I wrote Servants of Chaos for my own amusement, and was surprised when Leisure books picked it up because I didn't think they would be interested in a Lovecraftian themed adventure novel.  I wasn't interested in doing a pastiche, instead set the book in the present day and created a new set of beings who were in the style of Lovecraft but not simply imitations of what he and his followers had written.   Leisure asked me what I wanted for a cover and I suggested a fishing boat with a large tentacle hovering over it.  I also said that the colors of the cover should be blue and green, definitely not red and black, so that (a) the book would stand out from other horror novels on the shelves, and (b) it might appeal to fans of Jaws and similar books.  You can see from the illustration that I didn't get exactly what I asked for.

The ebook edition from Neconebooks, published in 2012, is on the other hand exactly what I wanted.

There were supposed to be two more books associated with this one, each describing another attempt by the Old Ones to return to our world, but with different characters and different methods of attack.  Caverns of Chaos, which incorporated some of my published short fiction, was written but has not to date found a publisher.  The third, tentatively Claws of Chaos, consists of a page of notes.