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Sep 29 Reviews: Family Plot by Cherie Priest in Horror. Starplex by Robert Sawyer in SF.

Sep 28 Reviews: The General by Alan Sillitoe in SF. Assignment Helene and Assignment Lili Lamaris by Edward S. Aarons in Mysteries.

Sep 27 Reviews: Restoration Game by Ken MacLeod in SF. Heavens May Fall by Allen Eskens in Mysteries.

Sep 26 Reviews: Death's End by Cixin Liu in SF.

Sep 25 Reviews: Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu in SF. Six Scary Stories edited by Stephen King in Horror. Godzilla 1984 in Movies.

Sep 24 Reviews: This Shared Dream by Kathleen Ann Goonan in SF. Assignment Carlotta Cortez by Edward S. Aarons in Mysteries.

Sep 23 Reviews: Arrival by Dirk Van Den Boom in SF. Love You Dead by Peter James in Mysteries. 10 Cloverfield Lane in Movies.

Sep 22 Reviews: Accelerando by Charles Stross in SF. Real World by Natsuo Kirino in Mysteries.

Sep 21 Reviews: The Prestige by Christopher Priest  and Global Globules Affair by Simon Latter in SF. Killjoys in Movies.

Sep 20 Reviews: Fractures, edited anonymously, in SF. Spade & Archer by Joe Gores in Mysteries. Dogman in Movies.

Sep 19 Reviews: Dreaming Hunt by Cindy Dees & Bill Flippin in Fantasy. Golden Boats of Taradata Affair by Simon Latter in SF. Pelt in Movies.

Sep 18 Reviews: Kiln People by David Brin in SF. Assignment Madeleine by Edward S. Aarons in Mysteries. Monsters in the Woods in Movies.

Sep 17 Reviews: Thunder Moon Rising by Jeffrey J. Mariotte in Horror. Death Invites You by Paul Halter in Mysteries.

Sep 16 Reviews: Labyrinth Key by Howard Hendrix in SF. Wild White Witch by Peter Stafford (Paul Tabori) in Horror.

Sep 15 Reviews: Birds of a Feather Affair and Blazing Affair by Michael Avallone in SF. He Ought to Be Shot by Joan Fleming in Mysteries.

Sep 14 Reviews: Apprentice in Death by J.D. Robb in SF. Sherlock Holmes and Rule of Nine by Barrie Roberts in Mysteries.

Sep 13 Reviews: Light Ages by Ian R. MacLeod in Fantasy. Assignment Angelina by Edward S. Aarons in Mysteries.

Sep 12 Reviews: The Subjugated Beast by R.R. Ryan in Horror. Case of the Sharaku Murders by Katsuhiko Takahashi in Mysteries.

Sep 11 Reviews: Children of the Atom by Wilmar Shiras in SF. Kiss of Fire by Masako Togowa in Mysteries. American Conjuring in Movies.

Sep 10 Reviews: Hell's Heart by John Jackson Miller in SF. The Science Fiction Mythmakers by Jennifer Simkins in Nonfiction. Dead Room in Movies.

Sep 9 Reviews: Two Man from Uncle novels in SF. Assignment Budapest by Edward S. Aarons in Mysteries. Perversions of Science in Movies.

Sep 8 Reviews: Demons of Sandorra by Paul Tabori in SF. Lily Dale by Paul Tabori in Horror. Assignment Stella Marni in Mysteries. Victor Frankenstein in Movies.

Sep 7 Reviews: Stone Cold Dead in the Market Affair by John Oram and Thinking Machine Affair by Joel Bernard in SF. You Only Live Until You Die by Sol Weinstein in Mysteries. The Strain season 1 in Movies.

Sep 6 Reviews: The Hunters trilogy by Paul Tabori in SF.

Sep 5 Reviews: Everfair by Nisi Shawl in SF. Terror in the Fog by Norman Berrow in Mysteries. Clown in Movies.

Sep 4 Reviews: Two Man from Uncle novels by John Phillifent in SF. Thunder Moon and Sky People by Max Brand in Other Fiction. Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 in Movies.

Sep 3 Reviews: Flying Beast by Walter S. Masterman in SF. Assignment Suicide by Edward S. Aarons in Mysteries. Evil Dead II in Movies.

Sep 2 Reviews: Empty Ones by Robert Brockway in Fantasy. Hunter by Asa Nonami in Mysteries. Evil Dead in Movies.

Sep 1 Reviews: Enigma of China by Qui Xiaolong in Mysteries. The Gothic Worlds of Peter Straub by John C. Tibbetts in Nonfiction. Black Sails Season 1 in Movies.

Aug 31 Reviews: Zombie! Zombies! Zombies! edited by Otto Penzler in Horror. Hollow Crown Affair by David McDaniel and Unfair Fare Affair by Peter Leslie in SF.

Aug 30 Reviews: Elders by Inbali Iserles in Fantasy. The Cleft by Paul Tabori in SF. Assignment Treason by Edward S. Aarons in Mysteries.