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CABELL, JAMES BRANCH  (Poictesme novels are in their internal order rather than the order of publication.  Not all are fantasy.)


Beyond Life  (McBride, 1919, Modern Library, ?, Johnson, 1970.)


Poictesme #1.


A prologue, mostly non-fiction, to the entire series.  Interesting reference to a library of books their authors never got around to writing.


Certain Hour, The  (McBride, 1916, Bodley Head, 1931, Wildside, 2002.)


Poictesme #12.


Not seen.


Chivalry  (McBride, 1909.  Revised version, 1921, Lane, 1928, Books for Libraries, 1970, Wildside, 2002.)


Poictesme #6.


An episodic addition to the saga of Poictesme.


Cords of Vanity, The  (McBride, 1909.  Revised, 1920, Lane, 1925, Wildside, 2002.)


Poictesme #13.


Not seen.


Cream of the Jest, The  (McBride, 1917. McBride, revised 1922, Lane, 1923, Modern Library, 1927, Ballantine, 1971, New College & University Press, 1973, Wildside, 2002.)


Poictesme #18.


The protagonist discovers that he has godlike powers over the world, or at least "a" world, and sets out to experiment with them. 


Devil's Own Dear Son, The  (Farrar Strauss, 1949, Lane, 1950, Amereon, 1980.)


Not seen.  Story of the son of Satan.


Domnei  (McBride, 1920, Lane, 1927, Ballantine, 1972, Ayer, ?, Scholarly Press, ?, Wildside, 2002  Stokes, an earlier version, 1913, as The Soul of Melicent)


Poictesme #5.


A young hero sets off to rescue a fair maiden in a magical European nation that never existed.


Eagle's Shadow, The  (McBride, 1904, Heinemann, 1904,  McBride, revised 1923, Gordon, 1974.)


Poictesme #17.


Not seen.


Figures of Earth  (McBride, 1921, Lane, 1922, Ballantine, 1969, Wildside, 2002.)


Poictesme #2.


Dom Manuel and his friends set out to rescue a woman kidnapped by a wizard and overcome dangers magical and mundane along the way.


From the Hidden Way  (McBride, 1916. Revised, McBride, 1924.)


Poictesme #14.


Not seen.


Gallantry  (McBride, 1907, Harper, 1907,  revised, 1921, Lane, 1928, Wildside, 2002.)


Poictesme #10.


Marginal historical novel involving a mythical European nation.


High Place, The  (McBride, 1923, Lane, 1923, Boni, 1931, Ballantine, 1970, Dover, 1978, Amereon, 1980.)


Poictesme #9.


A quest involving dragons, an enchanted castle, and Cabell's usual wry wit.


Jewel Merchants, The  (McBride, 1921.)


Poictesme #15.


Not seen.  A play.


Jurgen  (McBride, 1919, Lane, 1921, Grosset, 1927, Modern Library, 1934, Penguin, 1940, Penguin (US), 1946, Golden Cockerel, 1949, Xanadu, 1962, Avon, 1964, Tandem, 1971, Limited Edition Club, 1976, Dover, 1978, Buccaneer, 1990, Amereon, ?, Peter Smith, ?)


Poictesme #7.


A middle aged pawnbroker briefly regains his youth and travels through a variety of magical lands including Heaven and Hell.  Quite ribald for its time, the novel was banned for a time.


Lineage of Lichfield, The  (McBride, 1922.)


Poictesme #19.


Not seen.


Line of Love, The  (Harper, 1905, revised McBride, 1921, Lane, 1929, AMS, ?, Wildside, 2002.)


Poictesme #8.


Not seen.


Music from Behind the Moon, The  (McBride, 1926.)


Etarre #1.


                A woman is captured by a magician and spirited away to the moon.


Nightmare Has Triplets, The  (Greenwood, 1972.)


                Omnibus of Smith, Smire, and Smirt.


Rivet in Grandfather's Neck, The  (McBride, 1915, John Lane, 1924, Scholarly Press, ?)


Poictesme #16.


Not seen.


Silver Stallion, The  (McBride, 1926, Lane, 1926, Ballantine, 1969, Tandem, 1971, Unwin, 1983.)


Poictesme #3.


The legend of Dom Manuel becomes embellished with the passage of time.


Smire: An Acceptance in the Third Person  (Doubleday, 1937.)


Smith #3.


More episodic adventures in a dream world where angels, historical characters, talking animals, and other fantastic elements abound.


Smirt: An Urbane Nightmare  (McBride, 1934.)


Smith #1.


An author wanders through a dream world encountering gods and devils.  A satire on the profession of writing, reviewers, and fans.


Smith: A Sylvan Interlude  (McBride, 1935.)


Smith #2.


The protagonist's adventures in a dream world continue.  This time he follows the plight of his four children as each seeks to find a proper role in life among varied kingdoms, mythological creatures, and skilled wizards.


Something About Eve  (McBride, 1927, Lane, 1927, Ballantine, 1971.)


Poictesme #11.


An unlikely descendant of Dom Manuel sets off on a journey and encounters many magical creatures along the way.


Soul of Melicent, The  (See Domnei.)


Straws and Prayerbooks  (McBride, 1924.)


Poictesme #20.


Essays and short fiction related to Poictesme.


There Were Two Pirates  (Farrar, Straus, 1946.)


                Actually an historical novel in which a talkative ghost makes a brief, late appearance.


Way of Ecben, The  (McBride, 1929, Lane, 1929.)


Etarre #2.


Two mythical kingdoms engage in war when their respective rulers disagree about who should wed a beautiful young woman.


White Robe, The  (McBride, 1928.)


Etarre #3.


                A magic robe transforms a man into a kind of werewolf.


Witch Woman, The  (Farrar Strauss, 1948, Amereon, ?)


Poictesme #4.


Omnibus of The Music from Behind the Moon, The Way of Ecben, and The White Robe..


CACEK, P.D.  (Also writes Horror.)


Adventures of Threadwell the Tailor, The  (Dark Raptor, 1998.)


                Humorous fantasy chapbook.




Bewitching the Baron  (Love Spell, 2000.)


                A romance novel that includes some mild witchcraft.


Changeling Bride, The  (Dorchester, 1999.)


                Time travel romance in which a woman is sent magically back to the 18th Century to find love.


Dream of Me  (Love Spell, 2004.)


                A woman is caught between two lovers, one demonic.


George and the Virgin  (Love Spell, 2002.)


                Romance involving time travel and a dragon.


Of Midnight Born  (Love Spell, 2000.)


                A female ghost falls in love with the man she is trying to scare out of her former home.


CADNUM, MICHAEL  (Also writes Horror.)


Can't Catch Me  (Tachyon, 2006.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ella and the Canary Prince  (Subterranean, 1999.)


                A darkly twisted version of Cinderella, published as a chapbook.


CAIDIN, MARTIN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates  (Bantam, 1993.)  ?????? is this really by Caidin

Part of the multi-author Indiana Jones series.


Indiana Jones gets involved with mysterious airships apparently powered by a supernatural force.  His investigation leads him to an ancient society which may have survived hidden within our own.


Indiana Jones and the White Witch  (Bantam, 1994.)


Part of the multi-author Indiana Jones series.


Jones teams up with a good witch in a round the world quest to locate a hoard of gold supposedly concealed since the time of Christ.




Behold the Man  (Lumen, 1955.)


A fictional life of Christ filled with miracles and portents.




Demon in the Flames  (Writer's Showcase, 2000.)


                A magical artifact conveys a man from our world to another where he defeats a magical foe.


CAINE, RACHEL  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.) Note that the Outcast Season and Weather Warden series are related.


Chill Factor  (Roc, 2004.)


Weather Warden #3.


                The hero's human body has been restored, but now she must contend with a rebellious teenager and a djinn who plays with the weather.


Firestorm  (Roc, 2006.)


Weather Warden #5.


                The djinn who control the weather revolt against the wizards who have controlled them for ages.


Gale Force  (Roc, 2008.)


Weather Warden #7.


Just as it appears her life is returning to normal, a weather warden has new supernatural problems.


Heat Stroke  (Roc, 2004.)


Weather Warden #2.


                Unjustly accused of murder, a woman returns in the form of a djinn.


Ill Wind  (Roc, 2003.)


Weather Warden #1.


                A woman with the magical ability to control the weather is unjustly accused of murder in an alternate version of contemporary America.


Ink and Bone (NAL, 2015.)


Great Library #1.


Alchemy survives into the modern world.


Thin Air  (Roc, 2007.)


Weather Warden #6.


With her memories lost, a woman who can control the weather seeks to rediscover her past.


Two Weeks' Notice (2012)




Unbroken (Roc, 2012.)


Outcast Season #4.




Unknown (Roc, 2011.)


Outcast Season #2.




Undone  (Roc, 2009.)


Outcast Season #1.


A female djinn is forced to become human.


Unseen (Roc, 2011.)


Outcast Season #3.




Windfall  (Roc, 2005.)


Weather Warden #4.


                With her magical talents virtually gone, a weather warden must also contend with her troublesome sister.


CALDECOTT, MOYRA  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Daughter of Amun  (Arrow, 1989.)


Egypt #2.


Not seen.


Daughter of Ra  (Arrow, 1990.)


Egypt #3.


Not seen.


Guardians of the Tall Stones  (Arrow, 1986, Celestial Arts, 1986.)


Omnibus of the Sacred Stones trilogy.


Lily and the Bull, The  (Collings, 1979, Hill & Wang, 1980.)


Not seen.  A story of ancient Crete.


Shadow on the Stones  (Collings, 1978, Hill & Wang, 1978, Farrar Strauss Giroux, 1979, Popular Library, 1980.)


Sacred Stones #3.


The peaceful village of Kyra's people is menaced again, this time by a brutal horde of human warriors led by the demonic king Groth.


Silver Vortex, The  (Arrow, 1987.)


Sacred Stones #4.


Not seen.


Son of the Sun  (Allison & Busby, 1986.)


Egypt #1.


Not seen.


Tall Stones, The  (Collings, 1977, Hill & Wang, 1977, Popular Library, 1980.)


Sacred Stones #1.


An unusual story of Druid magic, a villain held in thrall by an evil magician, and a young girl with unusual powers who may be able to free her people.


Temple of the Sun, The  (Collings, 1977, Hill & Wang, 1977, Popular Library, 1980.)


Sacred Stones #2.


The evil wizard defeated in the opening volume returns with new allies, but a young priest and a courageous girl use their own strength to oppose his supernatural intervention.


Tower and the Emerald, The  (Hamlyn, 1985.)


Not seen.  Reincarnation and sorcery.


Winged Man, The  (Headline, 1993.)


Not seen.


CALDER, RICHARD   (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Impakto  (Earthlight, 2001.)


                A battle against the gods..


Lord Soho  (Earthlight, 2002.)


                Collection of related stories.




Fair to Middling, The  (Hart-Davis, 1959.)


                A magical traveling fair causes the residents of a small town to confront their inner torments, sometimes after terrifying experiences.


CALDWELL, TAYLOR  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Dialogues with the Devil  (Doubleday, 1967, Collins, 1968, Amereon, 1980, Crest, 1987.)


A series of fictionalized conversations between a human and the devil, more lectures than fiction.




Aria of the Sea  (Farrar Straus & Giroux, 2003.)


                A young girl in a fantasy world seeks admission to a highly regarded school.


Firegold  (Winslow, 1999.)


                Childrenís fantasy about a boy troubled by dizziness who goes on a journey in which he discovers his destiny.


Phoenix Dance, The  (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2005.)


                A retelling of the story of the Twelve Dancing Princes.


White Midnight  (Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 2003.)


                A young girl is troubled by the adults in her life and by a mysterious creature in the attic.




Aeromancer  (Ace, 1997.)


Brightglade #4.


Brightglade and his wife risk falling into the hands of slavers in their latest adventure.


Aquamancer  (Ace, 1993.)


Brightglade #2.


Having mastered the art of fire magic, Brightglade sets out to hone his skills, but instead gets involved in a new series of adventures involving a young woman who is an apprenticed wizard as well, her speciality being water magic.


Dragon Companion  (Ace, 1994.)


Dragon #1.


A staid librarian from our world finds himself in a magical realm, out of work and out of sorts.  Fortunately, a dragon takes a liking to him and offers to be his mount, although there is no question of the human being in charge.  They become involved in the investigation of a kidnapping and battle assassins, spies, and mercenaries.


Dragon Rescue  (Ace, 1995.)


Dragon #2.


The prolonged absence of an intelligent dragon stirs his friends who eventually set out to find him.  Adventure and light humor mix as they uncover the mystery of his disappearance.


Dragon Tempest  (Ace, 1998.)


Dragon #3.


                Further light adventures of a sentient dragon and his human companions versus a host of human and inhuman enemies.


Geomancer  (Ace, 1994.)


Brightglade #3.


Brightglade gets involved with a tribe of people who have been turned magically into living statues.  He and another apprentice decide to set them free.


Marbleheart  (Ace, 1998.)


Brightglade #5.


                The magical sea otter companion of Brightglade is off on another adventure, with a new set of friends.


Pyromancer  (Ace, 1992.)


Brightglade #1.


The protagonist is apprenticed to a wizard who specializes in magic involving fire, which turns out to be fortunate when an evil wizard creates a new ice age.  Humor and adventure alternate as Douglas Brightglade sets out on a quest to save his world.




Ember (Grand Central, 2012.)


Darkest London




Evernight (Forever, 2014.)


Darkest London #6.




Firelight  (Grand Central, 2012.)


Darkest London




Moonglow  (Grand Central, 2012.)


Darkest London




Soulbound (Forever, 2015.)


Darkest London #6.




Winterblaze  (Grand Central, 2013.)


Darkest London.




CALVERT, DAWN  (Pseudonym of Dawn Calvert Gothro.)


Hero Worship  (Zebra, 2006.)


Time travel romance.


CALVINO, ITALO  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Baron in the Trees, The  (Random House, 1959, Harbrace, 1977, translated from the Italian by Archibald Colquhoun.)


An 18th Century Italian nobleman becomes so disgusted with human society that he climbs into a grove of trees and refuses to descend for the rest of his life.


Invisible Cities  (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1974.)


Not seen.


Italian Folktales  (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1993.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Nonexistent Knight and the Cloven Viscount, The  (Collins, 1962, Harbrace, 1977, translated from the Italian by Archibald Colquhoun. Italian editions, 1951 & 1959 published individually.)


Two short medieval fantasy novels, one half involving an animated but empty suit of armor, the other the fate of the two halves of a man cut in twain, both sides surviving.


CAMBIAS, JAMES (Also writes Science Fiction._


Initiate, The (Baen, 2020.)


Revolt against a group of sorcerers.


CAMERON, ELEANOR  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Beyond Silence  (Dutton, 1980, Dell, 1985.)


Not seen.  Time travel in Scotland.


Court of the Stone Garden, The  (Dutton, 1973, Avon, 1976, Peter Smith, 1983, Puffin, 1992.)


Stone Garden #1.


A young woman from our own time meets a strange girl while visiting a museum exhibit of statues of children, and is eventually drawn into a mystery that has remained unsolved since the Napoleonic age. 


Spell Is Cast, A  (Little, Brown, 1964, Peter Smith, 1992.)


When she discovers that her family includes a history of witchcraft, a young girl tries to resolve their problems using a unicorn shaped charm.


To the Green Mountains  (Dutton, 1975.)


Stone Garden #2.






Fell Sword, The (Orbit, 2014.)


Traitor Son #2.




Red Knight, The  (Orbit, 2013.)


Traitor Son #1.






7B  (Mira, 2001.)


Mayfair Square #3.


                A ghost acts as a matchmaker.


All Smiles  (Mira, 2000.)


Mayfair Square #2.


                Romance novel featuring a match making ghost.


More and More  (Mira, 1998.)


Mayfair Square #1.


                A ghost gets involved in a love affair between mortals.




Mesmerized  (Mira, 2003.)


                Attempts to prove a medium fake fail in the presence of two actual friendly ghosts in this romance.




Fire Lily  (Avon, 1991.)


                Romance novel involving two clairvoyants.




Damnation for Beginners  (Subterranean, 2012.)




God of Clocks  (Bantam, 2009.)


Earth becomes the battlefield for demons and angels.


Iron Angel  (Bantam, 2008.)


Angel #2.


An angel tries to survive in a city falling into chaos.


Lye Street  (Subterranean, 2007.)


A prequel to Scar Night.


Scar Night  (Tor UK, 2006, Bantam, 2007.)


Angel #1.


                In a mystical city, two angels Ė one good and one bad Ė affect the future of the world.


Sea of Ghosts  (Tor, 2012.)






Bloodstone  (DAW, 2006.)


Trickster's Game #2.


                A young boy violates the rules of his people and flees, but returns to warn them of danger.


Heartwood  (DAW, 2005.)


Trickster's Game #1.


                A hunter goes on a quest when a benevolent deity is imprisoned in the material world.




Masquerade of Oz  (Books of Wonder, 1994.)


An Oz book.


Ozma and the Patchwork Girl of Oz throw a party at which they accidentally cast a spell that makes everyone believe they are actually someone else, and no one knows how to reverse the magic.


CAMPBELL, JACK (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Assassins of Altis, The (Jabberwocky, 2015.)


Pillars of Reality #3.


A magical world is threatened with destruction.


Dragons of Dorcastle, The (Jabberwocky, 2015.)


Pillars of Reality #1.


A magical world is threatened with destruction.


Hidden Masters of Marandur, The (Jabberwocky, 2015.)


Pillars of Reality #2.


A magical world is threatened with destruction.




Raiders of the Lost Ark  (Chronicle, 1998, based on the screenplay by George Lucas, Louis Kaufman, and Lawrence Kasdan.)


                Young readerís book based on the movie about a race to find the Lost Ark before the Nazis can grab it.




Just in Time  (Topaz, 1996.)


A fortune teller's potion sends the protagonist into her future where she encounters love and danger.  A romance novel.


Out of Time  (Topaz, 1997.)


A reporter makes a deal with the Devil which involves the power to travel in time.  A romance.




High Lord, The  (?, Eos, 2004.)


Guild #3.




Magician's Guild, The  (HarperCollins, 2002, Eos, 2004.)


Guild #1.


                A youngster startles the guild of magicians by demonstrating very great but undisciplined magical talents.


Novice, The  ?, Eos, 2004.)


Guild #2.




Priestess of the White  (HarperCollins, 2005, Eos, 2006.)


Age of Five #1.


                A woman with magical powers is appointed protector of her village.


Successor's Promise (Orbit, 2017.)


Thief's Magic (Orbit, 2014.)


Millennium #1.


Conspiracy in a fantasy world that uses science as well as magic.




Keeper of the Rings  (Leisure, 1996.)


                A romance.  Not seen.




Becoming a Witch  (Simon Spotlight, 1997.)


A Sabrina novel.


                The story of how Sabrina became a witch in the first place.


CANNING, VICTOR  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Circle of the Gods, The  (Heinemann, 1977.)


Crimson Chalice #2.


                Second third of the story of King Arthur.


Crimson Chalice, The  (Heinemann, 1976.)


Crimson Chalice #1.


                First third of the story of King Arthur.


Crimson Chalice, The  (Charter, 1978.)


A retelling of the Arthurian legend by a noted thriller writer.  Originally published in three volumes.


Immortal Wound, The  (Heinemann, 1978.)


Crimson Chalice #3.


                Final third of the story of King Arthur.


CAPEK, KAREL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Apocryphal Tales  (Viking, 1975, Penguin, ?, Catbird, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are fantasy.


Nine Fairy Tales  (Northwestern University, 1990.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Leopard of Poitain, The  (Celt Press, 1985.)


Novel made up of several shorter pieces, the exploits of a barbarian adventurer set in the world of Robert E. Howard's Conan but without using that character. 


CARAKER, MARY  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Women of the Kalevala, The  (North Star, 1996.)


                Collection of related stories.


CARD, C.J.  (Pseudonym of Carol Card Otten.)


My Loving Familiar  (Jove, 2000.)


                Historical fantasy romance about a man with no belief in magic who tries to replace the services of a woman who deals in potions and herbs.


One Wish  (Jove, 1998.)


                A woman inherits a curiosity shop and finds within it a bottled genie.  She wishes for the perfect man, and instead gets someone with whom she seems to have nothing in common.  But romance and magic work in peculiar ways.


CARD, ORSON SCOTT  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Alvin Journeyman  (Tor, 1995.)


Alvin Maker #4.


Alvin must face his old enemy the Unmaker in a new confrontation set in a frontier America in a parallel universe where some forms of magic work.


Crystal City, The  (Tor, 2003.)


Alvin Maker #6.


                Alvin and his cohorts attempt to establish their holy city in a western America where magic works.


Enchantment  (Del Rey, 1999.)


                A young boy in Russia stumbles across a woman who is deep in a magical sleep.  Years later, now a graduate student in America, he decides to return to his homeland where he discovers that it wasn't his imagination.  He wakens her with a kiss and is simultaneously transported into a magical other time.


Gatefather (Tor, 2015.)


Gate #3.


A young man learns to control his magic.


Gate Thief, The  (Tor, 2013.)


Gate #2.




Hart's Hope  (Berkley, 1983, Unwin, 1986, Tor, 1988.)


A fairy tale about a land conquered by force, its rightful ruler an apparently helpless girl who is spared only to become the instrument of the downfall of the usurper.


Hatrack River  (Guild America, 1989.)


Omnibus of the first three Alvin Maker novels.


Heartfire  (Tor, 1998, Orbit, 2001.)


Alvin Maker #5.


                A woman with the power of prophecy visits the exiled King of England in a parallel universe where magic works.  Her husband, meanwhile, is trying to root out the truth of the witchcraft trials in Salem.


Lost Gate, The  (Tor, 2010.)


Gate #1.


A war among magicians living secretly among us.


Magic Mirror  (Gibbs-Smith, 1999.)


                Children's story about a magic mirror that shows only lies.


Magic Street   (Del Rey, 2005.)


                The protagonist discovers that he can eavesdrop on other people's dreams.


Prentice Alvin  (Tor, 1989, Legend, 1989.)


Alvin Maker #3.


Alvin overcomes a series of challenges on the road to manhood in an alternate America dominated by an older, simpler magical reality.


Red Prophet  (Tor, 1988, Legend, 1989.)


Alvin Maker #2.


Alvin Maker edges toward maturity, trying to absorb the knowledge passed on to him by his mentor, but their enemies grow more insistent as well.


Ruins (Simon Pulse, 2014.)


Pathfinder #2.




Seventh Son  (Tor, 1987.)


Alvin Maker #1.


A young boy whose birth is supposed to confer great luck upon him also acquires powerful and relentless enemies.  Fortunately he has a wise mentor and loyal friends.  Set in a magical alternate America, the series roughly parallels the early days of the Mormon Church.


Treasure Box, The  (Harper, 1997.)


                A man discovers that his wife holds the key that will allow or prevent a malevolent force from being unleashed in our world.




To Sleep with Evil  (TSR, 1996.)


A Ravenloft novel.


                A woman is trapped into betrothal to a man she fears and dislikes.  He in turn is the subject of a gypsy curse which becomes active when he starts to plan his marriage.




Winter Queen, The  (Ace, 1999.)


                When the King of Albor dies, his heir is too young so he chooses his wife to rule the kingdom until the boy comes of age.  Unfortunately, various of his subjects dislike being ruled by a woman and plot against her, unaware of the fact that she commands sorcerous powers.


CAREY, JACQUELINE  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Banewreaker  (Tor, 2004.)


Sundering #1.


                A magical world is divided between two gods, but the doings of mortals might affect the fate of one of them.


Dark Currents




Godslayer  (Tor, 2005.)


Sundering #2.


                As forces gather to battle the ultimate evil, they begin to learn the truth, that good and evil are not so easily distinguished.


Kushiel's Avatar  (Tor, 2003.)


Kushiel #3.


                The quest to free a man from his magical indenture takes two companions on a journey across strange and unknown territory.


Kushiel's Chosen  (Tor, 2002.)


Kushiel #2.


                Continuing power struggles as the gods involve themselves in the succession to the throne of an ancient kingdom.


Kushiel's Dart  (Forge, 2001.)


Kushiel #1.


                A massive novel of intricate court intrigues, magic, political maneuverings, and the destiny of a young slave girl.


Kushiel's Justice  (Warner, 2007.)


Kushiel #5.


The royal son of traitors sparks controversy when he becomes romantically involved with a princess.


Kushiel's Mercy  (Grand Central, 2008.)


Kushiel #6.


A royal scandal destabilizes a government.


Kushiel's Scion  (Warner, 2006.)


Kushiel #4.


                A young man who overcame adversity and became a contender for the throne finds himself facing a series of new dangers.


Miranda and Caliban (Tor, 2017.)


Naamah's Blessing  (Grand Central, 2011.)


Naamah #3.


Complications in a magical kingdom whose ruler is devastated by grief.


Naamah's Curse  (Grand Central, 2010.)


Naamah #2.


A young woman goes on a quest across a magical land.


Naamah's Kiss  (Grand Central, 2009.)


Naamah #1.


A young woman finds her magical destiny.


Starless (Tor, 2018.)




Beast of Noor, The  (Atheneum, 2006.)


                Two children confront a ghostly dog.


Dragonís Keep  (Harcourt, 2007.)


                A young princess born with a dragonís claw is kidnapped by a supposedly evil dragon.


Dragonswood (Firebird, 2013.)




In the Time of the Dragon Moon (Dawson, 2015.)




Stealing Death (Egmont, 2010.)






Dreams and Shadows (Harper, 2013.)


Fairies #1.




Queen of the Dark Things (Harper, 2014.)


Fairies #2.


Humans and fairies interact.


CARL, LILLIAN STEWART  (Also writes Horror.)


Blackness Tower  (Juno, 2008.)


Paranormal events at an ancient tower.


Lucifer's Crown  (Five Star, 2003.)


                A teacher and one of her students are researching Arthurian legends when they run into a battle between a man who has gained immortality from Lucifer and those who seek to prevent him from finding the Holy Grail.


Sabazel  (Ace, 1985.)


Sabazel #1.


A young man falls in love with a member of a tribe of Amazons whose religion and upbringing have not prepared her for dealing with a male warrior.


Shadow Dancers  (Ace, 1987.)


Sabazel #3.


The son of two illustrious heroes is now the ruler of a magnificent kingdom.  But there is treachery at home and threats of invasion from abroad, particularly from a demon who has seized the body of a sorceress and arranged the kidnapping of the queen.


Wings of Power  (Ace, 1989.)


An unruly young man is sent into exile to protect him from the powerful enemies he has made through his indiscretions.  There he has numerous adventures, rescues a beautiful woman, dodges dark sorcery, and grows to maturity in the face of adversity.


Winter King, The  (Ace, 1986.)


Sabazel #2.


The heir to a new empire flees to the kingdom of his parents after invaders conquer most of the lands he formerly ruled.   Chastened by his defeat, he works to regroup his varied peoples to overthrow the aggressors and reclaim their homeland.




Timeless Treasure, A  (Pinnacle, 1995.)


On the rebound from a broken love affair, a young woman goes on a cruise, gets caught in a storm, and is swept back through time to the 18th Century Caribbean and into the arms of a dashing pirate.  A romance novel.


Timeswept  (Pinnacle, 1994.)


Romance novel in which a modern woman is magically transported back through time to the French and Indian Wars of the early 18th Century where she is rescued from Indians by a fur trader and finds true love.


CARLSEN, CHRIS  (Pseudonym of Robert Holdstock, whom see.)


Bull Chief, The  (Sphere, 1977.)


Berserker #2.


                A warrior cursed to fits of animal rage travels to Arthurís Britain, where he is enlisted in the battle against the Saxons.


Horned Warrior, The  (Sphere, 1979.)


Berserker #3.


                A Viking berserker is reborn in Druidic England in time to become involved in a fresh round of wars and intrigues.


Shadow of the Wolf  (Sphere, 1977.)


Berserker #1.


                A Viking warrior offends Odin and is cursed to be a berserker, subject to animal rages that turn him into an effective, but mindless killer.




Mr. Pudgins   (Houghton Mifflin, 1951, Scholastic, 1973.)


Children's fantasy about a man with magical powers to fly through the air, step into mirrors, and so on.


CARLSON, CHRISTOPHER C.  (See collaboration with Mark Jean.)




Queen Ann in Oz  (Emerald City Press, 1997.)


Not seen.




Conan Triumphant  (TSR, 1985.)


                A multipath gamebook.




Dark Lord of Pengersick, The  (Whizzard, 1976, Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, 1980, Ace, 1985.)


 A spirited young woman steals a ring from a mighty sorcerer, unaware that it is the key to his darkest powers and that he would stop at nothing to get it back.  When she realizes the truth, she holds him at bay while a young man raises a force to destroy his power forever.


CARMAN, PATRICK  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Beyond the Valley of Thorns (Orchard, ?)


Land of Elyon #2.




Dark Hills Divide, The  (Orchard, ?)


Land of Elyon #1.




Into the Mist  (Orchard, 2007, Scholastic, 2011.)


Land of Elyon #4.


A small band of adventurers travel across a magical land.


Stargazer  (Orchard, 2008.)


Land of Elyon #4.


Young travelers are stranded in a mysterious land.


Tenth City, The  (Orchard, 2006.)


Land of Elyon #3.


                The final battle between good and evil with the usual plots and reversals.  For young adults.


CARMICHAEL, EMILY  (Pseudonym of Emily Krokosz.)


Cat's Meow, The  (Bantam, 2004.)


                After an accident, a lawyer discovers that she can talk to a cat.


Finding Mr. Right  (Bantam, 1999.)


                A sexy woman is reincarnated as a disreputable mutt and sets off to find the man she loved in life.


Ghost for Maggie, A  (Bantam, 1999.)


                A woman turns a one-time whorehouse into an inn, but has problems with a matchmaking ghost.


CARMODY, ISABEL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Legend Begins, The  (Random House, 2006.)


Little Fur #1.


                A half elf, half troll guards a grove of sacred trees.


Night Gate  (Random House, 2004, Dell Yearling, 2006.)


Gateway #1


                A group of teenagers cross a portal to a realm where they are physically transformed into animals.


Winter Door  (Random House, 2005.)


Gateway #2.


                A teenager believes that the world is settling back to normal, but dark magic still lurks just out of sight.


CARPENTER, CHRISTOPHER  (Pseudonym of Christopher Evans, whom see.)


Twilight Realm, The  (Arrow, 1985, Grosset & Dunlap, 1986, Berkley, 1987.)


A group of teens are sucked into their role playing game and find themselves battling evil sorcerers, werewolves, and other monsters.  For younger readers.




Conan of the Red Brotherhood  (Tor, 1993.)


A Conan novel.


Conan leads a band of pirates, but a wizard is raising magical forces to destroy him by launching a fleet crewed by unstoppable zombies.


Conan, Scourge of the Bloody Coast  (Tor, 1994.)


A Conan novel.


Conan is the leader of a band of pirates who play two rival kingdoms off against one another.  The situation gets more dangerous when Conan is tempted by rumors of a great treasure.


Conan the Gladiator  (Tor, 1995.)


A Conan novel.


Conan joins a traveling circus which falls into the hands of a ruthless ruler who forces them to fight to the death in his arena..


Conan the Great  (Tor, 1997.) 


A Conan novel.


                Conan is king of Aquilonia, but his throne is not safe.


Conan the Hero  (Tor, 1989.)


A Conan novel.


Conan takes a job suppressing drug addicted raiding parties in an unsettled nation only to discover that palace intrigues and petty jealousies at court endanger his life every bit as much as the bandits.


Conan the Outcast   (Tor, 1991.)


A Conan novel.


Although Conan has been banned from a city, he returns in order to rescue a beautiful young woman who is scheduled to be a human sacrifice.


Conan the Raider  (Tor, 1987.) 


A Conan novel.,


                Conan battles a prophet who has magical powers.


Conan the Renegade  (Tor, 1986.)


A Conan novel. 


                Conan finds dangerous work as a mercenary.


Conan the Savage  (Tor, 1992.)


A Conan novel.


Conan escapes from the mines to which he has been condemned, but before he can quit the country entirely, he is drawn into a battle to resist the growing power of a ruler who has summoned supernatural forces to her side.


Conan the Warlord  (Tor, 1988.) 


A Conan novel.


                Conan impersonates the son of a noble in order to help him to escape from imprisonment.  The escape plot, predictably, gets more complicated than Conan expected.




Catweazle  (Puffin, 1970, from the screenplay by Richard Carpenter.)


Catweazle #1.


Novelization of the BBC series about a magician whose spells rarely worked, but one day propelled him through time to the present day, where he has a hard time understanding that modern technology isn't just another kind of magic.


Catweazle and the Magic Zodiac  (Puffin, 1971.)


Catweazle #2.


Not seen.




Burning Court, The  (Harper, 1937, Popular Library, 1944, Guild, 1952, Bantam, 1954, Award, 1969, International Polygonics, 1985.)


Marginal story mixing murder mystery and reincarnation.


Devil in Velvet, The  (Harper, 1951, Bantam, 1952, Penguin, 1956, Carroll & Graf, 1987.)


A scholar from the present travels magically back to 17th Century London where he becomes involved in a series of mysteries against the backdrop of court intrigue.


Fear Is the Same  (Morrow, 1956, as by Carter Dickson.   World, 1959, Bantam, 1959, both as by John Dickson Carr.)


Two people from the present awaken one morning in Regency England, just in time to become involved in a series of mysterious killings. 


Fire, Burn  (Harper, 1957, Bantam, 1959, Penguin, 1961, Carroll & Graf, 1987.)


A modern day detective steps out of his carriage into the early 19th Century and becomes involved with the formation of Scotland Yard and a clever and relentless murderer.




Cast of Stones, A  (Bethany, 2013.)


Staff and Sword #1.




Draw of Kings, A  (Bethany, 2014.)


Staff and Sword #3.




Hero's Lot, The (Bethany, 2013.)


Staff and Sword #2.




CARR, ROBERT SPENCER  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Room Beyond, The  (Appleton Century, 1948.)


A young man falls in love with a woman who is not quite human.




Cast of Stones, A  (Bethany, 2013.)


Staff and Sword #1.


Standard epic fantasy.




Diabolical Miss Hyde, The (Harper Voyager, 2015.)






Empire of Elwolf, The  (Royal Fireworks, 1997.)


                Complicated fantasy for young adults featuring time travel, spaceships, elves, and a number of riddles embedded in the story.




Blameless (2010)


Changeless (2010)


Curtsies & Conspiracies (2013)


Etiquette & Espionage (2013)


Heartless (2011)


Manners & Mutiny (Little Brown, 2015.)




Prudence (Orbit, 2015.)


Soulless (2009)


Timeless (2012)


Waistcoasts & Weaponry (2014)




Hearing Trumpet, The  (St Martins, 1976, Pocket, 1977, Exact Change, 1996.  French edition 1974.)


An elderly woman confined to a crumbling Spanish castle discovers the secret of the Holy Grail and uses this knowledge to organize others in a rebellion against the male dominated culture that has taken away their liberties.


CARROLL, JERRY JAY  (Also writes Horror.)


Dog Eat Dog  (Ace, 1999.)


Bogey #2.


                Having been restored to his human body from his brief term as a dog, Bogey discovers that an evil spirit has entered the world in his wake, and that the latter is headed for the White House.


Top Dog  (Ace, 1996.)


Bogey #1.


A competitive executive wakes up one day to discover that he has been transformed into a dog, and sets out to see the world from an entirely different perspective.  Metaphorical fantasy.


CARROLL, JONATHAN  (Also writes Horror.)


Bathing the Lion (St Martins, 2014.)


Several people share a bizarre dream.


Black Cocktail, The  (Legend, 1990, St Martins, 1991.)


Novella about a man who finds that a childhood friend has not aged one bit, and has looked him up to settle an old score.


Bones of the Moon  (Century, 1987, Arbor House, 1987, Legend, 1987, Avon, 1990, Orb, 2002.)


Venasque #1.


A young woman whose dreams are incredibly vivid and which seem to predict things that will happen to her when awake experiences a new series that involve adventures in a fantasy world.  As the dreams continue, some of the events in that realm begin to overlap into her waking hours.


Child Across the Sky, A  (Century, 1989, Legend, 1989, Doubleday, 1990.)


Bones #3.


A horror film producer commits suicide and an old friend tries to discover what drove him to it.  His investigations reveal that the dead man drew his inspiration from the land of the dead, and set loose a dark force that threatens the living.


Glass Soup  (Tor, 2005.)


                Two people are lured into the land of the dead.


Land of Laughs, The  (Viking, 1980, Hamlyn, 1982, Ace, 1983, Millennium, 2000, Orb, 2001.)


Marvelous story of the discovery that the creatures made popular by a fantasy writer are real and that he was describing actual events in the small town where he lived rather than making everything up. 


Marriage of Sticks, The  (Gollancz, 1999, Tor, 2000, Indigo, 2000.)


                A woman is upset when she learns that her high school sweetheart has died.  Then she begins seeing him and eventually speaks to him.  He has returned to show her the path her life might have taken if she had chosen differently.


Outside the Dog Museum  (MacDonald, 1991, Doubleday, 1992, Bantam, 1993, Orb, 2005.)


Venasque #3.


An architect has an apparent nervous breakdown, after which he falls under the influence of a shaman, is commissioned to do a job for an Arab potentate, and discovers that there is genuine magic in the world.


Panic Hand, The  (Harper, 1995, St Martins, 1996.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Sleeping in Flame  (Doubleday, 1988, Legend, 1988, Vintage, 1990, Tor, 2004, Orb, 2004.)


Venasque #2


A man experiences unsettling psychic visions of the near future, so he consults a local magician who helps him to discover a problem that originated in a previous life.


Teaching the Dog to Read (2015.)


Voice of our Shadow  (Viking, 1983, Ace, 1984, Arrow, 1984, Gollancz, 2002.)


An American touring Europe is haunted by the mysterious death of his brother when they were children.  His life is even more unsettled when he discovers that his brother did not die as he believes, and that neither of them are human.


White Apples  (Tor, 2002.)


                A man is brought back from the dead in order to play a pivotal role in the safety of his unborn son, who has extraordinary powers.


Woman Who Married a Cloud, The  (Subterranean, 2012.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Wooden Sea, The  (Tor, 2001, Gollancz, 2001.)


                A police officer's life becomes complicated by a dead dog that refuses to remain buried, a mysterious figure who gives him the ability to travel in time, the unexpected appearance of a younger version of himself, and other mysteries.  Ultimately he learns the purpose of the universe, and finds what is important in human existence.


CARROLL, LEE  (Also writes Horror.)


Black Swan Rising  (Tor, 2010.)


Garet James #1.


Fairies and vampires are secretly living among us.


Watchtower, The  (Tor, 2011.)


Garet James #2.


A woman with mystical powers tries to cure a vampire.




Alice in Wonderland to Read Aloud  (Wonder Books, 1963, abridged by Oscar Weigel.)


Shortened version of Alice in Wonderland.


Alice in Wonderland  (Burt, ?, Norton, 1992, Ladybird, 1996, Apple, 1997.  As Aliceís Adventures in Wonderland, Homewood, 1902,  Franklin, 1975, Oxford, 1980, Outlet, 1988, Holt, 1988, Troll, 1990, Cornerstone, 1990, Harcourt, 1991, St Martinís, 1991, Watermill, 1992, Apple, 1997, Altemus, ?, DK, 2001.  Norton, 1971, includes Alice's Adventure Underground.)


Alice in Wonderland and Other Favorites  (Pocket, 1951.)


                The novel plus some shorter works.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  (See Alice in Wonderland)


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass   (Macmillan, 1865, Appleton, 1866, Grosset & Dunlap, 1946, Lancer, 1968, Oxford, 1983, Gollancz, 1984, Bantam, 1990, Knopf, 1992, Tor, 1992, Books of Wonder, 1992, Morrow, 1993, Dover, 1993, Puffin, 1994, Signet, 1995, Grammercy, 1995, Smithmark, 1996, GT Publications, 1997, Artisan, 1997, which has beautiful illustrations, Chronicle, 2000.)


The two tales of a young girl magically transported into strange worlds.


Alice's Adventures Underground  (Macmillan, 1886, Dover, 1965, Trafalgar Square, 1993.  Xerox, 1964, is a reproduction of the original manuscript.)


Further adventures.


Annotated Alice, The  (World, 1960, Forum, 1963, with notes by Martin Gardner.)


Annotated version of Alice in Wonderland.


Complete Works  (Vintage, 1976.)


                Omnibus of his complete prose and poems.


Through the Looking Glass   (?, 1871, Morrow, 1993, Atheneum, 1993, Puffin, 1996.)


                Aliceís second adventure.


CARROLL, SUSAN  (Pseudonym of Susan Coppula.  Also writes Horror.)


Bride Finder, The  (?, 1998, Gold Medal, 1999.)


                An historical romance that involves some genuine psychic events.


Courtesan, The  (Ballantine, 2005.)


Faire Isle #2.




Dark Queen, The  (Ballantine, 2005.)


Faire Isle #1.




Midnight Bride  (Ballantine, 2001.)


                Romance novel involving magic and a genuine ghost.


Silver Rose, The  (Ballantine, 2006.)


Faire Isle #3.


                A secret society menaces a fantasy world.


CARTER, ANGELA  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Bloody Chamber and Other Stories, The  (Gollancz, 1979, Penguin, 1993.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman, The  (See The War of Dreams.)


Magic Toyshop, The  (Heinemann, 1967, Penguin, 1996.)


Not seen.  A woman is trapped in a dream.


War of Dreams, The  (Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1972, Avon Bard, 1977. Rupert Hart Davis, 1972, as The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman.)


A highly inventive novel that uses the tropes of both SF and fantasy as a battle is fought across time and space and the landscapes of individual dreams.




Champagne Charlie  (Duell Sloan Pearce, 1950.)


Not seen.  A man acquires a supernatural power.


CARTER, LIN  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror. Note that some of the Thongor series were fantasy rather than SF, but the entire series is listed in the SF section of this reference.  See also collaborations with L. Sprague de Camp.)


Black Star, The  (Dell, 1973.)


A hero and a beautiful woman protect a magical gem that has been taken from the land of immortals.  In the hands of a cruel ruler, it could make his reign endless. 


Callipygia  (DAW, 1988.)


Terra Magica #4.


A knight and an amazon are hoping to return home after a series of adventures, but they get trapped on a flying island and run into a fearsome ogre before they succeed.


Dragonrouge  (DAW, 1984.)


Terra Magica #2.


Mildly sexy adventure story featuring demons, giants, sea serpents, and other legendary creatures, all mixed together in the land beyond the world's edge.


Earth-Shaker, The  (Doubleday, 1982.)


Zarkon #4.


Not seen.


Flame of Iridar, The  (Belmont, 1967, bound with Peril of the Starmen by Kris Neville.)


A young hero captured by his enemies is freed by a sorcerer on the condition that he assist in a struggle between two magical powers.


Horror Wears Blue  (Doubleday, 1987.)


Zarkon #5.


Zarkon and his band of friends battle the Vulture and his minions, the Blue Men, a group of criminals who seem impervious to ordinary weapons.


Invisible Death  (Doubleday, 1975, Popular Library, 1978.)


Zarkon #2.


An evil mastermind is using occult powers to strike down his enemies and destabilize the world's governments.  Prince Zarkon and his friends intervene when it becomes evident that the police forces of the world are powerless to stop him.


Kellory the Warlock  (Doubleday, 1984.)


A warrior whose body has been crippled travels to a far land to find a fabled book of magic so that he can use sorcery against his enemies.


Kesrick  (DAW, 1982.)


Terra Magica #1.


A kitchen sink fantasy adventure drawing from the Arabian Nights, the Brothers Grimm, and other sources.  The hero is a knight who gets involved with an afreet, a princess, and other unlikely characters.


Lost World of Time  (Signet, 1969.)


A warrior with a magical hammer fulfills a prophecy by helping a beleaguered people resist the assault of an evil sorceror and his barbaric allies.


Lost Worlds  (DAW, 1980.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Mandricardo  (DAW, 1987.)


Terra Magica #3.


War ravages a fantasy world that exists just beyond our imagination, incorporating all the creatures of human imagination.  Our hero sets off to rescue the Amazon woman he loves, and overcomes men and monsters along the way.


Nemesis of Evil, The  (Doubleday, 1975, Popular Library, 1978.)


Zarkon #1.


A pastiche of the Doc Savage series.  Prince Zarkon and the Omega Crew have their first adventure, this time opposing an evil mastermind who uses what appear to be supernatural powers in his plot to master the world.


Quest of Kadji  (Belmont, 1971.)


Kylix #1.


A young man seeks to regain his birthright, the throne of a kingdom, from the evil man who usurped it, accompanied by the obligatory nubile young princess.


Tara of the Twilight  (Zebra, 1979.)


A female warrior has various adventures, mostly sexual, while struggling to maintain her independence in a barbaric world of sorcery and adventure.


Volcano Ogre, The  (Doubleday, 1976, Popular Library, 1978.)


Zarkon #3.


An apparently supernatural creature of flame appears from the mouth of a volcano to claim his victims.  Zarkon investigates and discovers that it is a hoax perpetrated by more conventional villains.


Wizard of Zao, The  (DAW, 1978.)


Kylix #2.


On a far star, a green magician buys a slave girl as part of his plot to save the world from a dire fate.  Complete with dragons and other magical devices, this isn't SF despite the interplanetary setting.




Alice's Journey Beyond the Moon  (Telos, 2004.)


                A "lost" Lewis Carroll manuscript about Alice's adventures on the moon.


CARTER, TONYA  (See collaborations with Paul Thompson.)




Defiant Heir, The (Orbit, 2018.)




Heir of Autumn  (Eos, 2006.)


Ohndarien #1.


                The only free city in a brutal world falls when one of its rulers is framed.  Exiled, she seeks to find the magical secret that can restore the old order.




Meq, The  (Del Rey, 2005.)


Meq #1.


                A young boy discovers that he is not a human, that he will remain twelve years old forever unless he finds his destined mate.  As the decades pass, he becomes involved in a battle with another of his kind, a renegade turned killer.


Remembering, The  (Del Rey, 2011.)


Meq #3.


Magical creatures living among us try to shape human history.


Time Dancers  (Del Rey, 2006.)


Meq #2.


                A group of people who are magically incapable of aging gather together to bring about change throughout the world.




Graceling  (Harcourt, 2008.)


Young adult fantasy adventure in a land where a few people have unusual powers.




Siren, The (Harper, 2016.)


Romance about a teenaged siren.




Shadows on the Hill  (White Wolf, 1996.)


A World of Darkness novel, #2 in the multi-author Immortal Eyes trilogy.


A group of adventurers searches for several magical artifacts on a quest that takes them to Hawaii and California, opposed by a band of faeries who are determined to seize the treasures for their own uses.


Court of All Kings  (White Wolf, 1996.)


A World of Darkness novel, #3 in the multi-author Immortal Eyes trilogy.


One of a group of adventurers betrays his fellows and steals three of four sacred objects that are the source of magical power.  The others must track him down before he finds the fourth and becomes invincible.




More Than Meets the Eye  (Silhouette, 2002.)


                A romance novel involving mermaids.


CASSUTT, MICHAEL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Dragon Season  (Tor, 1991.)


Interesting twist on the parallel world story, with an air force pilot crossing into a world where magical altered animals take the place of machinery and his mysterious wife is held captive by an evil power.


CAST, P.C.  (Also writes Horror.)


Brighid's Quest  (Luna, 2005.)


                Unusual romantic fantasy whose heroine is a centaur.


Divine by Blood  (Luna, 2007.)


Shannon Parker #3.


The daughter of a woman revered as a goddess in an alternate world returns there seeking her own place.


Divine by Choice  (Luna, 2006.)


Shannon Parker #2.


                A woman who marries a centaur in an alternate world is involuntarily returned to ours.


Divine by Mistake  (Luna, 2006.)


Shannon Parker #1.


                A magic artifact transports a woman to a magical world where she is revered as a goddess.  But thereís a catch.


Elphame's Choice  (Luna, 2005.)


                A young woman marked by the goddess finds true love and high adventure.


Goddess by Mistake  (?, 2001, Berkley, ?)


Goddess #1.




Goddess of Legend  (Berkley, 2010.)


Goddess #6.


Time travel romance.


Goddess of Light  (Berkley, 2005.)


Goddess #4.


                A lonely woman unwittingly attracts the attention of the gods.


Goddess of Love  (Berkley, 2007.)


Goddess #6.


                An awkward woman attracts the assistance of Venus herself.


Goddess of Spring  (Berkley, 2004.)


Goddess #3.


                A restaurant owner invokes the goddess Demeter.


Goddess of the Rose  (Berkley, 2006.)


Goddess #5.


                A young girl inadvertently performs a magic ceremony and finds herself in trouble with a witch.


Goddess of the Sea  (Berkley, 2003.)


Goddess #2.


                A woman casts a spell as a joke and finds herself transformed into a mermaid in this romance novel.


Warrior Rising  (Berkley, 2008.)


Goddess #7.


A contemporary woman is turned into a lure for Achilles.


CASTLE, JAYNE  (Pseudonym of Jayne Ann Krentz, whom see.  Also writes Science Fiction as Krentz and Fantasy as Amanda Quick.)


After Dark  (?)


Harmony #1.




All Night Long  (, 2006.)




Burning Lamp  (Putnam, ?, Jove, 2010.)


Arcane Society #2.




Fired Up  (Putnam, ?, Jove, 2010.)


Arcane Society #1.




Ghost Hunter  (Jove, 2006.)


Harmony #2.


                A woman falls in love with a ghost hunter in a fantasy world.



Midnight Crystal  (Putnam, ?, Jove, 2010.)


Arcane Society #3.




Silver Master  (Jove, 2007.)


A psychic matchmaker contends for control of a magical object.


CASTRO, ADAM-TROY  (Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Lost in Booth Nine  (Silver Salamander, 1993.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Briar Rose  (Sonnet, 1999.)


                The descendant of a fairy has the power to heal, which eventually endears her to the heart of a stiff British military officer.


Magic  (Pocket, 1998.)


                Magical endeavors bring forth powers of faerie to help protect the Irish people.


Perfect Match, The  (Harlequin, 2007.)


Romance with a touch of psychic powers.




Vorrh, The (Vintage, 2015.)


A town is adjacent to a mystical wood where even time works differently.


CATLING, PATRICK SKENE  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Chocolate Touch, The  (Morrow, 1952, Bantam Skylark, 1981.)


A magic coin gives a boy the power to turn everything he touches into chocolate in this amusing variation of the story of the Midas touch.




Clockwork Crown, The (Harper Voyager, 2015.)


Clockwork #2.




Clockwork Dagger, The (Harper Voyager, 2014.)


Clockwork #1.




Red Dust and Dancing Horses and Other Stories (Fairwood, 2017.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Boy Who Became an Eagle, The  (DK, 2000.)


                Young readers book about a boyís magical transformation.


CAWKWELL, SARAH  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Heirs of the Demon King (Abaddon, 2014.)


A demon rules an alternate medieval Europe.


CEBULASH, MEL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Ghost Dad:  A Novel  (Berkley, 1990, from the screenplay by Brent Maddock, S.S. Wilson, and Chris Reese.)


Novelization of the film about the return of the spirit of a nice guy dad.


Herbie Rides Again  (Scholastic, 1974, from the screenplay by Gordon Buford and Bill Walsh.)


Love Bug #2.


Novelization of the second Disney film about an intelligent car.


Love Bug, The  (Scholastic, 1969, from the screenplay by Don DaGradi, Gordon Buford, and Bill Walsh.)


Novelization of the first Disney film about an intelligent car involved in a race.




Summerland  (Hyperion, 2002.)


                Young adult novel about a boy obsessed with baseball who is recruited into an alternate dimension.


CHADBOURN, MARK  (Also writes Horror.)


Age of Misrule Omnibus, The  (Gollancz, 2006.)


                Omnibus of the complete series.


Always Forever  (Gollancz, 2001, Pyr, 2009.)


Age of Misrule #3.


                An epic war of the gods breaks out across the British Isles.  A group of humans travel to the land of the gods to seek their help in opposing another of their number bent upon the destruction of humankind.


Burning Man, The  (Gollancz, 2008, Pyr, 2012.)


Kingdom of Serpent #2.


Magical powers hold the entire world population in a spell.


Darkest Hour  (Gollancz, 2000, Pyr, 2009.)


Age of Misrule  #2.


                A band of five are caught between the forces of light and darkness, the human race and a magical elder species which wishes to claim the Earth for its own.


Destroyer of Worlds (Pyr, 2012.)




Devil in Green, The  (Gollancz, 2002, Pyr, 2010.)


Dark Age #1.


                A mercenary agrees to help the newly formed Knights Templar defend the Church following the re-emergence of magic.


Devil's Looking Glass, The  (Pyr, 2013.)


Sword of Albion #3.


A search for John Dee, who has disappeared along with a magical artifact.


Fairy Feller's Master Stroke, The  (PS, 2002.)




Hounds of Avalon, The  (Gollancz, 2005, Pyr, 2010.)


Dark Age #2.


                Two companions must solve the mystery of the legend of King Arthur as the modern world is invaded by magic.


Jack of Ravens  (Gollancz, 2006, Pyr, 2012.)


Kingdom of Serpent #1.


                A man from our time travels through time pursuing and pursued by a supernatural entity.


Lord of Silence  (Solaris, 2009.)


A man with a cursed jewel tries to defend a city.


Queen of Sinister  (Gollancz, 2004, Pyr, 2010.)


Dark Age #2.


                A woman crosses from our world into a mystical other world when a strange plague destroys civilization.


Scar-Crow Men, The  (Pyr, 2011.)


Sword of Albion #2.


The world of faerie attacks England in the 16th Century.


Silver Skull, The  (Pyr, 2009.)


Sword of Albion #1.


England goes to war against Faerie.


World's End  (Gollancz, 1999, Millennium, 2000, Pyr, 2009.)


Age of Misrule  #1.


                The British Isles are being progressively overrun by creatures of Celtic legend somehow magically returned to our world.  Just as it seems that humanity's supremacy is about to be replaced, a handful of individuals find a series of magical artifacts in order to save the day.




Devil's Kiss, The  (Hyperion, 2009.)


A secret order of magic wielders battles an ancient evil.




Daughters of the Grail  (Ballantine, 1995.)


Psychic talents complicate life and love in 13th Century France.


CHALK, GARY  (See collaborations with Joe Dever.)


CHALKER, JACK L.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


And the Devil Will Drag You Under  (Del Rey, 1979.)


A tipsy demon assigned to duty on Earth discovers that an asteroid is about to destroy the world, and his plush assignment.  So he picks a couple of mortals and tells them how they can go about saving the world.


Changewinds  (Baen, 1996.)


Omnibus volume of the Changewinds series.


Demons of the Dancing Gods  (Del Rey, 1984, Orbit, 1986, Phoenix Pick, 2012.)


Dancing Gods #2.


A council of sorcerers benevolently rules the world of the dancing gods, but one of their number is also the secretive and evil Dark Baron.  Two people transplanted from our own world use a magical sword to help unmask the villain.


Horrors of the Dancing Gods  ( Del Rey, 1995, Phoenix Pick, 2012.)


Dancing Gods #5.


                A heroic man finds himself in the body of a wood nymph, pitted against a supernatural villain.


Riders of the Winds  (Ace, 1988, New English Library, 1991.)


Changewinds #2.


Further adventures in a world where probability and reality are in constant flux.  The villain this time is a demon who plans to seize control of the changewinds and control the realities of all the worlds of existence.


River of the Dancing Gods, The  (Del Rey, 1984, Orbit, 1985.)


Dancing Gods #1.


Opening volume of an interesting fantasy series that uses a well organized magical system as its background.  A wizard rescues two doomed people from our world and enlists their aid as warriors against an evil threat to his own world.


Songs of the Dancing Gods  (Del Rey, 1990, Orbit, 1990, Phoenix Pick, 2012.)


Dancing Gods #4.


Two adventurers from our world caught in a magical realm discover that their very personalities are changing as they prefer to confront the Dark Baron once again, this time allied with a barbarian army.


Vengeance of the Dancing Gods  (Del Rey, 1985, Orbit, 1986, Phoenix Pick, 2012.)


Dancing Gods #3.


The villain of the preceding volume has been exiled to our own world, where he uses computer science to shape his next assault on a magical realm.  He calls upon Hell itself to send a demon in his efforts to make himself ruler of both worlds.


War of the Maelstrom  (Ace, 1988, New English Library, 1991.)


Changewinds #3.


The final confrontation between the forces of good and the forces of evil, the latter of which hope to use the malleability of reality in their magical land to assume power over a variety of worlds.


When the Changewinds Blow  (Ace, 1987, New English Library, 1991.)


Changewinds #1.


Magical winds transport two people from our world into a fantasy realm filled with unicorns and griffins and the like.  This world holds disparate creatures and devices from a variety of realities, and its own reality changes with each new storm.




Leaving Eden  (Forge, 2000.)


                A retelling of the story of Adam, Eve, and Lilith.


Merlin of St Gilles' Well, The  (Tor, 1999.)


Joan of Arc #1.


                Fantasy based on the life of Joan of Arc and with the assumption that she worshipped pagan gods who were actually the source of her voices.


Merlin of the Oak Wood, The  (Tor, 2001.)


Joan of Arc #2.


                A young girl hears voices which urge her to rise up and save 15th Century France.


CHAMBERS, ANDY (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Path of the Archon (Black Library, 2014.)


A Warhammer novel.




Path of the Dark Eldar (Black Library, 2015.)


A Warhammer novel.




Path of the Incubus (Black Library, 2013.)


A Warhammer novel.




Path of the Renegade (Black Library, 2012.)


A Warhammer novel.


A sorcerer and a homunculus plot the downfall of a tyrant.


CHAMBERS, ROBERT W.  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


King in Yellow, The  (Neely, 1895, Harper, 1902, Constable, 1916, Appleton Century, 1938, Ace, 1965, Ayer, 1969, Buccaneer, 1976,  Dedalus, 1989, Chatto & Windus, ?, Wildside, 2002)


Collection of sometimes related stories.  Contents occasionally vary among volumes.


King in Yellow and Other Horror Stories, The  (Peter Smith, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


King in Yellow and Other Tales of Supernatural Horror, The  (Dover, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Maker of Moons, The  (Putnam, 1896, Ayer, 1986.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Maker of Moons, The  (Shroud, 1954, Fantasy House, 1974.)


Chapbook of the story about an oriental sorcerer in New York City.


Mystery of Choice, The  (Appleton, 1897.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Slayer of Souls, The  (Doran, 1920, Hodder, 1920.)


Not seen.  Occult forces are involved in a plot to conquer the world.





Forbidden  (Royal Fireworks, 1997.)


                Swords and sorcery in a struggle between various powers for control of the throne of a magical kingdom.  For younger readers.




Kissed by an Angel  (Archway, 1995.)


Angel #1.


A troubled young girl overcomes her difficulties with the help of an angel.


Kissed by an Angel: The Power of Love  (Archway, 1995.)


Angel #2.


Not seen.


Kissed by an Angel: Soulmates  (Archway, 1995.)


Angel #3.


A teenager laments the death of her boyfriend, but he comes back as an angel and helps her escape the attention of a murderer.


CHANCELLOR, VICTORIA  (Pseudonym of Victoria Chancellor Hufstutler.)


Across the Rainbow  (Leisure, 1997.)


                Not seen.  A time travel romance.


Bitterroot  (BMI, 1996.)


                A woman is swept back through time in the Old West.


Forever and a Day  (Love Spell, 1995.)


                A woman is troubled by psychic dreams of an evil presence which she confuses with the strange man who has just come into her life.


CHANE, LEE ARTHUR  (Pseudonym of Edward Willett, whom see.)


Magebane  (DAW, 2011.)


Someone wants to open the barrier that contains all the magic in the world.


CHANT, JOY  (Pseudonym of Eileen Joyce Rutter.)


Grey Mane of Morning, The   (Allen & Unwin, 1977, Bantam, 1980.)


Vanderei #2.


A nomadic warrior race that routinely kidnaps women runs into trouble when their latest captive turns out to be a priestess, and not just that, but the symbolic luck of her entire tribe. 


High Kings, The  (Bantam, 1983, Allen & Unwin, 1983.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Red Moon and Black Mountain  (Allen & Unwin, 1970, Doubleday, 1970, Ballantine, 1971.)


Vanderei #1.


An exiled lord with magical powers and dark ambitions threatens to conquer an entire world, but two unlikely heroes are cast as the heroes of prophecy, fated to save the world once the proper moon rises in the night sky.


When Voiha Wakes  (Bantam, 1983, Unwin, 1983.)


Vanderei #3.


A young woman slated to be the next queen falls under the influence of a likable musician, who plies his trade even though by tradition and law, only women can employ music.




Charming the Highlander  (Pocket, 2003.)


Highlander #1.


                Romance novel about a highlander who travels through time.


Loving the Highlander  (Pocket, 2003.)


Highlander #2.




Tempting the Highlander  (Pocket, 2004.)


Highlander #4.


                Time travel romance.


Wedding the Highlander  (Pocket, 2003.)


Highlander #3.


                A time traveler from the past helps a troubled woman from the present.


CHAPMAN, STEPAN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Dossier  (Creative Arts Book Company, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Troika  (Ministry of Whimsy, 1997.)


                Surrealistic novel of three travelers across a mysterious desert whose personalities travel from body to body, who visit dead cities, and who cannot remember their own past until they find redemption.




Blaedud the Birdman  (Rex Collings, 1978, Avon, 1980.)


In Druidic England, a king becomes so obsessed with the thought of flying that he risks his entire kingdom in a deal with a sorceress to acquire working wings.


Enchantresses, The  (Gollancz, 1998, Vista, 1998.)


                Related to the Camelot series and published posthumously, this is the story of three half sisters of Arthur, raised by Merlin, with magical abilities that enable them to help shape the future of Arthurís Britain, for good and for evil.


Green Knight, The  (Rex Collings, 1975, Avon, 1978.)


Camelot #1.


Morgan Le Fay plans to defeat King Arthur and his court through the sacrifice of a young girl and the subversion and death of Sir Gawain.  Her ally, the Green Knight, can alter his body into the form of a brutish monster.


King Arthur's Daughter  (Rex Collings, 1976, Avon, 1978.)


Camelot #3.


Following the death of King Arthur, his daughter battles her half brother Mordred to secure his throne.  Mordred is the puppet of Morgan Le Fay, and Ursulet, the daughter, is assisted by Sir Bedivere and others.


King's Damosel, The  (Rex Collings, 1976, Avon, 1978.)


Camelot #2.


A young woman in the service of King Arthur is betrayed in love, and subsequently adopts a personal quest to find the Holy Grail.


Miranty and the Alchemist   (Avon Camelot, 1983.)


A young girl is left in the charge of her mysterious uncle, who turns out to be an alchemist.  For younger readers.


Notorious Abbess, The  (Academy Chicago, 1997.)


                Collection of related stories.


Three Damosels, The  (Methuen, 1983, Gollancz, 1996.)


Omnibus of the Camelot series.




Through the Alimentary Canal with Gun and Camera  (Frederick Stokes, 1930.)


Exactly what it sounds like, a journey through the human body, with amusing illustrations.


CHARLES, NEIL  (House pseudonym.  Also used for Science Fiction.)


Land of Esa, The  (Curtis Warren, 1952.)  (Dennis Talbot Hughes.)


Not seen.  Visit to a magical world beneath the sea.


World of Gol, The  (Curtis Warren, 1953.)  (Dennis Talbot Hughes.)


Not seen.  An ocean voyage to a weird land.




Spellbound  (Tor, 2011.)


Spell #2.


A wizard battles a demon.


Spellbreaker (Tor, 2016.)


Spell #3.


A demonic invasion must be stopped.


Spellwright  (Tor, 2010.)


Spell #1.


Light fantasy adventure in a world where spells have to be written out and misspelling has obvious problems.


CHARNAS, SUZY MCKEE  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Bronze King, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1985, Bantam, 1987, Wildside, 2001.)


Valentine Marsh #1.


A young girl decides that a series of mysterious disappearances in her neighborhood have all been caused by an unseen evil force of magic living somewhere under the city.


Dorothea Dreams  (Arbor House, 1986, Berkley, 1987.)


An artist finds her world turned upside down when she begins dreaming of other lives she may have lived previously. 


Golden Thread, The  (Bantam, 1989, Wildside, 2001.)


Valentine Marsh #3.


A young, undisciplined sorceror conjures a girl from a magical other world, and she poses as an exchange student while he tries to figure out how to send her back.


Kingdom of Kevin Malone, The  (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1993, Magic Carpet, 1997.)


A teenager discovers that the fantasy world created by a troubled boy has become real, and despite her dislike of him and his creation, she is drawn into his struggle against an evil personality embedded in that dreamworld.


Silver Glove, The   (Bantam, 1988, Wildside, 2001.)


Valentine Marsh #2


Valentine is back, this time concerned that her mother's new admirer is actually an evil wizard from another world plotting to seize her soul.  Fortunately, her grandmother has sorcerous powers of her own.


CHARRETTE, ROBERT N.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Choose Your Enemies Carefully  (Roc, 1991.)


A Shadowrun novel.


The continuing protagonist travels to England in search of his missing sister, an England once again ruled by Druids.  Fortunately, he has magical powers of his own, but they'll help only if he accepts their existence and learns to use them.


Eye of the Serpent  (Harper, 1996.)


Aelwyn #2.


The quest to find a fabled city is interrupted by the outbreak of war.  A young magician is tested to determine whether he can use his powers for good in such an atmosphere of evil.


Find Your Own Truth   (Roc, 1991.)


A Shadowrun novel.


A novice shaman travels to Australia seeking a magical device that will enable him to free his sister from a curse.  But the artifact proves inadequate; he must also search for the greatest shaman of all time.


Just Compensation  (Roc, 1996.)


A Shadowrun novel.


In the aftermath of a clash of mundane and magic worlds, the US and Canada are on the verge of war, and the key to victory resides in the head of one lone shadowrunner.


King Beneath the Mountains, A  (Warner Aspect, 1995.)


Technomancer #2.


Magic is starting to work again, and powerful corporations are among the first to realize the potential if they can master the new skills before their rivals.


Knight Among Knaves, A  (Aspect, 1995.)


Technomancer #3.


The world of faerie has spilled over into the modern world, and legendary creatures battle businessmen and FBI agents.  An unlikely hero from our world must find the inner strength to turn the tide of battle or both realities may be destroyed.


Never Deal with a Dragon  (Roc, 1990.)


A Shadowrun novel.


A cybertech future is also home to elves, dragons, and other magical beings in this game derived series.  An executive who wants out of the corporate rat race discovers that it isn't easy to resign, particularly when his enemies can send a dragon to deal with him.


Never Trust an Elf  (Roc, 1991.)


A Shadowrun novel.


In a future Seattle where magic is once more an active force in the world, a heroic young man is fooled by an elf into dealing with a dragon, and finds himself in desperate straits.


Prince Among Men, A  (Warner Aspect, 1994.)


Technomancer #1.


Magic and technology overlap in this story of a polluted future invaded by elves, demons, and the like.  A museum guard is recruited to help bring King Arthur back to life to head off a demonic plot to destroy the entire world.


Timespell  (Harper, 1996.)


Aelwyn #1.


A newly endowed magician gets tired of the small town in which he is to practice his arts and sets off for the big city, only to get into trouble with thieves, pirates, and other villainy.


Wizard of Bones  (Harper, 1997.)


Aelwyn #3.


Having foiled his enemies, a would be sorcerer hopes to pursue his studies in relative calm.  But then he's unjustly accused of being allied with the very monsters he helped defeat, so he's off on another perilous voyage to prove his innocence.




Hawk's Flight  (Baen, 1991.)


A good deed has complicated consequences when Taverik befriends a fellow merchant and is drawn into the political maneuverings of his kingdom, and is then drafted into the role of chief defender against an evil, sorcerous invader.


CHASE, JAMES HADLEY  (Pseudonym of Rene Raymond.)


Miss Shumway Waves a Wand  (Jarrolds, 1944.)


                A woman gains extraordinary powers.




Golden City, The (Roc, 2014.)


Golden City #1.




Seat of Magic, The (Roc, 2014.)


Golden City #2.


A woman is in danger from some magical force.




Monkey  (John Day, 1943, Grove Press, 1958, translated from the Chinese by Arthur Waley.)


                An episodic fable about a monkey's encounter with various legendary creatures.


CHERNENKO, DAN    (Pseudonym of Harry Turtledove, whom see.)


Bastard King, The  (Roc, 2003.)


Scepter of Mercy #1.


                The bastard son of a king is maneuvered onto the throne by a council that wishes to control him, but he teams up with a colorful sea captain to foil their plot.


Chernagor Pirates, The  (Roc, 2004.)


Scepter of Mercy #2.


                Two kings rule Grenda Lear in an ambiguous alliance, and one is off to battle pirates in a neighboring land.


Scepter's Return, The  (Roc, 2005.  Roc, 2006, as by Harry Turtledove.)


Scepter of Mercy #3.


                Two kings cooperate to recover a magical artifact, but a sleeping god has wakened and is not pleased with them.




Dragon and the Unicorn, The  (Voyager, 1998.)


                Childrenís book about a group of magical animals trying to avert a disaster.


CHERRYH, C.J.  (Also writes Science Fiction. See collaborations which follow as well as collaboration with Janet Morris.)


Arafel's Saga  (Doubleday, 1983. Gollancz, 1991, as Ealdwood.  DAW, 1998, as The Dreaming Tree.)


Omnibus of The Dreamstone and The Tree of Swords and Jewels.


Chernevog  (Del Rey, 1990, Easton, 1990, Mandarin, 1991.)


Pyetr #2.


Pyetr's new wife is a ghost magically restored to life.  But their happiness ends when she is lured off to the spot where her murderer lies imprisoned by magic, and her husband and his friend set off to rescue her.


Dreaming Tree, The  (See Arafel's Saga.)


Dreamstone, The  (DAW, 1983, Gollancz, 1987.)


Arafel #1.


Incorporates Ealdwood.  Mankind has adopted the use of iron for tools and weapons, threatening the world of faery.  One small pocket of magic remains, overseen by one of the last of the Sidhe remains determined to resist human intervention.


Ealdwood  (Donald M. Grant, 1981.)


Included as part of The Dreamstone, which see.


Ealdwood  (See Arafel's Saga)


Faery in Shadow  (Del Rey, 1994, Legend, 1994.)


A human whose life is controlled by the Sidhe stumbles across two people who have been placed under an even stranger enchantment.  He tries to assist them and runs afoul of a witch, which just makes his life even more complicated.


Fortress in the Eye of Time  (Harper Prism, 1995, HarperCollins, 1996.)


Fortress #1.


A wizard conjures a man out of thin air and sends him on a mission which will reawaken and ancient magical war, shake kingdoms to their foundation, and cause a rift between a king and his son.


Fortress of Dragons, The  (Avon, 2000.)


Fortress #4.


                Tristen, the half human hero, must come out of retirement to battle treachery and sorcery as another attempt is made to conquer the kingdom of Ylesuin.


Fortress of Eagles  (Harper, 1998, Avon, 2000.)


Fortress #2.


                A newly crowned king and a man created by magic have to resolve their problems if peace is to survive.


Fortress of Owls  (Harper Prism, 1999.)


Fortress #3.


                Tristen, the magically created man, takes up his sword in a new series of battles following his successful assistance in securing the throne for the rightful ruler.


Goblin Mirror, The  (Del Rey, 1992, Legend, 1993.)


Three young princes visit a far land to discover why things are all going wrong in their homeland.  The three are separated when they walk into the middle of a war among the goblin tribes.  Throw in a witch and stir the plot rapidly.


Legions of Hell  (Baen, 1987.)


A novel published in conjunction with a series of shared world anthologies.  Set in a fairly tame version of Hell, it makes use of a wide variety of historical characters in a series of battles, political maneuvering, and associated adventures.


Paladin, The  (Baen, 1988, Mandarin, 1990.)


A weak new emperor falters when faced with an arrogant and aggressive enemy.  A legendary warrior takes refuge in the mountains, refusing to get involved in the world's troubles, until a visitor traps him into lending his weapon to the battle.


Rusalka  (Del Rey, 1989, Easton., 1989, Methuen, 1990.)


Pyetr #1.


Two wanderers in pre-Christian Russia stumble into a magical wood.  There they encounter the spirits of the place, as well as the Rusalka, the ghost of a murdered girl, with whom one of the pair falls in love.


Tree of Swords and Jewels, The  (DAW, 1983, Gollancz, 1988.)


Arafel #2.


A human with faery blood in his veins is caught in the middle when war threatens to engulf Ealdwood, the last stronghold of the Sidhe race.


Yvgenie   (Del Rey, 1991, Mandarin, 1992.)


Pyetr #3.


A young girl with magical powers falls in love with the ghost of a young boy, unaware that this is a manifestation of the dead man who had previously murdered her own mother.




Wizard Spawn  (Baen, 1989.)


Sword of Knowledge #2.


The empire of Sabis has fallen and its people are second class citizens in their own land.  But certain members of the conquered race have turned to ancient occult lore in search of a means of deliverance.




Dirge for Sabis, A  (Baen, 1989.)


Sword of Knowledge #1.


A heavily besieged kingdom is on the verge of defeat when it turns to an ancient weapon to turn the tide of battle, then declines to use it because it would be a break with tradition.  A trilogy by three different authors, all in collaboration with C.J. Cherryh, although it appears unlikely she did much of the actual writing.




Reap the Whirlwind  (Baen, 1989.)


Sword of Knowledge #3.


The Sabirn empire is only a memory now, but a fresh wave of barbarians threatens to overturn the world again, and the knowledge of ancient weaponry still waits to be put to use.


CHESTER, DEBORAH  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Chalice, The  (Ace, 2001)


Sword #3.


                Two enemies must team up for a quest to find the cure for a deadly poison that menaces the life of a young woman.


Crown, The  (Ace, 2008.)


Sword #4.


Two people are betrayed and must escape across a magical land.


King Betrayed, The  (Ace, 2003.)


Kostimon #5.


                Our heroes have gained the throne, but now they have to defend it against an alliance of secret enemies seeking to undermine their authority.


King Imperiled, The  (Ace, 2005.)


Kostimon #7.


                The battle against the forces of evil grow more complex when a member of the royal family is subverted by the dark side.


Pearls, The  (Ace, 2008.)


Pearls and Crown #1.


A kidnapped princess melts the heart of her captor.  Figuratively speaking.


Queen's Gambit, The  (Ace, 2002.)


Kostimon #4.


                The heir to a throne is forced to marry a man she doesn't like, and when she comes to power, she discovers he is plotting against her.


Queen's Knight, The  (Ace, 2004.)


Kostimon #6.


                A loyal servant of the queen reveals his magical powers to rescue her, so she is forced to send him into exile.


Realm of Light  (Ace, 1997.)


Kostimon #3.


                Not seen.


Reign of Shadows  (Ace, 1996.)


Kostimon #1.


The long lived ruler of a magical land is about to pay the price to the evil being who granted him his longevity.  And among his subjects are two unlikely young people who are about to discover their great destiny.


Ring, The  (Ace, 2000.)


Sword #2.


                The rebel princess has been captured, but some of her allies remain free and pursue their destiny, which will eventually change their world.


Shadow War  (Ace, 1996.)


Kostimon #2.


Magic and derring do as a supernatural force demands payment for the gift of immortality, while presumptive heirs to the throne begin jockeying for position, and considering hastening the process.


Sword, The  (Ace, 2000.)


Sword #1.


                The king has left the world of the living and is trapped in a magical realm where he can watch helplessly as the crown prince gives in to magical evil, and two unlikely heroes seem to be the only hope for the land he still loves.


CHETWIN, GRACE  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Child of the Air  (Bradbury Press, 1991.)


Two young people have a series of low key adventures in a grim fantasy world after discovering a mysterious medallion.


Chimes of Alyafaleyn, The  (Bradbury Press, 1993.)


Unusual fantasy about a world where music is the source of magical power and a young woman's undisciplined fascination almost brings about her destruction.  To protect their community, the townspeople make her tone deaf.


Crystal Stair, The  (Bradbury, 1988, Dell Laurel, ?)


Gom #3.


Not seen.


Friends in Time  (Bradbury Press, 1992.)


An unhappy child wanders into an old house and meets the ghost of a young girl from a century before.


Gom on Windy Mountain  (Lothrop, 1986, Morrow, 1986, Dell Laurel, 1990.)


Gom #1.


Not seen.


Jasonís Seven Magical Night Rides  (Simon & Schuster, 1994.)


                A series of related short stories for younger readers.


On All Hallowís Eve  (Aladdin, 1992.)


                Two kids find themselves in a world dominated by a wicked witch.


Out of the Dark World  (Morrow, 1985, Vista, 1988.)


                Not seen.


Riddle and the Rune, The  (Bradbury Press, 1987, Dell Laurel, 1990.)


Gom #2.


A young boy with the power to speak to animals goes on a quest to return a magical object, but an evil force has decided to capture it before he can complete his mission.


Starstone, The  (Bradbury, 1990, Dell Laurel, 1990.)


Gom #4.


The young hero is desperately seeking to learn the powers of wizardry because without that knowledge he will be powerless to prevent an evil sorcerer from destroying the world.


CHETWYND-HAYES, R.  (Also writes Horror.)


World of the Impossible  (Hale, 1998.)


                Not seen.




Trapped in Time  (Scholastic, 1986.)


                A magic watch transports two children back through time.



CHILSON, ROB  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Black As Blood  (Baen, 1998.)


                In a sort of parallel present where returns from the dead are taken as a matter of course, a man is plagued by the ghost of his partner who insists that his money has been stolen.




Demon King, The  (Hyperion, 2009.)


Seven Realms #1.


A magical amulet threatens havoc.


Dragon Heir, The  (Hyperion, 2008.)


Heir #3.




Enchanter Heir, The  (Hyperion, 2013.)


Heir #4.




Exiled Queen, The  (Hyperion, 2011.)


Seven Realms #2.


A young girl is pursued by nefarious wizards.


Warrior Heir, The  (Hyperion, 2006.)


Heir #1.


                A teenager discovers that he has magical powers and that he is supposed to be a great hero.


Wizard Heir, The  (Hyperion, 2007.)


Heir #2.


                A troubled teenager develops magical powers.




Fairy of Ku-She, The  (Ace, 1988, Fontana, 1991.)


An Oriental fantasy about a fairy whose actions control the balance of nature on Earth.  When she falters in her duties, she affects the future of a magical version of Earth where dragons prowl the forests and contend with human heroes.




Paladin Mandates, The  (Alchemy Press, 1998.)


                Collection of related stories about a 1930ís detective who deals with the magical and supernatural.




Sorcerer to the Crown (Ace, 2015.)


Sorcerer Royal #1.






Return of Merlin, The  (Harmony, 1995, Legend, 1996.)


A murder investigation leads to a rift in time through which the continuing battle between Mordred and Merlin threatens to erupt into the modern world.




Trapdoor to Heaven  (Quarry, 1998.)


                Episodic novel in which a manís spirit visits a variety of times and places in its quest for fulfillment.


CHRISTIAN, DEBORAH  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Kar Kalim  (Tor, 1997.)


A reclusive sorceress discovers that her apprentice is evil and ambitious and may have grown beyond her ability to control.  She must relinquish her quiet life to oppose him or watch the entire world be subjected to his whims.


Truthsayer's Apprentice, The  (Tor, 1999.)


Loregiver #1.


                The magical robe sacred to the Truthsayers has been stolen.  An apprentice is given the job of tracking it down because without it, the powers of his order are vanished.




Bookstore Mouse, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1995.)


A literate, talking mouse teams up with a semi-literate monk's assistant to solve their mutual problems and defeat a dragon.


CHRISTIE, AGATHA  (Also writes Horror.)


Mysterious Mr. Quin, The  (Dodd, Mead, 1930, W. Collins, 1930, Lawrence & Spivak, 1930, Penguin, 1953, Pan, 1973, Fontana, 1982, Berkley, 1984, Bantam, 1986, GK Hall, 1991, Berkley, 1994, Dell, 1968.)


Collection of related stories about Harley Quin, who seems to be a personification of death.


CHRISTOPHER, ADAM  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Hang Wire (Angry Robot, 2014.)


In a magical city a man with strange dreams wonders if he's a serial killer.




Bestiary, The  (Bantam, 2007.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


CIENCIN, SCOTT  (See also Richard Awlinson. Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Ancient Games  (Avon, 1997.)


The Elven Ways #2.


An artist is forced to become an unlikely hero when a magical race appears determined to take over the world, upsetting the very laws of nature.


Explorers, The  (Random House, 2001.)


A Dinotopia novel.


                A group of youngsters form an exploration club in memory of a legendary one created by their adult ancestors.


Lost City  (Random House, 1996.)


A Dinotopia novel.


                A young boy gets into trouble when he stumbles into a lost city which is home to a lost tribe of dinosaurs who still hunt meat.


Lotus and the Rose, The  (Questar, 1993.)


Trevelyan #2.


Trevelyan struggles anew, despite his mastery of the wolves who govern the world.  The soulless creatures menacing human life have found a leader, none other than the protagonist's own son.


Night of Glory  (Avon, 1998.)


The Elven Ways #3.


                The final battle in a quest to free the world of a powerful magical force that inflicts insanity and violence on its inhabitants.


Night Parade, The  (TSR,1992.)


A Forgotten Realms Harpers novel.


A plague of nightmares is dismissed for years until one ruler realizes that it is an assault by creatures who live on fear.  He enlists the Harpers in his attempt to turn back the invasion.


Return to Lost City  (Random House, 2000.)


A Dinotopia novel.


                An elderly knight goes out on one last quest, and his friends pursue, hoping to keep him out of trouble.


Rogue's Hour  (CDS, 2004.)


                An amnesiac warrior battles an ancient evil magic.


Thunder Falls  (Random House, 1996.)


A Dinotopia novel.


                Adventures on a dangerous river in a land where intelligent dinosaurs co-exist with humans involving a make believe quest that becomes real.


Ways of Magic, The  (Avon, 1996.)


Elven Ways #1.


A magical race dominates the Earth, and humans are no longer free to choose their own professions.  A would be artist seeks to master his own fate while war looms on the horizon.


Windchaser  (Bullseye, 1995.)


A Dinotopia novel.


                Two young boys are shipwrecked on an island inhabited by intelligent dinosaurs.


Wolves of Autumn, The  (Questar, 1992.)


Trevelyan #1.


In a world where intelligent wolves dictate and interpret the laws, humans face a threat from within. The Hollow are creatures born of natural parents but without a soul, and dedicated to evil.  Trevelyan is a merchant enlisted as part of the wolves plan to defeat the Hollow.




Divinity Student, The  (Buzzcity, 1999.)


                A surreal adventure of a young man who is sent into a city to discover unknown words, usually by plucking them out of the minds of the recently deceased.




Next Stop, Paradise  (Avon, 2001.)


                Humorous romance in a town that is being visited by mysterious, unseen monsters.




Rose of Sarifel, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2012.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.






Denied (Tor, 2018.)


Shapeshifter romance.


Forbidden (Tor, 2015.)


Shapeshifter romance.




Clockwork Angel  (McElderry, ?)


Clockwork Prince  (McElderry, ?)


Lady Midnight (McElderry, 2016.)


Dark Artifices #1.




CLAREMONT, CHRIS & FLEISHER, BETH  (Claremont also writes Science Fiction.)


Dragon Moon  (Bantam, 1994.)


A disgruntled member of a medievalist society attends one of their functions and discovers that her old rival, now head of that organization, has actually tapped into another universe and brought magical knights across the barrier to our world to assist him.




Shadow Dawn  (Bantam, 1996.)


Willow #2.


Not seen.


Shadow Moon  (Bantam, 1995.)


Willow #1.


A spoiled princess balks at becoming the focus for an end to the strife that has torn a magical land, until an ancient warrior woman is wakened from an age long sleep to help her achieve her destiny.


Shadow Star  (Bantam, 1999.)


Willow #3.


                The child once heralded as the savior of her nation is now believed to be responsible for its ongoing problems.  She and her friends set out for a distant city determined to convince its inhabitants to help them in their battle against an encroaching evil.




Alchemy Unlimited  (Avon, 1990.)


Corwyn #1.


A blend of humor and adventure as a wiley wizard and his inept and frequently infuriating apprentice set off to find a cure for the plague of demonic possession which has beset their village. 


Protecting Palanthas  (Wizards of the Coast, 2007.)


A Dragonlance novel.




Rehearsal for a Renaissance  (Avon, 1992.)


Corwyn #2.


Corwyn the alchemist and his unfortunate assistant Sebastian are off for another adventure, this time pitting themselves against a sorcerer who wants to destroy their country completely and sink it beneath the ocean.


Saving Solace  (Wizards of the Coast, 2006.)


A Dragonlance novel.


                A new sheriff is appointed when a series of mysterious incidents trouble a town in a magical realm.


Whirlwind Alchemy  (Avon, 1993.)


Corwyn #3.


Someone published a book claiming that Corwyn's alchemy is all a hoax.  The alchemist promptly packs his bags and heads to Spain to confront the author, leaving a totally unqualified assistant behind to protect his home from a horde of demons.




Wizard's Promise, The  (Angry Robot, 2014.)






Chymical Wedding, The  (Knopf, 1989.)


                Marginal and strange novel about a group of reclusive individuals who experiment with alchemy.


Parzival and the Stone from Heaven  (Harper, 2002.)


                A knight of the round table goes in search of the Holy Grail.




Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell  (Bloomsbury, 2004, Tor, 2006.)


                Two magicians battle for power in early 19th Century England.


Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories, The  (Bloomsbury, 2006.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Piranesi (Bloomsbury, 2020.)


A man explores an apparently infinite house.




Herbie Goes Bananas  (Scholastic, 1980, from the screenplay by Don Tait.)


Novelization of the film, the further adventures of a talking car.


Herbie the Matchmaker  (Scholastic, 1982, from the screenplay by ?.)


Novelization of the film, chronicling yet still more adventures of a talking car.


CLAY, JAMES  (See collaboration with Nick Pollotta.)




Bewitching Lord Winterton  (Zebra, 1995.)


A young woman inadvertently wins the love of a nobleman by enchantment, but refuses to accept his hand unless she can achieve the same without magical assistance.


CLAYBOURNE, CASEY  (Pseudonym of Casey Mickel.  Also writes Horror.)


Ghost of a Chance, A  (Jove, 1996.)


After she dies, a woman is given the task of haunting her son-in-law in such a way that he will eventually fall in love with his wife.  A romance novel.


Nick of Time  (Jove, 1997.)


                A present day private detective is mysteriously sent back to the body of a contemptible man in 1810, where he redeems the manís life and finds true love.


Spirited Seduction, A  (Jove, 1997.)


A friendly ghost teaches a woman how to seduce the man and prevent him from foreclosing on the family estate in this light, historical romance.


CLAYTON, JO   (Note that the Wild Magic series is a sequel to the Brann series, and the Dancer series is a sequel to The Duel of Sorcery series.  See also collaboration which follows. Also writes Science Fiction.)


Bait of Dreams, A  (DAW, 1985.)


Four related stories assembled as a novel.  A set of magical jewels makes it possible to travel from one world to another, but they have a drawback as well.  Use of their power is addictive, and several people have succumbed to the temptation to use them over and over.  A group of friends sets out to destroy the jewels before they claim any more victims.


Blue Magic  (DAW, 1988.)


Brann #2.


Brann has become a demonic spirit, but she is still bound by a code of honor that requires her to come to the assistance as gods and sorcerers duel for control of an enslaved people.  To ensure their freedom, she must find a way to release the power of the Chained God.


Changer's Moon  (DAW, 1985.)


Duel of Sorcery #3.


The final battle between good and evil magic plays itself out with a brave warrior woman serving as the crucial piece in their game of strategy.


Dancer's Rise  (DAW, 1993.)


Dancer #1.


An immortal, magical creature escapes centuries of bondage to find herself in a fragmented world.  She accepts a mission to deliver a valuable cargo to a distant city, and encounters a villain who can control the minds of others.


Drinker of Souls  (DAW, 1986.)


Brann #1.


Brann is a kind of demonic vampire living in a world where shapeshifters, witches, and werewolves prowl the night.  Although she has more or less joined their number, she retains her human desire to free her family from a despotic tyrant, so she turns her unearthly powers to a very earthly purpose.


Drum Calls  (Tor, 1997.)


Drums of Chaos #2.


                Two magically linked worlds are in mutual danger, but an unlikely hero arrives to save the day.


Drum Warning  (Tor, 1997.)


Drums of Chaos #1.


                Periodically two magical worlds draw close enough that people can travel from one to the other, and this time those who cross over discover that a major crisis is brewing.


Gathering of Stones, A   (DAW, 1989.)


Brann #3.


A god seeks to escape a magical prison by manipulating the protagonist and a handful of demons into acquiring the artifacts that will bring freedom.


Moongather  (DAW, 1982.)


Duel of Sorcery #1.


Serroi, a young outcast woman, becomes a trained warrior who stumbles across a plot to assassinate the emperor.  In order to save his life, she must risk betraying her sworn word and challenge an immortal wizard.


Moonscatter  (DAW, 1983.)


Duel of Sorcery #2.


Serroi has fallen under the influence of the most powerful of all sorcerers, an evil man who seeks to dominate the world and who can even turn the power of nature itself to his purpose.


Serpent Waltz  (DAW, 1994.)


Dancer #2.


As new forms of magic emerge apparently spontaneously, a wave of wars sweeps across the land Serroi wakens into from a generations long sleep.  This time her very soul is in peril from an evil force that can seize souls and control minds.


Soul Drinker, The  (Guild America, 1989.)


Omnibus of the Brann trilogy.


Wildfire  (DAW, 1992.)


Wild Magic #2.


A host of magical creatures ranging from clairvoyants to gods, elemental beings to sorcerers, contend for power in a fabulous land.  A young girl seeks her missing mother, unaware of the fact that her quest is just another gambit in a supernatural power game.


Wild Magic  (DAW, 1991.)


Wild Magic #1.


A poorly prepared young sorceress seems inadequate to the task before her, as she is the fulcrum for a battle between two powerful forces.




Drum into Silence  (Tor, 2002.)


Drums of Silence #3.


                A woman is magically transformed into a bird and must be rescued if she is to help save the world.




Lady of Serpents, The  (Ace, 2006.)


Vampyricon #2.


                A good vampire battles an evil sorceress.


Priest of Blood, The  (Ace, 2005.)


Vampyricon #1.


                An historical vampire novel.


Queen of Wolves, The  (Ace, 2007.)


Vampyricon #3.


The stage is set for a war of the vampires.


CLEMENS, JAMES  (Pseudonym of Jim Czajkowski. Writes science fiction as James Rollins.)


Hinterland  (Roc, 2006.)


Godslayer #2.


                The hero discovers a magical plot against his country and must travel to unknown lands to stop it.


Shadowfall  (Roc, 2005.)


Godslayer #1.


                One of the gods who protect the land is murdered.


Wit'ch Fire  (Del Rey, 1998, Orbit, 2001.)


Banned and Banished #1.


                The usual round of adventures as a young girl in whom is to be found a rebirth of good magic flees an evil wizard and his inhuman servants.  She accumulates a band of mismatched allies as the stage is set for further confrontations in the next volume.


Wit'ch Gate  (Del Rey, 2001, Orbit, 2003.)


Banned and Banished #4.


                The Dark Lord's forces have been routed by the witch heroine and her friends, but now he launches a new, sorcerous attack, which leaves her deprived of her allies.


Wit'ch Star  (Del Rey, 2002.)


Banned and Banished #5.


                The gates through which evil strikes their world were supposedly all destroyed, but the protagonists must launch a new assault when they learn from a spy that they have overlooked the most powerful gate of all.


Wit'ch Storm  (Del Rey, 1999, Orbit, 2002.)


Banned and Banished #2.


                A band of fugitives seek to recover an artifact linked to an ancient legend as part of their quest to rid the land of the influence of the Dark Lord.


Wit'ch War  (Del Rey, 2000, Orbit , 2003.)


Banned and Banished #3.


                In order to defeat an evil sorceror, a young witch must steal a book of spells from one of the strongholds under his control, defeating not only the forces sent to guard it but also the protective magic which originates in the book itself.




Cold Moons, The  (Kindredson, 1987, Penguin, 1988, Delacorte, 1989.)


                Animal fantasy about badgers finding a new home when humankind invades their valley.




Fire Bringer  (Macmillan, 1999, Dutton, 2000, Firebird, 2002.)


                An epic fantasy among the deer herds of medieval Scotland.  The new pack leader has become a tyrant, and a young fawn is born who will eventually challenge his domination.




Quest for the Eye of Light  (Journey, 1997.)


                Predictable adventures in a standard fantasy realm involving the quest for a magical object.


CLEVE, JOHN  (Pseudonym of Andrew J. Offutt, whom see.  Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Jodinareh  (Brandon House, 1970.)


A young woman is enslaved, tortured, and sexually mistreated in this pornographic adventure involving Atlantis.




Time of the Rose  (Leisure, 1994.)


Two lovers travel through time.




Miracle Season, The  (Putnam, 1976, Berkley, 1977.)


A crow realizes the danger facing the animal world because of humanity's destruction of the environment and begins exhorting the other animals to help avert the disaster.




Light in the Sky, The (Coward McCann, 1929, Armchair, 2021.)


Lost world of Aztecs under the ground.


CLOUGH, B(RENDA) W.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Crystal Crown, The  (DAW, 1984.)


Averidan #1.


A reluctant king assumes the throne of Averidan and stewardship over a magical crown that has frightening powers.  Even worse, his position commits him to do battle with an avaricious wizard.


Dragon of Mishbil, The  (DAW, 1985.)


Averidan #2.


A village that depends on the enchantment of a dragon to provide adequate water supplies unwisely chooses an ambitious sorcerer to adjust the enchantment.  He sets the dragon free as part of one of his own schemes, and the village is suddenly beset by flood tides.


Impossumble Summer, An  (Walker, 1992.)


Three children rescue a possum that has magical powers.  It grants them wishes in return, but things don't go the way they expected when they ask for their hearts' desires.


Name of the Sun, The  (DAW, 1988.)


Averidan #4.


The king of Averidan is forced into exile when invaders overrun his homeland, and the magical crown of his office is broken.  His subsequent adventures are influenced by the gods themselves, who have chosen him as their tool in a greater conflict.


Realm Beneath, The  (DAW, 1986.)


Averidan #3.


In order to protect his land from a horde of barbarian invaders, the new king of Averidan uses his crown's magical powers to communicate with a supernatural world lying hidden beneath our own.




Pure Magic  (See The Werefox.)


Werefox, The  (Scholastic, 1975.  MacMillan, 1973, as Pure Magic.)


A young boy discovers that his best friend changes into a fox at night and roams the countryside.  Although other people instinctively dislike him, the protagonist is unwilling to abandon his friendship.


COBLEY, MICHAEL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Shadowgod  (Pocket UK, 2003.)


Shadowkings #2.


                The battle has been won but the war is not over as the forces of good and evil regroup in preparation fro the next engagement.


Shadowkings  (Earthlight, 2001.)


Shadowkings #1.


                The supernatural entity that helped overwhelm a magical land from barbarians was shattered and scattered into five bodies.  Now the five people who are parts of the greater whole are drawing together to crush the last resistance.


COCHRAN, MOLLY  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Third Magic, The  (Forge, 2003.)


Camelot #3.


                The climactic battle for control of the Holy Grail in the contemporary world.




Broken Sword, The  (Forge, ?)


Camelot #2.


                A battle for the Holy Grail pits good against evil.


Forever King, The  (Tor, 1992, Millennium, 1992.)


Camelot #1.


The Holy Grail is watched over by a contemporary man of no particular consequence, but he rises to the occasion when an ambitious villain discovers its existence and tries to seize it.


Grandmaster  (Pinnacle, 1984.)


                An evil man has returned from the dead numerous times, always playing his elaborate game for world domination, also opposed by other men defending the good.


World Without End  (Tor, 1996.)


An industrial spy from the present is swept back in time to Atlantis where he gets caught in a power struggle between Zeus and Hades, both literally gods living on the land now known as the Bermuda Triangle.




Iron Chain, The  (Orbit, 2003.)


Legends of the Land #2.


                The court magician invented a device that allows the king to spy on everyone, and is now distressed at how his discovery is being used.


Wanderers and Islanders  (Orbit, 2002.)


Legends of the Land #1.


                A mysterious invention, a girl who can communicate with the spirits, a hidden world beneath the city, magic and science intertwined.




Shadow Castle  (McGraw Hill, 1945, Scholastic, 1972, Buccaneer, 1997.)


Lucy wanders into a mysterious castle inhabited only by the shadows of former kings and queens and breaks the curse that keeps them imprisoned there.


CODY, CHRISTINE  (Pseudonym of Chris Marie Green, who writes horror under that name.)


Bloodlands (Ace, 2011.)


Bloodlands #1.


A vampire shows up in a future American wasteland.


Blood Rules (Ace, 2011.)


Bloodlands #2.


Vampires and the apocalypse.


In Blood We Trust (Ace, 2011.)


Bloodlands #3.




COE, DAVID B.  (Note that the Blood of the Southlands series continues the story of the Winds of the Forelands series. See also D.B. Jackson.)


Bonds of Vengeance  (Tor, 2004.)


Winds of the Forelands #3.


                Traitors within two governments push their nations toward war.


Children of Amarid   (Tor, 1997.)


Lon Tobyn #1.


One of an order of magicians who maintain the peace through their alliance with birdlike creatures discovers that one of the Children of Amarid is a traitor who has joined forces with invaders from another world.


Dark-Eyes' War, The  (Tor, 2010.)


Blood of Southlands #3.


A world is ravaged when magic turns against its users.


Eagle-Sage  (Tor, 2000.)


Lon Tobyn #3.


                The battle between a land of magic and another of technology may be finally ending.  The new ruler of the latter wishes to turn to less destructive ways.  Unfortunately, there are others within her government who would rather see a new leader than a new program.


His Father's Eyes (Baen, 2015.)


Fearsson #2.




Horseman's Gambit, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Blood of Southlands #2.


A plague that targets those who use magic changes the balance of power.


Outlanders, The  (Tor, 1998.)


Lon Tobyn #2.


                A land of magic is menaced by attacks and a potential invasion from another nation which has forsaken magic in favor of technology.


Rules of Ascension  (Tor, 2002.)


Winds of the Forelands #1.


                In a world where all who could practice magic were killed or dispersed, a new war threatens to erupt which could be even more devastating.


Seeds of Betrayal  (Tor, 2003.)


Winds of the Forelands #2.


                A secret society of magicians is clandestinely stirring up trouble to advance their plans to dominate their world.


Shadow's Blade (Baen, 2016.)


Fearsson #3.




Shapers of Darkness  (Tor, 2005.)


Winds of the Forelands #4.


                The long awaited war has finally broken out, with magic used on both sides.


Sorcerers' Plague, The  (Tor, 2007.)


Blood of the Southlands #1.


A hero and his family are forced into exile where they run into a plague that specifically attacks those who use magic.


Spell Blind (Baen, 2015.)


Fearsson #1.


A wizard detective in Arizona.


Weavers of War  (Tor, 2007.)


Winds of the Forelands #5.


                The leader of a secret society reveals himself and prepares to take control of the world.


COE, ROSS ANTON  (Pseudonym of Ron Renauld.)


Sorcerer's Blood  (Pinnacle, 1982.)


Warrior of Vengeance #1.


A warrior immune to magical spells sets out to defeat an ambitious wizard who plans to cast a spell that will capture a living god.  A livelier than usual array of monsters obstructs the path.


Trails of Peril  (Pinnacle, 1982.)


Warrior of Vengeance #2.


Nuroc the warrior defeated a wizard and claimed a crown, but now his queen is dying of a curse and his own people have branded him traitor.   First he must escape prison, then find the magical artifact that will save the woman he loves, and finally prove his innocence by unmasking the real villains.




Invisible Library, The


Lost Plot, The (Ace, 2018.)


Invisible Library #4.


Masked City, The (Roc, 2016.)


An alternate Victorian world where magic works is faced with a supernatural menace.




Masters of the Veil, The  (Spencer Hill, 2012.)


Veil #1.


A teen discovers he can use magic.




Max Lakeman and the Beautiful Stranger  (Warner, 1990.)


                A manís innocent imagining of a beautiful woman puts his life in jeopardy when the supposedly imaginary woman becomes real.


COLE, ADRIAN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Blood Red Angel  (AvoNova, 1993.)


In a bizarre world of eternal darkness, humankind suffers under supernatural lords.  But then outsiders begin to appear, relatively helpless against the masters of this world, but providing the germ of a rebellion.


Crimson Talisman, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2005.)


War-Torn #1.


                A young man guards a sacred object so that it cannot be used as an instrument of war.


Gods in Anger, The  (Unwin, 1988, Avon, 1991.)


Omaran Saga #4.


Humanity's ultimate battle against a force of gods and their mortal allies shapes up, the battleground an enchanted forest filled with mystery and danger.


King of Light and Shadows, The  (Unwin, 1988, Avon, 1990.)


Omaran Saga #3.


Fresh challenges to the last human civilization in a magical universe.  In order to defeat an enemy sorcerer, a group of adventurers must set out on a quest that includes the recovery of a magical sword.


Moorstones  (Spindlewood, 1982.)


Not seen.


Oblivion Hand, The  (Wildside, 2001.)


                Collection of related sword and sorcery tales.


Place Among the Fallen, A  (Unwin, 1986, Arbor House, 1986, Avon, 1990.)


Omaran Saga #1.


The remnants of the human race live in a fantastic dimension where magic is forbidden them and reserved to their dictatorial rulers.  At least that's the case until a giant arrives to organize a rebellion.


Shadow Academy, The (Hades, 2014.)


A parallel London.


Sleep of Giants, The  (Spindlewood, 1983.)


Not seen.


Storm over Atlantis  (Wildside, 2001.)


                An historican becomes involved with magic and the supernatural in the waning days of Atlantis.


Throne of Fools  (Unwin, 1987, Avon, 1990.)


Omaran Saga #2.


Although the old despots have been overthrown, the government of a new empire faces a fresh challenge, an evil sorcerer with a base in ice covered remoteness of that magical realm. 


COLE, ALLAN  (See also collaborations which follow.  Also writes Science Fiction.)


Gods Awaken, The  (Del Rey, 1999.)


Timura #3.


                The great wizard Timura has been imprisoned and his kingdom is being overcome by magically reinforced hardships.  Although his son also has magical abilities, they are inadequate to the task, so he teams up with a warrior woman to rescue his father and save the day.


Warrior Returns, The  (Del Rey, 1996.)


Anteros #4.


An evil succubus connives to control a peaceful land and a woman with magical powers is wakened from suspended animation to help protect the last child of the Anteros family.  Previous volumes were written in collaboration with Chris Bunch, which listing follows.


When the Gods Slept.  (See Wizard of the Winds.)


Wizard of the Winds  (Del Rey, 1997.  , as When the Gods Slept.)


Timura #1.


An ambitious man and a young sorcerer team up for a series of rousing adventures as they travel the world in search of a land to rule.


Wolves of the Gods  (Del Rey, 1998.)


Timura #2.


                Although the sorcerer hero prefers to remain retired, a brutal murder forces him to lead his followers on another journey, seeking a new refuge.  In the process, they pass through a land held in thrall by an evil wizard, and thereís no way through without becoming more directly involved.




Far Kingdoms, The  (Del Rey, 1993, Legend, 1994.)


Anteros #1.


A young adventurer takes passage on a ship bound on a voyage of exploration in fabled lands beyond those known to his people, including a visit to the perhaps only mythical Far Kingdoms.  With swordplay, monsters, and other dangers to make life interesting.


Kingdoms of the Night  (Del Rey, 1995, Legend, 1995.)


Anteros #3.


Aging now, Anteros the explorer discovers that the magical kingdoms he discovered in the first volume of the series were not the real "Far Kingdoms".  Those fabled lands are even more cleverly concealed, and they provide a line of defense against evil powers from beyond.


Warrior's Tale, The  (Del Rey, 1994, Legend, 1994.)


Anteros #2.


A woman warrior is sent on a mission to find and defeat a wizard who has discovered a spell that could bring civilization to an end.  After the usual variety of adventures, she succeeds.




Token of Dragonsblood  (TSR, 1991.)


A young woman's journey is fraught with danger as demons pursue her, seeking the magical amulet she carries.  She is also unaware of the fact that an ancient prophecy predicting a terrible war is about to come true, and that she has a central role in the battles.


COLE, KRESLEY  (Also writes Horror.)


Sweet Ruin (Pocket, 2016.)


Immortals #1.






Breach Zone (Ace, 2014.)


Shadow Ops #3.


The world has been transformed by emerging magical talents.


Control Point (Ace, 2012.)


Shadow Ops #1.




Fortress Frontier (Ace, 2013.)


Shadow Ops #2.




Gemini Cell (Ace, 2015.)


Shadow Ops #4.




Javelin Rain (Ace, 2016.)


Shadow Ops #5.




COLEMAN, LOREN L.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Bloodlines  (TSR, 1998.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                A country may fall to an evil sorcerer if the prophesized savior cannot be found.


Blood of Wolves  (Ace, 2005.)


Hyborian Age #1..


                In the age of Conan, a young warrior must defeat the leader of a raiding tribe.


Cimmerian Rage  (Ace, 2005.)


Hyborian #2.


                A barbarian warrior seeks to raise an army to deal with hordes of bandits.


Songs of Victory  (Ace, 2005.)


Hyborian Age #3.


                A warrior seeks a mystical weapon to protect his people from a barbarian horde.




Car Trouble  (Padwolf, 2003.)


Wildsidhe #6.


                A group of dwarves try to steal a car from some kids.




Brief Candles  (Doubleday, 1954, Rue Morgue, 2000.  Hodder, 1954, as by Francis Gaite.)


Latimer #1.


                A lightly humorous ghost story.


Family Matter, A.  (See Happy Returns.)


Happy Returns  (Doubleday, 1955. Hodder, 1955, as by Francis Gaite under the title A Family Matter.


Latimer #2.


                A humorous ghost story.


COLFER, EOIN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Arctic Incident, The  (Hyperion, 2002.)


Artemis Fowl #2.


                A brilliant kid tries to rescue a kidnapped friend and avoid the attention of the fairy police.


Artemis Fowl  (Scholastic, 2001.)


Artemis Fowl #1.


                A twelve year old criminal mastermind steals a book of magic from a fairy and has to match wits with a gun toting leprechaun.


Eternity Code, The  (Hyperion, 2003.)


Artemis Fowl #3.


                Drawing on magic, a young boy creates a computer that will make most technology obsolete.


Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth, The  (Hyperion, 2005.)


                Young reader's ghost story.


Lost Colony, The  (Hyperion, 2006.)


Artemis Fowl #5.


                A decaying spell lets demons back into our world.


Opal Deception, The  (Hyperion, 2005.)


Artemis Fowl #4.


                Our young hero and a pixie both attempt to steal a valuable article.


Time Paradox, The  (Hyperion, 2009.)


Artemis Fowl #5.


Artemis must travel through time.


Wish List, The  (Hyperion, 2003.)


                A young girl's spirit is separated from her body.


COLLIER, JOHN  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Best of John Collier, The  (Pocket, 1975.) 


Collection of unrelated stories.


Devil and All, The  (Nonesuch, 1934.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Fancies and Goodnights  (Doubleday, 1951, Bantam, 1953, Lightyear, 1993.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Green Thoughts and Other Strange Tales  (Joiner & Steele, 1932, Armed Forces, 1943.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


John Collier Reader, The  (Knopf, 1972, Souvenir Press, 1975.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


No Traveller Returns  (White Owl, 1931.)


Not seen.


Of Demons and Darkness  (Corgi, 1965.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Pictures in the Fire  (Hart Davis, 1958.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Presenting Moonshine  (Viking, 1941, MacMillan, 1941, Hart Davis, 1957.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Touch of Nutmeg and Other Unlikely Stories, A  (Readers Club, 1943.)


Collection of unrelated stories.




Time Heals  (Leisure, 1995.)


An angel sends a woman back through time in pursuit of love, where she struggles to find peace in a troubled family.




Sleeping Dragons  (Five Star, 2005.)


Empath #1.


                A woman from our world is bonded to a man from a magical realm.


COLLINS, NANCY  (Also writes Horror.)


Left Hand Magic  (Roc, 2011.)


Golgotham #2.


A woman settles into a hidden supernatural part of New York City.


Magic and Loss (Roc, 2013.(


Golgotham #3.




Right Hand Magic  (Roc, 2011.)


Golgotham #1.






Gregor and the Code of the Claw  (Scholastic, ?)


Underland #5.


A young boy tries to escape the consequences of a prophecy.


Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods  (Scholastic, ?)


Underland #3.




Gregor and the Marks of Secret  (Scholastic, ?)


Underland #4.




Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane  (Scholastic, ?)


Underland #2.




Gregor the Overlander  (Scholastic, 2003.)


Underland #1.


                A young boy discovers a hidden world beneath a city.




Pinocchio  (Pocket, 1939, Lancer, 1968, Lothrop Lee, 1993, Dover, 1995, Illustrated Junion Library, 1996, Oxford, 1996, Philomel, 1996, Puffin, 1996, Tor, 1996, Starscape, 2002.)


The original novel of the puppet brought to life.




Tetrarch  (Shambhala, 1980.)


                A couple buys a new door for their home, which turns out to be a magical gateway to a realm where magic works, and where they must win the assistance of a powerful man if they are ever to return to their original world.




Midsummer's Magic, A  (Zebra, 1994.)


Regency romance about a genuine witch with a love potion and the inconvenience of Cupid's attentions.




Helenís Passage  (Cavatica, 1998.)


                More of an historical novel than a fantasy, this follows the career of Helen of Troy, from her abduction and rape by one young warrior, to her eventual love affair with Paris and the consequent war.


CONEY, MICHAEL G. (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Celestial Steam Locomotive, The  (Houghton Mifflin, 1983, Orbit, 1986.)


Song of Earth #1.


Elaborate mix of fantasy and SF, set in a far future where the borders between universes of science and those of magic are no longer distinct, and where a fabled locomotive seventy miles long is sought by numerous people.


Fang, the Gnome  (Signet, 1988, NAL, 1988, Orbit, 1988.)


Song of Earth #3.


A sorceress with the ability to manipulating time tracks and revive the world of Camelot finds herself in trouble when an apprentice opens a doorway and lets Fang, an heroic gnome, into the human universe. 


Gods of the Greataway  (Houghton Mifflin, 1984, Orbit, 1986.)


Song of Earth #2.


Continuing a series that blends fantasy and SF.  A far future Earth has legends of a being larger than the entire planet who has sent portions of his body to live undetected among humans.


King of the Scepter'd Isle  (NAL, 1989, Roc, 1990.)


Greataway #4.


King Arthur's time has been revived but his world is heading toward destruction.   Fang, a gnome displaced from his own time track, offers to help the King defeat the plans of Morgan Le Fay.


No Place for a Sealion   (?, )


                Not seen.


Tomcat Called Sabrina, A  (?, 1992.)


Not seen.




And This Is Laura  (Little, Brown, 1977, Pocket, 1977, Archway, 1991.)


Not seen.  Clairvoyance.


Diary of a Monsterís Son  (Little, Brown, 1999.)


                A teenager has humorous adventures revolving around the fact that his father is a werewolf.


Frog Princess of Pelham, The  (Little, Brown, 1997.)


A young girl is transformed into a frog when she kisses the boy she has a crush on, and subsequently has various adventures in that form until finding a way to change back.


Genie with the Light Brown Hair  (?, 1989.)


Not seen.




Three Giant Stories  (Scholastic, 1968.)


Collection of three unrelated stories about giants.




Lords of Serpent Land  (Currawong, 1945.)


                Not seen.


Prisoners of Serpent Land  (Currawong, 1945.)


                Not seen.


Warriors of Serpent Land  (Currawong, 1945.)


                Not seen.




Child of Fire  (Del Rey, 2009.)


Twenty Palaces #1.


In a world where good sorcerers track down and destroy rogues, an unlikely assistant has to complete a mission when his boss is injured.


Circle of Enemies (Del Rey, 2011.)


Twenty Palaces #3.




Game of Cages  (Del Rey, 2010.)


Twenty Palaces #2.


A man with little magic ability has to stop a creature that defies sorcerers.


CONNOLLY, JOHN (Also writes Horror.)


Book of Lost Things, The  (?, 2006, Washington Square, 2007.)


A boy finds a gateway to a magical alternate world.


Caxton Private Lending Library & Book Depository, The (Mysterious, 2013.)


Chapbook in which literary characters come to life.




Shadowborn   (TSR, 1998.)


A Ravenloft novel.


                A knight is devastated when a curse robs him of the powers of virtue.  He traces the curse to the murder of a woman in the past and must fulfill his destiny by righting an old wrong.




Singer of All Songs, The  (Scholastic, 2006.)


Chanters of Tremaris #1.




Tenth Power, The  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Chanters of Tremaris #3.


A singer loses her ability to summon magic.


Waterless Sea, The  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Chanters of Tremaris #2.




CONSTANTINE, STORM  (See also collaboration with Michael Moorcock.  Also writes Science Fiction.)


Burying the Shadow (Headline, 1992, Meisha Merlin, 2002).


                A race of immortal creatures have been exiled to an alternate, magical Earth where they produce art and consume small quantities of blood from the human population.


Calenture (Headline, 1994)


                Surrealistic adventures in a fantasy world whose characters may or may not be imagined by the protagonist.


Crown of Silence, The  (Gollancz, 2000, Tor, 2001, Millennium, 2001.)


Magravandias Chronicles #2.


                A resurrected magician, the prophecy of the end of a repressive empire, and a band of adventurers determined to find freedom all clash in a fantasy world.


Oracle Lips, The  (Lost Coast, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Scenting Hallowed Blood  (Signet UK, 1996, Meisha Merlin, 1999.)


Grigori #2


                The descendants of angels are living secretly in England, where most of them are plotting to dominate the world with the coming of the millennium.  But one of their number has decided to prevent them from accomplishing their goals, and he has recruited two friends to help.


Sea Dragon Heir  (Tor, 2000, Millennium, 2000.)


Magravandias Chronicles #1.


                The heir of Caradore is magically bonded to the ruler of the country which conquered his own generations earlier.  Then a passionate love affair with his own sister awakens legendary magics and raises the possibility of escaping the compulsion.


Sign for the Sacred  (Headline, 1993.)


                An occasional darkly humorous look at religion, angels, and vampires.


Stalking Tender Prey  (Creed, 1995, Meisha Merlin, 1999.)


Grigori #1.


Long, moody story about the return of the Grigori to the  world.  The Grigori are a legendary race of angels and one of them has appeared, causing several villagers to fall under his magical spell.


Stealing Sacred Fire  (?, Meisha Merlin, 2000.)


                A battle among angelic creatures for the future of the human race.


Thorn Boy and Other Dreams of Dark Desire, The (Griffin Skye, 2002.)


                Collection of stories related to the Magravandias Chronicles.


Three Heralds of the Storm  (Meisha Merlin, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Way of Light  (Gollancz, 2001, Tor, 2003.)


Magravandias Chronicles #3.


                More power struggle over who shall sit on the throne of empire.  A wizard kidnaps the family of the man who may be the ruler named in prophecies in order to distract him from his duties.


CONTRERAS, ERNIE  (See collaboration with David Kirschner.)




Dream Warrior, The  (Llewellyn, 1996.)


Corri #1.


                Not seen.


Soothslayer  (Llewellyn, 1997.)


Corri #2.


                A woman and her friends battle foreign invaders assisted by a malevolent god and a mysterious figure legend claims will menace them all.


Warrior of Shadows  (Llewellyn, 1998.)


Corri #3.


                The final battle between good and evil, with the protagonist ranged against her own father in a struggle for the future of their world.


Way of Light, The  (Gollancz, 2001.)


Magravandias Chronicles #3.


                A reluctant nobleman is coerced into acting against the insane emperor who rules the land.


COOK, DAVID  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Beyond the Moons  (TSR, 1991.)


#1 in the multi-author Cloakmaster series.


                A farmer has various adventures after a magically disabled skyship crashes in his farm and makes him the prey for ravening monsters.


Horselords  (TSR, 1990.)


#1 in the multi-author Empires series.


A charismatic leader begins to organize the nomadic horse clans of the Forgotten Realms into an army powerful enough to menace the more civilized nations surrounding them.


King Pinch  (TSR, 1995.)


A Forgotten Realms Nobles novel.


                After the death of his guardian, the protagonist decides to act on his own in his efforts to gain a throne for himself.  But he underestimates the treachery that surrounds the court.


Soldiers of Ice  (TSR, 1993.)


A Forgotten Realms Harpers novel.


A village of gnomes is menaced by the privations of a fierce winter along with an advancing horde of monsters.  One of the Harpers attempts to come to their aid and through mischance arouses their suspicions instead.




Uneasy Alliances  (TSR, 1998.)


#7 in themulti-author Diamond Triangle saga.




COOK, DAWN (Also writes Horror as Kim Harrison.)


Decoy Princess, The  (Ace, 2005.)


Tess #1.


                A young woman raised as a princess discovers she is simply a double used to divert attention from the real princess.


First Truth  (Ace, 2002.)


Alissa #1.


                A young woman who refuses to believe in magic must accept the fact that she has magical powers of her own in order to defeat a variety of enemies.


Forgotten Truth  (Ace, 2003.)


Alissa #3.


                A woman with the power to shapeshift into the form of a dragon is transported back through time.


Hidden Truth  (Ace, 2002.)


Alissa #2.


                A young adept gets caught in the struggle by a corrupt magician to master a powerful book.


Lost Truth  (Ace, 2005.)


Alissa #4.


                Alissa discovers a hidden colony of wizards, and objects when they try to make her a prisoner.


Princess at Sea  (Ace, 2006.)


Tess #2.


                While accompany a quarrelsome royal couple on their honeymoon, a young woman discovers that they are menaced by pirates.


COOK, GLEN  (Note that the El Murid books are also a subset of the Dread Empire series.   Also writes Science Fiction.)


All Darkness Met  (Berkley, 1980.)


Dread Empire #3.


The end of the original trilogy sees the great war come at last, but the main characters discover that even in the midst of such terrible events there are pockets of goodness to be found.


Angry Lead Skies  (Roc, 2002.)


Garrett #10.


                Garrett is hired as bodyguard for a teenager who claims that non-human entities are after him, but he gets kidnapped before our hero can find out any details. 


Annals of the Black Company  (Doubleday, 1986.)


Omnibus of the first three Black Company novels.


Bitter Gold Hearts  (Signet, 1988.)


Garrett #2.


Garrett is trying to solve a kidnapping when he visits a community of ogres, barely escapes with his life, and subsequently foils an evil plot to seize control of the world.


Black Company, The  (Tor, 1984, Roc, UK, 1992.)


Black Company #1.


The Black Company is a mercenary band in a realm where it appears that only evil rules.  But when the company hears rumors that the White Rose, a personification of good, has reappeared, they set out to find her and join her cause.


Bleak Seasons  (Tor, 1996.)


Black Company #6.


The Black Company is locked in battle with an evil sorceror while one of their number is haunted by mysterious visions of the past.  Elsewhere, an old enemy is hatching a new conspiracy against the company.


Books of the South, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Omnibus of Shadow Games, Dreams of Steel, and The Silver Spike.


Chronicles of the Black Company  (Tor, 2007.)


Omnibus of The Black Company, Shadows Linger, and The White Rose.


Cold Copper Tears  (Signet, 1988.)


Garrett #3.


When Garrett is hired by a beautiful woman, he finds himself elected to be the next sacrifice to a slumbering god whose followers hope for a reawakening.


Cruel Wind, A  (Night Shade, 2006.)


                Omnibus of A Shadow of All Nightís Falling, Octoberís Baby, and All Darkness Met.


Cruel Zinc Melodies  (Roc, 2008.)


Garrett #12.


A construction project is plagued by magical creatures.


Deadly Quicksilver Lies  (Roc, 1994.)


Garrett #7.


Garrett takes on the case of a missing teenager even though the girl's mother is an ex-mistress of the king.  Not unexpectedly, it turns out she has some powerful enemies, and that they're willing to kill Garrett rather than let him succeed.


Dread Brass Shadows  (Roc, 1990.)


Garrett #5.


A magical book is being sought by every sorcerer in sight and innocent people are being killed in the process, including Garrett's current lover.  So he decides to find the book himself in order to get revenge on her killer.


Dreams of Steel  (Tor, 1990.)


Black Company #6.


Once again the Black Company has been scattered, this time by the evil Shadowmasters, supernaturally powered creatures who hope to dominate the world.  They are brought back together by a new leader, who allies herself with a group of assassins who believe she will fulfill a prophecy of their religion.


Faded Steel Heat  (Roc, 1999.)


Garrett #9.


                Garrett gets caught between a gang of militant human supremacists and their intended victims when he takes on a non-human client just as racial tensions begin to peak in TunFaire.


Fire in His Hands, The  (Pocket, 1984.)


El Murid #1.


El Murid is an outcast barbarian whose mission is to unite his people, and who invokes terrifying sorcerous powers to enforce his wishes.


Garrett Files, The  (Doubleday, 1989.)


Omnibus of Sweet Silver Blues, Bitter Gold Hearts, and Cold Copper Tears.


Gilded Latten Bones  (Roc, 2010.)


Garrett #13.


A private detective is prevented from retiring by mysterious attacks on his friends.


Ill Fate Marshalling, An  (Tor, 1988.)


Dread Empire #5.


Continues the machinations among rival lords to undermine each other's authority, while restless gods, amoral wizards, and ordinary brigands destabilize their own lands.


Introducing Garrett P.I.  (Roc, 2011.)


Omnibus of Sweet Silver Blues, Bitter Gold Hearts, and Cold Copper Tears.


Lord of the Silent Kingdom  (Tor, 2007.)


Instrumentalities of Night #2.


                A soldier and a sorcerer battle the gods themselves when the latter decide to intervene in the affairs of humankind.


October's Baby  (Berkley, 1980.)


Dread Empire #2.


The birth of a special child heralds a turning point in the preparations between two great powers for a war so devastating that even the most skillful wizards are afraid of the consequences.


Old Tin Sorrows  (Signet, 1989.)


Garrett #4.


This time Garrett is hired to protect an elderly man from magical murder.  The job is complicated by the presence of two beautiful women who might be ghosts, and a mysterious presence that is slowly killing off his employer's associates.


Path to Coldness of Heart, A  (Night Shade, 2012.)


Dread Empire #6.




Petty Pewter Gods  (Roc, 1995.)


Garrett #8.


In order to cut down on the number of lesser gods, the greater ones hold a competition for the last remaining empty temple.  Garrett gets caught in the middle when two rival deities seek to hire him, neither willing to accept his refusal.


Reap the East Wind  (Tor, 1987.)


Dread Empire #4.


There's the usual collection of palace intrigues, foreign invasions, and general disorder within the Dread Empire, but things grow even worse when a bitter man awakens an ancient god with the power to control armies of the dead.


Red Iron Nights  (Roc, 1991.)


Garrett #6.


The only private eye in a world filled with mythical creatures reluctantly sets out to track down a serial killer who may be a supernatural creature.


Return of the Black Company, The  (Tor, 2009.)


Omnibus of Bleak Seasons and She Is the Darkness.


Shadow Games  (Tor, 1989.)


Black Company #5.


A badly mauled group of mercenaries travels through unknown lands, slowly recruiting new members, but with their footsteps dogged by inimical, supernatural creatures who hope to spread their influence throughout the world.


Shadow of All Night Falling, A  (Berkley, 1979.)


Dread Empire #1.


A better than average story of sorcerous warfare in a dark kingdom where the powerful can even conquer time, return people to their own youth, and destroy entire nations.


Shadows Linger  (Tor, 1984, Roc UK, 1992.)


Black Company #2.


Mercenaries discover that the supposed leader of good in their world is an imposter and decide to continue their service of another power until they find that the real White Rose has in fact been reborn.


She Is the Darkness  (Tor, 1997.)


Black Company #7.


A company of mercenaries picks a precarious path among the warring and plotting of the nobles and magicians of their barbaric world.


Silver Spike, The  (Tor, 1989.)


Black Company #4.


When a group of thieves inadvertently reactivate a magical device left by a defeated evil wizard, they loose a malevolent force into the world which can only be defeated by men like those of the Black Company.  Unfortunately, that band of mercenaries has disbanded.


Soldiers Live  (Tor, 2000.)


Black Company #9.


                A company of mercenaries begins to grow old and lazy as they pursue what amounts to retirement in an obscure land.  Unfortunately, some of their old enemies are still alive, including one who is animated by an evil spirit.


Sung in Blood  (NESFA Press, 1990.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Sung in Blood  (Night Shade, 2006.)


Murder upsets a magical kingdom.


Surrender to the Will of the Night  (Tor, 2010.)


Instrumentalities of Night #3.


The ecology off a magical world wanes as evil returns.


Sweet Silver Blues  (Signet, 1987.)


Garrett #1.


Garrett is a private detective in a world where gnomes, fairies, and other mythical creatures are his most common clients.  In the opening volume of the series, he tries to find the heir to a small fortune, and runs into unfriendly vampires, centaurs, and other creatures in the course of his investigation.


Swordbearer, The  (Pocket, 1982, Tor, 1990.)


Familiar story of a young man robbed of his birthright who finds a magical sword and uses it to avenge himself on his enemies and regain his honor. 


Tower of Fear, The  (Tor, 1989, Grafton, 1991.)


A heroic figure battles a scheming witch in a series of fantastic adventures that blend European and Near Eastern motifs.  Two armies conquer a fabulous city and then begin quarreling among themselves over the spoils of their victory.


Tyranny of the Night, The  (Tor, 2005.)


Instrumentalities of Night #1.


                A  man by chance slays a god and becomes involved in a supernatural conspiracy.


Water Sleeps  (Tor, 1999.)


Black Company #8.


                The survivors of a devastating battle regroup and prepare to rescue their companions, held in magical stasis.  The battle that follows will change the course of history for their entire world.


Whispering Nickel Idols  (Roc, 2005.)


Garrett #11.


                Garrett has to investigate the disappearance of a crimelord.


White Rose, The  (Tor, 1985, Roc UK, 1992.)


Black Company #3.


The battle between good and evil seems to be moving toward its inevitable climax when an even greater evil force appears, and even the seasoned fighters of the Black Company may not be equal to the task.


Wicked Bronze Ambition (Roc, 2013.)


Garrett #14.




Winter's Dreams  (Subterranean, 2012.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


With Mercy Toward None   (Tor, 1985.)


El Murid #2.


Two leaders contending for control of the desert tribesmen invoke the powers of sorcery in their escalating battle for influence.


Working God's Mischief (Tor, 2014.)


Instrumentalities of Night #4.


The fundamental rules of a fantasy world are changing.


COOK, HUGH  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Hero's Return, The  (Questar, 1987. Corgi, 1987, as part of the Wordsmiths and the Warguild.)


Wizard War #3.


After gaining some magical powers of his own, young Togura resumes his quest to find a magical device that will give him the power to rescue the woman he loves.


Lords of the Sword  (Roc, 1991.  An abridged version of the original published by Corgi, 1988, Colin Smythe, 1992, Paizo, ? as The Walrus and the Warwolf.)


Wizard War #5.


An apprenticed swordmaker flees for his life when his former master is driven mad and becomes the head of a religious cult dedicated to killing his ex-pupil.  He subsequently battles pirates and dragons before a climactic confrontation with his self declared nemesis.


Oracle, The  (Questar, 1989.  Corgi, 1987, and Colin Smythe, 1987, as The Women and the Warlords)


Wizard War #4.


A young woman sets off as part of an army attacking a rival land despite her belief that war is basically boring.  It gets more interesting when some wizards show up and start adding magical weapons to the mix.


Questing Hero, The  (Questar, 1987.  Corgi, 1987, as part of The Wordsmiths and the Warguild.)


Wizard War #2.


A young hero goes on a quest to find a magical object which may unlock the power of an ancient sorcery.  Along the way he is attacked by pirates, runs into a dragon, and then has to deal with an ornery wizard.


Walrus and the Warwolf, The  (See Lords of the Sword.)


Wazir and the Witch, The  (Corgi, 1990.)


Wizard War #8.


More episodic adventures in a fantasy world.


Werewolf and the Wormlord, The  (Corgi, 1991.)


Wizard War #9.


Not seen.


Wicked and the Witless, The  (Corgi, 1989.)


Wizard War #6.


Peripheral adventures which take place during the timeframe of earlier books in the series.


Wishstone and the Wonderworkers, The  (Corgi, 1990.)


Wizard War #7.


Adventures in a fabulous city caught up in a war.


Witchlord and the Weaponmaster, The  (?, 1992.)


Wizard War #11


Not seen.


Wizards and the Warriors, The  (See Wizard War)


Wizard War  (Questar, 1987.  Colin Smythe, 1986, Corgi, 1987, as The Wizards and the Warriors.)


Wizard War #1.


An evil wizard steals an artifact that could make him ruler of the world.   So the council of wizards chooses three from among their number to track him down, neutralize his power, and return the artifact to its rightful owners.  Naturally, things don't go quite as planned.


Women and the Warlords, The  (See The Oracle.)


Wordsmiths and the Warguild, The  (Colin Smythe, 1987, Corgi, 1987.  Published in the US in two volumes, The Questing Hero and The Hero's Return.)


Worshippers and the Way, The  (Corgi, 1992.)


Wizard War #10.


Not seen.




Blood Magic  (Juno, 2008.)


A magical land is in peril.




Blood Girls, The  (Overlook, 1999.)


                Marginal story about a murder that occurs just as a local woman begins to exhibit stigmata.


COOK, MONTE  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Glass Prison, The  (TSR, 1999.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                A half human, half demon creature seeks to prevent the release of his fully demonic sire into the world of mortals, even though a prophecy indicates he may help rather than hinder his father.


COOK, RICK  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Cursed and Consulted  (Baen, 2001.)


                Omnibus of The Wizardry Consulted and The Wizardry Cursed.


Mall Purchase Night  (Baen, 1993.)


Great title.  A security guard in a mall discovers that elves and such show up after dark, and that the day is approaching when the war between good and evil in the land of the fairies will overflow into the contemporary world.


Wizardry Compiled, The  (Baen, 1990.)


Wiz #2.


A computer programmer transported into a magical world decides to use his abilities to reprogram demons and figures he's got it made until his old enemies among the wizards regroup their forces for a fresh attack.


Wizardry Consulted, The  (Baen, 1995.)


Wiz #4.


The Wiz is back, right in the middle of a war between human beings and various creatures of legend.  He's kidnapped by a band of scheming dragons and has to put his computer skills to work to solve the riddle of a greater magic.


Wizardry Cursed, The  (Baen, 1991.)


Wiz #3.


An Air Force pilot crosses into an alternate world of magic, battles a flying dragon, then joins forces with a displaced computer programmer and his allies against a league of villainous wizards. 


Wizardry Quested, The  (Baen, 1996.)


Wiz #5.


Further adventures of a fumbling wizard with good intentions but a great deal of bad luck, beset by dragons, rival magic, and other ill doing.


Wizard's Bane  (Baen, 1989.)


Wiz #1.


A computer genius from our world is conjured into a magical realm, but the wizard who called him dies leaving him stranded and in love with a witch.  The wizard had a number of enemies as well, and they figure it's probably a good idea to eliminate our hero, just as a precaution.


Wiz Biz, The  (Baen, 1997.)


                Omnibus of Wizardís Bane and The Wizardry Compiled.


COOK, TONYA  (See collaborations with Paul B. Thompson.)




Crimson Goddess, The  (Ace, 1989.)


Sleeping Goddess #3.


Arris returns to earth from the realm of the gods and helps his friend battle his way back to power in an Arabian Nights world of assassins, demons, and magical powers. 


Hidden Temple, The  (Tor, 1988.)


Eleven Kingdoms #3.


A soldier must make a deal with a demon to save the queen he serves, simultaneous organizing the diminished army to stave off a fresh attack by a rival prince.  Meanwhile, his priestess friend seeks to resume her place and overcome the attacks of her rivals.


Mask of the Wizard  (Tor, 1985.)


Eleven Kingdoms #1.


An outlawed priestess, a young wizard, and a professional soldier help the prince and princess of their kingdom to escape an invading army led by wizards.  Unfortunately, one among their number is a shapechanging demon with plans of his own for the future of their world.


Realm of the Gods  (Ace, 1988.)


Sleeping Goddess #2.


Despite his efforts, Arris is taken prisoner by his enemies and sent to be tortured.  Ultimately he is rescued by the prince he befriended, even though at times he has plotted against the man, and is carried off to the realm of the gods.


Veil of Shadow  (Tor, 1987.)


Eleven Kingdoms #2.


A ruthless prince plots against his own sister as he assumes the throne of their liberated kingdom.  Elsewhere, a severely wounded soldier fights off a demonic shapechanger seeking control of his body, and an heroic priestess is deprived of her place by an ambitious rival.


Winged Assassin, The  (Ace, 1987.)


Sleeping Goddess #1.


A goddess defeated by rival gods seeks to awaken from a long sleep by manipulating a young man employed as a spy by his emperor.  But Arris has a mind of his own and avoids assassins and supernatural menaces to assert his independence.




Flying Blind (NAL, 2011.)


Dragon Diaries #1.


Young adult romance involving shapeshifters.


Winging It  (NAL, 2011.)


Dragon Diaries #2.


Young adult romance with shapeshifters.




Greek Myths  (Houghton Mifflin, 1949.)


Collection of related stories.


Hercules and Other Tales from Greek Myths  (Scholastic, 1970. 


Abridged versions of various Greek Myths.


COONEY, CAROLINE B.  (Also writes Horror.)


Both Sides of Time  (Delacorte, 1995, Dell Laurel, 1997.)


Annie Lockwood #1.


                A romantic loversí triangle complicated by the fact that it involves travel through time as well as space.


Enter Three Witches  (Scholastic, 2007.)


A retelling of Macbeth with real magic.


For All Time  (Delacorte, 2001, Dell Laurel, 2003.)


Annie Lockwood #4.


                A young girl is transported back to ancient Egypt and must convince time itself to bend to her will.


Goddess of Yesterday  (Delacorte, 2002.)


                A teenager braves gods and heroes in the midst of the Trojan War.


Out of Time  (Delacorte, 1996, Laureleaf, 1997.)


Annie Lockwood #2.


                A young woman from our time travels back to 1895 to rescue a boy believed insane by his family after he tells the truth about her previous appearance.


Prisoner of Time  (Dell Laurel, 1999.)


Annie Lockwood #3.


                A modern teen drifts back through time and meets a girl with whom he falls in love.


Time Travelers Volume I, The  (Random House, 2005.)


                Omnibus of Both Sides of Time and Out of Time.


Time Travelers Volume II, The  (Random House, 2005.)


                Omnibus of For All Time and Prisoner of Time.




Shangri-La  (Morrow, 1996.)


A sequel to James Hilton's Lost Horizon.  The protagonist of the original novel returns to the mountains of Tibet to prevent the Chinese from discovering and destroying the world of Shangri-La.


COOPER, EDMUND  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Wish Goes to Slumberland  (Hutchinson, 1960.)


Not seen.




Raven's Shadow, The  (Tor, 2014.)


Wild Hunt #3.


Various forces move toward war between worlds.


Songs of the Earth  (Tor, 2012.)


Wild Hunt #1.


A man's ability to hear magical sounds results in his being sentenced to death.


Trinity Rising  (Tor, 2013.)


Wild Hunt #2.


Something is stirring in the unknown lands.




Water Witch, The  (?, 1829.)


                Not seen.  Most but not all of the supernatural content is explained away.


COOPER, LOUISE  (Note that the Chaos Gate series is a sequel to the Time Master series. Also writes Horror.)


Aisling  (Grafton, 1993, Harper, 1993, Tor, 1994.)


Indigo #8.


Indigo is on her way home when a disastrous shipwreck robs her of her memories.  In the aftermath, she discovers that not all of the demons have been expelled from the world, and the last is taking advantage of her amnesia to manipulate her.


Avatar  (Grafton, 1991, Tor, 1992.)


Indigo #6.


Indigo must confront a cult of the dead on a remote part of her world in order to defeat the latest assaults of demonic forces.


Avenger, The  (Bantam, 1992, Harper, 1993.)


Chaos Gate #3.


An army composed of the risen dead and the enslaved living threatens to overwhelm the world.  Their leader is an ambitious woman who hopes to transcend mortality and literally become one of the gods, perhaps the greatest of them all.  Opposed are the Lords of Order, but an unconditional victory by either side will spell doom for the merely mortal.


Book of Paradox, The  (Dell, 1973, Delacorte, 1973, Futura, 1975.)


An heroic fantasy loosely based on the Tarot, set in a world where contradiction and paradox are the norm and fate writes the script of life.


Crown of Horn  (Hamlyn, 1981.)


Not seen.


Dark Caller, The  (Hodder, 2000.)


Daughter of Storms #2.


                Someone seeks revenge on a  young woman with a powerful magical talent.


Daughter of Storms  (Hodder, 1996.)


Daughter of Storms #1.


A young girl is raised by a secretive cult of women who are cultivating her magical powers so that she can fulfill the role they have laid out before her.  But she isn't sure she wants to be led in that direction.


Deceiver, The  (Bantam, 1991, Harper, 1993.)


Chaos Gate #1.


Although Order has won a victory in the battle with Chaos, the Earth's fate is not yet determined and a daughter of Chaos has been born with supernatural powers.  A feisty young sorceror attempts to re-establish a healthy balance between the two contending powers.


Eclipse  (Harper Voyager, 1994, HarperCollins, 1996.)


Star Shadow #2.


The protagonist is sent to locate and arrest the leader of a rebel movement..


Gathering Storm  (Puffin, 2004.)


Seahorses #1.


                A young girl inadvertently releases a demon from a statue.


Guardian of the Stone   (Puffin, 2003.)


Seahorses #3.




Infanta  (Tor, 1990, Unwin, 1990.)


Indigo #3.


Ages have passed since Indigo set free Nemesis and cursed the world.  Now even memory of that long ago time has died, but the eternal conflict between the two still shapes the future of the world.  To destroy one of the demons that she inadvertently set free, she must impersonate the paramour of a prominent man, who may be the demon in disguise.


Inferno  (Unwin, 1988, Tor, 1989.)


Indigo #2.


When the king's daughter violated the stricture against entering an ensorceled tower, she brought down the curse of immortality upon herself and freed the evil Nemesis, who will prey upon the world until she can defeat him.


Initiate, The  (Tor, 1985, Unwin, 1985.)


Time Master #1.


The forces of good and evil, order and chaos, are engaged in a struggle that transcends time and space, a battle whose outcome may be decided by the birth of a single child destined to bring that conflict to an end.


Keepers of Light  (Hodder, 1998.)


Daughter of Storms #3.


                A young woman with magical powers to control the maze that contains gateways through time and space must master her powers.


Lord of No Time  (Sphere, 1977.)


Not seen.  Massively rewritten as the Time Master trilogy.


Master, The  (Tor, 1987, Unwin, 1987)


Time Master #3.


The ultimate battle between order and chaos is about to take place, and the outcome may be decided by a reluctant hero and the brave woman who loves him.


Mirage  (Tor, 1987, Unwin, 1987.)


Haven is a city besieged which turns to an ancient hero wrested forth from time to help turn back their enemies.  Those who invoked his presence have second thoughts when they discover he has a will of his own, and that his desires don't necessarily coincide with theirs.


Moonset  (Harper Voyager, 1995, HarperCollins, 1996.)


Star Shadow #3.


Climactic battle in the struggle to destroy the chaos gate and unleash into a magical realm a force before which the gods themselves would be helpless.


Nemesis  (Unwin, 1988, Tor, 1989.)


Indigo #1.


A young woman's determination to plumb the secrets of a forbidden tower result in her banishment from her homeland and the assumption of a new identity as she seeks to track down the seven demons she inadvertently allowed to escape into the world.


Nocturne  (Tor, 1990, Unwin, 1990.)


Indigo #4.


Indigo seeks a time of peace free of the curse she released upon the world by penetrating the forbidden tower, but her ancient enemies attack again, this time with a pestilence that lays bare the world.


Outcast, The  (Tor, 1986, Unwin, 1986.)


Time Master #2.


The young man destined to bring an eternal battle to an end battles against the prophecies affecting his life and seeks a future free of the taunts of his fellows, who consider him a demon.


Pretender, The  (Bantam, 1991, Harper, 1993.)


Chaos Gate #2.


The daughter of Chaos has recruited a supernatural army to help her seize control of the world.  A secret organization dedicated to saving the world seeks to rally the forces of Chaos, although in doing so they may well bring about Armageddon.


Revenant  (Harper, 1992, Tor, 1993.)


Indigo #7.


A wandering immortal stumbles into a village where all joy has been subjugated in favor of material gain.  As part of her penance for past sins, she seeks to return happiness to the villagers, but to do so she will have to confront a demonic presence.


Sacrament of Night  (Headline, 1997.)


                Creatures who live in a magical otherworld and occasionally visit ours are endangered by an ambitious man who wishes to capture them.


Sleep of Stone, The  (Atheneum, 1991, DAW, 1993.)


The last shapechanger falls in love with a mortal, kidnaps the princess he is intended to marry, changes her to stone, and plans to impersonate her in order to be with the man she loves.


Star Ascendant  (Harper, 1994, Tor, 1995.)


Prequel to the Time Master series.  Star Shadow #1.


A fantastic battle between the primal forces of Order and Chaos in a time previous to the renewed struggles that encompass the Time Master series.


Talisman  (Puffin, 2004.)


Seahorses #2.




Thorn Key, The  (Orchard, 1988.)


Not seen.


Troika   (Tor, 1991, Grafton, 1991.) 


Indigo #5.


Indigo's family has been forgotten and another rules her kingdom, while the man she loves has been imprisoned by the demons she released into the world centuries before.  She receives a sign indicating that in the frozen northland she may begin to reverse the damage she has done.




Munsters, The  (Avon, 1964.)


Not seen.  Based on the television program.


COOPER, SUSAN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Boggart, The  (McElderry, 1993.)


A boggart is a kind of Irish gremlin, in this case involuntarily transplanted to America where he performs a number of practical jokes before his existence is discovered by the children of the family he is tormenting.


Dark Is Rising, The  (Atheneum, 1973, Chatto & Windus, 1973, Aladdin, 1973, Puffin, 1976.)


Dark Is Rising #2.


Young Will has presentiments that something bad is about to happen when animals flee from his presence and even other people seem to shun him.  As Christmas approaches, so also does the latest attempt by an evil force to invade our world.


Dark Is Rising Sequence, The  (Penguin, 1984.)


Omnibus of all five Dark Is Rising novels.


Green Boy  (McElderry, 2002.)


                Two young brothers are magically transported into the future by the spirit of Gaia, the planetary intelligence, to help stop the destruction of the ecosystem.


Greenwitch  (Chatto & Windus, 1974, Atheneum, 1974, McClelland & Stewart, 1974, Aladdin, 1974, Puffin, ?)


Dark Is Rising #3.


Aided by a benevolent witch, a group of children rescue a magical grail from the Dark, an evil power from a world adjacent to ours, which has crossed the barrier and threatens ill for all of humankind.


Grey King, The  (Chatto & Windus, 1975, Atheneum, 1975, Aladdin, 1975, Puffin, ?)


Dark Is Rising #4.


The young protagonist finds his life in the bucolic Welsh countryside endangered by the malevolent plottings of the Grey King, who lives in a parallel world of magic.


Over Sea, Under Stone  (Jonathan Cape, 1965, Harcourt Brace, 1966, Puffin, 1968, Voyager, 1979, Collier, 1989.)


Dark Is Rising #1.


Children discover an ancient map that promises to reveal the location of the Holy Grail, which will also tell them how to revive the lost magic of King Arthur's time.


Seaward  (Bodley Head, 1976???, Collier, 1983, Atheneum, 1983, Macmillan, 1987, Aladdin, 1987.)


Two young people are forced to undertake a perilous quest.


Silver on the Tree  (Chatto & Windus, 1977, Atheneum, 1977, Puffin, 1979.)


Dark Is Rising #5.


A handful of children who count among their number the last of an ancient race of sorcerers travel to Wales to find a magical sword with which to defeat the powers of evil.  Although aimed at younger readers, this is one of the most enduring fantasy series of all time.




Pricksongs and Descants  (Dutton, 1969, Plume, 1970.)


Collection of unrelated stories, some of which are fantasy.




Adam and Eve and Pinch Me  (Golden Cockerell, 1921, Knopf, 1921, Jonathan Cape, 1926, Penguin, 1946, Ayer, 1970.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Collected Tales of A.E. Coppard   (Knopf, 1948, Ayer, 1976.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Crotty Shinkwin  (Golden Cockerel, 1932.)


                Not seen.


Fearful Pleasures  (Arkham House, 1946.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




12 Again  (Dutton, 2002.)


                A frustrated woman drinks a magic potion and returns to her youth.




Ark of the People, The  (Hodder, ?)


Willow Clan #1.


                Humans drive a magical people out of their homeland by flooding their valley.


Quest for the End of the Tail, The  (Hodder, ?)


Willow Clan #2.


                The Willow Clan finds a new valley inhabited by a giant snake.


Spell to Save the Golden Snake, The  (Hodder, ?)


Willow Clan #3.


                The new settlers in the valley of the snake defend him from attack.




Divine Queen, The  (Pocket, 1982.)


Doom Quest #2.


The queen of a beleaguered kingdom takes as her lover a dashing adventurer who is secretly plotting to destabilize her nation and prepare it for conquest.


Former King, The  (Pocket, 1981.)


Doom Quest #1.


The sun and the moon go to war and a fierce barbarian warrior who was once king returns to wage a new campaign of conquest in a magical land.




Spring Enchantment  (Jove, 1996.)


A crotchety old ghost is forced to help two mortals find true love as a prerequisite to being reunited with the woman he once loved.


CORDELL, BRUCE R.  (See also T.H. Lain.)


City of Torment  (Wizards of the Coast, 2009.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.




Dark Vision  (Wizards of the Coast, 2006.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                An outcast woman searched for artifacts of her people.


Key of Stars  (Wizards of the Coast, 2010.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.




Lady of Poison  (Wizards of the Coast, 2004.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                Two soldiers battle evil sorcery.


Plague of Spells  (Wizards of the Coast, 2008.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.




Stardeep  (Wizards of the Coast, 2007.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


Deadly warriors guard a mysterious enclave.


Sword of the Gods (Wizards of the Coast, 2011.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


An amnesiac is pursued by a supernatural killer.


CORELLI, MARIE  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Ardath, the Story of a Dead Self  (Bentley, 1889.)


                An occult novel.


Life Everlasting, The  (Doran, 1911, Methuen, 1911, Health Research, 1973, Borden, 1978, Kessinger, 1997.)


Treacly, incredibly unreadable story of the search for spiritual immortality.


Romance of Two Worlds, The  (Bantam, 1978, condensed by Barbara Cartland.  Original version, Lupton, ?, Richard Bentley, 1986, Anthroposomorphic Press, 1986, Kessinger, 1997.)


Clunky romantic novel involving reincarnation.


Sorrows of Satan, The  (Methuen, 1895, Lippincott, 1896, Oxford, 1996.)


Pretentious, boring novel of a deal with the devil, the protagonist's eventual recantation and rehabilitation.


Soul of Lilith, The  (Bentley, 1892.)


                An occult novel.


Ziska: The Problem of a Wicked Soul  (Arrowsmith, 1897.)


                An occult novel.


CORLETT, WILLIAM  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Bridge in the Clouds, The  (Bodley Head, 1992.)


Magician #4.


Not seen.


Door in the Tree, The  (Bodley Head, 1991.)


Magician #2.


Not seen.


Steps Up the Chimney, The  (Bodley Head, 1990.)


Magician #1.


Not seen.


Tunnel Behind the Waterfall, The  (Bodley Head, 1991.)


Magician #3.


Not seen.


CORMAN, AVERY  (Also writes Horror.)


Oh, God!  (Simon & Schuster, 1971, Bantam, 1973.)


Amusing novel of a young man chosen by God to lecture the world about its many faults and his trials and tribulations trying to convince people he's not crazy.  Made into a motion picture.




Floating City, The (Angry Robot, 2015,)


Shadow Master #2.




Shadow Master, The (Angry Robot, 2014.)


Shadow Master #1.


Intrigue in a fantasy city troubled by plague.


CORNELL, PAUL  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


London Falling (Tor, 2013.)


James Quill #1.


Urban fantasy.


Severed Streets, The (Tor, 2014.)


James Quill #2.




Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? (Pan, 2016.)


James Quill #3.


Urban fantasy.




Factotum  (Putnam, 2010.)


Foundling's Tale #3.


The protagonist overcomes monsters to find his place in his world.


Foundling  (Speak, 2007.)


Foundling's Tale #1.


A young boy takes up a new profession and discovers a world of people and monsters.


Lamplighter  (Putnam, 2008.)


Foundling's Tale #2.


Young readers' novel about monster hunting and devious men.




Enemy of God  (St Martinís 1997, Michael Joseph, 1997.)


Warlord #2.


                King Arthur has taken control of Mordredís throne, but his rule is still imperiled by avaricious nobles as well as the rising conflict between Christianity and Paganism. 


Excalibur  (Michael Joseph, 1997.)


Warlord #3.


                Not seen.


Winter King  (St Martinís, 1996, Michael Joseph, 1996, Penguin, 1996.)


Warlord #1


                A young man raised in Merlinís household fulfills his desire to serve King Arthur in this complex recreation of the legend of Camelot.




Darkfell  (Orion, 1996.)


Avardale #2.


Fantasy adventure featuring four young people who seek their separate futures in a world of magic both good and evil. Meanwhile, mysterious happenings in a nearby desert portend major upheavals.


Fate  (Millenium, 1995.)


A subjugated nation has a chance to overthrow an invading force when a group of women, who have long been secondary citizens in their own country, band together to overthrow their oppressors.


Imperial Light  (Millenium, 1994.)


Avardale #1.


A noble and a fisher girl are menaced by an evil priesthood until benevolent gods take a hand and defeat their villainous rivals.


CORREIA, LARRY (Also writes Horror.)


Hard Magic (Baen, 2011.)


Grimnoir #1.




Son of the Black Sword (Baen, 2015.)


Forgotten Warrior #1.




Spellbound  (Baen, 2011.)


Grimnoir #2.




Warbound (Baen, 2013.)


Grimnoir #3.




CORREN, GRACE  (Pseudonym of Robert Hoskins, who wrote science fiction under that name.)


Evil in the Family  (Lancer, 1972.)


                Gothic romance peripherally involving time travel.




Holy Grail, Holy Grail, Quest East, Quest West  (Xlibris, 2001.)


                Disjointed fantasy adventure that ranges from Arthurian England to the present to medieval Japan.




Winter's Orphans  (Mundania, 2005.)


Shadow Fae #1.


                A mixture of fairies and a pre-industrial society.




Bangalee  (Serendipity, 1976.)


Fairy tale about a castle full of critters.


Creole  (Serendipity, 1974.)


Fairy tale about a prehistoric bird.


Dream Tree, The  (Serendipity, 1974.)


Fairy tale about a caterpillar.


Flutterby  (Serendipity, 1976.)


Fairy tale about a flying horse.


Hucklebug  (Serendipity, 1975.)


Fairy tale about a bug.


In Search of the Saveopotomas  (Serendipity, 1974.)


Fairy tale about a dinosaur.


Morgan and Me  (Serendipity, 1975.)


Fairy tale about a unicorn.


Muffin Muncher, The  (Serendipity, 1974.)


Fairy tale about a dragon.


Wheedle on the Needle  (Serendipity, 1974.)


Fairy tale set in Washington state.


COST, MARCH  (Pseudonym of Peggy Morrison.)


Bespoken Mile, The  (Vanguard, 1959.)


                A boy has a vision of the future.




Below the Salt  (Doubleday, 1957, Collins, 1958, Permabook, 1963, Avon, 1974.)


Historical novel about the signing of the Magna Charta as seen through the eyes of a modern man mysteriously transported back through time.


COSTELLO, MATTHEW J.  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Fateís Trick  (Tor, 1988.)


                Gamebook based on Glory Road by Robert A. Heinlein.


Wizard of Tizare  (Bantam, 1990.)


#3 in the multi-author Guardians of the Three series.


Acting on bad advice, the king of Ar has allowed his realm to fall into anarchy and despair.  One of his subjects sets out on a quest to straighten out the situation, with the help of a friendly wizard.


COSTELLO, P.F.  (House pseudonym.)


Devil Downstairs, The  (Armchair, 2022, bound with Invaders from the Dark by Greye La Spina. Magazine appearance 1958.)


Mildly humorous story about a family who capture the devil.


COSTIKYAN, GREG  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Another Day, Another Dragon  (Tor, 1990.)


Cups and Sorcery #1.


A disparate group of adventurers including a cyclops, a barbarian, a dwarf, and a wizard set out on a typical quest lampooned ferociously.


By the Sword  (Tor, 1993.)


A wildly humorous treatment of the traditional quest story, a young hero setting out to slay the dragon, win the hand of the princess, and find himself a throne.  This was supposed to be the first in a series, but subsequent volumes did not appear.


One Quest, Hold the Dragons  (Tor, 1995.)


Cups and Sorcery #2.


After recovering a magical statue, a band of adventurers loses it to a thief and must set out on a fresh quest to get it back.  A farcical frenzy of fairies, swordplay, and monsters.




Shadebinder's Oath, The  (Dragon Moon, 2005.)


                A carpenter upsets his neighbors with his ability to see the spirits of the dead.



Lost Enchantress, The  (Berkley, 2010.)


A magical battle for control of an amulet.


COULSON, JUANITA  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Death God's Citadel, The  (Del Rey, 1980.)


Krantin #2.


A young hero sets out to track down his father, a one time king turned sorcerer, who has enlisted the aid of an evil god and kidnapped the woman his son loves.


Web of Wizardry, The  (Del Rey, 1978.)


Krantin #1.


When an army of barbarians assisted by sorcerers invades the realm of Krantin, its people decide to put aside their old rivalry with the desert clans and forge an alliance strong enough to oust the invaders.




Penwyth Curse, The  (Jove, 2003.)


                Two pairs of lovers, separated by time, are united by a common curse.


Wizard's Daughter (Jove, 2007.)


A young woman discovers a magical book with clues to her family.




Inkmistress (Balzer & Bray, 2018.)


COUNTER, BEN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Bleeding Chalice, The  (Black Library, 2003.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Demons in outer space.


Crimson Tears  (Black Library, 2005.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Space marines vs demonic forces in space.


Dark Adeptus  (Black Library, 2005.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A military unit investigates a planet which appears and disappears magically.


Grey Knights  (Black Library, 2004.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Spaceships and mercenaries vs a demon.


Soul Drinker  (Black Library, 2002.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Mutant soldiers face a dilemma during an interstellar war involving the supernatural.


Soul Drinkers Omnibus, The  (Black Library, 2006.)


                Omnibus of ?


Van Horstmann (Black Library, 2013.)


A Warhammer novel.




COVER, ARTHUR BYRON  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Red Star, The  (Ibooks, 2002.)


Rebellion against a sorcerous tyranny.


COVILLE, BRUCE  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Dark Whispers  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Unicorn Chronicles #3.


The secret of why the elves and unicorns don't get along.


Dragon of Doom, The  (Aladdin, 2004.)


                Fantasy for very young readers.


Dragonslayers, The  (Minstrel, 1994.)


                A witch creates a fearsome dragon to challenge a king, but all of his knights are quarreling and canít agree on a plan to defend their realm.  For younger readers.


Foolish Giant, The  (Lippincott, 1978.)


                Not seen.


Ghost in the Big Brass Bed, The  (Bantam Skylark, 1994.)


                A grieving ghost provides some surprises for two children.


Ghost in the Third Row, The  (Bantam, 1989.)


                A young actress is startled to notice the ghost of a woman sitting in the audience.


Glory of Unicorns, A  (Scholastic, 1998.)


                Collection of unrelated stories about unicorns.


Goblins in the Castle  (Minstrel, 1992.)


A visiting youngster explores a creepy old castle and discovers that there are goblins and other supposedly mythical creatures living there.  For younger readers.


Into the Land of the Unicorns  (Scholastic, 1994, Apple, 1995.)


Unicorn Chronicles #1.


A young girl jumps from a roof into a magical land where she must act to prevent the death of all the unicorns in the universe.


Jennifer Murdley's Toad  (Minstrel, 1992, Magic Carpet, 2007.)


Magic Shop #3.


A young girl buys a talking toad at a magic shop, but the toad is fresh and is hiding a deep dark secret from his new owner.


Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher  (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1991, Minstrel, 1992, Magic Carpet, 2007.)


Magic Shop #2.


Jeremy buys a dragon's egg in a magic shop, is surprised when it hatches, and subsequently raises the dragon as his pet.


Juliet Dove, Queen of Love  (Harcourt, 2003.)


                A shy girl inadvertently finds herself owning a love amulet.


Last Hunt, The  (Scholastic, 2010.)


Unicorn Chronicles #4.


A young girl negotiates with a dragon.


Monster of the Year  (Minstrel, 1994.)


                Not seen.


Monster's Ring, The  (?,1982, Harcourt, 2002, Magic Carpet, 2008.)


Magic Shop #1.


                A youngster encounters a magic shop with real magic and a ring that can change him physically.


Odder Than Ever  (Harcourt Brace, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories for younger readers.


Oddest of All  (Harcourt Brace, 2008.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Oddly Enough  (Harcourt Brace, 1994.)


Collection of unrelated stories for younger readers.


Odds Are Good  (Magic Carpet, 2006.)


                Omnibus of Oddly Enough and Odder Than Ever.


One Right Thing, The  (NESFA, 2008.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Sarah and the Dragon  (Lippincott, 1984.)




Sarah's Unicorn  (Harper, 1995, Lippincott, 1997.)


                Not seen.


Skull of Truth, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1997.)


Magic Shop #4.


                A boy purchases a magical skull that forces him to tell the truth.


Song of the Wanderer (Scholastic, 2001.)


Unicorn Chronicles #2.


                Episodic adventures of a young girl in the land of the unicorns.


Thor's Wedding Day  (Harcourt, 2005.)


                Thor dresses up as a bride to trick the king of the giants into returning his hammer.


Unicorn Treasury, The  (Doubleday, 1988, Magic Carpet, 2004.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Worldís Worst Fairy Godmother, The  (Minstrel, 1996.)


                Clumsy magic from a godmother eventually reforms an obnoxious brat.




Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons, A  (Little, Brown, 2009.)


A child meets dragons.


COWPER, RICHARD  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Magic Spectacles and Other Tales, The  (Kerosina, 1986.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Shades of Darkness  (Kerosina, 1986.)


A contemporary ghost story that alternates between modern England and colonial Africa.


COX, ERLE  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Missing Angel, The  (Robertson Mullen, 1947.)


Humorous fantasy about a meeting with the devil.




Castaway  (Random House, 1934, Longmans, 1934, Armed Forces, 1945, Bantam, 1952, Corgi, 1952, Bantam, 1952, Modern Library, 1956, bound with the non-fantastic S.S. San Pedro by Bernard De Voto, Harvest, 1967, Ivan Dee, 1989.)


Allegorical fantasy about a man who becomes lost in a gigantic department store and spends the rest of his life there.




Cupid and Psyche  (Morrow, 1996.)


A retelling of the famous legend, for younger readers.


CRAIG, BRIAN  (Pseudonym of Brian Stableford.)


Plague Daemon  (GW, 1990, Black Library, 2002.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Game related adventure dealing with human soldiers and their battle against a no longer human agent of an evil god.


Storm Warriors  (GW, 1991, Black Library, 2002.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A king unwisely allows a company of elves to settle in his land, and they almost destroy his throne shortly thereafter.


Wine of Dreams  (Black Library, 2000.)


A Warhammer novel.


                A merchant stumbles across an underground kingdom and the secret of a magical elixir.


Zaragoz  (GW, 1990. Black Library, 2002.)


A Warhammer novel.


                Demons and human villains get involved in a battle between two families, both intent on gaining control of a strategic castle.


CRAIG, EMMA  (Pseudonym of Alice Duncan.)


Cooking Up Trouble  (Leisure, 2000.)


                A magical figure helps a woman protect her secret in the Old West.  A humorous romance.


CRAIG, RANDOLPH  (Pseudonym of Norvell Page, whom see.)


City Condemned to Hell, The  (Weinberg, 1975.)


                Not seen.


Satan's Incubators  (Weinberg, 1975.)


                Not seen.




Little Lame Prince, The  (Watermill, 1983.)


                A child and a magic cloak.


CRANE, CAROLYN (Pseudonym of Carolyn Crooke.)


Double Cross (Ballantine Spectra, 2010.)


Justine Jones #2.


Psychically aided police battle a plague of serial killers.


Mind Games (Ballantine Spectra, 2010.)


Justine Jones #1.


A woman is recruited into a special unit that deals with supernatural crimes.




Reflections in Time  (Leisure, 1992.)


A session of hypnotism sends a woman back in time to 19th Century Louisiana.  A romance novel.


Time Remembered  (Leisure, 1993.)


A voodoo doll sends a woman back through time.  A romance novel.




Rouse a Sleeping Cat  (Ace, 1993.)


Rossacotta #1.


A female warrior travels to the capital city of her world to help protect a child king from plotters both within and without the court.


Sure Death of a Mouse, The  (Ace, 1994.)


Rossacotta #2.


Further adventures of the bodyguard to a child king, in a court where a mysterious murder may be their only warning of a plot against the throne itself.


Wild Dog and Lone, A  (Ace, 1995.)


Rossacotta #3.


A female warrior and a minstrel are the most loyal servants of a young king in a court filled with assassins and conspirators. 




Heaven Takes a Hand  (Long, 1949.)


                Not seen.


CRAY, ROBERTA  (Pseudonym of Ru Emerson, whom see.)


Sword and the Lion, The  (DAW, 1993.)


Very big, entertaining historical novel set in a fantasy world, very clearly based on the life of Alexander the Great, and including a number of well thought out battle scenes, with sorcery added to the usual historical armory.


CRAWFORD, F. MARION  (Also writes Horror.)


Khaled, Ballantine  (Macmillan, 1891, Ballantine, 1971, Wildside, 2001.)


Episodic fantasy about a djinn who breaks the rules and is punished by being temporarily changed into an ordinary mortal.


Witch of Prague, The  (Macmillan, 1891, Wildside, 2002.)


                Experiments designed to develop immortality involve hypnotism and occult phenomena.




Dream Spinner, The  (Jove, 2000.)


                An historian discovers that the young artist with whom he is falling in love has had her abilities enhanced by the presence of a magical artifact.


Poseidon's Kiss  (Jove, 2002.)


                A woman attempts to ignore a family legend connected to the sea and find magical love instead in this romance novel.




Comes the End  (House of Stuart, 2003.)


                Christian fantasy disguised as SF.  Aliens arrive on Earth, but they are actually demons from Hell plotting the downfall of humanity.


CREIGHTON, LEE  (Writes SF as Betty Ann Crawford.)


Two Queens of Lochrin  (Ace, 1990.)


A contemporary woman struggling to make good in New York City is a warrior queen in her dreams, but dreams that imply her life in our world might be the illusion.




Balor of the Evil Eye  (Prima, 1995.)


Based on the computer game, Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye. A young queen reluctantly pays tribute to an army of marauding monsters until their depredations become too much to endure.




At the Stroke of Midnight  (Collins, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Bongleweed, The  (Faber, 1973, Atheneum, 1973.)


A strange plant gives a girl magical abilities.


Classic Fairy Tales  (Writers Guild, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Little Sea Pony, The  (Harper, 1997.)


                Townspeople imprison a magical sea creature to bring themselves good luck, until someone sympathetic decides to set it free.


Moondial  (MacMillan, 1987.)


One of many stories about contemporary children who resolve their own problems after meeting the ghosts of children from another time.


Night-Watchmen, The  (Faber, 1969, Aladdin, 1989, Lythway, 1990.)


Not seen.


Secret World of Polly Flint, The  (MacMillan, 1982, Aladdin, 1991, Peter Smith, 1994.)


A girl with magical powers discovers a village full of time gypsies who are unstuck in time and trapped.


Up the Pier  (Faber, 1971, Atheneum, 1972.)


Not seen.


Watchers: A Mystery at Alton Towers, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1993.)


A castle is turned into an amusement park, but some of the magical creatures on show are genuine.


White Sea Horse, The  (Lippincott, 1964, Dell Yearling, 1973.)


A fisherman captures a perfect white seahorse and decides to give it to the local king, but that night the gods of the sea steal livestock from the village in recompense.




Beaten Path: A Fantasy, The  (Hodder, 1924.)


Not seen.  Atlantis resurfaces.


CRILLEY, PAUL   (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Department Zero (Pyr, 2017.)


A secret organization deals with intrusions from other realities.


Night of the Long Shadows  (Wizards of the Coast, 2008.)


An Eberron novel.




Taint of the Black Brigade  (Wizards of the Coast, 2010.)

A Dungeons & Dragons novel.


Murder mystery in a fantasy world.




Revenge of the Christmas Box  (Dove, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


CRISPIN, A.C.  (See also collaborations with Andre Norton.  Also writes Science Fiction.)


Storms of Destiny  (Eos, 2005.)


Exiles of Boq'urain #1.


                A handful of people battle an invading army led by a vengeful god.




Heroes, Inc.  (Ace, 1991.)


Heroes #1.


Grover is an unlikey and unwilling hero who is forced to overcome a dragon and accomplish other tasks in order to avoid an assembly of assassins, monsters, and other evildoers.


Heroes Wanted  (Ace, 1991.)


Heroes #2.


Grover, the reluctant hero, returns, this time impersonating a prince.  Fortunately, this time he has friends, including a bawdy wench and a talented though unreliable sorcerer.




Merlin's Harp  (Roc, 1996.)


A retelling of the Arthurian legends from the point of view of the daughter of the Lady of the Lake and one of Merlin's apprentices.


Percival's Angel  (Roc, 1999.)


                Sir Perceval finds his quest for the holy grail linked to a mysterious fey girl who is an apprentice of the Lady of the Lake.




Conundrum  (Wizards of the Coast, 2001.)


A Dragonlance novel.


                A band of gnomes builds a submersible ship and investigates the waters off the coast of their land.


Dark Thane  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.)


A Dragonlance novel.


                A nation of dwarves deals with the imminent onset of war.


Rose and the Skull, The  (TSR, 1999.)


A Dragonlance Bridge of Time novel.


                Dragons dominate the skies over Krynn so an ancient order of knights arranges an alliance with a rival group, hoping to forge an effective force to drive away the creatures.  Then a mysterious death threatens their new association even before it gets started.


Thievesí Guild, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


A Dragonlance Crossroads novel.


                An order of knights suppressed the thievesí organization and drove it underground.  Now a new, more vicious group has supplanted them and poses a new challenge to the city authorities.




Mogworld (Dark Horse, 2011.)


An accident prone wizard has adventures.




Last Highlander, The  (Jove, 1998.)


                A highlander is warned off a witch and is then plunged through time to the 20th Century, where he encounters the woman whom he believes to be responsible for the enchantment.  But instead of fighting her, he falls in love.


Love Potion #9  (Jove, 1999.)


                A gypsy woman invokes a magical potion that ensnares the handsome man who just moved into the neighborhood.  A romance novel.


Moonstone, The  (Jove, 1999.)


                A woman accused of witchcraft in the 14th Century is magically transported to a small island in the present, which she thinks is the legendary kingdom of Avalon.


Once Upon a Kiss  (Jove, 1998.)






Witch Across Time, A  (Atheneum, 1990.)


An unhappy teenager is finally coming to terms with her new home when she begins to sense that there is another personality trying to influence her actions, someone from the past who seeks rebirth in the present.




Dark Ground Trilogy: Book One, The   (Dutton, 2005.)


Dark Ground #1.


                A man finds himself shrunken to the size of a mouse and trapped in an alternate reality.




Forged by Fire  (Roc, 2007.)


Dragon Temple #3.


                A woman defies tradition and rules her own estate.


Shadowed by Wings  (Roc, 2006.)


Dragon Temple #2.


                Her determination to learn dragon mastery lands a young woman in trouble.


Touched by Venom  (Roc, 2005.)


Dragon Temple #1.


                A young woman searches for her sister, sold into slavery, and becomes addicted to dragon venom.


CROSS, RONALD ANTHONY  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Fourth Guardian, The  (Tor, 1994.)


Eternal Guardians #1.


Wide ranging novel about a secret society that has directed the activity of humanity for centuries, deriving their power from mystical objects.  But there's a conspiracy within the conspiracy, and demons, discorporated hounds, and other terrors await the protagonist as he attempts to sort it all out.


Lost Guardian, The  (Tor, 1995.)


Eternal Guardians #2.


A secret worldwide organization attempts to seize control of the world by importing disembodied creatures from the astral universe.


White Guardian, The  (Tor, 1998.)


Eternal Guardians #3.


                One of the immortal guardians of human history has become lost in time, and must be rescued to prevent a disaster that will span the ages.




Norse Myths, The  (Pantheon, 2007.)


                Collection of related stories.


Seeing Stone, The  (Dolphin, 2001.)


King Arthur #1.


                The early adventures of Arthur, retold for younger readers.




How to Train Your Dragon  (Little, Brown, 2004.)


                Young reader novel about comical adventures in a typical fantasy world.




Moonchild  (Mandrake, 1929, Buccaneer, 1970, Avon, 1971,  Samuel Weiser, 1991, Sphere, ?)


An occult adventure about a woman introduced to the world of magic by a mysterious visitor.


CROWLEY, JOHN  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Aegypt  (Bantam, 1987, Gollancz, 1987.)


Aegypt #1.


The secret history of the world, which includes genuine magic, may have started in an alternate version of Egypt.


Antiquities  (Incunabula, 1993.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Daemonomania  (Bantam, 2000.)


Aegypt #3.


                Contemporary fantasy involving a child whose epileptic seizures have driven a woman into the arms of a cult where she hopes to find a spiritual cure for the ailment.  The cult is plotting an event to set off the end of the world.  Involves demonic spirits, although in the metaphysical rather than horrific sense.


Deep, The  (Doubleday, 1975, Berkley, 1976, New English Library, 1977, Bantam, 1984.)


Two contending forces struggle for dominance in a fantastic world that seems to contradict the laws of the universe.  Mixes fantasy and SF devices. 


Earthly Mother Sits and Sings, An  (Dreamhaven, 2000.)


                Short story pamphlet about an encounter with a being who lives in the sea.


Endless Things  (Small Beer Press, 2007.)


Aegypt #4.


An amalgam of the past, present, and the future involving alchemy and other magic.


Little, Big  (Bantam, 1981, Gollancz, 1982, Millennium, 2000.)


Indescribable, literate fantasy about the place where realities overlap and one can slip from the world of rationality to the one of magic.  Although set in a kind of future US, the novel is primarily fantasy.


Love and Sleep  (Bantam, 1994.)


Aegypt #2.


Research into some unusual books causes the protagonist to speculate about influences on his childhood.




Eye of the Phoenix  (Vantage, 1995.)


                Demonic creatures plague the world in the last days of the 20th Century.  Nonsensical vanity press novel.


CRUME, VIC  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Ghost That Came Alive, The  (Apple, 1975, Scholastic, 1992.)


                Young readers book about a not particularly frightening ghost.


Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo  (Scholastic, 1977, from the screenplay by Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson.)


Novelization of the film about a talking car involved with diamond thieves and the usual nonsense.


Million Dollar Duck, The  (Scholastic, 1971, from the screenplay by Roswell Rogers.)


Novelization of the movie about a duck that lays golden eggs.


Shaggy D.A., The  (Gold Medal, 1976, from the screenplay by John Tait.)


Novelization of the film about a district attorney who finds a cursed ring that changes its owner into a blend of man and dog.




Seekers of the Chalice  (Tor, 2008.)


Celts #1.


A quest story involving Celtic myths.


Valley of Shadows, The (Tor, 2009.)


Celts #2.


The seekers of a magical artifact venture into the land of the dead.




Astra and Flondrix  (Pantheon, 1976, Allen Lane, 1976, Pocket, 1979.)


A sexy adventure story about the bastard son of an evil king, born out of rape, half human and half elf, and his eventual revenge for his mother's defilement.


Noose of Light, A  (Orbit, 1986.)


Noose #1.


A wise but mysterious man arouses the ire of a genie, but he carefully plots his own strategy and triumphs over human and demonic foes.


Sultan's Turret, The  (Orbit, 1986.)


Noose #2.


A mildy erotic Arabian Nights style adventure.




Stronger Than Magic  (Topaz, 1997.)


A woman magically held captive escapes and finds true love.




Cinkarion: The Heart of Fire  (Edge, 2010.)


Karionin Chronicles #2.


Three people hope to save the day as warfare threatens a magical land.


Lyskarion: The Song of the Wind  (Edge, 2001.)


Karionin Chronicles #1.


                A magical world with nine humanoid races is headed toward war unless benevolent wizards can be found who will save the day.




Welsh Rarebit Tales  (Mutual, 1902.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Path of Smoke (Ace, 2014.)


Parallel Parks #2.




Pile of Bones (Ace, 2013.)


Parallel Parks #1.




Prize of Night (Ace, 2015.)


Parallel Parks #3.


A role playing game turns real.


CUNNINGHAM, ELAINE (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Blood Red Harp, The  (CDS, 2006.)


An Everquest novel.


                A vampire elf searches for a magical harp.


Daughter of the Drow  (TSR, 1995.  Wizards of the Coast, 2003, revised.)


Forgotten Realms Starlight and Shadows #1.


A young priestess from an underground world discovers a way to make her magic work on the surface world, so she flees her home for a series of magical adventures.


Dream Spheres, The  (TSR, 1999.)


A Forgotten Realms Harpers novel.  Also part of the Songs and Swords series.


                Two men investigate the illegal trade in dream spheres when those dangerous magical artifacts endanger the life of the sister of one of them.


Elfshadow  (TSR, 1991, Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


A Forgotten Realms Harpers novel.  Also part of the Songs and Swords series.


Members of the Harpers are being murdered systematically, and Arilyn suspects that the killings are linked to his own activities.  Unfortunately, the customary secrecy of the Harpers makes it difficult for him to track down the killer.


Elfsong  (TSR, 1994, Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


A Forgotten Realms Harpers novel. Also part of the Songs and Swords series.


An uneasy alliance of humans and elves combines to solve the mystery of a strange curse that has recently inflicted their land.


Evermeet  (TSR, 1998.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                A battle between good and evil in a fantasy realm.


Floodgate, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2001.)


A Forgotten Realms Counselors and Kings novle.


                A fresh round of battle between a reluctant wizard and the forces of evil raised by an evil sorcerer.


Magehound, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2000.)


A Forgotten Realms Counselors and Kings novel.


                When Matteo discovers that he may possess some magical abilities after all, he becomes the target of a secret organization which pursues him into the wilderness by setting the Magehound to track him down.


Radiant Dragon, The  (TSR, 1992.)


#4 in the multi-author Cloakmaster Cycle.


Space battles featuring dragons, elves, and goblins in this cross genre series.  This time rumors of a secret weapon cause a new series of crises.


Shadows in the Darkness  (Tor, 2004.)


Gigi #1.


                A private detective runs into ancient magic in the modern world.


Shadows in the Starlight  (Tor, 2006.)


Gigi #2.


                A routine missing person investigation uncovers a conspiracy that may be tied to a magical heritage.


Silver Shadows  (TSR, 1996.)


A Forgotten Realms Harpers novel.  Also part of the Songs and Swords series.


                Arilyn accepts a new mission that seems likely to provide information about her own magical destiny, but finds herself in fresh danger.


Tangled Webs  (TSR, 1996.  Wizards of the Coast, 2003, revised.)


Forgotten Realms Starlight and Shadows #2.


A fairy princess and her human companion get caught between opposing armies preparing for war.


Thornhold  (TSR, 1998.)


A Forgotten Realms Harpers novel.  Also part of the Songs and Swords series.


                A battle for power at the topmost level of the Harpers is played out as an elite group of soldiers mobilizes to defeat a foreign threat and a secret agent learns some family secrets.


Unicorn Hunt, The  (TSR, 1995.)


A Dragonlance First Quest novel


                A quest to find a unicorn.


Windwalker  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                Two travelers must impersonate their enemies in order to escape their pursuers.


Winter Witch (Paizo, 2010.)


A search for a missing sister in a frozen fantasy world.


Wizardwar, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                Although an evil wizard has been defeated, the victory left the defenders of Halruaa weakened and scattered.  And that makes them a sitting target for a new assault.




Named, The  (Bloomsbury, 2002.)


Guardians of Time #1.


                A teenager takes on an even younger apprentice in his job traveling magically through time to protect the course of history.




Book of Brendan, The  (Holiday House, 1990.)


                An evil magician casts a spell on a monastery, but two children resist and eventually call upon King Arthur himself to put things right.




Beneath the Hill  (Harcourt Brace, 1967.)


Elves #1.


Not seen.


Birdstones, The  (?, 1977, MacMillan, 1985.)


Elves #4.


Not seen.


Change-Child, The  (?, 1969.)


Elves #2.


Not seen.


Daybreakers, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1970, Peter Smith, 1991)


Elves #3.


Not seen.


Housenapper, The.  (See The Mysterious Shrinking House)


Lost Farm, The  (Atheneum, 1974.)


Mindy #2.


A boy and the farm on which he lives are miniaturized by a mysterious machine.


Magical Cupboard, The  (?, 1976.)


Rosemary #2.


Not seen.


Mindy's Mysterious Miniature.  (See The Mysterious Shrinking House)


Mysterious Shrinking House, The  (Scholastic, 1973. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1970, Peter Smith, 1990, as Mindy's Mysterious Miniature, also known as The Housenapper)


Mindy #1.


Mindy finds a wonderful doll's house in the attic, a magical world in itself in which she becomes trapped.  She has to solve the secret of its existence in order to escape.


Over the Sea's Edge  (Harcourt Brace, 1971.)


Elves #4.


Not seen.


Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme  (Scholastic, 1975, Atheneum, 1975.)


Rosemary #1.


A young girl encounters a magically charmed garden.


Shadow Dancers, The  (Atheneum, 1983.)


Tiddi #2.


A sorcerer wrongly accused of theft enters a magical realm in search of a precious gem.


Sleepers, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1968.)


Not seen.


Wolves of Aam, The  (Atheneum, 1981.)


Tiddi #1.


Not seen.




Mr. Chickeeís Messy Mission  (Wendy Lamb, 2006.)


                A magic mural.




Witch and Wombat  (Warner, 1994.)


Often funny fantasy about a witch conducting a more or less guided tour through an enchanted forest, and the adventures of the three mortals she leads.  Or misleads, as the case may be.


CUTCLIFFE-HYNE, C.J.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Atoms of Empire  (Macmillan, 1904.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.


Lost Continent, The  (Hutchinson, 1899, Harper, 1900, Ballantine, 1972, Donald Grant, 1974, Bison, 2002.)


A predictable but extremely well done rendition of the final days of Atlantis, its destruction by earthquake, and the political intrigues of its final days.




Caves of Buda, The  (Roc, 2004.)


                A young woman dismisses her grandfather's reminiscences about a demon until it re-enters their lives.


Jaguar and the Wolf, The  (Roc, 2005.0


                A Viking warrior and a Mayan princess each labor under a magical compulsion.


Paper Mage  (Roc, 2003.)


                In ancient China, a young woman who performs magic through the art of paper folding is recruited by a goddess to help defeat an ambitious warlord.


CUTTER, NICK  (Also writes Horror and Science Fiction.)


Acolyte, The (ChiZine, 2015.)






Death Sworn (Greenwillow, 2014.)


A young sorceress trains assassins.




Zorah's Magic Carpet  (Hyperion, 1995.)


Mostly a picturebook, and definitely for younger readers.  A restless woman weaves a magic carpet and goes off on various adventures.


CZERNEDA, JULIE E.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Turn of Light, A  (DAW, 2013.)