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LACHLAN, M.D.  (Pseudonym of Mark Barrowcliffe.)


Fenrir (Pyr, 2011.)


Viking #2.


Intrigue during the Viking siege of Paris involving werewolves.


Wolfsangel  (Pyr, 2011.)


Viking #1.


A werechild becomes a Viking leader.


LACKEY, MERCEDES  (See collaborations with Piers Anthony, Andre Norton,  and C.J. Cherryh, as well as those which follow.  Note that the Valdemar books are broken up into sub-series which are not noted below since each is part of the sequence.  The Collegium series is also related.)





Aerie  (DAW, 2006.)


Joust #4.


                Exiles from a land ruled secretly by magicians gather their forces and their dragon allies in an effort to free their people.


Alta  (DAW, 2004.)


Joust #2.


                A young man hopes to steal the secrets of dragon riding for his own people, but they distrust him when he shows up with a live dragon.


Arrow’s Fall  (DAW, 1988, Legend, 1989.)


Valdemar #3.


                While in a foreign country to evaluate a marriage proposal sent to her queen, a young Herald discovers that there is a sorcerous plot in the works that could destroy her homeland and the queen whom she serves.


Arrow’s Flight  (DAW, 1987, Legend, 1989.)


Valdemar #2.


                Talia has become a Herald, a sort of roving judge bearing the authority of the queen.  But when she attempts to perform her duties, she discovers that it isn’t quite as easy as she was led to believe, particularly among those who challenge her authority.


Arrows of the Queen  (DAW, 1987, Legend, 1988.)


Valdemar #1.


                A magical horse chooses a young woman to become a Herald of the queen and eventually a member of her personal bodyguard.  Before she reaches this goal, however, she gets caught up in a conspiracy to seize the throne.


Bastion (DAW, 2013.)


A Valdemar novel.




Beauty and the Werewolf  (Luna, 2012.)


Werewolf romance.


Black Swan, The  (DAW, 1999, Gollancz, 2000.)


                A man with a grudge against women roams about changing them into swans.  Eventually one of his victims manages to turn the tables on him.  A retelling of the story of Swan Lake.


Blood Red (DAW, 2014.)


Elemental Masters




Brightly Burning  (DAW, 2000, Gollancz, 2001.)


Valdemar #16.


                A young, troublesome boy is developing unusually potent magical powers.  Three adults are set to overseeing his training, because his abilities may be needed to avert war with a neighboring state.  The boy, however, proves resistant to discipline and resentful of authority.


By the Sword  (DAW, 1991.)


Valdemar #9.


                When her family is attacked and her prospective sister in law kidnapped, Kerowyn appeals to her warrior grandmother for assistance, and finds herself on a quest that will change forever the future she foresaw for herself.


Closer to the Heart (DAW, 2015.)






Eagle and the Nightingales, The  (Baen, 1995.)


Bardic Voices #3.


                A militant church is seizing control of Alanda, and among their policies are opposition to magic, bards, and non-human intelligent beings.  A young bard decides to try her hand at finding out what lies behind the king’s unwillingness to stand up to them.


Exile's Honor  (DAW, 2002.)


Valdemar #24.


                A soldier trained to fight against the witch nation of Valdemar is rescued by his enemies and discovers that he has been misled about their nature.


Exile's Valor  (DAW, 2003.)


Valdemar #25.


                A foreign mercenary becomes the key to the security of the throne.


Fairy Godmother, The  (Luna, 2004.)


500 Kingdoms #1.


                Mild romance about a disgruntled woman who becomes a fairy godmother and turns an obnoxious prince into a donkey.


Fiddler Fair  (Baen, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Firebird  (Tor, 1996.)


                A Russian boy is banished after he tries to capture a magical bird.  His subsequent adventures eventually lead to his falling in love with an enchanted princess and rescuing her from an evil magician.  Based on a classic Russian fairy tale.


Fire Rose, The  (Baen, 1996.)


                A modern variation of the story of beauty and the beast.  A scholarly woman is hired as a governess, but it turns out her only duty is to read to an employer whom she never sees, and who listens over a communications system.


Fortune’s Fool  (Luna, 2007.)


                A kidnapped princess is rescued by a supposed fool.


Foundation  (DAW, 2008.)


Collegium #1.


A young boy escapes captivity and seeks a better life for himself.


Four and Twenty Blackbirds  (Baen, 1997, Harper, 1998.)


Bardic Voices #4.


                Someone with magical powers is taking possession of clerics and using them to murder lower class women in Jack the Ripper style.  An ordinary police officer takes the latest crime personally and vows to track down the sorcerer responsible.


Free Bards, The  (Baen, 1997.)


Omnibus of the first three Bardic Voices novels.


From a High Tower ( DAW, 2015.)


Elemental Masters




Gates of Sleep, The  (DAW,2003.)


Elemental Masters #2.




Gwenhwyfar: The White Spirit  (DAW, 2009.)


A retelling of the legend of King Arthur.


Hills Have Spies, The  (DAW, 2018.)


Home from the Sea  (DAW, 2012.)


Elemental Masters.




Intrigues  (DAW, 2010.)


Collegium Chronicles #2.


Against a background of court intrigue, a young man seeks to learn his past.


Joust (DAW, 2003.)


Joust #1.


                A simple peasant gets a chance to work with dragons and has his life transformed.


Lark and the Wren, The  (Baen, 1992.)


Bardic Voices #1.


                A tavern singer who believes she has the talent to be a bard is frustrated that no one will give her an opportunity to prove herself.  Eventually she challenges a powerful ghost to a test of her skill, for which she hopes to win his assistance.


Last Herald Mage, The  (Guild America, 1990.)


                Omnibus of Magic’s Pawn, Magic’s Promise, and Magic’s Price.


Magic’s Pawn  (DAW, 1989, Roc UK, 1992.)


Valdemar #6, Magic #1.


                Vanyel has magical talents, but he prefers to live the life of a simple bard.  Unfortunately, that would leave him without the ability to control the forces that work through him, so he is sent to live with an aunt who might have sufficient influence to discipline him.  But before she can succeed, the consequences of his lack of training begin to unfold.


Magic’s Price  (DAW, 1990, Roc UK, 1992.)


Valdemar #8, Magic #3.


                Vanyel is the last surviving magician in Valdemar, which is menaced by supernatural evil, the invading army massing in a neighboring country, and the imminent death of its own king.  And Vanyel’s prescient vision of the future seems to imply the destruction of all Valdemar.


Magic’s Promise  (DAW, 1990, Roc UK, 1992.)


Valdemar #7, Magic #2.


                Vanyel has mastered his magical abilities and has become the strongest sorcerer in a world troubled by evil magic.  He and a friend travel to a neighboring country to help them combat a supernatural manifestation, which might originate from within that land’s young ruler.


Oathblood  (DAW, 1998.)


Valdemar #?


                Collection of sometimes related stories.


Oathbound, The  (DAW, 1988.)


Valdemar #4, Oath #1.


                Two female warriors, one seeking revenge on the bandits who wiped out her family, the other armed with formidable sorcery as well as martial arts, team up for a series of adventures.


Oathbreakers   (DAW, 1989.)


Valdemar #5, Oath #2.


                A woman disappears while on a quest for a magical sword.  In her absence, the throne whose occupant should have been decided by the sword falls to a conniving usurper.  Two warrior women who were friends to the missing one set out to find her, and help restore the true rule of her city.


One Good Knight  (Luna, 2006.)


500 Kingdoms #2.


                A retelling of the story of Perseus and Andromeda.


Phoenix and Ashes  (DAW, 2004.)


Elemental Masters #3.


                A young woman struggles to escape her magical bondage to a home in World War I London.  Loosely based on Cinderella.


Redoubt  (DAW, 2012.)






Reserved for the Cat  (DAW, 2007.)


Elemental Masters #5.


An out of work ballerina has her life changed by a magical cat.


River's Gift, The  (Roc, 1999.)


                Short tale of a teenager who takes solace from a magic horse following her father's death.


Robin and the Kestrel, The  (Baen, 1993.)


Bardic Voices #2.


                A singer and a runaway noble team up with a friendly ghost to help foil a plot that would magically drive all music from their world.


Sacred Ground  (Tor, 1994.)


                A woman who is attempting to learn the magic of her ancestors is troubled when a new shopping mall construction disturbs a hidden burial ground.  Eventually she learns that an ancient evil has been released, one that can only be stopped by equally ancient magic.


Sanctuary  (DAW, 2005.)


Joust #3.


                In his new homeland, Kiron the dragon master discovers a conspiracy against the throne.


Scandal in Battersea, A (DAW, 2017.)


Elemental Masters #12.


Sherlock Holmes solves a case in an alternate magical London.


Serpent's Shadow, The  (DAW, 2001.)


Elemental Masters #1.


                A female doctor in Victorian London is concealing the fact that she also has a magical healing power.  Then a group of magicians from India come seeking to control her abilities.  Loosely based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.


Snow Queen, The  (Luna, 2008.)


A retelling of the story of the Snow Queen, with romance.


Storm Breaking  (DAW, 1996, Orion, 1996.)


Valdemar #15, Storm #3.


                A desperate search is on for a treasure trove of ancient magical artifacts which might be the only means of stopping a series of supernatural storms which threaten to literally destroy the world.


Storm Rising  (DAW, 1996, Millennium, 1996.)


Valdemar #14, Storm #2.


                Evil magicians are using terrible storms and manifestations of hideous creatures to unsettle the people of both Valdemar and Karse, and the two nations are beginning to distrust one another again as well.  The ruler of Karse attempts to prevent a break by revealing arcane secrets.


Storm Warning  (DAW, 1994, Millennium, 1995.)


Valdemar #13, Storm #1.


                Valdemar and a neighboring country which have long been enemies are forced to forge an uneasy alliance in the face of evil sorcery from the unknown lands surrounding them.


Study in Sable, A (DAW, 2016.)


Elemental Masters




Take a Thief  (DAW, 2001.)


Valdemar #19.


                An orphan discovers that he is better cared for in a gang of juvenile thieves than by working at his uncle's tavern.  But his latest burglary lands him in the middle of trouble.


Tangled Web, A  (Harlequin, 2012.)




Unnatural Issue  (DAW, 2011.)


Elemental Masters #5.


A man plans human sacrifice to bring his wife back from the dead.


Vows and Honor  (Guild America, 1994.)


                Omnibus of The Oathbound and Oathbreakers.


Werehunter  (Baen, 1999.)


                Collection of mostly unrelated stories.


Winds of Change  (DAW, 1992.)


Valdemar #11, Winds #2.


                Elspeth has found a group of magicians to help her develop her own powers, but before they can do so agents of an evil sorcerous power attack and nearly destroy the colony.  Now the future of Valdemar is more questionable than ever.


Winds of Fate  (DAW, 1991.)


Valdemar #10, Winds #1.


                For generations magic has been gone from Valdemar, but now a fresh evil has arisen from outside that country.  The heir to the throne possesses magical potential, but requires the proper training to make use of it, so she sets out to find the proper instruction.


Winds of Fury  (DAW, 1993.)


Valdemar #12, Winds #3.


                Elspeth is on her way back to Valdemar, now in control of her magic, but before she can arrive and help resist the invasion by armies using dark sorcery, she herself is menaced by a reluctant ally of her enemy.


Wizard of London, The  (DAW, 2005.)


Elemental Masters #4.


                A girl with special magical talents is targeted by dark wizardry while attending school in an alternate London.




Black Gryphon, The  (DAW, 1994, Millennium, 1995.)


Valdemar #16, Gryphon #1.


                In the far past of Valdemar, a sorcerer has fashioned magical beasts including gryphons to help him defeat the evil magic of an enemy power.


Born to Run  (Baen, 1992.)


Serrated Edge #1.


                Good and bad elves have entered our world.  The former are interested in stock car racing, the latter in pornography and other nasty things.  Some runaway children get caught up in the battles among these and other mysterious figures.


Chrome Borne, The  (Baen, 1999.)


                Omnibus of Born to Run and Chrome Circle.


Chrome Circle  (Baen, 1994.)


Serrated Edge #4.


                A mage falls in love with a human looking girl who is actually the daughter of a dragon, and who seems determined to murder her would be suitor.


Owlflight  (DAW, 1997, Millennium, 1998.)


Owl #1.


                Magical wars have left a remote area transformed, its plants and animals altered into unsuspected monstrosities.  A young boy whose parents have disappeared in the area is apprenticed to a wizard, then becomes a refugee when barbarians slaughter everyone in the area.  On his own, he is unprepared to control the magical forces which he possesses.


Owlknight  (DAW, 1999, Gollancz, 2000, Millennium, 2001.)


Owl #3.


                Just as things seem to have settled down into political maneuvering rather than more dangerous contention, a mage and his companions discover raiding parties on the edge of their lands.


Owlsight  (DAW, 1998, Millennium, 1999.)


Owl #2.


                A young magician returns to warn a community that they face an attack by a wandering horde of barbarians, and teams up with a local woman also poorly trained in magic to turn them back.


Silver Gryphon, The  (DAW, 1996, Millennium, 1996.)


Valdemar #18, Gryphon #3.


                Two young warriors are stranded in a hostile jungle, deprived of their magical powers and stalked by an evil unprecedented in their experience.


White Gryphon, The  (DAW, 1995, Millennium, 1995.)


Valdemar #17, Gryphon #2.


                The survivors of a nation devastated by a war against evil attempt to found a new nation, and are forced to enter negotiations with a rival power.  During those negotiations, one of their opponents is murdered, apparently by one of the supplicants.




Beyond World's End  (Baen, 2001.)


A Serrated Edge novel.


                The gateway between the world of the fairies and our own world has been opened, and the political struggles in that magical land are about to spill over into ours.


Conspiracies  (Tor, 2011.)


Shadow Grail #2.


Magical war on a school campus.


Legacies  (Tor, 2010.)


Shadow Grail #1.




Mad Maudlin  (Baen, 2003.)


Elves #6.


                Eric the Bard discovers that he has a brother and goes on a quest across two realities to find him.


Music to My Sorrow  (Baen, 2006.)


Elves #3.


                After dealing with evil elves, the protagonist thinks he deserves a rest.  Unfortunately, a psychic vampire thinks otherwise.


Spirits White as Lightning  (Baen, 2001.)


Elves #5.


                A music student must set aside his career in order to battle villains who have crossed into our world from the Chaos Lands.


Victories (Tor, 2014.)






Fortress of Frost and Fire  (Baen, 1993.)


A Bard’s Tale book.


                A human apprenticed to a dark elf who has supposedly given up his evil ways discovers that it isn’t quite as easy a task as either of them expected.




Much Fall of Blood (Baen, 2010.)


Venice #3.


Alternate Venicians engage in a diplomatic mission, with magic.


Shadow of the Lion, The  (Baen, 2002.)


Venice #1.


                The nobility, merchants, and a bodyguard get caught up in a web of plots and counterplots in an alternate 16th Century Venice where magic is real.


This Rough Magic  (Baen, 2003.)


Venice #2.


                A complex power struggle in an alternate 16th Century Venice.




And Less Than Kind  (Baen, 2008.)


Magic #4.


Political intrigue in a magic version of England.


By Slanderous Tongues  (Baen, 2007.)


Magic #3.


                Forces natural and supernatural conspire to keep Elizabeth from assuming the throne of England.


Ill Met by Moonlight  (Baen, 2005.)


Magic #2.


                A young girl is destined to be queen, but supernatural powers are determined that she die.


This Scepter'd Isle  (Baen, 2004.)


Magic #1.


                Elves are living secretly among humans in 16th Century England, taking on human identities and getting involved in court intrigues.




Bedlam’s Bard  (Baen, 1998.)


                Omnibus of Knight of Ghosts and Shadows and Summoned to Tourney.


Knight of Ghosts and Shadows  (Baen, 1990.)


Elves #1.


                Driven from Europe, the elves have been secretly living in Southern California for hundreds of years.  Now their continued existence is threatened again, and an unlikely human hero is the only one who can save them.


Summoned to Tourney  (Baen, 1992.)


Elves #2.


                San Francisco will be wiped off the face of the Earth unless a human and his elvish friends can summon supernatural creatures and convince or compel them to interfere.




When the Bough Breaks  (Baen, 1993.)


Serrated Edge #3.


                A band of good elves have to decide what to do about a human girl who has psi powers of incredible strength, and whose undisciplined use of them may endanger everyone around her.


LACKEY, MERCEDES & MALLORY, JAMES (Note that the Enduring Flame series is a sequel to the Obsidian series.


Crown of Vengeance  (Tor, 2012.)


Dragon Prophecy #1.


A young woman with magical powers sets out on a heroic quest to win a kingdom.


House of Four Winds, The (Tor, 2014.)


Daughters #1.


A woman disguises herself as a man for adventures in a fantasy world.


Outstretched Shadow, The  (Tor, 2003.)


Obsidian #1.


                Standard fantasy trilogy opening with the world on the brink of a magical war.


Phoenix Endangered, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Enduring Flame #2.


The return of magic leads to chaos and a dangerous flight across hostile country.


Phoenix Transformed, The  (Tor, 2009.)


Enduring Flame #3.


The heroes battle evil magic.


Phoenix Unchained, The  (Tor, 2007.)


Enduring Flame #1.


In a world that has mostly forgotten magic, it is suddenly and dangerously rediscovered.


To Light a Candle (Tor , 2004.)


Obsidian #2.


                Humans and elves find it difficult to work together against a common enemy.


When Darkness Falls  (Tor, 2006.)


Obsidian #3.


                The final battle against the demons forces humans and elves to forget their old differences.




Silence (Baen, 2016.)


Serrated Edge #9.






Prison of Souls  (Baen, 1993.)


A Bard’s Tale book.


                Two magical bards are sent on a mission to a land where magic is illegal in order to find out why that previously peaceful place is arming itself in anticipation of a war of aggression.




Castle of Deception  (Baen, 1992.)


A Bard’s Tale book.


                A would be hero accepts a challenge to rescue a girl kidnapped by elves, unaware of the fact that they aren’t elves, the girl isn’t who she is supposed to be, and everything else he has seen or been told may be wrong.


Cast of Corbies, A  (Baen, 1994.)


Bardic Voices #4.


                Once more the bards of Alanda must rise to the challenge of an intransigent church which wants to suppress all music in the land.


Wheels of Fire  (Baen, 1992.)


Serrated Edge #2.


                A band of good elves help a human woman to rescue her child, who has been abducted by a brainwashing religious cult.




Castle in Time  (Berkley, 1995.)


Anywhere Ring #2.


The protagonist magically travels to England, then sets off to find a missing girl.  Unfortunately, she ends up back in medieval times instead.  For young adults.


Cherry Blossom Moon  (Berkley, 1996.)


Anywhere Ring #4.


The magical ring allows a teenager to go back through time and prove that the grandfather of her friend was not really a spy working against the US.


Lost Valley  (Berkley, 1996.)


Anywhere Ring #3.


A mystery is solved when a girl travels back to 1906 Colorado.


Miracle Island  (Berkley, 1995.)


Anywhere Ring #1.


A magic amulet transports teens to a mysterious island.




Ghost Train to New Orleans (Orbit, 2014.)


Guide #2.


Urban fantasy.


Shambling Guide to New York City, The  (Orbit, 2013.)


Guide #1.


Urban fantasy.


LAFFERTY, R.A.  (Note that Archipelago, The Devil is Dead, and the Argo series are all related.)


Archipelago  (Manuscript Press, 1979.)




Argo  (United Mythologies, 1992.)


Argo #3.




Devil Is Dead, The  (Avon, 1971, Dobson, 1978, Wildside, 2000.)


                A journey through a magical version of our world as a group of adventurers sets off to discover the nature and location of the Devil himself.


Sindbad the 13th Voyage  (Broken Mirrors, 1989, Wildside, 2000.)


                An offbeat adventure of the Arab hero told in a very unconventional manner.


Tales of Chicago  (United Mythologies, 1992.)


Argo #1.


                Opening volume of an episodic, idiosyncratic sort of contemporary fantasy.


Tales of Midnight  (United Mythologies, 1992.)


Argo #2.


                Episodic adventures in an altered contemporary setting.




Eastward in Eden  (Creative Age, 1945, Gollancz, 1948, McClelland, 1948.)


                Children’s story about a boy kidnapped to a magical realm and his experiences there.




Invisible Links  (Little, Brown, 1899.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.


LAHAYE, TIM  (See also collaborations with Jerry B. Jenkins.)




Edge of Darkness, The  (Bantam, 2006.)


Babylon Rising #4.


                An investigator discovers news of the survival of a pre-Christian god.


Europa Conspiracy, The  (Bantam, ?)






Quest for Apollo  (DAW, 1989.)


                A writer is recruited by the goddess Diana, who works as a cocktail waitress, to find her brother Apollo, who has been condemned to a series of incarnations as frustrated heroes.  Time is of the essence, however, because in his current guise, he may inadvertently be responsible for a nuclear war.




Stories in Fantasia  (Exposition, 1967.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Neon Lotus  (Bantam, 1988.)


                The protagonist is the reincarnation of a brilliant scientist who seeks a number of mystical artifacts which she believes will help her to free her native Tibet from the domination of the Communist Chinese armies.


LAIN, T.H.  (House pseudonym.)


Bloody Eye, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.)


A Dungeons & Dragons novel.




City of Fire  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Dungeons & Dragons novel.


                Four unlikely heroes have to stop a renegade and an army of gnolls from securing a magical artifact.


Death Ray, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.) (Philip Athans.)


A Dungeons & Dragons novel.


                An honored soldier becomes part of the royal guard and has trouble adjusting to his new life.


Living Dead, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Dungeons & Dragons novel.


                Someone is wiping out hunting parties of two groups in an effort to provoke a war between them.


Oath of Nerull  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.) (Bruce R. Cordrell)


A Dungeons & Dragons novel.


                Wizards and sorcerers contend in an often bloody contest to see which of them will acquire a magical artifact of tremendous power.


Plague of Ice  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.) (Murray J.D. Leeder.)


A Dungeons & Dragons novel.


                A band of explorers finds a frozen city full of monsters.


Return of the Damned  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.) (Jess Lebow)


A Dungeons & Dragons novel.


                A band of mercenaries invades a foreign land to rescue a kidnapped woman.


Savage Caves, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.) (Philip Athans.)


A Dungeons & Dragons novel.


                Two travelers rescue a halfling from angry villagers and get involved with goblins and hobgoblins.


Sundered Arms, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.)


A Dungeons & Dragons novel.


                A long abandoned fortress comes alive as evil forces plot anew.


Treachery's Wake  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.)


A Dungeons & Dragons novel.


                A wizard enlists the aid of a group of adventurers in his bid to find a shipwrecked cargo.




Wandering Unicorn, The  (Taplinger, 1983, Berkley, 1985.)


                A half human, half fairy woman with the ability to change her shape has a series of adventures as she travels across historical Europe.




Ivy and the Meanstalk  (Holiday House, 2011.)


Ivy #2.


Quest for a magical harp.


Ivy's Ever After  (Holiday House, 2010.)


Ivy #1.


A princess and a dragon battle an evil prince.


LAKE, A.J.  (Pseudonym of Linda Carey.)


Book of the Sword, The  (Bloomsbury, 2007.)


Darkest Age #2.


                A magical sword helps two young boys on their quest.


Coming of Dragons, The  (Bloomsbury, 2006.)


Darkest Age #1.


                Two youngsters protect their kingdom from an evil dragon.




Changelings of Chaan, The  (Hyland, 1985.)


                Young readers’ book about a quest based on Hindu mythology..


West of the Moon  (Hyland, 1988.)


                Two children are lured to a magical world by a scheming king and his magician.




Dogs in the Moonlight (Prime, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Endurance  (Tor, 2011.)


Green #2.


A cult attempts to destroy the gods.


Escapement  (Tor, 2008.)


Clockwork #2.


A woman explores an alternate Earth run by clockwork machinery.


Green  (Tor, 2009.)


Green #1.


A young woman is involved in intrigue in a fantasy world.


Kalimpura  (Tor, 2013.)


Green #3.


A rescue mission is hampered by magical enemies.


Last Plane to Heaven (Tor, 2014.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Madness of Flowers  (Night Shade, 2009.)


A struggle for power in a magical city.


Mainspring  (Tor, 2007.)


Clockwork #1.


                Set in an alternate universe where the solar system is a clockwork device.


Pinion  (Tor, 2010.)


Clockwork #3.


A woman seeks to escape her enemies by traveling to a different part of a clockwork world.




There Will Be Lies (Bloomsbury, 2015.)


A mystical journey.




Pantomime  (Angry Robot, 2013.)


Micah #1.




Shadowplay (Angry Robot, 2014.)


Micah #2.


A former magician takes refuge in a circus.




Lucy’s Blade  (Baen, 2007.)






Prospero in Hell (Tor, 2010.)


Prospero #2.


An immortal woman searches for her father.


Prospero Lost  (Tor, 2009.)


Prospero #1.


An immortal with magical powers seeks her father in the modern world.


Prospero Regained  (Tor, 2011.)


Prospero #3.


A woman rescues her father from demons.


LAMPMAN, CAROLYN  (Pseudonym of Carolyn Brubaker.)


Window in Time, A  (Harper, 1995.)


                A woman joyriding in a balloon is somehow thrown back in time to 1860 where she finds herself living the life of her own grandmother.




Veeni the Master  (Stanley Paul, 1912.)


                An occult being offers to save a man’s soul from the destruction of the Earth.




Black Juice  (Eos, 2005, Gollancz, 2006.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Tender Morsels  (Knopf, 2008.)


A woman living in a sheltered, peaceful world must deal with interlopers from the greater reality.




All’s Dross But Love  (Lovell, 1889.)


                A story of reincarnation.


LANCOUR, GENE  (Pseudonym of Gene Lancour Fisher.)


Lerios Mecca, The  (Doubleday, 1973.)


Dirshan #1.


                A barbarian warrior sets out on a pilgrimage to a holy shrine and has to overcome the usual assortment of monsters and villains before accomplishing his objective.


Maneasters of Cascalon, The  (Doubleday, 1979.)


Dirshan #4.


                Not seen.


Sword for the Empire  (Doubleday, 1978.)


Dirshan #3.


                Not seen.


War Machines of Kalinth, The  (Doubleday, 1977.)


Dirshan #2.


                Dirshan is sent as a spy into the camp of a savage enemy horde, where he learns that they are preparing an attack based around innovative new weapons of destruction created by their reluctant sorcerous ally.




Rain Is Full of Ghosts, The  (Tesseract, 2000.)


                A woman takes a job as a deckhand on an ocean voyage, and is visited by the family ghost in the form of goose.




Camelot in Orbit  (DAW, 1978.)


Camelot #2.


                The protagonist is given the unenviable job of protecting the only planet in the universe where magic actually works against the scientifically armed alien races that want to conquer it and unravel its secrets.


Magick of Camelot, The  (DAW, 1981.)


Camelot #3.


                The world where magic works becomes the gateway to another universe, from which come invaders armed with a superscience superior to anything known in our universe.  But are they prepared to deal with genuine magic?


World Called Camelot, A  (DAW, 1976.  Magazine title Let There Be Magick.)


Camelot #1.


                On a far planet, magic seems to work, and the forces of evil, using sorcery and monsters, is on the march against the rest of the planet.  So an offworlder comes to Camelot armed with superscience and pits it against magic.


LANE, ALLISON   (Pseudonym of Susan Pace.)




Last Bride, The  (Berkley, 2005.)


                Time travel romance.


Perfect Love, A  (Jove, 2000.)


                A woman falls overboard in the present and is washed up on the shore during the 12th Century.  She eventually finds happiness and true love.


Second Lady Emily, The  (Signet, 1998.)


                A contemporary woman mentally reverts through time and finds herself in the body of a Regency era debutante.


Wishing Chalice, The  (Berkley, 2004.)


                A time travel romance.


LANG, ANDREW  (See also collaboration with H. Rider Haggard.)


Blue Fairy Book, The  (Longmans, 1880, Airmont, 1969.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Brown Fairy Book, The  (Longmans, 1904, Dover, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Crimson Fairy Book, The  (Longmans, 1903.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dreams and Ghosts  (Newcastle, 1972.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Gold of Fairnilee, The  (Arrowsmith, 1888.)


                A man enters the land of the fairies.


Green Fairy Book, The  (Longmans, 1892, McKay, 1965, Airmont, 1969.  Scholastic, 1972, abridged.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Grey Fairy Book, The  (Longmans, 1900.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Lilac Fairy Book, The  (Longmans, 1910.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Olive Fairy Book, The  (Longmans, 1907.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Orange Fairy Book, The  (Longmans, 1906, Dover, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Pink Fairy Book, The  (Longmans, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Rainbow Fairy Book, The  (?, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Red Fairy Book, The  (Longmans, 1890.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Violet Fairy Book, The  (Longmans, 1901.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Yellow Fairy Book, The  (Longmans, ?


                Collection of unrelated stories.




That Very Mab  (?, 1885.)


                Not seen.  The queen of the fairies returns to modern England.




Dark Victory (Tor, 2012.)


Lady #2.


A witch helps her family escapes the Nazis, who are aided by a demon.


Lady Lazarus  (Tor, 2010.)


Lady #1.


In the early days of World War II, a witch seeks to keep magical artifacts from falling into the hands of the Nazis.


Rebel Angels  (Tor, 2013.)


Lady #3.






Betrayal, The  (Harlequin, 2003.)


Mystical Highlands #2.




Highland Sword  (Harlequin, 2003.)


Mystical Highlands #1.


                Historical romance with some real magic.


Knight and the Seer, The  (Harlequin, 2003.)


Mystical Highlands #3.


                A witch's spells oft go awry.




Your Story, Zalea  (Exposition, 1962.)


                A story of reincarnation.




Jesus Christs  (Harper & Row, 1968, Ballantine, 1969.)


                Indescribable fantasy in which Jesus reappears on Earth in a wide variety of unlikely guises with variable consequences.




Land of Green Ginger, The.  (See The Tale of the Land of Green Ginger.)


Tale of the Land of Green Ginger, The  (Morrow, 1937.  Penguin, 1966, as The Land of Green Ginger.)


                The continued adventures of Aladdin.


Tales of Mystery and Revenge   (Barker, 1950.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are fantasy.




Troll Fell  (HarperCollins, 2004, Eos, 2005.)


Troll #1.


                A young orphan is forced to move in with his unsavory uncle in Viking times, and discovers the existence of a colony of trolls.


Troll Mill  (HarperCollins, 2005, Eos, 2006.)


Troll #2.


                A Viking teenager discovers that merpeople are just as real as are the trolls.


LANGSTON, JOSH  (See collaboration with Barbara Galler-Smith.)




Astonishing Stereoscope, The  (Harper & Row, 1971, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1971, Harper Trophy, 1973.)


Eleanor & Eddy #3.


                Two children have a series of adventures in a magical world they enter by means of a most unusual toy.


Diamond in the Window, The  (Harper & Row, 1962, Harper Trophy, 1973.)


Eleanor & Eddy #1.


                A group of children discover a secret gateway to another world in their attic, and when some of their number disappear, the others must follow and rescue them.


Fledgling, The  (Harper & Row, 1980.)


Eleanor & Eddy #4.




Swing in the Summerhouse, The  (Harper & Row, 1967.)


Eleanor & Eddy #2.






Curious Quests of Brigadier Ffellowes, The  (Donald Grant, 1986.)


Ffellowes #2.


                Collection of related stories about an adventurer who deals with magic and the supernatural.


Hiero’s Journey and The War for the Lot  (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1981.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Peculiar Exploits of Brigadier Ffellowes, The  (Walker, 1972, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1972.)


Ffellowes #1.


                Collection of related stories about some unlikely adventures.


War for the Lot, The  (Follett, 1969, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1977.)


                A young boy uses telepathy to defend some vacant property from the encroachment of intelligent rats.




Legend Makers, The  (Mira, 1999.)


                Romance during an expedition that locates a lost city.  A few minor incidents of genuine paranormal activity.


LANSDALE, JOE R.  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Flaming London (Subterranean, 2005.)


Ned the Seal #2.


Steampunk adventure.


Flaming Zeppelins (Tachyon, 2010.)


Omnibus of Flaming London and Zeppelins West.


Zeppelins West (Subterranean, 2001.)


Ned the Seal #1.


Steampunk adventure.




Mind Kill  (Forge, 1998.)


                A contemporary thriller that assumes that an other worldly realm of the mind actually exists and can be drawn upon by the villain as a weapon against the people who oppressed him.


Tegne  (Tor, 1988.  Sphere, 1988, as Tegne: Warlord of Zendow.)


Tegne #1.


                Epic fantasy involving a martial arts expert who rises to manhood, aided by supernatural allies against an evil ruler who fears the working out of an old prophecy.  And naturally the protagonist is the foretold hero who will bring him down.


Tegne: The Killing Blow  (Sphere, 1990.)


Tegne #2.




Tegne: Warlord of Zendow.  (See Tegne.)




Aware, The  (Voyager, 2003, Ace, 2005.)


Isles of Glory #1.


                An outcast working as a spy uncovers a plot to use evil magic.


Dagger's Path, The (Orbit, 2015.)


Forsaken Lands #2.




Fall of the Dagger, The (Orbit, 2016.)


Gilfeather  (Voyager, 2004, Ace, 2005.)


Isles of Glory #2.


                The battle against an evil sorcerer takes an unexpected turn.


Lascar's Dagger, The  (Orbit, 2014.)


Forsaken Lands #1.


Espionage in a fantasy world.


Last Stormlord, The  (Orbit, 2010.)


Stormlord #1.




Stormlord Rising  (Orbit, 2010.)


Stormlord #2.




Stormlord's Exile, The  (Orbit, 2011.)


Stormlord #3.




Tainted,The  (Voyager, 2004, Ace, 2006.)


Isles of Glory #3.


                A bird is transformed into a man who falls in love and must rescue his lover.




Bronze Mirror   (Holt, 1991.)


                A story telling contest in a Buddhist heaven threatens to upset things on Earth.


Silk Road  (Holt, 1989.)


                An Oriental fantasy about a pearl changed into a human child.




Freaks  (Chicken House, 2013.)


Children with unusual powers fight evil in Victorian London.




Darkwood Mask, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2008.)


An Eberron novel.






Capture, The  (Scholastic, 2003.)


Guardians of Ga'hoole #1.


                A young owl uncovers a conspiracy.


Coming of Hool, The  (Scholastic, ?)


Guardians of Ga'hoole #10.




Double Trouble Squared  (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1991.)


Starbuck #1.


                Telepathic twins discover the presence of a ghost in London.


First Collier, The  (Scholastic, ?)


Guardians of Ga'hoole #9.




Golden Tree, The  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Guardians of Ga'hoole #12.


A young king is troubled by his magical ancestry.


Hannah  (Scholastic, 2009.)


Daughters of the Sea #1.


A young girl discovers that she is not human.


Home Free  (Four Winds, 1985.)


                The battle to preserve the ecology in a remote area is complicated by the involvement of a girl from another age and a bird that can apparently fly through time.


Lucy (Scholastic, 2012.)


Daughters of the Sea #3.


A romance becomes complicated when a young woman discovers she isn't entirely human.


May (Scholastic, 2011.)


Daughters of the Sea #2.


A young woman in Maine feels the pull of the sea.


Shadows in the Water  (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1992.)


Starbuck #2.


                Telepathic twin children begin to communicate with dolphins about toxic dumping in the ocean.


To Be a King  (Scholastic, ?)


Guardians of Ga'hoole #11.






Unicorn, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


#2 in the multi-author Legend of the Five Rings series.


                Just as an army of demons threatens to invade, a peaceful nation is hit with a deadly plague that claims many victims, including the emperor himself.  A female warrior proves instrumental in defending the realm.




Malmond  (Lost Coast, 1995.)


                Political intrigue and other adventures in a kind of parallel universe where tigers found nations and people have strange, but familiar problems.




Dark Thane  (Earthlight, 2002.)


Last Clansman #2.


                The touch of a god leaves the protagonist open to evil influences.


Lore Bringer  (Pocket UK, 2004.)


Last Clansman #3.


                An uneasy peace in a fantasy world is about to come to an end.


Talisker  (?)


Last Clansman #1.






Excalibur  (Ballantine, 1973.)


                A fairly inventive retelling of the story of King Arthur, Camelot, and the magic sword.




Little Leftover Witch, The  (Macmillan, 1960, Collier, 1971, Aladdin, 1988.)


                Children’s book about a family that befriends a stranded witch.




Undoing, The (Kensington, 2016.)


Call of Crows #2.


Urban fantasy involving Viking gods.


Unleashing, The (Kensington, 2015.)


Call of Crows #1.




LAURIE, VICTORIA (Also writes Horror.)


When (Hyperion, 2015.)


A teenager develops a strange psychic power.




Touched by Magic  (Zebra, 1996.)


                A doctor in a rural area finds himself caught up in the rivalry among three young, beautiful witches in this romance novel.




Spirited Gift, A  (Berkley, 2011.)


Clairvoyant #3.


A clairvoyant uncovers a secret murder.


Timely Vision, A  (Berkley, 2010.)


Clairvoyant #1.


A clairvoyant clears up a murder.


Touch of Gold, A  (Berkley, 2011.)


Clairvoyant #2.


Murder mystery with a genuine clairvoyant.




Arthur  (Crossway, 1989, Lion, 1989, Avon, 1990.)


Pendragon #3.


                The story of King Arthur’s rise to power despite the opposition of the older leaders of Britain, and his career as their sovereign.


Avalon  (Avon, 1999.)


                King Arthur is reborn in the 21st Century, just in time to take the throne after a weak king dies and a corrupt prime minister attempts to seize power.  His rule is threatened however by the agents of the same evil he faced in a previous life, similarly reborn in the modern age.


Black Rood, The  (Avon, 2000.)


Celtic Crusades #2.


                The son of a nobleman defies his father to go on a search for a piece of the true cross, accompanied by an unusually undevoted monk and a vassal with an attitude above his station.


Endless Knot, The  (Lion, 1993, Avon, 1994.)


Song of Albion #3.


                A scholar from our world has assumed the throne of Prydain, but many among his subjects are unhappy with his elevation, most notably a powerful sorcerer who mobilizes his forces for a final confrontation to determine the future of that realm.


Grail  (Avon, 1997, Lion, ?)


Pendragon #5.


                A mysterious woman comes to Camelot, steals the grail, kidnaps Queen Guinevere, and Arthur must set out on a perilous journey to recover the two most precious items in his kingdom.


In the Hall of the Dragon King  (Crossway, 1982, Lion, 1982, Avon, 1992.)


Dragon King #1.


                When his king is tricked and imprisoned by an evil sorcerer, a young man sets out on a quest to rescue him, unprepared for the many dangers and hardships he will have to endure along the way.


Iron Lance, The  (Harper, 1998.)


Celtic Crusades #1.


                The frame story is a modern day lawyer with visions of the past.  In these visions, he sees one of his remote ancestors have various adventures during the Crusades, including an encounter with the actual lance that pierced the side of Jesus Christ.


Merlin  (Crossway, 1988, Lion 1988, Avon, 1990.)


Pendragon #2.


                Young Merlin, child of a castaway Atlantean princess, learns his magical crafts as he survives a brutalized Britain, preparing the way for the great leader he foresees arising in the future.


Mystic Rose, The  (Zondervan, 2001, Avon, 2001.)


Celtic Crusades #3.


                A woman battles the Knights Templar for control of the Holy Grail.


Paradise War, The  (Lion, 1991, Avon, 1993.)


Song of Albion #1.


                When two scholars go to investigate mysterious sightings in a remote area, one of them is involuntarily recruited into the service of an evil magician from another world.  In the process, a rift opens that allows mythical and magical creatures to cross over into our reality.


Pendragon  (Lion, 1994, Morrow, 1994, Avon, 1995.)


Pendragon #4.


                Merlin is off on a magical journey through time, so King Arthur must learn to rely on his own resources in dealing with the various conspiracies, intrigues, and open enemies that dwell within his kingdom.


Silver Hand, The  (Lion, 1992, Avon, 1993.)


Song of Albion #2.


                The succession to the throne of Prydain takes some strange twists when an intruder from our reality gets caught up in the politics and contending magical forces focus on him.


Sword and the Flame, The  (Crossway, 1984, Lion, 1984, Avon, 1992.)


Dragon King #3.


                Quentin assumes the throne following the death of his king, but his rule is tested immediately by an evil magician who has kidnapped Quentin’s son to prevent him from acting quickly against him.


Taliesin  (Crossway, 1987, Lion, 1987, Avon, 1990.)


Pendragon #1.


                One of the last princesses of Atlantis escapes that doomed land and comes to Britain shortly after the Roman retreat, where she becomes involved in the early stages of the legend of King Arthur.


Warlords of Nin, The  (Crossway, 1983, Lion, 1983, Avon, 1992.)


Dragon King #2.


                The king has been rescued from his sorcerous captor, but now he is dying and a new threat menaces his kingdom.  To the south, a barbarian army with magical assistance is planning to invade.  Quentin and his magic sword are called upon to lead the resistance.




Beyond the Firelight  (?, 1983.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Conjuror’s Box, The  (Kestrel, 1974, Piccolo, 1977.)


                A magical jug is instrumental in taking some young children on a magical adventure in other worlds.


Good Little Devil, The  (?, 1978.)


                Monks discover an imp and attempt to instill moral values.


Summer’s End: Stories of Ghostly Lovers  (?, 1987.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Tom Ass  (?, 1972.)


                An elf grants a human’s wish, and as one might expect, the results are not what the latter had anticipated.




Ragbone Man, The  (Llewellyn, 1994.)


Merrywell #1.


                A New Age contemporary novel of the occult involving a series of murders surrounding the appearance of a mysterious book of magical lore.




Man Who Died, The  (Secker, 1928.)


                A story of the second coming.




Timeless Adventures of J.J. and Kelly: The London Adventure  (Royal Fireworks, ?)


                Time travel fantasy with children following a mysterious man who disappeared into time.


LAWRENCE, LOUISE  (Pseudonym of Elizabeth Wintle.)


Earth Witch, The  (Harper, 1981, Ace, 1986.)


                A young man falls under the increasingly powerful spell of a local woman who is actually a very powerful individual who grows younger with the change of seasons.


Sing and Scatter Daisies  (Harper, 1977.)


Wyndcliffe #2.


                Not seen.  A romance between a living woman and a ghost becomes more poignant when the former discovers she is fatally ill.


Wyndcliffe, The  (Collins, 1974.)


Wyndcliffe #1.


                Not seen.  A young woman falls in love with a ghost.




Emperor of Thorns (Ace, 2013.)


Broken Empire #3.




Grey Sister (Ace, 2018.)


Book of Ancestor #2.


King of Thorns  (Ace, 2012.)


Broken Empire #2.




Liar's Key, The (Ace, 2015.)


Red Queen #2.




Prince of Fools (Ace, 2014.)


Red Queen #1.




Prince of Thorns  (Ace, 2011.)


Broken Empire #1.


Revenge and treachery in a magic kingdom.


Red Sister (Ace, 2017.)


Book of Ancestor #1.


Female assassins in a decadent empire.


Wheel of Osheim, The (Ace, 2016.)


Red Queen #3.






Rent in the Veil, The  (Hale, 1951.)


                Not seen.  Time travel, possibly science fiction.


Residence Afresh, A  (Hale, 1969.)


                Not seen.




Blood of the City  (Paizo, 2012.)


A Pathfinder novel.


A half blood runs into trouble in a magical city.


Honour of the Grave  (Black Library, 2003.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Survivors attempt to find a place for themselves in a future Earth where magic reigns and savage armies have destroyed civilization.


Liar's Peak  (Black Library, 2005.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A graveyard looter is set to retire when someone steals her life savings.


Sacred Flesh  (Black Library, 2004.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A woman who survives by looting battlefields gets involved in a murder mystery while escorting pilgrims.


Worldwound Gambit, The  (Paizo, 2011.)






Spring Rider, The  (Crowell, 1968.)


                A sentimental ghost story for young adults.


Witch Ember  (AmErica House, 2002)


A young boy in a fantasy world finds a magical artifact.




Mr Twigg’s Mistake  (Little, Brown, 1947, McClelland, 1947.)


                Not seen.  Children’s book about a giant mole.


LAWSON, SUSAN  (Pseudonym of Roger Moore and Margaret Weis, both of whom see.)


Riddle of the Griffon  (TSR, 1985.)


An Endless Quest Crimson Crystal book.


Multi-path gamebook in which you have to solve a riddle posed by a griffon.




Shark in Charlie’s Window, The  (Scholastic, 1973. Morrow, 1972, as The Shark in the Window.)


                Young readers’ book about a shark that can live out of water.


Shark in the Window, The.  (See The Shark in Charlie’s Window.)




Awakenings  (Tor, 2011.)


Aandor #1.


Two men in our world with partial amnesia are both pursued by magical beings.


Blood of Ten Kings (Tor, 2018.)


Aandor #3.


Final confrontation in a battle against magical evil.


Lost Prince, The  (Tor, 2013.)


Aandor #2.






Spires, Bells, and Dreams!  (Cassell, 1928.)


                A story of the second coming.




Mercadian Masques  (TSR, 1999.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                Adventurers cross through a rift into another world in order to escape their enemies, and find that the local people are hostile to them until they reveal their ability to help swing the tide in an ongoing war.


LEBBON, TIM  (See collaboration with Christopher Golden. Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


After the War  (Subterranean, 2007.)


Noreela #4.


Two related short novels.


Dawn  (Bantam, 2007.)


Noreela #2.


                Rebels unite against an apparently unstoppable army.


Dusk  (Bantam, 2006.)


Noreela #1.


                A young man becomes a pivotal asset in a battle to gain control of a world in which magic is reappearing after a long absence.


Echo City  (Ballantine, 2010.)


An isolated city has a warning from the outside.


Fallen  (Bantam, 2008, Ballantine, 2009.)


Noreela #3.


A man discovers a magical secret in the mountains.


Folded Land, The (Titan, 2018.)


Relics #2.


Urban fantasy.


Island, The  (Bantam, 2009.)


Noreela #5.


A fugitive guard witnesses miraculous events that pose a danger to his countrymen.


Relics (Titan, 2017.)


Relics #1.


Urban fantasy.


LEBOW, JESS  (See also T.H. Lain.)


Darksteel Eye, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2004.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                Three companions flee as superhuman enemy.


Master of Chains  (Wizards of the Coast, 2005.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                A disgraced hero redeems himself.


Obsidian Ridge  (Wizards of the Coast, 2008.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


A wizard on a magical mountain becomes ambitious.


Wind of War  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Legend of Five Rings novel.


                Family struggles add to the complications in a magical Feudalist Japan.


LEE, ADAM  (Pseudonym of A.A. Attanasio, whom see.)


Dark Shore, The  (New English Library, 1996, Avon, 1998.)


Dominions of Irth #1


                A common thief exiled to a magical void is reborn as a dread Dark Lord and sets out to undermine the ruler of the allied kingdoms who condemned him in his former existence.


Octoberland  (Avon, 1999.)


Dominions of Irth #3.


                In a magical alternate future of our own Earth, corrupt rulers and a sorceror who achieves immortality by stealing the life energy of his followers are attracting a malevolent force from outer space that could destroy the entire world.


Shadow Eater, The  (Hodder, 1997, Avon, 1998.)


Dominions of Irth #2.


                A handful of adventurers must prevent a goddess from satisfying her anger by waking a being who can literally destroy their universe.




Vermintide  (Black Library, 2006.)


A Warhammer novel.


                While investigating a series of thefts, a man finds danger among the dwarves.


LEE, J. ARDIAN  (See also Julianne Lee.)


Outlaw Sword  (Ace, 2002.)


Dylan Matheson #2.


                The man who was carried back through time to serve as a hero for his Scottish ancestors cajoles a fairy into letting him return there, to the family he gained during his previous adventures.


Son of the Sword  (Ace, 2001.)


Dylan Matheson #1.


                A man from our time is brought back to the 18th Century to help in a great battle, discovers fairies are real, and finds a woman to love.


Sword of King James  (Ace, 2003.)


Dylan Matheson #3.


                The protagonist is trying to raise his children in peace despite the oppression of British soldiers and the voices of the supernatural which trouble him.


Sword of the White Rose  (Ace, 2004.)


Dylan Matheson #4.


                A fairy is charged with watching over a human.




Unicorn Dilemma, The  (Tor, 1988, Orbit, 1989.)


Strand #2.


                The invaders are back with even greater engines of destruction, so this time an entire family of unicorns must be found and moved to the kingdom of Strand in order to turn the tide of battle.


Unicorn Peace, The  (Tor, 1992.)


Strand #4.


                The invaders have been defeated and the unicorns are returning to their homeland.  In the wake of that conflict, internal dissent breaks out and the kingdom of Strand still seeks fruitlessly for peace.


Unicorn Quest, The  (Tor, 1986, Futura, 1987.)


Strand #1.


                In order to save their kingdom from the army of technologically powered invaders who have overcome their gentler magic, two adventurers set off on an episodic quest to find the rarest of all creatures, a living unicorn.


Unicorn Solution, The  (Tor, 1991.)


Strand #3.


                The presence of a family of unicorns has bought Strand some time against an invading army, but if they are ultimately to prevail then someone must journey to another land and find the secret of a lost spell that can amplify their power.


Unicorn War, The  (Tor, 1995.)


Strand #5.


                With their external enemies defeated, the various lords of Strand begin to battle among themselves for control of their world, leading to the final intervention of the race of magical unicorns.


LEE, JULIANNE  (See also J. Ardian Lee.)


Knight’s Blood  (Ace, 2007.)


Knight #2.


                A woman travels to the past to rescue her child from elves.


Knight's Lady  (Ace, 2007.)


Knight #3.


Time travel romance.


Knight Tenebrae  (Ace, 2006.)


Knight #1.


                A contemporary American aircraft is transported to ancient Ireland with its crew.




Morevi  (Dragon Moon, 2002.)


                A pirate and a queen team up to secure her throne in a fantasy world.




Winter Shadows and Other Tales   (Dark Regions, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


LEE, MIKE  (Also writes Science Fiction. See also collaboration with Dan Abnett.)


Nagash the Immortal  (Black Library, 2011.)


A Warhammer novel.


Magical warfare.


Nagash the Sorcerer  (Black Library, 2008.)


A Warhammer novel.


An evil sorcerer ravages his world.


Nagash the Unbroken  (Black Library, 2009.)


A Warhammer novel.


An evil sorcerer finds new allies.


LEE, RACHEL  (Pseudonym of Sue Civil-Brown.)


Hidden Queen, The  (?, 2005.)




Shadows of Destiny  (Luna, 2007.)


Tess Birdsong #3.


                In the wake of civil unrest, the slaves revolt in a magical city.


Shadows of Myth  (Luna, 2005.)


Tess Birdsong #1.


                Romance novel involving a band of warriors battling a secretive cult of assassins in a typical fantasy world.


Shadows of Prophecy  (Luna, 2006.)


Tess Birdsong #2.


                Having defeated an evil cult, Tess and her friends are off to a neighboring land to free them from enslavement.


LEE, SHARON  (See collaborations which follow.)


Carousel Magic  (Baen, 2010.)


Carousel #1.


Fairy magic pervades a small town.


Carousel Seas (Baen, 2015.)


Carousel #4.




Carousel Sun (Baen, 2014.)


Carousel #3.




Carousel Tides  (Baen, 2012.)


Carousel #2.




LEE, SHARON & MILLER, STEVE  (Also write Science Fiction.)


Duainfey  (Baen, 2008.)


Fey #1.


Trouble in the interface between the human and fey worlds.


Longeye  (Baen, 2009.)


Fey #2.


More trouble between humans and fairies.




Anackire  (DAW, 1983, Orbit, 1985.)


Anackire #2.


                A woman helps a supernatural entity escape from its prison, and by doing so changes the world forever.


Animal Castle  (Macmillan, 1972, Farrar, Straus, 1972.)


                Not seen.


Bed of Earth, A  (Overlook, 2002.)


Secret Books of Venus #3.


                A fantasy set in an alternate Venice where magic works.


Black Unicorn  (Atheneum, 1991, Orbit, 1994, Tor, ?, Ibooks, 2002.)


Unicorn #1.


                In a world where unicorns are considered a myth, one appears to a young girl and carries her away on a magical adventure.


Blood of Roses, The  (Legend, 1990.)


                Vampires seen as a magical race.


Book of the Beast, The  (Unwin, 1989, Overlook, 1997.)


Paradys #2.


                A battle goes on through the generations between humans and a mythical and magical beast.


Book of the Damned, The  (Unwin, 1988, Overlook, 1997.)


Paradys #1.


                Three loosely related stories set in a magical city.


Book of the Dead, The  (Overlook, 1991.)


Paradys #3.


                Collection of loosely related stories set in a city where death and life aren’t always easily distinguished from each other.


Book of the Damned/The Book of the Beast, The  (Unwin, 1988.)




Book of the Mad, The  (Overlook, 1993.)


Paradys #4.


                A group of people from three different versions of the same city try to survive a wave of insanity and violence.


Cast a Bright Shadow (Hodder, 2004.)




Castle of Dark, The  (Macmillan, 1978.)


Castle #1.


                Not seen.


Claidi Collection, The  (Dutton, 2003.)


Omnibus of Wolf Tower, Wolf Star, and Wolf Queen.


Companions on the Road  (Macmillan, 1975,  St Martins, 1977, Bantam, 1979.)


                Two unrelated short novels.


Cyrion  (DAW, 1982.)


                Collection of related stories about a wandering adventurer in a magical land.


Dark Castle, White Horse  (DAW, 1986.)


Omnibus of Prince on a White Horse and The Castle of Dark.


Death’s Master   (DAW, 1979, Hamlyn, 1982, Highland, 1984.)


Flat Earth #2.


                The Earth is flat and magic and demons are both common occurrences.  Against this background, we see the continuing battle between the demon of Night and the demon of Death, as they battle to become the supreme power over the world.


Delirium’s Mistress  (DAW, 1986, Arrow, 1987.)


Flat Earth #4.


                The mortal daughter of a demon is freed from her prison of dreams by a rival demon who wants to use her as an instrument of his revenge.  Her father, however, is the cleverest of the demonkind, and proves a match for his enemy, who is forced to flee with the girl.


Delusion’s Master  (DAW, 1981, Arrow, 1987.)


Flat Earth #3.


                The demon of Madness plays a bizarre game with a group of humans whom he is influencing, but the outcome is uncertain because the demon of Night takes a hand in things.


Dragon Hoard, The  (Macmillan, 1971, Farrar, Strauss, & Giroux, 1971, Tempo, 1984.)


                Young reader’s fantasy involving a powerful dragon, a magical mirror, and the quest of a young man to return to his homeland.


Dreams of Dark and Light  (Arkham House, 1986.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


East of Midnight  (Macmillan, 1977, St Martins, 1978, Tempo, 1985.)


                A magical ceremony awakens a visitor from another reality into one of danger and deceit.


Elephantasm  (Headline, 1993, Dell, 1996.)


                Marginal story about a woman who gets caught up in a miasma of perverted eroticism, slavery, and possibly black magic from Africa.


Faces Under Water  (Overlook, 1998.)


Secret Books of Venus #1.


                An alchemist is fascinated with a beautiful woman, unaware that she is the tool of a cult plotting his downfall.


Forests of the Night  (Unwin, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Gold Unicorn  (Tor, 1994, Atheneum, 1994.)


Unicorn #2.


                The young ruler of a magical kingdom tries to create a strictly controlled society on the assumption that this would be the best thing for her people.


Gorgon and Other Beastly Tales, The  (DAW, 1985.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Heroine of the World, A  (DAW, 1989, Headline, ?)


                Marginal historical fantasy in a mythical country in which a woman is informed by a fortune teller that she will be the focus of great events, but all around her the world is so involved in warfare that she doubts this can be true.


Indigara  (Firebird, 2007.)


Young adult fantasy in a puzzling world.


Into Gold  (Pulphouse, 1991.)


                Short story in pamphlet form about magical transformations.


Islands in the Sky  (Random House, ?)


#1 in the multi-author Voyage of the Basset series.




Kill the Dead  (DAW, 1980, Legend, 1990.)


Supernatural #2.


                A distraught woman helps her sister return from the dead in a world where this isn’t all that unusual.  Parl Dro is a professional exorcist called in to return the dead woman to the grave, but to do so he must first decide which is which, not all that easy a task.


Law of the Wolf Tower  (Hodder, 1998.  Dutton, 2000, Puffin, 2001, as Wolf Tower.)


Claidi #1.


                A slave child accompanies a mysterious stranger on a perilous journey through strange lands which will result in her freedom, if she survives long enough.


Louisa the Poisoner  (Wildside, 1995.)


                Short historical fantasy .


Lycanthia  (DAW, 1981, Legend, 1990.)


                Although this is a werewolf novel, the treatment is much more that of fantasy than of horror, with a man inheriting an estate only to discover that some of his neighbors aren’t entirely human.


Madame Two Swords  (Donald Grant, 1988.)


                Short fantasy novel set in the midst of the French Revolution.


Mortal Suns  (Overlook, 2003.)


                Supernatural menace and political intrigue in a fantasy world that slightly resembles ancient Greece and Egypt.


Nightshades  (Headline, ?)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Night’s Master  (DAW, 1979, Hamlyn, 1981, Highland, 1984.)


Flat Earth #1.


                Azhrarn, the demon of Night, is the supreme being in a universe where the Earth is flat and civilization is primitive and based on magic rather than technology.


Night’s Sorceries  (DAW, 1987, Legend, 1988.)


Flat Earth #5.


                A demon and his half mortal companion are hiding among humankind when her demonic father comes looking for them.


Piratica  (Hodder, 2004.)


                Young adult fantasy involving pirates in an alternate world.


Prince on a White Horse  (Macmillan, 1982.)


Castle #2.


                Not seen.


Princess Hyunchatti and Some Other Surprises  (Macmillan, 1972, Farrar, Straus, 1973.)


                Collection of related stories.


Red As Blood  (DAW, 1983.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Red Unicorn  (Tor, 1997, Starscape, 2003.)


Unicorn #3.


                A three sided love affair gets even more complicated when a vengeful alternate version of one of the parties appears from a parallel world.


Reigning Cats and Dogs  (Headline, 1995.)


                An ex-brothel slave is now head of a secret society dedicated to combating evil.  When a demonic figure emerges into his city, he discovers that he is facing the challenge of his life.


Sabella, or the Blood Stone  (DAW, 1980, Unwin, 1987.)


Supernatural #1.


                The title character lives on a remote colony world, and although she’s not clearly a supernaturally undead creature, she’s as close to a genuine vampire as you’re likely to encounter in SF.


Saint Fire  (Overlook, 1999.


Secret Books of Venus #2.


                A young girl with the ability to command flame incinerates a would be rapist.  A priest enlists her aid as a weapon against a horde of invaders, but the result is not what he expects.


Secret Books of Parayds I & II, The  (Guild America, 1991.)


                Omnibus of The Book of the Damned and The Book of the Beast.


Secret Books of Paradys III & IV, The  (Guild America, 1993.)


                Omnibus of The Book of the Dead and The Book of the Mad.


Shon the Taken  (Macmillan, 1979.)


                Not seen.


Sometimes, After Sunset  (Doubleday, 1980.)


                Omnibus of Sabella and Kill the Dead.


Storm Lord, The  (DAW, 1976, Orbit, 1977.)


Anackire #1.


                Although set on another planet, there is working magic in this one.  It’s also the familiar story of a king’s child raised in secret after the throne is usurped by another.  Grown to manhood, the protagonist sets out to reclaim his heritage.


Sung in Shadow  (DAW, 1983.)


                In a parallel Renaissance Italy where magic works, the romance between a man and a woman is menaced by the long standing feuds between their two families, and the dark specter of witchcraft invoked by both sides.


Tales from the Flat Earth: Night’s Daughter  (Doubleday, 1987.)


                Omnibus of Delirium’s Mistress and Night Sorceries.


Tales from the Flat Earth: The Lords of Darkness  (Doubleday, 1987.)


                Omnibus of Night’s Master, Death’s Master, and Delusion’s Master.


Tamastara, or the Indian Nights  (DAW, 1984.)


                Collection of loosely related stories based on the legends of India.


Unsilent Night  (NESFA, 1981.)


                Two unrelated short stories and some poems.


Vivia  (Little Brown, 1995.)


                Not seen.


Volkhavaar  (DAW, 1977, Hamlyn, 1981.)


                Two unlikely allies combine to outsmart the power of evil sorcery in a magical realm where the gods themselves contend for power.


Wars of Vis, The  (Doubleday, 1984.)


                Omnibus of The Storm Lord and Anackire.


When the Lights Go Out  (Headline, 1996.)


                A woman runs away from her unhappy home and joins a colony of indigents at a seashore.  Once part of the community, she begins to hear strange stories about the magical powers of the sea.  At first she dismisses them, but eventually learns that they are more than just fairy tales.


White As Snow  (Tor, 2000.)


                An adult version of Snow White with the innocent child of an evil queen trapped by a magic mirror and eventually rescued by seven unusual characters.


White Serpent, The  (DAW, 1988.)


Anackire #3.


                A slave turned into magnificent warrior is charmed by a clever witch into performing a service for her.  This entails his searching for and entering a fabled city which is rumored to be the resting place of lost magical powers.


Winter Players, The  (Macmilan, 1976.)


                Not seen.


Wolf Queen (Hodder, 2001, Puffin, 2002.)


Claidi #3.


A romance in a fantasy world.


Wolf Tower  (See Law of the Wolf Tower.)


Wolf Star (Hodder, 2000, Puffin, 2001.)


Claidi #2.


A young girl seeks to escape a magical palace.


Wolf Wing  (Dutton, 2002, Puffin, 2000.)


Claidi #3.


A young girl seeks to make her own choices in a typical fantasy world.




Son of Thunder  (Wizards of the Coast, 2006.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                A warrior discovers that his will is no longer completely his own.




Lord of the Dark Red Star, The  (Scott, 1903.)


                Historical novel involving witchcraft and a visit to Hell.




Third Class Genie, The  (Collins, 1987.)


                Not seen.




Enchanted Pond, The  (Vantage, 1980.)


                Not seen.


Magic Ring, The  (Carlton, 1971.)


                Not seen.




Beginning Place, The   (Harper & Row, 1980, Bantam, 1981, Tor, 2005.  Gollancz, 1980, as Threshold.)


                An apparently doomed love affair triumphs over adversity in a magical world.


Catwings  (Orchard, 1988.)


Catwings #1.


                Short fantasy about a family of flying cats.


Catwings Return  (Orchard, 1989.)


Catwings #2.


                Further adventures of the flying cats.


Earthsea  (Gollancz, 1977.  Penguin, 1979, as The Earthsea Trilogy.)


                Omnibus of the first three Earthsea novels.


Earthsea Quartet, The  (Penguin, 1993.)


                Omnibus of all four Earthsea novels.


Earthsea Trilogy, The.  (See Earthsea.)


Farthest Shore, The  (Atheneum, 1972, Gollancz, 1973, Bantam, 1975, Puffin, 1975.)


Earthsea #3.


                Magic has begun to vanish from the land.  The spells don’t work and the wizards have grown powerless.  One enterprising young magician refuses to accept things as they are, however, and sets out to change the world.


Gifts  (Harcourt, 2004.)


Western Shore #1.


                Young adult novel about a village whose inhabitants all have magical powers, a balance of terror endangered when two teenagers refuse to use them.


Gwilan’s Harp  (Lord John, 1981.)


                Short story published as a chapbook.


Malafrena  (Putnam, 1979, Berkley, 1980, Gollancz, 1980.)


                A series of adventures in an altered version of our historical Europe.


Orsinian Tales  (Harper & Row, 1976, Bantam, 1977, Gollancz, 1977.)


                Collection of related stories in an medieval setting.


Other Wind, The  (Harcourt, 2001, Ace, 2003.)


Earthsea #6.


                A wizard troubled by dreams of the dead goes on a quest accompanied by a shape changing dragon and others.


Powers (Harcourt, 2007.)


Western Shore #3.


A young boy tries to come to terms with his ability to foresee future events.


Ride on the Red Mare’s Back, A  (Orchard, 1992.)


                Short tale of a girl who rescues her brother from trolls.


Tales from Earthsea  (Harcourt, 2001, Ace, 2002.)


Earthsea #5.


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Tales of the Catwings  (Gollancz, 1996.)


                Collection of related stories for younger readers about flying cats.


Tehanu  (Atheneum, 1990, Gollancz, 1990, Puffin, 1992, Roc UK, 1993.)


Earthsea #4.


                A one time high priestess in a world where magic seems to be wearing out tries to nurse her former allies back to health, while a new evil rises in the outside world that will require her to call upon a previously unknown power.


Threshold.  (See The Beginning Place.)


Tombs of Atuan, The  (Atheneum, 1971, Gollancz, 1972, Bantam, 1975.)


Earthsea #2.


                A young woman is deprived of her normal life and made into a priestess, imprisoned in a remote shrine.  But then a young wizard comes to steal knowledge, and in the process opens up to her the greater world beyond.


Unlocking the Air and Other Stories   (Harper, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are fantasy.


Voices  (Harcourt, 2006.)


Western Shore #2.


                A young girl rebels against the people who conquered her town when they ban reading and writing.


Where on Earth (Small Beer, 2012.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Wizard of Earthsea, A  (Ace, 1968, Parnassus, 1968, Gollancz, 1971, Bantam, 1975.)


Earthsea #1.


                A seeker after knowledge releases his own death into the world of the living, and must spend the rest of his life dealing with the consequences.


Wonderful Alexander and the Catwings  (Orchard, 1994.)


Catwings #3.


                Not seen.




Bazaar of the Bizarre  (Donald Grant, 1978.)


                Collection of stories.


Farewell to Lankhmar  (Borealis, 1998, Millennium, 2000.)


A Fafhrd & Grey Mouser book.


                Collection of related stories.


First Book of Lankhmar, The  (Millennium, 2001.)


                Collection of related stories.


Heroes and Horrors  (Whispers, 1978, Pocket, 1980.)


                Collection of mostly unrelated stories.


Ill Met in Lankhmar  (Borealis, 1995, Millennium, 1999.)


                Omnibus of Swords and Deviltry and Swords Against Death.


Ill Met in Lankhmar  (Tor, 1990, bound with The Fair in Emain Macha by Charles De Lint.)


                Long story bound back to back with another.


Knight and Knave of Swords, The  (Morrow, 1988, Ace, 1990.)


A Fafhrd & Grey Mouser book.


                Collection of related stories.


Lean Times in Lankhmar  (Borealis, 1996, Millennium, 1999.)


A Fafhrd & Grey Mouser book.


                Omnibus of Swords in the Mist and Swords Against Wizardry.


Lords of Quarmall, The (Armchair, 2011, bound with Beacon to Elsewhere by James H. Schmitz.)




Return to Lankhmar  (Borealis, 1997, Millennium, 1999.)


A Fafhrd & Grey Mouser book.


                Omibus of Swords and Ice Magic and The Swords of Lankhmar.


Rime Isle  (Whispers, 1977.)


A Fafhrd & Grey Mouser book.


                The twosome have to raise a small army to defend the island which they have decided to make their new home, but the usual cast of villains is there to interfere.


Scylla's Daughter (Armchair, 2018, bound with Terrors of Arelli by Aladra Septama. Magazine appearance 1961.)


Two adventurers in a magical world.


Second Book of Lankhmar, The  (Gollancz, 2001.)


                Collection of related stories.


Swords Against Death  (Ace, 1970, New English Library, 1972.)


A Fafhrd & Grey Mouser book.


                Collection of related stories about adventures in a series of magical lands.


Swords Against Wizardry  (Ace, 1968, Prior, 1977.)


A Fafhrd & Grey Mouser book.


                Collection of related stories.


Swords and Deviltry  (Ace, 1970, New English Library, 1971.)


A Fafhrd & Grey Mouser book.


                Collection of early adventures of the two best thieves in Lankhmar.


Swords and Ice Magic  (Ace, 1977, Prior, 1977.)


A Fafhrd & Grey Mouser book.


                Collection of related stories.


Swords in the Mist  (Ace, 1968, Prior, 1977.)


A Fafhrd & Grey Mouser book.


                Collection of related stories about two adventurous thieves.


Swords’ Masters  (Guild America, 1990.)


                Omnibus of The Swords of Lankhmar, Swords and Ice Magic, and Rime Isle.


Swords of Lankhmar, The  (Ace, 1968, Hart Davis, 1969.)


A Fafhrd & Grey Mouser novel.


                The two best thieves in the city of Lankhmar are recruited by the local ruler to help safeguard the delivery of a shipment of gifts to a neighboring king.  They accept, which leads them into a series of heroic adventures.


Thieves' House  (White Wolf, 2001.)


A Fafhrd & Grey Mouser collection.


                Collection of related stories.


Three of Swords, The  (Doubleday, 1989.)


                Omnibus of Swords and Deviltry, Swords Against Death, and Swords in the Mist.


Two Sought Adventure  (Gnome, 1957.)


A Fafhred & Grey Mouser book.


                Collection of related stories.




Sword and the Eye, The  (Tor, 1985.)


House of Elgin #1.


                The noble family of Elgin has been thrust from power and nearly destroyed, but one of their number remains at large, and eventually he uses his nimble wits and a magical sword to turn the tables on his enemies.


Sword and the Tower, The  (Tor, 1986.)


House of Elgin #2.


                Having secured a throne, Kinch must now assure continued peace.  To do so, he makes his way through a variety of villains and outlaws to enter an ancient structure and unearth a magical secret.




Search for Aladdin’s Lamp, The  (Bantam, 1991.)


Choose Your Own Adventure #117.


                A multi-path gamebook.




Broken Wings  (Cerridwen, 2005.)


                Romance among a race of winged people.


Elizabeth’s Wolf  (Ellora’s Cave, 2005.)


                Romance involve a man with the spirit of a wolf.


Kiss of Heat  (Ellora’s Cave, 2005.)


Feline Breeds #3.


                Romance involving cat women.


Man Within, The  (Ellora’s Cave, 2005.)


Feline Breeds #2.


                Romance involving cat women.


Ménage a Magic  (Ellora’s Cave, 2003.)


Wizard Twins #1.


                Romance in a world where only men are magic.


Shadowed Legacy  (Ellora’s Cave, 2006.)


                Romance in a magical world.


Tempting the Beast  (Ellora’s Cave, 2003.)


Feline Breeds #1.


                Romance involving cat women.


When Wizards Rule  (Ellora’s Cave, 2006.)


Wizard Twins #2.


                A woman attempts to avoid nasty wizards.


LEIGH, STEPHEN  (See also S.L. Farrell.)


Abraxas Marvel Circus, The   (Roc, 1990, Phoenix Pick, 2012.)


                Several people search for a book that is the key to alternate realities, but the book is in the hands of an eccentric bag lady and its author, though dead, may still have something to say about its eventual use.


Assassins' Dawn (DAW, 2013.)




Crow of Connemara, The (DAW, 2015.)




Fading Sun, A (DAW, 2017.)


A woman develops the power to communicate with ghosts.


Immortal Muse (2014.)




Woods, The  (Phoenix Pick, 2012.)






Gateway to Elsewhere  (Ace, 1954, bound with The Weapon Shops of Isher by A.E. Van Vogt.  Magazine version 1951 as Journey to Barkut)


An adventurer from our world finds a coin that leads him into a magical world where he agrees to help a human city defeat the Djinn, a magical race which has kidnapped their queen.  He triumphs by discovering the Djinn are allergic to ragweed.




Of Blood and Honey  (Night Shade, 2011.)


Fallen angels battle faeries in the 1970s.




Company of Glass  (Bantam, 1999, Gollancz, 1999, Millennium, 2000.)


Everien #1.


                An old bitter warrior who feels responsible for the death of his friends takes on a new mission.  His world is one in which time and even the physical layout of the world are mutable and can change from day to day.


Riddled Night, The  (Gollancz, 2000. Bantam, 2000.)


Everien #2.


                The land of Everien is invaded by a band of warriors who awaken a host of signs and portents.  As the people inch toward revolt, a mysterious warrior appears, threatening a new wave of bloodshed.


Way of the Rose, The  (Gollancz, 2001, Bantam, 2001.)


Everien #3.


                Efforts to control a rebellious population grow more complicated when a creature that moves through time as well as space spreads further chaos through Everien.




Flaxius: Leaves from the Life of an Immortal  (Wellby, 1902.)


                Episodic novel about an immortal who lives through the ages.




Alibi for a Corpse (Rupert Hart-Davis, 2019, Tandem, 2019.)


Mystery novel with some minor genuine psychic scenes.




Geometries of Belonging, The  (Fairwood, 2022.)


Collection of related stories.


LEMING, RON  (See collaboration with Piers Anthony.)




Young Unicorns, The  (Farrar Straus, 1968, Gollancz, 1970.)


                Not seen.




Moon Runners, The  (Five Star, 2004.)


                Romance set in ancient Greece involving the intercession of Artemis in human affairs.




Sea-Spell and Moor-Magic  (Holt Rinehart Winston, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Book of the Night, The  (Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1984, Women’s Press, 1986.)


                Unusual mix of technology and magic as the Celtic gods battle the armies of Rome.




Peanut Butter Poltergeist, The  (Lodestar, 1987.)


                Not seen.




New Terror, The  (Macaulay, 1926.)


                A woman’s life is complicated by the fact that on the astral plane she is in love with someone other than her husband.




Devil and Mrs. Devine, The  (Pocket, 1974.)


                A romantic novel about a young woman who is offered a deal with the devil.


Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The  (White Lion, 1971, Pocket, 1974.)


                Mrs. Muir buys a seaside cottage that is haunted by the ghost of a sea captain with whom she falls in love.




Briefing for a Descent into Hell  (Knopf, 1971, Bantam, 1972.)


                Surrealistic story of a man adrift on a raft who finds an island full of ruined buildings and strangely sentient animals.




Cupid  (Harcourt, 2006.)


                A story about the Greek character who brings love.




In Search of Thunder  (Faber, 1966.)


Ollafub #2.


                Not seen.


Rout of the Ollafubs, The  (Faber, 1964.)


Ollafub #1.


                Collection of related stories.




Zealot  (Aspect, 1997.)


A Highlander novel.


                The Highlander must battle an old friend and ally when he undertakes to protect a Palestinian diplomat in Paris, a woman who has been targeted by an immortal Jew.


LEVENE, REBECCA  (Also writes Horror and Science Fiction.)


Anno Mortis (Abaddon, 2009.)


A Tomes of the Dead novel.




Ghost Dance (Abaddon, 2010.)


An Infernal Game novel.


Two investigators of the supernatural find their fates interlocked.




Binding Spell, The  (Lodestar, 1984.)


                Not seen.


Forespoken, The  (Macmillan, 1976.)


Sword #3.


                On their final time travel adventure, children befriend an outcast in ancient Ireland and help him to find a place for himself.


Griffon’s Nest, A  (Macmillan, 1975.)


Sword #2.


                Traveling back and forth between ancient Ireland and the present, a group of children witness an epic battle.


Ice Bear, The  (Greenwillow, 1986.)


                Not seen.


Keeping Room, The  (Greenwillow, 1981.)


                Not seen.  Time travel.


Mercy’s Mill  (Greenwillow, 1992.)


                Young people’s story of a teen who travels back through time magically to help another escape being tried as a witch.


Sword of Culann, The  (Macmillan, 1973.)


Sword #1.


                A magic sword allows a group of children to travel back through time and watch the rise of Cuchulain.




Princess Tales, The  (Harper Trophy, 2002.)


                Retellings of three fairy tales.


Two Princesses of Bamarre, The  (Harper, 2001.)


                A group of teenagers go on a quest to find a cure for the magical plague besetting their kingdom.


LEVINTHAL, MARC  (See collaboration with John Skipp.)




Jason and the Money Tree.  (See Jason’s Money Tree.)


Jason’s Money Tree  (Scholastic, 1975. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1974, as Jason and the Money Tree.)


                A youngster creates a tree that literally grows dollar bills as leaves.




Dog Days  (Ace, 2007.)


Mason #1.


Urban fantasy about a man who polices magic workers but who acquires a supernatural enemy.


New Tricks  (Ace, 2008.)


Mason #2.


A man familiar with magic investigates the attempted possession of his girlfriend.


Play Dead  (Ace, 2011.)


Mason #4.


The search for a missing woman reveals the existence of a magical book of spells.


Unleashed  (Ace, 2009.)


Mason #3.


Amateur magicians introduce a malevolent and deadly monster into the world.




Clan of the Shape Changers  (Houghton Mifflin, 1994.)


                A good witch flees from a tyrannical ruler along with her companion, a wolf, but is pursued by an evil shaman who hopes to learn the secrets of her magic.


Escape from Exile  (Houghton Mifflin, 1993.)


                A boy from our world is suddenly transported to a magical other realm where animals talk, magic works, and a war is underway.


LEWIS, CAROLINE  (Pseudonym of M.H. Temple, J. Stafford Ransome, and Harold Begbie.)


Clara in Blunderland (Heinemann, 1902.)


Clara #1.


                A spoof of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.


Lost in Blunderland  (Heinemann, 1903.)


Clara #2.


                More parodies.




Boxen   (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1985, Collins, 1985.)


                Collection of related children’s fantasy stories.


Chronicles of Narnia, The  (Religious Book Club, 1973.  Collins, 1987, as Tales of Narnia.)


                Omnibus of the Narnia series.


Great Divorce, The  (Bles, 1945, Macmillan, 1946.)


                Denizens of Hell go on vacation to Heaven.


Horse and the Boy, The  (Bles, 1954, Macmillan, 1954, Puffin, 1965, Collier, 1970, Harper, 2000.)


Narnia #5.


                A talking horse must help a young boy prevent the invasion of his country.


Last Battle, The  (Lane, 1956, Macmillan, 1956, Puffin, 1964, Collier,1970, Harper, 2000.)


Narnia #7.


                The land of Narnia is about to fall to an evil power, so its inhabitants must find a new home.


Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The  (Bles, 1950, Macmillan, 1950, Puffin, 1959, Collier, 1970, Harper, 2000.)


Narnia #1.


                Children’s fantasy series set in a magical realm.  In the opening volume, a noble lion helps overthrow an evil witch.


Magician’s Nephew, The  (Lane, 1955, Macmillan, 1955, Puffin, 1963, Collier, 1970, Harper, 2000.)


Narnia #6.


                A retrospective look at the original creation of the land of Narnia.


Prince Caspian  (Bles, 1951, Macmillan, 1951, Puffin, 1962, Collier, 1970, Harper, 2000.)


Narnia #2.


                A prince and his talking animal followers must defeat an enemy force.


Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader  (Lion, 1990.)


                Omnibus of the two novels.


Screwtape Letters, The  (Bles, 1942, Macmillan, 1943, Fontana, 1955.)


                A series of letters between two devils in Hell.


Silver Chair, The  (Bles, 1953, Macmillan, 1953, Puffin, 1965, Collier, 1970, Harper, 2000.)


Narnia #4.


                A prince must escape from an underground prison.


Silver Chair and The Last Battle, The  (Smith, 1990.)


                Omnibus of the two titles.


Tales of Narnia.  (See The Chronicles of Narnia.)


Till We Have Faces  (Bles, 1956, Harcourt Brace, 1956, Eerdmans, 1964.)


                A retelling of the legend of Eros and Psyche.


Voyage of the “Dawn Treader”, The  (Bles, 1952, Macmillan, 1954, Puffin, 1965, Collier, 1970, Harper, 2000.)


Narnia #3.


                A young hero goes on a voyage to explore the far reaches of his world.




Ship That Flew, The  (Oxford, 1936.)


                Childrens’ fantasy about a magical toy.


LEWIS, J.F. (Also writes Horror.)


Grudgebearer (Pyr, 2014.)


Grudgebearer #1.


An immortal warrior defends his people.


Oathkeeper (Pyr, 2015.)


Grudgebearer #2.


An artificially created race rebels against its masters.


Worldshaker (Pyr, 2017.)


Grudgebearer #3.


An army of the undead is on the march.




Kaliban’s Christmas  (Tor, 1988.)


                Not seen.




Savage Knight, The  (Abaddon, 2011.)


A warrior battles monsters in Arthurian days.




Echo in Time, An  (Jove, 2001.)


                A female sheriff in contemporary Montana falls in love with a man who stepped out of the last century.


Only Time Will Tell  (Jove, 2003.)


                A young woman puts on an old dress and finds herself magically transported back to the Gold Rush.


Time to Dream, A  (Jove, 1999.)


                A caretaker in an historic house is whisked back through time.  There, in a new body, she must solve the secret of what tore the family apart and prevent it from happening.


Whispers Through Time  (Jove, 2000.)


                A scientist studying Anasazi ruins is sent back through time and finds himself in a position to possibly prevent them from being looted in what is his own past.  He must aid a woman who is in jeopardy of losing her ranch to a villain, and in doing so he finds true love as well.




Childermass, The  (Friede, 1928, Chatto & Windus, 1928, Jupiter, 1966.  Methuen, 1956, as The Human Age.)


Human Age #1.


                Omnibus of Malign Fiesta and Monstre Gai.  A strange parable of the afterlife involving reincarnation and the nature of god and heaven.


Human Age, The.  (See The Childermass.) 


Malign Fiesta  (Jupiter, 1966.)


Human Age #2.


                Not seen.


Monstre Gai  (Jupiter, 1966.)


Human Age #3.


                Not seen.


LEWITT, SHARIANN  (Writes science fiction as S.N. Lewitt.)


First and Final Rites  (Ace, 1984.)


                Intrigue at court including a princess deprived of her throne, a man enslaved by a demon, another who is more than he seems, and a large cast of characters.




Eccentric Circles  (Ace, 2001.)


                A young woman inherits her grandmother's house and moves in.  She discovers almost immediately that the back door leads to another world where magic works, and is told by an elf that her grandmother was actually murdered.


Never After  (Ace, 2002.)


                An elaborate retelling of the story of Rumpelstiltskin and other fairy tales.


Remember Me?  (Five Star, 2005.)


                The half son of a fairy prince living in our world is reunited with his long lost twin brother.




Baby  (Crown, 1981, Dell, 1982.)


                Odd little fantasy about an infant who can sing with a beautiful voice, and the battle by various people to control her destiny.




Lost Crowns of Cair Paravel, The  (Berkley, 1994.)


Narnia #4.


Multi-path gamebook set in the world of C.S. Lewis' Narnia.




Mystic Memories  (Jove, 1998.)


                A psychic is investigating the disappearance of a young boy from a yacht and finds a doorway through time to 1833 California.  There she eventually rescues the child, finding a handsome man to fall in love with in the process.


This Time Together  (Jove, 1996.)


A modern day lawyer travels magically back through time to save an innocent man accused of murder and find her own true love.




Bowl of Fruit, A Whale in the Woods, A  (Brunswick Galaxy, 2003.)


                A man finds a way to enter the worlds depicted in famous paintings, with hilarious consequences.




Travel Far, Pay No Fare  (Harper, 1992.)


                Two children own a magic bookmark that lets them enter the world of the books they read.




Thrall’s Tale, The  (Plume, 2007.)


                Marginal historical fantasy involving Norse mythology.




Brothers Lionheart, The  (Viking, 1975, Puffin, 1985.)


                Two brothers set out to overthrow the cruel ruler of a remote kingdom, despite his possession of evil magical weapons.


LINDHOLM, MEGAN  (Pseudonym of Margaret Ogden.  See also Robin Hobb and collaboration with Steven Brust.)


Cloven Hooves  (Bantam, 1991, HarperCollins, 1993.)


                A woman who once had an imaginary friend named Pan discovers that it was more than imagination when, as an adult, she discovers that he has reappeared and that his presence means danger for her husband and her son.


Harpy’s Flight   (Ace, 1983.)


Ki & Vandien #1.


                A woman from a wandering tribe is running for her life when she attracts the enmity of a group of harpies.


Limbreth Gate, The  (Ace, 1984.)


Ki & Vandien #3.


                The powerful Windsingers, who control a force of nature itself, are still determined to find Ki after she outsmarted them.


Luck of the Wheels  (Ace, 1989.)


Ki & Vandien #4.


                A pair of gypsies agree to transport an unruly boy to another city, encountering bandits, natural disasters, and other unexpected hindrances along the way.


Reindeer People, The  (Ace, 1988.)


Tillu #1.


                In a primitive culture a woman trained to be a healer must use her powers for self defense when a threat arises against her child.


Saga of the Reindeer People, A  (?, 1989.)


                Omnibus of The Reindeer People and Wolf’s Brother.


Windsingers, The  (Ace, 1984.)


Ki & Vandien #2.


                Ki has possession of the disembodied head of a powerful wizard, and there are supernatural forces trying to locate her and seize the head for their own uses.


Windsingers, The  (Corgi, 1986.)


                Omnibus of Harpy’s Flight, The Windsingers, and The Limbreth Gate.


Wizard of the Pigeons  (Ace, 1986, Corgi, 1987.)


                Contemporary fantasy about a Vietnam vet with magical powers who becomes aware of an evil, supernatural force in his city, and who reluctantly decides to use his own abilities to oppose it.


Wolf’s Brother  (Ace, 1988, Unwin, 1990.)


Tillu #2.


                A healer must save herself and her magically endowed child from the evil ambitions of an unwelcome suitor and a rival shaman.




Devil’s Tor  (Putnam, 1932, Arno, 1978.)


                An alien visited Earth and left behind supernatural objects which when reunited will trigger the next step in human evolution.


Haunted Woman, The  (Methuen, 1922, Gollancz, 1947, Newcastle, 1975.)


                The story of a magical house that encompasses a variety of worlds and places.


Violet Apple, The  (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1978.)


                Not seen.


Violet Apple and the Witch, The  (Chicago Review, 1975.)


                Two short novels.




Flyaway Highway, The  (?, 1936.)


                Pan visits a group of kids.


Magic Pudding, The  (?, 1918.)


                Children’s fantasy.




Bloodbound, The (Ace, 2014.)


Bloodforged , The(Ace, 2015.)






Until Forever  (Avon, 1995.)


A cursed Viking causes a modern woman to travel back through time to his age.


LINDSKOLD, JANE  (See also collaboration with Roger Zelazny.)


Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls  (Avon, 1994, Orb, 2006.)


                Financial cutbacks have caused a young woman to be ejected from an asylum, but she isn’t crazy so much as unbalanced by her very real magical powers.  In the outside world, she quickly attracts the attention of unscrupulous people prepared to take advantage of her abilities.


Buried Pyramid, The  (Tor, 2004.)


                An expedition to Egypt leads to a journey back through time, courtesy of Ra.


Changer  (Avon, 1998.)


Athanor #1.


                King Arthur and his followers, all immortal, have been living in secret into the millennium, but now an old enemy is threatening to destroy them.  Arthur allies himself with a magical creature who ultimately proves even more dangerous than his avowed foe.


Child of a Rainless Year  (Tor, 2005.)


                A young woman searching for her past wakens a sleeping magic.


Dragon of Despair, The  (Tor, 2003.)


Wolf #3.


                A young man who was raised by wolves is instrumental in the defeat of an evil sorceress.


Five Odd Honors  (Tor, 2010.)


Thirteen Orphans #3.


Magically empowered children face a changing world.


Legends Walking  (Avon Eos, 1999.)


Athanor #2.


                An ancient god of illness has resurfaced in modern Africa.  There he plans to use his talents to subjugate the entire continent to his will.  He is opposed by Changer, perhaps the oldest living thing on Earth, a shapeshifter who is having trouble with his willful daughter.


Nine Gates  (Tor, 2009.)


Thirteen Orphans #2.


A woman discovers that her ancestry includes Chinese magic and an alternate world.


Pipes of Orpheus, The  (Avon, 1995.)


                The story of the children who followed the Pied Piper of Hamelin, who turns out to be the Greek god Orpheus.


Thirteen Orphans (Tor, 2008.)


Thirteen Orphans #1.


A young girl discovers that her ancestors came to our world from another where magic is real.


Through Wolf’s Eyes  (Tor, 2001.)


Wolf #1.


                An expedition is sent to find out what happened to a group who wandered into the wilderness to found a new city, and to resolve a question of succession.


When the Gods Are Silent  (Avon, 1997.)


                Although magic has supposedly vanished forever from the world, the protagonist believes it can still be found, and he sets off to do so, because only through magic can his life be saved from a lingering death.


Wolf Captured  (Tor, 2004.)


Wolf #4.


                A woman who speaks to animals and her intelligent wolf are kidnapped to a distant land.


Wolf Hunting  (Tor, 2006.)


Wolf #5.


                A woman and her wolf companion decide to consult a magical jaguar.


Wolf’s Blood  (Tor, 2007.)


Wolf #6.


                A magical world is threatened by a virulent plague.


Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart  (Tor, 2002.)


Wolf #2.


                The formation of a new, strong kingdom causes tension among its neighbors, as well as plots to steal the magic artifacts that guarantee the newcomer's independence.


LINE, DAVID  (See Lionel Davidson.)




Get in Trouble (Random House, 2015.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Pretty Monsters  (Viking, 2008.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Stranger Things Happen  (Small Beer Press, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Prophecy of the Sisters  (Little, Brown, 2009.)


Two sisters battle a family curse.




God Likes Them Plain  (Jonathan Cape, 1935.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.


Pirates in the Deep Green Sea, The  (?, 1949.)


                Drowned pirates are keeping the world together in this fantasy for children.


Spell for Old Bones, A  (Jonathan Cape, 1949, Macmillan, 1950, Irwin, 1950.)


                Satire about the birth of two giants in early England, meant to satirize the Cold War.


Terrible Freedom, A  (Macmillan, 1966.)


                A fictional character becomes real.


Wind on the Moon, The  (Macmillan, 1944.)


                Not seen.  Children’s fantasy.




With a Silken Thread and Other Stories  (Chatto & Windus, 1880.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


LISLE, HOLLY  (See also collaborations with Marion Zimmer Bradley, S.M. Stirling, and Mercedes Lackey, and those which follow.)


Bones of the Past  (Baen, 1993.)


Faia #2.


                A scholar leads an expedition into a mysterious jungle in search of a lost city, and discovers that many of the old legends that she thought were imaginary have a basis in fact.


Courage of Falcons (Aspect, 2000, Gollancz, 2001.)


Secret Texts #3.


                The forces of good are involved in a three way battle for control of the world.  On one side is an alliance of necromancers determined upon world conquest, on the other a band of barbarian warriors led by a sorcerer so evil that even the necromancers fear him.


Diplomacy of Wolves  (Aspect, 1998, Millennium, 1999.)


Secret Texts #1.


                For generations, two clans have been battling to control the realm they inhabit, but now it seems that a marriage between the two might ease the tensions.  Then a young woman discovers that the occasion is part of a plot to wipe out one side, and allow the other to use evil magic to ensure its triumph.


Fire in the Mist  (Baen, 1992.)


Faia #1.


                When her family is killed by brutal soldiers, the protagonist escapes, then grows to maturity, during which time she masters her innate magical abilities and hones them into a deadly weapon with which to seek her revenge.


Gods Old and Dark  (Eos, 2004.)


World Gates #3.


                Two sisters use their powers to bring benevolent magic back into the world.


Hawkspar  (Tor, 2008.)


Korre #2.


A slave woman in a fantasy world rebels.


Memory of Fire  (Eos, 2002.)


World Gates #1.




Mind of the Magic  (Baen, 1995.)


Faia #3.


                An unorthodox sorceress who would prefer to keep to herself runs into trouble when the gods themselves come to visit and tell her she is fated to help re-establish contact between her sequestered realm and the rest of the world.  She fulfills her destiny, but not quite in the way the gods had intended.


Minerva Wakes  (Baen, 1994.)


                A man and his wife become separated into alternate universes after their children are kidnapped, and both sides in a hidden war are planning to kill them.  Despite this, they manage to overcome all obstacles and get their lives back in order in a light hearted, wryly funny fantasy adventure.


Ruby Key, The  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Moon and Sun #1.


Two youngsters discover that their village leader has made a pact with the magical darklings.


Silver Door, The  (Scholastic, 2009.)


Moon and Sun #2.


A prophecy could affect the outcome of the war with the darklings.


Sympathy for the Devil  (Baen, 1996.)


                A woman’s prayer that some of the minions of Hell be granted a second chance is granted, but one of those returned to life is a highly placed demon whose job is to subvert her soul while he has the chance.


Talyn  (Tor, 2005.)


Korre #1.


                A soldier gets involved in diplomatic as well as military maneuvers between two warring nations.


Vengeance of Dragons   (Aspect, 1999, Gollancz, 2000, Millennium, 2000.)


Secret Texts #2.


                Fleeing those who murdered her family, a shapechanging woman teams up with a sea captain and a wizard to search for the Mirror of Souls, a magical device which may be able to restore the dead to life.  Unfortunately, the enemy clan is hot on their trail.


Vincalis the Agitator  (Aspect, 2002.)


                This is a prequel to the Secret Texts series.  A variety of magical practitioners get involved with efforts to foment a rebellion in a repressive land.


Wreck of Heaven, The  (Eos, 2003.)


World Gates #2.


                The protagonist is reborn in a new reality and tries once more to stop a creature that is destroying the chain of universes.




Thunder of the Captains  (Baen, 1996.)


A Bard’s Tale novel.


                Rival rulers are shipwrecked in a desolate land with no chance of an early rescue.  Their old rivalries for political advantage soon appear inconsequential in comparison to the present struggle, which is for survival itself.


Wrath of the Princes  (Baen, 1997.)


A Bard’s Tale novel.


                After surviving a series of disasters perpetrated by their magical enemies, the heroes return to their home city, only to find that it too is dominated by that evil force, and menaced by foreign armies to boot.




Mall, Mayhem, and Magic  (Baen, 1995.)


                The owner of a small bookstore learns that the world of magic is about to overlap with our own, and that disaster result unless he and prevent it.




Hell on High  (Baen, 1997.)


                The Devil’s Point Amusement Park has exhibits and rides like nothing else on Earth, and that’s not surprising since the management consists of demons from Hell itself.




Devil and Dan Cooley, The  (Baen, 1996.)


                A minor league devil makes a deal with a radio talk show host, the former to learn how better to exist among the living, the latter to attract a larger audience.




Afternoon of the Elves  (Orchard, 1989.)


                Elves are real, but only children can see them.


Angela's Aliens  (Orchard, 1996, Avon Camelot, 1997.)


Investigators #4.


Not seen.


Dancing Cats of Applesap, The  (?, 1984.)


                Not seen.


Gold Dust Letters, The  (Orchard, 1994, Avon Camelot, 1996.)


Investigators #1.


A group of youngsters tracks down the author of a series of mysterious letters, and discover it is a fairy who is lonely and wants to make friends.  For younger readers.


Lampfish of Twill, The  (Orchard, 1991.)


                A magical kingdom exists beneath the ocean.


Looking for Juliet  (Orchard, 1994, Avon Camelot 1996.)


Investigators #2.


Not seen.


Lost Flower Children, The  (Philomel, 1999.)


                Marginal story about two children and their efforts to reverse a possible spell.


Message from the Match Girl, A  (Orchard, 1995.)


Investigators #3.


Not seen.




Danger at Sneaker Hill   (Atheneum, 1967, Archway, 1975.)


                A young girl has to rescue her aunt, who failed her tests as a would be witch, and who has disappeared as a consequence.  For younger readers.


Spook  (Atheneum, 1965, Scholastic, 1967.)


                A witch’s dog tries to switch to a young boy as his master.




Miranda  (Black Moon, 2008.)


Short novel about a man who lives backwards in time.


Placeholders  (Necessary Evil, 2007.)


A disembodied soul meets another.




Angel's Key, The  (IUniverse, 2005.)


                A magical stone rescues people on the brink of death and sets them on a mission.




Path of Needles (Jo Fletcher, 2014.)




LIU, KEN (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Grace of Kings (Saga, 2015.)


An empire breaks up into warring factions.


LIU, MARJORIE M.  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Eye of Heaven  (Leisure, 2006.)


Dirk & Steele #4.


                A woman with a talent for communicating with animals becomes the focus of a sinister plot.


Fire King, The  (Leisure, 2009.)


Dirk & Steele #6.


Romance involving a woman who  can talk to animals.


Red Heart of Jade, The  (Love Spell, 2006.)


Dirk & Steele #3.


Romance involving a magical Chinese artifact.


Shadow Touch  (Love Spell, 2006.)


Dirk & Steele #2.


                A detective teams up with a magical healer to track down a killer.


Soul Song  (Love Spell, 2007.)


Dirk & Steele #5.


A woman with the ability to see the future discovers the existence of a man living under the sea.


Tiger Eye  (Love Spell, 2005.)


Dirk & Steele #1.


A woman buys an artifact that imprisons a cursed shapeshifter.


Wild Road, The  (Leisure, 2008.)


Dirk & Steele #6.


A more than human hero protects a woman with amnesia.




Ghost of Thomas Kempe, The  (Dutton, 1973, Heinemann, 1973, Berkley Pacer, 1986.)


                A teenager discovers the ghost of a long dead sorcerer is still hanging around and causing trouble for the living.


Whispering Knights  (Heinemann, 1971, Dutton, 1976.)


                Not seen.  The spirit of Morgan Le Fay is invoked, with unfortunate consequences.


Wild Hunt of Hagworthy, The.  (See The Wild Hunt of the Ghost Hounds.)


Wild Hunt of the Ghost Hounds, The  (Ace, 1986. Heinemann, 1971, Puffin, 1984, as The Wild Hunt of Hagworthy.)


                A group of people decide to re-enact an ancient dance linked with Druidic magic, unaware of the fact that it was stopped for a good reason.  Their foolishness threatens them all in the form of a pack of supernatural hounds.




Delphic Echo  (Dakers, 1948.)


Atlantis #3.


                The aristocracy of Atlantis is reincarnated in Ancient Greece.


Future of Mr. Purdew, The  (Wright & Brown, 1935.)


                A story of the afterlife.


Island Sonata  (Dakers, 1944.)


Atlantis #1.


                Changes in the social structure of the island nation seem to foreshadow the collapse of civilization.


Muted Strings  (Dakers, 1946.)


Atlantis #2.


                The aristocracy of Atlantis is reincarnated in Ancient Egypt.




Gates of Hell, The (Tor, 2016.)


Realms of God, The (Tor, 2017.)


Shards of Heaven, The (Tor, 2015.)


A secret quest for magical objects following the assassination of Caesar.


LIVINGSTONE, IAN  (See also collaboration with Steve Jackson)


Casket of Souls   (Oxford, 1987.)


                Not seen.


Caverns of the Snow Witch  (Puffin, 1984.)


A Fighting Fantasy gamebook.


                A multi-path gamebook.


City of Thieves  (Dell, 1983, Puffin, 1983.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


Multi-path gamebook in which you travel across a moor inhabited by monsters.


Crypt of the Sorcerer  (Puffin, 1987.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                A multi-path gamebook.


Deathtrap Dungeon  (Dell, 1984, Puffin, 1984.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


Multi-path gamebook in which you solve the mystery of a maze filled with monsters and traps.


Forest of Doom, The  (Dell, 1983, Puffin, 1983.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


Multi-path gamebook in which you search for a magical artifact in an enchanted forest.


Freeway Fighter  (Puffin, 1985.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                A multi-path gamebook.


Island of the Lizard King  (Puffin, 1984, Dell, 1985.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


Multi-path adventure requiring you to rescue a group of people enslaved by a reptilian race.


Temple of Terror  (Puffin, 1986.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                A multi-path gamebook.


Trial of Champions  (Puffin, 1986.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                A multi-path gamebook.




Dark Solstice  (Scholastic, 2010.)


Lyonesse #2.


Magical adventures in Camelot, for young adults.


Well Between the Worlds, The  (Scholastic, 2009.)


Lyonesse #1.


Young adult adventure in the world of King Arthur.




Dragon Pond  (Muller, 1990.)


Kine #3.


                Two alliances among various animals battle for control of a valley.


Kine   (Hamlyn, 1982.  St Martins, 1982, Arrow, 1990, as Marshworld.)


Kine #1.


                A weasel has adventures when his home valley is invaded by minks.


Marshworld.  (See Kine.)


Witchwood  (Muller, 1989.)


Kine #2.


                The weasel hero battles the leader of a pack of super rats.




Hortishland  (Hampton Roads, 2001.)


                Inhabitants of another reality go on a mystical quest in order to help our world from destroying itself.




Over the Moon (Scholastic, 2019.)


A man with magical powers flees the Spanish Inquisition.




Dusk Watchman, The  (Pyr, 2012.)


Twilight Reign #5.


The final battle for control of the world.


God Tattoo, The  (Pyr, 2013.)


A Twilight Reign book.


Collection of related stories.


Grave Thief, The  (Gollancz, 2008, Pyr, 2009.)


Twilight Reign #3.


The gods intercede in a war where magic is getting out of control.


Old Man's Ghosts (Gollancz, 2015.)


A retired soldier faces magical intrigue.


Ragged Man, The  (Gollancz, 2009, Pyr, 2010.)


Twilight Reign #4.


The death of a king is a prelude to war.


Stormcaller, The  (Gollancz, 2006, Pyr, 2008.)


Twilight Reign #1.


                In a typical fantasy realm, a man with superhuman powers battles an uncontrollable rage.


Stranger of Tempest (Gollancz, 2016.)


God Fragments #1.




Twilight Herald, The  (Gollancz, 2007, Pyr, 2009.)


Twilight Reign #2.


                Fugitives from a major conflict cluster in a small city whose populace begins to go insane.


LLYWELYN, MORGAN  (See also collaborations which follow. Also writes Science Fiction.)


Bard  (Houghton Mifflin, 1984, Sphere, 1985, Tor, 1987.)


                A retelling of Irish legends and myths about how their ancestors first came to the island and settled there, all told from the point of view of a wandering bard.


Druids  (Morrow, 1991, Ivy, 1993, Del Rey, 2006.)


Druids #1.


                A Celtic magician and a warrior king discover that their destinies are intertwined, and they have a series of adventures together.


Earth Is Made of Stardust, The  (Wildside, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Elementals, The  (Tor, 1993.)


                An episodic fantasy with four thematically interrelated stories that range in time from Atlantis to the far future.


Finn MacCool  (Tor, 1994.)


                Fictionalized account of the life of the legendary Irish warrior.


Greener Shore, The  (Del Rey, 2006.)


Druids #2.


                The defeated druids lead the survivors to establish a new home in Ireland.


Horse Goddess, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1982, Pocket, 1983, Macdonald, 1983.)


                A woman with the power to command the forces of nature falls in love with a hero in Celtic prehistory, but they are both menaced by the actions of a powerful sorcerer.


Isles of the Blest, The  (Ace, 1989.)


                A weary Irish warrior dreams of leaving warfare behind forever, and is ripe to be seduced by the tales told by a fairy.  But the fairy doesn’t tell him the exact truth.


Lion of Ireland, The  (?, 1980, Forge, 2002.)


                Magic interspersed with historical adventure as the Vikings invade Ireland.


Only the Stones Survive (Forge, 2015.)


Irish myths retold.


On Raven’s Wing.  (See Red Branch.)


Red Branch  (Morrow, 1989.  Ivy, 1990. Heinemann, 1990, as On Raven’s Wing.)


                A retelling of the story of Cuchulainn, supposedly sired by a god incarnate, who became a fierce warrior and a leader of the ancient Irish.




Etruscans  (Tor, 2000.)


                A demon rapes an Etruscan woman, and the son that is subsequently born grows to maturity at an amazing speed.  Befriended by a wealthy Roman merchant, he appears destined to have a pleasant life, but his demonic sire wants to destroy him, someone is plotting against the government of Rome, and his mother has been kidnapped.


Silverhand  (Baen, 1995.)


Arcana #1.


                A battle in a magical future world to control the symbols of immense power, in this case as part of an attempt to recreate a lost world.


Silverlight  (Baen, 1996.)


Arcana #2.


                A hero continues to search for the four magical artifacts which will give him the power to restore the world he dreams of.




Ash  (Little, Brown, 2009.)


A retelling of the story of Cinderella.


LOCKE, JOSEPH  (Pseudonym of Ray Garton.)


Been There, Done That  (Archway, 1998.)


Sabrina #6.






God Save the Queen (Orbit, 2012.)


Queen #1.




Long Live the Queen  (Orbit, 2013.)


Queen #3.




Queen Is Dead, The  (Orbit, 2013.)


Queen #2.






Stories Near and Far  (Dodd Mead, 1927, Lane, 1927.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Seal-Woman  (Collings, 1975, Avon, 1977.)


                Retelling of the legend of a seal woman who finds love only to lose it tragically.




Three Sisters, The  (Eos, 2004.)


                Romantic fantasy about three women who seek their individual destinies in a magical realm.




Summer Dragon, The (DAW, 2016.)






Earth Magic  (Random House, ?)


Magic Elements #2.


                Not seen.


Fire Dreams  (Random House, 2001.)


Magic Elements #4.


                Youngsters have adventures when a magic parchment appears in a campfire.


Water Wishes  (Random House, ?)


Magic Elements #1.


                Not seen.


Wind Spell  (Random House, 2000.)


Magic Elements #3.


                Magical feathers introduce three children to magic.




Moebius’ Arzach  (Ibooks, 2000.)


                A mystic warrior and a man from our world interact.




Dr. Dolittle and the Green Canary  (Lippincott, 1950, Jonathan Cape, 1951.)


Dolittle #11.




Dr. Dolittle and the Secret Lake  (Lippincott, 1948, Jonathan Cape, 1949.)


Dolittle #10.




Dr. Dolittle’s Caravan  (Stokes, 1926, Jonathan Cape, 1927.)


Dolittle #6.




Dr. Dolittle’s Circus  (Stokes, 1925, Jonathan Cape, 1926.)


Dolittle #4.




Dr. Dolittle’s Garden  (Stokes, 1927, Jonathan Cape, 1928.)


Dolittle #7.




Dr. Dolittle in the Moon  (Stokes, 1928, Jonathan Cape, 1928.)


Dolittle #8.




Dr. Dolittle’s Post Office  (Stokes, 1923, Jonathan Cape, 1924.)


Dolittle #3.




Dr. Dolittle’s Puddleby Adventures  (Lippincott, 1952, Jonathan Cape, 1953.)


Dolittle #12.


                Collection of related stories.


Dr. Dolittle’s Return  (Stokes, 1933, Jonathan Cape, 1933.)


Dolittle #9.




Dr. Dolittle’s Zoo  (Stokes, 1925, Jonathan Cape, 1926.)


Dolittle #5.




Story of Dr. Dolittle, The  (Stokes, 1920, Jonathan Cape, 1922.)


Dolittle #1.




Twilight of Magic, The  (Stokes, 1930, Jonathan Cape, 1931.)




Voyages of Dr. Dolittle, The  (Stokes, 1922, Jonathan Cape, 1923.)


Dolittle #2.






First Migration, The  (Sense of Wonder, 2005.)


Portal #1.




Lost Portal, The  (Sense of Wonder, 2011.)


Portal #2.






Dagger’s Edge  (Ace, 1994.)


Shadow #4.


                Shadow’s niece is the target of a mysterious cult that plans to sacrifice her as part of their plan to wipe out all of the elves in the world.


Dagger’s Point  (Ace, 1995.)


Shadow #5.


                Shadow’s niece has further adventures, this time when she travels to a far land in search of her unknown father, as well as to discover the secret of her own halfbreed nature.


Exile  (Ace, 1999.)


                A young woman sheltered from the world in order to hone her control of a magical realm must travel to the outside world to ensure her power.  There she discovers that life is more complex than she expected, and that the capacity for love has made her vulnerable.


Firewalk  (Ace, 1997.)


                After studying magic for many years, a woman is suddenly forced to marry the ruler of an enemy nation as an act of diplomacy.  In her new home, she becomes the target of intrigues and plotting, so she decides to use her magical knowledge to defend herself.


Greendaughter  (Ace, 1993.)


Linked to the Shadow series.


                The elves are divided into warring camps, and as a race they are also battling the humans of their world.  One of the elves who has the ability to talk to animals must broker an alliance among all the warring parties so that they can make common cause against another race planning to supplant them all.


Guardian’s Key  (Ace, 1996.)


                A woman explores the seemingly infinite rooms of a legendary castle seeking magical secrets, and in the process discovering her own nature.


Shadow  (Ace, 1991.)


Shadow #1.


                An elf, who is also a master thief, makes off with a bracelet, unaware that with it she has taken a magical power, and attracted the attention of ruthless men who want that power for themselves.


Shadow Dance  (Ace, 1992.)


Shadow #3.


                When a plague strikes her homeland, a thief leads an expedition into a nearby jungle in search of a cure, and also of a way to stop an impending invasion from a neighboring realm.


Shadow Hunt  (Ace, 1992.)


Shadow #2.


                An elven thief plans to seize a magical jewel, but to do so she must enlist the aid of a master assassin.  This creates additional problems, because she is never certain which side her companion is really on.


Waterdance  (Ace, 1999.)


                A woman with magical powers prefers to use her sword as her weapon.  When she rescues a prisoner single handed, she discovers he is a heretic and that the two of them are bound together in an uneasy alliance to escape their mutual enemies.


Wild Blood  (Ace, 1995.)


Linked to the Shadow series.


                An elven woman raised among humans and promised in marriage to one of them must discover her true destiny, because if she returns to the forest she might abrogate the truce between the elves and the humans.


LONDON, CAIT  (Pseudonym of Lois Kleinsasser.)


At the Edge  (Avon, 2007.)


Contemporary romance with mild psychic content.




Curious Fragments  (Kennikat, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Jacket, The.  (See The Star Rover.)


Star Rover, The  (Macmillan, 1915, Arno, 1967.  (Mills Boon, 1915, as The Jacket.)


                An imprisoned man learns to astrally project his mind from his body.




Here with Me  (Berkley, 2006.)


                A woman is transported back through time to the Old West.


Stay with Me  (Berkley, 2005.)


                A modern woman is magically transported to 1888.




Ferney  (Bantam, 1999.)


                A troubled woman's life changes when she moves to a small English town.  There she meets Ferney, an elderly man whose visions of events from past lives give her perspective on her own problems.


Silence and Shadows  (Bantam, 2001.)


                Two people are magically caught up in an ancient secret which they must reveal before a developer destroys the site from which the magic emanates.


LONG, NATHAN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Blackhearts  (Black Library, 2007.)


Omnibus of The Broken Lance, Tainted Blood, Valnir's Bane, and two short stories.


Bloodborn  (Black Library, 2010.)


A Warhammer novel.


A newly made vampire struggles to control her urges.


Bloodforged  (Black Library, 2011.)


A Warhammer novel.


A vampire battles a cult in a magical kingdom.


Broken Lance, The  (Black Library, 2005.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A group of soldiers are sent to investigate strange happenings at a remote outpost.


Elfslayer  (Black Library, 2008.)


A Warhammer novel.


A dwarf, a human, and a wizard battle a horde of evil elves.


Manslayer  (Black Library, 2007.)


A Warhammer novel.


Two friends help battle a barbarian invasion.


Orcslayer  (Black Library, 2006.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Two adventurers help turn back an influx of rampaging orcs.


Shamanslayer  (Black Library, 2009.)


A Warhammer novel.


Two travelers encounter dark magic.


Tainted Blood  (Black Library, 2006.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A band of criminals is troubled by the presence of a spy in their midst.


Valnir's Bane  (Black Library, 2004.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Condemned prisoners earn a reprieve by stealing a magical artifact from enemy held territory.


Zombieslayer  (Black Library, 2010.)


A Warhammer novel.


Two heroes battle siege by an army of zombies.


LONGSTREET, ROXANNE  (See also Ian Hammell.)


Stormriders  (Iron Crown, 1990.)


                Not seen.




God Box, The  (Signet, 1989.)


                A rug merchant gains possession of a magical box that acquires contents by some unseen means.  This leads him on a series of adventures during which he wonders if he owns the box, or if perhaps the box owns him.




Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day  (Penguin, 2011.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


LORD, KAREN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Redemption in Indigo  (Small Beer, 2010.)




LORD, SASHA  (Pseudonym of Rebecca Saria.)


Across a Wild Sea  (Signet, 2005.)


Wild #3.


                A shipwrecked man meets a woman who can communicate with animals.


Beyond the Wild Wind  (Signet, 2006.)


Wild #4.


Historical romance with magic.


In a Wild Wood  (Signet, 2004.)


Wild #2.


                Historical with genuine psychics.


In My Wild Dream (Signet, 2007.)


Wild #5.


Magical historical romance.


Under a Wild Sky  (Signet, 2004.)


Wild #1.


                Historical romance with a woman who can speak telepathically to animals.




Silence In Heaven, The  (Forge, 2000.)


                An angel stranded on Earth for generations has a chance encounter which sends him on a search for others of his kind.  He discovers that some angels have become perverted into beings who prey on mortals.




Revenge of Seven, The  (HarperCollins, 2014.)


Lorien Legacies.




LORRAH, JEAN  (See also collaboration which follows.  Note that the first two Savage Empire novels were SF.)


Captives of the Savage Empire  (Berkley, 1984.)


Savage Empire #3.


                The series drifts into fantasy with this volume, as the conflict between the Aventine empire and the savage hordes aided by a renegade scholar escalate.


Empress Unborn  (Signet, 1988.)


Savage Empire #7.


                The ruler of the savage empire is floundering under magical attacks, and she eventually begins to wonder if they originate with her unborn child.


Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles  (Signet, 1986.)


Savage Empire #5.


                A perilous journey to a remote and forbidding land in search of an ancient magical secret.




Flight to the Savage Empire  (Signet, 1986.)


Savage Empire #4.


                A mysterious drug and a series of gladiatorial games are the focus of the latest novel of intrigue and danger among the savages along the borders of the Aventine empire.


Wulfston’s Odyssey  (Signet, 1987.)


Savage Empire #6.


                A new war breaks out between the continents when one of the protagonist’s friends is kidnapped by agents of the ambitious and ruthless witch queen of a new African nation.




Mummy!: A Tale of the Twenty Second Century, The  (Colbourn, 1827, ?, 1928, University of Michigan, 1994.)


                A satire in which the reanimation of an ancient mummy eventually brings about the downfall of the British government.




Castle of Eyes  (Chaosium, 1997.)


                While recovering from a prolonged illness, the protagonist explores the magical secrets of an enormous fortress.




Dagon and Other Macabre Tales   (Gollancz, 1967, Panther, 1969.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.


Doom That Came to Sarnath, The  (Ballantine, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, The  (Shroud, 1955, Ballantine, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories featuring the short novel of the title, about a man who visits magical realms in his dreams.


Dreams of Terror and Death  (Del Rey, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


LOVEGROVE, JAMES  (See also Jay Amory.)


Age of Aztec, The  (Solaris, 2012.)


Gods #4.


A vigilante battles repressive Aztec officials.


Age of Godpunk (Solaris, 2013.)


Collection of loosely related stories.


Age of Heroes (Solaris, 2016.)


Gods #5.


Someone is murdering the Greek demigods.


Age of Odin, The  (Solaris, 2010.)


Gods #3.


A soldier is recruited to fight for the gods at Ragnarok.


Age of Ra, The  (Solaris, 2009.)


Gods #1.


The Egyptian gods rule over the 19th Century Earth.


Age of Shiva (Solaris, 2014.)




Age of Zeus, The (Solaris, 2010.)


Gods #2.


The Greek gods return and humans declare war.


Imagined Slights  (Gollancz, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Redlaw  (Solaris, 2011.)


Someone is plotting to exterminate a community of vampires.


Worldstorm  (Gollancz, 2004.)


                Fantasy world where everyone has supernatural powers.




Defenders of Ar  (Bantam, 1990.)


#4 in the multi-author Guardians of the Three series.


                Concluding volume in which the evil forces gather for their final assault on the city of Ar, and its defenders must find the strength to resist them one more time.


Magus Rex  (Tor, 1983.)


                Although this is set a million years in the future, and involves time travel to the far past, the magic is not explained in technological terms and this is therefore fantasy.  A wizard takes his daughter on a vacation in time, hoping she’ll forget a suitor he doesn’t care for.


Rebel Witch, The  (Lothrop, Lee, & Shepard, 1978.)


                Not seen.  Children’s fantasy.




Half-Angels, The  (Sphere, 1975.)


                A magical book transports a man into another reality where he encounters angels, demons, and a host of other magical creatures during his adventure.




Genie and the Witch’s Spells  (Knopf, 1982.)


                Children’s fantasy.


LOWDER, JAMES  (See also Richard Awlinson and collaboration which follows.)


Crusade  (TSR, 1991.)


#3 in the multi-author Empires series.


                A charismatic leader seeks to form an alliance among the scattered realms of the west in order to defeat a powerful force of invading barbarians.


Knight of the Black Rose  (TSR, 1991.)


A Ravenloft novel. Also part of the Dragonlance Lord Soth series.


                A hero raised from the dead is transported to a realm ruled by a powerful vampire lord, where he must battle for his life.  Or perhaps for his unlife.


Prince of Lies  (TSR, 1993.)


A Forgotten Realms Avatar Sequel novel.


                A sorcerer must enter the nether realms to find the soul of a friend who can be turned into a powerful weapon against his sorcerous enemies.


Ring of Winter, The  (TSR, 1992.)


A Forgotten Realms Harpers novel.


                An adventurer seeking a magical ring locates it in a dense jungle filled with dinosaurs, members of a bizarre cult, and other dangers.  The ring will make him immortal, but there are cultists and monsters to overcome first.


Screaming Tower, The  (TSR, ?)


                catalog page 59




Spectre of the Black Rose  (Wizards of the Coast, 1999.)


A Ravenloft novel.  Also part of the Dragonlance Lord Soth series.


                Sequel to Lowder’s Knight of the Black Rose.  A knight struggling to maintain control over his land runs into trouble when a supernatural entity from his past returns.




Daughter of Blood (Harper, 2016.)


Wall of Night #3.




Gathering of the Night, The  (Harper, 2012.)


Wall of Night #2.




Heir of Night, The  (Eos, 2010.)


Wall of Night #1.






Crispan Magicker  (Avon, 1979.)


                In the aftermath of the collapse of a great empire, rival nations are heading toward an uneasy peace when a rebel raises an army of the undead using forbidden necromantic powers and threatens to establish himself as a powerful ruler.




Moon Dragon Summer  (TSR, 1984.)


A Heart Quest book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Secret Sorceress  (TSR, 1983.)


A Heart Quest book.


Multi-path gamebook in which you win the hand of a young rebel and help him overthrow a tyrant.


Spell of the Winter Wizard   (TSR, 1983.)


An Endless Quest book.


Multi-path adventure wherein you travel across a snow covered land to rescue a beautiful woman from an evil wizard.




Gondar  (Century, 1988, Simon & Schuster, 1988.)


                An African adventure story involving magic, a queen deprived of her throne, murder, and intrigue.


Kala  (Century, 1990.)


                A child raised by hyenas gets involved with a lost city buried deep in Africa.


Himalaya  (Century, 1992.)


                A lost world of Yeti is discovered deep in the mountains of Asia.


Sanctuary  (Hodder, 1994.)






Spirit Was Willing, The  (Greenberg, 1951.)


                A mildly humorous contemporary ghost story.




Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales  (Tor, 2009.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Curse of the Campfire Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales  (Tor, 2008.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


In the Land of the Lawn Weenies and Other Misadventures  (Starscape, 2003.)


                Omnibus of Kidzilla & Other Tales and The Witch's Monkey & Other Tales.


Kidzilla & Other Tales  (?, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Witch's Monkey & Other Tales, The  (?, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Friendly Fire (Orbit, 2018.)




Sir Pulteney  (Methuen, 1910.)


                Not seen.


LUCAS, GEORGE  (See collaborations with Chris Claremont.)




Arctic Unicorn  (Atheneum, 1986.)


                At the time when outsiders are first penetrating the Arctic, a young eskimo girl struggles with realization that she can magically change her shape and that she is destined to become a shaman of her people.


Goldclimbers  (Atheneum, 1991.)


                An apprentice goldsmith fulfills his dream of climbing a series of forbidden mountains to reach the lands beyond when he is involved in the death of a fellow apprentice, and when terrible birds of prey begin menacing his village.




Nonesuch Lure, The  (Coward McCann & Geoghegan, 1976.)


                The protagonist discovers a mysterious old book that leads him to an impressive building which is the site of an evil presence that has menaced him in previous lives and is prepared to do so again.




Koren  (Doubleday, 1981, Ace, 1982.)


Khe’chin #2.


                The hero allows himself to be branded as an assassin in order to penetrate into their inner circle and rescue a friend who has fallen into their clutches.


Rajan  (Doubleday, 1979, Ace, 1982.)


Khe’chin #1.


                A young man kills a nobleman in self defense, then flees when members of the aristocracy hire feared assassins to track him down and kill him.  He takes refuge with a sorcerer, but by doing so exposes himself to a risk almost as great.


Witchwood  (Timescape, 1983.)


                A power struggle in a magical land that has forgotten the source from which its magic was derived.  Announced as the beginning of a series, but no subsequent novels appeared.




Sirenia  (Bentley, 1862.)




LUMLEY, BRIAN  primal lands in limited edition hc?


Complete Khash, The  (Ganley, 1991.)


                Collection of related stories.


Elysia  (Ganley, 1989.)


Dreamlands #4.


                Not seen.


Hero of Dreams  (Ganley, 1986, Headline, 1989, Tor, 1993.)


Dreamlands #1.


                An unusual man travels to different worlds in his dreams, in each of which he has an adventure.


House of Cthulhu and Other Tales of the Primal Land, The  (Headline, 1991.  Tor, 2005, as The House of Cthulhu Volume 1.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Iced on Aran  (Ganley, 1990, Headline, 1990, Tor, 1994.)


Dreamlands #5.


                While posing for a statue in the dream world, the protagonist discovers that he has been immobilized and is about to become his own statue.


Khai of Ancient Khem  (Berkley, 1981, Grafton, 1990., Tor, 2004, as Khai of Khem.)


                A warrior is repeatedly reincarnated through the ages in his stubborn quest to win the hand of the woman he loves.


Khai of Khem  (See Khai of Ancient Khem.)


Mad Moon of Dreams  (Ganley, 1987, Headline, 1990, Tor, 1994.)


Dreamlands #3.


                Trapped in the dreamworld, David Hero continues his battle against an evil queen and her zombie followers, along with a fresh group of monsters.


Ship of Dreams  (Ganley, 1986,  Headline, 1989, Tor, 1994.)


Dreamlands #2.


                David Hero runs into unexpected problems in his latest visit to the Dreamlands when an evil queen raises an army of zombies and sets out to conquer the entire world.


Sorcery in Shad  (Headline, 1991, Tor, 2006.)


Tales of the Primal Lands #3.


                A barbarian hero defeats magical enemies.


Tarra Khash: Hrossak!  (Headline, 1991, Tor, 2006.)


Tales of Primal Lands #2.


                Collection of related stories.




Dream Date   (Archway, 1998.)


A Sabrina novel.






Black Tower, The  (Bantam, 1988.)


#1 in the multi-author Dungeon series.


A man invades a planet sized dungeon of monsters and madmen to rescue his twin brother.  Based on a concept by Philip Jose Farmer.


Final Battle, The  (Bantam, 1990.)


#6 in the multi-author Dungeon series.


                The protagonist finally escapes from the enormous maze of the dungeon, and finds himself in an ice covered wasteland on the surface of the Earth, which may itself be the last level of the dungeon.


Lisa Kane  (Bobbs Merrill, 1976.)


                Not seen.


Return of Skullface, The  (FAX, 1977.)


                Not seen.


Sword of the Demon  (Harper & Row, 1976, Avon, 1978, Sphere, 1980.)


                An Oriental setting for an otherwise traditional quest adventure involving a magical sword, capricious gods, monsters, and human villains.




Beneath an Opal Moon  (Doubleday, 1980, Berkley, 1982.)


Sunset Warrior #4.


                Yet another fearless warrior must rescue an endangered princess, avenge the death of a friend, and destroy an evil sorcerer.


Dai-San  (Doubleday, 1978, Star, 1980, Berkley, 1981.)


Sunset Warrior #3.


                The ultimate battle between a warrior armed with good magic and the evil Dolman, who uses black sorcery in his quest to destroy humanity.


Dragons on the Sea of Night  (HarperCollins, 1996.)


Sunset Warrior #5.


                A band of warriors battles the forces of chaos.


Mistress of the Pearl  (Tor, 2004.)


Pearl #3.


                The intrigues, plots, and personal rivalries grow ever more complex.


Ring of Five Dragons, The  (Tor, 2001.)


Pearl #1.


                A conquered people have lost faith in their gods, and the practice of sorcery is falling into disuse.


Shallows of Night  (Doubleday, 1978, Star, 1979, Berkley, 1980, Crest, 1989.)


Sunset Warrior #2.


                The warrior travels across the sea seeking knowledge which might help to defeat the source of evil sorcery and save the human race.


Sunset Warrior, The  (Doubleday, 1977, Jove, 1978, Star, 1979, Berkley, 1980, Crest, 1989.)


Sunset Warrior #1.


                Oriental style fantasy adventure set in what is apparently the far future.  A skillful but fiercely independent warrior is called upon to save the world from a rising evil force amidst the wreckage of great civilizations now long forgotten.


Testament, The  (Tor, 2006.)


Two secret societies battle for control of ancient religious documents in this marginal fantasy.


Veil of a Thousand Tears, The  (Tor, 2002.)


Pearl #2.


                Riane invoked magic in order to save her people from their enemies, but by so doing she opened a gateway to a world of demons, and caused one of her companions to merge his personality with hers.




Distant Dreams  (Jove, 1998.)


                A magic ring brings an unhappy woman back through time to 1830 Maine where she finds true love.


Echoes of Tomorrow  (Jove, 1997.)


When her fiance disappears just before the wedding, Elise is devastated.  But eventually she travels back through time and finds him in the past, though he doesn't remember his life with her.


Lost Yesterday  (Jove, 1997.)


A frustrated woman has an automobile accident which propels her back through time a century.


River of Dreams  (Jove, 1999.)


                A ghost and an unusual thunderstorm send a modern woman back through time to 1832 where she solves a mystery and finds her true love.


Waiting for Yesterday  (Jove, 1997.)


A jilted woman falls asleep in an inn and wakes up in the same place, but a century back in time.




Alchemist of Souls, The  (Angry Robot, 2012.)


Night Masques #1.




Merchant of Dreams, The  (Angry Robot, 2013.)


Night Masques #2.




Prince of Lies, The  (Angry Robot, 2013.)


Night Masques #3.


Espionage in an alternate magical England.




Rolind of Meru  (Avon, 1977.)


                The heir to the throne of Meru is unhappy with his fate.  The sacred book of people has fore ordained that he will kill his brother in order to assume the throne, but he doesn’t want to go through with it, even if that means defying his people and his religion, and giving up the throne as well.




Grey Goose of Kilnevin, The  (?, 1939, Puffin, 1951.)


                Fairy tale about the adventures of a magical goose and a little girl in Ireland.




Lies of Locke Lamora, The  (Bantam, 2006, Gollancz, 2006.)


Locke Lamora #1.


                A band of thieves uncover evidence of a coup against the leaders of their city.


Red Seas Under Red Skies  (Gollancz, 2006, Bantam, 2007.)


Locke Lamora #2.


                Our hero tries to cheat in a city where that is the ultimate sin.


Republic of Thieves (Gollancz, 2011.)


Locke Lamora #3.




Thorn of Emberlain, The




Chronicles of Tornor, The  (Ace, 1998.)


                Omnibus of the Tornor trilogy.


Dancers of Arun, The  (Berkley, 1979, Hamlyn, 1982, Ace, 1999, Ibooks, 2005.)


Tornor #2.


                A young boy travels to a distant land and learns the secrets of witchcraft.


Dragon's Treasure  (Ace, 2004.)


Dragon #2.


                The uneasy ruler of a fantastic world finds love.


Dragon’s Winter  (Ace, 1998, Macmillan, 1998.)


Dragon #1.


                One of a pair of twins runs off with a magic talisman which would have enabled his brother to transform into a dragon.  Trapped in a mortal body and grown to an adult, the latter must find a way to defeat the armies of an evil sorcerer, who turns out to be his twin.


Northern Girl, The  (Berkley, 1980, Arrow, 1987.)


Tornor #3.


                A woman returns to her homeland.


Red Hawk, The  (Cheap Street, 1983.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Silver Horse, The  (Bluejay, 1984.)


                Children’s book about a toy horse that allows kids to enter magical worlds of their dreams and interact with the characters they find there.


Tales from a Vanished Country  (Pulphouse, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Watchtower  (Berkley, 1979, Hamlyn, 1981, Ace, 1999.)


Tornor #1.


                A famous tower is the outpost of a magical land.


Woman Who Loved the Moon, The  ???


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Return of Karl Marx, The  (?, 1941.)


                Marx returns from the dead and is depressed by the state of the world.




Haunting Hope  (Jove, 1999.)


                A ghost desperately seeking the ability to love takes new heart when someone reopens the house to which she is confined.


LYON, RICHARD K. (See also collaborations with Andrew Offutt.)


Tales from the Lyonheart  (Wildcat, 2006.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Time's Oldest Daughter (Aqueduct, 2017.)


A metaphysical novel about the role of death in the universe.




And Peace Shall Sleep  (Harper, 1996.)


#9 in the multi-author Magic the Gathering series.


A group of elves hires a human to cause trouble in the goblin lands, but when they cancel his contract, he has already committed himself to a dangerous course of action.


Seer, The (Baen, 2016.)


A woman foresees turmoil in her world.