CONTENTS   Myth by Don D'Ammassa.  Observations on political campaigning.

"Dr. No Updated, or, They Don't Make Climaxes Like They Used To" by Paul Di Filippo.

Parable:  "Inside Dying Inside" by Don D'Ammassa.  Discussion of Robert Silverberg's Dying Inside.

"Bypassing Time and Space with Isabella Figholler" by Paul Di Filippo

"Errant Nuisance" by Mike Blake.  Humor.

Bypassing Time and Space with Isabella Figholler" by Don D'Ammassa

Fable: "Saving My Soul" by Don D'Ammassa.  Humorous reminiscence about living in Oklahoma.

Elaborate Lies: Letters


"Once in a while somebody comes out and starts talking nonsense. Don D'Ammassa, much as I respect him as a fan critic, has done just that."  --Warren Johnson

"Does D'Ammassa make a specialty of either missing the point or shrugging it off?" --Virginia Kidd