dimension Riders (Daniel Blythe)

21.           The Left Handed Hummingbird (Kate Orman)

22.           Conundrum (Steve Lyons)

23.           No Future (Paul Cornell)

24.           Tragedy Day (Gareth Roberts)

25.           Legacy (Gary Russell)

26.           Theatre of War (Justin Richards)

27.           All Consuming Fire (Andy Lane)

28.           Blood Harvest (Terrance Dicks)

29.           Strange England (Simon Messingham)

30.           First Frontier (David A. McIntee)

31.           St Anthony’s Fire (Mark Gatiss)

32.           Falls the Shadow (Daniel Mahony)

33.           Parasite (Jim Mortimore)

34.           Warlock (Andrew Cartmel)

35.           Set Piece (Kate Orman)

36.           Infinite Requiem (Daniel Blythe)

37.           Sanctuary (David McIntee)

38.           Human Nature (Paul Cornell)

39.           Original Sin (Andy Lane)

40.           Sky Pirates (Dave Stone)

41.           Zamper (Gareth Roberts)

42.           Toy Soldiers (Paul Leonard)

43.           Head Games (Steve Lyons)

44.           The Also People (Ben Aaronovitch)

45.           Shakedown (Terrance Dicks)

46.           Just War (Lance Parkin)

47.           Warchild (Andrew Cartmel)

48.           Sleepy (Kate Orman)

49.           Death and Diplomacy (Dave Stone)

50.           Happy Endings (Paul Cornell)

51.           Godengine (Craig Hinton)

52.           Christmas on a Rational Planet (Lawrence Miles)

53.           Return of the Living Dad (Kate Orman)

54.           The Death of Art (Simon Bucher-Jones)

55.           Damaged Goods (Russell Davies)

56.           So Vile a Sin (Ben Aaronovitch & Kate Orman)

57.           Bad Therapy (Matthew Jones)

58.           Eternity Weeps (Jim Mortimore)

59.           The Room With No Doors (Kate Orman)

60.           Lungbarrow (Marc Platt)

61.           The Dying Days (Lance Parkin)





The Eight Doctors (Terrance Dicks)

The Bodysnatchers (Mark Morris)

Genocide (Paul Leonard)

War of the Daleks (John Peel)

Alien Bodies (Lawrence Miles)

The Devil Goblins from Neptune (Keith Topping & Martin Day)

The Murder Game (Steve Lyons)

The Ultimate Treasure (Christopher Bulis)

Business Unusual (Gary Russell)

Illegal Alien (Mike Tucker & Robert Perry)

The Roundheads (Mark Gatiss)

Kursaal (Peter Anghelides)

The Face of the Enemy (David A. McIntee)

Eye of Heaven (Jim Mortimore)

The Witch Hunters (Steve Lyons)

Longest Day (Michael Collier)

Legacy of the Daleks (John Peel)

Option Loch (Justin Richards)

The Hollow Men (Keith Topping & Martin Day)

Dreamstone Moon (Paul Leonard)

Seeing I (Jonathan Blum & Kate Orman)

Catastrophea (Terrance Dicks)

Mission: Impractical (David A. McIntee)

Placebo Effect (Gary Russell)

Zeta Major (Simon Messingham)

Vanderdeken’s Children (Christopher Bulis)

Dreams of Empire (Justin Richards)

The Scarlet Empress (Paul Magrs)

Last Man Running (Chris Boucher)

Beltempest (Jim Mortimore)

Matrix (Mike Tucker & Robert Perry)

The Janus Conjunction (Trevor Baxendale)

The Infinity Doctors (Lance Parkin)

The Taint (Mike Collier)

Salvation (Mark Gatiss)

Wages of Sin (David A. McIntee)

Autumn Mist (David A. McIntee)

The Face-Eater (Simon Messingham)

More Short Trips (ed Steve Cole)

Demontage (Justin Richards)

Deep Blue (Mark Morris)

Revolution Man (Paul Leonard)

Dominion (Nick Walters)

Millennium (Justin Richards)

Unnatural History (Kate Orman & Jonathan Blum)

Storm Harvest (Robert Perry & Mike Tucker)

Divided Loyalties (Gary Russell)

Interference (Lawrence Miles - 2 volumes)

The Blue Angel (Paul Magrs & Jeremy Hoad)

City at World's End (Christopher Bulis)

The Taking of Planet Five (Simon Bucher-Jones & Mark Clapham)

The Final Sanction (Steve Lyons)

Corpse Marker (Chris Boucher)

Frontier Worlds (Pete Anghelides)

Parallel 59 (Natalie Dallaire and Stephen Cole)

The Shadows of Avalon (Paul Cornell)

Last of the Gadarene (Mark Gatiss)

Tomb of Valdemar (Simon Messingham)

The Fall of Yquatine (Nick Walters)

Coldheart (Trevor Baxendale)

Verdigris (Paul Magrs)

The Space Age (Steve Lyons)

Festival of Death (Jonathan Morris)

Casualties of War (Steve Emmerson)

Imperial Moon (Christopher Bulis)

The Turing Test (Paul Leonard)

Independence Day – Peter Darvill-Evans

Vanishing Point – Stephen Cole

The Janus Conjunction (Trevor Baxendale)

Matrix (Robert Perry)

The Burning (Justin Richards)

The Banquo Legacy (Andy Lane & Justin Richards)

The Ancestor Cell (Peter Anghelides & Stephen Cole)

Endgame (Terrance Dicks)

Father Time (Lance Parkin)

Escape Velocity (Colin Brake)

Earthworld (Jacqueline Rayner)

Eater of Wasps (Trevor Baxendale)

The Slow Empire (Dave Stone)

Dark Progeny (Steve Emmerson)

The City of the Dead (Lloyd Rose)

Grimm Reality (Simon Bucher-Jones and Kelly Hale)

Taking of Planet 5 (Simon Bucher-Jones and Mark Clapham)

Coldheart (Trevor Baxendale)

Adventures of Henrietta Street (Laurence Miles)

Amorality Tale (David Bishop)

Anachrophobia (Jonathan Morris)

Asylum (Peter Darvill-Evans)

Bullet Time (David McIntee)

Bunker Soldiers (Martin Day)

Dark Progeny (Steve Emmerson)

Deadly Reunion (Terrance Dicks and Barry Letts)

Drift (Simon Forward)

Dying in the Sun (Jon de Burch Miller)

Heart of Tardis (Dave Stone)

Hope (Mark Clapham)

Instruments of Darkness (Gary Russell)

King of Terror (Keith Topping)

Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Paul Magrs)

Palace of the Red Sun (Christopher Bulis)

Prime Time (Mike Tucker)

Psience Fiction ( Chris Boucher)

Quantum Archangel (Craig Hinton)

Rags (Mick Lewis)

Reckless Engineering (Nick Walters)

Relative Dementias (Mark Michalowski)

Superior Beings (Nick Walters)

The City of the Dead (Lloyd Rose)

The Colony of Lies (Colin Brake)

The Year of Intelligent Tigers (Kate Orman)

Timeless (Stephen Cole)

Trading Futures (Lance Parkin)

Wolfsbane (Jacqueline Rayner)

Sometime Never… (Justin Richards)

The Scream of the Shalka (Paul Cornell)

Emotional Chemistry (Simon Forward)

The Eleventh Tiger (David McIntee)

Halflife (Mark Michalowski)

Empire of Death ( David Bishop)

Synthespians (Craig Hinton)

The Indestructible Man (Simon Messingham)

The Deadstone Memorial (Trevor Baxendale)

History 101 (Mags Halliday)

The Book of the Still (Paul Ebbs)

The Crooked World (Steve Lyons)

Match of the Day – Chris Boucher

Warmonger (Terrance Dicks)

Combat Rock (Mick Lewis)

Loving the Alien (Mike Tucker and Robert Perry)

Blue Box (Kate Orman)

The Tomorrow Windows (Jonathan Morris)

The Domino Effect (David Bishop)

The Infinity Race (Simon Messingham)

Ten Little Aliens (Steven Cole)

The Suns of Caresh (Paul Saint)

Time Zero (Justin Richards)

To the Slaughter (Stephen Cole)

Monsters and Villains (Justin Richards)

Stealer of Dreams (Steve Lyons)

Deviant Strain (Justin Richards)

Clockwise Man (Justin Richards)

Monsters Inside (Steve Cole)

Winner Take All (Jacqueline Rayner)

Only Human (Gareth Roberts)

Time Travelers (Simon Guerrier)

Spiral Scratch (Gary Russell)

Island of Death (Barry Letts)

World Game (Terrance Dicks)

Fear Itself (Nick Wallace)

Pest Control (Peter Anghelides)


Later Titles


The Shadow in the Glass (Justin Richards & Steve Cole)

Heritage (Dale Smith)

Byzantium (Keith Topping)

The One Doctor (Gareth Roberts & Clayton Hickman)

Camera Obscura (David Rose)

The Last Resort (Paul Leonard)

Autumn Mist (David A. McIntee)

Sting of the Zygons (Stephen Cole)*

The Art of Destruction (Stephen Cole)

The Feast of the Drowned (Stephen Cole)

The Price of Paradise (Colin Brake)

Wooden Heart (Martin Day)*

The Resurrection Casket (Justin Richards)*

The Last Dodo (Jacqueline Rayner)*

Alien Bodies (Lawrence Miles)

Future Nostalgia (Gary Russell)*

Death Players (Jac Rayner)  Possibly Winner Take All?

Gallifrey Chronicles (Lance Parkin)*

Stone Rose (Jacqueline Rayner)*

I Am a Dalek (Gareth Roberts)*

The Nightmare of Black Island (Mike Tucker)*

Made of Steel (Terrance Dicks)*

Forever Autumn (Mark Morris)

Sick Building (Paul Magrs)*

Wetworld (Mark Michalowski)

Wishing Well (Trevor Baxendale)*

The Pirate Loop (Simon Guerrier)

Peacemaker (James Swallow)

Revenge of the Judoon (Terrance Dicks)*

Martha in the Mirror (Justin Richards)*

Snowglobe 7 (Mike Tucker)*

The Many Hands (Dale Smith)*

Ghosts of India (Mark Morris)*

The Doctor Trap (Simon Messingham)*

Shining Darkness (Mark Michalowski)

Beautiful Chaos (Gary Russell)*

The Eyeless (Lance Parkin)*

The Story of Martha (Dan Abnett)*

The Sontaran Games (Jacqueline Rayner)*

Prisoner of the Daleks (Trevor Baxendale)*

The Slitheen Excursion (Simon Guerrier)*

The Monsters Inside (Stephen Cole)

Winner Takes All (Jacqueline Rayner)*

The Stealers of Dreams (Steve Lyons)*

World Game (Terrance Dicks)

Dead of Winter (James Goss)*

Hunter's Moon (Paul Finch)*

The Way Through the Woods (Una McCormack)

Touched by an Angel (Jonathan Morris)

Apollo 23 (Justin Richards)*

Night of the Humans (David Llewellyn)*

The Forgotten Army (Brian Minchin)*

Nuclear Time (Oli Smith)*

The King's Dragon (Una McCormack)*

The Glamour Chase (Gary Russell)*

Paradox Lost (George Mann)*

Borrowed Time (Naomi A. Alderman)*

Autonomy ( Daniel Blythe)

The Clockwise Man (Justin Richards)

The Coming of the Terraphiles (Michael Moorcock)

The Krillitane Storm (Christopher Cooper)*

The Taking of Chelsea 426 (David Llewellyn)*

The Silent Stars Go By (Dan Abnett)*

Code of the Krillitanes (Justin Richards)*

Shada (Douglas Adams & Gareth Roberts)*

The Magic of the Angels (Jacqueline Rayner)*

Dark Horizons (J.T. Colgan)

The Wheel of Ice (Stephen Baxter)

Shroud of Sorrow (Tommy Donbavand)

The Dalek Generation (Nicholas Briggs)

Plague of the Cybermen (Justin Richards)

Harvest of Time (Alastair Reynolds)

The Silurian Gift (Mike Tucker)

Tales of Trenzalore (edited anonymously)

The Blood Cell (James Goss)

Engines of War (George Mann)

Silhouette (Justin Richards)

The Crawling Terror (Mike Tucker)

The Drosten's Curse (A.L. Kennedy)

Big Bang Generation (Gary Russell)

Royal Blood (Una McCormack)

Deep Time (Trevor Baxendale)

System Wipe (Oli Smith)

Heart of Stone (Trevor Baxendale)

Death Riders (Justin Richards)

Combat Magicks (Steve Cole)

The Good Doctor (Juno Dawson)

Molten Heart (Una McCormack)

The Pirate Planet  (James Goss)

Krikkit Men (James Goss)

All Flesh Is Grass (Una McCormack)

The Knight, the Fool and the Dead (Steve Cole)

Twice Upon a Time (Paul Cornell)

Dr Who the TV Movie (Gary Russell)

Dalek (Robert Shearman)

The Witchfinders (Joy Wilkinson)

The Day of the Doctor (Stephen Moffatt)




The Dust of Ages (Justin Richards)

The Graves of Mordane (Colin Brake)

The Colour of Darkness (Richard Dungworth)

The Depths of Despair (Justin Richards)

The Vampire of Paris (Stephen Cole)

The Game of Death (Trevor Baxendale)

The Planet of Oblivion (Justin Richards)

The Pictures of Emptiness (Jacqueline Rayner)

The Art of War (Mike Tucker)

The End of Time (Justin Richards)




Not part of the series but featuring one of the Doctor’s companions.

Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma (Tony Attwood)

K-9 and Company (Terence Dudley)

Harry Sullivan’s War (Ian Marter)

Who Killed Kennedy (James Stevens & David Bishop)

Decalog One (collection)

Decalog Two (collection)

Decalog Three (collection)

Short Trips???

Short Trips: Steel Skies (edited by John Binns)

Short Trips: The Muses (edited by Jacqueline Rayner)

12 Doctors edited anonymously




A Kind of Peace (Andy Boot)

Stealing Life (Antony Johnson)



1.             Earth II (Melissa Crandall)

2.             Puzzle (Sean Dalton)

3.             Leather Wings (John Vornholt)




1.             The Arrival (Fred Saberhagen)

2.             The First Protector (James White)

3.             Requiem for Boone (Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald)

4.                    Augur’s Teacher (Sherwood Smith)

5.             Heritage (Doranna Durgin)

6.             Legacy  (Glenn R. Sixbury)



Robbers and Robots (Mike Carr)

Trouble on Artule (Catherine McGuire)

Tarzan and the Well of Slaves (Douglas Niles)

American Knights (Nick Pollotta)

Captive Planet (Morris Simon)

The 24 Hour War (Nick Pollotta)



1.             Journey to the Center of the Atom (Carol Gaskin)

2.             Destination Brain (Seth McEvoy)




1.             House of Cards (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

2.             Dark Side of the Sun (Andrew Dymond)




Big Damn Hero (James Lovegrove)



1.             The Lion Men of Mongo (Con Steffanson)

2.             The Plague of Sound (Con Steffanson)

3.             The Space Circus (Con Steffanson)

4.             The Time Trap of Ming XIII (Con Steffanson)

5.             The Witch Queen of Mongo (Carson Bingham)

6.             The War of the Cybernauts (Carson Bingham)

7.             ?


The following were uncredited by were written by David Hagberg.


1.             Massacre in the 22nd Century

2.             War of the Citadels

3.             Crisis on Citadel II

4.             Forces from the Federation

5.             Citadels Under Attack

6.             Citadels on Earth


Flash Gordon in the Sand World of Mongo (Horace J. Elias)

Flash Gordon in the Caverns of Mongo (Alex Raymond)


GEN 13


Netherwar (Christopher Golden & Jeff Mariotte)

Time and Chance (Jeff Mariotte & Scott Ciencin)

Gen 13 Ver 2.0 (Sholly Fisch)




1.             The Fall of Reach (Eric Nylund)

2.             The Flood (William C. Dietz)

3.             First Strike (Eric Nylund)

4.             Ghosts of Onyx (Eric Nylund)

5.    Contact Harvest (Joseph Staten)

6.    The Cole Protocol ( Tobias Buckell)

Glasslands (Karen Traviss)

The Thursday War (Karen Traviss)


Crytum (Greg Bear)

Primordium (Greg Bear)

Silentium (Greg Bear)

Mortal Dictata (Karen Traviss)

Broken Circle (John Shirley)

Hunters in the Dark (Peter David)

Last Light (Troy Denning)

New Blood (Matt Forbeck)

Fractures (edited anonymously)

Envoy (Tobias S. Buckell)

Retribution (Troy Denning)

Legacy of Onyx (Matt Forbeck)

Smoke and Shadow (Kelly Gay)

Bad Blood (Matt Forbeck)

Silent Storm (Troy Denning)

Renegades (Kelly Gay)



1.             The Invaders (Keith Laumer)

2.             Enemies from Beyond (Keith Laumer)

3.             Army of the Undead (Rafe Bernard)

4.             The Night of the Trilobytes (Peter Leslie)

5.             The Autumn Accelerator (Peter Leslie)

6.             Dam of Death (Jack Pearl)



1.             The Genesis Web (C.M. Brennan)



1.             Odyssey (Michael Kube-McDowell)

2.             Suspicion (Mike McQuay)

3.             Cyborg (William Wu)

4.             Prodigy (Arthur Byron Cover)

5.             Refuge (Robert Chilson)

6.             Perihelion (William F. Wu)



1.             Changeling (Stephen Leigh)

2.             Renegade (Cordell Scotten)

3.             Intruder (Robert Thurston)

4.             Alliance (Jerry Oltion)

5.             Maverick (Bruce Bethke)

6.             Humanity (Jerry Oltion)


JAMES BOND  (Only selected titles are SF)

Live and Let Die (Ian Fleming)

Moonraker (Ian Fleming)

Thunderball (Ian Fleming)

Moonraker (Christopher Wood)

The Spy Who Loved Me (Christopher Wood)

License Renewed (John Gardner)

For Special Services (John Gardner)




The Arrival

Invasion (Diana G. Gallagher)

Split Image


Depth Charge

Alien Vacation

Election Connection (James Ponti)



Judge Dredd (Film novelization by Neal Barrett Jr.)

1.             The Savage Amusement (David Bishop)

2.             Deathmasques (Dave Stone)

3.             Dreddlocked (Stephen Marley)

4.             Cursed Earth Asylum (David Bishop)

5.             The Medusa Seed (Dave Stone)

6.             Dread Dominion (Stephen Marley)

7.             The Hundredfold Problem (John Grant)


Dredd vs Death (Gordon Rennie)

Bad Moon Rising (David Bishop)

Black Atlantic (Simon Jowett & Peter J. Evans)

Eclipse (James Swallow)

Kingdom of the Blind (David Bishop)

The Final Cut (Matthew Smith)

Swine Fever (Andrew Cartmel)

I Am the Law (anonymously edited omnibus)




1.             The Price of Peace (Michael Jan Friedman)

2.             The Gauntlet (Louise Simonson)

3.             Hero's Quest (Dennis O'Neil)

4.             Stop Motion (Mark Schultz)


Sleepers (Christopher Priest and Mike Baron)

Sleepers 2 (Christopher Priest and Michael Ahn)

Helltown (Dennis O’Neill)


Trail of Time (Jeff Mariotte)




Promised Land (Pat Cadigan)

The Vault (Gene DeWeese)


MARS  (All titles as by Rick North)

4.             Destination Mars (Margaret Wander Bonanno)

6.             Citizens of Mars (Margaret Wander Bonanno)



Mars Attacks (novelization by Jonathan Gems)

1.             Martian Deathtrap (Nathan Archer)

2.             War Dogs of the Golden Horde (Ray W. Murill)



The Avengers vs the Earth Wrecker (Eando Binder - Avengers)

The Armor Trap (Greg Cox - Iron Man)

Doomsday (Marv Wolfman - Fantastic Four)

To Free Atlantis (Nancy Collins - Fantastic Four)

And Call My Killer…Modok! (William Rotsler - Iron Man)

Predator’s Smile (Christopher Golden - Daredevil)

Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac (George S. Elrick - Spiderman)

The Fantastic Four in the House of Horrors (William Johnston - The Fantastic Four)

The Great Gold Steal (Ted White - Captain America)

What Savage Beast (Peter David - The Hulk)

Operation A.I.M. (Greg Cox - Iron Man)

Goblin’s Revenge (Dean Wesley Smith - Spiderman)

Venom Factor (Diane Duane - Spiderman)

Carnage in New York (David Micheline & Dean Wesley Smith - Spiderman)

The Lizard Sanction (Diane Duane - Spiderman)

Siege (Christopher Golden - Xmen)

Sanctuary (Christopher Golden - Xmen)

Salvation (Christopher Golden - Xmen)

Rampage (Danny Fingeroth & Eric Fein - Spiderman & Hulk)

The Octopus Agenda (Diane Duane - Spiderman)

Midnight Justice (Martin Delrio - Spiderman)

Wreckage (Eric Fein & Pierce Askegren - Spiderman & Fantastic Four)

Sabotage (Pierce Askegren & Danny Fingeroth - Spiderman)

Abominations (Jason Henderson - Hulk)

Generation X (Scott Lobdell & Elliot Maggin)

Smoke and Mirrors (Eluki Bes Shahar - X-Men)

Lizard’s Rage (Neal Barrett - Spiderman)

Valley of the Lizard (John Vornholt - Spiderman)

Redemption of the Silver Surfer (Michael Jan Friedman)

Countdown to Chaos (Pierce Askegren - The Fantastic Four)

Time’s Arrow: The Past (Tom DeFalco & Jason Henderson)

Time’s Arrow: The Present (Tom DeFalco & Adam-Troy Castro)

Time’s Arrow: The Future (Tom DeFalco & Eluki Bes Shahar)

Holocaust for Hire (Joseph Silva)

Stalker from the Stars (Joseph Silva, Len Wein, and Marv Wolfman)

Venom's Wrath (Keith R.A. DeCandido & Jose R. Nieto)

The Trial of Captain America (Tony Isabella & Bob Ingersoll)

Thunderbolts (Pierce Askegren)

The Gathering of the Sinister Six (Adam-Troy Castro)

Revenge of the Sinister Six (Adam-Troy Castro)

Secret of the Sinister Six (Adam-Troy Castro)

Wanted: Dead or Alive (Craig Shaw Gardner)

Cry of the Beast (Richard Meyers)

The Man Who Stole Tomorrow (David Micheline)

Liberty’s Torch (Tony Isabella & Bob Ingersoll)

The Cutting Edge (Madeleine E. Robins)

Emerald Mystery (Dean Wesley Smith)

Empyre (Will Murray)

Goblin Moon (Kurt Busick & Nathan Archer)

The Cutting Edge (Madeline Robins)

Genogoths (J. Steven York)

Mayhem in Manhattan (Len Wein & Marv Wolfman)

Hulk (Peter David)

Spider-Man (Peter David)

Spider-Man 2 (Peter David)

War Zone (Greg Cox - Fantastic Four)

Down These Mean Streets (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

Tomorrow Men (Michael Jan Friedman)

The Baxter Effect (Dave Stern - Fantastic Four)

The Darkest Hours (Jim Butcher)

Against All Enemies (Alex Irvine - The Ultimates)

Violent Tendencies (Mark Cerasini - Wolverine)

Rise of the Silver Surfer (David Josephs - Fantastic Four)

What Lies Between (Peter David - Fantastic Four)

Drowned in Thunder ( Christopher L. Bennett - Spiderman)

Femme Fatales (Robert Greenberger - Iron Man)

Virus (Alex Irvine - Iron Man)

Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Dan Abnett - Avengers)

Secret Wars (Alexander Irvine)

Days of Future Past (Alexander Irvine - X Men)

Kraven's Last Hunt (Neil Kleid - Spiderman)

Natural Enemy (Jason Starr - Ant Man)

Paws (Stefan Petrucha - Deadpool)

The Death of Captain America (Alexander Irvine - Captain America)

Who Is the Black Panther? (Jesse Holland - Black Panther)

Civil War (Stuart Moore - Avengers)

Forever Young (Stefan Petrucha - Spiderman)

Liberation Run (Tess Sharpe - Captain Marvel)

Infinity (James A. Moore - Avengers)

Thanos: Death Sentence (Stuart Moore -Thanos)

Wastelands: Star-Lord by Sarah Cawkwell

The Tyrant Skies by David Annandale

Shadow Avengers by Carrie Harris



7.             As the Worlds Burns (Peter David)

You Are Spiderman (Richie Chevat)


Deadly Cure (Bill McCay - Spiderman)

Steel Terror (David Seidman - Iron Man)




Nexus Uprising (Jason M. Hough & K.C. Alexander)

Initiation (N.K. Jemisin & Mac Walters)

Annihilation (Catherynne M. Valente)



1.             Night of the Living Shark! (David Bischoff)

2.             Night of the Living Rat (Debra Doyle & James MacDonald

3.             Night of the Living Gator! (Richard Lupoff)


MICRO ADVENTURE  (Not all titles were SF)

1.             Space Attack (Eileen Buckholtz & Ruth Glick)

2.             Jungle Quest (Megan & H. William Stine)

4.             Time Trap (Jean M. Favors)




The Great Gradepoint Mystery (Barbara Bartholomew)

The Lost Forest (Ian McMahan)

The Fox’s Lair (Ian McMahan)

Lake Fear (Ian McMahan)




1.             The Frenchman (Elizabeth Hand)



1.             In Lunacy (William F. Wu)

2.             Frenzy (John-Allen Price)

3.             Dementia (Michael A. Stackpole)


MUTANTS AMOK  (all as by Mark Grant)

1.             Mutants Amok (David Bischoff)

2.             Mutant Hell

3.             Rebel Attack





My Favorite Martian (Dona Smith)

Crash Landing (Beth Nadler)




Survival Instinct (Andy Chambers)

Salvation (C.S. Goto)

Junktion (Matthew Farrer)

Cardinal Crimson (Will McDermott)

Fleshworks (Loren Coleman)

Outlander (Matt Keefe)

Back from the Dead (Nick Kyme)

Lasgun Wedding (Will McDermott)







High Wire (Mel Odom)

Deathworld (Diane Duane)

Point of Impact (Steve Perry)

Cold Case (Bill McCay)

Runaways (Diane Duane)

Cybernation (Steve Perry)

Cloak and Dagger (John Helfers and Russell Davis)

Death Match (Diane Duane)

Changing of the Guard (Steve Perry & Larry Segriff)


NEW ADVENTURES (Formerly of Doctor Who but continued after the franchise was withdrawn without the main character)


1.             Oh No It Isn’t! (Paul Cornell)

2.             Dragons Wrath (Justin Richards)

3.             Beyond the Sun (Matthew Jones)

4.             Ship of Fools (Dave Stone)

5.             Down (Lawrence Miles)

6.             Ghost Devices (Simon Bucher-Jones)

7.             Dead Fall (Gary Russell)

8.             Mean Streets (Terrance Dicks)

9.             Tempest (Christopher Bulis)

10.           Walking to Babylon (Kate Orman)

11.           Oblivion (Dave Stone)

12.           The Medusa Effect (Justin Richards)

13.           Dry Pilgrimage (Paul Leonard and Nick Walters)

14.           The Sword of Forever (Jim Mortimore)

15.           Another Girl, Another Planet (Martin Day & Len Beech)

16.           Beige Planet Mars (Lance Parkin & Mark Clapham)

17.           Where Angels Fear (Rebecca Levene & Simon Winstone)

18.           The Mary Sue Extrusion (Dave Stone)

19.           Dead Romance (Lawrence Miles)

20.           Tears of the Oracle (Justin Richards)

21.           Return to the Fractured Planet (Dave Stone)




1.             Yanked! (Nancy Kress)

2.             Tiger in the Sky (Sheila Finch)

3.             The Game of Worlds (Roger MacBride Allen)




Unnatural History (Jonathan Green)

El Sombra (Al Ewing)

Gods of Manhattan (Al Ewing)

Royal Blood (Jonathan Green)

Leviathan Rising (Jonathan Green)

Human Nature (Jonathan Green)

Pax Omega (Al Ewing)


PERRY RHODAN  (Special adventures published out of sequence are inserted where they fit in the continuing story.)


1.             Enterprise Stardust (K.H. Scheer & Walter Ernsting)

2.             The Radiant Dome (K.H. Scheer & Walter Ernsting)

3.             Galactic Alarm (Kurt Mahr & W.W. Shols)

4.             Invasion from Space (Walter Ernsting & Kurt Mahr)

(4/5)        The Wasp Men Attack (W.W. Shols)

5.             The Vega Sector (K.H. Scheer & Kurt Mahr)

6.             The Secret of the Time Vault (Clark Darlton)

7.             Fortress of the Six Moons (K.H. Scheer)

8.             The Galactic Riddle (Clark Darlton)

9.             Quest Through Space and Time (Clark Darlton)

10.           The Ghosts of Gol (Kurt Mahr)

11.           The Planet of the Dying Sun (Kurt Mahr)

12.           The Rebels of Tuglan (Clark Darlton)

13            The Immortal Unknown (K.H. Scheer)

14.           Venus in Danger (Kurt Mahr)

(14/15)    Menace of Atomigeddon (Kurt Mahr)

15.           Escape to Venus (Clark Darlton)

16.           Secret Barrier X (W.W. Shols)

17.           The Venus Trap (Kurt Mahr)

18.           Menace of the Mutant Master (Kurt Mahr)

19.           Mutants vs Mutants (Clark Darlton)

20.           The Thrall of Hypno (Clark Darlton)

21.           The Cosmic Decoy (K.H. Scheer)

22.           The Fleet of the Springers (Kurt Mahr)

23.           Peril on Ice Planet (Kurt Mahr)

(23/24)    Robot Threat: New York (W.W. Shols)

24.           Infinity Flight (Clark Darlton)

25.           Snowman in Flames (Clark Darlton)

26.           Cosmic Traitor (Kurt Brand)

27.           Planet of the Gods (Kurt Mahr)

28.           The Plague of Oblivion (Clark Darlton)

29.           A World Gone Mad (Clark Darlton)

30.           To Arkon! (Kurt Mahr)

31.           Realm of the Tri-Planets (K.H. Scheer)

32.           Challenge of the Unknown (Clark Darlton)

33.           The Giant’s Partner (Clark Darlton)

34.           SOS: Spaceship Titan! (Kurt Brand)

35.           Beware the Microbots (Kurt Mahr)

36.           Man and Monster (K.H. Scheer)

37.           Epidemic Center: Aralon (Clark Darlton)

38.           Project: Earthsave (Kurt Brand)

39.           The Silence of Gom (Kurt Mahr)

40.           Red Eye of Betelgeuse (Clark Darlton)

41.           The Earth Dies (Clark Darlton)

42.           Time’s Lonely One (K.H. Scheer)

43.           Life Hunt (Kurt Brand)

44.           The Pseudo One (Clark Darlton)

45.           Unknown Sector: Milky Way (Kurt Mahr)

46.           Again: Atlan! (K.H. Scheer)

47.           Shadow of the Mutant Master (Kurt Brand)

48.           The Dead Live (Clark Darlton)

49.           Solar Assassins (Kurt Mahr)

50.           Attack from the Unseen (Clark Darlton)

51.           Return from the Void (Kurt Mahr)

52.           Fortress Atlantis (K.H. Scheer)

53.           Spybot! (Clark Darlton)

54.           The Blue Dwarfs (Kurt Mahr)

55.           The Micro-Techs (Clark Darlton)

56.           Prisoner of Time (Clark Darlton)

57.           A Touch of Eternity (Clark Darlton)

58.           The Guardians (Kurt Mahr)

59.           Interlude on Siliko 5 (Kurt Brand)

60.           Dimension Search (Kurt Mahr)

61.           Death Waits in Semispace (Kurt Mahr)

62.           The Last Days of Atlantis (K.H. Scheer)

63.           The Tigris Leaps (Kurt Brand)

64.           The Ambassadors from Aurigel (Kurt Mahr)

65.           Renegades of the Future (Kurt Mahr)

66.           The Horror (William Voltz)

67.           Crimson Universe (K.H. Scheer)

68.           Under the Stars of Druufon (Clark Darlton)

69.           The Bonds of Eternity (Clark Darlton)

70.           Thora’s Sacrifice (Kurt Brand)

71.           The Atom Hell of Grautier (Kurt Mahr)

72.           Caves of the Druufs (Kurt Mahr)

73.           Spaceship of Ancestors (Clark Darlton)

74.           Checkmate: Universe (Kurt Mahr)

75.           Planet Topide, Please Reply! (Kurt Brand)

76.           Recruits for Arkon (Clark Darlton)

77.           Conflict Center: Naator (Clark Darlton)

78.           Power Key (K.H. Scheer)

79.           The Sleepers (William Voltz)

80.           The Columbus Affair (K.H. Scheer)

81.           Pucky’s Greatest Hour (Kurt Brand)

82.           Atlan in Danger (Kurt Brand)

83.           Ernst Ellert Returns! (Clark Darlton)

84.           Secret Mission: Moluk (William Voltz)

85.           Enemy in the Dark (Kurt Mahr)

86.           Blazing Sun (Clark Darlton)

87.           The Starless Realm (Clark Darlton)

88.           The Mystery of the Anti (K.H. Scheer)

89.           Power’s Price (Kurt Brand)

90.           Unleashed Powers (Kurt Brand)

91.           Friend to Mankind (William Voltz)

92.           The Target Star (K.H. Scheer)

93.           Vagabond of Space (Clark Darlton)

94.           Action: Division 3 (Kurt Mahr)

95.           The Plasma Monster (Kurt Mahr)

96.           Horn: Green (William Voltz)

97.           Phantom Fleet (Clark Darlton)

98.           The Idol from Passa (Kurt Mahr)

99.           The Blue System (K.H. Scheer)

100.         Desert of Death’s Domain (Kurt Mahr)

101.         Blockade: Lepso (Kurt Brand)

102.         Spoor of the Antis (William Voltz)

103.         False Front (Clark Darlton)

104.         The Man With Two Faces (Kurt Brand)

105.         Wonderflower of Utik (Kurt Mahr)

106.         Caller from Eternity (Kurt Brand)

107.         The Emperor and the Monster (William Voltz)

108.         Duel Under the Double Sun (K.H. Scheer)

109.         The Stolen Spacefleet (Clark Darlton)

110.         Sgt Robot (Kurt Mahr)

111.         Seeds of Ruin (William Voltz)

112.         Planet Mechanica (K.H. Scheer)

113.         Heritage of the Lizard People (Clark Darlton)

114.         Death’s Demand (Kurt Mahr)

115.         Saboteurs in A-1 (Kurt Brand)

116.         The Psycho Duel (William Voltz)

117.         Savior of the Empire (K.H. Scheer)

118.         The Shadows Attack (Clark Darlton)

Unnumbered - In the Center of the Galaxy (Clark Darlton)

119.         Between Galaxies (Kurt Mahr) – aka Between the Galaxies

120.         Killers from Hyperspace

121.         Atomic Explosion on Mechanica (aka Atom Fire on Mechanica)

122.         Volunteers for Frago (Kurt Brand) (aka Volunteers at Frago)

123.         Fortress in Time (Kurt Mahr)

124.         The Sinister Power (Kurt Brand)

125.         Robots, Bombs, and Mutants

126.         The Cannons of Everblack (K.H. Scheer) (aka The Guns of Everblack)

127.         Sentinels of Solitude

128.         The Beasts Below (Kurt Mahr)

129.         Blitzkrieg Galactica (Kurt Brand)

130.         Peril Unlimited (aka Gigantic Risk) (Kurt Brand)

131.         World Without Mercy

132          A Dead One Should Not Die (Clark Darlton) (aka Deadmen Shouldn't Die)

133.         Station of the Invisibles (Kurt Mahr)

134.         Agents of Destruction (Kurt Brand)


Titles from this point on were announced in the Ace editions but have never been published in English. Title translations and dates were inconsistent, and apparently the numbering wasn’t always calculated correctly.  Some appear to be alternate translations of the title, but others appear to be different stories entirely.)

135.  Humans: Forbidden

136.  Robotropolis!

137.  The Spectral Army

138.  Beyond the Time Wall (Kurt Mahr)

139.  Machines Amok! (William Voltz)

140.  Intercosmos (Kurt Brand)

141.  World of 100 Suns (Kurt Brand)

142.  The Specialists

143.  Signals from Eternity

144.  Greater Than the Sun

145.  A Handful of Life

146.  The Hunted of Aralon (William Voltz)

147.  The Slaves from Nowhere

148.  Lemy & the Toadwolf (K.H. Scheer)

149.  Explorer in Danger

150.  Scourge of the Galaxy (Clark Darlton)

151.  Bwana Pucky (Kurt Brand)

152.  The Mirror of Horror (Kurt Mahr)

154.  Death Pact (William Voltz)

155.  The Second Empire (Clark Darlton)

156.  Grasp of the Giant Planet

157.  Contact Ship Terrania (Kurt Brand)

158.  Esyal’s Labyrinth

159.  Spies from Terra (Kurt Mahr)

160.  The Ice Trap

161.  Mini-Men of Siga

162.  Star Jungle

163.  Four Powers Fight

164.  Secret of the Holy Island

165.  Enterprise Nautilus

166.  Operation: Smash

167.  Race Against Time (Kurt Mahr)

168.  The Last Minute

169.  Decline of the Second Empire

170.  Death Candidates of Akon

171.  Crashlanding on Beauly 2

172.  The Merciless Opponent

173.  Captive in Central City

174.  Three from the Galactic Defense

175.  The Jungle Army (William Voltz)

176.  Pucky & the Blue Guard (Clark Darlton)

177.  Flames Over Badun (Kurt Brand)

178.  The Hypnosphere (Kurt Brand)

179.  Soldiers for Kahalo (Kurt Mahr)

180.  The Living Dead (K.H. Scheer)

181.  Mousebeaver Expedition (Clark Darlton)

182.  Admiral Geko (Clark Darlton)

183.  Tschato, the Lion (William Voltz)

184.  Ruse of the Akons (William Voltz)

185.  Panic in the Solar System

186.  The Secret Invasion (Kurt Mahr)

187.  The Fall of the Star Dictator (Kurt Mahr)

188.  Planet of the Last Hope (K.H. Scheer)

189.  Hell Dance of the Giants (William Voltz)

190.  The Last Bastion (H.G. Ewers)

192.  The Road to Andromeda

193.  Star Station in the Void

194.  The Saviors of Khrest

195.  Exile City

196.  The Drung (Kurt Brand)

197.  The Guards of Andromeda (H.G. Ewers)

198.  Terror of the Hollow Worlds

199.  Ice Age 73

200.  The Blue Rulers

201.  Spell of the Living Dead (Spell of the Living Head)

202.  Trackdown: Khrest! (Trail: Khrest) (H.G. Ewers)

203.  Secret Weapon: Horror

204.  The Micro-Fortress

205.  Giants of the South Pole

206.  Battle for the Pyramids (Battle Objective: Pyramids) (Kurt Mahr)

207.  Terminal of Horror (Terror Terminus) (H.G. Ewers)

208.  Departure (William Voltz)

209.  Peril from the Past (K.H. Scheer)

210.  Focus: Twin

211.  Teleporter: Alert! (Teleporter: Attention)

212.  Death from the Stars

213.  Andro-Alpha Abduction

216.  Agents vs the Empire (Clark Darlton)

217.  Rendezvous in Outer Space (Rendezvous in the Universe) (Kurt Mahr)

218.  The Parasprinter

219.  Duplo and His Shadow

220.  Revenge of the Mutants

221.  Enemy from an Unknown Galaxy (Fiend from the Unknown Galaxy)

222.  Death from the Stars

223.  System of the Lost  (Twin Finale)

224.  The Time Trap

225.  Spacesweeper 008 (Secret Satellite Troja)

226.  Guard Commander Andro-Beta (H.G. Ewers)

227.  The White Trunks (William Voltz)

229.  Three Star Brothers (Kurt Mahr)

230.  Convoy into Uncertainty (K.H. Scheer)

231.  Hot Radiation World (World Under Radiation) (Clark Darlton)

232.  Hell’s Threshold (H.G. Ewers)

233.  Three from the Khrest (Five from the Khrest)

234.  Enigma from the Swamp Planet (Swamp Planet Enigma)(William Voltz)

236.  The Sphere from Time and Space (Clark Darlton)

238.  Control Station Modul (H.G. Ewers)

239.  Master of the Androids

240.  Lifestake!

241.  Spirit of the Machine

242.  The 6th Epoch

243.  Army of the Biosplitters

247.  Forbidden Andromeda

248.  Guardians of the Center

249.  The Triple Slayer

250.  The Micro Executioner

251.  Robot Unnatural (The Unrobotic Robot)

252.  Ghosts of the Past

253.  The Devil’s Factory

254.  The Masterplan

255.  Fear: 7 Hours

256.  Invasion of the Dead

257.  The Time Eye

258.  The Darak Temples

259.  Tomorrow’s Yesterday

260.  Space Time Assault Trip

261.  Ultimatum: Unknown

262.  World of the Disembodied

263.  Flagship in Distress

264.  Beneath the Glaciers of Nevada

265.  Between Fire and Eye

266.  Flight to Barkon

267.  Lost in Time

268.  Commands from the 5th Dimension

269.  Secret Mission to Lemuria

270.  The Masters of Time

272.  Space Detectives

273.  Battle in the Ocean Depths

274.  Flight from the Poisoned Planet

275.  Assault Against Earth


277.  The Third Weapon (William Voltz - also attributed to H.G. Ewers)

278.  Mission: Teleport Sphere (H.G. Ewers)

279.  Hall of the Invincibles (H.G. Ewers)

280.  The Sun Hell

281.  System of the Blue Giant (Clark Darlton)

282.  Coordinates: Beyond!  (Clark Darlton)

283.  Bridge Between the Stars


285.  Central Star Station

286.  The Conquerors

287.  The Lost Planet (Clark Darlton)

288.  Mistress of the Stars

289.  Superfortress Tamanium

290.  Sleepers Amok!  (Power’s End)

291.  Alarm in Sector Eos

292.  The Platform of Fear

293.  Presenting Pucky & Son (Platform: Fright)

294.  Death’s Labyrinth

295.  Attack on Old Man

296.  The Hour of the Hypno-Crystals

297.  No Rescue for Battleship Omaso (Hour of the Hypno Crystal)

298.  Spaceship in Trouble (Conrad Shephard)

299.  Might of the Glassites

300.  Green Moon Over Jelly City

301.  Slave World: Magellan

302.  The Time Traveler’s Gift (Clark Darlton)

303.  Deadly Cargo to Danger 1

304.  Secret of the Rainworld

305.  Lair of the Lion People (William Voltz)

306.  Chaos Over Modula (H.G. Ewers)

307.  Cruise Through Magellan

308.  Ruinbound

309.  Terror on Crystal Planet

310.  The Volunteers

311.  The Phantom Transmitter

312.  Operation: Lightning

313.  Incident in Tiger Sector

314.  A Giant Wakes

316.  Stranded in Nowhere (Clark Darlton)

317.  Time Experiment of the Exiles (The Time Experiment)

319.  The Fantastic Four (The Uncanny 4)

320.  Fleet of Glass Coffins

321.  A Planet Goes Crazy

322.  A Man Like Rhodan

323.  Revolt of Mankind (Mankind Rebels)

324.  Battle for the Moon of Neptune (Ocean of Dreams)

325.  Planet of 1000 Pleasures (Sea of Dreams)

326.  Into the Giant’s Arsenal (William Voltz)

328.  Contact: Unknown

329.  The Citadel of Steel

330.  Chamber of a Thousand Horrors

331.  Cosmic Crossroads

332.  A Planetary Gaol

333.  The Beasts Must Die!

334.  Planet of a Thousand Joys

335.  The Kidnappers of the Chosen Ones

336.  Pursuit in Semi-Space

338.  The Seekers of M87

339.  The Cosmic Trap

340.  The Wave of the Khrest

341.  The Robot Patrol

343.  Planet of the Deadly Silence

347.  Time Policeman

348.  The Arena

349.  The Gladiator

352.  Realm of the Teleporters

353.  Tower of Eternal Life

354.  Madman and Deadman

355.  The Green Beasts

357.  The Radiant Net

358.  Riddle of the Bio-Station

359.  Center of the Giant Sun

360.  Hytrans: Galactica

361.  The Dolan Hunt

364.  The Forbidden World

365.  Sun Strike!

366.  Mighty Sepulveda

367.  The Andromeda Conspiracy

368.  Voices from the Past

370.  Horror World

373.  Enterprise: South Sea

374.  Planet of Ruins

375.  Fantastic Journey

376.  The World of the Invisibles (H.G. Ewers)

377.  The Last of Francis Drake (Hans Kneifel)

378.  Help from Sol

379.  Trail Between the Stars (H.G. Ewers)

380.  Gods from the Cosmos (Clark Darlton)

381.  Moon of Rebellion (Hans Kneifel)

382.  Radiation Storm Space Storm

383.  Deadly Harvest

384.  Ship of Green Ghosts

387.  The Hyper Plague (Kurt Mahr)

388.  Hideout: Futurity (Clark Darlton)

389.  System of the 13 Moons

390.  The End of the Dolans

391.  Alarm for the Galaxy

392.  Humanity’s Twilight

393.  Leap into Immensity (William Voltz)

394.  Galactic Mystery Ships

395.  Street of the Container

396.  Pirate Lady (William Voltz)

397.  The Asterian Marionettes

398.  Report from the Future (Clark Darlton)

399.  The New Element (H.G. Ewers)

401.  The Man Who Died Twice (Clark Darlton)

402.  The Seeker of Olymp (The Secret of Olymp)

403.  Focal Point: Mimas

404.  Danger from the Sun

405.  The Sun Investigator

406.  The Space Circus

407.  Explorers of the Suns (Friends from an Alien Universe)(Clark Darlton)

408.  The Supermutant (H.G. Ewers)

409.  Assault on the Intersolar (Intersolar in Peril)

411.  Crisis Conference (Conference of Traitors)

416.  Lost in the Time Stream (William Voltz)

417.  The Attack of the Centaurs (Hans Kneifel)

419.  The Lake of the Gods

421.  The Planet of Blue Towers

423.  Energy from Beyond

424.  The World of Mutants (Mutant World)

425.  City of a Thousand Traps

426.  The Heir of the Ertrusers (H.G. Ewers)

429.  The Year of the Cappins

430.  Sound Station Ovaron

431.  The Ring of the Ruined

432.  The World of the Mutants

433.  The Thing from the Moon

434.  Gods Sea

449.  Operations Base

452.  Time Point X

453.  Flight into the Unknown

456.  The False Ganjo

457.  Spaceship Summons

458.  The City and the Spaceship

459.  Dolda

461.  Death Flight

463.  Death Flies Aboard

464.  The Last Test

465.  The Mad Robot

466.  Duel of the Mighty

467.  The Great Vassal

468.  The Horror from Takera

469.  The Shadow Invaders

472.  The Thief from Gruelfin

473.  Band of Traitors

474.  The Fiends of Ganjos

475.  Again: Ganjos

476.  The End of Odikon (William Voltz)

477.  The Mutants of Erysgan (H.G. Ewers)

478.  Outer Space and Under Earth

479.  I, Ganjo (William Voltz)

480.  The Annihilation Plan (Clark Darlton)

481.  Pucky vs Traitor

482.  System of a Thousand Traps

483.  Transmitter Takera

484.  Super Prison

485.  Panic on Titan

487.  The Ambassador from Sol (Kurt Mahr)

488.  Flight of the Clans

489.  Servants of War (H.G. Ewers)

490.  The Return of the Takeran (Clark Darlton)

491.  Plutonian Orbit

492.  They Came from the Void (K.H. Scheer)

493.  Desert of Concrete (William Voltz)

494.  Knight of the Flaming Sword

495.  Digger’s Planet (Clark Darlton)

496.  Spaceship of Yellow Gods

497.  Prisoners of the Swarm (William Voltz)

498.  Goddess of the Symbiotes

499.  Interlude on Tahun (Clark Darlton)

500.  Rendezous Among the Stars

501.  Bandits from Terrania

502.  The Outcasts

505.  Place of the Damned

506.  The Space Courier

507.  Solitude’s Guardians

508.  Sandal the Avenger

510.  Emergency of the Immortals (Clark Darlton)

511.  The Secret Empire

516.  The Yellow Conqueror (Clark Darlton)

517.  The Great Death (William Voltz)

519.  The Isle of the Happy Ones

521.  The Last Days of the Amazons

523.  The Might of the 7

529.  The Panic Maker

530.  Cynos Experiment

531.  The Cynos Attack

532.  The Hour of the Centaurs

534.  Lucky Island

561.  Cappins Corps

562.  The Voices of Qual

563.  Spaceship of the Possessed

564.  The Hour of the Symbiotes

565.  The Lady and the Barbarian

566.  The Heaven Metal

567.  Flee the Lava Flow

577.  Arkon’s Game of Doubles (William Voltz)

578.  The Universe Giant

579.  Rescue Fleet

580.  The Survival Specialists (H.G. Ewers)

581.  Defense World

582.  Flight Target Unknown (Clark Darlton)

583.  The Paradox Intelligence (Ernst Vlcek)

584.  A World in Ruins

585.  Paranormal War

587.  Anti-matter Menace

588.  Planetoid in Hyper Storm

591.  Day of Decision

592.  The Invisible Barrier (Kurt Mahr)

593.  The False Mutant (William Voltz)

594.  The Leap to Luna (Clark Darlton)

595.  Planet of the Knights

596.  Power Triumphant

597.  Galaxy Zero (Hans Kneifel)

598.  Spaceship Marathon

599.  Iceworld Arena (William Voltz)

600.  On the Trail of the Pad (Clark Darlton)

601.  Operation Shining Hour

602.  Pilgrimage to Earth

603.  Nation Enslaved

605.  Robots Don’t Lie

606.  Target: Andromeda

607.  Danger: Andromeda (William Voltz)

608.  Andro Plague

610.  War of the Positronicon

611.  Pursuit of the Time Machine

616.  Catacombs: Nopaloor (Clark Darlton)

617.  The Null-Time Bridge

661.  Starbase Thundergod

662.  Pucky’s Peril in Hyperspace

663.  The Time Diver

665.  Spaceship Earth

666.  The Land of the Dreamer

667.  Monument of Might

677.  Planet in Panic (H.G. Francis)

679.  Chaos Reigns

680.  One Man War (H.G. Francis)

681.  Mutant Madness (Kurt Mahr)

682.  Flight of the Bodiless (Kurt Mahr)

683.  Sargasso of Space (Clark Darlton)

684.  The Insect Queen

685.  Cave of the Ploohns

687.  They Couldn’t Be Touched (Ernst Vlcek)

688.  The Ambassador of Peace

691.  Medaillon: Alien Sun

692.  Aphile: Against Humankind!

693.  Leap for Freedom

694.  The House of Silence

695.  Hunt the Outsider

696.  Rebels of the Alpha Empire

698.  The Solar Messenger

699.  Arena of Death

700.  Interlude on Saturn

701.  Fortress Titan

702.  Captive Spaceship

707.  War of the Sol (H.G. Ewers)

712.  Destination: Ovaron

716.  Secret Conference of the Rebels

717.  The Galactic Alliance

797.  Flight from Intermezzo

1800        Time Lapse (Robert Feldhoff)

1801        The Herreach (Robert Feldhoff)




1. Stuck in Time (Jasmine Jones)

2. The Great Fake-Out (Alice Alfonsi)

3. Blast from the Past (N.B. Grace)



1.             Thieves of Light (Michael Hudson)

2.             For the Glory (David Peters)

3.             High Stakes (David Peters)

4.             In Search of Mom (David Peters)

5.             This Is Your Life, Bhodi Li (David Peters)

6.             Exile (David Peters)

7.             Skin Deep (David Peters)


PLANET OF THE APES  (see also Return to the Planet of the Apes)

1.             Planet of the Apes (Pierre Boulle)

2.             Beneath the Planet of the Apes (Michael Avallone)

3.             Battle for the Planet of the Apes (David Gerrold)

4.             Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (John Jakes)

5.             Escape from the Planet of the Apes (Jerry Pournelle)


The Fall  (William T. Quick)

Colony (William T. Quick)


TV series

Man the Fugitive (George Alec Effinger)

Escape to Tomorrow (George Alec Effinger)

Journey into Terror (George Alec Effinger)




Visions from Nowhere (William Rotsler as William Arrow)

Escape from Terror Lagoon (Donald Pfeil as William Arrow)

Man, the Hunted Animal - (William Rotsler as William Arrow)




1.             Storm Knights (Bill Slavicsek and C.J. Tramontana)

2.             The Dark Realm (Douglas Kaufman)

3.             The Nightmare Dream (Jonathan Ariadne Caspian)

4.             City of Pain (John Terra)




Shadow of the Jaguar (Stephen Savile)

The Lost Island (Paul Kearney)

Extinction Event (Dan Abnett)



1.             The Prisoner (Thomas M. Disch)

2.             The Prisoner #2 (David McDaniel)

3.             A Day in the Life (Hank Stine)



1.             Quantum Leap: The Novel (Ashley McConnell)

2.             Too Close for Comfort (Ashley McConnell)

3.             The Wall (Ashley McConnell)

4.             Prelude (Ashley McConnell)

5.             Knights of the Morningstar (Melanie Rawn)

6.             Search and Rescue (Melissa Crandall)

7.             Random Measures (Ashley McConnell)

8.             Pulitzer (L. Elizabeth Storm)

9.             Foreknowledge (Christopher DeFilippis)


11.           Independence (John Peel)

12.           Angels Unaware (L. Elizabeth Storm)

13.           Obsessions (Carol Davis)

14.           Loch Ness Leap (Sandy Schofield)

15.           Heat Wave (Melanie Kent)

16.            Song and Dance (Mindy Peterson)


18.           Mirror's Edge (Carol Davis)



The Beginning (Julie Robitaille)

The Ghost and the Gumshoe (Julie Robitaille)

Carny Knowledge (?)




Various by Perry - need to enter

Extinction (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

Genesis (Keith R.A. DeCandido)




Born in Fire (Arthur Byron Cover)




The Crucible  (Gordon Rennie)




Original series by Melinda Metz

Loose Ends  (Greg Cox)

No Good Deed  (Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

A New Beginning (Kevin Ryan)

Turnabout (Andy Mangels and Michael R. Martin)

Pursuit (Andy Mangels)

Nightscape (Kevin Ryan)

Dreamwalk (Paul Ruditis)

Little Green Men (Dean Wesley Smith)

Quarantine (Laura J. Burns)

Shades (Mel Odom)

Skeletons in the Closet (Andy Mangels)




Invasion of the Bane (Terrance Dicks)

Revenge of the Slitheen (Rupert Slaight)

Eye of the Gorgon (Phil Ford)

Warriors of Kudlak (Gary Russell)


Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (Rupert Laight)

The Lost Boy (Gary Russell)

The Last Sontaran (Gary Russell)

The Day of the Clown (Phil Ford)

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (Gareth Roberts)



2.             Fire Below (Matthew J. Costello)

3.             The Ancient (David Bischoff)




1.             For Dead Eyes Only (Dean Wesley Smith)

2.             You Only Die Twice (Ryan Hughes)




1.             Sole Survivor (Shane Lacy Hensley)

2.             Beyond the Zone (Greg Farshtey & Ed Stark)

3.             The River of God (Greg Farshtey)



Hellbirds (Austin Mitchelson and Nicholas Utechin)

The Earthquake Machine (Austin Mitchelson and Nicholas Utechin)

All Consuming Fire (Andy Lane)

Time for Sherlock Holmes  (David Dvorkin)

Adventure of the Peerless Peer (Philip Jose Farmer)

The Other Log of Phileas Fogg (Philip Jose Farmer)

League of Dragons (George Alec Effinger)

Exit Sherlock Holmes (Robert Lee Hall)

The Infernal Device (Michael Kurland)

The Pandora Plague (Lee A. Matthias)

Sherlock Holmes on the Roof of the World (Thomas Kent Miller)

Sherlock Holmes' War of the Worlds (Manly Wade Wellman)

The Army of Dr. Moreau (Guy Adams)

The Stuff of Nightmares (James Lovegrove)

The Will of the Dead (George Mann)

The Thinking Engine (James Lovegrove)


SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN  (check sequence!!)

Cyborg (Martin Caidin) was the inspiration for the series.

1.             Wine, Women and War (Michael Jahn)

2.             Solid Gold Kidnapping (Evan Richard)

3.             High Crystal (Martin Caidin)

4.             Pilot Error (Jay Barbree)

5.             The Rescue of Athena One (Michael Jahn)

6.             Cyborg IV (Martin Caidin)

Operation Nuke (Martin Caidin)

The Secret of Big Foot Pass (Michael Jahn)

Internation Incidents (Michael Jahn)






Strange Visitors (Roger Stern)

Dragon (Alan Grant)

Hauntings  (Nancy Holder)

Whodunnit (Dean Wesley Smith)

Shadows (?)

Silence (?)

Curse (?)

City (Devin Grayson)




1.             Arrival (Michael Teitlebaum)

2.             See No Evil (Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottesfeld)

3.             Flight (Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottesfeld)

4.             Animal Rage (David Cody Weiss and Bobbi JG Weiss)

5.             Speed (Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottesfeld)

6.             Buried Secrets (Suzan Colon)

7.             Runaway (Suzan Colon)

8.             Greed (Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottesfeld)

9.             Temptation (Suzan Colon)

10.           Sparks (Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottesfeld)



1.             Breakaway (E.C. Tubb)

2.             Moon Odyssey (John Rankine)

3.             The Space Guardians (Brian Ball)

4.             Collision Course (E.C. Tubb)

5.             Lunar Attack (John Rankine)

6.             Astral Quest (John Rankine)

7.             Alien Seed (E.C. Tubb)

8.             Android Planet (John Rankine)

9.             Rogue Planet (E.C. Tubb)

10.           Phoenix of Megaron (John Rankine)



1.             Planets of Peril (Michael Butterworth)

2.             Mind-Breaks of Space (Michael Butterworth)

3.             The Space-Jackers (Michael Butterworth)

4.             The Psychomorph (Michael Butterworth)

5.             The Time Fighters (Michael Butterworth)

6.             The Edge of the Infinite (Michael Butterworth)


Resurrection (William Latham)

The Forsaken (John Kenneth Muir)




1.             Liberty's Crusade (Jeff Grubb)

2.             Shadow of the Xel'Naga (Gabriel Mesta)

3.             Speed of Darkness (Tracy Hickman)


Nova (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

First Born (Christie Golden)

Shadow Hunters (Christie Golden)

Queen of Blades (Aaron Rosenberg)

I, Mengsk (Graham McNeill)

Twilight (Christie Golden)

Flashpoint (Christie Golden)

Evolution (Timothy Zahn)




Starrise at Corrivale  (Diane Duane)

Storm at Eldala (Diane Duane)

Nightfall at Algemron (Diane Duane)

On the Verge (Roland Green)

Starfall (edited Martin Harry Greenberg)

Zero Point (Richard Baker)

Two of Minds (William Keith Jr.)

Gridrunner (Thomas Reid)





Rebellion (Bill McCay)

Retaliation (Bill McCay)

Retribution (Bill McCay)

Reconnaissance (Bill McCay)

Resistance (Bill McCay)

Children of the Gods (Ashley McConnell)

Stargate SG-1 (Ashley McConnell)

The Morpheus Factor (Ashley McConnell)

The Price You Pay (Ashley McConnell)

The First Amendment (Ashley McConnell)


Reliquary (Martha Wells)

Trial by Fire (Sabine C. Bauer)

Sacrifice Moon (Julie Fortune)

The Cost of Honor (Sally Malcolm)

A Matter of Honor (Sally Malcolm)

City of the Gods (Sonny Whitelaw)

Siren Song (Holly Scott & Jaimie Duncan)

Survival of the Fittest (Sabine C. Bauer)

Alliances (Karen Miller)

Roswell  (Sonny Whitelaw & Jennifer Fallon)

Relativity (James Swallow)

The Chosen (Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen)

Halcyon (James Swallow)

Exogenesis (Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen)

Entanglement (Martha Wells)

Casualties of War (Elizabeth Christensen)

Blood Ties (Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen)

Mirror Mirror (Sabine C. Bauer)

Nightfall (James Swallow)

Angelus (Peter J. Evans)

The Barque of Heaven (Suzanne Wood)

Do No Harm (Karen Miller)

Hydra (Holly Scott & Jaimie Duncan)






STAR TREK  (Note that in most cases, the series are in no particular order and are listed here in approximate order of publication.


Star Trek (James Blish)

Star Trek 2 (James Blish)

Star Trek 3 (James Blish)

Star Trek 4 (James Blish)

Star Trek 5 (James Blish)

Star Trek 6 (James Blish)

Star Trek 7 (James Blish)

Star Trek 8 (James Blish)

Star Trek 9 (James Blish)

Star Trek 10 (James Blish)

Star Trek 11 (James Blish)

Star Trek 12 (James Blish)


--Beginning of original novels rather than adaptations of scripts—All from Bantam unless otherwise indicated.


Spock Must Die! (James Blish) 1970

Spock Messiah (Theodore R. Cogswell & Charles A. Spano Jr.) 1976

The Price of the Phoenix (Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath) 1977

Planet of Judgment (Joe Haldeman) 1977

Mudd’s Angels (J.A. Lawrence) 1978

Vulcan! (Kathleen Sky) 1978

The Starless World (Gordon Eklund) 1978

The Fate of the Phoenix (Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath) 1979

World Without End (Joe Haldeman) 1979

Trek to Madworld (Stephen Goldin) 1979

Devil World (Gordon Eklund)?

The Galactic Whirlpool (David Gerrold) 1980

Perry’s Planet (Jack C. Haldeman III) 1980

Death’s Angel (Kathleen Sky) 1981



Star Trek: Voyage to Adventure (Michael J. Dodge - Archway gamebook)

Star Trek: Phaser Fight (Barbara & Scott Siegel - Archway gamebook)

The Vulcan Treasure (William Rotsler - Wanderer gamebook)

Distress Call! (William Rotsler - Wanderer gamebook)

Star Trek II Short Stories (William Rotsler - Wanderer)

Star Trek III Short Stories (William Rotsler - Wanderer)

Beyond Shattered Illusions (Carmen Dexter)

Strange New Worlds edited by Dean Wesley Smith


STAR TREK:  POCKET SERIES  (Although numbered, there are some titles that are novelizations and some specials so I have listed them by date of publication only.)

Film Novelizations:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Gene Roddenberry)

The Wrath of Khan (Vonda N. McIntyre) 1982

The Search for Spock (1984)

The Voyage Home (1986)

The Final Frontier (J.M. Dillard) 1989

The Undiscovered Country (J.M. Dillard) 1992

Generations (J.M. Dillard) 1996

First Contact (J.M. Dillard) 1997


The Entropy Effect (Vonda N. McIntyre) 1981

The Covenant of the Crown (Howard Weinstein) 1981

The Klingon Gambit (Robert E. Vardeman) 1981

The Abode of Life (Lee Correy) 1982

The Prometheus Design (Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath) 1982

Black Fire (Sonni Cooper) 1983

Web of the Romulans (M.S. Murdock) 1983

Triangle (Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath) 1983

Yesterday’s Son (A.C. Crispin) 1983

Mutiny on the Enterprise (Robert Vardeman) 1983

The Wounded Sky (Diane Duane) 1983

Corona (Greg Bear) 1984

My Enemy, My Ally (Diane Duane) 1984

The Trellisane Confrontation (David Dvorkin) 1984

The Vulcan Academy Murders (Jean Lorrah) 1984

The Final Reflection (John M. Ford) 1984

The Tears of the Singers (Melissa Snodgrass) 1984

Dwellers in the Crucible (Margaret Wander Bonanno) 1985

Ishmael (Barbara Hambly) 1985

Killing Time (Della Van Hise) 1985

Shadow Lord (Laurence Yep) 1985

Pawns and Symbols (Majliss Larson) 1985

Uhura’s Song (Janet Kagan) 1985

Dreadnought! (Diane Carey) 1986

Battlestations! (Diane Carey) 1986

Demons (J.M. Dillard) 1986

Mindshadow (J.M. Dillard) 1986

Enterprise: The First Adventure (Vonda N. McIntyre) 1986

Crisis on Centaurus (Brad Ferguson) 1986

Dreams of the Raven (Carmen Carter) 1987

Strangers from the Sky (Margaret Wander Bonanno) 1987

Chain of Attack (Gene DeWeese) 1987

Deep Domain (Howard Weinstein) 1987

Bloodthirst (J.M. Dillard) 1987

The Romulan Way (Diane Duane & Peter Morwood) 1987

How Much for Just the Planet? (John M. Ford) 1987

Time for Yesterday (A.C. Crispin) 1988

Final Frontier (Diane Carey) 1988

The Idic Epidemic (Jean Lorrah) 1988

Memory Prime (Garfield & Judith Reeves-Stevens) 1988

The Three-Minute Universe (Barbara Paul) 1988

The Final Nexus (Gene DeWeese) 1988

Timetrap (David Dvorkin) 1988

The Lost Years (J.M. Dillard) 1989

Spock’s World (Diane Duane) 1989

The Kobayashi Maru (Julia Ecklar) 1989

Double, Double (Michael Jan Friedman) 1989

Vulcan’s Glory (D.C. Fontana) 1989

The Cry of the Onlies (Judy Klass) 1989

The Pandora Principle (Carolyn Clowes) 1990

Doctor’s Orders (Diane Duane) 1990

Home Is the Hunter (Dana Kramer-Rolls) 1990

Enemy Unseen (V.E. Mitchell) 1990

Rules of Engagement (Peter Morwood)

Renegade (Gene DeWeese) 1991

The Rift (Peter David) 1991

Ghost Walker (Barbara Hambly) 1991

Legacy (Michael Jan Friedman) 1991

A Flag Full of Stars (Brad Ferguson) 1991

Prime Directive (Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens) 1991

Best Destiny (Diane Carey) 1992

Death Count (L.A. Graf) 1992

Faces of Fire (Michael Jan Friedman) 1992

The Disinherited (Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, & Robert Greenberger) 1992

Sanctuary (John Vornholt) 1992

Ice Trap (L.A. Graf) 1992

The Starship Trap (Mel Gilden) 1993

Probe (Margaret Wander Bonanno) 1993

Shell Game (Melissa Crandall) 1993

The Great Starship Race (Diane Carey) 1993

Windows on a Lost World (V.E. Mitchell) 1993

From the Depths (Victor Milan) 1993

Shadows on the Sun (Michael Jan Friedman) 1994

Firestorm (L.A. Graf) 1994

Crossroad (Barbara Hambly) 1994

Traitor Winds (L.A. Graf) 1994

The Patrian Transgression (Simon Hawke) 1994

The Better Man (Howard Weinstein) 1994

Sarek (A.C. Crispin) 1995

The Ashes of Eden (William Shatner) 1995

The Fearful Summons (Denny Martin Flinn) 1995

First Frontier (Diane Carey & Dr. James I. Kirkland) 1995

Federation ?

The Captain’s Daughter (Peter David)

Twilight’s End (Jerry Oltion)

The Rings of Tautee (Dean Wesley Smith & Kristin Kathryn Rusch)

Invasion: First Strike (Diane Carey)

The Joy Machine (James Gunn)

Demora (Peter David) 1997

Mudd in Your Eye (Jerry Oltion) 1997

Avenger (William Shatner - Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens) 1997

Mind Meld (John Vornholt) 1997

Starfleet Academy (Diane Carey) 1997

Vulcan’s Forge (Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz)

Heart of the Sun (Pamela Sargent & George Zebrowski)

Assignment Eternity (Greg Cox)

Treaty’s Law (Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Spectre (William Shatner)

Vulcan’s Heart (Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz)

Captain Pike (Jerry Oltion)

Spectre (Garfield & Judith Reeves-Stevens as William Shatner)

My Brother's Republic - Michael Jan Friedman

My Brother's Constitution - Michael Jan Friedman

My Brother's Keeper - Michael Jan Friedman

Dark Victory - William Shatner

Preserver – William Shatner

Swordhunt (Diane Duane)

Honor Blade (Diane Duane)

Cloak (S.D. Perry)

Rogue (Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin)

One Small Step (Susan Wright)

Chainmail (Diane Carey)

The Eugenics Wars (Greg Cox)

In the Name of Honor (Dayton Ward)

The Rise and Fall (Greg Cox)

The Last Round-Up (Christie Golden)

Present Tense (L. A. Graf)

Future Imperfect (L.A. Graf)

Past Prologue (L.A. Graf)

The Last Roundup (Christie Golden)

What Lay Beyond (Diane Carey, Peter David, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Susan Wright, Robert Greenberger, Christie Golden)

The Brave and the Bold Vol 1 (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

The Brave and the Bold Vol 2 (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

The Captain's Peril (William Shatner)

Past Prologue (L.A. Graf)

The Edge of the Sword  (Kevin Ryan)

River of Blood (Kevin Ryan)

Killing Blow (Kevin Ryan)

Gemini (Mike W. Barr)

Garth of Izar (Pamela Sargent & George Zebrowski)

Errand of Fury (Kevin Ryan)

Engines of Destiny (Gene DeWeese)

Captain's Blood (William Shatner)

Ex Machina (Christopher Bennett)

Catalyst of Sorrows (Margaret Wander Bonanno)

Exodus (Josepha Sherman & Susan H. Shwartz)

Captain’s Glory (William Shatner and Garfield & Judith Reeves-Stevens)

To Reign in Hell (Greg Cox)

Burning Dreams (Margaret Wander Bonanno)

Provenance of Shadows (David R. George III)

The Empty Chair (Diane Duane)

Collision Course (William Shatner, Garfield & Judith Reeves-Stevens)

Troublesome Minds (Dave Galanter)

Inception (S.D. Perry & Britta Dennison)

Crucible: Kirk: The Star to Every Wandering (David R. George III)

The Needs of the Many (Michael A. Martin & Jake Sisko)

Cast No Shadow (James Swallow)

 A Choice of Catastrophes (Michael Schuster and Steve Mollman)

The Rings of Time (Greg Cox)

That Which Divides (Dayton Ward)

Allegiance in Exile (David R. George III)

Devil's Bargain (Tony Daniel)

Star Trek into Darkness (Alan Dean Foster)

No Time Like the Past (Greg Cox)

Serpents in the Garden (Jeff Mariotte)

Foul Deeds Will Rise (Greg Cox)

Savage Trade (Tony Daniel)

Shadow of the Machine (Scott Harrison)

Crisis of Consciousness (Dave Galanter)

Child of Two Worlds (Greg Cox)

Elusive Salvation (Dayton Ward)

The Latter Fire (James Swallow)

Captain to Captain (Greg Cox)

Best Defense (David Mack)

The Face of the Unknown (Chrisopher L. Bennett)

The Captain's Oath (Christopher L. Bennett)

The Antares Maelstrom (Greg Cox)


STAR TREK: THE CARTOON SHOW  (All titles by Alan Dean Foster)

Star Trek Log One

Star Trek Log Two

Star Trek Log Three

Star Trek Log Four

Star Trek Log Five

Star Trek Log Six

Star Trek Log Seven

Star Trek Log Eight

Star Trek Log Nine

Star Trek Log Ten




1.             Crisis on Vulcan (Brad & Barbara Strickland)

2.             Aftershock (John Vornholt)

3.             Cadet Kirk (Diane Carey)




Forged in Fire  (Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels)




Desperate Hours (David Mack)

The Way to the Stars (Una McCormack)




1.             Into the Void (Peter David)

2.             House of Cards (Peter David)

3.             The Two-Front War (Peter David)

4.             End Game (Peter David)

5.             Martyr (Peter David)

6.             Fire on High (Peter David)

7              The Quiet Place (Peter David)

8.             Dark Allies (Peter David)

9.             Requiem (Peter David)

10.           Renaissance (Peter David)

11.           Restoration (Peter David)

12.           Walk Like a Man (Peter David)

13.           Cold Wars (Peter David)

14.           Being Human (Peter David)

15.           Gods Above (Peter David)

16            Stone and Anvil (Peter David)

17.            Blind Man's Bluff (Peter David)


STAR TREK:  DEEP SPACE NINE  (Note that novelizations are not numbered.  I have indicated year of publication for these.)

1.             Emissary (J.M. Dillard)

2.             The Siege (Peter David)

3.             Bloodletter (K.W. Jeter)

4.             The Big Game (Sandy Schofield)

5.             Fallen Heroes (Daffyd ab Hugh)

6.             Betrayal (Lois Tilton)

7.             Warchild (Esther Friesner)

8.             Antimatter (John Vornholt)

9.             Proud Helios (Melissa Scott)

10.           Valhalla (Nathan Archer)

11.           Devil in the Sky (Greg Cox and John Gregory Betancourt)

12.           The Laertian Gamble (Robert Sheckley)

13.           Station Rage (Diane Carey)

14.           The Long Night (Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

15.           Objective: Bajor (John Peel)

16.           Time’s Enemy (L.A. Graf)

17.           The Heart of the Warrior (John Gregory Betancourt)

18.           Saratoga (Michael Jan Friedman)

19.           The Tempest (Susan Wright)

20.           Wrath of the Prophets (Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger)

21.           Trial by Error (Mark Garland)

22.           Vengeance (Daffyd ab Hugh)

23.           34th Rule (Arnold Schimerman & ? George)

24.           The Conquered (Daffyd ab Hugh)

25.           The Courageous (Daffyd ab Hugh)

26.           The Rebels (Daffyd ab Hugh)

27.           A Stitch in Time (Andrew J. Robinson)




Avatar 1 (S.D. Perry)

Avatar 2 (S.D. Perry)

Abyss (Dean Weddle & Jeffrey Lang)


The Way of the Warrior (Diane Carey)

Warped (K. W. Jeter)

The Search (Diane Carey)

Trials and Tribble-Ations (Diane Carey)

Armageddon Sky (L.A. Graf)

The Mist (Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Far Beyond the Stars (Steven Barnes)

What You Leave Behind (Diane Carey)

The Fall of Terek Nor (Garfield & Judith Reeves-Stevens)

The Wrath of the Prophets (Garfield & Judith Reeves-Stevens)

Inferno (Garfield & Judith Reeves-Stevens)

Demons of Air and Darkness (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

Doors into Chaos (Robert Greenberger)

Unity (S. D. Perry)

The Lives of Dax (Marco Palmieri)

Rising Son (S.D. Perry)

Twilight (David R. George III)

This Gray Spirit (Heather Jarman)

Left Hand of Destiny 1 (J.G. Hertzler & Jeff Lang)

Left Hand of Destiny 2 (J.G. Hertzler & Jeff Lang)

Rising Son  (S.D. Perry)

Worlds of Star Trek: Cardassia (Una McCormack) and Andor (Heather Jarman)

Bajor (J. Noah Kym)

Trill (Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin)

Hollow Men (Una McCormack)

Warpath (David Mack)

Fearful Symmetry (Olivia Woods)

The Soul Key (Olivia Woods)

The Never-Ending Sacrifice (Una McCormack)

The Missing (Una McCormack)

Sacraments of Fire (David R. George III)

Ascendance (David R. George III)

The Long Mirage (David R. George III)

Control (David Mack)

Original Sin (David R. George III)




Drastic Measures (Dayton Ward)

The Way to the Stars (Una McCormack)




A Good Day to Die (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

Honor Bound (Keith R.A. DeCandido)




Well of Souls (Ilsa J. Bick)

The Art of the Impossible (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

Serpents Among the Ruins (David R. George III)

Sundered (Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels)

Deny Thy Father (Jeff Mariotte)




1.             Wagon Train to the Stars  (Diane Carey)

2.             Belle Terre (Diane Carey & Dean Wesley Smith)

3.             Rough Trails (L.A. Graf)

4.             The Flaming Arrow (Kathy & Jerry Oltion)

5.             Thin Air (Kristine Kathryn Rusch & Dean Wesley Smith)

6.             Challenger (Diane Carey)




Disavowed (David Mack)




The Case of the Colonist's Corpse (Bob Ingersoll and Tony Isabella)


STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE (for younger readers)

1.             The Star Ghost (Brad Strickland)

2.             Stowaways (Brad Strickland)

3.             Prisoners of Peace (John Peel)

4.             The Pet (Mel Gilden & Ted Pedersen)

5.             Arcade (Diana G. Gallagher)

6.             Field Trip (John Peel)

7.             Gypsy World (Ted Pedersen)

8.             Highest Score (Kem Antilles)

9.             Cardassian Imps (Mel Gilden)

10.           Space Camp (Ted Pedersen)

11.           Honor Bound (Diana Gallagher)

12.           Trapped in Time (Ted Pedersen)



After the Fall (Peter David)

Missing in Action  (Peter David)

Evolution: String Theory (Heather Jarman)


STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (Note that novelizations and some others are not numbered. I have indicated year of publication for these.

Encounter at Farpoint (David Gerrold) 1987

Metamorphosis (Jean Lorrah) 1990

Vendetta (Peter David) 1991

Unification (Jeri Taylor) 1991

Imzadi (Peter David) 1992

Relics (Michael Jan Friedman) 1992

Reunion (Michael Jan Friedman) 1992

Descent (Diane Carey) 1993

Dark Mirror (Diane Duane) 1994

The Devil’s Heart (Carmen Carter) ?

Kahless (Michael Jan Friedman)

Ancient Blood (Diane Carey)

Ship of the Line (Diane Carey)

Dujonian’s Hoard (Michael Jan Friedman)

The Valiant (Michael Jan Friedman)

The Genesis Wave 1(John Vornholt)

The Genesis Wave 2(John Vornholt)

The Genesis Wave 3(John Vornholt)

Genesis Force (John Vornholt)

I.Q. (John De Lancie & Peter David)

Maximum Warp Book 1 (Dave Galanter & Greg Brodeur)

Maximum Warp Book 2 (Dave Galanter & Greg Brodeur)

Doors into Chaos (Robert Greenberger)

Nemesis (J.M. Dillard)

Greater Than the Sum (Christopher L. Bennett)

The Body Electric (David Mack)


1.             Ghost Ship (Diane Carey)

2.             The Peacekeepers (Gene DeWeese)

3.             The Children of Hamlin (Carmen Carter)

4.             Survivors (Jean Lorrah)

5.             Strike Zone (Peter David)

6.             Power Hungry (Howard Weinstein)

7.             Masks (John Vornholt)

8.             The Captain’s Honor (David & Daniel Dvorkin)

9.             A Call to Darkness (Michael Jan Friedman)

10.           A Rock and a Hard Place (Peter David)

11.           Gulliver’s Fugitives (Keith Sharee)

12.           Doomsday World (Carmen Carter, Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, & Robert Greenberger)

13.           The Eyes of the Beholders (A.C. Crispin)

14.           Exiles (Howard Weinstein)

15.           Fortune’s Light (Michael Jan Friedman)

16.           Contamination (John Vornholt)

17.           Boogeymen (Mel Gilden)

18.           Q-in-Law (Peter David)

19.           Perchance to Dream (Howard Weinstein)

20.           Spartacus (T.L. Mancour)

21.           Chains of Command (Bill McCay & Eloise Flood)

22.           Imbalance (V.E. Mitchell)

23.           War Drums (John Vornholt)

24.           Nightshade (Laurell Hamilton)

25.           Grounded (David Bischoff)

26.           The Romulan Prize (Simon Hawke)

27.           Guises of the Mind (Rebecca Neason)

28.           Here There Be Dragons (John Peel)

29.           Sins of Commission (Susan Wright)

30.           Debtors’ Planet (W.R. Thompson)

31.           Foreign Foes (Dave Galanter & Greg Brodeur)

32.           Requiem (Michael Jan Friedman & Kevin Ryan)

33.           Balance of Power (Daffyd ab Hugh)

34.           Blaze of Glory (Simon Hawke)

35.           The Romulan Stratagem (Robert Greenberger)

36.           Into the Nebula (Gene DeWeese)

37.           The Last Stand (Brad Ferguson)

38.           Dragon’s Honor (Kij Johnson & Greg Cox)

39.           Rogue Saucer (John Vornholt)

40.           Possession (J.M. Dillard & Kathleen O’Malley)

41.           Invasion!: The Soldiers of Fear (Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

42.           Infiltrator (W.R. Thompson)

43.           A Fury Scorned (Pamela Sargent & George Zebrowski)

44.           The Death of Princes (John Peel)

45.           Intellivore (Diane Duane)

46.           To Storm Heaven (Esther Friesner)

47.           Q Space (Greg Cox)

48.           Q Zone (Greg Cox)

49.           Q Strike (Greg Cox)

50.           Dyson Sphere (Georg Zebrowski & Charles Pellegrino)

51.           Infection (John Gregory Betancourt)

52.           Vectors (Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

53.           Red Sector (Diane Carey)

54.           Quarantine (John Vornholt)

55.           Double of Nothing (Peter David)

56.           The First Virtue (Michael Jan Friedman & Christie Golden)

57.           The Forgotten War (William R. Forstchen)

58.           Gemworld (John Vornholt)

59            Gemworld 2 (John Vornholt)

60.           Tooth and Claw (Doranna Durgin)

61.           Diplomatic Implausbility (Ketih R.A. DeCandido)

62.           Rogue (Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin)


The Battle of Betazed (Susan Kearney and Charlotte Douglas)

The Stargazer Duology 1 (Michael Jan Friedman)

The Stargazer Duology 2 (Michael Jan Friedman)

A Hard Rain (Dean Wesley Smith)

Immortal Coil (Jeffery Lang)

Gauntlet (Michael Jan Friedman)

Progenitor (Michael Jan Friedman)

Do Comets Dream? (S.P. Somtow)

A Time to Be Born (John Vornholt)

Genesis Force (John Vornholt)

Three (Michael Jan Friedman)

Enigma (Michael Jan Friedman)

Titan (Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels)

The Red King (Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin)

Stargazer: Maker (Michael Jan Friedman)

Stargazer: Oblivion (Michael Jan Friedman)

Resistance (J.M. Dillard)

Death in Winter (Michael Jan Friedman)

Taking Wing (Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels)

The Red King (Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels)

Orion's Hounds (Geoffrey Thorne)

Sword of Damocles (Geoffrey Thorne)

The Buried Age (Christopher L. Bennett)

Before Dishonor (Peter David)

Over a Torrent Sea ( Christopher Bennett)

Losing the Peace (William Leisner)

The Sky's the Limit (edited Marco Palmieri)

Indistinguishable from Magic (David A. McIntee)

The Persistence of Memory (David Mack)

Silent Weapons (David Mack)

The Poisoned Chalice (James Swallow)

Peaceable Kingdoms (Dayton Ward)

Takedown (John Jackson Miller)

Armageddon's Arrow (Dayton Ward)

Hell's Heart (John Jackson Miller)

The Jackal's Trick (John Jackson Miller)

Headlong Flight (Dayton Ward)

Hearts and Minds (Dayton Ward)

Available Space (Dayton Ward)




1.             Planet X (Michael Jan Friedman)




Oblivion (Michael Jan Friedman)



1.             Worf’s First Adventure (Peter David)

2.             Line of Fire (Peter David)

3.             Survival (Peter David)

4.             Capture the Flag (John Vornholt)

5.             Atlantis Station (V.E. Mitchell)

6.             Mystery of the Missing Crew (Michael Jan Friedman)

7.             Secret of the Lizard People (Michael Jan Friedman)

8.             Starfall (Brad and Barbara Strickland)

9.             Nova Command (Brad and Barbara Strickland)

10.           Loyalties (Patricial Barnes-Svarney)

11.           Crossfire (John Vornholt)

12.           Breakaway (Bobbi JG & David Cody Weiss)

13.           The Haunted Starship (Brad and Kathi Ferguson)

14.           Deceptions (Bobbi JG & David Cody Weiss)




1.    Day of the Vipers (James Swallow)

2.    Night of the Wolves (S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison)

3.    Dawn of the Eagles (S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison)





Zero Sum Game (David Mack)

Seize the Fire (Michael A. Martin)

Rough Beasts of Empire (David R. George III)

Paths of Disharmony (Dayton Ward)

The Struggle Within (Christopher L. Bennett)

Plagues of Night (David R. George III)

Raise the Dawn (David R. George III)

Brinksmanship (Una McCormack)




Fallen Gods (Michael A. Martin)

Fortunes of War (David Mack)




Harbinger (David Mack)

Summon the Thunder (Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore)

Reap the Whirlwind (David Mack)

What Judgments Come (Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore)

Storming Heaven (David Mack)



1.             The Caretaker (L.A. Graf)

2.             The Escape (Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

3.             Ragnarok (Nathan Archer)

4.             Violations (Susan Wright)

5.             Incident at Arbuk (John Gregory Betancourt)

6.             The Murdered Sun (Christie Golden)

7.             Ghost of a Chance (Mark A. Garland & Charles G. McGraw)

8.             Cybersong (S.N. Lewitt)

9.             The Final Fury (Daffyd ab Hugh)

10.           Bless the Beasts (Karen Haber)

11.           The Garden (Melissa Scott)

12.           Chrysalis (David Niall Wilson)

13.           The Black Shore (Greg Cox)

14.           Marooned (Christie Golden)

15.           Echoes (Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Nina Kiriki Hoffman)

16            Seven of Nine (Christie Golden)

17.           Death of a Neutron Star (Eric Kotani)

18.           Battle Lines (Dave Galanter & Greg Brodeur)

19.           Cloak and Dagger (Christie Golden)

20.           Ghost Dance (Christie Golden)

21.           Shadow of Heaven (Christie Golden)


Flashback (Diane Carey)

Her Klingon Soul (Michael Jan Friedman)

Pathways (Jeri Taylor)

Fire Ship (Diane Carey)

Mosaic (Jeri Taylor)

Pathways (Jeri Taylor)

No Man's Land (Christie Golden)

Endgame (Diane Carey)

Homecoming (Christie Golden)

Enemy of My Enemy (Christie Golden)

Cohesion (Jeffrey Lang)

Full Circle (Kirsten Beyer)

Unworthy (Kirsten Beyer)

The Eternal Tide (Kirsten Beyer)

Protectors (Kirsten Beyer)

Atonement (Kirsten Beyer)

A Pocket Full of Lies (Kirsten Beyer)

Architects of Infinity (Kirsten Beyer)




Shadow (Kristine Kathryn Rusch & Dean Wesley Smith)

Cloak (S.D. Perry)

Abyss (David Weddle & Jeffrey Lang)




Miracle Workers (edited by John Ordover)

Have Tech, Will Travel (edited by John Ordover)

Some Assembly Required (edited by John Ordover)

No Surrender (edited by John Ordover)

Foundations (Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore)

Aftermath (edited by ?)

Grand Designs (edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido)




Long Shot (David Mack)




1.             Lifeline (Bobbi Joe & David Cody Weiss)

2.             The Chance Factor (Diana Gallagher & Martin Burke)

3.             Quarantine (Patricia Barnes-Svarney)




1.             War Dragons (L.A. Graf)

2.             Dujonian’s Hoard (Michael Jan Friedman)

3.             The Mist (Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

4.             Fire Ship (Diane Carey)

5.             Once Burned (Peter David)

6.             Where Sea Meets Sky (Jerry Oltion)




1.             Behind Enemy Lines (John Vornholt)

2.             Call to Arms (Diane Carey)




Starfleet - Year One (Michael Jan Friedman)


Star Trek Mirror Universe (Contains 3 novels, The Mirror-Scaled Serpent by Keith R.A. DeCandido, Cutting Ties by Peter David, and Saturn's Children by Sarah Shaw)

Watching the Clock (Christopher L. Bennett)

Rise Like Lions (David Mack)




What Price Honor  (Dave Stern)

Shockwave (Paul Ruditis)

Surak's Soul (J.M. Dillard)

Daedalus (Dave Stern)

Last Full Measure (Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels)

Kobayashi Maru (Michael A Martin & Andy Mangels)

Beneath the Raptor's Wing (Michael A. Martin)

To Brave the Storm (Michael A. Martin)

A Choice of Futures (Christopher L. Bennett)

Tower of Babel (Christopher L. Bennett)

Uncertain Logic (Christopher L. Bennett)

Live by the Code (Christopher L. Bennett)

Patterns of Interference (Christopher L. Bennett)




A Burning House (Keith R.A. DeCandido)




The Brave and the Bold 1 (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

The Brave and the Bold 2 (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

Garth of Izar (Pamela Sargent & George Zebrowski)

Articles of Federation (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

The Sorrows of Empire (David Mack)

Shattered Light (edited anonymously)


Gods of Night (David Mack)

Mere Mortals (David Mack)

A Singular Destiny (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

Fearful Symmetry (Olivia Woods)

Excelsion (Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels)




Darth Bane Series


Path of Destruction (Drew Karpshyn)


The Han Solo Trilogy.

1.             The Paradise Snare (A.C. Crispin)

2.             The Hutt Gambit (A.C. Crispin)

3.             Rebel Dawn (A.C. Crispin)


The Lando Calrissian series.


1.             Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu (L. Neil Smith)

2.             Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon (L. Neil Smith)

3.             Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonBoka (L. Neil Smith)


The Han Solo Series

1.             Han Solo at Star’s End (Brian Daley)

2.             Han Solo’s Revenge (Brian Daley)

3.             Han Solo and the Lost Legacy (Brian Daley)


Star Wars (George Lucas)

Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina (edited by Kevin J. Anderson)

The Ruins of Dantooine (Voronica Whitney-Robinson & Haden Blackman)

Allegiance (Timothy Zahn)

Splinter of the Mind's Eye (Alan Dean Foster)

The Empire Strikes Back (Donald Glut)

Tales of the Bounty Hunters

Shadows of the Empire (Steve Perry)

Return of the Jedi (  )

Tales from Jabba's Palace

Tales from the Empire

Tales from the New Republic

Death Star (Michael Reaves and Steve Perry)



The Bounty Hunters series

1.             The Mandalorian Armor (K.W. Jeter)

2.             Slave Ship (K.W. Jeter)

3.             Hard Merchandise (K.W. Jeter)


The Truce at Bakura (Kathy Tyers)


X-Wing Series.

1.             Rogue Squadron (Michael A. Stackpole)

2.             Wedge’s Gamble (Michael A. Stackpole)

3.             Krytos Trap (Michael A. Stackpole)

4.             The Bacta War (Michael A. Stackpole)

5.             Wraith Squadron (Aaron Allston)

6.             Iron Fist (Aaron Allston)

7.             Solo Command (Aaron Allston)


The Courtship of Princess Leia (Dave Wolverton)

A Forest Apart (Troy Denning – Digital only)

Tatooine Ghost (Troy Denning)



The Dark Force series

1.             Heir to the Empire (Timothy Zahn)

2.             Dark Force Rising (Timothy Zahn)

3.             The Last Command (Timothy Zahn)



Isard’s Revenge (Michael A. Stackpole)

I, Jedi (Michael Stackpole)


The Jedi Academy series

1.             Jedi Search (Kevin Anderson)

2.             Dark Apprentice (Kevin Anderson)

3.             Champions of the Force (Kevin Anderson)


Children of the Jedi (Barbara Hambly)

Darksaber (Kevin Anderson)

Planet of Twilight (Barbara Hambly)

Starfighters of Adumar (Aaron Allston)

The Crystal Star (Vonda McIntyre)



The Black Fleet Crisis

1.             Before the Storm (Michael Kube-McDowell)

2.             Shield of Lies (Michael Kube-McDowell)

3.             Tyrant’s Test (Michael Kube-McDowell)


The New Rebellion (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)


The Corellian series

1.             Ambush at Corellia (Roger MacBride Allen)

2.             Assault at Selonia (Roger MacBride Allen)

3.             Showdown at Centerpoint (Roger MacBride Allen)


1.             Specter of the Past (Timothy Zahn)

2.             Vision of the Future (Timothy Zahn)


Coruscant Nights


Jedi Twilight

Street of Shadows (Michael Reaves)


Junior Jedi Knights series.

1.             The Golden Globe (Nancy Richardson)

2.             Lyric’s World (Nancy Richardson)

3.             Promises (Nancy Richardson)

4.             Anakin’s Quest (Rebecca Moesta)

5.             Vader’s Fortress (Rebecca Moesta)

6.             Kenobi’s Blade (Rebecca Moesta)


Young Jedi Knights series

1.             Heirs of the Force (Kevin Anderson & Robecca Moesta)

2.             Shadow Academy (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

3.             The Lost Ones (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

4.             Lightsabers (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

5.             Darkest Knight (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

6.             Jedi Under Siege (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

7.             Shards of Alderaan (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

8.             Diversity Alliance (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

9.             Delusions of Grandeur (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

10.           Jedi Bounty (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

11.           The Emperor’s Plague (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

12.           Return to Ord Mantell (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

13.           Trouble on Cloud City (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

14.           Crisis at Crystal Reef (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

15.           Jedi Shadow (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta – omnibus of the first three titles)


Fool's Bargain

Mercy - Aaron Allston


The New Jedi Order


Vector Prime (R.A. Salvatore)


Thrawn Ascendancy


Chaos Rising

Greater Good

Lesser Evil


Dark Tide


Onslaught (Michael Stackpole)

Ruin (Michael Stackpole)


Agents of Chaos


Hero's Trial (James Luceno)

Jedi Eclipse (James Luceno)


Balance Point (Kathy Tyers)

Recovery (Troy Denning)


Edge of Victory


Conquest (Greg Keyes)

Rebirth (Greg Keyes)


Star by Star (Troy Denning)

Dark Journey (Elaine Cunningham)

Rebel Dream (Aaron Allston)

Rebel Stand (Aaron Allston)

Traitor (Matthew Stover)

Destiny's Way (Walter Jon Williams)

Ylesia (Walter Jon Williams)

Fate of the Jedi (Christie Golden)

Abyss ( Troy Denning)

Scoundrels (Timothy Zahn)

Apocalypse (Troy Denning)

The Force Heretic Series.

Maul - Lockdown (Joe Schreiber)

Honor Among Thieves (James S.A. Corey)

Kenobi (John Jackson Miller)

Razor's Edge (Martha Wells)

Scourge (Jeff Grubb)


1.             Remnant (Sean Williams & Shane Dix)

2.             Refugee (Sean Williams & Shane Dix)

3.             Reunion (Sean Williams & Shane Dix)


The Final Prophecy (Greg Keyes)

The Unifying Force (James Luceno)

Fatal Alliance (Sean Williams)

Heir to the Jedi (Kevin Hearne)


Dark Nest


1. The Joiner King

2. The Unseen Queen

3. The Swarm War


Legacy of the Force


1. Betrayal  (Aaron Allston)

2. Bloodline  (Karen Traviss)

3. Tempest  (Troy Denning)


5.  Sacrifice (Karen Traviss)

6.  Revelation (Karen Traviss)




Dark Tide Ruin (Michael A. Stackpole)

Conquest (Greg Keyes)

Dark Rendezvous (Sean Stewart)

Order 66 (Karen Traviss)

Death Troopers (Joe Schreiber)

Knight Errant (John Jackson Miller)



Soldier of the Empire (William C. Dietz)

Rebel Agent (William C. Dietz)

Jedi Knight (William C. Dietz)

Anakin/Vader (Ryder Windham)


The Glove of Darth Vader (Paul Davids and Hollace Davids)

The Lost City of the Jedi (Paul Davids and Hollace Davids)

Zorba the Hutt’s Revenge (Paul Davids and Hollace Davids)

Mission from Mount Yoda (Paul Davids and Hollace Davids)

Queen of the Empire (Paul Davids and Hollace Davids)

Prophets of the Dark Side (Paul Davids and Hollace Davids)


1.             Eaten Alive (John Whitman)

2.             City of the Dead (John Whitman)

3.             Planet Plague (John Whitman)

4.             The Nightmare Machine (John Whitman)

5.             Ghost of the Jedi (John Whitman)

6.             Army of Terror (John Whitman)

7.             The Brain Spiders (John Whitman)

8.             The Swarm (John Whitman)

9.             Spore (John Whitman)

10            Clones (John Whitman)

11.           The Doomsday Ship (John Whitman)

12.           The Hunger (John Whitman)


Legacy of the Jedi/Secrets of the Jedi (Jude Watson)


1. The Desperate Mission (Jude Watson)

2.  Dark Warning (Jude Watson)

3.  Underworld (Jude Watson)

4.  Death on Naboo (Jude Watson)

5.  A Tangled Web (Jude Watson)

6.  Return of the Dark Side (Jude Watson)

7.  Secret Weapon (Jude Watson)

8.  Last of the Jedi (Jude Watson)


The Ties That Bind (Jude Watson)


The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader (Ryder Windham)

Rebel Force #3 (?)


Choose Your Own Adventure

Survivor's Quest (Timothy Zahn)

Star Wars (Christopher Golden)

The Empire Strikes Back (Christopher Golden)

Return of the Jedi (Christopher Golden)

Wicket and the Dandelion Warriors  (Larry Weinberg)



STAR WARS - 2nd Trilogy



Saboteur (James Luceno – Ebook only)

Cloak of Deception (James Luceno)

Shadow Hunter (Michael Reaves)

The Phantom Menace (Terry Brooks)

The Phantom Menace (Patricia Wrede)

Rogue Planet (Greg Bear)

Outbound Flight

The Approaching Storm (Alan Dean Foster)

Attack of the Clones (R.A. Salvatore)

Shatterpoint (Matthew Stover)

The Hive

Triple Zero (Karen Traviss)

The Cestus Deception (Steven Barnes)

Battle Surgeons (Michael Reaves & Steve Perry)

Jedi Healer (Michael Reaves & Steve Perry)

Jedi Trial (David Sherman & Dan Cragg)

Dark Rendezvous

Labyrinth of Evil (James Luceno)

Hard Contact (Karen Traviss)

Revenge of the Sith (Matthew Stover)

Dark Lord (James Luceno)

Fury (Aaron Allston)

Bloodlines (Karen Traviss)

Dynasty of Evil (Drew Karpyshyn)

The Force Unleashed (Sean Williams)

Star Wars 501st (Karen Traviss)

Crosscurrent (Paul S. Kemp)

Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor (Matthew Stover)

Stealth (Karen Miller)

Siege (Karen Miller)

Red Harvest (Joe Schreiber)

Vortex (Troy Denning)

The Force Unleashed (Sean Williams)

Deceived (Paul S. Kemp)

Ascension (Christie Golden)

Choices of One (Timothy Zahn)

Riptide (Paul S. Kemp)

Darth Plagueis (James Luceno)

Shadow Games (Michael Reaves & Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff)

Scourge (Jeff Grubb)

Darth Maul’s Revenge (Eric Arnold)

Anakin’s Pit Droid (Justine & Ron Fontes)

Queen in Disguise (Monica Kulling)

Annakin Skywalker (Todd Strasser)

Queen Amidala (Jude Watson)

The Fight for Justice (John Peel)

Captive to Evil (Jude Watson)

Hero for Hire (Donna Tauscher)

Lords of the Sith (Paul S. Kemp)


Jedi Apprentice

The Rising Force - Dave Wolverton

The Dark Rival - Jude Watson

The Hidden Past - Jude Watson

The Mark of the Crown -

The Defenders of the Dead (Jude Watson)

The Uncertain Path

The Captive Temple (Jude Watson)

The Day of Reckoning (Jude Watson)

The Fight for Truth (Jude Watson)

The Shattered Peace

The Deadly Hunter

The Evil Experiment

The Dangerous Rescue (Jude Watson)

The Ties That Bind

The Death of Hope

The Call to Vengeance

The Only Witness (Jude Watson)



1. Assault on Yavin Four

2. Escape from Thyferra

3. Attack on Detrakkin

4. Destroy the Liquidator

5. The Hunt for Han Solo

6. The Search for Grubba the Hut (Dave Wolverton)

7. Ithorian Invasion (Dave Wolverton)

8. Togorian Trap (Dave Wolverton)

9. Revolt of the Battle Droids

10. Showdown in Mos Eisley (Ryder Windham)

11. Bounty Hunters vs Battle Droids

12. The Vactooine Disaster

13. Prisoner of the Nikto Pirates (Dave Wolverton)

14. The Monsters of Dweem (Dave Wolverton)

15. Voyage to the Underworld (Dave Wolverton)

16. Imperial Jailbreak

17. Darth Vader's Return

18. Rogue Squadron to the Rescue (Ryder Windham)

19. Bounty on Bonadan


Third Series


The Force Awakens (Alan Dean Foster)

Bloodline (Claudia Gray)





Bad Timing (Rebecca Levene)

Prophet Margin (Simon Spurrier)

Ruthless (Jonathan Clements)

A Fistful of Strontium (Jaspre Park and Steve Lyons)


SUPERMAN  (See also Smallville)

Superman Smashes the Secret of the Mad Dictator (George S. Elrick)

Heat Wave (Michael Jan. Friedman)

Exile (Michael Jan Friedman)

Deadly Games (Michael Jan Friedman)

Kingdom Come (Elliot S. Maggin)

Superman III (William Kotzwinkle)

Superman IV (Nancy Krulik)

Miracle Monday (Elliot S. Maggin)

Last Son of Krypton (Elliot S. Maggin)

The Death and Life of Superman (Roger Stern)

Last Sons (Alan Grant)

Superman Returns (Louise Simonson)

Strange Visitor (Louise Simonson)

It's Superman (Tom De Haven)

Infinite Crisis (Greg Cox)

Superman Returns (Marv Wolfman)

52: The Novel (Greg Cox)

Countdown (Greg Cox)

Final Crisis (Greg Cox)


TARZAN  (See Edgar Rice Burroughs for original series)

Adventure of the Peerless Peer (Philip Jose Farmer)

Tarzan and the Well of Slaves (Douglas Niles)

The Other Log of Phileas Fogg (Philip Jose Farmer)

Tarzan and the Valley of Gold (Fritz Leiber)

Tarzan: The Epic Adventures – R.A. Salvatore

Barton Werper




Rising Storm (S.M. Stirling)

The Future War (S.M. Stirling)

Terminator Dreams  (Aaron Allston)

Dark Futures (Russell Blackford)

An Evil Hour (Russell Blackford)

Times of Trouble (Russell Blackford)

Terminator Hunt (Aaron Allston)

From the Ashes (Timothy Zahn)

Terminator Salvation (Alan Dean Foster)

Cold War (Greg Cox)




1.             The Winning Side (Lance Parkin)

2.             The Tunnel at the End of the Light  (Stefan Petrucha)

3.             The Clockwork Woman (Claire Bott)

4.             Kitsune (John Paul Catton)

5.             The Severed Man (George Mann)

6.             Echoes (Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett)

7.             Peculiar Lives (Philip Purser-Hallard)

8.             Deus Le Volt (Jon de Burgh Miller)

9.             The Albino's Dancer (Dale Smith)



1.             Secret of the Knights (Jim Gasperini)

2.             Search for Dinosaurs (David Bischoff)

3.             Sword of the Samurai ( Michael Reaves & Steve Perry)

4.             Sail with Pirates (Jim Gasperini)

5.             Civil War Secret Agent (Steve Perry)

6.             Rings of Saturn (Arthur Byron Cover)

7.             Ice Age Explorer (Douglas Dixon)

8.             The Mystery of Atlantis (Jim Gasperini)

9.             Wild West Rider (Steven Overholser)

10.           American Revolutionary (Arthur Byron Cover)

11.           Mission to World War II (Susan Nanus and Marc Kornblatt)

12.           Search for the Nile (Robert W. Walker)

13.           Secret of the Royal Treasure (Carol Gaskin)

14.           Blade of the Guillotine (Arthur Byron Cover)

15.           Flame of the Inquisition (Marc Kornblatt)

16.           Quest for the Cities of Gold (Richard Glatzner)

17.           Scotland Yard Detective (Seymour V. Reit)

18.           Sword of Caesar (Robin Stevenson & Bruce Stevenson)

19.           Death Mask of Pancho Villa (George Guthridge & Carol Glaskin)

20.           Bound for Australia (Nancy Bailey)

21.           Caravan to China (Carol Gaskin)



2.             Glory’s End (Scott Ciencin as Nick Baron)

3.             Timecrime, Inc. (Debra Doyle & James MacDonald)

4.             The Dinosaur Trackers (John Gregory Betancourt, Arthur Byron Cover, & Tim Sullivan as Thomas Shadwell)

5.             The Pirate Paradox (Nick Baron & Greg Cox)

6.             Caesar’s Time Legions (John Gregory Betancourt as Jeremy Kingston)




Titan A.E. (Steve Perry & Dal Perry)

Cale's Story (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)

Akima's Story (Kevin Anderson & Rebecca Moesta)



All titles listed under Victor Appleton




Another Life (Peter Anghelides)

Border Princes (Dan Abnett)

Slow Decay (Andy Lane)

Something in the Water (Simon Baxendale)*

Trace Memory (David Llewellyn)

The Twilight Streets (Gary Russell)

Pack Animals (Peter Anghelides)

Sky Point (Phil Ford)

Almost Perfect (James Goss)

Bay of the Dead (Mark Morris)

Into the Silence (Sarah Pinborough)

The House That Jack Built (Guy Adams)

Risk Assessment (James Goss)

The Undertaker's Gift (Trevor Baxendale)*

Consequences (Joseph Lidster, James Moran, Andrew Cartmel, and David Llewellyn)





Hardwired (Scott Ciencin)


TWISTAPLOT  (Not all titles were SF)

1.             The Time Raider (R.L. Stine)

2.             The Train of Terror (Louise Munro Foley)

3.             The Formula for Trouble (Megan & H. William Stine)

7.             The Video Avenger (Douglas Colligan)

8.             Race into the Past (Megan & H. William Stine)




1.             Hard Crash (Ryan Hughes)

2.             Prophet’s Power (Dean Wesley Smith)




1.             Book One (Tom De Haven)

2.             Book Two (S.N. Lewitt)

3.             Book Three (S.C. Sykes)

4.             Book Four (S.N. Lewitt)



1.             V  (A.C. Crispin)

2.             East Coast Crisis (A.C. Crispin & Howard Weinstein)

3.             The Pursuit of Diana (Allen Wold)

4.             The Chicago Conversion (George W. Proctor)

5.             The Florida Project (Tim Sullivan)

6.             Prisoners and Pawns (Howard Weinstein)

7.             The Alien Swordmaster (Somtow Sucharitkul)

8.             The Crivit Experiment (Allen Wold)

9.             The New England Resistance (Tim Sullivan)

10.           Death Tide (A.C. Crispin & Deborah Marshall)

11.           The Texas Run (George W. Proctor)

12.           Path to Conquest (Howard Weinstein)

13.           To Conquer the Throne (Tim Sullivan)

14.           The Oregon Conquest (Jayne Tannehill)

15.           Symphony of Terror (Somtow Sucharitkul)

16.           Below the Threshold (Allen Wold)

17.           V: The Second Generation (Kenneth Johnson)





1.             Into the Maelstrom (Loren Coleman)

2.             The Playback War (Lisa Smedman)

3.             Hell Heart (Robert E. Vardeman)

4.             Island of Power (Dean Wesley Smith)

5.             Operation Sierra-75 (Thomas S. Gressman)


WARHAMMER  (Click here for more detail about sub-series)


First & Only (Dan Abnett)

Space Wolf (William King)

Eye of Terror (Barrington J. Bayley)

Honour Guard (Dan Abnett)

Grey Hunter (William King)

Straight Silver (Dan Abnett)

Execution Hour (Gordon Rennie)

Hereticus (Dan Abnett)

Xenos (Dan Abnett)

Malleus (Dan Abnett)

Storm of Iron (Graham McNeill)

Angels of Darkness (Gav Thorpe)

Shadow Point (Gordon Rennie)

Warriors of Ultramar (Graham McNeill)

Crucible of War (edited Marc Gascoigne & Christian Dunn)

Sabbat Martyr (Dan Abnett)

Crossfire (Matthew Farrer)

Fire Warriors (Simon Spurrier)

For the Emperor (Sandy Mitchell)

Wolfblade (William King)

Caves of Ice (Sandy Mitchell)

Ravenor (Dan Abnett)

Annihilation Squad (Gav Thorpe)

Grey Knights (Ben Counter)

Iron Hands (Jonathan Green)

Legacy (Matthew Farrer)

Double Eagle (Dan Abnett)

Traitor General (Dan Abnett)

Deus Encarmine (James Swallow)

Dawn of War (C. S. Goto)

Crimson Tears (Ben Counter)

Fifteen Hours (Mitchel Scanlon)

Bringers of Death (edited Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn)

Ascension (C.S. Goto)

Conquest of Armageddon (Jonathan Green)

Faith and Fire (James Swallow)

The Last Chancers (Gav Thorpe)

Let the Galaxy Burn (edited Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn)

Horus Rising (Dan Abnett)

Warrior Brood (C.S. Goto)

Warrior Coven (C.S. Goto)

False Gods (Graham McNeill)

Galaxy in Flames (Ben Counter)

Tales from the Dark Millennium (edited by Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn)

The Armour of Contempt (Dan Abnett)

Death World (Steve Lyons)

Blind (Matthew Farrer)

Rogue Star (Andy Hoare)

The Armour of Contempt (Dan Abnett)

Sons of Fenris – Lee Lightner

The Founding (Dan Abnett)

Eldar Prophecy (CS Goto)

The Flight of the Eisenstein (James Swallow)

Ravenor Rogue (Dan Abnett)

Chapter War (Ben Counter)

Duty Calls (Sandy Mitchell)

Star of Damocles (Andy Hoare)

Rebel Winter (Steve Parker)

Dark Apostle (Anthony Reynolds)

Descent of Angels (Mitchel Scanlon)

Only in Death (Dan Abnett)

Ciaphas Cain: Hero of the Imperium (Sandy Mitchell)

Brothers of the Snake (Dan Abnett)

The Saint (Dan Abnett)

Desert Raiders (Lucien Soulban)

Scourge the Heretic (Sandy Mitchell)

Legion (Dan Abnett)

Wolf's Honour (Lee Lightner)

Relentless (Richard Williams)

Storm of Iron (Graham McNeill)

The Killing Ground (Graham McNeill)

The Blood Angels Omnibus (James Swallow)

Battle for the Abyss ( Ben Counter)

Planetkill (edited Lindsey Priestley and Nick Kyme)

Red Fury (James Swallow)

Hammer of Daemons (Ben Counter)

Innocence Proves Nothing (Sandy Mitchell)

Dawn of War II ( Chris Roberson)
Gunheads (Steve Parker)

Tales of Heresy (edited Nick Kyme & Lindsey Priestley)

Hellforged (Ben Counter)

Blood Pact (Dan Abnett)

Titanicus (Dan Abnett)

Cain's Last Stand (Sandy Mitchell)

Ciaphas Cain: Hero of the Imperium (Sandy Mitchell)

Dark Disciple (Anthony Reynolds)

Mechanicum (Graham McNeill)

Ice Guard (Steve Lyons)

Courage and Honor (Graham McNeill)

Fallen Angels  (Mike Lee)

Heroes of the Space Marines (edited Nick Kyme & Lindsey Priestley)

Emperor's Mercy (Henry Zou)

Salamander (Nick Kyme)

Daemon World (Ben Counter)

Cadian Blood (Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

Sons of Dorn ( Chris Roberson)

Rynn's World (Steve Parker)

Black Tide (James Swallow)

A Thousand Sons (Graham McNeill)

Soul Hunter (Aaron Dembski Bowden)

The Lost (Dan Abnett)

Prospero Burns (Dan Abnett)

Flesh and Iron (Henry Zou)

Hellsreach (Aaron Dembski Bowden)
Redemption Corps (Rob Sanders)

Legends of the Space Marines (edited Christian Dunn)

Dark Creed (Anthony Reynolds)

The Chapter's Due (Graham McNeill)

Nemesis (James Swallow)

Hunt for Voldorius (Andy Hoare)

Ciaphas Cain: Defender of the Empire (Sandy Mitchell)

Sabbat Worlds (edited Dan Abnett)

Firedrake (Nick Kyme)

The First Heretic (Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

Dead Man Walking (Steve Lyons)

The Purging of Kadillus (Gav Thorpe)

Blood Gorgons (Henry Zou)

Savage Scars (Andy Hoare)

Hammer of the Emperor (edited anonymously)

Fall of Damnos (Nick Kyme)

Victories of the Space Marines (edited Christian Dunn)

Blood Reaver (Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

Age of Darkness  (edited Christian Dunn)

Battle of the Fang (Chris Wraight)

Atlas Infernal (Rob Sanders)

Imperial Glory (Richard Williams)

Path of the Seer (Gav Thorpe)

The Outcast Dead (Graham McNeill)

Nocturne (Nick Kyme)

The Gildar Rift (Sarah Cawkwell)

Hammer & Anvil (James Swallow)

Salvation's Reach (Dan Abnett)

Deliverance Lost (Gav Thorpe)

Know No Fear (Dan Abnett)

Phalanx (Ben Counter)

Legion of the Damned (Rob Sanders)

Void Stalker (Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

Architect of Fate (edited by Christian Dunn)

The Emperor's Gift (Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

Ravenwing (Gav Thorpe)

Angel Exterminatus (Graham McNeill)

The Greater Good (Sandy Mitchell)

The Last Ditch (Sandy Mitchell)

The Death of Antagonis (David Annandale)

Yarrick: Chains of Golgotha (David Annandale)

Priests of Mars (Graham McNeill)

Ahriman: Exile (John French)

Lords of Mars (Graham McNeill)

Betrayer (Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

Vulkan Lives ( Nick Kyme)

The Death of Integrity (Guy Haley)

Seventh Retribution (Ben Counter)

Warmaster (Dan Abnett)

There Is Only War (edited Christian Dunn)

The Unremembered Empire (Dan Abnett)

The Talon of Horus (Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

Deathwatch: Xenos Hunters (edited Christian Dunn)

Stormcaller (Chris Wraight)

Commissar (Andy Hoare)

Scars (Chris Wraight)

Master of Sanctity (Gav Thorpe)

Warriors of the Imperium (Andy Hoare & Sarah Cawkwell)

Vengeful Spirit (Graham McNeill)

Angels of Death (edited Christian Dunn

The Talon of Horus (Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

Gods of Mars (Graham McNeill)

Hive of the Dead (CZ Dunn)

Pandorax (CZ Dunn)

Damocles (edited anonymously)

Legacies of Betrayal (edited anonymously)

Yarrick: Imperial Creed (David Annandale)

Umbra Sumus (Paul Kearney)

Valedor (Guy Haley)

The Fall of Macharius (William King)

The Unforgiven (Gav Thorpe)

Sabbat Crusade (Dan Abnett)

Yarrick: Pyres of Armageddon (David Annandale)

Armageddon (Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

The Primarchs (edited by Christian Dunn)

Sons of Titan (David Annandale)

Overfiend (David Annandale)

Macragge's Honour (Dan Abnett & Neil Roberts)

Deathfire (Nick Kyme)

Portents (S.P. Cawkwell)

I Am Slaughter (Dan Abnett)

Ahriman: Unchanged (John French)

Predator, Prey (Rob Sanders)

Flesh Tearers (Andy Smillie)

The Emperor Expects (Gav Thorpe)

War of the Fang (Chris Wraight)

The Last Wall (David Annandale)

Kharn: Eater of Worlds (Anthony Reynolds)

The Honoured (Rob Sanders)

The Unburdened (David Annandale)

The World Engine (Ben Counter)

Throneworld (Guy Haley)

Damnos (Nick Kyme)

Echoes of the Long War (David Guymer)

The Black Legion (Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

Malleus (Dan Abnett)

Shroud of Night (Andy Clark)

Corax (Gav Thorpe)

Ferrus Manus: The Gorgon of Medusa (David Guymer)

Ruinstorm (David Annandale)




Gulliverzone (Stephen Baxter)

Dreamcastle (Stephen Bowkett)

Untouchable (Eric Brown)

Spiderbite (Graham Joyce)

Lightstorm (Peter Hamilton)

Sorceress (Maggie Furey)

Webcrash (Stephen Baxter)

Cydonia (Ken McLeod)

Computopia (James Lovegrove)

Spindrift (Maggie Furey)

Avatar (Pat Cadigan)

Walkabout (Eric Brown)



WHICH WAY BOOKS  (Not all titles were SF)

3.             Justice League of America (Robert Loren Fleming)

8.             Cosmic Encounters (R.G. Austin)

10.           Invasion of the Black Slime (R.G. Austin)

11.           Space Raiders and the Planet of Doom (Stephen Mooser)

13.           Starship Warrior (Stephen Mooser)

15.           Star Trek: Voyage to Adventure (Michael J. Dodge)

16.           The Shadow Stealers (R.G. Austin)

17.           Invasion of the Mutants (Stephen Mooser)

19.           Nightmare Planet (Stephen Mooser)


WHICH WAY BOOKS  (Unnumbered)

Superman: The Man of Steel (Andrew Helfer)

Supergirl: The Girl of Steel (Andrew Helfer)

Batman: The Doomsday Prophecy (Richard Wenk)




1.             The Wild Wild West (Robert Vaughn)



1.             Freedom Flight (Mercedes Lackey & Ellen Guon)

2.             End Run (Christopher Stasheff & William Forstchen)

3.             Fleet Action (William Forstchen)

4.             Heart of the Tiger (William Forstchen & Andrew Keith)

5.             The Price of Freedom (William Forstchen & Ben Ohlander)

6.             Action Stations (William Forstchen)

7.             False Colors (William Forstchen & William Keith)



1.             Goblin (Charles L. Grant)

2.             Whirlwind (Charles L. Grant)

3.             Ground Zero (Kevin J. Anderson)

4.             Ruins (Kevin J. Anderson)

5.             Antibodies (Kevin J. Anderson)


1.             X Marks the Spot  (Les Martin)

2.             Darkness Falls  (Les Martin)

3.             Tiger, Tiger (Les Martin)

4.             Squeeze (Ellen Steiber)

5.             Humbug  (Les Martin)

6.             Shapes  (Ellen Steiber)

7.             Fear  (Les Martin)

8.             Voltage (Easton Royce)

9.             Die, Bug, Die (Les Martin)

10.           E.B.E.  (Les Martin)

11.           Fresh Bones (Les Martin)

12.           Host (Les Martin)

13.           Control (Everett Owens)




16.           Miracle Man (Tery Bisson)


Howlers (Everett Ownes)

Grotesque (Ellen Steiber)

Quarantine (Les Martin)

Skin (Ben Mezrich)

Ascension (Quentin Thomas)

The X Files (Chris Carter)

Ghost in the Machine (Les Martin)

Hungry Ghosts (Ellen Steiber)

Regeneration (Everett Owens)

Haunted (Ellen Steiber)


1.             The Calusari (Garth Nix)

2.             Eve (Ellen Steiber)

3.             Bad Sign (Easton Royce)

4.             Our Town (Eric Eliman)

5.             Empathy (Ellen Steiber)




1.             Cyclops and Phoenix (Paul Mantell and Avery Hart)

2.             Sabretooth Unleashed (Vicki Kamida)

3.             The Jewels of Cyttorak (Dean Wesley Smith)

4.             Smoke and Mirrors (Eluki Bes Shahar)

5.             Law of the Jungle (Dave Smeds)

6.             Prisoner X (Ann Nocenti)

7.             Law of the Jungle (Dave Smeds)

8.             Empire’s End (Diane Duane)

9.             Crossroads (J. Steven York)

10.           Soul Killer ( Richard Lee Byers)

11.           The Avengers (Greg Cox)

12.           Codename Wolverine (Christopher Golden)

13.           The Gathering of the Sinister Six (Adam-Troy Castro)

14.           Lost and Found (Greg Cox)

15.           Search and Rescue (Greg Cox)

16.           Friend or Foe (Greg Cox)


X-Men Legends (edited by Stan Lee)

X-Men (Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

X-Men 2 (Chris Claremont)

Doom (Steven A. Roman)

Magneto (Steven A. Roman)

The Legacy Quest Trilogy Book 1 (Steve Lyons)

Lifeblood (Hugh Matthews)

Road of Bones (David Mack)

Watchers on the Walls (Christopher Bennett)

Dark Mirror (Marjorie M. Liu)

Weapon X (Marc Cerasini)