Last Update 1/19/21

A Floating City by Jules Verne, 1871

The title refers to a very large steamboat crossing the Atlantic. It runs into a cyclone, among other difficulties. The passengers include a man convinced the ship has fatal flaws that will inevitably lead to disaster, the three members of a romantic triangle, which eventually leads to a fatal duel, and other eccentric characters. It is a mildly entertaining but unmemorable adventure story. 1/19/21

The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa by Jules Verne, 1872

The six people mentioned in the title travel together to South Africa to conduct a scientific experiment. After some minor adventures, their plans are disrupted by the outbreak of the Crimean War, which means that the two factions are technically at war with one another. As you might expect, this complicates matters considerably. Not Verne at his best, but it's not a very long novel and there are parts of it that are wryly humorous. 1/13/21