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Dial a Ghost  (Dutton, 2001.)


                A youngster hires some ghosts to haunt his house.


Great Ghost Rescue, The   (Macmillan, 1975.)


                Not seen.


Island of the Aunts  (Dutton, 2000, Puffin, 2001.)


                Some strange women kidnap some children and introduce them to the merpeople.


Secret of Platform 13, The  (Dutton, 1998, Puffin, 1999.)


                A mysteriously missing king leads to some magical adventures.


Which Witch?  (Macmillan, 1979, Dutton, 2000, Puffin, 2001.)


                A wizard must decide upon a wife.




Gone Awry  (1st Books, 2000.)


                Satirical look at telemarketing and other aspects of modern life from the perspective of a tour guide employed in Hell.




Other Side of the Mirror, The  (Southern Illinois University, 1966, Macdonald, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.




At the Sign of Sagittarius  (Faber, 1926, Day, 1927.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


INCLAN, JESSICA  (Pseudonym of Jessica Inclan Barksdale.)


Believe in Me  (Zebra, 2007.)


Believe #3.


Historical romance involving magical societies.


Reason to Believe (Zebra, 2006.)


Believe #1.


A woman befriends a telepath beset by magical enemies.


When You Believe  (Zebra, 2006.)


Believe #2.


Historical romance involving magic.




Linked Lives  (Occult Book Concern, 1903.)


                Not seen.  Involves reincarnation.


Mata the Magician  (Abbey, 1901.)


                Not seen.




Little Wonder Box, The  (Farran, 1887.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Little Wonder Horn, The  (King, 1872.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mopsa the Fairy  (?, 1869.)


                Not seen.


INGS, SIMON  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


City of the Iron Fist  (Harper, 1994.)


                Two inhabitants of an isolated city guarded by magic set out to explore the outside world and uncover the secret of their homeland.




Dark Horn Blowing, A  (Viking, 1978, Magic Carpet, 1997.)


                A human woman is kidnapped to be the nursemaid of the prince of a magical land, but when the queen dies, she attracts the unwanted attention of the king, who seeks someone new to share his throne.


Nightmare and Her Foal and Other Stories, The  (North Country, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Queen of Spells  (Viking, 1973, Dell, 1975.)


                A young girl encounters a handsome and mysterious man who claims to be held prisoner in a magical land. Years later she encounters him again, makes love to him, and then pursues him into a land of fairies and sorcery.


Warlock of Night, The  (Viking, 1969.)


                The lands of night and day are involved in a chess match against each other.




Roseanne and the Magic Mirror  (Walker, 1990.)


                Not seen.


IRVINE, ALEXANDER  (Also writes Horror and  Science Fiction.)


Down in the Fog Shrouded City  (Wormhole, 2004.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Narrows, The  (Del Rey, 2005.)


                War threatens the world in an alternate version of 1940s America where factories turn out golems instead of automobiles.


One Soldier, One King  (Del Rey, 2004)


                A newly returned Korean War veteran is told that he is destined to serve as the protector of the Holy Grail.


Scattering of Jades, A  (Tor, 2002.)


                A cult in 1840s New York City attempts to summon a supernatural creature with the power to end the world.


Seal of Karga Kul, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2010.)


A Dungeons and Dragons novel.


A messenger runs into magic.




Dark Is the Moon  (Penguin, 1998, Orbit, 2001, Aspect, 2002.)


View from the Mirror #3.


                The protagonists are lost in a gigantic inhuman palace, and they are pursued by a villain who wants to be master of all the universes.


Fatal Gate, The (Orbit, 2017.)


Gate #2.




Geomancer  (Orbit, 2002.)


Well of Echoes #1.


                A young woman begins to have mystical visions connected to crystals as her world seeks to repel an invasion of intelligent, winged predators.


Justice (Orbit, 2014.)


Tainted Realm #3.


Warfare in a fantasy land.


Rebellion (Orbit, 2013.)


Tainted Realm #2.




Shadow on the Glass, A  (Orbit, 1999, Aspect 2001.)


View from the Mirror #1.


                The pathways among the various worlds have been closed, but now a mysterious force is plotting to change the balance of power.


Summon Stone, The (Orbit, 2016.)


Gate #1.



Tetrarch  (Orbit, 2003.)


Well of Echoes #2.


                Humans seek to defend their world from an invading force of winged creatures determined to exterminate them.


Tower on the Rift, The  (Orbit, 2000, Aspect, 2002.)


View from the Mirror #2.


                A desperate man seizes a mystical mirror and flees into the wilderness to prevent it from falling into the hands  of the warring factions in his world.


Vengeance (Orbit, 2012.)


Tainted Realm #1.




Way Between the Worlds, The  (Orbit, 2001.)


View from the Mirror #4.


                The heroes have failed and are imprisoned or disgraced.  There seems to be no one who can prevent the evil magician from seizing power.


IRVING, WASHINGTON  (Also writes Horror.)


Alhambra, The  (Colborn & Bentley, 1832.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Chronicles of Wolfertís Roost and Other Papers  (Constable, 1855.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are fantasy.


Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Selections, The  (Washington Square, 1962, Airmont, 1964, Lancer, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.


Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories, The  (Andor, 1976.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.


Rip Van Winkle  (Altemus, ?)


                Classic short story about a manís experience with the fairies, published as a booklet.


Rip Van Winkle and Other Stories  (Doubleday, 1955.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.


Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow  (Penguin, 1995.)


                Pamphlet containing the two stories.


Six Selections from Irvingís Sketch Book  (Ginn, 1904.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.


Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, The  (Van Winkle, 1820.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are fantasy.


Tales of the Alhambra  (Avon Camelot, 1965, Pedro Suarez, 1968.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


IRWIN, MARGARET  (Also writes Horror.)


Still She Wished for Company   (Heinemann, 1924.  Seltzer, 1924, as Who Will Remember.)


                Two women are magically linked through time, and the unwise occult experiments of a man nearly destroys them both.


These Mortals  (Heinemann, 1925.)


                A young girl grows up in a magical palace.


Who Will Remember.  (See Still She Wished for Company.)




Arabian Nightmare, The  (Dedalus, 1983, Viking, 1987, Overlook, 2002.)


                Historical fantasy about a man who travels to Arabia and gets involved with both mundane and lightly magical elements by means of a series of dreams. 




Singer's Crown, The  (Eos, 2005.)


                Another usurped crown in a magical kingdom.




Master of Miracle, The  (Harper, 1971.)


                Not seen.  A retelling of the golem story.




Hidden Land, The  (Avon Eos, 1999.)


Daughters of Bast #1.


                A young girl is given a magical gift by a goddess.  Her destiny is to help protect her native Egypt from the depredations of Julius Caesar and his legions.


Shrine of Light  (Avon Eos, 2000.)


Daughters of Bast #2.


                One of the last priestesses to worship Bast among the Celts attempts to fend off the efforts of Christian missionaries as well as the malevolent intentions of the goddess Sekhmet.




Scale of Dragon Tooth of Wolf  (Hodder, 1996.)


                A trainee sorceress is sent on a mission to lift a curse from her home town, but she discovers that it is not the simple task she had expected.


IVERSON, ERIC  (Pseudonym of Harry Turtledove, whom see.)


Wereblood  (Belmont Tower, 1979.)


Gerin #1.


                A hero travels to a distant city, overcoming supernatural obstacles, in order to enlist the aid of a sorcerer in the defense of his people.


Werenight  (Belmont Tower, 1979.)


Gerin #2.


                Gerin has found a sorcerer capable of defending his people, but there are complications in enlisting his help that he hadn't planned for.


IVY, ALEXANDRA  (Also writes Horror.)


Blood Lust (Zebra, 2016.)




JABLONSKI, CARLA  (Also writes Horror.)


Bindings  (Eos, ?)


Book of Magic #2.




Children's Crusade, The  (Eos, ?)


Book of Magic #3.




Consequences  (Eos, ?)


Book of Magic #4.




Invitation, The  (Eos, 2003.)


Book of Magic #1.


                A young boy has the powers of a full grown wizard.


Lost Places  (Eos, ?)


Book of Magic #5.




Reckonings  (Eos, 2004.)


Book of Magic #6.


                A young magician confronts the fairie queen.


JAC, CHERLYN  (Also writes Horror.)


Shadows in Time  (Pinnacle, 1994.)


Romance about a woman mysteriously swept back through time where she finds herself plotting the murder of the man she loves.


Timeswept Love  (Zebra, 1996.)


                A policewoman tracking her sisterís murderer is magically transported back through time to the Old West, where she joins a handsome lawman in his efforts to track down the criminal gang led by the ancestor of the man she seeks.




Bound (Ace, 2017.)


Alex Verus #8.




Burned (Ace, 2015.)


Alex Verus #7.




Chosen (Ace, 2013.)


Alex Verus #4.




Cursed  (Ace, 2012.)


Alex Verus #1.




Fated  (Ace, 2012.)


Alex Verus #2.




Hidden (Ace, 2014.)


Alex Verus #5.




Marked (Ace, 2018.)


Alex Verus #8.


Taken  (Ace, 2012.)


Alex Verus #3.




Veiled (Ace, 2015.)


Alex Verus #6.






Burning Men, The  (?, 1976.)


Christ #3.


                Not seen.


Davidson Affair, The  ( ?, 1966.)


Christ #1.


                Opening volume of a series of novels that transpose a strangely altered story of the life of Christ to the modern Middle East.


Slingshot  (?, 1974.)


Christ #2.






All Men Are Ghosts  (Williams & Norgate, 1913.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Magic Formula and Other Stories, The  (?, 1927.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Pipe Dreams and Twilight Tales  (Paumanok, 1936.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.




Gold Point and Other Strange Stories, The  (Stratford, 1926.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Pirate's Honor (Paizo, 2013.)


A Pathfinder novel.


A pirate has varied adventures in a fantasy world.


Pirate's Promise (Paizo, 2015.)


A Pathfinder novel.


A pirate agrees to become a spy.


Pirate's Prophecy (Tor, 2016.)


A Pathfinder novel.


A pirate turned vigilante discovers that an ambitious ruler has a devastating new magical weapon.


Scimitar Moon (Dragon Moon, 2009.)


Pirate adventure in a world of magic.


JACKSON, D.B.  (Pseudonym of David Coe whom see.)


Plunder of Souls, A (Tor, 2014.)


Thief #3.


A thief in a magical version of colonial Boston.


Thieftaker  (Tor, 2012.)


Thief #1.


A thief in an alternate magical historic Boston.


Thieves' Quarry (Tor, 2013.)


Thief #2.






Sorceress  (Signet, 2007.)


A woman is the focus of a magical test of wills.




Night Visitor  (Lovespell, 2001.)


                A woman pricks her thumb on a skeleton and is transported into the past by a ghost.


Selkie, The  (Love Spell, 20023.)


                A woman encounters a merman.




Magic Mantle and Other Stories, The  (Greene, 1903.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


JACKSON, STEVE  (See also collaboration which follows. Also writes Science Fiction.)


Appointment with Fear  (Puffin, 1985.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Citadel of Chaos, The  (Dell, 1983, Puffin, 1983.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


Multi-path gamebook in which you invade the fortress of an evil sorcerer.


Creature of Havoc  (Puffin, 1986.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Crown of Kings, The  (Puffin, 1985.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


House of Hades.  (See House of Hell.)


House of Hell  (Puffin, 1985.  Dell, 1985, as House of Hades.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Keep of the Lich-Lord  (Puffin, 1990.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Khare - Cityport of Traps  (Puffin, 1984.)


Sorcery #2.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Seven Serpents, The  (Puffin, 1984.)


Sorcery #3.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Shamutanti Hills, The  (Puffin, 1984.)


Sorcery #1.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Trolltooth Wars, The  (Puffin, 1989.)


                Multi-path gamebook.




Demons of the Deep  (Puffin, 1986.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Scorpion Swamp  (Puffin, 1984.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


                Multi-path gamebook.


Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The  (Dell, 1982, Puffin, 1982.)


A Fighting Fantasy book.


Multi-path gamebook in which you avoid monsters on your search for a fabulous treasure.




Fractured Fairy Tales  (Bantam, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Book of Wonder Voyages, The  (Putnam, ?)


                Fictional accounts of legendary fantastic voyages.


English Fairy Tales  (Bodley Head, 1968, Puffin, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


More English Fairy Tales  (Bodley Head, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Black Eagle Rising  (Gollancz, 2000, Millennium, 2001.)


Elita #3.


                The evil sorcerer has recovered from his wounds and is now planning a new campaign of conquest.  His old enemies must ride into battle once again to save the world.


Exileís Return  (Gollancz, 1998, Millennium, 1999.)


Elita #1.


                A noble returns from exile determined not to get involved in politics, but when the usurper of the local throne evinces more interest in replacing a foreign ruler than serving his own people, he is reluctantly drawn into a fresh conflict.


Rebel's Cage, The  (Gollancz, 2001.)


Elita #4.


                The land of Lusara is still ruled by an evil king, but there is a growing movement to depose him, led by a veteran of previous battles.  But the king has a sorcerer for an ally.


Trial of Fire  (Gollancz, 2002.)


Elita #5.


                The rebellion in Lusara is near the boiling point, and the sorcerer who joined two magical artifacts is opposed by a secretive group that has another enemy as well.


Voice of the Demon  (Gollancz, 1999, Millennium, 2000.)


Elita #2.


                The Duke of Haddon refuses to use sorcery to remove a usurping king from the throne, which makes him an outcast among his guild.  But a greater prophecy is about to come to fruition, one which involves the future of nations.




Nefer the Silent  (Simon & Schuster, 2000.)


Stone of Light #1.


                Historical novel about ancient Egypt with minor magical elements.  Various people contend to join or destroy the aristocracy.


JACQUES, BRIAN  (Also writes Horror.)


Angel's Command, The  (Ace, 2004.)


Ben #2.


                A pirate adventure with a real ghost.


Bellmaker, The  (Philomel, 1995, Ace, 1996.)


Redwall #7.


                Another quest by a band of heroic mice to thwart the plans of a villainous rat leader and his bloodthirsty followers.


Castaways of the Flying Dutchman  (Philomel, 2001, Ace, 2002.)


Ben #1.


                The story of a boy and his dog, trapped on the Flying Dutchman.


Doomwyte  (Philomel, 2008, Ace, 2010.)


Redwall #?


Quest for a fabulous treasure.


High Rhulain  (Philomel, 2005.)


Redwall #18.




Legend of Luke, The  (Hutchinson, 1999, Philomel, 2000, Ace, 2000.)


Redwall #12.


                A retrospective look at the world of Redwall before that edifice was built.  A battle against a marauding pirate and other dangers.


Loamhedge  (?, Ace, 2004, Firebird, 2005.)


Redwall #16.


                A search for a magical cure in a mysterious abbey.


Long Patrol, The  (Philomel, 1997, Ace, 1999.)


Redwall #10.


                Another series of heartwarming adventures involving a group of heroic animals.


Lord Brocktree  (Philomel, 2000 Ace, 2001.)


Redwall #13.


                A badger leads an army against an invading force led by a malevolent wildcat.


Mariel of Redwall  (Philomel, 1991, Hutchinson, 1991, Avon, 1993, Ace, 2000.)


Redwall #4.


                A band of seafaring mice run afoul of a pirate band of rats, and a young female leads a band on a mission of revenge and rescue.


Marlfox  (Ace, 1999.)


Redwall #11.


                A coalition of villainous animals tries to seize control of the Redwall abbey.


Martin the Warrior  (Philomel, 1994, Ace, 1995.)


Redwall #6.


                Retrospective look at the life of the heroic mouse who would subsequently free Mossflower Wood from its nasty rulers.


Mattimeo  (Hutchinson, 1989, Philomel, 1990, Avon, 1991, Ace, 1999.)


Redwall #3.


                A band of foxes steal the children from Redwall, and the pursuit is launched despite an invasion by nasty ravens.


Mossflower  (Hutchinson, 1988, Philomel, 1988, Beaver, 1989, Red Fox, 1990, Avon, 1990, Ace, 1998.)


Redwall #2


                Martin the Mouse organizes his fellow forest creatures to overthrow the rule of queen of the wildcats who prey upon the other inhabitants of a magical forest.


Outcast of Redwall, The  (Hutchinson, 1995, Philomel, 1996, Red Fox, 1996, Ace, 1997.)


Redwall #9.


                An outcast ferret must decide whether to side with his own kind despite their evil activities, or help the animals who befriended him when he was abandoned.


Pearls of Lutra, The  (Philomel, 1996, Hutchinson, 1996, Ace, 1998.)


Redwall #8.


                A hedgehog decides to solve a series of riddles linked to the disappearance of some precious gems.


Rakkety Tam  (Philomel, 2005.)


Redwall #17.


                A warrior squirrel rescues two maidens in distress.


Redwall  (Philomel, 1986, Hutchinson, 1986, Avon, 1990, Ace, 1998.)


Redwall #1.


                A horde of savage rats arrives in Mossflower Wood and launches a war against the peaceful nation of mice living there.


Redwall Trilogy, The  (Red Fox, 1991.)


                Omnibus of the first three in the Redwall series.


Rogue Crew (Philomel, 2011, Ace, 2012.)






Sable Quean, The  (?, Ace, 2011.)






Salamandastron  (Philomel, 1993, Ace, 1994.)


Redwall #5.


                The peace that held sway among badgers, mice, and moles is disrupted by the arrival of a sinister weasel on a mission of murder.


Taggerung  (Philomel, 2001, Ace, 2002.)


Redwall #14.


                An otter goes on a quest to find the family he never knew.


Triss  (Philomel, 2002, Ace, 2003.)


Redwall #15.


                A squirrel sets out to launch a rebellion against a cruel ruler.


Voyage of Slaves  (Ace, 2007.)


Ben #3.




JAKES, JOHN  (See also collaboration which follows.  Also writes Science Fiction.)


Brak the Barbarian  (Avon, 1968, Tower, ?)


A Brak adventure.


                Fix up of short stories into an episodic novel about a barbarian hero who battles and defeats a number of human and inhuman enemies.


Brak the Barbarian vs the Mark of the Demons  (Paperback Library, 1969, Tandem, 1970.  Tower, ?, as The Mark of the Demons.)


A Brak adventure.


                Brak is lost in the desert and joins a caravan, where his sword and strength come in handy against human raiders.  But when a supernatural force begins stalking the travelers, even his abilities might not be great enough to withstand the assault.


Brak the Barbarian vs the Sorceress  (Paperback Library, 1969. Tandem, 1970.  Tower, ?, as The Sorceress.  Magazine version, 1963.)


A Brak adventure.


                Brakís travels are interfered with by a malevolent magician who diverts him to a land ruled by a ruthless and powerful sorceress.


Brak: When the Idols Walked  (Pocket, 1978.  Magazine version, 1964, and Tower, ?, as When the Idols Walked.)


A Brak adventure.


                The barbarian warrior finds himself caught in the middle of a war, and menaced by sorcery as well as the arms of his enemies.


Fortunes of Brak, The  (Dell, 1980.)


A Brak adventure.


                Collection of related stories about a barbarian warrior.


Last Magicians, The  (Signet, 1969.)


                A tired warrior with a magic sword has vowed to participate no further in the battles that rage across his world.  But then he falls in love with a beautiful woman whose fate may hang in the balance, so he reluctantly takes up his sword and wades into the battle.


Mark of the Demons, The.  (See Brak the Barbarian vs the Mark of the Demons.)


Mention My Name in Atlantis  (DAW, 1972.)


                A spoof of the Conan series with a brash barbarian warrior washed up on the shores of Atlantis, in more ways than one.


Sorceress, The.  (See Brak the Barbarian vs the Sorceress.)


When the Idols Walked.  (See Brak: When the Idols Walked.)




Excalibur!  (Dell, 1980, Pendragon, 1980.)


                A long, very traditional retelling of the story of King Arthur, Merlin, and Camelot.


JAKOBER, MARIE  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Black Chalice, The  (Edge, 2000, Ace, 2002.)


                The dead rise and supernatural creatures lurk in an invented medieval world following the First Crusade.  A half human witch, a knight, and a squire must prevent a power made Duke from ruling all of Europe.


Demon Left Behind, The (Edge, 2011.)


Supernatural creatures help humanity avert a crisis.


Even the Stones  (Edge, 2004.)


                A woman finds herself enslaved in a world where warring magical kingdoms battle for power.


JAMES, ALLYSON  (See also Jennifer Ashley.)


Black Dragon, The (Berkley, 2007.)


Dragon #2.


A witch gets involved with weredragons.


Dragon Heat  (Berkley, 2007.)


Dragon #1.


A woman has an uneasy relationship with a man who can transform himself into a dragon.  What a surprise that is.


Dragon Master, The  (Berkley, 2008.)


Dragon #3.


A woman and a weredragon battle a villain.


Stormwalker  (Berkley, 2010.)


Janet Begay #1.


A woman with power over the elements investigates a disappearance.




Dark Heart  (Dutton, 1992.)


                A young tribeswoman in a primitive society in another world/time tries to gain acceptance as an adult.


Roadsouls (Aqueduct, 2016.)


Two unhappy people join a caravan in search of a better destiny in their fantasy world.




King and Raven  (Tor, 1995.)


                An interesting peripheral story to the Arthurian legend.  Four drunken knights rape and kill a young peasant girl, and her brother bides his time as he grows to maturity and eventually tracks them down to avenge her.




Negrophobia: An Urban Parable  (Citadel, 1992.)


                Magic transportation to an alternate world where all racial stereotypes are true and exaggerated.




Charming  (Orbit, 2014.)


Pax Arcana #1.


Daring (Orbit, 2014.)


Pax Arcana #2.


Fearless (Orbit, 2015.)


Pax Arcana #3.


In Shining Armor (Orbit, 2016.)


Pax Arcana #4.




Legend Has It (Orbit, 2017.)


Pax Arcana #5.






Runa  (Atheneum, 1993.)


                A young girlís visit to Scandinavia gets more complicated when she discovers that the Norse gods are still around in her homeland.


Sing for a Gentle Rain  (Atheneum, 1990.)


                A high school student is magically carried back through time to the period of the Anasazi people, where he meets and falls in love with a young girl.




Men Went to Cattraeth  (Cassell, 1969.)


                Humorous retelling of Celtic legends.


Not For All the Gold in Ireland  (Cassell, 1968.)


                Humorous retelling of Celtic legends.


Votan  (Cassell, 1966, New American Library, 1967.)


                Humorous retelling of German and Norse legends.


JAMES, L. DEAN  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Book of Stones   (TSR, 1993.)


Kingslayer #3.


                The arrival of a secretive sorcerer causes minor upsets among the rulers of a magical land, until it appears that he is endangering their continued authority.  A young student must find a way to counter his magic by consulting a sacred book.


Kingslayer  (TSR, 1992.)


Kingslayer #2.


                Armed with a magical sword, the new ruler of a kingdom must master himself and the sword in order to impose stability on his people in the face of internal and external threats.


Sorcererís Stone  (TSR, 1991.)


Kingslayer #1.


                An untried prince must overcome his own shortcomings and lack of confidence in order to take up the magical sword belonging to his family and defend their land from a host of invaders.


Summerland  (Avon, 1994.)


                Hybrid of SF and fantasy.  Los Angeles is an independent, but drought plagued city state that is near totoal chaos.  Before rain will return to that land, a young woman will have to learn to deal with magic that originates in a parallel world.




Opened Grave, An  (Salt Works, 2006.)


Sherlock Holmes experiences a miracle and is visited by Jesus.




Shoebag  (Scholastic, 1990.)


Shoebag #1.


                A cockroach is turned into a child.  For younger readers.


Shoebag Returns  (Scholastic, 1996.)


Shoebag #2.


                The cockroach turned child is back for another adventure.


JAMES, M.R.  (Also writes Horror.)


Five Jars, The  (Arnold, 1922.)


                The protagonist discovers a chest that gives him magical powers.




Rogan  (Moat Hall, 1980.)


                One of the last of the guardians of the galaxy travels to Earth to try to recruit fresh members to help him oppose a threat to the entire universe.  Magic rather than technology.




Bewitching Beloved  (Carousel, 1981.)


                A union organizer finds herself falling in love with the member of management opposing her activities, and realizes as well that they were lovers in a former life.  A romance novel.




Gilded Cage (Del Rey, 2017.)




Clay Pot Boy, The  (Coward McCann McGeoghan, 1973, Dell Yearling, 1975.)


                A short fairy tale with many illustrations.




Business of Death, The  (Orbit, ?)


Death #3.




Death Most Definite  (Orbit, ?)


Death #1.




Managing Death  (Orbit, 2010.)


Death #2.


A man with power over death has to deal with zombies.


JANE, FRED T.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Incubated Girl, The  (Tower, 1896.)


                An artificial girl has mystical properties.


JANES, HENRY P.  (See collaboration with Frederick Arnold Kummer.)




Comet in Moominland  (Benn, 1951, Avon Camelot, ?, translated by Elizabeth Portch.  .  Finnish version 1946.)


A Moomin story.


                Not seen.


Exploits of Moominpappa  (Benn, 1952, Avon Camelot, ?, translated from the Finnish by Thomas Warburton.  Finnish version, 1950.)


A Moomin story.


                Not seen.


Finn Family Moomintroll  (McKay, 1950, translated from the Finnish by Elizabeth Portch.  Finnish version 1948.  Avon Camelot, 1975.  Bobbs-Merrill, 1952, as The Happy Moomins.)


A Moomin story.


                A family of friendly trolls finds a mysterious hat which starts a series of odd events underway.


Happy Moomins, The.  (See Finn Family Moomintroll.)


Moominland Midwinter  (Benn, 1958, Avon Camelot, ?, translated from the Finnish by Thomas Warburton.  (Finnish version 1957.)


A Moomin story.


                Not seen.


Moominsummer Madness  (Benn,. 1955, Avon Camelot, ?, translated from the Finnish by Thomas Warburton. Finnish version 1954.)


A Moomin story.


                Not seen.


Moominpappa at Sea  (Walck, 1966, Avon Camelot, 1977, translated from the Finnish by Kingsley Hart.)


A Moomin story.


                The Moomin family moves to a new land and finds strange creatures there.


Moominvalley in November  (McKay, 1971, Avon Camelot, 1976, translated from the Finnish by Kingsley Hart.)


A Moomin story.


                Childrenís story about a family of odd creatures who each have a strange adventure one autumn.


Tales from Moominvalley  (Avon Camelot, 1977, translated from the Finnish by Thomas Warburton.)


A Moomin story.


                Collection of related stories about the Moomin family.




In Great Waters  (Harper, 1901.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.




Animal Family, The  (Pantheon, 1965, Dell Yearling, 1972.)


                Childrenís story about talking animals and a mermaid.




Witherwing  (Warner, 1979, Sphere, 1979.)


                Typical fantasy adventure with a hero battling magic and human enemies, hampered and helped by his peculiarity.  One of his arms is actually the wing of a giant swan.




Starlight  (Sonnet, 2000.)


                Light Georgian romance fantasy involving a magical cat.


Wishing  (Sonnet, 1999.)


                Marginal romantic fantasy about a magic bottle that helps a man find love.




Arranged in Heaven  (Jove, 1998.)


                Two of the departed leave Heaven to help their children find true love in this romance novel.


Heaven Above  (Jove, 1996.)


The spirit of a dead woman returns to Earth in order to help her husband find another chance at love and happiness.  A romance novel.


Heavenly Bliss  (Jove, 1997.)


Two benevolent ghosts can only enter heaven if their descendants marry each other, so they manifest themselves and set about making sure that happens.




Beyond the Magic Sphere  (Harcourt, 1994, Avon Camelot, 1996.)


Marginal story in which a magical world created by children may or may not be real.


JARVIS, E.K.  (House pseudonym. Also wrote Science Fiction.)


Spectre of Suicide Swamp, The  (Armchair, 2013, bound with It's Magic, You Dope by Jack Sharkey. Magazine appearance 1952.)


A pair of actors magically switch places with the real people their current movie is based on.




Alchymistís Cat, The  (Macdonald, 1991.)


Deptford #1.


                Not seen.


Crystal Prison, The  (Macdonald, 1989.)


Deptford Mice #2.


                Not seen.


Dark Portal, The  (Purnell, 1989.)


Deptford Mice #1.


                Opening volume of a series about mice battling an evil cat with supernatural powers.


Fatal Strand, The  (Collins, 1998.)


Wyrd Museum #3.


                A supernatural presence invades a museum.


Final Reckoning, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1990.)


Deptford Mice #3.


                Not seen.


Oaken Throne, The  (?, 1993.)


Deptford #2.


                Not seen.


Raven's Knot, The  (Collins, ?)


Wyrd Museum #2.


                Not seen.


Thomas  (?, 1995.)


Deptford #3.


                Not seen.


Thorn Ogres of Hagwood  (Penguin, 1999, Harcourt, 2002.)


Hagwood #1.


                A hobbitlike creature goes off to school and has a series of adventures involving ogres, dark magic, and other pleasantries.


Warlock in the Whitby, The  (?, 1992.)


Whitby #2.


                Not seen.


Whitby Child, The  (?, 1994.)


Whitby #3.


                Not seen.


Whitby Witches, The   (Simon & Schuster, 1991.)


Whitby #1.


                Not seen.


Woven Path, The  (Collins, 1995.)


Wyrd Museum #1.


                A man has a series of adventures in a museum which contains magical artifacts.




Lost History of Redwyn, The  (Lancaster, 1992.)


                A would be magician discovers King Arthurís magic sword and finds himself pitted against an ancient evil force.




Under a Spell (Kensington, 2013.)


Underworld Detective Agency #5.




Under Attack  (Kensington, 2011.)


Underworld Detective Agency #2.


A woman immune to magic deals with a fallen angel and some frightened demons.


Under Suspicion  (Kensington, 2012.)


Underworld Detective Agency #3.


The disappearance of a number of demons spells trouble.


Under the Gun  (Kensington, 2013.)


Underworld Detective Agency #4.


Someone has hired two werewolves to kill a man.


Under Wraps  (Kensington, 2011.)


Underworld Detective Agency #1.


An occult life counselor investigates murder.




Puddlejumpers  (Hyperion, 2008.)


A young boy discovers a magical underground world.


JEFFERIES, MIKE  (Also writes Horror.)


Children of the Flame  (HarperCollins, 1994.)


                Various incarnations of two people are troubled by an ancient curse that follows them from one lifetime to another, leading them toward an implacable fate.


Citadel of Shadows  (Harper, 1996.)


Cawdor #5.


                The outcasts from Elundium must master the arts of war and come to the assistance of their former oppressors, because that city is under siege by magical creatures of evil.


Glitterspike Hall  (Collins, 1989, Fontana, 1989, Harper, 1991.)


Gnarlsmyre #1.


                A princess rebels against her evil father and tries to join forces with a fabled presence from beyond the fog that borders their lands in order to free the local people from his tyranny.


Hall of Whispers  (Fontana, 1990, Harper, 1992.)


Gnarlsmyre #2.


                The good princess has replaced her evil father as ruler of the land, but even as she tries to help her people escape the poverty that besets them, a host of enemies with bad intentions organizes itself to create a threat to her continued rule.


Hidden Echoes  (Grafton, 1992, Harper, 1993.)


                A group of people from our world discover to their dismay that they are the personification of legendary figures who will have to travel through parallel universes to avert a magical fate that could utterly destroy our universe.


Knights of Cawdor  (Harper, 1995.)


Cawdor #4.


                The people of Elundium are not content, and they are taking out their frustrations on a peaceful minority group despite the efforts by their king to prevent this outrage.  So the victims turn to an old prophecy of a hidden land to which they must travel to find refuge.


Palace of Kings  (Harper, 1987, Collins, 1987.)


Cawdor #2.


                Although the plans of an evil sorcerer have been disrupted, he is gathering his forces for a fresh assault on an almost defenseless kingdom.  The boy turned warrior protagonist must gather his allies to resist another onslaught, this one even more vicious than the first.


Road to Underfall, The  (Collins, 1986, Fontana, 1986, Harper, 1990.)


Cawdor #1.


                A corrupt and decaying kingdom is menaced by an evil force, and a young boy is sent to sound the alarm when it is discovered that the magician who has always defended this land has gone missing.


Shadowlight  (Harper, 1988, Fontana, 1988.)


Cawdor #3.


                Although the evil sorcerer is dead, the king of Elundium has perished as well, and his successor discovers that the dangers are not all past.  There is plotting against his rule, and magical events taking place on his borders that bode no good for the future.


Shadows in the Watchgate  (Grafton, 1991, Harper, 1992.)


Gnarlsmyre #3.


                Not seen.


Siege of Candlebane Hall, The  (Harper, 1998.)


Cawdor #6.




Stone Angels  (Harper, 1993.)


                A researcher discovers that a magical entity from another time and space has infiltrated our world and is preparing to destroy it.


Threads of Magic  (HarperCollins, 1997.)


Cawdor #7.


                A cabal of killers is plotting to the seize the throne, and a disabled boy becomes apprenticed to a magician in time to learn the skills that will ultimately save the day.


JEFFERIES, RICHARD  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Bevis: The Story of a Boy  (Sampson Low, 1882.)


Bevis #2.


                Not seen.


Sir Bevis: A Tale of the Fields.  (See Wood Magic: A Fable.)


Wood Magic: A Fable, Cassell, 1881.  (Ginn, 1889, as Sir Bevis: A Tale of the Fields.)


Bevis #1.


                A boy discovers he has the ability to communicate with animals.


JEMISIN, N.K.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Awakened Kingdom, The (Orbit, 2014.)


Broken Kingdoms, The (Orbit, 2015.)


Fifth Season, The (Orbit, 2015.)


Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, The (Orbit, 2010.)


Inheritance #1.


Fantasy world where the gods have fallen.


Killing Moon, The (Orbit, 2012.)


Kingdom of Gods, The (Orbit, 2012.)


Shadowed Sun, The (Orbit, 2012.)


Stone Sky, The (Orbit, 2017.)




Lost Portal, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2011.)


A Nentir Warriors novel.






Facing the Future  (Tyndale, 1999.)


Left Behind #4.


                The last four teens on Earth search for the Antichrist.


Left Behind  (Tyndale, ?)


Tribulation #1


                Not seen.


Nicolae  (Tyndale, ?)


Tribulation #3.


                Not seen.


Second Chance  (Tyndale, 1999.)


Left Behind #2.


                Four teenagers try to figure out why God left them when he took everyone else.


Soul Harvest  (Tyndale, ?)


Tribulation #4.


                Not seen.


Through the Flames  (Tyndale, 1999.)


Left Behind #3.


                Not seen.


Tribulation Force  (Tyndale, ?)


Tribulation #2.


                Not seen.


Vanishings, The  (Tyndale, 1999.)


Left Behind #1.


                Not seen.




Outlaw Heart, The  (Love Spell, 1995.)


                A stunt woman finds herself magically sent back through time to the Old West, where she eventually discovers true love.




Huntsman at the Gate, The  (Lippincott, 1952.)


                A man gets involved with a group of shapeshifters and finds himself in deep trouble.




Imagination:  Truthless Tales  (Century, 1894.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Sandeagozu  (Harper, 1986.)


                Very peculiar fantasy set more or less in our future when gods involve themselves in the affairs of Earth, at least peripherally, and some animals possess a strange intelligence.  The quest is to reach the San Diego Zoo (hence the title).




Blind Man, The  (Macmillan, 1954, translated from the German by M. Bullock.)


                Not seen.




Hidden Huntress (Angry Robot, 2015.)


Malediction #2.




Stolen Songbird (Angry Robot, 2014.)


Malediction #1.


A young girl escapes from trolls.


Warrior Witch (Angry Robot, 2016.)


Malediction #3.



JENSEN, JANE  (Also writes Science Fiction and  Horror.)


Judgment Day  (See Millennium Rising.)


Millennium Rising  (Del Rey, 1999.  ?, as Judgment Day.)


                A series of miraculous events in a small town in Mexico presage the end of the world.  As plagues and nuclear war threaten to destroy the human race, God's last two prophets reveal their message of salvation.




Shiva 3000  (Harcourt Brace, 1999.)


                Innovative novel set in a universe ruled by the Hindu gods.




Uninvited, The (Bloomsbury, 2012.)


Children begin acting with unprecedented violence.


JEPSON, EDGA(Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Horned Shepherd, The   (Bivington, 1904.)


                Marginal story of a sacrifice to the pagan gods, who are real, in an unspecified historic time and place.




No Return (Night Shade, 2014.)


Jeroun #1.




Shower of Stones (Night Shade, 2015.)


Jeroun #2,




JEROME, CELIA (Pseudonym of Barbar Metzger.)


Fire Works in the Hamptons  (DAW, 2011.)


Willow Tate #3.


A fire wizard upsets a community.


Life Guards in the Hamptons  (DAW, 2012.)


Willow Tate #4.




Night Mares in the Hamptons (DAW, 2011.)


Willow Tate #2.


Three magical horses trouble a small town.


Sand Witches in the Hamptons  (DAW, 2012.)


Willow Tate #5.




Trolls in the Hamptons  (DAW, 2010.)


Willow Tate #1.


A writer teams up with trolls to outwit a magical attempt to take over the world.


JETER, K.W.  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Fiendish Schemes (Tor, 2013.)


Dower #2.


The son of a brilliant inventor stumbles into a mystery involving intelligent oceans.


Infernal Devices  (Signet, 1987, Bluejay, 1987, St Martins, 1987, Grafton, 1988, Angry Robot, ?.)


Dower #1.


                A Victorian gentleman learns that his father was involved with creating some diabolical devices that tap into a mystic power.  He finds himself pursued by a number of people, including one who wants to use that power to destroy the Earth.




My Dangerous Pleasure (Forever, 2011.)


A woman gets involved with an insane magician.


My Forbidden Desire  (Grand Central, 2009.)


Good versus evil witches in this romance.


My Immortal Assassin (?)



My Wicked Enemy  (Forever, 2008.)


Romance novel with witchcraft.




Hidden Treasure of Glaston, The  (Viking, 1946, Tab, 1955.)


                A pair of teens stumble across clues that eventually lead them to a treasure trove created by King Arthur.  For younger readers.




Blackdog (Pyr, 2011.)




Gods of Nabban (Pyr, 2016.)


Marakand #3.


A man recently freed from a curse discovers he is drawn back to his homeland.


Lady, The (Pyr, 2014.)


Marakand #2.


A cursed assassin seeks escape.


Leopard, The (Pyr, 2014.)


Marakand #1.


An assassin wishes to escape a curse that prevents him from dying.


JOHNSON, ANNABEL & JOHNSON, EDGAR  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Memory of Dragons, A  (Atheneum, 1986.)


                Not seen.




Pieces of Eight  (Discovery Press, 1989.)


                Time travel back to the days of pirates.


Sorcererís Apprentice, The  (Atheneum, 1986.  ?, 1994, as The Sorcererís Apprentice: Tales and Conjurations.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Sorcererís Apprentice: Tales and Conjurations, The.  (See The Sorcererís Apprentice.)


JOHNSON, EDGAR  (See collaboration with Annabel Johnson.)




Howling Delve, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2007.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.




Mistshore  (Wizards of the Coast, 2008.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


Episodic novel showing the darker side of a magical city.


JOHNSON, JANE  (See Gabriel King.)




Bedtime Stories (Heat, 2010.)


Erotic fairy tales.


Cat, The (Berkley, 2008.)


Sons of Destiny #5.




Flame, The  (Berkley, 2011.)


Sons of Destiny #7.


A cursed man finds salvation through love.


Grove, The (Berkley, 2014.)


Guardians of Destiny #2.




Guild, The (Berkley, 2014.)


Guardians of Destiny #3.




Mage, The  (Berkley, 2009.)


Mage #1.


A man with magical powers seeks his destiny.


Master, The  (Berkley, 2008.)


Sons of Destiny #3.


A dangerous spell is cast to lift an ancient curse.


Song, The (Berkley, 2009.)


Sons of Destiny #4.


Brothers are separated to prevent a prophecy from coming true.


Storm, The (Berkley, 2010.)


Sons of Destiny #6.


Romance in a fantasy world.


Sword, The  (Berkley, 2007.)


Sons of Destiny #1.


Romance in a fantasy world.


Tower, The (Berkley, 2013.)


Guardians of Destiny #1.




Wolf, The  (Berkley, 2007.)


Sons of Destiny #2.


Four sets of twin are involved in a magical prophecy.




Sorcererís Son and Other Stories, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1965.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.


JOHNSON, KIJ  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Fox Woman, The  (Tor, 2000.)


Orient #1.


                A Japanese aristocrat loses face at court and retreats to a rural holding.  There he and his wife struggle to reshape their lives.  At the same time, one of the foxes that lives there becomes emotionally attached to the man, and seeks magic with which she can transform herself into a human female.


Fudoki  (Tor, 2003.)


Orient #2.


                A mystical animal is transformed into a female warrior and becomes a confidante of the nobility.




Witch House, The  (Avon Camelot, 1990.)


                Three children must learn to get along in order to satisfy a friendly ghost and convince their father to sell a house.


JOHNSON, OLIVER  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Curse of the Pharoah  (Dragon, 1985.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Eleven Crystals, The  (Corgi, 1985.)


                Not seen.


Forging of the Shadows, The  (Legend, 1996, Roc, 1997.)


Lightbringer #1.


                Three heroic figures join forces in their efforts to overthrow an army of vampires which have subjugated their kingdom.


Last Star at Dawn, The  (Roc, 1999.)


Lightbringer #3.


                The final battle as the heroes seek the final magical artifact which will assure them victory over their vampiric enemies.


Lord of Shadow Keep, The  (Dragon, 1985.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


Nations of the Night  (Orbit, 1998, Roc, 1998.)


Lightbringer #2.


                Further adventures as a triad of heroes seeks to travel through the lands ruled by vampires in order to find the secret to liberate their homeland.


Power of Darkness, The  (Corgi, 1986.)


                A multi-path gamebook.




Blood Sword  (New English Library, 1987.)


Blood Sword #1.


                Not seen.


Demonís Claw, The  (Knight, 1987.)


Blood Sword #3.


                Not seen.


Doomwalk  (Knight, 1988.)


Blood Sword #4.


                Not seen.


Kingdom of Wyrd, The  (Knight, 1987.)


Blood Sword #2.


                Not seen.


Temple of Flame, The  (Dragon, 1984.)


                A multi-path gamebook.




Walls of Spyte, The  (Knight, 1988.)


                Not seen.




Royal Street  (Tor, 2012.)


An apprentice wizard must take over protecting New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.




Stealing Life  (Abaddon, ?)


A Dreams of Inan novel.


War on a planet where magic works.




Once a Cavalier  (Jove, 2000.)


                A woman is magically transported back through time to the day of the Plague in Europe, but she survives and finds the man of her dreams.


Point in Time  (?, )


                Not seen.  A time travel romance.


JOHNSTON, MARY  (Also writes Horror.)


Sweet Rocket  (Harper, 1920.)


                Marginal story of a sort of group consciousness that incorporates the memories of common ancestors.




Spoon in the Bathroom Wall, The  (Harcourt, 2005.)


                A young girl has premonitions of a magical arrival.


JOHNSTON, WILLIAM  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Bewitched!: The Opposite Uncle  (Whitman, 1970.)


                Based on the television series about a suburban witch and the humorous events which arise when she uses her powers.


Little Green Men, The   (Ace, 1969.)


Flying Nun #4.


                The government sends a team to investigate reports of UFOís near the convent, unaware of the fact that they are actually detecting a flying nun.


Littlest Rebels, The  (Ace, 1968.)


Flying Nun #2.


                The flying nun has to deal with a band of juvenile delinquents, as well as a philanthropist with misguided plans for the underprivileged.


Max Smart and the Ghastly Ghost Affair  (Tempo, 1967.)


                Based on the television series.  A genuine if rather incompetent ghost helps Max Smart foil a gang of assassins.


Miracle at San Tanco  (Ace, 1968.)


Flying Nun #1.


                Based on the television series.  A nun with the ability to fly faces numerous problems including the possibility that she may be sent away from the convent, the claims by an evil man that he owns the convent ground, and other complexities, all of which she solves.


Mother of Invention  (Ace, 1969.)


Flying Nun #3.


                The arrival of a new family at the convent causes problems when they discover Sister Bertrille can fly and decide to make a star out of her despite her reluctance to submit to publicity.


Munsters and the Great Camera Caper, The  (Whitman, 1965.)


Munsters #1.


                Not seen.  Based on the television series.


Munsters: The Last Resort, The  (Whitman, 1966.)


Munsters #2.


                Not seen.  Based on the television series.


Nanny and the Professor  (Lancer, 1970.)


Nanny #1.


                Based on the television series.  A nanny with magical powers investigates the possibility that a woman may be stealing secret technical knowledge from a space project.


Underground Picnic, The  (Ace, 1970.)


Flying Nun #5.


                Not seen.


What Hath Nanny Wrought!  (Lancer, 1970.)


Nanny #2.


                A family beset by too many pressing problems at once is assisted by a nanny who has magical abilities.




Mural Master, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1974.)


                A master magician draws four children into a painting, using them as playing pieces in his elaborate bid for power, leaving them to fend for themselves in a land where magic works and the trees are carnivorous.




Riding Out the Storm  (Llewellyn, 2005.)


                A young girl discovers that she has lived previous lives.


JONES, CONSTANCE  (See collaboration with Guy Jones.)




In the Shadow of the Oak King   (Pocket, 1991.)


Dragon's Heirs #1.


A realistic, historically detailed story of the infancy and youth of King Arthur, ending about the time he pulls the sword from the stone.


Prince in Camelot, A  (Pocket, 1996.)


Dragon's Heirs #3.


Not seen.


Witch of the North  (Pocket, 1992.)


Dragon's Heirs #2.


Morgan Le Fay swears vengeance against Arthurís family, which she believes to be responsible for the death of her father.




Curst of Tenth Grave, The (St Martins, 2016.)






Montezumaís Pearls  (Avon, 1995.)


                A vacationer discovers a fabulous Aztec gem which in addition to its mundane value has magical significance.  Disturbing its resting place causes him to attract the undesired attention of secret worshippers of the old religion.


Unicorn Highway  (Avon, 1992.)


                A young boy believes that there is a unicorn nearby, and that if he can capture it he will be able to save the world.  But wherever a unicorn lurks, so also does an evil force equally interested in making use of the power of the legendary creature.


Zeus and Co.  (Avon, 1993.)


                A computer programmer discovers that one of the Greek goddesses is trapped on the hard drive of his computer.  He frees her and falls in love, which attracts the not entirely happy attention of her father, Zeus, king of the gods.




Mask and the Sorceress, The  (Avon, 2001.)


Pandragore #2.


                A mentally disturbed princess escapes her prison to a far land, where she begins recruiting allies, mundane and magical, to help her wrest the throne from her siblings.


Stone and the Maiden, The  (Avon, 1999.)


Pandragore #1.


                A soldier and a noblewoman set out on a quest to find the mystical treasure that is the capstone of their world, independent even of the living gods.  They need it in order to turn the tide of battle against an invading army led by the inevitable evil sorcerer.


JONES, DIANA WYNNE  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Archerís Goon  (Methuen, 1984, Greenwillow, 1984, Berkley, 1987.)


                When a powerful but not overly bright goon shows up in his kitchen, the protagonist learns that he must solve the mystery of an essay owed to a sorcerer in order to get rid of his new boarder, so he sets off on a magical quest to do so.


Aunt Maria  (Greenwillow, 1991.  Methuen, 1991,, as Black Maria.)


                In the town where Aunt Maria lives, no one questions her authority.  But her niece wonders why all the people in town act so much alike.


Believing Is Seeing  (Morrow, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Black Maria.  (See Aunt Maria.)


Cart and Cwidder  (Greenwillow, 1975, Macmillan, 1975, Collier, 1990.)


Dalemark #1.


Children of a wandering minstrel are shocked when he is murdered by a band of strangers, and team up with a mysterious guest to solve the mystery of why they were attacked.


Castle in the Air  (Methuen, 1990, Greenwillow, 1991.)


Howl #2.


                Arabic adventure involving flying carpets, djinns, and others.


Charmed Life  (Greenwillow, 1977, Macmillan, 1977, Pocket, 1980, Bullseye, 1989, Beech Tree, 1998.)


A Chrestomanci novel.


                Complications arise when a young witch is transported to a magical castle where she hopes to learn from its owner, who promptly ignores her.  As she grows more frustrated, a buildup of unspent magic threatens to explode with terrible force.


Chronicles of Chrestomanci Volume I, The   (Harper Trophy, 2001.)


                Omnibus of Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant.)


Chronicles of Chrestomanci Volume II, The  (Harper Trophy, 2001.)


                Omnibus of The Magicians of Caprona and Witch Week.


Crown of Dalemark, The  (Mandarin, 1993, Greenwillow, 1995, Beech Tree, 1996.)


Dalemark #4.


A man sent to assassinate a woman who is a claimant to the throne changes sides and joins her cause, only to find things even more confused when she is replaced by a woman from the future.


Dark Lord of Derkholm, The  (Gollancz, 1998, Greenwillow, 1998.)


Griffin #1.


                A magical realm that stages its battles in order to satisfy groups of tourists from other realities gets tired of the situation and calls upon one of their number to find a way to get them out of their agreement.


Deep Secret  (Gollancz, 1997, Vista, 1998, Tor, 1999, Starscape, 2002.)


                The universe is split into two branches, one inclining toward magic and the other away.  This is the story of the secret wardens of our universe, who are trying to urge us in the direction of magic so that we donít get destroyed by our technology.


Dogsbody  (Greenwillow, 1975, Macmillan, 1975, Dell, 1979.)


                The dog star, Sirius, is banished to Earth in the body of a dog, which is the pet of a young girl who leads an unhappy life.  Sirius has been sent to retrieve an artifact lost on Earth, but he learns more about kindness and trust from his owner than he does from his quest.


Drowned Ammet  (Greenwillow, 1977, Macmillan, 1977, Atheneum, 1978, Beech Tree, 1995.)


Dalemark #2.


When a conspiracy against the cruel, repressive dictator of a small land goes wrong, the conspirators are forced to form an unlikely alliance in order to avoid capture.


Eight Days of Luke  (Macmillan, 1975, Greenwillow, 1988.)


                Childrenís fantasy about Loki.


Everardís Ride  (NESFA, 1995.)


                Collection of stories and articles.


Fire and Hemlock  (Greenwillow, 1984, Methuen, 1985, Berkley, 1986.)


                The young protagonist dreams of a magical world that she feels is somehow real, and finally discovers that these are memories and not illusions, and that the dreamscape is a real land of magic to which she must journey.


Hexwood  (Methuen, 1993, Greenwillow, 1994.)


                A small farm near London is the scene of a series of mysterious occurrences that magically affect Earth and other planets..


Homeward Bounders, The  (Greenwillow, 1981, Macmillan, 1981, Ace, 1986.)


                The protagonist is a playing piece in a game played by superhuman beings until he is discarded and allowed to live his own life.  The problem is that in order to do so, he must find his way back through a maze of worlds to the one from which he started.


Howlís Moving Castle  (Greenwillow, 1986, Methuen, 1986, Ace, 1989.)


Howl #1.


                When a spiteful witch turns her into an elderly woman, the protagonist must travel to a magical castle and perform a series of tasks for its wizard owner in order to reclaim her youth.


Lives of Christopher Chant, The  (Greenwillow, 1988, Methuen, 1988, Bullseye, 1990, Beech Tree, 1998.)


A Chrestomanci novel.


                The son of sorcerers shows no evidence of having inherited magical powers until he discovers that he can retrieve material objects from out of his dreams.


Magicians of Caprona, The   (Atheneum, 1979, Greenwillow, 1980, Macmillan, 1980, Tempo, 1984, Beech Tree, 1999.)


A Chrestomanci novel.


                An evil enchanter is secretly undermining all of the magic in the city of Caprona, so that old spells unravel and new ones go wrong, and everyone is angry and frustrated and blames someone else for their sudden misfortune.


Merlin Conspiracy, The  (Greenwillow, 2003.)


                Young people from various realities team up to remove an unjust ruler from power.


Minor Arcana  (Gollancz, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Mixed Magics  (Greenwillow, 2001.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Ogre Downstairs, The  (Macmillan, 1974, Dutton, 1975, Greenwillow, 1990, Bullseye, ?.)


                Contemporary fantasy about an ogrous father who buys chemistry sets for his stepchildren and causes various problems thereby.


Pinhole Egg, The  (Greenwillow, 2006, Eos, 2007.)


A magical discovery could change the world.


Power of Three  (Macmillan, 1976, Greenwillow, 1977, Tempo, 1984.)


                The giants that inhabit the moor are malevolent, but they have always stayed in their own territory.  But now the protagonist suspects that they are up to something, plotting a campaign that will leave them undisputed rulers of the entire moor.


Spellcoats, The  (Greenwillow, 1979, Atheneum, 1979, Macmillan, 1979, Pocket, 1980, Mandarin, 1993, Beech Tree, 1995.)


Dalemark #3.


Two youngsters are swept down a river into the hands of the evil sorcerer who has enslaved all of Dalemark, unaware of the fact that they carry with them the magical artifact which can defeat his power and banish him from their homeland.  But they figure it out eventually.


Stopping for a Spell  (?)


                Not seen.


Sudden Wild Magic, A  (Morrow, 1992, Avon, 1994.)


                Magicians from another universe are playing with our world, so a contingent of magically inclined women organize themselves for a journey through space and time to make them stop.


Time of the Ghost, The  (Macmillan, 1981, Greenwillow, 1996, Beech Tree, 1997.)


                A ghost with amnesia tries to figure out her own identity.


Tough Guide to Fantasyland, The  (Cassell, 1996, DAW, 1998, Gollancz, 2004.)


                More of a non-fact book than fiction, this is a series of brief articles about how to do various things in a fantasy world.


Warlock at the Wheel and Other Stories  (Macmillan, 1984, Greenwillow, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Wilkinsí Tooth  (Macmillan, 1973, Collins, 2002.  Dutton, 1974, as Witchís Business.)


                A pair of kids set up a revenge business and attract the unwelcome attention of a local witch.


Witchís Business.  (See Wilkinsí Tooth.)


Witch Week  (Greenwillow, 1982, Macmillan, 1982, Bullseye, 1988.)


A Chrestomanci novel.


                Although magic is against the rules at the Larwood House school, thereís clearly a witch at work, because sheís playing practical jokes at every opportunity.  A kindly magician must solve the problem before nastier people get involved.


Year of the Griffin  (Gollancz, 2000.)


Griffin #2.


                A youngster enrolls in a school of magic, but discovers that magic itself has recently changed.  The administrator is trying to raise funds for the school, but his clientele is very peculiar and some of the contributions come in the form of assassins.




Adventures of Gremlin, The  (Lippincott, 1966.)


                A fairy tale.




How Now Brown Cow  (Home & Van Thal, 1947.)


                A woman is turned into a cow, with humorous consequences.


JONES GLYN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Blue Bed and Other Stories, The  (Jonathan Cape, 1937, Dutton, 1938.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Ice Garden, The  (Chicken House, 2019.)


A lonely young girl finds magic.




Peabodyís Mermaid  (Random House, 1946, Omnibook, 1946, Joseph, 1947, Sun Dial, 1947, Blue Ribbon, 1948, Pocket, 1948.)


                A happily married, rather meek man goes on a fishing trip and catches himself a gorgeous mermaid, with repercussions for himself and everyone around him.  Made into a film.


There Was a Little Man, Random House, 1948.


                During a visit to Ireland, the protagonist makes the acquaintance of a leprechaun, who follows him back to America in order to reorganize his life.


JONES, GWYNETH  (Also writes Science Fiction. See also Ann Halam.)


Band of Gypsies  (Gollancz, 2004.)


Magic #4.


                The governments in England and the US are rocked by scandals as magic returns to the world.


Bold As Love  (Gollancz, 2001.)


Magic #1.


                Magic and rock and roll in England.


Castles Made of Sand  (Gollancz, 2002.)


Magic #2.


                Dire plots are being hatched as magic retakes England.


King Deathís Garden  (Orchard, 1986.)


                Ambiguous ghost story for younger readers.


Midnight Lamp   (Gollancz, 2003.)


Magic #3.


                After defeating the forces of evil, the protagonists flee to North America, where they attract the attention of the American President.




Beyond the Pool of Stars (Paizo, 2015.)


A Pathfinder novel.




Plague of Shadows (Paizo, 2011.)


A Pathfinder novel.




Stalking the Beast (Paizo, 2013.)


A Pathfinder novel.


A band of heroes pursues a mysterious creature.


Through the Gate in the Sea (Tor, 2017.)


A Pathfinder novel.


Salvagers find a magical artifact.




Dragon Soul (Spectra, 2010.)


Volstov #3.


Following a magical war, a man sets out on a quest.


Havemercy (Bantam, 2008.)


Volstov #1.


Two realms battle with magic and dragons.


Shadow Magic (Ballantine Spectra, 2009.)


Volstov #2.


Intrigue in the aftermath of a magical war.


Steelhands  (Spectra, 2011.)


Volstov #4.






Blue Manor, The  (Gollancz, 1995.)


                A writer discovers the novel he is writing is changing to reveal the history of his surroundings.


Edge of Vengeance, The  (Headline, 1991.)


Flight #2.


                Not seen.


Fly By Night  (Headline, 1990.)


Flight #1.


                Opening volume in a series about a journey to another planet, where magic works.


Lies and Flame  (Headline, 1992.)


Flight #3.


                Not seen.


Shadowsong  (Dolphin, 2000.)


#2 in the multi-author Shadowman series.


                A Greek theatrical mask is the key to the legend of Orpheus, as discovered by a teenager when she agrees to work in a private cottage in order to get a part in the school play.  There she discovers that she has fallen under the influence of a mysterious creature who lives in the world of dreams.




Circle of the Lily  (St Martins, 1998.)


                A psychic reads the Tarot and has a presentiment of danger.  She gets caught up in a supernatural battle, but finds time for romance along the way.


Essence of My Desire  (St Martins, 1998.)


                Reincarnation and an enchanted perfume figure in this romance novel.


Scottish Rose, The  (St Martins, 1997.)


                A professional debunker of supernatural events takes her television show to Scotland to expose rumors of a gateway to another time, but she herself travels through the gate, and finds love in a Scotland of long ago.




Bakerís Boy  (Warner, 1995, Orbit, 1996.)


Book of Words #1.


                A beautiful woman flees from an arranged marriage, assisted by a menial worker who has suddenly discovered he has the ability to perform magic.  They are pursued by an evil sorcerer who has plotted for years to gain control of the kingdom through this marriage.


Barbed Coil, The  (Warner, 1997, Little, Brown, 1997, Orbit, 1998.)


                A magic ring transports a woman to a world where she is forced to team up with a mercenary soldier in order to survive.  They are caught up in a blend of sorcery, revenge, and political intrigue.


Cavern of Black Ice, A  (Aspect, 1999, Orbit, 1999.)


Sword of Shadows #1.


                The daughter of a local ruler is haunted by dreams of ice covering their land, and magical murders and strange behavior by some of their subjects indicate that something magical and threatening is taking place.  Then two young men are faced with a great challenge that could spell the fate of their world.


Fortress of Grey Ice, A  (Orbit, 2000, Tor, 2003.)


Sword of Shadows #2.


                The Endlords are threatening to overwhelm the world, but the varied tribes refuse to unite and instead continue their internecine squabbling, even though that may doom them all.


Man Betrayed, A  (Warner, 1996, Orbit, 1996.)


Book of Words #2.


                All seems to be lost.  The evil prince has murdered his father.  The two refugees from the first volume have become separated and the princess has been captured by slavers.  The fiance of the evil prince is conjuring up evil magic of her own.  How will it all end?


Master and Fool  (Aspect, 1996, Orbit, 1997.)


Book of Words #3


                The climactic battle as the evil king and his sorcerer ally find themselves beset by good magic, stout hearts, pure souls, and the forces of righteousness.


Sword from Red Ice, A  (Tor, 2007.)


Sword of Shadows #3.


                A handful of people seek new lives after a magical war devastates their world.


Watcher of the Dead  (Tor, 2010.)


Sword of Shadows #4.


Magical monsters and malicious mortals ravage a fantasy realm.




Desperado's Gold  (BMI, 1996.)


                When her car breaks down in the desert, a woman is rescued by a gunman and taken back to the past, where she discovers that his intentions are honorable.




Bride by Command  (Berkley, 2009.)


A comic romance in a fantasy world.


Moon Witch, The  (Berkley, 2005.)


Sisters of Sun #2.


                A woman with the power to see the future falls into the hands of men of questionable honor.


Prince of Fire  (Berkley, 2007.)


Prince #2.


                The protagonist defies tradition to fall in love with a shapechanger.


Prince of Magic  (Berkley, 2007.)


Prince #1.


                The children of witches begin to find their own power.


Prince of Swords  (Berkley, 2007.)


Prince #3.


                A woman fears that her husband to be has been possessed by a demonic force.


Star Witch, The  (Berkley, 2005.)


Sisters of Sun #3.


                A warrior falls in love with a witch.


Sun Witch, The  (Berkley, 2004.)


Sisters of Sun #1.


                Romance in which a beautiful witch tries to escape the curse that prevents her from finding true love.


22 Nights  (Berkley, 2008.)


Emperor's Bride #2.


Romance involving a quest and a magic sword.


Untouchable  (Berkley, 2008.)


Emperor's Bride #1.


The escort for a bride in a fantasy world falls in love with his charge.


JONES, MARGARET  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Through the Budgerigar  (Naiad, 1970.)


                Not seen.




Love Through Time, A  (Leisure, 1994.)


A woman falls from a tree and finds herself visiting Geronimo's tribe.


Star Dust  (Leisure, 1995.)


A comet sends a woman back through time.


Time's Healing Heart  (Leisure, 1994.)


Time travel romance set in the Old South.




Castle Magic  (Delacorte, 2004.)


Little Genie #4.


                A young genie has a humorous encounter with a ghost.


Double Trouble  (Delacorte, 2003.)


Little Genie #2.




Make a Wish  (Delacorte, 2003.)


Little Genie #1.


                Whimsical adventures of a young female genie.


Puff of Pink, A  (Delacorte, 2004.)


Little Genie #3.


                Everything a young genie touches turns pink.


JONES, ROBERT F.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Blood Sport  (Simon & Schuster,1974, Dell, 1975.  London Magazine, 1975, as Ratnose: A Journey Up the Hassayampa.)


                A surrealistic and satiric adventure set in present day America, the far future, and some apparent alternate realities.


Ratnose:  A Journey Up the Hassayampa.  (See Blood Sport.)




Light Interviews With Shades  (Dorrance, 1922.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.




Beginning of Unbelief, The  (Atheneum, 1993.)


                Marginal fantasy about a boy whose imaginary friend appears to be real.




City of the Dead  (Wizards of the Coast, 2009.)


A Dragonlance novel.




Crypt of the Moaning Diamond  (Wizards of the Coast, 2007.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


Danger in the crypts beneath an ancient city.




Ghosts in the Snow  (Bantam, 2004.)


Dubric Byerly #1.


                An invisible killer is tracked by the only person who can see his victim's ghosts.


Threads of Malice  (Bantam, 2005.)


Dubric Byerly #2.


                In a fantasy realm, a man with the ability to see ghosts  solves a mysterious disappearance.


Valley of the Soul  (Bantam, 2006.)


Dubric Byerly #3.


                A magically empowered detective solves a mystery involving a murderous mage.


JONES, TERRY  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Lady Cottingtonís Pressed Fairy Book  (Turner, 1994.)


                A woman details her discovery of several fairies, but they are constantly playing tricks on her.




Goblin Companion, The  (Turner, 1996.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Strange Stains and Mysterious Smells  (Simon & Schuster, 1996.)


                Collection of related stories about a psychic investigator.




Lord of the Geats  (Royal Fireworks, 1997.)


                A retelling of the story of Beowulf.




Brentwood Witches, The  (Ace, 1987.)


                A man returns to his hometown, suspicious that something is not right, and eventually discovers that the town is full of witches, benevolent and otherwise.  He gets caught in the crossfire between two rival covens.




Tales of the Cloister  (Harper, 1901.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


JORDAN, ROBERT  (Pseudonym of James Rigney.  See collaborations which follow.)


Conan Chronicles, The  (Legend, 1996, Tor, 1996.)




Conan the Defender  (Tor, 1982, Sphere, 1984, Legend, 1996.)


A Conan novel.


For a time, Conan has sworn loyalty to the throne of Nemedia, despite the enemies arrayed against that land.  But he is also plagued by the attentions of a sexy conspirator and the usual collection of assassins and spies.


Conan the Destroyer   (Tor, 1984, Sphere, 1985, from the script by Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, & Stanley Mann.)


A Conan novel.


Novelization of the second film.  Conan is hired by a princess to help her recover a magical jewel held by a race of reptile men, and discovers that one of his companions is a villain as well.


Conan the Invincible  (Tor, 1982, Sphere, 1984, Legend, 1996.)


A Conan novel.


Conan is on the run again, pursued by a virtual army of enemies, not the least of which is a beautiful but strong minded woman.  His escape route leads him within the grasp of an evil god.


Conan the Magnificent  (Tor, 1984, Sphere, 1986, Legend, 1997.)


A Conan novel.


Conan takes refuge in the mountains, pursued by a brace of beautiful adventurers, menaced by two contending armies, and must overcome the primitive hill people and an evil sorcerer in his spare time.  Oh, and did I mention the supernatural monster?


Conan the Triumphant  (Tor, 1983, Sphere, 1985, Legend, 1997.)


A Conan novel.


Conan commands a group of mercenaries who have been hired by a woman who, unbeknownst to them, is high priestess of a cult that requires human sacrifice.  And the latest target for that honor is the woman with whom Conan is currently involved.


Conan the Unconquered  (Tor, 1983, Sphere, 1985, Legend, 1996.)


A Conan novel.


Once again, Conan finds himself caught between two rival sorcerers, one of them a beautiful woman.  He is forced to flee across a forbidding desert, pursued by assassins, adventurers, and a demonic force.


Conan the Victorious  (Tor, 1984.)


A Conan novel.


Poisoned and with a limited time to live, Conan must find a magical antidote, and that quest takes him into a forbidden tomb, pits him against demonic gods and beautiful women, but no enemy too powerful for his sword to conquer.


Crossroads of Twilight  (Tor, 2003.)


Wheel of Time #10.


                Diverse novel in which a variety of characters contend against human and magical forces to achieve power, rescue love ones, or preserve their own lives.  The central plot involves efforts to solidify resistance to an evil supernatural power intent upon world domination.


Crown of Swords, A  (Tor 1996, Orbit, 1997.)


Wheel of Time #7.


                The Dragon and his allies gather their forces and make an effort to reverse some of the problems caused by the intervention of the Shadow.


Dragon Reborn, The  (Tor, 1991, Orbit, 1992.)


Wheel of Time #3.


                The Dragon is the prophesized savior of the world, but the legend also says he will destroy everyone around him.  As the inexperienced, reluctant seeks to control his newly discovered powers, his allies find themselves facing problems of their own.


Eye of the World, The  (Tor, 1990, MacDonald, 1990, Orbit, 1991.)


Wheel of Time #1.


                An epic battle between good and evil with an enormous cast of characters, old prophecies beginning to fulfill themselves, monsters and villains, chases and captures and escapes.  The inaugural volume in an ongoing series of massive novels that include enormously detailed settings and characters.  Against the backdrop of a distant war, several people discover that they are sought after as victims by the inhuman Trollocs.


Fires of Heaven, The  (Tor, 1993, Orbit, 1993.)


Wheel of Time #5.


                All of his allies are in trouble, and the Dragon himself is having difficulty mastering his own destiny as the evil Shadow spreads its power and turns the minds of mortal men.


From the Two Rivers  (Starscape, 2002, Orbit, 2003.)


                The first half of  The Eye of the World.


Further Chronicles of Conan, The  (Tor, 1999.)


                Omnibus of Conan the Magnificent, Conan the Triumphant, and Conan the Victorious.


Great Hunt, The  (Tor, 1990, Orbit, 1991.)


Wheel of Time #2.


                The focus in this installment is a horn that, according to legend, can raise dead heroes to fight again for their beleaguered land.  But someone has stolen the horn beforehand, and a band of adventurers sets out to win it back. 


Hunt Begins, The  (Starscape, 2004.)


                The first half of The Great Hunt.


Lord of Chaos  (Tor, 1994, Orbit, 1994.)


Wheel of Time #6.


                The Dragon now sits on a throne, but what should have made his battle against the Shadow easier has instead complicated matters even further.


New Spring: The Novel  (Tor, 2004.)


Prequel to the Wheel of Time series.


                A plot is hatched to kill off every man who might develop a particular psychic power.


Path of Daggers  (Tor, 1998, Orbit, 1998.)


Wheel of Time #8.


                A loose association of rebels and patriots battles against an invasion force that has conquered part of their hereditary lands.


Shadow Rising, The  (Tor, 1992, Orbit, 1993.)


Wheel of Time #4.


                A monstrous evil that was born at the moment of creation is spreading its influence over the land, and various individuals set out to find the legendary hero who is the only one with the power to save them.


Threads in the Pattern  (Starscape, 2004.)


                The second half of The Great Hunt.


To the Blight  (Starscape, 2002, Orbit, 2003.)


                The second half of The Eye of the World.


Winterís Heart   (Tor, 2000, Orbit, 2000.)


Wheel of Time #9.


                Complex story of a growing rebellion, the adventures of several people caught up in the turmoil, including some imprisoned by their enemies.




Gathering Clouds  (Tor, 2009.)


Wheel of Time #12.


First of a posthumous trilogy bringing the series to a conclusion.


Towers of Midnight  (Tor, 2010.)


Wheel of Time #13.






Secret Sacrament  (?, 1996, Eos, 2003.)


                A healer who desires only to serve the common people attracts the unwanted attention of the possibly insane empress.




Partial Eclipse and Other Stories  (Subterranean, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.




Juniper Game, The  (Scholastic, 1991.)


                Two teens experimenting with ESP eavesdrop on an accused witch in the distant past and influence her fate.


Time of Darkness, A  (Point, 1990.)


                A young boy is mysteriously transported back through time to a primitive age, and thereby learns about human nature.




Reign of Shadows (Harper, 2016.)




JORGENSEN, IVAR  (Pseudonym of Paul Fairman.)


Whom the Gods Would Slay   (Belmont, 1968.)


                A Viking warrior leaves his homeland and consults a sorceress on his quest to destroy a race of evil creatures.  He succeeds.




Night They Stole the Alphabet, The  (Harcourt, 1968.)


                Not seen.  For children.




Ritual of Proof   (Morrow, 2001.)


                Intrigue and romance in a world where women rule and men are chattel.




Captive  (Avon, 1996.)


                A woman is drawn through time by the man she has loved in past lives, and will love again in this incarnation.  A romance novel.


JOYCE, GRAHAM  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Facts of Life, The  (Gollancz, 2002.)


                Eight sisters raise a young boy who has modest magical powers.


House of Lost Dreams  (?, 1993.)


                An enigmatic and magical figure appears to vacationers in Greece.


Limits of Enchantment, The  (Gollancz, 2004.)


                A woman discovers that she has magical powers.


Stormwatcher  (?, 1998, Night Shade, 2003.)


                Tourists intrude on other realities.




Peregrine Pieram  (Murray, 1936.)


                A writer discovers that he can make things happen by writing that they have.


JUDSON, THEODORE  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Hell Can Wait  (Edge, 2010.)


A Roman warrior is restored to life in the contemporary world after a dispute over the destiny of his soul.




Phantom Tollbooth, The  (Random House, 1961, Epstein & Carroll, 1961, Collins, 1962, Puffin, 1965, Windward, 1971.)


                A magical tollbooth takes a young boy on a series of hilarious adventures to various different times and places.  One of the classic childrenís fantasies, though greatly overlooked.