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Assassin's Blade, The (Bloomsbury, 2014.)


Collection of related stories.


Court of Thorns and Roses, A ( Bloomsbury, 2015.)




Crown of Midnight (2014.)


Heir of Fire (2014.)


Queen of Shadows (2015.)


Throne of Glass (Bloomsbury, 2014.)




MACALISTER, KATIE  (Pseudonym of Marthe Arends. Also writes Science Fiction.)


Ain't Myth-Behaving  (Pocket, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Fire Me Up  (Onyx, 2005.)


Aisling Grey #2.


Paranormal romance.


Holy Smokes  (Signet, 2007.)


Aisling Grey #4.


Paranormal romance.


Light My Fire  (Signet, 2006.)


Aisling Grey #3.


Humorous romance involving a war with imps.


Playing with Fire (Signet, 2007.)


Silver Dragon #1.


Romance novel involving magic.


Up in Smoke  (Signet, 2008.)


Silver Dragon #2.


Romance novel involving magic.


You Slay Me  (Onyx, 2004.)


Aisling Grey #1.


                A woman discovers that a new acquaintance is actually a transformed dragon.


MACALLAN, BEN  (See also Chaz Brenchley.)


Desdaemona  (Solaris, 2011.)


Magic #1.


A young man is one of the few who can see the interface between our world and another filled with supernatural creatures.


Pandaemonia  (Solaris, 2012.)


Magic #2.




MACAO, MARSHALL  (Pseudonym of Thaddeus Tuleja.)


Kak-Abdullah Conspiracy, The  (Freeway, 1973.)


Kung Fu #4.


                Warfare among the secret martial arts societies of the world when one of their number kidnaps the daughter of a prominent American diplomat.


Mark of the Vulture  (Freeway, 1974.)


Kung Fu #7.


                A series of unsolved murders leads the hero to suspect that his old enemy has moved to a new stronghold, somewhere in the deserts of the American southwest.


New York Necromancy   (Freeway, 1974.)


Kung Fu #6.


                The head of a secret society of criminals negotiates with a demon in his attempt to gain supreme power.


Rape of Sun Lee Fong, The  (Freeway, 1973.)


Kung Fu #3.


                The hero must rescue a woman who is being held as a prisoner by his arch enemy in a fortress somewhere in a remote part of Burma.


Red Plague in Bolivia  (Freeway, 1974.)


Kung Fu #5.


                The old rivalry between good and evil continues, this time with the latter releasing a new plague with which they hope to seize control of the world.


Return of the Opium Wars  (Freeway, 1973.)


Kung Fu #2.


                A young warrior penetrates the cities of China on his quest to track down the murderer of his teacher, and finds himself in the middle of a drug war.


Son of the Flying Tiger  (Freeway, 1973.)


Kung Fu #1.


                A martial arts series with supernatural undertones.  A student accompanied by the spirit of his dead master tries to track down the latter’s killer.




Worlds of the Wall  (Avon, 1969.)


A spaceman crashlands on an artifact that is the doorway to another universe where magic works.  He has various predictable adventures on that primitive world.




After the Afternoon.  (See Aphrodite’s Lover.)


Aphrodite’s Lover  (Universal Giant, 1953.  Appleton Century, 1941, as After the Afternoon.)


                Not seen.  Mostly a softcore series of sexual escapades involving the ancient gods.




And No Man’s Wit  (Collins, 1940.)


                Not seen.  A mermaid.




Belly of the Wolf, The  (Morrow, 1994, Avon, 1995.  Headline, 1993, as Winter of the Wolf.)


Lens #3.


                Despite his intention to live out his elder years in peace, the protagonist is once again forced to set out on a quest amidst monsters and human villains.  This time the cause is the assassination of his old friend the king, and his determination to bring the guilty parties to justice.


Book of Kells, The  (Bantam, 1985.)


                An artist opens a magical gateway through time back to the tenth century, where he finds inspiration as well as love.  A precursor to the time travel romances that would become popular a few years later.


Damiano  (Bantam, 1984.)


Damiano #1.


                The peaceful son of a magician, who has been taught to play music by the angel Raphael himself, sets out to find a legendary sorceress who possesses the power to save his people from getting caught up in a war.  The interference of a demon derails his plans, however.


Damiano’s Lute  (Bantam, 1984.)


Damiano #2.


                Damiano has lost his immortality and now travels across plague ridden France in search of a new life, aided only slightly by his mentor, the angel Raphael.  Meanwhile, the minions of Hell haven’t forgotten him, and set out to interfere in his life once again.


Death and Resurrection  (Prime, 2011.)


A man has the ability to move back and forth between the land of the living and the land of the dead.


Grey Horse, The  (Bantam, 1987.)


                The appearance of a magical horse alters the future of Ireland in the days when it was struggling to gain its independence from England.


King of the Dead  (Morrow, 1991, Headline, 1992.)


Lens #2.


                A scientist/wizard who has risen to a position of power in a barbaric kingdom becomes even more important when a war threatens to overwhelm his realm.


Lens of the World  (Morrow, 1990, Avon, 1991, Headline, 1991, Ibooks, 2005.)


Lens #1.


                Despite his small stature, a dwarvish man pursues a series of adventures involving dragons and werewolves before seizing a place for himself in the world.


Raphael  (Bantam, 1984.)


Damiano #3.


                Lucifer outsmarts the angel Raphael and causes him to become mortal, in which guise he is enslaved.  Damiano and his friends are then placed in the unusual position of having to rescue their former protector.


Tea With the Black Dragon  (Bantam, 1983.)


Martha Macnamara #1.


                Charming contemporary fantasy about a woman with magical powers and a man who lived previously as a dragon.  When her daughter is kidnapped, the twosome set out to track down the criminals responsible and rescue her.


Trio for Lute, A  (Bantam, 1988.)


                Omnibus of the Damiano trilogy.


Twisting the Rope  (Bantam, 1986.)


Martha Macnamara #2.


                This time Martha’s grand daughter is kidnapped, while murder and the presence of a psychic force complicate matters.


Winter of the Wolf.  (See Belly of the Wolf.)




Tark and the Golden Tide  (Leisure, 1977.)


                A barbarian warrior who was robbed of the throne that was his birthright has the usual adventures before returning to his homeland, ousting the usurper, and destroying his enemies.




At the Back of the North Wind  (Strahan, 1870, Routledge, 1871, Burt, ?,  Airmont, 1966.)


                Children’s story about a young boy who makes friends with the personification of the North Wind, and who is taken by the latter on a series of adventurous trips.


At the Back of the North Wind/The Princess and the Goblin/The Princess and the Curdie  (Octopus, 1979.)


                Omnibus of the three novels.


Complete Fairy Tales of George MacDonald, The  (Gollancz, 1961, Schocken, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Evenor  (Ballantine, 1972.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Gifts of the Child Christ Volume I, The  (Eerdmans, 1973.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Gifts of the Child Christ Volume II, The  (Eerdmans, 1973.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Golden Key and Other Fantasy Stories, The  (Eerdmans, 1980.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Lady of the Mansion  (Harper, 1979. Smith, Elder, 1864, Munro, 1885, as The Portent.)


                Marginal novel of intrigue in an old house with magical overtones.  Includes a family curse, psychic events, and hints at reincarnation.


Light Princess, The  (?)


                Not seen.


Lilith  (Chatto & Windus, 1895, Dodd, Mead, 1895, Unwin, 1924, Dutton, 1925, Ballantine, 1969.)


                A restless young man is drawn by a mysterious figure through a doorway that leads to another world.  There he finds a dreamscape in which magical things can happen.


Lilith: Phantastes.  (See Visionary Novels.)


Phantastes  (Smith Elder, 1858, Loring, 1870, Ballantine, 1970, Schocken, 1982.)


                The protagonist enters the world of dreams and has various adventures there, which are allegories of events in the real world.  Episodic adventure in which the protagonist learns the virtue of self sacrifice.


Portent, The.  (See Lady of the Mansion.)


Princess and the Curdie, The  (Lippincott, 1882, Chatto & Windus, 1883, Blackie, 1888, Dutton, 1949, Dent, 1949, Puffin, 1966.)


Princess #2.


                After killing a sacred bird, a youngster is sent out on a mission of redemption.


Princess and the Goblin, The  (Strahan, 1871, Routledge, 1871, Blackie, 1888, Doubleday, 1928, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1948, Dent, 1949, Dutton, 1951, Macmillan, 1951, Puffin, 1964, Airmont, 1967.)


Princess #1.


                Princess Lootie is kidnapped by a goblin and later rescued by the son of a poor miner in this children’s fantasy story.


Visionary Novels  (Noonday, 1954.  Gollancz, 1962, Eerdmans, 1964, as Lilith: Phantastes.)


                Omnibus of Lilith and Phantastes.


MACDONALD, JAMES  (See collaborations with Debra Doyle.)


MACDONALD, J.D.  (See James MacDonald.)


Apocalyse Door, The  (Tor, 2009.)


A modern day knight templar battles demonic magic.




Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything, The  (Gold Medal, 1962, Coronet, 1968.)


                An unlikely young couple discover a stopwatch which can temporarily stop time for everyone except the one holding it.  They play a series of pranks before getting caught up in an adventure in which they use the device to outsmart their enemies and end up falling in love.




Under Siege  (Deutsch, 1988, Orchard, 1990, Franklin Watts, 1990.)


                A boy struggling with the separation of his parents steps into the world of a role playing game in the persona of a giant.


MACGREGOR, KINLEY  (Pseudonym of Sherrilyn Kenyon, whom see.)


Knight of Darkness  (Avon, 2006.)


Avalon #2.


A war between fey and humans.


Sword of Darkness  (Avon, 2006.)


Avalon #1.


Historical romance with magic.




Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants  (Bantam, 1991.)


An Indiana Jones adventure.


At his first posting, a younger Jones takes part in a search for the truth about Merlin, finding himself at odds with a nefarious man who hopes to restore Druidic power to Britain and who will kill anyone who stands in his way.


Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge  (Bantam, 1992.)


An Indiana Jones adventure.


                This time the eminent archaeologist if off to find Noah’s Ark, his efforts complicated by the presence of Communist secret agents and other perils.


Indiana Jones and the Interior World  (Bantam, 1992.)


An Indiana Jones adventure.


                Jones inadvertently opens a doorway to a strange world inside our own, and must close it before an invading army erupts into the surface.


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  (Ballantine, 1989, based on the screenplay by Jeffrey Boam, George Lucas, and Menno Meyjes.)


                Jones is off to rescue his missing father, who has been kidnapped by Nazi agents who hope to use his information to find the Holy Grail.  After various dangers including an attempt by protectors of the grail to assassinate him, Jones saves the day and finds the grail, which is promptly lost.


Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi  (Bantam, 1991.)


An Indiana Jones adventure.


Dr. Jones is helping a woman resurrect the powers of the Oracle at Delphi in the mistaken belief that she has a legitimate scientific interest, when in fact she sees it as the means to attaining great personel power.


Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils  (Bantam, 1991.)


An Indiana Jones adventure.


                Dr. Jones searches for and eventually finds a lost city in Brazil.


Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates  (Bantam, 1993.)


An Indiana Jones adventure.




Indiana Jones and the Unicorn’s Legacy  (Bantam, 1992.)


An Indiana Jones adventure.


                Jones stumbles across persistent rumors of the existence of artifacts of a unicorn, and encounters a number of people searching for that object, not all of them particularly friendly.


Phantom, The  (Avon, 1996, based on the screenplay by Jeffrey Boam.)


                A costumed hero who can communicate with the ghost of his father prevents a ruthless criminal mastermind and a band of pirates from gaining control of mystical artifacts that could give them unprecedented power.




Secret of the Ruby Ring, The  (?)


                A discontented young girl is sent back into the past by a magical ring where she learns to be content with what she has.  Filmed as The Ruby Ring.


MACHALE, D.J.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Black Water  (Aladdin, 2004.)


Pendragon #5.


                Pendragon and his friends enter a world of talking animals.


Lost City of Faar, The  (Aladdin, 2002.)


Pendragon #2.


                A youngster magically travels to a world covered completely with water.


Merchant of Death, The  (Aladdin, 2002.)


Pendragon #1.


                First in a young adult series about a boy who goes to an alternate world where magic works and helps an oppressed people gain their freedom.


Never War, The  (Aladdin, 2003.)


Pendragon #3.


                A teenager travels to 1937 New York City to battle an evil force from another world.


Reality Bug, The  (Aladdin, 2003.)


Pendragon #4.




Rivers of Zadaa, The  (Aladdin, 2005.)


Pendragon 36.


                A young boy pursues an evil magician across a fantastic world.




Angel of Mons, the Bowmen, and Other Legends of War, The  (Simpkin, 1915, Putnam, 1915.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Black Crusade.  (See The Three Impostors.)


Chronicle of Clemendy, The  (Society of Pantagruelists, 1888.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Cosy Room and Other Stories, The  (Rich & Cowan, 1936, Arno, 1976.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Great Return, The  (Faith, 1915.)


                The presence of the Holy Grail in modern England leads to a series of miracles.


Hill of Dreams, The  (Richards, 1907, Knopf, 1923, Secker Warburg, 1924, Corgi, 1967.)


                A brilliant man becomes caught up in the study of the occult, has a revelation about the corruption of modern society, and eventually dies by his own hand.


Novel of the Black Seal and Other Stories, The   (Corgi, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Novel of the White Powder and Other Stories, The  (Corgi, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Shining Pyramid, The  (Covici McGee, 1923, Secker, 1925.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.


Sixth Sense, The  (Chapman & Hall, 1915.)


                A man with paranormal powers leads a secret life.


Three Impostors, The  (John Lane, 1895, Roberts, 1895, Knopf, 1923, Secker, 1926, Ballanntine, 1972.  Corgi, 1966, as Black Crusade.)


                Collection of related short stories.


MACKAY, ALLIE  (Pseudonym of Sue-Ellen Welfonder.)


Highlander in Her Bed  (Signet, 2006.)


Romance novel with a charming ghost.




Immortal Quest: The Trouble with Mages  (Edge, 2010.)


A quest involving magically equipped opponents.




Hunting the Fairies  (Chatto & Windus, 1949, Penguin, 1959.)


                Humorous piece in which real fairies interact with humans.


Rival Monster, The  (?, 1952.)


                Not seen.




Black Hearted Betrayal  (Ace, 2012.)


Shades of Fury #3.




Green-Eyed Envy (Ace, 2011.)


Shades of Fury #2.


Someone is murdering shapeshifters.


Red Hot Fury (Ace, 2010.)


Shades of Fury #1.


The murder of a supernatural being leads to an investigation.




Summons from Baghdad  (Doubleday, 1958.)


                Spy thriller involving psychic talents.




Dreamwood (Putnam, 2014.)






Last Warrior Queen, The  (Seaview, 1983, Berkley, 1984.)


                Fantasy adventure set in the far distant past when one culture forbids love and makes women second class citizens while another believes in equality of the sexes and the value of affection.




Tomorrow’s Wizard  (Harper & Row, 1982, Magic Carpet, 1996.)


                Children’s fantasy about the unfortunate results of ignoring the words of a wise wizard.




Which Hath Been  (Palmer, 1926.)


                Not seen.  Reincarnation.


MACLEAN, KATHERINE (See collaboration with Harry Harrison.)




Prince Ombra  (Congdon & Weed, 1982, Tor, 1983, Orb, 1994, Starscape, 2002.)


                A supernatural presence who appears through dreams periodically threatens the world, and in each age has been repelled by King Arthur or some other hero.  Now it’s the 20th Century, and an unassuming man finds himself cast in the same role.


MACLEOD, FIONA  (Pseudonym of William Sharp.)


Dominion of Dreams, The  (Constable, 1899.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Washer of the Ford and Other Celtic Moralities, The  (Celtic Library, 1896.)


                Collection of unrelated  stories.




House of Storms, The  (Ace, 2005.)


Light #2.


                A woman resorts to magical cures when her son's illness does not respond to traditional medicines.


Light Ages, The  (Ace, 2003, Earthlight, 2003, Pocket UK, 2004.)


Light #1.


                Unusual fantasy set in an England where magical power is mined from the ground, but where most people remain poor.




Bewitched Fiddle and Other Irish Tales, The  (Doubleday, 1900.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Sword and Verse (Harper, 2016.)






Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy  (Mira, 1999.)


                Three angels manage to reform a man fallen on evil ways and steer him toward redeeming love.


Those Christmas Angels  (Harlequin, 2003.)


                Romance involving the efforts of less than competent angels.


Where Angels Go  (Mira, 2007.)


Romance and angels.




Dusk Before Dawn  (Pinnacle, 1996.)


                A man living in a house with two amicable ghosts gives shelter to a woman stranded by a storm.  The ghosts decide that this is fate and set about arranging things so that the couple fall in love with one another.


Everlastin’  (Pinnacle, 1995.)


                A woman moves into a house haunted by a friendly Irish laird, and in due course the two of them fall in love.




Seal of Gaia  (Word, 1998.)


                A novel of the coming of the Antichrist in 2033.




Green Kingdom, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1957, Avon, 1977.)


                Every so often, a magical door opens into a mountain to admit newcomers.  This is the story of several of those who choose to enter, and the wondrous world they find inside.


MAEDER, TOM  (See collaboration with Cathy Crimmons.)




Lost  (HarperCollins, 2001.)


                A Victorian ghost story.


Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West  (HarperCollins, 1995.)


                Marginal story involving talking animals and hints of magic.




Celtic Bride  (Harlequin, 2001.)


                Historical romance involving psychic healing.


Warrior's Taking, A  (Avon, 2007.)


Time travel romance.




Arabian Nights & Days (Doubleday, 1995, translated from the 1979 Arabic edition by Denys Johnson-Davies.)


                Stories from the Arabian Nights translated to a medieval city.




Alchemy  (McElderry, 2003.)


                A teenager discovers he has magical powers, and is subsequently blackmailed by a teacher who knows his secret.


Boy Who Bounced and Other Magic Tales, The.  (See Mahy Magic.)


Girl With the Green Ear, The  (Knopf, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mahy Magic  (Dent, 1986.  Puffin, 1988, as The Boy Who Bounced and Other Magic Tales.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tall Story and Other Tales, A  (McElderry, 1992.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


MAIDMAN, ELLEN  (See collaboration with Michael Tanner.)




Ancient Evenings  (Little, Brown, 1983, Warner, 1984.)


                Vast, panoramic novel of ancient Egypt which includes reincarnation and other hints of magic.




Storm Oak  (Scholastic, 1972, translated from the French by F.C.L. Miller.)


                Short children’s story about various magical animals.




Betony and the Sorcerer  (Bodley Head, 1990.  Red Fox, 1991, as Spellbound!)


                Not seen.


Spellbound!  (See Betony and the Sorcerer.)




Ex Cathedra  (Twilight Tales, 2006.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Book of Spells, The   (Joseph, 1987.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Hope Island (Titan, 2020.)


A remote island has a magical link to the past.




Rembrandt’s Hat  (Farrar Straus, 1973, Pocket, 1974.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are fantasy.




Mirror Prince, The  (DAW, 2007.)


A man from the land of fairy is exiled into our world, with his memories altered.


Path of the Sun  (DAW, 2010.)


Dhulyn and Parno #4.


An escort job to a royal wedding has repercussions.


Shadowlands  (DAW, 2012.)




Sleeping God, The  (DAW, 2007.)


Dhulyn and Parno #1.


Two mercenaries battle a renegade god.


Soldier King, The  (DAW, 2008.)


Dhulyn and Parno #2.


Two mercenaries get into trouble when they choose honor over their employer's wishes.


Storm Witch, The  (DAW, 2009.)


Dhulyn and Parno #3.


Two adventurers are trying to clear their names but complications ensue.




Grass Is Always Greener, The  (Doubleday, 1947, Bantam, 1948, McClelland, 1949.)


                Mild sex comedy about two men who wake up one morning to discover that they have switched bodies and are now living with each other’s wives.


Professor Peckam’s Adventures in a Drop of Water  (Rand McNally, 1931.)


                Not seen.


MALIN, JENNIFER  (Pseudonym of Jennifer Zorger.)


As You Wish  (Jove, 1998.)


                A magical coin transports a woman back to 1815 England where she is rescued from drowning by a dashing rogue whom she reforms and falls in love with.


Eternally Yours  (Jove, 2002.)


                A woman's efforts at remodeling involve an opinionated ghost.




King's Daughters, The  (Night Shade, 2009.)


Telfar #2.


Intrigue and a coup in a magical kingdom.


Princes of the Golden Cage, The  (Night Shade, 2008.)


Telfar #1.




MALLORY, JAMES  (See also collaborations with Mercedes Lackey.)


End of Magic, The   (Aspect, 2000, based on the screenplay by ?)


Merlin #3.


                Merlin has lost the woman he loves, and his enemy, Queen Mab, has driven away even some of her own followers.  But Mordred is still determined to kill Arthur in battle, and Merlin’s efforts to save him might well drive all magic from the world.


King's Wizard, The  (Aspect, 1999, based on the screenplay by ?)


Merlin #2.


                Mab's evil sorcery has turned Merlin against her.  Armed with Excalibur, he works to bolster up Arthur's rule of England and a restoration of justice.  But Mab has found a new weapon in the form of Arthur's nephew Mordred.


Old Magic, The  (Aspect, 1999, based on the screenplay by ?.)


Merlin #1.


                Turbulent times have come to the British Isles so the queen of the fairies causes the birth of a champion for the pagan people who wish to worship the old gods.  That champion is Merlin, who becomes a master of magic and prophecy.




Circles in Time  (Leisure, 1997.)


A reporter finds herself in 13th Century England, suspected of being a witch.


Highland Dream  (Lovespell, 2001.)


                Two women are magically transported back to the 17th Century in this humorous romance novel.


Highland Rebel  (Berkley, 2009.)


Highland #2.


Time travel romance.


Highland Rogue  (Berkley, 2008.)


Highland #1.


Time travel romance.


Jewels of Time  (Leisure, 1994.)


A woman travels back through time to the Civil War where she finds love.




Box Hunters, The  (Argo, 2002.)


                A vacationing family discovers that their neighbors include wizards and  some not entirely human beings.




Moongazer  (Shomi, 2007.)


A woman has dreams that she exists in a post-apocalyptic world where she is a mystical warrior. 


Razor Girl  (Shomi, 2008.)


In a post-apocalyptic world, a woman with unusual physical adaptations and a talent for martial arts seeks a magical kingdom.


MANETTI, LISA  (Also writes Horror.)


Gentling Box, The (DarkHart, 2008.)






Nightseed and Other Tales  (Viking, 1928, Jonathan Cape, 1928.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Blood's Pride (Tor, 2013.)


Shattered Kingdoms #1.




Fortune's Blight (Tor, 2015.)


Shattered Kingdoms #2.






Aros of Atlantis  (Dorrance, 1972.)


                Not seen.




Affinity Bridge, The  (Tor, 2009.)


Technology and zombies in an alternate Victorian England.


Wychwood (Titan, 2017.)


Serial killer story with some minor genuine magic.




Dragon Wakes, The  (Vista, 1996.)


Land Fit for Heroes #3.


                Not seen.




Message from a Stranger   (Viking, 1948, Hamish Hamilton, 1948, Collier, 1961.)


                A dead poet returns from the dead in order to determine the purpose of her life.




Dragon in Danger  (Puffin, ?)


An R Dragon novel.




Dragon’s Quest, The  (Constable, 1961, Puffin, 1974.)


An R Dragon novel.


                An Arthurian tale for younger children.


Green Smoke  (Puffin, ?)


An R Dragon novel.






Book of Charms and Changelings, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Devils and Demons, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Dragons, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Dwarfs, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Enchantments and Curses, A  (Dutton, 1976.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Ghosts and Goblins, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Giants, A  (Dutton,  ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Magic Animals, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Mermaids, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Monsters, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Ogres and Trolls, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated  stories.


Book of Princes and Princesses, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Sorcerers and Spells, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Witches, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Wizards, A  (Dutton, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Cauldron of Witches, A  (Pied Piper, 1988.)


                Not seen.


Peter and the Piskies  (Roy, 1958.)


                Collection of unrelated Cornish folk tales.


Red Indian Folk and Fairy Tales  (Roy, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Red King and the Witch, The  (Roy, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Vice Versa  (World Film Publications, 1947.)


                Based on the film version of the novel by F. Anstey.




Horn  (Houghton Mifflin, 1969, Avon, 1970.)


                Marginal fantasy about the strange life of a very successful businessman who has a horn growing out of the center of his forehead.




Phantom Lover, The  (Jove, 2000.)


                A regency romance novel involving an authentic ghost who befriends a woman ostracized because she turned down a marriage proposal.




Roller Coaster Ghost, The  (Scholastic, 1983.)


                A multi-path gamebook.




Hawk the Slayer  (New English Library, 1981, based on the screenplay by ?)






Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea  (Tor, 2001.)


Brierley #1.


                After her people were virtually exterminated by another people whom they believed to be friends, one of the last witches in the world conceals her powers and tries to make a life for herself.


Sea Lark's Song, The  (Tor, 2002.)


Brierley #2.


                A fugitive seeks others of her kind in hopes of restoring their culture and bringing magic back into the world.


Twilight Rising, Serpent's Dream  (Tor, 2004.)


Brierley #3.


                The woman who thought she was the last living witch in a land where they are persecuted to extinction discovers two young siblings with magical powers of their own.




Devil's Armor, The  (Gollancz, 2003, DAW, 2003.)


Akeela #2.


                The protagonist steals magic armor with which to battle an evil queen, but is corrupted by the power he has obtained.


Eyes of God, The  (DAW, 2002.)


Akeela #1.


                The king of Liiria travels to an enemy's capital to negotiate a peace settlement.  He is successful and takes the daughter of the rival king as his betrothed, but she has contracted a terminal disease which can only be cured if he undertakes a quest.


Grand Design, The  (Bantam, 2000, Gollancz, 2000, Millennium, 2001.)


Tyrants and Kings #2.


                An aristocrat and a religious leader both make a bid for power in the aftermath of the emperor's death, and a dedicated soldier finds it difficulty to decide which side to support.


Jackal of Nar, The  (Bantam, 1999, Millennium, 1999.)


Tyrants and Kings#1.


                The leader of an invading army is trapped by duty into a battle he doesn’t believe in, in service of a dying emperor.


Saints of the Sword, The  (Bantam, 2001, Gollancz, 2001.)


Tyrants and Kings #3.


                The tyrannical emperor of Nar has finally decided to bring peace to the lands he rules, but his enemies are uniting their forces against him.


Starfinder  (DAW, 2009.)


Skylords #1.


A young man learns to command a mechanical flying creature.


Sword of Angels, The  (DAW, 2005, Gollancz, 2005.)


Akeela #3.


                A demonically possessed suit of armor is taken up by a man who falls under its influence, provoking a war.




Exile of Ellendon, The  (Doubleday, 1974.)


                A reporter investigating the sighting of a unicorn gets caught up in a battle in another universe whose border with our reality has begun to crack.




Lady Henterman's Wardrobe (DAW, 2018.)


Murder of Mages, A (DAW, 2015.)


Maradaine #2.




Thorn of Dentonhill, The  (DAW, 2015.)


Maradaine #1.




MARGROFF, ROBERT E.  (See collaborations with Piers Anthony.)




Blade of Fortriu  (Tor, 2006.)


Bridei Chronicles #2.


                Politics and military tactics as the new king decides to rid his people of the invaders who have long occupied part of their land.


Child of the Prophecy  (Tor, 2002.)


Sevenwaters #3.


                The advance of civilization is driving all of the magic out of ancient Ireland.


Cybele's Secret  (Knopf, 2008.)


Wildwood #2.




Dark Mirror, The  (Tor, 2005.)


Bridei Chronicles #1.


                A young man adopts a child left by the fairies.


Daughter of the Forest  (HarperCollins, 2000, Tor, 2000.)


Sevenwaters #1.


                The Lord of Sevenwaters and his six sons have all fallen under a sorcerous curse.  Their only hope is the single daughter, who has escaped the curse and who seeks the power to free her family.  Unfortunately, she has been abducted by agents of a foreign power.


Dreamer's Pool (Roc, 2014.)


Blackthorn #1.




Flame of Sevenwaters (Roc, 2012.)








Heart's Blood  (Roc, 2009.)


A cursed man is menaced by a supernatural presence in a nearby wood.


Heir to Sevenwaters  (Roc, 2008.)


Sevenwaters #4.


A child is stolen and replaced with a changeling.


Seer of Sevenwaters  (Roc, 2010.)


Sevenwaters #5.


An apprentice druid befriends a shipwrecked man on a perilous adventure.


Shadowfell  (Knopf, 2012.)




Son of the Shadows  (Pan, 2000, HarperCollins, 2001, Forge, 2001.)


Sevenwaters #2.


                The daughter of a woman who raised a magical curse finds herself defying her family when she falls in love with the leader of an outlaw band. 


Tower of Thorns (Roc, 2015.)


Blackthorn #2.




Well of Shades, The  (Tor, 2007.)


Bridei Chronicles #3.


                A spy sent to gain intelligence about the enemies attacking a kingdom learns more about himself than he does about his foes.


Wildwood Dancing  (Knopf, 2006.)


Wildwood #1.


                Five young girls battle an evil relative who wishes to exploit their gateway to another world.


Wolfskin  (Tor, 2003.)


Vikings #1.


                Mild magical content as Viking warriors colonize a new land.




Door, The  (Scholastic, 2014.)


A teen finds a gateway between worlds.


MARIOTTE, JEFF (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


City Under the Sand  (Wizards of the Coast, 2010.)


A Dark Sun novel.




Dawn of the Ice Bear  (Ace, 2006.)


Marauders #3.


                A group of adventurers search for stolen artifacts and a traitor.


Ghost of the Wall  (Ace, 2006.)


Marauders #1.


                Treachery leads to the slaughter of an entire clan in the fringes of the world of Conan.


Winds of the Wild Sea  (Ace, 2006.)


Marauders #2.


                A warrior in a primitive world fights for the honor of his tribe.


MARKHAM WENDY  (Pseudonym of Wendy Corsi Staub, who writes horror.)


If Only in My Dreams  (Signet, 2006.)


Time travel romance.




Ara's Field  (DAW, 1991.)


Aeyrie #3.


The three races dividing a world among them, representing sea, sky, and land, are attempting to work out a permanent peace among themselves in the small community of Triad.  But someone is assassinating key members of two delegations, throwing suspicion on the third.  But a fourth, hidden race, is actually responsible.


Dancing Jack  (DAW, 1993.)


A woman who has barely survived her participation in an unsuccessful rebellion leaves her farm to search for her only surviving relative.  When she eventually finds him, he is involved with a new rebellion, and despite her weariness of the struggle, she is drawn into the world of plots and scheming once again.


Delan the Mislaid  (DAW, 1989.)


Aeyrie #1.


An ugly, shunned creature falls under the spell of an evil wizard shortly before metamorphosing into one of the Aeyrie, a technological winged race that rules the skies.  Under the wizard's influence, she becomes a tool against her own people.


Earth Logic  (Tor, 2004.)


Elemental Logic #2.


                The throne has been offered to a witch, but she refuses to accept it, and a deadly plague and other dangers threaten to achieve what an invading army could not.


Fire Logic  (Tor, 2002. Small Beer, 2012.)


Elemental Logic #1.


                Three disparate people combine to help their people organize resistance against an invading army.


Moonbane Mage, The  (DAW, 1990.)


Aeyrie #2.


A renegade ruler of one Aeyrie community seeks to use magical powers and an army of the land bound Walkers to assert his authority over the entire world.


Watcher's Mask, The  (DAW, 1992.)


A brutal dictator has brainwashed a group of people whose bodies house multiple personalities, using their skills to reinforce his control.  But one of their number is experiencing blackouts, during which one of her personalities is actually working to undermine his authority.


Water Logic  (Small Beer, 2007.)


Elemental Logic #3.


An invading army has been captured and is now being uncomfortably absorbed into the population of Shaftal.  But there is an even greater challenge facing both groups.


MARL, DAVID J.  (See collaborations with David Arscott.)




Devil in Crystal, The  (Faber, 1944.)


                A man is magically transported back twenty years into his own past.


MARLOWE, STEPHEN  (Also wrote Science Fiction as Richard Prather.)


Lighthouse at the End of the World, The  (Dutton, ?, ?)


Edgar Allan Poe leads dual lives.


MARMELL, ARI  (Also writes Horror.)


Agents of Artifice  (Wizards of the Coast, 2009.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.




Conqueror's Shadow, The  (Spectra, 2009.)


Corvis #1.


An unusual hero gets involved in a war in a fantasy realm.


Covenant's End (Pyr, 2015.)


Widdershins #4.


An old enemy acquires supernatural powers.


False Covenant  (Pyr, 2012.)


Widdershins #2.


A former thief battles a supernatural creature.


Goblin Corps, The  (Pyr, 2011.)


Military fantasy.


Hallow Point (2015.)


Hot Lead, Cold Iron (Titan, 2014.)


Mick Oberon #1.


A tough elf detective.


Lost Covenant  (Pyr, 2013.)


Widdershins #3.


A young woman uncovers a plot involving two noble houses.


In Thunder Forged  (Pyr, 2013.)


Fall of Llael #1.


War in a world that uses both steam power and magic.


Thief's Covenant (Pyr, 2012.)


Widdershins #1.


An orphan turned thief is menaced by a mysterious force.


Warlord's Legacy, The  (Spectra, 2011.)


Corvis #2.


A controversial hero must battle again.




Computer That Ate My Brother, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1985, Apple, 1987.)


                Implausible story about a computer that has a mind of its own and has the power to make people disappear.  For younger readers.




Revolt of the Oyster  (Doubleday, 1922.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


When the Turtles Sing  (Doubleday, 1928.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Seven Black Diamonds (Harper, 2016.)


A teenager is half fae.


MARS, KASEY  (Pseudonym of Kat Martin.)


Dream, The   (Pinnacle, 1995.)


                Romance novel involving a mildly vengeful ghost.


Silent Rose, The  (Pinnacle, 1994.)


                An author is taking a vacation when she begins to have memories not her own and decides to investigate an old mystery.  In the process, she finds true love.


MARSH, GEOFFREY  (See also Lionel Fenn.  Pseudonym of Charles L. Grant, who also writes SF and horror under that and many other names.)


Fangs of the Hooded Demon, The  (Tor, 1988.)


Lincoln Blackthorne #4.


                Blackthorne dodges assassins and other dangers as he scours Europe in search of a pair of fangs that are rumored to have been those of Dracula himself.


King of Satan’s Eyes, The  (Doubleday, 1984, Tor, 1987.)


Lincoln Blackthorne #1.


                Mildly occult adventure featuring a two-fisted hero and his quest to track down a magical artifact and prevent it from falling into the hands of the villains.


Patch of the Odin Soldier, The  (Doubleday, 1987, Tor, 1988.)


Lincoln Blackthorne #3.


                Blackthorne is hired to track  down another reportedly magical artifact, a carving of a Viking that is supposed to give its possessor extraordinary powers.  But are his employers worthy of such abilities?


Tail of the Arabian, Knight, The  (Doubleday, 1986, Tor, 1988.)


Lincoln Blackthorne #2.


                An adventurer who poses as a tailor actually leads a secret life in which he tracks down magical artifacts, in this case the tail of a stallion which supposedly possesses the power of healing.




Night Tourist, The  (Hyperion, 2007.)


Jack Perdu #1.


A teenager finds a magical world under a city.


Twilight Prisoner, The  (Hyperion, 2009.)


Jack Perdu #2.


A teenager sees ghosts.




Second Coming, A  (Lane, 1900.)


                A novel of the Second Coming of Christ.




Blade of Black Steel, A (Orbit,?)


War #2.


Crown for Cold Silver, A  (Orbit, 2015.)


War #1.


War in a fantasy world.


War of Crimson Embers, A (Orbit, 2017.)


War #3.


The end of a magical war.




Father Malachy’s Miracle  (Doubleday, 1931, Heinemann, 1931, Sun Dial, 1936, Pocket, 1947, Pan, 1952, Image, 1955, Fontana, 1962.)


                To prove the existence of God, a priest initiates a miracle in which an entire dance hall vanishes from its original location and reappears on a remote island.




Earth Giant  (Doubleday, 1960.)


                A retelling of the legend of Hercules.




Enchanted Golf Clubs, The.  (See The Haunted Major.)


Haunted Major, The  (Richards, 1902, rant & Murray, 1932, Moray, 1951.  Stokes, 1920, as The Enchanted Golf Clubs.)


                The ghost of a famous golfer shows up to help a man win a bet.




King of Kor, The  (Marshall, 1908.)


                A metaphysical sequel to H. Rider Haggard’s She.




Written Script, The  (Viking, 1998.)


                A scholar dies and returns to visit his homeland ten years later, only to discover that his life’s work has apparently disappeared.  Although he seems fated to be forgotten, he struggles against his destiny from beyond the grave.


MARSTON, ANN  (Pseudonym of Ann Marston Gyoba.  The Sword in Exile series is a sequel to the Rune Blade series.)


Broken Blade  (Harper, 1997.)


Rune Blade #3.


                The magical shield that protects a peaceful island from the evil sorcerers without is failing, and the magical sword that might have protected them has been broken.  Is all lost?  Do you really think that’s likely?


Cloudbearer's Shadow  (Harper, 1999.)


Sword in Exile #1.


                A young man returns to his conquered homeland to find all of the magical artifacts that should have defended it are ineffective or missing, and his people are on the brink of surrendering hope as well.


Kingmaker’s Sword  (Harper, 1996.)


Rune Blade #1.


                Two separate peoples who were once united face a mutually dangerous future when the quest for a magical sword sets in motion the forces of imminent war.


King of Shadows  (Harper, 2000.)


Sword in Exile #2.


                Not seen.


Sword and Shadow  (Avon, 2000.)


Sword in Exile #3.


                Four friends must find a pair of magical swords and use their wits and powers to raise an evil spell that has kept their people in exile for generations.


Western King, The   (Harper, 1996.)


Rune Blade #2.


                A ruler’s three sons have different powers, but one of them is destined to solve the puzzle of the rune blade and use it to repel the pirates and evil sorcerers who are simultaneously menacing their kingdom.


MARTIN, CODY  (See collaboration with Mercedes Lackey.)




Busy Bodies  (Olympia, 1963, Bee-Line, 1968.)


                Pornography about friendly ghosts with sexual yearnings.


MARTIN, GAIL Z.  (Also writes Horror.)


Blood King, The  (Solaris, 2008.)


Chronicles of Necromancer #2.


The battle for the throne continues.


Dark Haven  (Solaris, 2009.)


Chronicles of Necromancer #3.


Magic becomes unstable in a fantasy world.


Dark Lady's Chosen  (Solaris, 2009.)


Chronicles of Necromancer #4.


Civil war looms in the aftermath of other magical struggles.


Dread, The (Orbit, 2012.)


Fallen Kings #2.




Ice Forged (Orbit, 2013.)


Fallen Kings #3.




Shadow and Flame (Orbit, 2016.)


Ascendant #2.




Summoner, The  (Solaris, 2007.)


Chronicles of Necromancer #1.


                A stolen throne can only be reclaimed by raising the dead.


Sworn, The  (Orbit, 2011.)


Fallen Kings #1.




Vendetta (Solaris, 2015.)




War of Shadows (Orbit, 2015.)


Ascendant #1.






Clash of Kings, A  (HarperCollins, 1997, Bantam, 1999.)


Winterfell #2.


                Magical assassination rears its head as the rival kings each attempt to better their situation through armed conflict or political maneuvering.  Multiple subsidiary characters struggle to survive as things become increasingly dangerous.


Dance with Dragons, A  (Bantam, 2011.)


Winterfell #5.


The battles for various thrones continue. 


Feast for Crows, A  (Bantam, 2005.)


Winterfell #4.


                As kings die, their would be successors plot to seize power.  Increasing numbers of soldiers desert and become outlaws, and the religious hierarchy begins to raise its own army.


Game of Thrones, A  (Bantam, 1996, HarperCollins, 1997.)


Winterfell #1.


                A land uneasily united splits into various warring factions with rival kings.  Political intrigues and large scale battles fail to resolve the larger issues, and on the fringes of the kingdom, the dead are rising to attack the living.


Ice Dragon, The  (Tor, 2006.)


                Young readers’ book about a child who is befriended by a powerful ice dragon.


Storm of Swords, A   (Bantam, 2000.)


Winterfell #3.


                The rivalry among various claimants to the throne narrows as several are killed, apparently by sorcery.  Allies of some of the survivors find themselves changing allegiances, and a woman rises from the dead seeking vengeance on those who murdered her family.




Catchfire  (Allen & Unwin, 1982.)


Magic #2.


                The protagonist brings a sacrificed girl back to life in order to reverse an ancient curse.


Giftwish  (Allen & Unwin, 1980, Houghton Mifflin, 1981.)


Magic #1.


                A boy is tricked into posing as an heroic warrior by a conniving wizard, escapes, finds an enchanted  sword, and eventually proves himself to be what he pretended.


Soul Master, The  (Allen & Unwin, 1984.)


                Not seen.




Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  (Random House, 1989, based on the screenplay by Jeffrey Boam and Barry Watson from the story by George Lucas).


An Indiana Jones novel.


An adaptation of the film aimed at younger readers.


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom  (Random House, 1984.)


                A version of the film for younger readers.


Raiders of the Lost Ark  (Random House, 1981.)


                A version of the film for younger readers.


Young Indiana Jones and the Secret City  (Random House, 1990.)


                Not seen.


Young Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Terror  (Random House, 1990.)


                Not seen.




Darkling Hills, The  (NAL, 1986, Signet, 1988.)


                Two doomed lover dare to pursue their affection despite the will of the gods.  This sets in motion an ancient prophecy that involves war and other dire events.




Forget Me Not (Vinspire, 2014.)


Romance involving a curse.




Awakening, The  (Ace, 1997.)


Magelord #1.


                The evil sorcerers who once warred across the world are long gone, but there are hints that one or more of them may be waking from an age long sleep.


Call to Arms, A  (Ace, 1995.)


Steve Wilkinson #3.


                With technology from our world, an evil magician is conquering his home world, but Steve Wilkinson finds the power to cross over to the dreamlands once again to finally bring his reign of terror to an end.


House of Bairn, The  (Ace, 1999.)


Magelord #3.


                A man who discovers that he has magical powers flees his current crisis to a thousand years in the past, where he hopes to reshape history.


Matter of Honor, A  (Ace, 1994.)


Steve Wilkinson #2.


                After returning to our world from a fantasy realm he visited via dreams, Wilkinson finds evidence that his sorcerous enemy has crossed into our world and is amassing modern weapons to take back with him.


Time of Madness, The  (Ace, 1998.)


Magelord #2.


                The people of a fantasy world are disturbed by evidence that magical powers are once more being manifested, fearing a return to the time when wizards battled one another and ordinary people were their inadvertent victims.


Two Edged Sword, A  (Ace, 1994.)


Steve Wilkinson #1.


                Standard fantasy adventure with a man from our world who volunteers for a dream research project, and while sleeping is transported into a magical realm filled with monsters and murderers.




Duel of the Masters  (TSR, 1984.)


An Endless Quest book.


Multi-path gamebook about a magical castle guarded by martial arts experts.


Prince of Thieves  (TSR, 1988.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


MARTINE-BARNES, ADRIENNE  (Pseudonym of Adrienne Martinez.  See also collaborations with Diana Paxson.)


Crystal Sword, The  (Avon, 1988.)


Sword #2.


                The son of a woman sent back through time to save medieval England must descend into the underworld and defeat its master in the latest battle between the forces of good and evil.


Dragon Rises, The  (Ace, 1983.)


                Odd fantasy in which Dracula and King Arthur turn out to be manifestations of the same soul.


Fire Sword, The  (Avon, 1984.)


Sword #1.


                A 20th Century woman is sent back by the gods to medieval England where she tries to figure out their purpose, and discovers instead her destiny is to save that country from the encroaching darkness of evil magic.


Last Grail Knight, The  (?)


                Not seen.


Rainbow Sword, The  (Avon, 1988.)


Sword #3.


                The grandson of a woman kidnapped through time sets off to Byzantium at the bidding of the gods who desire that he confront and defeat a growing force of evil magic centered in that region.


Sea Sword, The  (Avon, 1989.)


Sword #4.


                Yet another generation must pick up a magic sword and use it to defeat the forces of evil, this time concentrated under the sea.


MARTINEZ, A. LEE  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Divine Misfortune (2010)


In the Company of Ogres  (Tor, 2006.)


                The adventures of a military unit filled with misfits in a humorous fantasy world.


Last Adventure of Constance Verity, The (Orbit, 2016.)


A woman with magical powers wants to retire from saving the world.


Nameless Witch, A  (Tor, 2007.)


                A knight sets off to battle an undead witch.


Too Many Curses  (Tor, 2008.)


The housekeeper in a wizard's castle has problems when his curses begin to wear off.


MARTON, SANDRA  (Pseudonym of Sandra Myles.)


Til Tomorrow  (Pinnacle, 1996.)


                A woman inherits a remote house and plans to sell it, but then she discovers that there is a lonely ghost haunting the building, after which she falls in love with the spirit.




Chalet Bougy-Villars  (Zebra, 1975.)


                A child with extra-sensory perception has visions of her mother’s death.  Predictably, no one believes her until it is almost too late to do anything.




Halfway Down Paddy Lane.  (See Out of Time, Into Love.)


Out of Time, Into Love  (Vagabond, 1981.  Dial, 1981, as Halfway Down Paddy Lane.)


                A contemporary teen finds herself back in 1850, in love with a boy who mistakenly believes that she’s his sister, but eventually she convinces them otherwise and they run away together.




Book of Discoveries, A  (Wells Gardner, 1910, Stokes, 1910.)


                Episodic children’s fantasy.


Box of Delights, The  (Heinemann, 1935, Macmillan, 1935, Puffin, 1965, Dell, ?, Fontana Lion, 1985.)


Kay Harker #2.


                A young girl comes to the assistance of a mysterious man menaced by agents of the world of magic.


Midnight Folk, The  (Heinemann, 1927, Macmillan, 1927, Puffin, 1963.)


Kay Harker #1.


                A young man encounters magic during a search for a lost treasure.




Dilemmas   (Hodder, 1934, Doubleday, 1935.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Prisoner in the Opal, The  (Doubleday Doran, 1928, Hodder, 1953.)




Three Gentlemen, The  (Hodder, 1932.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.




Deep Gods, The  (Lancer, 1973, Wildside, 2002.)


                The gods of the ocean pluck a man through time for use as a pawn in their struggle against evil.  He comes from a world where men and dolphins share the world amicably, and that has taught him how to survive in his new environment.


Kavin’s World  (Lancer, 1969, Wildside, 2002.)


Kavin #1.


                A sea captain who is also a prince finds his life turned upside down when evil forces invade and destroy his homeland.  To rectify the situation, he sets off on a quest across the ocean to find the citadel of the mysterious Three who are responsible.


Return of Kavin, The  (Lancer, 1972, Wildside, 2002.)


Kavin #2.


                The alien creature which Kavin drove out of the world cannot physically return, but can use its  mental powers to influence the thoughts of a living ruler.  And in that fashion, it sets out to exact revenge on its old enemy.


Sorcerer’s Skull, The  (Lancer, 1970, Wildside, 2002.)


                After incurring a debt to a sorcerer, the hero is forced to travel across the ocean to a mysterious land whose reputation is one of unutterable evil.  There he has various adventures before successfully discharging his obligation and returning home.




Minotaur, The  (Bantam Skylark, 2002.)


Myth Quest #1.


                Teenagers travel back through time and discover that not only is the minotaur real, but that one of them is Theseus.


Red Wolf's Daughter  (Bantam Skylark, 2002.)


Myth Quest #3.


                A teenager is projected back to the era before Europeans colonized America.




Leap Day  (Little Brown, 2006.)


                A teenager looks into the minds of other people for a single day.




Mooncrow  (Berkley, 1979.)


                On an Earth recently recovering from a new ice age, magic has become real and is used as a weapon of war.  The hero must master the dark arts in order to turn the tide of battle against an encroaching empire.




Mad Kestrel  (Tor, 2008.)


A woman conceals her magical abilities from a mysterious guild who controls all magic.




Of Two Minds  (Bain & Cox, 1994, Simon & Schuster, 1995.)


                A young woman in a world where everyone can wish things into existence flees from a marriage she doesn’t want and finds herself in another world where an evil tyrant shares her need for power.




Among the Blueberries  (Lugus, 1992.)




MATHESON, RICHARD (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Abu and the Seven Marvels  (Gauntlet, ?)


                Young adult novel about a genie and a magical quest.


Bid Time Return  (Viking, 1975, Ballantine, 1976, Sphere, 1977, Tor, 1999.  Ballantine, 1980, Gauntlet, 1999, as Somewhere in Time.)


                Filmed as Somewhere in Time.  A love story involving reincarnation, with a couple meeting in a later life and feeling strongly attracted to one another, because they were lovers in their previous incarnation.  This time they are determined to make the relationship work.


Other Kingdoms  (Tor, 2011.)


A World War I soldier discovers that fairies really exist.


Path, The  (Tor, 1999.)


                An essay on the nature of reality thinly disguised as fiction.


Somewhere in Time.  (See Bid Time Return.)


Somewhere in Time/What Dreams May Come  (Dream Press, 1992.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


What Dreams May Come  (Putnam, 1978, Berkley, 1979, Joseph, 1979, Gauntlet, 1998.)


                A man dies but in the afterlife he is determined to be united with the woman he loves, even though she is still among the living.




At the Rising of the Moon  (McClure, 1893, Tait, 1893.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


MATHEWS, PATRICIA  (See collaboration with Andre Norton and Sasha Miller.)




Power in the Dark, The  (Salal, 1997.)


                In the years directly following the first Crusade, two young people in the British Isles search for magical swords.  Announced as the first volume in a trilogy.


MATSON, NORMAN   (See also collaboration with Thorne Smith.)


Bats in the Belfry  (Popular Library, 1943, Doubleday, Doran, 1943.)


                Sequel to The Passionate Witch by Thorne Smith.  A mildly sexy comedy about a man who brings his dead wife back to a semblance of life, much to the consternation of his associates.


Enchanted Beggar, The.  (See Flecker’s Magic.)


Flecker’s Magic  (Boni & Liveright, 1926, Benn, 1926.  Lippincott, 1959, as The Enchanted Beggar.)


                A man is given a magic ring that will grant his every wish, but he also receives the knowledge that by using it he could literally destroy the world.




Damned Pretty Things (Aqueduct, 2020.)


Coming of age in America, with magic.




Songs of the Deep Green  (Ardent, 2010.)


Alarai Chronicles #2.


A perilous journey by sea to seek allies in a magical war.




Tales of Fantasy and Fact  (Harper, 1896.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Song of the Serpent  (Paizo, 2012.)


A Pathfinder novel.


A thief gets caught and forced to perform a dangerous mission.




Outcasts, The  (Delacorte, 2007.)


Some unpopular kids run into trouble when reality shifts.




Catalina  (Doubleday, 1948, Book of Month Club, 1948, Sun Dial, 1950, Bantam, 1951, Lancer, ?)


                An historical novel with magic as a minor theme.  A young woman’s unusual abilities get her in trouble with the Spanish Inquisition.


Magician, The  (Heinemann, 1908, Cardinal, 1957, Doubleday, 1957.)


                A woman is entranced by a repulsive man who apparently manipulates her emotions through his knowledge of magic.




League of Heroes, The  (Black Coat, 2005, translated from the 2002 French edition by Manuella Chevalier.)


                Sherlock Holmes and other fictional characters battle a gang led by Peter Pan.




Not in Our Stars  (Unwin, 1923.)


                A man travels backward through his own time stream while maintaining memories of what happened in his own future, and then wrestles with the urge to change the course of his life.




Bitterwood  (Solaris, 2007.)


Albekizan #1.


An aging dragon hunter wants revenge.


Dragonforge  (Solaris, 2008.)


Albekizan #2.


A religious movement threatens a fantasy world.


Dragonseed  (Solaris, 2009.)


Albekizan #3.


Humans battle dragons.


Greatshadow (Solaris, 2012.)


Dragon Apocalypse #1.


A warrior tries to steal a dragon's treasure.




Time Out of Mind  (Houghton Mifflin, 1986, Tor, 1987.)


                The protagonist finds himself propelled back to the 1880’s every time it snows.  There he is the target of a murder attempt, and his persona is also involved in an attempt to kill someone else.  An unusual ghost story mixed with time travel.


MAY, JULIAN  (See collaboration with Marion Zimmer Bradley & Andre Norton.)


Blood Trillium  (Bantam, 1992, HarperCollins, 1992.)


                A sorcerer seeks to achieve power by sowing dissension among three magically gifted sisters.


Conqueror's Moon  (Ace, 2004.)


Boreal Moon #1.


                Three of four warring kingdoms have suffered natural disasters, and now the fourth wants to conquer the others.


Ironcrown Moon  (Ace, 2005.)


Boreal Moon #2.


                Efforts to hold a new empire together falter as enemies arise on every side.


Sky Trillium  (Del Rey, 1996, Voyager, 1997, HarperCollins, 1997.)


                Three sisters with magical powers each hold a talisman.  Uniting the three would bring an end to the myriad natural disasters threatening the world, but one sister is missing and a second seems to have drained the magic from her own.


Sorcerer's Moon  (Ace, 2006.)


Boreal Moon #3.


                Treachery and magical miracles as a beleaguered king attempts to protect his people from conquest.




Ardistan & Djinnistan  (Seabury, 1977, Bantam, 1980.)


                Two novels about adventures in a strange, Oriental fantasy world in which the dead still move and magic works. 




Falling Machine, The  (Pyr, 2011.)


Society of Steam #1.


A woman investigates a murder in a steam powered alternate America.




Immune (?, 2013, Talos, 2016.)




How the Gods Wove in Kyrannon  (Doubleday, 1979, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1980, Ace, 1982.)


Kyrannon #1.


                The gods cause a number of disparate characters from the far reaches of the world to be drawn together where their interaction will change the course of history for all of their people.


Lords of the Triple Moons  (Atheneum, 1983, Ace, 1984.)


                Ambitious underlings overthrow and kill their rulers, stealing their place, confident that the only remaining members of a more powerful race are simple children who cannot endanger them.  But as time passes, the children grow up, and an old wrong is about to be put right.


Makra Choria  (Atheneum, 1987.)


                The rulers of a magical land share a psychic power that they have for the most part used only for good.  But occasionally someone seeks personal influence and this time it results in a battle for the future of an entire world.


Riddles and Dreams  (Images Publishing, 2003.)


Exiles of Damaria #1.


                In a fantasy world where animals have been elevated to the stature of humans, a civil war results in exile, a  quest, and the theft of a magical artifact.


Runes of the Lyre  (Atheneum, 1982, Ace, 1983.)


                A world is about to be invaded and calls up its army, but before they can act they are all cast into an enchanted sleep.  The only way to waken them is with music from a magical lyre, and the only person who can play it is a more than human figure whose location is unknown.  Predictably enough, someone sets out to find her.


Saga of Grittel Sundotha, The  (Atheneum, 1985.)


                Not seen.


Seeker of Shar-Nuhn, The  (Doubleday, 1980, Ace, 1982.)


Kyrannon #2.


                A civilization survives by its knowledge of three magical secrets, each of which can cause catastrophic effects on the outside world.  Things get decidedly dangerous when a brilliant thief decides to take it as a personal challenge to learn all three secrets himself.


Soul-Singer of Tyrnos  (Atheneum, 1981, Ace, 1983.)


                Three unlikely adventurers team up to trace the source of a creeping evil force that is destroying their world, and eventually are able to set things right.


Warlock’s Gift   ( Doubleday, 1982.)


                An evil sorcerer stole the hero’s throne, but now he has a girl friend with magic of her own and the two young people react when the villain plans his assassination.




Highland Guardian  (Pocket, 2007.)


Historical romance involving a gateway to a magical world.




Blemyah Stories, The  (Walker, 1987.)


                Collection of related stories.


Blue Book of Hob Stories, The  (Walker, 1984.)


Hob #1.


                Collection of related stories.


Book of Hob Stories, The  (Walker, 1991.)


                Omnibus of the first four Hob books.


Cuddy  (?, 1994.)


                Not seen.


Earthfasts  (Hamish Hamilton, 1966, Dutton, 1967.)


                Not seen.  Magical time travel sets off a series of bizarre, sometimes supernatural events.


Green Book of Hob Stories, The   (Walker, 1984.)


Hob #2.


                Collection of related stories.


Hob and the Goblins  (?, 1983.)


Hob #5.


                Goblins invade the human world but are thwarted by the likable and clever Hob.


Hob the Peddler  (DK Ink, 1997.)


Hob #6.


                Children’s story about a traveling peddler who has wondrous adventures.


It  (Hamish Hamilton, 1977, Greenwillow, 1978.)


                A young girl is troubled by a poltergeist.


Kelpie, The  (Jonathan Cape, 1987.)


                Not seen.


Red Book of Hob Stories, The  (Walker, 1984.)


Hob #3.


                Collection of related stories.


Yellow Book of Hob Stories, The  (Walker, 1984.)


Hob #4.


                Collection of related stories.




Accidental Witch, The  (Hyperion, 1995.)


                Through mischance, a youngster gains her fondest wish, the ability to use witchcraft.  Because she achieved it in such a haphazard manner, it works with similar lack of predictability.


Kid in King Arthur’s Court, A  (Disney, 1995, from the screenplay by Michael Part & Robert L. Levy.)


                Merlin tries to bring a knight back from the future to help in Camelot, but instead gets a young boy who proves up to the task.


Mabel Makes the Grade  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Sister Violet #3.




Trouble with Violet, The  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Sister Magic #1.


A girl discovers there is magic in her family.  For younger readers.


Violet Makes a Splash  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Sister Magic #2.




Violet Strikes a Chord (Scholastic, 2007.)


Sister Magic #4.


Magic is useful when learning the piano.




Saturday, the Twelfth of October  (Delacorte, 1975, Dell, 1976.)


                A teenager who is convinced that she lives in the worst of all possible worlds takes a nap in the woods.  When she wakes up, she has somehow gone back through time to prehistory, where she learns a great deal about life by interacting with primitive humans.


MCALLISTER, BRUCE  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Village Sang to the Sea, The  (Aeon, 2013.)


An American boy discovers magic in Italy.




Heir of Mistmantle, The  (Hyperion, ?)


Mistmantle #3.




Urchin and the Hearthstone  (Hyperion, 2007.)


Mistmantle #2.


More squirrel magic.


Urchin and the Rage Tide  (Hyperion, 2009.)


Mistmantle #5.


Animal magic.


Urchin and the Raven War  (Hyperion, 2008.)


Mistmantle #4.


Evil ravens attack their neighbors.


Urchin of the Riding Stars  (Hyperion, 2005.)


Mistmantle #1.


                Epic fantasy involving a squirrel.




Joy in Mudville  (Dutton, 1989, Wildside, 2000.)


                A fantasy set in the 1930s involving Babe Ruth, Al Capone, possible visitors from Mars, and other wonders.


Woman with a Blue Pencil (Seventh Street, 2015.)


A detective discovers that he is just a character who has been written out of a new novel.




Black Horses for the King  (Del Rey, 1996, Magic Carpet, 2008.)


                A novel of Camelot.


Exchange of Gifts, An  (Roc, 1995, Wildside, 1995.)


                Short story about a girl with the ability to make plants grow through the power of wishing.


Girl Who Heard Dragons, The  (Cheap Street, 1986.)


                Short story published alone.


If Wishes Were Horses  (Roc, 1998.)


                Short fantasy about a healer who helps to impart wisdom to her teenaged daughters when their father is called away to war and they must grow toward maturity in his absence.


No One Noticed the Cat  (Roc, 1996, Wildside, 2004.)


                Short story about a prince whose chief adviser is a magically talented cat.


Smallest Dragonboy, The  (Dragonhold, 1982.)


                Short story published as a pamphlet.




Alia Waking  (Clarion, 2003.)


                A young girl uses a magical link to trees to help her defeat her enemies.




Dryad, The  (Methuen, 1905.)


                Historical fantasy involving the Greek gods.




Across the Thlassa Mey  (Del Rey, 1991.)


Thlassa Mey #4.


                An aging ruler must set out on a desperate quest for a magic book in order to avert the doom promised to his kingdom by the foretelling of an oracle.


Birth of the Blade, The  (Del Rey, 1993.)


Thlassa Mey #5.


                When it becomes clear that traditional heroes cannot overthrow the evil lords of the world, a goddess recruits a handful of unlikely warriors and gives them the task of freeing their land.


Flight to Thlassa Mey  (Del Rey, 1986.)


Thlassa Mey #1.


                A princess and a disgraced knight flee across a magical realm, pursued by a brutal conqueror and his associate, an insane wizard.  Eventually they escape their foes, but not really, since their troubles resume in the next volume.


Lords of Thlassa Mey  (Del Rey, 1989.)


Thlassa Mey #3.


                Although there is ostensibly peace in the land, old enemies never quite fade away, and this time there’s a round of new plotting which causes the villains to seek out certain legendary magical artifacts as the means to bring down their enemies.


Warriors of Thlassa Mey  (Del Rey, 1986.)


Thlassa Mey #2.


                All of the good folk have become widely separated, each facing a separate danger.  Finally they are reunited, drawn by a mysterious force to an ancient temple.  But the mind behind that drawing is their most deadly enemy, hoping to destroy them all with a single plot.




Jace (Berkley, 2011.)


Shadow Wranglers #2.


Werewolves and romance in the old West.


Jared  (Berkley, 2010.)


Shadow Wranglers #1.


A cowboy paranormal romance. The hero is a benevolent bloodsucking cowpoke.


Slade  (Berkely, 2011.)


Shadow Wranglers #3.


A benevolent vampire in the Old West.




Stones Are Hatching, The  (Harper, 2000.)


                Offbeat fantasy set in England during World War I.  A young boy and a group of very strange companions set out on a quest.  For younger readers.




Rebel Thunder  (Del Rey, 2003.)


A Mage Knight novel.


                A group of rebels try to overthrow the repressive rule of Atlantis, the flying city.




Autumn Republic, The (Orbit, 2016.)


Powder Mage #3.




Crimson Campaign, The  (Orbit, 2014.)


Powder Mage #2.




Promise of Blood  (Orbit, 2013.)


Powder Mage #1.




Sins of Empire (Orbit, 2017.)




In Deep Waters  (Silhouette, 2002.)


                Romance involving sunken treasure and mermaids.


MCCONCHIE, LYNN  (See also collaborations with Andre Norton.)


Questing Road, The  (Tor, 2010.)


An innocent must be sacrificed to raise a supernatural army.




Courts of Sorcery, The  (Ace, 1997.)


Jazen #3.


                Jazen returns from his last mission a changed man.  He has changed because the demon he drove out of a small town has taken up residence inside his own body.


Fountains of Mirlacca, The  (Ace, 1995.)


Jazen #1.


                The hero has the ability to make things burst into flame with the power of his will, but it’s a mixed blessing, since some consider him possessed by demonic forces.  He is taken under the wing of a sorceress, but his powers grow even stronger under her tutelage.


Itinerant Exorcist, The  (Ace, 1996.)


Jazen #2.


                Jazen travels to a small town whose healer has been accused of being a demon.  His mission is to clear the man’s name, but to do so he will first have to find out who in the village really is in league with supernatural forces of evil.


Scimitar  (Aspect, 1996.)


#2 in the multi-author Highlander series.


A member of a secret society is called upon to deliver a magical sword to the Highlander, an immortal warrior,

but there are interested parties who would prefer to see that it end up somewhere else.




Almost a Goddess  (Avon, 2006.)


                A demigoddess goes to Las Vegas to earn her right to Mt Olympos.


Heaven Sent  (Zebra, 2003.)


                Romance novel involving angels.


I Dream of You  (Zebra, 2001.)


                A young woman finds a bottle with a genie in it.


One Night with a Goddess  (Avon, 2007.)


A muse is sent to Earth to help people.


You're the One  (Zebra, 2001.)


                A ghost and a witch work out their long standing family feud in this humorous romance.




Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth  (Bantam, 1997.)


An Indiana Jones adventure.


A legendary Icelandic relic lures Jones to a remote and dangerous trek that leads into the very bowels of the Earth.


Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone   (Bantam, 1995.)


An Indiana Jones adventure.


Jones is off to visit Mussolini's Italy to try to regain control of a stolen manuscript that may lead not only to the secret of transmutation to gold, but also a means of acquiring personal immortality.


Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx  (Bantam, 1999.)


An Indiana Jones adventure.


                Jones travels to Egypt to prevent bad guys from getting hold of an occult book that makes it possible to rewrite the destiny of individuals and nations.




King of Ice Cream, The  (Five Star, 2004.)


                An artifact buried in a rural region could set off a new fall of angels and a transformation of the Earth.




Forbidden Magic  (St Martins, 2005.)


                A witch helps protect the world from an influx of demons.


Seduced by Magic  (St Martins, 2006.)


Good witches battle evil forces.




Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter, The  (Scribner, 1992.)


                A genuine psychic and a possible ghost.


She Walks These Hills  (?, 1994.)






Bared Blade  (Ace, 2012.)


A Fallen Blade novel.




Blade Reforged (Ace, 2013.)


A Fallen Blade novel.




Broken Blade (Ace, 2011.)


A Fallen Blade novel.


A former warrior works as a thief.


Darkened Blade, The (Ace, 2015.)


A Fallen Blade novel.




CodeSpell  (Ace, 2008.)


Fate #3.


A sentient computer virus mixes with real magic.


Cybermancy  (Ace, 2007.)


Fate #2.


A computer hacker must retrieve data from Hell.


Drawn Blades (Ace, 2014.)


A Fallen Blade novel.




Mythos  (Ace, 2009.)


Fate #4.


A man is thrown into an alternate universe where the Norse gods are real.


Spellcrash  (Ace, 2010.)


Fate #5.




WebMage  (Ace, 2006.)


Fate #1.


                A sorceress and a computer programmer battle one of the Fates.




Talker 25 (Greenwillow, 2014.)


Dragon adventure for young adults.




Lightland  (Orchard, 2002.)


                Young adult fantasy in which two children are transported into a fantasy world and help defeat its evil ruler.




Little Something Extra, A  (Harlequin, 1996.)


                Romance novel in which a woman is guided to true love with the assistance of a leprechaun.




Last Dragon  (Apex, 2011.)




Never Knew Another  (Night Shade, 2011.)


Dogsland #1.


Intrigue in a world where some people are secretly part demon.


When We Were Executioners (Night Shade, 2012.)


Dogsland #2.






Judgment  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                Multiple wizards battle for control of a talisman of power.


Moons of Mirrodin, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                An orphaned elf goes on a quest that will change the course of history.




King of Morning, Queen of Day  (Bantam, 1991.)


                An obscure family possesses magical powers that enable them to physically manifest things from their imagination in the real world.  Although some of these are relatively innocuous, like fairies, there is also a deadly danger in some of their imaginings. 




Battle Sylph, The (Leisure, 2010.)






Shattered Sylph, The  (Leisure, 2010.)


Sylph #2.






Merlin’s Gift  (Avon, 1997.)


Mordred #2.


                Mordred has been partially reconciled with King Arthur, but endangers his future by engaging in an affair with Guinevere while Arthur is off on a war of conquest.


Mordred’s Curse  (Avon, 1996.)


Mordred #1.


                An unusual take on the legend of Arthur, who is here portrayed as an ignorant and superstitious man who spurns the loyalty offered by Mordred.




Lightbringer  (Pyr, 2011.)


Reaper #1.


Young adult fantasy about a teenager who helps the souls of  the dead move on.


Never  (Pyr, 2013.)


Reaper #3.


The magical world is on the brink of destruction.


Reaper  (2012.)


Reaper #2.


An orphan who can communicate with the dead deals with a crisis.




North of Mystery  (McPherson, 1987.)


                A novel about a man’s adventures in a dream world.




Moonspell  (Leisure, 1994.)


A moonstone transports a woman back through time to an England castle.  A romance novel.


Tears of Fire  (Leisure, 1994.)


A woman loves two different men from two different centuries.




Binder's Road, The  (Tor, 2003.)


Eiden Myr #2.


                Very episodic novel about the adventures of various characters in a world where a cataclysmic event has changed the very nature of magic.


Illumination  (Tor, 2001.)


Eiden Myr #1.


                A newly enfranchised magician loses her powers and appeals to the council of magicians.  They agree to help, but only if she first captures a rogue whom they claim has perverted magic for evil purposes.


Triad  (Tor, 2005.)


Eiden Myr #3.


                A major quest is needed to find a magical power great enough to turn back the enemy.




Icetowers  (Tower, 1982.)


Greylock #2.


                After regaining the throne of his icebound kingdom, Greylock must deal with assassins and foreign armies all intent upon removing him from his position.


Snowcastles  (Tower, 1981.)


Greylock #1.


                After being dispossessed of his throne, a warrior hero descends into the underworld seeking human and inhuman allies to help him overthrow the usurper.


Star Axe  (Tower, 1980.)


                The hero is the reluctant heir to a magical axe that causes a supernatural army to descend upon his people.  With a few friends, he sets off to solve the mystery of the axe and find a way to neutralize its magic.




Angel Interrupted  (Berkley, 2010.)


Dead Detective #2.


A ghost helps solve a murder and an abduction.


Desolate Angel  (Berkley, 2009.)


Dead Detective #1.


The ghost of a policeman solves a crime.




Dirty Work  (Roc, 1993, Pan, 1993.)


Jason Cosmo #3.


                Although he intended to retire from being a hero, Cosmo is set on a new mission.  This time he has to find a magic artifact and remove it from the world before a group of demons can locate it and use it to conquer the world.


Jason Cosmo  (Signet, 1989, Pan, 1990.)


Jason Cosmo #1.


                After being incorrectly identified as a fabled hero, a woodcutter must escape or defeat a variety of powerful bounty hunters.  Then, just to make things even worse, the gods decide that he is perfectly suited to become the hero he has been mistaken for.


Royal Chaos  (Roc, 1990, Pan, 1990.)


Jason Cosmo #2.


                A reluctant champion is forced to take up arms once again when a new queen is assassinated and her widower husband decides to launch a war against whoever is responsible.


MCGOUGH, SCOTT  (See also collaboration which follows, and others with Cory Herndon.)


Assassin's Blade  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                A hero sets out to defeat the court assassin.


Betrayers of Tanizawa (Wizards of the Coast, 2005.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


A warrior battles with conflicting loyalties.


Chainer's Torment  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                A magician goes into a trance and allows monsters of the id to emerge.


Champion's Trial  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                A kingdom subdued by a repressive inhuman ruler is home to a growing number of dissidents.


Emperor's Fist  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                A repressive emperor sends his champion to lead the subjugation of a rebel stronghold, but he has second thoughts once he is on the spot.


Guardian Saviors of Kamigawa  (Wizards of the Coast, 2005.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                War breaks out between the realm of humans and the realm of spirits.


Heretics Betrayers  (Wizards of the Coast, 2005.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                A warrior finds he has divided loyalties in an alternate magical version of ancient Japan.


Outlaw: Champions of Kanizawa  (Wizards of the Coast, 2004.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                A young woman consults with the spirits in an effort to avert a war.


Time Spiral  (Wizards of the Coast, 2006.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                A man who travels between worlds discovers that time is acting up in his home continuum.




Future Sight  (Wizards of the Coast, 2007.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


A reluctant warrior must step up to prevent the disruption of the multiverse.




King’s Quest  (TSR, 1984.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Magical Fellowship, The  (Lodestar, 1992.)


Magic #1.




Magician’s Apprentice, The  (Lodestar, 1987.)


Magician #1.


                Not seen.


Magician’s Challenge, The  (Lodestar, 1989.)


Magician #3.


                Not seen.


Magician’s Company, The  (Lodestar, 1988.)


Magician #2.


                Not seen.


Question of Magic, A  (?, 1993.)


Magic #3.




Shadow of Fomor, The  (Dutton Lodestar, 1991.)


                Teenaged visitors to Ireland are magically transported to an alternate universe where they are caught up in a magical battle.


Sir MacHinery  ( ?, 1970.)


                Not seen.


Trial of Magic, A  (?, 1992.)


Magic #2.




MCGRAW, CHARLES G.  (See collaborations with Mark Garland.)




Moorchild, The  (McElderry, 1996.)


                A changeling child is blamed for everything that goes wrong in the village until she finally rescues the human taken in her place.


Rundlestone of Oz, The  (Hungry Tiger, 2001.)


An Oz novel.


                An animated puppet goes in search of a magical artifact and encounters a mysterious stranger.




King's Quest  (TSR, 1984.)


An Endless Quest book.


Multi-path gamebook about a treasure hunt in a magical land.




Merry Go Round in Oz  (Books of Wonder, ?)






Rigger Black Book  (FASA, 1991.)


A Shadowrun novel.


                Not seen.




Revenant  ((Harper, 2011.)


Eleven Kingdoms #3.


Young adult fantasy world.


Scarred Man  (Harper, ?)


Eleven Kingdoms #2.




Slave of Sondelle  (Harper, ?)


Eleven Kingdoms #1.






Raid on Nightmare's Castle  (TSR, 1983.)


An Endless Quest book.


Multi-path gamebook about the rescue of a kidnapped prince.


MCGUIRE, SEANAN  (Also writes Horror as Mira Grant.)


Artificial Night, An  (DAW, 2010.)


October Daye #3.


Someone is kidnapping human and fairy children.


Ashes of Honor (DAW, 2012.)


October Daye #6.




Boneyard (Tor, 2017.)


A Deadlands novel.


A traveling circus runs into supernatural trouble in a magical alternate America.


Brightest Fell, The (DAW, 2017.)


Chaos Choreography (DAW, 2016.)


Incryptid #5.




Chimes at Midnight (DAW, 2013.)


October Daye #7.




Discount Armageddon  (DAW, 2012.)


Incryptid #1.


Something strange is happening within the community of inhumans.


Every Heart a Doorway (Tor, 2016.)




Half Off Ragnarok (DAW, 2014.)


Incryptid #3.




Indexing (47North, 2014.)


Fantastic archetypes become real.


Late Eclipses  (DAW, 2011.)


October Day #4.


A mysterious illness leads to a shift in the power balance among the fairies.


Local Habitation, A (DAW, 2010.)


October Daye #2.


A changeling investigates a missing woman.


Midnight Blue-Light Special  (DAW, 2013.)


Incryptid #2.


A woman has to intercede to protect some inhumans.


One Salt Sea  (DAW, 2011.)


October Daye #5.


Someone has kidnapped the child of a faerie ruler.


Pocket Apocalypse (DAW, 2015.)


Incryptid #4.




Red Rose Chain, A (DAW, 2015.)


October Daye




Rosemary and Rue  (DAW, 2009.)


October Daye #1.


A changeling has adventures in a version of San Francisco that borders Faerie.


Sparrow Hill Road (DAW, 2014.)




Tricks for Free (DAW, 2018.)


Velveteen vs the Junior Super Patriots  (IsFic, 2012.)


A girl with the ability to bring toys to life battles his former super friends.


Winter Long, The (DAW, 2014.)


October Daye #8.






Stoneflight  (Viking, 1975, Avon Camelot, 1976.)


                A lonely little girl is befriended by a magical stone griffin that comes to life and takes her off for a series of adventures.




I Am Thinking of My Darling  (Simon & Schuster, 1943, Huston, 1945, Signet, 1950.)


                A mysterious, contagious fever of love affects people in New York City.  Sexy for its time but very tame by contemporary standards.




Lost Island   (World, 1954, Macmillan, 1954, Signet, 1955.)


                Marginal story about a man whose plane crashes on a mysterious island with a lovely female inhabitant.




Betrayal  (HarperCollins, 2005.)




Blood and Memory  (Eos, 2006.)


Quickening #2.


                A man trapped in another's body battles a cruel and tyrannical king.


Bridge of Souls  (Eos, 2005.)


Quickening #3.


                Despite his best efforts, the protagonist sees his lover about to be forcibly wed to an evil king.


Emissary  (?, Eos, 2007.)


Percheron #2.




Goddess  (?, Eos, 2009.)


Percheron #3.




Myrren's Gift  (Eos, 2005.)


Quickening #1.


                The destiny of two very different young men affects the future of a magical kingdom.


Odalisque  (?, Eos, 2006.)


Percheron #1.




Revenge  (HarperCollins, 2005.)




Royal Exile  (Eos, 2009.)


Valisar #1.


The future of a kingdom is in jeopardy when enemies threaten to destroy it in order to discover the secrets of their magic.




Keepers of the Flame  (Black Library, 2005.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Inhuman creatures invade the empire of humans.


Star of Erengard  (Black Library, 2002.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A mercenary decides to rid a city of its insidious evil.


Taint of Evil  (Black Library, 2003.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A primitive fantasy world resembling early Russia is menaced by a supernatural evil.




Moon and the Sun, The  (Pocket, 1997.)


                In 17th Century France, the king is a spoiled tyrant who gloats over the possession of a genuine mermaid.  The woman who is charged with communicating with the mermaid has more sympathy for her charge than for her sovereign, and in the consequences lies the story.




Echo in the Chimney, The  (Gollancz, 1996.)


Paradise House #2.


Something is trapped in the walls of a young boy's house.  For younger readers.


Magic in the Mirror, The  (Gollancz, 1996.)


Paradise House #1.


A young girl discovers a magical set of juggling balls and causes mischief.  For younger readers.




Venus Envy  (Forge, 2007, Tor, 2008.)


Venus #1.


                A frustrated woman’s life is altered when the goddess Venus takes an interest.


Venus Guy Trap  (Tor, 2010.)


Venus #2.


The goddess of love tries to nudge a woman into romance.




Assassin's Edge, The  (Orbit, 2002.)


Einarinn #5.


                A bored warrior goes along on a trip to open up some abandoned settlements and runs into trouble with pirates.


Banners in the Wind  (Solaris, 2010.)


Lescari Revolution #3.


The aftermath of a rebellion in a fantasy realm surprises most of the participants.


Blood in the Water  (Solaris, 2009.)


Lescari Revolution #2.


A revolutionary movement springs up in a repressed magical kingdom.


Dangerous Waters (Solaris, 2011.)


Hadrumal Crisis #1.


A sorcerer illegally uses magic to help pirates.


Darkening Skies  (Solaris, 2012.)


Hadrumal Crisis #2.


The devious plots of a renegade sorcerer endanger a kingdom.


Defiant Peaks  (Solaris, 2012.)


Hadrubal #4.




Gambler’s Fortune, The  (Orbit, 2000.)


Einarinn #3.


                A thief with magical knowledge seeks to market her wares to two rival sorcerers.


Golden Rule,The  (Newcon, 2022.)


Novella set in an alternate Victorian era.


Irons in the Fire  (Solaris, 2009.)


Lescari Revolution #1.


The fall of an empire leads to the creation of a new nation.


Southern Fire  (Tor, 2005.)


                A people who have forsworn the use of magic must reconsider when an evil force conquers all of their neighbors.


Swordsman’s Oath, The  (Orbit, ?, Avon, 2000.)


Einarinn #2


                A warrior, a thief, and a wizard team up to go on a quest when their homeland is invaded by spies and saboteurs from a league of foreign sorcerers.


Thief’s Gamble, The  (Orbit, 1999, Harper, 1999.)


Einarinn #1.


                A part time thief gains possession of an artifact from an unknown period in the history of her world.  When she tries to sell it, she attracts unwanted attention and is suddenly caught in the middle of a dangerous political intrigue.


Warrior’s Bond, The  (Orbit, 2001.)


Einarinn #4.


                Fresh problems for a swordsman hero menaced by magical forces when he is assigned as an aide to one of the last surviving noblemen.


Wizard's Coming, The  (Solaris, 2011.)


Hadrubal #3.






Oldest God, The  (Butterworth, 1926.)


                The battle between good and evil is manipulated by Pan.




Taash and the Jesters  (Holt Rinehart & Winston, 1968.)


                Young adult fantasy involving witches.




Child Queen, The  (Del Rey, 1994, Legend, 1997.)


Guinevere #1.


                The story of Camelot told from the point of view of Guinevere, warned by a seer as a child that she would rise to greatness but ultimate commit an act of great betrayal.


Grail Prince  (Del Rey, 2003.)


                The story of Sir Galahad, son of Lancelot, who performs good works and searches for the grail in an attempt to make up for his father's sins.


High Queen, The  (Del Rey, 1995, Legend, 1997.)


Guinevere #2.


                Guinevere attempts to make Mordred into a worthy successor for King Arthur, but she is foredoomed to failure.


Prince of Dreams  (Del Rey, 2003.)


                A retelling of the story of Tristan and Iseult against the backdrop of Camelot.


Queen of Camelot  (Del Rey, 2001, Orbit, 2002.)


                Omnibus of The Child Queen and The High Queen.


MCKEONE, DIXIE LEE  (Writes science fiction as Lee McKeone.)


Greatheart  (TSR, 1996.)


                A human boy raised by the elves in an enchanted wood is instrumental in protecting that sanctuary from the intrusion of an army of the undead, and the attentions of a creature who wishes to use those legions as his soldiers.


Sentinel, The  (Harper, 1996.)


#1 in the multi-author Thunderscape series.


A formerly happy world has been ravaged by the forces of evil, so the survivors turn to a blend of science and sorcery in order to protect themselves from physical and mental assaults.


Son of Dawn  (TSR, 1995.)


A Dragonlance First Quest novel


                An orphan searching for a new home rescues some elf children.  Unbeknownst to him, they are members of a royal family and are being pursued by a nasty magician.  His assistance becomes critical to their continued liberty and eventually his actions result in a new home for himself.


Spider's Test, The  (TSR, 1996.)


                A heroic figure tries to protect his people from the minions of the Spider King.


Tales of Uncle Trapspringer  (TSR, 1997.)


A Dragonlance: Adventures in Krynn novel.


                Episodic story of a feisty wanderer through magical lands and his varied adventures among the human and inhuman creatures who dwell there.


MCKIERNAN, DENNIS L.  (Note that the Iron Tower, Silver Call, Hel’s Crucible, and Mithgar series are all set in the same world.)


At the Edge of the Forest  (Thornwall, 2012.)




Brega Path, The  (Doubleday, 1986, Signet, 1987.)


Silver Call #2.


                A small contingent of a great army is sent on a perilous mission to seize an important trail that will allow the main army to advance and crush the forces of evil.


Caverns of Socrates  (Roc, 1995.)


                Arguably SF rather than fantasy.  An advanced virtual reality system allows players to completely immerse themselves in a fantasy world.  Things go wrong when the computer gets out of control and the outcome of the battles could affect the players’ lives.


City of Jade  (Roc, 2008.)


A Mithgar novel.


A quest to find a lost city.


Darkest Day, The  (Doubleday, 1984, Signet, 1985.)


Iron Tower #3.


                The climactic battle as the forces of good press home the attack against the legions of an evil sorcerer who is attempting to waken a supernatural being of immense power.


Dark Tide, The  (Doubleday, 1984, Signet, 1985.)


Iron Tower #1.


                An ancient evil is stirring once more and the King of Mithgar sends out the call to the various races of that magical land to raise armies to help stave off the expected onslaught.


Dragondoom  (Bantam, 1990.)  


A Mithgar novel.


                Adventurers kill a dragon and steal his treasure, but now a much more powerful dragon has allied itself with a sorcerer, and the two are determined to get the treasure back.


Dragonstone, The  (Roc, 1996.)


A Mithgar novel.


                A woman is troubled by visions of an imminent evil coming to Mithgar, so she sets out on a quest to discover the meaning of a series of riddles that also reach her psychically.


Eye of the Hunter, The  (Roc, 1992.)


A Mithgar novel.


                The appearance of a comet in the sky of Mithgar heralds the reawakening of an evil creature believed dead generations before, so a party of reluctant heroes sets out to kill him a second time.


Into the Fire  (Roc, 1998.)


Hel’s Crucible #2.


                Two friends and their diverse allies fight their way through legendary monsters, evil magic, and natural calamities in order to answer the call of the High King and help prevent the overwhelming of their world by the forces of chaos.


Into the Forge  (Roc, 1997.)


Hel’s Crucible #1.


                The two protagonists discover a dying messenger who sends them on a mission of terrible importance.  They must penetrate dangerous lands dominated by an evil sorcerer in order to carry a token of warning to the forces arrayed on the far side.


Iron Tower, The  (Roc, 2000.)


                Omnibus of the Iron Tower trilogy.


Once Upon a Dreadful Time  (Roc, 2007.)


Faery #5.


Various heroes unite to prevent a witch from releasing an evil sorcerer from captivity.


Once Upon an Autumn Eve  (Roc, 2006.)


Faery #3.


                A knight is rescued by a fairy princess.


Once Upon a Spring Morn  (Roc, 2006.)


Faery #4.


                A knight must rescue an imprisoned maiden.


Once Upon a Summer Day  (Roc, 2005.)


Faery #2.


                A fairy prince searches for a girl who appears in his dreams.


Once Upon a Winter's Night  (Roc, 2001.)


Faery #1.


                The young wife of a prince of Faery is puzzled by his insistence that she never see his face.  She falls in love with him and then one night finds him sleeping uncovered, through which act she sets in motion a terrible curse which requires that she complete a quest.


Red Slippers  (Roc, 2004.)


A Mithgar book.


                Collection of related short stories.


Shadows of Doom  (Doubleday, 1984, Signet, 1985.)


Iron Tower #2.


                Pivotal battles have been fought in the war against evil, and although the forces of good have not yet won a victory, a number of leaders have emerged to lend heart to those who still fight.


Silver Call, The  (Roc, 2001.)


                Omnibus of Trek to Kraggen-Cor and The Brega Path.


Silver Wolf, Black Falcon  (Roc, 2000.)


A Mithgar novel.


                In a retroactive look at events preceding the other novels in this series, two unlikely partners set out on a quest to change history and neutralize a prophecy of doom for their people.


Stolen Crown, The  (Roc, 2014.)


A Mithgar novel.




Tales of Mithgar  (Roc, 1994.)


A Mithgar book.


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Trek to Kraggen-Cor  (Doubleday, 1986, Signet, 1987.)


Silver Call #1.


                The defeated forces of evil have retreated to a remote fortress where they are replenishing their numbers and preparing for yet another assault on Mithgar.  To thwart them, a great army is raised and sent off to destroy them in their lair.


Voyage of the Fox Rider  (Roc, 1993.)


A Mithgar novel.


                Upset by what she believes to be prophetic dreams involving her missing lover, a reclusive woman enlists the aid of a mage and others to accompany her on a voyage of discovery into a remote part of Mithgar.




Alphabet of Thorn  (Ace, 2004.)


                A young scholar has her life changed by a magical book.


Bards of Bone Plain, The  (Ace, 2010.)


Two men separately exploring history and mythology discover that their quests are linked.


Bell at Sealey Head, The  (Ace, 2008.)


A phantom bell is heard only by certain members of a community.


Book of Atrix Wolfe, The  (Ace, 1995.)


                After inadvertently bringing doom upon his people, a man who is living with the wolves sees a chance for redemption.


Changeling Sea, The  (Atheneum, 1988, Del Rey, 1989, Oxford University, 1991.)


                After her father dies at sea, a young girl tries to use her small magical talents to keep the ocean from ever taking another fisherman’s life.  She is nearly powerless, however, when a sea dragon takes human form and comes ashore on a mysterious mission.


Chronicles of Morgon, Prince of Hed, The.  (See Riddle Master.)


Cygnet  (Ace, 2007.)


                Omnibus of The Sorceress and the Cygnet and The Cygnet and the Firebird.


Cygnet and the Firebird, The  (Ace, 1993, Pan, 1994.)


Cygnet #2.


                A sorceress has a series of adventures following the appearance of a magical bird.


Dreams of Distant Shores (Tachyon, 2016.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Forgotten Beasts of Eld, The  (Atheneum, 1974, Avon, 1975, Berkley, ?, Orbit, 1987, Magic Carpet, 1996, Gollancz, 2005.)


                A woman who has lived all her life among a variety of magical animals has her world turned on end when an outside arrives with an infant, awakening old memories of another existence.


Harpist in the Wind  (Atheneum, 1979, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1979, Del Rey, 1980.)


Riddle Master #3.


                A clever but beleaguered man must make a dangerous journey to discover the meaning of the symbols on his forehead, while evil shapechangers impersonate his friends and threaten to plunge the world into darkness.


Harrowing the Dragon  (Ace, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Heir of Sea and Fire  (Atheneum, 1976, Del Rey, 1978, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1979.)


Riddle Master #2.


                A woman sets out to find her missing lover and traces him to a remote region.  There, however, she discovers that he has been transformed and that he means to involve her in an evil plan.


House on Parchment Street, The  (Atheneum, 1973.)


                A gentle ghost story.


In the Forests of Serre  (Ace, 2003.)


                An inattentive knight kills a chicken and attracts a witch's curse that threatens him with an arranged marriage, which he avoids by crossing into another world.


Kingfisher (Ace, 2016.)


The protagonist discovers that he actually comes from a fantasy world.


Night Gift, The  (Atheneum, 1976.)


                Not seen.


Od Magic  (Ace, 2005.)


                 A man with a magical talent for growing plants finds himself at the center of a subtle power play.


Ombria in Shadow  (Ace, 2002.)


                Following the death of the local ruler, his wife plots against his son.  But elsewhere, a sorceress and the ghosts of the dead are determined to see justice done.


Riddle-Master  (Ace, 1999, Gollancz, 2001. Doubleday, ?, as Riddle of Stars.  Doubleday, 1981, as The Chronicles of Morgon, Prince of Hed.)


                Omnibus of the Riddle Master trilogy.


Riddle-Master of Hed, The  (Atheneum, 1976, Del Rey, 1978, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1979, Orbit, ?, Easton, ?, Millennium, 2001)


Riddle Master #1.


                All magical knowledge in the world is hidden in riddles created by the now vanished wizards.  The hero is a young man who wins a riddle contest and defeats an evil man, only to find himself forced to flee to more powerful friends while trying to solve the riddle of his own existence.


Riddle of Stars.  (See Riddle-Master.)


Something Rich and Strange  (Bantam, 1994.)


                A woman living in the Pacific Northwest suspects that one of the local residents is more than he appears, that he is somehow magically connected to the ocean.


Solstice Wood  (Ace, 2006.)


                A woman returns to her home town to confront her fears of a magical woodland.


Song for the Basilisk  (Ace, 1998.)


                A man raised by bards after the destruction of his family by a basilisk decides that the fate of his world and his own destiny require that he penetrate the land of his enemies and discover the truth about his past.


Sorceress and the Cygnet, The  (Ace, 1991, Pan, 1991.)


Cygnet #1.


                A man with unusual powers explores a magical building in his attempt to find a way to lead his people out of the enchanted swamp in which they are trapped.


Stepping from the Shadows  (Atheneum, 1982, Berkley, 1984.)


                Frances has a particularly rich fantasy world as a child, which she discarded as she grew up.  But even as an adult, a mysterious figure from her imagined past seems to be lurking in her vicinity, a man with more than human attributes.


Throme of the Erril of Sherill, The  (Atheneum, 1973, Tempo, 1974.)


                Children’s fantasy about a youngster tempted to visit a magical house and steal an object belonging to a magician.


Tower at Stony Wood, The  (Ace, 2000.)


                A knight learns that the new queen is actually an illusion spun from evil sorcery.  He sets out on a quest to find a way to reveal the truth and save his people.


Winter Rose  (Ace, 1996, Atom, 2002.)


                The protagonist returns to claim the family holdings, despite the warnings of a family curse and the resentment of neighbors.


Wonders of the Invisible World  (Tachyon, 2012.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Iron Ship, The (Solaris, 2015.)


Gate of Worlds #1.


The dead have become reluctant to go after an ancient evil awakens in a peaceful fantasy world.


MCKINLEY, PAULA  (Pseudonym of Paul D'Echeverry.)


Silver Threads, Golden Needles  (Jove, 2000.)


                Romance novel in which a woman uses a magic needle.  When used to sew a quilt, the product has the ability to magically comfort those who use it.


MCKINLEY, ROBIN  (See also collaboration with Peter Dickinson.)


Beauty  (Harper & Row, 1978, Pocket, 1979, 1978, MacRae, 1983, Harper Trophy, 1993, Eos, 2005.)


Beauty #1.


                A retelling of the story of Beauty and the Beast, a young woman drawn to a repulsive man despite his gruff demeanor.


Blue Sword, The  (Greenwillow, 1982, Berkley, 1983, MacRae, 1983.)


                Epic of war and adventure featuring a woman who ignores the usual role of her gender and takes up a legendary sword to fight for her king.


Chalice  (Ace, 2009.)


A young woman learns that she is destined to watch over her people.


Deerskin  (Ace, 1993.)


                Fleeing the wrath of her father the king, a young woman and her dog find entrance to a magical world in which she finds refuge.


Door in the Hedge, The  (Greenwillow, 1981, Ace, 1982, MacRae, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dragonhaven (Putnam, 2007)


Young adult novel about a boy who finds a dragon.


Hero and the Crown, The  (Greenwillow, 1984, MacRae, 1985, Berkley, 1986, Orbit, ?, Ace, 2006.)


                A sorceress enchants a king to father her only child, hoping for a son who will rule the land.  But the child is a girl, the mother is distraught, and this is the story of the young woman’s adventures as a warrior of her people.


Knot in the Grain and Other Stories, A  (Greenwillow, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Outlaws of Sherwood, The  (Greenwillow, 1988, Ace, 1989.)


                Marginal retelling of the story of Robin Hood.


Rose Daughter  (Greenwillow, 1997, Ace, 1998.)


Beauty #2.


                A sequel to the retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast.  Now that Beauty has fallen in love with the Beast, the power of that affection begins to show its ability to transform him.


Spindle's End  (Ace, 2001.)


                A novel based on the story of the Sleeping Beauty, enchanted by a magical spindle into sleeping to escape her evil stepmother.


Stone Fey, The  (Harcourt, 1998.)


                A child encounters a magical creature.


MCKNIGHT, JENNA  (Pseudonym of Ginny Schweiss.)


Witch in the House  (Avon, 2007.)


Witch #1.


Romance involving contemporary witchcraft.




Daughter of Ireland  (Tor, 2002.)


                A druid priestess tries to maintain her magic gifts in a changing world.




Love, Lust and Pixie Dust  (Signet Eclipse, 2006.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Cursed Land, The  (Harper, 1995.)


#5 in the multi-author Magic the Gathering series.


Game derived fantasy novel about the kidnapping of a member of a family cursed because one of their number used profane magic to enhance his own power and destroyed the magical totem of his tribe.


Song of Time  (Harper, 1996.)


#8 in the multi-author Magic the Gathering series.


An archaeologist stumbles upon knowledge of a magic creature who is about to break out of a centuries long sleep.  He searches for a powerful magical object that might save the world.




Dominion (Angry Robot, 2017.)


Burned Man #2.


Urban fantasy.


Drake (Angry Robot, 2016.)


Burned Man #1.


Urban fantasy.




Bitter Seed of Magic, The  (Ace, 2011.)


Spellcrackers #3.




Cold Kiss of Death, The (?, Ace, 2011.)


Spellcrackers #2.


A ghost assists in a murder investigation.


Shifting Price of Prey, The  (Ace, 2012.)


Spellcrackers #4.




Sweet Scent of Blood, The  (Gollancz, 2008, Ace, 2010.)


Spellcrackers #1.


A fey woman deals with vampirs who have become celebrities.




Beast from the East, The  (Grosset & Dunlap, 1997.)


Dragon Slayers’ Academy #2.


                Not seen.


Have a Hot Time, Hades!  (Hyperion, 2002.)


                Kids book about the various gods growing up in the belly of their father.


New Kid at School, The  (Grosset & Dunlap, 1997.)


Dragon Slayers’ Academy #1.


                Children’s fantasy about the school where you go to learn how to slay dragons.




Glass Dragons  (Tor, 2004.)


Moonworlds #2.


                The voyagers finally reach shore and try to pursue their own particular interests, but unfortunately an experiment with magic on an unprecedented scale is about to affect them all.


Time Engine, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Moonworlds #4.


Our hero travels back through time, or does he?


Voidfarer  (Tor, 2005.)


Moonworlds #3.


                Mysterious capsules fall in Alberin, conveying an army of evil sorcerers.


Voyage of the Shadowmoon  (Tor, 2002.)


Moonworlds #1.


                The crew of a small trading vessel decides to act when they discover the existence of a device that could destroy their world.




Throne of Bones  (Terminal Fright, 1997, Wildside, 2000.)


                Collection of related stories set in a brutal fantasy world.




It Happened One Doomsday (Pyr, 2016.)


Magic #1.


A small time magic user discovers she must save the world from demonic forces.


Kiss Before Doomsday, A (Pyr, 2017.)


Magic #2.


Someone is trying to precipitate a magical apocalypse.


No Sleep Till Doomsday (Pyr, 2018.)


Magic #3.


A magic amulet could destroy the world.




Decoding of Lana Morris, The  (Knopf, 2007.)


                A young girl discovers that she can sometimes make her wishes come true.




Ambassador, The  (Black Library, 2003.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A retired general must return to service when a primitive army threatens a civilized empire.


Defenders of Ulthuan  (Black Library, 2008.)


A Warhammer novel.


Dark elves invade the land of the light elves.


Empire  (Black Library, 2009.)


A Warhammer novel.


A leader unites his people against an army of orcs.


God King  (Black Library, 2011.)


A Warhammer novel.


A king must fight off an invasion aided by dark magic.


Guardians of the Forest  (Black Library, 2005.)


A Warhammer novel.


                An elf and a knight forge an alliance to protect a magic forest.


Heldenhammer  (Black Library, 2008.)


A Warhammer novel.


A warrior ascends to the tribal leadership.


Sons of Ellyrion  (Black Library, 2011.)


A Warhammer novel.


A crucial battle is imminent in a magical war.


Storm of Iron  (Black Library, 2002.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Despite the outer space setting, this one involves sorcery and demons during an interplanetary invasion.


Ursun's Teeth  (Black Library, 2004.)


A Warhammer novel.


                An icebound fortress is the last hope of an endangered nation.




Sunken City and Other Tales from Round the World, The  (Scholastic, 1964, Walck, 1959.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Doomspell   (Dolphin, 2000.)


Rachel #1.


                Children’s book about two youngsters kidnapped to a magical world by a wicked witch.  One of the children has unusual powers of her own with which she is able to defeat the villain.


Scent of Magic, The  (Orion, 2001.)


Rachel #3.


                The witches and wizards go to war when an evil witch sends her army to take control of the suddenly supernaturally empowered children of Earth.


Silver Child, The  (Carolrhoda, 2005.)


Silver Child #1.


                Six children develop unusual powers and are drawn toward an undeveloped area.


Silver City  (Carolrhoda, 2006.)


Silver Child #2.


                Kids with magical powers battle evil.


Wizard's Promise, The  (Orion, 2001.)


Rachel #2.


                A band of witches tries to force a young girl to use her powers to help them defeat a band of wizards.




Sorcerer of Marakaan, The  (Hale, 1980.)


                Not seen.




Chalice and the Blade, The  (Bantam, 1997.)


Wales #1.


Essentially a historical novel set in the 12th Century, but there's sorcery and dragons of a sort as a priestess struggles to understand the nature of magic.


Dragon's Eden  (Bantam, 1995.)


                Romance novel on a remote island that is home to some magical creatures.


Dream Stone  (Bantam, 1998.)


Wales #2.


                A young boy teams up with a nymph to defeat some evil villains and interact with elves, dragons, and other mythical creatures.  A romance novel.


Prince of Time  (Bantam, 2000.)


Wales #3.


                The protagonist is appalled when her legendary savior shows up, but turns out to be a thief and a wastrel.  Can she transform him into what he was meant to be through the power of her love?  You bet she can.  Time travel, science fiction elements, and magical romance.


MEACHAM, BETH  (See collaboration with Tappan King.)




Portal  (E Cat, 2003.)


                A man finds himself sucked into a fairy tale.


MEAD, RICHELLE  (Also writes Horror.)


Gameboard of the Gods (Dutton, 2013.)


Magic in the far future.


Glittering Court, The (Razorbill, 2016.)




Iron Crowned  (Zebra, 2011.)


Dark Swan #3.


A quest for a magic artifact to save a magical kingdom.


Shadow Heir  (Zebra, 2012.)


Dark Swan #4.


A magically empowered woman seeks to protect her homeland.


Storm Born  (Zebra, 2008.)


Dark Swan #1.


The protagonist has to rescue someone abducted into a magical alternate world.


Thorn Queen  (Zebra, 2009.)


Dark Swan #2.


Someone is abducting members of the fae kingdom.


MEADE, RICHARD  (Pseudonym of Ben Haas.)


Exile’s Quest  (Signet, 1970.)


Gray Land #2.


                A heroic figure commits a crime against his king and is compelled to engage in a dangerous quest to acquire a magical stone in order to expiate his guilt.


Sword of the Morning Star, The  (Signet, 1968.)


Gray Land #1.


                A warrior who has lost his hand must step outside of time, prove his mettle, obtain a morningstar in place of his missing hand, and then help a beleaguered kingdom defeat barbarian invaders and wolflike monsters.




Asunder (Tegen, 2013.)


Incarnate #2.




Incarnate (Tegen, 2012.)


Incarnate #1.


Teenage reincarnation.


Infinite (Tegen, 2014.)


Incarnate #3.






Blood of the Gods (Orbit, 2018.)




Death of the Raven  (Ace, 1983.)


Raven #2.


                Her magical powers make Branwen distrusted even by those whom she aided, and now only a Viking warrior stands by her side as circumstances move against her.


Iseult  (Ace, 1985.)


                An Arthurian tale about Tristan and his magical adventures in Ireland, his dalliance with a woman not his wife, and the consequences thereof.


Unkindness of Ravens, An  (Ace, 1983.)


Raven #1.


                A woman with magical healing powers and the ability to communicate with birds falls in love with a Viking warrior and gets caught up in the struggles between the Vikings and the Saxons in the 11th Century.


MEANEY, JOHN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Black Blood  (See Dark Blood.)


Bone Song  (Gollancz, 2007, Bantam, 2008.)


Tristopolis #1.


                Adventures in a world where necromancy is a science.


Dark Blood  (Gollancz, 2008.  Bantam, 2009, as Black Blood.)


Tristopolis #2.


The animated undead are treated as an underclass.




Gods of Manhattan  (Dutton, 2008.)


A man acquires the ability to see a magical alternate version of Manhattan.




Breath of Magic, A  (Bantam, 1996.)


Magic #1.


A 17th Century witch is transported to the present where she helps save the fortunes of a dashing young billionaire.


Bride and the Beast, The  (Bantam, 2000.)


                Romance novel about a woman sacrificed to a dragon who discovers the creature is actually a charming man.


Fairest of Them All  (Bantam, 1995.)


                 Medieval romance involving an ancient curse.


Touch of Enchantment  (Bantam, 1997.)


Magic #2.


Confused mishmash including the Bermuda Triangle, a magic amulet, time travel back to a period when there were really were dragons, and true love found at last.


MEDING, KELLY  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Another Kind of Dead (Bantam, 2011.)


Evy Stone #3.


A woman who battles the supernatural is believed to be dead.


As Lies the Dead  (Dell, 2010.)


Evy Stone #2.


A woman must protect the survivors of a clan against their magical enemy.


Three Days to Dead  (Dell, 2009.)


Evy Stone #1.


A reincarnated woman has to solve her own murder.


Wrong Side of Dead  (Dell, 2012.)


Evy Stone #4.






Markswoman (Harper Voyager, 2018.)


MEIER, PAUL  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Third Millennium, The   (Nelson, 1993.)


                A story of the end of civilization, told from the point of view of a guardian angel charged with watching over one particular family.




Fourth Millennium, The  (Nelson, 1996.)


                This is the sequel to The Third Millennium by Meier alone.  Suspecting that there is a secret conspiracy against Christianity, which has now been objectively proven, the protagonist uncovers a satanic plot.


MEIER, SHIRLEY  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Shadow’s Daughter  (Baen, 1991.)


Shadow #1.


                A street urchin grows tough and successful, trading on her cleverness and physical prowess, as well as a gift for magic.




Shadow’s Son  (Baen, 1991.  This is a revision of The Sharpest Edge, which did not list Wehrstein.)


Shadow #2.


                After rising to head a successful trading company, a woman discovers that her missing daughter is in the hands of the enemy whose armies are about to attack her homeland and disrupt her business, giving her two good reasons to use her unorthodox talents to defeat them.




Cage, The  (Baen, 1989.)


Shadow #3.


                When a man destroys her business and causes her to be sold into a slavery, a woman battles her way back across a primitive world to get revenge.


Saber and Shadow  (Baen, 1992.)


Shadow #4.


                Sword and sorcery and treachery and suspense in a barbaric city.


Sharpest Edge, The  (Signet, 1988.)


Shadow #2.


                Political intrigue among the barbarian leaders in a war of conquest.


MEIKLE, WILLIAM    (Also writes Horror.)


Amulet, The  (Black Death, ?)


Midnight Eye Files #1.




Quality of Mercy and Other Stories, The  (Dark Renaissance, 2013.)


Collection of Sherlock Holmes stories.


Sirens, The  (Black Death, 2008.)


Midnight Eye Files #2.


A detective searching for a missing man runs into kelpies and a family curse.




Druid’s Tune, The  (Kestrel, 1983, Puffin, 1984.)


                Two youngsters from our time are carried back through time to the world of the ancient Celts where they are joined by a wizard in a battle against a relentless enemy.  The twosome hope to return to their own time, but the disappearance of their magically endowed friend makes that doubtful.


Hunter's Moon, The  (Amulet, 2005.)


Chronicles of Faerie #1.


                A teenager rescues her cousin from the king of the fairies.




Shape-Shifter  (Women’s Press, 1990, Pantheon, 1991.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Shadow Bones   (Wordcraft, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Dragon's Fire, Wizard's Flame  (Dragon Moon, ?0


A misfit dragon adjusts to life.




Heaven's Needle (Pocket Star, 2011.)


Ithelas #2.


A magic kingdom is threatened by the living dead.


Hellknight (Tor, 2016.)


A Pathfinder novel.




Last Flight (2014)


Nightblade (Paizo, 2015.)


A Pathfinder novel.


Quest to foil some evil sorcerers.


Nightglass  (Paizo, 2012.)


A Pathfinder novel.


A young boy trained to summon monsters has second thoughts.


River King's Road, The  (Gallery, 2010.)


Ithelas #1.


An infant survives a brutal, magically empowered attack on a border village.




Love Across Time  (St Martins, 1995.)


A modern woman finds herself in Mississippi a century ago, where she hopes to change history to prevent a death in her own time.


Love's Timeless Hope  (St Martins, 1994.)


A writer travels back through time to the Old West and finds true love among the rough hewn men she encounters.  A romance novel.




Shaving of Shagpat, The  (Chapman & Hall, 1856, Ballantine, 1970. Constable, 1900, as The Story of Bhanavar the Beautiful.)


                Episodic oriental fantasy about a humble barber who has a variety of adventures.


Story of Bhanavar the Beautiful, The.  (See The Shaving of Shagpat.)




Cavern of Doom, The  (Tor, 1983.)


Zork #3.


Multi-path gamebook about an adventure in an underground kingdom.


Conquest of Quendor  (Tor, 1984.)


Zork #4.


Multi-path gamebook about the search for a magical helmet.


Forces of Krill, The  (Tor, 1983.)


Zork #1.


Multi-path gamebook based on the text adventure game about trolls, magic swords, wizards, and whatnot.


Malifestro Quest, The  (Tor, 1983.)


Zork #2.


Multi-path gamebook with wizards, cyclops, and other monsters.




Pushcart War, The  (Tempo, 1954, Scott, 1964.)


                Humorous story of a secret war between pushcart peddlers and truckers in New York City.  For younger readers.


MERRITT, A.  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Dwellers in the Mirage  (Boni & Liveright, 1932, Skeffington, 1933, Avon, 1944, Grandon, 1950, Paperback Library, 1962, Collier, 1991.


Two adventurers discover a lost land ruled by a hideous, octopus like god.  One of them is the reincarnation of an ancient hero and his arrival brings a climax to a brooding rivalry between two factions.


Fox Woman, The  (Avon, 1949.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Ship of Ishtar, The  (Putnam, 1926, Avon, 1945, Paizo, ?. Magazine version 1924.)


A scientist receives the model of an ancient ship, and is magically transported aboard, whereafter he becomes embroiled in the rivalry between two magical foes.


Woman of the Wood  (Sedalio, 1948.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.




Black Wheel, The  (New Collectors Group, 1948, Avon, 1981.)


Posthumous collaboration which claims to be largely by Merritt, but Bok actually wrote 19 of the 27 chapters.  A cruise ship founders on an island where a derelict pirate ship is discovered, and the spirits of evil begin to infect the living.


Fox Woman/The Blue Pagoda, The   (Collectors Group, 1946, Arno, 1976.)


                Two unfinished manuscripts by Merritt, completed by Bok.




Night Lace  (Zebra, 1996.)


                A doctor searching for a cure for a new disease suspects a plant that seems to have become extinct, but then she is magically transported through a picture to the appropriate time, and finds true love as well as the cure.




Pyrexia   (III Publishing, 1997.)


                Confusing story of multiple probability worlds in one of which literally exists the goddess of sex.




Last Gate, The  (1st Books, 2001.)


                A fantasy involving a quest, palace intrigue, and the usual magic.


MERZ, JON F.  (Also writes Horror.)


Slayers of the Savage Catacombs (Baen, 2015.)


Shadow Warrior #2.




Undead Hordes of Kan-Gul, The (Baen, 2014.)


Shadow Warrior #1.


A barbarian warrior fights zombies.


METZGER, BARBARA  (See also Celia Jerome.)


Hourglass, The  (Signet, 2007.)


Historical romance about an immortal. 


Miss Treadwell's Talent  (Signet, 1999.)


                A clairvoyant and a medium interfere in the life of a man who has recently lost his love.


Painted Lady, The  (Signet, 2001.)


                A painting comes to life in this Regency romance novel.


Truly Yours  (Signet, 2007.)


Romantic mystery involving a psychic.




Water Mirror, The  (McElderry, 2005, translated from the German by Elizabeth D. Crawford.)


Dark Reflections #1.


                Young adult novel in which two children in a magical alternate menace defeat a sinister entity and save the city.




Murder in Halruaa  (TSR, ?)


                Not seen.




Man They Couldn’t Kill, The  (?, 1944.)


                Not seen.  Occult adventure story.




Book of Knights, The  (Tor, 1998.)


                A young boy reads about knights and their exploits and eventually leaves his village in order to become one and have marvelous adventures.


Chrysanthe  (Tor, 2012.)


A young woman has adventures in multiple realities.




Charming Lily  (Zebra, 2001.)


                An antique brings a woman strange visions about a missing man.


Plain Jane  (Kensington, 2001.)


                A psychiatrist sets out to solve a mystery, finds romance, and encounters a ghostly dog.


MICHAELS, KASEY  (Pseudonym of Kathryn Seidick.)


Maggie Needs an Alibi  (Kensington, 2002.)


                A writer's characters come to life.




Cold Iron  (Roc, 1997.)


Rose Lavine #1. 


A private detective hired to protect the lead singer of a rock band discovers that his popularity is linked to faerie magic that puts both of their lives into danger.  In order to compete, and survive, she must master the art of magic herself.


Sister to the Rain  (Roc, 1998.)


Rose Lavine #2.


                A human detective is hired to investigate strange sounds originating near an artists’ colony of humans and elves.  Shortly after arriving, a human is murdered, and the origin of those sounds suddenly is revealed to be a far more serious event.




Enemy Glory  (Tor, 2001.)


Llewelyn #1.


                A young man training to be a magician has his life disrupted by a war.  Fleeing to safety, he becomes a member of a revolutionary group.


Hecate's Glory  (Tor, 2003.)


Llewelyn #2.


                A newly trained magician leaves the monastery and encounters a variety of dangers and delights as he explores his world.




Firethorn  (Scrinber, 2004.)


Firethorn #1.


                A young woman and a warrior have a tempestuous relationship on the fringe of a war.


Wildfire  (Scribner, 2009.)


Firethorn #2.


Two lovers are torn apart by war and other issues in a magical realm.




Collapsing Castle, The  (Hamish Hamilton, 1990, Ballantine, 1991.)


People #2.


                Two contemporary people find their lives being influenced by the forces that reigned in the far past, still existing on some magical plane.


King’s Evil, The  (Orbit, 1995.)


Mordred #1.


                Not seen.


Knight’s Vengeance, The  (Orbit, 1996, Little, Brown, 1997.)


Mordred #3.


                Not seen.


People in the Picture, The   (Ballantine, 1987.)


People #1.


                Not seen.


Queen’s Captive, The  (Orbit, 1996, Warner, ?)


Mordred #2.


                Not seen.




Circle of Light  (Pan, 1990.)


Custodians #1.


                When an evil prince murders his brother the king, the only hope for the kingdom is if four adventurers can find another noble sold into slavery long before.  On their quest, they encounter an underground city and invoke a mystical power.  This was supposed to be the opening volume of a series, but subsequent adventures have not yet been published.




Fortalice  (?)


                Not seen.


MIEVILLE, CHINA  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


City and the City, The  (Del Rey, 2009.)


A murder mystery set in two cities that overlap in space.


Iron Council  (Del Rey, 2004.)


New Cobruzon #3.


                Revolutionaries steal a magical train and are pursued cross country.


King Rat  (Tor, 1999, Macmillan, 1999.)


                A young man is rescued from the police by a strange person who leads him to an underground kingdom.  There he learns that he is caught in the battle between King Rat and the Pied Piper of Hamelin, a conflict still going on in the modern age but hidden from the eyes of most people.


Kraken  (Del Rey, 2010.)


Someone steals a giant, stuffed squid in a magically endowed London.


Last Days of New Paris, The (Del Rey, 2016.)


Surreal novel of a magical Paris fighting the Nazis.


Looking for Jake  (Del Rey, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Perdido Street Station  (Del Rey, 2001.)


New Cobruzon #1.


                In a bizarre city inhabited by humans, humanoid insects, and other non-human races, a husband and wife both undertake difficult personal missions, one to restore wings to a creature deprived of flight, the other to create a sculpture of a weirdly malformed criminal mastermind.


Scar, The  (Del Rey, 2002.)


New Cobruzon #2.


                A floating city of pirates harnesses a gigantic sea monster while captives and captors alike participate in an elaborate game of deception and intrigue.


Tain, The  (PS, 2003.)


                Novella about England under siege by creatures from the other side of mirrors.


This Census-Taker (Del Rey, 2016.)


A young boy discovers that his father is a killer in an unusual fantasy world.


Three Moments of an Explosion (Del Rey, 2015.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Un Lun Dun (Del Rey, 2007.)


                Two young girls discover that magic is taking over the world.




Addams Family Strikes Back, The  (Pyramid, 1965.)


                Derived from the television series.  A series of comical adventures involving a family of likable monsters.


MILAN, VICTOR  (See also collaboration which follows, and others with Robert E. Vardeman and with Clayton Emery.)


Dinosaur Knights, The (Tor, 2016)


Dinosaur #2.


A religious war on a world of dinosaurs takes a turn for the worst.


Dinosaur Lords, The (Tor, 2015.)


Dinosaur #1.


War in a fantasy world that has dinosaurs.


Dinosaur Princess, The (Tor, 2017.)


Dinosaur #3.


Adventures in a war torn world of magic and dinosaurs.


War in Tethyr  (TSR, 1995.)


A Forgotten Realms Nobles novel.


A caravan inadvertently brings crisis to a kingdom torn by civil war, complicated by the presence of a sorcerer and other villains and heroes.




Runespear  (Questar, 1987.)


                Three prisoners of the Nazis are forced to participate in a secret mission to Greenland to recover Odin’s spear.  In the process, they discover that the monsters of Norse mythology are real and still active in the modern world.




Thirteen Chances  (Signet Eclipse, 2009.)


An eight hundred year old ghost is still waiting for his true love.


MILES, KEITH  (Pseudonym of Robert Tralins.)


Arabian Adventure  (Mirror, 1979.)


                Not seen.




Finale, The  (Intervarsity, 1979.)


New Testament #3.


                A retelling of the New Testament of the Bible in prose and verse.


Guardians of the Singreale  (Harper & Row, 1982, Crossway, 1994.)


Singreale #1.


                An aggressive nation begins to attack their peaceful neighbors, intending to steal a magical gem from them which will make their own armies nearly invincible.


Singer, The  (Intervarsity, 1979.)


New Testament #1.


                A retelling of the New Testament of the Bible in prose and verse.


Song, The  (Intervarsity, 1979.)


New Testament #2.


                A retelling of the New Testament of the Bible in prose and verse.


Star Riders of Ren  (Harper & Row, 1982, Crossway, 1993.)


Singreale #2.


                The heroes of a previous war visit a new land and discover that some of that population has taken on monstrous new forms and turned on their former rulers.


War of the Moonrhymes  (Harper & Row, 1982, Crossway, 1994.)


Singreale #3.


                The final battle is launched as an evil dictator and his army use a magical jewel to wage war against seemingly defenseless, peace loving neighbors who are assisted only by a much smaller force of heroes from neighboring lands.




Dragonbound  (Ace, 1988.)


Dragon #1.


                A young woman falls in love with a noble man, but then must rush to his rescue when he is enslaved by a magical dragon.  Amusing reversal of the standard fantasy plot.


Goblin Plain War, The  (Ace, 1991.)


Dragon #3.


                When their city is destroyed by a vengeful dragon, the survivors try to carve out a new homeland in the plains, but run into the race of goblins which already claims that territory.


Warrior and the Witch, The  (Ace, 1990.)


Dragon #2.


                A pair of unlikely defenders of a besieged city try to discover a way to defeat the terrible dragon that has been attacking their homeland.




Illusionists, The  (Questar, 1991.)


                The discovery and subsequent disappearance of an ancient magical artifact causes problems for the inhabitants of the city.  Unless an elite team can recover it, the artifact may be used to unleash a terrible evil force upon the entire population.




Swarmthief’s Dance  (Gollancz, 2006.)


Swarmthief #1.


                The spirits of those who died in a battle in Heaven linger in the world of mortals.




Terrible Beauty, A  (Ibooks, 2002.  Ibooks, 2005, bound with Talons by John DeChancie.)


A Witchblade novel.


                A police detective with a magical sword investigates a series of murders.




Falcon Throne, The


Prince of Glass, The (Orbit, 2017.)


War #2.


Yet another war in yet another fantasy world.




Skook, The  (Warner, 1984.)


                Unusual story of a man inadvertently trapped in an underground cavern which contains a complete magical world.  There he finds strange creatures, even stranger hallucinations, and a creature outside human experience.




Book of Flying, The  (Riverhead, 2005.)


                A young librarian takes an eventful journey through a fantasy world.




My Outlaw  (Pocket, 1997.)


                A woman sees the face of a boy long dead when she looks into an antique mirror and discovers that she has the power to influence the past.


Then and Now  (Mira, 1992, Harlequin, 1997.)


Time travel romance about a woman who ends up in 1892 and discovers the man of her dreams, although she doesn’t initially recognize him as such.


MILLER, PHYLLIS  (See collaborations with Andre Norton.)




Myst: The Book of Atrus  (Corgi, ?, Hyperion, 1995.)


Myst #1.


                A boy is introduced to a form of magic that allows the creation of new worlds.


Myst:  The Book of D’Ni  (Hyperion, 1997, Bantam UK, 1997.)


Myst #3.


                Not seen.  Based on the computer game.


Myst:  The Book of Ti’Ana  (Hyperion, 1996, Corgi, ?)


Myst #2.


                Further adventures in a mysterious fantasy world.




Loose Board in the Floor, The  (Vantage, 1951.)


                Children’s fantasy about the adventures of some toys.




Snail  (?, 1984.)


                Not seen.  Magical time travel.




Bradamant: The Iron Tempest  (Timberwolf, 2000.)


                A female warrior overcomes a host of villains and sorcery as she searches for the knight she loves.  He embarks on a similar series of adventures for the same purpose.


Hearts and Armor  (Ace, 1992.)


Bronwyn #3.


                At the head of a large army, Bronwyn returns to remove her brother from his puppet throne.  But the secret powers ruling the kingdom are not going to surrender their power without a fight.


Palaces and Prisons  (Ace, 1991.)


Bronwyn #1.


                When her weakling brother assumes the throne, Bronwyn suspects correctly that he is being manipulated by a secret, inhuman power.  In order to free her people, she goes on a campaign to enlist allies for her proposed fight against the sitting ruler.


Silk and Steel  (Ace, 1992, Timberwolf, 2002.)


Bronwyn #2.


                With her plans exposed, Bronwyn is forced to escape her brother’s dungeon and flee to a dark, magical forest seeking refuge in which to regroup and plan a new strategy against his rule.


MILLER, SASHA  (See also collaborations with Andre Norton and Patricia Mathews.)


Ladylord   (Tor, 1996, HarperCollins, 1997.)


                In a world where women are now allowed to rule, a dying lord names his daughter as his son and heir.  In order to truly hold the position, however, she must use her considerable skills to cajole, threaten, and beat her subjects into submission.


MILLER, STEVE  (See collaboration with Douglas Niles.)




Sherlock Holmes on the Roof of the World  (Rosemill, 1987.)


A Sherlock Holmes novel.


                This short adventure of the famous detective is also a sequel to H. Rider Haggard’s She, the story of an immortal woman living in a lost city in Asia.  Holmes solves a mystery in this exotic setting.




Barnum Museum, The  (Poseidon, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


From the Realms of Morpheus  (Morrow, 1986.)


                Episodic adventure in a fantastic world beneath the surface of our own.




Thief’s Luck  (Double Dragon, 2006.)


                Young adult fantasy.




Bane of Lord Caladon, The  (Del Rey, 1982.)


                The latest male in a line driven from its ancestral holdings by a terrible dragon decides to answer the call of his blood and find a way to dispossess the creature and return to his ancestral castle.


Dreamer in Discord, The  (Del Rey, 1988.)


                A wizard who narrowly escapes a plot designed to destroy him uses his magical arts to track down the people responsible, and discovers a mysterious force working behind the scenes.


Floating Castle, The  (Boulevard, 1995.)


#1 in the multi-author King's Quest series.


The arrival of a flying castle during a storm inaugurates a reign of terror conducted by evil monsters.  A sorcerer announces that he is seizing the throne, and a young prince must find a way to defeat his magical and mortal allies.


Shadow of the Crown  (Del Rey, 1993.)


                The protagonist is tricked into stealing magical artifacts, and wins the ire of its original owner.




Accidental Sorcerer, The  (Orbit, 2009.)


Rogue Agent #1.




Witches Incorporated  (Orbit, 2009.)


Rogue Agent #2.




Wizard Squared  (Orbit, 2010.)


Rogue Agent #3.




Wizard Undercover  (Orbit, 2012.)


Rogue Agent #4.






Ghosts of Their Ancestors, The  (Fox Duffield, 1906.)


                Not seen.  Family ghosts appear to arbitrate a proposed marriage.




House at Pooh Corner, The  (Dutton, 1928, Methuen, 1928.)


Pooh #2.


                Collection of related children’s stories.


Once Upon a Time  (Hodder, 1917, Putnam, 1922, New York Graphic Society, 1962, Ward, 1964, Avon Camelot, 1966, Signet, 1968, Puffin, 1968.)


                A princess must deal with a prince who initially has been magically changed into a blend of several animals, who later is restored to human form but turns out to be not a particularly nice person.


Winnie the Pooh   (Dutton, 1926, Methuen, 1926.)


Pooh #1.


                Collection of related children’s stories.




Ghostbusters  (?, based on the screenplay by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.)


                A team of professional ghostbusters run into trouble with the authorities and avert a disaster.




Prince, The  (Berkley, 2004.)


                A woman escapes her cruel uncle by running away with a sorcerous pirate.




Torture Garden  (Kendall, 1931, Citadel, 1949, Berkley, 1955, Lancer, 1965.)






Lud-in-the-Mist  (Collins, 1926, Del Rey, 1970, Millennium, 2001, Cold Spring, 2005.)


                A town which has literally forgotten the existence of fairies is plagued by a series of magical incidents when residents encounter some enchanted food.




Cloud Atlas (Random House, 2004.)


A surrealistic adventure. 




Life’s Fairy Stories  (Stokes, 1892.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Lost Trumpet, The  (Jarrolds, 1932.)


                Joshua’s trumpet is discovered and turns out to have a magical power to alter human personalities.




Stones of the Dalai Lama  (Soho, 1993.)


                A man steals sacred stones from Tibet which brings misfortune into his life until he returns them.


MITCHELL, MARK E.  (Note the George and Pell series are intertwined.)


Curious Courtship of King George, The  (Royal Fireworks, ?)


George #3.


                The new king gets involved with a beautiful woman whose fate is controlled by a magical gem.


Curious Flame of Sir Pellimore, The   (Royal Fireworks, ?)


Pell #2.


                An heroic king uses a magic vial to capture the spirits of a mighty dragon and an evil wizard, eventually transforming evil to good.


Curious Journey of Sir George, The  (Royal Fireworks, 1997.)


George #1.


                A young boy is blown away to an island when he flies an oversized kite, and there is tutored to become a knight endowed with the ability to kill dragons.


Curious Kinship of Sir George, The  (Royal Fireworks, ?)


George #2.


                George must battle the magic marshaled by his own brothers to prove himself worthy to hold the throne, and faces danger from a haunted lake.


Curious Knighthood of Sir Pellimore, The  (Royal Fireworks, 1996.)


Pell #1.


                Children’s story of an unlikely boy who is tricked repeatedly in his quest to become a  knight facing a dragon..




Death's City  (Black Library, 2005.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Two fugitives are pursued by witch hunters.


Death’s Legacy  (Black Library, 2006.)


A Warhammer novel.


                An adventurer discovers that he is subject to a family curse.


Death's Messenger  (Black Library, 2005.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A man falsely accused of heresy leaves his home town and seeks adventure among strangers.




Traitor King, The  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Two children discover that their family has a magical legacy.




Big House, The  (Faber, 1950.)


                Children’s fantasy.


Images of Africa  (?, 1980.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


To a Chapel Perilous  (Unwin, 1955, Green Knight, 1999.)


                The knights of Camelot find their personal grails in a whimsical variation of the old legends.




Bridge to Yesterday  (Harper, 1995.)


A woman who has devoted her life searching for lost children is magically transported to the old west.  There she helps a desperate man rescue his own child from a band of outlaws.




Potter's Boy, The  (Scholastic, 2019.)


Coming of age story in a fantasy world.


MODESITT JR, L.E.  (Note that the Recluce series was not written in chronological order.  The Spellsong series is related to the Recluce novels.)  WHAT IS RECLUCE 11?


Alector's Choice  (Tor, 2005.)


Corean Chronicles #4.


                Preparations are made for the mass movement of an entire population into a new world.


Antiagon Fire  (Tor, 2013.)


Imager #7.


A perilous mission to unite rival kingdoms against a common threat.


Arms-Commander  (Tor, 2010.)


Recluce #16.


A brilliant leader thwarts the army planning to invade his homeland.


Assassin's Price (Tor, 2017.)




Privateers and assassins destabilize an uneasy peace.


Cadmian's Choice  (Tor, 2006.)


Corean Chronicles #5.


                As the date approaches for the transfer of an entire race to the planet Corus, ancient powers decide to assert themselves.


Chaos Balance, The  (Tor, 1997, Orbit, 1998.)


Recluce #7.


                After helping to found a new city, an engineer and his friend descend into unknown regions for a series of adventures among the strange folk they find there.


Colours of Magic (Tor, 1998.)


Recluce #9.


                War breaks out between Order and Chaos.


Cyador's Heirs (Tor, 2014.)


Recluce #17.


A coming of age story for a prince in a fantasy world.


Darknesses  (Tor, 2003.)


Corean Chronicles #2.


                Now a grown man, the protagonist uses his magical talents and military prowess to defend his people from a sorcerous invader.


Darksong Rising  (Tor, 1999, Orbit, 2000.)


Spellsong #3.


                A beleaguered land must defend itself against external invaders and internal villains who contend for control of the government.


Death of Chaos, The  (Tor, 1995, Orbit, 1996.)


Recluce #5.


                The protagonist, a retired hero who just wants to be left alone, must master the power of wizardry or see his world destroyed when a foreign power even greater than their traditional enemy begins to threaten invasion.


Endgames (Tor, 2019.)


Imager #12.


The new ruler of a fantasy kingdom faces numerous problems.


Fall of Angels  (Tor, 1996, Orbit, 1997.)


Recluce #6


                A new nation founded by female warriors is being built in a remote region, but its future is already threatened by magical enemies.


Heritage of Cyador, The (Tor, 2014.)


Recluce #18.




Imager  (Tor, 2009.)


Imager Portfolio #1.


Adventures of an artisan who discovers he can make his images real.


Imager's Battalion  (Tor, 2013.)


Imager #6.


War breaks out between two magically equipped nations.


Imager's Challenge  (Tor, 2009.)


Imager Portfolio #2.


A man with unusual magical powers discovers that he has made a powerful enemy.


Imager's Intrigue  (Tor, 2010.)


Imager Portfolio #3.


The protagonist can shape matter with his mind.


Lady-Protector  (Tor, 2011.)


Corean Chronicles #8.


A new and untried ruler must deal with financial as well as military woes.


Legacies  (Tor, 2002.)


Corean Chronicles #1.


                A young boy who has concealed his magical talent must use it at last when an invading army makes him a slave.


Lord Protector's Daughter, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Corean Chronicles #7.


An add-on to the main series in which a woman discovers that someone is stealing the family's fortune.


Madness in Solidar (Tor, 2015.)


Imager #9.


A collegium of magic faces its decline.


Mage-Guard of Hamor  (Tor, 2008.)


Recluce #15.


An apprentice mage adjusts to his rapidly growing powers.


Magic Engineer, The  (Tor, 1994, Orbit, 1995.)


Recluce #3.


                Exiled from the land of Order because of his mechanical contrivances, the protagonist nevertheless continues to build them in the land of Chaos in order to protect his homeland.


Magic of Recluce, The  (Tor, 1991, Orbit, 1994.)


Recluce #1.


                Order and Chaos battle one another in a fantasy realm with an original system of magic.  A young man learns to use his magical talents during his rite of passage in the wilderness outside the lands ruled by Order.


Magi’I of Cyador  (Tor, 2000, Orbit, 2001.)


Recluce #10.


                Set prior to the earlier books, this is the story of an impulsive young man and his adventures during a savage war.


Mongrel Mage, The (Tor, 2017.)




Natural Ordermage  (Tor, 2007.)


Recluce #14.


A young magic user with unusual powers gets into trouble.


Ordermaster  (Tor, 2005.)


Recluce #13.


                A simple artisan is given the mission of helping a neighboring nation prepare to repel an invasion.


Order War, The  (Tor, 1995, Orbit , 1996.)


Recluce #4.


                The wizards of Chaos have won a series of battles and their eventual conquest of the world seems inevitable.  Enter our hero, and his mastery of magic.


Outcasts of Order (Tor, 2018.)




Princeps (Tor, 2012.)


Imager #5.


A man with concealed magical talents must restore order in a devastated city.


Recluce Tales (Tor, 2016.)


Collection of related stories.


Rex Regis (Tor, 2013.)


Imager #8.


An empire grows while some of its prominent leaders plan a college of magic.


Scepters  (Tor, 2004.)


Corean Chronicles #3.


                The hero returns to military service to help protect his land from a religious cult using ancient magical artifacts.


Scholar  (Tor, 2011.)


Imager #4.


A man with secret magic powers embarks on a diplomatic mission.


Scion of Cyador  (Tor, 2000, Orbit, 2002.)


Recluce #11.


                A young man is sent off to help defend his country from its enemies and proves himself to be a skillful leader and strategist.  Unfortunately, his successes make him many enemies, and when he seeks to return to more civilized parts of the world, he discovers that conflict is not exclusively in his past.


Shadowsinger  (Tor, 2002, Orbit, 2003.)


Spellsong #5.


                Although she has defeated an invading army, a sorceress must travel to their homeland and cause a magical disaster to protect her people from further attacks, defeating a powerful wizard in the process.


Shadow Sorceress, The  (Tor, 2001, Orbit, 2002.)


Spellsong #4.


                When a prominent sorceress dies, a lesser talent must master the art of magical music in order to lift a siege and save her people.


Soarer's Choice  (Tor, 2006.)


Corean Chronicles #6.


                A migration between worlds puts the native humans in peril.


Soprano Sorceress, The  (Tor, 1997, Orbit, 1998.)


Spellsong #1.


                A woman from our world is transported to Erde where her musical talents give her immense power.  Unfortunately, those who possess power are almost always targeted by those who want more than they already have.


Spellsong War, The  (Tor, 1998, Orbit, 1999.)


Spellsong #2.


                With her magical musical abilities, the protagonist has become leader of her nation.  A neighboring land, dominated by men, decides this is a sign of weakness and begins provoking incidents along the border.


Towers of Sunset, The  (Tor, 1992, Orbit, 1994.)


Recluce #2.


                The story of the founding of Recluce by a man reluctant to accept an arranged marriage, and resourceful enough to defend himself from the attentions of enemy sorcery.


Treachery's Tools (Tor, 2016.)


Imager #10.


Social change disturbs the stability of a fantasy world.


Wellspring of Chaos  (Tor, 2004.)


Recluce #12.


                An artisan makes an enemy of a powerful nobleman, is eventually forced to flee, and then learns how to get his revenge.


White Order, The  (Tor, 1998, Orbit, 1999.)


Recluce #8


                An orphaned boy discovers that he has magic powers just as did his father, who was killed by an order of sorcerers who want to monopolize the use of magic.




Revenge and the Wild (Balzer & Bray, 2016.)


A town in the Old West is protected by magic.




Demonsouled  (Five Star, 2005.)


                Rivalries in a medieval style fantasy world become enmeshed in dark magic and the revivification of the dead.


MOESTA, REBECCA  (See collaborations with Kevin J. Anderson.)




French Roast Apocalyupse (Ring of Fire, 2021.)


Fall of Veils #1.


Vampires use magic to destroy Paris.


Jamaica Blue Magic (Ring of Fire, 2021.)


Fall of Veils #2.


Magical conflict involving demons, vampires, and revenants.




Fairies – Of Sorts   (Macmillan, 1908.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Demons & Divas  (McPherson, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




House on Falling Star Hill, The  (Scholastic, 2004.)


                A story of parallel worlds.




Blood and Dreams  (Berkley, 1985.)


Camelot #4.


                Arthur’s rule has finally ended, and still ambitious men contend for possession of the Holy Grail.


Broken Stone  (Ace, 1985.)


Rome #2.


                A priestess, an emperor, a slave girl, and a dishonored Roman citizen all find common cause when they are brought together to confront shadowy creatures from another world.


Final Quest, The  (Putnam, 1981, Sphere, 1982, Berkley, 1983.)


Camelot #3.


                King Arthur’s rule is nearing its end as dark magic as well as the machinations of jealous rivals all point toward the tragedy to come.


Grail War, The  (Wallaby, 1979, Sphere, 1980, Berkley, 1982.)


Camelot #2.


                A continuation of the story of King Arthur, in particular the quest for the Holy Grail.


Journey to the Flame  (Bantam, 1985.)


                A sequel to the She books by H. Rider Haggard.  An explorer believes the legends of an immortal woman to be true, so he sets out to discover her lost kingdom in a race against villainous agents of a German madman.


Parsifal  (Macmillan, 1977, Pocket, 1978, Sphere, 1978, Berkley, ?)


Camelot #1.


                A noble but rather innocent young man travels through the countryside where he is instrumental in defeating the powers of evil men and dark sorcery, but those experiences change him forever.


Runes  (Ace, 1984.)


Rome #1.


                A slave girl and a Roman noble have to combine forces in order to defeat evil Druid wizardry in Rome dominated Great Britain.




Adventures of Zeloide and Amanzarifidine  (Routledge, 1929, Dial, 1929.)


                Collection of related stories.


MONETTE, SARAH  (See collaborations which follow.)


Corambis  (Ace, 2009.)


Felix Harrowgate #4.


A disgraced wizard must deal with a magical crisis.


Melusine  (Ace, 2005.)


Felix Harrowgate #1.


                A troubled wizard and a wanted man become allies against a nefarious plot in a magical world.


Mirador, The  (Ace, 2007.)


Felix Harrowgate #3.


                A wizard reclaims his reputation but discovers that his enemies haven’t stopped planning his destruction.    


Somewhere Beneath Those Waves  (Prime, 2011.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Virtu, The  (Ace, 2006.)


Felix Harrowgate #2.


                A wizard stripped of his power teams up with a thief to protect his city from evil magic.




Apprentice to Elves, An (Tor, 2015.)


Iskryne #3.


A woman becomes telepathically bonded to wolves.


Companion to Wolves, A  (Tor, 2007.)


Iskryne #1.


Men telepathically linked to wolves guard against trolls and goblins.


Tempering of Men, The  (Tor, 2011.)


Iskryne #2.


War with the trolls.




Beyond the Highland Mist  (Dell, 1999.)


Highlander #1.


                A fairy makes live difficult for a 16th Century Scot by bringing a 20th Century woman through time.


Bloodfever  (Delacorte, 2006.)


Fey #2.


More battles between a feisty woman and the evil fey.


Burned (Delacorte, 2014.)


Fey #7.




Darkfever  (Delacorte, 2006, Dell, 2007.)


Fey #1.


                A woman with the ability to sense the inhumans living among us investigates her sister’s death.


Dark Highlander, The  (Dell, 2002.)


Highlander #5.


                A time travel romance.


Dreamfever  (Delacorte, 2009, Dell, 2010.)


Fey #4.


A malevolent fairy inflicts a woman with an insatiable sexdrive.


Faefever  (Delacorte, 2008.)


Fey #3.


A woman searches for her sister's killer while dodging malevolent visitors from Faery.


Feverborn (Delacorte, 2016.)


Fey #8.




Highlander's Touch, The  (Dell, 2000.)


Highlander #3.


                A woman travels back to 14th Century Scotland and falls in love with the man who is compelled to try to kill her.


Iced (Delacorte, 2012.)


Fey #6.


The fairies take over the world.


Immortal Highlander, The  (Delacorte, 2004.)


Highlander #6.


                A fairy is turned human in punishment for interceding in human affairs.


Kiss of the Highlander  (Dell, 2001.)


Highlander #4.


                A woman falls back through time and finds true love with a Highlander.


To Tame a Highland Warrior  (Dell, 1999.)


Highlander #2.


                A time travel romance.




Cold Copper  (Roc, 2013.)


Age of Steam #3.


A werewolf and a witch track down a magical device.


Crucible Zero (Roc, 2015.)


House Immortal #3.




Cup of Normal, A  (Fairwood, 2010.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Dead Iron (Roc, 2011.)


Age of Steam #1.


A shapeshifter has adventures in a kind of steampunk fantasy world.


Hell Bent (Roc, 2013.)


Broken Magic.




House Immortal (Roc, 2014.)


House Immortal #1.




Infinity Bell (Roc, 2015.)


House Immortal #2.




Magic for a Price


Allison Beckstrom




Magic at the Gate  (Roc, 2010.)


Allison Beckstrom #4.


A woman with magical powers must rescue her lover from a supernatural coma.


Magic in the Blood  (Roc, 2009.)


Allison Beckstrom #2.


A woman who can trace spells to their casters gets involved in a sinister missing persons case.


Magic in the Shadows (Roc, 2009.)


Allison Beckstrom #3.


A woman tries to get the ghost of her father out of her head.


Magic to the Bone  (Roc, 2008.)


Allison Beckstrom #1.


A woman investigates a boy whose curse seems to have originated with his father.


Stone Cold (Roc, 2014.)


Broken Magic.




Tin Swift  (Roc, 2012.)


Age of Steam #2.






Dark Highlander, The  (Dell, 2002.)


                A possessed highlander finds himself transported to the contemporary world.




Moon Awakening  (Berkley, 2007.)


Children of the Moon #1.


                Historical romance involving werewolves in the Highlands.


Moon Burning (Berkley, 2011.)




Moon Craving  (Berkley, 2010.)


Children of the Moon #2.


A secret werewolf is being pressured into a marriage.




Master Mariner: Running Proud  (Cassell, 1978, Popular Library, 1980.)


                The story of the Flying Dutchman.




Face in the Snow  (?, 1992.)


                Metaphysical novel based on Native American folklore. 




Circle of Time, A  (Harcourt, 2002.)


                While lying in a coma, a young girl is mentally projected back through time to solve a problem.




Stonebearer, The  (Royal Fireworks, ?)


                A young man rescues an obnoxious boy from assassins and discovers he is heir to the throne.  During their subsequent adventures together, a bond is formed between the two and the king-to-be discovers manners.




On a Lark to the Planets  (Saalfield, 1922.)


Elephant #2.


                A magical tour of the planets and visits with the gods who dwell there.


Wonderful Electric Elephant, The  (Saalfield, 1903.)


Elephant #1.


                Not seen.




Amethyst Destiny (Berkley, 2010.)


Time #2.


Time travel romance.


Sapphire Dream  (Berkley, 2009.)


Time #1.


Time travel romance.


MOON, ELIZABETH  (Note that the Deed of Paksenarrion and Gird series are set in the same world.)


Crown of Renewal (Del Rey, 2014.)


Paladin's Legacy




Deed of Paksenarrion, The  (Baen, 1992.)


                Omnibus of the Paksennarion trilogy.


Divided Allegiance  (Baen, 1988, Legend, 1997.)


Deed of Paksenarrion #2.


                Paks is now an accomplished warrior, but she decides to pursue the magical arts as well.  Before her training is completed, she is dispatched on a mission to find a legendary fortress guarded by a variety of supernatural and natural defenses.


Echoes of Betrayal  (Del Rey, 2013.)


Paladin's Legacy.




Kings of the North  (Del Rey, 2012.)


Paladin's Legacy.




Legacy of Gird, The  (Baen, ?)


Gird #3.


                Not seen.


Liar’s Oath  (Baen, 1992.)


Gird #2.


                Although a one time noble promised never to seek a kingdom of his own, Luap decides to travel to a distant land and establish a dynasty.  His efforts have calamitous results, however, and his followers will perish unless he can prevail upon his old friend Gird to come to the rescue.


Limits of Power (Del Rey, 2013.)


Paladin's Legacy #4.




Oath of Fealty (Del Rey, 2010.)


Deed of Paksenarrion #4.


Two kingdoms are beset by magical foes.


Oath of Gold  (Orbit, 1988, Baen, 1989.)


Deed of Paksenarrion #3.


                Now trained both in magic and in warcraft, Paks is ready to face supernatural evil in its most dangerous form.  Although the issue is in doubt for a while, eventually she overcomes the opposition.


Sheepfarmer’s Daughter  (Baen, 1988, Legend, 1997.)


Deed of Paksenarrion #1.


                Paks refuses to follow her father’s wishes to marry a pig farmer and live a quiet life.  Instead she joins the army and eventually fulfills her destiny by taking a leading role in the restoration of a king to his stolen throne.


Surrender None  (Baen, 1990, Orbit, 2000.)


Gird #1.


                The story of the legendary Gird, a commoner who not only taught himself to become a mighty warrior, but also taught his people to reject the rule of cruel masters and take charge of their own lives and government.




By Starlight  (Berkley, 2003.)


                Romance novel involving reach witchcraft.


MOORCOCK, MICHAEL  (See also collaboration which follows.  Note that most of Moorcock’s fantasy and SF heroes are supposed to be manifestations of the same person spread throughout the multiverse.  The Elric series was not written in chronological order but is listed in that fashion below, except that later titles became so peripheral and crosslinked with the other series that they are not numbered.)


Bane of the Blacksword, The  (DAW, 1977, Berkley, 1984, Ace, 1987.)


Elric #5.


                Elric sets loose a legion of dragons on those who would conquer the lands that were once ruled by his family as the legendary kingdom of Melnibone.


Best of Michael Moorcock, The  (Tachyon, 2009.)


Collection of sometimes related stories.


Blood  (Millennium, 1994, Avon, 1995.)


Von Bek #4.


                Jugaderos are a breed of people who can move back and forth among the various realities of the multiverse.  This details a series of their adventures.


Brothel in Rosenstrasse, The  (?, 1982, Carroll & Graf, 1987.)


                Not fantasy, but related peripherally to the Von Bek family.


Bull and the Spear, The  (Alison & Busby, 1973, Berkley, 1974, Quartet, 1974.)


Corum #4.


                A new generation of Gods is rising, led by Odin and Loki and others, but Corum still hasn’t laid down his arms and now he’s out to solve the mystery of a magical bull.


Champion of Garathorm, The   (Mayflower, 1973, Dell, 1976, Berkley, 1985.)


Hawkmoon #6.


                Following the death of his wife, Hawkmoon is despondent.  Then he meets a woman from another beleaguered land and discovers in her plight a possible solution to his own lost, for time itself has proven to be mutable.


Chronicles of Castle Brass, The.  (See Count Brass.)


Chronicles of Corum, The  (Berkley, 1977.)


                Omnibus of the second three Corum novels.


City in the Autumn Stars, The  (Grafton, 1986, Ace, 1987.)


Von Bek #2.


                A hero escapes a variety of dangers in Revolutionary France, and even more fearsome ones in a magical alternate France to and from which he moves with great ease.


Corum  (Millennium, ? Borealis, 1997, as Corum: The Coming of Chaos.  Berkley, 1977, as The Swords Trilogy.  Grafton, 1986, as The Swords of Corum.)


                Omnibus of the first three Corum novels.


Corum: The Coming of Chaos.  (See Corum.)


Count Brass  (Mayflower, 1973, Dell, 1976, Berkley, 1985.)


Hawkmoon #5.


                Hawkmoon’s father in law was killed during the final battle against the evil empire, and now rumors arise that he was secretly behind that death in order to improve his own chances at securing the throne. 


Count Brass  (Millennium, 1998.  Granada, 1985, as The Chronicles of Castle Brass.)


                Omnibus of Count Brass, The Champion of Garathorm, and The Quest for Tanelorn.


Dragon in the Sword, The  (Ace, 1986.)


John Daker #3.


                The immortal warrior wishes to put down his sword and search for his true love, but in the process finds himself confronted with another evil genius, this time Adolf Hitler.


Dreaming City, The.  (See Elric of Melnibone.)


Dreamthief's Daughter, The   (?, 2001, Earthlight, 2002.)


An Elric novel.


                An incarnation of the Eternal Champion is guarding a magic sword during Nazi era Germany when he is forced to travel to magical realms to prevent his nemesis from destroying the entire universe.


Duke Elric  (Del Rey, 2009.)


An Elric collection.


Collection of related stories.


Earl Aubec  (Millennium, ?)


                Omnibus of ?


Elric  (Millennium, 2001.)


                Omnibus of The Stealer of Souls and Stormbringer.


Elric at the End of Time  (New English Library, 1984.)


                Collection of mostly unrelated stories.


Elric in the Dream Realms (Del Rey, 2009.)


An Elric collection.


Collection of related stories.


Elric of Melnibone  (Millennium, ?)


                Omnibus of ?


Elric of Melnibone  (Hutchinson, 1972, Arrow, 1975, DAW, 1976, Berkley, 1988.  Lancer, 1972, edited version, as The Dreaming City.)


Elric #1.


                Elric is the last ruler of a line that is doomed to fall in the wake of a rise of new empires, new monsters, and new sorceries.  Armed with a sword that drinks the souls of its victims, the albino warrior battles one of his cousins for power in the last days of the empire of Melnibone.


Elric Saga: Part One, The  (Doubleday, 1984.)


                Omnibus of Elric of Melnibone, The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, and The Weird of the White Wolf.


Elric Saga: Part Two, The  (Doubleday, 1984.)


                Omnibus of The Vanishing Tower, The Bane of the Black Sword, and Stormbringer.


Elric: Song of the Black Sword  (Borealis, 1995.)


                Omnibus of Elric of Melnibone, The Fortress of the Pearl, The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, The Dreaming City, and two short stories.


Elric: Stealer of Souls  (Del Rey, 2008.)


An Elric collection.


Collection of related stories.


Elric: Swords and Roses  (Del Rey, 2010.)


An Elric collection.


Omnibus of The Revenge of the Rose and other related stories.


Elric: The Sleeping Sorceress (Del Rey, 2008.)


An Elric collection.


Collection of related stories.


Elric: To Rescue Tanelorn  (Del Rey, 2008.)


An Elric Collection.


Collection of related stories.


Eternal Champion, The  (Millennium, 1992.)


                Omnibus of The Eternal Champion trilogy.


Eternal Champion, The  (Dell, 1970, Mayflower, ?, Harper & Row, 1978, Berkley, 1987.)


John Daker #1.


                A man from our world and time answers the call of disembodied voices to become Erekose, a legendary champion who will arise in one form or another to protect the human race from its enemies, both magical and mundane.


Fabulous Harbours  (Millennium, 1995, Avon, 1997.)


Von Bek #5.


                Surrealistic look at slices of the multiverse from Wandering Jews and the Holy Grail to vacation resorts and decadent aristocrats.


Fortress of the Pearl, The  (Ace, 1989, Gollancz, 1989.)


Elric #7.


                Elric has been poisoned and can only gain the antidote if he agrees to invade a young woman’s dreams and steal a jewel that has been safeguarded in that immaterial realm.


Golden Barge, The   (Savoy, 1979, DAW, 1980. Actually written in the late 1950’s.)


                A precursor to the Eternal Champion sequences.  The hero is on a quest to find a magical ship that passes from one universe to another.


Hawkmoon  (Millennium, 1992, Borealis, 1995.  Hart Davis, 1979, Gollancz, 2003, as The History of the Runestaff.)


                Omnibus of the first four Hawkmoon novels.


History of the Runestaff, The.  (See Hawkmoon.)


Jade Man’s Eyes, The  (Unicorn, 1973.)


An Elric story.


                Not seen.


Jewel in the Skull, The  (Lancer, 1967, Mayflower, ?, DAW, 1977, Ace, 1990, Tor, 2010.)


Hawkmoon #1.


                A mercenary soldier fighting for the last holdouts against an evil empire that is conquering the world falls subject to the legendary Runestaff.  With a jewel embedded in his skull that controls his actions, Hawkmoon discovers that he is fated to betray his comrades.


King of the Swords, The  (Berkley, 1971.)


Corum #3.


                Corum and his companions must enter the legendary city of Tanelorn to confront a being who denies the authority of both Order and Chaos and makes laws unto himself.


Knight of the Swords, The  (Berkley, 1971, Mayflower, 1971.)


Corum #1.


                The gods have fallen out among themselves and the forces of Order and Chaos are at war.  Humans are active agents of Chaos, so the mutilated and vengeful Corum takes up magical weapons and sets out to battle against them.


Lunching With the Antichrist  (Ziesing, 1995.)


A Von Bek collection.


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Mad God’s Amulet, The.  (See The Sorcerer’s Amulet.)


Oak and the Ram, The  (Alison & Busby, 1973, Berkley, 1974, Quartet, 1974.)


Corum #5.


                Corum must free a captured queen and master the arts of sorcery in order to protect the people he has made his own from the machinations of rival gods and evil men.


Phoenix in Obsidian.  (See The Silver Warriors.)


Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius, The  (?, 1965.)


Von Bek #3.


                Not seen.


Prince With the Silver Hand, The  (Millennium, 1977.)


                Omnibus of the second three Corum novels.


Queen of the Swords, The  (Berkley, 1971.)


Corum #2.


                Corum has killed the brother of the queen of Chaos, and now she has raised a legion to plunder the world and destroy everything that stands between her and vengeance.


Quest for Tanelorn, The  (Mayflower, 1975, Dell, 1976, Berkley, 1985.)


Hawkmoon #7.


                Searching the multiple universes for the children he lost, Hawkmoon has adventures on a magical voyage and encounters other manifestations of himself as well.


Revenge of the Rose, The  (Ace, 1991, Grafton, 1991.)


Elric #8.


                Elric returns to the ruins of the city he once ruled.  There he encounters the ghost of his father who is undergoing torments in the afterlife that can only be ended if Elric makes a heroic journey to Hell itself.


Roads Between the Worlds, The  (Borealis, 1996.)


                Omnibus of The Wrecks of Time, The Winds of Limbo, and The Shores of Death.


Runestaff, The.  (See The Secret of the Runestaff.)


Sailor on the Seas of Fate, The  (DAW, 1976, Quartet, ?, Berkley, 1988.)


Elric #2.


                Having given up his throne, Elric sets out on a voyage in a company of heroes from other times and places on a magical quest through flexible time.


Secret of the Runestaff, The  (Lancer, 1969.  Mayflower, 1969, DAW, 1977, Ace, 1991, Tor, 2010, as The Runestaff.)


Hawkmoon #4.


                Hawkmoon must rally old and new allies in the final battle against the forces of the evil empire, rescue his wife, save the world, and find peace and happiness at last, all by invoking the power of the Runestaff.  Handy thing to have around.


Silver Warriors, The  (Dell, 1973. Mayflower, 1970, as Phoenix in Obsidian.)


John Daker #2.


                Daker is forced to become a heroic champion again, this time facing a legion of evil conquerors in a world completely covered with ice.  But this time he may have to win the battle without the assistance of his magical sword.


Singing Citadel, The  (Berkley, 1970, Mayflower, 1970.)


                Collection of related stories.


Skrayling Tree, The  (Warner, 2003.)


An Elric novel.


                The various manifestations of Elric and his relatives have adventures in multiple worlds.


Sleeping Sorceress, The.  (See The Vanishing Tower.)


Sojan  (Savoy, 1977.)


                Collection of sometimes related stories.


Sorcerer’s Amulet  (Lancer, 1968.  Mayflower, 1969, DAW, 1977, Ace, 1990, Tor, 2010, as The Mad God’s Amulet.)


Hawkmoon #2.


                Hawkmoon returns from his battles to discover that an insane god has stolen not only a magical amulet that provides power over the Runestaff, but also Hawkmoon’s intended bride.  So he’s off again, this time to pit himself against a god.


Stealer of Souls, The  (Lancer, 1967, Mayflower, 1968.)


An Elric book.


                A collection of short stories about Elric which were later redistributed and rewritten into the enumerated series.


Stealer of Souls and Other Stories, The  (Neville Spearman, 1963.)


                A collection of related stories.


Stormbringer  (Millennium, 1997.)


                Omnibus of ?


Stormbringer  (Herbert Jenkins, 1965, Lancer, 1967, Mayflower, 1968, DAW, 1977, Berkley, 1984, Ace, 1987.)


Elric #6.


                Episodic adventures of Elric, a one time emperor, now reduced to wandering through a world no longer his own, encountering villains and wizards and monsters.


Sword and the Stallion, The  (Berkley, 1974, Alison & Busby, 1974, Quartet, 1975.)


Corum #6.


                Corum must complete the last of his destined heroic tasks in order to ensure the safety of the people he has sworn to protect.


Sword of the Dawn  (Lancer, 1968, DAW, 1977, Ace, 1990.)


Hawkmoon #3.


                To escape the advancing legions of an evil empire, the holdouts travel to another dimension.  Hawkmoon quickly realizes that their refuge is only temporary, and that their safety depends on defeating their enemies on their original world.  If he can find his way back.


Swords of Corum, The.  (See Corum.)


Swords Trilogy, The.  (See Corum.)


Vanishing Tower, The  (DAW, 1977, Berkley, 1983, Ace, 1988.  New English Library, 1971, Lancer, 1972, Quartet, ?, edited version, as The Sleeping Sorceress.)




                Elric is seeking the life of a wizard who wronged him, but before he can track down his nemesis he must deal with a wide variety of monsters, magic, and mayhem.


Von Bek  (Millennium, 1995.)


                Omnibus of the first three Von Bek novels.


Von Bek  (Borealis, 1994.)


                Omnibus of the first three Von Bek novels and The Dragon in the Sword.


War Amongst the Angels, The  (Avon, 1997, Orion, 1997.)


Von Bek #6.


                Members of the Von Bek family and others continue to wage a war against evil across the many realities of the multiverse.


War Hound and the World’s Pain, The  (Timescape, 1981, Pocket, 1982.)


Von Bek #1.


                Von Bek has lost his soul because of a beautiful woman.  Then he encounters Lucifer who will give it back to him, but only if he can find a solution to the world’s pain and thereby enable Lucifer to return to Heaven.


Weird of the White Wolf, The  (DAW, 1977, Berkley, 1983, Ace, 1988.)


Elric #3.


                Elric discovers the bad side of his magical sword, that it will claim the lives of his friends and lovers unless he gives it a steady diet of more appropriate victims.


Whispering Swarm, The  (Tor, 2015.)


Sanctuary of White Friars #1.


A young man discovers a secret world of magic hidden inside London.


White Wolf's Son, The  (Warner, 2005.)


                A blend of all Moorcock's previous series, with Elric's son sought after across the multiverse.




Silverheart  (Simon & Schuster UK, 2000, Pyr, 2005.)


                A man struggles to escape a curse while the city in which he resides slides toward destruction.  He forms an alliance with a woman whose motives don't necessarily parallel his own.




Voice of the Fire  (Gollancz, 1996.)


                Not seen.




Great Victorian Collection, The  (Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1975, Jonathan Cape, 1975, Ballantine, 1976.)


                A collection of items dating from the reign of Victoria have a mystical power that changes the life of the man who gains possession of them.




Coyote Blue  (Simon & Schuster, 1984, Avon, 1986.)


                Comic novel of an encounter with an Indian spirit.


Island of the Sequined Love Nun   (?, ?, Avon, 2000.)


                Marginal spoof involving some talking bats.


Practical Demonkeeping  (St Martins, 1991, Spike, 1999, Avon, 2000.)


                A bizarre humorous adventure involving a man whose destiny is tied to his companion, a wise cracking demon with a tendency to eat people he doesn’t like.


Secondhand Souls (Morrow, 2015.)


Someone is stealing souls.




Black Gods and Scarlet Dreams  (Gollancz, 2002.)


                Collection of two series of related stories, the Jirel of Joiry fantasies and the Northwest Smith science fiction.


Black God's Kiss (Paizo, ?)


Black God’s Shadow.  (See Jirel of Joiry.)


Jirel of Joiry  (Paperback Library, 1969, Ace, 1982.  (Donald Grant, 1977, as Black God’s Shadow.)


                Collection of related stories about a female warrior.




Blasted Lands, The (2014)


Fallen Gods (Angry Robot, 2018.)


City of Wonder (2015)


Last Sacrifice, The (Angry Robot, 2017.)


Seven Forges (2013)


Silent Army, The (Angry Robot, 2016.)


Seven Forges #4.




Under the Overtree  (Meisha Merlin, 1999.)


                A man discovers that all of his wishes are suddenly coming true, and changing the world.




Bad Prince Charlie  (Ace, 2006.)


                A plot to put a bad king on the throne has unintended consequences.


Fate Worse Than Dragons, A  (Ace, 2007.)


                A would be hero discovers that killing a dragon might not be so good for his reputation.


Heroics for Beginners  (Ace, 2004.)


                A spoof of fantasy novels about a hero armed with a basic operating manual for magic.


Slay and Rescue  (Baen, 1993.)


                A professional hero who wants a vacation from dragon slaying and maiden rescuing finds himself overwhelmed with new work, including no less than three damsels in distress.


Unhandsome Prince, The (Ace, 2005.)


                A woman tracks down a transformed prince and kisses him to turn him back into a human, but he's not what she expected.




Heroes Adrift  (Ace, 2007.)


Hero #3.


Two unlikely secret agents travel across a fantasy realm.


Heroes at Odds  (Ace, 2011.)


Hero #6.




Heroes at Risk  (Ace, 2009.)


Hero #4.


A new form of magic accessible to everyone disrupts life in a fantasy realm.


Heroes Return  (Ace, 2010.)


Hero #5.


Magically induced earthquakes shake a fantasy kingdom.


Hero Strikes Back, The  (Ace, 2006.)


Hero #2.


                A magical land is troubled by bizarre weather and a serial killer.


Resenting the Hero  (Ace, 2006.)


Hero #1.


                A young woman is magically paired with a nobleman who seems more show than substance.




For the Good of the Realm (Aqueduct, 2021.)


Swashbuckling fantasy about two guards thwarting magical opponents.


MOORE, ROGER E.  (See also Susan Lawson.)


Conan and the Prophecy  (TSR, 1984.)


An Endless Quest book.


Multi-path gamebook involving Robert E. Howard's barbarian hero and his adventures in a primitive city.


Conan the Outlaw  (TSR, 1985.)


An Endless Quest book.


Multi-path gamebook involving Robert E. Howard's barbarian hero and an evil wizard.


Jason’s First Quest  (TSR, 1984.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Maelstrom’s Eye, The  (TSR, 1992.)


#3 in the multi-author Spelljammer series.


                The search is on for a fabulous spaceship that could turn the tide of battle in an interplanetary war waged by elves and humans and involving both magic and technology.


Nightmare Realm of Baba Yaga  (TSR, 1986.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Renegades of Luntar   (TSR, 1985.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Search for the Pegasus  (TSR, 1985.)


Crimson Crystal #2.


Multi-path gamebook in which you try to find a winged horse.




Door to Time, The  (Scholastic, 2006.)


Time #1.




House of Mirrors, The  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Time #3.


Kids travel through time and solve a mystery.


Isle of Masks, The  (Scholastic, 2008.)


Time #4.


Children travel to ancient Venice.


Long-Lost Map, The  (Scholastic, 2006.)


Time #2.






Odyssey  (Wizards of the Coast, 2001.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                Quest for control of a magical artifact after an apocalyptic war.


Prophecy  (Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                A larger than life hero tries to turn back an invasion force.




Conan and the Grim Grey God  (Tor, 1996.)


A Conan novel.


                Conan and others contend for control of a magical statue that brings its owner all sorts of magical powers.  But there’s an angry god who has a personal interest in matters as well.


Conan and the Shaman's Curse (Tor, 1997.)


A Conan novel.


Conan battles an evil sorcerer.


Conan the Hunter  (Tor, 1994.)


A Conan novel.


Conan buys a bracelet and discovers too late that it was stolen from the murdered daughter of a local ruler.  In order to clear his name, he tries to discover the identity of the real killer, against a backdrop of palace intrigue and the connivance of a secretive cult.


Kull the Conqueror (Tor, 1997, based on the screenplay Charles Edward Pogue and Don Mancini.)


Kull must defend his throne from a powerful sorceress.


MOORE, WARD (Also wrote Science Fiction.)


Transient (Armchair, 2013, bound with World-Mover by George O. Smith. Magazine appearance 1960.)


A traveler encounters a hotel filled with fantastic people and creatures.




Carolan's Concerto  (Earthlight, 2002.)


                A wanderer gets caught up in Irish magic.


Circle and the Cross, The  (Earthlight, 2000.)


Wanderers #1.


                Marginal fantasy novel set during the Roman invasion of Britain.


King of Sleep, The  (Pocket, 2002.)


Watchers #2.


                Rivalries among the nobility impair a nation's ability to defend itself.


Meeting of the Waters, The  (Pocket, 2002.)


Watchers #1.


                Celtic legends retold as a tale of swords and sorcery.  A druid tries to get two men to patch up a feud and unite against a common foe.


Raven Game, The  (Pocket, 2003.)


Watchers #3.


                Druids attempt to repair the damage caused by the interference of two evil creatures.


MORAN, DANIEL  (Pseudonym of Robert E. Vardeman, which is acknowledged on the covers of books two and three.  Note that this trilogy was published as an omnibus as by Vardeman.)


Flame Key, The  (Tor, 1987.)


Keys to Paradise #1.


                A disillusioned wanderer and a beautiful thief search for the keys to another reality.


Key of Ice and Steel  (Tor, 1988.)


Keys to Paradise #3.


                To acquire the last key to other realities, a trio of searchers must confront a fallen god, who has plans of his own for the keys.


Skeleton Lord's Key, The  (Tor, 1987.)


Keys to Paradise #2.


                In order to acquire the fourth key to the gates between worlds, a trio of adventurers travel to a primitive desert land filled with monsters and magic.




Signal to Noise (Solaris, 2015.)


Magic in Mexico.


MORESBY, L.  (Pseudonym of L. Adams Beck, whom see.)


Glory of Egypt, The  (Nelson, 1926.)


                Not seen.  Lost civilization story with genuine magic.




Dark Defender  (Pocket, 2006.)


Paladins of Darkness #2.


A group of individuals are constantly reborn to fight against magical creatures.


Dark Protector  (Pocket, ?)


Paladins of Darkness #1.




In Darkness Reborn  (Pocket, 2007.)


Paladins of Darkness #3.


Romance novel involving people passing back before our world and a fantasy realm.


Redeemed in Darkness  (Pocket, 2007.)


Paladins of Darkness #4


A search for a missing man through parallel worlds.




Archmage of the Universe  (?)


Magelore #3.




Changeling Moon  (?)


Trinity Bay #2.


                Shapechanging creatures are secretly living among us.


Curse of the Shadow Beasts  (?)


Magelore #1.


                An exiled wizards seeks a cure for the family curse.


Dark of the Elvenwood  (?)


Magelore #2.


                Elves turned toward an evil god plot to rule the world.


Gifted Children  (?)


Trinity Bay #1.


                A group of children display different magical gifts.


Knight of the Basilisk  (Silver Dragon, 2002.)


Elflore #2.


                A young woman in a fantasy world finds her life changed by dark sorcery.


Silversilk  (Silver Dragon, 2002.)


Elflore #1.


                Quest story about the search for a magical ring that will make its bearer the new ruler of a kingdom.


Truegold  (?)


Elflore #3.


                Knights, dragons, and elves all compete in the ultimate battle.




Rentaghost Enterprises  (BBC, 1984.)


Rentaghost #2.


                Not seen.


Rentaghost Rules  (BBC, 1985.)


Rentaghost #3.


                Not seen.


Rentaghost Unlimited  (BBC, 1982.)


Rentaghost #1.


                Not seen.




Castledance  (Granite, 1997.)


                Fantasy adventure for young adults.




Certain Magic, A  (St Martins, 1995.)


Fire Queen #2.


A battle of sorcerers in a magical world as the backdrop to a passionate love affair.


Fire Queen  (St Martins, 1994.)


Fire Queen #1.


A noblewoman is forced to learn the secrets of magic to help the warrior she loves.




Minstrels' Covenant (Dreamer, 2014.)


Minstrel #2.


A political assassination is solved by minstrels.


Minstrels' Gambit (Dreamer, 2014.)


Minstrel #1.


Minstrels solve a murder mystery.


MORGAN, RICHARD  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Cold Commands, The (Gollancz, 2011, Del Rey, 2011.)


Magic #2.


Crisis in a world that mixes magic and technology.


Steel Remains, The  (Gollancz, 2008, Del Rey, 2008.)


Magic #1.


Rumors of ghosts and demons proliferate in a magical world that also has technology.




Mer-Child, The  (Feminist Press, 1991.)


                A human and a merchild find common cause when they are ostracized by their own kind.




Spell Book of Listen Taylor, The  (Scholastic, 2007.)


A family hides the secret of a magical book.




Leopard Lord  (Ace, 1999.)


                The last in a line of repressive barons whose rule is supported by an evil, supernatural force makes a bargain with his master.  In return for the soul of the woman he marries, his people will finally be free.  Then he falls in love with his arranged wife, and must find another solution.


Shackle and Sword  (Ace, 1999.)


                A young man sold into slavery eventually escapes and learns the skills of a warrior.  Years later he is called upon to rescue the queen, who has been abducted by the same man who wronged him in his childhood.




Thunder on the Left  (Heinemann, 1925, Doubleday Page, 1925, Lippincott, 1925, Grosset, 1928, Lippincott, 1936, Pocket, 1940, Penguin, 1944.)


                A child is able to magically invade the minds of his playmates and travel forward through time to sample their lives as adults.


Where the Blue Begins  (Doubleday, Page, 1922.)


                New York is inhabited entirely by dogs in this satirical fable.




Hercules  (Dell Yearling, 1998.)


                A retelling of the legends of Hercules.


MORR, KENYON  (Pseudonym of Mark Sumner and Marella Sands.)


Kingdom of Sorrow  (Boulevard, 1996.)


#2 in the multi-author King's Quest series.


An evil ruler from the frozen outlands kidnaps a princess and imposes a perpetual winter on her kingdom.  The King organizes his followers and sets out on an expedition to rescue her and save their land.


See No Weevil  (Boulevard, 1997.)


#3 in the multi-author King's Quest series.


When an old tree is uprooted in preparation for a festival, it unleashes a horde of magical insects whose depredations quickly bring chaos to everything within range.




Domesticated Wizard, The  (Meisha Merlin, 2002.)


                Omnibus of the first three Kedrigern novels.


Dudgeons and Dragons  (Meisha Merlin, 2002.)


                Omnibus of the second three Kedrigern novels.


Graymantle  (Playboy, 1981.)


Graymantle #2.


                The power of an evil sorcerer and his minions is pitted against that of a living dead man when a magical artifact surfaces after many generations.


Ironbrand  (Playboy, 1980.)


Graymantle #1.


Three brothers discover that they are heir to a throne that was usurped by an evil wizard.  Upon receiving three legendary swords with which to regain their legacy, they are immediately attacked by a magical creature, just the first of many dangers that will face them.


Juggler, The  (Harper, 1996.)


                A poor but ambitious man makes an unwise deal for his soul after criminals deprive him of his livelihood. 

At first it appears that he has profited by the deal, but then the mysterious man who proposed it returns to be paid.


Kedrigern and the Charming Couple  (Ace, 1990.)


Kedrigern #4.


                Kedrigern is hired to free a princess for a spell of lycanthropy and prevent him from turning herself into a wolf and risking death at the hands of outraged villagers.


Kedrigern in Wanderland  (Ace, 1988.)


Kedrigern #3.


                A wizard and his wife undertake to help a princess who has been turned into a talking sword, and encounter a series of comical adventures in their quest to restore her to human form.


Kingsbane  (Playboy, 1982.)


Graymantle #3.


                In a land that has forgotten the power of magic, possession of an ancient magical talisman determines the balance of power in a struggle for the throne.


Questing of Kedrigern, The  (Ace, 1987.)


Kedrigern #2.


                A wizard who specializes in counterspells runs into trouble when his wife is ensorcelled for the second time, thus making his own magic ineffective.


Remembrance for Kedrigern, A  (Ace, 1990.)


Kedrigern #5.


                Against his better judgment, Kedrigern consents to become part of an expedition to track down and destroy a loathesome swamp monster, with unexpected results.


Time of the Annihilator  (Ace, 1985.)


                A small nation is preparing for an attack by a more aggressive neighbor when its resident sorcerer dies.  The man passes on his knowledge to someone with the restraint to avoid evil use of magic, but other more desperate men have other intentions.


Voice for Princess, A  (Ace, 1986.)


Kedrigern #1.


                A wizard frustrated by the intrusion of alchemists into his guild withdraws and sets out to relieve the boredom of his life by finding a suitable wife.




From Unseen Fire (DAW, 2018.)


MORRIS, CHRIS  (See collaborations with Janet Morris.)


MORRIS, DAVE  (See also collaborations with Oliver Johnson and those which follow.)


Buried Treasure  (Dell, 1990.)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book.


                Not seen.


Crypt of the Vampire  (Dragon, 1984.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Dragon Warriors  (Corgi, 1985.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Eye of the Dragon, The  (Dragon, 1985.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Knightmare  (Corgi, 1989.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Lands of Legend, The  (Corgi, 1986.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Out of the Shadows  (Corgi, 1986.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Red Herrings  (Dell, 1990.)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book.


                Not seen.


Six Guns and Shurikens  (Dell, 1990.)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book.


                Not seen.


Sky-High  (Dell, 1990.)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book.


                Not seen.


Way of Wizardry, The  (Corgi, 1986.)


                A multi-path gamebook.




Castle of Lost Souls  (Dragon, 1985.)


                A multi-path gamebook.




Crystal Maze, The  (Mammoth, 1991.)


                Not seen.




Squire, His Knight, and His Lady, The  (Houghton, 1999.)


Squire #2.


                Sir Gawain and his squire step into the breech when Lancelot’s affair with King Arthur’s queen causes him to lose faith in his most notable fighter.


Squire's Tale, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1998, Dell Laurel, 2000.)


Squire #1.


                A youngster leaves the hermit who has raised him to accompany one of King Arthur's nephews on a series of adventures.


MORRIS, JANET  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Beyond the Veil  (Baen, 1985, Ace, 1987.)


A Thieves' World novel.


A league of adventurers sets out to defeat an evil witch who has a small army of demons at her beck and call. 


Beyond Sanctuary  (Baen, 1985, Ace, 1986.)


A Thieves’ World novel.


                A professional thief decides to leave his native city and take his chances in the surrounding country and discovers his talents have their value elsewhere as well.


Beyond the Wizardwall  (Baen, 1986, Ace, 1987.)


A Thieves' World novel.


The emperor's life is in danger, so Tempus and a group of fellow warriors infiltrate the city of a powerful rival in order to upset her plans of conquest.


Storm Seed  (Baen, 1990.)


A Thieves' World novel.


Tempus leaves his safe position as ruler of a city to reunite with his old friends in one last adventure against the forces of supernatural evil.


Tempus  (Baen, 1987.)


A Thieves' World novel.


Episodic adventures of Tempus and others in this novel assembled from shorter pieces published in the anthologies.  Demons, magicians, and barbarians all find themselves unable to defeat the good guys.




Kings in Hell  (Baen, 1987.)


A Hell novel.


                The Trojan War is fought again, but this time within the confines of Hell itself.




Explorers in Hell  (Baen, 1989.)


A Hell novel.


                A variety of characters from different countries and times have interactive adventures in Hell.




City at the Edge of Time  (Baen, 1988.)


A Thieves’ World novel.


                Tempus and his friend travel to a city whose inhabitants have achieved immortality, but at a terrible cost.


Little Helliad, The  (Baen, 1988.)


A Hell novel.


                Homer conducts the reader on a tour through Hell itself.


Tempus Unbound  (Baen, 1989.)


A Thieves’ World novel.


                Tempus fights and defeats a band of demons, but this time in an unusual setting when he is magically transported from the world he knows to the 20th Century of our own universe.




Donkey’s Crusade, The  (Bodley Head, 1983.)


                A talking donkey helps a man on his quest to find Prester John.


New Calling, A  (Bodley Head, 1992.)


Witch #2.


                An evil witch has a camera that robs people’s souls and turns them into zombies, until she is outsmarted by a group of children.


New Magic, A  (Bodley Head, 1990.)


Witch #1.


                Children battle a witch who is using a computer to take control of an estate.


Paper Canoe, The  (Bodley Head, 1988.)


                Ambiguous story of a girl’s daydreams, which may incorporate real visitations by outsiders.


Path of the Dragons, The  (Hutchinson, 1980.)


                A story of Atlantis, actually Crete, inhabited by dragons and visitors from outer space, among other things.


Song Under the Water, The  (Bodley Head, 1985.)


                Not seen.


Troy Game, The  (Bodley Head, 1987.)


                Not seen.  A magical quest to avert a war.


Twist of Eight  (Chatto & Windus, 1981.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Book of the Three Dragons  (Longmans, Green, 1930, Cold Spring, 2005.)


                Not seen.


Chalchiuhite Dragon, The  (Tor, 1992, Theosophical University, 1992, Tor, 1992, Orb, 1993.)


                Fantasy adventure based on Toltec mythology, written during the 1930’s but not published until several decades later.


Dragon Path, The  (Tor, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Fates of the Princes of Dyfed, The  (Theosophical Press, 1914.)


                Not seen.


Secret Mountain and Other Tales, The   (Faber, 1926.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Through Dragon Eyes  (Ben-Sen, 1980.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


MORRIS, TEE  (See also collaboration with Lisa Lee and with Pip Ballantine.)


Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword  (Dragon Moon, 2004.)


                An amusing fantasy about a dwarf private eye.


Legacy of Morevi  (Dragon Moon, 2005.)


Arathellean Wars #1.


                A royal heir goes into exile when war threatens.   This is a sequel to an earlier novel written in collaboration with Lisa Lee.




Early Romances  (See Golden Wings and Other Stories.) 


Glittering Plain, The  (Kelmscott, 1891, Roberts, 1891, Newcastle, 1973, Wildside, 2001. Also published as The Story of the Glittering Plain, The Land of the Living Men, and The Acre of the Undying.)


                A quest to rescue someone kidnapped by pirates leads the protagonist to a magical land where it is possible to regain one’s youth.  Eventually the hostage is rescued.


Golden Wings and Other Stories  (Newcastle, 1976. Wildside, 2004, as Early Romances.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


House of the Wolflings, The  (Longmans, 1988, Newcastle, 1978, Roberts, 1990, Wildside, 2002.)


                Marginal story of the battle against the Saxons.


Roots of the Mountains, The  (Longmans, 1889, Reeves & Turner, 1889, Newcastle, 1979, Wildside, 2003.)


                Marginal Viking adventure story.


Sundering Flood, The  (Kelmscott, 1896, Longman, 1897, Ballantine, 1973, Wildside, 2001.)


                Historical style fantasy with elves, knights, heroes, villains, a quest, castles, and the usual appurtenances of fantasy.


Water of the Wondrous Isles, The  (Kelmscott, 1897, Longmans, 1897, Ballantine, 1971.)


                Episodic adventures of a wanderer through mythical, magical kingdoms modeled after an idealized medieval world.


Well at the World’s End Volume I, The  (Kelmscott, 1896, Ballantine, 1970, Wildside, 2002.)


                Classic and lyrical quest story featuring the episodic adventures of a man searching for the well of the title and the people and dangers he encounters in the process.


Well at the World’s End Volume II, The  (Longmans, 1896, Kelmscott, 1896, Ballantine, 1970, Wildside, 2002.)


                The final batch of adventures of the protagonist’s quest.


Wood Beyond the World, The  (Kelmscott, 1894, Longmans, 1895, Roberts, 1895, Ballantine, 1969, Wildside, 2002.)


                Arguably the first epic fantasy ever written, a quest story about a man who sets out for adventure in order to escape a nagging wife.


MORRISON, GREG   (See collaborations with William Fortschen.)




Bible Stories for Adults


Blameless in Abaddon  (Harcourt, 1996.)


Jehovah #2.


                With God’s body transformed into a tourist attraction, an ambitious preacher conceives the idea of putting the deity on trial for all of his many crimes against humanity throughout the ages.


Eternal Footman, The  (Harcourt, 1999.)


Jehovah #3.


                Civilization proceeds in a number of strange ways after God dies, leaving his skull orbiting Earth like a second moon.  A woman struggles to save her son from a kind of ghostly doppelganger, and various religious groups begin to battle with each other.


Only Begotten Daughter  (Morrow, 1990, Ace, 1991, Legend, 1991, Harcourt, 1996.)


                At first it appears to be an error at the sperm bank, but eventually we learn that the virgin birth of a young girl in the near future is in fact that second coming.  And the world is no more prepared for this manifestation than it was for the first one.


Towing Jehovah  (Easton, 1994, Arrow, 1994, Harcourt, 1995.)


Jehovah #1.


                God dies and his enormous corpse is found floating in the ocean.  A freighter captain is hired to tow God’s body to the Arctic so that it will be preserved from the elements, as the rest of the world reacts in predictable and unpredictable ways.




Nick and the Genie  (Lutterworth, 1987.)


                Not seen.




Death of the Dragon, The  (Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1934.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


MORWOOD, PETER  (Pseudonym of Robert P. Smith.  See also collaboration which follows.  Note that the Book of Years and Clan Wars series are set in the same world.)


Book of Years Volume 1, The  (DAW, 2005.)


                Omnibus of The Horse Lord and The Demon Lord.


Book of Years Volume II, The  (DAW, 2005.0


                Omnibus of The Dragon Lord and The War Lord.


Demon Lord, The  (Century, 1984, DAW, 1987.)


Book of Years #2.


                Three allies must defeat a demonic creature manifested in their world as part of their plan to remove an evil ruler from the throne he has stolen.


Dragon Lord, The  (Century, 1986, DAW, 1987.)


Book of Years #3.


                The heroes must defeat a malevolent dragon and evil sorcery in their final effort to regain the throne and defeat the forces of an ambitious usurper.


Firebird  (Legend, 1992.)


Ivan #2.


                The use of magic helps the rulers of historical Russia defeat ambitious conquerors from outside their borders


Golden Horde, The  (Legend, 1993.)


Ivan #3.


                Marginal magic in a pseudo-historical Russia.


Greylady  (Legend, 1993.)


Clan Wars #1.


                An invading force welcomed by the majority of the population, as opposed to their tyrannical rulers, is faced with evil magic, so must find friendly magic of its own.


Horse Lord, The  (Century, 1983, DAW, 1987.)


Book of Years #1.


                Years after a battle that banished magic from the world, a new challenger arises with sorcerous powers that drive the legitimate ruler from power.  In hiding, the refugees from their own land discover that they must master the use of magic themselves if they are to return.


Prince Ivan  (Legend, 1990.)


Ivan #1.


                A Russian prince whose sisters have all married sorcerers sets out to find a bride for himself.


Warlord’s Domain, The  (Legend, 1989.)


Book of Years #4.


                Not seen.  Two adventurers travel to a far city to steal a fabled gem.


Widowmaker  (Legend, 1994.)


Clan Wars #2.


                A battle of sorcery as two groups contend with each other for power among their disparate tribes.




Keeper of the City  (Bantam, 1989.)


#2 in the multi-author Guardians of the Three series.


A secret agent working to defend a city from the minions of a nearby empire has his suspicions aroused when a group of merchants arrives on what appears to be more than a simple trade mission.




Second Time Around  (Barbour, 2005.)


                Three people have a chance to change one decision in their past.


MOSLEY, WALTER  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Gift of Fire, The  (Tor, 2012, bound with On the Head of a Pin.)


Prometheus visits Earth.


On the Head of a Pin (Tor, 2012, bound with The Gift of Fire.)


A new animation process uncovers the basics of good and evil.


MOSSE, KATE  (Also writes Horror.)


Cave, The (See The Winter Ghosts.)


Labyrinth  (Orion, 2005, Putnam, 2006, Berkley, 2007.)


A mix of contemporary thriller and historical novel, with reincarnation, immortality, and the Holy Grail.


Winter Ghosts, The  (Putnam, 2009. Orion, 2009, as The Cave, a slightly different version.)


A stranded motorist slips through time and attends a 13th Century festival.




Gentleman of Leisure, The  (Hutchinson, 1948.)


                A trip to heaven.


Ghost and the Maiden, The  (Hutchinson, 1940.)


                A ghost story.


To Hell, With Crabb Robinson  (?, 1962.)


                A trip to hell.




Elephant, The  (Macdonald, 1962, Black Cat, 1965, translated from the Polish by Konrad Syrop  Polish edition in 1958.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.


Ugupu Bird, The  (Macdonald, 1968, translated from the Polish by Konrad Syrop.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.




Wild Born  (Scholastic, 2013.)


#1 in the multi-author Spirit Animals series.


A group of children seek to discover if they have spiritual bonds to animals.




Stone Movers, The  (Aspect, 1995.)


                In one nation, humans live in harmony with four other races, but in the other, a pernicious belief in human supremacy causes tensions that will eventually lead to a threat of war for control of the entire world.


MULLEN, STANLEY (Also write Science Fiction.)


Kinsmen of the Dragon  (Shasta, 1951.)


                A battle against a secret society from an alternate dimension that is plotting to seize control of the world using their magic based science.


Moonfoam and Sorceries  (Gorgon, 1948.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sphinx Child, The  (New Collectors, 1948.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.




Very British Coup, A  (?, 1982.)


                Marginal thriller in which the US government manipulates that of Britain.


MUNDY, TALBOT  (Pseudonym of William Gribbon.  Note that Athelstan King and Jimgrim overlap.)


Avenging Liafail.  (See Liafail.)


Black Light  (Bobbs-Merrill, 1930, Hutchinson, 1930, Braunworth, 1930. Bantam, 1978, condensed by Barbara Cartland.)


                A love story involving mysticism.


Caves of Terror  (Doubleday Page, 1924, Hutchinson, 1934.  Magazine title The Gray Mahatma.)


Athelstan King #2.


                Two adventurers are captured and taken to an underground kingdom where magical powers are revealed to them prior to their escape.


Devil’s Guard, The  (Bobbs Merrill, 1926, Avon, 1968.  Ridgeway, 1926, Hutchinson, 1926, as Ramsden.)


Jimgrim #2.


                Jim Grim and his friends discover the existence of two monasteries in Tibet, one dedicated to good, the other to evil.  Each is engaged in a war of magic against the other, and the bad guys have a definite edge until the outsiders intervene.


Full Moon  (Appleton, 1935.  Royal, 1953, bound with High Priest of California by Charles Willeford.  Ryerson, 1953.  Hutchinson, 1935, as There Was a Door.)


                A nearly vanished underground civilization conceals the doorway to another dimension in its ruins.


Helene  (Avon, 1967.)


                Part four of Tros of Samothrace.


Helma  (Avon, 1967.)


                Part two of Tros of Samothrace.


Jimgrim  (Century, 1930, Hutchinson, 1931, Avon, 1968.  Royal, 1953, as Jimgrim Sahib.  Magazine title King of the World.)


Jimgrim #3.


                Jim Grim is off to Egypt this time to engineer the defeat of a megalomaniac who has mastered the art of controlling energy, enabling him to cause terrible explosions against which there is no defense.


Jimgrim Sahib.  (See Jimgrim.)


King of the Khyber Rifles  (Bobbs-Merrill, 1916, Grosset, ?, Donald Grant, 1978, Beacon, ?, Wildside, 2002.)


Athelstan King #1.


                Marginal novel of the British in India with a brief fantastic sequence.


Liafail  (Avon, 1967. (Zebra, 1978, as Avenging Liafail.)


                Part three of Tros of Samothrace.


Lud of Lunden  (Zebra, 1976.)


                Approximately one third of Tros of Samothrace.


Nine Unknown, The  (Bobbs Merrill, 1923, Hutchinson, 1924, Burt, 1925, Avon, 1968.)


Jimgrim #1.


                A priest uncovers documents pertaining to the existence of the Nine Unknown, a secret organization which is rumored to possess magical powers and which secretly controls much of the world.


Old Ugly Face  (Hutchinson, 1939, Appleton, 1940, Ryerson, 1940, Wells & Shakespeare, 1950.)


                Marginal thriller about political intrigue in Tibet, complicated by some psychic interference.


Om: The Secret of Ahbor Valley  (Bobbs Merrill, 1924, Hutchinson, 1925, Burt, 1926, Stone & McKenzie, 1931, Crown, 1962, Avon, 1967.)


                A western adventurer penetrates into a lost land in the mountains of India in pursuit of a kidnapped girl, and there discovers mystical powers not known outside the isolated valley.


Purple Pirate, The  (Gnome, 1935, Appleton Century, 1935, Hutchinson, 1935, Ryerson, 1935, Avon, 1970.)


Tros #3.


                Despite the animosity of both Caesar and Cleopatra, Tros sets out on his quest to circumnavigate the globe in his trireme.


Queen Cleopatra  (Bobbs Merrill, 1929, Hutchinson, 1929.  Zebra, 1978, Ace, ?.)


Tros #2.


                Tros becomes involved with Queen Cleopatra of Egypt as they take common cause against the world conquering ambitions of Caesar.


Ramsden.  (See The Devil’s Guard.)


There Was a Door.  (See Full Moon.)


Tros  (Avon, 1967.)


                Part one of Tros of Samothrace.


Tros of Samothrace  (Gnome, 1925, Appleton Century, 1934, Hutchinson, 1934, Chivers, 1968.)


Tros #1.


                Tros, son of Perseus,  is an ancient adventurer who gets involved with Druid magic, a terrible personal rivalry with Caesar, rampaging Vikings, a voyage around the world, and a battle to the death in the arena.  The novel was published in four volumes by Avon.




Moon Prince and Other Nabobs, The  (Harper, 1893.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Slambangaree and Other Stories, The  (Russell, 1897.)


                Collection of unrelated stories for younger readers.




In the Tomb of the Bishop  (Donald Grant, 1979.)


                Collection of related stories.


King of the World’s Edge  (Ace, 1967. Magazine version, 1939.)


World’s Edge #1.


                A band of refugees tries to carve out a new homeland in an unfriendly land.  To do so, they most overcome monsters, magic, and a malevolent empire of barbarians.


Lost Legion, The  (?, 1980.)


                Not seen.  Magic and mayhem during the age of Caligula.


Master Goes Home, The  (Donald Grant, 1979.)


                Collection of related stories.


Merlin’s Godson  (Ballantine, 1976.)


                Omnibus of King of the World’s Edge and The Ship from Atlantis.


Merlin’s Ring  (Ballantine, 1974, Futura, 1977.)


World’s Edge #3.


                Episodic novel about people who drift about in time and space for a series of adventures and reunions, including Merlin’s son and the characters from earlier books in the series.


Ship from Atlantis, The  (Ace, 1967, bound with The Stolen Sun by Emil Petaja.)


World’s Edge #2.


                An explorer is caught in the Sargasso Sea where are gathered the ships of various times and nations.  There he encounters a ship from legendary Atlantis and the beautiful woman who lives aboard it.




Moon Burning  (Berkley, 2011.)


Shapechanger romance.




Mad Throne, The  (Popular Library, 1979.)


                A man from our world wakes up in the body of a presumed hero who has vowed to free his people from the monstrous hordes of enemies surrounding them.




Coyote Dreams  (Luna, 2007.)


Walker Papers #3.


Someone is using magic to put Seattle's policemen permanently asleep.  One policewoman with an affinity for magic must solve the case before she too falls victim.


Hands of Flame  (Luna, 2008.)


Negotiator #3.


Urban fantasy about a lawyer who is having an affair with a gargoyle.  Ouch!


Heart of Stone  (Luna, 2007.)


Negotiator #1.


A lawyer discovers a magical realm impinging on our reality.


House of Cards  (Luna, 2008.)


Negotiator #2.


A lawyer tries to arrange peace between warring magical factions.


Mountain Echoes (Luna, 2013.)


Walker Papers #8.




Queen's Bastard, The  (Del Rey, 2008.)


Elizabethan court intrigue mixed with magic.


Raven Calls (Luna, 2012.)


Walker Papers #7.




Shaman Rises (Luna, 2014.)


A woman uses magical powers to oppose a supernatural entity.


Spirit Dance  (Luna, 2011.)


Walker Papers #6.




Thunderbird Falls  (Luna, 2006.)


Walker Papers #2.


                A policewoman with magical talents investigates the death of a member of a coven of witches.


Truthseeker  (Del Rey, 2010.)


Worldwalker #1.




Urban Shaman  (Luna, 2005.)


Walker Papers #1.


                Romance novel involving a contemporary magician who saves the world.


Wayfinder (Del Rey, 2011.)


Worldwalker #2.




MURPHY, DERRYL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Napier's Bones  (Chizine, 2011.)


Math controls magic.




Truce: The Day the Soldiers Stopped Fighting  (Scholastic, 2009.)


A miracle takes place during World War I.


MURPHY, KEVIN  (See collaboration with Jo Clayton.)




Virgin  (Berkley, 1996.)


The preserved body of the Virgin Mary is discovered and brought to a small church in New York.  As miracles begin to happen in the vicinity, a priest discovers that there is an evil power arising as well.




Falling Woman, The  (Tor, 1986, Headline, 1988.)


                An archaeologist studying the ruins of the Mayan civilization is brought into contact with the spirit of a long dead woman.


Nadya  (Tor, 1996.)


                A young woman growing up in the 1830’s discovers that she is a werewolf, though a benevolent one.  This causes considerable trouble in her social life, however, and she eventually sets out on a journey of self discovery.




Harmony  (Delacorte, 2002.)


                A young grows up developing magical powers.


Night Flying  (Delacorte, 2000, Dell Laurel, 2002.)


                For young adults.  A teenager is a member of the family whose females can call fly.  They do so under only the strictest of rules to avoid discovery, but a troublesome aunt questions the prohibition and brings doubt to her niece.




Time of New Weather, The  (Delta, 2005, Dell, 2008.)


                Farcical adventure set in a future when the laws of nature have changed and corporations own the US government.


MURPHY, SHIRLEY ROUSSEAU  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Cat in the Dark  (Harper, 1999.)


Joe Grey #4.


                A handful of intelligent cats live in secret among the human race.  A new cat in town has an abiding hatred for the human race, and a knowledge of voodoo that adds up to an explosive mix.


Cat on the Edge  (Harper, 1996.)


Joe Grey #1.


                A cat who suddenly gains the power of speech and the intelligence of a human being witnesses a murder.


Cat Raise the Dead  (Harper, 1997.)


Joe Grey #3.


                A talking cat helps solve the mystery of a clever burglar.


Catswold Portal, The  (Roc, 1992.)


                An ornate door is the gateway to another world, one where shapeshifters prowl in the bodies of cats, and where an ambitious sorceress has nearly completed her plans to dominate the world.  Enter an inquisitive and troublesome intruder from our world.


Cat Under Fire  (Harper, 1996.)


Joe Grey #2.


                A pair of intelligent, talking cats try to prove an accused murderer’s innocence.


Dragonbards, The  (Harper & Row, 1988.)


Tebriel #3.


                An evil sorcerer has used an army of zombies and other monsters to conquer a kingdom, and now he is opposed only by a young boy and his uncertain allies.


Grass Tower, The  (Atheneum, 1976.)


                Not seen.


Ivory Lyre, The  (Harper & Row, 1987, Starwanderer, 1988.)


Tebriel #2.


                A magical realm suffers under a repressive ruler who can only be overthrown if humans find dragons to help them.  Everyone believes dragons to be extinct, however, and it is only when a young man discovers some still living that there is renewed hope of freedom.


Medallion of the Black Hound  (Harper & Row, 1989.)


                A youngster is transported magically to another world.


Nightpool  (Harper & Row, 1985.)


Tebriel #1.


                A wounded boy shelters with a colony of otters while villainous men seize the throne that was meant to be his.  Elsewhere, an ancient dragon wakens to search for the heir to the throne.


Silver Woven in My Hair  (Atheneum, 1977, Macdonald,1978.)


                Not seen.


Soonie and the Dragon  (Atheneum, 1979.)


                Not seen.


Valentine for a Dragon  (Atheneum, 1984.)


                Not seen.




Medallion of the Black Hound  (Harper & Row, 1989.)


                David finds himself in an alternate world where magic works and must master the secret of an ancient medallion to prevent the triumph of evil.


MURPHY, WARREN  (See collaborations with Molly Cochran.)




Cormac: The Seers  (Pan, 1992.)


Cormac #1.


                Marginal fantasy set in third century Ireland.


Cormac: The King Making  (Pan, 1994.)


Cormac #2.


                Further magical adventures in early Ireland.


MURRAY, FRIEDA A.  (See collaborations with Roland Green.)




Fire Dance (Tor, 2018.)


Last Song Before Night (Tor, 2015.)


A woman from an aristocratic family rejects the limited role of women in a fantasy world and sets out to make a new life.




Fire of Heaven  (?, )


                A couple are contacted by messengers from God.




Waterborne Blade, The (Angry Robot, 2015.)


Water #2.




Waterborne Exile (Angry Robot, 2015.)


Water #1.






Fair Coin (Pyr, 2012.)


Coin #1.


A boy discovers a coin that grants wishes.


Quantum Coin (Pyr, 2012.)


Coin #2.


A magical coin provides access to alternate worlds.




Fire and Ice  (Roc, 1992.)


Jesse O’Keefe #2.


                The presence of two outsiders in a lost land causes a schism within the Incan culture that survived isolated from the outside world.


Mountain Made of Light, The  (Roc, 1992.)


Jesse O’Keefe #1.


                An explorer in the Andes finds a lost city of Incans that have been cut off from the outside world for generations.  He and another outsider are forced to search for a legendary magical mountain to determine the future of this society.


Summit, The  (Roc, 1994.)


Jesse O’Keefe #3.


                O’Keefe must climb to the summit of a magical mountain to find a people who may be able to save his friends.




O King, Live Forever  (Crown, 1953.)


                Not seen.  Immortality.




Harp and the Blade, The  (Dutton, 1941, Starblaze, 1982.)


                A wizard is called upon to save his people from a deadly invader.


Moon’s Fire-Eating Daughter, The  (Starblaze, 1991.)


Silverlock #2.


                More episodic adventures and even more obscure allusions.


Silverlock  (Dutton, 1949, Ace, 1966, NESFA, 2004.)


Silverlock #1.


                Episodic fantastic adventure that serves as a vehicle for lots of literary ingroup jokes and cameo appearances by characters from history and literature.




Legend of Tarik, The  (Point, 1981.)


                A young boy whose family was killed by evil conquerors must gather three magical objects in order to gain the power to get his vengeance.