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May 24 Reviews: Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy in SF.

May 23 Reviews: How Dear the Dawn by Mark Eliot in Horror. Wheels Within Wheels by Carolyn Wells in Mysteries.

May 22 Reviews: Diamond Throne by David Eddings in Fantasy  Bloodshot in Movies.

May 21 Reviews: Crome Yellow by Aldous Huxley in Other Fiction. Girl Who Was Possessed by Carter Brown in Mysteries.

May 20 Reviews: The Vanishing Man by Philip Purser-Hallard in Mysteries.

May 19 Reviews: Progeny of the Adder by Leslie Whitten in Horror. The Southwest by Jake Page in Nonfiction.

May 18 Reviews: Seeress of Kell by David Eddings in Fantasy.

May 17 Reviews: The Shimmer by Carsten Shroud in Fantasy.

May 16 Reviews: Spooky Hollow and More Lives Than One by Carolyn Wells in Mysteries.

May 15 Reviews: Network Effect by Martha Wells in SF. Fantasy Island in Movies.

May 14 Reviews: Sorceress of Darshiva by David Eddings in Fantasy. Drumbeats by Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart in Horror.

May 13 Reviews: The Notch by Tom Holland in Horror. Screen Cinema by Barry Malzberg in Other Fiction.

May 11 Reviews: Sherlock Holmes and the Christmas Demon by James Lovegrove in Mysteries.

May 10 Reviews: Severed Wings by Steven-Elliot Altman in Fantasy. Santorini by Alistair MacLean in Other Fiction.

May 9 Reviews: Demon Lord of Karanda by David Eddings in Fantasy

May 8 Reviews: If It Bleeds by Stephen King in Horror.

May 7 Reviews:  Rainbow Brigade by J.A. Pitts in Fantasy. Insecticidal in Movies.

May 6 Reviews: Dark Designs by Stefan Petrucha in SF. Silent Executioner by Marcel Allain & Pierre Souvestre in Mysteries

May 5 Reviews: Out of Body by Jeffrey Ford in Horror. Underwater in Movies.

May 4 Reviews: King of the Murgos by David Eddings in Fantasy. NOS4A2 Season 1 in Movies.

May 3 Reviews: Bone Silence by Alastair Reynolds in SF.

May 2 Reviews: Unbecoming by Leslie Wheeler in Fantasy.

May 1 Reviews: Traveler from Altruria by William Dean Howells in SF. Mr. Bowling Buys a Newspaper by Donald Henderson in Mysteries.

Apr 30 Reviews: The Bank by Bentley Little in Horror.

Apr 29 Reviews: Automatic Reload by Ferrett Steinmetz in SF. Sea Fever in Movies.

Apr 28 Reviews: Liberation Run by Tess Sharpe in SF. Camp Cold Brook in Movies.

Apr 27 Reviews: Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols by Nicholas Meyer in Mysteries. Miracles for Sale in Movies.

Apr 26 Reviews: The Hidden Girl and Other Stories by Ken Liu in SF.

Apr 25 Reviews: Guardians of the West by David Eddings in Fantasy.

Apr 24 Reviews: Rambunctious by Rick Wilber in SF. San Andreas by Alistair MacLean in Other Fiction.