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Oct 6 Reviews: The Way You Came in May Not Be Your Best Way Out by Paul Di Filippo in SF. How to Misunderstand Tolkien by Bruno Bacelli in Nonfiction.

Oct 5 Reviews: Cosmic Puppets by Philip K. Dick in Fantasy. Miss Seeton Cracks the Case by Hamilton Crane in Mysteries.

Oct 4 Reviews: The Eden Mystery by Sydney Bounds and Waning of a World by W. Elwyn Backus in SF.

Oct 2 Reviews: The Wychford Poisoning Case and The Silk Stocking Murders by Anthony Berkeley in Mysteries.

Oct 1 Reviews: Lords of Creation by Eando Binder and The World Wrecker by Sydney Bounds in SF.

Sep 30 Reviews: Cancel All Our Vows by John D. MacDonald in Other Fiction. The War of 1812 by Harry Coles in Nonfiction

Sep 29 Reviews: Quadriphobia by Alan Ryan in Horror. The Mind from Outer Space by Eando Binder in SF

Sep 28 Reviews: Best Detective Stories by Cyril Hare and Death of a Bookseller by Bernard J. Farmer in Mysteries.

Sep 27 Reviews: Secret of the Red Spot by Eando Binder and Survival by Arthur J. Burks im SF.

Sep 26 Reviews: Eric of the Strong Heart by Victor Rousseau in SF. Death on Gokumon Island by Seishi Yokomizo in Mysteries.

Sep 25 Reviews: Cold, Cold Bones by Kathy Reichs in Mysteries.

Sep 24 Reviews: Half in Shadow and Masters of Horror III by Mary Elizabeth Counselman in Horror,

Sep 23 Reviews: The Moon Raiders by Sydney Bounds and Anton York, Immortal by Eando Binder in SF.

Sep 22 Reviews: Framley Parsonage by Anthony Trollope in Other Fiction.

Sep 21 Reviews: The Yorkshire Moorland Mystery by J.S. Fletcher and The Case of the Climbing Rat by Christopher Bush in Mysteries.

Sep 20 Reviews: The Damned by John D. MacDonald in Other Fiction. History of India by John Keay in Nonfiction.

Sep 19 Reviews: Dimension of Horror by Sydney Bounds in SF. It Might Lead Anywhere by E.R. Punshon in Mysteries

Sep 18 Reviews: Slave Tree by Alan Ryan in Horror.  The Starkenden Quest by Gilbert Collins in SF.

Sep 17 Reviews: Brother to Shadows by Andre Norton and The Moon Conquerors by R.H. Romans in SF.

Sep 16 Reviews: Jumping Jenny by Anthony Berkeley and Post After Post-Mortem by E.C.R. Lorac in Mysteries

Sep 15 Reviews: Cast a Cold Eye by Alan Ryan in Horror. Case of the Flying Donkey by Christopher Bush in Mysteries

Sep 14 Reviews: The Artificial Man by Clare Winger Harris and Get Off of My World by Eando Binder in SF.

Sep 13 Reviews: There's a Reason for Everything and Secrets Can't Be Kept by E.R. Punshon in Mysteries

Sep 12 Reviews: The Last Lemurian by G. Firth Scott and The Double Man by Eando Binder in SF.

Sep 11 Reviews: Dead White by Alan Ryan in Horror. Murder As a Fine Art by Carol Carnac in Mysteries.

Sep 10 Reviews: Village of Eight Graves by Seishi Yokomizo and Pain Emperor by Norvell Page in Mysteries

Sep 9 Reviews: Desperation in Death by J.D. Robb and Five Steps to Tomorrow by Eando Binder in SF.

Sep 8 Reviews: Fairy Tale by Stephen King in Fantasy

Sep 7 Reviews: Quest in Time by Edmond Hamilton in SF. The Red Shadow and House of Walking Corpses by Robert Hogan in Mysteries.