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Apex (Angry Robot, 2014.)


Nexus #3.


Genetically enhanced rebels threaten to supplant humanity.


Crux (Angry Robot, 2013.)


Nexus #2.




Nexus  (Angry Robot, 2012.)


Nexus #1.


A new drug allows a form of telepathy.




Ada  (McGraw Hill, 1969.)


                Not seen.


Bend Sinister  (Holt, 1947.)


                Not seen.  A dystopia.


King, Queen, Knave  (?, 1968.)


                Marginal novel involving a kind of robot.




Chrome  (Putnam, 1978.)


                Not seen.




Crash Landing  (Disney, 1998.)


A My Favorite Martian novel.


                A Martian crashlands on Earth and tries to find a way to repair his ship, while also avoiding the attention of a curious reporter.  For younger readers.




Bohr Maker, The  (Bantam, 1995.)


                A man with only a short time to live steals nanotechnology in an effort to prolong his life.  Naturally things don’t work out the way he wants them to.


Deception Well (Bantam, 1997.)


Lot Apollinario #1.


                A legacy of fanaticism leads to renewed troubles between an orbiting city and those who live at its earthside terminus.


Going Dark (Saga, 2015.)


Red #3.




Limit of Vision  (Tor, 2001.)


                Genetic engineering and human evolution collide when scientists use nanotechnology to enhance their bodies.  An illegal experiment goes awry and a mysterious cult reveals new truths about the human race.


Memory  (Tor, 2003.)


                Adventures on a strange planet where a mysterious force claims humans as its victims.


Red: First Light, The (Saga, 2015.)


Red #1.


Nuclear terrorism.


Tech Heaven  (Bantam, 1995.)


                A woman obsessed with her dying husband has him cryogenically frozen until she can find a cure.  In the meantime, her actions alienate her family and friends, and the government moves toward making such life extension techniques illegal.  When she does have the cure, she wonders whether he will waken the same man she once knew.


Trials, The (Saga, 2015.)


Red #2.




Vast  (Bantam, 1998, Gollancz, 2000, Millennium, 2001.)


Lot Apollinario #2.


                A charismatic religious leader and his followers set off into the universe in search of an alien race that has long since vanished.  They left behind, however, automated starships which destroy every living thing they encounter.  The quest is about to have unexpected results.


NAHA, ED  (See also D.B. Drumm and Michael McGann.)


Robocop  (Dell, 1987, Corgi, 1988,  based on the screenplay by Michael Miner and Edward Neumeier.)


Robocop #1.


                An experimental project designed to turn a legally dead police officer into a cyborg backfires on the villainous plotters when the man’s thoughts overcome his conditioning.


Robocop 2  (Jove, 1990, Penguin, 1990, from the screenplay by Frank Miller and Walon Green.)


Robocop #2.


                A businessman decides to replace Robocop with his own vision of the future of law enforcement.




Headwind  (Jove, 2002.)


                Marginal thriller about a future President accused of crimes against humanity and tried before an international court of justice.


NANUS, SUSAN  (See collaboration with Marc Kornblatt.)




Distance Haze  (Bantam, 2000.)


                A writer is commissioned to do a book about an offbeat research facility which specializes in experiments with religious experiences.  Shortly after arriving, he begins to experience visions, and some of the experiments at the institute appear to be having results.


Higher Space  (Bantam, 1996.)


                A legal battle involving a precocious youngster turns deadly when it turns out she is involved with a new science that employs powers verging on the magical.


Houses of Time, The  (Tor, 2008.)


A man discovers that he can manipulate his dreams and affect reality.


Quasar  (Bantam, 1995.)


                In a high tech future, one man tries to reintegrate a fractured personality while a woman plots to assassinate the one he is assisting.


Tower of Dreams (Bantam, 1999.)


                A man who makes his living tapping into national subconscious minds and dreaming images which will help with advertising campaigns runs into trouble.  His dreams are haunted by visions of a beautiful woman being killed, the first indication of a major change in local geopolitics.


Tunnel Out of Death  (Tor, 2013.)


An investigator enters the psyche of a comatose woman.




Mallott Diaries, The  (Knopf, 1965.)


                Neanderthals are found surviving in the modern world.


Road of Ages  (Constable, 1935.)


                A Jewish state is established in Asia.


Weans, The  (McClelland, 1957, Knopf, 1960.  Magazine appearance, 1956, as Digging the Weans.)


                Short but amusing satire about future archaeologists digging up the remnants of the US and interpreting what they find.




Deep, Very Deep Space  (Manor, 1978.)


                An exploratory starship has adventures on a variety of worlds, as well as problems caused by dissension among the crew.




Rebecca’s World  (Whizzard, 1975.)


                Not seen.


Survivors, The  (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1976.)


                Not seen.




Scorch (Soft Skull, 2001.)


                A woman discovers the freedoms that have been lost in a future where corporations rule the world, books are illegal, and everyone has to work two or more jobs just to survive.


NAVARRO, YVONNE  (Also writes Fantasy and Horror.)


Final Impact  (Bantam, 1997.)


Rogue Planet #1.


                A rogue planet breaks up in the solar system and destroys much of the Earth.  Some people have experienced psychic warnings in advance, and other psi powers manifest themselves among the survivors.


Music of the Spears  (Bantam, 1996, Orion, 1997.)


An Aliens novel.


An obsessed musician makes use of the aliens as part of his newest composition, and one of their kind is bred in captivity and given human sacrifices until a government agency tracks the villains down.


Red Shadows  (Bantam, 1998.)


Rogue Planet #2.


                The survivors of the catastrophic collision of Earth with fragments of a rogue planet has left the survivors isolated in pockets all across the globe.  When an explorer from one of these ignores the warnings of his elders and enters a deserted community, he contracts a plague which threatens all of his people.


Species  (Bantam, 1995, based on the screenplay by Dennis Feldman.)


Species #1.


                An alien child escapes from a government laboratory and begins to transform as she grows to maturity.  Eventually a team of scientists led by a professional killer track her down and destroy her just as she is about to reproduce.


Species II  (Tor, 1998, based on a screenplay by Chris Brancato.)


                A clone of the alien creature is being studied when astronauts returning from Mars bring back one of her full blooded alien relatives.  This one is more powerful, and is soon producing offspring in preparation for a conquest of the Earth.


Ultraviolet  (Warner, 2006, from the screenplay by Kurt Wimmer.)


                In a future when a genetic disease has created the equivalent of vampires, a woman is caught between two cultures.




Gargoyles  (Forge, 2001.)


                Scientists use genetic engineering to create a fetus that is no longer human, but they don’t warn the mother about what to expect.


Unnatural, The  (Forge, 2003.)


                A scientific experiment results in the creation of a hybrid human with a taste for murder.


NAYLOR, GRANT  (Pseudonym of Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.)


Better Than Life  (Viking, 1990.)


Red Dwarf #2.


                The disparate crew of the Red Dwarf finds itself caught in a virtual reality game where all of their shortcomings are exaggerated.


Red Dwarf  (Penguin, 1989, Roc, 1992.)


Red Dwarf #1.


                Novelization of the television series about a human, a self aware hologram, and a cat mutated into a human being, as they travel around the universe in a giant spaceship all of whose other occupants were killed thousands of years earlier.




Sinister Researches of C.P. Ransom, The  (Doubleday, 1954, Curtis, undated.)


                Collection of related stories about an inventor and the consequences of his offbeat discoveries.




Guises of the Mind  (Pocket, 1993.)


A Star Trek: Next Generation book.


A world that had actively sought membership in the Federation seems to have changed utterly since they were last visited.  Picard discovers a world hostile to his arrival, and on the verge of acquiring the power to destroy the Enterprise.




John Sagur  (Heath Cranton, 1921.)


                A Utopian novel.




Place Beyond Man, A  (Scribners, 1975, Dell, 1977.)


                A human woman becomes emotionally involved with a humanoid but alien male in a situation which could have consequences on the future of all humankind.




Baby Squad, The  (Pocket, 2003.)


Dystopia about enforced birth control in the future.


Deficiency  (Pocket Star, 2004.)


                A medical experiment results in a kind of vitamin vampire.


Immortals, The  (Pocket, 1991.)


                A woman's life is thrown into disorder when her husband accepts a job from the mysterious manufacturer of a youth cream that actually seems to reverse the effects of age.  What she doesn't know is that all executives of the firm are compelled to kill their spouses in order to share in eternal life.


Magic Bullet, The  (Leisure, 2008.)


Marginal thriller about the discovery of a cure for cancer.




Last Man Alive, The  (Jenkins, 1938, Hart, 1969.)


                Children’s story about the last man and his adventures with a bunch of children.




Adventures in Spacetime  (Dan River, 1996.)


                An intelligent dinosaur spacepilot is catapulted into a universe in which dinosaurs became extinct.


NELSON, AL P. (See collaboration with Ralph Milne Farley.)




They Came from Below  (Tor, 2007.)


                Aliens emerge from the oceans to try to reverse the decline of the ecosystem.




Girl Who Owned a City, The  (Lerner, 1975, Dell, 1977.)


                A plague kills everyone on Earth under the age of twelve.  In the predictable chaos that follows, a charismatic ten year old girl organizes a group of children to resist the bands of new savages that attack them, eventually creating a fortress of safety in the middle of a ruined city.


NELSON, RAY  (See also Jeffrey Lord, and collaboration with Philip K. Dick.)


Blake’s Progress  (Laser, 1975, as by R.F. Nelson.  Tor, 1985, Wildside, 2002, greatly expanded as Timequest as by Ray Faraday Nelson.


                The poet William Blake acquires the power to travel through time and does so, interacting with various historical characters in this thoughtful and clever story.


Ecolog, The  (Laser, 1977, as by R. Faraday Nelson.  Wildside, 2002.)


                A human starship commander is fleeing alien enemies in a ship that is running out of fuel.  He sights a planet that might save the day, but the local ruler has very different ideas about how that salvation might be managed.


Prometheus Man, The  (Starblaze, 1982.)


                Society in the future can find jobs for only a small portion of the population, which predictably leads to unrest.


Revolt of the Unemployables, The  (Anthelion, 1978.)


Beggars #2.


                Not seen.


Then Beggars Could Ride  (Laser, 1976, as by R.F. Nelson.  Wildside, 2002.)


Beggars #1.


                In a future when virtual reality and dream therapy can allow you to live in any place or time that you want, the protagonist tries a succession of settings looking for, and not exactly finding, the perfect place.


Timequest.  (See Blake’s Progress.)


Virtual Zen  (Avon, 1996.)


                The son of a dead but still highly revered singer struggles to find his own identity in a new nation born on the ruins of the western US.




Dormant, Methuen, 1911.  (Dodd Mead, 1911, as Rose Royal.)


                A man searching for immortality discovers a woman kept in suspended animation.


Rose Royal.  (See Dormant.)




Orgies in Space  (Travelers’ Tales, 1978.)


                Pornography set in outer space.




In the Footsteps of the Abominable Snowman.  (See The Lost Face.)


Lost Face, The  (Taplinger, 1971.  Gollancz, 1970, as In the Footsteps of the Abominable Snowman.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Vampires, Ltd.  (Artia, 1964.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Queen of the World  (Lawrence & Bullen, 1900.)


                The Chinese use aircraft to conquer the world of the 22nd Century.




Sleep, Two, Three, Four  (Harper & Row, 1971, Avon, 1972.)


                A half dozen teenagers find themselves branded as enemies of the state, a totalitarian future American dictatorship.  Their flight to freedom is harried by a military force determined to destroy them.




Only Human (Del Rey, 2018.)


Robot #3.


Sleeping Giants (Del Rey, 2016.)


Robot #1.


A gigantic, mysterious artifact is discovered underground.


Waking Gods (Del Rey, 2017.)


Robot #2.


Giant robots invade Earth.




Best Science Fiction of Kris Neville, The  (Southern Illinois University, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Bettyann  (Tower, 1970.)


                An outcast alien humanoid with unusual powers is stranded on the Earth.  There she seeks to make a new home for herself, concealing her abilities in order to fit in.  But her plans don’t work out quite as expected.


Invaders on the Moon  (Belmont, 1970.)


                Aliens build a secret base on the moon from which they infiltrate Earth’s institutions and plot to subvert the governments of Earth and subjugate its population.


Mission: Manstop  (Leisure, 1971.)


        Collection of unrelated stories.


Mutants, The  (Belmont, 1966.  Magazine version 1953 as Earth Alert.)


                From a hidden space station, a group of aliens organizes an army of units for the purpose of conquering the Earth and supplanting ordinary humanity.


Peril of the Starmen  (Belmont, 1967, bound with The Flame of Iridar by Lin Carter.  Magazine version, 1963.)


                Short novel about an interstellar empire plotting to destroy the Earth but ultimately diverted.


Special Delivery  (Belmont, 1967, bound with Star Gladiator by Dave Van Arnam.  Armchair, 2011, bound with No Time for Toffee by Charles Meyers. Magazine version 1951.)


                Short novel about an alien invasion that is so subtle that the people of Earth don’t even realize they’re being conquered.


Unearth People, The  (Belmont, 1964.)


                The repressive government of Earth uses genetic engineering to keep its population tractable until someone steps outside the limits imposed from above.




Age of the Conglomerates, The  (Del Rey, 2008.)


The world economy collapses. 


NEVINSON, C.R.W.  (See collaboration with Princess Troubetzkoy.)




His Wisdom, the Defender  (Harper, 1900.)


                A scientist uses a series of startling discoveries to make himself the supreme power in the world.




Autonomous (Tor, 2017.)


A detective and a robot pursue a drug dealer.


Future of a Different Timeline, The  (Tor, 2019.)


Competing efforts to change the course of history.




Armoured Doves  (Jarrolds, 1931.)


                Scientists conspire to end war using a variety of new weapons they have invented.


Blue Ants, The  (Hale, 1962, Digit, 1963.)


                Not seen.  Future war novel.


Flying Saucer, The  (Gollancz, 1948, Macmillan, 1950.)


War #2.


                A plot to fool Earth into believing in Martians so that the human race will put aside its usual differences.


Secret Weapon  (Gollancz, 1941, Ryerson, 1941.)


War #1.


                Prophetic novel of the invention of the atomic bomb and the end of the second world war.


Shoot!  (Gollancz, 1949.)


                Future war novel.


Wishful Think, The  (Hale, 1954.)


                Psi powers are used to control the dictator of Russia and defuse the cold war.


NEWMAN, EMMA (Also writes Fantasy.)


After Atlas


Before Mars (Ace, 2018.)


Planetfall (Roc, 2015.)






Night Mayor, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1989, Carroll & Graf, 1990.)


                A professional criminal escapes into a virtual reality world modeled after the movies in which he is the ultimate power.  Two people enter his realm in order to capture him.




Alien Missile Threat  (Whitman, 1967.)


An Invaders novel.


                Aliens secretly seek to control the Earth.




Siege of Orbitor  (Leisure, 1980.)


                During a routine voyage to Jupiter, the captain of a spaceship discovers that there is a saboteur among his crew, one involved in a complicated plot to shift the balance of power throughout the solar system.




Boy Who Could Fly, The  (Atheneum, 1967, Avon Camelot, 1976.)


                A youngster discovers that he has telepathic powers, can read the minds of his teachers and project his own thoughts there.  When adults learn of his abilities, his life becomes increasingly difficult.




Country of Ice Cream Star, The (Ecco, 2015.)


Apocalyptic plague.




Master Beast, The  (Rebman, 1907.  Holden & Hardingham, 1919, as The Red Fury.)


                Cautionary novel warning of the dangers of socialism in the year 2020.


Red Fury, The.  (See The Master Beast.)




Forgotten Planet, The.  (See The Forgotten Race.)


Forgotten Race, The  (Digit, 1963, Arcadia, 1967.  Ewington, 1973, as The Forgotten Planet.)


                Silliness about survivors of nuclear wars on Mars and Venus trying to help the human race avoid the same fate.




North Afire, The  (Methuen, 1914.)


                Not seen.  Future war.


War  (?, 1914.)


                Not seen.  Future war.




Boy Who Saw Tomorrow, The  (Heinemann, 1952.)


                A young boy begins to have visions of the future.




Awakening, The  (Bantam UK, 1997, based on screenplays.)


The first few episodes of Dark Skies.


NICHOLS, LEIGH  (Pseudonym of Dean R. Koontz, whom see.)


Key to Midnight, The  (Pocket, 1979.  Headline, 1992, as by Dean Koontz.)


                The protagonist falls in love with a woman who has had her memories erased and replaced by new ones as part of a plot by a group of scientists who have perfected an insidious new method of mind control.


Shadoweyes  (Avon, 1987.  Headline, 1991, as by Dean Koontz.)


When her husband dies in a freak accident, Rachael feels more relief than sorrow because he was an oppressive, brutal man.  Unfortunately, he is not actually dead, but is in fact undergoing a transmutation into a creature even more hideous than he was in human form.




Saturn’s Child  (Ace, 1995.)


                The first expedition to Titan finds a humanoid race there.  The growing love affair between one of their number and a human violates the laws of both cultures and leads to a potentially explosive situation.




Fantastica  (Chatto & Windus, 1923.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Flesh Guitar (Overlook, 1999.)


                Marginal weirdness about a rock group that finds a way to temporarily addict its audience to the music they play.




Space Ship to Venus  (Venturebooks, 1948.)


                Not seen.  A trip to Venus and an encounter with monstrous creatures.




Captain Empirical  (Ace, 1979, Baronet, 1979.)


                A crusty space captain deals with a crisis in space while averting the slings and arrows of outraged pressure groups on Earth.


Light Bearer, The  (Berkley, 1980.)


                A planet colonized by Arabs has lost much of the technology that brought it there.  When a new starship arrives, the local ruler plots to beg, borrow, or steal the technology to enhance his own prestige and power.




Public Faces  (Constable, 1932.)


                Great Britain is the first to develop nuclear weapons and after a series of mishaps enforces world peace.




Deep in the Sky  (Exposition, 1955.)


                An Earthman is mysteriously whisked away to another planet where he gets involved with their political intrigues.




ELV  (Voyager, 1998.)


Elv #1.


                Satire about a future when house flies are gigantic, mice have eaten almost all the books in the world, and an unlikely hero is called upon to build a time machine that will allow him to go back to before the changes started.


ELV II: Time’s Square  (HarperCollins, 1998.)


Elv #2.






Coming Conquest of England, The  (Routledge, 1904.)


                Future war between England and an alliance of European powers.


NIETO, JOSE  (See collaboration with R.A. DeCandido.)




Time Traveler's Wife, The  (MacAdam, 2003.)


                A man becomes unstuck in time.




Clouds of Magellan  (St Martins, 1991.)


Anton Stryker #2.


                The one time assassin turned explorer is trying to master the secrets of the artificial planet left by a mysterious alien race, while also reconciling his troubled relations with a woman.


Timelapse  (St Martins, 1988.)


Anton Stryker #1.


                A professional assassin intends vengeance on the man who killed his mother while leading a revolution on a far world.  His efforts are complicated by the ever growing ambitions of his target, the discovery of a gigantic alien artifact, and rumors that the man might also be his father.


NILES, DOUGLAS  (See also collaborations which follow and others with Kevin Dockery.)


Tarzan and the Well of Slaves  (TSR, 1985.)


An Endless Quest book.


Multi-path gamebook in which Tarzan finds a lost city in Africa.


War of the Worlds New Millennium  (Tor, 2005.)


                An updating of the novel by H.G. Wells with an invasion in the 21st century.




Fox at the Front  (Forge, 2003.)


Fox #2.


                Germany has surrendered and Rommel joins Patton to defend Europe against the Soviets.


Fox on the Rhine  (Forge, 2000.)


Fox #1.


                Alternate history in which the German generals’ plot against Hitler succeeds.  With Himmler in his place, Germany makes peace with Russia and launches a much more effective effort against the allies in Europe.


MacArthur’s War  (Forge, 2007.)


                Alternate history involving the invasion of Japan during World War II.




Double Mobius Sphere  (Pocket, 1978.)


                A starship sent to track down an elusive alien race has among its complement a young boy with extraordinary telepathic powers.  His powers are so great, in fact, that the captain eventually considers him a terrible menace.




Graffiti from the Subways of My Mind  (Farthest Star, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Empire Builders, The  (White, 1900.)


                A lost world novel.


Great Secret, The  (White, 1895.)


                A Utopian novel.


Valdmer the Viking  (Hutchinson, 1893.)


                Viking explorers find an advanced, hidden civilization.




Song of the Earth, The  (Algonquin, 2001.)


                A woman has her unborn child genetically altered to make him the perfect artist, but his life is marred by controversy and he is murdered while still in his teens.




Sand Dwellers, The  (Fedogan & Bremer, 1998.)


                A novel loosely associated with the Cthulhu Mythos.  A series of strange events in the American Southwest are linked to a species of aliens using mind control to urge the US military into launching a nuclear war.


NIVEN, LARRY  (See also collaborations with David Gerrold and Gregory Benford, plus others that follow.  Note that the Ringworld series is in the same universe as the Known Space books.)


All the Myriad Ways  (Ballantine, 1971.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Bridging the Galaxies  (San Francisco SF Conventions, 1993.)


                Collection of sometimes related stories.


Convergent Series  (Del Rey, 1979, Orbit, 1986.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Crashlander  (Del Rey, 1994.)


A Known Space book.


                Collection of adventures of a space explorer.


Destiny’s Road  (Tor, 1998, Orbit, 1998.)


                On a remote colony world no longer in contact with Earth, a young man rebels at the confines of his culture and decides to explore, even though all who have preceded him into the wilderness have failed to return.


Draco Tavern, The  (Tor, 2006.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Dragons of Heorot, The   (Orbit, 1996.)?????




Flatlander  (Del Rey, 1995.)


A Gil Hamilton book.


                Collection of related stories about a man with telekinetic powers.


Flight of the Horse, The  (Ballantine, 1973, Futura, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Gift from Earth, A  (Ballantine, 1968, Macdonald, 1969.  Magazine title Slowboat Cargo.)


A Known Space book.


                A lost colony world has split into two castes.  The crew rules all and prolongs its lives by harvesting organs from the colonists.  But eventually the colonists are fed up with the state of affairs and rebel against their oppressors.


Hole in Space, A  (Ballantine, 1974, Futura, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Inconstant Moon  (Sphere, 1973, Gollancz, 1973.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Integral Trees, The  (Del Rey, 1984, Macdonald, 1984.)


Smoke Ring#1.


                Interesting speculation about a human culture that develops inside the field of influence of a neutron star, and without gravity.


Limits  (Del Rey, 1985, Orbit, 1986.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Long Arm of Gil Hamilton, The  (Ballantine, 1976, Futura, 1980.)


A Gil Hamilton book.


                Collection of related stories about a man with telekinetic powers.


Neutron Star  (Ballantine, 1968, Macdonald, 1969.)


A Known Space book.


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Niven’s Laws  (Owlswick, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


N Space  (Tor, 1990, Orbit, 1992.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Patchwork Girl, The  (Ace, 1980, Macdonald, 1982.)


A Gil Hamilton book.


                A woman is accused of committing murder on the moon, and Gil Hamilton is determined to prove her innocence.  Gil is helped by the fact that he has a telekinetic ability that functions in place of his missing arm.


Playgrounds of the Mind  (Tor, 1991.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Protector  (Ballantine, 1973, Compton Russell, 1976, Orbit, ?.)


                An alien mission to find a lost group of colonists is headed toward Earth, and its pilot’s meeting with the human race is about to change the future of Earth forever.


Rainbow Mars  (Tor, 1999, Orbit, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ringworld  (Ballantine, 1970, Gollancz, 1972.)


Ringworld #1.


                A disparate group of characters, including a woman with an extraordinary power to affect her own luck, are on a voyage of discovery when they encounter an artificial, ring shaped world so large that it can accommodate thousands of civilizations with no difficulty.


Ringworld Engineers, The  (Phantasia, 1979, Holt, Rinehart, & Winston, 1980, Gollancz, 1980, Del Rey, 1981.)


Ringworld #2.


                The discoverer of the Ringworld is returning as prisoner of an alien determined to steal technology from that artificial world.  But upon arriving, they discover that the stability of Ringworld has been disturbed, and that it will be destroyed in a matter of months unless they can find the control center and restore its former stability.


Ringworld's Children  (Tor, 2004.)


Ringworld #4.


                This time both the physical structure and the social fabric of the Ringworld are on the verge of collapse.


Ringworld Throne, The  (Del Rey, 1996, Orbit, 1996.)


Ringworld #3.


                Something has disturbed the ecology of the Ringworld.  Among other things, the population of vampire creatures is growing and extending its power over the other civilizations.


Scatterbrain  (Tor, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Shape of Space, The  (Ballantine, 1969.)


                Collection of sometimes loosely related stories.


Smoke Ring, The  (Del Rey, 1987, Macdonald, 1987.)


Smoke Ring #2.


                Within the gravityless environment of a lost human colony surrounding a neutron star, someone upsets the status quo by contacting the computer intelligence of the ship that brought their ancestors to this part of space.


Stars and Gods  (Tor, 2010.)


Collection of stories, articles, and excerpts.


Tales of Known Space  (Ballantine, 1975, Orbit, 1992.)


A Known Space book


                Collection of loosely related stories.


World of Ptavvs  (Ballantine, 1966, Macdonald, 1968.)


A Known Space novel.


                The hero’s telepathic sessions with dolphins are an aid and a hindrance to the development of his talent.  That talent becomes crucial when an ancient statue is discovered under the water, which turns out to be an alien being on a long overdue mission to Earth.


World of Ptavvs/A Gift from Earth/Neutron Star  (Book of the Month, 1991.)


                Omnibus of the three titles.


World Out of Time, A  (Del Rey, 1976, Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1976, Macdonald, 1977.)


                A man is brought out of two centuries of suspended animation in order to be sent on a starship to the galactic core.  The catch is that by the time he returns to Earth, three million years will have passed.




Achilles’ Choice  (Tor, 1991, Pan, 1993.)


                A near future Olympics puts unusual stresses on the contestants, who are pressured to use artificial means, not only legal, to win in their respective competitions.


Barsoom Project, The  (Ace, 1989, Pan, 1990, Tor, 2010.)


Dream Park #2.


                The amusement park of the future uses advanced technology and live ammunition.


California Voodoo Game, The  (Del Rey, 1992.  Pan, 1991, as Dream Park: The Voodoo Game.)


Dream Park #3.


                A high technology amusement park using virtual reality is about to have the greatest competition of its existence.  Unfortunately, one of the contestants is a murderer who is not averse to killing again in order to win.


Descent of Anansi, The  (Tor, 1982, Orbit, 1992.)


                An orbiting habitat decides to declare its independence from Earth, with the predictable tensions, conflict, and ultimate resolution with a new nation formed in the skies.


Dream Park  (Ace, 1981, Phantasia, 1981, Macdonald, 1983.)


Dream Park #1.


                An artificial reality gameworld becomes a very dangerous place when someone decides to show up the gamesmaster with modifications that have serious consequences for the players.


Dream Park: The Voodoo Game.  (See The California Voodoo Game.)


Moon Maze Game, The  (Tor, 2011.)


A kidnapping disrupts efforts by the lunar colonies to become independent.


Saturn’s Race  (Tor, 2000.)


                A visitor to an artificial island city of the future inadvertently stumbles across the secrets kept by the wealthy residents and finds herself running for her life.  A genetically enhanced creature is eventually revealed to be the source of a plot against humanity.




Beowulf’s Children  (Tor, 1995.)


Heorot #2.


                The descendants of colonists who battled against oversized reptiles in order to establish themselves are planning to spread out beyond the original colony site.  In the intervening years, they’ve forgotten the battles that consumed their parents, nor are they aware that even greater beasts remain undiscovered.


Legacy of Heorot, The  (Simon & Schuster, 1987, Gollancz, 1987, Pocket, 1988.)


Heorot #1.


                The first group of settlers on a distant, idyllic world ignores the warnings of one of their number to be cautious.  When they attempt to hunt down a dangerous predator, they discover that they have disturbed the planet’s ecological balance, and that all their lives are in jeopardy.


Starborn & Godsons (Baen, 2020.)


Heorot #3.


An influx of new arrivals changes a colony world.




Building Harlequin's Moon  (Tor, 2005.)


                An effort to colonize a new world runs into problems when the colony ship arrives in the wrong system.




Fallen Angels (Baen, 1991, Easton, 1991, Pan, 1993.)


                Ecological extremists have become the government of the US and a wave of anti-technology has overwhelmed the world.  Two stranded astronauts are hunted by short sighted government officials while science fiction fandom protects them in this didactic novel.




Goliath Stone, The  (Tor, 2013.)


The use of nanotechnology in the asteroid belt has unexpected consequences.




Betrayer of Worlds  (Tor, 2010.)


A Known Space novel.


Various characters are drawn together for the quest that will take place in Ringworld by Niven alone.


Destroyer of Worlds  (Tor, 2009.)


A Known Space novel.


A vast migration in space causes multiple disasters.


Fate of Worlds  (Tor, 2012.)


A Known Space novel.




Fleet of Worlds  (Tor, 2007.)


A Known Space novel.


The story of the events that led up to the disappearance of the Puppeteers in advance of a radioactive storm.


Juggler of Worlds  (Tor, 2008.)


A Known Space novel.


A paranoid human is sent to deal with the Puppeteers.




Footfall  (Del Rey, 1985, Gollancz, 1985, Sphere, 1986.)


                An alien race that vaguely resembles elephants attacks Earth, destroying all orbiting stations, bombarding key points with asteroids, and then landing in North America with demands that the entire planet surrender.


Gripping Hand, The  (Pocket, 1994.  HarperCollins, 1993, as The Moat Around Murcheson’s Eye.)


Motie #2.


                The human race has quarantined the Motie system to prevent the specialized, highly adaptable aliens from spreading outward into the universe.  But now the quarantine is faltering, and a new solution may be necessary to prevent them from wiping out the human race.


Lucifer’s Hammer  (Playboy, 1977, Crest, 1978, Ballantine, 1983.)


                An oversized comet collides with the Earth, destroying civilization but leaving enough humans alive to keep the race going.  The usual post apocalypse situations handled with more than usual skill and complexity.


Moat Around Murcheson’s Eye, The.  (See The Gripping Hand.)


Mote in God’s Eye, The  (Pocket, 1975, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1975, Easton, 1987.)


Motie #1.


                Human explorers encounter a system inhabited by the Moties, creatures who seem to have little intelligence individually, but who are amazing adaptable and quick to learn.  The Moties quickly present a threat to the visitors, and if they should escape their home system, the entire human race would be in danger.


Oath of Fealty  (Phantasia, 1981, Pocket, 1982, Macdonald, 1982, Baen, 2008.)


                An enclosed city is erected over the ruins of Los Angeles, a habitat designed to be a near Utopia for its inhabitants.  Predictably, human shortcomings interfere with the plans and a major crisis threatens the entire habitat.




Rogers’ Rangers  (Ace, 1983.)


A Buck Rogers novel.


                Not seen.




Calusari, The  (Harper, 1997, from the script by Sara Charno.)


An X Files novel.


                A young boy appears to have been telekinetically arranging the deaths of members of his family.


Shade’s Children  (Harper, 1997, Eos, 2003.)


                In a far future, children are routinely killed at age fourteen and their organs harvested to help keep alive the overlords of an automated city.  A group of children are befriended by a mysterious figure who helps them escape their ordained fate.




Daring Trip to the Moon, The  (Carlton, 1968.)


                Not seen.


Paralyzing Ray vs the Nuclears, The  (Vantage, 1964.)


                Not seen.


Victor, The  (Exposition, 1946.)


                Not seen.


NOBES, PATRICK  (See collaboration with John Wyndham.)


NOBLE, MARK   (See collaboration with Bob Stickgold.)




Prisoner X  (Boulevard, 1998.)


An X-Men novel.


                While one of their number is trapped in an orbiting prison and another is caught up in a virtual reality game that appears to be responsible for several disappearances, the X-Men discover that the two problems are interconnected.




Duchess of Kneecap, The  (Avon, 1986.)


                On her wedding knight, an aristocrat discovers that her new husband is undeniably insane.  Accompanied only by a levitating robot, she tries to escape across a planet inhabited by dangerous creatures and treacherous people.


Murder on Usher’s Planet  (Avon, 1987.)


                Just as the planet Sharde is about to join an interstellar union, a crucial letter is stolen.  Two detectives are assigned the job of getting it back, and their investigation leads to the castle of a man fanatically fond of the works of Edgar Allen Poe.


Speaker to Heaven  (Arbor House, 1987, Baen, 1988.)


                The future of a world where religion is dominant is called into question when a high official of the church is murdered.  The subsequent investigation reveals that the most likely culprit is an aspirant to high church office.




Golden Star, The  (Stanley Paul, 1935.)


                An asteroid’s near approach to Earth triggers a war.




I Killed Stalin  (Farrar Strauss & Young, 1951, Irwin, 1951, Hale, 1952, Eton, 1952.)


                Marginal story about a man who arranges the assassination of Joseph Stalin.


We Who Survived  (Avon, 1959, Armchair, ?)


                Two centuries from now, governments ignore the warnings of scientists that the planet’s ecology is about to change.  Then the snow begins to fall, and doesn’t stop, plunging the world into a new ice age.




Alien Plague  (Carlyle, 1979.)


                A mysterious force originating on the planet Uranus is moving toward Earth, sweeping all human installations away as it comes.


NOLAN, WILLIAM F.  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Alien Horizons  (Pocket, 1974.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Blood Sky  (Deadline, 1991.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Have You Seen the Wind?  (Bear Manor, 2003.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Impact 20  (Paperback Library, 1963, Corgi, 1966.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Logan: A Trilogy  (Maclay, 1986.)


                Omnibus of the Logan novels.


Logan’s Search  (Bantam, 1980, Corgi, 1981.)


Logan #3.


                Logan travels to a parallel world where the inhuman society he destroyed in his own timeline still exists, and now he must destroy it a second time.


Logan’s World  (Bantam, 1977, Corgi, 1978.)


Logan #2.


                Most of the inhabitants of the domed city of the future have left, but now bands of barbarians and former assassins are prowling the outside world, tracking down and killing those who escaped.


Look Out for Space  (International Polygonics, 1985.)


Sam Space #2.


                Sam Space is trying to solve the mystery of a stolen asteroid when his client is murdered.  Annoyed, he decides to solve that crime as well in this broad spoof of SF and detective stories.


Space for Hire  (Lancer, 1971.)


Sam Space #1.


                Kitchen sink spoof of SF and tough detective novels with Sam Space called upon to discover and neutralize a threat to the entire planet.


Three for Space  (Gryphon, 1992.)


                Omnibus of the Sam Space novels.


Wild Galaxy  (Golden Gryphon, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Wonderworlds  (Gollancz, 1977.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Logan’s Run  (Dial, 1967, Gollancz, 1968, Dell, 1969, Bantam, 1976.)


Logan #1.


                In a world where people are routinely euthanized before they are middle aged, Logan repudiates his training as a killer and decides that the status quo is wrong.  He then becomes a fugitive from his former friends, and discovers a world beyond the enclosed habitat which has been his entire world.




Red Book, The  (Stockdale, 1807.)


                A revolution against the British monarchy.




Nymphomation  (Doubleday, 1997, Corgi, 1998, Black Swan, 2000.)


                A sinister lottery captivates nearly the entire population of a future Manchester.


Pixel Juice  (Corgi, 1999.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Pollen  (Ringpull, 1995, Crown, 1996.)


Vurt #2.


                A detective is hampered in her investigation of a murder because an alien has introduced unusually high pollen counts to the world in preparation for an invasion.


Vurt  (Ringpull, 1993, Crown, 1995.)


Vurt #1.


                Spoof of various SF themes as an alien invasion is preceded by the arrival of a giant, intelligent amoeba who disrupts the life of a typical family.




Night Talk (Forge, 2016.)


A talk show host discovers that aliens have infiltrated the government.




Starsongs and Unicorns  (Manor, 1978.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Ultimate Solution, The  (Warner, 1973.)


                In an America that was conquered by the Nazis, police activities are much the same as ever.  But then the Gestapo orders them to track down the last living Jew, and that leads to an upset of the first order.




Lempriere’s Dictionary  (?, 1991.)


                Not seen.




End Product  (Quartet, 1975.)


                Dystopian novel in which Blacks are turned into food animals.




Under-People, The  (?, 1969.)


                Not seen.




Assassin of Gor  (Ballantine, 1970, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1971, Masquerade, 1997.)


Gor #5.


                Cabot must battle a professional assassin who believes him responsible for a cowardly murder.


Beasts of Gor  (DAW, 1978, Star, 1979.)


Gor #12.


                At long last, the alien invaders have established a beachhead on Gor, and Tarl Cabot must find a way to organize a resistance to their incursion.


Blood Brothers of Gor  (DAW, 1982, Star, 1983.)


Gor #18.


                Tarl Cabot has been enslaved again, but the aliens on Gor have forged an alliance among the enemies of his captors, and he decides to gain his freedom by helping them resist their attackers.


Captain, The  (Questar, 1992.)


Telnar #2.


                An undisciplined rebel movement is spreading through the interstellar empire, and efforts by the decadent aristocracy to destroy the barbarian leading the movement meet with continued failure.


Captive of Gor  (Ballantine, 1972, Tandem, 1973, Masquerade, 1998.)


Gor #7.


                An Earthwoman finds herself on Gor, where women are subservient to men, and after a period of adjustment discovers that she enjoys being in a submissive role.  This volume changed the character of the series, which became very controversial as it progressed.


Chieftain, The  (Questar, 1991.)


Telnar #1.


                A corrupt interstellar empire spans the galaxy and condemns men to death in the arena.  A professional gladiator turns rebel and begins to gather supporters in his fight against a cruel government.


Dancer of Gor  (DAW, 1985, Star, 1986.)


Gor #22.


                A woman who has long expressed her sexual desires in secret on Earth is kidnapped to the planet Gor where she becomes an important pawn in a war among the various powers of that world.


Explorers of Gor  (DAW, 1979, Star, 1980.)


Gor #13.


                Cabot must travel to a lost city to find a piece of ancient alien technology that might be the difference between victory and defeat in the battle against alien invaders.


Fighting Slave of Gor  (DAW, 1980, Star, 1981.)


Gor #14.


                A human male finds himself kidnapped to Gore and consigned to slavery when he attempts to rescue the woman he loves.


Gor Omnibus, The  (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1972.)


                Omnibus of the first three Gor novels.


Guardsman of Gor  (DAW, 1981, Star, 1982.)


Gor #16.


                A man from Earth finds his destiny during a naval conflict between warring nations on the planet Gor.


Hunters of Gor  (DAW, 1974, Tandem, 1975, Masquerade, 1998.)


Gor #8.


                Three women who have been involved with Cabot in his previous adventures have ones of their own in this episodic continuation of the series.


Kajira of Gor  (DAW, 1983, Star, 1983.)


Gor #19.


                A woman is kidnapped from Earth and installed as a princess on Gor, a position that seems enviable until she realizes she is a puppet ruler, eventually a slave to the machinations of an alien race.


King, The  (Questar, 1993.)


Telnar #3.


                The leader of a rebellion against an interstellar empire survives assassination attempts, plots, and military action and continues to gather supporters to his cause.


Magicians of Gor  (DAW, 1988.)


Gor #25.


                A traitor has betrayed a crucial city to the enemies of Tarl Cabot, so he must go underground to subvert her authority and restore a city to the control of his allies.


Marauders of Gor  (DAW, 1975, Star, 1977, Masquerade, 1998.)


Gor #9.


                Cabot discovers that an alien race has arrived on Gor, and from a remote location they are extending their influence across the planet.  Naturally they don’t anticipate the instability that Cabot introduces into the situation.


Mercenaries of Gor  (DAW, 1985, Star, 1985.)


Gor #21.


                Abandoned by his allies among the ruling theocracy of Gor, Cabot must find a new place for himself in the midst of a devastating war between nations on a world subverted by alien infiltrators.


Nomads of Gor  (Ballantine, 1969, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1971, Masquerade, 1997.)


Gor #4.


                Cabot is enlisted by the theocracy of Gor to pursue a mission for them among the nomadic hordes that travel across that planet’s surface.  He discovers that they conceal a variety of new dangers.


Outlaw of Gor  (Ballantine, 1967, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1970, Arrow, 1971, Masquerade, 1996.)


Gor #2.


                A human transported to the world of Gor discovers that the religious caste has destroyed the city he has come to rule and scattered his family.  He sets out to find those missing, and to restore order to the people who support him.


Players of Gor  (DAW, 1984, Star, 1984.)


Gor #20.


                Cabot narrowly escapes an assassination attempt and discovers that he has been framed, that the priest kings believe him to be a traitor.  He must escape their agents as well as those of the planet’s alien invaders in order to prove his innocence.


Priest-Kings of Gor  (Ballantine, 1968, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1971, Masquerade, 1996.)


Gor #3.


                In order to discover the fate of his missing wife, Tarl Cabot must penetrate into the hidden realms of the priest-kings of the planet to which he has been transported.  There he will confront the rulers of this world and discover the truth about his new home.


Raiders of Gor  (Ballantine, 1971, Tandem, 1973, Masquerade, 1997.)


Gor #6.


                This time Cabot travels to a lawless city which is home to hordes of pirates who prey on the commerce of Gor.  There he must not only survive but bring to an end a brutal reign of terror.


Renegades of Gor  (DAW, 1986, Star, 1986.)


Gor #23.


                Cabot becomes an important player in the ongoing war between the two major nations of the planet Gor.


Rogue of Gor  (DAW, 1981, Star, 1982.)


Gor #15.


                After escaping from slavery, a transplanted Earthman searches for the woman who was given him as a slave and finds himself caught in the middle of a major war.


Savages of Gor  (DAW, 1982, Star, 1982.)


Gor #17.


                One of the alien invaders of Gor has come over to Cabot’s side, and now members of his race are in pursuit of the turncoat, whose continued life may be in the hands of the human whose cause he supports.


Slave Girl of Gor  (DAW, 1977, Star, 1978.)


Gor #11.


                An apparent slave girl is actually a secret weapon devised by the priest kings of Gor to undermine the effectiveness of an alien invasion.


Tarnsman of Gor  (Ballantine, 1966, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1969, Masquerade, 1996.)


Gor #1.


                A Burroughsian adventure series that changes its nature as it progresses.  The opening volume is a fairly predictable story of an Earthman transported to another planet where he finds himself cast in the role of the heroic warrior.


Time Slave  (DAW, 1975, Star, 1981.)


                A time machine transports a man back to prehistory where he discovers that women often prefer a submissive role.


Tribesmen of Gor  (DAW, 1976, Masquerade, 1998.)


Gor #10.


                Tarl Cabot must travel into the wastelands of Gor in order to find a secret that could save that planet, as well as Earth, from domination by an invading alien force.


Vagabonds of Gor  (DAW, 1987, Star, 1987.)


Gor #24.


                Cabot becomes a spy as the army he has joined is defeated and the war on Gor moves toward a critical phase.




Between Darkness and Light  (DAW, 2003.)


Sholan #7.


                The protagonist must leave his home planet even though his friends believe him to be a traitor, forging a temporary alliance with an old enemy to avert an even greater threat.


Circle's End (DAW, 2017.)


Sholan #8.


Interstellar adventure.


Dark Nadir  (DAW, 1999.)


Sholan #5.


                The battle between the human/Sholan alliance and an alien enemy takes an unexpected turn when members of both species are captured by yet another, even more powerful alien force.


Fire Margins  (DAW, 1996.)


Sholan #3.


                Humans and Sholans are able to interbreed, and the children therefrom have even greater telepathic abilities than their parents, a situation which upsets the authorities of both species, and which causes those dedicated to the alliance to consider forming their own society.


Fortune’s Wheel  (DAW, 1995.)


Sholan #2.


                Humans and felinoids have successfully turned back the forces of an alien invader inimical to all other lifeforms, but the future of the alliance is in doubt when factions within both races try to prevent the relationship from becoming permanent.


Razor’s Edge  (DAW, 1997.)


Sholan #4.


                Humans and Sholans become involved with a remote planet which, in the far past, was manipulated by their mutual enemies, turning it into a timebomb which could ultimately destroy both their races.


Stronghold Rising  (DAW, 2000.)


Sholan #6.


                The Sholan alliance negotiates with the Primes, a subset of a hostile alien race that is pacifistic and fearful of their own race’s warrior caste.


Turning Point  (DAW, 1993.)


Sholan #1.


                A human and a feline alien become telepathically linked as they both hide from an alien invader.  Eventually they realize that their personal bond could be the basis of an alliance which will allow them to defeat the other race.


NORTH, ANDREW  (Pseudonym of Andre Norton, whom see.)




Last Man in London, The  (Hodder, 1887.)


                Not seen.




Touch (Redhook, 2015.)


The protagonist uses alternate universe to switch bodies.




Meteor  (Warner, 1979, based on the screenplay by Stanley Mann and Edmund H. North.)


                Now familiar story of a comet that strikes an asteroid and sets it on a collision course with Earth, and the valiant efforts of the governments of the world to launch a nuclear strike to avert the worst of the disaster.


NORTH, ERIC  (See also Bernard Cronin.)


Ant Men, The  (Winston, 1955, MacFadden, 1967.)


                Unlikely story of five men who travel back through time and discover that the world is dominated by human sized, intelligent ants.




Boy from Ilysies, The  (Tor, 2010.)


Singers #2.




Libyrinth  (Tor, 2009.)


Singers #1.


Technology is disguised as magic on a colony world.




Starbreak (Simon & Schuster, 2014.)


Two groups battle over an alien city.


NORTH, RICK   (House pseudonym.)


Citizens of Mars  (Zebra, 1991.)  (Margaret Wander Bonanno.)


Young Astronauts #6.


                On the eve of a celebratory party, a dome blowout on Mars and a lost person interfere with plans and force the team to set out on yet another rescue mission.


Destination Mars  (Zebra, 1991.)  (Margaret Wander Bonanno.)


Young Astronauts #4.


                Selected to crew the first teenaged ship to Mars, a team of youngsters has a variety of adventures as they leave the Earth’s space station and set out on their voyage to the fourth planet.


Ready for Blastoff!  (Zebra, 1990.)  (John Peel.)


Young Astronauts #2.


                During a training mission in a volcanic region, a team of teenaged would be astronauts must overcome their internal differences in order to rescue a lost member of the group.


Space Blazers  (Zebra, 1990.)  (Shariann Lewitt.)


Young Astronauts #3.




Space Pioneers  (Zebra, 1991.)  (Mayer Alan Brenner.)


Young Astronauts #5.


                The crew has landed on Mars and is making good progress in setting up the base upon which their survival depends.  Then an accident maroons a major portion of their supplies far from base camp, and they are forced to send out an expedition to recover it.


Young Astronauts, The  (Zebra, 1990.)  (Shariann Lewitt.)


Young Astronauts #1.


                A group of teenagers trains to be the first adolescent team sent to Mars.  Unfortunately, their group consists of  extremely independent personalities who frequently find themselves in hot water.




Before the Beginning  (Vantage, 1991.)


                Not seen.


NORTON, ANDRE  (See also collaborations which follow, which include entries in various series.  Note that the Solar Queen series is set in the Forerunner universe, as are Murdoc Jern, Central Control, Yiktor, and the Warlock series.)  Many of the Norton sub-series are interlinked.  The Dipple, Janus, Beast Master, and Central Control series are all set in approximately the same universe, with references back and forth, though some inconsistencies.


Android at Arms  (Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1971, Gollancz, 1972, Ace, 1973.)


                A handful of people escape mind control on a completely automatic prison world and escape, believing that androids have been used to impersonate them on their home worlds.  After discovering that he is in fact the android, the hero finds himself in a parallel world somewhat similar to his own, but even more torn by intrigue and violence.


Beast Master, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1959, Ace alone, undated, Longmans, 1961, Gollancz, 1966, Peacock, 1968, Del Rey, 1984.  Ace, 1961, bound with Star Hunter. Note that the Ace editions are abridged.)


Beast Master #1.


After the destruction of Earth in a war with the Xiks, an Amerindian survivor arrives on the frontier world of Arzor to find a new future, and to track down the man he believes caused his father's death.  In the process, he discovers a secret Xik base and a plot to stir up the native Arzorians.


Beast Master's Planet  (Tor, 2005.)


                Omnibus of The Beast Master and Lord of Thunder.


Book of Andre Norton, The  (DAW, 1975.  Chilton, 1974, as The Many Worlds of Andre Norton.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Breed to Come  (Viking, 1972, Ace, 1973, Longman, 1973.)


                Earth has been abandoned because of a terrible plague, in the aftermath of which dogs, cats, rats, and other animals attain intelligence and a primitive, though combative civilization.  When a handful of human explorers returns after many generations, they are viewed by the new masters of Earth as a terrible threat from the past.


Brother to Shadows  (Easton, 1993, Avon, 1994.)


                A member of the bodyguards guild is unjustly expelled and marooned on a remote planet.  There he makes the acquaintance of an alien with whom he subsequently has episodic adventures on various planets as they pursue their quest for knowledge.


Catseye  (Harcourt, Brace, World, 1961, Gollancz, 1962, Ace, 1962, Puffin, 1967, Del Rey, 1984.)


Dipple #1.


A refugee from an interstellar war takes a job with an importer of exotic pets and discovers that his boss is using telepathic animals as part of a clandestine spy operation.


Children of the Gates  (Baen, 2013.)


Omnibus of Yurth Burden and Here Abide Monsters.


Crossroads of Time  (Ace, 1956, bound with Mankind on the Run by Gordon R. Dickson.  Gollancz, 1967.  Ace, alone, ?)


Time Wardsmen #1


A band of agents involuntarily recruit a man from our timeline to chase a supercriminal through a variety of alternate universes.


Crosstime  (Baen, 2008)


Omnibus of Crossroads in Time and Quest Crosstime.


Crosstime Agent.  (See Quest Crosstime.)


Dare To Go A-Hunting  (Tor, 1990.)


Yiktor #4.


                A desperate young man is searching the galaxy for information about a fabled race that is the future equivalent of the fairies of Earth.  He suspects that he is one of their kind, somehow separated before he was old enough to know what was happening.


Darkness and Dawn  (Baen, 2003.)


                Omnibus of Daybreak – 2250 A.D. and No Night Without Stars.


Dark Companion  (Baen, 2005.)


                Omnibus of Dark Piper and Dread Companion.


Dark Piper  (Harcourt, Brace, World, 1968, Gollancz, 1969, Ace, 1969, Del Rey, 1984.)


A Central Control novel.


Galactic civilization is falling apart and a small research colony is beset by refugees who ultimately unleash a mutually fatal plague.  The survivors are a band of children who emerge from an underground refuge to find the adults all dead or dying, and mutant animals with rudimentary intelligence on the prowl.


Daybreak - 2250 A.D.  (Ace, 1954, bound with Beyond Earth’s Gates by Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore. Harcourt, Brace, 1952, Staples, 1952, Gollancz, 1968, Crest, 1978, as Star Man's Son. Ace, alone, ?, as Daybreak – 2250 A.D.)


In the aftermath of a nuclear war, a mutant human with the ability to communicate with a feral cat explores an abandoned city and helps forge an alliance among the survivors against a horde of ratlike mutants.


Defiant Agents, The  (World, 1962, Ace, 1963. Armchair, 2022, bound with Brainstorm by Rog Phillips.)


Time Traders #3.


Russia and the US are both colonizing a distant planet by mentally regressing its settlers to a more barbaric period.  But the two groups meet and clash on that world, threatening the future of the entire colony.


Dread Companion   (Viking, 1970, DAW, 1971, Gollancz, 1972, Del Rey, 1984.)


To escape her planet, a young woman becomes companion to two young children on a journey to a world where the local ecology is so powerful, it causes morphological changes in human bodies.


Exiles of the Stars  (Viking, 1971, Ace, 1972, Longman, 1972.)


Yiktor #2.


                While ferrying Forerunner artifacts, a space trader is sabotaged and forced to land on a supposedly uninhabited world.  But cryogenically frozen members of an older race use advanced mental powers to steal use of the traders’ bodies.


Eye of the Monster  (Ace, 1962, bound with Sea Siege.)


A handful of survivors of a native massacre on a remote world flee cross country while pursued by a war party bearing off world arms.


Flight in Yiktor  (Tor, 1986, Metheun, 1988.)


Yiktor #3.


                Three separate but intertwined stories in this volume.  The shapechanging hero is battling space pirates, his sorceress friend returns to an uneasy reception on her homeworld, and an amnesiac child with an alien pet joins them both in a search for his own destiny.


Forerunner  (Tor, 1981.)


Simsa #1.


                A young woman attempts to make a living on her primitive world by trading forerunner artifacts to offworlders.  She gets caught up in interplanetary politics and is forced to travel across the planet accompanied by a stranded spaceman, while the personality of a long dead being of another species becomes a tenant in her mind.


Forerunner Factor, The  (Baen, 2012.)


Omnibus of Forerunner and Forerunner: The Second Venture.


Forerunner Foray  (Viking, 1973, Ace, 1974, Longman, 1974.)


Dipple #3.


                Ziantha is a young apprentice thief whose psychic powers make her valuable to the Thieves’ Guild.  But one mission exposes her to a gemstone with extraordinary powers, and her subsequent attempt to solve its mystery causes her to embark on a journey into the prehistory of the galaxy.


Forerunner: The Second Venture  (Tor, 1985.)


Simsa #2.


                Simsa thought she’d escaped her enemies when the Rangers took her off her primitive homeworld, but they make a virtual prisoner of her, so she escapes to another planet, followed shortly thereafter by her old companion, whom she no longer trusts.  And the alien presence in her mind is still around as well as the twosome have another series of adventures.


From the Sea to the Stars  (Baen, 2007.)


Omnibus of Sea Siege and Star Gate.


Galactic  Derelict  (World, 1959, Ace, 1961.)


Time Traders #2.


The discovery of an intact, alien spaceship and its transportation through time to the present has an interesting sequel.  Somehow the drive has been activated and its involuntary crew visits a succession of deserted worlds.


Game of Stars and Comets, The  (Baen, 2009.)


Omnibus of The Sioux Spaceman, Eye of the Monster, Voorloper, and The X Factor.


Garan the Eternal  (Fantasy Publishing, 1972, DAW, 1973.)


                Two long related stories about a man kidnapped through time to perform heroic deeds, plus two others.


Gods and Androids  (Baen, 2004.)


                Omnibus of Android at Arms and the fantasy novel, Wraiths of Time.


Here Abide Monsters  (McElderry, 1973, DAW, 1974, Tor, 1985.)


                Two people from our world are sucked through a time space gateway into an alternate world where people snatched from various times and locations have been transported.  They  have various adventures involving everything from Roman Centurions to flying saucers.


Ice Crown    (Viking, 1970, Longman, 1971, Ace, 1971.)


A Forerunner novel.


A young woman accompanies her unfriendly uncle and cousin to a protected world to look for forerunner artifacts.  But instead, she rescues a captive princess and becomes intricately involved with political struggles on that world.


Iron Cage   (Viking, 1974, Ace, 1975, Kestrel, 1975, Roc, 1992.)


                Three human children are raised by a primitive people on an obscure world.  When an Earth ship arrives, they end up acting as the intermediaries between their foster family and their own kind.


Janus  (Baen, 2002.)


                Omnibus of Judgment on Janus and Victory on Janus.


Judgment on Janus  (Harcourt, Brace, World, 1963, Ace, 1964,  Gollancz, 1964, Longmans, 1964.)


Janus #1.


Naill Renfro sells himself as a laborer and ends up on a world with a repressive religious cult ruling the roost.  After finding artifacts of a previous intelligent race, he is physically transformed into one of them, with memories of a past identity, in a novel that crosses the border into outright fantasy.


Key Out of Time  (World, 1963, Ace, 1964.)


Time Traders #4.


Humans and dolphins using telepathy team up to explore a mostly ocean planet.  They discover a time gate and find themselves in the distant past when a major war destroyed the previous civilization.


Last Planet, The  (Ace, 1955, bound with A Man Obsessed by Alan E. Nourse, Ace alone, undated.  Harcourt Brace, 1953, McLeod, 1953, Gollancz, 1968,  Del Rey, 1985, as Star Rangers.)


A Central Control novel.


One of the last ships of the Space Patrol crashes on an uncharted planet in the waning days of a galactic empire.  After battling a renegade telepath who tries to set up a dictatorship, they discover they have returned to lost Earth.


Lord of Thunder  (Harcourt, Brace, World, 1962, Longmans, 1963, Ace, 1963, Gollancz, 1966, Peacock, 1968, Del Rey, 1984.)


Beast Master #2.


Hosteen Storm reluctantly undertakes an expedition into the forbidden mountains of Arzor just as the native Norbie population retreats from human settlements.  A crashed spaceship with an insane genius aboard has resulted in the activation of ancient equipment from a long dead race.


Many Worlds of Andre Norton, The.  (See The Book of Andre Norton.)


Masks of the Outcasts  (Baen, 2005.)


                Omnibus of Catseye and Night of  Masks.


Merlin’s Mirror  (DAW, 1975, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1976.)


                The life of Merlin, who is actually being manipulated by robots left by a starfaring race to help shape the future course of human history. 


Moon of Three Rings  (Viking, 1966, Ace, 1967, Longman, 1969.)


Yiktor #1.


A young adventurer off a trading ship is kidnapped by ambitious natives who want offworld weapons.  He is rescued by a mysterious woman who eventually moves his personality into the body of a predatory animal in an attempt to fool their enemies.


Moonsinger  (Baen, 2006.)


                Omnibus of Moon of Three Rings and Exiles of the Stars.


Night of Masks  (Harcourt, Brace, World, 1964, Gollancz, 1965, Ace, 1965, Longmans, 1965, Del Rey, 1985.)


Dipple #2.


A young man horribly disfigured is offered a new face if he helps lure away a boy imprisoned under unusual circumstances.  He discovers that he has been lied to as well, and ends up rescuing the boy from some unsavory thieves.


No Night Without Stars   (Atheneum, 1975, Gollancz, 1976, Crest, 1976, Del Rey, 1985.)


                Several generations after a devastating nuclear war, two humans and their animal companions set off on a journey to find a legendary installation that is rumored to hold the secrets of long lost technology.  After various adventures involving mutated animals and humans, they reach the stronghold, only to discover its occupants have been driven insane by a computer that hates all living things.


Operation Time Search  (Harcourt, Brace, World, 1967, Longmans, 1967, Ace, 1968, Del Rey, 1985.)


The protagonist is inadvertently sent back through time and finds himself caught in a war between Atlantis and Mu.  Moves across the border between SF and fantasy.


Ordeal in Otherwhere  (Harcourt, Brace, World, 1964, Ace, 1965.)


Wyvern #2.


A young woman is impressed into labor by an unscrupulous trader and escapes, only to find herself involved in the battle between the female Wyverns of Warlock and human outlaws who have armed the normally ineffectual male Wyverns.


Outside  (Walker, 1974, Blackie, 1976, Avon Camelot, 1976.)


                Two children living in a domed city that offers protection from the polluted outside world have never been outside.  Then a mysterious stranger offers to bring them and they discover the planet is habitable again.


Plague Ship  (Ace, 1959, as by Andrew North, bound with Voodoo Planet.  Gnome Press, 1956, as by Andrew North.  Ace, alone,  ?, Gollancz, 1971, Magnet, ?, as by Andre Norton.)


Solar Queen #2.


An independent trader outwits a ship from a major commercial combine only to find that a local animal has been smuggled aboard their ship to convince the authorities that they are carrying plague and should be destroyed.


Postmarked the Stars   (Harcourt, Brace, World, 1969, Ace, 1970, Gollancz, 1971, Magnet, ?, Del Rey, 1985.)


Solar Queen #4.


A consignment of embryos and small lifeforms carried aboard the trading ship is genetically manipulated to revert to earlier forms, resulting in an intelligent species in one case and oversized monsters in another in this implausible adventure.


Quest Crosstime  (Viking, 1965, Ace, 1966, Macmillan, 1966.  Gollancz, 1975, as Crosstime Agent.)


Time Wardsmen #2.


A band of adventurers travel to a world where North America is split between Europeans and Aztecs, to rescue a kidnapped girl from another time line who is about to be sacrificed by an extremist political group.


Sargasso of Space  (Ace, 1957, bound with The Cosmic Puppets by Philip K. Dick.  Gnome Press, 1955, Gollancz, 1970, Magnet, ?)


Solar Queen #1.


A Free Trader ship is chartered to visit Limbo, a devastated planet once peopled by the Forerunners.  There they discover that their passengers have reactivated an ancient device that drags passing ships down to be destroyed and looted.


Sea Siege  (Harcourt Brace, 1957.  Ace, 1962, with Eye of the Monster, Ace, alone, ?)


A handful of people survive a nuclear war on a remote island, and discover that mutated, intelligent octopi have started waging war against the surface dwellers.


Search for the Star Stones  (Baen, 2008.)


Omnibus of The Zero Stone and Uncharted Stars.


Secret of the Lost Race  (Ace, 1959, bound with One Against Herculum by Jerry Sohl.  Ace, alone, ?  Hale, 1977, as Wolfshead.)


A Constellation Wolf novel.


A strange young man with no memory of his childhood is shanghaied to a remote world where rebels battle the company that owns the planet.  Meanwhile, authorities from Earth are trying to hunt him down because he is the son of an emissary from an alien empire they refuse to deal with.


Secret of the Stars (Baen, 2014.)


Omnibus of Star Hunter and Secret of the Lost Race.


Sioux Spaceman, The  (Ace, 1960, bound with And Then the Town Took Off  by Richard Wilson.  Hale, 1976, Ace, alone, ?)


A disgraced man is sent on a trading mission to a planet whose natives have been enslaved by the alien Styor.  He discovers a way to undermine their rule by importing horses from Earth.


Solar Queen, The  (Tor, 2003.)


                Omnibus of Sargasso of Space and Plague Ship.


Star Born  (Ace, 1958, bound with A Planet for Texans by H. Beam Piper & John J. McGuire.  World, 1957, Gollancz, 1973.)


Astra #2.


An exploratory ship from Earth arrives on Astra where they are duped by the remnants of an evil race into helping them retrieve records of their lost scientific achievements.  Opposed to them is a young man from a lost Earth colony and the local merpeople, who were formerly enslaved.


Star Flight  (Baen, 2007.)


Omnibus of The Stars Are Ours and Star Born.


Star Gate  (Harcourt, Brace, 1958, Longmans, 1963, Ace, 1963, Gollancz, 1970,  Del Rey, 1983.)


On a distant world, Terrans and their half native offspring decide to withdraw from a developing culture by travelling to a parallel time line that is uninhabited, but instead find themselves facing evil versions of themselves.


Star Guard  (  Harcourt, Brace, 1955, Gollancz, 1969, Del Rey, 1984. Ace, 1956, bound with Planet of No Return by Poul Anderson.)


A Central Control novel.


A band of human mercenaries discovers that their latest assignment is a trap, that some of the older races have contrived a plan to weaken the human race by playing off one group against another.  They trek across the planet seeking a way to escape and warn their leaders offworld.


Star Hunter  (Ace, 1961, bound with The Beast Master.  Ace, 1968, bound with Voodoo Planet. Armchair, 2011, bound with The Legion of Lazarus by Edmond Hamilton.)


A Constellation Wolf novel.


A young man is brainwashed into believing he's the lost heir to a fortune and stranded on a primitive planet.  But the conditioning fails to work, and there's an alien trap on that world as well.


Star Man's Son  (See Daybreak - 2250 A.D.)


Star Rangers.  See The Last Planet.


Stars Are Ours, The  (Ace, 1955, bound with 3 Faces of Time by Sam Merwin.  World, 1954, Ace alone, ?)


Astra #1.


Renegades on Earth have caused a devastating war, in the aftermath of which science is outlawed by a brutal dictatorship.  A band of scientists secretly builds a starship in which they escape to find a world whose evil dominant race virtually destroyed themselves in a war.  The human colonists befriend the merpeople of that planet.


Star Soldiers  (Baen, 2001.)


                Omnibus of Star Rangers and Star Guard.


Storm Over Warlock   (World, 1960, Ace, 1961, Armchair, ?)


Wyvern #1


Two survivors of an alien Throg attack on a newly discovered planet struggle to survive in the wilderness, and discover a hidden race of intelligent creatures whose ability to manipulate dreams and reality is almost magical.


Time Traders  (Baen, 2000.)


                Omnibus of The Time Traders and Galactic Derelict.


Time Traders II  (Baen, 2001.)


                Omnibus of The Defiant Agents and Key Out of Time.


Time Traders, The  (World, 1958, Ace, 1960, Armchair, ?)


Time Traders #1.


American and Russian agents battle for control of a crashed alien spaceship in the Arctic, but discover aboard it a working time machine that carries them back to the point where it originally arrived on Earth.


Uncharted Stars   (Viking, 1969, Ace, 1970, Gollancz, 1974.)


Murdoc Jern #2.


A young man and his extraterrestrial ally pose as gem traders in an attempt to outwit his enemy and track down the world where a mysterious jewel originated.


Victory on Janus  (Harcourt, Brace, World, 1966, Gollancz, 1967, Ace, 1968, Del Rey, 1984.)


Janus #2.


Shapeshifting humans must band together to prevent an evil force from organizing offworld settlers into a conquering force that will dominate their world.


Voodoo Planet  (Ace, 1959, bound with Plague Ship, as by Andrew North.  Ace, 1968, bound with Star Hunter, as by Andre Norton)


Solar Queen #3.


The trading ship makes a brief stop on a planet settled by refugees from Africa, and the crew becomes involved in the rivalry between two men who use "magic" to shore up their power bases.


Voodoo Planet and Star Hunter  (Gregg, 1978.)


                Omnibus of the two short novels.


Voorloper  (Ace, 1980.)


A Forerunner novel.


                A remote colony world is troubled by a mysterious series of disasters that have been swallowing up one settlement after another.  Two young people trek into the wilderness and discover that the problem originates in the ruins of a still functioning city of a race now extinct.


Warlock  (Baen, 2002.)


                Omnibus of Storm Over Warlock, Ordeal in Otherwhere, and Forerunner Foray.


Wolfshead.  (See The Secret of the Lost Race.)


X Factor, The   (Harcourt, Brace, World, 1965, Ace, 1967, Gollancz, 1967, Del Rey, 1984.)


A Central Control novel.


A young man steals a spaceship and travels to an unexplored planet where he encounters shipwreck survivors, intelligent animals, and a gang of criminals intending to loot a store of Forerunner artifacts.


Yurth Burden  (DAW, 1978.)


                A human colony ship crashlands on an inhabited planet, and the descendants of both species quietly hate one another for generations even after the disaster has been partially forgotten.  One human and one native later forge an uneasy alliance against a common enemy.


Zero Stone, The  (Viking, 1968, Ace, 1969, Gollancz, 1974.)


Murdoc Jern #1.


A young man discovers that the mysterious alien ring he possesses has made him enemies both among the Patrol and among the Thieves Guild.  He is able to escape both with the help of a telepathic creature temporarily in the form of a cat in a novel too filled with coincidences to be credible.




Day of the Ness, The  (Walker, 1975.)


                Children’s book about a human boy and his alien friends who team up to defeat a nasty alien who is trying to take over the world.




Firehand  (Tor, 1994.)


Time Traders #5.


                Ross Murdock and company have to travel back through time to undo a change in the course of history on a distant world, engineered by their old enemies, the alien Baldies.  After various adventures on that planet, they restore the proper state of affairs.


Redline the Stars  (Tor, 1993.)


Solar Queen #5.


                A woman from a rival trading family joins the crew of the Solar Queen, and promptly lands them next to if not actually in trouble when she spots evidence of murder in a trading town.  She subsequently proves herself a worthwhile addition to the crew as they trade gems on a world on the brink of a major catastrophe.




Star Ka’at  (Walker, 1976, Archway, 1977,  Blackie, 1977, Knight, ?)


Star Ka’at #1.


                Intelligent catlike aliens from another world visit the Earth, but xenophobia makes it a dangerous place for them to stay.  Despite the tension, some of their kind become close friends of a handful of human children.  For younger readers.


Star Ka’ats and the Plant People  (Walker, 1979, Archway, 1980.)


Star Ka’at #3.


                Further adventures of two young children on a planet of intelligent cats, this time in another lost city.  The danger this time comes from plant creatures that look like giant spiders.


Star Ka’ats and the Winged Warriors  (Walker, 1981.)


Star Ka’at #4.


                Not seen.


Star Ka’at’s World  (Walker, 1978, Archway, 1979.)


Star Ka’at #2.


                Two human children visit the world of an intelligent, feline race.  Bored and annoyed because they are so dependent on their hosts, the children explore an abandoned city and are kidnapped by robots.




Beast Master's Ark  (Tor, 2002.)


Beast Master #3.


                A woman who has reservations about beast masters visits a planet where one of them becomes her friend, and the two team up to track down a deadly predator.


Beast Master's Circus  (Tor, 2004.)


Beast Master #4.


                A traveling circus masks an operation designed to steal the secret of the beast masters' ability to communicate telepathically with their teams of animals.


Beast Master's Quest  (Tor, 2006.)


Beast Master #5.


                A search for a lost planet poses unusual dangers for telepaths and their animal companions.




Atlantis Endgame  (Tor, 2002.)


Time Traders #7.


                Time agents travel back to ancient Atlantis to prevent an alien plot to derail the development of human technology.


Derelict for Trade  (Tor, 1997.)


Solar Queen #6.


                A merchant vessel emerges from hyperdrive and finds an abandoned starship filled with cargo and two live cats, but with no sign of its humanoid crew.  They toe the ship to a base and claim it as salvage, and become involved in a battle with a gang of non-human space pirates.


Echoes in Time  (Tor, 1999.)


Time Traders #6.


                The Time Agents are sent to a distant planet to find out why a group of Russian scientists mysteriously disappeared.  In order to solve the mystery, they must decipher an alien language that is closely linked to music.


Mind for Trade, A  (Tor, 1997.)


Solar Queen #7.


                The crew of the Solar Queen becomes involved in a mining operation on a far world whose weather is in constant turmoil.  Just when they think they’re getting the hang of things, the local inhabitants begin to warn of an apocalyptic change to come.




Blizzard  (Leisure, 1988.)


A group of people isolated by a winter storm in a remote cabin find any even greater menace in the prowling presence of a mutated lifeform possessed by an insane desire to destroy them.




Flame, The  (Mills & Boon, 1916.)


                Not seen.  Antigravity.


Land of the Lost, The.  (See The Toll of the Sea.)


Toll of the Sea, The  (Appleton, 1909.  Hodder, 1925, as The Land of the Lost.)


                Earthquakes create a new continent in the Pacific and a hidden race with advanced technology claims it as their homeland.


Vanishing Fleets  (Appleton, 1908.)


                Not seen.  Antigravity.


NORVIL, MANNING (Pseudonym of Kenneth Bulmer, whom also see)


Crown of the Sword God  (DAW, 1980.)


Odan #3.


A half human hero rises to power in the ancient world despite the opposition of human enemies and alien visitors from the stars.


Dream Chariots  (DAW, 1977.)


Odan #1.


A Conan imitation set in the Mediterranean basin when Gods walk the Earth, although the gods in this case are visitors from outer space rather than supernatural beings.


Whetted Bronze  (DAW, 1978.)


Odan #2.


The offspring of human and alien is a powerful warrior caught in the battles that rage among the visitors to ancient Earth.


NORWOOD, VICTOR  (Note that not all of the Jacare series were SF.)


Anjani the Mighty  (Scion, 1951.)


                A Tarzan clone.


Caves of Death, The  (Scion, 1952.)


A Jacare novel..


                A jungle hero tracks down criminals and avoids the attention of prehistoric creatures.


Island of Creeping Death, The  (Scion, 1952.)


A Jacare novel.




Night of the Black Horror  (Badger, ?)


                A living mass of slime rises from the ocean floor and begins ravaging the landscape.  The government resorts to nuclear weapons without stopping it, and it is up to one plucky couple to discover the secret that will prevent the creature from overrunning the entire world.


Skull of  Kanaima, The  (Scion, 1951.)


A Jacare novel.




Temple of the Dead, The  (Scion, 1951.)


A Jacare novel..


                Jungle adventure featuring missing link style apemen.


NORWOOD, WARREN  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Final Command  (Bantam, 1986.)


Double Spiral War #3.


                Just as the tide of battle between two human empires begins to turn, an alliance of alien races joins the battle, intending to limit the power of either side.


Fize of the Gabriel Ratchets  (Bantam, 1983.)


Windhover Tapes #3.


                A retrospective set prior to the first two volumes.  The hero is the lover of the woman who rules human space, and in her service he undertakes several missions, including the suppression of a rebellion on a remote planet.


Flexing the Warp  (Bantam, 1983.)


Windhover Tapes #2.


                A roving interstellar diplomat struggles with a mindblock that has wiped out a full decade of his past.  Then he discovers that an unknown enemy is following him through space, for reasons unknown but deadly.


Image of Voices, An  (Bantam, 1982.)


Windhover Tapes #1.


                In his sentient starship, an explorer sets out to track down the legends of a mysterious race no longer known in the galaxy.  His explorations include a number of diverse worlds.


Midway Between  (Bantam, 1984.)


Double Spiral War #1.


                Human expansion into space has resulted in the creation of two mighty empires.  Now they have begun to clash, and the action concentrates on a single star system strategically located between their respective spheres of influence.


Planet of Flowers  (Bantam, 1984.)


Windhover Tapes #4.


                Manley is assigned to investigate the beautiful but dangerous vegetation of a distant planet.  There as well he encounters a man who holds the secret to the decade of memories Manley has lost, and a mysterious alien with deadly intentions.


Polar Fleet  (Bantam, 1985.)


Double Spiral War #2.


                One of two human empires has suffered a devastating defeat and falls back to regroup.  Meanwhile, alien races plot to take advantage of the battle to diminish the influence of both wings of the human race.


Shudder Child  (Bantam, 1987.)


                A series of devastating earthquakes has leveled much of the world.  In the aftermath, the protagonist tries to support his faltering government, locate his missing wife, and oppose the rising power of militant splinter factions.


Trapped!  (Lynx, 1989.  Mel Odom is the uncredited co-author.)


Time Police #2.


                The Time Police have caused the hero’s family to disappear as part of their effort to suppress his knowledge of their continuing interference with the course of history, so he sets out to travel back himself and restore their existence.


Vanished  (Lynx, 1988.)


Time Police #1.


                A researcher discovers that the planetary dictatorship of the future is protecting its reign by manipulating the past.  When they realize what he knows, the government sets out to eliminate him.




Seren Cenacles, The  (Bantam, 1983.)


                Against the backdrop of a mining colony, two individuals attempt to solve a mystery involving an alien symbiont, a lost alien race that once dominated the stars, and the machinations of criminals within their own corporation.




Stranded!  (Lynx, 1989.)


Time Police #3.


                A reluctant time traveler strives to expose the insidious plot of the time police after they strand him in 21st Century Mexico as punishment for his discovery of their manipulation of history.




Dry Deluge, The  (Hogarth, 1947.)


                Not seen.  A Utopian novel.


NOURSE, ALAN E.  (See also collaboration which follows.)


12 Worlds of Alan E. Nourse  (WLC, 2010.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Beyond Infinity.  (See Tiger by the Tail.)


Bladerunner, The  (McKay, 1974, Del Rey, 1975.)


                Bladerunners are doctors who defy a repressive government and administer health care to those not sanctioned by the government.  One of these is about to be captured when he discovers that there is a new plague spreading through the world that is beyond the capacity of the government to control.


Brain Sinner, The (Armchair, 2014, bound with Death from the Skies by A. Hyatt Verrill.)


The middle section of Psi-High.


Contamination Crew  (See Star Surgeon.)


Counterfeit Man, The  (McKay, 1963, Dobson, 1964, Corgi, 1965, Scholastic, 1967.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Fourth Horseman, The  (Harper & Row, 1983, Pinnacle, 1985.)


                An outbreak of a virulent new plague spreads faster than the authorities can confine it. 


Gold in the Sky (Armchair, 2018, short version of Scavengers in Space, bound with Lorelei of the Red Mist by Leigh Brackett and Ray Bradbury.


Infinite Intruder (Aegypan, 2010.)




Man Obsessed, A.  (See The Mercy Man.)


Marley's Chain  (FQ, 2010.)




Martyr  (Aegypan, 2011.)




Mercy Man, The  (Ace, 1968, Faber, 1969.  Shorter version, Ace, 1955, as A Man Obsessed, bound with The Last Planet by Andre Norton, Armchair, 2010, bound with Beyond the Rings of Saturn by Robert Moore Williams..)


                The hero has been obsessively searching for the man he believes killed his father for the past three years.  Eventually he volunteers for medical experimentation in order to penetrate a research facility where he believes his quarry is hiding.


Psi High and Others  (McKay, 1967, Ace, 1968, Faber, 1968.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Raiders from the Rings  (McKay, 1962, Pyramid, 1963, Faber, 1965.)


                The human race is poised to destroy itself.  One power based in the asteroids has prepared a mighty attack fleet that could destroy civilization on Earth, but without that civilization, the fledgling solar society will not survive either.  Then intervention comes in the form of visitors from the stars.


Rocket to Limbo  (Ace, 1957, bound with Echo in the Skull by John Brunner.  McKay, 1957, Faber, 1964. Ace, alone, ?)


                An exploratory ship encounters aliens on a far world.


Rx for Tomorrow  (McKay, 1971, Faber, 1972.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Scavengers in Space  (McKay, 1958, Ace, 1959, Faber, 1964.  Magazine title Gold in the Sky. Aegypan, 2008, as Gold in the Sky.)


                An asteroid miner is found dead in space under mysterious circumstances.  His two sons believe that he was murdered because of his discovery of a rich find in the belt, so they set out to retrace his steps and claim the discovery before the murderers can profit from their crime.


Second Sight and Other SF  (Aegypan, 2010.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Short Works of Alan E. Nourse  (BiblioBazaar, 2008.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Star Surgeon  (McKay, 1959, Scholastic, 1960, Faber, 1962, Ace, ?, Aegypan, 2006, Echo Library, 2006. Armchair, 2015, bound with A Pattern for Monsters by Randall Garrett. Aegypan, 2011, as Contamination Crew.)


                An interstellar medical ship answers a call from an unknown planet which indicates that they have been stricken by a global plague.


Tiger by the Tail  (McKay, 1961, Doubleday, 1961, Dobson, 1962, MacFadden, 1964.  Corgi, 1964, as Beyond Infinity.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Trouble on Titan  (Winston, 1954, Hutchinson, 1956, Lancer, 1967, Ace, ?)


                A young soldier is sent to prevent the exiled colonists on Titan from following through on their threat  to rebel against Earth’s rule, but in order to find an amicable solution, he must obey his specific orders and find an innovative solution.


Universe Between, The  (McKay, 1965, Faber, 1966, Paperback Library, 1967, Ace, 1987.)


                The only human scientist who has successfully traveled to another dimensional world without losing his sanity has a problem.  The inhabitants of that other world have suddenly turned hostile, and unless he can find the reason, the Earth will become a wasteland.




Invaders Are Coming, The  (Ace, 1959.  Magazine title The Sign of the Tiger. Armchair, 2011, as The Sign of the Tiger, bound with Empire of Evil by Robert Arnette.)


                The theft of fissionable material from a nuclear power plant of the future is disturbing enough.  Then the head of the organization investigating the crime discovers that the perpetrators were aliens secretly living on Earth, and that others of their kind may have infiltrated his own agency.




Wetware  (Shaye Areheart, 2002.)


                A biological engineer working on androids breaks the law by giving two of his subjects human emotions and the ability to reproduce.  When they escape, his actions have surprising consequences.


NOVAK, JOHN LUTHER  (See Christopher Priest.)




Rocket’s Red Glare  (TSR, 1986.)


                A Captain America multi-path gamebook.


X-Cellent Death, An  (TSR, 1987.)


                An X-Men multi-path gamebook.




Armageddon 2419 AD  (Avalon, 1962, Ace, 1962, Panther, 1976.)


                The novel which was the basis for the Buck Rogers series.  A man wakens from suspended animation into a future in which an Asian empire has conquered North America.  He proves to be the rallying point for a revival of the American spirit of freedom.




Last Man, The.  (No Other Man.)


No Other Man  (Stokes, 1940.  Murray, 1940, as The Last Man.)


                A man returns from a swim to discover that in the interim nearly everyone on Earth has been killed in a war using new superweapons.  He sets out to find other survivors.




Gentlemen, You Are Mad!  (See The Pallid Giant.)


Pallid Giant, The  (Revell, 1927.  Baxter Freres, 1946, as Gentlemen, You Are Mad!)


                Scientists discover that apes were stimulated to evolve into man by an ancient race that destroyed itself.




Secret Property, A  (Quartet, 1985.)


                The collision of US and Soviet spaceships in orbit is mirrored by an outbreak of odd events in rural England.  Eventually we discover that aliens have arrived on Earth, and that they are manipulating people for their own obscure reasons.


NUETZEL, CHARLES  (See also Charles English and Alec Rivere.)


Images of Tomorrow  (Powell, 1969.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Last Call for the Stars  (Lenox Hill, 1971.)


                Suspended animation.


Queen of Blood, Greenleaf, 1966, based on the screenplay by Curtis Harrington.


                Space travelers rescue a beautiful and seductive alien woman, only to discover that she is a predatory creature who will kill them all if she can.


Raiders of Noomas  (Powell, 1969.)


Noomas #2.


                Adventures among the primitive tribes of a far world as a warrior attempts to help the princess he loves return to the land of her people.


Warriors of Noomas  (Powell, 1969.)


Noomas #1.


                The hero wakes up on a primitive planet with no knowledge of how he got there.  Then he falls in love with a beautiful princess, and must rescue her from her enemies in a wild series of Burroughs style adventures.




Calling Outer Space  (Scholastic, 1985.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


NUNES, CLAUDE  (See also collaboration which follows.)


Inherit the Earth  (Ace, 1966, bound with Dawnman Planet by Mack Reynolds.)


                As the world hovers on the brink of a nuclear war, scientists in Africa develop a new race of diminutive androids which have a strange effect on humans they interact with, and whom may be fated to become the new masters of Earth.


Sky Trapeze, The  (Hale, 1980.)


                Not seen.




Recoil  (Ace, 1971, bound with Lallia by E.C. Tubb.)


                Aliens are secretly experimenting with the human race, but the results are not what they expected.


NUNES, RHODA  (See collaboration with Claude Nunes.)




Thousand Years Hence, A  (Sampson Low, 1882.)


                Space travel in the future.




Fragile Light, The  (Xlibris, 2005.)


                A superhero adventure in a dystopian future.


NYE, JODY LYNN  (See also collaborations with Anne McCaffrey.)


Dragonfire  (Tor, 1988.)


A Crossroads Adventure.


Multi-path gamebook set in the world of Anne McCaffrey's Pern series. 


Dragonharper  (Tor, 1987.)


A Crossroads Adventure.


Multi-path gamebook set in the world of Anne McCaffrey's Pern series. 


Fortunes of the Imperium (Baen, 2014.)


Kinago #2.


A nobleman becomes an interstellar spy.


Lady and the Tiger, The  (Ace, 2004.)


Taylor's Ark #3.


                An apparently Edenlike colony world is concealing a deadly secret.


Medicine Show  (Ace, 1994.)


Taylor’s Ark #2.


                Dr. Taylor visits a distant world whose inhabitants have suddenly begun aging at an alarming rate.


Rhythm of the Imperium (Baen, 2015.)


Kinago #3.




Ship Errant, The  (Baen, 1996.)


Set in the universe of Anne McCaffrey’s “Ship” series.


                A sentient starship and its crew attempt to help an alien race they have recently discovered, but in doing so they discover that the new ally they have found may actually be a deadly enemy.


Strong Arm Tactics  (Meisha Merlin, 2005.)


Wolfe Pack #1.


                A new officer from an influential family is sent to a remote assignment where he makes good.


Taylor’s Ark  (Ace, 1993.)


Taylor’s Ark #1.


                A star traveling doctor has a wide variety of animals aboard which help with her research.  Then she is called upon when a series of colonies report a strange new plague, and the immune systems of her charges may save the day.


View from the Imperium, A (Baen, 2013.)


Kinago #1.






Return to the Lost World  (Nye, 1991.)


                A sequel to The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Professor Challenger mounts a second expedition and has another confrontation with the apelike inhabitants of the lost world.




Fall of Reach, The  (Del Rey, 2001.)


A Halo novel.


                An alien race is threatening to exterminate the human race once they discover the location of Earth.  On the planet Reach, a defense is organized based on the creation of bio-engineered superhuman warriors.  Inspired by the computer game.


First Strike  (Del Rey, 2003.)


A Halo novel.


                An alien attack has been defeated, but now a dangerous rescue mission must be mounted to save the survivors.


Ghosts of Onyx (Tor, 2006.)


A Halo novel.


                An alien fleet is headed to Earth with the purpose of destroying the human race.


Signal Shattered  (Avon, 1999.)


Signal #2.


                The protagonist is one of the few survivors when an alien megalomaniac destroys all life on Earth.  Along with a few others on the moon, he experiments with a matter transmission system that could take what's left of humanity to the stars, if they don't kill each other off or fall victim to the alien first.


Signal to Noise  (Avon, 1998.)


Signal #1.


                The central character is a scientist who works in virtual reality, not always legally.  The government suspects him of taking pay from a foreign power, and his rivals are enthusiastically trying to end his career.  In the middle of all this, he makes contact with an alien civilization, and the consequences generate danger in both the real world and the virtual one.




Test of Vengeance  (Roc, 2001.)


A Battletech novel.