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 LAST UPDATE  2/1/23

Dead Country by Max Gladstone, Tor, 2023, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-7653-9591-7

I burned out on fantasy novels a while back, so I was surprised to discover this author had written so much during my lapse of interest. I read and enjoyed some of the earlier novels in the Craft series, but I felt as though I was coming to it for the first time. This appears to be the opening volume in the final arc. The protagonist has clearly had more than her share of adventure and danger already and deserves a rest, which obviously is not in the cards. When she meets a young girl on her way home to her father's funeral, she is caught up in yet another struggle against the forces of chaos. Gladstone has created a distinct fantasy world for this series, wirh an underlay of rampant capitalism. He has a deceptively light handed narrative style that leads one easily through sometimes complex situations. I should go back and fill in the books that I missed. 2/1/23

Itís All in Your Mind by Robert Bloch, Curtis, 1971 

This was an expansion of the 1955 short story ďThe Big Binge.Ē A cloddish protagonist is exposed to an experimental machine, after which he can literally strip women naked by looking at them. He suppresses the power with alcohol, but that allows him to physically manifest his hallucinations. Further exposure, designed to cure him, just makes things worse. At one point he creates ten duplicates of himself and forms a football team. The comedy is rather forced and sometimes pretty juvenile. 1/6/23