Last Update 2/23/17

Shield of the Republic by Michael T. Isenberg, St Martins, 1993

I confess that it took me three months to read this very long history of the US Navy from 1945-1962. It was not really the author' fault, because the subject matter is itself very dry and does not lend itself to a narrative style except in a few places. There are some interesting descriptions of actual naval incidents, but much of the book deals with the political side of things, and while I was somewhat interested in that as well, the amount of detail exceeded my interest level. 2/23/17

Dimensions of Madeleine L'Engle edited by Suzanne Bray, McFarland, 2016, $35, ISBN 978-1-4766-0-6435-4

A collection of essays about a writer best known for her fantastic fiction for younger readers. I confess that I have only read two of her books so I skipped around a lot in this collection, although some of the commentary on books I hadn't read did catch my attention. The articles are varied and quite well written, although the prose is a bit dense at times. The book also covers her short stories, religious writings, and poetry, none of which I have seen except for one of the short stories. Apparently L'Engle has been largely ignored in the scholarly press, which I find rather puzzling given her prominence as a young adult fantasist and the high regard in which her works are held. Hopefully this book will help address that shortcoming. 1/3/17