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Spirited Away  (Zebra, 2005.)


                Historical romance novel involving malevolent ghosts.




Burning Water  (Tor, 1989.)


Diana Tregarde #1.


A photographer encounters four sisters who are spiritually and genealogically linked to a source of ancient Indian magic. A series of ritual murders coincide with their arrival in the US, to be solved by a detective and a romance novelist who is apart time witch.


Children of the Night  (Tor, 1990.)


Diana Tregarde #2.


Diana Tregarde, novelist and witch, returns, this time joining a friendly vampire to hunt down a supernatural creature responsible for several brutal killings. More the feeling of fantasy than horror.


Jinx High  (Tor, 1991.)


Diana Tregarde #3.


                Against the backdrop of the usual high school problems, Tregarde discovers that a young man has unrealized magical powers which have attracted the attention of a malevolent force intent upon exploiting them.


Sacred Ground  (Tor, 1994.)


                A woman who is attempting to learn the magic of her ancestors is troubled when a new shopping mall construction disturbs a hidden burial ground.  Eventually she learns that an ancient evil has been released, one that can only be stopped by equally ancient magic.


Trio of Sorcery  (Tor, 2010.)


Diana Tregarde #4.


Collection of related stories.




Bees, The  (Tempo, 1976.)


Frightening true accounts of attacks by a vicious new strain of bee in South America are the basis for this story of organized assaults on small communities within the United States. Can the oncoming hordes of stinging insects be destroyed before they menace major population centers or is humankind's domination of the Earth about to be challenged?


LAFORGE, EMILY  (Pseudonym of Jill Jones.)


Shadow Haven  (Pocket, 2005.)


                Romance novel involving genuine psychic powers.




37th Mandala, The  (St Martins, 1996, Leisure, 1999.)


                A crooked opportunist stumbles across the discovery of a kind of supernatural creature that grows within us with the perversion of our souls, and decides to realize a profit on the discovery.  Instead, he unleashes a new horror on the world.




Atmosphere  (Leisure, 2002.)


                A series of mysterious abductions and murders leads a police detective to discover that aliens are harvesting human lifeforce to power their spacecraft.


Deep in the Darkness (Leisure, 2004.)


                A doctor discovers that there's a demon reproducing itself in the nearby forest.


Demonologist, The  (Leisure, 2005.)


                A man experiences horrific visions which begin to come true.


Demons, Freaks, and Other Abnormalities  (Delirium, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dregs of Society  (Primebooks, 2001.)


                Collection of mostly unrelated stories.


Fires Rising  (Leisure, 2008.)


An excavation under a church unleashes a demonic force.


Sleepwalker  (Delirium, 2005.)


                A man discovers the ability to move in dreams.


Within the Darkness, Golden Eyes  (Flesh & Blood, 2000.)


                A short story published as a chapbook.




Cadaver of Gideon Wyck, The  (Farrar & Rinehart, 1934, Butterworth, 1934, Grosset, 1935, Armed Forces, 1945, Collier, 1962.)


An old fashioned murder mystery embellished with mysterious experiments, comings and goings in the darkness, a possibly mad doctor, and deeds of evil and of courage.  A bit slow paced for modern reading tastes, but interesting for those with persistence.  Supernatural content is minimal.




Among the Immortals  (Storyline, 1994.)


One of the most innovative vampire variations of all time.  A young poet investigates the murder of an associate and learns of a cache of Byron's letters that have survived to the present.  More significantly, the letters imply that one or more of the romantic poets were vampires, and that they may have survived into the modern age.


LAKE, SIMON  (Pseudonym of Charles L. Grant, whom see.)




Daughter of Darkness  (Bantam, 1992.)


                The newcomer in school exerts a mysterious power over her fellow students, but one teen visits her home and discovers that she is not a human being. 


Death Cycle  (1993)




He Told Me To  (1993)




Something's Watching  (Bantam, 1993.)


                A childhood boogeyman returns to stalk a young girl and her friends.  Is he human or a supernatural creature and what does he want?




Demon of the Night  (Pyramid, 1976.)


The apparent nervous breakdown of Andy's second wife becomes quite obviously more than that when she subsequently reveals knowledge of secrets known only to his former wife, now dead.  Even worse, the dead woman has found a way to reach across the gulf between worlds in search of vengeance against her former husband.




Colony, The  (Carlyle, 1979.)


A small town in the American South is menaced by a transplanted strain of South American fire ant, a creature whose hordes are threatening enough to menace the entire human population.  The only way to stop them may be by using a powerful and illegal insecticide that might cause different but just as horrible problems.




Medusa Horror, The  (Macdonald, 1983.)


A group of treasure hunters finds more than they bargained for when they encounter a shoal of strange and lethal jellyfish. Complicating things are a variety of other deadly and previously unknown creatures, all seemingly intent upon the destruction of humanity.


Snake Orchards, The  (Macdonald, 1983.)


                Snakes gone wild terrorize a community.




Cosmic Forces  (Medallion, 2011.)


Jake Helman #3.


Corrupt politicians use supernatural allies.


Desperate Souls  (Medallion, 2011.)


Jake Helman #2.





Human Monsters (Medallion, 2015.)


Jake Helman




Johnny Gruesome  (Bad Moon, 2007, Medallion, 2008.)


A teenager returns from the dead to get revenge on those who murdered him.


Personal Demons  (Medallion, 2009.)


Jake Helman #1.




Tortured Souls  (Medallion, 2012.)


Jake Helman #4.


A pair of investigators battle zombies and demons.




Demonís Coronation  (Pleasure Reader, 1971.)


Demon #2.


                Pornography involving demon lovers.


Demonís Stalk  (Greenleaf, 1970.)


Demon #1.


                Pornography involving the supernatural.


Valley of the Damned  (Pleasure Reader, 1971.)


                Pornography with supernatural elements.




Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep...  (Popular Library, 1989.)


A pensive man isolated on a remote island is troubled by increasingly violent and disturbing visions.  Although he initially suspects he is losing his sanity, he eventually realizes that the island itself is exerting power on his subconscious.




Mists and Other Stories  (Hutchinson, 1928.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Unmeasured Place, The  (Murray, 1933.)


                Not seen.  A werecreature.




Conference With the Dead  (Ash Tree, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dark Matters  (Ash Tree, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Made Ready/Cupboard Love  (Subterranean, 2006.)


                Two unrelated novellas.


Under the Crust  (Wendigo, 1993, Ash Tree, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Caution:  Aliens at Work  (Gold Key, 1998.)


A Ghosts of Fear Street book.


                Matt finds a toolkit with instruments that give him telepathy and other powers, but the alien that owns the kit is angry and wants his property returned.


Night of the Werecat  (Minstrel, 1996.)


A Ghosts of Fear Street book.


                A young girl buys a cat charm that turns her into a cat when the moon is full.




Dark Light: Dawn (Forge, 2017.)


Apocalyptic horror.




Heartbreak Hotel  (Ballantine, 2005.)


                A fisherman's ghost wants his story to be told.


LANDIS, MARIE  (See collaboration with Brian Herbert.)




Echoes in an Empty Room and Other Tales of the Supernatural  (Holt, Rinehart, & Winston, 1980.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Earth Wire and Other Stories, The  (Egerton, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Lost District and Other Stories, The  (Night Shade, 2006.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Mr. Gaunt and Other Uneasy Encounters  (?, 2008.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Sefira & Other Betrayals (Hippocampus, 2019.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Wide Carnivorous Sky & Other Monstrous Geographies, The (Hippocampus, 2013.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Red Spikes  (Knopf, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Audrey's Door  (Harper, 2009.)


A woman discovers a supernatural power residing in her new apartment.


Keeper, The  (Harper, 2006.)


                A small decaying town is home to a supernatural evil.


Missing, The  (Harper, 2007.)


Something in the woods is changing the behavior of the local residents.




Mirror of Night, The  (Silver Salamander, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Pedestal, The   (Harper & Row, 1966, Joseph, 1967, Avon, 1968.)


A grotesque, claw footed pedestal seems the perfect piece of furniture for a couple's new home.  But shortly after it is installed, strange sounds disturb the night, and indications that something is moving around in the house when no one is watching.


LANSDALE, JOE R.  (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Bestsellers Guaranteed  (Ace, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Bumper Crop  (Golden Gryphon, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


By Bizarre Hands  (Ziesing, 1989, Avon, 1991, New English Library, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dark at Heart  (Dark Harvest, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dead in the West  (Space & Time, 1986, Crossroads, 1995, Kinnell, 1997.)


The walking dead stalk a small Western town, and the only chance the townspeople have of surviving is a gunslinging itinerant preacher who is unafraid of the supernatural.  A vastly underrated book with no popular paperback edition.


Dead Man's Road  (2013.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Drive-In, The  (Bantam, 1988, Kinnell, 1997.)


Drive-In #1.


The usual weekend crowd at the drive‑in is dismayed when they discover that an impenetrable forcefield has sprung up, preventing them from leaving.  Then the very  nature of the people imprisoned begins to change as a weird, inexplicable force toys with them.  Absolutely indescribable.


Drive‑In 2, The  (Bantam, 1989, Kinnell, 1997.)


Drive-In #2.


  The wall which isolated people in a drive‑in theater, where they underwent radical physical and mental changes, has now fallen.  The survivors emerge and try to form a new community, but the altered nature of reality continues to exact its toll.  Even more indescribable than the first.


Fist Full of Stories, A  (CD Publications, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


For a Few Stories More  (Subterranean, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.


God of the Razor, The  (Subterranean, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Long Ones, The  (Necro, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Lost Echoes  (Vintage, 2006.)


                A young man who has visions triggered by sound investigates a series of murders.


Nightrunners, The   (Dark Harvest, 1987, Tor, 1989.)


When Becky escapes from a gang of rapists, the leader of whom dies in jail, she hoped the horror is finally over.  But the dead man's spirit has returned and is directing his former companions on a campaign of terrifying vengeance.


On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with the Dead Folks  (Roadkill, 1991.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Shadows Kith and Kin, The  (Subterranean, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Stories by Mama Lansdaleís Youngest Boy  (Pulphouse, 1991.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Triple Feature  (Subterranean, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.


Writer of the Purple Rage  (CD Publications, 1994, Carroll & Graf, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Wanton Witch, The  (Red Devil, 1977.)


                Pornography involving lusty witches.




Leopard  (?, 1993.)


                Not seen.


Mantis  (?, 1992.)


                Not seen.


Mind Kill  (Forge, 1998.)


                A contemporary thriller that assumes that an other worldly realm of the mind actually exists and can be drawn upon by the villain as a weapon against the people who oppressed him.  He appears in their dreams and as hallucinations when theyíre awake, hounding each in turn to death.


LARA, JAN  (Pseudonym of Michael Hinkemeyer, whom see.)


Limbo  (Popular Library, 1988.)


 A supernatural force emanating from a place neither Heaven nor Hell touches the mind of an innocent child, bending her to its will.  The child's recognizes the implications of what is stirring in her neighbor's garden, but falters when she seeks to find the inner strength to save her child.


Soulcatchers, Popular Library, 1990.)


                Children are disappearing into the clutches of an ancient cult that plans to drain their vitality and use it for the raw material in their supernatural grab for temporal power.


LARGENT, R. KARL  (Also writes as Simon Lawrence, whom see.)


Ancients  (Leisure, 1990.)


A horde of prehistoric creatures emerges every several years to perform a ritual of sacrifice as they attempt to revive an ancient, sleeping god.  Vaguely Lovecraftian.


Black Death, The  (Leisure, 1988.)


A very messy plague emanates from an old cemetery, killing everyone who contracts it, turning their bodies into oozing piles of slime.  Unless a cure can be discovered soon, it might spread from a single town to the entire world.  Sort of The Andromeda Strain meets Cthulhu.


Pagoda  (Leisure, 1989.)


 The pagoda of the title is a miniature which possesses a magical secret. Unlocking its hidden interior will either provide the possessor with the power of good, or subject him to the ultimate evil.  The new guardian of this artifact faces the greatest challenge of his life.


Witch of Sixkill, The  (Leisure, 1990.)


                An embittered man consults a witch in order to seek have revenge on several people whom he feels have wronged him.  But the results are nastier than he had expected.  Having unleashed a supernatural power, can he now find a way to drive it off?




Technomancer  (47North, 2012.)


A man who specializes in supernatural events is framed for a series of crimes.




Victorian Chaise Lounge, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1953, Cresset, 1953, Guild, 1956, Ballantine, 1960, Penguin, 1962.) 


A haunting story of travel from body to body, all linked to a piece of furniture which has somehow become imbued with the personality of a human being.




Gargoyle, The  (Weinberg, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Invaders from the Dark  (Arkham House, 1960. Armchair, 2022, bound with The Devil Downstairs by P.F. Costello.  Magazine version, 1925.)


                A princess with magical powers battles a female werewolf as they both try to attract the attention of the same man.


Shadow of Evil   (Arkham House, 1960, Paperback Library, 1966.  Magazine version published in 1925.)


An occult investigator duels with a sorceress for the future of her fiance in this old fashioned gothic adventure, which nonetheless holds some thrills and chills for modern readers. With lycanthropy and astral projection thrown in as well.




Kelpieís Burn  (Paperjacks, 1977.)


                A ghost story.




Ancient Rage, An  (Dell, 1978.)


 A woman visiting Ireland finds herself first involved in a love affair with a doctor, then the object of the lust of a long dead warrior with sorcerous powers who has reached across the bridge of time to find himself a bride.


Joseph Stone, The  (Leisure, 1971.)


Two people with psychic powers are drawn into a maelstrom of magic and danger when they are present at the reawakening of a magical stone that allows supernatural forces to enter our world.


Madonna Creek Witch, The  (Dell, 1973.)


Two people investigate family documents and read the story of a woman dominated by a nasty minded father, prevented from marrying the man she loves, menaced by a bodiless force of evil which occupies her home.  Much better than it probably sounds.


Matter of Sixpence, A  (Dell, 1972.)


When a tall, dark stranger comes to Salem, Massachusetts, at least one woman recognizes him for what he really is, the Devil made flesh.  But the knowledge doesn't matter.  Her passion for him is strong enough that she doesn't care if she loses her very soul to win his love.


Previous Lady, The  (Dell, 1974.)


Ouija boards, long dead sorcerers, restless spirits, and a haunted house are all a part of this story of slowly escalating terror as a young woman discovers not only the history of her new home, but the terrifying implications for her own future.




In Darkness It Dwells  (Medallion, 2006.)


                An amateur filmmaker creates a supernaturally endowed puppet.




Black Hotel, The  (Star, 1983, Diamond, 1990.)


                A large hotel is the scene of several mysterious deaths when restless ghosts plague the guests and staff.  The only solution seems to be the arrangement of some sort of compromise with the apparitions.


Blood of Nostradamus, The.  (See The Link.)


Catacomb  (Diamond, 1991.  ? as The Hiss in 1981.)


                A young boy with the power to foresee death is cloistered in a monastery lest his knowledge cast doubt upon the true faith.  To the surprise of the authorities, he can also communicate with the dead, and hopes to use knowledge gleaned from them to escape his imprisonment.


Embryo, The.  (See Unborn.)


Hiss, The.  (See Catacomb.)


Link, The  (Star, 1980, Charter, 1991.  Diamond, 1991, as The Blood of Nostradamus.)


Nostradamus #2.


                 A powerful sorcerer seeks to re-establish himself in the modern world. An unknowing descendant has psychic powers and experiences visions of terrible doom about to visit his life.


Ouija  (? 1982, Diamond, 1990.)


                The spirit of a ouija board answers the request of a young man to gain the sexual affections of a virgin.  The next day, the girl has committed suicide, but the man realizes he's not entirely safe.  She was a witch, and his apparent seduction may have trapped him into a supernatural pact.


Premonition  (Charter, 1991. Star, 1979, as Premonitions of an Inherited Mind .)


Nostradamus #1.


                A descendant of the famed sorcerer discovers that his ancestor is attempting to live again through his body, forcing him to re-enact horrid events from the past. 


Premonitions of an Inherited Mind.  (See Premonition.)


Unborn, Diamond, 1991.  (Star, 1980, as The Embryo.)


Nostradamus #2.


                The final battle as a descendant of the sorcerer struggles against her own inner nature to prevent her ancestor from unleashing a horde of demons on the world of the living.


LAUREY, ROSEMARY  (See also Georgia Evans.)


Be Mine Forever  (Zebra, 2005.)


Vampire #3.


A vampire romance.


Keep Me Forever  (Zebra, 2006.)


Vampire #4.


A vampire romance.


Kiss Me Forever  (Zebra, 2004.)


Vampire #1&2.


                Two vampire romances, the second titled Love Me Forever, although is the sequel.



Midnight Lover  (Zebra, 2007.)




A vampire romance.




Baron Orgaz  (Bantam, 1974.) 


A Doctor Orient adventure.


                A corpse is discovered, either the victim of an accident or perhaps a cruel murder.  Doctor Orient, a renowned psychic, suspects that something malevolent is at work, something more evil than the simple nastiness of human beings, something which does not have human weaknesses.


Blue Limbo  (Avon, 1991.)


A Doctor Orient adventure.


                This time the psychic investigator is pitted against an array of evils including voodoo, the undead, and errant ESP. 


Demon Pope (Rothco, 2015.)


A Doctor Orient adventure.


Nazis in South America gather occult powers.


Doctor Orient  (Bantam, 1970. )


A Doctor Orient adventure.


                A psychic adept returns from his retreat to participate in a battle between the minions of the Devil and the forces of good.  The first in a series of occult adventures featuring this character.


End of Days  (St Martins, 1999, based on the screenplay by Andrew W. Marlowe.)


                Because of the turn of the millennium, the Devil is on Earth searching for a human woman who will be the key to his triumph over the forces of good.  He is defeated by an unlikely hero, a policeman down on his luck who becomes her protector.  The Devil loses, of course, possibly because he, like the film's producers, came a year too early.  The millennium doesn't arrive until 2001.


Foundling, The  (Pocket, 1984.)


A female child raised by nuns is actually the focal point for terrible forces determined to use her as their key to power.  As she matures, those around her learn that it is dangerous to thwart her or risk her displeasure, as even the inanimate world responds to her wishes.


Lady Sativa  (Curtis, 1973.) 


A Doctor Orient adventure.


                Although he initially feels compelled to protect a young woman from evil occult forces, Doctor Orient soon discovers that he has been drawn unwisely into a web of hidden plots, and that she might be a player rather than just a pawn.


Melody Dawn (Rothco, 2015.)


A mostly good vampire teams up with an FBI agent to stop a supernatural gang.


Priestess, The  (Bantam, 1978.) 


A Doctor Orient adventure.


                The undaunted psychic investigator of several earlier adventures now crosses swords with voodoo magic, in the person of the lover of a prominent criminal.  She uses powerful sorcery to secure her place in the world, possibly strong enough to end the occultist's long career.


Raga Six  (Bantam, 1972. )


A Doctor Orient adventure.


                A coven of witches operating in Manhattan is only part of the menace in this adventure of a psychic investigator whose life has been devoted to combating evil magic.


Seth Papers, The  (Ballantine, 1979.) 


A Doctor Orient adventure.


                Doctor Orient has decided not to allow his psychic abilities to be used for material gain, for himself or anyone else.  But mundane powers are after him, recognizing the potential wealth that magic could accumulate. At the same time, a group of fanatics has mastered a powerful occult force, and unless he can stop them, they will use it to transform the world.


LAURIE, VICTORIA (Also writes Fantasy.)


Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye (Obsidian, 2004.)


Psychic Eye #1.




Better Read Than Dead  (Obsidian, 2005.)


Psychic Eye #2.




Crime Seen  (Obsidian, 2007.)


Psychic Eye #5.




Deadly Forecast (2014)




Death Perception  (Obsidian, 2008.)


Psychic Eye #6.


Murder mystery with a psychic detective.


Demons Are a Ghoul's Best Friend  (Obsidian, 2008.)


Ghost Hunter #2.




Doom with a View  (Obsidian, 2009.)


Psychic Eye #7.


A psychic helps the police track down three abducted girls.


Fatal Fortune (NAL, 2014.)


Psychic Eye #12.




Ghoul Interrupted  (Obsidian, 2011.)


Ghost Hunter.




Ghoul Next Door, The  (Signet, 2014.)




Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls  (Obsidian, 2011.)


Ghost Hunter #5.


Ghosts and a mysterious phantom reside in a remote castle.


Ghouls Gone Wild  (Obsidian, 2010.)


Ghost Hunter #4.


A body in a cavern leads to a story of evil witchcraft.


Ghoul's Guide to Love and Murder, A (NAL, 2016.)


Ghost Hunter




Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun  (Obsidian, 2009.)


Ghost Hunter #3.


A psychic inadvertently releases a demon from imprisonment.


Glimpse of Evil, A  (Obsidian, 2010.)


Psychic Eye #8.


A psychic solves a murder mystery.


Killer Insight  (Obsidian, 2006.)


Psychic Eye #4.




Lethal Outlook (2013.)




No Ghouls Allowed (Signet, 2015.)


Ghost Hunter.


Comic horror.


Sense of Deception (NAL, 2015.)


Psychic Eye




Vision Impossible (Obsidian, 2011.)


Psychic Eye #9.


The government develops a machine that reads auras.


Vision of Murder, A  (Obsidian, 2005.)


Psychic Eye #3.



What a Ghoul Wants  (Obsidian, 2012.)


Ghost Hunter.




What's a Ghoul to Do?  (Obsidian, 2007.)


Ghost Hunter #1.




LAUX, CONNIE  (See also Casey Daniels.)


Fright Knight  (Minstrel, 1996.)


A Ghosts of Fear Street novel.


For younger readers.  A magical enchantment brings a suit of armor to life in a museum.


Curse, The  (?  )


Blood Moon #1.




Fortune Teller, The  (   )


Blood Moon #2.




Reckoning, The  (Harper, 1996.)


Blood Moon #3.


Kate confronts the mysterious magician who is apparently not dead after all, and whose evil magic powers the curse of the blood moon.  For young adults.




Do You Believe?  (Tor, 2005.)


                A woman falls in love with a horror writer whose stories may not be entirely imaginary.




Holographic Dollhouse, The  (Llewellyn, 1995.)


                A child's soul is imprisoned in a dollhouse and a sensitive must free her.




Faith Trials, The  (Pocket, 2001, based on the screenplays by David Greenwalt, Marti Noxon, and Douglas Petrie.


                Three episodes from the television series involving Faith, the rogue slayer who turns on her former friends.




Power of Stars, The (Harper, 1972, Harper Trophy, 1973.)


                Young adult.  A young girl's personality undergoes a strange transformation when she is attacked by a rabbit while walking in the garden one evening.  Her friends suspect that some other personality has supplanted her own.  Not as silly as it sounds.




Bride of Darkness  (Ace, 1967, Hale, 1967.)


A man discovers that he has been trapped into marriage with a witch, who is using him solely for the purpose of fathering a child.  In order to save his son, and perhaps his own life, the must find  a way to overcome her supernatural powers.


Casebook of Miles Pennoyer, Volume One, The  (Ash Tree, 2003.)


                Collection of stories about a psychic detective.


Floating Cafť and Other Stories, The  (Jarrolds, 1936.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Master of Shadows  (Hale, 1959.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Nights of the Round Table  (Hutchinson, 1926, Ash Tree, 1998.)


Round Table #1.


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Number Seven Queer Street  (Hale, 1945.)


                Collection of related stories about an occult detective.


Terraces of  Night, The  (Hurst & Blackett, 1932, Ash-Tree, 1999.)


Round Table #2.


                Collection of loosely related stories.


LAWRENCE, SIMON  (Pseudonym of R. Karl Largent, whom see.)


Pond, The  (Leisure, 1990.)


                A series of murders is eventually revealed as a plot by a secret coven of women who are using magic and mundane terror to seize control of an entire community.




Steam  (Alyson, 1991.)


                A powerful monster stalks the streets of San Francisco, claiming victim after victim.  A gay theme gives the novel quite an original atmosphere.


Unfinished, The  (Alyson, 1993.)


                The unfinished are those whose lives were interrupted, who died before their time, and whose spirits linger on waiting for something to provide a sense of completion.  A ghost story of sorts, though with an entirely original perspective.




Chasm  (Hodder, 1997, BCA, 1998.)


                A cataclysm leaves an English town perched on a series of tall rocks isolated from the rest of the world, and preyed upon by an evil supernatural force from below.


Daemonic  (Hodder, 1995, New English Library, ?)


A reclusive horror film maker turned engineer invites a number of people to his elaborately constructed, labyrinthine house, in which resides as well a demonic force.


Darkfall  (Hodder, 1992, New English Library, 1993, Leisure, 2003.)


                A freak storm causes a group of partygoers to become somehow merged with the building they are in, and they later emerge as horribly distorted creatures.


Fear Me  (See Gideon.)


Ferocity  (Leisure, 20067.)


                Marginal story about a feral cat with unusual intelligence.


Frighteners, The  (Souvenir, 1990, New English Library, ?)


                Not seen.  A supernatural psychopathic killer.


Ghosttrain   (Beaufort, 1985, Souvenir, 1985, Tor, 1986.)


A mysterious train station is the focus of this story of a terrifying creature which stalks the railroad system searching for  prey.  Fast paced and frequently gruesome horror.  The British edition encountered some controversy because of ads placed in underground trains.


Gideon  (Hodder, 1993, New English Library, ?  Leisure, 2005, as Fear Me.)


                Three women kill a predatory man, but he survives his own death and returns to plague them in near vampire fashion.


Macabre  (Hodder, 1994, New English Library, 1995.)


A London cult has opened the doors to Hell, and hopes to enhance their abilities through the sacrifice of a specific child.  The infant, meanwhile, is being protected by a cab driver and its mother, while unleashed souls of the damned search for them.


Midnight Man, The  (Silver Salamander, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Somewhere South of Midnight  (Hodder, 1996.)


                Following an automobile accident, several people discover they have the power to heal.


Spectre   (Souvenir, 1986, Tor, 1987, Telos, 2003.)


A group of old friends begin to die one at a time, and on each occasion, the deceased's image disappears from a group photograph.  Can those who still survive figure out what is happening before they too disappear forever?


Voyages into Night  (Bump in the Night, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Wyrm, The  (Souvenir, 1987, Sphere, 1989, Leisure, 2004.)


                An ancient gibbet erected at a crossroads in England is moved, revealing a long buried body concealed beneath it.  The corpse disappears in a terrible fire, and is replaced by  a vampiric creature who draws energy from the bodies of its victims.




Envious Nothing, The (Hippocampus, 2022.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Crimson Heir (Ibooks, 2005.)


                A vampire makes a living as a rock singer.




Possession of Tamara, The  (Satanís Library, 1977.)


                Pornography involving possession by a nymphomaniac.




Lycanthia  (Jenkins, 1935.)


                Routine werewolf story with an uncouth young girl responsible.


LAYMON, CARL  (See also Richard Laymon.)


Nightmare Lake  (Dell, 1983.)


Two teenagers uncover a human skeleton and report it to the police, but it disappears. Unbeknownst to them, they have revived a vampire.


LAYMON, RICHARD  (See also Carl Laymon.) 


Alarms  (Ziesing, 1992. (Headline, 1993, as Alarums.)


                Mundane though nasty villains menace a family, but one of the women experiences psychic visions that forewarn her of the coming trouble.


Alarums.  (See Alarms.)


Allhallowís Eve  (New English Library, 1986, Headline, 1994.)


                Not seen.


Beast, The  (Fearon Pitman, 1986.)


A Strange Occurrence story.


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Beast House, The.  (New English Library, 1986, Paperjacks, 1987, Headline, 1994, Cemetery Dance, 1998, Leisure, 2007.)


Beast #2.


 The site of a beastly crime, now turned into a museum, is invaded by a group of people determined to disprove the persistent legends that surround the place.  To their dismay, the stories have a basis in fact, including the horribly misshapen creatures which emerge at night in search of prey.


Beware!   (New English Library, 1985, Paperjacks, 1987, New English Library, 1992, Headline, 1994, Leisure, 2008.)


The protagonist stumbles upon a series of murders and dismemberments, apparently performed by an invisible assailant who later assaults her as well.  The creature follows her home, tormenting her in the night, and her efforts to seek help only lead people to believe the is insane.


Bite  (Headline, 1996, Leisure, 1999.)


                Marginal story about a couple who kill what appears to have been a vampire, and then have trouble disposing of the body.


Body Rides  (Headline, 1996, Leisure, 2004.)


                A man saves a woman's life and is given the power to enter the bodies of other people.


Cellar, The  (Warner, 1980, New English Library, 1981, Headline, 1990, CD Publications, 1997, Leisure, 2006.)


Beast #1.


Monsters both human and unhuman abound in this story of a mysterious house in which horrible, shambling creatures appear periodically, satisfying their unholy lusts with human women.


Dark Mountain, The.  (See Tread Softly.)


Darkness Tells Us  (Headline, 1991, Leisure, 2003.)


                Ouija board gives a message about a hidden treasure.


Dreadful Tales  (Headline, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Fiends  (Headline, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Flesh  (Allen, 1987, Tor, 1988, Headline, 1990, Leisure, 2009.)


An inhuman creature which exists parasitically within the human body drives its hosts to acts of fiendish brutality, subsisting on the byproducts of murder and pain.  The victims are initially believed to have died from more conventional causes, but a handful of people suspect the truth.  This author's best novel.


Friday Night in Beast House  (CD Publications, 2001, Leisure, 2010.)


Beast #4.


                Two people sneak into a house where inhuman creatures supposedly committed murder, only to discover that the legend is true.  Obviously they haven't seen enough horror movies.


Funland  (Allen, 1989, Onyx, 1990, Headline, 1990.)


This novel of the increasing violence between a teenaged gang and a group of street beggars only turns to the supernatural during a climactic battle sequence in an abandoned amusement park, where a giant spider makes a brief appearance. Confusing at times and rather unfocused.


Good, Secret Place, A  (Headline, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Halloween Hunt  (Fearon Pitman, 1987.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Island  (Headline, 1995.)


                Not seen.


Midnight Tour, The  (Cemetery Dance, 1998, Headline, 1999.)


Beast #3.


                Tours through a house reputed to have been the scene of attacks by inhuman creatures turn out not to be such a smart idea after all.


Night Creature, The  (Fearon Pitman, 1986.)


A Strange Occurrence Squad story.


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Night Show  (New English Library, 1984, Headline, 1994.)


                Not seen.


Once Upon a Halloween  (CD, 2000.)


                When a couple help a boy who claims he is being pursued by satanists, a malevolent spirit enters their home and kills trick or treaters when they arrive.


One Rainy Night  (Headline, 1991, Leisure, 2000.)


                A mysterious dark rain causes people to instantly turn into homicidal maniacs.


Out Are the Lights  (New English Library, 1982, Warner, 1983, Headline, 1993.)


A confused and unconvincing story about special effects in an explicit horror show turning out to be quite genuine, and the evil power which is using the show for its own purposes.


Out Are the Lights and Other Tales  (Headline, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Resurrection Dreams  (Allen, 1988, Onyx, 1989, Headline, 1990, Leisure, 2005.)


A weird variation of the Frankenstein theme.  A mentally disturbed man murders several people, then raises them from the dead, all in an attempt to impress a girl with whom he is infatuated.  Spurned love soon turns to maniacal hatred.  Grotesque but generally effective.


Return, The  (Fearon Pitman, 1986.)


A Strange Occurrence Squad story.


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Stake, The  (Headline, 1990, Zebra, 1995.)


A vampire novel, although the vampire shows up only on page 503 of 505.  A writer discovers a dead body with a stake in its heart, decides to write a book about a demented vampire killer, runs afoul of two separate psychopathic killers, and discovers vampires are real.


Thin Air  (Fearon Pitman, 1986.)


A Strange Occurrence Squad story.


                Short story in pamphlet form.


To Wake the Dead  (Leisure, 2003.)


                A mummy comes to life and claims a number of victims amidst a scattering of other, less fantastic subplots.


Traveling Vampire Show, The  (CD, 2000, Headline, 2000, Leisure, 2001.)


                Marginal story about teenagers investigating a vampire carnival show.  The supposed vampire isn't, but there may have been a real one waiting in the wings.


Tread Softly  (Tor, 1987, Sphere, ?  Leisure, 2009, as Dark Mountain. Headline, 1986, as The Dark Mountain as by Richard Kelly and 1992 as by Richard Laymon.)


Campers offend a practicing witch and her son, and in the violent encounter that follows he is killed.  Safely back in civilization, or so they believe, the companions begin to die in strange accidents, until the survivors realize that this is more than just coincidence, and that if they wish to live they will have to seek out the witch and destroy her.


Woods Are Dark, The  (Warner, 1981, New English Library, 1983, Headline, 1991.  Leisure, 2008, is a restored version.)


A very peculiar novel about a compulsive force that lives in a stand of woods, a subculture of almost feral people who make up their own rules, a being from another world, and one man who finds himself thrown among them.  Bits and pieces are quite good.


LAZUTA, GENE   (See also Alex Kane.  Wrote SF as Daniel Raven.)


Bleeder  (Diamond, 1991.)


                A horror writer becomes the target of a mysterious serial killer whose victims' bodies transform themselves following their death.  A computer technician struggles to learn the truth as an imaginary character becomes real and reaches out to alter the world.  Their two separate experiences intertwine in this very peculiar story.


Blood Flies  (Charter Diamond, 1990.)


                The itinerant son of a wealthy man returns to the town where the family business is operated only to discover that the manager in charge has discovered a species of carnivorous creatures living underground.  The manager plans to auction them off to a foreign power as a secret weapon, but the blood flies have ideas of their own.


Vyrmin  (Diamond, 1992.)


                An ancient race that lives secretly among humans preys on innocent victims, but recent killings have been too public to remain concealed.  Their powers enable them to change shape and compel the obedience of others, and even exposed they present a formidable danger to humanity.




Perfume of Egypt and Other Weird Stories, The  (Theosophical Press, 1911.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Salem's Children  (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1979, Leisure, undated.)


An entire town has apparently been possessed by the devil, and increasingly violent acts and threats are directed at a woman and her young daughter, finally driving her to a desperate act to protect herself and those she loves.


Triad   (Coward, McCann , 1973, Bantam, 1974.)


 Following the loss of her child, a woman discovers that disembodied forces are fighting for possession of her body. The only way she can effectively resist is to master the ability to leave her body, and use the weapon of astral projection against her tormentors.




Midnight  (47 North, 2012.)


Jack Nightingale #2.




Nightfall  (47 North, 2012.)


Jack Nightingale #1.


A private investigator discovers that his father sold his soul to the devil when he was born.


LEBBON, TIM  (See also collaboration with Simon Clark and Christopher Golden. Also writes Fantasy and Science Fiction.)


As the Sun Goes Down  (Night Shade, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Berserk  (Necessary Evil, 2004, Leisure, 2005.)


                A man investigating the death of his son in an army training maneuver discovers animated corpses and other horrors.


Borderland  (Titan, 2018.)


Cabin in the Woods, The  (Titan, 2012, from the screenplay by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard.)


A secret organization sends supernatural menaces into the world.


Changing of Faces  (PS, 2003.)




Coldbrook (Titan, 2014.)


The opening of a gateway to an alternate world unleashes a zombie apocalypse.


Dead Man's Hand  (Necessary Evil, 2004.)


Assassin #1.


                Chapbook in which a gunslinger battles a supernatural entity.


Desolation  (Leisure, 2004.)


                A young man abused and imprisoned for most of his life releases a supernatural force in response to the hostility of his neighbors.


Face  (Leisure, 2003.)


                A family picks up a hitchhiker who frightens them and then follows them around, displaying repulsive and mildly supernatural powers.


Fears Unnamed (Leisure, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Hush  (Razorblade, 2000.)


                A woman wakens a man's memories that he is part of an elite group battling an ancient supernatural evil.


Mesmer  (Tanjen, 1997, Prime, 2003.)


                A supernatural being keeps dead bodies alive for its own purposes.


Naming of Parts  (PS Publishing, 2000.)


                A family makes a perilous journey across rural England as the dead rise from their graves to devour the living.


Nature of Balance, The  (Leisure, 2001.)


                One night most of the people in the world die when they experience a dream of falling that has physical consequences.  A handful of survivors struggle to understand the change in reality and deal with a mysterious new force of nature.


Pieces of Hate  (Necessary Evil, 2005.)


Assassin #2.


                A man searches for the demon who killed his family.


Relics (Titan, 2017.)


Silence, The (Titan, 2015.)


Monsters that hunt by sound torment a family.


Thirty Days of Night  (Pocket, 2007, from the screenplay by ?)


In Alaska, an ancient evil arises during the long night.


Unnatural Selection  (Pocket Star, 2006.)


A Hellboy novel.


                Hellboy is called to duty as a host of mythological creatures begin appearing around the world.


Until She Sleeps  (CD, 2001.)


                The grave of a sleeping witch is disturbed and the nightmares she has taken from people all emerge to menace the living.


Whisper of Southern Lights, A  (Necessary Evil, 2009.)


Assassin #3.


An immortal and a demon battle in various ages.


White  (MOT Press, 1999.)


                Short story chapbook about monsters that appear following a nuclear war.


White and Other Tales of Ruin  (Night Shade, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Family Inheritance  (Leisure, 2004.)


                A woman travels into the bayous to confront her past, which includes a family curse.


Grave Intent  (Leisure, 2005.)


                Someone steals a magic coin from a gypsy grave and unleashes a supernatural horror.


House Divided, A  (Leisure, 2006.)


                Efforts to subdivide a haunted house backfire.


Morbid Curiosity  (Leisure, 2007.)


High school girls evoke supernatural powers that escape their control.


Water Witch  (Leisure, 2008.)


A young witch battles supernatural evil to rescue two young boys.




Fangs of the Vampire, The  (Vantage, 1979.)


                Not seen.


LECALE, ERROL  (Pseudonym of Wilfred McNeilly.  See also W.A. Ballinger and Peter Saxon.)


Blood of My Blood  (New English Library, 1975.)


Specialist #6.


                An occult hero must confront the secrets of his own supernatural past.


Castledoom  (New English Library, 1974.)


Specialist #2.


                The Specialist must find the lair of a ghoul and destroy it.


Death Box, The  (New English Library, 1975. )


Specialist #4.


                Another supernatural adventure of the hero who specializes in destroying creatures of the darker world.


Severed Hand, The  (New English Library, 1974.)


Specialist #3.


                The Specialist must deal with a magical curse.


Tigerman of Terrahpur, The  (New English Library, 1974.)


Specialist #1.


                A werecreature threatens the lives of the hero and his friends.


Zombie  (New English Library, 1975.)


Specialist #5.


                The occult adventurer of this low calibre but high action series combats voodoo magic and the walking dead.


LEE, ED & PELAN, JOHN  (Ed Lee also writes as Edward Lee, Philip Straker,  and Richard Kinion.)


Case of the Police Officer's Cock Ring and the Piano Player Who Had No Fingers, The  (Dark Raptor, 1998.)


                Short story chapbook about an encounter with a werewolf.


Shifters  (Obsidian Press, 1998.)


                A frustrated lover and poet becomes prey for a lamia style vampire who takes advantage of his uncertainty.


Splatterspunk: The Micah Hayes Stories  (Sideshow, 1998.)


                Collection of related stories.


LEE, EDWARD  (See also Richard Kinion and Ed Lee, and collaboration with Jack Ketchum and those that follow.)


Backwoods, The  (Leisure, 2005.)


                A series of mutilations and grave robbings in a rural town are the result of dark sorcery.


Bighead, The  (Necro, 1997.)


                Not seen.


Black Train, The  (Leisure, 2009.  Earlier version appeared as Gast.)


Haunted house variation involving a railroad built during the Civil War.


Brides of the Impaler  (Leisure, 2008.)


A discorporate entity linked to Vlad Tepes claims fresh victims in the modern world.


Chosen, The  (Zebra, 1993.)


A fancy but obscure restaurant is actually operated by demonic creatures who feature human flesh as the main course for their special guests.  A gruesome and occasionally illogical story of cannibalism and deals with the devil.


City Infernal  (CD Publications, 2001, Leisure, 2002.)


                Following the suicide of her sister, a young woman retreats to a home where hundreds of children were killed in the past, and discovers that it is literally a doorway to Hell.


Coven  (Diamond, 1991.)


                A remote college catering to troubled rich kids is also home to a cult of witches, or something like witches, a group who use bizarre magic to physically transform those who fall under their power.


Creekers  (Zebra, 1994.)


The Creekers are inbred hill people who develop telepathic powers and fall under the influence of a charismatic leader who decides it's time to take control of the nearby community.  It appears the Creekers are no longer entirely human.


Flesh Gothic  (Leisure, 2005.)


                Investigators in a house where an orgy resulted in satanic murders.


Gast  (Camelot, ? Revised edition as The Black Train, which see.)


Ghouls  (Pinnacle, 1988.)


In a small town in Maryland, a series of strange disappearances and the theft of a body from its grave set the mood for this combination of mystery and adventure.  A researcher investigating ghouls has lost control of his subjects, who seek dead flesh even if they have to kill it themselves.


Golem, The  (Leisure, 2009.)


A plague of golems appear in the modern world.


Haunted House and Other Presidential Horrors  (Overlook, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


House Infernal  (Leisure, 2007.)


A priory proves to be a gateway to Hell.


Incubi  (Diamond, 1991.)


                A detective stalks a particularly vicious serial killer while a young artist deals with a mysterious group of men who have expressed an interest in her work.  Demons and cult killings in this very explicit mix of sex and violence.


Infernal Angel  (CD, 2003, Leisure, 2004.)


                Two living people go on a journey into Hell itself.


Mangled Meat  (Deadite, 2011.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Messenger  (Leisure, 2004.)


                A demonic force sends packages to post offices which precipitate killing sprees.


Monstrosity  (Cemetery Dance, 2002, Leisure, 2003.)


                A secret bio-weapons lab spawns giant versions of insects and small animals and harbors a creature that is not quite human.


Slither  (Leisure, 2006.)


                A group of people find themselves on an island where alien invaders are experimenting with a lethal form of worm.


Succubi  (Diamond, 1992.)


                A cult of demon worshippers uses a retarded man to entice victims to their ceremonies, while a lawyer finds her dreams troubled by strange visions.


Ushers, The  (Obsidian, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Teratologist  (Medium Rare, 2003.)


                A man challenges God with terrible consequences.




Comedy of Terrors  (Lancer, 1964, from the screenplay by Richard Matheson.)


Novelization of the film, which was in itself a very funny spoof of the horror genre.  Two undertakers attempt to plot a means of increasing their business, but find themselves holding a two edged sword.


Masque of the Red Death, The   (Lancer, 1964, from the screenplay by Charles Beaumont and R. Wright Campbell, based on the story by Edgar Allen Poe.)


Aristocrats attempt to ward off Death personified by having an elaborate masked ball during the height of the Plague.  Unfortunately, one of the attendees has made a deal with the devil.




Seduced by Crimson  (Love Spell, 2006.)


                Adventure in an alternate America where vampires and werewolves are everyday events.




This Monstrous Thing (Tegen, 2015.)


A retelling of the story of Frankenstein's monster.




Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  (Barron's, 1988, Beaver, 1988.)


The Robert Louis Stevenson classic retold for younger readers.  A dabbler in scientific principles finds an elixir which splits him into two distinct personalities, one good and one evil.




Dark Dance  (Macdonald, 1992, Dell, 1993.)


Scarabae #1.


                A young woman struggles to exist independently of the bizarre family who spawned her.  They're vampires of a sort, but Lee has reinvented the creature for this novel, and her breed of bloodsuckers are unlike anything else in the literature. 


Darkness, I  (Little, Brown, 1994, St Martins, 1996.)


Scarabae #3.


A woman fleeing the heritage of her family of long lived, pseudo vampires gives birth to a child who grows to adolescence within two years and is subsequently kidnapped by a distant member of the family who has recreated an imitation of ancient Egyptian civilization in a remote part of the world.


Heart-Beast  (Dell, 1993, Headline, 1993.)


An historical novel about a young man whose obsession with a cursed diamond turns him into a particularly vicious and powerful werewolf.  Not that he was a particularly likable character to start with.


Kill the Dead  (DAW, 1980, Legend, 1990.)


An intriguing mixture of classical horror and the modern fantasy story.  The protagonist wanders through a world not our own, exorcising demons, dispersing ghosts, and performing similar tasks.  Extremely well written.


Lycanthia, or The Children of Wolves  (DAW, 1981, Legend, 1990.)


A young French nobleman discovers there are strings attached to his new estate, including a rival claim to its title.  But of even more significance is the relationship between some of the local people and the furry beasts that lurk in the darkness.


Nightshades: Thirteen Journeys into Shadow  (Headline, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Personal Darkness  (Little, Brown, 1993, Dell, 1994.)


Scarabae #2.


Ruth has reacted to the bizarre nature of her vampiric family by trying to kill them all, but a few have escaped.  Nor has she evaded the curse, because a compulsion causes her to murder and drink the blood of a series of human victims.  Lee's version of the vampire myth is original and very twisted.


Red As Blood, or Tales from the Sisters Grimm  (DAW, 1983.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Redder Than Blood (DAW, 2017.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Sabella, or The Blood Stone  (DAW, 1980.)


Blending the traditional vampire novel with science fiction might seem a difficult task, but Lee manages to do so in this story of a woman living in a colony on Mars who detests the sunlight and lives on human blood.  Although circumspect in her activities, it is still difficult to remain undetected.


Vivia  (?, 1995, Warner, 1997)


                A medieval vampire story.


LEE, VERNON  (Pseudonym of Violet Paget.)


For Maurice: Five Unlikely Stories  (Lane, 1927.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Hauntings  (Heinemann, 1890, Lovell, 1890, Ash-Tree, 2002, Wildside, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Phantom Lover, A  (Blackwood, 1886.)


                Ambiguous novel that might involve a supernatural lover.


Pope Jacynth and More Supernatural Tales.  (See Ravenna and Her Ghosts.)


Pope Jacynth and Other Fantastic Tales  (Lane, 1907.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ravenna and Her Ghosts  (Corgi, 1962.  Owen, 1956, as Pope Jacynth and More Supernatural Tales.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Snake Lady and Other Stories, The  (Grove, 1954. Owen, 1987, as Supernatural Tales.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Supernatural Tales.  (See The Snake Lady and Other Stories.)


Virgin of the Seven Daggers, The   (Corgi, 1962.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


LEE, WARNER  (Pseudonym of B.W. Battin, whom see.)


Into the Pit  (Pocket, 1989.)


A mentally disturbed woman dies but refuses to relinquish her hold on her husband.  She appears to him and  others, threatening his new wife, kidnapping his infant son, refusing to accept the fact that she no longer has a place in the world of the living.  A traditional ghost story with some odd twists and turns.


It's Loose  (Pocket, 1990. Crossroad, 2014, as by Warner Lee.)


A creature whose origin is shrouded in the far past returns to earth, manifesting itself in human bodies which it possesses, and from which it can move to alternate hosts at will.


Night Sounds  (Pocket, 1992.)


                The sole survivor of a plane crash has done so by making an unholy deal with supernatural creatures from another order of existence.  In return, they use his body as the means by which they can attack innocent people in our universe.




Terror of Stormcastle, The  (Warner, 1973.)


A widow retreats to a remote part of Florida, only to become involved with a compelling young man with interests in the world of the occult.  Soon she is receiving communications from people no longer alive, warning her of the horrible fate that awaits unless she casts off his evil influence.


Witches of Omen, The  (Pyramid, 1971.)


Following the birth of her child and the death of her husband, a woman who is subject to genuine premonitions falls under the influence of a mysterious family whose motives are questionable.  They practice witchcraft, and a newborn girlchild would be very convenient for their next sacrifice.


LEECH, BEN  (Pseudonym of Stephen Boyett, whom see.)


Bidden, The  (Pan, 1994.)


                An ancient type of parasite is introduced to England where they are able to seize control of human hosts in order to propagate their kind.


Community, The  (Pan, 1993.)


                A group of shapechanging creatures living secretly within human society are menaced by one of their number who has gone rogue and is systematically killing them off.


Rare Breed, A  (Pan, 1996.)


                A businessman makes a pact with the devil and begins to sell a substance that ostensibly allows humans to change their shapes, but is actually the means by which demons possess their bodies.




Best Ghost Stories  (Dover, 1964.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Best Horror Stories, The  (Sphere, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Carmilla  (Scholastic, 1971, Sarob, 1998, Wildside, 2002, Armchair, 2018.  Originally published in 1871.)


                The story of a female vampire.


Carmilla and Other Tales of Mystery  (Signet, 1996.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Carmilla & The Haunted Baronet  (Paperback Library, 1970.)


 The first of these two novellas has been reprinted elsewhere and filmed several times.  It's a blend of vampirism and lesbianism, though handled with considerable taste.  The second, lesser, story involves a family rivalry and an ancient curse.


Ghost and Horror Stories  (Tynron, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghost Stories and Mysteries  (Dover, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghost Stories and Tales of Mystery  (McGlashan, 1851.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Green Tea and Other Ghost Stories  (Arkham House, 1945.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Haunted Baronet and Other Ghost Stories, The  (Ash Tree, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Hours After Midnight, The  (Frewin, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Illustrated J.S. Le Fanu, The  (Crucible, 1988, Equation, 1988.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


In a Glass Darkly  (Bentley, 1872,  Nash & Grayson, 1923, Davies, 1929, Lehmann, 1947, Arno, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Irish Ghost Stories of Sheridan Le Fanu  (Mercier, 1973.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Madam Crowlís Ghost and Other Tales of Mystery  (Bell, 1923, Books for Libraries, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mr. Justice Harbottle and Others  (Ash-Tree, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Purcell Papers, The  (Bentley, 1880, Arkham House, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Schalken the Painter and Others  (Ash-Tree, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sheridan Le Fanu: The Diabolic Genius  (Juniper, 1959.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Spalatro: Two Italian Tales  (Sarob, 2001.)


                Two unrelated stories.


Strange Adventure in the Life of Miss Laura Mildmay, A  (Van Thal, 1947.)


                Longish story with supernatural elements.


Vampire Lovers and Other Stories  (Fontana, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Watcher and Other Weird Stories, The  (Downey, 1894.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Mad Cook of Pymatuning, The  (Berkley, 2007.)


                Something uncanny is happening near a summer camp.




Black Gondolier and Other Stories, The  (Midnight House, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Conjure Wife  (Twayne, 1952, Lion, 1954, Berkley, 1962, Award, 1968, Penguin, 1969, Orb, 2009.)


The classic novel of modern day witchcraft.  A college professor learns that his wife has been guarding his life and career with a number of magical devices, and when he forces her to give up what he considers a silly superstition, all the rival witches in the area begin to get their revenge.  Filmed at least twice.


Conjure Wife/Our Lady of Darkness  (Tor, 1991. Orb, 1999, as Dark Ladies.)


                Reprint in one volume of two classic novels.


Dark Ladies.  (See Conjure Wife/Our Lady of Darkness.)


Day Dark, Night Bright  (Darkside, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dealings of Daniel Kesserich, The  (Tor, 1996.


A very old, short novel, never previously published, about a scientist who perverts time in order to save the life of the woman he loves and literally brings her back from the dead.


Ghost Light, The  (Berkley, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Heroes and Horror  (Whispers, 1978, Pocket, 1980.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Horrible Imaginings  (Midnight House, 2005, Open Road, 2014.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Night Monsters  (Ace, 1969, Gollancz, 1974.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Nightís Black Agents  (Arkham House, 1947, Ballantine, 1961, Spearman, 1975, Berkley, 1978.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Our Lady of Darkness  (Berkley, 1978, Millington, 1978, Tor, 2010.)


In a modern city, a man begins to catch fleeting glimpses of a ghastly apparition, an inhuman creature dogging his footsteps, waiting in the shadows for just the right moment to reveal itself.  And naturally no one else can see it.  The ghost story brought up to date.


Shadows With Eyes   (Ballantine, 1962.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Smoke Ghost and Other Applications, The  (Midnight House, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories


LEIGH, LORA  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Master of Wolves (Berkley, 2006.)


                The death of a werewolf detective inspires a friend to investigate.




Voodoo Drums   (Manor, 1976.)


A woman visits her previously unknown relatives only to discover that she has landed in the middle of a conflict being waged with voodoo magic.  Although she has no intention of getting involved, events conspire against her.




Intruder, The  (Signet, 1980.)


A murdered woman's ghost returns to seek vengeance because of the manner of her death, and her  ex‑husband's new wife realizes she is in mortal danger.


Summer Visitors, The  (Signet, 1980.)


The Chantillies are beautiful people, a pair of such great physical prowess that they seem almost immortal.  But some believe that the air of perfection and superhuman loveliness might be only a mask concealing some hideous truth.




Brain Stealers, The  (Ace, 1954.)


A scientist on the run from the government in the near future may be humanity's last hope.  Aliens from outer space have arrived, secretly suborning people's will, using their bodies as playthings in a deadly struggle for dominance.


Creatures of the Abyss  (Berkley, 1961.)


 Spaceships arrive on Earth, clandestinely concealing themselves in the deepest part of the planet's oceans.  From there they reach upward, destroying ships, harvesting fish, challenging humanity's domination of the world.  A team of scientists must find a way to defend the planet from monsters who can exist where human devices cannot even penetrate.


Monster from Earth's End, The  (Gold Medal, 1959.)


Filmed as The Navy Vs the Night Monsters.  An Antarctic expedition is menaced when a shipment of newly discovered plant specimens stirs to life and begins stalking human prey.  The survivors are virtually under siege in their island headquarters.  Extremely  suspenseful.


Operation Terror  (Berkley, 1962.)


An alien spaceship is detected just before it crashes or lands in the southwestern portion of the United States.  Shortly thereafter, all communications are cut off with the outside world, and the people within the interdicted area struggle to survive and escape.


Other Side of Here, The  (Ace, 1955.)


A single man holds the key to the future of the human race as entire cities are stricken by a wave of death, as though some invisible plague were being inflicted upon the world by an intelligent, outside force.  That's exactly what is happening, the opening move in an invasion.


War with the Gizmos  (Gold Medal, 1958.)


The human race is threatened by a new menace, a species consists of nothing more than a few vapors, but which can kill just as certainly as more solid creatures.  A handful of people flee before their advance, experiencing great difficulty getting anyone to believe them.  Good mix of suspense and mystery elements.




Seaward  (Knopf, 1993.)


                A manís personality changes when he discovers he can communicate with his dead wifeís ghost.




Feesters in the Lake  (Midnight House, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Charmed Again  (Simon Pulse, 2002, based on the screenplays by Brad Kern.)


 A Charmed novel.


                Novelization of the two episodes in which one of the original sisters dies and is replaced to help the others fend off a supernatural force.


Date with Death  (Simon Pulse, 2002.)


A Charmed novel.


                One of the witch sisters subscribes to a dating service that is actually stealing control of her body.


Soul of the Bride  (Pocket, 2001.)


A Charmed novel.


                An antique camera puts a group of models into a mysterious trance, so the witch sisters travel to Hell itself in order to release them.




Night Falls Darkly  (Signet Eclipse, 2008.)


Shadow Guards #1.


An immortal solves the Jack the Ripper murders.




Legacy of the Shroud  (Star, 1988.)


                Not seen.


Nostradamus Inheritance, The  (Poplar, 1985.)


                Not seen.




Sixth Sense, The  (Scholastic, 2000, based on the screenplay by M. Night Shyamalan.)


                A young boy with the ability to see and hear dead people struggles to retain his sanity.


Sleepy Hollow  (Pocket, 1999, based on the screenplay by Kevin Yagher and Andrew Kevin Walker.)


                The much modified film version of the Washington Irving classic.  A detective tries to find a rational explanation for a series of supernatural killings.




Monster Vision  (Hyperion, 1996.)


Fiendly Corners #1.


A pair of haunted contact lenses allow a teen to see the malevolent ghost that wants them back.  For young adults.


Nasty the Snowman  (Hyperion, 1996.)


Fiendly Corners #4.


An evil spirit associated with the winter is loose in the US, animating snowmen and frightening the local teenagers.  For young adults.


Pizza Zombies  (Hyperion, 1996.)


Fiendly Corners #2.


A pizza shop gives out free robots as sales gimmicks, but the robots have rayguns that turn people into zombies who can only eat pizza.  For young adults.


Revenge of the Hairy Horror  (Hyperion, 1996.)


Fiendly Corners #3.


A prank involving a supposedly cursed monster movie about a werewolf goes awry when a teen inadvertently stimulates real magic and cause the shapechanger to become real.  For young adults.




Double Life, The  (?, 1909.)


                A criminal returns from the dead to start a new life of crime.


Man With the Black Feather, The  (?, 1912.)


                Not seen.  Possession.


Phantom of the Opera, The  (???? Dell, Popular Library, and others.  Originally published in 1911. Random House, 2001, adapted by Kate McMullan.)


Although there really isn't anything supernatural in this thriller, it's such a standard of the horror genre that it needs to be included here.  A man horribly mutilated lurks in the forgotten ways beneath the Paris Opera House, waiting for the opportunity for revenge against the man who victimized him.




Manx Tales of Horror  (Gordon, 1974.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Devil and Mrs. Devine, The  (Pocket, 1974.)


A woman who has lost her entire family feels as though there is no future for her, but then encounters a man who promises eternal youth in exchange for her immortal soul.  A romantic and fascinating twist of the deal‑with‑the‑devil theme.


Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The  (?, 1945, White Lion , 1971, Pocket, 1974.)


The original novel upon which the television program was very loosely based.  Taking up residence in a haunted cottage, Mrs. Muir soon finds herself dealing with a crusty, irreverent ghost, whose feelings toward her begin to change as the two interact.




Father Hayes  (Zebra, 1976.)


Father Hayes #1.


This was designed to be a series, but only one additional title appears to have been published.  Father Hayes is sent by the US government to investigate a convent in France where Americans are acting very strangely, and finds a genuine demon in their midst.


Holy Spirit, The  (Zebra, 1977.)


Father Hayes #3.


                Not seen.


Steeds of Satan, The  (Zebra, 1976.) 


Father Hayes #2.


Hayes is a priest specializing in exorcism, occasionally sent on special assignments.  In this case, the wife of a prominent diplomat appears to have been possessed by a devil, and he is the one called upon to save her soul.




Masquerades: Studies in the Morbid  (Long, 1924.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Ouija Board, The  (Signet, 1969.)


A chance encounter with a ouija board brings a dire warning in a foreign language.  Although she dismisses it initially, the protagonist discovers that the message cannot be ignored, and that she must take advantage of her otherworldly friend if she is to escape a very thisworldly enemy.




Preserve, The  (Necro, 2004.)


                Three ex-soldiers are hired to track down escaped conflicts, but find themselves facing an inhuman creature instead.




Frenzy (Hyperion, 2014.)


Animals begin killing humans en masse.


Murk, The  (Hyperion, 2015.)


A deadly creature lurks in the swamp.




Crises   (MacDonald, 1920. McBride, 1920, as Tales of Mystery and Horror.  Philpot, 1922, as Grand Guignol Stories.


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Grand Guignol Stories.  (See Crises.)


Tales of Mystery and Horror.  (See Crises.)




Satan: His Psychotherapy and Cure by the Unfortunate by Dr. Seymour Kassler, J.S.P.S.  (Knopf, 1982.)


                Not seen.  A super computer becomes the means by which a scientist communicates with Satan himself.


LEVENE, REBECCA  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Cold Warriors  (Abaddon, 2010.)


An Infernal Game novel.


A quest to find a magical artifact hidden in Russia.


End of the Line  (Black Flame, 2005.)


A Final Destination novel.


                Survivors of an accident are pursued by Death itself.




Spawn of the Devil  (Svea, 1969.)






Binding Spell, A  (?, 1984.)


                Young readersí novel about a ghostly horse.




Rosemary's Baby   (Random House, 1967, Joseph, 1967, Dell, 1968, Pan, 1968, Signet, 1997.)


Rosemary #1.


This novel, along with The Exorcist, is largely responsible for the sudden popularity of horror fiction which set the stage for Stephen King and others.  When a couple moves into a new apartment, they find themselves drawn into a circle of older people living in the building.  The husband is gradually seduced into an evil pact that will bring the son of Satan himself into the world.


Son of Rosemary  (Dutton, 1997, Onyx, 1998.)


Rosemary #2.


                Rosemary wakes from a coma that lasts nearly thirty years, actually a spell cast upon her by the coven which has raised the son she bore for Satan.  She discovers that in the interim he has become a charismatic leader on the side of good.  Or has he?  She discovers that he is flawed, weakened by perverse desires that prevent him from escaping his role of destroyer.


Stepford Wives, The  (Random House, 1972, Joseph, 1972, Crest, 1973.)


A novel of suburban horror with a technological twist.  The town of Stepford seems like a perfect retreat from the pressure of the city, except that the wives all act just a bit too biddable, too anxious to please their husbands.  It's almost as if they have had their personalities restructured.




Beast Within, The  (Berkley, 1981, Arbor House, 1981.)


The pent up rage within a young man expresses itself by turning him into a raging, slathering beast capable of killing and dismembering with his bare hands.  This was made into a film by the same name, but the plot is substantially different.


Came a Spider  (Arbor House, 1978, Berkley, 1980.)


 One of the most gruesome and effective of the insects‑overrunning‑humanity school of writing.  This time it's a horde of oversized tarantulas created by genetic manipulation, descending upon Los Angeles to kill and consume every living being in their path. 




Dracula Is a Pain in the Neck  (Harper & Row, 1983.)


                Not seen.


Drowned, The  (Hyperion, 1995.)


Teenage horror thriller about a bed legend claims is waiting for a drowned boy's soul to return to it.




Go Ask Malice  (Simon, 2006.)


A Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel.


A young Faith battles a supernatural menace.


Suicide King, The  (Simon Pulse, 2005.)


A Buffy the Vampire Slayer book.


                Multi-path gamebook.




Children's Party  (Trident, 1972, Pocket, 1973.)


While staying at an inn, a man hears strange sounds in the night, as though children were playing nearby, even though there are currently none staying in the building.  Then he spots two people he knows died years before, and realizes that something is seriously awry.




Sensitive Encounter  (Berkley, 1977.)


                A psychic leaves her boyfriend for another man, a mysterious figure about whom she becomes enlightened through use of her extrasensory ability.  Investigating further, she suddenly has a vision of deadly violence originating within the man, and directed at herself.


LEWIS, DEBORAH  (Pseudonym of Charles L. Grant, whom see.)


Eve of the Hound, The   (Zebra, 1977. )


The satanic hound which figures significantly in this gothic mystery is eventually explained away as part of an all too human plot, but there are hints of supernaturalism throughout.


Kirkwood Fires  (Zebra, 1978.)


 A new teacher at an exclusive school is drawn into a web of terror both natural and supernatural as two of the students are murdered, and she experiences a premonition that she is to be the next victim.


Voices Out of Time  (Zebra, 1977.)


A potpourri of gothic themes in a single story.  Hints of reincarnation, voices of the dead warning of a menace from the living, a lovely young woman in peril, and mysterious doings in the darkness.


Wind at Winter's End, The  (Zebra, 1979.)


Glenna's sojourn at her cousin's country manor lands her in more trouble than she ever imagined possible.  First there was the lawyer who dabbled in sorcerous lore, then the voices in the night and the body in the stable.  Minimal supernatural content.


LEWIS, D.F.  (Pseudonym of Baillie Reynolds.)


Best of D.F. Lewis, The  (TAL, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Revelations and What They Related, The  (Sarob, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Weirdmonger  (Prime, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Weirdmongerís Tales, The  (Wyrd, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Witch and the Priest, The  (Jarrolds, 1956, David McKay, 1970, Lancer, 1973.)


A very unusual tale of a woman who died in service to the devil, and the priest who is determined to rescue her immortal soul even at this late date. 


LEWIS, J.F. (Also writes Fantasy.)


Burned (Pocket, 2012.)


Void City #2.




Crossed  (Pocket, 2011.)


Void City #1.




ReVamped  (Pocket, 2009.)


Vampire #2.


Humorous vampire adventure.


Staked  (Pocket, 2008.)


Vampire #1.


A vampire has various problems including a pack of unfriendly werewolves.




Tales of the Grotesque  (Allan, 1934.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Ambrosio.  (See The Monk.)


Monk, The  (Bell, 1796, Elek, 1960, Grove, 1952.  Bell, 1798, Cobbett, 1798, as Ambrosio.)


A brooding, tale of horror and danger during the height of the Inquisition.  Unfortunately, the prose and development are primitive and don't age well, and there is little here to interest modern readers except those seeking the historical roots of the field.


LEWIS, PAUL  (See also collaboration with Steve Lockley.)


Small Ghosts (Telos, 2017.)


Ghostly children point the way to the solution of an old crime.




Black Horde, The  (Signet, 1980.  Hamlyn, 1979 as The Devil's Coach‑Horse.)


A plane crash frees several mutated beetles which breed in seclusion, waiting for the spring to surge forth in their uncountable millions, with a newfound hunger for animal flesh, any animal up to and including human beings.


Devilís Coach-Horse, The.  (See The Black Horde.)


Parasite  (Hamlyn, 1980.)


                Not seen.


Possessed  (Futura, 1983.  MacDonald, 1982, as by Alan Radnor.)


                Not seen.


Rabid   (Granada, 1977, from the screenplay by David Cronenberg.)


Following an accident, a woman develops a strange case of rabies, injected directly into the bodies of her victims.  Initially it is confined to the clinic where she was taken, but it cannot be contained for long.  As the contagion spreads, an entire nation is threatened with chaos.


Spiders  (Hamlyn, 1978, Signet, 1980.)


Ravenous spiders emerge from their secret breeding grounds in enormous numbers, attacking isolated human beings at first but eventually increasing their activity so that even crowds are no longer safe, and the mastery of the planet is in doubt.  Yet another insect devours humanity novel.




Numin's Curse  (Berkley, 1976.)


Is Numin a young boy or an aged dwarf or perhaps some demon from another order of existence entirely?  Quite intriguing, although the second half doesn't measure up to the opening chapters.


LEWTON, J.V.  (See also Stephen Gresham.)


Called to Darkness   (Z-Fave, 1995.)


For Young Adults.  An offbeat vampire story about a beautiful newcomer in town who lures the most datable boys to their deaths.


Just Pretend  (Z-Fave, 1994.)


For Young Adults.  A teenager with psychic visions of an insane murderer struggles to refine the hazy details of those images into concrete clues that might enable him to warn the authorities. 


LEYTON, E.K.  (See Carl Dreadstone.)




Weird Tales from Northern Seas  (Truebner, 1893.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


LIGOTTI, THOMAS  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein and Other Gothic Tales, The  (Silver Salamander, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Grimscribe  (Robinson, 1990, Carroll & Graf, 1991.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


My Work Is Not Yet Done  (Mythos Books, 2002.)


                A short novel and two stories all involving supernatural events in a business climate.


Nightmare Factory, The  (Carroll & Graf, 1996, Raven, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Noctuary  (Carroll & Graf, 1994, Robinson, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Shadow at the Bottom of the World, The  (Cold Spring, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sideshow and Other Stories  (Subterranean, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Songs of a Dead Dreamer  (Silver Scarab, 1986, Robinson, 1989, Carroll & Graf, 1991.  Note that the Silver Scarab edition did not include as many stories as the later ones.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Spectral Link, The  (Subterranean, 2014.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Crampton  (Durtro, 2003.)


                A screenplay rather than a novel, about the investigation of a murder caused by inhuman creatures.




Blood Bargain  (Juno, 2008.)


Vampire romance.




Scorpion  (Signet, 1981.)


Scorpion #1.


A leak of radioactivity at a nuclear plant causes a strange mutation among a colony of poisonous scorpions.  Now they grow two feet in length, breeding as rapidly as ever, emerging in broad daylight to attack people, killing them with their venomous stings and sharp claws.  Much gore and dismemberment, not much plot.


Scorpion: Second Generation  (New English Library, 1982.)


Scorpion #2.


                Not seen. 




Billy Bones: A Tale from the Secrets Closet  (Little Brown, 2008.)


A ghost makes a living friend.




Handling the Undead (Thomas Dunne, 2009, translated from the Swedish.)


Everyone who died within a few weeks in Stockholm suddenly returns to life, sort of.


Harbor (Thomas Dunne, 2012.)


The sea demands sacrifices from a small Swedish town.


I Am Behind You (St Martins, 2018.)


Several people wake up in an infinite field of grass.


Let Me In  (See Let the Right One In.)


Let the Old Dreams Die (Dunne, 2013.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Let the Right One In  (Thomas Dunne, 2007, translated from the 2004 Swedish edition.)


The strange girl next door turns out to be a vampire.


Little Star (Dunne, 2010, translated from the Swedish.)


An abandoned baby has the ability to control others.




St Andrews Ghost Stories  (Innes, 1911.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Witch Stories  (?, 1861.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Oni, The  (Leisure, 1986.)


An ancient Japanese demon is released from its imprisonment in the hilt of a ceremonial sword.  Humanoid, larger than any man, immortal and apparently invulnerable, it begins to move through the modern world, leaving a broad swath of dead and mutilated bodies behind.  One woman must learn the secret of destroying or controlling the demon, or no one in the world will be safe any longer.


Spy Who Drank Blood, The  (Space & Time, 1984. )


 An amusing variation of vampirism, with Blood, an undead person, in the service of a secret government agency which sends him out to destroy a terrorist group.


Troupe, The  (Pocket, 1988.)


A group of psychic vampires runs into trouble when one of their number refuses to kill his victims rather than just bleed off the excess energies which are often self‑destructive in any case.  Assisted by a dope addict who narrowly escapes death at the hands of the troupe, she sets out to hunt them down one by one.




Comes a Horseman  (, 2005.)






Black Prism.  (See Dark Prism.)


Dark Prism  (Dell, 1981.  W.H. Allen, 1980 as Black Prism.)


A scientist on the verge of a very promising career moves into a new home, not far from a walled up building.  Soon afterwards, a series of sacrificial killings occur in the area, convincing him that an evil spirit from the past has wakened and is responsible for the crimes.


Unholy Mourning  (Dell, 1982.)


Voices are heard with no apparent source, linked eventually to a man's fear of premature burial and the disappearance of several children.  An understated but increasingly terrifying tale of the supernatural.




Midnight Rain  (Onyx, 2004.)


                A psychic battles ghosts and a serial killer.




Academy, The  (Signet, 2008.)


A private school undergoes a supernatural transformation.


Association, The  (Signet, 2001.)


                A writer and his wife move into a gated community and discover that the local home owners' association is a secretive and ruthless group which imposes draconian measures on its members.  Included here because the activities are so flagrantly illegal and improbable that the story obviously takes place in another universe.


Bank, The  (CD, 2020.)


A sinister bank has supernatural powers.


Burning, The  (Signet, 2006.)


Four people must get together to prevent the world from being overwhelmed by the supernatural.


Collection, The  (Signet, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Consultant, The


Dark Dominion, The.  (See Dominion.)


Death Instinct  (?)


Disappearance, The (Signet, 2010.)


A group of college students discover a friend has disappeared from reality.


Dispatch  (Signet, 2005.)


                A man with a unique ability to write compelling letters is recruited as an employee of the ultimate evil.


Dominion  (Signet, 1996.  Headline, 1995, as The Dark Dominion.)


A cult of maenads survives into the modern day and uses magical wine to reincarnate Dionysis.  As their influence spreads, the Napa Valley falls prey to an orgy of sex and death.


Gloria (CD, 2021.)


A woman returns from the dead.


Guests  (?, 1998.)


                Not seen.  A ghost story.


Haunted, The  (Signet, 2012.)


A haunted house.


His Father's Son  (Signet, 2009.)




House, The.  (See Houses.)


Houses  (Headline, 1997. Signet, 1999, as The House.)


                Several adults feel compelled to return to the houses where they grew up, even though their memories of home are without exception unhappy.  Upon arriving, they discover that all of the houses are the same, that they are linked somehow through another world, and that they are trapped there with the duty of preventing the new realities from intermixing.


Ignored, The  (Signet, 1997.)


                The protagonist is gradually fading from the awareness of everyone who knows him.  He finds a group of similar people after murdering his boss, and they engage in fruitless and pointless terrorism before discovering a larger community of their kind being run as a government project. 


Mailman, The  (Onyx, 1991, Headline, 1994.)


                The arrival of a new mailman in a small town coincides with a rash of distressing mail, filled with threats, old scandals, new charges, and mysterious items whose existence seems to defy nature.  And then the deaths begin.  An original and unique monster.


Night School.  (See University.)


Policy, The  (Signet, 2003.)


                The protagonist gets an insurance policy that has odd provisions, and eventually gets him into trouble with a pack of ancient creatures.


Resort, The  (Signet, 2004.)


                A vacation resort has some unusual features, most of them decidedly unhealthy for vacationers like the creature in the swimming pool.


Return, The  (Signet, 2002.)


                An amateur archaeologist unearths a strange skull, inadvertently leading to the return of a supernatural power that has been dormant for centuries.


Revelation, The  (St Martins, 1990, Headline, 1993, Signet, 2000.)


                An ancient evil spreads its influence over a small town until a traveling preacher invokes old rituals to save the population.


Store, The.  (Headline, 1996, Signet, 1998.)


                A national chain store establishes a new branch in a small town and slowly begins to take over the entire community.  Employees become part of an insidious cult, and opponents to their expansion are killed by the mysterious Night Managers.


Summoning, The  (Zebra, 1993, Headline, 1993.)


                Although this is another story about a vampire whose victims are assumed to be those of a serial killer, there's an unusual twist.  Set in the American southwest, it involves an undead creature out of Chinese legend rather than the European version.


Town, The  (Signet, 2000.)


                When a family from an unusual religious group forgets to invite the guardian spirit to protect their home, it unleashes a wave of evil that takes the form of supernatural attacks on others in the town, and the slow perversion of the souls of the family in question.


University  (Signet, 1995.  Headline, 1994, as Night School.)


A handful of students battle a university that has become possessed by a supernatural power that appears to have turned the entire campus into a living entity.


Vanishing, The  (Signet, 2007.)


Succubi inspire people to commit murder.


Walking, The  (Signet, 2000.)


                The survivors of a town founded by witches begin to die, and each corpse begins to walk after death, drawn inexorably back to the now drowned community.  They and their living relatives are caught up in an ancient curse by a powerful, evil witch who has returned from the dead to seek vengeance.


Walking Alone (CD, 2018.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Cold Season, A  (Jo Fletcher, 2013.)


A woman and her son face supernatural threats in a small town.


LIU, MARJORIE M.  (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Darkness Calls  (Ace, 2009.)


Hunter Kiss #2.


A demon hunter teams up with a man who has power over energy.


Iron Hunt, The  (Ace, 2008.)


Hunter Kiss #1.


Adventures of a demon hunter.


Labyrinth of Stars (Ace, 2014.)


Hunter Kiss #5.




Mortal Bone, The  (Ace, 2012.)


Hunter Kiss #4.




Wild Light, A  (Ace, 2010.)


Hunter Kiss #3.


A demon hunter wonders if she has finally been suborned or just gone crazy.




Ghost of Thomas Kempe, The  (Dutton, 1973, Berkley Pacer, 1986.)


A teenager discovers that his home is occupied by the ghost of a three hundred year old sorcerer who is unhappy with modern society.  Aimed at young adults.


Uninvited Ghosts and Other Stories  (Heinemann, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Wild Hunt of the Ghost Hounds, The  (Heinemann, 1971, Ace, 1986.)


A remote English town long ago discontinued performance of a pagan ceremony that harkened back to the days of Druid magic and darker gods.  Now the ritual has been revived, and the result is a return to the world of primitive magic.  The dogs that prowl the woods on the night of the Wild Hunt are more likely to be demons than man's best friend.




Shadows Between, The  (Ace, 2000.)


A Poltergeist: The Legacy novel.


                The protagonists give shelter to a man who is fleeing some unnamed, supernatural force, but eventually it realizes where its quarry is, and they are all endangered.




Nyx  (Some Peril, 2013.)


A fairy has adventures in Hell.




Witch Daughter  (Zebra, 1988.)


A mundane historical thriller set in a dark old house with various mysterious goings on, including a series of brutal murders.  There is an ambiguous incident which may or may not have been a genuine ghost.




Tales from the Beyond  (Tandem, 1966.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Haunting Stories of Ghosts and Ghouls  (Hamlyn, 1982.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Hearts We Sold, The (Little, Brown, 2017.)






Four Corners of the Tapestry, The  (Pulpless, 1999.)


                Collection of related stories about a psychic investigator.




Revenant   (Doubleday, 1979, Signet, 1980.)


The very strange story of a modern day apartment which somehow becomes the dark shadow of another place and time, involving two people in a love affair from two centuries in the past.




Howling Hounds  (Sarob, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


LOCKE, JOSEPH  (Pseudonym of Ray Garton, whom see.)


Deadly Relations  (Bantam, 1994.)


Blood & Lace #2.


Vampires vs teenagers as a young man desperately seeks to protect the girl he loves from becoming one of the undead at the hands of her own relatives.


Game Over  (Bantam, 1993.)


For young adults.  A Satanic creature is the manager of a new game arcade, one where real faces show up in the games and the fate of their flesh and blood counterparts is determined by the skill of the player.


Kiss of Death  (Bantam Starfire, 1992.)


                The son of a policeman is the only person who knows that a series of horrible deaths can be attributed to the attractive new girl in town, who is actually a shapechanging creature who involuntarily prowls the darkness in search of victims.


Nightmares on Elm Street, The  (St Martins, 1989, from the screenplays by William Kotzwinkle, Brian Helgeland, Scott Pierce, Leslie Bohem, John Skipp, and Craig Spector.)


Novelization of the fourth and fifth of the Freddy Krueger films.  As a balance to Krueger's domination of the dream world, we now see the creation of a counterbalancing force.  The introduction of a mythical dream system lifted this series above its competition, so naturally it was dropped with the sixth.


Vampire Heart  (Bantam, 1994.)


Blood & Lace #1.


A young woman attempts to unravel the secrets of a family of vampires.  For young adults.




God Save the Queen  (Orbit, 2012.)


Immortal Empire #1.


Vampirism sweeps the Victorian world.


Queen Is Dead, The  (Orbit, 2013.)


Immortal Empire #2.






King of All the Dead  (Telos, 2003.)


                When a woman saves a would be suicide, she finds herself pursued by the risen dead.


Ragchild, The  (Razorblade, 2000.)


                Strange novel about an English city that exists in two dimensions, and an army of evil children.




Afternoon of an Autocrat  (Joseph, 1956. Pyramid, 1976, as The Deadly Gift.)


                Not seen.


Claw, The   (Doubleday, 1981, Hodder, 1981, Tor, 1984.)


This is a variation of the classic "Monkey's Paw" story by W.W. Jacobs.  Devastated by the death of her husband, a woman's problems are apparently solved when her mother prepares a magical sedative, wakening from which she discovers that the tragedy was all a dream.  Or was it?  Something about her husband just isn't quite right.


Deadly Gift, The.  (See Afternoon of an Autocrat.)


Devil's Own, The  (Pyramid, 1966. Alternately titled The Little Wax Doll as by Norah Lofts.  Other editions as by Peter Curtis, whom see.)


A novel of atmosphere rather than of modern terror.  A school teacher finds a small English village delightful, until she begins to sense that something not quite right is going on behind the scenes.  Witchcraft and more mundane threats threaten before she is finally rescued.


Gadís Hall  (Doubleday, 1977, Hodder, 1977.)


Gadís Hall #1.


                A comparatively quiet ghost story about a woman whose mind is influenced by the emotions of people who lived there generations earlier.


Gadís Hall and The Haunting of Gadís Hall  (Doubleday, 1979.)




Haunted House.  (See The Haunting of Gadís Hall.)


Haunting of Gadís Hall, The  (Doubleday, 1978, Crest, 1980.  Hodder 1978, as Haunted House.)


Gadís Hall #2.


                A low key ghost story about a crime whose victim lingers following her death.


Hauntings  (Crest, 1976.  Corgi, 1974, as Is There Anybody There?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Is There Anybody There?  (See Hauntings.)


Little Wax Doll, The.  (See The Devilís Own.)




Game, The  (Bantam, 1983.)


One of a pair of identical twins is crippled in an accident and retreats to the magical world of the ouija board.  But by doing so she reaches an entity from another order of existence, who controls her mind and menaces anyone who tries to interfere.


Unnatural Talent  (Bantam, 1983.)


A teenaged deal‑with‑the‑devil story.  A would be high school athlete calls up a female demon, who grants him his fondest wishes, athletic ability, popularity, success in everything to which he puts his hand.  But there's a catch, of course.




Apostate, The  (Barclay, 2001.)


                Something is going wrong in the town of Caldera, including a wave of mental illness.  Outside investigators learn that Satan has decided the town will be the site of the last battle between good and evil.  But is it really Satan?


Monstrosity  (Barclay, 2001.)


                A cult grows increasingly popular at a university until one man discovers that there are inhuman creatures pulling the strings.




Curious Fragments: Jack Londonís Tales of Fantasy Fiction  (Kennikat, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Thirteen Tales of Terror  (Popular Library, 1978.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Retrieval  (Tor, 2006.)


                Romance novel set in the limbo between life and the afterlife.




Bonded by Blood  (HQN, 2011.)


Sweetblood #1.


Vampire romance.


Embraced by Blood (HQN, 2011.)


Sweetblood #3.


Vampire romance.


Hidden by Blood  (HQN, 2011.)


Sweetblood #2.


Vampire romance.


Seduced by Blood (HQN, 2012.)


Sweetblood #5.


Vampire romance.


Tempted by Blood  (HQN, 2012.)


Sweetblood #4.


Vampire romance.


LONG, FRANK BELKNAP  (Also writes as Lyda Belknap Long.)


Androids, The.  (See Lest Earth Be Conquered.)


Black Druid and Other Stories, The.   (See The Hounds of Tindalos.)


Journey into Darkness  (Belmont, 1967.)  


Mysterious, vampiric creatures apparently from outer space descend upon the Earth, striking out of the sky to claim their victims.  Before the danger is past, we learn that a human agency was unwittingly responsible for the scourge, not invaders from another world..


Dark Beasts, The  (Belmont, 1964.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Early Long, The  (Doubleday, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Escape from Tomorrow  (Necronomicon, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Eye Above the Mantle and Other Stories, The  (Tsathoggua Press, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Horror from the Hills, The  (Arkham House, 1963.)


                A scientist investigates the statue of a hideous creature, and eventually discovers that it is meant to represent a still present god of malignant inclinations.  He eventually discovers that rather than supernatural, the creature is actually an infiltrator from another dimension.


Hounds of Tindalos, The  (Arkham House, 1946, Museum Press, 1950, Belmont, 1964, Jove, 1978, contains more stories.  Panther, 1975, as The Black Druid and Other Stories is also abridged.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Lest Earth Be Conquered  (Belmont, 1966.  Reprinted by Tower Books in an undated edition as The Androids).


A married couple living a reclusive life are actually not human beings at all, but artificial creatures from another world living secretly on Earth.  A young man too close to uncovering the mystery of their existence to be ignored.


Night Fear  (Zebra, 1979.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Night of the Wolf, The  (Popular Library, 1972.)


                Ancient magic and lycanthropy converge in this story of a newly discovered cave, a mysterious talisman, and a werewolf subject to wild rages and an intense anger at any who stand in his way.


Odd Science Fiction  (Belmont, 1964.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Rim of the Unknown, The  (Condor, 1978.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Deeper  (Atria, 2007.)


Hell #2.


An expedition is sent to find the evil master of the underworld.


Descent, The  (Crown, 1999, MacMillan, 1999, Jove, 2001.)


Hell #1.


                An immense web of caverns and tunnels is discovered under the earth's surface, inhabited by misshapen creatures resembling the demons and gargoyles of legend.  Efforts to explore and settle the interior world run into violent, very effective resistance from the current inhabitants.


Reckoning, The  (Atria, 2004.)


                A search for the bones of American soldiers in Cambodia results in the uncovering of ghosts in an ancient city.


LONG, LYDA BELKNAP  (Pseudonym used by Frank Belknap Long, whom see.)


Fire of the Witches  (Popular Library, 1971.)


A better than average gothic style mystery featuring a pair of people with clairvoyant powers.  The heroine is worried about her sister, and arrives at an eerie mansion only to discover that the sister has already died.  For a variety of reasons, she decides to stay, uncovering evidence that the supernatural may have been involved in the tragedy.


House of the Deadly Nightshade  (Beagle, 1972.)


A woman visiting relatives discovers that the family heritage includes involvement with an evil coven of witches, and that having made this discovery, she is in acute danger.  This has one of those ambiguous endings that implies the sorcery may have been real, but never explicitly says so.


Shape of Fear, The  (Beagle, 1971.)


An old mansion, a vulnerable young woman, a man deluded by his own insanity, voodoo witchcraft, ambiguous resolutions, and ancient legends.  More of a standard mystery than anything else, but with substantial occult overtones.


To the Dark Tower  (Lancer, 1969.)


A confused and rather contrived romantic mystery about a woman whose research into the occult garners the enmity of a secret organization dedicated to concealing this knowledge. Posthypnotic suggestion and similar devices are used to further the plot which has only minimal supernatural content.




Sign of the Guardian, The  (Tor, 1981.)


An odd story about a man whose relationship to an ape he owns takes on an unnatural depth of emotion.  When a gruesome murder is committed, the obvious suspect isn't necessarily the right one.  African magic and modern day perversity combine in a not entirely successful but very interesting book.




Last Gene, The  (Major, 1976.)


Scientists use genetic manipulation to create what was supposed to be a perfect child.  The birth is much as they planned, except that the baby begins to change, becoming something quite other than what they expected, a being with non‑human priorities and an evil nature.


Succubus Up  (Pendulum, 1970.)


                Pornography about, you guessed it, a sex loving demon.


LONGSTREET, ROXANNE  (See also Rachel Caine.)


Cold Kiss  (Zebra, 1995.)


A surgeon is transformed into a vampire and enters the subworld of a major city in search of more of his kind.  One of the better variations of the reluctant vampire coming to terms with his new existence.


Undead, The  (Zebra, 1993.)


                A doctor discovers that his friend, the morgue attendant, is a vampire.  Although his memory is temporarily buried, it emerges several days later and he is terrified that he has endangered himself and his family.  An engaging vampire detective story with a central figure whose character is an interesting blend of good and evil.




Voodoo Fury  (Diamond, 1991.)


Having violated the secrecy of a voodoo ceremony in Haiti, the Owens family returns to the US.  But someone or something has followed them, determined to exact payment for their illicit spying.


LORAINE, PHILIP  (Pseudonym of Robin Estridge.)


Day of the Arrow  (Collins, 1964, M.S. Mill, 1964, Lancer, 1969. Later reprinted by Lancer under the title Thirteen to tie in with the movie.  Fontana, 1966, as The Eye of the Devil.)


A stylish novel of an ancient family curse.  The protagonist falls in love with a married woman, and agrees to investigate the peculiar activities of her husband.  The ritual witchcraft never becomes overtly supernatural, although there are hints that the magical rituals are effective.


Eye of the Devil, The.  (See Day of the Arrow.)


Thirteen.  (See Day of the Arrow.)


Voices in an Empty Room  (Random House, 1973, Collins, 1973, Warner, 1975.)


A blend of eroticism, communication with the dead, and demonic possession.  A woman claims to be using psychics to conduct research, but there is a deeper and more sinister purpose which we only discover later in the novel.




Bound in Blood  (Kensington, 2001.)


Vampire #1.


                A vampire seeking vengeance falls in love with another young man in whom he sees his lost innocence.


Bound in Flesh  (Kensington, 2006.)


Vampire #2.


                A gay vampire novel.




Elixir  (Ballantine, 1987.)


A man who has lived through the ages as the result of his researches into occult formulas finds that he has met his match when he crosses swords with a powerfully willed woman who is unwilling to accept a subsidiary role in his life. 


Incantation  (Ballantine, 1987.)


A triad of people contend for possession of a magical amulet from ancient Egypt which is the source of various occult powers. Their motives vary as well, from the desire for love to the lust for violence.  A surprisingly effective use of an old plot.


Mandrake  (Ballantine, 1990.)


                An ancient family curse, the secret concealed in a moldering house, an innocent child who may be menaced by the supernatural, and family secrets best left in the darkness.  A remix of old plot hooks.




Hell Has Its Demons  (Alt Hist Press, 2014.)


A kind of alternate history in which demons were real during the Middle Ages.




Mark of Satan, The  (Award, 1969.)


An actress experiences prescient dreams of obscene rituals while cast in a play where the rest of the actors are preoccupied and overly somber.  Readers aren't likely to be surprised when she discovers the play is suddenly for real.




Blood Will Tell  (Benbella, 2003.)


                A detective solves a series of vampire killings.




Nightmares of an Ether-Drinker  (Tartarus, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Bereavements  (Permanent Press, 1980, Borealis, 1996.)


Unusual psychological study of woman who wants to bring her dead son back to life and does so after advertising in the newspapers for someone to help her fill the role.


Children of the Night  (Dell, 1974.  Permanent Press, 1981, as Draculaís Children.)


                Not seen.


Draculaís Children.  (See Children of the Night.)


Lovers Living, Lovers Dead    (Putnam , 1977, Dell, 1979.)


A woman with a mysterious past and uncertain future undergoes a transformation, retreating into an introspective silence that puzzles her husband.  She has been marked for an unholy union with a supernatural entity and must find someone who can offer a way out of her dilemma.




Boris Karloff Presents More Tales of the Frightened  (Pyramid, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Challenge to Dracula  (Pinnacle, 1975.)


Dracula #9.


An evil sorcerer from the past emerges to battle Dracula. 


Curse of Leo, The  (Pinnacle, 1974.)


Horrorscope #3.


Lycanthropy and Southern African voodoo mix.


Dracula Returns!  (Pinnacle, 1973, New English Library, 1973.)


Dracula #1.


  Interesting for the sheer audacity of the idea.  Disgruntled policemen gain control of the original Dracula and use him as a secret weapon against organized crime.


Dracula's Brother  (Pinnacle, 1973, New English Library, 1974.)


Dracula #3.


Someone has trained a horde of bats to do his bidding, and the unwilling crime fighter, Dracula, is asked to neutralize the menace.


Dracula's Disciple  (Pinnacle, 1975.)


Dracula #8.


Dracula must do battle with one of his old disciples, now possessed of occult powers and restored to life in the modern world.


Dracula's Gold  (Pinnacle, 1973, New English Library, 1975.)


Dracula #4.


Dracula returns to his homeland just in time to stand accused of a series of vampire killings, even though he insists he is innocent.  Perhaps there are other vampires living hidden in the mountains.


Dracula's Lost World  (Pinnacle, 1974.)


Dracula #7.


More adventures of the revived Dracula, now  a hero rather than a menace, as he travels to another land in quest of worldly treasure.


Drums of Dracula, The  (Pinnacle, 1974, New English Library, 1976.)


Dracula #5.


Voodoo practitioners in Jamaica menace the daughter of one of the men who control the revived Dracula.  In this adventure, they use their vampiric servant to combat zombies.


Gemini Smile, Gemini Kill  (Pinnacle, 1975.)


Horrorscope #4.


A detective is hired to investigate marital infidelity, but he finds much more than common sinfulness. The man he is following is having an affair with an exact duplicate of his wife, and people who know him are starting to die under mysterious circumstances.


Green Flames of Aries, The  (Pinnacle, 1974.)


Horrorscope #1.


A group of vacationers are put ashore on a peculiar island and almost immediately, occult forces are endangering their lives.  Even more than usually formulaic.


Hand of Dracula!, The  (Pinnacle, 1973, New English Library, 1983.)


Dracula #2.


Dracula and his new masters investigate a mysterious sequence of deaths and disappearances, all linked to a sinister funeral home.


Revenge of Taurus, The  (Pinnacle, 1974.)


Horrorscope #2.


A group of people are invited to a party at a remote location, where their mysteriously  absent host begins to kill them one by one in horrible ways.  Agatha Christie's famous plot watered down once again.


Witching of Dracula, The  (Pinnacle, 1974.)


Dracula #6.


Dracula must do battle with a female vampire who has decided to challenge his position as the most pre‑eminent of the undead.




White Road, The (Mulholland, 2017.)






Dress Up  (Leisure, 1988.)


The bureau in the attic of Kaye's home holds a strange fascination for her.  It is occupied by an uncanny force that has evil designs upon her and her children.  Her insistence leads her husband to think she has lost her mind, but Kaye knows that it's the truth, and that there's little time left to act.




Fangs But No Fangs  (Brava, 2006.)


Fangs #2.


                A vampire learns social graces.


Fangs for the Memories  (Brava, 2005.)


Fangs #1.


                A vampire romance.


I Only Have Fangs for You  (Brava, 2006.)


Fangs #3.


Humorous vampire romance.


LOVECRAFT, H.P.  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Annotated Lovecraft, The  (Dell, 1997.)


                Collection of sometimes related stories.


At the Mountains of Madness  (Arkham House, 1943, Gollancz, 1966, Panther, 1968, Beagle, 1971.)


                Collection of sometimes related stories.


At the Mountains of Madness  (Donald Grant, 1990.)


                The short novel fully illustrated.


At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels  (Arkham House, ?)


                Omnibus of At the Mountains of Madness, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, and several short stories.


Best of H.P. Lovecraft, The.  (See The Dunwich Horror and Others.)


Best Supernatural Stories of H.P. Lovecraft  (World, 1945.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Beyond the Wall of Sleep  (Arkham House, 1943.)


                Collection of mostly unrelated stories.


Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories, The  (Penguin, 1999.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Case of Charles Dexter Ward, The  (Gollancz, 1951, Panther, ?, Belmont, 1969, University of Tampa, 2010.)


A man discovers papers concerning an 18th century occultist named Joseph Curwen, who conjured the dead, and decides to repeat the experiment.  As might be expected, things rapidly get out of control.  Recently filmed as The Resurrected.


Cats of Ulthar, The  ( Dragon Fly, 1935.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Colour Out of Space, The  (Lancer, 1964.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Colour Out of Space, The  (Necronomicon, 1982.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Cry Horror!  (See The Lurking Fear.)


Dagon and Other Macabre Tales  (Arkham House, 1965, Gollancz, 1967, Beagle, 1971.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Doom That Came to Sarnath, The  (Ballantine, 1971.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Dream Cycle of H.P. Lovecraft: Dreams of Terror and Death, The  (Del Rey, 1995.)


                Collection of mostly unrelated stories.


Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, The  (Shroud, 1955, Ballantine, 1970.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Dreams and Fancies  (Arkham House, 1962.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dreams in the Witch House and Other Weird Stories, The  (Penguin, 2004.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Dunwich Horror, The   (Bart, 1945.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Dunwich Horror & Others, The  (Lancer, 1963, Arkham House, 1963.  Del Rey, 1982, as The Best of H.P. Lovecraft.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Dunwich Horror and Other Weird Tales, The  (Armed Forces, 1945.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


From the Pest Zone  (Hippocampus, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Haunter of the Dark, The  (Gollancz, 1951, Panther, 1963.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Herbert West: The Reanimator  (Necronomicon, 1977.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


H.P. Lovecraft (McFarland, 2018.)


Collection of stories and plays.


Loved Dead, The  (Carroll & Graf, 1997.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Lurker at the Threshold, The  (Arkham House, 1945, Museum Press, 1948, Gollancz, 1968, Panther, 1970, Beagle, 1971, Ballantine, 1976, Carroll & Graf, 1988.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Lurking Fear, The  (Necronomicon, 1977.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Lurking Fear, The  (Arkham House, ?, Panther, 1964  Avon, 1947, as Cry Horror!)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Lurking Fear and Other Stories, The  (Panther, 1964.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Marginalia  (Arkham House, 1944.)


                Collection of mostly unrelated stories.


Masters of Horror Volume 1 (Armchair, 2020.)


Collection of mostly unrelated stories.


Masters of Horror Volume 2 (Armchair, 2021.)


Collection of mostly unrelated stories.


More Annotated H.P. Lovecraft  (Dell, 1999.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Necronomicon  (Gollancz, 2008.)


Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


New York Stories, The  (Hippocampus, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Nyarlathotep  (Miskatonic, 1970.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Occult Lovecraft, The  (Gerry de la Ree, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Outsider and Others, The  (Arkham House, 1939.)


                Collection of mostly unrelated stories.


Re-Animator  (Malibu, 1991.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Road to Madness, The  (Ballantine, 1996.)


                Collection of related stories.


Shadow Out of Time, The  (Hippocampus, 2001.)


                Restored original version of the novella about a man whose mind is occupied by the consciousness of an alien from a prehistoric civilization.


Shadow Over Innsmouth & Other Stories of Horror, The  (Scholastic, 1971.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Shadow Over Innsmouth, The  (Necronomicon, 1997.  Visionary Press, 1936, unannotated.)


                An extensively annotated edition of the novelet.


Something About Cats and Other Pieces  (Arkham House, 1949.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Statement of Randolph Carter, The  (Strange, 1976.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Tales  (Library of America, 2005.)


                Collection of mostly unrelated stories.


Tales of H.P. Lovecraft  (Ecco, 1997.)


                Collection of mostly unrelated stories.


Thing on the Doorstep and Other Weird Stories, The  (Penguin, 2001.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Three Tales of Horror  (Arkham House, 1967.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Ultimate Illustrated Weird Tales Collection, The  (Armchair, 2020.)


Collection of sometimes related stories.


Tomb & Other Tales, The  (Beagle, 1971.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Waking Up Screaming  (Del Rey, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Weird Shadow Over Innsmouth and Other Stories of the Supernatural  (Bart House, 1944.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Lurker at the Threshold, The  (Arkham House, 1945, Gollancz, 1968, Panther, 1970, Carroll & Graf, 1988.  Note that the Carroll & Graf edition does not credit Derleth.)


An old farm is marked by a number of strange features, not the least of which is a window which seems to open on another universe.  The new owner disregards warnings and opens the pathway between the worlds.  Mostly Derleth, with bits and pieces of surviving Lovecraft fragments woven in.


Shadow Out of Time and Other Tales of Horror, The  (Gollancz, 1968.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Shuttered Room & Other Tales of Horror, The  (Panther, 1970.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Survivor & Others, The  (Arkham House, 1957, Ballantine, 1962.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


LOVEGROVE, JAMES  (See also collaboration with Peter Crowther.)


How the Other Half Lives  (PS, 1999.  Millennium, 2000, bound with Leningrad Nights by Graham Joyce.)


                Short story published as a chapbook.


Sherlock Holmes and the Miskatonic Monstrosities (Titan, 2019.)


A Sherlock Holmes novel.


A hunt for a shoggoth.


Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows (Titan, 2016.)


A Sherlock Holmes novel.


Holmes vs minions of Cthulhu.


Sherlock Holmes and the Sussex Sea-Devils (Titan, 2019.)


A Sherlock Holmes novel.


Holmes battles Cthulhu himself.




King Kong   (Grosset & Dunlap, 1932, Bantam, 1965,  Ace, 1976 from the screenplay by Merian C. Cooper, James Ashmore Creeland, Ruth Rose, and Edgar Wallace.)


An expedition to a remote island captures a gigantic gorilla and brings him back to the United States.  There he escapes from captivity and wreaks havoc in New York City before being shot down from the top of the Empire State Building.


LOVELL, MARC  (Also writes as Mark McShane, whom see.)


Enquiry into the Existence of Vampires, An  (Doubleday, 1974. Hale, 1976, as Vampire in the Shadows.)




Guardian Specter, The  (Manor, 1977.)


A family living in an old house in Canada find themselves in danger when a malign influence takes possession of the husband, driving him to groundless insane rages.  The author's name is misspelled "Mark" on the cover.


Ghost of Megan, The.  (See The Memory of Megan.)


Memory of Megan  (Ace, 1970. Doubleday, 1968 as The Ghost of Megan.)


 A nicely written thriller of a woman visited by the apparent ghost of a young girl.  It turns out that the youngster is very much alive, hidden and presumed dead, but there is also a genuine ghost who makes a brief appearance.


Vampire in the Shadows.  (See An Enquiry into the Existence of Vampires.)




Legacy of Fear  (Popular Library, 1971.)


Formula gothic adventure with a young woman in a remote house increasingly suspicious that her supposed benefactor may actually be planning to use her in an occult ritual.  Everything is rationalized at the end, although the protagonist believes that the family legend and the influence of a ghost are real.


LOWELL, J.R.  (Pseudonym of Jan Lowell and Robert Lowell.)


Daughter of Darkness  (Delacorte, 1972, Dell, 1973.)


 Pre‑teen witchcraft is the central theme in this novel of a girl whose collection of dolls are more than an idle occupation. Dabbling in forbidden knowledge results in a climactic battle on an astral as well as physical plane.




From Out the Vasty Deep  (Hutchinson, 1920.)


                Not seen.  A ghost story.




Hell Screens, The  (Four Walls Eight Windows, 2000.)


                A Chinese American moves to Taipei and discovers that he is sensitive to the spirit world, including a variety of ghosts.


LUBAR, DAVID (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Attack of the Vampire Weenies  (Starscape, 2011.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Big Stink, The  (Tor, 2010.)


Nathan Abercrombie #4.




Curse of the Campfire Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales, The  (Starscape, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories, for young adults.


Dead Guy Spy  (Tor, 2010.)


Nathan Abercrombie #2.


A teenage zombie gets recruited into espionage.


Enter the Zombie  (Tor, 2011.)


Nathan Abercrombie #5.


Adventures of a teenage zombie.


Goop Soup  (Tor, 2010.)


Nathan Abercrombie #3.




Invasion of the Road Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales  (Starscape, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, for young adults.


My Rotten Life  (Starscape, 2009.)


Nathan Abercrombie #1.


A boy discovers that it's not so bad being a zombie.




Book of Renfield, The  (Touchstone, 2005.)


                The story of Dracula, told from Renfield's point of view.


Throat Sprockets  (Delta, 1994, Fourth Estate, 1995.)


The protagonist watches a low budget horror film that is preoccupied with women's throats and finds that it has altered his entire life.  A very strange and original take on vampirism, with some of the best prose in the genre.




Night Road, The (CD, 2021.)


A woman's fears become manifest.




Coming of Jonathan Smith, The.  (See The Witchís Curse.)


Witch's Curse, The  (Award, 1969. Long, 1964, Arrow, ? as The Coming of Jonathan Smith.)


A creature from the world of the dead has reached across the barrier to claim several beautiful victims.  Now the protagonist is destined to join their number unless the uneasy spirit can somehow be put to a more permanent rest.




Strange Forces  (Latin American Literary Review, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Curse of the Mummy  (Transport, 1950.)


Mummy #2.


                Short story in pamphlet story about a nasty mummy.


Mummy Walks, The  (Transport, 1950.)


Mummy #1.


                Short story in pamphlet form about a mummy restored to life.




Running on Instinct  (Forge, 2001.)


                A variety of characters, some with psychic powers, are on the run from a supernatural killer called The Selector.




Oogie Boogie Bounce  (Delirium, 2008.)


Milo Tucker #2.


A man with extraordinary supernatural powers is sought by a cult.


Oogie Boogie Central  (Medium Rare, 2003, Delirium, 2008.)


Milo Tucker #1.


                A man with the power to absorb the personalities of the dead attempts to gain the soul of a serial killer.


LUKE, THOMAS   Pseudonym of Graham Masterton, whom see.)


Heirloom, The  (Pocket, 1982.  Sphere, 1981, as by Graham Masterton.)


A family discovers that the elaborate chair they have purchased is actually the conduit by which supernatural forces enter the world.  When they attempt to destroy it, the chair strikes back with powers beyond that of ordinary furniture.


Hell Candidate, The  (Pocket, 1980.  Severn House, 1985, as by Graham Masterton.)


An unprepossessing man suddenly becomes not just a viable presidential candidate, but the favorite to win.  How can such a change have occurred?  The answer is a deal with the devil, and the terms of the arrangement are not to the advantage of the voters.  Not to be confused with any real candidates.  Of course not.




Day Watch  (Miramax, 2007, translated from the Russian by Andrew Bromfield.)


Moscow #2.


                An evil witch falls in love with a warrior for the side of good.


Nightwatch (Miramax, 2006, translated from the Russian by Andrew Bromfield.)


Moscow #1.


                Vampires and other mythical creatures live in modern Moscow.


Twilight Watch  (Miramax, 2007, translated from the Russian by Andrew Bromfield.)


Moscow #3.


In a world where vampires are real, a book of spells could change the future of the human race.


LUMLEY, BRIAN  (Note that the Vampire World series is a sequel to the Necroscope series, and the Lost Years series is an add-in to the Necroscope series.)


Beneath the Moors  (Arkham House, 1974.)


                Not seen.


Beneath the Moors and Darker Places  (Tor, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Blood Brothers  (Roc UK, 1992, Tor, 1993.)


Vampire World #1.


                An alternate world dominated by vampires sees fresh horror when a previously unsuspected vampire kingdom schisms and a splinter group returns to enslave the human population recently freed from their oppressors.


Bloodwars  (Tor, 1994, Roc UK, 1994.)


The Necroscope series continues as a young man discovers he has inherited his father's ability to speak to the dead.  He is opposed by his twin brother, who has become a lord of the vampire legions of a world parallel to our own.


Brian Lumley's Freaks  (Subterranean, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Brian Lumleyís Mythos Omnibus  (HarperCollins, 1997.)


                Omnibus of The Burrowers Beneath, The Transition of Titus Crow, and The Clock of Dreams.


Brian Lumleyís Mythos Omnibus Volume II  (HarperCollins, 1997.)


                Omnibus of Spawn of the Winds, In the Moons of Borea, and Elysia.


Burrowers Beneath, The  (DAW, 1974, Ganley, 1989.)


A Titus Crow adventure.


A novel set against the background of Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, wherein the world is threatened by another order of beings who ruled the universe eons in the past, until they were expelled to another dimension from which they long to return. The sequel is The Transition of Titus Crow.


Caller of the Black, The  (Arkham House, 1971.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Compleat Crow, The  (Ganley, 1987, New English Library, 1997.)


                Collection of related stories. 


Coven of Vampires, A   (Fedogan & Bremer, 1998, Subterranean, 2007, Far Territories, 2008.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dagonís Bell and Other Discords  (New English Library, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Deadspawn  (Tor, 1991, Grafton, 1991.)


Necroscope #5.


                Although the vampires have supposedly been ejected from our world, a new series of murders indicates the presence of a new necromancer.  Keogh, the hero of the series, has been infected with vampirism as well, and fears it will seize control of his personality.


Deadspeak  (Tor, 1990, Kinnell, 1990, Grafton, 1990.)


Necroscope #4.


The vampire world has been devastated by human attacks in their universe, but an ancient vampire sorcerer on Earth has not abandoned hope of acquiring a new body.


Demogorgon  (Granada , 1987, Tor, 1992.)


                A professional thief is humanity's only hope when an inhumanly evil creature stalks the earth.  Using thunder and lightning as its tools, it prepares to seize the world.


Fruiting Bodies and Other Fungi  (Roc UK, 1993, Tor, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Haggopian and Other Stories  (Solaris, 2009.)


A collection of Cthulhu Mythos related stories.


Harry and the Pirates  (Tor, 2009.)


Collection of related stories.


Harry Keogh: Necroscope and Other Weird Heroes  (Tor, 2003.)


                Collection of sometimes related stories.


Horror at Oakdeene and Others, The  (Arkham House, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Khai of Ancient Khem  (Berkley, 1981.)


An ancient Egyptian who has achieved a form of immortality lives through the ages for the purpose of combating an evil occult figure and his minions.  More adventure than horror.


Last Aerie, The  (Tor, 1993, Roc UK, 1993.)


Vampire World #2.


                Further adventures in an alternate world dominated by vampires, with one of the sons of Harry Keogh transported to our own world and chased by human villains as well.


Last Rite  (Jwindz, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mad Moon of Dreams  (Ganley, 1987.)


                Not seen.


Mobius Murders, The  (Subterranean, 2013.)


A Necrocope novel.




Necroscope  (Granada, 1986, Tor, 1988.)


Necroscope #1.


Harry Keogh is able to speak to the dead, even raise them under certain circumstances.  Fortunately, he has allied himself with British Intelligence.  Unfortunately, a Soviet agent has not only contacted a still powerful vampire, he has been infected himself.


Necroscope Avengers  (Hodder, 2001, New English Library, 2001.)


Necroscope #10.


                As a group of wamphyri search for a new lair, the new Necroscope and his followers find evidence that they may be rushing to their own doom as well.


Necroscope Defilers  (Tor, 2000, Hodder, 2000, New English Library, 2000.)


Necroscope #9.


                A psychically gifted vampire hunter decides to satisfy a personal vendetta against some mobsters, only to discover that they are actually vampires as well.


Necroscope Invaders  (Tor, 1999.)


Necroscope #8.


                The original Necroscope is dead and now a successor who lacks the same self confidence leads a team against a pair of vampire lords who have invaded this world from the planet of the vampires.


Necroscope: The Lost Years  (Tor, 1995, Hodder, 1996.)


Necroscope #6.




Necroscope: The Lost Years 2  (Hodder, 1996.  Tor, 1995, as Resurgence.)


Necroscope #7.


One of the vampires trapped in our reality tries to seize the body of Harry Keogh, but the latter uses his ability to talk to the dead to arm himself in advance and foil the attempt.


Necroscope: The Touch  (Tor, 2006.)


Necroscope #11.


                A new necroscope must battle three evil beings who have challenged God.


Necroscribe  (Necronomicon, 1997.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Nonesuch and Others, The  (Subterranean, 2009.)


Collection of related stories.


Psychamok  (Granada, 1985, Tor, 1992.)


Psycho #3.


                The climactic battle is at hand as the forces of evil threaten to ravage the entire world.


Psychomech  (Granada, 1984, Tor, 1992.)


Psycho #1.


                A dying man seeks to be reincarnated while a fugitive Nazi scientists develops a machine which allows psychotics to give their fears actual, physical attributes.


Psychosphere  (Granada, 1984, Tor, 1992.)


Psycho #2.


                The blind protagonist now has paranormal powers, but even these may be no match for the transformed villain.


Resurgence  (See Necroscope: The Lost Years 2.)


Return of the Deep Ones  (Roc UK, 1994.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Second Wish and Other Exhalations, The  (New English Library, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ship of Dreams  (Ganley, 1986.)


                Not seen.


Sorcery in Shad  (Headline, 1991.)


                Not seen.


Source, The  (Tor, 1989, Grafton, 1989.)


Necroscope #3.


An American agent learns that the Russians have opened a portal to another universe where vampires rule.  Unfortunately, he learns by being thrown into that universe, with little hope of returning.


Taint and Other Novellas, The  (Subterranean, 2007, Solaris, 2008.)


Collection of loosely related stories.


Tales of the Primal Land (Subterranean, 2015.)


Collection of loosely related stories.


Titus Crow  (Tor, 1997.)


Omnibus of The Burrowers Beneath and The Transition of Titus Crow.


Titus Crow Volume I  (Tor, 1997.)


                Omnibus of The Burrowers Beneath and The Transition of Titus Crow.


Titus Crow Volume II  (Tor, 1997.)


                Omnibus of The Clock of Dreams and Spawn of the Winds.


Titus Crow Volume III  (Tor, 1997.)


                Omnibus of In the Moons of Borea and Elysia The Coming of Cthulhu.


Transition of Titus Crow, The  (DAW, 1975, Ganley, 1992.)


A Titus Crow adventure.


Another novel of the Cthulhu Mythos, featuring Titus Crow, who has appeared in several of Lumley's shorter fictions as well.  An occult investigator meets the ultimate challenge, invasion of the Earth by an order of beings whose powers make human accomplishments seem trivial.


Vamphyri!  (Tor, 1989. Grafton, 1988, as Wamphyri!.)


Necroscope #2.


  A powerful vampire is raising a secret army of his own kind, determined to gain control of the Earth.  Opposed to him is a man who can communicate with the dead.  Lumley's take on vampirism is quite original.


Wamphyri!  (See Vamphyri!)


Whisperer and Other Voices, The  (Tor, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




In the After (Harper, 2014.)


Beasts #1.


Strange creatures rule the world.


In the End  (Harper, 2014.)


Beasts #2.




LUNN, BRIAN.  (See collaboration with William Gerhardi.)


LUPOFF, RICHARD A  (See also collaboration which follows.  Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Lisa Kane  (Bobb Merrill, 1976.)


                A werewolf novel.




Return of Skullface, The  (Fax, 1977.)


                Posthumous collaboration on a short occult adventure story.




Women and Ghosts  (Doubleday, 1994, Avon, 1996.)


A collection of unrelated stories.




House of Elnora Garland, The  (Belmont, 1971.)


A lonely woman in a mysterious old house, menaced by dangers both spiritual and material.  The ghosts are authentic, but the plot is derivative and dull.




Bonegrinder  (Putnam, 1977, Berkley, 1980.)


A mysterious creature rises out of a lake to kill and mutilate its victims.  The protagonist believes that the monster really exists, but he also suspects that one of the killings has a more mundane explanation, with the monster providing a convenient cover.




Come Die For Me  (Popular Library, 1977.)


In a small town, a group of people indulge in devil worship, but more as an amusing game than a serious endeavor.  Unfortunately Satan himself joins their group, seizing control of one of their number, altering his appearance, and insisting on the proper degree of respect.




Coming of the Strangers, The  (Corgi, 1961, Macfadden, 1971.)


Humanity is in danger when mysterious, unseen figures claim their victims under the cover of darkness.  The menace is a kind of invisible sea creature resembling oversized crabs, and the plot is rather old hat, but effectively handled.


Green Drift, The.  (See The Night Spiders.)


Grey Ones, The  (Corgi, 1960, Macfadden, 1970.)


Civilization is crumbling as shadowy invaders move across the Earth, and human beings begin to act in a bewildering and frightening ways, their minds invaded along with their environment.


Laxham Haunting, The  (Hodder, 1976.)


                Not seen.


Night of the Big Heat  (Corgi, 1959, Macfadden, 1969.)


A community hit with an unprecedented heat wave is also the target of an invasion from another world.  The invaders arenít particularly menacing however and are fairly easily defeated once their nature has been determined.  Filmed as Island of the Burning Doomed, although much of the atmosphere of the novel was lost in the transition.


Night Spiders, The  (Curtis, 1965. Doubleday , 1965, Hodder ? as The Green Drift.)


 A very peculiar novel involving giant spiders, a man who wanders into the future, and a strange invasion of Earth. Lymington uses the psychological deterioration of his characters to create a creepy atmosphere, usually with considerable success, although this one flounders a bit.


Night Spiders, The  (Corgi, 1964.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sleep Eaters, The  (Corgi, 1963, Macfadden, 1969.)


Alien invaders eschew the normal tools of their trade and infest the dreams of human beings as a means of undermining the sanity of the entire race.  They use our existing prejudices as a weapon, amplifying it, directing humanity toward self extinction.


Star Witches, The  (Corgi, 1965, Macfadden, 1970.)


Here we have a group of witches praying for their evil master to incarnate himself and his legions on Earth. Elsewhere a scientist believes he has detected an imminent invasion from space.  Which of them is experiencing the true perception?  Either?  Both?


Sword Above the Night, A  (Corgi, 1962, Macfadden, 1971.)


A small group of people find themselves imprisoned in a farmhouse when invaders from outer space make their first landing. One of the humans had foreknowledge of the event, and thinks he holds the key to their defeat.  Not one of this author's better efforts.


Ten Million Years to Friday  (Doubleday, 1967, Lancer, 1968.)


Investigators probing the Earth's magma discover that there is something alive down there, a form of life which existed long before humanity evolved, something perhaps totally unknowable in human terms.  Now it has been disturbed and is seeking the source of that irritation.


LYNCH, FRANCES  (Pseudonym of D.G. Compton, who writes Science Fiction under that name.)


In the House of Dark Music  (Hodder, 1979, Warner, 1983.)


Convoluted historical mystery involving a real ghost and a clairvoyant.




Daughters of Cain  (Manor, 1970.)


A group of women under the influence of an evil man prepare to make the town where Emily Sheridan lives into a small hell, quite literally.  Although they are defeated, their bodies are retrieved by the Devil so that they can try again elsewhere.


LYNN, ERIN  (Pseudonym of Erin McCarthy.)


Demon Envy  (Jam, 2007.)


A teen inadvertently frees a demon.




Blood Magic  (Ballantine, 2009.)


Darcy MacAlister #1.


A war among witches who possess demonic powers.


Soul Magic  (Ballantine, 2009.)


Darcy MacAlister #2.






Valley of Shadows  (Lancer, 1968.)


Plenty of authentic supernaturalism in this gothic tale of a female reporter who penetrates an ingrown rural community, investigating their legends, only to discover that among them, witchcraft and demonic possession are real.  Some of the locals believe that she is similarly tainted with corrupted blood and can be recruited into their society.




Name for Evil, A  (McDowell, Obolensky, 1947, Bobbs-Merrill, 1947, Avon, 1969.)


A pregnant woman is in danger when she and her husband move to an old house supposedly haunted by the spirit of an evil man.  Her husband spurns the warnings and taunts the apparently non‑existence ghost, only to discover that he scoffed a bit too soon.  Obviously he hadn't read enough ghost stories.  Made into a film.