Last updated 6/21/11


QUERRY, SIMON  (Pseudonym of Errol Collins, whom see.)


Adventures on the Planets  (Baker, 1953.)


Not seen.  Nonsense about a parallel universe endangering Earth.




Countdown to Doomsday  (Harrap, 1966.)


                England uses a nuclear submarine to face down the Soviet Union.


QUICK, AMANDA     (See also Jayne Krentz and Jayne Castle. Also writes Fantasy.)


Quicksilver  (Putnam, 2011.)


Harmony #5.


Futuristic romance.


QUICK, W.T.  (See also William Shatner.)


Colony  (Harper, 2003.)


A Planet of the Apes novel.


                Intelligent apes colonize a second planet, where they encounter dangerous indigenous animals and encounter humanity once again.


Dreams of Flesh and Sand  (Signet, 1988.)


Berg #1.


                The battle between two corporate giants takes place largely in virtual reality.  One of the parties has hired a topnotch hacking team to penetrate the other's defenses.  In the process they discover that an artificial intelligence is determined to dominate the world.


Dreams of Gods and Men  (Signet, 1989.)


Berg #2.


                A top computer hacker is missing after having discovered a plot by an artificial intelligence to replace the world's reality with a programmed one.  His wife decides to track him down, even if that means penetrating into the virtual reality of their computerized enemy.


Fall, The  (Harper, 2002.)


A Planet of the Apes novel.


                A starship crashes on a hostile planet and the survivors use genetic engineering to turn apes into an army designed to protect them.  Eventually the two species find themselves in a power struggle.


Interbellum  (Proteus, 1996.)


                Two people stumble upon a hidden cavern where an alien being has remained dormant for years but is now active, and the knowledge implied attracts the attention of offworld powers.


Singularities  (Roc, 1990.)


Berg #3.


                Nakamura is head of a corporation that is close to literally ruling the world through its computer systems. Two troubleshooters take the side of a small company holding out, and like David and Goliath the battle suddenly becomes less uneven than it originally seemed.


Systems  (Signet, 1989.)


                A computer expert uses his skill to investigate the apparent accidental death of the woman he loves.  He discovers a secret so dangerous that a secret government agency plans to track him down and kill him, and they'll succeed unless he can turn their own systems against them.


Yesterday's Pawn  (Signet, 1989.)


                Someone brings an alien device into a pawn shop that could be the key to Earth developing its own interstellar drive.  The hero takes the artifact, and finds that he has become the object of an intense and murderous manhunt.




After Dachau   ()




Ishmael  (Bantam, 1992.)


Ishmael #1.


                Talky story about a man's conversations with an intelligent ape and their musings upon the follies of the human race.


My Ishmael  (Bantam, 1997.)


Ishmael #2.


Didactic and implausible novel about a telepathic ape who espouses the author's shaky philosophical and scientific theories.




Mindbenders, The  (Leisure, 1975.)


                A private detective solves a mystery involving mind control.




Alien Flesh  (Oswald Train, 1977.)


                Not seen.