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 LAST UPDATE 4/23/19

The Wizardís Shadow by Susan Dexter, Del Rey, 1993 

This standalone novel set in the same world as the authorís other books has a clever premise. A wizard is murdered but his shadow remains behind and replaces the shadow of a peddler, compelling him to help finish the wizardís last task. This involves a remote kingdom whose virtuous lord protector is preparing to cede authority to a dull and somewhat sinister prince who is coming of age to take the throne. Lots of court politics and intrigue, and an unlikely hero aided and obstructed at various times by his magical new shadow. 4/23/19

The Mountains of Channadran by Susan Dexter, Del Rey, 1986 

Concluding volume in a trilogy. Tristan may be king, but his people are still suffering from the fatal winter inflicted by Nimir from his frozen keep. Tristan and several friends set out to cross the mountains of the title, plus a frozen ocean, battling some zombies along the way, and finally lift the spell. This is fairly long and rather repetitious. Tristan gets wounded, buried in an avalanche, falls off a cliff, falls into a trap, etc. and in each case he is magically cured and assisted by his magical cat or in some other way helped back onto the trail. Standard fantasy fare. 4/18/19

The Sword of Calandra by Susan Dexter, Del Rey, 1985 

Middle volume in a trilogy that avoids most of the problems of middle volumes in trilogies. Things actually progress. The wizard who would be king is finally crowned. The magic sword is replaced. The immediate villain Ė a rival for the throne Ė is defeated. The romantic couples get together and happily so.  The magic cat becomes something of a deus ex machina. The wizardís wanderings are not always scintillating. The story would have been better about a quarter shorter. Noticeable improvements from the authorís first book. 4/11/19