CONTENTS Myth by Don D'Ammassa.  Erich Fromm.

"By What Standard?" by Jerry Pournelle. Article about gender discrimination in SF, reprinted from Notes from the Chemistry Department #13.

"Sex Roles, Biology, and Science Fiction, or, There's No Vinism Like Chau-Vinism" by George Fergus

"Afterwords" by Jerry Pournelle

Fable: "On Guards" by Don D'Ammassa.  Reminiscences about dealing with security guards.

Review: New Voices in Science Fiction edited by George R.R. Martin.  By Don D'Ammassa

"Forgive Us Our Puns" by Paul Di Filippo.  Humor.

"Executive Guilt" by Don D'Ammassa.  Humor.

"Urban Coursing" by Bonnie Dalzell.  Humor.

Elaborate Lies: Letters