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Eye, The  (Phaedra, 1965, translated from the Russian by Dmitri & Vladimir Nabokov.)


                Not seen.


Invitation to a Beheading  (Putnam, 1959, translated from the Russian by Dmitri & Vladimir Nabokov.)


                Not seen.




George of the Jungle  (Disney, 1997, based on the screenplay by Dana Olsen and Audrey Wells.)


                Story of a womanís encounter with a white man raised by the apes and his very intelligent ape sidekick.




Betrayal, The  (Del Rey, 2009.)


Elven War #1.


War among the various clans of fey.


Heart of the Exiled  (Del Rey, 2011.)


Elven War #2.


Desperate missions are sent to find allies as war threatens the elves.


Immortal, The  (2011)






Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith  (Washington Square, 2000.)


                Magic realism in which a young woman whose mother was an angel makes a life for herself.


NAIFEH, TED  (See collaboration with Holly Black.)




Mystic Masseur, The  (Deutsch, 1957, Penguin, 1964.)


                Marginal bit about a man with mystical healing powers.




More Than Magic  (Love Spell, 1999.)


                A genie who lost his powers teams up with a shop owner.


Wishes Come True  (Leisure, 1998.)


                Romance novel involving a sexy genie whose hijinx make life interesting for the protagonist.




Beast  (Atheneum, 2000.)


                A retelling of the story of Beauty and the Beast, with the Beast a man cursed by a djinn for improperly sacrificing an animal.


Crazy Jack  (Delacorte, 1999.)


                A retelling of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk for an older audience.


Great God Pan, The  (Random House, 2003, Dell Laurel, 2004.)


                A retelling of the story of the god Pan.




Awakening, The  (Love Spell, 2007.)


#4 in the multi-author Immortals series.


Romance novel involving a race of immortal warriors and a menacing Sidhe.


Celtic Fire  (Love Spell, 2005.)


Druids #1.


Druidic magic meets romance.


Crystal Shadows  (Ellora's Cave, 2005.)


Magic crystals transport a woman to a magical other world.


Grail King, The  (Love Spell, 2006.)


Druids #2.


A vision sends a man on a quest to find a magical artifact.


NASSISE, JOSEPH  (Also writes Horror. See  also Alex Archer.)




Bishopís Wife, The  (Bobbs-Merrill, 1928, Gollancz, 1928.)


                A bishop prays to the archangel Michael for help in building a new cathedral.  That worthy shows up, and promptly falls in love with the manís wife.  Made into a motion picture.


But Gently Day  (Knopf, 1943.)


                On the point of death in an accident, a man travels back in time in some magical fashion and affects his own ancestors.


Devil With Love, The  (Knopf, 1963, Allen, 1963.)


                Not seen.  The devil tries a different approach.


Elixir, The  (Knopf, 1971.)


                Offbeat contemporary fantasy novel with cameo visits by Merlin and others.


Enchanted Voyage, The  (Knopf, 1937, Constable, 1937.)


                Marginal story of a man who builds a traveling machine that takes him on several low key adventures.


Fair, The  (Knopf, 1964, Random House, 1964.)


                A young woman flees across King Arthurís England.


Heaven and Hell and the Megas Factor  (Delacorte, 1975.)


                Not seen.  A devil and an angel are forced to combine their efforts to save the human race.


His Wifeís Young Face.  (See The Married Look.)


Innocent Eve, The  (Knopf, 1951.)


                Lucifer and a demon visit a Halloween party and barter for the future of the world.


Jonah  (McBride, 1925.  Heinemann, 1925 as Son of Ammitai.)


                Not seen.


Married Look, The  (Knopf, 1950.  Staples, 1951, as His Wifeís Young Face.)


                Not seen.


Mia  (Knopf, 1970, Allen, 1971.)


                Not seen.


Portrait of Jennie  (McClelland & Stewart, 1939, Knopf, 1940, Heinemann, 1940, Ryerson, 1943, Armed Forces, 1943, Penguin, 1947, Popular Library, 1967.)


                The best of Nathanís short novels of men who fall in love with wraithlike women who arenít really alive.  In this case, itís a woman who drowned and who appears to him in various stages of her life.


Puppet Master, The  (McBride, 1923, Lane, 1924.)


                Not seen.


River Journey, The  (Knopf, 1949.)


                A number of terminally ill people go on a cruise and confront death personified.


Sir Henry  (Knopf, 1955, Barker, 1956.)


                Not seen.


So Love Returns  (Knopf, 1958, Pyramid, 1959,  Allen, 1959, McClelland, 1959, Popular Library, ?)


                A man becomes obsessed with a beautiful but mysterious woman who turns out to be real only in a magical way.


Son of Ammitai.  (See Jonah.)


Stonecliff  (Knopf, 1967, Popular Library, ?)


                A man falls in love with a mysterious, wraithlike woman who turns out to be not of this world.


Summer Meadows, The  (Delacorte, 1973.)


                Not seen.


There Is Another Heaven  (Bobbs- Merrill, 1929.)


                Three men have adventures in Heaven.  Loosely a sequel to The Bishopís Wife.


Train in the Meadow, The  (Knopf, 1953.)


                Not seen.


Wilderness Stone, The  (Knopf, 1960, Allen, 1961.)


                Not seen.  A personality becomes adrift in time.


NAVARRO, YVONNE  (Also writes Science Fiction and Horror.)


Concrete Savior  (Pocket, 2011.)


Dark Redemption #1.


A fallen angel battles evil on Earth.


NAZARIAN, VERA  (Also writes Horror.)


Dreams of the Compass Rose  (Wildside, 2002.)


                A convoluted fantasy world with a plot that moves back and forth through time.


Lords of the Rainbow  (Betancourt, 2003.)


                In a world magically transformed and powered, a varied group of characters struggle against mysterious powers against the backdrop of a prophecy about to be fulfilled.




I Went to Vassar for This?  (Making It, 2006.)


Time travel romance.




Path, The  (Aspect, 1997.)


A Highlander novel.


                The Highlander is off to Tibet to meet the Dalai Lama, who is reputed to be the reincarnation of an earlier self who met the Highlander in centuries past.


Shadow of Obsession  (Aspect, 1998.)


A Highlander novel.


                Friends and enemies of the ancient hero Darius continue their rivalry into the modern age, and the Highlander is forced to take sides and intervene to preserve the memory of a man whose teachings he honors.


Thirteenth Scroll, The  (Aspect, 2001.)


Aghamore #1.


                A healer has a vision in which she learns that a sorceress is plotting to have a young child destroyed in order to ensure that her lover becomes the next king.


Truest Power, The  (Aspect, 2002.)


Aghamore #2.


                With the throne empty, Aghamore is in turmoil.  The protagonists have found the young girl whose visionary powers might save the land, but there are demonic forces ranged against them.


NEILL, CHLOE (Also writes Horror.)


Hunt, The  (Berkley, 2017.)




Lucky Bucky in Oz  (Reilly & Lee, 1942, Books of Wonder, 1996.)


An Oz novel.


                A youngster is magically transported to the world of Oz where he is befriended by a wooden whale and makes a journey to the Emerald City.


Runaway in Oz, The  (?, Books of Wonder, 1995.)


An Oz novel.


The Patchwork Girl decides to run away from home, has a number of adventures, and decides to return.


Scalawagons of Oz, The  (?, Books of Wonder.)


An Oz novel.




Wonder City of Oz  (?, Books of Wonder.


An Oz novel.






Armageddon Rules (Ace, 2015.)


Grimm Agency #2.


Urban fantasy.


Free Agent (Ace, 2014.)


Grimm Agency #1.




Wish Bound (Ace, 2015.)


Grimm Agency #3.






Daughter of Dragons (?)


A young woman is raised by dragons.


Dragon Reborn, The  (?)


An infestation of ghosts in a fantasy world.




Enchanted  (Zebra, 1993.)


                Historical romance about a woman with the magical ability to heal who gives shelter to an injured man who turns out to be one of the Vikings ravaging her land.  Despite her animosity, she finds herself drawn toward him.


Forever and Beyond  (Zebra, 1990.)


                A woman from the present is haunted by dreams of a Comanche warrior and is eventually drawn back through time by his longing for his lost love.  She fills the bill nicely, and predictably.




Five Children, The  (Coward McCann, 1930.)


                Omnibus of the Five Children trilogy.


Five Children and It  (Unwin, 1902, Dodd Mead, 1905, Benn, 1948, Coward McCann, 1949, Longmans, 1959, Puffin, 1959, Oxford, 1994.)


Five Children #1.


                A group of children encounter a fairy who grants them wishes.


Last of the Dragons and Some Others, The  (Hamish Hamilton, 1972, Puffin, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories for younger readers.


Phoenix and the Carpet, The  (Newnes, 1904, Macmillan, 1904, Benn, 1948, Coward McCann, 1949, Puffin, 1959, Longmans, 1967, Puffin, 1967.)


Five Children #2.


                Children get involved with the fabled phoenix and a flying carpet.


Story of the Amulet, The  (Unwin, 1906, Dutton, 1907, Benn, 1948, Coward McCann, 1949, Longmans, 1965, Puffin, 1965.)


Five Children #3.


                A magical amulet allows a group of children to visit the ancient world of Rome, Egypt, and even Atlantis.


Wet Magic (Macmillan, 1913, Books of Wonder, 1996.)


                When children rescue a mermaid, they are rewarded with a visit to an undersea world.


NESMITH, BRUCE  (See collaboration with Ken Rolston.)




Black Dog (Angry Robot, 2014.)


Fantasy world with werewolves.


Law of the Broken Earth  (Orbit, ?)


Griffin Mage #3.




Lord of the Burning Sands  (Orbit, 2010.)


Griffin Mage #2.


War in a fantasy world with griffins as weapons.


Lord of the Changing Winds (Orbit, ?)


Griffin Mage #1.






Eight, The  (Ballantine, 1989.)


                Not seen.  A magical chess set.




Films of Time  (Routledge, 1939.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Aladore  (Blackwood, 1914.)


                Haunted by the shadow of a child, a man explores a sinister, magical city.




Fifth Sorceress, The  (Del Rey, 2002.)


Blood and Stone #1.


                After a civil war drove all the sorceresses out of Eutracia, they have regrouped and are plotting to reintroduce their power.


Gates of Dawn, The  (Del Rey, 2003.)


Blood and Stone #2.


                The evil sorceresses have been defeated, but now an army of monsters menaces the world, and the nobleman who might be able to defeat them is being hunted as a murderer.


March into Darkness  (Del Rey, 2007.)


Blood and Stone #5.


                A group of sorcerers battle a superhuman entity from another reality.


Rise of the Blood Royal  (Del Rey, 2007.)


Blood and Stone #6.


Warriors and wizards finally defeat the evil threatening their world.


Savage Messiah  (Del Rey, 2005.)


Blood and Stone #4.


                A quest to remove the magical curse from a man's body.


Scrolls of the Ancients, The  (Del Rey, 2004.)


Blood and Stone #3.


                The two individuals who are supposed to fulfill prophesy and save the world find themselves in more trouble.




Eternal Life  (?, 1979.)


                A visit to the astral plane.




Spirit of Jem, The  (Lehman, 1967, Delacorte, 1971, Dell Yearling, 1972.)


                Unusual young readersí story in which a number of people are robbed of their memories, and the victims eventually decide that one of their number is responsible.




Reluctant Wizard, The  (Manor, 1979.)


                A tax consultant finds himself in a fantasy world where he is proclaimed as a wizard and expected to defend a city against evil sorcery and hideous monsters.


NEWMAN, EMMA (Also writes Science Fiction.)


All Is Fair  (Angry Robot, 2013.)


Split Worlds #3.




Any Other Name (Angry Robot, 2013.)


Split Worlds #2.




Between Two Thorns (Angry Robot, 2013.)


Split Worlds #1.




Brother's Ruin




Original Doctor Shade and Other Stories, The  (Pocket UK, 1994.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Merlinís Mistake  (Atheneum, 1970.)


Merlin #1.


                Not seen.


Testing of Tertius, The  (Atheneum, 1973.)


Merlin #2.


                Not seen.




Country of Ice Cream Star, The (Ecco, 2015.)


Apocalyptic plague.




Chessboard Queen, The  (Tor, 1997.)


Guinevere #2.


                Not seen.


Guinevere  (St Martins, 1981, Bantam, 1982.)


Guinevere #1.


                The story of Guinevereís early life up to her marriage to King Arthur.


Guinevere Evermore  (1985, ?, Tor, 1998.)


Guinevere #3.


The last days of Arthurís reign in Camelot.  Guinevere has an affair with Lancelot, the quest for the Grail fails, and disaster befalls the kingdom.


NEWNHAM, YVE  (See collaboration with Dave Morris.)




Ealing Miracle, The   (Mills & Boon, 1911.)


                Not seen.  Body switching.




Book of Transformations, The (Spectra, 2011.)


Red Sun #3.




City of Ruin (Spectra, 2011.)


Red Sun #2.




Nights of Villjamur  (Spectra, 2010.)


Red Sun #1.


In a city facing an ice age, human and inhuman inhabitants get caught up in a murder mystery.


NICHOLAS, DEBORAH  (Pseudonym of Deborah Gonzalez.)


Shattered Reflections  (Zebra, 1996.)


                A woman with limited psychic powers is investigating the death of her sister when she realizes she is scheduled to be the next victim.  The killer is one of two men close to her, but she is unable to decide which.




Bodyguard of Lightning  (Millennium, 1998, Gollancz, 2006.)


Orcs #1.


                The orcs organize and prepare to carve out a new land for themselves when the advent of humanity in their world threatens their future.  Fairly standard military fantasy.


Covenant Rising, The  (?, 2003, Eos, 2005.)


Dreamtime #1.


                A warrior and a sorcerer's apprentice set off on a quest.


Legion of Thunder  (Gollancz, 1999.)


Orcs #2.


                An orc who has dedicated his life as a warrior for his people begins to suspect that the endless round of battles isn't necessarily a good thing.


Orcs (Gollancz, 2004.)


                Omnibus of the Orcs trilogy.


Righteous Blade, The  (?, 2004, Eos, 2005.)


Dreamtime #2.


                A man magically cursed undergoes a quest to find a cure.


Warriors of the Tempest  (Gollancz, 2000.)


Orcs #3.


                The queenís servants have chased our hero and his orc companions to a distant land and are about to pounce just as the entire realm is plunged into a new round of warfare.


NICHOLS, ADAM  (Note that the Paladin series is set in the same world as the Veil series.)


Curer, The  (Gollancz, 2001.)


Whiteblade #3.


                A boy with the power to heal, although he lacks training, is transported into a dangerous other world accompanied by a mysterious warrior.


Paladin, The  (Millennium, 1997.)


Whiteblade #1.


                A young womanís quest to find a way to gain the love of a pirate heads off in a very different direction after she has an encounter with a wise woman.  Her fate is to die and then live again, possessed of a magical weapon against her enemies.


Lords of the Veil  (Millenium, ?)


Veil #2




Pathless Way, The  (Orion, 1996.)


                The only survivor of a massacre overcomes his grief and sets out on a grim plan to wreak vengeance on those responsible.


Songster, The  (Millennium, 1999.)


Whiteblade #2.


                By saving a group of intelligent animals from their magical master, a young wanderer earns his enmity and finds herself in grave danger.


War of the Lords Veil, The  (Orion, 1994, Millennium, 1995.)


Veil #1.


                An army of demons is sweeping across the world, but they are ultimately defeated by an unlikely band including an ex-prisoner with two inhuman friends, a witch woman, and a healer.




Mountain of Magic, The   (Jonathan Cape, 1950.)


                Not seen.


Stream That Stood Still, The   (Jonathan Cape, 1948.)


                Not seen.


Tree That Sat Down, The  (Jonathan Cape, 1945.)


                Not seen.


NICHOLS, JERRY  (See collaboration with the Brothers Hildebrandt.)




Fantastica  (Chatto & Windus, 1923, Macmillan, 1923.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Left Handed Spirit, The  (Atheneum, 1978, Macmillan, 1978.)


                Not seen.


Marrow of the World, The  (Atheneum, 1972, Macmillan, 1972.)


                Not seen.


Song of the Pearl  (Atheneum, 1976, Macmillan, 1976, Bantam, 1979.)


                Short novel of a woman who lives in various ages and finds, and loses, true love in many of them.


Walk Out of the World, A  (Harcourt, Brace & World, 1969, Longman, 1969, Ace, 1986.)


                Two children are magically transported to a world where a villainous pretender has seized the throne.  This turns out to be their true home and they are eventually instrumental in overturning the cruel tyrant.




Firesong  (Hyperion, 2003.)


Wind on Fire #3.


                The protagonists are leading their people to a new homeland, but they will have to make another sacrifice if they are to remain safe.


Jango  (Harcourt, 2007.)


Noble Warriors #2.


                Young heroes seek to avert the destruction of their people.


Noman  (Harcourt, 2008.)


Noble Warriors #3.


A group of teens on a mystical quest run into difficulties.


Seeker  (Harcourt, 2006.)


Nine Warriors #1.


                Three young heroes join an order of warriors in order to protect their people.


Slaves of the Mastery  (Hyperion, 2001.)


Wind on Fire #2.


                Two young people freed their city from a supernatural evil, but now they have fallen prey to an invading army of slave traders.


Wind Singer, The  (Hyperion, 2000.)


Wind on Fire #1.


                In a mythical city where caste is determined by an elaborate ratings system, a young child rebels against the rules and her family is disgraced.  She and two companions set off on a quest to find a mystical force that once made their city a place of happiness and equality.




Claus Effect, The  (Tesseract, 1997.)


                A twisted version of Santa Claus begins reading the letters he formerly ignored, and begins granting wishes for the most bizarre and evil things.




White Shaman, The  (Little, Brown, 1979, Bantam, 1980)


                A white man flees his enemies into the frozen north among the Inuit where he learns to master a mystical, magical power that changes his life.




False Prince, The  (Scholastic, 2013.)


Ascendance #1.




Runaway King, The  (Scholastic, 2013.)


Ascendance #2.




Shadow Throne, The  (Scholastic, 2014.)


Ascendance #3.


A young ruler brings peace to his land.


Traitor's Game, The (Scholastic, 2018.)


NILES, DOUGLAS  (See also collaborations with Mary Kirchoff and with Ken Rolston, and one that follows.  Note that the Druidhome series is a sequel to the Moonshae series.)


Black Wizards  (TSR, 1988, Wizards of the Coast, 2004.)


Moonshae #2.


                The king has become nothing more than a figurehead, and the heir is a young untested boy.  When a group of evil wizards organize an army of zombies and other evil creatures, it seems that the Moonshae islands will have no one to defend them.


Breach of the Watershed, The  (Ace, 1995.)


Watershed #1.


                The mysterious pollution of the waters that feed several peaceful lands is the first warning the people have that an evil threat is about to descend upon them all.


Circle at Center  (Ace, 2000.)


Seven Circles #1.


                All of the different magical creatures live separately in the world until a gathering of dissidents from each of them precipitates a conflict that could engulf them all by introducing people from our world into theirs.


Coral Kingdom, The  (TSR, 1992.)


Druidhome #2.


                In order to restore tranquility to her people, a woman and her family set out on a perilous sea voyage beset by the malevolent creatures that live under the ocean.


Crown and the Sword, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2006.)


A Dragonlance novel.




Darkenheight  (Ace, 1996.)


Watershed #2.


                Humans and a fairylike race must make common cause against an evil invading army commanded by a creature with magical powers who wants to destroy them all.


Darkwalker on Moonshae  (TSR, 1987.)


Moonshae #1.


                Magical beings line up on both sides of a battle when evil forces gather to invade and conquer a peaceful kingdom whose new ruler is uncertain of his own abilities, as well as the forces gathered to help him resist his enemies.


Darkwell  (TSR, 1989.)


Moonshae #3.


                A young king and a druid woman, who have not yet decided whether or not to trust one another, are forced to resolve their differences in order to protect their land from yet another wave of evil attackers.


Dragons, The  (TSR, 1996.)


A Dragonlance Lost Histories novel.


                Not seen.


Druid Queen, The  (TSR, 1993.)


Druidhome #3.


                Although their ruler has been rescued from imprisonment, the people he rules are beset by yet another evil rising, and his own family is hindered from helping because of a curse levied by an evil god.


Emperor of Ansalon  (TSR, 1993.)


                Various evil armies are ravaging the world, commanded jointly by the emperor of Ansalon and his evil empress.  But the relationship between the two of them isnít entirely friendly.


Escape from Castle Quarras  (TSR, 1985.)


                Multi-path gamebook in which you free a king from a sorcerer.


Feathered Dragon  (TSR, 1991.)


Maztica #3.


                Mercenaries and civilians forge an alliance when a horde of armies descends upon a land whose people have a culture similar to that of the Mayans.


Fistandantilus Reborn  (TSR, 1997.)


A Dragonlance Lost Gods novel.  Also part of the Lost Legends series.


                The protagonist is haunted by peculiar dreams about a dead wizard whose evil power threatened the world.  As he gathers friends to join him on an uncertain quest, he realizes that the evil manís spirit has not completely departed.


Goddess Worldweaver, The  (Ace, 2003.)


Seven Circles #3.


                The usual ultimate battle between good and evil for control of a world where magic works.


Golden Orb, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2002.)


A Dragonlance novel.


                A coalition of humans and elves is endangered when the evil orc army discovers a new form of magic against which they have no defense.


Immortal Game  (TSR, 1996.)


First Quest #3.


                Farm boy and princess must battle again, this time against a malevolent dragon and a terrifying curse.


Ironhelm  (TSR, 1990.)


Maztica #1.


                The arrival of a legion of mercenaries in a forgotten but immensely rich land leads to almost instant turmoil and eventually the danger that the existing civilization will be supplanted.


Kagonesti, The  (TSR, 1995.)


A Dragonlance Lost Histories novel.


                The land of the elves is devastated by warfare.


Kinslayer Wars, The  (TSR, 1991, Wizards of the Coast, 2004.)


                The love between a dashing warrior and a woman of suspicious background comes to a crisis when a new war breaks out.


Last Thane, The  (TSR, 1998.)


A Dragonlance Chaos War novel.


                A nation of dwarves is beset by enemies from various other peoples and mounts a desperate final defense.


Lord of Doom  (TSR, 1986.)


                Not seen.


Lord of the Rose  (Wizards of the Coast, 2006.)


A Dragonlance novel.


                Chaos follows a magical war.


Measure and the Truth, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2007.)


A Dragonlance novel.


                A new empire arises, led by a triumvirate, and promptly clashes with an old enemy power.


Pawnís Prevail  (TSR, 1995.)


A Dragonlance First Quest novel


                A farmer seeking excitement and a noble woman hoping to protect the throne team up against mysterious enemies.


Prophet of Moonshae  (TSR, 1992.)


Druidhome #1.


                When a nation turns to new gods to replace the old, they are surprised to find that one of the former is capricious and vindictive, letting loose evil forces in their formerly relatively peaceful lands.


Puppet King, The  (TSR, 1999.)


A Dragonlance Chaos War novel.


                A complicated power struggle for the throne of an elven nation involves internal rivalries, a menacing group of knights from another land, dragons, and other enemies.  The hero threads his way through the fray and triumphs.


Rod of Seven Parts  (TSR, 1995.)


                A young thief aspires to greater things when he undertakes to reunite the various parts of a magical artifact.  When he does so, it changes his life forever.


Secret of Pax Tharkas, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 2007.)


A Dragonlance novel.


Evil magic causes turmoil in a fantasy world.


Suitors Duel  (TSR, 1995.)


A Dragonlance First Quest novel


A commoner joins a group of nobles contending for the hand of a beautiful young woman, but an army of trolls makes their lives considerably more interesting.


Viperhand  (TSR, 1990.)


Maztica #2.


                The continent of Maztica is overwhelmed by monstrous invaders.  A professional soldier and an ex-slave girl attempt to find a safe haven and discover their love for each other.


War of Three Waters  (Ace, 1997.)


Watershed #3.


The leaders of the forces of good must risk everything in a desperate gamble to find a way to break the magical power of the Darklord.  His armies are poised to complete their conquest and all is lost otherwise.


Winterheim  (Wizards of the Coast, 2003.)


A Dragonlance novel.




Wizards' Conclave  (Wizards of the Coast, 2004.)


A Dragonlance novel.


                The two most powerful wizards in the world seek to control a new source of sorcery.


World Fall  (Ace, 2001.)


Seven Circles #2.


                A magic worker broke the law to save her people and underwent a lengthy trial.  Now she has returned, but the experience has changed her.




Odyssey of Gilthanas, The  (Wizards of the Coast, 1999.)


A Dragonlance book.


                A short novel about a man's quest to find the love he rejected when he discovered she had dragon blood, accompanied by information on the associated game system and background for the world.




Charlie Bone and the Beast  (Orchard, 2007.)


Charlie Bone #6.


Charlie has to help a kidnapped friend.


Charlie Bone and the Castle of Whispers  (Orchard, ?)


Charlie Bone #4.




Charlie Bone and the Hidden King  (Orchard, 2006.)


Charlie Bone #5.




Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy  (Orchard, ? )


Charlie Bone #3.




Charlie Bone and the Time Twister  (Orchard, 2003.)


Charlie Bone #2.


                A teenager helps hide a time traveler from 1916 who is being hunted by various nasty people.


Chestnut Soldier, The  (Methuen, 1989, Dutton, 1991, Orchard, 2007, Scholastic, 2009.)


Snow Spider #3.


                The protagonist finally learns to accept his magical talents.


Dragon's Child, The  (Orchard, 2007.)


Young adult story about a dragon.


Emlynís Moon  (Metheun, 1987, Orchard, 2007.  Dutton, 1989, as Orchard of the Crescent Moon.)


Snow Spider #2.


                Still uneasy about his supernatural powers, a boy struggles to solve a mystery while adjusting to a new home.


Griffin's Castle  (Orchard, 1997.)


                A young girl discovers that the ability to animate stone statues isn't necessarily a good thing.  For younger readers.


Midnight for Charlie Bone  (Egmont, 2002, Orchard, 2003.)


Charlie Bone #1.


                A young boy discovers that he can hear the thoughts of figures in photographs.


Orchard of the Crescent Moon.  (See Emlynís Moon.)


Snow Spider, The  (Methuen, 1986, Dutton, 1987, Orchard, 2007.)


Snow Spider #1.


                A young boy learns to use his magical powers in a quest for his missing sister.


Snow Spider Trilogy, The  (Mammoth, 1993.)


                Omnibus of the three novels in the Snow Spider series.


Ultramarine  (Dutton, 1992.)


                Two youngsters discover they have an affinity for selkies.




Before Shadowgate  (Scholastic, 1991.)


                A multi-path gamebook based on the computer game.




Farewell to Krondahl  (Hale, 1980.)


                Not seen.


Raven's Beak, The  (Hale, 1981.)


                Not seen.




Jolly Roger, The  (Digby Long, 1892.)


                Not seen.




Repository, The  (Meisha Merlin, ?)


                Not seen.


NIVEN, LARRY  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Magic Goes Away, The  (Ace, 1978, Futura, 1982.)


                Short novel about adventures in a world where the magical power is gradually fading and it is almost impossible to cast spells.


Time of the Warlock, The  (Steeldragon, 1984.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.




Seascape Tattoo, The (Tor, 2016.)


A warrior and a sorcerer must rescue a kidnapped princess.




Burning City, The  (Pocket, 2000, Orbit, 2001.)


                Set in the world of Niven's The Magic Goes Away.  A young man seeks to make a place for himself in a civilization slowly recovering from the disappearance of all the magic that used to maintain it.  He lives in a city where the god of fire is linked to periodic razing of portions of the city.


Escape from Hell (Tor, 2009.)


Inferno #2.


An escapee from Hell returns to free others.


Inferno  (Pocket, 1976, Wingate, 1977, Star, 1977, Orb, 2008.)


Inferno #1.


                In groupish, satirical novel about an adventurer in Hell and the people and things she discovers there.


NIX, GARTH (See also collaboration which follows.)


Abhorsen  (Avon Eos, 2003.)


Clayr #3.


                A librarian discovers that she is undergoing a transformation into a magical being.


Above the Veil  (Apple, 2001.)


Seventh Tower #4.


                The adventurers are scattered this time as we learn more about the nature of the immense castle in which the action takes place.


Across the Wall  (Eos, 2005.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Aenir  (Apple, 2001.)


Seventh Tower #3.


                The protagonists enter a dream world to search for a book which will tell them what was stolen from the magical castle.


Castle  (Scholastic, 2000.)


The Seventh Tower #2.


                Two outcast teenagers must make their way stealthily through a gigantic castle to find out the secret of a conspiracy against everyone who lives there.


Drowned Wednesday  (Scholastic, 2006.)


Mister Monday #3.




Fall, The  (Scholastic, 2000.)


The Seventh Tower #1.


                A teenagerís father disappears along with a magical artifact that is crucial to his family.  The boy battles shapechangers and other dangers to save the day.


Grim Tuesday  (Scholastic, 2004.)


Mister Monday #2.


                The young protagonist defeats another magical opponent.


Into Battle  (Apple, 2001.)


Seventh Tower #5.


                Two young people are caught in a rebellion within a castle so large it is essentially a city.


Keys to the Kingdom  (Scholastic, 2003.)


Mister Monday #1.


                A young boy possesses a magical key that can protect humanity.


Lady Friday  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Mister Monday #5.


The battle is on for control of magical keys.


Lirael  (HarperCollins, 2001.)


Clayr #2.


                A young girl who shows no evidence of possessing magical powers is overlooked by her people until they learn that she holds the key to their survival.


Lord Loss (Scholastic, 2010.)


Mister Monday #7.


The final battle for the fate of a magical world.


Sabriel  (HarperCollins, 1995.)


Clayr #1.


                A youngster has long been cautioned to stay away from a region where magic works and the dead are rumored to walk.  When her father disappears, she overcomes her fear and sets out to find him, accompanied by companions whose loyalty is sometimes suspect.


Sir Thursday  (Scholastic, 2006.)


Mister Monday #4.




Superior Saturday  (Scholastic, 2007.)


Mister Monday #6.


The quest to find the sixth of seven magical keys.


Violet Keystone, The  (Apple, 2001.)


Seventh Tower #6.


                The final siege of the castle is underway to prevent the mystical veil from being destroyed by the forces of evil.




Monster, The  (Scholastic, 2012.)


Troubletwisters #2.


Two kids with magical powers battle a monster.


Troubletwisters  (Scholastic, 2011.)


Troubletwisters #1.


Brother and sister discover that they must defend the world from magical evil.




Who Framed Roger Rabbit?   (Star, 1988.)


                Young readersí adaptation of the movie based on the novel by ?.


NODELMAN, PERRY  (See collaboration with Carol Matas.)




Keaen  (Edge, 2004.)


                Against the backdrop of an imminent war, two young nobles decide to avoid the obligations of their class and live their own lives.


NOLAN, TED  (See collaboration with Holly Lisle.)




Automated Alice  (Crown, 1996, Corgi, 1997, Black Swan, 2000.)


                A sequel to the Alice in Wonderland books.  This time Alice falls through time as well as space.


Body Library, The  (Angry Robot, 2018.)


Man of Shadows, A (Angry Robot, 2017.)




Following Story, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1993, translated from the Dutch by Ina Rilke.  Dutch edition in 1991.)


                A man with great ambitions falls asleep and wakes up in a different life.




Silver Jewels and Jade  (Ballantine, 1980.)


                A woman casts a love spell on the man she loves, but another woman uses evil magic to oppose her, and the ensuing conflict shapes the future of their entire world.




Deal in Wheat and Other Stories of the New and Old West, A  (Doubleday Page, 1903.)


                Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are fantasy.




Through a Glass Darkly  (Doubleday, 1957.)


                Not seen.  Reincarnation.




Forbidden Region  (Gold Eagle, 1991.)


Time Warriors #2.


                Two warriors battle a sinister character who plots the end of the world, using his technological and supernatural powers to cause a series of disasters in this and other worlds.


Fuse Point  (Gold Eagle, 1991.)


Time Warriors #1.


                A modern day soldier and an ancient warrior are magically linked in order to fight a mysterious invader from another world.


Guardian Strikes, The  (Gold Eagle, 1991)


Time Warriors #3.


                Godlike beings play with the future of Earth, but two tough soldiers defeat a madman who is planning armageddon.




Bedroom Eyes  (Avon, 1998.)


                Marginal mystery romance involving organized crime, private detectives, and some genuine voodoo.




Dungeons and Dayjobs  (Awkwardly, 2006.)


                Collection of loosely related stories.


NORTON, ANDRE  (See collaborations which follow, some of which are part of series written otherwise by Norton alone.  See also collaboration with Marion Zimmer Bradley & Julian May.)


Annals of the Witch World  (Guild America, 1994.)




Book of Andre Norton, The   (DAW, 1975.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Children of the Gates  (Baen, 2012.)


Omnibus of Here Abide Monsters and Yurth Burden.


Crystal Gryphon, The  (McElderry, 1972, DAW, 1973, Gollancz, 1973, Tor, 1985.)


Witch World #7.


                Kerovan, born deformed, must fight for his right to rule Ulmsdale against ambitious relatives, to say nothing of invaders from Alizon who have infiltrated the area.


Deadly Dreams  (Baen, 2011.)


Omnibus of Perilous Dreams and Knave of Dreams.


Dragon Magic  (Crowell, 1972, Ace, 1973, Starscape, 2006.)


                Collection of loosely related stories in fantastic other worlds.


Fur Magic   (World, 1968, Hamish Hamilton, 1969, Archway, 1978, Starscape, 2006.)


A young boy gets involved with Indian magic and finds himself transformed into a small animal in a mystical other world.


Gate of the Cat, The  (Ace, 1987.)


Witch World #16.


                A woman from our world crosses through a gateway between worlds and finds herself in a magical land.  There she will be called upon to battle a Dark Lord, possibly the most powerful of the inhuman intelligences that once ruled that realm.


Gates to Witch World, The  (Tor, 2001.)


                Omnibus of the first three Witch World novels.


Gods and Androids  (Baen, 2004.)


                Omnibus of  the science fiction novel Android at Arms and Wraiths of Time.


Golden Trillium  (Bantam, 1993.)


                Sequel to Black Trillium by Norton, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Julian May.  A sorceress travels into a magical swamp where she learns of an imminent plague that could destroy the people whom she helped free from an evil ruler.


Gray Magic  (See Steel Magic)


Gryphon in Glory  (Atheneum, 1981, Del Rey, 1983.)


Witch World #12.


                A man with mixed human, inhuman heritage sets off on a mission into the wastelands to discover if the Old Ones still lurk there.  The woman who loves him follows, and both have independent adventures before they are reunited.


Hands of Llyr, The  (Avon, 1994.)


                A child is born in a land that has been devastated and lies ruined, a child with the ability to heal with a single touch.  A refugee shows up, troubled by the violence in his past, but quickly committed to defending the young woman against her enemies in order to restore their shared world.


High Sorcery  (Ace, 1970.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Horn Crown  (DAW, 1981.)


Witch World #13.


                Chronologically the first in the series.  The ancient race of inhumans who once dominated the Witch World depart for another realm, leaving open the gates through which human beings enter and eventually settle much of the world they abandoned.


Huon of the Horn  (Harcourt, Brace, 1951, Ace, ?)


An historical fantasy for younger readers set during the time of Charlemagne.  Huon is a warrior who travels to the land of the Saracens and discovers ancient magic.


Iron Butterflies  (Crest, 1980.)


A troubled woman discovers that she may be heir to a large fortune in Europe, but her journey across the world is troubled by intrigue.  An enchanted necklace provides the fantasy element.


Jargoon Pard, The  (Atheneum, 1974, Crest, 1975, Gollancz, 1975.)


Witch World #8.


                A shapechanger is swapped for a natural born child in order to secure the succession to the rule of a clan, but as a young man, the changeling discovers his were powers and is caught in a power struggle involving magic and treachery.


Knave of Dreams  (Viking, 1975, Kestrel, 1976, Ace, ?)


                A man from our world is magically transported into the body of a young member of the nobility of a magical world.  He is there to be manipulated as part of a power struggle, but decides to take a hand in shaping his own destiny.


Lavender-Green Magic  (Crowell, 1974, Ace, 1977.)


                Some children have an adventure in their new home when they discover they can travel back through time to visit a witch who is menaced by an evil man who doesnít understand the nature of what she does.


Lore of the Witch World  (DAW, 1980.)


Witch World #11.


                Collection of loosely related stories.


Lost Lands of Witch World  (Tor, 2004.)


                Omnibus of Three Against the Witch World, Warlock of the Witch World, and Sorceress of the Witch World.


Magic Books, The  (Signet, 1988.)


Omnibus of Fur Magic, Steel Magic, and Octagon Magic.


Mark of the Cat, The  (Ace, 1992, Legend, 1993.)


                A boy deprived of his catlike companion sets off on a perilous journey to rescue his pet, and discovers much about himself and his world in the process.


Mark of the Cat/Year of the Rat  (Meisha Merlin, 2002.)


                Reprint of the first title with a new sequel.


Mirror of Destiny  (Avon, 1995.)


                In a world whose beautiful landscapes are being consumed by a wave of industrialization, a young woman rebels against the code of her world which compels her to marry.  Using a magical amulet, she avoids her fate but instead sets off for a series of adventures accompanied by a blind boy.


Monster's Legacy, The (Atheneum, 1996.)


Young fugitives hide in mountains supposedly home to a monster.


Moon Called  (Tor, 1982, (Wallaby, 1982.)


                A warrior with a magic sword and a sharp minded sorceress descend into a mysterious underground world to battle an evil and ambitious enemy.  The world they enter blends SF and fantasy themes.


Moon Mirror  (Tor, 1988.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Octagon Magic  (World, 1967, Hamish Hamilton, 1968, Archway, 1978, Starscape, 2005.)


Lorrie is having great difficulty adjusting to living with her aunt, but she is befriended by an elderly, mysterious neighbor who has a magical dollhouse within which Lorrie has adventures.


Opal-Eyed Fan, The  (Crest, 1977, Dutton, 1977.)


Stranded on a remote island, the protagonist is troubled by her emotional feelings toward the man who rescued her and the persistent rumors of a curse hovering over the island.  Marginal fantasy that is primarily romantic adventure.


Perilous Dreams  (DAW, 1976.)


                Four related stories about a woman who visits other worlds through her dreams.


Quag Keep  (DAW, 1978, Atheneum, 1978, Tor, 2006.)


Quag Keep #1.


                Six gameplayers from our world are trapped in a role playing game that turns real.  As their fantasy characters, they set out on a perilous journey to defeat the evil force that has trapped them against their wills.


Red Hart Magic  (Crowell, 1976, Hamish Hamilton, 1977, Ace, 1979, Starscape, 2007.)


                Three related stories about the occupants of an old inn who have adventures when they are sent back to various historical periods.


Rogue Reynard  (Houghton Mifflin, 1947, Dell Yearling, 1972.)


                Childrenís story about the adventures of a talking fox.


Scent of Magic  (Avon, 1998.)


                A fantasy quest novel involving a young woman who has a heightened sense of smell, which comes in handy in a kingdom where aromas are magical and the source of much power.  But when she senses an evil smell, her life is changed forever.


Serpentís Tooth  (Andre Norton Ltd, 1987.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Sorceress of the Witch World  (Ace, 1968, Tandem, 1970, Gregg, 1977.)


Witch World #6.


Kaththea Tregarth has lost her magic, but when disaster overtakes her during a trip back to Estcarp, she falls under the protection of a dying witch who restores her abilities.  Later she finds a gate between worlds and helps her parents return to them.


Spell of the Witch World  (DAW, 1972, Prior, 1977, Gregg Press, 1977.)


Witch World #8.


                Three stories set in the Dales of the Witch World.


Steel Magic  (World, 1965, Hamish Hamilton, 1967, Archway, 1978, Starscape, 2005.  Scholastic, 1972, as Gray Magic.)


Three children go through a magical doorway to another world where Merlin's Mirror exists, and King Arthur and Huon of the Horn attempt to hold off the forces of magical evil.  For younger readers.


Ten Mile Treasure  (Archway, 1981.)


                Very marginal piece about kids having an adventure involving a ghost town and hidden secrets in the American Southwest.  Hints of vague magic about a ghostly stagecoach.


Three Against the Witch World  (Ace, 1965, Tandem, 1970, Gregg, 1977.)


Witch World #4.


The three children of Simon Tregarth and Jaelithe the witch become outcasts when she resists joining the ruling class.  They escape to an Eastern realm whose very existence everyone else has been conditioned to forget.


Three Hands for Scorpio  (Tor, 2005.)


                Three telepathic sisters are kidnapped by a rival kingdom.


Trey of Swords  (Ace, 1977, Grosset & Dunlap, 1977, Star, 1979.)


Witch World #9.


                Episodic adventures of an unlikely hero who is occasionally possessed by the spirit of an ancient warrior.  Together with another warrior revived from hibernation, he overcomes the spirit of an evil sorcerer and the witch who leads a race of underground dwellers.


Velvet Shadows  (Crest, 1977.)


A hired companion discovers the secrets of her employer and finds true love in this romance novel with minimal fantastic elements involving a magical necklace.


Warding of Witch World, The  (Aspect, 1996.)


Witch World #23.


                The final battle between good and evil in the Witch World.  The gates between the universes are all permanently opened and evil beings from other realms are pouring through.  The surviving heroes of the beleaguered land must come together for one final battle against the forces arrayed against them.


ĎWare Hawk  (Atheneum, 1983, Del Rey, 1984, Gollancz, 1989.)


Witch World #14.


                One member of the Old Race, expelled from Karsten, tries to pass through the ruins of Estcarpís frontier to find his homeland.  But one of the evil, inhuman presences on that world is determined to prevent him from reaching his goal.


Warlock of the Witch World  (Ace, 1967, Tandem, 1970, Gregg, 1977.)


Witch World #5.


Kemoc Tregarth runs into difficulties when he is selected as part of a mission to convince uncommitted races of Escore to join the side of good against the power of the Dark.  He returns only to discover that his sister has disappeared in dubious company.


Web of the Witch World  (Ace, 1964, Tandem, 1970, Gregg, 1977.)


Witch World #2.


The Kolder are reorganizing their forces and moving to crush Estcarp.  But when they capture Simon Tregarth and Loyse and take them to their base, Jaelithe the witch is able to follow them and lead an invasion force.


Were-Wrath  (Cheap Street, 1984.)


                Short story in pamphlet form.


Wheel of Stars  (Wallaby, 1983, Tor, 1984.)


                Two unlikely people team up to pit their wits and unsuspected magical powers against an evil force that is determined to seize control of the world.


White Jade Fox, The  (Crest, 1975, Dutton, 1975, Allen, 1976.)


The protagonist accepts a position as governess in a large mansion, only to discover that it is a maelstrom of plotting and danger.  It is also a magical place where animals behave unnaturally and the landscape itself can change from moment to moment.


Witch World  (Ace, 1963, Tandem, 1970, Gregg, 1977.)


Witch World #1.


An adventurer from our world is transported to a magical realm where he helps a besieged matriarchy against a host of enemies.  The primary menace consists of the Kolder, invaders from another universe who use superscience against magic.


Wizardsí Worlds  (Tor, 1989, Easton, 1989.)


                Collection of unrelated stories.


Wraiths of Time  (Atheneum, 1976, Gollancz, 1977, Crest, ?)


                A modern woman is seized by spirits linked to an ancient Egyptian artifact and carried back through time to an ancient empire.  There she learns that she is to be the pivotal player in an occult as well as physical battle between good and evil.


Year of the Unicorn  (Ace, 1965, Tandem, 1970, Gregg, 1977.)


Witch World #3.


Gillan is a young woman of uncertain ancestry who substitutes herself for an involuntary bride promised to a race of shapechangers in payment for their assistance in a war.  But when they discover she is descended from Estcarpian witches, they attempt to destroy the part of her which is magic.


Zarsthorís Bane  (Ace, 1978, Dobson, 1981.)


Witch World #10.


                A woman fleeing the chaos of the Dales during an invasion falls into company with strange companions who accompany her to a lost city that died before the present races of the witch world existed.




Gryphonís Eyrie  (Tor, 1984.)


Witch World #15.


                Kerovan and Joisan are off into the uncharted areas of the Witch World again, this time to oppose an evil force that uses the undead to carry out its wishes.


Songsmith  (Tor, 1992.)


Witch World #20.


                The protagonist is a singer who, unlike most of her kind, possesses no magical abilities.  When her father is struck down by an evil force, she sets out on a dangerous journey to discover a way to restore him and drive off the supernatural force responsible.




Leopard in Exile  (Tor, 2001.)


Carolus Rex #2.


                Napoleonís armies are aided by the magic of the Marquis de Sade.  The Duke and Duchess of Wessex use their own magic to counter this new threat.


Shadow of Albion, The  (Tor, 1999.)


Carolus Rex #1.


                A woman from our world is magically transported to an alternate universe where  the colonies never revolted and Napoleon is in the process of conquering Europe.  She gets involved in a spy mission in the heart of the French Empire.




Storm of Victory  (Tor, 1991.)


Witch World #17.


                Two short novels set in the years following the cataclysmic end of the war with the Kolder.  One is another hero battling a magical foe, the other the story of a young woman who helps her village repel the attacks of a band of nasty pirates.




Flight of Vengeance  (Tor, 1992.)


Witch World #18.


                Two short novels set after the great war against the Kolder.  In both, survivors of the terrible conflict are forced to unite in the ruins to battle a supernatural force seeking to take advantage of the collapse of the old way of life.




Elvenbane  (Tor, 1991, Grafton, 1993.)


Halfblood #1.


                A halfbreed human/elf is raised by dragons and protected from her enemies until she grows old enough to venture forth and pursue her destiny.


Elvenblood   (Tor, 1995, HarperCollins, 1995.)


Halfblood #2.


                A half human half elf princess leads a variegated army in its quest to overthrow the cruel rulers of their world.


Elvenborn  (Tor, 2002.)




                A war between generations shakes the elven nations, and the general who leads the army for the lords has secret sympathies for the rebels.




On Wings of Magic  (Tor, 1994.)


Witch World #19.


                Two short novels set after the war.  In one, a couple challenge the might of Alizon itself as they attempt to rescue their kidnapped daughter.  In the other, a plague of magical beasts threatens to overwhelm a group of survivors.


Dragon Blade  (Tor, 2005.)






Ciaraís Song  (Aspect, 1998.)


Witch World #24.


                A retrospective look at two young witches who flee from the carnage when Karsten outlaws their kind and grow up secretly among unfriendly neighbors.


Duke's Ballad, The  (Tor, 2004.)


Witch World #25.


                A young witch battles her evil brother who also possesses magic.


Key of the Keplian, The  (Aspect, 1995.)


Witch World #21.


                A Navajo-Apache crossbreed and her horse cross through a gate into the Witch World.  There, stallions like hers are considered servants of an evil force, and the protagonist finds herself on the run from both sides before she is able to convince the human population that they are mistaken.


Silver May Tarry  (Tor, 2005.)


Witch World #26.


                Survivors of a war attempt to create a new homeland for themselves.




House of Shadows  (Atheneum, 1984, Tor, 1985.)


                Contemporary fantasy about a box of magical dolls discovered by some children.  The dolls lead to a magical ceremony which causes them to be unstuck in time, and subsequently menaced by Indians on the warpath.  For younger readers.


Ride the Green Dragon  (Atheneum, 1985.)


                Not seen.


Seven Spells to Sunday  (Atheneum, 1979, Archway, 1980.)


                An abandoned mailbox brings two children a series of magical artifacts, each of which provides a strange adventure.  And the seventh opens a gateway into a magical world hidden from our own.




Crown Disowned, A  (Tor, 2002.)


Book of the Oak #3.


                A queen who has constantly played her followers against one another must now convince them to unite in the face of a magically assisted invading army.


Dragon Blade  (Tor, 2005.)


Book of the Oak #4.


                A deadly dragon awakens from an age old slumber.


Knight of the Red Beard, The  (Tor, 2008.)


Book of the Oak #5.


Young people in a fantasy world have various adventures.


Knight or Knave  (Tor, 2001.)


Book of the Oak #2.


                A dowager queen attempts to control her weak but troublesome son, recently crowned king, while combating rebellious clans, an envious bastard daughter, and an evil but mysterious force from beyond.


To the King a Daughter  (Tor, 2000.)


Book of the Oak #1.


                Four clans battle for supremacy and one, the Ash, is nearing extinction.  Prophecy says a young woman of their number will restore their power, but there seems no one alive fit to fill the position until a foundling begins to discover her destiny.




Dragon Mage  (Tor, 2007.)


A puzzle transports a young girl to a magical realm.


Return to Quag Keep  (Tor, 2006.)


Quag Keep #2.


                Role players find that their fantasy world is real.


Taste of Magic, A  (Tor, 2006.)


                A young woman with magical powers gains vengeance against the nobleman who destroyed her village.




Magestone, The  (Aspect, 1996.)


Witch World #22.


                An Alizonian discovers that one of his countrymen is planning to use forbidden magic to pursue the war against Estcarp.  His abhorrence is so great that he is forced to ally himself with an hereditary enemy against his own countryman.




Empire of the Eagle  (Tor, 1993.)


                Mild historical fantasy about a defeated Roman legion that is fated to travel ever eastward, visiting lands that had never heard of Rome, destined never to return again, and the various adventures they have during their journey.


Imperial Lady  (Tor, 1989.)


                An Oriental fantasy based on historical persons, but with elements of magic and Chinese legends mixed in.




Are All the Giants Dead?


Bed-Knobs and Broomstick  (Dent, 1957, Scholastic, 1971, Dolphin, 2001.)


                Two short childrenís fantasies.


Bonfires and Broomsticks (?, 1947.)


Bedknobs #2.




Borrowers, The  (Dent, 1952, Harcourt Brace, 1953, Odyssey, 1990, Voyager, ?.)


Borrowers #1.


                A family of diminutive, magical people live concealed in a human house, hiding because disastrous things happen whenever they are discovered by big people.


Borrowers Avenged, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1982, Kestrel, 1986, Odyssey, 1990.)


Borrowers #5.


                The Borrowers are on the run again, this time fleeing from a villainous family of humans who want to make them into a tourist attraction.


Borrowers Afield, The   (Harcourt Brace, 1955, Dent, 1955, Odyssey, 1990, Voyager, ?)


Borrowers #2.


                Believing that there are rats in the house, a woman calls in an exterminator.  This forces the family of Borrowers to desert their home and seek for a new haven in the outside world.


Borrowers Afloat, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1959, Dent, 1959, Odyssey, 1990, Voyager, ?)


Borrowers #3.


                Lack of food causes the Borrowers to move again, and this time their journey is fraught with many dangers.


Borrowers Aloft, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1961, Dent, 1961, Odyssey, 1990, Voyager, ?)


Borrowers #4.


                Two of the Borrowers are kidnapped by full sized human to be displayed in a tourist attraction.  Others of their kind decide to effect a rescue.


Complete Adventures of the Borrowers, The  (Harcourt Brace, 1967.)


                Omnibus of the first four Borrowers novels.


Magic Bedknob, The  (?, 1943.)


Bedknob #1.




Poor Stainless  (Dent, 1971.)


                Short story about the Borrowers.




Molly and the Magic Dress  (Doubleday, 2002.)


                A magic dress allows the wearer to become whoever they want.  For younger readers.




True Jaguar  (Bantam, 1988.)


                A man discovers that he is a descendant of a Mayan god.  Even more troubling is that his destiny requires him to confront the gods of the underworld to prevent a comet from destroying the Earth.


NOVAK, KATE  (See also collaborations which follow.)


Lady of the Winds  (TSR, 1984.)


                A multi-path gamebook.


NOVAK, KATE & GRUBB, JEFF  (Note that all of the TSR titles that follow are set in the same world.)


Azure Bonds  (TSR, 1988.)


                A female warrior wakens one day to find magical symbols inscribed on her arm.  With a few friends, she sets out to find out where they came from, but those responsible are evil sorcerers who are prepared to kill her rather than be exposed.


Finderís Bane  (TSR, 1997.)


A Dragonlance Lost Gods novel.  Also part of the Forgotten Realms Harpers series.


                A recently consecrated priest of a new god discovers that there is a plot to bring back an evil, older deity.  He travels to a distant city to unmask the plotters and prevent them from accomplishing their goal.


Masquerades  (TSR, 1995.)


A Forgotten Realms Harpers novel.


                A female warrior takes up a vendetta against the leader of a criminal guild and gathers her friends to do battle with him and his henchmen.


Song of the Saurials  (TSR, 1991.)


Finderís Stone #3.


                A bard judged guilty for the deaths of his apprentices is granted a new trial, but just as it is getting underway a series of disappearances disrupts things.  Eventually the resolution of that mystery throws light on the earlier events.


Tymoraís Luck  (TSR, 1997.)


A Dragonlance Lost Gods novel.


                The goddess of luck has long been split into two personalities, and a plan to reunite them could bring catastrophe.


Wyvernís Spur, The  (TSR, 1990.)


Finderís Stone #2.


                The theft of a magical artifact unleashes a curse on the family to whom it is linked.  A halfling seeks to recover it to save the family and unmask the thief responsible.




Black Powder War  (Del Rey, 2006.)


Temeraire #3.


                A mission to recover rare dragon eggs and bring them to England.


Blood of Tyrants  (Del Rey, 2014.)


Temeraire #8.




Crucible of Gold  (Del Rey, 2013.)


Temeraire #7.




Empire of Ivory  (Del Rey, 2007.)


Temeraire #4.


A disease lays waste to England's dragon corps on the eve of a major battle.


In His Majesty's Service  (Del Rey, 2009.)


Omnibus of His Majesty's Dragon, Throne of Jade, and Black Powder War.


His Majesty's Dragon  (Del Rey, 2006.  Harper UK, 2006, as Temeraire.)


Temeraire #1.


                England uses flying dragons to battle Napoleon's forces.


League of Dragons (Del Rey, 2016.)


Temeraire #8.




Spinning Silver (Del Rey, 2018.)


A retelling of Rumpelstiltskin.


Temeraire  (See His Majesty's Dragon.)


Throne of Jade  (Del Rey, 2006.)


Temeraire #2.


                A man and a dragon travel to the Chinese Empire in a world  parallel to our own.


Tongues of Serpents  (Del Rey, 2010.)


Temeraire #6.


Intrigue in Australia with dragons and Captain Bligh.


Uprooted (Del Rey, 2015.)




Victory of Eagles  (Del Rey, 2008.)


Temeraire #5.


Napoleon's armies invade England in an alternate world.




Devil Takes a Holiday, The  (Murray, 1955.)


                The devil visits Earth to protest the atomic bomb, which threatens to cut off the supply of damned souls.




Swordmen of Vistar  (Powell, 1969.)


                Two people cast adrift in a magical world reach a remote island where they must join forces with their hosts against a terrible menace in order to gain the means to return to their homeland.


NYBERG, BJORN  (See collaborations with L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter.)


NYE, JODY LYNN  (See also collaboration with Robert Asprin.)


Advanced Mythology  (Meisha Merlin, 2001.)


                Not seen.


Applied Mythology  (Meisha Merlin, 2000.)


                An omnibus of the Mythology trilogy.


Encyclopedia of Xanth  (Tor, 1987.)


A Crossroads Adventure.


Multi-path gamebook set in the world of Piers Anthony's Xanth books.  A humorous adventure involving a djinn.


Forthcoming Wizard, A  (Tor, 2009.)


Tildi #2.


An apprentice acquires a powerful book of magic.


Ghost of a Chance  (Tor, 1988.)


A Crossroads Adventure.


Multi-path gamebook set in the world of Piers Anthony's Xanth books.  A humorous adventure involving a djinn.


Grand Tour, The  (Baen, 2000.)


Dreamland #3.


                A man astrally projects himself into the dream world, but since that gives him powers not available to the sleeping minds that ordinarily visit, they resent his presence and plot against him.


Higher Mythology  (Questar, 1993.)


Mythology #3.


                When hunters discover and capture some of the little people sheltering on the protagonistís farm, he must find a way to recover them and continue to conceal the existence of his magical friends.


Magic Touch  (Aspect, 1996.)


                A battle is underway between the Fairy Godmothers, who grant good wishes and perform pleasant magic, and a gang of hoodlum who also have the talent, but who only grant wishes with evil intentions.


Mythology 101  (Questar, 1990.)


Mythology #1.


                A college student discovers that there is a colony of elves and other magical creatures living in the schoolís library.  When a construction project is announced that will involve razing the building, the student finds a way to save the building and preserve their secret home.


Mythology Abroad  (Questar, 1991.)


Mythology #2.


                A college student and his friend, an elf, travel to England to discover their respective roots.  They learn instead that the magic people of that country are not quite as friendly as those they are used to.


Robert Asprin's Myth-Fits (Ace, 2016.)


Robert Asprin's Myth-Quoted  (Ace, 2013.)




School of Light   (Baen, 1999.)


Dreamland #2.


                In Dreamland, rivalries among the various dreamers are reaching a critical point.  The government of that fabulous land is on the brink of chaos, which could affect their world and that of the waking world as well.


Unexpected Apprentice, An  (Tor, 2007.)


Tildi #1.


                A young halfing girl disguises herself as a boy and is apprenticed to a wizard.


Waking in Dreamland  (Baen, 1998.)


Dreamland #1.


                Dreamland is the magical realm where everyone goes during their dreams.  Its existence is maintained by seven crucial dreamers.  And now someone is plotting to eliminate the seven, and destroy Dreamland forever.




Beowulf  (?, 1968, Dell, 1982.)


                A retelling of the Beowulf saga.


Merlin  (Hamish Hamilton, 1978, Putnam, 1979, Penguin, 1979, Bantam, 1981.)


                A humorous, bawdy look at Camelot from the point of view of Merlin.  This Merlin, however, consorts with demons and is instrumental in leading many of his fellows into sin and sex.




All That Lives Must Die  (Tor, 2010.)


Eliot & Fiona #2.


Two teens are caught in a custody battle among the gods.


Dry Water  (Avon, 1997.)


                A magical spring that runs under the Earth is linked to a ghost town in the American Southwest.  There a host of legends have manifested themselves again in anticipation of the end of the world, and an unlikely drifter who wanders into the town must save the day.


Game of Universe, A  (Avon, 1997, Orion, 1997.)


                Unusual hybrid about a man who has sold his soul in return for magical powers in the far future.  To avoid ruin, he must find the holy grail, which is hidden somewhere in the galaxy.


Mortal Coils  (Tor, 2009.)


Eliot & Fiona #1.


Teens discover they are the offspring of Lucifer and an angel.


Pawnís Dream  (Avon, 1995, New English Library, 1997.)


                A man from our world has a vivid fantasy existence in his dreams, in which he believes his real life to be imaginary.  Suddenly the two worlds begin to overlap and he discovers that both are real, and both are potentially dangerous.