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Moribito: Guardian of the Darkness  (Scholastic, 2009, translated from the Japanese by Cathy Hirano.)


Moribito #2.


Intrigue in a magical ancient Japan.


Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit  (Scholastic, 2007, translated from the Japanese.)


Moribito #1.


Magic in ancient Japan, for younger readers.




Spiral Horn, The  (Doubleday, 1968.)


                The various animals who lived in a magical land were heraldry originates are contending for superior positions.




Column of Dust, The  (?, 1909.)


                Magic in a contemporary setting.


Grey World, The  (Heinemann, 1904, Century, 1904.)


                A dead child tries to return to the land of the living.


Lost Word, The  (Heinemann, 1907.)


                Magic in the modern world.




Ard Magister  (Yard Dog, 2002.)




Bogie Woods and Other Tales of Conor Manahan  (Yard Dog, 2001.)


Collection of related stories.


Chronicles of the Last War  (Yard Dog, 2004.)


Collection of loosely related stories.


Demon of Mallow, The  (Lulu, 2009.)


Short story in pamphlet form.


Dragon's Tongue (Meisha Merlin, 2006.)


Demon Bound #1.


                A bard gets caught up in a plot by an evil sorcerer to obtain godlike powers.


Hounds of Ardagh, The  (Five Star, 2006.)


A ghost returns to clear up the mystery of his death.


King's Wind, The  (Carnifex, 2006.)


A Celtic fantasy.


Magic's Song  (Wildside, 2003.)


Baldomyre #1.


                Collection of related stories about a magical bard.


Marking the Signs and Other Tales of Mischief  (Yard Dog, 2005.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Shadow Lord  (Yard Dog, 2003.)


An aging magician fears that he will no longer be able to protect his village from evil.


Song of Silver  (Dark Regions, 2007.)


Baldomyre #2.


Collection of related stories.


Tangled Webs  (?, 2002.)




Wandering Lark, The  (Yard Dog, 2010.)


Demon Bound #2.


A bard whose body hosts a second personality plots a perilous course.




Shield and Crocus (47North, 2014.)


Rebellion against an autocratic city government.




Twilight Tales  (Joseph, 1967.)


                Collection of unrelated fairy tales.




Centaur, The  (Knopf, 1963, Deutsch, 1963, Crest, 1964.)


                Contemporary novel with hints of magic including the title creature.




Sands of Windee, The (?, 1931, Scribner, 1985.)


A Napoleon Bonaparte mystery.


                Murder mystery set in remote Australia which includes an aboriginal who has the ability to read minds.  The same character's ability is mentioned but not demonstrated in Wings Above the Diamantina aka Wings Above the Claypan.




Traveller in Time, A  (Faber, 1939, Putnam, 1940, Puffin, 1977, Viking, ?, Putnam, ?, Ace, 1986.)


                A young girl travels back in time to witness the death of Mary, Queen of Scots.




Efficiency in Hades  (Stokes, 1923.)


                Hell gets a new look.


VALENTE, CATHERYNNE M.  (Also writes Science Fiction.)


Deathless  (Tor, 2011.)


Retelling of a Russian folk tale.


Habitation of the Blessed, The (Night Shade, 2010.)




In the Cities of Coin and Spice  (Bantam, 2007.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


In the Night Garden  (Bantam, 2006.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Palimpsest  (Bantam, 2009.)


Adventures in a mystical city.


Under the Mere  (Rabid Transit, 2010.)


Characters from Arthurian legend infringe upon the modern world.




Sands of Time  (Zebra, 1993.)


                A modern day woman is swept back through time to ancient Arabia where she falls in love.




Always in My Heart  (Harper, 1997.)


                A contemporary man is magically transported back to the old Northwest, where he is promptly shot by the woman he will eventually come to love.


Prairie Knight  (Harper, 1995.)


                A medieval knight travels forward through time to 1859 America and is sheltered by a woman hungry for love.


Queen of My Heart  (Harper, 1996.)


                An astrologer discovers that a nobleman will cause the course of history to go in an undesirable direction, so he sends him through time to 19th Century America where he gets romantically involved with a circus performer.




Torment  (Wizards of the Coast, 1999.)


A Forgotten Realms novel.


                Am amnesiac gets caught between two demonic forces in this violent adventure, based on the computer game.




Players of Hell, The  (Belmont, 1968, bound with A Lamp for Medusa by William Tenn.)


                Short novel about the battle between an immortal and a magician.


Wizard of Storms  (Belmont, 1970.)


                A group of prisoners struggle to escape from a sadistic wizard.




Blind Knight, The  (Ace, 1988.)


                A blind knight who sees through some magical power and who claims to be descended from King Arthur changes the balance of power in Europe.


Charlemagne's Champion  (Ace, 1990.)


Roland Kingslayer #1.


                A man with magical talents enlists in the army of Charlemagne despite the opposition of a powerful enemy.


Dark Sword's Lover, The  (Ace, 1990.)


Roland Kingslayer #2.


                A knight with good magic battles an evil sorcerer in Europe during the reign of Charlemagne.




Battle Dragon  (Five Star, 2008.)


A dragon is sent forward through time to the middle of the Battle of Britain.


Lord Soth  (TSR, 1996.)


A Dragonlance Warriors novel.


                A once honored knight gave in to temptation and disgraced himself.  Now he sets out on a series of tasks designed to repair his reputation.




Bagful of Dreams, The  (Underwood Miller, 1979.)


                Short story of the Dying Earth published alone.


Cugel's Saga  (Timescape, 1983, Baen, 1984, Underwood Miller, 1984, Panther, 1985, Granada, 1986.)


Dying Earth #3.


                Episodic adventure of a magician who was defeated by his enemy and must now make a perilous voyage back across dangerous territory.


Dying Earth, The  (Hillman, 1950, Lancer, 1962, Mayflower, 1972, Underwood Miller, 1976, Pocket, 1977, Panther, 1975, Baen, 1986.)


Dying Earth #1.


                Episodic novel set in a far distant Earth where magic has returned, but where magicians are limited to a very small number of spells they can remember at any given time.


Eyes of the Overworld, The  (Ace, 1966, Mayflower, 1972, Pocket, 1977, Gregg, 1977, Underwood Miller, 1978, Baen, 1986.)


Dying Earth #2.


                Collection of related stories set in a far future Earth.


Fantasy Realms of Jack Vance, The  (?, 1979.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Green Magic  (Underwood Miller, 1979, Tor, 1988.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Green Pearl, The  (Underwood Miller, 1985, Berkley, 1986, Grafton, 1986, Ace, 1987.)


Lyonesse #2.


                Two rivals threaten to embroil the Elder Isles in war, and each is subtly manipulated by an insidious magical force.


Lyonesse  (Berkley, 1983, Underwood Miller, 1983, Grafton, 1984, Ace, 1987.  Gollancz, 2002, as Lyonesse: Suldrun's Garden.)


Lyonesse #1.


                A naïve young princess has a series of adventures in a magical land that has now sunk beneath the Atlantic Ocean.


Lyonesse: Suldrun's Garden   (See Lyonesse.)


Madouc  (Underwood Miller, 1989, Ace, 1990, Grafton, 1990.)


Lyonesse #3.


                Three kings are locked in war in the Elder Isles, while the forces of evil use their rivalry for their own purposes.  But a young princess may tip the balance in favor of the forces of good.


Morreion  (Underwood Miller, 1992.)


                A short story of Dying Earth published alone.


Rhialto the Marvelous  (Brandywine, 1984, Baen, 1985, Grafton, 1985, Severn House, 1987.)


Dying Earth #4.


                A powerful wizard discovers that there is a secret plot to destroy him, and that his enemies are clever enough that he may be unable to save himself.


Seventeen Virgins, The  (Underwood Miller, 1979.)


                Short story of Dying Earth published alone.


Tales of the Dying Earth  (Orb, 2000, Millennium, 2000.)


                Omnibus of The Dying Earth, Rhialto the Magnificent, The Eyes of the Overworld, and Cugel’s Saga.


Wild Thyme, Green Magic  (Subterranean, 2009.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


VANDERMEER, JEFF  (See also Nicholas Sporlender.)


Book of Frog, The  (Ministry of Whimsy, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Book of Lost Places, The  (Dark Regions, 1996.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


City of Saints and Madmen  (Cosmos, 2001, Wildside, 2003.)


Ambergris #1.


                Collection of loosely related short stories.


Early History of Ambergris, The  (Necropolitan, 1999.)


                Pamphlet with a history of a mythical world.


Secret Life  (Golden Gryphon, 2004, Prime, 2006.)


                Collection of short stories.


Shriek: An Afterword  (Tor, 2006.)


Ambergris #2.


                Commercial battles, personal crises, doomed love, and other conflicts in a magical city.


Veniss Underground  (Bantam, 2005.)


                Novel and related stories about a mystical city and a transforming journey into its underground.




Changeling Prince, The  (Harper, 1998.)


                One of the changelings enslaved by a sorceress meets a young burglar who helps him gain his freedom.


Conjurer Princess, The  (Harper, 1997.)


                A young princess is trained by a wizard so that she has the power to go and rescue her sister, who was kidnapped by enemy knights.


Curses Inc. and Other Stories  (Harcourt Brace, 1997.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Dragon's Bait  (Harcourt, 1992, Magic Carpet, 2003.)


                A young girl makes friends with the dragon that was supposed to eat her.


Hidden Magic, A  (Crown, 1985, Magic Carpet, 1997.)


                Young adult spoof of fairy tales.  A very ordinary princess has to outwit an evil sorceress to save the not particularly nice prince with whom she is in love.


Magic Can Be Murder  (Harcourt, 2000.)


                A teenaged witch must solve a murder.


Never Trust a Dead Man  (Harcourt, 1999.)


                A young girl raises a boy from the dead to help him prove him innocent of murder.


Now You See It...  (Harcourt, 2004, Magic Carpet, 2006.)


                A young girl finds magical glasses that let her see things invisible to others.


Once Upon a Test  (?, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Spellbound  (SF Book Club, 1998.)


                Omnibus of The Changeling Prince and The Conjurer Princess.


Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird  (Harcourt Brace, 1995.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


There's a Dead Person Following My Sister Around  (Harcourt Brace, 1999.)


                Teenagers encounter the ghosts of adolescents from the Civil War era.


Three Good Deeds  (Harcourt, 2005, Magic Carpet, 2007.)


                After a witch turns him into a goose, a boy must accomplish three good deeds in order to regain his original form.


User Unfriendly  (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1991.)


                A bunch of kids get caught in a magical virtual reality game.


Well-Timed Enchantment, A  (Crown, 1990, Magic Carpet, 1998.)


                A young girl lets her watch fall through a magic well, so she and her cat must travel back to medieval Europe and retrieve it before it changes history.


Wizard at Work  (Harcourt, 2003, Magic Carpet, 2004.)


                Collection of related stories about a wizard's adventures.




Blue Flower, The  (Scribners, 1902.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.

Other Wise Man, The  (See The Story of the Other Wise Man.)


Story of the Other Wise Man, The  (Harper, 1895.  Sheldon Press, 1945, as The Other Wise Man.)


                The story of a wise man who doesn't make it to the manger on time.


VAN EEKHOUT, GREG (Also writes Science Fiction.)


California Bones (Tor, 2014.)


Sam #1.


Adventures in an alternate America where magic is real.


Dragon Coast (Tor, 2015.)


Sam #3.


A young man is trapped inside a dragon.


Norse Code  (Ballantine Spectra, 2009.)


Ragnarok looms over contemporary America.


Pacific Fire (Tor, 2015.)


Sam #2.






Mermaid's Song  (Signet, 1989.)


                The balance of power in a watery fantasy world is in danger because the mermaids and the seadragons are both almost extinct.




Chinese Bell Murders, The  (Harper & Row, 1958, University of Chicago, 1977.)


                Ancient Chinese murder mystery.  The main story is not fantastic but the frame involves a magical item that allows someone from the present to view the past.




Strangers and Beggars  (Fairwood Press, 2002.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Feather Stroke  (Avon, 1989.)


                An unprepossessing young woman is visited by mystical figures who convince her that she has a great destiny.




Magnetic Man & Other Stories, The  (Lovell, 1890.)


                Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are fantasy.


Perkins the Fakeer  (Smart Set, 1903.)


                Collection of related stories.


VARDEMAN, ROBERT  (See collaborations which follow and also with Matthew Stover.)


Cenotaph Road  (Ace, 1983.)


Cenotaph Road #1.


                A man unjustly accused of murder travels a magical road that crosses between worlds, pursued in every reality by mysterious figures.


Crystal Clouds, The  (Avon, 1985.)


Jade Demons #3.


                The protagonist has found a mysterious child who seems to possess extraordinary powers against the demons who rule the world.


Dark Legacy  (Harper, 1996.)  Is this collabor or not?


#10 in the multi-author Magic the Gathering series.


A human armed with two magical weapons gets involved in a war between the minotaurs and the elves, only to discover that there's a third force involved, a subterranean race that has manipulated the others into fighting.


Demon Crown Trilogy, The  (New English Library, 1990.)


                Omnibus of the trilogy.


Fire and Fog  (Ace, 1984.)


Cenotaph Road #5.


                More battles between a newly empowered wizard and the evil sorcerer who wishes to control the universe.


Frozen Waves, The  (Avon, 1985.)


Jade Demons #2.


                A demon cloaks the world with eternal winter following the death of her son at the hands of a band of adventurers, who are now after her.


Glass Warrior, The  (Tor, 1989.)


Demon Crown #1.


                Citizens of a land on the brink of civil war set out to find the missing twin heirs to the throne in an effort to protect their people from a supernatural conflict.


God of War II  (Del Rey, 2013.)




Iron Tongue  (Ace, 1984.)


Cenotaph Road #4.


                With his companions, a fledgling wizard must travel to another reality to confront a disembodied wizard who seeks to control all the universes.


Jade Demons Quartet, The  (?, 1987.)


                Omnibus of the Jade Demons series.


Keys to Paradise, The  (New English Library, 1986.)


                Omnibus of the trilogy published as by Daniel Moran, whom see.)


Phantoms on the Wind  (Tor, 1989.)


Demon Crown #2.


                One of the twin heirs has been found and crowned, but he is insane and his rule provokes the very civil war it was designed to avoid.  A small band of adventurers steals the crown and sets off to find his brother and restore order.


Pillar of Night  (Ace, 1984.)


Cenotaph Road #6.


                The final battle between a good wizard and a disembodied sorcerer who commands an army of sinister creatures.


Quaking Lands, The  (Avon, 1985.)


Jade Demons #1.


                A woman assembles a group of companions with which to invade the realm of the demons, foul creatures who rule over men and gods alike.


Sorcerer's Skull, The  (Ace, 1983.)


Cenotaph Road #2.


                A fugitive searches for an artifact that controls the walkways between worlds, pursued by a malevolent wizard.


Symphony of Storms, A  (Tor, 1990.)


Demon Crown #3.


                Efforts to restore order in a divided land are complicated by the intercession of an angry wizard, who sends magical creatures to harry them.


White Fire, The  (Avon, 1986.)


Jade Demons #4.


                By destroying all but one of the demons that rule the world, a woman and her friends have actually allowed the one remaining to become more powerful than ever.


World of Mazes  (Ace, 1983.)


Cenotaph Road #3.


                Our wandering protagonist is beginning to develop magical powers of his own, but are they strong enough to rescue a woman from a world of illusions?




City in the Glacier, The  (Playboy, 1980.)


War of Powers #2.


                An unlikely hero decides to reclaim a magical artifact from inside a living glacier, aided – more or less – by a genie.


Demon of the Dark Ones  (Playboy, 1982.)


War of Powers #6.


                To prevent the world from falling to a horde of evil creatures, formerly warring humans finally unite in common cause.


Destiny Stone, The  (Playboy, 1980.)


War of Powers #3.


                A woman seeks to use magic against her evil sister, unaware of the fact that she may waken an even greater evil in the process.


Fallen Ones, The  (Playboy, 1981.)


War of Powers #4.


                A twosome make a deal with a reptilian race after their efforts to save their people only make the situation worse.  In return for stealing a magical jewel, the creatures will join their side, but everyone else who has made the attempt has died.


In the Shadow of Omizantrim  (Playboy, 1981.)


War of Powers #5.


                Their efforts to restore balance have just made things worse, and now the world is being torn apart by evil rulers, monstrous forces, and reptilian humanoids.


Sundered Realm, The  (Playboy, 1980.)


War of Powers #1.


                A man is hired to deliver a genie to a wizard, but the wizard has been murdered and someone then steals the genie.  Our hero reluctantly sets out to reclaim it.


War of Powers, The  (?, 1984.)


                Omnibus of The Sundered Realm, The City in the Glacier, and The Destiny Stone.


War of Powers II: Istu Awakened, The  (?, 1985.)


                Omnibus of The Fallen Ones, In the Shadow of Omizantrium, and Demon of the Dark Ones.




Beasts of the Mists, The  (Ace, 1986.)


Swords of Raemillyn #5.


                Two heroes are sold into slavery, but their ship is attacked by mysterious creatures and they find themselves stranded on a dangerous island.


Blood Fountain  (Ace, 1985.)


Swords of Raemillyn #3.


                A thief and a sorceress are both trying to steal a magical artifact from a sorcerer's stronghold, and the thief wants to rescue the woman he loves as well.


Dark Legacy  (Harper, 1996.)


A Magic the Gathering novel.


                A human youngster with some remarkable weapons finds himself caught in a war between elves and minotaurs.  Based on the role playing card game.


Death's Acolyte  (Ace, 1986.)


Swords of Raemillyn #4.


                A woman warrior armed with a magical sword returns to her homeland to avenge the death of her father.


For Crown and Kingdom  (Ace, 1987.)


Swords of Raemillyn #6.


                The long separated adventurers of this series finally find each other and unite behind a magic sword to drive a usurper from the throne he stole.


Swords of Raemillyn I,   (New English Library, 1992.)


                Omnibus To Demons Bound, A Yoke of Magic, and Blood Fountain.


Swords of Raemillyn II  (New English Library, 1992.)


                Omnibus of Death’s Acolyte, The Beast of the Mist, and For Crown and Kingdom.


Swords of Raemillyn III  (New English Library, 1995.)


                Omnibus of three novels not published separately, Blade of the Conqueror, The Tombs of A’bre, and The Jewels of Life.


To Demons Bound  (Ace, 1985.)


Swords of Raemillyn #1.


                A convicted criminal agrees to set off to rescue the kidnapped niece of a local ruler in order to free a friend from imprisonment.


Yoke of Magic, A  (Ace, 1985.)


Swords of Raemillyn #2.


                A likable thief and a beautiful young woman are pursued through a magical realm by evil forces.




Doge’s Ring, The  (Methuen, 1949.)


                A magic ring allows time travel.




Plant, the Well, the Angel, The  (Knopf, 1964.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Dagger-Star  (Berkley, 2007.)


Star #1.


Set in the same world as the War series.  A female warrior must save her people.


Destiny's Star  (Berkeley, 2010.)


Star #3.


A female warrior finds herself in an unfamiliar land.


War Cry  (Berkley, 2011.)


War #4.


More intrigue in a magic land.


Warlord  (Tor, 2007.)


War #3.


                A woman undergoes a series of tests to be accepted by her husband’s people.


Warprize  (Tor, 2005, Gollancz, 2007.)


War #1.


                Romance novel in which a healer's kindness to both sides in a war leads to peace, although treachery threatens to undo her sacrifice.


Warsworn  (Tor, 2006.)


War #2.


                A healer who is taken prisoner during a war is forced to deal with a deadly plague.


White Star  (Berkley, 2009.)


Star #2.


The animosity between a warrior and his female prisoner takes an unexpected turn.

VAUGHN, CARRIE  (Also writes Horror.)


After the Golden Age  (Tor, 2011.)


A young woman must defeat a supervillain.


Amaryllis (Fairwood, 2016.)


Collection of unrelated stories.


Discord's Apple  (Tor, 2010.)


A woman discovers that her father's house contains a treasure of magical artifacts.




Iron and Gold  (Macmillan, 1948.)


                The gods strive among themselves.




Second Guard, The (Hyperion, 2015.)




VAUGHT, SUSAN  (See collaborations with Debbie Federici.)




Mazes  (Big Blind, 2004.)


                Chapbook containing four stories.




Isabel of the Whales  (Delacorte, 2004.)


                A young girl discovers that she can turn into a whale.




End: A Projection, Not a Prophecy, The  (Organ, 1947, Desmond & Stapledon, 1948.)


                The world ends following the appearance of the Antichrist.




Amazing Frectacle, The  (Delacorte, 1998, Dell Yearling, 2000.)


                Young reader’s story about magic freckles.


VERCORS  (Pseudonym of Jean Bruller.)


Sylva  (Putnam, 1962, Crest, 1963, translated from the French by Rita Barisse.  Hutchinson, 1952, as Sylvia.)


                A man on a fox hunt is captivated when a fox transforms itself into a beautiful girl.


Sylvia  (See Sylva.)




Twice Upon a Time  (Zebra, 1994.)


                Romance novel involving reincarnation.




Fortress of the Firelord  (Unwin, 1986.)


A Fatemaster book.


Multi-path gamebook in which the reader sneaks into and destroys a magical fortress.


Treachery in Drakenwood  (Unwin, 1986.)


A Fatemaster book.


Multi-path gamebook in which you rescue a kidnapped princess.




Plague Monkey Spam  (Bad Moon, 2008.)


A writer annoys some godlike entities.




House of Diamond, The  (Sofawolf, 2006.)


Black Dogs #1.


                A refugee woman is assisted by a doglike human warrior.




Elissa’s Quest  (Random House, 2007.)


Phoenix Rising #1.


                A young girl in a fantasy world suspects that she may be the subject of a prophecy.




Sin & Sorcery  (Hustler, 1981.)


                A barbarian has lots of exotic sex while battling an evil wizard.




Invincible Adam, The  (Livewright, 1932, Duckworth, 1932, Citadel, 1949.)


Salome #3.


                A story of the Wandering Jew.


My First Two Thousand Years    (Macauley, 1928, Duckworth, 1928, Gold Label, 1932, Citadel, 1948, Sheridan House, 1956, Crest, 1956.)


Salome #1.


                The story of an immortal man who constantly falls in love, only to see his partners grow old and die.


Salome: My First Two Thousand Years of Love  (Ace, 1953, abridged .  Liveright, 1930, Duckworth, 1930, Citadel, 1949, Four Square, 1963, as Salome: The Wandering Jewess.)


Salome #2.


                The memoirs of Salome, an immortal wandering Jewess.


Salome: The Wandering Jewess  (See Salome: My First Two Thousand Years of Love.)




Land, The  (Manor, 1979.)


                A priestess upsets her people by announcing that the intelligent beasts of their land should be set free.




Serpent of Lilith, The  (Pocket, 1976.)


                A woman discovers that she is the heir to magical powers, but that it is possible for her to become either good or evil in the process.


VILLOTT, RHONDI  (See also R.A.V. Salsitz.  Writes SF as Charles Ingrid. The Dragontales series are all multi-path gamebooks.)


Aphrodite's Mirror  (Signet, 1985.)


Dragontales #9.


Black Dragon's Curse  (Signet, 1984.)


Dragontales #6.


Challenge of the Pegasus Grail  (Signet, 1984.)


Dragontales #3.


Dungeons of Dregnor, The  (Signet, 1984.)


Dragontales #8.


Hall of the Gargoyle King  (Signet, 1985.)


Dragontales #10.


Maiden of Greenwold  (Signet, 1985.)


Dragontales #11.


Pledge of Peril  (Signet, 1985.)


Dragontales #13.


Runesword!  (Signet, 1984.)


Dragontales #2.


Secret of the Sphinx  (Signet, 1985.)


Dragontales #14.


Spellbound  (Signet, 1984.)


Dragontales #7.


Storm Rider  (Signet, 1985.)


Dragontales #12.


Sword Daughter's Quest  (Signet, 1984.)


Dragontales #1.


Towers of Rexor, The  (Signet, 1984.)


Dragontales #4.


Unicorn Crown, The  (Signet, 1984.)


Dragontales #5.


VINCENT, NIK  (See collaborations with Dan Abnett.)




Rogue  (Mira, 2008.)


Cat People #2.


A shapechanger investigates the disappearance of human women.


Stray  (Mira, 2007.)


Cat People #1.






Ladyhawke  (Signet, 1985, Piccolo, 1985, based on the screenplay by Edward Khmara, Michael Thomas, and Tom Mankiewicz.)


                When a woman chooses to love someone other than the evil baron who covets her, he curses her to wander the world in the form of a hawk, while her true love seeks some release.


Return to Oz  (Del Rey, 1985, Purnell, 1985, based on the screenplay by Walter Murch and Gill Dennis.)


                Even though no one believes her, Dorothy is convinced her visit to Oz was real, and then another storm sends her back.


Santa Claus the Movie  (Berkley, 1985, Sphere, 1985, based on the screenplay by David & Leslie Newman.)


                The story of how Santa Claus and his wife acquired the magic to command reindeer and manufacture presents.


Willow  (Random House, 1988, Piper, 1988, based on the screenplay by George Lucas and Bob Dolman.)


                A dwarf protects a baby from a variety of villains.




Haunted Island, The  (Matthews, 1910, Lunn, 1946.)


                A mixture of ghosts, pirates, and magic.


Medusa: A Story of Mystery, and Ecstasy, and Strange Horror  (Gollancz, 1929.)


                A surreal journey to an encounter with a monster.


VITOLA, DENISE  (Writes science fiction under her own name and as Denny DeMartino.)




City of Wonder  (Moffatt Yard, 1923, Hutchinson, 1923, Centaur, 1973, Armchair, 2021.)


                Lost world novel which involves the survivors of Atlantis.


Fields of Sleep  (Hutchinson, 1923, Donald Grant, 1980.)


Lost World #1.


                A lost world novel in which the search for a missing man finds remnants of an ancient civilization.


People of the Darkness  (Hutchinson, 1924.)


Lost World #2.


                The descendents of Atlantis live in an underground world.


Woman Dominant  (Ward Lock, 1929.)


                Lost world with mystical elements.




Forge of Ashes (Paizo, 2015.)


A Pathfinder novel.


An adventurer returns to her home and finds things much changed.




Guardian of the Zercons  (Blue Pig, 2003.)


                The only dragon who hasn't been struck blind goes on a quest to save his people.




Elske  (Atheneum, 2000.)


Jackaroo #4.


                A young girl escapes a group that wishes to sacrifice her and makes her way through various adventures in an elaborate alternate world.


Jackaroo   (Atheneum, 1985.)


Jackaroo #1.


                Not seen.


Wings of a Falcon, The  (Scholastic, 1993.)


                The theft of a magical gemstone leads to a series of adventures.




Tales of Magic Land 1  (Red Branch, 1991, translated from the Russian by Peter L. Blystone.)


                Omnibus of The Wizard of Emerald City, based on The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, and its sequel, Urfin Jus and His Wooden Soldiers.




Curse of the Witch-Queen, The  (Del Rey, 1982.)


                The hero has been cursed to constant eating and growth, and the only way to reverse the effects is to find favor with the king who cursed him.  And that can only be obtained by going on a quest to help lift another curse.


Gates of Twilight, The  (Bantam, 1996.)


Lis Folaze #1.


                War threatens to break out between two nations, and the key to peace resides in a magical confrontation within a temple.


Grand Ellipse, The  (Bantam, 2000.)


Vonahr #2.


                A civilized nation in a fantasy world is beset by an army of fanatic invaders.  To defend their land, a group of adventurers sets out for a foreign nation to gain the secret of sentient fire, which can be mentally directed to attack their enemies.


Illusion  (Gollancz, 1991, Bantam, 1992.)


Vonahr #1.


                The land of Vonahr was long ruled by the aristocrats, but eventually their selfishness leads to a revolution that sweeps away the old order.


Luck of Relian Kru, The  (Ace, 1987, Legend, 1989.)


                The protagonist stumbles his way through a series of menaces in this humorous adventure involving sorcery and mundane menaces.


Sorcerer's Curse, The  (Ace, 1989.)


Sorcerer #3.


                The last battle between the descendants of an unjustly murdered sorcerer and the ruling class of his people.


Sorcerer's Heir, The  (Ace, 1988.)


Sorcerer #2.


                The son of a murdered sorcerer grows to adulthood hidden underground by his mother and a peaceful band of unhuman creatures.  Then his father's old enemy sends soldiers to hunt him down, and he learns of his own magical legacy.


Sorcerer's Lady, The  (Ace, 1986, Legend, 1988.)


Sorcerer #1.


                A woman is pledged in marriage to a sorcerer, who wants the union to secure his position.  She in turn is concerned that his intentions are more than those associated with a normal husband.


White Tribunal, The   (Bantam, 1997.)


Lis Folaze #2.




Wolf of Winter, The  (Bantam, 1993.)


                An aristocrat resorts to dark magic in an effort to steal the throne, but runs into trouble when his own niece tries to ensure the rightful heir succeeds.




Primeval Origins: Paths of Anguish (Celestial Fury, 2014.)


A woman from our time is mentally transported back to an era when gods and aliens existed.




Avatars, The  (Boulevard, 1997.)


Primal Rage #1.


Based on the arcade game.  Eight heroes with supernatural powers stand united against the armies of an evil sorcerer.


Chi and the Giant  (Boulevard, 1997.)


Warriors of Virtue #4.


A giant has diverted several streams and the water threatens to destroy the Lifespring.  One of the warriors decides to befriend the giant rather than antagonize him.


Dolphin Watch  (Random House, 2002.)


A Dinotopia novel.


                Fresh troubles arise when dinosaurs and humans begin intermingling with dolphins.


Fabulist, The  (Avon, 1993.)


                A life of Aesop in which he encounters many of the magical creatures who show up in his stories.


Knock on Wood  (Archway, 2000.)


A Sabrina novel.


                Sabrina tries to cure the school football team of its superstition, and accidentally causes a more serious problem.


Lai and the Headhunters  (Boulevard, 1997.)


Warriors of Virtue #2.


A band of headhunters is menacing the peace of their world, so a handful of brave souls go out to meet them, hoping to end the danger without violence.


Prison of Cabin 13, The  (Archway, 1998.)


Sabrina #11.




River Quest  (Random House, 1997.)


A Dinotopia novel.


                Adventures during an attempt to find out what has caused the water supply to a city to mysteriously dry up.


Sabertooth Mountain  (Random House, 1997.)


A Dinotopia novel.


                The reclusive sabertooths have lived separate from dinosaurs and humans, but now they must overcome internal differences and seek friends outside their realm.


Tsun and the Rats  (Boulevard, 1997.)


Warriors of Virtue #3.


A plague of rats threatens to bring chaos to the peaceful world of the Lifespring, and not even a band of warriors may be sufficient to stop them.


Yee and the Wolves  (Boulevard, 1997.)


Warriors of Virtue #5.


An avalanche has destroyed their normal hunting ground, so a pack of wolves has started preying on the peaceful residents of the Lifespring.


Yun and the Sea Serpent  (Boulevard, 1997.)


Warriors of Virtue #1.


A band of warriors must help a village to drive off a dragon that demands human sacrifices in return for its forebearance. 




Meet Me in the Moon Room  (Small Beer, 2001.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.