CONTENTS Myth: Abraham Maslow's Toward a Psychology of Being, by Don D'Ammassa

"Teaching Old Dogmas New Tricks" by Paul Di Filippo.  Humor.

Parable by Don D'Ammassa.  A survey of the work of Mildred Clingerman.

"Bypassing Time and Space with Isabella Figholler" by Sam Long

"When Did the Children Get Put on the Pedestal?" by Mark M. Keller. Observations on the perception of childhood

Fable by Don D'Ammassa.  Humorous reminiscences about childhood

"Dreamslayer" by Bonnie Dalzell.  Poem

"Bypassing Time and Space with Isabella Figholler" by Mike Blake

Elaborate Lies: Letters


"I think D'Ammassa must be demented to contribute to so many fanzines."  --Sfinctor

"Even Don is thinking rationally, more or less."  --Loren MacGregor

"I must admit that until I read Don's letter, I had never considered that fanzines could be considered subversive material."  --Eric Lindsay