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Seven Isles of Ameulas, The  (Writers Club, 2001.)


                A man with a magical blessing and a magical curse inherits a kingdom.  "In the tradition of Robert Louis Stevenson and Edgar Allen Poe", whatever that means.


FAHNESTOCK, TODD  (See collaborations with Giles Carwyn.)


FAIRMAN, PAUL  (See Ivar Jorgensen. Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Terrible Puppets, The (Armchair, 2018, bound with The Cosmic Geoids by John Taine. Magazine appearance 1939.)


The little people manipulate people at a theater.


Whom the Gods Would Slay (Armchair, bound with The Men in the Walls by William Tenn. Originally published as by Ivar Jorgensen.)


Heroic fantasy.




Tales of Myth and Fantasy  (Norris, 1984.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


FALCONER, SOVEREIGN  (Pseudonym of Craig Strete, who writes SF under that name.)


To Make Death Love Us  (Doubleday, 1987.)


                A group of carnival workers with unusual powers are trapped in a truck on the edge of a cliff.




Sparrow Farm  (Putnam, 1937, translated from the German by Eric Sutton.)


                Magical forces interfere with the running of a farm.


FALLON, JENNIFER  (Also writes science fiction.)


Chaos Crystal, The  (Tor, 2011.)


Tide Lords #4.


Quest for a magical artifact.


Eye of the Labyrinth  (HarperCollins, 2002, Bantam, 2004.)


Second Sons #2.


                A noblewoman and her son become pawns when their ruler decides to use them as part of his court intrigue.


Gods of Amyrantha, The  (Tor, 2009.)


Tide Lords #2.


An immortal tries to find a way to end his life.


Harshini  (Tor, 2005.)


Hythrun #3.


                The surviving defenders of a conquered country seek allies to help drive out the invaders.


Immortal Prince, The  (Voyager, 2007, Tor, 2008.)


Tide Lords #1.


When a man survives his own execution, he declares himself immortal.


Lion of Senet, The  (HarperCollins, 2002, Bantam, 2004.)


Second Sons #1.


                The return of an exiled king throws an entire nation into turmoil.


Lord of the Shadows  (HarperCollins, 2003, Bantam, 2004.)


Second Sons #3.


                The protagonist plays a dangerous double game to defeat the enemies of his nation.


Lyre Thief, The (Tor, 2016.)


Hythrun #4.


Two women exchange identities in a fantasy world.


Medalon  (Tor, 2004.)


Hythrun #1.


                A brother and sister join the rebellion against their mother's repressive rule, but then learn that the girl may have been sired by a demon.


Palace of Impossible Dreams, The  (Tor, 2010.)


Tide Lords #3.


A group of immortals seek to control the world.


Treason Keep  (Tor, 2004.)


Hythrun #2.


                More political intrigue in the aftermath of the death of an evil queen, and a quest for a magical cure for a mortal wound.


Warlord  (Tor, 2007.)


Wolfblade #3.


                As a foreign invasion becomes imminent, an insane tyrant locks the gates of his city.


Warrior  (Tor, 2006.)


Wolfblade #2.


                The woman secretly manipulating the throne is the object of a sinister conspiracy.


Wolfblade  (HarperCollins, 2004, Tor, 2006.)


Wolfblade #1.


                A woman marries a warlord and gives birth to a boy who is heir to the throne, if he lives long enough.


FANCHER, JANE  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Ring of Destiny  (DAW, 1999.)


Dance of the Rings #3.


                Three brothers, all gifted with telepathy, attempt to bring order out of chaos when a series of wars devastates their world.  With the intricate system of magic disrupted, formerly closely associated cities have now become isolated islands of fear and hatred.


Ring of Intrigue  (DAW, 1997.)


Dance of the Rings #2.


                Attempts to unite the various factions of a threatened kingdom are hindered by the tensions involved in preparing for a war against outside powers.


Ring of Lightning  (DAW, 1995.)


Dance of the Rings #1.


                A rebellious lord wrested the secret of magic from a repressive priesthood and founded a free city that he could defend with that power.  Generations later, three heirs to the throne are unable to put aside their personal rivalries, and the result is a weakened defense that invites attacks from external forces.


FANTHORPE, ROBERT LIONEL & FANTHORPE, PATRICIA  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Black Lion, The  (Greystoke Mowbray, 1979.)






Circle of Three  (Delacorte, 2000.)


Nine Charms #1.


                A group of youngsters find magical charms, each with a different attribute, and must unite their efforts to overcome a mysterious evil force.


Islands of the Black Moon  (Delacorte, 2002, Dell Yearling, 2004.)


                A young girl travels to a world of magic in a quest to rescue her father.


Tales of the Nine Stones  (Delacorte, ?)


Nine Charms #2.






Ariadne and the Bull  (Michael Joseph, 1945.)


                Retelling of the story of the minotaur.


Fair of St James, The  (Faber, 1932.)




Faithful Jenny Dove   (Michael Joseph, 1963.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Glass Slipper, The  (Buccaneer, 1981.)


                Retelling of the fairy tale.


Gypsy and Ginger  (?, 1920.)


                Newlyweds in London are sensitive to mythical creatures living hidden within the city.


Soul of Kol Nikon, The  (Collins, 1914.)


                An unhappy soul occupies the body of a young woman.


FARJEON, J. JEFFERSON  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Invisible Companion and Other Stories, The  (Polybooks, 1946.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


FARLAND, DAVID  (Pseudonym of Dave Wolverton.  Also writes Science Fiction.)


Brotherhood of the Wolf  (Tor, 1999, Earthlight, 1999.)


Runelords #2.


                Two enemies who are locked in combat for control of their nation must put aside their personal differences when an army of creatures from beneath the Earth vomits forth to battle them both.


Chaosbound (Tor, 2009.)


Runelords #8.


The protagonist is being changed by his joining with a supernatural creature.


Lair of Bones, The  (Tor, 2003.)


Runelords #4.


                The final battle between the forces of good and a man who has been transformed into something inhuman by his quest of power, aided by a race of giant insects.


Runelords, The  (Roc, 1998.  Earthlight, 1998, as The Sum of All Men.)


Runelords #1.


                The chance encounter between a young aristocrat and a pair of professional assassins launches him on a series of adventures which will not only prove his transition to manhood, but may also save an endangered world from a supernatural fate.


Sons of the Oak  (Tor, 2006.)


Runelords #5.


                The death of a king leads to turmoil among his subjects and attacks by supernatural beings.


Sum of All Men, The.  (See The Runelords.)


Wizardborn  (Tor, 2001, Earthlight, 2002.)


Runelords #3.


                The protagonist has lost his magical powers, but that doesnít dissuade an army of enemies from continuing their efforts to track him down and kill him.


Worldbinder  (Tor, 2007.)


Runelords #6.


The two heirs to the throne of a fabled land plot to overthrow the usurping monsters.


Wyrmling Horde, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Runelords #7.


Our hero has to mend the damage done to two different worlds by overcoming his enemies.




Nymph and the Satyr, The  (All Star, 1962.)




FARMER, NANCY  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Girl Named Disaster, A  (Orchard, 1996.)


                While fleeing an undesired marriage, a woman is shipwrecked and contacts the spirit world.




Castle of Bone, A  (Atheneum, 1972, Chatto & Windus, 1972.)


                A small cupboard has magical properties.


Charlotte Sometimes  (Harcourt, 1969, Chatto & Windus, 1969.)


Charlotte and Emma #3.


                Mental time travel back to 1918.


Daedalus and Icarus  (Collins, 1971, Harcourt, 1971.)


                Retelling of the Greek legend.


Emma in Winter  (Harcourt, 1966, Chatto & Windus, 1966, Dell Yearling, 1987.)


Charlotte and Emma #2.


                Dream encounters that are real.


Eve: Her Story  (Gollancz, 1985, Mercury House, 1988.)


                A retelling of the story of the Garden of Eden from Eveís perspective.


Heracles  (Collins, 1975.)


                Retelling of the Greek legend.


Magic Stone, The  (Harcourt, 1964, Chatto & Windus, 1985.)




Penelope  (McElderry, 1996.)


                A girl struggles with memories she has of other peopleís lives.


Serpentís Teeth: The Story of Cadmus, The  (Collins, 1971, Harcourt, 1972.)


                Retelling of the Greek legend.


Story of Persephone, The  (Collins, 1972, Morrow, 1973.)


                Retelling of the Greek legend.


Summer Birds, The  (Harcourt, 1962, Chatto & Windus, 1982, Bodley Head, 1985, Lythway, 1990, Peter Smith, 1991.)


Charlotte and Emma #1.


                Two young girls learn how to fly from a boy who turns out to be a shapechanging, magical bird.


Thicker Than Water  (Walker, 1989, Candlewick, 1993.)


                A non-horrific ghost story.


Year King   (Chatto & Windus, 1977, Atheneum, 1977, Encore, 1983.)




FARMER, PHILIP JOSE  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Barnstormer in Oz, A  (Berkley, 1982, Phantasia, 1982.)


An Oz novel.


                The son of Dorothy flies his plane through a mysterious cloud and finds himself in the land of Oz, where he has a variety of adventures, saves the day, and eventually returns to our world.




Sixpence Bride  (Love Spell, 2000.)


                A jilted bride goes to England on her aborted honeymoon and travels back through two centuries of time to find true love.




Shadow and Other Stories, The  (Little Brown, 1929, Sampson Low, 1929.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


FARRADAY, TESS (Pseudonym of Terri Sprenger. Also writes Horror.)


Blue Rain  (Jove, 1999.)


                A woman with a magical amulet looks into a series of brutal killings of wild horses, in which is implicated a man to whom she feels romantically attracted.  A romance novel.


Sea Spell  (Jove, 1998.)


                A woman is rescued from drowning by a handsome man with whom she falls in love.  He promptly disappears and she waits for him to return, fending off an unwelcome suitor, realizing that her lover is a member of the selkie race.


Shadows in the Flame  (Jove, 1997.)


The ghost of her mother, a one time witch, helps a young woman make a life for herself in this historical romance novel.  A romance novel.


Snow in Summer  (Jove, 1999.)


                The ghost of a long dead soldier attempts to free himself from his bondage to Earth, and in the process falls in love with a living woman menaced by a mysterious thief.  A romance novel.




Bardik the Thief  (Magnet, 1987.)


City of Shadows #2.


                Not seen.


Coreus the Prince  (Magnet, 1987.)


City of Shadows #3.


                Not seen.


Darian: Master Magician  (Magnet, 1987.)


Glade #1.


                Not seen.


Issel: Warrior King  (Magnet, 1987.)


Glade #2.


                Not seen.


FARRELL, S.L.  (Pseudonym of Stephen Leigh.)


Heir of Stone  (DAW, 2005.)


Cloudmages #3.


                The continued stability of a magical world is endangered when one of the royal family becomes a traitor.


Holder of Lightnings  (DAW, 2003.)


Cloudmages #1.


                A teenager comes into possession of a magical artifact in preparation for a battle among those that hold its rivals.


Mage of Clouds  (DAW, 2004.)


Cloudmages #2.


                A sorceress sends her daughter to be trained, but the girl is more interested in becoming a healer than in wielding awesome power.


Magic of Dawn, A  (DAW, 2010.)


Nessantico #3.


Religious fanatics threaten the throne of a magical kingdom.


Magic of Nightfall, A  (DAW, 2009.)


Nessantico #2.


Civil war threatens a fantasy world.


Magic of Twilight, A  (DAW, 2008.)


Nessantico #1.


A fantasy kingdom is threatened by political maneuverings and the disloyalty of its own army.


FARREN, MICK  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Conflagration  (Tor, 2006.)


The Four #2.


                 A war fought with conventional and magical weapons takes place in an alternate colonial America.


Kindling  (Tor, 2004.)


The Four #1.


                Adventures in an alternate history where a very different political setup in Europe leads to the employment of magical creatures in a war against the colonies in the Americas.


FARSHTEY, GREG  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Demon's Dream  (West End, 1996.)


A Bloodshadows novel.


                A hero must solve a murder, defeat a demon, and avoid the attentions of a vampire, and does so hardly working up a sweat.




Mystical Beast, The  (Scholastic, 1976, Hastings, 1978, Chatto & Windus, ?)


                Childrenís adventure involving a griffin.


FAST, HOWARD  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Magic Door, The  (Peace Press,  1979, Avon Camelot, 1980.  Knopf, 1968, as Tony and the Wonderful Door.)


                A youngster finds a magical doorway into the past.


Tony and the Wonderful Door.  (See The Magic Door.)




Black Belt  (Knopf, 2000.)


                Essentially a picture book about a boy who travels back through time to learn the ancient art of karate.




Fable, A  (Random House, 1954, Signet, 1958, Vintage, 1973.)


                Miraculous events surround the decisions by a group of World War I soldiers to lay down their arms and refuse to fight.




Mister St John  (Harper, 1947.)


                Not seen.




Last of Six  (Bulletin Newspaper, 1893.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


FAWCETT, BILL  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Quest for the Demon Gate  (Ace, 1986.)


Swordquest #3.


Multi-path gamebook with zombies stealing a magical key that you must recover.


Quest for the Dragon's Eye  (Ace, 1985.)


Swordquest #2.


Multi-path gamebook requiring you to find a magical treasure.


Quest for the Elf King  (Ace, 1987.)


Swordquest #4.


Multi-path gamebook pitting you against a wizard.


Quest for the Unicorn's Horn  (Ace, 1985.)


Swordquest #1.


Multi-path gamebook in which you search for a unicorn'shorn.




Lord of Cragsclaw  (Bantam, 1989.)


#1 in the multi-author Guardians of the Three series.


                The usual story of an outcast warrior who rescues the girl, uncovers a plot against the throne by scheming nobles, and helps defeat an invasion from a neighboring country.  The twist on this is that everyone is a kind of cat person.




Ghost of Guy Thyrle, The  (Ward, Lock, 1895.)


                Astral projection.


FAY, ALANE  (Pseudonym of Faye Swoboda.)


Mermaidís Dream  (Pinnacle, 1995.)


                Two women are skin diving when they pass through a time gate and end up in the middle of a battle between British and Spanish galleons.  They are rescued and find romance among the heroic sailors.




L.O.S.T.  (Llewellyn, 2004.)


Lost #1.


                A teenager finds himself in a web connecting magical worlds.


Witch Circle  (Llewellyn, 2006.)


Lost #2.


                A shapeshifting dwarf kidnaps some children.


FEEHAN, CHRISTINE  (See also collaboration which follows. Also writes Science Fiction and  Horror.)


Dangerous Tides  (Jove, 2006.)


Drake Sisters #2.


                A man falls in love with a woman with healing powers. 


Hidden Currents  (Jove, 2009.)


Drake Sisters #5.


A telepath is missing.


Magic in the Wind  (Jove, ?)


Drake Sisters #




Oceans of Fire  (Jove, 2005.)


Drake Sisters #1.


                One of the Drake Sisters, who has a magical affinity for creatures who live in the sea, is involved in a murder.


Ruthless Game  (Jove, 2011.)


A man with psychic powers has to rescue hostages in Mexico.


Safe Harbor  (Jove, 2007.)


Drake Sisters #3.


A psychic family is menaced by a mysterious figure who lurks in the swamps.


Sea Storm  (Berkley, 2010.)


Omnibus of Magic in the Wind and Oceans of Fire.


Shadow Rider (Jove, 2016.)




Turbulent Sea (Jove, 2008.)


Drake Sisters #4.


Romance about a rock singer who has magical powers.


Water Bound  (Jove, 2010.)


Sea Haven #1.


Romance with merpeople.




Very Gothic Christmas, A (Pocket Sonnet, 2001.)


                Two long stories, one of which is a time travel romance.




Late for Halloween  (Methuen, 1966, Scholastic, 1973.)


                A girl finds a witch living in her shrubbery.  For younger readers.


FEINTUCH, DAVID  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


King, The  (Ace, 2002.)


Rodrigo #2.


                Rodrigo has captured the throne, but his country is beset by an army of invaders, and is weakened from within by the scheming of the noble class.


Still, The  (Aspect, 1997, Orbit, 1998.)


Rodrigo #1.


                A spoiled brat is next in line for the throne, but his uncle and various other members of the aristocracy have ambitions of their own.  He escapes his uncle and raises an army to support his own claim, and gradually begins to mature in the process.


FEIST, RAYMOND  (See also collaborations which follow.  Note that the Serpentwar series is a sequel to the Riftwar series.)


Crown Imperiled, A  (Harper, 2012.)


Chaoswar #2.




Darkness at Sethanon, A  (Doubleday, 1986, Grafton, 1986, Bantam, 1987, HarperCollins, ?)


Riftwar #4.


                A sorcerer travels through space and time to find the key to turn the tide in the battle between Order and Chaos.  His homeland is menaced by an invading army from another dimension that is on the verge of conquering the entire world.


Exile's Return  (Eos, 2004.)


Conclave of Shadows #3.


                An exiled despot learns of a sorcerous danger to the entire world and becomes an unlikely hero.


Faerie Tale  (Doubleday, 1988, Grafton, 1988, Bantam, 1989, HarperCollins, ?)


                An unusual blend of horror and fantasy. An ambitious man discovers the secret of magic, but with it comes a more frightening side effect, the carry over of a war with an inhuman species living secretly within the world of humanity but unseen to us under normal circumstances.


Flight of the Nighthawks  (Eos, 2006.)


Darkwar #1.


A fantasy world resists alien invaders.


Into a Dark Realm  (Eos, 2007.)


Darkwar #2.


Another magical realm is invaded.


Kingdom Besieged, A  (Harper, 2012.)


Chaoswar #1.




King of Ashes (Harper, 2016.)


War of Five Crowns #1.




King of Foxes  (Eos, 2002, Harper Trophy, 2006.)


Conclave of Shadows #1.


                A young swordsman joins a secret society.


Kingís Buccaneer, The  (Bantam, 1992, HarperCollins, 1992.)


Riftwar #6.


                Although the Riftwar is over, bands of pirates allied with the dark forces of that conflict are preying upon coastal villages.  When the young prince witnesses one such raid, he feels obligated to become personally involved in a rescue mission.


Krondor: Tear of the Gods  (Avon Eos, 2000.)


Riftwar Legacy #3.


                The leaders of Krondor must rally again as their enemies acquire a magic stone with the power to destroy their kingdom and enslave their people.


Krondor:  The Assassins  (Avon Eos, 1999, Harper Torch, 2000.)


Riftwar Legacy #2.


                The underworld of Krondor has erupted into war as the various criminal organizations contend for power.  The king sends an ex-thief turned agent into the turmoil to find out who is responsible for the latest wave of violence, and the agent discovers a graver secret.  Beneath the city streets, an evil being is plotting the destruction of the city above.


Krondor: The Betrayal  (HarperCollins, 1998, Avon, 1998.)


Riftwar Legacy #1.


                A tie-in to the series based on the computer game.  In the aftermath of the war, fresh forces of evil are stirring.  One of the hostile dwarves forsakes his people to warn the humans that a new leader is using a false rumor to whip his people into a warlike frenzy.


Magician  (Doubleday, 1982, Granada, 1983.)


                Magician: Apprentice and Magician: Master in one volume.


Magician: Apprentice  (Bantam, 1987, HarperCollins, ?)


Riftwar #1.


                An apprentice sorcerer discovers that magic is a lot more dangerous than he expected.  The inhabitants of another universe have opened a gateway between the worlds and are invading in force, threatening to overwhelm Order with the power of Chaos.


Magician: Master  (Doubleday, 1982, Bantam, 1986, HarperCollins, ?)


Riftwar #2.


                Captured by invaders from another universe, the apprentice Pug looks within himself and finds the ability to control his magical gifts.  Using these, he is able to escape his captors and return to his own people.


Prince of the Blood  (Doubleday, 1989, Grafton, 1989, Bantam, 1990.  Bantam, 2004, revised.)


Riftwar #5.


                In the aftermath of a devastating war, the heir to the throne of Midkemia renounces his birthright in favor of young twins who are ill prepared for that position.  But some of the provinces are edging toward revolution, and an assassination attempt threatens the stability of the entire kingdom.


Rage of the Demon King  (Morrow, 1997, HarperCollins, 1997, Avon, 1998.)


Serpentwar #3.


                War between a human empire and one ruled by sorcery and serpent creatures finally breaks out.  The former have been prepared not only by building a military base, but by careful manipulation of the economy to provide the funds and weapons to stay the course.


Rides a Dread Legion  (Eos, 2009.)


Demonwar #1.


Magical war engulfs multiple planets.


Rise of a Merchant Prince  (Morrow, 1995, Avon, 1996, HarperCollins, 1996.)


Serpentwar #2.


                Two friends pursue their efforts to stave off an invading army, one by becoming a soldier himself, the other by becoming an influential merchant able to control a financial empire that could underwrite the war effort.


Shadow of a Dark Queen  (Morrow, 1994, Harpercollins, 1994, Avon, 1995.)


Serpentwar #1.


                An ambitious woman is raising an army with which to conquer Midkemia, aided by reptilian invaders from another world  The government of that nation is ill prepared for a war, but the merchant class begins to quietly build ships and amass wealth for weapons, in anticipation of the invasion they expect in the years to come.  Elsewhere, a group of adventurers is sent to investigate the threat.


Shards of a Broken Crown  (Avon, 1998, Harper, 1998.)


Serpentwar #4.


                Although the empress of an invading army has been killed, the bulk of her armies still hold onto a portion of the land they captured.  Efforts to dislodge them are likely to be very costly, as they are shrewdly led.  However, one dissident general has offered to change sides in return for land concessions, and his offer seems to provide a chance to minimize losses.


Silverthorn  (Doubleday, 1985, Granada, 1985, Bantam, 1986, HarperCollins, ?)


Riftwar #3.


                A princess has been poisoned, so the man who loves her gathers a small group to go on a quest to find a legendary cure.


Talon of the Silver Hawk  (Avon Eos, 2003.)


Conclave of Shadows #2.


                A young man who is the sole survivor of his butchered tribe is raised to become a soldier in the battle between good and evil.


Wrath of a Mad God  (Eos, 2008.)


Darkwar #3.






Honoured Enemy  (Voyager, 2001, Eos, 2007.)


A Riftwar novel.


                During a war, organized forces from both armies are forced to unite against a horde of dark elves.




Murder in Lamut  (Voyager, 2002, Eos, 2008.)


A Riftwar novel.


                Three mercenaries make their way through a troubled world.




Jimmy the Hand  (Voyager, 2003, Eos, 2008.)


A Riftwar novel.


                A professional thief has a series of adventures.




Daughter of the Empire  (Doubleday, 1987, Grafton, 1987, Bantam, 1988.)


Empire #1.


                The heir to the throne of a small country must forge an alliance with an old enemy to help her people resist the advances of a rival kingdomís army.


Mistress of the Empire  (Doubleday, 1992, HarperCollins, 1992, Bantam, 1993.)


Empire #3.


                Mara of Acorna travels to distant lands seeking allies and knowledge that will help her defeat her enemies and preserve the freedom of her people.  But her enemies are on the move as well, planning to kill her before she can return to her homeland.


Servant of the Empire  (Bantam, 1990, Doubleday, 1990, Grafton, 1990.)


Empire #2.


                The female heir to the throne of a kingdom devastated by war has to battle rival political factions who are willing to resort to violence to attain their goals. 




Breath of the Sun, The (Aqueduct, 2018.)


Two women climb a sacred mountain.


FENN, LIONEL  (See also Geoffrey Marsh.  Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.  Pseudonym of Charles L. Grant who writes Science Fiction and Horror under that and a variety of other names.)


Agnes Day  (Tor, 1987.)


White Duck #3.


                Gideon discovers that he cannot abandon the magical realm into which he stumbled, not when they face the potential rule of Agnes, a wicked witch woman.  So he reluctantly consents to become their champion once again, for a final confrontation with his enemies.


Blood River Down  (Tor, 1986.)


White Duck #1.


                An ex-jock finds a doorway to another world where he is told he is the pivotal figure in a battle against an overwhelming evil force.  To prepare himself, he and his newfound friends must set out on a quest to find a magical duck that is key to his own power.


Seven Spears of Wídchíck, The  (Tor, 1988.)


                A frustrated superhero decides to retire, but instead is whisked into a magical other world where he must save the day by tracking down a series of magical artifacts and preventing them from falling into the hands of the forces of evil.


Web of Defeat  (Tor, 1997.)


White Duck #2.


                Beset by monsters and wizardry in a land not his own, our hero attempts to find a gateway back to our world, but instead gets involved in more magical derring do.




Phantom Affair, A  (Zebra, 1996.)


                Romance novel about a couple separated by death, after which his ghost returns to find a suitable match for the woman he still loves.




Mace of Souls, The  (Morrow, 1987, Grafton, 1990, Avon, 1991.)


                A thief falls in love with the woman from whom he had planned to steal.  And when her soul is imprisoned by an evil sorcerer for sacrifice to his cruel god, the thief sets out on a dangerous quest to rescue her.


Shadow of His Wings, The  (Arbor House, 1987, Avon, 1988, Grafton, 1988.)


                A besieged king sends some of his citizens to beseech a long forgotten god to help them.  But the king himself is reluctant to keep the throne, and he may have attracted the wrath of an angry deity to the detriment of all of his people.




Adventures of the Ingenious Alfanhui, The  (Daedalus, 2001, translated from the 1952 Spanish edition by Margaret Jull Costa.)


                Young adult fantasy about a boy who is apprenticed to a taxidermist whose stuffed creatures are animate.




Book of Joby, The  (Tor, 2007.)


                A young boy becomes a playing piece in a battle between God and Lucifer.


FERRING, DAVID  (Writes Science Fiction as Dav Garnett and David S. Garnett.)


Konrad  (GW, 1990.)


A Warhammer novel.


                The hero is on a perilous journey across a dangerous world, his chief opponent a powerful, inhuman creature that walks like a man.


Konrad Saga, The  (Black Library, 2005.)


                Omnibus of Konrad, Shadowbreed, and Warblade.


Shadowbreed  (GW, 1990, Black Library, 2002.)


A Warhammer novel.


                The protagonist becomes prisoner of a strange cult and discovers a terrible fate that faces the world.


Warblade  (GW, 1993, Black Library, 2002.)


A Warhammer novel.


                The forces of chaos continue to threaten the world, but our hero is a match for them.




Once Upon a Marigold  (Harcourt, 2002.)


Marigold #1.


                A young boy adopted by a troll falls in love with a princess, with comical consequences.


Twice Upon a Marigold  (Harcourt, 2008.)


Marigold #2.


The evil queen may not be dead after all.




Clovis  (Dial, 1948, Wingate, 1949, Turtle Point, 1993.)


                A talking, intelligent parrot has a hard time dealing with people.


Fully Dressed and in His Right Mind  (Knopf, 1935, Gollancz, 1935, Lion, 1954.)


                Sedate comedy about a man who encounters an ambiguous but seductive wood nymph while out for his nightly walk.  Marginal.




Dangerous Waters  (Kensington, 1997.)


                Not seen.  A time travel romance.


Irish Knight, The  (Zebra, 2002.)


                Historical romance with some genuine magic.


My Timeswept Heart   (Pinnacle, 1993.)


A gymnast pursued by bad guys jumps over the rail of an ocean liner, is rescued by a dolphin, and carried through a time warp back into the 18th Century and into the arms of a dashing and likable pirate with whom she falls in love..


Timeswept Rogue  (Pinnacle, 1996.)


A sea captain is transported from 1789 to the present.


FEVAL, PAUL  (Also writes Horror.)


Wandering Jew's Daughter, The  (Black Coat, 2005, translated from the 1864 French version by Brian Stableford.)


                Immortals and mortals interact secretly through the ages.




Eye of Zoltar, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 2014.)




YA fantasy set in an alternate world.


Eyre Affair, The  (New English Library, 2001, Viking, 2002, Penguin, 2003.)


Thursday Next #1.


                Humorous story of the search for a master criminal in an alternate world where time travel has changed the course of history.  The Crimean War lasts into the 21st Century and theft of original manuscripts is a major crime.


First Among Sequels  (Penguin, 2007.)


Thursday Next #5.


More crazy humor in the world of books.


Last Dragonslayer, The  (Harcourt, 2012.)


Humor about a land where magic is fading.


Lost in a Good Book  (Hodder, 2002, New English Library, 2002.)


Thursday Next #2.


                After discovering that her new husband has vanished and apparently died years earlier, Thursday enters the world of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations to find out what is going on.


One of Our Thursdays Is Missing (Penguin, 2011._



Something Rotten  (Penguin, 2005.)


Thursday Next #4.




Well of Lost Plots, The  (Hodder, 2003, Penguin, 2004.)


Thursday Next #3.


                Another adventure in an alternate world created by a work of fiction.




Ramola Twice Born  (House of Field, 1944.)






Holy Cross and Other Tales, The  (Stone and Kimball, 1893.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Second Book of Tales, The  (Scribner, 1896.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are fantastic.




All's Fair in Love and War  (Signet, 2006.)


                A romantic story of the Greek gods.


Love Underground  (Signet, 2005.)


                Romance about Persephone's kidnapping to the underworld.




Bug Off!  (Apple, 1985.)


                A young girl is frustrated with her brother and wishes that he would become a bug.  When he does, she spends the rest of the book trying to figure out how to change him back.




Power to Burn  (Allen & Unwin, 1995, Hodder, 1998.)


                A teenager visits his family in Italy and discovers a mysterious magical menace.  For younger readers.




Dark North  (Abaddon, 2012.)


King Arthur has magical help against the Romans.


FINDLEY, NIGEL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Broken Sphere, The  (TSR, 1993.)


#5 in the multi-author Cloakmaster series.


                A magic amulet allows its owner to see the universe through the mechanism of a magical interstellar spaceship in this unusual blend of SF and fantasy.  Unfortunately, other people covet the power he possesses, and are willing to kill him to get control of the amulet.


House of the Sun  (Roc, 1995.)


A Shadowrun novel.


An ex-cop in an alternate world where magic works is pressured into taking an assignment in Hawaii, where gangsters, politicians, corporate executives, and others battle each other, along with dragons, elves, and other mythical creatures.


Into the Void  (TSR, 1991.)


#2 in the multi-author Cloakmaster series.


                An adventurer fights aliens and monsters, both natural and magical, including space pirates and a mind stealer.


Lone Wolf  (Roc, 1994.)


A Shadowrun novel.


Odd blend of fantasy and SF.  A future Seattle is prey to gang warfare conducted in the traditional fashion as well as by the use of magic.  A police spy working undercover as a member in one of the gangs is in jeopardy when a major power shift catches him by surprise.


Lost Kaer  (FASA, 1998.)


                Not seen.


Out of Nippon  (West End, ?)


                Science and the occult clash in a jungle setting.


2XS  (Roc 1992.)


A Shadowrun novel.


As magic sweeps away the rule of science, a strange new drug affects the survivors and the protagonist discovers that an evil force is asserting itself.


Shadowplay  (Roc, 1993.)


A Shadowrun novel.


Two people find themselves caught in the battle between two powerful corporations in a world where magic has become an alternative to science.




Headhunter  (HarperCollins, 1993, Crown, 1994.)


                A Joseph Conrad character is brought into the real world.


Not Wanted on the Voyage  (Viking, 1984, Delacorte, 1985, MacMillan, 1985, Dell Laurel, 1987.)


                A sardonic retelling of the story of Noah with talking animals, an egotistic and very bossy Noah, and other memorable characters.


FINE, ANNE  (Also writes Horror.)


Bad Dreams  (Delacorte, 2000.)


                A teenager discovers that the new girl in school has a magical ability to foresee the future, but itís a mixed blessing.




True Queen, The (McElderry, 2018.)


FINLAY, C.C.  (See also Charles Coleman Finlay.)


Demon Redcoat, The  (Del Rey, 2009.)


Traitor to Crown #3.


A demon seizes control of the British army in America.


Patriot Witch, The  (Del Rey, 2009.)


Traitor to Crown #1.


Magic during the American Revolutionary War.


Spell for the Revolution, A  (Del Rey, 2009.)


Traitor to Crown #2.


A curse on Washington's army is lifted by a young witch.


FINLAY, CHARLES COLEMAN  (See also C.C. Finlay.)


Prodigal Troll, The  (Pyr, 2005.)


                A young girl is raised by trolls.


FINLAY, D.G.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Deadly Relations  (Century, 1986, David & Charles, 1987.)


Watchman #3.


                Not seen.


Graven Image  (Century, 1987.)


Watchman #4.


                Not seen.


Grey Regard, The  (Century, 1985, David & Charles, 1986.)


Watchman #2.


                Not seen.


Killing Glance, The  (Arrow, 1989.)


                Omnibus of the four Watchman novels.


Once Around the Sun  (Star, 1978._


                A magical talisman influences the fates of a series of twins down through the ages from prehistory to the 20th Century, where its destiny and theirs are finally revealed.


Watchman  (Century, 1984, David & Charles, 1986.)


Watchman #1.


                Not seen.




Circus of Dr. Lao, The  (Viking, 1935, Argus, 1945, Grey Walls, 1948, Compass, 1961, Bantam, 1964, Penguin, 1966, Avon, 1976, Random House, 1993, Bison, 2002.)


                A magical traveling circus, all of the exhibits of which turn out to be manifestations of one magical man, arrives in a small town.  Each resident who comes there finds something to echo their innermost being, whether for good or for evil.  Made into a delightful film.


Ghosts of Manacle, The  (Pyramid, 1964.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Magician Out of Manchuria, The  (Panther, 1976, Donald Grant, 1989.)


                Oriental adventure, included in the Pyramid edition of The Unholy City.


Unholy City, The  (Pyramid, 1968, Panther, 1976. The title novella was published separately by Vanguard, 1937.)


                Two unrelated short novels, both oriental style adventures.


FINNEY, JACK  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


From Time to Time  (Simon & Schuster, 1995, G.K. Hall, 1995, Scribner, 1996.)


Time #2.


                A time traveler from our era attempts to change history so that World War I will not happen.


Marionís Wall  (Simon & Schuster, 197, Warner, 1974.)


                The ghost of a long dead movie star possesses the body of a young woman and suggests to her husband that he help her launch a new careeer.


Time and Again  (Simon & Schuster, 1970, Paperback Library, 1971, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1980, G.K. Hall, 1995, Scribner, 1995, Lightyear, 1995, Gollancz, 2001.)


Time #1.


                The protagonist is able to wish himself into the past.  He discovers that he likes his new home better than the time from which he came.




Extravaganzas  (Coward McCann, 1935.)


                Two unrelated long stories.


FISH, LESLIE  (See collaboration with C.J. Cherryh.)




Conjurerís Game, The  (Bodley Head, 1990.)


                Not seen.


Darkhenge  (Bodley Head, 2005, Eos, 2007.)


A researcher finds a tree that grows upside down, leading to a mythical world.


Day of the Scarab  (Greenwillow, 2006.)


Oracle Prophecies #3.


                A brutal new ruler defies the gods and suppresses his subjects.


Door in the Moon, The (Dial, 2015.)


Obsidian Mirror #3.




Empty Hand, The  (Red Fox, 1996, Random House, 1997.)


Norse #2.


                Further adventures in the land of Norse legends.


Incarceron  (Hodder, 2007, Dial, 2009.)


A magical realm that is an enormous prison holds one prisoner determined to escape.


Oracle Betrayed, The  (Greenwillow, 2003.)


Oracle Prophecies #1.




Sapphique (Dial, 2011.)


Obsidian Mirror #1.


Quest for a magical mirror.

Slanted Worlds, The  (Dial, 2014.)


Obsidian Mirror #2.




Snow Walker  (Greenwillow, 2004.)


                Omnibus of the Norse trilogy.


Snow Walkerís Son  (Random House, 1994, Red Fox, 1996.)


Norse #1.


                A young girl whose family has been dishonored and a bard combine their wits to battle an evil supernatural force.


Soul Thieves, The  (Bodley Head, 1996, Red Fox, 1997.)


Norse #3.


                An evil spell of sleepiness steals over the land as the hero prepares for his wedding.


Sphere of Secrets, The  (Greenwillow, ?)


Oracle Prophecies #2.






Legally Correct Fairy Tales  (Warner, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Rose of the World, The  (DAW, 2005.)


Fool's Gold #3.


                A powerful inhuman but normally benevolent sorceress suffers from amnesia and wanders the world while a power hungry sorcerer plots to capture her and gain control of the world.


Sorcery Rising  (Earthlight, 2002, DAW, 2002.)


Fool's Gold #1.


                A woman unwisely climbs a sacred mountain while visiting another land and becomes a fugitive whose life is connected to a mysterious traveler who is inhabited by a demon.


Wild Magic  (DAW, 2003, Earthlight, 2003, Pocket UK, 2004.)


Fool's Gold #2.


                Psychics, obsessed explorers, renegade wizards, and a seductress all interact and affect the future of their world.




Ash Staff, The  (Atheneum, 1979, Tempo, 1984.)


Ash Staff #1.


                A band of orphans sets out to destroy an evil sorcerer in a world torn by terrible winters, hungry dragons, and vicious wolfmen.


Hawks of Fellheath, The  (Atheneum, 1980, Tempo, 1984.)


Ash Staff #2.


                One evil sorcerer dispatched, but another waits in the wings, and the orphans are off again, this time thwarting the wizardís ally, an ambitious local ruler.


Mont Cant Gold  (Atheneum, 1981, Tempo, 1985.)


                A king deprived of his throne has various adventures before returning to claim his birthright.


Princess and the Thorn, The  (Atheneum, 1980, Tempo, 1984.)


Ash Staff #3.


                The orphans are called upon one last time to defeat a third evil sorcerer, this time aided by a talking (though highly opinionated) magical sword.




Prince of Whales, The  (Carroll & Graf, 1985, Tor, 1987.)


                An evil creature threatens all life, particularly humans and whales.  One whale who doesnít fit in with his fellows has a series of adventures before being instrumental in the enemyís defeat.


FISHER, SHARON LYNN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Echo 8 (Tor, 2015.)


Special police use mental powers.


FISK, NICHOLAS  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Witches of Wimmering, The  (?, 1976.)


                Not seen.




Midnight Blue  (Lion, 1990.)


                Unusual fantasy about a girl who travels to a mysterious land beyond the sky that mirrors are own, and to which she is pursued by a nasty villain.


Secret of Sabrina Fludde, The  (Bloomsbury, 2002.)


Sabrina Fludde #1.


                A young girl finds a mystical link to the past near a river in Wales.


Tyger Pool  (Random House, 1994, Bodley Head, 1994.)


                Not seen.




Castle of Deception  (Llewellyn, 1983.)


                Not seen.




Border, The  (Ace, 1998.)


                A young woman who hopes to emigrate to the US is badly injured, and her guardian spirit takes possession of her body to ensure that she gets what she desires.


Seventh Heart, The  (Ace, 1997.)


                In the aftermath of an earthquake, a woman searches for a missing friend, and discovers strange people haunting the ruins, who attempt to discourage her from pursuing her search.  She discovers that the world is in one sense a living entity, and that it is angry.


FITZGERALD, M.J.  (See collaboration with Roberto Pazzi.)




Ghost of a Chance  (Zebra, 2004.)


                Blend of humor, romance, and a ghost story.




Amelia's Story  (Avon, 1995.)


Angel #1.


A young girl is skeptical of the existence of guardian angels until strange events in her life make her re-examine her beliefs and accept the truth.


Grace's Story  (Avon, 1996.)


Angel #3.


Amelia and her guardian angel Lily help a young girl to break away from the bad company she has been keeping and make a better life for herself.


Lily's Story  (Avon, 1995.)


Angel #2.


A young girl's faith in angels is shaken by the tragic death of a friend, but an angel intervenes and restores her belief.




Battle for Skandia, The  (Philomel, 2008.)


Ranger #4.


Having escaped from one enemy, two young people fall into the clutches of another.


Burning Bridge, The  (Philomel, 2007.)


Ranger #2.


More battles against an evil magical force.


Icebound Land, The  (Philomel, 2007.)


Ranger #3.


Our heroes must escape captivity by evil forces.


Ruins of Gorlan, The  (Philomel, 2005.)


Ranger #1.


A young ranger helps fight magical attacks on his city.




Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow  (Harlequin, 1992.)


                A weekend mystery party in Louisiana is the setting for a magical journey back through time to a genuine murder scene, at which the protagonist finds true love.




King of Alsander, The  (Goschen, 1914.)


                An Englishman is conveyed to a magical, Arabian Night style world.




Last Mountain  (Ace, 1994.)


                An illegal immigrant girl in California is on the run from the authorities, and she teams up with a unicorn that is being similarly pursued, but by altogether different parties. 


White Horse, Dark Dragon  (Ace, 1993.)


                Scientists travel to a remote part of Europe to evaluate the environmental impact of a new mining operation, but instead they discover that thereís a little bit of magic remaining in the world, including unicorns and other creatures of legend.


FLEISCHER, LEONORE  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Heaven Can Wait  (Ballantine, 1978, from the screenplay by Elaine May, Warren Beatty, and Buck Henry.)


                A football player dies but is reluctant to enter Heaven, instead returns to Earth to finish some uncompleted business.




Ghost in the Noonday Sun, The  (Dell Yearling, 1999.)


                A youngster travels with pirates and discovers a ghost guarding a buried treasure.


Ghost on Saturday Night, The  (Scholastic, 1974, Little, Brown, 1974, Greenwillow, 1997, Beech Tree, 1997.)


                Childrenís book about spooky events in a theater.


Here Comes McBroom  (Greenwillow, 1992.)


McBroom #2.


                Collection of related stories for younger readers.


McBroomís Wonderful One Acre Farm  (Greenwillow, 1992.)


McBroom #1.


                Collection of related stories for younger readers.


Midnight Horse, The  (Greenwillow, 1990.)


                The ghost of a magician helps a young boy.


Thirteenth Floor  (Greenwillow, 1995, Dell Yearling, 1997.)


                When he stumbles into a hidden floor in a building, a young boy is transported three hundred years back through time.


FLEMING, IAN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  (Jonathan Cape, 1964, Signet Starline, 1968.)


                A spoof for younger readers about a magical car that can fly or travel on the water.




Chill and the Kill, The  (Yves Washburn, 1964, Ballantine, 1966.)


                A traditional murder mystery which involves a woman with genuine precognition.


Young Man, I Think You're Dying  (?, 1970, Putnam, 1971, Berkley, 1071.)


Crime novel with a real psychic.




Ironhand  (Hyperion, 2008.)


Stoneheart #2.


A boy who discovered that statues are living creatures may be changing into one of them.


Oversight, The (Orbit, 2014.)


Life on the border between our world and a magical one.


London Pride, The (Hodder, 2015.)


Dragon Shield #1.


London is frozen in time.


Silvertongue  (Hyperion, 2009.)


Stoneheart #3.


A magical war among statues and gargoyles transforms London.


Stoneheart  (Hyperion, 2007.)


Stoneheart #1.


                When a teenager breaks a stone statue, he unleashes a magical force.




Magical Moments  (Jove, 1999.)


                A powerful male witch eventually falls in love with a troublesome young female witch who hasn't learned discipline in using her abilities.


Remember the Magic  (Berkley, 2003.)


                A time travel romance set in Scotland.


Wedding Spel, Thel  (Jove, 1999.)


                A three hundred year old witch faces the end of her long life unless she can find a man who truly loves her and for whom she can feel the same affection.


Whispers on the Wind  (Jove, 1997.)


A woman is caught between the exciting ghost of a sea captain and the quiet faithfulness of the local vicar in this romance novel.


FLETCHER, GEORGE U.  (See Fletcher Pratt.)




Dragonís Milk  (Atheneum, 1989, Aladdin, 1992, Aladdin, 1997.)


Dragon #1.


                Kaeldra has to travel to a remote land to convince a dragon to provide some milk, the only possibly cure for her ailing sister.


Flight of the Dragon Kyn  (Atheneum, 1993, Aladdin, 1997.)


Dragon #2.


                After being saved by dragonís milk, a young girl is called upon by the king to use her power to lure the dragons to where his archers can kill them.  She, on the other hand, thinks they should be allowed to live.


Sign of the Dove  (Atheneum, 1996.)


Dragon #3.


                A quest to restore some dragon hatchlings to their own kind.




Bone Doll's Twin, The  (Bantam, 2001.)


Tobin #1.


                In order to conceal her identity from a usurping king who would kill her, a princess is magically changed into the form of a boy.  She in turn is tormented by the ghost of her murdered brother.


Casket of Souls  (Spectra, 2012.)


Nightrunners #6.




Glimpses  (CreateSpace, 2010.)


A Nightrunners collection.


Collection of related stories.


Hidden Warrior  (Bantam, 2003.)


Tobin #2.


                A woman magically disguised as a man must resume her original form in order to ascend to the throne.


Luck in the Shadows  (Bantam, 1996.)


Nightrunner #1.


                A wrongly accused man becomes apprentice to a master thief, and the two soon find themselves embroiled in a complicated plot as well as a major war brewing on the horizon.


Oracle's Queen, The  (Bantam, 2006.)


Tobin #3.


                The heroine is no longer disguised as a boy, but can she gain the loyalty of the people she is destined to rule?


Shadows Return  (Bantam, 2008.)


Nightrunners #4.


Two secret agents are sold into slavery.


Shards of Time (Del Rey, 2014.)




Stalking Darkness  (Bantam, 1997.)


Nightrunner #2.


                Not seen.


Traitor's Moon  (Bantam, 1999.)


Nightrunner #3.


                Two master spies are recalled from exile and sent on a new mission by their queen, this time into the land from which one of them was banished as a youth.


White Road, The  (Spectra, 2010.)


Nightrunner #5.


Two spies investigate the provenance of an artificial creature.




Pig Tale  (Hyperion, 2002.)


                A changeling left by elves befriends a pig and has a series of adventures.


FLINT, ERIC  (Also writes Science Fiction. See also collaborations with Mercedes Lackey and Dave Freer and those that follow.)


Philosophical Strangler, The  (Baen, 2001.)


                Episodic adventures of a professional strangler who becomes fascinated with philosophy, sometime to the hindrance of his job.




Tyrant, The  (Baen, 2002.)


                In a fantasy world that vaguely resembles the decline of the Roman Empire, a magical kingdom is torn by internal political and cultural conflicts, and a growing slave rebellion.




Forward the Mage  (Baen, 2002.)


                Spoof of heroic fantasy involving efforts to free a conquered people, relying heavily on silly names for places and characters.


FLINT, KENNETH  (Also writes Horror. See also Casey Flynn.)


Challenge of the Clans  (Bantam, 1986.)


Clans #1.


                Finn, deprived of his throne by perfidy and dark magic, grows to manhood, gathers a group of allies, and sets out to reclaim his birthright.


Champions of the Sidhe  (Bantam, 1984.)


Sidhe #2.


                The misshapen invaders of Ireland have been repulsed, but now they return, backed by a powerful, evil sorcerer.  The defenders search out legendary magical artifacts to assist in their defense.


Cromm  (Doubleday, 1990, Bantam, 1991.)


                A contemporary Irishman is troubled by recurring dreams in which he has adventures as a warrior in ancient Ireland, pitted against an evil cult directed by dark magic.  He travels to his ancestral homeland and discovers that the cult still exists, and still plots to dominate the world.


Dark Druid, The  (Bantam, 1987.)


Clans #3.


                The final adventure of Finn of Ireland, who sets off on a quest to free his homeland from the dark shadow of an evil sorcerer.


Darkening Flood, The  (Bantam, 1995.)


                The protagonists return to a small Irish village to discover that their former friends have become hostile and secretive, and that terrorists and evil sorcery have combined to cast a dark shadow over the entire community.


Hound of Culain, The.  (See A Storm Upon Ulster.)


Isle of Destiny  (Bantam, 1988.)


                The bastard son of an ancient Irish ruler gets involved with the Sidheís offspring, sorcery, ambitious kings, and barbarian warriors in this epic based on legend.


Legends Reborn  (Bantam, 1992.)


                A real estate developer is planning a theme park in Ireland but he runs into problems  The powers of Faery are reaching into our world to capture a young woman, and representatives of both worlds clash in a battle neither was prepared to wage


Master of the Sidhe  (Bantam, 1985.)


Sidhe #3.


                The final battle between good and evil, with the latter capturing a powerful sea god and forcing that deity to help them conquer Ireland.


Riders of the Sidhe, The  (Bantam, 1984.)


Sidhe #1.


                An army of physically altered men invade ancient Ireland at the beginning of a dark lord, intent upon conquest.  Lugh of the Long Arm raises an army and uses his wits to raise an opposing force.


Storm Shield  (Bantam, 1986.)


Clans #2.


                Further adventures of Finn of Ireland and his battles against foes both mortal and supernatural.


Storm Upon Ulster, A  (Bantam, 1981. Bantam, 1986, as The Hound of Culain.)


                A retelling of the story of Cuchulain of Ireland, who answers a call to battle an evil Druid and defend his people from a sorcerous tyranny.


FLIPPIN, BILL (See collaboration with Cindy Dees.)


FLYNN, CASEY  (Pseudonym of Kenneth Flint, whom see.)


Enchanted Isles, The  (Bantam, 1991.)


Gods of Ireland #2.


                Survivors of an earlier battle arrive in a new land, but must pass a series of supernatural tests before being allowed to stay.


Most Ancient Song  (Bantam, 1991.)


Gods of Ireland #1.


                An ancient people come to what they believe is the uninhabited island that will one day be Ireland.  What they donít know is that an ancient, evil race is already living there, ready to make the newcomers their prey.


FLYNN, CONNIE  (Also writes Horror.)


Dragon Hour, The  (Onyx, 2000.)


                Strange mixture of genres in this romance about a criminal who gets caught up with some futuristic time travelers, journeys to the past, fights dragons, and finds true love.




Daughter of Destiny  (Sonnet, 2000.)


                A young woman discovers that she has druidic powers, as well as a powerful enemy who doesn't wish her to live long enough to master them.


Heart of the Dove  (Sonnet, 1999.)


                A curse by Morgan Le Fay is supposed to force the descendants of her enemies to waken her from a magical sleep, but it has unexpected results.


To Tame a Wild Heart  (Pocket, 2001.)


                Romance about a woman who can communicate with animals.




Corranda's Crown  (Royal Fireworks, 2002.)


                A young girl finds a magic pipe that allows her to communicate with nature.




House Without Windows, The  (Knopf, 1927, Avon Camelot, 1968.)


                Childrenís fantasy about a girl who wants to find a new world, and does.


FORBECK, MATT  (See also collaboration which follows. Also writes SF. )


Blood Bowl  (Black Library, 2005.)


Blood Bowl #1.


                A dragon slayer participates in newly organized blood sports.


Blood Bowl: The Omnibus  (Black Library, 2007.)


Omnibus of the Blood Bowl trilogy.


Dead Ball  (Black Library, 2005.)


Blood Bowl #2.


                Humans and inhumans compete in a violent sporting tourney.


Dragons Revealed, The  (Mirrorstone, 2006.)


Knights of Silver Dragon #2.




Legacy of Onyx (Gallery, 2017.)


A Halo novel.


A young girl is troubled by the presence of aliens of the same species that killed her family.


Marked for Death  (Wizards of the Coast, 2005.)


Lost Mark #1.


                There were thought to be only 12 magical talismans, but someone has found the 13th.


Prophecy of the Dragons   (Mirrorstone, 2006.)


Knights of Silver Dragon #2.




Queen of Death, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2006.)


Lost Mark #3.


                A band of adventurers turn the tables on their enemies.


Road to Death, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2006.)


Lost Mark #2.




Rumble in the Jungle  (Black Library, 2008.)


Blood Bowl #4.


Magic and sports.


Secret of the Spiritkeeper  (Mirrorstone, 2004,)


Knights of Silver Dragon #1.




Vegas Knights (Angry Robot, 2011.)


Two people try to use magic to beat the casinos.




Ghosts of Ascalon  (Pocket, 2010.)


A Guildwars novel.


A magical defense turns out to have bad side effects for a kingdom.




Amber Wizard, The  (Eos, ?)


Osserian Saga #1.




Words of Making, The  (Eos, 2007.)


Osserian Saga #2.


A magical weapon against an entire army.




Night With Jupiter and Other Fantastic Stories  (Vanguard, 1945, View Editions, 1945, Dobson, 1947.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


FORD, FORD MADOX  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Brown Owl, The  (?, 1892.)


                Not seen.


Half Moon, The  (?, 1909.)


                Not seen.  Witchcraft.


Ladies Whose Bright Eyes  (?, 1911, Ecco, 1987.)


                Magical time travel.


Young Lovell, The  (?, 1913, Mellen, 1991.)


                Magical time travel.




Hypnotic Tales and Other Tales  (Richmond, 1894.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Beyond, The  (Avon, 2001.)


Cley #3.


                Cley goes on a phantasmagoric journey through an unknown land while a demon looks on.


Empire of Ice Cream, The  (Golden Gryphon, 2006.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Fantasy Writer's Assistant, The  (Golden Gryphon, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Memoranda  (Avon, 1999.)


Cley #2.


                Cley helped break the power of the autocracy, but his former mentor didn't die. Instead he inflicts a plague of sleepfulness on the populace, which Cley can life only if he penetrates into the mind of a madman.


Physiognomy, The  (Avon, 1997.)


Cley #1.


                An expert on determining an individualís personality through study of his or her personal traits is sent for punishment to a remote mining village to uncover a thief.  His investigations reveal that much of what he has believed about his society is actually a lie.


Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque, The (Morrow, 2002.)


                A man is hired to paint a portrait of a woman who will not reveal herself to him, in a city subject to a mysterious and perhaps supernatural plague.


Vanitas  (Space & Time, 1988.)


                A legendary genius who supposedly visited the moon and definitely defeated a plague is dead, but his equipment is still functional and the purpose of some of it is to raise the dead.


FORD, JOHN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Casting Fortune  (Tor, 1989.)


                Three related stories from the Liavek shared world anthology series.


Dragon Waiting, The  (Pocket, 1983, Avon, 1985, Corgi, 1985.)


                A magical alternate history novel.  A vampire, a wizard, a mercenary, and a doctor meet secretly to manipulate Richard III and change the flow of history.  They are opposed by supernatural evil as well as the more mundane treachery of perfectly ordinary people.


Last Hot Time, The  (Tor, 2000.)


                Contemporary fantasy about a man who helps a woman in distress and becomes an employee of a powerful man who deals with elves and criminals, and around whom a series of murders and mysterious events is rapidly accelerating toward a climax.




Children of Ashgaroth  (Grafton, 1986.)


Faradawn #3.




Kultus  (Solaris, 2011.)


A mercenary seeks to recover a magical artifact.


Melvaigís Vision  (Granada, 1984.)


Faradawn #2.




Quest for the Faradawn  (Granada, 1982, Delacorte, 1982, Dell, 1983.)


Faradawn #1.


                Opening volume of a series set in a magical forest where a human child holds the key to preventing generations of strife.




Poo-Poo and the Dragons  (Little, Brown, 1942.)


                Young readers novel about an encounter with dragons/


FORREST, ELIZABETH  (Pseudonym of R.A.V. Salsitz, whom see.  Also writes Horror.)


Phoenix Fire  (DAW, 1992.)


                Two supernatural beings, the good phoenix and a malevolent dragonlike demon, both are restored to life in the 20th Century and head for a confrontation as the civilized world prepares for disaster. 




Everyday Witch, The  (Barrons, 2002.)


                A young witch has trouble controlling her spells.


FORSTCHEN, WILLIAM  (Also writes Science Fiction. See also collaboration with Raymond Feist and those which follow.)


Arena  (Harper, 1994.)


Magic: The Gathering #1.


                A down on his luck magician struggles and eventually acquires enviable power and authority.




Crystal Sorcerers, The  (Avon, 1991.)


Crystal #2.


                Having already destroyed a malevolent god in the previous volume, two displaced soldiers from Earth must battle dark magic once again, this time to prevent a demon from acquiring power over the world.


Crystal Warriors, The  (Avon, 1988.)


Crystal #1.


                Soldiers from the American and Japanese armies of World War II must put aside their differences when they are magically kidnapped to another world and given the unenviable task of battling a supernatural enemy.




Four Magics, The  (Baen, 1996.)


The nonsensical premise of a world where various historical cultures interact is taken from the Fantasy Adventures card game, and the authors struggle to rationalize that in this story of two dueling magicians.


FORSYTH, KATE  (Note that the Rhiannon's Ride series is set in the same world as the Eileanan series.)


Cursed Towers, The  (Arrow, 1999, Roc, 2000.)


Eileanan #3.


                When the new ruler reverses the proscription against witch craft, it sets off a civil war involving mortal arms as well as magic.


Dragonclaw  (Arrow, 1997.  Retitle of one of the Eileanan books?)


Fathomless Caves, The  (Roc, 2002.)


Eileanan #6.


                Only the sea dwellers refuse to join in the new wave of peacefulness in Eileanan.


Forbidden Land, The  (Arrow, 2000, Roc, 2001.)


Eileanan #4.


                A young woman chafes at her inability to battle the sea demons, but instead is sent on a quest to rescue a prophet who has been imprisoned by his own fearful people.


Gypsy Crown, The  (Hyperion, 2008.)


A gypsy girl uses magic to help her family.


Heart of Stars, The  (Roc, 2007.)


Rhinannon's Ride #3.


A female warrior and her flying horse must rescue a woman she hates from an evil necromancer.


Pool of Two Moons, The  (Random House Australia, 1998, Roc, 1999.)


Eileanan #2.


                Although magic has been outlawed, it is not yet dead.  Now a good sorceress is rallying her forces and preparing to battle the despot who has banished magic from her kingdom.


Shining City, The  (Roc, 2006.)


Rhiannon's Ride #2.


                An unjustly imprisoned woman has visits from the ghost of an evil queen.


Skull of the World, The  (Arrow, 2001, Roc, 2002.)


Eileanan #5.


                When a rebel noble kidnaps the heir to the throne, a witch must find a way to use her power to rescue the boy.


Starthorn Tree, The  (Walker, 2005.)




Tower of Ravens, The  (Roc, 2005.)


Rhiannon's Ride #1.


                An unconventional young woman sets out to tame a winged horse.


Witches of Eileanan, The  (Roc, 1998.)


Eileanan #1.


                An evil queen in the land of the Celts has outlawed witchcraft and made the practice of magic a capital crime.  The good witches of that country go into hiding and plot the end of her rule.


FORTUNE, DION  (Pseudonym of Violet Mary Firth Evans. Also writes Horror.)


Demon Lover, The  (Noel Douglas, 1927, Aquarian, 1958, Star, 1976, Weiser, 1980.)


                 An occultist steals secrets from the society of which he is a part, determined to consolidate power for himself.  He is eventually sentenced to death by the cult, which results in his becoming a sort of ethereal vampire.  There are so many occult phenomena in this book, it's almost a parody of the genre.


Goat-Foot God, The  (Williams & Norgate, 1936, Aquarian, ?, Weiser, 1971, Star, 1976, HarperCollins, 1990.)


                A disgruntled and unhappy man becomes immersed in an ancient religion that worshipped Pan.  More restrained than most of this author's work, and proportionately more successful.


Inner Light, The.  (See The Sea Priestess.)


Moon Magic  (Aquarian, 1956, Star, 1976, Weiser, 1979.)


Sea Priestess #2.


                A priestess of an occult religion involves a disheartened man in a symbolic sacrificial ceremony.  A great deal of ritual detail, which becomes tedious after a while, slowing the pace of the story.


Sea Priestess, The  (Inner Light, 1938, Aquarian, 1957, Star, 1976, Weiser, 1979.)


Sea Priestess #1.


                A real estate agent meets a woman who is actually high priestess of an occult religion which has secretly survived into the modern age.  The encounter transforms both their lives, as each struggles to incorporate the values of the other into their own belief system.


Winged Bull, The  (Williams & Norgate, 1935, Kyle, 1935, Star, 1976, Weiser, 1980, HarperCollins, 1990, Aquarian, ?.)


                A young man becomes entangled with a woman whom he is attempting to protect from a nasty black magician and his followers.  To do so, he acts as a double agent, infiltrating the group to discover their plans.  Lots of occult nonsense thrown in for atmosphere.




Animist  (Tor, 2000.)


Animist #1.


                A young would-be magician sets out to find the animal to which he will be bonded, and which will form the source of his power.  He is subsequently shipwrecked and gets involved with a political struggle on an island.


Villains by Necessity  (Tor, 1995.)


                After good triumphs over evil, a few surviving bad guys get bored with the sweetness and light and go off on a quest of their own, battling dragons, magicians, and other obstacles.


FOSTER, ALAN DEAN  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Carnivores of Light and Darkness  (Warner, 1998.)


Journeys of Catechist #1.


                A peaceful but honorable farmer accepts from a dying man the obligation to rescue a kidnapped woman.  He sets out across a world people with talking animals and magical powers, having numerous episodic adventures as he seeks a sailor who will cross the ocean to the land where his quarry is imprisoned.


Chorus Skating  (Warner, 1994, Orbit, 1995.)


Spellsinger #8.


                More chaotic adventures in a magical world, including an encounter with an evil, arcane rock band.


Clash of the Titans  (Warner, 1981, Macdonald, 1981, based on the screenplay by Beverley Cross.)


                When a queen foolishly compares her daughterís beauty to that of a goddess, she brings down a curse upon her country.  The man who loves her daughter sets out on a quest to find the head of Medusa, the only way by which the Kraken monster can be defeated.


Day of the Dissonance, The  (Warner, 1984, Phantasia, 1984, Orbit, 1985, Ibooks, 2005.)


Spellsinger #3.


                The visitor from our world and some of his friends are off on another exploratory trip, this time to find the only possible cure for one of their company, who has fallen deathly ill.  They survive a number of challenges before succeeding in their quest.


Deavys, The (Open Road, 2016.)


Humorous fantasy about an unusual family.


Dinotopia Lost  (Turner, 1996, Ace, 1997.)


A ship from a far land is wrecked along the coast of Dinotopia, a magical realm where humans and intelligent dinosaurs live in harmony.


Hand of Dinotopia, The  (Turner, 1997.)


A Dinotopia novel.


                Not seen.


Hour of the Gate, The  (Warner, 1984, Orbit, 1984, Ibooks, 2004.)


Spellsinger #2.


                A company of friends, human and otherwise, set off on a perilous journey to the center of a magical other Earth to find allies in an imminent battle against an evil magical force.


Into the Thinking Kingdoms  (Warner, 1999.)


Journeys of Catechist #1.


                Further episodic adventures of a man wandering his world in order to pay off a self imposed debt to a kidnapped woman and a dead man.


Journeys of the Catechist  (Science Fiction Book Club, 2000.)


                Omnibus of the trilogy.


Kingdoms of Light  (Warner, 2001.)


                A half dozen animals are changed into human form by the dying spell of a wizard.  They set out on a quest to retrieve a powerful form of magic that can save their world from necromancers.


Krull  (Warner, 1983, Corgi, 1983, based on a screenplay by Stanford Sherman.)


                Ostensibly set on another planet, this is actually a fantasy involving a magical sword, a supernatural villain, and a quest to rescue the beautiful girl from a fate worse than death.


Mad Amos  (Del Rey, 1996.)


                A collection of related stories set in a strange version of the Old West.


Maori  (Ace, 1988.)


                Long historical fantasy about a traveler who visits 19th Century New Zealand and encounters a native sorcerer with genuine powers.


Moment of the Magician, The  (Warner, 1984, Phantasia, 1984, MacDonald, 1985.)


Spellsinger #4.


                Thereís a new evil villain on the block, but heís half the world away, and the heroes of this ongoing series have to fight and connive their way past a fresh group of strange dangers before they can confront him on his own turf and save the day once again.


Origin (Titan, 2017.)


An Alien novel.


Prequel to the movie Alien Covenant, showing how the colonists overcame obstacles to get underway.


Paths of the Perambulator, The  (Warner, 1985, Phantasia, 1985, MacDonald, 1986.)


Spellsinger #5.


                Things get even more hectic in the magical land of this series when a new force arrives in the universe, one that can alter reality and turn intelligent beings into rampant diseases, and other supernatural legerdemain.


Season of the Spellsong  (?, 1985.)


                Omnibus of Spellsinger ,The Hour of the Gate,  and The Day of the Dissonance.


Shadowkeep  (Warner, 1984, W.H. Allen, 1985.)


                Based on a computer game.  Two adventurers dare to enter a haunted keep that was once the home of an evil sorcerer, and still hides secrets that it might have better if they had not known.


Son of Spellsinger  (Warner, 1993, Orbit, 1993.)


Spellsinger #7.


                The next generation of heroes in this humorous fantasy series has to give up playing for action when a coven of evil sorcerers prepares to take over the world.


Spellsinger  (Warner, 1983, Orbit, 1984, Ibooks, 2004.)


Spellsinger #1.


                A lackadaisical student from our world is whisked into a magical realm where he is forced to team up with an intelligent otter, a magical turtle, and a beautiful girl on a journey to a mysterious realm from whence a terrible danger may have sprung.


Spellsinger at the Gate  (Phantasia, 1983.)


                Omnibus of Spellsinger and The Hour of the Gate.


Spellsingerís Scherzo  (Doubleday, 1987.)


                Omnibus of The Moment of the Magician, The Path of the Perambulator, and The Time of the Transference.


Time of the Transference, The  (Warner, 1987, Orbit, 1987.)


Spellsinger #6.


                Someone has broken the magical musical instrument that allows a visitor from our world to keep his head above the crowd in a magical other world.  So heís off to find the one person in the world who might be able to fix it, and has to rely on his own resources for another round of exciting encounters.


Triumph of Souls, A  (Warner, 2000.)


Journeys of the Catechist #3.


                The wandering shepherd and his companions face many more dangers before finally reaching the place where an evil necromancer has imprisoned the beautiful princess whom he has kidnapped.


Voyage of the Bassett  (Artisan, 1997.)


                An art book with some narrative text about a fantastic voyage of discovery.


FOSTER, GEORGE  (See also Seaforth. Also writes Science Fiction.)


Full Fathom Five  (Jenkins, 1930.)


                Not seen.  Reincarnation.


Lost Garden, The  (Chapman & Hall, 1930.)


                Not seen.  Atlantis.




When Bruce Met Cyn (Zebra, 2004.)


                A woman finds romance after having psychic visions.




Sarah Canary  (Holt, 1991.)


                Ambiguous surreal novel about a visitor to a camp of migrant workers who may or may not have some supernatural abilities.


Sweetheart Season, The  (Holt, 1996.)


                Ambiguous novel about a member of a womanís baseball team who may have had a genuine experience with a ghost.


FOX, BRANDON  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Conjuring the Flesh  (Leyland, ?)


Dannel #1.


                A group of adventures steal the secret of immortality from a despotic ruler.  Gay themed fantasy.


Sex Rites  (Leyland, 2000.)


Dannel #2.


                A young man goes on a quest for a weapon to resist a tyrant's armies and discovers true love.




Shadows in the Cave  (Tor, 2010.)


A retelling of Native American legends.


Zadayi Red  (Tor, 2009.)


A young man must restore the magic advantages of his people.




Dragon in Chains  (Del Rey, 2009.)


Dragon #1.




Hidden Cities  (Del Rey, 2011.)


Dragon #3.


Magical conflict in a quasi-Asian world.


Jade Man's Skin (Del Rey, 2010.)


Dragon #2.


A dragon affects the balance of power between rival kingdoms.


FOX, ELAINE  (Pseudonym of Elaine McShulskis.)


Traveler  (Lovespell, 1996.)


                A woman encounters a bewildered man who claims that a few hours earlier he was fighting in the Civil War.  Skeptical at first, she eventually realizes he's telling the truth, and promptly falls in love with him.  A romance novel.


FOX, GARDNER  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Kothar and the Conjurerís Curse  (Belmont, 1970.)


Kothar #4.


                The latest mission of a barbarian warrior is to delivery an amulet to a distant ruler, but when he arrives he find the ruler in his own dungeon and a usurper on the throne.


Kothar and the Demon Queen  (Belmont, 1969.)


Kothar #3.


                Kothar is now famed as the mightiest warrior in the world, but reputations like that almost inevitably bring challengers, this time a demon queen with supernatural powers.


Kothar and the Wizard Slayer  (Belmont, 1970.)


Kothar #5.


                Allied with an old enemy, Kothar investigates the mysterious murders of several magicians, and discovers a sinister power trying to gain a monopoly on magic.


Kothar - Barbarian Swordsman  (Belmont, 1969.)


Kothar #1.


                The first adventure of a barbarian warrior with an enchanted sword, this time pitted against - big surprise - an evil sorcerer.


Kothar of the Magic Sword  (Belmont, 1969.)


Kothar #2.


                Kotharís magic sword is lost, for the moment, so he steals a magical artifact in order to reclaim it, surviving several desperate situations in two long separate adventures.


Kyrik and the Lost Queen  (Leisure, 1976.)


Kyrik #4.


                The barbarian hero has to solve the mystery of two women who both seem to be the one he loves, thanks to some arcane sorcery.


Kyrik and the Wizardís Sword  (Leisure, 1976.)


Kyrik #3.


                Combining both physical and magical skills, Kyrik prepares to battle another group of enemies, both natural and supernatural.


Kyrik Fights the Demon World  (Leisure, 1975, Jenkins, 1976.)


Kyrik #2.


                Kyrik is sworn to the surface of a demon lord in a battle against others of his kind, but ultimately discovers that the being to whom he has sworn allegiance feels no obligation to return the favor.


Kyrik: Warlock Warrior  (Leisure, 1975, Flamingo, ?)


Kyrik #1.


                A thinly disguised continuation of the Kothar series for a new publisher.  As usual, the authorities are almost as bad as the villains, but Kyrik overcomes them both.


FOXE, JOCELIN   (Pseudonym of Linda Reames Fox and Joyce Cottrell.)


Child of Fire  (Avon, 1999.)


Wild Hunt #2.


                A band of immortals who have been cursed to perform a series of missions on Earth set out on a new one.  A child who may be the prophesized savior of his people has been kidnapped by barbarian raiders.  But recovering him proves more complicated than they expected.


Vengeance Moon  (Avon, 1998.)


Wild Hunt #1.


                Three immortal men are commanded by the gods to perform various missions, in this case undermining the authority of an unworthy noble family and ending their rule.




Buttercup Baby  (Jove, 2001.)


Fairies #1.


                A fairy decides to find a human lover so that she can have a baby.


Cupid's Melody   (?)


Fairies #2.




Impractical Magic  (Jove, 2003.)


Fairies #3.


                A stage magician is plagued by a young woman who is determined to show up his tricks as fabricated, unaware that she is actually from the land of the fairies.


Prince of Charming  (Jove, 2000.)


                While searching for an important document, a woman frees a man who as been magically imprisoned in a painting for two centuries.  A romance novel.




Season of Shadows  (DAW, 1995.)


Summerlands #1.


                After a successful revolution in their homeland, loyalists to the old regime emigrate to a new part of the world.  But shortly after arriving, they discover that they are contesting control of this region with winged humanoids.  And as if that wasnít enough, the new government in their homeland sends an expeditionary force to root them out.


Season of Storms  (DAW, 1996.)


Summerlands #2.


                A battle for control of their homeland causes troubles for refugees in a far land.  Should they remain neutral, choose sides, or perhaps even move to restore the old ruling family?




Carpathians, The  (Braziller, 1988.)


                A woman studying language in a new environment is puzzled by the disappearance of everyone else during a storm of mysterious language bits.  A surreal fantasy.




Great Novels of Anatole France  (Book League, 1914.)


                Omnibus of three novels including Penguin Island and Revolt of the Angels.


Penguin Island  (Lane, 1909, Amereon, 1940, Heritage, 1947, Penguin, 1948, Bantam, 1958, Signet, 1968.)


                A nearsighted priest baptizes an island full of penguins, as a result of which they are all miraculously changed into humans in this parable of humanity and religion.


Revolt of the Angels  (Lane, 1914, Dodd Mead, 1927, Crown, 1962, Xanadu, 1966.)


                A fresh unrest among the fallen angels, but Lucifer refuses to get involved this time.




Bitter Night  (Pocket, 2009.)


Horngate Witches #1.




Black Ship, The  (Roc, 2008.)


Crosspointe #2.


A man is kidnapped and forced to work on a cursed sea vessel.


Blood Winter  (Pocket, 2012.)


Horngate Witches #3.




Cipher, The  (Roc, 2007.)


Crosspointe #1.


A woman with the ability to sense magical artifacts gets into trouble.


Crimson Wind  (Pocket, 2010.)


Horngate Witches #2




Hollow Crown, The  (Roc, 2010.)


Crosspointe #4.


Turmoil in a fantasy realm where magic stops working and the local rulers are assassinated.


Path of Blood  (Roc, 2006.)


Path #3.


                Plagues and madmen complicate matters as two lovers embark on a quest.


Path of Fate  (Roc, 2003.)


Path #1.


                A young woman's determination to resist the traditions of her people lands her in the middle of a magical plot to conquer the kingdom.


Path of Honor  (Roc, 2004.)


Path #2.




Shadow City  (Pocket, 2012.)


Horngate Witches #2.






Magician and Other Stories, The  (Viking, 1946.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


FRANK, JACQUELINE  (Also writes Horror.)


Cursed by Fire (Ballantine, 2015.)


Immortal Brothers #1.


Fantasy romance involving immortality.


Cursed by Ice (Ballantine, 2015.)


Immortal Brothers #2.






Shadows on the Aegean  (Warner, 1998.)


Time travel romance.


FRANKAU, GILBERT  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Seeds of Enchantment, The  (?, 1921.)


                Not seen.  A lost race novel.




Bridge, The  (Heinemann, 1957, Harper, 1957.)


                Not seen.


Sing for Your Supper  (Heinemann, 1963, Random House, 1963.)


Clothes #1.


                Not seen.


Slaves of the Lamp  (Heinemann, 1963, Random House, 1965.)


Clothes #2.


                An Englishman is tormented by extrasensory powers that make him a pivotal figure in a low key but determined battle between good and evil.


FRANKLIN, CHERYL J.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Fire Crossing  (DAW, 1991.)


Taormin #3.


                Wizards have opened a magical portal between the universes, and adventurers from the world of this series visit the universe of Franklinís SF series, the Network Consortium.  Magic and science pitted against eachother.


Fire Get   (DAW, 1987.)


Taormin #1.


                A land that was once ruled by a cabal of evil sorcerers is now free and all magic is suspect.  When a new sorcerer is born, it poses both a promise and a threat.  Either he can prevent a resurgence of the old evil, or provide a conduit through which it will return.


Fire Lord  (DAW, 1989.)


Taormin #2.


                A terrible war prevented the return of evil sorcery to their land, but now the survivors have to deal with a new threat, a kind of creature spawned by that conflict that prey on living souls.  And another young man begins to display the power to control magic.


Sable, Shadow, and Ice  (DAW, 1994.)


                The Protectorate is a virtual dictatorship in a magical realm where a deck of tarot like cards control sorcery.  There are cracks in the structure of that land, however, rebels wishing to restore the previous, comparatively free society. Marita is a young magician whose uncle is a prominent member of the ruling council, willing to sacrifice his own family to bolster his personal power, but she is more sympathetic to her brother, who has been branded a traitor.


Tales of Taormin  (Baen, 2005.)


                Omnibus of Fire Get and Fire Lord.




Maiden of Pain  (Wizards of the Coast, 2005.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                Episodic tale about the adventures of several priests in an imaginary world.




Beyond the Lich Gate  (Ace, 1994.)


Corlaiys #1.


                The descendant of the man who freed his people from domination by a cruel dragon must set off on a quest to restore his homelandís greatness.  But that journey will take him through an area dominated by other dragons.


Cathedral of Thorns  (Ace, 1995.)


Corlaiys #2.


                A thief and thorough going villain steals the magical artifacts which are key to the restoration of a devastated land, and he has also kidnapped the woman loved by the protagonist.  So heís off on another quest, this time to track down his nemesis, rescue his lover, and retrieve the stolen property.


Darklight Grimoire, The  (Ace, 1994.)


Wheel #3.


                Allied with a priestess, the protagonist must add to his collection of mystical objects a legendary book which could finally give him the upper hand in his battle against the forces of darkness that threaten all of Sparrill.


Heart of Sparrill, The  (Ace, 1993.)


Wheel #2.


                A displaced man from our world possesses a magical gem that gives him great power in the world to which heís been drawn, but he must find yet another if he is to restore the balance of that realm and return to his homeland.


Jewel of Equilibrant, The  (Ace, 1993.)


Wheel #1.


                A Californian is drawn to a magical other world where he recruits friends and battles an interesting variety of monsters in his quest to find a way home.


Legend Reborn, A  (Ace, 1997.)


Corlaiys #3.


                At last Corlaiys has possession of the powerful Elixir of Life.  Now all he has to do is fight his way past an army of dragons and other dangers, accompanied by the woman he loves, and use the elixir to restore to life the greatest warrior in his peopleís history.


FRASER, RONALD  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Flower Phantoms  (Jonathan Cape, 1926, Boni & Liveright, 1927.)


                Not seen.  A flower responds to human thought.


Flying Draper, The  (Unwin, 1924, Smith, 1931, Jonathan Cape, 1940.)




Landscape with Figures  (Unwin, 1925, Boni & Liveright, 1926, Jonathan Cape, 1952.)


                An Oriental fantasy.


Miss Lucifer  (Jonathan Cape, 1939.)


                Not seen.  Mysticism about a woman who apprehends more about the world than the rest of us.




Eye of a God and Other Tales of East and West, The  (Doubleday, 1899.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


FRAYN, MICHAEL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Sweet Dreams  (Viking, 1973, Collins, 1973, Ballantine, 1975.)


                Pointed humor set in a magical world where you can have or do anything you want just by wishing for it.  But is what you want really what you want?


FRAZER, SHAMUS (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Blow, Blow Your Trumpets  (Chapman & Hall, 1945.)


                Angels and demons interact with humanity in the world prior to Noahís flood.




Quest for the Cube  (Vantage, 1992.)


                Vanity press fantasy about the battle between two powerful rivals, a magical quest, various hideous monsters, and a bunch of shapeshifters.




Magister's Mask, The  (Dragon Moon, 2004.)


                A newly trained magical investigator has to solve a murder mystery.


Too Many Princes  (Dragon Moon, 2007.)


A fantasy quest novel.


FREEDMAN, COLETTE  (See collaborations with Michael Scott.)




Magic Dishpan of Oz, The  (Emerald City Press, 1994.)


An Oz novel.


                A magic dishpan grants a wish and two children find themselves in Oz, just in time to become involved in the plot hatched by a group of nasty wizards.




Covenants  (Roc, 2004.)


A Borderlands novel.


                In a world where animals are intelligent and magic works, a nobleman traveling incognito teams up with some unlikely allies.


King's Own, The  (Roc, 2005.)


A Borderlands novel.


                A mystical kingdom is upset over the implications of magic.


Shadows Past  (Roc, 2010.)


A Borderlands novel.


Conflict in a fantasy world.


FREER, DAVE  (See also collaboration with Mercedes Lackey and Eric Flint. Also writes Science Fiction.)


Changeling's Island (Baen, 2016.)




Dragon's Ring  (Baen, 2009.)


A rogue dragon decides to destroy his world.


Mankind Witch, A  (Baen, 2005.)


                The usual adventures with dragons and magic in the 16th Century.




Love Will Find a Way  (Avon, 2002.)


                Contemporary romance involving some peripheral magic.




Earth Angel  (Jove, 1997.)


A troubled young man is murdered and his ghost returns to help his girlfriend.  Unexpectedly, his spirit encounters that of an attorney, and they both experience a new kind of love.  A romance novel.


Lady Moonlight  (Jove, 1999.)


                A woman achieved a bitter kind of immortality in the land of faerie, returning to our world periodically in the guise of a white horse in search of love.




Otto the Knight and Other Trans-Mississippi Stories  (Houghton Mifflin, 1891.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Ahriman: Exile (Black Library, 2014.)


A Warhammer novel.






Dragon's Ransom, The  (TSR, 1984.)


Multi-path gamebook wherein you avoid trolls and other creatures while locating a treasure.




Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom  (Random House, 1984, based on the screenplay by George Lucas, Willard Huyck, and Gloria Katz.)


                Young readerís version of Jonesí adventures with a evil cult in India.




Burn Bright (Hyperion, 2014.


Dark Star #2.


A super teen fights a demon.


Dark Star (Hyperion, 2013.)


Dark Star #1.




FRIEDMAN, C.S.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Black Sun Rising  (DAW, 1991.)


Coldfire #1.


                Although set on another planet, this is a fantasy about humans struggling against a dark force that arises from the fae, a form of rationalized magic that can be used for either good or evil.  As the generations pass, the conflict rises to a level that could affect the lives of everyone on the world.


Crown of Shadows   (DAW, 1995.)


Coldfire #3.


                A handful of magically talented humans prepare to resist the efforts of a demon who feeds on human psyches when they discover that he plans to reshape the human race into pawns which he can use to extend his power over the physical world.


Dreamwalker (DAW, 2014.)


Dream #1.




Dreamseeker (DAW, 2015.)


Dream #2.




Feast of Souls  (DAW, 2006.)


Magister #1.


                The setting is a world where magic works, but only by draining human lifeforce and ultimately killing those who use it.


Legacy of Kings  (DAW, 2012.)


Magister #3.




When True Night Falls  (DAW, 1993.)


Coldfire #2.


                An expedition sets out to explore a portion of the magically powered planet to find the source of an evil influence that has been preying on the settlers from Earth.  They must overcome a host of dangers, both natural and supernatural, before finding what they seek.


Wings of Wrath  (DAW, 2009.)


Magister #2.


Vampirish creatures menace the human portions of a magical world.




Harald  (Baen, 2006.)


                A military leader in a fantasy world defeats a far superior force.


FRIEDMAN, MICHAEL JAN  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Glove of Maidenís Hair, The  (Popular Library/Questar, 1987.)


                An elf prince is exiled to our world, where he promptly saves a woman from a gang of criminals.  But by saving her, he has linked their destinies, and now his enemies are interested in the mortal woman as well as the elven noble.


Fortress and the Fire, The  (Popular Library/Questar, 1988.)


Vidar #1.


                A son of the Norse god Odin has been living in our world, but he returns to the lands of the Gods long after Ragnorak to find that his father has gone mad and is now intent upon destroying all of the progress that has been achieved since the gods dropped out of sight of humanity.


Hammer and the Horn, The  (Popular Library/Questar, 1985.)


Vidar #2.


                A new and malevolent god has stolen the hammer of Thor and plans to use its power to reassert the godsí control over the world of mortal men.  Vidar, illegitimate son of Odin, protector of humanity, acts to prevent him from restoring the old order.


Seekers and the Sword, The  (Popular Library/Questar, 1985.)


Vidar #3.


                Two godlings struggle for possession of a magical sword which will provide the bearer with the power to rule, or destroy, both Earth and the newly rebuilt Asgard.




King of No Manís Land, The  (Harper, 1924.)


Jungle #3.




Mountains of Mystery  (Harper, 1925.)


Jungle #4.




Pathless Trail, The  (Harper, 1922, Centaur, 1969.)


Jungle #1.


                The discovery of a lost civilization in the jungles of Brazil.


Tiger River  (Harper, 1923, Centaur, 1971.)


Jungle #2.


                Further adventures in the South American jungle, with strange tribes, magical potions, and other weird adventures.




Green Hornet in the Infernal Light, The  (Dell, 1966.)


                Marginal television tie-in about a masked superhero who uses some gadgets.


FRIESNER, ESTHER M.  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror. See also collaborations with Lawrence Watt-Evans and Robert Asprin.)


Child of the Eagle  (Baen, 1996.)


                In a magical alternate Roman Empire, Brutus betrayed the conspirators to Caesar and caused them to be killed.  But Brutus has second, or perhaps third thoughts some time later and realizes that perhaps it would have been better if Caesar had never achieved the dominance that allowed him to shape the empire to his liking.


Deception's Pawn (Random, 2015.)


Deception's Princess (Random, 2014.)


Demon Blues  (Ace, 1989, Orbit, 1992.)


Demons #2.


                A confused college student is being tempted to sin by a succubus, but his heart just isnít in it.  As if it wasnít bad enough to be romantically involved with a supernatural creature, he has also learned that his mother is a reformed demon.


Druidís Blood  (Signet, 1988, Headline, 1989.)


                In a magical alternate version of our world, Queen Victoria calls on an old friend for help when someone steals the book of magic that is the foundation of the British Empire.  While it is missing, supernatural creatures can be sent to harass the citizens of her empire, and the throne itself may not remain safe for long.


Elf Defense  (Signet, 1988, Headline, 1989.)


                A mortal woman married to a prince of Faerie leaves him and returns to her own world.  The prince doesnít take kindly to his abandonment, so he sends his minions to bring her back.  But in her turn, she has enlisted the aid of a formidable ally - a divorce lawyer.


Gnome Manís Land  (Ace, 1991.)


Tim Desmond #1.


                A rent in time and space provides a gateway from the land of Faerie into Brooklyn.  A high school student is dismayed when a banshee predicts his death, and an army of goblins invades his high school.


Harlotís Ruse  (Popular Library/Questar, 1986.)


                A young woman with magical powers journeys to find her destiny in a world where dragons and unicorns are mortal enemies, where sorcerers dabble with dangerous spells, and the gods themselves take a hand in human affairs.


Harpy High  (Ace, 1991.)


Tim Desmond #2.


                More and more creatures pour into our world from a magical other world, including vampires, dragons, and other monsters.  Can one high school student find a way to avoid his own predicted death and stem the flow?  Well, not in this volume anyway.


Here Be Demons  (Ace, 1988, Orbit, 1992.)


Demons #1.


                A group of demons are expelled from Hell for failing to corrupt enough souls.  On Earth, they try to correct the situation with a group of college students, only to discover that what they consider mortal sins are seriously out of date.


Hooray for Hellywood  (Ace, 1990, Orbit, 1992.)


Demons #3.


                A demon turned mother must resurrect her latent powers when her half human son falls into the company of a supposed evangelist, actually a really nasty demon in disguise.


Itís Been Fun  (Pulphouse, 1991.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Majyk by Accident  (Ace, 1993.)


Majyk #1.


                An apprentice magician is floundering about in his effort to master his art until he encounters a stray cat from our world that becomes a living source of magical power.  But his sudden success attracts the attention of some nasty villains.


Majyk by Design  (Ace, 1994.)


Majyk #3.


                Our hero is off on another comical adventure, this time to discover the whereabouts of a missing male cover model.


Majyk by Hook or Crook  (Ace, 1994.)


Majyk #2.


                A would be master sorcerer and his magically enabled cat act to help a king dispossessed of his throne, the consequences of which are a plague of silly curses that make life quite miserable for everyone in his kingdom.


Mustapha and His Wise Dog  (Avon, 1985.)


Twelve Kingdoms #1.


                Mustapha is exiled by his own family and wanders the world accompanied only by his loyal dog.  But Mustapha has also been chosen by the gods to investigate an ancient evil and become a pivotal figure in the preventing it from reasserting its influence in the land of men.


New York by Knight  (Signet, 1986, Headline, 1987.)


                Two magical forces, one a knight, the other a dragon, both manifest themselves in modern New York City to fight the final battle between good and evil among the skyscrapers. 


Nobodyís Princess  (Random House, 2006.)


                A retelling of the story of Helen of Troy.


Nobody's Prize


Silver Mountain, The  (Popular Library/Questar, 1986.)


                An amnesiac is the only survivor of a slaughter perpetrated by hostile dragons.  He learns that he is a prince, whose sister is a witch, and whose fate is to make a perilous journey and use good magic against bad to preserve the future of his people.


Spells of Mortal Weaving  (Avon, 1986.)


Twelve Kingdoms #2.


                A prince is cursed to love a beautiful woman who is kidnapped to a land dominated by an evil sorcerer.  To reclaim her, he must beard the villain in his own den, accomplishing his own ends while saving the world as a sort of byproduct.


Sphinx's Queen (Random, 2011.) 


Sphynxes Wild  (Signet, 1989.)


                Thereís a sphinx walking the modern world, disguised as a human.  She plans to use her magical riddles to lure humanity to its fate, and chooses the casinos of Atlantic City as the appropriate place to weave her web.  But she hadnít counted on the ingenuity of a local worker who has once before felt the aura of magic.


Spirit's Chosen (Random, 2014.)


Spirit's Princess (Random, 2013.)


Unicorn U  (Ace, 1992.)


Tim Desmond #3.


                Tim has survived high school and a horde of magical creatures, but now that heís a college student, he may have to contend with the very gods themselves.


Up the Wall & Other Tales of King Arthur and His Knights  (Wildside, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories related to King Arthur.


Water Kingís Laughter, The  (Avon, 1989.)


Twelve Kingdoms #4.


                Timeo is determined to be a bard despite his horrible singing voice, until it is revealed to him that he has a magical talent that makes him destined to free his people from the domination of a magical oppressor.


Wishing Season  (Atheneum, 1993, Baen, 1996.)


                A forgetful Genie doesnít warn his new master that he canít wish for more wishes, so he does, with predictably hilarious results.


Witchwood Cradle, The  (Avon, 1987.)


Twelve Kingdoms #3.


                Twelve witches are each provided with a separate power to be used to resist the advances of an evil magician.  The sorcerer, however, has the ability to insinuate his purposes into the mind of his enemies, and acts to corrupt them for his own purposes.


Yesterday We Saw Mermaids  (Tor, 1992.)


                While Columbus makes his way across the Atlantic, another ship precedes him, one which finds a mysterious land filled with magical creatures whose very existence will be ended with the arrival of rationalists from Europe. 


FRITH, NIGEL (Also writes Horror.)


Asgard.  (See The Spear of Mistletoe.)


Dragon  (Unwin, 1987.)


Pangaia #2.


                Chinese myth about a dragon whose prophecies are disregarded.


Jormundgand  (Unwin, 1986.)


Pangaia #1.


                A love affair among the minor gods.  Based on Norse mythology.


Krishna.  (See The Legend of Krishna.)


Legend of Krishna, The  (Sheldon, 1975, Schocken, 1976.  Unwin, 1985, as Krishna.)


                Not seen.  Fantasy based on Hindu mythology.


Olympiad  (Unwin, 1988.)


Pangaia #3.


                The gods of Greece plan to use the athletic contest which acts as a frame for various subsidiary tales.


Spear of Mistletoe, The  (Routledge & Kegan, 1977. Unwin, 1982, as Asgard.)


                Based on Norse mythology.  A retelling of the story of Balder.




Magic to Burn  (Coward McCann, 1964.)


                Two American children vacationing in England encounter a boggart, a mythical creature, who stows away when they return home.  Subsequently they must conceal his presence while trying to find a way to return him to his homeland.




Miserere  (Night Shade, 2011.)


A sorcerer wants to open the gates of Hell.




Evidence Before Gabriel  (Aldor, 1947.)


                Not seen.


FROST, GREGORY  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Crimson Spear  (Cascade Mountain, 1998.)


                Omnibus of Remscela and Tain.


Lord Tophet  (Del Rey, 2008.)


Shadowbridge #2.

A woman seeks the truth about her past in a world of bridges.


Fitcher's Brides  (Tor, 2002.)


                The members of an end of the world cult discover that the voices of the dead are becoming discernible.  The leader of the cult is concealing the existence of previous wives.


Lyrec  (Ace, 1984.)


                Two companions travel across a wide variety of parallel worlds, each taking a new personality or even a new body every time they switch realities.  Now one of them is a traveling musician, and the other is trapped in the body of a cat.


Remscela  (Ace, 1988.)


Cu Chuliann #2.


                A member of the Sidhe casts a spell on a Celtic hero, but she is in turn captured by his charms in this retelling of ancient Celtic legends.


Shadowbridge  (Del Rey, 2007.)


Shadowbridge #1.


A traveling storyteller in a world of bridges tries to outrun old enemies.


Tain  (Ace, 1986.)


Cu Chulainn #1.


                A retelling of ancient Celtic legends involving druidic magic, a mighty hero, the land of the Faeries, and the powers of the Sidhe.




Beautiful Ashes (Harlequin, 2014.)


Broken Destiny #1.




Halfway to the Grave  (Avon, ?)


Night Huntress #1.


Adventures of a half vampire vampire-hunter.


One Foot in the Grave  (Avon, 2008.)


Night Huntress #2.


A vampire hunter is pursued by the undead.


Sweetest Burn, The (Harlequin, 2016.)


Broken Destiny #2.






All That Bleeds  (Berkley, 2012.)


Etherlin #1.




All That Falls  (Berkley, 2012.)


Etherlin #2.




Barely Bewitched (Berkley, 2009.)


Southern Witch #2.




Halfway Hexed  (Berkley, 2011.)


Southern Witch #3.




Would-Be Witch  (Berkley, 2009.)


Southern Witch #1.


A young girl is frustrated because she has not inherited her family's talent for magic.


FROST, MARK  (Also writes science fiction.)


Alliance (Random House, 2014.)


Paladin #2.




Paladin Prophecy, The  (Random House, 2012.)


Paladin #1.




FROST, P.R.  (Pseudonym of Phyllis Karr, whom see.)


Faery Moon  (DAW, 2009.)


Tess Noncoire #3.


Tess has to rescue a group of fairies forced to perform in a circus.


Forest Moon Rising  (DAW, 2011.)


Tess Noncoire #4.




Hounding the Moon  (DAW, 2006.)


Tess Noncoire #1.


                A fantasy writer is secretly a demon fighter who is pitted against a hellhound.


Moon in the Mirror  (DAW, 2007.)


Tess Noncoire #2.


Tess battles animated garden gnomes, a wendigo, and other creatures in her second adventure.


FROUD, BRIAN  (See collaborations with Terry Jones.)


FROUD, WENDY  (See collaboration with Terri Windling.)


FUENTES, ROBERTO  (See collaborations with Piers Anthony. Also writes Science Fiction.)


FULLER, JOHN  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Adventures of Speedfall, The  (Salamander, 1985.)


                Collection of related stories about a detective who dabbles in the occult.


Worm and the Star, The  (Chatto and Windus, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Man Who Spoke Dog, The  (Harvill, 1959.)


                The ability to speak to dogs proves profitable.




Seven Kings (Orbit, 2013.)


Shaper #2.




Seven Princes  (Orbit, 2012.)


Shaper #1.






Tower of Darkness  (TSR, 1985.)


                A multi-path gamebook.




Dragon Rider (Scholastic, 2004.)




Igraine the Brave  (Scholastic, 2007.)


A villain tries to steal magical books.


Inkdeath  (Scholastic, 2008.)


Inkheart #3.


A woman falls into a fairy tale book and interacts with its characters.


Inkheart (Scholastic, 2003.)


Inkheart #1.


A woman disappears into a book.


Inkspell (Scholastic, 2005.)


Inkheart #2.




When Santa Fell to Earth  (Scholastic, 2006.)




FUREY, MAGGIE  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Aurian   (Bantam, 1994, Legend, 1994.)


Artefacts of Power #1.


                Aurianís right to rule her own life is challenged by a rival with significant magical powers.  After a series of battles, she is finally driven out of the city to find a new life for herself.


Dhammara  (Legend, 1997, Bantam, 1997.)


Artefacts of Power #4.


                The final battle is finally underway, but Aurianís enemy has captured both her lover and the magical sword that should have ensured her defeat.  She is determined to struggle on, even if it means taking a chance that could endanger her entire world.


Echo of Eternity  (Bantam, 2003.  Orbit, 2002, as The Eye of Eternity.)


Shadowleague #3.


                When the barriers between worlds collapse, a group of adventurers seeks magical artifacts with which to protect their nation.


Eye of Eternity, The  (See Echo of Eternity.)


Harp of Winds  (Legend, 1994, Bantam, 1995.)


Artefacts of Power #2.


                Aurian has been driven out of her home city by a villainous enemy.  Now she must survive a variety of natural barriers despite the loss of her magical talents in order to secure an artifact that might restore her ability and allow her to attack her rival.


Heart of Myrial, The  (Orbit, 1999.)


Shadowleague #1.


                The magical fabric that holds Myrial together is fraying and rival nations are preparing for war.  The Shadowleague has the magical power to heal the breach, but there are different opinions among its members about the wisdom of intervening.


Heritage of the Xandim  (Gollancz, 2006.)


Xandim #1.


                A race of people are trapped in the shapes of horses.


Spirit of the Stone  (Orbit, 2001, Bantam, 2002.)


Shadowleague #2.


                As the magical barriers fall, the nations of Myrial are faced not only with natural disasters but with the outbreak of war among its various regions.


Sword of Flame  (Legend, 1995, Bantam, 1996.)


Artefacts of Power #3.


                Although Aurian has regained her powers, located three of the four objects which will enable her to challenge her enemies, and waited out a magically intense winter, she still has to find one more object before she dares return to her homeland.




Juniper.  (See A Year and a Day.)


Wise Child  (Gollancz, 1987, Knopf, 1987, Random House, 1989.)


Witch #1.


                A good sorceress deals with the evil witchcraft of the mother of a young girl.


Year and a Day, A  (Gollancz, 1990, Knopf, 1991. Random House, 1992, as Juniper.)


Witch #2.


                Published second, but this is actually a prequel.  The protagonist battles her aunt, who is using evil magic to usurp the throne.