Last Update 4/11/19


Pet Sematary (2019) 

The remake of the Stephen King novel is a mixed bag. The core story is genuinely creepy, the cast does a good job, and there are a few changes that don't really affect the story much, but provide new wrinkles. That said, there are also some problems. How can people who have NOT meddled with the haunted ground be affected by ghostly appearances, strange sounds, etc. How does a random accident victim get to try to warn the protagonist? Why did the hero drug his neighbor? The reviews have been quite negative, not entirely fairly in my opinion. It is worth watching and one can do so without cringing, but not without raising an eyebrow from time to time. 4/11/19

Tonight She Comes (2017) 

I saw some relatively good reviews of this. Canít imagine why. The sound is so bad that it sounds unreal right from the outset. The first few minutes are not entirely intelligible, and the bad acting didnít help much. Nor do I believe that the post office requires new hires to use their private vehicles to deliver until they have proved themselves reliable. Nor do I see the appeal in having intense camera views of innocuous objects just to make it seem like they might be significant. Nor does a mail carrier have to determine if anyone is home in order to deliver a simple letter if the address is correct. And heavy breathing behind the camera? Really?  Nor wood a letter carrier enter a house in order to see if anyone was home. There were times when I thought the writers might have something interesting to say, but they never delivered. 4/7/19

Tooth Fairy (2019)

I was tempted to demand my money back on this stupid movie. I knew it was awful sixty seconds after it started, but on top of that, even with the sound all the way up, I could barely hear some of the dialogue and could not always tell what they were saying. The creature, show during that first sixty seconds, is so silly looking that I was aghast. Even given the dismal quality of most direct to video horror, this stands out as a complete ripoff. I could have done better with my cellphone and people I met casually on the street. This is a positive insult. 4/6/19

After Darkness (2018)

This is a low key, scientifically illiterate story about the end of the world. The sun is going dark - over the course of a few days. We see this from the point of view of a rich family living in their mansion waiting to be evacuated to an underground bunker, but of course their rescuers never show up. The story is mostly about the nearly psychotic father and clearly OCD mother, and the tensions among them. It's not quite as dull as it probably sounds, but it is hardly riveting and the mental health issues complicate things, sometimes opaquely. The acting is quite good across the board, but there is a limit to what can be done with limited material. The growing sense of futility will not make for a cheerful experience, however. 4/1/19