CONTENTS Myth by Don D'Ammassa.  Growing older

"The House That Shulamith Built" by Avedon Carol.  Feminism

"Speculations on a Non-Sexist Society" by Jennifer Bankier. Feminism.

"The Differences Are Cause for Joy" by Jessica Amanda Salmonson. Feminism.

"Fragment of a Letter" by Evelyn Rogers.  Feminism.

"Equality in the Year 1977" by Arthur D. Hlavaty.  Feminism.

"Dangerous Dreams" by Chris Eblis.  Feminism.

"Essay on Lesbianism" by Adrienne Fein.  Feminism.

"The Sexual Equality World" by Victoria Vayne.  Feminism.

"A Short Response" & "A Long Response" by George Fergus.  Feminism.

Review by Don D'Ammassa.  George R.R. Martin's Dying of the Light.

Elaborate Lies: Letters