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Last Update 1/187/19

Apocalypse Memories by Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz, Simon, 2004 

A Buffy novel for younger readers. Buffy has to match wits with someone she assumes is a demon with rather diverse powers, but he insists that he is actually an angel. He raises a sea monster and a gang of zombies so I’d go with Buffy’s theory. The angel has decided to bring about the ultimate apocalypse. It turns out that Willow inadvertently started the countdown to apocalypse, so she has to use a forbidden spell to reverse time itself and edit her mistake out of existence. The ending was a bit too much pulled out of thin air. 1/18/19

Obsidian Fate by Diana G. Gallagher, Pocket, 1999  

A Buffy novel. An excavation site near Sunnydale turns up a magical mirror in which a god has been imprisoned. It controls one of the archaeologists and emerges as a jaguar to claim victims. Enough human sacrifices and it will be able to leave the mirror permanently and dim the sun to leave the world in eternal darkness. But the god did not expect to have to deal with the Slayer. Pretty good but also pretty standard Buffy fare. 1/9/10

Innocents Lost by Michael McBride, Factor V, 2011 

Someone is kidnapping young children every three months. A federal investigator whose own daughter was one of the victims has devoted his life to tracking the abductor down, but now he is receiving clues from the villain himself, luring him deeper into the mystery. An apparent pre-historical construction in a remote area is connected to the disappearances and eventually there is wholesale carnage as we discover that someone in the distant past found the way to use human sacrifices to transfer his soul into a new body every few years. This has some over the top sadistic violence that was somewhat disturbing. 1/5/19

The Suicide King by Robert Joseph Levy, Simon, 2005 

Night Terrors by Alice Henderson, Simon, 2005 

A pair of Buffy choose your own adventure multi-path gamebooks. The plot of the first, which changes depending upon your choices, involves a wave of suicides among students. When a grief counselor also dies, Buffy begins to suspect that the cause is supernatural. Very lightweight and of little interest. Only marginally better is the second title, which involves a demon who seizes control of human bodies while people are asleep. Its possession destroys them quickly, but it figures that the body of a Slayer would last a lot longer. These are both curiosities rather than real novels. Computers have made this form pretty much obsolete. 1/2/19