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 LAST UPDATE  10/13/19

Riddle of the Seven Realms by Lyndon Hardy, Del Rey, 1988  

This is another clever fantasy adventure based on a series of invented statements of logic. In this one four people visit a variety of alternate realities, each having its own set of natural laws, after a demon prince sends an emissary to recruit assistance against a more aggressive rival. Although they have some minor adventures along the way, the story is really an exploration of the consequences of the different systems of logic and natural law. Alas, the author did not publish another title until almost thirty years later. 10/13/19

Secret of the Sixth Magic by Lyndon Hardy, Del Rey, 1984 

Someone is changing the laws of magic so that all of the skilled practitioners find themselves suddenly powerless. A failed apprentice eventually figures out that the villain has access to another universe and another set of physical laws, and is using those laws to neutralize the underpinnings of magic in their world. He manages to acquire the same knowledge and eventually forces and wins a magical duel that allows him to restore the old order, more or less. Lots of fun and a very interesting way of constructing magical systems based on absolute laws. 10/10/19

Master of the Five Magics by Lyndon Hardy, Del Rey, 1980 

I really enjoyed this when it first appeared and it holds up well the second time through. The author had created rules for each of the five branches of magic. Our hero has to master them all on his quest to win the hand of his queen, but the path does not lead where he intended. He becomes the first archimage in living memory, capable of performing all five systems, but the queen marries someone else. Neverthless, itís a happy ending, and a very fine adventure story. The magic system is more interesting than the plot. 10/5/19

The Sundering Flood by William Morris, Ballantine, 1895  

Two lovers are separated by a river, the Sundering Flood, which divides their land. The male half of the pair comes to manhood, kills a villain and some wolves, and then joins an army. The female half disappears somewhere along the way but they are reunited for the last few adventures. Thereís a magical sword and some dwarves and a bit of wizardry late in the story. Not as bloated as some of his other work, and with a few fairly rousing adventures, but still much too long. 10/3/19