Last Update10/8/17


Scream Queens Season 1 (2016)

 Despite the slasher film plot, this is a comedy. Twenty years ago, a pledge at a sorority died in childbirth at the house, but we don't know what happened to the baby. A new group of stuck up, deliberately stereotyped members are now in residence. Jamie Lee Curtis is the dean, who doesn't like sororities. The previous head of Kappa was murdered by someone in a red devil costume who put acid in her skin spray. Curtis believes the new head of the group is responsible. Curtis forces them to take in anyone who pledges. No realism here, of course. There is actually a lot of funny material here, but I can see why it was cancelled during the second season. The need to kill off recurring characters is rather wearing. My favorite character is the male lead, who plays the egomaniac superbly. By the end of the season, the silliness is no longer entertaining and there are so many killers that the plot is too complicated to be clever. 10/8/17