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Tainted Treats  (Streamline, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Darkest Hour  (Harper, 2001)


Mediator #4.


A 19th Century ghost appears to the protagonist in search of closure.


Haunted  (Harper, 2003.)


Mediator #5.


                A teenager with the ability to talk to the dead falls in love with a ghost.


Ninth Key  (Harper, 2001.)


Mediator #2.


The ghost of a murdered woman must be convinced to give up her secrets.


Proposal (Avon Impulse, 2016.)


Mediator #7.


Two ghosts refuse to pass on from Earth.


Remembrance (Morrow, 2016.)


Mediator #8.


Ghosts make life difficult for a young woman.


Reunion  (Harper, 2001.)


Mediator #3.


Four ghostly teenagers begin a campaign of terror.


Shadowland  (Harper, 2000.)


Mediator #1.


A young woman discovers she can communicate with ghosts.


Twilight  (Harper, 2005.)


Mediator #6.


Teens who can speak to the dead try to avert a murder.


CACEK, P.D.  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Canyons  (Tor, 2000.)


                A newspaper reporter gets caught up in the battle between two packs of werewolves, one inclined to leave humans alone, the other consisting of brutal killers.


In the Spirit  (Wormhole, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Leavings  (Starsend, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Night Players  (Design Image Group, 2001, Leisure, 2005.)


Vampire #2.


                A preacher and a sarcastic young woman are on the run from a group of vampire women who wish to kill them.


Night Prayers  (Design Image Group, 1998.)


Vampire #1.


                A newly converted vampire is abandoned by her maker and sets out to discover the strengths, and limitations, of her new powers on her own.  An often amusing take on the vampire theme.


Sympathy for the Dead (CreateSpace, 2011.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Wind Caller, The  (Leisure, 2004.)


                Indian legends are given a new twist as a man is given the power to call upon the spirits of the wind.




Brimstone in the Garden  (Morrow, 1950.


                A ghost story.


CADIGAN, PAT  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Experiment, The  (Black Flame, 2005.)


                Jason, of the Friday the 13th movies, is resurrected in the future as a superweapon.


CADNUM, MICHAEL  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Calling Home  (Viking, 1991.)


                Ambiguous story about a boy possessed either by the spirit of a friend he accidentally killed or by his own guilt.


Ghostwright  (Carroll & Graf, 1992.)


A successful playwright is surprised by a visit from an old, and terrifying acquaintance.  During the course of their conversation, he kills the man and conceals the body, but later comes to believe that he is not dead after all, has somehow survived death to torment his killer.


Horses of the Night  (Carroll & Graf, 1993.)


                An architect makes an unwise deal with evil forces to help his career, and subsequently discovers that there’s a hefty price to pay.  One would think he would have guessed that.


Judas Glass  (Carroll & Graf, 1996.)


The loss of the woman he loves, and the discovery of a childhood heirloom, transform a lawyer into a bloodsucking vampire.  Not much of an adjustment to make.


Nightlight  (St Martins, 1989.)


                An odd story of the lingering power of the dead to achieve immortality of sorts through their influence on those who live after them.  Superior prose and an original perspective as a man seeks his missing cousin while suffering from disturbing, recurring dreams.


Saint Peter's Wolf  (Carroll & Graf, 1991, Arrow, 1992, Zebra, 1993.)


                A very unconventional werewolf story featuring a man who slowly transforms mentally as well as physically after having been infected.  A secret government agency knows of his existence, though not his identity, and is determined to eliminate him.


Sleepwalker  (St Martins, 1991.)


                British mummies return to life and a scientist confronts his own inner demons.


CADY, JACK  (See also Pat Franklin. Also writes Science Fiction.)


Ghosts of Yesterday  (Night Shade, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Fathoms (Underland, 2016.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Hauntings of Hood Canal, The  (St Martins, 2001, Underland, 2016.)


                When a child molester is murdered and dumped in a canal, it awakens a long resident evil presence which begins to claim victims from motorists traveling through the area.


Jonah Watch, The  (Arbor House, 1981, Avon, 1983, Underland, 2014.)


                An eerie little sea story, hard to categorize.  A Coast Guard cutter is icebound off the coast of Maine when strange voices begin to be heard aboard, and the men begin to believe that there is in fact a Jonah among them.  It is only a matter of time until suppressed fear erupts in open violence.


Man Who Could Make Things Vanish, The (Arbor House, 1982.)


A man develops the power to make things disappear.


McDowell’s Ghost  (Arbor House, 1982.)


                The ghost of a Confederate soldier appears to his descendant.


Night We Buried Road Dog, The  (Dreamhaven, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Off Season, The  (St Martins, 1995, Underland, 2015.)


An unusual story about a town built on cursed land.  Not only do ghosts walk, but time runs differently for different people, some living in a previous century.  The arrival of an itinerant preacher causes everything to come to a climax.


Phantoms (Underland, 2015.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Sons of Noah and Other Stories, The  (Broken Moon, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Street  (St Martins, 1994.)


A serial killer is on the loose, and a band of very idiosyncratic street people are on his trail.  This is a very odd, almost lyrical suspense novel, with psychic visions as the only fantastic element.


Well, The  (Arbor House, 1980, Avon, 1982, Valancourt, 2014.)


                An apparently haunted house and a long standing curse are featured in this brooding tale of a family trying to rationalize the increasingly unsettling events they experience, all apparently linked to their home. Restrained until the final chapters.




Fresh Cut Tales (Distressed, 2013.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


CAINE, GEOFFREY  (Pseudonym of Robert Walker, whom see.)


Curse of the Vampire  (Diamond, 1991.)


Abraham Stroud #1.


                A plague of vampires based in a mysterious hospital attracts the attention of a psychic detective.  The vampires are using a new development to allow themselves to walk about in the daylight, but they’re not smart enough to escape our hero.


Legion of the Dead  (Diamond, 1992.)


Abraham Stroud #3.


                An ancient burial vault is the lair of a creature who carries a mysterious plague.  Its victims die, but rise as zombies shortly thereafter, subject to the will of their creator.  Foiled ultimately and predictably by the Psychic detective.


Wake of the Werewolf  (Diamond, 1991.)


Abraham Stroud #2.


                Psychic detective Stroud investigates an escaped psychopath whom he believes to be a werewolf.  He also suspects that there are others of his kind on the loose, and that unless he can convince the authorities that they must respond to the situation quickly, many people will die horribly.  Needless to say, he succeeds, though not until a number of bodies have piled up.


CAINE, RACHEL  (See also Roxanne Longstreet.  Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Bite Club (NAL, 2011.)


Morganville Vampires #12


An illegal blood sport arises involving vampires.


Bitter Blood (NAL, 2012.)


Morganville Vampires #14.




Black Dawn  (NAL, 2012.)


Morganville Vampires #13.




Carpe Corpus  (Jam, 2009.)


Morganville Vampires #6.


A battle between good and evil vampires in a college town.


Daylighters (NAL, 2013.)


Morganville Vampires #15.




Dead Girls' Dance  (Jam, 2007.)


Morganville Vampires #2.


A fraternity dance in a town filled with vampires presents new dangers from our young heroine.


Devil's Due  (Silhouette, 2006.)


                A psychic detective story.


Fade Out  (Signet, 2009.)


Morganville Vampires #7.


An agreement between humans and vampires is in jeopardy.


Fall of Night (NAL, 2013.)


Morganville Vampires #14.




Feast of Fools  (Jam, 2008.)


Morganville Vampires #4.


A nasty vampire upsets the balance between the living and the dead in a small town.


Ghost Town (NAL, 2010.)


Morganville Vampires #11.


An attempt to protect a community of vampires has unintended consequences.


Glass Houses  (Jam, 2006.)


Morganville Vampires #1.


                A teenager discovers there are vampires at her school.


Kiss of Death  (Signet, 2010.)


Morganville Vampires #10.


A good vampire musician finds his first trip to a recording date harrowing.


Last Breath (NAL, 2011.)


Morganville Vampires #13.


Three members of a vampire community disappear mysteriously.


Lord of Misrule  (Jam, 2009.)


Morganville Vampires #5.


For some reason all of the vampires in a small college town begin to disappear.


Midnight Bites (NAL, 2016.)


A Morganville Vampire collection.


Collection of related stories.


Midnight Eve  (Jam, 2007.)


Morganville Vampires #3.






Loch, The  (Doubleday , 1968, Bles, 1968, Signet, 1974.)


                When a young man falls to his death from the cliffs of rural Scotland, it might have been just another accident.  But there are indications from the body that some other agency was involved.  The heroine suspects that someone or something is living in one of the high caves, and sets out to find out just what it is.


Perturbing Spirit  (Doubleday, 1966, Ace, 1966.)


                A mysterious man exerts unusual influence over the women of a remote Scottish community.  A young man attempts to discover what strange power he possesses, and realizes that his rival is actually a latter day sorcerer. The magical elements are deliberately left ambiguous.




Fires Burn Blue  (Arnold, 1948.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Not Exactly Ghosts  (Arnold, 1947, Ash Tree, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Not Exactly Ghosts & Fires Burn Blue (Wordsworth, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


CALDER, ROBERT  (Pseudonym of Jerrold Mundis.)


Dogs, The  (Delacorte, 1976, Dell, 1977. Berkley, 1988, as by Jerrold Mundis.)


                When Alex Bauer finds a puppy, he has no way of knowing that it is actually an escaped experiment from a laboratory where researchers were attempting to enhance canine intelligence.  As the dog matures, it begins to display the attributes of intelligence and the will to strike back at those human beings it considers enemies.




Scarlet Boy, The  (Hart-Davis, 1961, Corgi, 1962.)


                A disturbed and disturbing boy dies, but his spirit lingers on, affecting the lives of those who knew him in life.  Heavily atmospheric.




Concrete Hotel  (Tiras, 1998.)


                Detectives solve a series of murders with the assistance of a man who can speak to the dead.




V.A.M.P.  (Dynatainment, 2002.)


                War rages between humans and vampires.




Mortal Companion  (Suspect Thoughts, 2004.)


                A vampire seeks to find a lover, even though no two vampires can stand each other's company.




Footprints of the Dead  (Dell, 1983.)


                 A better than average novel for younger readers about a young girl who discovers that she is the target of voodoo magic.  Can she and her young friend survive the menace of zombies, sent by their master on a deadly mission?


Night of the Wolf  (Leisure, 1979.)


                In rural Tennessee a reporter suspects that there is a strange link between some of the local people and the packs of wolves that inhabit the woods.  This is a wild variant on the werewolf theme with a number of unusual twists and turns.




I Will Rise  (Lachesis, 2007.)


A man returns from the dead with the power to kill by touching others.




My Lady Ghost (Signet, 1998.)


Ghosts in a Regency romance.


My Lord Ghost  (Signet, 1996.)


An historical romance with ghosts.


Ruby  Ghost, The  (Signet, 2006.)


                A governess finds true love while battling troublesome ghosts.




Terrible Churnadryne, The  (Little, Brown, 1959, Archway, 1972.)


                For younger readers.  Two children spot a strange, gigantic shape in the fog, and become convinced they have seen a real, living dinosaur. Naturally no one believes them until late in the book.  Low key, charming, more fantasy than horror.


CAMERON, JULIE  (Writes Science Fiction as Lou Cameron.)


Darklings, The  (Berkley, 1975.)


                A four year old girl starts talking about her friends, the Darklings, who live in the rafters of their home.  When poltergeist phenomena begin to occur, her parents reluctantly allow a priest to perform an exorcism.  But then the girl disappears, and neither the priest nor the Darklings seem to be acting as expected.  The surprise ending works quite well.


CAMERON, KATE   (Pseudonym of Linda Dubreuil, whom see.)


Awakening Dream, The  (Leisure, 1974.)


Whispering Hills #5.


                Nancy retreats from the city to Whispering Hills, but even there she is plagued by nightmares.  A man befriends her and begins to use astrology to interpret her dreams, which she believes to be evidence of intercession by a supernatural force, but as time passes, she comes to suspect his motives as well.


Curse of Whispering Hills, The  (Leisure, 1974.)


Whispering Hills #2.


                A cursed town in the American Midwest is the source of nightmares and fear when a new resident is plagued by the nightly visit of ghostly figures.


Deadly Nightshade  (Leisure, 1975.)


Holderly Hall #4.


                The ghosts in this story of a woman whose life is in danger from her husband and a confederate he has enlisted are mostly benevolent, at least insofar as the heroine is concerned.  The villains would not agree.


Echoes of Evil  (Leisure, 1974.)


Whispering Hills #6.


                Number Six in the Whispering Hills series.  Determined to disprove the stories of occult phenomena that persist about her new home, a woman enlists the aid of psychic investigators. Unfortunately, the stories turn out to be true.


Evil at Whispering Hills  (Leisure, 1974, John Curley, 1991.)


Whispering Hills #1.


                There was already a ghost at Whispering Hills, but when a new resident moves in, she sets off a chain of events that makes the previous manifestations look tame. 


Legend of Holderly Hall, The  (Leisure, 1974.)


Holderly Hall #1.


                Jane discovers that the three children whose home she has moved into are tormented by terrors and visions of the supernatural.  Then she begins to see impossible things herself, and realizes that Holderly Hall is under a malevolent curse.


Legend of Whispering Hills  (Leisure, 1974.)


Whispering Hills #4.


                A brutal killing is attributed to the attack of a wild animal, but one woman believes that there is something far more sinister involved, something not of this world.


Music from the Past  (Leisure, 1975.)


Holderly Hall #5.


                The ghost of a friend appears to Melissa, trying to warn her that she too is in danger from the same man responsible for her own death.  An interesting variation on the standard gothic plot.


Portraits of the Past  (Leisure, 1975.)


Holderly Hall #6.


                A woman travels to Holderly Hall on a business deal, despite the tales of mysterious deaths and strange apparitions which surround that place.  Shortly after arriving, she experiences a strange feeling that she has been here before, and dire forebodings about her future.


Shadows of the Past  (Leisure, 1974.)


Holderly Hall #2.


                Poltergeist phenomena and more mundane dangers face a young girl when she returns to Holderly Hall after a long absence.


Shadows on the Moon  (Leisure, 1974. )


Whispering Hills #3.


                A woman with clairvoyant visions of the future crosses swords with a domineering man and the resentful women he controls.


Voices in the Fog  (Leisure, 1975.)


Holderly Hall #3.


                Shortly after the Civil War comes to an end, the residents of Holderly Hall must come to terms not only with the lingering resentments of that conflict, but with supernatural enmity as well.




Marked Man, A  (Mira, 2006.)


A psychic battles a killer.




Crossbones (Berkley, 2015.)


Omega Days #4.


Zombie apocalypse.


Drifters (Berkley, 2015.)


Omega Days #3.


Zombie apocalypse.


Feral Road, The (Independent, 2016.)


Omega Days #5.


Zombie apocalypse.


In the Falling Light (CreateSpace, 2012.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Omega Days (Berkley, 2014.)


Zombies #1.


Zombie apocalypse.


Ship of the Dead (Berkley, 2014.)


Zombies #2.


A handful of people try to clear a warship of zombies. xxx


CAMPBELL, RAMSEY   (See also Jay Ramsay and Carl Dreadstone.)


Alone With the Horrors  (Arkham House, 1993, Headline, 1994.  Tor, 2004, has one additional story.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ancient Images  (Scribner's , 1989, Legend, 1989, Tor, 1990.)


                The discovery of a long lost Karloff/Lugosi film kicks off a series of murders and mysterious appearances. The protagonist traces the mystery back to a secluded town in the north of England and unearths a supernatural secret.  Well developed suspense.


Black Wine  (Dark Harvest, 1986.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Claw, The.  (See listing as by Jay Ramsay .)


Cold Print  (Scream Press, 1985., Tor, 1987, Headline, 1993.  Contents differ slightly among all three volumes.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Count of Eleven, The  (Macdonald, 1991, Tor, 1992.)


                After disregarding a chain letter that promises ill luck, a British shopkeeper becomes obsessed with numerology and slowly evolves into a brutal serial killer.  Although the plot sounds disjointed, Campbell manipulates the story well enough to be convincing.


Creatures of the Pool  (Leisure, 2010.)


A man discovers that inhuman creatures live among us.


Dark Companions  (MacMillan, 1982, Fontana, 1982, Tor, 1985.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Darkest Part of the Woods, The  (PS, 2002, Tor, 2003.)


                An alchemist tries to use an enchanted wood as a gateway to another world.


Dark Feasts  (Robinson, 1987.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dark of the Woods, The  (Tor, 2011.)


A family has various supernatural interactions with a haunted woodlot.


Demons by Daylight  (Arkham House, 1973, Star, 1975, Jove, 1979, Carroll & Graf, 1990, Venture, 2017.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Doll Who Ate His Mother, The  (Bobbs‑Merrill, 1976, Millington, 1976, Jove, 1978, Tor, 1985, Century, 1987.)


                A twisted, quietly developing novel of an evil man who uses what appear to be satanic powers to influence the personality of a young child.  As the boy becomes more securely under his control, he is turned into a tool for malevolent ends.


Far Away and Never  (Necronomicon, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Fine Frights  (Tor, 1988.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghostly Tales  (Cryptic, 1987.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghosts and Grisly Things  (Tor, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghosts Know  (Tor, 2013.)


A talk show host runs into trouble from a psychic.


Grin of the Dark, The  (Tor, 2008.)


A researched discovers that an old time comedian was in league with the supernatural.


Height of the Scream, The  (Arkham House, 1976.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Holes for Faces  (Dark Regions, 2013.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


House on Nazareth Hill, The.   (See Nazareth Hill.)


Hungry Moon, The  (Macmillan, 1986, Tor, 1987, Century, 1987, Headline, 1995.)


                Two contending forces clash as a charismatic but obsessive evangelist announces his intention to stop not only the traditional Druidic rites performed in a small English village, but also to venture into a dark cavern and exorcise the creatures rumored to exist there.  But the pagan spirits of the land are not as easily bent to his will as are the villagers.


Incarnate  (Macmillan, 1983, Tor, 1984, Granada, 1984, Futura, 1990.)


                A group of people agree to participate in an experiment in prophetic dreaming, with ambiguous results, at least at the time. More than a decade later, their dreams begin to come true, and the dreams were of a nightmarish quality.  Are the dreams controlling their lives, or did they foresee only one possible future?


Inconsequential Tales  (Hippocampus, 2008.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Influence, The  (Macmillan, 1988, Tor, 1989, Century Hutchinson, 1988.)


                An elderly woman dies very reluctantly and only after taking certain precautions.  Now her presence haunts the dreams and even waking moments of a young boy, seeking to seize control of his body and provide the discorporate personality with a new lease on life.


Inhabitant of the Lake and Less Welcome Tenants, The  (Arkham House, 1964.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Inhabitant of the Lake and Other Unwelcome Tenants, The  (PS, 2011.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Kind Folk, The (Tor, 2016.)


Evil fairies.


Last Revelation of Gla'akim, The (PS, 2013.)


The search for the ultimate book of evil.


Long Lost, The  (Headline, 1993, Tor, 1995.)


While vacationing in Wales, a man discovers a mysterious woman who claims to be a long lost relative.  Subsequently, the lives of everyone he knows is tragically altered as the result of her ancient magical powers.


Meddling with Ghosts  (British Library, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Midnight Sun, The  (Macdonald, 1990, Tor, 1991.)


                A writer and his family are menaced by a nameless primeval force which haunts the nearby woods, bringing with it the ultimate coldness, a single touch invariably killing anyone who encounters it.  Quiet but effective horror.


Nameless, The  (Macmillan, 1981, Tor, 1985, Panther, 1985.)


                Years after the disappearance and apparent death of her daughter, Barbara receives a mysterious phone call which convinces her the girl is still alive.  Before long, she is on the trail of a group of cultists, who are clearly upset by her attention.  When she finally locates her daughter, she discovers the girl has been transformed into something that may no longer be merely human.


Nazareth Hill  (Forge, 1997.  Headline, 1996, as The House on Nazareth Hill.)


                Not seen.  A haunted house story.


Needing Ghosts  (Legend, 1990.)


                A long story published as a booklet.


Obsession  (Macmillan, 1985, Granada, 1985, Tor, 1986.)


                Several teenagers answer an ad which promises to fulfill their greatest desire.  Much to their surprise, each achieves what he or she requested, although not always in the manner expected.  Twenty‑five years later, they discover what price they will have to pay in return.


Overnight, The  (Tor, 2005.)


                A mysterious evil force stalks the aisles of a super-bookstore.


Pact of the Fathers  (Forge, 2001.)


                A group of men make a pact in which they sacrifice their first born children in exchange for success.


Parasite, The  (Macmillan, 1980, Pocket, 1981, Granada, 1985, Tor, 1989, Headline, ?.  Slightly different version also appeared from Macmillan, 1980, as To Wake the Dead.)


                When a group of children perform a mock seance, they awaken something evil which takes possession of one of their number, dwelling hidden within the child until she has achieved maturity. Rose, a woman now, begins to demonstrate uncanny powers, discovering to her horror that some incorporeal entity has parasitically invaded her mind and body.


Scared Stiff  (Scream Press, 1987, Warner, 1988.  Tor, 2002, has added stories.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Searching Dead, The (PS, 2016.)


Three Births of Daolth #1.


The protagonist discovers that occult powers are real.


Strange Things and Stranger Places  (Tor, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Thieving Fear (PS, 2008.)


Haunted house variation.


Thirteen Days by Sunset Beach (PS, 2015.)


Vacationers sense a mysterious force watching them and then they begin to transform.


Through the Walls  (British Fantasy Society, 1981.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Told by the Dead  (PS, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


To Wake the Dead.  (See The Parasite.)


Two Obscure Tales  (Necronomicon, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Uncanny Banquets  (Little, Brown, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Waking Nightmares  (Tor, 1991, Little, Brown, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Frankenstein  (Barron's, 1988.)


                A retelling for modern, and younger, readers of the classic story of the quest to creat life as written by Mary Shelley.


Vampyre, The  (Barron's, 1988.)


                A standard vampire adventure story with hidden coffins, a mysterious figure, and the threat of vampiric contagion.  Designed to appeal to younger readers, who are probably already reading Anne Rice and Stephen King, so why bother?




Hacienda, The (Berkley, 2022.)


Haunted house story set during the Mexican civil war.




Consumed (Point, 2011.)


Rayne #2.


The arrival of a new servant at a haunted mansion leads to problems.


Possessed  (Point, 2010.)


Rayne #1.


A teenager senses a supernatural presence in an old house.


CANNON, PETER  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Forever Azathoth  (Tartarus, 1999, Hippocampus, 2012.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Boneman  (Tor, 1992.)


                A seasoned police detective is investigating the murders of several drug dealers when he begins to hear stories of the Boneman.  The latter is a charming, talented voodoo practitioner who is using fear and some zombie assistants to carve out his own criminal empire.


Manse, The  (Tor, 1987.)


Manse #1.


                A creepy old mansion is used by a youth group each year as the setting for a fund-raising haunted house.  It should all have been good fun, but one year the exhibits turn out to be all too real, and a series of strange manifestations menaces all who venture within its walls


Ridge, The  (Tor, 1989.)


                Several people die horribly, their bodies literally exploding, as they stand in a house which may have been built on top of a nexus for supernatural forces.  A professional killer and the local police detective combine efforts to discover who is experimenting with ancient magic.


Torments  (Tor, 1990.)


Manse #2.


                Two years after a number of people were killed in a mysterious fire, supernatural elements stir again.  Bodies climb out of their graves and lumber off into the night.  There are strange sounds, appearances, and the deaths of those who venture out alone.  The evil that dwelt in the old Manse has wakened anew.


CANTRELL, REBECCA     (See collaborations with James Rollins.)




At a Winter’s Fire  (Pearson, 1899.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Black Reaper, The  (Equation, 1989, Ash Tree, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Fabulists, The  (Mills & Boon, 1915.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Loaves and Fishes  (Methuen, 1906.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Plots  (Methuen, 1902.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Breeze Horror, The  (Onyx, 1988.)


                An accident aboard a satellite seems to have set off a chain reaction which is causing worldwide disruption.  The protagonist seeks refuge on a small island off the East Coast, only to discover that anyone who was exposed to the recent rainstorm for any length of time is being transformed into a horrible travesty of a human being.  And the two disparate versions of humanity have to find a way to exist with each other.  Plot doesn't make much sense, but there are some effective scenes.




Gifted, The  (Zebra, 1991.)


                Another story of a young boy who discovers he can kill by the power of thought alone.  He eventually becomes the pawn of powerful men who want to use him to their own advantage, but they discover they can’t control him as closely as they had hoped.




Man of Mystery Hill, The  (Quake, 2010)


A ghost story.


CARD, ORSON SCOTT  (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Homebody  (Harper, 1998.)


                A writer discovers a mysterious tunnel under his house and becomes involved with a treacherous, supernatural woman with a taste for murder.


Treasure Box  (Harper, 1996.)


                The protagonist discovers that his entire family consists of wraiths conjured up by a witch wants to maneuver him into releasing an ancient magic that will make her all powerful.




Fool's Apple  (Random House, 1971, Crest, 1972.)


                Moving into her new husband's ancestral home should have been a pleasant event, but Elizabeth finds instead that she must deal with an elderly woman possessing secret knowledge, witchcraft, and a host of mundane terrors as well.




Divinations of the Deep  (Ash-Tree, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


To Rouse Leviathan (Hippocampus, 2019.)


Collection of unrelated stories. 




Wolf, The (Orbit, 2018.)


CAREY, MIKE (See also M.R. Carey.)


Dead Men's Boots  (Grand Central, 2009.)


Felix Castor #3.


Castor teams up with a zombie and a succubus to deal with a haunted body.


Devil You Know, The  (Warner, 2007, Grand Central, 2008.)


Felix Castor #1.


A free lance exorcist stumbles into a veritable crowd of ghosts and malevolent spirits.


Naming of the Beast, The (Orbit, 2010.)


Felix Castor #5.


The minions of hell threaten to enter the world of the living.


Thicker Than Water (Orbit, 2009.)


Felix Castor #4.


An occult expert gets more ghosts than he counted on.


Vicious Circle  (Grand Central, 2008.)


Felix Castor #2.


An exorcist gets caught up in a plot to raise a demon.


CAREY, M.R. (See also Mike Carey. Also writes Science Fiction.)


Girl With All the Gifts, The (Orbit, 2014.)


A young girl has superhuman powers.


CARL, LILLIAN STEWART  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Ashes to Ashes  (Charter Diamond, 1990.)


                An expert on antiques visits the replica of a Scottish castle and discovers that the verisimilitude is even more comprehensive than she expected.  Flashes of images from the distant past, ghostly apparitions, and the voices of the dead interfere with her romantic aspirations.




Werewolf Apocalypse  (Permuted, 2008, Gallery, 2011.)


A city is overwhelmed by werewolves.




Spore 7  (Morrow, 1979, Avon, 1980.)


                A strange new epidemic spreads across the country, one which transforms normal people into savage murderers.  A doctor must discover the cause of the problem and a cure, if such is possible, before the government panics and cauterizes the area with nuclear bombs.  xxx




Desire After Dark (Heat, 2012.)


Lords of Pleasure #2.


Erotica with vampires.


Temptation at Twilight  (Heat, 2011.)


Lords of Pleasure #1.


Vampires get involved with voodoo.




Cold Blooded (Orbit, 2013.)


Jessica McClain #2.


Full Blooded (Orbit, 2012.)


Jessica McClain #1.


Hot Blooded (Orbit, 2013.)


Jessica McClain #3.


Pure Blooded (Orbit, 2015.)


Jessica McClain #5.


Red Blooded (Orbit, 2014.)


Jessica McClain #4



CARLSON, DALE  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Frankenstein  (Golden Press, 1968.)


                An adaptation for younger readers.


Plant People, The  (Franklin Watts, 1977, Dell, 1979.)


                A short story published as a book.  A strange fog affects anyone who is exposed to it, transforming them into amalgams of plant and animal.  Ineptly plotted and written.


CARMAN, PATRICK  (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Things That Go Bump in the Night  (Scholastic, 2011.)


Collection of loosely related stories.


CARNEY, WILLIAM M.  (See also Bill Michaels.)


Devil's Moon  (Zebra, 1988.)


                A disgruntled and discouraged policeman hopes to pick up the pieces of his life in a small town, only to discover that a series of murders which happened years previously is only a prelude to what is to come.  Although the first deaths are blamed on a group of nearby Indians, the truth is that a malevolent force is raising the dead to do its bidding.


Hide and Seek  (Zebra, 1991.)


                Two extraordinarily gifted children discover that they have been genetically enhanced as part of an insidious plot by an evil genius.  More of an adventure story of international intrigue mixed with medical chiller than a pure horror novel.




Eye Killers  (University of Oklahoma, 1995.)


                When a vampire seduces the daughter of a Navajo, he searches for the secrets of his ancestors to find a mystical force with which to save her.




Gothic Romance  (Scribner, 1990.)


                Marginal piece about a woman from our time who feels that she is metaphysically linked to Mary Shelley.


CARRIGER, GAIL  (Pseudonym of Tofa Borregaard.)


Blameless (Orbit, 2010.)


Alexia Tarrabotti #3.




Changeless  (Orbit, 2010.)


Alexia Tarrabotti #2.




Heartless (Orbit, 2011.)


Alexia Tarrabotti #4.




Soulless  (Orbit, 2009.)


Alexia Tarrabotti #1.


A proper Victorian woman is bitten by a vampire.


Timeless (Orbit, 2012.)


Alexia Tarrabotti #5.






Shadowland  (Pocket, 2000.)


The Mediator #1.


                A teenager struggles with her role as a mediator between the living and the dead.  Arriving in her new home, she is almost immediately confronted with an angry teenage ghost.


CARROLL, JERRY JAY  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Inhuman Beings  (Ace, 1998.)


                A private detective has the feeling that the city is changing around him even before a psychic tells him that something inhuman is about to transform the city.


CARROLL, JONATHAN  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Black Cocktail  (Random Century, 1990, Legend, 1990, St Martins, 1991.)


                The protagonist's new found friend is haunted by a childhood companion who never grew up.  Or is he?  The story slowly unravels a series of surprises about the nature of human personality and a bizarre supernatural phenomenon.  Quite original though it falters a bit toward the end.


From the Teeth of Angels  (Harper, 1994, Doubleday, 1994.)


A group of people are comparing their life histories unaware that one of their party is the personification of Death itself.


Ghost in Love, The  (Tor, 2009.)


An unusual ghost story.


Land of Laughs, The  (Viking, 1980, Hamlyn, 1982, Ace, 1983.)


                A fantasy writer's most ardent fan travels to his home town to learn as much as he can about his hero, only to discover that some of the magical creatures and monsters which appear in the man's fiction are considerably more substantial than he expected.


Marriage of Sticks, The  (Gollancz, 1999, Tor, 2000, Indigo, 2000.)


                A woman is upset when she learns that her high school sweetheart has died.  Then she begins seeing him and eventually speaks to him.  He has returned to show her the path her life might have taken if she had chosen differently.


Voice of Our Shadow  (Viking, 1983, Ace, 1984, Arrow, 1984.)


                Believing his brother to have died in an accident years in the past, Joe Lennox is not prepared to discover that the nature of time and reality as he knew it all his life is about to change, at least for him.  As with all of this author's books, the plot is bizarre and fascinating.




Satan's Bell  (Pocket, 1976.)


                Using sorcerous powers, a coven of people kidnap innocent women and carry them off to a remote location, where their lives can be sacrificed in exchange for immortality.  A Dorian Grey type story, as the best laid plans of the villains eventually go sour.


Soul's End  (Dell, 1974.)


                A modern day couple believe themselves to be in love with one another, but each is also influenced by the spirits of another twosome, both of whom perished centuries earlier.  Now they must free themselves of this insidious influence, and discover what their true feelings are.


CARROLL, LEE (Also writes Fantasy.)


Shape Stealer, The  (Tor, 2013.)


Watchtower #3.


A demon is loose in Paris.


Watchtower, The  (Tor, 2011.)


Watchtower #1.


A series of phantasmagoric encounters.


CARROLL, SUSAN  (Pseudonym of Susan Coppula. Also writes Fantasy.)


Bride Finder, The  (Columbine, 1998.)


St Leger #1.


                Not seen.  A supernatural romance.


Night Drifter, The  (Bantam, 1999.)


St. Leger #2.


                A woman is chosen by supernatural forces to be the pride of a mysterious aristocrat.




Evil Is a Quiet Word  (Warner, 1975.)


                A tale of two childish ghosts who make their existence known to a young girl, influencing her for malign purposes of their own.  The people who love her must find a way to counteract the influence of these evil spirits of the dead.


CARTER, ANGELA  (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Burning Your Boats: The Collected Short Stories  (Holt, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.


CARTER, BRUCE  (Pseudonym of Richard A. Hough.  Also writes Science Fiction.)


Buzzbugs  (Frederick Warne, 1977, Avon Camelot, 1979.)


                Young adult.  An oversized species of insect appears in a remote area, initially attacking livestock, then moving on to human beings.


CARTER, DIANA  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Ghost Writer, The  (Cassell, 1974, Mews, 1976.)


                A successful novelist dies mysteriously, and his public mourns the loss.  Except that a new manuscript unmistakably written by the dead man arrives at the publisher, and his family begins to notice strange indications that someone else is living in their home, unseen, and with the same habits as the deceased writer.


CARTER, LIN  (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Lin Carter's Anton Zarnak: Supernatural Sleuth  (Marietta, 2002.)


                Collection of related stories.


Xothic Legend Cycle, The  (Chaosium, 1997.)


                Collection of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos related stories.




Shadow of the Beast  (Design Image Group, 1998.)


                A young woman tries to solve the mystery of an apparent animal attack on her family, and the disappearance of her father many years earlier.  Her quest is complicated when she discovers that she has become a werewolf.




Curse of a Winter Moon  (Hyperion, 2002.)


                Young adult novel about a 16th Century orphan who cares for his young brother, who is a werewolf.


CASCONE, A.G.  (Pseudonym of Annette and Gina Cascone. Also writes Science Fiction.)


Along Came a Spider  (Troll, 1996.)




Beast of Baskerville, The  (Troll, 1997.)


                Two campers discover that the legend of a half human monster aren't entirely fictional.


Cyber Scare  (Troll, 1997.)




Faerie Tale  (Troll, 1997.)




Ghost Knight  (Troll, 1996.)


                A cellular phone is the magical key to a dangerous hidden world.


Grandpa’s Monster Movies  (Troll, 1997.)


                Kids find some old home movies that reveal that the adults in the family are concealing the existence of a monster.


Grave Secrets  (Troll, 1996.)


                While burying a squirrel, two children discover a victim of the neighborhood witch.


Invasion of the Appleheads  (Troll, 1996.)


                Two kids are taken to a Halloween amusement park where their parents are turned into dolls and some of the costumed monsters look surprisingly real.


It Came from the Deep  (Troll, 1996.)


                Gilled mutants are secretly running a seaside resort where two youngsters get involved in their clandestine feud with normal humans.


Little Magic Shop of Horrors  (Troll, 1996.)




Mirror, Mirror  (Troll, 1997.)




Nightmare on Planet X  (Troll, 1997.)


                A youngster and his family are kidnapped to another planet.


Night of the Pet Zombies  (Troll, 1997.)




Revenge of the Goblins  (Troll, 1996.)




Terror in Tiny Town  (Troll, 1996.)


                Something peculiar is taking place in the model town that a small boy has built around his train set.


Tiny Town #1.




Trapped in Tiny Town  (Troll, 1997.)


Tiny Town #2.




Welcome to the Terror-Go-Round  (Troll, 1997.)




CASE, DAVID  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


And Now the Screaming Starts.  (See Fengriffen.)


Cell and Other Tales of Horror, The.  (See The Cell: Three Tales of Horror.)


Cell: Three Tales of Horror, The  (Hill & Wang, 1969.  McDonald, 1969 as The Cell and Other Tales of Horror.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Fengriffen  (Hill & Wang , 1970, Lancer, ?  Pan, 1973, as And Now the Screaming Starts.)


                Filmed as And Then the Screaming Starts.  One of the better novels of a moldering house with a family curse affecting all who live within.  A bride is distressed by the obvious tensions that wrack her new family, and then learns that the child she carries may have become affected by a supernatural curse.


Fengriffen and Other Stories  (MacDonald, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories and the title novel.


Third Grave, The  (Arkham House, 1981.)


                An ancient curse surrounds the discovery of a mummy and the arcane knowledge that was lost in ages past.


Wolf Tracks  (Belmont Tower, 1980.)


                A well done but standard story of a werewolf loose in the streets of a major city, in this case Toronto.  A police struggles to convince his colleagues that they are not  dealing with an ordinary psychotic killer.


CASSIDY, DAKOTA  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Accidentally Catty  (Berkley, 2011.)




Accidentally Dead  (Berkley, 2008.)


Humorous vampire romance.


Accidentally Dead, Again  (Berkley, 2012.)


Vampire romance.


Accidentally Demonic  (Berkley, 2010.)


A woman is inadvertently turned into part demon.


Accidental Dragon, The (Berkley, 2015.)




Accidental Human, The  (Berkley, 2009.)


A terminally ill woman considered becoming a vampire.


Accidental Werewolf, The  (Berkley, 2008.)




CAST, P.C. & CAST, KRISTIN  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Betrayed  (St Martins, 2007.)


House of Night #2.


 A teenaged vampire has to solve a series of vampire killings.


Chosen  (St Martins, 2008.)


House of Night #3.


A teenager is tested when her best friend becomes one of the undead.


Hidden (St Martins, 2012.)


House of Night




Marked  (St Martins, 2007.)


House of Night #1.


Harry Potter for vampires.  A student at a school for vampires discovers she has unusual powers.


Tempted  (St Martins, 2009.)


House of Night #5.


An evil force stirs.


Untamed  (St Martins, 2009.)


House of Night #4.


Someone is murdering vampires.


CASTLE, MORT  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Cursed Be the Child  (Leisure, 1990.)


                A young child murdered years earlier returns spiritually to influence the actions of another, causing her to exact horrible revenge for past sins.  The plot's an obvious cliche, but Castle does a good job, providing some new twists.


Moon on the Water  (Dark Tales, 2000, Leisure, 2002)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.


Strangers, The  (Leisure, 1984.)


                Living secretly within the human race are thousands of counterfeit people, the Strangers, who wait for the appointed time when they will rise up and slaughter their relatives and neighbors and change the order of the world.


CASTRO, ADAM-TROY  (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Desperate Decaying Darkness, A  (Wildside, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Lost in Booth Nine, Silver Salamander, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Dance with the Vampire  (Puffin, 1996.)


Vampire #2.


                Young adult vampire novel.


Kiss of the Vampire  (Puffin, 1996.)


Vampire #1.


                Young adult vampire novel.


Touched by the Vampire  (Puffin, 1999.)


Vampire #3.


                Young adult vampire novel.


Vampire Heart, The  (Puffin, 1999.)


                Omnibus of the vampire trilogy.


CAUSEY, MICHAEL  (See collaboration with Eugene E. Pfaff, Jr.)




Lucifer Messiah, The  (Medallion, 2006.)


                The reappearance of a man long missing, apparently not aged during the interval, is the precursor to a series of supernatural murders.


Rites of Azathoth (Bedlam, 2016.)


A serial killer's belief in the occult turns out to be valid.


CAVE, HUGH B(Also writes Science Fiction.)


Bitter/Sweet  (Necronomicon, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Corpse Maker, The  (Starmont, 1988.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dawning, The  (Leisure, 2000.)


                Mutant animals attack a group of people who are hiking into the wilderness to avoid the collapse of society in an overpopulated, highly polluted near future.


Death Stalks by Night  (Fedogan & Bremer, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Devils in the Dark (Altus, 2012.)


Collection of unrelated stories not all of which involve the fantastic.


Disciples of Dread  (Tor, 1989.) 


                 A man with a brother who is a secret agent with psi powers hides from conspirators in Jamaica, only to discover he is the target of voodoo curses.  He must match his own abilities against that of the houngan who has chosen him as a victim.  Cave's knowledge of genuine voodoo provides an air of authenticity.


Door Below, The  (Fedogan & Bremer, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Evil, The  (Charter, 1981.)


Voodoo #1.


                A legless man dwells in the remote jungles of Haiti, using irresistible mental powers to bend others to his will.  Voodoo magic, zombies, and the quest to destroy the source of such inhuman power transform the protagonist's opinion of the nature of reality.


Evil Returns, The  (Leisure, 2001.)


Voodoo #2.


                A voodoo priest uses kidnapping and mind control in his latest bid to achieve political power.


Isle of the Whisperers  (Pumpkin, 1999.)


                A number of evil spirits escape from a cave in Maine and take over most of the local inhabitants.  The few who remain free are forced to take desperate measures in order to survive.


Lady Wore Black and Other Weird Cat Tales, The  (Ash-Tree, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Legion of the Dead  (Avon, 1979.)


                A man visiting a Caribbean paradise falls in love with a local girl, not realizing that he is running afoul of the local power structure, one which will use the raised dead to ensure that their way of life is not threatened.


Lower Deep, The  (Tor, 1990.)


                A mysterious force dwelling in the ocean enslaves the sleeping minds of villagers, drawing them out on mysterious and often deadly missions.  The protagonist must team up with a local voodoo priest to defeat the supernatural powers arrayed against them.


Lucifer's Eye  (Tor, 1991.)


                Mysterious sights in the jungle, a series of violent crimes, and rumors of bizarre rites tip off a plantation manager that a satanic cult is operating nearby.  Skeptical, he sets out to expose the group, and finds that there powers aren't just those of suggestion.


Murgunstrumm and Others  (Carcosa, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Nebulon Horror, The  (Dell, 1980.)


                 The children of a Florida town slowly begin to change their very natures.  There are violent outbursts, assaults, even murder, as their personalities alter at an accelerating rate, influenced by a dark presence that originates in a single house, one which may contain the doorway to Hell itself.


Restless Dead, The  (Leisure, 2003.)


                A scholar specializing in voodoo tries to help a family suffering under a curse and discovers the creatures living under their house.


Shades of Evil  (Charter, 1982.)


                Voodoo magic of an unfamiliar variety is the central theme of this novel.  From the swamps, a disembodied evil spirit moves in a gaseous cloud.  The only defense is to find the right magic to counter the malevolent spirit before it kills again.




Deathscape  (Diamond, 1992.)


After recovering from her own apparent death, a young woman discovers that she can see a presence hidden from others, the manifestation of death itself.  Even worse, her return to life has caused a temporary rift between the two realities.


Domination  (Zebra, 1994.)


A nasty vampire takes advantage of a club catering to sadomasochistic sex to extend her power.  More emphasis on the kinky encounters that the vampirism in this longish, atmospherically unpleasant novel.


Soul Snatchers  (Diamond, 1992.)


                A secret cult that achieves immortality by consuming the souls of innocent victims finally meets its match when an overworked reporter and a local sheriff decide to investigate a series of mysterious deaths.


Thirst  (Zebra, 1996.)


                A woman falls in love with a man she meets on the night club circuit and is initiated into a bizarre society in which vampires and humans intermingle knowingly, and from which she might not escape with her life


CERNA, ZLATA  (See collaboration with Miroslav Novak.)


CERNY, VACLAV  (See collaboration with Miroslav Novak.)




Darker Heritage, A  (Lancer, 1972.)


                After years living by herself, Leigh is called to her family home, which she has inherited following the death of an uncle she never knew.  But part of that heritage is a satanic curse, and unless she can find a way to escape, she may be forfeit to the devil himself.


CESAR, LYNN  (Pseudonym of Lynn Cecere.)


Apricot Brandy  (Juno, 2008.)


A woman uses an army of ghostly women to combat an ancient plant god.


CHADBOURN, MARK  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Nocturne  (Gollancz, 1994.)


                An amnesiac tries to find out what happened to the two months missing from his life, and in the process discovers that he can communicate in a limited fashion with the dead.  And they want him to do something for them.


Scissorman  (Gollancz, 1997, Vista, 1998.)


                A man on the verge of a nervous collapse opens a mental door to another realm of existence and allows a supernatural presence to enter our world.


Testimony  (Gollancz, 1996.)


                A haunted house story of sorts, supposedly based on real events so perhaps should not be included here.  Are lies and/or delusions fiction?


Underground  (Piatkus, 1993.)


                A mining operation is plagued with mysterious accidents and fatalities, ultimately revealed to be at the metaphorical hands of the uneasy dead spirits living in the depths.




Midnight Hour: Saint Lawn Hill and Other Stories, The  (Die Monster Die, 2005.)


                Collection of related stories about a psychic investigator.


Resurrection House  (Dark Regions, 2009.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Burning, The  (Jove, 1978.)


                Two women who died resenting the strictures of their society return in the present, taking up residence within the minds of two living people.  A comparatively low key story of a sort of reincarnation, as the disparate personalities struggle to adjust to one another.


CHAMBERS, ROBERT W.  (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Harbor Master, The (Hippocampus, 2021.)


Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


King in Yellow, The  (Neely, 1895, Chatto & Windus, 1895. Wildside, 2002.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


King in Yellow and Other Horror Stories, The  (Dover, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Maker of Moons, The  (Putnam, 1896.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mask and Other Stories, The  (Whitman, 1929.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mystery of Choice, The  (Appleton, 1897.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Out of the Dark: Diversions (Ash Tree, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Out of the Dark: Origins  (Ash Tree, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tracer of Lost Persons, The  (Curtis, 1906.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tree of Heaven, The  (Appleton, 1907.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Yellow Sign and Other Stories, The  (Chaosium, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Demon Child (Harper, 2014.)


A young woman confronts demons.




Claimed by Shadow  (Roc, 2007.)


Cassandra Palmer #2.


                A clairvoyant is placed under a vampire's curse.


Curse the Dawn  (Roc, 2009.)


Cassandra Palmer #4.


A clairvoyant is caught in the middle of a vampire power play.


Death's Mistress  (Onyx, ?)


Midnight Daughter #2.




Embrace the Night (Roc, 2008.)


Cassandra Palmer #3.


A clairvoyant attempts to find a way to free herself from a dangerous spell.


Fury's Kiss  (Onyx, 2012.)


Midnight Daughter #3.


A half vampire, half human suffers amnesia and seeks to find out who did it to her.


Hunt the Moon (Signet, 2011.)


Cassandra Palmer #5.


Someone is trying to kill a powerful clairvoyant.


Midnight's Daughter  (Onyx, 2008.)


Midnight Daughter #1.


Dracula's niece tries to be a good vampire.


Reap the Wind (2015)


Touch the Dark  (Roc, 2006.)


Cassandra Palmer #1.


                A woman who can speak to the dead gets caught between good and bad vampires.




Dig Me Up  (Avon Flare, 1992.)


A teen is warned about a mysterious enemy just before a trusted figure reveals himself as a killer.  For young adults, marginal supernatural content.




God Told Me To  (Ballantine, 1976, from the screenplay by Larry Cohen.)


                 An enigmatic entity which claims to be a manifestation of God reaches out to affect the minds of susceptible victims, turning each into a mass murderer before ultimately resorting to suicide.  One man begins to perceive the link from one incident to another, and decides to trace the chain of events back to their source.




Dying Light  (Signet, 1979.)


                A pregnant woman's return to her hometown was supposed to have been a joyous event, but shortly after her arrival, the deaths begin. One by one, her neighbors die, each after she has had a prophetic vision of their deaths, visions which she fears may be the cause rather than just a premonition.


CHANDLER, SCOTT  (Pseudonym of Chandler Scott McMillin.)


Ghost Killer  (Berkley, 2001.)


                A serial murderer is killed by police and his personality moves into the body of a young woman, slowly stealing control of her body.




White Python (Lippincott, 1934.)


Tibetan magicians summon the supernatural.




Dagon  (Harcourt, 1978, St. Martin's, 1987, Louisiana State University, 2002.)


                A writer researching a new book about an ancient cult suspects that there was more to his subject matter than merely a delusional system of primitive superstitions.  Before long, his work has become an obsession, and he has become a convert.  This is a sort of updated, highly literate rendition of the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft.


Lodger, The  (Necronomicon Press, 1993.)


                A short chapbook spoofing the standard plot of a modern man possessed by a dilettante from the past.


More Shapes Than One  (St Martins, 1991.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Better Off Immortal (Permuted, 2015.)




Mortal Death (Permuted, 2015.)






Owl and the City of Angels (Gallery, 2016.)


Owl  #2


Owl and the Electric Samurai (Gallery, 2016.)


Owl #3


Owl and the Japanese Circus (Gallery, 2015.)


Owl #1




Flowers of Evil  (Futura, 1981, Bantam, 1982.)


                An island cut off from the mainland is the only location where a beautiful new flower is known to grow.  But the flowers are deceptive, because their nutrient of choice is blood, human blood, and the plants grow stronger and more active as each victim falls into their clutches.


CHARLES, STEVEN  (Pseudonym of Charles L. Grant, whom see.)


Academy of Terror  (Archway, 1986, Lightning, 1990.)


Private School #2.


                Although they thought the sinister presence had been banished from their school, two teens have to gather their resources once again as people begin acting strangely, and mysterious, inhuman shapes are seen on campus after the fall of night.


Enemy Within, The  (Archway, 1987, Lightning, 1990.)


Private School #5.


                When some of her friends are kidnapped by the alien invaders, Jennifer finally summons the courage to penetrate their secret base on a rescue mission, during which she discovers the true nature of the plans these creatures have for the human race.


Last Alien, The  (Archway, 1987, Lightning, 1991.)


Private School #6.


                Although she destroyed the alien invasion plan, Jennifer discovers that the danger isn’t over.  One of the creatures escaped the destruction, and is plotting revenge against her and her closest friends.


Nightmare Session  (Archway, 1986, Lightning, 1990.)


Private School #1.


                Students at an exclusive private school begin to suspect that something strange is happening on their campus after one of their fellows is killed by a creature that isn’t human.  Ultimately they discover that at least one faculty member is an alien from another world.


Skeleton Key  (Archway, 1986, Lightning, 1990.)


Private School #4.


                The alien invaders who have infiltrated a private school spread their influence to include the nearby police force and elsewhere.  Two students who know the truth begin to feel increasingly isolated and powerless as they try to make the public aware of the danger.


Witch’s Eye  (Archway, 1986, Lightning, 1991.)


Private School #3.


                The ongoing protagonists discover that the wolflike alien invaders who are preying on faculty and students actually have a secret base under the waters of a nearby lake.


CHARNAS, SUZY MCKEE  (See also Rebecca Brand. Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Dorothea Dreams  (Arbor House, 1986, Berkley, 1987.)


                An unconventional ghost story that ties together the lives of political activists, a writer trying to find some meaning in life, and an introspective artist who has retreated from her world and time.


Stagestruck Vampires and Other Phantasms  (Tachyon, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.


Vampire Tapestry, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1980, Pocket, 1981, Tor, 1986, Women’s Press, 1992, Orb, 2008.)


                The vampire protagonist of this fine novel is an anthropologist living a double life in the Twentieth Century. But as he seeks a way to satisfy his compulsion for human blood, he also exposes himself to discovery and destruction.  One of the all time classic vampire stories.




Moorland Monster, The  (Leisure, 1977.)


                A Cherry Delight adventure.  The sexy detective becomes involved with a hairy monster in this trivial adventure story with marginal horror content.




Wicked Wicked Ladies in the Haunted House, The  (Hyperion, 2005.)


                A young girl thwarts some ghosts.




Beggar's Curse, The  (Armada, 1984, Dell, 1987.)


Colin & Prill #2.


                While visiting a remote valley community, three teenagers notice that the wildlife seems peculiarly restrained, and a series of unpleasant incidents somehow linked to a supposedly innocent ritual warn them that an ancient curse may be still active.


Black Harvest  (Armada, 1983, Dell, 1987.)


Colin & Prill #1.


                Three teenagers on vacation find themselves exposed to uncanny sights and smells, and even their dreams are disturbed by an unwelcome presence. Something is watching them and biding its time, waiting for an opportunity to use them for its evil purposes.


Witch of Lagg, The  (Armada, 1985, Dell, 1987.)


Colin & Prill #3.


                On yet another vacation, three teenagers accompany their father, who has been commissioned to paint a portrait.  But the castle where they are living contains a malevolent spirit, and black witchcraft menaces their lives.




Good Brother, The (ChiZine, 2015.)


Oriental ghost story for young adults.




Golden Child, The  (Pocket, 1986, from the screenplay by Dennis Feldman.)


                A mystical child is kidnapped by minions of Satan, and a street smart man in the United States is chosen to be the instrument of his rescue.  In order to do so, he must battle dreams that are real, journey to the roof of the world, perform heroic acts, and battle an embodied demon.


Affair of Sorcerers, An   (Signet, 1979, Simon & Schuster, 1979.)


                Chesbro's midget detective, Mongo, crosses swords with a group of genuine sorcerers in this mystery novel, part of an ongoing series.  The others do not have supernatural content.


CHETWIN, GRACE  (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


On All Hallows' Eve  (?, 1984, Aladdin, 1992.)


                For younger readers.  The new girl in town discovers a gate between our world and another, where an evil witch plans to use her as the sacrifice in one of her ceremonies.


Out of the Dark World  (Morrow, 1985, Signet, 1988.)


                A thirteen year old girl begins to dream of a boy calling to her for help, a message which repeats itself later on her computer screen.  In order to rescue him from his prison in the dream world, she must come to terms with two very different aspects of her own personality, which become personified during her quest.


CHETWYND‑HAYES, R.  (Also writes Fantasy.)


And Love Survived  (Zebra, 1990.  Sidgwick & Jackson, 1964, as The Dark Man.)


                A man collapses in the present and wakens having retrogressed through time, only to fall in love.  Supernatural plot, but basically a love story.


Awakening, The  (Magnum, 1980, from the screenplay by Chris Bryant, Clive Exton, and Allan Scott, based on The Jewel of the Seven Stars by Bram Stoker.)


                Not seen.  Archaeologists disturb an ancient tomb and the spirit of a long dead Egyptian sorceress is awakened.  She gradually supplants the personality of one of the intruders as her way of returning to the world of the living.


Cold Terror  (Tandem, 1973, Pyramid, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Cradle Demon and Other Stories of Fantasy and Terror, The  (Kimber, 1978.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Curse of the Snake God  (Kimber, 1989, Inner Circle, 1991.)


                Not seen.


Dark Man, The.  (See And Love Survived)


Dominique  (Belmont Tower, 1979, Allen, 1979, from the screenplay by Harold Lawlor, Edward Abraham, and Andrew Abraham )


                A rich man is haunted by the ghost of his wife.


Dracula’s Children  (Kimber, 1987, also published as House of Dracula.)


                Collection of related stories about Dracula’s offspring.


Elemental, The  (Fontana, 1974.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Fantastic World of Kamtellar: A Book of Vampires and Ghosts, The  (Kimber, 1980.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Frights and Fancies  (Hale, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghosts from the Mists of Time  (Kimber, 1985.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Grange, The  (Tor, 1988.  Kimber, 1985, as The King's Ghost?)


A Clavering Grange story


                An historical horror novel with a swashbuckling adventurer who takes supernatural manifestations in stride as he does a favor for a wealthy man and is enlisted into the staff of his mansion.  A surfeit of clanking chains, unhappy ghosts, and dark sorceries..


Haunted Grange, The.  (?, 1988.)


A Clavering Grange story.




Hell Is What You Make It  (Hale, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


House of Dracula, The  (Kimber, 1987.)


King’s Ghost, The  (Kimber, 1985.)


A Clavering Grange story


                Not seen.  A ghost story set in the 16th Century.


Looking for Something to Suck and Other Vampire Stories  (Hale, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories about vampires.


Monster Club, The  (Severn House, 1975, New English Library, 1976.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Night Ghoul and Other Grisly Tales, The  (Fontana, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Partaker: A Novel of Fantasy, The  (Kimber, 1980.)


                Not seen.


Other Side, The  (Tor, 1988.  Kimber, 1983, as Tales from the Other Side.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Psychic Detective, The  (Hale, 1993.)


                Not seen.


Quiver of Ghosts, A  (Kimber, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Shocks  (British Fantasy Society, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Shudders and Shivers  (Hale, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales from Beyond  (Kimber, 1982.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales from the Dark Lands  (Kimber, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales from the Haunted House  (Kimber, 1986.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales from the Hidden World  (Kimber, 1988.)


A Clavering Grange collection.


                Collection of related stories.


Tales from the Other Side.  (See The Other Side.)


Tales from the Shadows  (Kimber, 1986.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales of Darkness  (Kimber, 1981.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales of Fear and Fantasy  (Fontana, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Terror by Night  (Tandem, 1974, Pyramid, 1976.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Unbidden, The  (Tandem, 1971, Pyramid, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Vampire Stories of R. Chetwynd-Hayes, The  (Transylvania Press, 1996, Fedogan & Bremer, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


CHILD, LINCOLN  (See also collaborations with Douglas Preston.)


Full Wolf Moon (Doubleday, 2017.)


A rationalized werewolf story.


Terminal Freeze  (Doubleday, 2009.)


An unkillable, demonic creature is discovered in the Arctic.


Third Gate, The  (Doubleday, 2012.)


A lingering spirit haunts an ancient Egyptian tomb.


CHILD, MAUREEN  (See collaboration with Caridad Pineiro.)


Eternally  (Silhouette, 2006.)


                A demon hunter finds true love.




Haunted  (Silhouette, 2006.)


                A woman who can see ghosts runs afoul of an ancient curse.




Nightmare  (Scholastic, 1971.  ?,  1968 as The String of Time.)


                A better than average novel for younger readers, in which an accident allows a teenager to perceive a world of evil that exists just beyond the limits of our normal perception, but one which has a definite effect on the world we do see.


String of Time, The.  (See Nightmare.)




Ghost in the Water  (Puffin, ?)


                Not seen.  A ghost story for younger readers.




Other Child, The  (Pinnacle, 1979.)


                 A battered wife is only too glad to have her young daughter spend a great deal of time with a neighbor, until she learns of the death of that woman's own child, and the strange fate which overcame another girl who became involved with her later.




Empty Grave, The  (Xerox, 1974.)


                A trivial short piece about a grave that speaks, the treasure found inside, the mundane explanation of the incident, with just a hint of the supernatural.


CHIZMAR, RICHARD (See collaborations which follow.)


Gwendy's Magic Feather (CD, 2019.)


A magical artifact may be the key to solving two disappearances.


Long December, A


Long Way Home, The (CD, 2019.)


Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.


Midnight Promises  (Gauntlet, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.




Widow's Point (CD, 2018.)


A haunted lighthouse.




Darkness Whispers (Scarlet Galleon, 2017.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Very Bloody Marys, The  (Haworth, 2007.)


A gay vampire cop battles scooter born vampire gangsters.


CHRISTIE, AGATHA  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Hound of Death and Other Stories, The  (Odhams, 1933.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


CHRISTOPHER, SHANE  (Pseudonym of Matt Costello.)


In Dreams  (Jove, 2006.)


Serial Killer #1.


                People are drawn by dreams to their deaths.


Nowhere  (Berkley, 2007.)


Serial Killer #2.


                A detective discovers that a serial killer has the ability to move through time.




Cry Wolf  (Zebra, 1987.)


                A couple of yuppies find that the rural community to which they have retreated is not the peaceful environment that they imagined.  Instead, she is seduced by a werewolf, and he discovers that the concept of reality which he had cherished for so long is a complete lie.  Uneven but interesting.




Sins of the Fathers  (Harper, 1995.)


A World of Darkness novel.


A ghost tries to help his son, while simultaneously avoiding the attention of the ghost of his own father, who bears a terrible message about the family.




Elements (Hades, 2014.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


CIENCIN, DENISE  (See collaborations below with Scott Ciencin.)


CIENCIN, SCOTT  (See also Nick Baron and collaborations which follow. Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Lightning Under Glass, in the White Wolf omnibus The Essential World of Darkness, 1997.  Not published separately.


A World of Darkness novel.


                Three varied magicians seek to prevent the overthrow of the natural universe while old enemies dog their footsteps.


Parliament of Blood  (Zebra, 1992.)


Vampire Odyssey #3.


                A woman and her half vampire daughter flee the power of a secret society of vampires that wishes to claim the younger girl as one of their own.


Sweet Sixteen  (Simon Pulse, 2002.)


A Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel.


                Dawn makes friends with an introspective girl at school who uses superpowers to defeat a powerful demon.


Wildlings, The  (Zebra, 1992. )


Vampire Odyssey #2.


                Vampires are themselves prey to others of their own kind.  Secret warfare on the streets of Los Angeles.  A bizarre underworld society living within our own.


The Vampire Odyssey  (Zebra, 1992.)


Vampire Odyssey #1.


                A young woman struggles to decide her own fate when she discovers she is half vampire, half human.  A secret society of vampires hopes to coerce her into deciding in their favor.




Mortal Fear  (Simon Pulse, 2003,)


A Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel.


                Buffy is chasing around looking for pieces of a magical sword when a mysterious plague turns people into aggressive killers.


Nemesis  (Simon, 2004.)


An Angel novel.


                Angel runs into trouble with a band of wizards.




Vengeance  (Simon Pulse, 2002.)


An Angel novel.


                A self help group is hiding a deadly secret that causes even the powers of evil to ask Angel for help.




Kiss of Death  (Headline, 1992.)


                A vampire novel.


Masque of Flesh  (Headline, 1995.)


                A vampire novel.


Phallos of Osiris, The  (Headline, 1993.)


                A vampire novel.




Secret Hours  (Mythos, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Dark Twilight  (Warner, 1991.)


                A brooding story of a sort of Loch Ness monster at large in Vermont.  More of a mystery or adventure than a horror story, with a vivid cast of characters.


Deus X  (Twilight, 1994, University Press of New England, 2003.)


                Evil creatures from another dimension invade our world, posing as angelic creatures preparing the world for Paradise.


Gore, The  (See The Unseen.)


Green Mountains, Dark Tales (University Press of New England, 1999.)


Collection of stories based on legends.


Guardian Angels  (Zebra, 1988, University Press of New England, 1999.)


Shadow #2.


                A teenaged boy who moves to Vermont with his family suspects that there is something wrong about the house.  There is a constant sense that he is being watched, the sounds of bodies moving furtively in the darkness, and the feeling that some evil entity is after him, personally.


Shadow Child  (Zebra, 1987, University Press of New England, 1998.)


Shadow #1.


                 Eric returns to the small Vermont town where he was raised, and where his brother mysteriously disappeared years before.  Now he discovers that the disappearances have continued over the years, that the children have been transformed into a tribe of inhuman creatures who hide in the forests.


Unseen, The  (Warner, 1990.  University Press of New England as The Gore.)


                Large, hairy figures are seen fleetingly in the deep forest of Vermont.  Eventually there is a death, disappearances, and fears that the Wendigo might be prowling.  The resolution is non‑supernatural but sufficiently fantastic to ensure its inclusion here.


CLAMP, CATHY  (See collaboration with C.J. Adams.)




Jane-Emily  (Lothrod, Lee, & Shepard, 1969, Morrow, 1969, Dell Yearling, 1974, Beech Tree, 1993.)


                Young adult.  The ghost of a malicious and long dead girl appears in a mirror, reaching out to affect the life of a modern child.


CLARK, ALAN M.  (See collaboration with Gary Braunbeck.)




Waking Brigid  (Forge, 2008.)


Magic and demonic intervention in Civil War era Savannah.




Demon Cat  (Zebra, 1975.)


                When one woman falls under the occult influence of another, she seems to escape only when the latter, a self avowed witch, dies.  But now the heroine discovers that she is picking up the habits of her former friend, and she realizes that she is danger of losing whatever it is that makes her a unique individual.


CLARK, LEIGH  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Blood Sabbath  (Zebra, 1991.)


                A young girl participates briefly at a magical ceremony, after which she feels another presence within her.  As the demonic possession progresses, her aura begins to affect those with whom she interacts.  Culminates in a mystical battle to expel the creature.


Evil Reincarnate  (Tor, 1994.)


An ageless force of evil returns to the world in the form of a brutal serial killer.  The psychiatrist who attempts to treat him discovers that he's more than simply a psychotic with strange delusions, that he may actually have lived a prior life.


Feeding, The  (Leisure, 1988.)


                A family beset by interpersonal squabbles takes a vacation in a remote mountain area, hoping to work out their problems free of the distractions of civilization.  But unbeknownst to them, something lives secretly in one of the nearby caves, an inhuman creature which longs to feast on human flesh, and will use its hypnotic powers to acquire what it wants.


CLARK, SIMON  (See also collaboration which follows. Also writes Science Fiction.)


Blood and Grit  (BBR, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Blood Crazy  (Hodder, 1996, Leisure, 2001, New English Library, 2002.)


All of the adults in the world go insane simultaneously, destroying civilization as they seek to hunt down and kill all of their children.


Darker  (Hodder, 1996, Leisure, 2002, New English Library, 2002, Cemetery Dance, 2006.)


A family is menaced by an immense, invisible creature that pursues a man who has apparently befriended them, but who has actually summoned a supernatural force to do his bidding.


Darkness Demands  (CD, 2001, Leisure, 2001.)


                A series of letters demanding trivial presents are the first signs of the re-emergence of a mysterious supernatural force which will eventually demand human sacrifice before it returns to its ages long slumber.


Death’s Dominion  (Leisure, 2006.)


                In the future, the dead are reanimated as servants until they revolt.


Her Vampyrrhic Heart (Severn, 2013. )


A man hopes his wife will return, even though she is now a vampire.


His Vampyrrhic Bride  (Severn, 2012.)




Hotel Midnight  (Robert Hale, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


In the Skin  (Leisure, 2004.)


                An abandoned building is a gateway between our world and a monstrous other reality.  Two runaways take refuge and find more than they bargained for.


Judas Tree  (Hodder, 1999, New English Library, 2000.)


                A woman visits her mother on a remote Greek island, and discovers that the island is a living entity which does not want her to leave.


King Blood  (Hodder, 1997, New English Library, 1997.)


                The world undergoes an apocalyptic transformation at the hands of the Grey Men.


London Under Midnight  (Severn House, 2006.)


Vampires threaten to take over London.


Midnight Man (Severn House)


Nailed by the Heart, Hodder, 1995.  (New English Library, 1996, Leisure, 2000.)


Standard tale of a small village which was the site of ancient, evil rituals suddenly reawakened.  In this case it takes the form of the crew of a ship sunk decades earlier.


Salt Snake and Other Bloody Cuts  (Silver Salamander, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Secrets of the Dead (Severn House, 2014.)


An ancient curse.


She Loves Monsters  (Necessary Evil, 2006.)


A movie generates violent acts.


Stranger, The  (?, 2002, Leisure, 2004.)


                A new plague sweeps over the world, changing everyone infected into a new type of creature.


This Rage of Echoes  (Leisure, 2007.)


Some people begin to change into murderous versions of other people.


Tower, The  (Leisure, 2005.)


                A group of musicians rehearsing in a remote house discover that they are not alone, and that their unseen companions are not human.


Vampyrrhic   (?, 1998, , Hodder, 2002, Leisure, 2002.)


Vampyrrhic #1.


                A lake raises the dead in a kind of vampire form.


Vampyrrhic Rites  (Hodder, 2003, New English Library, 2003.)


Vampyrrhic #2.


                The undead creatures living in a lake and beneath a town are not extinct after all.  When a young man disappears near the lake, their old human adversaries are alerted to their presence.




Exorcising Angels  (Earthling, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Entranced  (Zebra, 1996.)


A young woman suspected of witchcraft tries to find love in colonial Massachusetts.  Minimal magical content in a standard romance novel.




Ghost Lover  (Bantam, 1982.)


                The uneasy and malevolent spirit of a person long dead invades the dreams of Joel Hampton, gaining power with each encounter.  Joel is on the verge of committing brutal murder, compelled by a forceful personality which he cannot resist.


CLAYBOURNE, CASEY  (Pseudonym of Casey Mickel. Also writes  .)


Ghost of a Chance, A  (Jove, 1996.)


                Romance novel about a benevolent ghost whose assigned task is to ensure that one of her relatives marries the woman to whom he is best suited.


CLEGG, DOUGLAS  (Also writes thrillers as Andrew Harper.)


Abandoned, The  (Leisure, 2005.)


Harrow #5.


                A new owner of a haunted mansion has a sinister purpose.


Afterlife  (Onyx, 2004.)


                A psychic and a serial killer cross paths.


Attraction, The  (Delirium, 2004, Leisure, 2006.)


                A mummy returns to life.


Breeder  (Pocket, 1990.)


                A variation of the haunted house story, incorporating voodoo magic, possession, and a creature intent upon proliferating its own evil kind.  The pace drags a bit, diffusing the suspense.


Children's Hour, The  (Dell, 1995.)


Some dark presence has been living hidden under the town of Colony for years, luring away children on which to feed, changing its own appearance in order to fool its victims.


Dark of the Eye  (Pocket, 1994.)


A child loses an eye in a suspicious accident, but the missing organ provides visions about people around her.  Kidnapped by her mother, she is pursued by a relentless government agent and a serial killer, along with a host of grotesque accomplices.


Goat Dance  (Pocket, 1989.)


                A young girl apparently drowns, but is brought back to life, even though some members of her family believe that another consciousness has usurped her body.  The real menace, however, comes from the malevolent Eater of Souls, a supernatural creature which spreads death and terror across the countryside, until it discovers that even the most helpless appearance may mask an unconquerable inner power.


Halloween Man, The  (Leisure, 1998.)


                A man discovers that the town he lives in has banded together to protect an evil creature dwelling within a crumbling mansion, and ultimately his love affair is used as a device to manipulate him into a final confrontation.


Hour Before Dark, The  (Dorchester, 2002.)


                Marginal ambiguous horror novel about a mysterious murder that might be the result of a psychological disorder or possibly a psychic force caused by tortured children.


Infinite  (Dorchester, 2001.)


Harrow #2.


                A group of people with various psychic abilities are brought to a house rumored to be haunted, and are in danger from their own interactions as well as a subtle supernatural force.


Isis (Cemetery Dance, 2006, Vanguard, 2009.)


A Harrow book.


                Short novel about a woman who wishes the dead back to life.


Machinery of Night, The  (Cemetery Dance, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mischief  (Leisure, 2000.)


Harrow #1.


                Jim Hook attends a private school following a visit from the ghost of his older brother.  There he encounters a secret society whose rituals will inadvertently reinforce his ability to contact another world, and unleash a terrible danger into ours.


Naomi  (Subterranean, 2000, Leisure, 2001.)


                A man follows what appears to be his dead wife to a city hidden under Manhattan, ruled by evil forces who prey on the surface world.


Necromancer, The  (CD, 2003.)


Harrow #4.


                The story of a young man's seduction by the dark arts.


Neverland  (Pocket, 1991, Vanguard, 2010.)


                Two boys discover and inadvertently release an evil force on a small island, fooled by its blandishments into playing a series of increasingly nasty games. Then they have to find a way to imprison it again, before it destroys them.


Nightmare Chronicles, The  (Leisure, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Nightmare House  (Cemetery Dance, 2002, Leisure, 2004.)


Harrow #3.


                New residents have to deal with ghostly manifestations in an old house.


Priest of Blood 



Wild Things  (Cemetery Dance, 2006.)


                Collection of stories, not all of which are horror.


You Come When I Call You  (CD, 2000, Leisure, 2000.)


                A group of people who encountered and defeated a demonic force during their youth discover that it was imprisoned, not destroyed, and now it is drawing them back.




Presence, The  (Gold Medal, 1977.)


                 Something evil and monstrous lurks in the lake waters near Chicago, an amorphous creature which claims one victim after another, while the authorities try to hush things up to avoid panic.  Only one man seems capable of recognizing the enormity of what they face and taking the steps necessary to deal with it.




Clairvoyant, The  (Pinnacle, 1984, from the screenplay by B. Jonathan Ringcamp.)


                A young artist has psychic visions of the murders perpetrated by a mentally disturbed man. Unwisely, she makes her secret knowledge public, thereby establishing herself as his next intended victim.  Follows the formula, with a fairly well developed mystery plot.


Hearse, The  (Pinnacle, 1980, from the screenplay by William Bleich.)


                A woman is plagued by the appearance of an eerie hearse outside her house, reputedly haunted, where she is recovering from a nervous collapse.  There she discovers a diary which indicates she is descended from a practicing witch, who might well still be practicing, though no longer in this world.


She Waits  (Popular Library, 1975, from the screenplay by Art Wallace.)


                Newlyweds take up residence in a new home, only to discover that a malevolent undead spirit is waiting for them, determined to destroy the interlopers.




Prom Dates from Hell  (Delacorte, 2007.)


                Evil events afflict the senior class.




6:02  (Popular Library, 1988.)


                A small child dies tragically in her bathtub at precisely 6:02.  Years later, her mother's home is subject to strange occurrences at that precise moment, and the intensity is steadily escalating.  Only the mother knows that she had recognized an evil power in her child all those years before, and that the tragic death had been neither an accident, nor particularly tragic.


Children of the End  (Donald Fine, 1993, Leisure, 1993.)


A plan to create a race of shapeshifting avengers to protect the human race goes awry when the creatures develop an agenda of their own, and a sense of good and evil that doesn't coincide with those they were designed to protect.


Land of Nod, The  (Donald Fine, 1995.)


                A man returns to his hometown to confront childhood demons, and discovers they weren’t entirely imaginary, including the memory of a demonically possessed tree.


Lorelei  (Donald Fine, 1994, Leisure, 1995.)


Lorelei is a supernatural entity, a woman who possesses the power to be the ultimate source of attraction for any man she encounters, but whose loving arms spell death and worse for her victims.




Stigma  (Bantam, 1988.)


                An actress whose career is cut short by a horrible accident takes up residence in a seedy part of town where she begins to develop extraordinary powers.  Soon she has attracted a group of followers, drawn by her healing abilities.  Unfortunately, she is just waiting for the appropriate time, and when her powers change, those with whom she is displeased begin to die under mysterious circumstances.


CLEVE, JOHN  (Pseudonym of Andrew J. Offutt, who also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Sexorcist, The  (Bee-Line, 1974.  Bee-Line, 1976, as Unholy Revelry.)


                Pornography about a woman with supernatural sexual powers.


Unholy Revelry.  (See The Sexorcist.)




Blood Dynasty  (New English Library, 1972.)


                A lone man stumbles across a beautiful woman who is not exactly what she seems, and finds himself captured by a group who plan to transform the entire face of the Earth into a new reality where they will be all powerful.  Clumsily done.




Demonesque  (Darktales, 1999.)


                A detective and a psychic team up to combat a serial killer and a nefarious insurance company that specializes in the supernatural.


Soul Temple  (Darktales, 2000.)


                A man is tormented by a demon that only he can see.




T.J.’s Ghost  (Crowell, 1989.)


                The ghost of a young boy dead over a century appears to another boy, encouraging him to investigate his newfound companion’s past.


CLINE, C. TERRY JR  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Damon  (Putnam, 1975, Crest, 1976.)


A four year old boy undergoes a sudden transformation, acquiring the body and sexual prowess of an adult within a matter of days.  The repercussions of this event are even more marked on the adults who deal with him, not only because they do not understand what they are confronting, but also because young Damon now has the ability to launch occult mental attacks.


Death Knells  (Crest, 1977, Putnam, 1977.)


                A young woman is possessed by the spirit of a girl who perished in the Holocaust in Europe, and is suddenly obsessed with escaped Nazi war criminals.  Then the deaths begin, as her quarries succumb to supernatural forces.  But there's an added complexity, a dark secret from her own family's past, one with terrifying implications.




Dark Chamber, The  (Viking Press, 1927, Popular Library, undated, Pinnacle, 1983, Cold Spring, 2005.)


                An interesting but rather dated novel of a man whose personality seems to be changing radically as he secretly experiments with the powers of the human mind, using them to influence others.


Lady of Frozen Death and Other Stories, The  (Necronomicon, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Ex-Communication  (Broadway, 2013.)


Zombies #2.


Survivors of a zombie apocalypse uncover a plot.


Ex-Heroes  (Broadway, 2013.)


Zombies #1.


A zombie apocalypse.


Ex-Patriots  (Broadway, 2013.)


Zombies #3.




Ex-Purgatory  (Broadway, 2014.)


Zombies #4.




Fold, The  (Crown, 2015.)


Scientists at a mysterious project undergo personality changes.




Unspeakable and Others, The  (Wildside, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories and articles.




Probably Monsters (ChiZine, 2015.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow (Spectral, 2015.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Carrow Haunt, The (Poisoned Pen, 2020. Self published in 2018.)


Convention haunted house story set in a tourist attraction.


Dead Lake (Poisoned Pen, 2020.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Haunting of Blackwood House, The (?, 2015, Poisoned Pen, 2020.)


Haunted house story.


Ravenous Dead, The (Poisoned Pen, 2022.)


The ghost of a serial killer wants more victims.




Deep Down  (Tor, 2013.)


Halie Michaels #2.


A psychic helps a woman beset by supernatural beings.


Strange Country (Tor, 2014.)


Halie Michaels #3.


A series of murders puzzles a woman who can see the dead.


Wide Open (Tor, 2012.)


Hallie Michaels #1.


A woman who can see ghosts solves a mystery.




Blood Countess, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1995, Dell, 1996.)


Lengthy tale of the career of Elizabeth Bathory, reputed vampire, in an erotic blend of sex and violence.  The story is paralleled in the present, following the collapse of Communism in Romania.


CODY, C.S.  (Pseudonym of Leslie Waller, who wrote Science Fiction as Stephen Spielberg.)


Witching Night, The  (World, 1952, Corgi, 1953, Lancer, 1968. Armchair, 2015, as by Leslie Waller.)


                A doctor who begins to read about witchcraft as a way to amuse himself during slow hours while he vacations at a cottage he inherited discovers that there may truth hidden in those books.  A woman whom he encounters identifies herself as a witch, possessed of supernatural powers.




Bloodlands (Ace, 2011.)


Bloodlands #1.


Vampires strike after an apocalypse.


Blood Rules  (Ace, 2011.)


Bloodlands #2.


A vampire seeks a cure after civilization crumbles.


In Blood We Trust  (Ace, 2011.)


Bloodlands #3.


An attempt to integrate vampires into a post-collapse future goes awry.




Witch of Portobello, The  (HarperCollins, 2007, translated from the Portugese by Margaret Jull Costa.)


The life of a woman with supernatural powers.


COFFEY, BRIAN  (Pseudonym of Dean R. Koontz., whom see.)


Face of Fear, The  (Bobbs‑Merrill, 1977, Ballantine, 1978. Peter Davies, 1978, as by K.R. Dwyer.  Headline, 1989, as by Dean R. Koontz.)


                A psychopathic killer whose purpose is to promote general chaos so that a new order of superior human being can emerge begins claiming victims with methodical regularity.  He is opposed by two people, one of whom is a clairvoyant.




Night Prayers  (Jove, 1986.)


                A couple find their world utterly changed when a young child walks out of the night and into their lives.  Is the child human, or a representative of another species entirely?  Their attempts to unravel the mystery lead to revelations about a secret world hidden within our own.


Shaman, The  (St Martins, 1980, Playboy, 1982.)


                The daughter of an archaeologist who died in Mexico discovers that her own daughter is now the target of a lone Aztec priest, the sole practitioner of that ancient religion.  His paranormal powers have allowed him to recreate the abilities of his ancestors, and with each blood sacrifice that he performs, he grows stronger, nearing the point where he will be virtually invulnerable to anything modern man can raise against him.


COFFIN, M.T.  (Pseudonym of George Edward Stanley.  Also writes Science Fiction.)


Billy Baker's Dog Won't Stay Buried  (Avon Camelot, 1995.)


Dogs and cats return from the dead seeking vengeance on whoever buried them.


Blood Red Eightball  (Avon Camelot, 1996.)


                A boy’s fascination with video games becomes a problem when he’s trapped inside one and finds his fantasy adventures have become real, and deadly.


Boogey’s Back for Blood  (Avon Camelot, 1997.)


                A magical book brings the boogeyman back to life and he’s just delighted.


Camp Crocodile  (Avon Camelot, 1997.)


                A giant crocodile dines on unwary campers.


Check It Out - and Die!  (Avon Camelot, 1995.)


The new school librarian surprises everyone by stocking plenty of horror novels, but the catch is that if you read one of them, that becomes your future.


Circus F.R.E.A.K.S.  (Avon Camelot, 1997.)


                Not seen.


Curse of the Cheerleaders, The  (Avon Camelot, 1997.)


                Cheerleaders hypnotize their audience into doing their bidding.


Dead Kid Did It, The  (Avon Camelot, 1996.)


A school locker is the gateway to the world of the dead at the local cemetery, and a ghost is using it to play pranks at the school.


Don't Go to the Principal's Office  (Avon Camelot, 1996.)


There’s thunder and lightning whenever he’s around, and rumors of nasty punishments.


Escape from the Haunted Museum  (Avon Camelot, 1996.)


                The exhibits in this museum come alive after dark.


Fly By Night  (Avon Camelot, 1996.)


                Perturbed spirits from a graveyard dine on human fears.


Gimme Back My Brain  (Avon Camelot, 1997.)


                A boy’s brain is cloned and replaced, and he finds himself in a robot’s body.


Killer Computer  (Avon Camelot, 1996.)


                This computer wants its own way, even after it has been unplugged.


Lights, Camera, Die!  (Avon Camelot, 1997.)


                A theater shows horror films that really involve the audience, in fact, they literally draw them into the story.


Lizard People, The  (Avon Camelot, 1997.)


                A boy is magically transported to a world where he, and everyone else, is a lizard.


Mirror, Mirror  (Avon Camelot, 1997.)


                A boy confronts a hideous creature who lives in a mirror and preys on the unwary.


Monster Channel, The  (Avon Camelot, 1997.)


                A mysterious television gets only the monster channel, and the programs spill over into the real world.


My Dentist Is a Vampire  (Avon Camelot, 1998.)


                Not seen.


My Teacher's a Bug  (Avon Camelot, 1995.)


A young boy takes some new medication which makes him able to see that some of the adults in town are actually giant insects.


Pet Store  (Avon Camelot, 1996.)


                A boy moves to a town where dogs are the masters and people are their pets.


Simon Says "Croak"  (Avon Camelot, 1995.)


Alex discovers that there is a malevolent spirit haunting his desk, a ghost who wants to prevent the construction of a new subdivision.


Snow Day  (Avon Camelot, 1996.)


A busload of youngsters takes shelter from a snowstorm at an old farmhouse, and discover an evil spirit living there.


Step on a Crack  (Avon Camelot, 1996.)


A mysterious crack appears into which people and objects are drawn, never to appear again.


Student Exchange  (Avon Camelot, 1997.)


                Mysterious magical pendants start appearing at a school, with unpleasant results.


Substitute Creature, The  (Avon Camelot, 1995.)


The substitute teacher drinks blood and isn’t human.  So what’s new?


We Wish You a Scary Christmas  (Avon Camelot, 1996.)


                Santa Claus has been kidnapped by monsters, so a bunch of kids set out to rescue him.  None of the monsters are grinches.


Wear and Scare  (Avon Camelot, 1997.)


                These Halloween costumes have lives of their own, and take over the people who put them on.


Where Have All the Parents Gone?  (Avon Camelot, 1995.)


                One morning all of the adults have disappeared from a small town, apparently spirited off by creatures from another world.  For younger readers.


Your Turn - To Scream  (Avon Camelot, 1997.)


                A magical board game transports a boy to a dangerous jungle.




Chalet Diabolique  (Lancer, 1971. )


Lucifer Cove 5.


                A woman retreats to Lucifer Cove to regain her strength and deal with the death of the man she loved, only to fall under the influence of a man whose power to compel women to his service has a supernatural source.


Devil's Mistress  (Lancer, 1970.)


Lucifer Cove 1


                Christie travels to the vacation spa at Lucifer Cove to reorganize her life, and is drawn against her will to the mysterious and charismatic man who runs the resort.  Then she notices that other women seem incapable of acting against his wishes.


Devil's Virgin, The  (Lancer, 1971.)


Lucifer Cove 3


                A young girl comes to Lucifer Cove to find out why her mother has vowed never to leave that place.  There she finds that the residents are in thrall to the satanic power of the man who owns the spa, and is soon as trapped as everyone else.


From Satan, With Love  (Lancer, 1971.)


Lucifer Cove 6.


                An accident forces Maeva Wells a night at Lucifer Cove. Now, whenever she makes preparations to depart, some unlikely series of events arises which makes it impossible for her to leave.


Masque of Satan  (Lancer, 1971.)


Lucifer Cove 4.


                 A call of distress from a friend lures a woman to a remote health spa, where she falls under the baleful influence of a demonic though charming man.


Vampyre of Moura, The  (Ace, 1970.)


                The heroine of two previous gothic adventures now finds herself faced with howling wolves and a man with more than human powers who is nonetheless enslaved by forces beyond his own control.


Priestess of the Damned  (Lancer, 1970.)


Lucifer Cove 2.


                  A woman with occult powers of her own dares to challenge the strength of the more than human figure who runs Lucifer Cove.  But she soon discovers that even her paranormal abilities are not sufficient to overcome those of the Devil himself.




Tale of the Souvenir Shop, The  (Minstrel, 1997.)


                Two children are trapped inside a sinister Christmas snow globe.


COHEN, DANIEL  (Note that Cohen’s stories are often based on legends or “real” events retold for younger readers.)


Beheaded Freshman and Other Nasty Rumors, The  (Avon Flare, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Creatures from UFO’s  (Dodd Mead, 1978.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dangerous Ghosts  (Putnam, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghost in the House  (Cobblehill, 1993, Apple, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghostly Animals  (Doubleday, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghostly Tales of Love and Revenge  (Putnam, 1992, Minstrel, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghostly Terrors  (Putnam, 1981.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghostly Warnings  (Cobblehill, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghost of Elvis and Other Celebrity Spirits, The  (Minstrel, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ghosts of the Deep  (Putnam, 1993, Minstrel, 1996.)


A collection of ghost stories set under the sea.


Ghosts of War, The  (Minstrel, 1993.)


                Collection of ghost stories involving wars.


Great Ghosts  (Cobblehill, 1990, Scholastic, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Headless Roommate and Other Tales of Terror, The  (Evans, 1980, Bantam, 1982.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Into Darkness  (Avon Camelot, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Phantom Animals  (Minstrel, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Phantom Hitchhiker and Other Unsolved Mysteries, The  (Kingfisher, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Phone Call for a Ghost  (Minstrel, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Railway Ghosts and Highway Horrors  (Cobblehill, 1991, Apple, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Raising the Dead  (Cobblehill, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Real Ghosts  (Minstrel, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Real Vampires  (Cobblehill, 1995, Apple, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Restless Dead, The  (Minstrel, 1996.)


A collection of unrelated stories.


Screaming Skulls  (Avon Camelot, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


World’s Most Famous Ghosts, The  (Minstrel, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Young Ghosts  (Cobblehill, 1994, Scholastic, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Mindbender  (Lynx, 1989.)


                An unbalanced member of a terrorist group plans to use his telekinetic powers to further their ends in New York City.  A detective with similar powers opposes him in this adventurous story which blends mystery, SF, and the occult in an uncomfortable mix.




Dmitri  (Seaview, 1980, Signet, 1981.)


                The son of Ivan the Terrible escapes an assassination plot by fleeing through time, and into the body of a graduate student experimenting with the process of hypnosis.  Now the two contending personalities must decide who will possess the single body they share, and anyone else in the area is likely to become a casualty of their struggle.


COLE, KRESLEY (Also writes Fantasy.)


Hunger Like No Other, A  (Pocket, 2006.)


Vampire #1.


                Romance novel involving werewolves and vampires.


No Rest for the Wicked  (Pocket, 2006.)


Vampire #2.


                A self destructive vampire is pursued by a vampire hunter.


Pleasure of a Dark Prince (2010)


Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night  (Pocket, 2007.)


Vampire #3.


A vampire romance.


COLE, STEPHEN  (Writes Fantasy as Adam Blade.)


Prey  (Razorbill, ?)


Wereling #2.




Resurrection  (Razorbill, 2005.)


Wereling #3.


                Good vs bad werewolves contend for control of an evil force.


Wounded  (Razorbill, ?)


Wereling #1.




COLLIER, JOHN  (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Best of John Collier, The  (Pocket, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Devil and All, The  (Nonesuch, 1934.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Fancies and Goodnights  (Time, 1951, Country Life Press, 1951, Doubleday, 1952, Bantam, 1953, Lightyear, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Green Thoughts and Other Strange Tales  (Armed Forces, 1946.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


John Collier Reader, The  (Random House, 1972.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Of Demons and Darkness  (Corgi, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Presenting Moonshine  (MacMillan, 1941, Viking, 1941.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Touch of Nutmeg and Other Unlikely Stories, The  (Readers Club, 1943.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Her Monster  (Soho, 1992.)


A young woman takes a job assisting a horribly malformed man without ever seeing him, falls in love, and is ultimately surprised in this interesting re-examination of the story of beauty and the beast.




Dead of Winter, The  (Angry Robot, 2012.)


Old West #1.


A wendigo and vampires in the Old West.


She Returns from War (Angry Robot, 2013.)


Old West #2.


Vampires and witchcraft.




Idyll of the White Lotus, The  (Theosophical Publishing House, 1952, Pyramid, 1974.)


                The forces of good and evil personified struggle in the modern world to attain supremacy over each other.  More silly philosophy than narrative.


COLLINS, MAX ALLAN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Mummy, The  (Boulevard, 1999, from the screenplay by Stephen Sommers, Lloyd Fonvielle, and Kevin Jarre.)


Mummy #1.


                An explorer in Egypt discovers an ancient city filled with archaeological wonders.  Unfortunately, it's also home to a mummy which returns to life craving human flesh.  Except it really isn’t a mummy, since he was buried alive. 


Mummy Returns, The  (Boulevard, 2001, from the screenplay by Stephen Sommers.)


Mummy #2.


                Our heroes are back on a new expedition, and find themselves facing a monstrous creature and his army of the undead.


Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The  (Boulevard, 2008.)


Mummy #3.


An adventurer is tricked into rousing an ancient army from sleep.


COLLINS, NANCY A.  (See also collaboration which follows. Also writes Fantasy and Science Fiction.)


Angels on Fire  (White Wolf, 1998.)


                Good and bad angels use humans in their battle for dominance in contemporary New York City.


Avenue X and Other Dark Streets  (Xlibris, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Cold Turkey  (Crossroads, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Darkest Heart  (White Wolf, 2002.)


Sonja Blue #5.


                A vampire teams up with a human vampire hunter in her effort to destroy those of her kind who destroy human lives.


Dead Man's Hand  (Two Wolf, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dead Roses for a Blue Lady  (Crossroads, 2002, White Wolf, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dozen Black Roses, A  (White Wolf, 1996.)


Sonja Blue #4.


A super vampire undermines both sides in a struggle between two clans of evil vampires and manages to destroy them both by playing one against the other, pretending to be allied with both of them.  The setting is a mysterious neighborhood in a major city that has been forgotten by the outside world.


In the Blood  (Kinnell, 1991, Roc, 1992, New English Library, ?, White Wolf, 2004.)


Sonja Blue #2.


                The further adventures of a very original vampire, pitted against deceivers among both the living and the undead.  This time she teams up with a detective to track down the local lord of the vampires.


Knuckles and Tales  (CD, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Looks Could Kill  (Black Flame, 2006.)


A Final Destination novel.


                A disfigured model must arrange the death of a friend to satisfying Death personified.


Lynch  (CD Publications, 1999.)


                A man unfairly hanged in the Old West returns from the dead to track down those responsible for his death and that of his wife.


Midnight Blue  (White Wolf, 1995.)


                Omnibus of the first four Sonja Blue novels.


Nameless Sins  (Gauntlet, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Paint It Black  (New English Library, 1995, White Wolf, 2005.)


Sonja Blue #3.


                A vampire turned vampire hunter has episodic adventures.


Sunglasses After Dark  (Onyx, 1989, Kinnell, 1990, Futura, 1990.)


Sonja Blue #1.


                A violent mental patient with a split personality escapes from an asylum, and is revealed as an involuntary vampire aware of an entire world invisible to human eyes.  The human half of her personality struggles against her violent inclinations while a secret society attempts to embroil her more firmly in a campaign of death.


Tempter  (Onyx, 1990, Futura, 1991.  Gauntlet, 2001, completely rewritten.)


                An ambitious young woman becomes involved with a flashy young man whose particular perversion is vampirism.  Contemporary thriller with historical flashbacks and Collins' usual flair for making her vampires into credible, even sympathetic, characters.


Tortuga Hill Gang’s Last Ride: The True Story, The  (Roadkill, 1991.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Walking Wolf  (Ziesing, 1995.)


                The son of a werewolf has shapeshifting powers that bring him honor among the Comanches.  But when he leaves their world for that of the white man, he discovers that the hypocrisy displayed by that culture against the Comanche is more than he can stand.


Wild Blood  (New English Library, 1993, Roc, 1994.)


                An orphan discovers that he is a werewolf and searches for others of his type.  When he finds them, he is repulsed by their brutality and turns to other magical creatures to find a home.




Final Destination II  (Black Flame, 2006, from the screenplay by ???)


                Death tracks down people who escaped their fate.




Haunted Hotel, The  (Chatto & Windus, 1878.)


                A ghost story.


Lady of Glenwich Grange, The  (Paperback Library, 1966.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tales of Terror and the Supernatural  (Dover, 1972.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Yellow Mask, The  (Paperback Library, 1967.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




People of the Night  (Three Stones, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Vampire of Venice Beach, The  (Broadway, 2007.)


McAfee Twins #3.


Marginal story about vampires.  Not all in this series are supernatural.




Caly  (Zebra, 1980.)


                Two people travel to a remote house in Maine, ostensibly to investigate the circumstances of a mass murder which took place on that site a generation earlier.  But they discover more than they had bargained for when a spirit from the past travels through time and possesses the body of a living man in order to thwart their investigation.


Cherron  (Zebra, 1980.)


                A tormented woman who lives as a virtual outcast on a plantation discovers one day that she has the power of psychokinesis, that she can move inanimate objects from a distance by the power of her mind.  This provides her with the weapon that she has long desired to avenge herself on those who have tormented her.




Surrogate, The  (Avon, 1982.)


                When a small boy dies, but then miraculously recovers only a few moments later, his parents are overjoyed in their relief. But as the days pass, his mother begins to notice alterations in his behavior, his habit of listening to people who aren't there, the paranormal abilities he has acquired, and the unsettling effects he is having on other people.




Mirror of Dionysos, The.  (See To Dream of Evil.)


To Dream of Evil  (Award, undated.  Tandem, 1969 as The Mirror of Dionysos.)


Witchfinder #2.


                A man experiences a series of visions and warnings that seem related to a beautiful girl with whom he is becoming involved romantically.  Unbeknownst to him, he has inadvertently stumbled into the midst of a battle between the elemental forces of good and evil, and only an occultist friend may be able to help him survive the encounter.


Witchfinders, The  (Award, 1968, Tandem, 1968.)


Witchfinder #1.


                 A journalist photographer travels to a mysterious community where legends claim that witchcraft was once practiced on a very widespread scale.  There he discovers that the old religion is not dead, and if he cannot find a powerful ally, he may become a victim in the ongoing struggle between good and evil.  To Dream of Evil is the sequel.




Deadly Spring, The  (Leisure, 1976.)


                An experimental drug is inadvertently leaked into the water supply of a small town, and everyone who drinks it is changed into a violent, irrational creature intent upon playing out in reality the kinds of revenge fantasies that are normally confined to one's darker thoughts.


Magician's Sleeve, The  (Gold Medal, 1979.)


                An introspective, insecure young woman escapes from a domineering aunt only to discover that she cannot handle the world on her own.  Aided by a sympathetic psychiatrist, she tries  to understand the strange visions of death and disaster which she experiences, and which she believes might be the result of sorcery.


Quarrel with the Moon  (Tor, 1982.)


                An anthropologist examines the remains of a skeleton discovered in West Virginia and realizes that nothing in nature can explain its existence.  Intrigued, he travels to that remote part of the country to investigate further, and discovers that a band of werewolves survives there, concealed from the eyes of the modern world.




I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem  (University Press of Virginia, 1992.)


                Marginal historical novel about the Salem witch trials involving some apparently real instances of prophetic powers.




Believers, The  (Signet, 1983. New American Library, 1982 as The Religion.)


                Following the accidental death of his wife, a man and his son attempt to make a new life for themselves, but almost immediately run afoul of a coven of sorcerers who have gained personal immortality by sacrificing their first born male children.  They intend that the protagonist be the next to join their number.


Religion, The.  (See The Believers.)


CONDON, BILL  (See collaborations with Robert Hood.)




Brass  (Leisure, 1999.)


                An Indian spirit capable of shape changing and other supernatural feats is reincarnated as a man in modern times.




Thundershowers at Dusk  (Rock Village, 2006.0


Collection of unrelated stories.




Queen of Darkness, The  (Warner, 1998.)


                An odd novel that blends the supernatural with SF.  In order to seize control of the world, vampires engineer a nuclear war that leaves clouds that permanently block out the sun.  They herd the surviving humans into farms and keep them as food stock while they evolve into a theocratic technocracy that calls itself Stargazers.  But one of their number is fascinated by what he learns from a human shaman, and his revelation threatens to bring down his entire society.




Hampton Sisters, The  (Donald I. Fine, 1987, Dell, 1988.)


                A macabre novel about a pair of sisters, both of whom are writers, each with a very different subject matter.  Tension grows between the two, and a sinister secret about their relationship is about to surface.  An intriguing mystery told with considerable skill.


CONNOLLY, JOHN (Also writes Fantasy and Science Fiction.)


Bad Men  (Hodder, 2004, Atria, 2004, Pocket, 2012.)


Killers meet their fate on a haunted island.


Black Angel, The  (Atria, 2005, Pocket, 2006.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


                Tough detective story involving cultists with genuine supernatural elements.


Book of Bones, A (Atria, 2019.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


The reassembly of an ancient book could end the world as we know it.


Burning Soul, The  (Atria, 2011.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


Kidnapping and gang warfare mixed with ghosts.


Dark Hollow  (Hodder, 2009, Pocket, 2001.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


Mystery with supernatural incidents.


Every Dead Thing  (Pocket, 1999.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


Mystery with some genuine psychic visions.


Furies, The (Bestler, 2022.)


A Charlie Parker book.


Two short novels, one concerning a cursed coin and the other a malevolent ghost.


Game of Ghosts, A (Emily Bestler, 2017.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


Parker confronts a gang of murderous ghosts and their living allies.


Gates, The (?, 2009, Washington Square, 2010.)


Samuel Johnson #1.


A young boy battles demons, humorously.


Infernals, The  (Washington Square, 2011.)


Samuel Johnson #2.


A young boy and a van full of dwarves visit Hell.


Killing Kind, The  (Hodder, 2001, Pocket, 2001.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


Mystery with supernatural elements.


Lovers, The  (Atria, 2009.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


Two creatures move from one body to the next in their quest to track down the protagonist.


Nameless Ones, The (Bestler, 2021.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


Parker's friends avenge an old friend. Some slight but genuine ghosty and witchy activity.


Night Music (Emily Bestler, 2015.)


Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.


Nocturnes  (Atria, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Song of Shadows, A (Emily Bestler, 2015.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


Parker battles Nazi fugitives aided by the ghost of his dead daughter and the awakening powers of his live one.


Time of Torment, A (Emily Bestler, 2016.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


Parker battles an isolated community that worships an evil god.


Whisperers, The  (Atria, 2010, Pocket, 2011.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


A box with supernatural contents causes a series of deaths.


White Road, The  (Hodder, 2002, Atria, 2003, Pocket, 2004.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


                There are real ghosts, fallen angels, and visions in this thriller about a group of murderers being brought to justice, although the main ghost turns out to be a living person.


Wolf in Winter, The (Atria, 2014.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


A small town appeases an underground god by feeding people to it.


Woman in the Woods, The  (Atria, 2018.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


An immortal criminal seeks a magical book.


Wrath of Angels, The  (Atria, 2013.)


A Charlie Parker novel.


A detective tangles with supernatural beings during the search for a downed aircraft.




Veins  (Fantasist, 2008.)


Four criminals are pursued by supernatural vengeance.




Daybreak  (Berkley, 2011.)


Midnight #2.




Nightfall (Berkley, 2011.)


Midnight #1.


Supernatural forces destroy civilization.


CONNORS, WILLIAM W. & BEBRIS, CARRIE A.   (Bebris also writes Fantasy.)


Shadowborn  (TSR, 1998.)


                After defeating a legion of ghouls, a man decides to free an imprisoned soul from its domination by a demon.




Stonewords: A Ghost Story  (Harper, 1990.)


                A ghost transports a young girl back to 1870, urging her to help prevent a tragic death, which after overcoming various obstacles, she does.




Copper Moon  (Onyx, 1997.)


A woman is possessed by the spirit of a woman who appears to have been murdered by her own son.


CONTE, SAL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Power, The  (Leisure, 1989.)


A small boy possesses deadly mental powers which enable him to control the minds and wills of others.  His parents react in different ways, his mother horrified, his father seeing a source of wealth, but the boy himself grows increasingly afraid that he will push things a bit too far.




Unforgotten, The  (Saturday Review Press, 1972, Bantam, 1974.)


                An author seeking to write a book about an ancestress has an accident which culminates in a prolonged coma.  When she recovers, she feels that she knows every detail of the other woman's life, and when she subsequently discovers documentation, her suspicion is confirmed.  Somehow the dead woman was able to communicate during the period when she was unconscious.




Lake, The  (Avon, 1989.)


                A lake polluted with toxic substances is avoided by the local population, but one day someone notices something moving under the surface.  Then the deaths and disappearances begin, all caused by a new and macabre form of life which has emerged from the contaminated waters.


Out for Blood  (Avon, 1991.)


                A newly converted vampire discovers that he is not the all powerful creature he had expected.  Despite their inferior physical powers, human hunters can bring his immortal life to a premature end.  A decidedly unconventional vampire story.


COONEY, CAROLINE B.  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Deadly Offer, The  (Scholastic, ?)


Vampire #1.




Evil Returns  (Scholastic, ?)


Vampire #2.




Fire, The  (Scholastic Point, 1990.)


Christina #3.


                The teenager finally has her ultimate confrontation with the evil forces seeking to bend her life to their purposes.


Fog, The  (Scholastic Point, 1989.)


Christina #2.


                A young girl discovers that the family she is boarding with are being influenced by evil, supernatural powers.


Freeze Tag  (Scholastic, 1992.)


For younger readers.  A teenager with the ability to freeze people with a single touch forces a boy to abandon his girlfriend.


Night School  (Scholastic, 1995.)


                A teacher casts an evil spell on a group of students.


Perfume, The  (Point, 1992.)


For younger readers.  A cursed perfume compels Dove to purchase it and then begins to influence her life until she finds the strength to destroy it.


Snow, The  (Scholastic Point, 1989.)


Christina #1.


                Winter storms make it difficult for a young girl to resist supernatural powers that seek to corrupt her soul.


Final Bargain  (Scholastic, 1993.)


Vampire #3.


A group of kids visits a mysterious house and are captured by a vampire who agrees to set all but one free, so long as they decide among themselves who shall be the victim.


Vampire's Promise, The (Point, 2011.)


Young adult vampire romance.




Night Walkers, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1982, Archway, 1983.)


                A teenager realizes that some sinister alien presence has entered her town.  The pervasive illness that strikes at her friends culminates when each changes, becomes host to an alien force.  But predictably no one will listen to her fears, until it is too late.  Or almost anyway.


Isle of the Shapeshifters  (Houghton Mifflin, 1983, Bantam, 1985.)


                A supernatural force that dwells under the sea calls out to a young girl vacationing near the shore.  There is only one person to whom she can turn, and it may be too late to save herself from those who seek to possess her body and soul. Unusually well written and scary for a novel aimed at a younger audience.




Guile (Clarion, 2016.)


Bayou water is the source of supernatural danger.




Nightmares on Elm Street, The  (St. Martin's, 1987, from the screenplays by Wes Craven, David Chaskin, and Bruce Wagner.)


                Novelization of the first three movies, adequately done but without the visual punches.  Freddy Krueger is a murdered killer whose evil spirit strikes at the children of those responsible for his death, reaching them through their dreams.  In the first volume, he is thwarted by a young girl's strength of mind, in the second by the power of love, and in the third by a group of disturbed children who band together and enter their own and each other's dreams to hunt down their tormentor.


COOPER, LOUISE  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Blood Dance  (?, 1996.)




Blood Summer  (New English Library, 1976.)


Demon #1.


                A four thousand year old Assyrian demon is the chief villain in this tale of two vacationers in Cornwall who find that they have walked into the abode of a supernatural creature who can command them telepathically and who has no compunction about killing anyone who displeases him.


Firespell  (?, 1996.)


                Not seen.


In Memory of Sarah Bailey (New English Library, 1977.)


Demon #2.




Short and Scary  (Oxford, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated short stories for younger readers.


Shrouded Mirror, The  (Puffin, 1996.)


                Someone is attacking a teenager through her nightmares.


COOPER, PARLEY  (See also Alex Nebrensky.  Also writes Science Fiction.)


My Lady Evil  (Simon & Schuster, 1974, Pocket, 1975.)


                An historical novel set in the days following the Napoleonic wars.  A woman endangers her immortal soul when she chooses to bear the child of a demon who walks the world in the guise of a man.


Reverend Mama  (Pocket, 1975.)


                 An ever increasing number of teenagers are lured from their homes and into the following of the Reverend Mama, a charismatic cult leader. But this is not an ordinary cult but one headed by a minion of Satan himself, and all those who unwittingly join her congregation are in danger of losing their very souls.  Pretty obvious throughout.




Diary of Victor Frankenstein, The  (DK Ink, 1997.)


                A visual as well as reading experience, the “diary” of Frankenstein during the creation of the monster, printed in his handwriting along with artistic renderings of various other documents.




Mall of Cthulhu, The  (Night Shade, 2009.)


An FBI agent battles a cult of Cthulhu worshippers.




And Afterward the Dark  (Arkham House, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Black Death, The  (Fedogan & Bremer, 1991.)


                A man investigating rumors of ghosts and other supernatural happenings on the moors discovers a mysterious occult group among the local townspeople.


Cold Hand on My Shoulder  (Sarob, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Curse of the Fleers, The  (Harwood Smart, 1976, St Martins, 1977.)


                Not seen.


From Evil’s Pillow  (Arkham House, 1973.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Great White Space, The  (St. Martin's, 1974, Hale, 1974, Manor, 1976.)


                An occult adventure story as an expedition finds that it has discovered the habitation of creatures never suspected to exist on the earth, along with a terrible menace that threatens the entire world.


Here Be Daemons  (St Martins, 1978, Hale, 1978.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


House of the Wolf, The  (Arkham House, 1983, Sarob, 2003.)


                A visiting professor discovers that a predatory wolf is actually a werewolf.


Into the Silence  (Sphere, 1983.)


                The inhabitants of a small English town have been changing their personalities, and this seems linked to an underground chamber which a crew of investigators is trying to open.  When the chamber is finally broached, an occult power is released which may be too powerful to contain a second time.


Necropolis  (Arkham House, 1980, Sphere, 1981.)


                Not seen.


Not Before Nightfall  (Four Square, 1967.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


?                (St Martins, 1980, Hale, 1980.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


When Footsteps Echo  (St Martins, 1975, Hale, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Whispers in the Night  (Fedogan & Bremer, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


COPPERMAN, E.J.  (Pseudonym of Jeffrey Cohen.)


Chance of a Ghost (Berkley, 2013.)


Ghosts #6.


Supernatural murder mystery.


Ghost in the Wind (Berkley, 2015.)


Ghosts #7.


Supernatural murder mystery.


Inspector Specter (Berkley, 2013.)


Ghosts #5.


Supernatural murder mystery.


Night of the Living Deed (Berkley, 2010.)


Ghosts #1.


Murder mystery with ghosts.


Old Haunts (Berkley, 2012.)


Ghosts #3.


Mystery novel with real ghosts.


Thrill of the Haunt, The (Berkley, 2013.)


Ghosts #4.


Supernatural murder mystery.


Uninvited Ghost, An  (Berkley, 2011.)


Ghosts #2.


Murder mystery with ghosts.


CORBETT, SCOTT  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Hairy Horror Trick, The  (Little, Brown, 1969, American Education Publications, undated, Scholastic, 1985.)


                A novel for younger readers about a boy who stumbles across a concoction that transforms people and animals into hairier versions of themselves, sort of a benevolent, humorous werewolf story.


Hangman’s Ghost Trick, The  (Weekly Reader, 1977.)


                Young adult ghost story.


Here Lies the Body  (Little, Brown, 1974, Dell Yearling, 1978.)


                Young adult.  A fairly standard story of a ghost brought back by magical means, thwarted ultimately by the protagonist.


Red Rood Riddle, The  (Little, Brown, 1972, Dell Yearling, 1978.)


                Young adult.  Two youngsters with an interest in ghosts stumble across more than they bargained for when they enter a genuinely haunted house.


CORBY, MICHAEL  (See collaboration with Michael Geare.)


CORELLI, MARIE (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Romance of Two Worlds, The  (Bantam, 1978, as condensed by Barbara Cartland.  First published in England in 1886.  Garber, 1986, Kessinger, 1997 have the full text.)


                Struggling to maintain her mental equilibrium, a woman encounters a man who puts her in touch with a sorcerer.  He in turn guides her through a series of mystical experiences, with a great deal of occult philosophy thrown in.  The original version was even more tedious than this condensation.


CORMAN, AVERY  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Boyfriend from Hell, The  (St Martins, 2006.)


                When she gets involved with a new boyfriend, a young woman begins to experience psychic visions.




Fade  (Delacorte, 1988, Dell, 1989.)


                A superior novel about a boy who has the ability to make himself invisible for brief periods of time, but discovers that the power is more of a curse than a blessing.  We follow his growth to adulthood, and his confrontation with the secret of his family infliction.  A fascinating and emotional reading experience.


CORREIA, LARRY (Also writes Fantasy.)


Monster Hunters, The (Baen, 2012.)


Omnibus of the first three novels in the series.


Monster Hunter Alpha  (Baen, 2011.)


Monsters #3.




Monster Hunter International  (Baen, 2009.)


Monsters #1.


A man is recruited into an organization that hunts monsters.


Monster Hunter Legion  (Baen, 2013.)


Monsters #4.




Monster Hunter Nemesis (Baen, 2014.)


Monsters #5.




Monster Hunter Vendetta  (Baen, 2010.)


Monsters #2.






Kunma  (Forge, 2003.)


                A doctor discovers that his patient is not insane but instead influenced by spirits from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.




Montezuma’s Castle and Other Weird Tales  (Rockwell & Churchill, 1899.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Nearly Gone (Kathy Dawson, 2014.)




COSTELLO, MATTHEW J.   (See also Shane Christopher and collaboration which follows.  Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Beneath Still Waters  (Berkley, 1989.)


                Inexplicably, an entire town is evacuated and immersed by a new dam project.  Years later, cracks begin to appear in the dam, divers disappear mysteriously in the drowned town, and even the local plant life seems to take on a sinister personality.  The ghost story lifted to a new level of malevolence.


Child's Play 2  (Jove, 1990, from the screenplay by Don Mancini.)


                Chucky, the demonic doll, has been reconstructed, and he still has vile plans for the soul of young Andy.


Child’s Play 3  (Jove, 1991, from the screenplay by Don Mancini.)


                Chucky, the killer in the body of a doll, returns for a third attempt to steal himself a living human body.


Darkborn  (Diamond, 1992.)


                A group of teenagers attempt to conjure up a demon, and almost immediately one of their number dies tragically.  Many years later, they realize that they succeeded after all, that the demon is still around, and that all of their lives may ultimately be forfeit.


Garden  (Twilight, 1993.)


Wurm #2.


                Civilization is on the brink of disaster as the parasitic creatures attack anyone who ventures close to the oceans, even threatening to spread across dry land.  Ties up loose ends from the much longer novel.


Home  (Thomas Dunne, 2012.)


Can Heads #2.


People struggle to survive in a post-collapse world where some humans have changed into beasts.


Maelstrom  (Ace, 1999.)


A Poltergeist: The Legacy novel.


                A missing woman, mysterious messages, and the wreck of a ship sunk decades before are all clues leading the Legacy group to a confrontation with a new supernatural menace.  They discover that even they can be tricked into acting for the forces of darkness.


Midsummer  (Charter, 1990.)


                An Antarctic expedition ends in a series of psychotic murders.  The sole survivor returns to the US but is kept under surveillance, although that fails to stop a new outbreak of chaos as a previously unsuspected form of life proliferates, taking possession of human beings, and driving them to kill each other.


Missing Monday (Berkley, 2004.)


                A woman finds days missing from her life, during which she is apparently possessed.


Sleep Tight  (Zebra, 1987.)


                A strange creature is helped by a man with dark motives of his own.  Several people disappear under increasingly mysterious circumstances before anyone realizes that a doorway has been opened between planes of existence, allowing a sinister force to enter and prey on human victims.


Unidentified, The  (Berkley, 2002.)


                A strange structure in a remote part of England is a gateway to alternate worlds through which horrible creatures are preparing to invade the Earth.


Vacation (Thomas Dunne, 2012.)


Can Heads #1.


After a global collapse, some humans turn into cannibalistic predators.


Wurm  (Diamond, 1991.)


Wurm #1.


                An exploration team discovers a new life form on the ocean floor, one which has existed since prehistory and which possesses the ability to invade and control human bodies, endangering the continued existence of the human race.




Seventh Guest, The  (Prima, 1995.)


Novelization of the computer game.  An evil toymaker whose dolls steal the lives of the children who own them invites six people to his creepy house.  There they compete for a wonderful prize, that can only be acquired by sacrificing the life of a young boy, the seventh guest.




Captain Quad  (Pocket, 1991.)


                A young man paralyzed from the neck down develops the ability to leave his body and roam psychically through the world.  When he realized he has physical powers even while discorporate, he sets out to avenge himself upon those he fancies have wronged him.


Cartoonist, The  (Pocket, 1990.)


                A group of students accidentally kill a child in an automobile accident and conceal the body.  Years later, the driver is treating a senile patient who begins to draw sketches of events which have not yet happened.  When he predicts the death of the doctor's family, he is driven to desperation in an effort to alter the future, not realizing it is linked to his own past.


Eden's Eyes  (Pocket, 1989.)


                An obsessed, psychotic man is killed in a fight, but various parts of his body have been salvaged and used as replacement organs in others.  The young woman who receives his eyes discovers that her newfound vision is a mixed blessing, that she can somehow see things that aren't there.  The dead man, it appears, is returning, intent upon reclaiming his dismembered body. 




House of Lost Souls, The  (Dunne, 2009.)


Haunted house story.




Nights with Sasquatch  (Berkley, 1977.)


                This is a supposedly true account of a young woman, Frankle, kidnapped by an abominable snowman for sexual purposes. Since the book is copyrighted under the name Jack Couffer, I suspect he is the author of this boring, unbelievable, and often offensive story.




Half in Shadow  (Arkham House, 1978. Consul, 1964, with slightly different contents.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Masters of Horror Volume III  (Armchair, 2022.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Deadly Diet  (Z-Fave, 1995.)


Diet pills help a teen lose the weight she wanted to shed, but they continue to melt off the pounds even after she stops taking them, threatening her life.  The secret is an oriental demon, an oni, which she finally drives away.


Die Laughing  (Z-Fave, 1994.)


A cruel prank by three jocks backfires when their victim is possessed by a malevolent spirit who exacts revenge for recent as well as much older wrongdoing.


Goblins  (Zebra, 1994.)


A film director and his family visit an obscure castle in Scotland to evaluate its usefulness as a set.  Unfortunately, their stay is plagued by bad dreams, a determined madman, and an inhuman creature who plants his own seed in the wife's womb.  An odd variation of the demon child story.


Harvest of Blood  (Pinnacle, 1992.)


Vampire Cop #2.


                Vampire cop turns private detective and sets out to destroy an evil bloodsucking killer hiding among the drug dealers of Miami. Passable blend of two popular genres.


Room, The  (Z-Fave, 1993.)


An unhappy teenager discovers the key to popularity and power when he becomes involved with a group of sorcerers.  But as with all such deals, the price is very stiff.


Vampire Beat  (Pinnacle, 1991.)


Vampire Cop #1.


                Another vampire policeman, this one converted as the result of a curse, living without harming others and ranged against a classic, evil vampire killer and his insane assistant.


Wake Up Screaming  (Pinnacle, 1992.)


                A young boy visits his grandparents while adjusting to his new prosthetic hand and finds a book with the power to summon demons.  Meanwhile, his grandfather is plagued by the murderous image of his dead wife.  Competent but uninspired fare.


COVER, ARTHUR BYRON  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Night of the Living Rerun  (Archway, 1998.)


A Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel.


                Buffy starts dreaming of encounters with witchcraft in an earlier life, which she dismisses as delusions until she discovers that Xander and Willow are having similar dreams of things they’ve never done. 


COVILLE, BRUC(Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Amulet of Doom  (Dell, 1985, Archway, 1996.)


                 A teenage girl's aunt dies of fright after an incident involving an ancient amulet.  Now the dark powers of the past are reaching through it to the niece's life, altering her environment, causing mysterious lapses of memory.  Unless she can discover a way to master the power of the amulet and banish the supernatural entities, she might become the next victim of their wrath.


Eyes of Tarot  (Bantam, 1983. )


                 Defying a traditional curse passed down through her family, Bonnie uses a pack of tarot cards to read the future for herself and others.  But what she sees isn't always pleasant, and if she doesn't find a way to avoid the curse, she might not have long to live herself.


Ghost in the Big Brass Bed, The  (Bantam, 1991, Dell Yearling, 2004.)


Nina Tanleven #3.


                For younger readers.  Mystery involving the ghost of a child who cries at night.


Ghost in the Third Row, The  (Bantam Skylark, 1987, Dell Yearling, 2004.)


Nina Tanleven #1.


                While rehearsing for a play, a teenager sees a ghost in the audience.


Ghost Wore Gray, The  (Bantam, 1988, Dell Yearling, 2004.)


Nina Tanleven #2.


                For younger readers.  The ghost of a Confederate soldier presents a mystery.


Monster of the Year  (Minstrel, 1989.)


A contest for best monster goes awry when real vampires and other supernatural creatures show up.  Humor, for younger readers.


Spirits and Spells  (Dell, 1983, Archway, 1996.)


                 A group of children playing a fantasy role playing game in an abandoned house find themselves imprisoned within its walls, their magical powers somehow real, as are the monstrous dangers which lurk in the dark corners, awaiting their victims.  Somehow they must master the rules of this game in which they have become more than casual players.  Avoids the usual cliches of this plot.


Waiting Spirits  (Bantam, 1984. )


                 Two sisters experiment with automatic writing during a boring vacation near the coast, but the game becomes serious when they receive a genuine message from a ghost.  They vow never to repeat the experiment, but one of the sisters learns that the house where they are staying is reputedly haunted, and she gives in to temptation and tries to contact the ghost again.  Unfortunately, the disturbed spirit is willful, petulant, and quite capable of striking out against the living.




Deadly Sleep  (Dell, 1982. )


                While touring Scotland, a teenage girl experiences troubled dreams, apparently influenced by a supernatural force from the area.  Then she begins to be wakened by disembodied voices, and sees apparitions in her room. 




Fear Walks the Night  (?, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories


Horror of Abbot's Grange, The   (?, 1936.)


                Collection of unrelated stories


Night Wind Howls, The  (?, 1938.)


                Collection of unrelated stories


Night Wind Howls, The  (Ash-Tree, 1999.)


Omnibus of the previous collection of the same name plus The Horror of Abbot's Grange and Fear Walks the Night.




Tales of the Unknown  (British Fantasy, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


COX, GREG  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Touch of Fever, A  (Pocket, 2011.)


A Warehouse 13 Novel.


A secret government agency investigates a psychic healer.


Underworld: Rise of the Lycans  (Pocket Star, 2009, from the screenplay by Danny McBride, Dirk Blackman, Howard McCain, Len Wiseman, and Robert Orr.)


War between vampires and werewolves.


Underworld (Pocket Star, 2003, from the screenplay by Danny MacBride.)


                Vampires and werewolves wage war.




Child of Shadows  (Warner, 1990.)


                A frustrated social worker quits her job to take charge of a homeless child, but when they move to a remote rural area, their arrival sets off a wave of religious fervor.  What's worse, the boy may be responsible for several deaths, and may not be human at all.


Fury  (Warner, 1989.)


                A New York yuppie finds her life disturbed by memories of a former life, one from human prehistory.  Whenever danger arises, she is transformed into an organic killing machine, the prelude to a confrontation with another reincarnated rival from the far past.  Too contrived to be believable.


Hobgoblin  (Putnam, 1981, Berkley, 1982, Warner, 1990.)


                 A blend of fantasy role playing and contemporary horror.  A boy whose fascination with fantasy games seems to some to be getting out of hand believes that the world he lives in really is inhabited by monstrous creatures lurking just out of sight.  So he decides to throw a Halloween party where the disguises can be discarded and people will see what is really happening.


Hunting Season, The  (Macmillan, 1987, Warner, 1988.)


                Unhappy with many aspects of their lives, April and her family consider their sojourn among the rural people of Mad River Mountain a respite from the world, and a chance for her to do some genuine work researching the strange cultural traits in this inbred community.  But that's before she discovers that the inbreeding has taken a very unusual turn, one which will reach out to touch her family, and with deadly intent, turning even her own husband against her.


Legacy, The  (Berkley, 1979, Coronet, 1979, Charter, 1987, from the screenplay by Jimmy Sangster.)


                Six people travel to a remote house where a dying man has promised to leave one of them the key to all his power.  But then the guests begin to be eliminated one by one, and the survivors suspect that they have been duped, that their supposed benefactor is actually planning to improve his own situation at their expense.


Piercing, The  (Putnam, 1979, Berkley, 1980, Charter, 1986.)


                A woman's body is subject to miraculous transformations once a week, manifestations which capture the public's attention and which are televised on a regular basis.  Although the Church asserts that the effects are an elaborate hoax, one priest realizes that they are more than that, but neither are they the work of a benign God as some would have it.  Rather, they are a manifestation of satanic involvement masquerading as good works.


Searing, The  (Putnam, 1980, Berkley, 1981; Charter,1987.)


                A small village is the scene of a series of bizarre events. At times, every woman within its confines experiences intense sexual pleasure, despite the fact that they might have been doing something else entirely.  And someone, or something, is murdering infants.  An ancient horror wakens to destroy the lives of the village's inhabitants.


Shroud, The  (Berkley, 1983.)


                An apparition that appears to be a man wrapped in a funeral shroud appears to a priest, beckoning him to witness a sight which Church authorities will not accept, any more than they will admit that a spirit has crossed from the world of the dead and appeared in consecrated ground.




Creepers  (Signet, 1982.)


An army of humanoid monsters with a taste for human flesh lurks under a major city, preying on occasional subway passengers at first, finally emerging into the streets in their quest for fresh meat.




Black Spirits and White  (Stone and Kimball, 1895, Necronomicon, 1997, Tartarus, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Losing Latitude  (Remarco, 2007.)


Self published novel about voodoo, in five volumes.




Carnivore  (Dime Store Novels, 1991.)


                Silly story of a rejuvenated dinosaur that is the basis for a new biological weapons program.  A novelette published in booklet form.




Foretelling, The  (Dodd, Mead, 1982, Signet, 1983.)


                The ability to read palms was not something which Angela had wanted, but the accuracy of what she is able to see there is undeniable.  Troubled by the dark futures she sees for some, she is drawn one day to read her own future, and learns that imminent danger faces her unless she can unravel the secret of the two men who court her and discover which of them is possessed by a demonic force.


CRAWFORD, F. MARION  (Also writes Fantasy.)


Dead Smile, The  (Necronomicon, 1986.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


For the Blood Is the Life  (Borealis, 1996. )


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Man Overboard!  (MacMillan, 1903.)


                Short story about a man who returns from the dead.


Nightmare Ship  (Troll, 1982.)


                Adventures aboard a haunted ocean liner.


Uncanny Tales.  (See Wandering Ghosts.)


Upper Berth, The  (Putnam, 1894, Unwin, 1894.)


                Two unrelated short stories.


Wandering Ghosts  (MacMillan, 1911.  Unwin, 1911, as Uncanny Tales.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


With the Immortals  (Ayer, 1976.)


                Not seen.


Witch of Prague, The  (Macmillan, 1891, Sphere, 1974, Wildside, 2002.)


                Although this novel of witchcraft, ancient personalities sleeping through the ages, immortality, and hypnosis, is frequently complex and embraces concepts no longer popular in horror fiction, it remains a well told adventure story of magical powers and the quest for knowledge.


Witch of Prague & Other Stories, The (Wordsworth, 2008.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Harvest Moon  (Orbit, 1975.)


                A reporter investigating a murder and a disappearance discovers that the small village of Abbotsley is host to satanists, and that the Devil may have taken a personal hand in the conversion of the populace to his creed.


CRILLEY, MARK  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Creatch Battler  (Random House, 2005.)


Billy Clikk #1.


                A youngster battles monsters.




Three Evil Wishes  (Minstrel, 1997.)


A Ghosts of Fear Street book.


                Two youngsters inadvertently free a frustrated and mischievous genie.


CROFT, SYDNEY  (Pseudonym of Larissa Ione, who writes Horror under that name, and Stephanie Tyler.)


Tempting the Fire  (Bantam, 2010.)


An expedition encounters chupacabra in Brazil.




Number Ninety and Other Ghost Stories  (Sarob, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


CROMPTON, RICHMAL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Dread Dwelling.  (See The House.)


House, The  (Hodder, 1926.  ?, 1926, as Dread Dwelling.)


                A haunted house story.




Sweet Terror  (Z-Fave, 1994.)


For young adults.  A magical ring transforms a homely girl into a popular and attractive one.  Unfortunately, a serial killer shows up just about then, and naturally he chooses as his next target the prettiest girl in school.


CROSS, JOHN KEIR  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Other Passenger, The  (Westhouse, 1944, Lippincott, 1946, Ballantine, 1961.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Sisters of Blood and Spirit (Harlequin, 2015.)


Sisters #1.


A teenager is contacted by the ghost of her dead twin.


Sisters of Salt and Iron (Harlequin, 2016.)


Sisters #2.


A teenager communicates with the dead.




After Human  (Pinnacle, 2004.)


                An organization exists to keep vampires from revealing their existence, but the agent they've selected is weary of his undead existence.


CROWCROFT, JANE  (Pseudonym of Peter Crowcroft, whom see.)


Witch Love  (Popular Library, 1976.)


                Carol Proctor is the current incarnation of a personality which has existed previously, a woman accused of sorcery and other evil practices.  Now she is romantically involved with a man whom she suspects might also be a reincarnation of someone she knew in a past life, but is he a friend or an enemy?


CROWCROFT, PETER  (Also writes Science Fiction. See also Jane Crowcroft.)


Monster  (Carousel, 1980, from the screenplay by Kenneth Hartford, Walter Koeber Schmidt, Herbert L. Strock, & Garland Scott.)


                A dinosaur appears in a small village in Colombia, killing and destroying whatever gets in its way.  A group of investigators descends on the jungle from the United States, determined to discover just what attacked the villagers and where it came from.


CROWTHER, PETER  (See also collaboration which follows.  Also writes Science Fiction.)


Lonesome Roads  (Razorblade, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Longest Single Note and Other Strange Compositions, The  (CD Publications, 1999, Leisure, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Escardy Gap  (Tor, 1996, Earthlight, 1998.)


                A writer begins a novel about a small town menaced by evil, supernatural visitors when he discovers that he has become intimately involved with his own creation.


Hand That Feeds, The  (Maynard Sims, 1999.)


                An occult group is dismayed when two of its members are killed.  They communicate with another universe and discover that an evil djinn has entered our world.  They track it down before it can kill the rest of them.




Revenge Gifts  (Tor, 2005.)


                Romance novel about a woman who discovers she has been cursed.


CRUME, VIC  (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Ghost That Came Alive, The  (Scholastic, 1975.)


                For younger readers.  A family shelters in an old mansion populated by weird people and strange goings-on.




Backyard Ghost, The  (Avon Camelot, 1995.)


Eleanor tries to take advantage of the presence of a ghost in her backyard to increase her popularity at school.  For younger readers.




Bedeviled, The  (Putnam, 1978, Avon, 1979.)


                A family retreats from the troubles of the modern world to an old farmhouse, but they discover even more unbearable horrors there.  The spirit of a satanist from the Civil War possesses the body of their teenage son, and the boy's mother succumbs to the personality of the dead man's mistress.  The result is an unholy sexual union that threatens to destroy them all.




Demons of Highpoint House, The  (Popular Library, 1973.)


                A tutor employed at a moldering mansion falls in love with her employer and feels as though everything is going right for her in the world.  But then his personality suddenly changes and she realizes that he is a victim of demonic possession.  Supernatural twist to an oft used plot.




Abyss, The  (Wyndham, 1981, Ballantine, 1983.)


                The deepest coal mine ever dug into the Earth's surface breaks through into an underworld and the denizens of that place exert their influence on the surface.  Inhuman creatures prowl the night, the very earth is torn apart by unseen forces, and the representatives of religion and order seem powerless to combat this unsuspected foe.


Legacy, The  (Gold Medal, 1977.)


                When the protagonist learns that his father's death was due to the occult activities of a neighbor, a man now plotting further mischief, he decides to act.  Convinced that the man's magic is real and fearing for his family, he decides to take them to safety, but when he attempts to do so, he discovers it is too late for anything for a counterattack.


Love Object  (Scream Press, 1985.)


                Not seen.


Visitor, The  (St Martins, 1978, Berkley, 1979.)


                A creature that exists only as a form of radiation escapes from a sanitarium and begins visiting homes, searching for children.  One family recognizes the threat and takes steps to protect their children and destroy the creature before it can do more harm.  Nice start, weak finish.


CURLOVICH, JOHN MICHAEL  (See also Michael Paine.)


Blood of Kings, The  (Alyson, 2005.)


                A gay vampire story.


CURRAN, TIM  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Dead Sea  (Dimensions, 2007.)


Monsters appear in the ocean following a rift between worlds.


Doll Face (Darkfuse, 2015.)


Several people are trapped in a town that doesn't exist.


Headhunter  (Dark Animus, 2003.)


                A journalist covering the Vietnam War investigates stories of a yeti like creature preying on US soldiers and discovers that they are true.


CURRY, CHRIS  (See also Tamara Thorne and collaborations which follow.)


Level 13  (Hodder, 1997.)


                Not seen.


Panic  (Pocket, 1993, New English Library, 1996.)


A man's childhood memories of demons loose on Halloween seem little more than dreams until he returns to his home town and discovers those same creatures now have their sights set on his own children.


Thunder Road  (Hodder, 1996, Pocket, 1996.)


A remote desert region that attracts oddballs and misfits seems to bear out its name when the local cattle start dying, and people begin to disappear.  Are the sightings actually UFO’s, or supernatural manifestations?




Trickster  (Pocket, 1992.)


                A modern day sorcerer engages in a series of ritual killings in order to enhance his own supernatural powers.  The sister of one of his victims attempts to track him down, but she expects to find nothing more than an ordinary psychopath.


Winter Scream  (Pocket, 1991.)


                When an ancient well is reopened in California, no one seems concerned about legends that it is the focal point for an ancient curse.  The evil influence begins to affect the behavior of people in the area even before a monstrous creature manifests itself physically.




Daughters of the Moon  (Pinnacle, 2000.)


                An ages old vampire preys on individuals from the arts community in contemporary America.


CURTIS, PETER  (See also Norah Lofts.)


Devil’s Own, The  (Doubleday, 1960, MacDonald, 1960, Dolphin, 1961.  Pan, 1966, as The Witches.)


                Innocent people fall afoul of a satanist cult with genuine supernatural powers.


Witches, The.  (See The Devil’s Own.)




Squirm  (Ace, 1976, from the screenplay by Jeff Liebermann.)


                  A town is menaced by an enormous mass of carnivorous worms who rise through the ground to claim their victims.  Every bit as ridiculous as it sounds.




Monk's Retreat, The  (Avon, 1976.)


                An historical romance of a woman who takes a dangerous course between two admirers who hate each other, making herself vulnerable at the same time to the activities of an apparition from the past.




Angel Chronicles, Volume 2, The  (Pocket, 1999, based on scripts by Carl Ellsworth, Howard Gordon, and Marti Noxon.)


A Buffy the Vampire Slayer book.


                Novelization of three episodes dealing with Angel's return to the real world and the problems he has adjusting.


Blood Roots  (Pocket, 1992.)


                A young woman discovers that her family includes several unaging individuals who achieved that ability through a curse and by consuming human flesh.


Buffy, the Vampire Slayer  (Pocket, 1992, from the screenplay by Joss Whedon.)


A valley girl is the reincarnation of a powerful vampire slayer who is awakened to her destiny by a mysterious visitor, just in time to thwart a legion of unhip bloodsuckers.


Evil on the Bayou  (Dell, 1984.)


                A teenage girl's voluntary nursing service to an elderly woman in Bayou country lands her in the middle of a supernatural confrontation.  The old woman's recovery might well cost her own life, the result of voodoo magic.  Creatures of the swamp are enlisted in the attempt to wrest a new life for the aging witch.


Harvest, The  (Archway, 1997, based on scripts by Joss Whedon.)


A Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel.


                Debut episode of the television series.  Buffy moves to a new town to start over, and is soon caught up in a fresh battle against a legion of vampires led by the mysterious Master Vampire who is magically confined to a subterranean vault.


House Next Door, The  (Simon Pulse, 2002.)


                A teenager encounters a ghost and learns of a tragic incident in the past.


Locker, The  (Archway, 1994.)


For young adults.  A missing girl has been murdered by one of her supposed friends, and only the protagonist has a hint of what's wrong, gained through psychic visions that she finds troubling and eventually frightening.


Scarecrow  (Pocket, 1991.)


                A woman stranded in a remote part of the Ozarks discovers that the family which has sheltered her is caught up in a bizarre chain of dependencies.  The son may have committed a number of murders, and the daughter apparently can bring the dead back to life.  Does a good job of evoking an atmosphere of weirdness and imminent disaster.




Firstborn, The  (Gold Medal, 1978.)


                A man who has always felt that a mysterious secret shrouded his birth is compelled as an adult to seek a solution to that mystery, and to the recurring dreams of a previous life to which he is subject.  But as he travels through the Mideast in pursuit of his goal, he realizes that there is some monstrous half memory struggling to surface, something hinting of impending danger.


CUTTER, NICK (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Troop, The (Gallery, 2014.)


Campers encounter an evil superhuman.




Candlelight Reader: Ten Stories of Horror and Humor, The  (Vantage, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.