Last Update 1/15/19

The British Comic Book Invasion by Jochen Ecke, McFarland, 2018, $39.95, ISBN 978-1-4766-7415-5 

This is a detailed account of the influence of British comic book writers and illustrators on the American comic book scene. It is very much an academic rather than a popular study and Iím not familiar enough with the subject material to provide much judgment about the authorís accuracy or the strength of his arguments. The prose is also a bit rough going at times. Readers with more knowledge or interest in the subject will likely derive more benefit from the book, which certainly appears to be well researched and thoroughly reasoned. 1/15/19

American Gothic Literature by Ruth Bienstock Anolik, McFarland, 2018, $39.95, ISBN 978-0-7864-9851-2

I have to admit that much of the fiction discussed in this book was unfamiliar to me so I was not in a position to be particularly skilled at evaluating the text, although several of the works cited struck me as potentially interesting. The book traces the evolution of American gothic fiction from that of Europe, with a special emphasis on the roles of women in society and the rise of the patriarchy. That said, it wasn't as didactic as I might have feared and I actually found most of the book quite interesting. And it added title to my want list. 1/3/19