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YANCEY, RICK (Also writes Fantasy and Horror.)


Fifth Wave, The (Putnam, 2013, Speak, 2013.)


Wave #1.


Teens fight back against alien invaders.


Infinite Sea, The (Speak, 2014.)


Wave #2.


Teens resist an alien invasion.


Last Star, The (Putnam, 2016.)


Wave #3.


The invasion of Earth comes to an end.


YARBRO, CHELSEA QUINN  (See also collaboration with Armin Shimerman.)


Cautionary Tales  (Doubleday, 1978, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1980, Warner, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Crown of Empire  (Baen, 1994.)


                A power struggle follows the death of a leader in a future world.


False Dawn  (Doubleday, 1978, Warner, 1979, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1979.)


                In a future where the ecosystem has collapsed, a mutant attempts to survive despite the hatred of normal humans.


Hyacinths  (Doubleday, 1983.)


                In a future in which people are obsessed with escaping into dreamworlds, the protagonist discovers that there is a downside.


Magnificat  (Hidden Knowledge, 2000.)


                An alternate recent history with the Catholic Church going through a major upheaval.


Taji's Syndrome  (Popular Library, 1988.)


                A medical accident results in a terrible plague, and a conspiracy to prevent it from being ameliorated.


Time of the Fourth Horseman  (Ace, 1977, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1980.)


                A new plague spreads across the Earth and endangers the future of humanity.


YATES, ALAN  (Also wrote mysteries as Carter Brown.)


Coriolanus: The Chariot  (Ace, 1978.)


                A planet institutes a government based on the work of William Shakespeare.




Diasporah  (Baen, 1985.)


                After a nuclear exchange destroys most of the Middle East, Israel is reconstituted in a gigantic orbiting habitat.


YEFREMOV, IVAN  (Sometimes listed as I. Efremov.)


Andromeda  (Progress, 1959, Central, 1960, translated from the Russian by George Hanna.)


                A comparatively non-political tour of the far future.


Land of Foam, The  (Russian publication 1946. Foreign Languages Publishing House, ?, Houghton Mifflin, 1959.)


                Marginal two part historical fantasy set in ancient Egypt and Greece.


Meeting over Tuscarora, A  (Hutchinson, 1946, translated from the Russian by N. and M Nicholas.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Stories  (Foreign Language Publishing House, 1954.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Trembling Tower, The  (Museum, 1956.)


                Communication with a parallel universe.




Damned Fine War, A  (Berkley, 2004.)


                Alternate history in which General Patton attacks Russia.


Holy Fire  (Berkley, 2007.)


Raptor #2.


                Brunei attacks California, demanding that the US surrender Guam.


Raptor Force  (Berkley, 2006.)


Raptor #1.


                After a future terrorist attack, the US government authorizes a clandestine military unit.


YEOVIL, JACK  (Pseudonym of Kim Newman)  see newman in st martins


Comeback Tour   (GW Books, 1991, Black Flame, 2007.)


A Dark Future novel.


                Alternate universe in which Elvis is still alive, pursued a career in the military, and now must save the world.


Demon Download  (GW Books, 1990.)


A Dark Future novel.




Krokodil Tears  (GW Books, 1990.  Revised, 2006, Black Library.)


A Dark Future novel.


                In a high tech future, a secret organization plots the destruction of the world.


Route 666 (Boxtree, 1994, Black Flame, 2006.)


A Dark Future novel.


                A religious leader receives exclusive control of the state of Utah.




Monster Makers, Inc.  (Arbor House, 1986, Signet, 1987.)


                A company which manufactures new lifeforms is in trouble when one of its creations runs amok.  They are rescued from bankruptcy by a mysterious woman who believes they will provide the ultimate defense against an alien invasion.


Seademons  (Harper & Row, 1977, Perennial, 1979.)


                Colonists on a distant world are drawn into a conflict with the intelligent creatures who live in its oceans.


Shadow Lord  (Pocket, 1985, Chivers, 1987.)


A Star Trek novel.


A prince who has studied on Earth returns to his home world hoping to reform it, only to discover that he has been deposed by reactionary forces who don't want things to change.  The crew of the Enterprise is drawn into the conflict as the prince struggles to regain his throne.


Sweetwater  (Harper, 1973, Avon Camelot, 1975, Faber, 1976.)


                Colonists on a distant planet are losing their technological base, and a young boy may prove the key to its survival.


YERMAKOV, NICHOLAS  (See also Simon Hawke and collaborations which follow.)


Clique  (Berkley, 1982.)


                The invention of a device that allows one to carry around a holographic projector and disguise one's appearance has profound effects on human civilization.


Epiphany  (Signet, 1982.)


Boomerang #2.


                Efforts are made to wrest the secret of immortality from an alien race, either by negotiation or by traveling back through time to steal the knowledge.


Fall into Darkness  (Berkley, 1982.)


                Intrigue on a backwards colony world which is slowing sinking back from its original highly developed civilization.


Jehad  (Signet, 1983.)


Boomerang #3.


                Tensions over the discovery of a race of immortal aliens threatens to disrupt human society.


Journey from Flesh  (Berkley, 1981.)


Boomerang #1.


                A wandering spaceman gets into trouble when he has a run in with a parasite.


Last Communion  (Signet, 1981.)


                Efforts are underway to determine whether the dominant species on a prospective colony world is actually intelligent.  The protagonist will discover that they are something totally unprecedented in human experience.




Living Legend, The  (Berkley, 1982, from the scripts by Ken Pettus & Glen A. Larson.)


Battlestar Galactica #6.


A famous military leader has arrived aboard the Galactica and promises to lead it to a great victory over the Cylon battlefleet, but some among the crew suspect that his reputation may be overblown, and that he may be leading them to disaster.


War of the Gods  (Berkley, 1982, from the script by Glen A. Larson.)


Battlestar Galactica #7.


A superhuman alien appears to be assisting the refugees in their flight from the Cylon menace, but before long they discover that he has an ulterior motive, than he plans to use them to advance his own power in the universe.


YEXLEY, LIONEL  (See collaboration with P. Vaux.)




Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World and Other Stories (Fairwood, 2016.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


YOLEN, JANE  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Commander Toad and the Big Black Hole  (Coward McCann, 1983.)


Commander Toad #3.




Commander Toad and the Dis-Asteroid  (Coward McCann, 1985.)


Commander Toad #4.




Commander Toad and the Intergalactic Spy  (Coward McCann, 1986.)


Commander Toad #5.




Commander Toad and the Planet of the Grapes  (Coward McCann, 1982.)


Commander Toad #2.




Commander Toad and the Space Pirates  (Putnam, 1987.)


Commander Toad #6.




Commander Toad and the Voyage Home  (Putnam, 1998.)


Commander Toad #7.


                Children's book about a toad in space.


Commander Toad in Space  (Coward McCann, 1980.)


Commander Toad #1.




Dragon's Blood  (Delacorte, 1982, MacRae, 1983, Dell, 1984, Magic Carpet, 1996.)


Austar #1.


                A young boy on a distant world risks everything when he steals a young dragon.


Heart's Blood  (Delacorte, 1984, MacRae, 1984, Magic Carpet, 2005.)


Austar #2.




Robot and Rebecca, The  (Knopf, 1980.)




Sending of Dragons, A  (Delacorte, 1987, MacRae, 1987, Dell, 1989, Magic Carpet, 1997.)


Austar #3.


                On the run from their government, two young inhabitants of a distant world are secretly nurturing a family of dragons.


Sister Emily’s Lightship and Other Stories  (Tor, 2000.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Armageddon Summer  (Harcourt Brace, 1998.)


                Two youngsters struggle to survive when their parents become part of a near future apocalyptic cult.




Miss Know It All and the Magic House  (Bantam Skylark,  1989.)


Butterfield #2.




Miss Know It All and the Wishing Lamp  (Bantam Skylark, 1987.)


Butterfield #1.






Crossroads, Boulevard, 1998.


An X-Men novel.


                The mutant heroes are on a cross country tour when they discover that they have attracted the attention of a violent terrorist with an anti-mutant agenda.


Fortress of Lies  (Roc, 2004.)


A Mech Warrior novel.


                An ambitious political leader seeks an alliance after an assassination threatens his control of a multi-world coalition.


Genogoths  (Boulevard, 2000.)


A Marvel Generation X novel.


                A band of mutants team up to rescue some of their friends when they are kidnapped by a secret government agency that wants to turn them into organic weapons.


Trial by Chaos  (Roc, 2006.)


A Mech Warrior novel.


                A military occupation forces has difficulty pacifying a conquered planet.


YORKE, PRESTON  (Pseudonym of Harold Kelly, who wrote Horror as Eugene Ascher.)


Death on Priority 1  (Mitre, 1945.)




Gamma Ray Murders, The   (Everybody’s, 1943.)




Space-Time Task Force  ( Kelly, 1991.)


                In the far future, a power from outer space threatens to use time travel to conquer the universe.


YOUERS, RIO (Also writes Horror.)


Westlake Soul (ChiZine, 2012.)






Aster Disaster, The  (Stockwell, 1958.)


                An adventure in outer space.




Cabinet Pudding  (Hamilton, 1967.)


                Near future political satire.


Colonists from Space, The  (Kimber, 1979.)






War of the Sexes, The  (Long, 1905.)


                All of the males in the world mysteriously disappear.




Bridge, The  (Aspect, 2000.)


                A packet of information sent by an alien race inadvertently transforms into something inimical to human biology, and much of the Earth is devastated.


Cinderblock  (Roc, 1997.)


                Much of American society was disrupted by the Hate Wars, and now most interpersonal activity is conducted in virtual reality.




Armed Memory  (Tor, 1995.)


                Genetic engineering makes it possible to change shape at will, and civilization will never be the same.


Face of the Deep, The  (Pocket, 1979.)


                Visitors to the only other intelligent race in the galaxy are taken prisoner and forced to flee.




Rise of the Meritocracy, The  (Thames & Hudson, 1958.)


                A new social order arises based on talent.




Eridahn  (Del Rey, 1983.)


                A man travels back through time to the age of dinosaurs to find out why there were human bones mixed with other fossils, and encounters two young visitors from another world


Glass of Stars, A  (Harris-Wolfe, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


House That Time Forgot and Other Stories, The (Dancing Tuatara, ?)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Last Yggdrasill, The  (Del Rey, 1982.)


                A man is contracted to cut down a giant tree on a distant world, and considers it a challenge until he meets the creature who lives among its branches.


Starfinder  (Pocket, 1980.)


                Strange novel of a man who turns whales into spaceships until he finds common cause with one of them.


Worlds of Robert F. Young, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1965, Gollancz, 1966, Panther, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Manless World, A  (Dillingham, 1891.)


                A gas wipes out the sexual urge for most humans.




How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe (Pantheon, 2010.)


Comedy about attempts to change history through time travel.




Elleander Morning  (St Martins, 1984, Tor, 1985.)


                In an alternate world where World War II never happened, a man discovers a history book from our reality.




Unexpected Island, The  (Heinemann, 1955.)


                Following the fourth world war, survivors create a Utopian state based on Chinese traditions.