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Enigma  (Leisure, 1989.)


Mary Ellen visits her uncle's laboratory and meets there a strange and compelling man who seems out of touch with the world, an amalgamation of man and beast, perfect and imperfect at the same time.  What she eventually learns is that the seeming is the actuality, and that she has run into a creature not entirely human.


Eric's Image  (Tower, 1982. (Leisure, 1986, as The Image.)


                A young couple struggles to come to emotional as well as physical terms with the existence of genuine occult forces, while also avoiding the  menace of a group of congregants whose devotion to the arcane arts may not be limited to the theoretical. 


Image, The.  (See Eric's Image.)




Mysteries of Udolpho, The  (Robinson, 1794, White & Spotswood, 1795, Arnold, 1823, Routledge, ?, Juniper, 1960.)


                A classic haunted house, gothic horror tale.




Haunting at Mill Lane  (Goodchild, 1983.)


                Not seen.


RADNOR, ALAN  (See Richard Lewis.)




Mantra, The  (Jove, 2002.)


                A very popular singer is using dark magic to ensorcel his listeners.




Dancin’ in the Moonlight  (Triskelion, 2006.)


                Werewolf romance novel.




Haunting at Waverley Falls, The  (Constable, 1980.)


                Not seen.


RAINEY, STEPHEN MARK.  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Balak  (Wildside, 2000.)


                A mysterious cult kidnaps children and absorbs their essence, until they are foiled by a police detective and two others.


Fugue Devil and Other Weird Horrors  (Macabre, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Goki and Other Hungry Spirits, The  (Dark Regions, 2011.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Last Trumpet, The  (Wildside, 2000.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Lebo Coven, The  (Five Star, 2004.)


                A good witch and two estranged brothers battle a man intent upon acquiring ancient powers of sorcery.




Dreams of the Dark  (Harper, 1999.)


A Dark Shadows novel.


                The woman who caused Barnabas to become a vampire has been banished to the realm of the dead.  Now she has used her influence to send another vampire against the man who spurned her.




Less Than Human   (Diamond, 1992.)


Two wandering vampire pool hustlers get involved in a brawl which leads to open warfare between human and vampire.  Very cleverly done, with considerable originality and a wry sense of humor.


Sinister Purposes  (Cemetery Dance, 2006.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


RALEIGH, RICHARD  (See collaborations with David Barbour.)




Ben  (Bantam, 1972, from the screenplay by the author.)


Novelization of the movie, which is a sequel to Willard, from the novel Ratman's Notebooks by Stephen Gilbert.  Ben, the evil intelligent rat from the original story, returns at the head of a horde of weaker minded vermin.




Toyland  (Leisure, 1986.)


The spirit of a dead girl reaches out to a living family, using a young boy's toy closet as the focus of her supernatural rage.  Her presence enters their dreams, turning them into nightmares, and her spectre flits at the edge of their consciousness while they are awake, turning their home into a place of terror. 




Chelsea Horror Hotel  (Thunder's Mouth, 2001.)


                Episodic novel about a rock band who get involved with ghosts.




Smoke Signals  (Delirium, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Rage, The.   (Sphere, 1977, Ace, 1978.)


A powerful new strain of rabies takes hold in England, infecting one person after another until the entire country is swept up in a modern day plague of pain and death. 


RAMSAY, JAY  (Pseudonym of Ramsey Campbell, whom see.)


Night of the Claw   (MacDonald, 1983, St. Martin's, 1983, Tor, 1985. Warner, 1992, as The Claw by Ramsey Campbell.)


                The clawed talisman seems little more than a curiosity when the hero of this story acquires it, but it doesn't take long before its malign influence causes an entire family to fall under a spell, and everything which they have believed trustworthy and real becomes suspect.




Blood Hunters, The  (Pinnacle, 2004.)


                Members of a vampire clan try to prevent an open war between their kind and normal humans.


Heat Seekers, The  (Pinnacle, 2002.)


                Two rival vampire clans, one comparatively good, the other utterly evil, are locked in a battle to the undeath.




Reign of the Evil One, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1922.)


                A supernatural being posing as a human brings trouble to a small town including raising the dead.




Calling, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1981, Jove, 1983.)


A happy, successful woman finds her life turned on its head following a mysterious series of telephone calls, calls which follow her from place to place, even when she has no clear idea where she will go next.  It's the voice of a force beyond human comprehension, capable of using the telephone as an instrument of its rage.


Next, The  (Warner, 1981.)


When a ten year old boy is sent to live temporarily with his aunt, the woman has no idea that she will witness a terrifying, unnatural transformation.  Within a space of weeks, the boy grows into an adult male, and the two find themselves drawn together in a compulsive and unholy sexual liaison.  Decidedly odd story, but Randall makes it work convincingly.




Haldane Station  (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1973, Crest, 1974.)


A mysterious old house holds a strange fascination for a woman, despite her promise to her father never to enter it.  When she finally succumbs to temptation, she discovers that it is the gateway to another time, another world.


Place of Sapphires, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1969, Crest, 1970.)


Two young women in a haunted house discover that  a ghost has entered their lives, turning its own twisted unhappiness into a weapon with which to destroy their futures as well.


RANDERS, NICHOLAS  (See also Nicholas Grabowsky.)


Pray Serpents Prey  (Critic's Choice, 1988.)


A small town in Montana is turned into a suburb of Hell when a number of its inhabitants are transformed into monsters by a supernatural force hidden within the community.  The usual gory consequences follow.




Devil's Pretty Daughter, The  (Columbia University Press, 1955.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


RANDOLPHE, ARABELLA  (See also Jack Younger.)


Vampire Tapes, The  (Berkley, 1977.)


Three different evil women throughout four centuries turn out to be one individual, an undying vampiress who changes her identity.  The female version of Anne Rice's vampire novels, but done with considerably less delicacy.




Homecoming  (Leisure, 1998.)


                Romance and suspense involving possession by the spirit of an executed man.


Shadows  (Leisure, 1996.)


                A family is cursed through the generations to change into panthers in the darkness and claim human victims.




Brentford Chainstore Massacre  (Doubleday, 1997.)


                Someone succeeds in cloning Jesus from the shroud of Turin, and turns out a number of copies, one for each major religion.


RANSOM, BILL (Also writes SF.)


Brother Blood, Sister Death (Wordfire, 2020.)


Vampire romance.


RANSOM, DANIEL  (Pseudonym of Ed Gorman who writes mysteries under that name.)


Babysitter, The  (St Martin's, 1989.)


Years earlier, the protagonist witnessed the transformation of a neighbor into a creature partly human, partly insect.  The shock was so great that she was never able to articulate the traumatic event.  When she returns as an adult, she is forced into a direct confrontation with an inhuman force.


Forsaken, The  (St. Martin's, 1988.)


An unhappy and malevolent spirit strikes out from the other side of the grave, expressing its rage on a succession of living victims.  Finally someone realizes what is happening, and decides to ensure that the ghost is finally at rest.


Long Midnight, The  (Dell, 1993.)


                The staff members of an orphanage which engaged in psychic research are being murdered by a mysterious mental force.  A woman who was a resident at the time discovers she is being followed and suspects she may be in danger from a ruthless man and his secretly recruited psychics.


Night Caller   (Zebra, 1987.)


An antique telephone is the horrifying instrument by which a young girl is corrupted and compelled to commit brutal murder. Although we learn that it was a cleverly devised plot with an entirely mundane explanation, the eerie incident is repeated in the waning chapters, as a supernatural force claims vengeance for the deceit.


Serpent's Kiss, The  (Dell, 1992.)


Each time an inmate of a small sanitarium escapes, he commits a series of inexplicable and brutal murders before returning to the institution to commit suicide.  The incidents are linked to a mysterious tower, where a supernatural creature waits to find a host for its next round of slaughter.




Another One Bites the Dust  (Orbit, 2007.)


Jaz Parks #2.


Martial arts and vampires.


Once Bitten, Twice Shy  (Orbit, 2007.)


Jaz Parks #1.


A vampire hunter works for the CIA.




Ghosts and Witches Aplenty  (Scholastic, 1973.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Witch House and Other Tales Our Settlers Told, The  (Scholastic, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Prisoners of Limbo  (Tanjen, 1977.)


                Not seen.




Maynard's House  (Putnam, 1980, Joseph, 1981, Berkley, 1981.)


A Vietnam veteran returns to the United States and sets up housekeeping in a remote part of Maine, in a home left to him by a friend from the war.  Before long, he begins to experience uncanny feelings of imminent danger, as though something was urging him to leave.  Too stubborn to be driven out, he decides to investigate the place's history instead.




Happy Cage, The  (Onyx, 1989.)


When James Peck is murdered by his long suffering wife, his personality is able to remain dormant in her body, wakening only when his original body is exhumed.  Before his death, he had been planning to achieve immortality by preparing a series of bodies from which his ego could move at will.




Doctors Wear Scarlet  (Blond, 1960, Simon & Schuster, 1960; Avon, 1961, Panther, 1966, Berkley, 1967.)


A very intelligently plotted and literate variation of the vampire theme, dwelling more on the psychological dependence of the victim than the more traditional preoccupations of bloodsucking and creaking coffins.  Far more subtle, and chilling, then the more explicit novels currently in fashion.




Spawning, The  (Zebra, 1981.)


Satanists #2.


A demon of sorts seduces a woman and impregnates her, planning to use the resulting children as part of an elaborate evil plot.  Mind control, white witchcraft, and outright murder are all part of the subsequent action.


Witching, The  (Zebra, 1980.)


Satanists #1.


A woman visiting a chateau which was once the setting for a cult of satanists who practiced barbarous rites and human sacrifice learns that one of the present residents is a practicing witch.




Beneath a Mountain Moon  (Llewellyn, 2001.)


                A good witch is investigating a murder when she discovers a pact of evil men led by a warlock with extraordinary magical powers.


Witches' Key to Terror  (Llewellyn, 2001.)


Witches #3.


                A series of disappearances and other mysterious events in the vicinity of an orchard lead a group of teenaged witches to investigate.


Witches' Night of Fear  (Llewellyn, 2001.)


Witches #2.


                A teenaged witch has a prescient vision of murder and sets out with her coven members to foil the killer.


Witches' Night Out  (Llewellyn, 2000.)


Witches #1.


                Young adult novel in which a coven of teenager witches use magic to find out who was responsible for the death of a classmate.




Reanimators (Night Shade, 2013)


A sequel to "Herbert West, Reanimator" by H.P. Lovecraft involving reanimated dead bodies.


RAWN, MELANIE  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Fire Raiser  (Tor, 2009.)


A couple discover that their new home town is troubled by vampires.




Secret Dreams of Emily Porter, The  (Harlequin, 2007.)


Romance involving ghosts.




Ghouls in My Grave  (Berkley, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


My Own Private Spectres  (Midnight House, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


RAYE, KIMBERLY  (Pseudonym of Kimberly Groff.)


Dead and Dateless (Ballantine, ?)


Vampire Club #2.




Dead End Dating  (Ballantine, ?)


Vampire Club #1.




Just One Bite  (Ballantine, 2007.)


Dead End Dating #3.


A nasty vampire wants the perfect mate.


Your Coffin or Mine?  (Ballantine, 2007.)


Dead End Dating #3.


A night club and dating service for vampires runs into problems.




Deadlight Hall (Severn House, 2015.)


West & Flint #2.


Haunted house.


Ghost Song (Simon & Schuster, 2009, Felony & Mayhem,2012.)


A haunted music hall.


House of the Lost (Pocket, 2010.)


A writer is influenced by a ghost.


Roots of Evil (Simon & Schuster, 2005.)


Ghost child.


Silence, The (Severn House, 2014.)


A supernatural curse.


Sin Eater, The (Severn House, 2013.)


A cursed chess set.


Tower of Silence (Simon & Schuster, 2003, Pocket, 2004.)


Malevolent ghosts.


Whispering, The (Severn House, 2015.)


West & Flint #1.


Haunted house.




Forsaken, The  (Pinnacle, 1982.)


Another haunted house tale.  In this one, the ghosts of two sisters return to plague the new residents in their home, with the customary sounds in the night, malign influences on the children, and sundry other supernatural phenomena.




Degrees of Fear  (Sarob, 2000.)


                Collection of related stories.


Skeletons in the Closet  (Sarob, 1998.)


                Collection of related stories.




Blind Voices  (Putnam, 1978, Berkley, 1979.)


Although this single novel by the late Tom Reamy is fashioned more as a fantasy than a horror novel, it spans genres and is of such outstanding quality that it needs to be mentioned. A traveling carnival of freaks stops in a small town, and the interaction of the local residents with the utterly evil carnival master and his inhuman staff is both suspenseful and touching.


REARDON, JOYCE  (Pseudonym of Ridley Pearson.)


Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, The  (Hyperion, 2002.)


                Marginal story of a house where psychic phenomena might be real.


REAVES, MICHAEL  (See collaboration which follows.)


Night Hunter  (Tor, 1995.)


                A detective is assigned to track down a killer who apparently believes he is executing vampires.  His investigation, however, reveals that the murderer might be absolutely correct.


Voodoo Child  (Tor, 1998.)


                A drug lord uses voodoo magic to open a door to a supernatural other world through which monstrous creatures are entering ours.  A voodoo priest pits his own magic against that force to try to contain the threat.




Mr. Twilight  (Del Rey, 2006.)


                A demon fighter and a police officer become a team when the fabric of reality is shattered and evil creatures enter the modern world.




Romeo Spikes  (Gallery, 2012.)


A police officer tracks a super demon.




Plague for the Dead (Permuted, 2009.)


Morningstar #1.


Zombie apocalypse.


Survivors  (Gallery, 2012.)


Morningstar #3.


Zombie apocalypse.


Thunder and Ashes  (Permuted, 2010.)


Morningstar #2.


Zombie apocalypse.




After Dark  (Publish America, 2006.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


RED, ERIC (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Guns of Santa Sangre, The (Samhain, 2013.


Cowboys vs werewolves.


REED, DANA  (Pseudonym of Edwina Berkman.)


Deathbringer, Leisure, 1985.)


A town is ravaged by a series of murders and mutilations, but there are so many mysterious characters, it is not readily apparent just who is responsible.  Ultimately, the forces of evil are split, and zombies commanded by a voodoo priest are only one of the horrifying groups of creatures set loose against the populace.  Confusing and overly violent.


Demon Within, The  (Leisure, 1988.)


A hideous demon haunts a sprawling building, killing young women and devouring their bodies in its quest to build its own power.  Satan himself makes an appearance, as the protagonist struggles to find a way to send the creature back to the underworld.


Gatekeeper, The  (Leisure, 1987.)


                The heroine moves into a house which appears initially to be haunted, but which is actually host to a kind of demon who interacts with her sexually.  Eventually she flees, knowing that it's a kind of entranceway from another plane of existence, but the demon pursues her.


Hell Board  (Leisure, 1990.)


                An ugly and unpopular girl discovers a way to gain vengeance on those who have tormented her.  Using a ouija board as the key, she gains access to another plane of existence, where supernatural creatures are willing to be cajoled into assisting her.  The body count rises starts a few pages later.


Margo  (Leisure, 1989.)


Rotting corpses wander out of the woods at the bidding of an evil sorceress in this gory novel of a woman who is the spawn of Satan himself. 


Sister Satan  (Leisure, 1984.)


A teenager experimenting with occult powers manages to create a doppelganger of herself out of thin air, but the doppelganger is an evil, demonic creature who begins a campaign of horrible acts against others.  And since the two are physically identical, Lauren is unable to convince people that she is innocent.  And in some ways, she is not.


Summoning, The  (Leisure, 1988.)


A young boy is drawn to a secret tomb in which several demons have been imprisoned for countless ages, and provides the key which allows them to escape back into the world.  Now he must find the proper chants and incantations to undo the damage while the demons stalk about, claiming victim after victim.


REED, KIT (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Mormama (Tor, 2017.)


A haunted house variation.




Face Without a Heart, A   (Design Image Group, 2000.)


                An update of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.  The model for a holographic sculpture leads a life of crime and debauchery without any physical changes, all of which are reflected only on the sculpture until in a fit of remorse he destroys it.




Vampire High  (Delacorte, 2003.)


                Humorous young adult story about a normal boy in a school full of vampires.




Guan-Yin and the Horrors of Skull Island  (Wild Cat, 2009.)


Chapbook in which a pirate crew tangles with ghouls, zombies, and other beasties.




Book of Sorrows, The  (Morrow, 2002.)  CHECK TITLE


Book #1.


                Genuine witchcraft set in a convent.


Book of Spirits, The  (Morrow, 2005, Avon, 2006.)


Book #2.


                More witchcraft and voodoo in the early 19th Century.




Champion of Virtue, The  (Keymer, 1777. Keymer, 1778, Oxford University Press, 1967, as The Old English Baron.)


                A ghost intercedes in family affairs.


Old English Baron, The.  (See The Champion of Virtue.)




Revenant, The (Xlibris, 2000.)


                A contemporary ghost story that is more metaphysical than horrifying,




Bloodshift  (Virgo, 1981, Popular Library, 1990, Pan, 1993.)


                 A race of vampires has been living secretly among us, using superstition to conceal their existence and the fact that they are not quite as invulnerable as legend would have us believe.  Arrayed against them is a Jesuit group armed with crossbows, whose nature is evil as well.  Spies, secret plots, assassinations, and open warfare result.


Children of the Shroud  (Doubleday, 1987, Popular Library, 1990.)


                Not seen.


Dark Matter  (Doubleday, 1990, Bantam, 1991, Pan, 1992.)


                A brilliant but insane physicist gains his inspiration by brutally killing a series of people.  A detective struggles to uncover his secret, never expecting to be faced with the possible destruction of the entire human race.


Dreamland  (McClelland, 1985, Warner, 1991.)


A gigantic theme park has its opening day, and a sinister force uses that occasion to claim numerous victims from among the crowds who come to play. 


Nighteyes  (Doubleday, 1989.)


                Not seen.


Nightfeeder  (Roc, 1991.)


Galen Sword #2.


                Vampires and other mythical creatures co-exist in our world, opposed by a heroic figure aware of their existence.


Shifter  (Roc, 1990.)


Galen Sword #1.


                The protagonist learns he is a sorcerer exiled from a parallel universe.  Contemporary fantasy this time, although horror elements appear in the sequel.


Wraith (Thomas Dunne, 2016.)


The military finds a way to harness the power of ghosts.




Missing Moose Mystery, The  (Scholastic, 1995.)


Ghost Twins #4.


                The ghosts are helping a living child find a missing statue when another ghost shows up to complicate matters.


Mystery at Kickingbird Lake, The  (Scholastic, 1994.)


Ghost Twins #1.


                Two childish ghosts try to help a living child who is living in the cabin they are forced to haunt.


Mystery of One Wish Pond, The  (Scholastic, 1994.)


Ghost Twins #2.


                Two children and their St Bernard, all ghosts, help solve a mystery involving strange noises at a pond.  This is apparently supposed to be a sort of Topper for younger readers.




Pender Among the Residents  (Collins, 1922.)


                A haunted house story.




Kiss, The  (Avon, 1996.)


Two refugees from 1938 Nazi Germany take refuge with an aristocratic family in Rumanian, not realizing that they have fallen into the clutches of vampires.  High emphasis on the erotic aspect of the undead.


REISFELD, RANDI  (See collaborations with H.B. Gilmour.)




Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge  (Harcourt, 2004.)


                A young girl discovers that her dollhouse is haunted.




Adversary, The  (Charter, 1979.)


The personified aspect of evil itself has taken an active role in the world once again, but the opposing force of good has selected a single woman as its champion.  Now all she has to do is figure out what is going on and how to hold up her end of the fight.  Piece of cake.




Brujo  (Tor, 1986.)


                An island not far from the West Coast is cut off from the mainland as an angry Indian spirit rises to strike back against the white man and erase his influence from the face of the world. Enlisting nature itself on his behalf, the spirit of a long dead shaman causes death and devastation throughout the small community.  This is really pretty good despite the presence of yet another malevolent but dead Indian.


Infinite Man, The  (Scream Press, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


New Moon  (Tor, 1987.)


Moon #1.


An ancient sorcerer is revived and sets out to make himself invulnerable.  In order to do so, he commits a series of ritual murders, which awaken the interest of a determined police detective.  But there is an even greater link, for the policeman's wife appears to be a reincarnation of the woman the sorcerer once loved.


Silent Moon  (Tor, 1990.)


Moon #2.


A worldwide cults of immortals is secretly meeting in San Francisco, perhaps presaging the return of a number of supernatural entities from beyond our world.  Two investigative reporters find more than they bargained for when they look into the activities of a popular evangelist.




Song for No Man's Land, A (Angry Robot, 2016.)


A soldier discovers that demonic forces are active.




Hands of Orlac, The  (Dutton, 1929, Horwitz, 1962, translated from the French by Florence Crewe-Jones. Souvenir, 1970, translated by Iain White.)


                A pianist loses his hands after an accident, but the hands have a mind of their own.




Dead on Delivery (Berkley, 2011.)


Messenger #2.


Supernatural romance.


Don't Kill the Messenger (Berkley, 2010.)


Messenger #1.


Supernatural romance.




Hunter Reborn (Signet, 2015.)


Werewolf romance.




Confetti Man, The   (Stein and Day, 1975, Ballantine, 1976.)


A man who has somehow managed to exist in a state neither dead nor alive through the years exerts his uncanny power on a beautiful woman, providing her with everything material which she could wish for, success, money, popularity, but always at a price.


Truth About Unicorns, The  (Stein and Day, 1972, Bantam, 1973.)


Witchcraft abounds in this story of compulsive love and twisted lives in a small rural town.  Deceptively gentle in the opening chapters, this becomes quite unsettling as the plot develops.




Faust: A Romance of the Secret Tribunals  (Vickers, 1847.)


                Not seen.  Retelling of the classic deal with the devil story.


Necromancer, The  (Reynolds, 1852, Dicks, 1857.)


                Not seen.  Deal with the devil.


Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf  (Reynolds, 1846, Dicks, 1857.)


                An early werewolf novel.




Satan's Disciple  (Beeline, 1968.)


                Pornography involving the devil.


REYNOLDS, JOSH  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Whitechapel Demon, The (Emby, 2013.)






My Brain Escapes Me  (Sun Dog, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


RHODES, DANIEL  (Pseudonym of Neil McMahon.)


Adversary, The  (St Martin's, 1988, Tor, 1989, New English Library, 1989.)


Templar #2.


The evil force of the first volume was thwarted in the nick of time, but now it is enlisting human allies to help establish a new power base among the world of the living.


Kiss of Death  (St Martin's, 1990, New English Library, 1990, Tor, 1992.)


The protagonist this time is a beautiful woman heir to a demonic curse who rejects her magical powers in order to find love with an ordinary mortal.  But there are other powers at work, and the death of her lover may be the first step to the damnation of her soul.


Next, After Lucifer  (St. Martin's, 1987, Tor, 1988, New English Library, 1988.)


Templar #1.


When an archaeologist probes too deeply into the legend of a buried Knight Templar, he inadvertently lets free the man's evil spirit.  Over the centuries, the disembodied presence has accumulated a supernatural rage and is determined never to be subdued again.  Instead, he seizes control of his liberator's body.




Criss Cross (Dafina, 2006.)


                A detective with psychic visions battles a serial killer.


Out "A" Order  (Dafina, 2007.)


A rash of violent acts have a supernatural cause.


RHODES, NATASHA  (See also collaboration with Nancy Collins.)


Blade Trinity  (Black Flame, 2004, from the screenplay by David S. Goyer.)


                Blade is framed for murder and must team up with a band of human vampire hunters to find out who is responsible.


Circus of Sins  (Solaris, 2010.)


Kayla Steele #3.


Kayla must avert an apocalyptic battle between good and evil.


Dante’s Girl  (Solaris, 2007.)


Kayla Steele #1.


                A young woman battles supernatural evil in modern Los Angeles.


Dead Reckoning  (Black Flame, 2005.)


A Final Destination novel.


                Several people attempt to cheat death personified.


Last Angel, The (Solaris, 2008.)


Kayla Steele #2.


 Someone murders an angel.


RICE, ANNE  fix order


Blackwood Farm  (Knopf, 2002.)


Lestat #10.


                A man who has been haunted by a doppelganger all his life is turned into a vampire, and when that happens, his doppelganger becomes an even stranger creature.


Blood and Gold  (Knopf, 2001.)


Lestat #7.


                Vampire story set in the time of Rome.


Blood Canticle  (Knopf, 2003.)


Lestat #10.


                God tells Lestat to turn good.


Interview with the Vampire  (Knopf, 1976, Raven, 1976, Ballantine, 1977.)


Lestat #1.


The memoirs of a vampire, as dictated to an interviewer, make up this fascinating and ground breaking book.  The vampire has undergone quite a change in recent years, and appears as the sympathetic character almost as often as the villain.  Even this work, which characterizes him as the monster of legend, presents a majestic side to the creature.


Lasher  (Knopf, 1993, Chatto & Windus, 1993.)


Mayfair Witches #2.


                Returned from the dead, a ghost fathers a child who possesses extraordinary natural and supernatural powers.


Memnoch the Devil  (Random House, 1995, Chatto & Windus, 1995, Legend, 1996.)


Lestat #5.


                A vampire encounters the ghost of one of his victims and goes through a religious crisis.


Merrick  (Knopf, 2000.)


Lestat #9.


                More vampire reminiscences, this time blending the series with the Mayfair Witches for a time.  Voodoo, discorporate souls, and other occult elements.


Mummy, The  (Ballantine, 1989, Chatto & Windus, 1989.)


                A primarily historical novel about an Egyptian obsessed with the quest for immortal life and the effort he goes to in order to survive to modern times. 


Pandora  (Chatto & Windus, 1998, Ballantine, 1999, Arrow, 1999.)


Lestat #6.


                A vampire claims fresh victims in modern day Paris. 


Queen of the Damned, The   (Knopf, 1988, Ballantine, 1989, MacDonald, 1989.)


Lestat #3.


                Now the vampire faces a danger of his own, in the person of the queen of the vampires, rising from ages of somnolence to destroy him.


Servant of the Bones  (Knopf, 1996, Chatto & Windus, 1996, Ballantine, 1997.)


                A man is transformed into a genie and interacts with people throughout the ages.


Tale of the Body Thief, The  (Knopf, 1992, Chatto & Windus, 1992, Ballantine, 1993.)


Lestat #4.


Another reminiscence of a vampire, this time dealing with dreams, his childhood, and a strange encounter in modern New Orleans.


Taltos  (Knopf, 1994, Chatto & Windus, 1994.)


Mayfair Witches #3.


                We learn that the evil spirit reincarnated within the Mayfair family is actually one of a race of supernatural beings.


Vampire Armand, The  (Knopf, 1998, Arrow, 1999.)


Lestat #7.


                A vampire relates his life history while sitting in attendance on the comatose body of his vampire friend.


Vampire Lestat, The  (Knopf, 1984, Ballantine, 1985, MacDonald, 1985.)


Lestat #2.


An ageless vampire who has survived for centuries takes up a new career as a rock star, while spending his free time searching for others of his own kind who may have similarly survived from the Dark Ages.


Vittorio the Vampire  (Knopf, 1999,  Arrow, 2000.)


Lestat #8.


                One man survives a massive vampiric attack on a town, but although he is able to defeat most of the undead, he falls in love with one of them and therefore ensures his own doom.


Witching Hour, The  (Knopf, 1990, Chatto & Windus, 1991, Penguin, 1992.)


Mayfair Witches #1.


                A doctor with strange powers rescues a psychic man and the two become involved with the unraveling of a generations old family secret involving a ghost and an evil spirit.  A very long, very involved novel.




Listeners, The  (Harper, 1996.)


For young adults.  Young Kathy feels something odd about her new home, as though unseen presences were hiding, some threatening, some warning her of danger to come.




Blood of Mugwump  (Black Ice, 1996.)


                Collection of related stories about a clan of vampires.




Idol of the Flies and Other Stories, The  (Midnight House, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sixth Dog, The   (Necronomicon, 1995.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.




Night Stalker, The  (Pocket, 1973, Cinemaker, 1994.)


Kolchak #1.


Although this novel did not appear in book form until after the television movie has been shown, it appears to have been written first or simultaneously.  Carl Kolchak is a reporter who irritates the authorities by insisting that the latest serial killer in Las Vegas is actually a vampire.


Night Strangler, The  (Pocket, 1974.)


Kolchak #2.


  This is the novelization of the second television adventure of Carl Kolchak, a reporter who stumbles across numerous supernatural threats.  In this case, he finds a man in Seattle who uses human sacrifices to ensure his own immortality.




Crazy in Love  (Forever, 2007.)


A ghost story.


RICHARDS, BRUCE  (See also David Bergantino.)


Cat Scratch Fever  (Z-Fave, 1995.)


A teen gets scratched by a magical cat and begins to adopt its habits.  Her body begins to change as well and she tries desperately to escape the curse before she is altered beyond recognition.


Deadly Stakes  (Z-Fave, 1994.)


A thoroughly dislikable kid involved in drug sales tries to get out from under the pressure of a gang, but instead unleashes the power of the living dead.


Fatal Games  (Tor, 1995.)


A Nightmare on Elm Street novel. 


The new owners of a house where a murder was committed find themselves menaced by the spirit of Freddy Krueger, possibly possessing the body of an attractive teenaged girl.


Other Twin, The  (Z-Fave, 1995.)


An insane twin murders and impersonates her sister and starts killing anyone who might discover her secret.  Includes a reanimated corpse.




Halloween  (Bantam, ?)


                Novelization of the film about an unkillable creature in the shape of a man and his efforts to wipe out the last living member of his family.




Unblessed, The  (Zebra, 1982.)


An ancient demon stirs in its home in a deep jungle cave, where for centuries it has reached out and used mental powers to assault humans with hallucinatory visions which drive them to commit cruel and evil acts.  It is opposed by a reporter who is a reincarnation of a warrior who battled the demon in the past, unsuccessfully, and who hopes to succeed in this century.




Dark Rain  (Eos, 2008.)


Two people oppose the arrival of a powerful supernatural force into the world.


Ghost Dance  (Sarob, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Going Back  (Elastic Press, 2007, Dark Regions, 2010.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Harvest Bride, The  (Tor, 1987.)


                A Vietnam veteran who has an inexplicable memory lapse linked to some forbidden ceremony upon which he stumbled finds that evil magic has followed him to England, where it plots behind the facade of a children's puppet show.


Mr. Jakes  (Dark Renaissance, 2015.)


Haunted house.


Night Demons (Eos, 2009.)


A supernatural serial killer.


Our Lady of the Shadows  (Dark Regions, 2010.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Shadows and Other Tales  (Dark Regions, 2008.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Universal and Other Terrors, The  (Dark Renaissance, 2013.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Devil's Footsteps  (Delacorte, 2005.)


                A young boy investigating the disappearance of his brother encounters a kind of boogeyman.


Disturbed Earth (Abaddon, 2015.)


Ritual killings have a supernatural purpose.


Intruders, The  (Delacorte, 2006.)


                Teenagers in a haunted house.


RICHARDSON, KAT  (Also writes Science Fiction as K.R. Richardson.)


Downpour (Roc, 2011.)


Greywalker #6.


A ghost reveals the secret of a supernatural force.


Greywalker (Roc, 2006.)


Greywalker #1.


                A woman develops the ability to see the supernatural inhabitants of our world.


Labyrinth  (Roc, 2010.)


Greywalker #5.




Poltergeist  (Roc, 2007.)


Greywalker #2.


                A detective has to determine whether a killer is a ghost, or a human masquerading as one.


Revenant (Roc, 2014.)


Greywalker #8.


An occult secret could devastate Europe.


Seawitch  (Roc, 2012.)


Greywalker #7.




Underground  (Roc, 2008.)


Greywalker #3.


Zombies in Seattle cause consternation.


Vanished  (Roc, 2009.)


Greywalker #4.


Vampires hire a human to solve a mystery.




Damned, The (Overlook, 2016.)


Werewolves in World War I.


Fallen, The (Overlook, 2017.)




Geckos  (Roadkill, 1995.)


Short story in pamphlet form about a reclusive writer who becomes obsessed with and gradually transforms into a gecko.


RICKMAN, PHIL  (See also Will Kingdom.)


Candlenight  (Duckworth, 1991, Jove, 1995.)


Newcomers to a small Welsh village have difficulties settling in and becoming accepted, but the true cause is more than just normal dislike of outsiders.  The village has a dark, supernatural secret.


Chalice, The  (Macmillan, 1997, Pan, 1998.)


                In a small English town troubled by modernization, two women discover the existence of an anti-grail and ghosts.


Crybbe.  See Curfew.


Cure of Souls, The  (?)


Watkins #3.




Curfew  (Berkley, 1993. Macmillan, 1993, as Crybbe.)


An ancient ritual is disregarded when an entrepreneur decides to make a quaint English village into a tourist attraction.  But the ritual held ancient, supernatural powers at bay and now they have been released.


December  (Macmillan, 1994, Berkley, 1996.)


A rock band performs in an old abbey and wakens a dark power from the past.  Many years later, they reunite for one last performance, and a final confrontation with an ancient evil.


Lamp of the Wicked, The  (New English Library, 2003.)


Watkins #4.


                Psychic visions and a serial killer.


Man in the Moss, The  (Macmillan, 1994, Pan, 1994.)


                The discovery of a fossilized man causes various supernatural events to occur in a sleepy village.


Midwinter of the Spirit  (Macmillan, 1999, Pan, 2000.)


Watkins #2.


                An investigator discovers the existence of supernatural creatures in a rural English town.


Prayer of the Night Shepherd, The  (Macmillan, 2004.)


Watkins 6.


                A curse threatens participants in a publicity event.


Wine of Angels, The  (Macmillan, 1998, Pan, 1999.)


Watkins #1.


                A new vicar in a small town discovers that there are ghostly presences dwelling in his house.




Lorelei  (Belmont, 1966.)


                A romantic love story about a man who may be infatuated with a ghost.  Has much the feel of a modern gothic romance with the sex roles reversed.




Collected Ghost Stories  (Dover, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Collected Supernatural & Weird Fiction Vol I (Leonaur, 2012.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Collected Supernatural & Weird Fiction Vol II (Leonaur, 2012.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Collected Supernatural & Weird Fiction Vol III (Leonaur, 2012.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Disappearance of Jeremiah Redworth (1878)


A man disappears while out walking, but his ghost returns.


Fairy Water  (Routledge, 1872. Also published as The Haunted House at Latchford.)


                A ghost story.


Frank Sinclair's Wife and Other Stories  (Tinsley, 1874.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are horror.


Haunted House at Latchford, The (See Fairy Water.)


Haunted River, The  (Routledge, 1877.)


                A haunted house.


Night Shivers (Wordsworth, 2008.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Nun's Curse, The  (Ward & Downey, 1888, Lovell, 1888.)


                A family is cursed to eternally fight among themselves.


Uninhabited House, The  (Routledge, 1875.)


                Not seen.  A haunted house.


Uninhabited House & The Haunted River, The  (Routledge, 1883.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Weird Stories  (Hogg, 1882, Chatto & Windus, 1884, Van Thal, 1947.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Suckers (Dark Ride, 2015.)




RIEFE, ALAN  (See also Barbara Riefe.)


Scared to Death  (Charter, 1991.)


                A romantically frustrated scientist makes use of his knowledge to condemn friends and relatives of the woman he covets to a bizarre living death.


Tales of Horror  (Pocket, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Viper  (Charter Diamond, 1990.)


                Following the death of her mother, a young girl uses her strange ability to communicate with and direct snakes to seek vengeance against the people responsible for the tragedy.


RIEFE, BARBARA  (Pseudonym of Alan Riefe, whom see.)


This Ravaged Heart  (Playboy, 1977. )


A plodding historical romance with a sequence in which the heroine is magically transported to a ceremony being performed by a coven of witches.




Dream Girl  (St Martins, 1997.)


                Clairvoyance and telepathy lead a young woman to an experimental clinic where she makes friends with another gifted woman.  Together, they can enter each other’s dreams, but by doing so, they expose themselves to a dangerous power.




Devil Draws Two, The  (Timescape, 2012.)


Collection of related stories about a supernatural version of the Old West.




Malkavian  (White Wolf, 2003.)


A World of Darkness novel.


                Vampire clans engage in mysticism during the Dark Ages in Europe.




Tender Seed, The  (Popular Library, 1986.)


                A young girl inherits her grandmother's psychic powers, but without the control of a mature adult.  Instead, her visions conjure up visions and even intrusions from the Other Side into her own world.




Deadroads (Night Shade, 2014.)


A family which can communicate with the spirit world deals with demonic murders.




Grip of Fear, The  (Major, 1976. )


 Terri's visit to an island is plagued by growing uneasiness. Another girl's body has been found, killed under mysterious circumstances, and the legend of the Fog Walker seems to grow from a silly superstition to a cause of outright dread.  Eventually we learn that the island is a bridge between worlds, and that the accessway must be closed to prevent creatures from passing from one to the other.




Clown, The  (Berkley, 1996.)


Taggard House #4.


A mysterious clown menaces teenagers in the darkness.


Forever House, The  (Berkley, 1996.)


Taggard Point #1.


Not seen.


Shapes  (Berkley, 1996.)


Taggard Point #2.


Not seen


When the Dead Scream   (Berkley, 1996.)


Taggard Point #3.


A teenager is killed in an automobile accident, but a year later she reappears to her friends, angry about her separation from them and seeking revenge.




Ghost Garden, The  (Stokes, 1918.)


                A sentimental ghost story.




Ascension (St Martins, 2010.)


Ascension #1.




Born of Ashes  (St Martins, 2012.)


Ascension #3.




Obsidian Flame (St Martins, 2012,)


Ascension #4.




Wings of Fire (St Martins, 2011.)


Ascension #2.






Ravnos  (White Wolf, 2003.)


A World of Darkness novel.


                A vampire woman is on the run from the Inquisition.


Tremere  (White Wolf, 2004.)


A World of Darkness novel.


                A wizard alters the balance of power between vampire clans during the Dark Ages.




Braced2Bite  (Berkley Jam, 2006.)


Vampire Sorority #1.




Dating4Demons  (Berkley Jam, 2007.)


Vampire Sorority #3.


                A vampire teen suspects her tutor has a sinister motive.


Fangs4Freaks  (Berkley Jam, 2006.)


Vampire Sorority #2.


                Light adventures involving a sorority house of vampires.




Last Time I Saw Her, The (Ballantine, 2015.)






Blood Cult  (Leisure, ?.)


                Not seen.


Hell-O-Ween  (Leisure, 1992.)


A nasty halloween prank backfires when a group of thoughtless teenagers attracts the attention of a demon living beneath their town.  Standard B movie fare, not badly done.


Prank Night  (Leisure, 1994.)


                Halloween takes an unusually nasty turn when something nasty rises from the dead and begins killing people for real.


Spectre  (Leisure, 1988.)


A horrible being emerges from a burial mound, but rather than an insubstantial ghost, this is a powerful creature who kills its many victims brutally, apparently impervious to physical harm.  Not for the weak of stomach.


Wereling, The  (Leisure, 1983.)


The villain in this novel is not your typical reluctant werewolf, driven to the transformation by powers beyond his control. Rather he seeks the change, acting out a power fantasy, and the fantasy becomes reality.


Wrath, The  (Leisure, 1988.)


A previously unsuspected Egyptian tomb is discovered and opened, and evidence is found there of an ancient plague that turned humans into doglike creatures.  But the disease is not extinct, and it has been released by the explorers, so that it quickly spreads throughout the world.  Now thousands of people are being transformed into slavering beasts, and civilization is in danger of collapsing if a cure cannot be found.




Mysterious Martin   ( Ogilvie, 1912. Philip Allan, 1933, as The Master of Murder.)


                A book has the power to make people commit murders.


Who Wants a Green Bottle and Other Uneasy Tales  (Philip Allan, 1926.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Piranhoia  (PublishAmerica, 2004.)


                During a hurricane, several people get lost in underground tunnels where dark magic awaits them.


ROBERTS, JANET LOUISE  (See also Louisa Bronte.)


Isle of the Dolphins  (Avon, 1973.)


A member of an archaeological team in the Greek Islands periodically goes into trances during which she is possessed by the spirit of a priestess of Apollo.  Initially, this seems perfect, as it provides information helpful to the team, but then a darker side of the communication appears, as her psychic partner begins to foretell her future.




Anita  (Ace, 1970.)


This "novel" is strung together from a string of amusing short stories about a teenage girl who masters the powers of witchcraft, and uses them in pursuit of her ultimate goal, sexy young boys.  Cleverly done.


Furies, The  (Berkley, 1966. )


In the not too distant future, a nuclear test goes awry, which may or may not explain the sudden appearance of a form of wasp that approximates the size of a man.   These super insects create enormous nests all over the Earth, and humans must attack and destroy them or find themselves supplanted as masters of the world.


Winterwood and Other Hauntings  (Morrigan, 1989, Wildside, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


ROBERTS, LIONEL  (Pseudonym of Robert Lionel Fanthorpe.  Note that the collections listed below included various stories written under different names most, if not all of which, were actually Fanthorpe.)


Golden Warrior, The  (Badger, 1958.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Guardians of the Tomb  (Badger, 1958.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Incredulist, The  (?, 1954.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


ROBERTS, NORA  (Also writes SF as J.D. Robb.)


Carolina Moon  (Putnam, 2000.)


                A woman with a psychic link to a murder investigates the case and puts her own life in jeopardy.


Face the Fire  (Jove, 2002.)


Three Sisters #3.


Psychic powers and a family curse.


Hollow, The  (Jove, 2008.)


Sign of Seven #2.


Supernatural terror in a small town.


Midnight Bayou  (Jove, 2002.)


                Steamy romance novel with ghosts.




Other End, The  (Palmer, 1923.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Devil May Ride  (Obsidian, 2008.)


Ghost Dusters #2.


Mystery novel involving evil spirits and a gang of drug dealing bikers.


Remains of the Dead, The  (Obsidian, 2007.)


Ghost Dusters #1.


A woman who can talk to ghosts solves a murder mystery.




Ghosts of Harrel, The  (Lancer, 1971. )


A fairly traditional ghost story, with a woman moving into the home of someone who died under unpleasant circumstances, discovering that her ghost has lingered, trying to come to some kind of accommodation with the unhappy spirit.




Miranda Speaks  (Davies, 1960.)


                A ghost story.




1999: Apocalypse Maybe  (Kalos, 1997.)


                A woman drawn to the occult derives visions from the work of Nostradamus and realizes the world is about to end.




Chrysalis of Death  (Pocket, 1976.)


A resort in the American Southwest becomes a scene of horror when caterpillarlike creatures infect several humans with a long dormant plague which causes a kind of reverse evolution, transforming human beings into primitive creatures of low intelligence and no moral restrictions.  Short on logic but not badly done.


Freak, The.  (See The Silverleaf Syndrome.)


Silverleaf Syndrome, The  (Tower, 1980.  Leisure, ?, as The Freak.)


A deformed five year abandoned in an institution develops unusual strength, commits a murder, and escapes into the swamp, where he is pursued by a group of searchers who have no suspicion that the boy is the key to the destruction of their entire system of beliefs about the world.




Ghost of Whispering Rock, The  (Minstrel, 1996.)


Summer vacation in a wilderness cabin becomes even more adventurous when a young girl encounters a real ghost.




Dark and Brilliant Places, The  (Pyramid, 1977.) 


 Compelled by a force she does not comprehend, Ruth talks her husband into moving into a new home.  Shortly thereafter she begins to experience disturbing dreams, and a series of mishaps undermines the happiness of her family.  She has fallen under the psychic influence of a man long dead, a man who wants to use her as an instrument of revenge.




Panama Laugh, The  (Night Shade, 2011.)


A satirical zombie apocalypse.




7 Sykos (Harper, 2016.)


Zombie apocalypse variation.




Blood of the Children  (Bantam, 1990, Wildside, 2002.)


Jimmy's mother becomes unbalanced and, after a long series of abusive incidents, attempts to kill him. In search of a new life, he and his father move to a new community, but there he discovers that the children his age are banded together, worshippers and slaves to a sentient stone which commands violent behavior.


Bone Music  (Longmeadow, 1995, Wildside, 2002.)


A Blues singer who is also a kind of priest of voodoo sings a forbidden song and the border between life and death grows less distinct.  Most effective are the sequences involving a young child brought back to life by a grieving mother.


Fire  (Bantam, 1990, Wildside, 2002.)


                A blend of SF and horror in the vein of King's The Stand. Following a nuclear confrontation, supernatural powers once again move openly on the face of the earth.


Ghosts Who Cannot Sleep  (Wildside, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Her Misbegotten Son  (Wildside, 2000.)


                Reprint of the 1996 novella about a boy whose dead mother, a witch, still walks and plans to sacrifice him to Nyarlathotep.


New Life for the Dead  (Wildside, 1991.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Night  (Bantam, 1991, Wildside, 2002.)


                An elderly man who has custody of a fragment of the true Cross dies mysteriously.  His grandson is prepared to take his place, but the cross itself is missing.  A very strange and untraditional look at Christianity and the supernatural.


Pandora  (Bantam, 1994, Millennium, 1995, Wildside, 2002.)


More SF than horror, this involves the humanlike child of aliens who escapes a secret US military base and is chased across country by both the authorities and a renegade general seeking revenge.




Doomsday Scroll, The  (Dodd, Mead, 1979, Dell, 1980.)


A dark messiah is born in the Mideast, a young boy with hypnotic powers and the ability to command legions of terrorist killers.  His reign must be brought to a halt before the entire balance of power of the world is altered. 




Music of Razors, The  (Penguin, 2002.)


                A creature emerges in a young boy's bedroom, putting him into a catatonic state, but freeing him from the constraints of his physical body.




Ghost of Carnal Cove, The  (Leisure, 2002.)


                A woman's happiness is threatened by ghostly visions.




Every House Is Haunted (ChiZine, 2012.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Dead, The  (Berkley, 1989.)


 A variation of the Gene Romero walking dead plot.  This time the ambulatory corpses are every bit as violent, but they are intelligent and articulate as well.  The combination seems designed to assure their pre‑eminence over the living.




When the Banshee Calls  (Shroud, 1975.)


                Short story published as a pamphlet.


ROHMER, SAX  (Pseudonym of Arthur Sarsfield Ward.  See also Michael Furey.)


Bat Flies Low, The  (Doubleday Doran, 1935, Burt, 1936, Cassell, 1936, Caxton, 1939. Collier, ?)


                Occult adventure. The secret of a technology known to the ancient Egyptians involves superscience and a mysterious occult criminal.


Book of Fu Manchu, The  (McBride, 1929, Hurst & Blackett, 1929.)


                Omnibus of The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu, The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu, and The Hand of Dr. Fu Manchu.  McBride edition also contains The Golden Scorpion.


Bride of Fu Manchu, The  (Cassell, 1933.  Consul, 1961, Pyramid, 1962, Corgi, 1967. Doubleday, 1933, Burt, 1934, as Fu Manchu's Bride.  )


A Fu Manchu novel.


The devilish doctor uses giant insects as well as the secret Si‑Fan society to seek world domination. An occult adventure.


Brood of the Witch Queen   (Pearson, 1918, Doubleday, 1924, Burt, 1926, Cassell, 1932, Pyramid, 1966.)


A rambling supernatural adventure that is primarily concerned with an evil magician who uses a variety of supernatural forces to attack and destroy his enemies, increase his own fortune, and build his power base.  Mummies, elementals, and other phenomena abound.


Daughter of Fu Manchu  (Doubleday, 1931, Cassell, 1931, Burt, 1932, Avon, 1949, World, 1960, Pyramid, 1964, Corgi, 1967.)


A Fu Manchu novel.


Episodic tale dealing  with the arch villain's daughter, who becomes involved with reviving the dead, ancient pharaohs, and the usual assassins hiding in the dark.


Devil Doctor, The.  See The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu.


Dream Detective, The  (Jarrolds, 1920, Doubleday, 1925, Burt, 1927, Pyramid, 1966, Dover, 1977.)


                Collection of related stories about a sometimes psychic detective.


Drums of Fu Manchu, The  (Doubleday, 1939, Cassell, 1939, Sun Dial, 1940, Pyramid, 1962, Consul, 1963, Corgi, 1968.)


A Fu Manchu novel.


More international intrigue than occult adventure in this story of the doctor's plot to assassinate key political leaders.


Emperor Fu Manchu  (Jenkins, 1959, Gold Medal, 1959, Panther, 1960, Pyramid, 1966.)


A Fu Manchu novel.


  The evil doctor uses an army of revived dead men in his plans for world conquest.


Fu-Manchu Omnibus Volume I, The  (Allison & Busby, 1995.)


                Omnibus of The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu, The Devil Doctor, and The Si-Fan Mysteries.


Fu Manchu's Bride.  See The Bride of Fu Manchu.


Fu Manchu: Four Classic Novels  (Citadel, 1983.)


                Omnibus of The Hand of Dr. Fu Manchu, The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu, The Yellow Claw, and Dope.


Green Eyes of Bast, The  (McBride, 1920, Cassell, 1920, Burt, 1922, Grosset & Dunlap, 1938, Pyramid, 1971, Wildside, 2002.)


The investigation of a mysterious murder leads the protagonist to the discovery of the existence of mutant creatures, part human, part lower animal, some of whom have developed strange powers that convince them they are superior to humanity.


Grey Face  (Cassell, 1924, Doubleday Page, 1924, Burt, 1926.)


                An occult adventure.


Hand of Fu Manchu, The  (McBride, 1917, Burt, 1921, Grosset & Dunlap, 1938, Consul, 1961, Pyramid, 1962, Corgi, 1967, Wildside, 2002.  Methuen, 1917, as The Si-Fan Mysteries.)


A Fu Manchu novel.


  The secret Si‑Fan cult moves at the bidding of their sinister master to achieve world domination.


Haunting of Low Fennel, The  (Pearson, 1920.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Insidious Doctor Fu-Manchu, The  (McBride, 1913, Burt, 1920, Grosset & Dunlap, 1938, Novel, undated, Zebra, ?, Pyramid, 1961. Cassell, 1913, Methuen, 1913, P.F. Collier, 1913, Penguin, 1938, Guild, 1953, World, 1960, Corgi, 1967,  as The Mysterious Doctor Fu-Manchu. )


A Fu Manchu novel.


Only a few men realize that the sinister doctor's real purpose is not benevolent, and that he has delved into superscience and Oriental magic to achieve his ends.


Island of Fu Manchu, The  (Doubleday, 1941, Cassell, 1941, Sun Dial, 1942, Blue Ribbon, ?, Pyramid, 1963, Consul, 1963, Corgi, 1968. (Magazine title Fu Manchu and the Panama Canal.)


A Fu Manchu novel.


  The arch villain travels to Haiti to enlist voodoo magic in his quest for world domination.


Mask of Fu Manchu, The  (Doubleday, 1932, Burt, 1933, Cassell, 1933, World, 1960, Pyramid, 1962, Corgi, 1967.)


A Fu Manchu novel.


  Using his powers of hypnosis and the prophecy of a charismatic new leader, Fu Manchu unleashes his latest assault against the rest of civilization.


Mystery of Fu Manchu, The.  (See The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu.)


President Fu Manchu  (Doubleday, 1936, Cassell, 1936, Sun Dial, 1936, Consul, 1961, Pyramid, 1963.  Magazine title The Invisible President. )


A Fu Manchu novel.


Fu Manchu substitutes a hypnotically controlled candidate in his latest attempt to seize control of the United States.


Quest of the Sacred Slipper, The  (Doubleday, Page, 1913, Pearson, 1919, McKinlay, Stone & MacKenzie, ?, Burt, 1921, Caxton House, 1939, Pyramid, 1966.)


An occult adventure involving possession of the slipper of Mohammed, with a gang of thugs using what appears to be precognition to track it down.


Re‑Enter Fu Manchu  (Gold Medal, 1957, Jenkins, 1957, Panther, 1960, Corgi, 1967, Pyramid, 1968.)


A Fu Manchu novel.


The Oriental villain attempts to steal an atomic bomb.  The occult atmosphere of the earlier volumes is largely dissipated here.


Return of Dr Fu Manchu, The  (McBride, 1916, Burt, 1919, Grosset & Dunlap, 1938, Pyramid, 1961, Wildside, 2002.  Methuen, 1916, Consul, 1961, as The Devil Doctor.)


A Fu Manchu novel.


Thugs and mysterious comings and goings in the night, along with the hypnotic power of the villainous and ambitious Dr. Fu Manchu.


Secret of Holm Peel & Other Strange Stories, The  (Ace, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Shadow of Fu Manchu  (Doubleday, 1948, Jenkins, 1949, Adventure Book Club, 1951, Panther, 1960, Pyramid, 1963.)


A Fu Manchu novel.


Zombielike creatures, the ability of one man to control another mentally, and a bevy of other weapons and menaces enliven this novel of the fiendish doctor.


She Who Sleeps  (Doubleday, 1928, Cassell, 1928, Burt, ?)


                A revivified mummy.


Si-Fan Mysteries, The  (See The Hand of Fu-Manchu.)


Trail of Fu Manchu, The  (Doubleday, 1934, Cassell, 1934, Burt, 1935, Consul, 1963, Pyramid, 1964, Corgi, 1968.)


A Fu Manchu novel.


Fu Manchu concocts the latest draught of the magical formula that provides him with his supernatural powers and apparently eternal life.


Wrath of Fu-Manchu, The  (DAW, 1973.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.  The title story involves Fu Manchu.


Yellow Claw, The  (McBride, 1915, Methuen, 1915, Nast, 1915, Burt, 1918, Pyramid, 1966.)


An Oriental painting is the key to a strange ailment that affects everyone who comes into contact with it, turning them into disturbed, frightening versions of their former selves.




Breaking (Bloomsbury, 2017.)


Something supernatural is causing students to commit suicide.


ROLLINS, JAMES & CANTRELL, REBECCA  (Rollins also writes Science Fiction.)


Blood Gospel, The  (Morrow, 2013.)


Sanguines #1.


Good and bad vampires battle for control of a sacred book.


Innocent Blood (Morrow, 2014.)


Sanguines #2.


The Vatican's vampires battle the evil ones.


ROLLO, GORD  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Crimson  (Leisure, 2009.)


Four childhood friends battle an ancient evil.


Jigsaw Man, The  (Leisure, 2008.)


A suicidal man finds himself involved in a Frankensteinian experiment.


Strange Magic (Dark Regions, 2009, Leisure, 2010.)


Two stage magicians battle it out with real magic.


Valley of the Scarecrow  (Dark Regions, 2010.)


An evil minister comes back from the dead.




Sleep No More  (Constable, 1948, Longmans, 1948.  Ash Tree, 1996, expanded.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Two Ghost Stories  (BC, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Tussles with Time  (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1952, translated from the French by Gerald Hopkins.)


                Two long unrelated stories about psychic powers and life after death.




Dead Man's Hand  (Black Flame, 2005.)


A Final Destination novel.


                Several people literally try to cheat death in Las Vegas.


ROMANO, STEPHEN  (See collaboration with Patrick Melton.)


ROMBERG, NINA  (See collaborations with C. Dean Andersson as Asa Drake.)


Shadow Walkers  (Pinnacle, 1993.)


                Vaguely a sequel to The Spirit Stalker.  Abused children take refuge in an abandoned hospital where the magical remnants of the Nazi era take control of the boys and turn them into bigoted monsters.


Spirit Stalker, The  (Pinnacle, 1989.)


Fleeing an abusive husband, a woman arrives in a small town where she inadvertently witnesses the concealment of a dead body. The body doesn't seem to stay in one spot, however, even ending up in her bedroom.  One of the local people indicates that a malevolent spirit is present, and that the newcomer holds the key to restoring peace to the community.




Living Dead, The (Tor, 2020.)


A routine zombie apocalypse.




Dawn of the Dead  (St. Martin's Press, 1978, from the screenplay by George Romero.)


The walking dead stalk the living, and all of civilization seems to be collapsing under the onslaught.  A group of people escape in a helicopter and build a retreat for themselves within a shopping mall.  A small army of nasty biker types shows up to slaughter the zombies and the protagonists find themselves caught between two enemies.




Fellowship, The  (Leisure, 1984.)


A group of normal humans find themselves pitted against a cult of vampires ruled by Vlad Tepes, Count Dracula himself. Against this master of all vampires, they are almost powerless, and with each passing day, Dracula is converting more of the living into his servants.




American Gothic  (Del Rey, 2004.)


                During the opening days of World War I, a vampire meets a woman who makes him wish to give up his undead existence and regain his soul.


Fears Point  (Gold Medal, 1989.)


                Jonathan inherits a fortune from the father from whom he has been estranged from years, and overcomes his reluctance to accept it when he realizes how the money will alter his life.  But he did not anticipate that his new home will also endanger both life and soul when a foul cult seeks to raise a genuine demon.


I, Vampire  (Gold Medal, 1990.)


                Another autobiography of a vampire.  In this one, a secret organization of vampires, the Illuminati, governs their species, making rules designed to keep normal humans from discovering their existence.


London Vampire Panic, The  (Ballantine, 2001.)


                1880 London is threatened by a series of murders by a coven of vampires.  Disraeli organizes a task force to track them down, but some among their number remain skeptical until they actually capture one of the undead.


Telluride Blood (Owl Creek, 2016.)


Two vampires contend for primacy.


Vampire Hunter  (Gold Medal, 1999.)


                A vampire is trapped on the Titanic and remains underwater until the present.  Then, freed by an ill fated group of treasure hunters, he resumes his quest for blood despite having lost all of his memories during the long imprisonment.


Vampire Papers, The  (Gold Medal, 1994.)


                An historical novel about an evil vampire who preys on members of the aristocracy.


Vampire Princess, The  (Gold Medal, 1996.)


A beautiful vampire takes a cruise on the maiden voyage of a luxury liner, finding prey among the other passengers and luring them into a web of danger and horror.


Vampire's Violin, The  (Del Rey, 2003.)


                A vampire decides to track down a magical violin that imbues its players with talent beyond their own.


Vampire Virus, The  (Gold Medal, 1998.)


                An expedition investigating a strange new disease in Central America is put into even greater jeopardy when they accept the hospitality of a mysterious man who turns out to be a vampire.




Spiral Hunt  (Eos, 2009.)


Evie Scelan #1.


A woman with psychic powers battles a supernatural menace.




Bloodthirst  (? in 1979, Critic’s Choice, 1986.)


A retreating German army unit takes refuge in the castle where a female vampire has been imprisoned for centuries, inadvertently freeing her and setting her loose in the modern world.  Now, dwelling among people no longer alert to her real nature, she is able to indulge the cruel activities that resorted in her overthrow in centuries past.


Ghoul, The  (? in 1980, Critic’s Choice, 1987.)


Archaeologists open an ancient tomb and unknowingly set free an age old creature who survives by desecrating graves and devouring dead bodies.  Their only chance of recapturing it is to master the use of an ancient magical artifact.


Ogre  (? in 1980, Critic’s Choice, 1987.)


                A series of murders and disappearances is generally credited to a psychopathic killer, but even when the madman has been captured, these foul acts continue.  Only one man realizes that an evil ogre living in the nearby mine tunnels has been disturbed and is on the prowl, and when he sets out with some companions to prove his theory and destroy the monster, he finds himself trapped in the cavern.


Plague Pit  (Hamlyn, 1981.) 


More science fiction than horror, but gruesome enough to fit in either category.  A work crew in London breaks into a sealed vault and sets loose a powerful strain of an ancient plague which quickly spreads through the populace. 




Fright Christmas  (Minstrel, 1996.)


A Ghosts of Fear Street novel.


                A nasty boy gets trapped in a department store and is visited by three very scary ghosts.


Who’s Been Sleeping in My Grave?  (Minstrel, 1995.)


A Ghosts of Fear Street novel.


                A youngster is the only one who knows that his substitute teacher is one of the undead.




Beastie and Other Horrific Tales  (Carnifex, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Dream Thief, The  (Medallion, 2006.)






Twelve Ravens  (Macmillan, 1969, Raymond Saroff, 1990.)


                The usual sexual and other tensions in a small town are aggravated by the presence of genuine witchcraft.




Prince of Air and Darkness, The  (Silhouette Shadows, 1994.)


The protagonist falls in love with a handsome but mysterious man who has fairy blood in his veins and the power of sorcery in his hands.


ROSE, MELANIE RUTH  (See collaboration with Michael Scott.)




Last Vampire, The  (Del Rey, 2008.)


Annals of Alchemy and Blood #1.


The army unearths a vampire.


Vampire Agent, The  (Del Rey, 2008.)


Annals of Alchemy and Blood #2.


The army tracks an escaped vampire to New Orleans.




Unholy Flame  (Gold Medal, 1952.)


 The story of a woman who gets mixed up with a coven of devil worshippers.  Satan may not appear himself, although there are some ambiguities here, but the leader of the cult does possess psychic powers.




Hole in the Pit, The  (Arnold, 1914.)


                Historical horror involving a monster living in a hole in the ground.


ROSS, CLARISSA  (Pseudonym of Dan Ross.  See also Marilyn Ross.)


Glimpse into Terror   (Lancer, 1971.)


A series of precognitive visions of death and other disasters warns a young woman that she has developed a psychic ability.  Then she has a vision of her own future that terrifies her into seeking a way to alter her fate.


ROSS, IAN  (See John Rossman.  The Mind Masters series was published under both bylines.)


Amazons  (Signet, 1976.)


Mind Masters #4.


A psychic who sometimes is willing to function as an agent for the government stumbles across a group of females in South America who are led by a woman with unparalleled mental powers, and who plans to use them and her army to seize control of the world.


Recycled Souls  (Signet, 1976.)


Mind Masters #5.


One adventurous man falls into the clutches of a secret undersea empire ruled by a priestess of Satanism.  As it happens, he has psychic powers of his own sufficient to meet the challenge.




Resurrexit  (Leisure, 1986.)


A sweet little old lady is suddenly revealed as a practicing sorceress, using human sacrifice in order to resurrect her long dead lover.  And she has plans for others in the community as well, none of them particularly pleasant.


Satan Whispers   (Leisure, 1981.)


A malevolent spirit watches over a child's life, whispering to her from the shadows, urging her to commit unspeakable acts, using its supernatural ability to strike down those who annoy the girl.  Her family struggles to survive their daughter's anger and redeem her from this dark dependency.


Secret of the Pale Lover  (Lancer, 1969.)


                A very peculiar romance about a woman who falls in with a group of people who may or may not be harboring a vampire, who may or may not be in communication with the devil, and who may or may not have intentions upon her life.  There is genuine supernaturalism mixed in with sly authorial tricks and reversals.


ROSS, MARILYN  (Pseudonym of William Ross.  See also Clarissa Ross.)


"The Dark Shadows Series":  The supernatural television soap opera spawned a series of thirty‑two series novels, plus a novelization of the full length film.  The vampire protagonist, Barnabas, encounters a string of villains and dangers in the series.  All were published by Paperback Library.


Dark Shadows, 1966

Victoria Winters, 1967

The Mystery of Collinwood, 1967

Strangers at Collins House, 1968

The Curse of Collinwood, 1968

The Demon of Barnabas Collins, 1968

The Secret of Barnabas Collins, 1969

The Foe of Barnabas Collins, 1969

The Phantom and Barnabas Collins, 1969

Barnabas Collins versus The Warlock, 1969

The Peril of Barnabas Collins, 1969

Barnabas Collins and the Mysterious Ghost, 1970

Barnabas Collins and Quentin's Demon, 1970

Barnabas Collins and the Gypsy Witch, 1970

Barnabas, Quentin and the Mummy's Curse, 1970

Barnabas, Quentin and the Avenging Ghost, 1970

Barnabas, Quentin and the Nightmare Assassin, 1970

Barnabas, Quentin and the Crystal Coffin, 1970

Barnabas, Quentin and the Witch's Curse, 1970

Barnabas, Quentin and the Haunted Cave, 1970

Barnabas, Quentin and the Frightened Bride, 1970

Barnabas, Quentin and the Scorpio Curse, 1970

Barnabas, Quentin and the Serpent, 1970

Barnabas, Quentin and the Magic Potion, 1971

Barnabas, Quentin and the Body Snatchers, 1971

Barnabas, Quentin and Dr. Jekyll's Son, 1971

Barnabas, Quentin and the Grave Robbers, 1971

Barnabas, Quentin and the Sea Ghost, 1971

Barnabas, Quentin and the Mad Magicians 1971

Barnabas, Quentin and the Hidden Tomb, 1972

Barnabas, Quentin and the Vampire Beauty, 1972


House of Dark Shadows  (Paperback Library, 1970, from the screenplay by Sam Hall and Gordon Russell. )


Barnabas the vampire struggles with his baser and better natures in this full length story taken from the popular television series.


Vampire Contessa, The  (Pinnacle, 1974.)


 An innocent young girl in late Nineteenth Century London falls under the sway of a society woman whose circle of friends has tempted the heroine's brother into a life of dissipation.  It isn't long before we learn that devil worship and vampirism also contributed to his decline, and if she isn't careful, the plucky heroine will meet the same fate.


ROSSMAN, JOHN  (See also Ian Ross.)


Door, The  (Signet, 1975.)


Mind Masters #3.


A series of supernatural phenomena lead a psychic to investigate Stonehenge, where he discovers a gateway has been opened allowing the ingress of an evil occult force which threatens to bring the entire world under its sway.


Mind Masters, The  (Signet, 1974.)


Mind Masters #1.


The hero of this series is a renegade psychic and scientist who occasionally deigns to cooperate with the government, but is mostly interested in thwarting evil occult armies who try to tempt him with lots of sex.  In this adventure, he travels to Europe to save a girl from a horrible sacrificial ceremony.


Shamballah  (Signet, 1975.)


Mind Masters #2.


An evil scientist left over from the Nazi era has secretly been experimenting with occult powers and superscience, and now threatens to disturb the equilibrium of the entire world.  One man, possessed of psychic powers of his own, stands in the way.




Phantom of the Paradise  (Dell, 1975, from the screenplay by Brian de Palma.)


The original film is a rock and roll update of Gaston Leroux's famous Phantom of the Opera, with a disfigured composer seeking revenge for the theft of his life's work.  In this case, the villain has actually made a compact with the devil.




Bugs  (Doubleday, 1981, Pocket, 1983.)


A pun made into a horror story.  A new network of supercomputers has just been put into operation when the world is attacked by myriad "bugs", creatures which emerge from computers everywhere, attacking everything in sight.  Despite the plot summary, this is distinctly unfunny and suspenseful.


Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein, The  (Random House, 1995, Bantam, 1996.)


The Frankenstein story told from the point of view of Elizabeth, who shares in her husband's crime.  She has studied the dark arts and uses evil supernatural powers to help create the monster.  Elizabeth is revealed to be the stronger personality and well deserves her eventual fate.




Sword of the Golem, The  (McCall, 1971, Bantam, 1973.)


                This is an excellent fictionalization of the legend of the Golem, a sort of Jewish Frankenstein.  In medieval Prague, a Rabbi creates a gigantic figure out of clay and gives it the breath of life, hoping to use it as a weapon to liberate his people from their oppressors, only to have it turn on its maker.




Feral  (Harper & Row, 1974, Pocket, 1975.)


This time it's stray cats who turn suddenly vicious, attacking in large numbers, killing human beings ruthlessly until the populace at large is awakened to the danger and wipes them out.




Broken  (Angry Robot, 2013.)






Sanctuary Dome (Permuted Press, 2015.)


Zombie apocalypse.




Surgeon of Souls, The  (Spectre, 2006.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Tracer of Egos, The  (Spectre, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Asylum (Harper, 2014.)


Asylum #1.




Catacomb (Harper, 2015.)


Asylum #3.




House of Furies (Harper, 2017.)


A teenager thinks that some of the residents of an old house are not human.


Sanctum (Harper, 2014.)


Asylum #2.






Conversations with the Devil  (Forge, 2007.)


                A psychologist conjures the devil and is taken in by his lies.


Fatalis  (St Martins, 2000.)


                A pride of saber toothed tigers wakens from suspended animation in a cavern under California and begins claiming human prey.


Madjan, The  (Charter, 1984.)


An ancient artifact brought back to civilization is actually the resting place for an Oriental god‑creature who sifts through the people who come to the exhibit, seeking a young woman to claim as its bride.  And those who don't measure up die horribly.


Re‑Animator  (Pocket, 1987, from the screenplay by Stuart Gordon, William Norris, and Dennis Paoli.)


Novelization of the film loosely based on the H.P. Lovecraft short story, "Herbert West, Reanimator".  The film version of this tale deliberately overplayed the horror, as an insane scientist attempts to revive the dead, resulting in a headless body that wanders around with its head under one arm. 


Return of the Wolfman  (Boulevard, 1998.)


                A sequel to the classic film, The Wolfman.  When a new tenant reopens the castle where a series of brutal murders happened once a generation past, she releases an ancient horror in the form of a werewolf driven to kill fresh victims.




Wild Fell (Chizine, 2013.)


A ghost story.




He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot  (Warner, 2007.)


                Satan’s assistant gets involved in a romance with a rebellious minion of Hell.




Bitten and Smitten  (Warner, 2006.)


Immortality Bites #1.


                Humorous vampire romance.


Bled & Breakfast (Signet, 2013.)


Vampire romance.


Blood Bath & Beyond  (Signet, 2012.)


Vampire romance.


Bloodlust (Berkley, 2011.)


Jillian Conrad #2.


Vampire romance.


Demon in Me, The  (Berkley, 2010.)


Eden Riley ##1.


A woman discovers she is possessed by a demon.


Fanged and Fabulous  (Warner, 2007.)


Immortality Bites #2.


Vampire romance.

From Fear to Eternity (Signet, 2014.)


Immortality Bites.


Vampire romance.


Lady and the Vamp  (Warner, 2008.)


Immortality Bites #3.


Vampire romance.


Nightshade  (Berkley, 2011.)


Jillian Conrad #1.


Vampire romance.


Something Wicked  (Berkley, 2010.)


Eden Riley #2.


A woman struggles with demonic possession.


Stakes & Stillettos  (Warner, 2009.)


Immortality Bites #4.


Vampire romance.


Tall, Dark & Fangsome  (Warner, 2009.)


Immortality Bites #5.


Vampire romance.


That Old Black Magic  (Berkley, 2011.)


Eden Riley #3.


A witch battles a demon.


Wicked Kiss (Harlequin, 2013.)






Blood of the Demon  (Bantam, 2010.)


Demon #1.


A policeman battles to save a woman from a demon.


Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues  (DAW, 2012.)


Zombie #2.


A reluctant zombie gets involved with a clandestine scientific project.


Fury of the Demon (DAW, 2014.)


Demon #6.




Legacy of the Demon (DAW, 2016.)


Demon #8.




Mark of the Demon  (Bantam, 2009.)


Demon #2.




My Life As a White Trash Zombie  (DAW, 2011.)


Zombie #1.


A woman discovers that she has been turned into a zombie.


Secrets of the Demon  (DAW, 2011.)


Demon #3.


An FBI agent with the power to summon demons solves a series of murders.


Sins of the Demon (DAW, 2012.)


Demon #4.




Touch of the Demon  (DAW, 2012.)


Demon #5.




Vengeance of the Demon (DAW, 2015.)


Demon #7.




White Trash Zombie Apocalypse  (DAW, 2013.)


Zombie #3.




White Trash Zombie Gone Wild (DAW, 2015.)






White Trash Zombie Unchained (DAW, 2017.)








Executor and Other Ghost Stories, The  (Ash-Tree, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


They Might Be Ghosts  (Ghost Story, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Blood of the Demon  (Bantam, 2010.)


Kara Gillian #2.




Mark of the Demon  (Bantam, 2009.)


Kara Gillian #1.


A psychic police officer learns that a serial killer has supernatural powers.




Dark Host, The  (Long, 1976.)


                Not seen.


Devil in the Darkness  (Long, 1978.)


                Not seen.


Sable Night  (Long, 1973.)


                Not seen.




Afterimage  (Imajinn, 2002.)


                A vampire romance.




Matter of the Heart, The  (Abacus, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Regicide (Solaris, 2011.)


A man stumbles into a hidden, supernatural part of London.




Waltz with Evil  (Zebra, 1991.)


                A body discovered on the beach displays unusual markings, which we soon learn are evidence of the ghostly presence which caused her death.  A vengeful spirit from the past returns to possess the body of a young child.


RUBIE, PETER  (See also collaboration with James Cohen.)


Werewolf  (Longmeadow, 1991, Ibooks, 2004.)


                Werewolves claim victims during World War II in England.




Space Demons  (Dial, 1986, Archway, 1989.)


For younger readers. Kids playing a violent computer game discover that the monsters are starting to materialize in the real world, and that they may be sucked into the virtual one.




Secret of Laurel Oaks, The  (Starscape, 2008.)


A teenager visiting a plantation runs into the ghost of a former slave.




Bargain, The  (Knightsbridge, 1990.)


                Two powerful evil forces, Dracula and Adolf Hitler, clash against the backdrop of World War II.  The dominance of the Nazi army alarms and angers the vampiric count, who decides it is time to take action against the Chancellor of Germany himself.


Rosedale Horror, The  (Paperjacks, 1980.)


                 A house with an unsavory reputation is the focal point of a series of fatal accidents, as the story of an immoral psychic resident emerges.  Nothing original here.




Dracula Archives, The  (Arbor House, 1972, Pocket,1973.)


Written mostly in the form of diary excerpts, letters, and so on, this is a fictionalized history of the Dracula family, one of the more original and interesting additions to the story of Bram Stoker's most famous character.


House of the Brandersons  (Arbor House, 1973, Dell, 1975.)


After moving into their new home, everything seems to turn sour for the Brandersons, and they become unpopular and unhappy. Even worse, their young son exhibits indications that he is doing the bidding of some outside power, some incorporeal force that is incontrovertibly evil.  So they enlist the aid of an occult investigator to discover just what it is in this house which is having such a malign influence on their lives.  Better than average haunted house story.




Lovecraft Country (Harper, 2016.)


The search for a missing person turns up inhuman influences.




Rope Trick  (Henderson, 1996.)


                A game in which a group of teens use props to recreate a horror film takes a sinister twist when the supposedly inert artifacts begin causing real dangers.




Operation: Save the Innocent  (DragonMoon, 2008.)


Rival government agencies use vampires as assassins.




Kill Me Again  (Jove, 1996.)


A routine murder mystery with a supernatural twist. The prospective victim has dreams of her death by the villain's hands in a previous life.




Soulmate  (Avon, 1974.)


A young girl's mind and body are possessed by an interloper, who forces her into a series of sexual liaisons and murders. As she grows more aware of what is happening, she realizes that whatever is driving her in this fashion is seeking union with another of its own kind, and that its success means her own destruction.


RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Devil's Churn, The  (Dell, 1996.)


An atmospheric tale about an elderly woman who worshipped the spirit of the ocean and possessed the power to bring the dead back to life.  Following her death, her family struggles to unwrap a complicated blend of truth and lie.


Façade  (Dell, 1993, Millennium, 1994.)




Sins of the Blood  (Dell, 1994, Millennium, 1995.)


A vampire hunter struggles with wakening memories of her own childhood, then sets out to track down her brother and rescue him from the urge to become one of the undead.  A convincing and interesting vampire variation.






Afterimage Aftershock  (Meisha Merlin, 1998.)


                A woman is befriended by shapeshifters who help her to return from the dead in order to bring a killer to justice.


RUSSE, SAVANNAH  (Pseudonym of Charlee Trantino.)


Beneath the Skin  (Signet Eclipse, 2007.)


Darkwing #3.


Vampire romance.


Beyond the Pale  (Signet Eclipse, 2005.)


Darkwing #1.


                A vampire secret agent tracks down an arms dealer.


Past Redemption  (Signet Eclipse, 2006.)


Darkwing #2.


Vampire romance.




Satan in the Suburbs and Other Stories   (Bodley Head, 1953, Penguin, 1961.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Darker Tides  (Darkside, 2006.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Three to Conquer  (Ace, 1956, bound with Doomsday Eve by Robert Moore Williams.  Avalon, 1956, Dobson, 1957, Corgi, 1958, Penguin, 1963, Del Rey, 1986.)


 The only man on Earth with telepathic powers conceals them so that he can preserve his privacy, occasionally helping out the local police force when he can do so without revealing himself. But one day he happens across a human body occupied by an alien intelligence, and learns that three creatures from another world have come to our planet, intending to seize control.




Apocalypse Now, Voyager  (Earthling, 2005.)


Marty Burns #3.


                A detective takes a journey through a magic laden California.


Blood  (Raven, 1997.)


A powerful new drug has caused street warfare to escalate among several gangs, but it appears that the drug has actually been created by a demonic force.


Burning Bright  (Raven, 1997.)


Marty Burns #2.


An actor doing a publicity tour in London is recruited into a small group of good magicians who need to perform a series of rituals in order to beat back the supernatural forces summoned by a group of neo-Nazis. 


Celestial Dogs  (Raven, 1996, St Martins, 1996.)


Marty Burns #1


A private detective hired to find a missing prostitute stumbles across a string of disappearances.  The trail leads to a porn film outfit hiding behind a legitimate front, and both are covering the existence of a cult that has conjured up several tengu and other Japanese demons.


Waltzes and Whispers  (Pumpkin, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Vampires in the Lemon Grove  (Knopf, 2013.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Absolute Power  (Maclay, 1992.)


                Ambiguous story about a possibly genuine witch.


Book of Hell, The  (Sphere, 1980.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Case Against Satan, The  (Ivan Obolensky, 1962, Souvenir, 1963, Paperback Library, 1963, Pan, 1965.)


A priest struggles to determine whether a perverse young woman is mentally and spiritually disturbed, or whether she is actually under the influence of demonic possession.  Although the resolution is reasonably ambiguous, there is an afterthought which seems to imply that the possession was real.


Devil's Mirror, The  (Sphere, 1980.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Haunted Castles  (Maclay, 1985.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Incubus.  (Morrow, 1976, Dell, 1977, Sphere, 1977.)


                The incubus is a kind of disembodied spirit that seeks females whom it destroys in the act of supernatural intercourse. A town struggles to understand what is happening when a number of women are fatally attacked.  Subsequently made into a film.


Prince of Darkness  (Sphere, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sardonicus and Other Stories  (Ballantine, 1961.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sagittarius  (Playboy, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Unholy Trinity  (Bantam, 1967, Sphere, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Death Ship, The  (Hurst & Blackett, 1888, Lovell, 1888.)


                A man encounters the Flying Dutchman.




Awakening, The  (Pocket, 1983.)


Fairly standard vampire fare with the villain awakening after two centuries of sleep and attempting to find a way to survive and prosper in the Twentieth Century.  Naturally no one in this day and age suspects an undead creature is responsible for a string of brutal murders.


Black Cat  (Pocket, 1982.)


An American family stumbles across a secret cult that worships the spirit of an African witch doctor living in the body of a panther.  There follows a duel of wits as the protagonists attempt to survive being stalked by a feral cat fueled by human intelligence and malice.


Inhuman  (Pocket, 1986.)


A group of terrorists are physically altered, so that they are nearly impervious to pain and normal weapons.  They are pitted against a group of unarmed people who retreated to a secluded spot to work out their interpersonal problems, only  to find that they must deal with a considerably more tangible threat.


Living Things   (Popular Library, 1988.)


A sorcerer raises a legion of zombies which he uses to wage warfare against the Mafia, intending to supplant them as ruler of an enormous criminal empire.  If a few innocent people are killed in the process, that's one of the unavoidable by‑products of his plan.


Midnight  (Pocket, 1980.)


Four children descended from a man rumored to have been able to summon demons experiment with occult forces and discover that they have inherited the talent.  Although the first entities they summon are relatively ineffectual, it is only a matter of time until they find a way to bring powerful creatures to do their bidding.


Night of the Living Dead  (Warner, 1974, from the screenplay by George A. Romero and John A. Russo, Pocket, ?)


Although the cause is never specifically identified, dead people begin to rise all over the Earth, attacking the living and devouring them, turning their victims into undead zombies like themselves.  A group of strangers barricade themselves in a farm house and attempt to stave off a series of mindless attacks.


Return of the Living Dead  (Dale, 1978.)


The walking dead attack a fresh group of people in their desire to kill and devour all those who remain alive, this time with most of the action taking place at a funeral home.  The besieging creatures were created by the release of an experimental chemical that animates dead flesh.


Return of the Living Dead  (Arrow, 1985, based on the screenplay by Dan O’Bannon, Rudy Ricci, John A. Russo, and Russell Streiner.)


                Variation based on the screenplay based on the novel of the same name from the same author.


Voodoo Dawn  (Imagine, Inc., 1987.)


A voodoo sorcerer's spirit survives the death of his body, compelling his followers to perform a forbidden ritual which will allow him to walk once again among the land of the living.  Made into a reasonably faithful but often slow moving film.  A second film with the same title is unrelated.




Anomaly, The  (Grand Central, 2018.)




Dogs of War  (Batwing Press, 2005.)


                During World War II, US paratroopers in Europe encounter a pack of werewolves.




Lost Children, The  (Zebra, 1988.)


A mysterious foundation provides free computers to gifted children, computers which seem to take on lives of their own, and which urge their new "owners" toward violent acts.  They are actually devices used by secret alien invaders to suborn our culture.


Night Gaunts  (Grim Reaper, 1993.)


                A play and associated poems linked to Lovecraft's Mythos.


Whippoorwill Road  (Poet's Press, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Spear of Destiny  (Donald I. Fine , ?, Pinnacle, 1989.)


 Nazis and Mafia hitmen contend in the quest to recover a legendary spear which was used to stab Christ.  Possession of the weapon will imbue its owner with a mystical power to conquer the world.




Amazonas (CD, 2011.)


Excerpt from The Slave Tree.


Back of Beyond, The (CD, 2012.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Bones Wizard and Other Stories, The  (Doubleday, 1988.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Cast a Cold Eye  (Tor, 1984, Dark Harvest, 1984, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1985.)


A hauntingly atmospheric horror novel set in modern Ireland. An American writer is visiting there while doing research for a book, when a series of bizarre, paranormal events leads him to doubt his old views of the way the world works.  There's quite a bit of interesting side matter on the Irish Famine as well.  Sort of a sequel to The Kill.


Dead White  (Tor, 1983.)


A small mountain town is cut off from the outside world by a blizzard, but in the midst of the storm, a mysterious train arrives.  Ostensibly, it carries a circus, but in reality it contains a number of nightmarish supernatural creatures, whose plans for the local people are malevolent.


Kill, The  (Tor, 1982.)


An invisible menace strikes out of the darkness, killing people but leaving no trace of its nature or the reasons for the attacks.  Cast a Cold Eye is set in the same town, although it does not continue the story.


Quadriphobia  (Doubleday, 1986.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Slave Tree, The (CD, 2013.)


A tree in Brazil grows humans in pods.




Seducing the Succubus  (Berkley Sensation, 2010.)


Sisters of  Darkness #1.


A succubus steals souls from her lovers.




3 Gates of the Dead (Open Road, 2013.)


Gates of Dead #1.




Dark Bride (Open Road, 2015.)


Gates of Dead #






Ravnos  (White Wolf, 2000.)


A World of Darkness novel.


                The sole survivor of an extinct clan of vampires comes to New York City to play a dangerous game in the middle of a major war among the clans.


Setite  (White Wolf, 1999.)


A World of Darkness novel.


                Vampires battle for control of mystical objects which could affect not only the future of the various clans of the undead but the lives of everyone among the living as well.




Van Helsing  (?, 2004, from the screenplay by ?)






Daughter of the Demons  (Pinnacle, 1974.)


An author researching witchcraft becomes suspicious of her neighbors, and learns that a coven is practicing right under her nose.  In fact, her own daughter is part of the cult, and there is evidence that she has been slipping drugs into her mother's food to prepare her for a horrible fate.




Echo of a Curse  (Jenkins, 1939, Midnight House, 2004, Dancing Tuatara, 2015.)


                A family curse causes a bizarre physical transformation.


Freak Museum (Jenkins, 1938, Dancing Tuatara, 2013.)


A woman is taken captive by a group who are creating human/animal hybrids.




Brethren  (Pocket, 1993.)


The serial killings and mutilations of several children are actually signs of the presence of demonic forces.  The protagonist is the last member of a cursed family who must confront a demon in the flesh, so to speak, to put things right.


Nocturnas  (Pocket, 1995.)


A journalist visits Romania in the waning days of the late Communist government, and discovers that the secret police and other high government agencies are the pawns of a secret society of vampires.




Rat Catcher of Whitestone, The  (Scholastic, 1971.)


                Two youngsters have an encounter with a mysterious rat catcher who has supernatural powers.




Bride of the Vampyre  (Wildside, 2002.)


                Part Four of Varney the Vampire.


Coming of the Second Vampyre, The  (Wildside, 2002.)


                Part Three of Varney the Vampire.


Fate of the Vampire  (Wildside, 2002.)


                Part Five of Varney the Vampire.


Feast of Blood, The  (Wildside, 2002.)


                Part One of Varney the Vampire.


Flight of the Vampyre, The  (Wildside, 2002.)


                Part Two of Varney the Vampire.


Varney the Vampire  (Dover, 1972.  Originally published in 1847.)


Authorship of this novel has been attributed to others. This is almost unreadable for modern tastes, a series of vampiric adventures that occasionally become silly.